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2016-10-26 | 🔗
The Cubs lose Game 1 of the World Series and PFT is on his way to Pinky Toe Surgery (3:12 - 12:09). Coley Mick from the new Barstool NBA podcast "Mickstape" with Trill Withers hops on to give you some NBA season totals (12:09 - 15:18). Hot Seat Cool Throne (15:18 - 22:59). Rachel Nichols joins the show to talk NBA, Locker Room Talk, and predictions for the NBA season (22:59 - 52:40). Segments include PR 101 for Brock Osweiller, Witch Hunt for Kyle Schwarber, Humans vs the Sun, and Thoughts and Prayers for Big Cat on the day of PFT's pinky toe surgery.
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rock paper panel- oh shit. I know that damn old pardon my welcome to party might take. It is Wednesday October. Twenty six in my one sentence review of game. One of the World Series was it sucked that said, hey oh, I should also say the Pft is post surgery so he's in this episode. We taped the back half of this episode and our interview with Rachel Nichols before he went under the knife, but we want get some rest. So he's not here right now, for the last for the first ten minutes, the instant reaction from game, one Hank are the Cubs screwed. Am I screwed yeah spins on the?
series and start until someone wins in away game. I always like to say that right, the Cubs though Corey Kluber, and he was unbelievable, there's nothing. You can do Andrew Miller. Also unbelievable gotta tip your cap, I'm I mean the only the only positive I have is Andrew Miller, pitched a million pictures and Kyle Schwarber's back Kyle Schwarber that big, dumb guy can hit a baseball one million miles. I love him more than anything in my entire life he's back. I need a little more out of you, Hank you're, filling in for Pft and you're on your phone right now. I think Joe Maddon needs to send it send his team as small message, by switching his contacts, to demonstrate the importance of getting the back. Ok, now you're just reading text from Pft. Now it looks exactly like. Is there pitching coaches in the witness protection program all right, so this is Pft texting high on drugs post operation right? The biggest problem with the Cubs is
at the Indians. Have the US against the world thing going with everyone talking about their racist mascot, so the Cubs game, a couple races mascot too, so they can play the they don't want us to win card not proving any of the doubters wrong here, say you can't read by the way these my thoughts. These are just thoughts. This is Shane are struggling to read right now. I give me your real thoughts, Non Pft 'cause, for once I'm not get trolled by Pft about the Cubs. I think you guys are in trouble. I thought if you guys could at least hit get a couple, runs, keep the momentum going of your bats, then you'd be even if you've lost your being a good spot, but the fact that you got shut out. It's not it's not good. It's not great the Miller thing. I don't agree with 'cause. He could. I think you could throw every day he's going to throw tomorrow. That's not the question. Terry Francona is going to throw his pictures. You like that STAT Joe Buck throughout the end there, like the last guy, who pitched this many pitches in pitch the next day with Keith, was Keith Oh in his manager, was Terry Francona, so guess what different Francona's going to pitch everyone till their arms fall off tab on to yes,
I don't I mean I know that's going to happen, it's just it's almost If you see a guy a lot, maybe you'll get a little more comfortable. I don't know I'm just I'm grasping here we're in this right after the show. Here's what we have for the show. We actually have an electric second half, So maybe I should I should I do this to us. I think it was one of the a second segments we've ever done. Pft was he was popping off because had like maybe three hours to live. He was right right before he went under the knife, so he was on his game so and we also did Rachel Nichols so make sure you check out that, but before we do that we have the legend they make in the studio mba expert, who has a new podcast that eh
I want to check out give us the quick rundown of who's on the podcast and, what's it called it, is, may and Twitter Legend Tyler. I am trill withers withers. He died from the gout, but he's back now now can I say this: not a white guy, not a white which is big for our branding. a lot of white guys, it's a huge car too many white, guys you gotta lot. We have too many white guys with white guys. However, I balls at that time. That's a coverage on this yeah. I know so. I'm happy we get out of our comfort zone and it's an all some podcast, so you what's, it called mixed am I see K S t a p, okay subscribe to it on Itunes. Right now, it's comes out every week, it's M B, a b, it's similar to this show like to have fun, don't take themselves too seriously, like we like to bash
it's on that part. What was energy back system? I loved it. It's not a specific narratives, just nerds in general, garrison nerds of does dominated the NBA yeah. I got you in for too long and it's like Russell Westbrook break someone's neck with the dark in there like. I wonder what the win probability added was from that site. Did you? What was that? Really? We need to discuss it all right. I mean you're talking a Sabermetrics guy, so Bob Bashara and a little about the analytics guy. Okay, all right! I hate them too yeah. They don't respect sabermetrics, guys like us that respect the biz alright. So here's what we're going to do with Coley before we do get to Rachel Nichols and some segments with Pft we're going to do a couple of win total bets. The NBA started last night. The cabs got their rings were all going to do three bets. Is that right and they're guaranteed to win, and we can say that yeah they're guaranteed to us all right. Who wants go first, call you go first I'll. Take one I'll take out Hank. Give me Houston's number I'm going take the over regardless of what is my before
MIKE D'Antoni's first year, and they got rid of Dwight Howard and they're moving James harden to the point that seems going to score like one hundred and twenty points, a game, I'm good way. Oh, that that's good juju! Ok, I like that one Hank what you got will round table like the nets. Twenty and one slash two under over that outrageous outrageous, first, one to lead with team team, no one's talking about yeah no shit, because they suck, who know knows where any of them are yeah they're the exact type team. That's going to surprise people, that's such a gross pic! I hate you for death Strip goddamnit Hank. I think what he's trying to put a reverse on them, because the Celtics have their picks. Oh heck, doesn't believe any of that yeah. I don't think you believe any of that. So I don't know like a nice underdog story, I'm going to go with the clippers over fifty three one, slash two Blake Griffin, who's on the show. On Friday he said that he's he Thiane chomping at the bit little insider information for you to
track go to contract year. I like that over you think, they're going to be ready. I feel like you're, a big I'm a big contract. You guys tell me you know any players in a contract. Yeah like he's gonna, have fun yeah, no absolute and I'm a bit, I'm not only a big contract, your guy, I'm a big just signed a big contract and get fat and chill out got some MIKE Conley Junior six click that those guys you could smell him from a mile away. So I went and I love it because that's what exactly if I ever sign a contract for eighty million dollars, I'm going to just eat a lot of food and chill out it's guaranteed! You don't want to do that. Now: hey, hey! Just a word to the wise out there, everyone who's planning on sending me to an eighty million dollar contract, probably a bad idea right next, one you go going to stick with the grizzlies I'm going to hit their over last year. They started something crazy like sixty different starting lineups because of all the injuries they had. They get good solid, back, he's going to be shooting threes this year, so the family have one person who can shoot threes and EVA MIKE Conley did get that the biggest payday ever he
like a guy that, like I don't even think he knows like he has a bank account like he's going to show up and just keep playing he's got a debit card under his yeah he's got one debit card in his wallet, yeah yeah. I have a prediction for the grizzlies going to play really good defense and losing six games in the first round yeah. I think that's! Ok, alright, cool, show you. You got next one Chicago bulls under ok! Well then, this is great. 'cause I'll go Chicago bulls over that's blasphemy. I think I don't I mean, I think, going to be terrible, even with their full healthy team, and I think, there's a chance. Rondo and Dwyane Wade going to get hurt. Ok, the re, well. I like the over for the bulls. I think Fred Hoiberg realize how big of a joke he was last year. I don't think I think the Wade addition I know, call alpha. You know Jimmy Wade, Rondo, it's going to be too much. I think Wade's going to help Hoiberg as long as we'd has Hoiberg's back horrible going to have the confidence to coach this team.
Now. Wait. Wait could obviously turn his back on on Hoiberg at any moment, but I think going into it. He has his back I'm taking the over. So so no animal house clips this year. No, Well, I think we're going to maybe try to bring us into the 21st century maybe some modern, a wedding crashers by playing nineteen fifties style basketball going to come right into the. This is what it is like everyone's trying to everyone trying to copy. The worry is the bulls zagged wherever and I'll dissect the up and the balls are thirty to have some taking the over for the bulls and Hanks taking under all right. What do you? What you are my last one is the La Lakers. Under over over WO, I got I'm going to tease my og. I get the Lakers in the playoffs this year, oh that's crazy! Actually I so Take the spot, the wolves they got. None of the wolves are in the paper right. I got Byron Scott out Kobe Bryant out, like Roy
Hebert out this team. It can only go up. That's like twenty five wins unto itself, swaggy p still on the Lakers. So I keep. It is still on the Lakers, but Iggy Azalea out out Deangelo Russell Moore. Still in ice in his veins, yeah sweet. You have over so the Lakers going to playoffs over twenty four one, slash two you're basically saying this is going to hit over by like sixteen at least good hit over your gonna win. This bet in like March, oh, like by the all star, break: ok, wow, ok, alright, I think one is good for at least one thousand and ten bonus wins. That's fair for his last that's fair! Last one Hank, Tabs. Under you know they came out. They came out hard how the gates, but once they get like five hundred and ten games in Lebron just coasts, maybe take a couple weeks off with a fake injury. They're not they're, not going to be to wear it to the playoffs start
I'm just going to make you guys talk about it because you're both Boston, guys, I'm taking the under on the Celtics. Fifty two one slash two feels like too much. That feels like they're going to be a fine team, but it feels more like a four thousand eight hundred and forty nine twenty yeah see last year they won forty eight, and that was with Jae Crowder like the last two weeks, so I think they could have one hundred and fifty last year, but I was staying a hack earlier, like Isaiah Thomas is like five four and the only way scores is by running directly into the other team's largest human, an like breaking his wrist every play like at him missing. Thirty, three thousand and forty games wouldn't surprise me at all. So why life? think the Celtics are prime to when, like fifty four, I wouldn't put money on that. So I think the under is the safe bet. Ok, Hank thoughts and assault. I agree. I think they're coming with too high expectations. I think I've wanted assuming assuming they're to be the second best team in the east. I think they will, but
The last like two or three years, they've been kind of the they've been better than they expected to be, but the year there's a lot more expectations with these being as bad as it is, and so once again, Kohli check out his podcast. Thank you for coming on Kohli. We appreciate it. Coley is behind the scenes legend here he's the it was usually always here with us, snapchatting us into the wee hours, watching how the sausage gets made with part my take sometimes gross when they milk Insha involved. That's always lies gross, so check out his podcast called mix tape. It's on Itunes subscribe right now, share it. All. Those over unders were talking about, find on betdsi dot com can check it out. We have world series betting. You can still get some action on the two thousand presidential election reality TV shows NFL every single weekend college Football Bet Dsi com has it all go to it right now
I'm gonna give you a promo code. You get ten dollars free play. You're going to take this ten dollars. Free play and you're going to bet that Lakers over and you're going to win some money and then like in seven months, you're going to take that eighteen dollars or whatever it is after the juice and Beth something else so go to Betdsi dot com put in the promo code Take ten, that's take one zero and you will get that ten dollars free play and you can bet on anything so go to Betdsi dot com. They also have some mobile stuff now, so you can bet while drinking on Saturday. That's never gone wrong for anyone for anyonebetdsi dot com. I use it. It's a great site. Take ten take one! will get that ten dollars free play right now: Betdsi, dot com, let's do who our regular Wednesday business. We have hot seat, cool throne, presented by the barstool sports APP, which we were just comma thing on, is a real app. Oh, really really awesome, app and anytime that we bring out a new show
or new video like Larries pics, which debuts are sorry not debuts comes out every single Thursday. If you're, following the pardon, my take guys on parsed wap, you will get a notification easy as that. So do that right now download the barstool sports app in the Itunes APP store, alright hot seat, cool throne, who wants to start Hank? Alright, my hot seat, we going first log, I was going to say, Okay, my hot seat, Charlie Strong, keep closer to the MIKE my heart, he's Charlie Strasser. Okay, Texas is back not being back yep this one from being back to not being back to not being back there front and now Charlie Strong's back in the hot seat. Yes, okay! I I think it did. He not say. Oh, no Brian Kelly got the classic hot seat. The ad said Brian Kelly will be leading this team out of the tunnel next year next year that so that's a classic you're going to get fired. Your ass is fired at one cool thing. That Texas does is when the coach starts to suck. They start.
King. There a d front row in all the press conferences, just like a subtle way of saying: hey, I'm I'm keeping an eye on you, yeah, that's a who's! The owner of the Falcons that's his mo blank yeah players are blank Arthur Blank does like the the super villain pacing back for some. Yes, I live behind a stirring of ritual, always wear a trench coat for some. He looks, don't trust the guy wearing a trench coat indoors. You looks like a guy who you has a cigarette holder and it could still a hundred and one dalmatians. At any moment it was a black guy cool thrown Hank who throw neck keep together. Pnc is having surgery today come on cool, throwing ten Holgersson West Virginia. Yes
from the program run. The program at one side is gonna, be in the hot seat. Coming in these five now another big one. Last week, sabermetrics the West Virginia mountaineers have never lost a football game when the milk boys are on the play board. That's true! That's a fact. It's been two games this year. I know it's been every game this year over they haven't yet they haven't changed it because they've won every single game. Okay, I love it yeah, so you're welcome cool thrown I'm gonna change, my cool thrown. Now it's up to US part of my take. We will be on the West Virginia sideline every single game this year, yes, congrats us perfect, my hot seat is atheism. Only ism atheism is always technically on the hot seat, because the whole Hel aspect, fire and brimstone thing, but Arian Foster quit last night. Ok,
his Nathia straight up. Quit people don't talk about him being an atheist, but it quit football nice of an atheist to give up on a Monday. Instead of giving up on sundays for the change, I thought that was a nice touch of 'em, so big time, hot seat to a theme. He's been injured for the last, what three years yeah and what is it just a coincidence that he's an atheist era could could be, could not be have a look into that? If God is real, how come we get? The Jags Titans on Thursday check mate good point made at his high. I love how one arian foster retired. It was the people who want to take down the NFL, like Spirit, foster, suddenly retires thirty year old. It's been injured. Every single day of his life actually saw somebody say: Arian Foster is the latest among nfl running back to go out on top. Thank you very Sanders is the New York Times yeah wasn't yeah was aren't, foster rolls out of bed with the with a tweet Tammy like that he's. I don't think he's ever not how to treat him me. Yeah he's can
euthanasia on the field before which actually is a great segue to my hot seat, people who say the NFL sucks, I'm done with it. We were kind Klay to it. I mean I've been talking about it for a couple years. We talked about it before this season, especially now it's become a little too mainstream and everyone is point like people saying the Seahawks Cardinals game sucked that game was a maze. I disagree was awesome. It was awesome, and so what happens is if there's like a low scoring game or a one sided game, everyone just as lose game sucks. Now. No, I still love the end. Well, I'm sick of it. I'm I'm back on Roger Goodell side were swinging. It yeah we're going to bring it back. So that's what we're going to do here, guys people that are pointing out specific specific plays in me like this- is why this is why it sucks you describe miss this boy. It sucks! No, we need ok. In addition to jags Titans color rush, which that in itself should bring it be enough to bring everybody back to watching the game,
Let's get another one again, we have one okay, awesome, all perfect, Redskins, bangles, home Redskins, red hair loan done love it. They Redskins not offensive in in England, not Redskins, it's actually the name, their army right yeah. I remember my revolutionary war yeah and their mates all my ended on all right. It all on the or all all your red skins, Redskins get your get your muskets. Also just a quick side, hot seat not to take two, but Urban Meyer did lose a game, so hot for him might have to do that. Fake heart attack yeah, I was going to say hot seat for his fake doctor. I like doing the fake heart attack joke just because I know it makes Ohio state fans like very angry. It's no forty to joke about men's health, even though, when it happened when it was at Florida, I guarantee you Ohio state fans loved it yeah. They love the Fey card that can now that now that he's there guy they're, like they're, rushing and looking through his medical history, charts Milexch
it's real sees real. Also, did you see that our Columbus urban Meyer during their bye week, they like to eat out a picture of him like what you know doing household chores like washing the windows? Okay, family man, Urban has just taken a weekend off. Well, maybe took little too much time off should have where more about special teams on Ohio State little too much perspective, not enough film, just saying, and my cool throne fat people, because the weather has finally turned so we're back baby. We are back, let the puffy vest. We got our like a dog You know you know when your dog gets really like you go out in the middle of summer. Ninety five degrees, you go one block, your dogs panting doesn't want to go. Another block. Just looks at you just like the energies, low, just low t on your dog. Then
weather changes. It's like crack. Cocaine filters run around okay. That's me right now, once you get the fifty Excel, my bad is the whole running around thing. Yet not like your, not your love in it, you're not running around, but my energy. Why don't you step outside you've got a little smirk on your face jacket. You look at other people, yeah they're, a lot of big puffy codes, see if I don't know yeah, you don't offer that. I would not just you. You don't know how fat anybody yeah. So, like you jump up a good two points. I think yes, personality CM. If you can make someone laugh in the fall and the winter you're good you're, just as good as having a six pack just write that down. So basically, our plan is to just keep getting fatter and keep moving farther and farther north yeah further away from the equator to just live in like an igloo in Canada, but we're still pulling a dime piece Eskimos. I know we're gonna get to the couch warmer, but did you guys see my big jumbo when I? I pulled up people pulling up my old my six month old tweet, saying I'm not I'm not going on a diet until Kyle shorter comes back whoops. That was Jimbo on my part, but you can find a way to spend your way. Yeah I mean it's like he's all about he's, not he's not playing out in the office. Yeah he's yeah right, K, right, halfback, yeah, the second he steps later on. We start playing defense, then you can start doing it yet skip breakfast and done. I actually had those little those little bagel bites from my from C from Starbucks. Wasn't even a breakfast. That's that's the that's the DH breakfast! Yet that's just basically soaking up the acid in the coffin. Exactly so, and I'm back fat people are back. Rejoice shout all my fat people thanks! I'm I guess I can
oh yeah, am I allowed to say the effort that word, because I'm one of you now yeah very cool man boobs. I kind of like that this move now to our interview with Rachel Nichols. We talked some mba, some locker room talk and our trip maybe to the coast to hang out to okay. We now welcome back, are one of our favorite recurring gas Rachel Nichols from the jump. You can see it on ESPN, two three hundred and thirty eastern it debuted on Monday, first question to debut season two, so you got renewed, that's pretty cool. To get its first question: how high can you jump? I wrote that down it didn't really work. I'm sorry! I am yeah. I don't know. Okay, I'm trying to I'm better question figure out the appropriate response. Better question: why do you agree to come
I mean how high can I jump because of the name, the jump yeah, that's what he was trying to get us bad question. Sometimes, when there's a lady on the show, big cat tries to overextend himself a little bit he's trying to be show my rumor. It didn't work that time and that's ok, but why are you coming back on pardon my take? Well, I mean come on. Why? Wouldn't I come back on pardon my take, I know anywhere to hang out. Hang out hang out. What do we have coming up on? the jump this year, anything big, any big gas. You guys going to maybe get on the S p and the regular ESPN that well right. Work kicked off the regular hand from most of the fall because of a box. Okay, you know you can draw your own conclusions there once about over. We get to have our regular slap back nice. I mean where much cuter than football. That's on it today. I agree I'll say this: the NBA is done a good job of becoming like the Fun League recently.
in the NFL? You know you're kinda known for unfairly attacking Roger Goodell, analyzing existences. What do you think the NBA has become that like that fun happy League, because there are, I understand that sports are fun and maybe the NFL struggling with that right now you say Roger over the weekend when he was in England. Talking about things I did. I did yeah Do you not think that three three games are fun? That sounds like a you process? Actually, six thousand six hundred and twelve double that square. I don't watch overtime back there. Buddy yeah, Riser Goodell said that the reason people are shows that about the NFL's domestic violence problems. Is that quote it's the Publix misunderstand
yeah Classic MIS understanding. When the you know, the police tell the NFL guy is a serial abuser and they don't do anything about it. I thought that's a hard one understand. I like a good little sis just become like quit. Nagging me about it. Where does that leave me alone? So it's like three company, a classic misunderstanding yeah, just classic always mister, translate, I'm sorry for him to explain it's all about yeah. He will I'm sure he'll totally lay that out very transparent in the week before the super bowl. You guys been on something chicks, love that yes, we're going to display
Roger Goodell is going to mansplain to you about domestic violence. That'll be wonderful, we dig it but yeah, but I will say this to the NBA to sort of not really answered original question, as we like to video clips or a great example to me right that NBA from the beginning has been like yeah dude. So anything on line that you want right like steel out the tv put a gift, but it's sort of vine do whatever because they're like it spreads. Hey, did you see that? Where is the NFL really doesn't? Not only will hunt you down like the dog, you are and sue you. If you do as a person do it but they've been told their teams they're not allowed to do it, and did you see what the grounds in the Eagles did and we wanted to season? They saved stage like little nerve football like Cody. Go like reenact
other places. I thought that was the actual Brown's team. That was the rounds. I needed a lot of people in Cleveland. Who is that? What it's a great point, though, because the MLB does the same thing where they I mean I not to not to brag here, but I had five strikes against me on twitter if you're attracted to bad boys, but the M l B does the same thing, and I it's just think I'm here on like that yeah exactly, but it's it's insanity to me because you're right, the spread is spreading. You know the vines in the dunks and everything. That's what makes sports fun and that's what you know. Well, that's why people on Twitter and that's why you know it's it's things like highlight shows are dying is because people can get their highly to other ways, but at you know, NFL and Major League baseball. Even the NHL little bit feel like they're just gonna. Take that away from us, it's so stupid. They're. Coming for your highlight! Yes, exactly at the moment, they're coming here, I let me that that the framers had
yes, we do actually want to do kind of like a NBA preview here and that's why we invited you want. Yes, we do yeah, we do. I have some questions I wrote down. I actually wrote down like ten NBA questions. We know that you love Allen Predictions. So we ask you a lot of predictions. I'm gonna ask you about Lebron and Kyrie and KD. So I'm sure that you're not so talk about this. Okay, all right and one, I'm gonna start what will will navigate a bunch of them, but here's here's, the first one I wrote down end of the season: welfare will Lana fans, love hate or be apathetic to Dwight Howard, because they're apathetic to all their sports and don't care about any of them. I think twenty aren't gonna get level again. I think you're going to be like that, the guy he was in Orlando, I think he's gonna be jail. I think the Atlanta fans don't expect him to like lead them to a title, so I think everyone's kind on the same lily pad right now, we'll see what happens so he did that they came out today about right now. Are you know what to say? I could
they today. What day is it hi, Kath Wednesday? We can expect ten. All right. Did you see the stuff that came out two days ago guys by now, but I didn't when you first asked me yeah and also it came out on Sunday according to someone in Dallas that our evening, nine Dallas that James harden help engineered to white getting last night trying to get him to have less playing time in Houston and that's why they were trying to trade in that's right right without happy in that last year, interest that fits in perfectly with everything that I ever thought about. James harden, so I'm gonna choose to believe that, but I I don't know hi Dwight Howard to me. I guess I guess I don't feel bad if you was being sabotaged because he's he is the original salvator with you know how how went down in magic yeah with the magic right around two days ago. Did they say anything?
I went to pick six numbers were going to be for today exactly but that doesn't work. That's yeah, we'll cut that will cut that part out. You got anymore predictions you want to ask about big cat. I mean I have a lot of questions. Here's another one, Brad Stevens! Is he coaching for his job this year? No, but it's his job to coach yeah. That's not a good question! So I'm not going to answer morning anymore of it is his job is literally to coach, so is hurting for searching for a job right feel free to use that one yeah go ahead. You can take that one. That's from that from our good friend, truly be so what superstar is going to get hurt this year? Oh I like that question. That's
well it's stuff! Curry! I mean, like I said well, I was doing. I was really easy. Derrick rose answer, but I'm trying I'm trying to be more creative, but you say he's a superstar. I would not, and I was the Derrick rose defender for a long time. Yeah said superstar yeah, you said superstar yeah, alright! Well, that makes it her. Maybe Russ is gonna. Try to Russell Westbrook's gonna try to do too much and get her. I don't know put stuff on it started right now, yeah he's going to hurt himself who is going to get hurt? He got well if they somehow outlaw steroids in the next few months, Lebron but barring what what? you mean the guy who's never been injured. Once in his career, there is not making play the like three greatest final: three games in NBA finals, history, blah blah blah and they kind of
I mean that's exactly what it when you need. When you got that's when you, when everyone's coming out of gas and you'd have that actually here and it's a mental thing to the hoop looks three times bigger when you're choosing right, I guess I service works. We had we talked with Delhi the other day and he he didn't come out and say it, but he did say if that Lebron was industry. He said he was superhuman industry. So we connected the dots and we can do the math on that one. Do steroids, making at least three times bigger or like clap, brownie, so he's so he's a druggie. No, let him you owe me, I don't know I don't smoke. Drugs yeah Alright, drugs, not cool next question bulls, illegal here in California that we do have to go out there. We actually promised our listeners a high episode, so we're going to do that. Eventually, we promised we're listening
a lot of a lot of that. We have all the services that we join a cult yeah. We do that so we're going to do here on the ballot in California to legalize recreational use. Now it's being it's like. Arguably legal already here really needed the card, but yes, it should be completely because maybe I'm not maybe that's why Katie went out to go and say well the real. You have uncovered the real reason so weather in Spanish. Every weekend was we saw that he was like in the Mosh pit. I hope silver sends piss cup to his door tomorrow morning, if you're listening. So I know you are, I know you're a big fan drug test that guy, where did you fall on the on the Kevin Durant thing like? Are you obviously so. Yeah, where did you fall? I'm going to stick with that question? I was going to start getting mad cuz. I hate Kevin Durant, but I decided to hold it back.
I show you my bias that I hate Kevin Durant. It's install after first. My answer I, like you, know every was right yeah, I don't. I don't buy, that I mean look at TFT and he just made a huge free agency decision right. That's true, yeah! That's a good point! Ok yeah! I have better posture than Kevin Durant, though yeah you kind of get to kind of go with that. You know I think he'd go everyone he's a big boy, but I don't. I don't think that it's going to be all I don't think we know what's going to happen as much as everyone thinks that they know what's going to happen like even last season at the beginning of last season, there first but yeah, it's only the Cavaliers in the warriors in the NBA finals, and it was the CAV Cavaliers and warriors in the NBA finals, but it was a crazy western conference finals to get there. The finals were insane the result. Wasn't a lot of people expected, you can have sort of. The general thing happened that you think that we think Kevin Durant. The warriors are going to be good, but I still do
can be pretty interesting how they get this yeah. I'm on the record, I think they're going to stumble out of the gate, they're going to have hard December and then they're going to turn it on after the all star break 'cause, that's what that account incurs lyric long December yeah yeah! It's longer! Let me ask you a question, then how many balls even know November, how many? How many balls are the warriors playing with this year? Best new act like budget? Wouldn't let you one one ball. Everyone's got. Remember that there's only one ball going to hear that a lot they might have a super team. They got
if they got stuff. They have Kevin Durant, but only one ball got share that ball. Just remember that you can keep keep that for the jump. That's a good! That's good! Tidbit yeah! I'm not I'm just going to play this clip because you know why would I start to steal that for my own, so you're a real capital, J, you're known as a big time, journalist, very prepared, very meticulous in your interviews, you like to grill people, let's see how prepared you are I'm going to give you a chance to interview us three questions. Go! Oh, alright! What do you hate the most about each other? He makes me fat yeah. I make him fat. He makes me eat more.
I eat literally. He orders dessert before as an appetizer and then dessert after meals yeah, I would say Pft what I hate about. Oh your foot, I'm sick, your foot. If we're in the Treasury, I'm sick, your foot! Well, you broke my foot so yeah I broke his foot from getting fat and now I'm sick of his foot. What about the other foot? How do you feel about the foot you didn't find? Tigger leaves at great foot. How do you feel moving to New York has changed both of you, uh, sucks I'm grumpier, I hate New York. I I can't stand New York. I think it's it's just too crazy of a city, I'm not a big fan of yours York.
Also, I feel very out of the loop with covering, like you know, the Cubs, and it's it's very, very hard to cover city sports scene when you're not living in that city. It's actually made me better interviewing people that are in New York, because I can play the I'm in New York guy. I know more about sports. We demand more of our athletes here, unlike Rachel out on the West Coast, makes you software a you, you forget. We see the sun first thing in the morning. Okay, by the time the sun gets to you, we beat it up a little bit. Sunsoft you either get a tan, that's not how it is on the east coast. So I think it's helped me. Okay, all right, and when are you coming out here? My last question is when you coming out here for your West Coast last Highland road trip when they legalize weed.
Well, see all right, the next month perfect and we're going to join a cult. One were out there back to MBA talk. That's pretty good, though that was really good. You were right off the cuts why they call you big jet. That's why that's why your big check who's bulls team? Is it when you guys get out here? Do I have extra desserts waiting? Yes, perfect. Alright, have critical information, who's bulls team? Is it oh still not that's a good answer, but seriously and still no seriously until until they that's the problem,
a plane in Chicago you're, one of these okay yeah? I think you can say that the NBA as a lead has moved out of the shadow of Michael Jordan, which, by the way, a long time right. Thank you in a long time where nothing could measure after the yearning, and then we got past that, but the border the franchise are still in that shadow and that ready your hometown hero at the time Derrick rose are now hometown, hero, Dwayne Wade or anyone else right. You know who who had grace to their doorstep. You can or cannot shoot depending on who is definitely gonna be discussing here in a minute. I have a feeling you're fine, my inside a Michael Jordan right. It did seem a joke, not okay. That's actually very good answer. I like that answer a lot now. It's almost like. I talk about the NBA for living yeah. I wanna know what I want to know what you guys think, though, especially bar so about fifteen minutes and and the way it's constructed a wild there. The bulls are constructed. Terribly is the first they're gonna be fun to watch because they're constructed terribly, but they still have talent, like all the pieces are kind of okay, but none of them fit together. So that and it's
it is pretty compelling but yeah it's it's going to be they're, not a good team. They're, not gonna, be like a a title. Contender they're gonna lose Lebron. Maybe in five I don't know it's like a it's like a meal at a restaurant. That's five courses but they're all pasta, yeah. No, yes, no or be like reading Pa Yelp. They will go pasta. Also, here's my opinion. The bulls. I'm gonna deal with about six to seven months of big cat talking about Jimmy Butler and I'm gonna wanna strangle after one, because your bill is right. Yeah, like he had on happy, will Pft has a hot. Take. The Jimmy Butler is not a top twenty player in the NBA Is that how take or is it just a normal? No that's hot take because he most definitely is a top twenty player in the NBA. Okay. Well, we're in Chicago. I was kind of curious that you're even present for the bi catch. How are you not at in field right now. I was there on Saturday night and I will be there again on Friday night, so egg on your face. This is we're not following.
on Twitter, but this is window waiting for you there last night, why? Why will? When will I follow you on twitter? You know the internet yeah. I don't know what I have to do when you buy me when you and I drink together, ok, fair for the rules or smoke legal weed together
or that yeah, so anthem protests. What's gonna go on in the NBA this year with us, I think we're gonna see any reason for my link, arms, which is a little bit of a and now that the show unity. I guess it does, but the NBA guys a great town, capper Nick they're, pretty supportive of what he did as a group. They think that he made a big difference in moving the national conversation forward, which I think is pretty an arguable, but their certificates great. Now. What are we going to do? You know we don't need to amplify which he did. We need to do our own thing and they've been trying to find. Sir. As actual you know, letters Town Hall, like Arnold in LA with police number, the community, whether similar Ventana Miami, that independent lanolin that you're doing things like that that they think can make a real world impact. So I think you're going to be more of those things. That being said, you're not curing two three centuries of racial injustice with like a community outreach event, and I I think you guys, on the offensive other kind of sort of find in the medium they're actually affecting change, but trying to physically do something, as opposed to make a gesture. Okay. Well, that's that's a good answer. I think whenever I think in be a ANTM disasters, I think about Maurice cheeks, and so I wouldn't want anything to overshadow him because, in my opinion, Mo Cheeks is the NBA anthem store by the way
upset of the century that MOE Cheeks isn't the name of a porn star. Are you sure? That's I mean that's a perfect porn name. Isn't yeah. Have you done exhaustive research on this topic? Very yes, extremely exhaustive research. Are you searching on a lot of guys doing porn? Ok, interesting, alright, I'll move it along for my co host yeah yeah I'll move along for him.
Imo cheeks. Give me the name of a female to remember the chick from uh from guts, yeah MOE, MOE she's, british, british, british Ambo bag restaurant. Like that Carmella took a shot. It's get Jeremy Lin! No! What did you say? I'm gonna I'm going to have to go to the Google to. Finally, I don't wanna, get it wrong. Ok I'll find it for you, like one of those yeah there you go I'll, find it for you lpfts. The question ready go. Ok, go has Brian Windhorst fallen asleep, yet on the set with his big deal, because, as you know from last year, it's a challenge to keep Ryan awake yeah. He had a good point. He said when Adam Schefter looks at his blackberry on the set.
Everything's cool and when he looked at his background art that people think you financially right? That's a good point! I don't think anyone thinks shifters cool, just a it's a wild thing to say we'll be gets pulling this up. Rachel used to cover the capital's turn first place. I found it okay when asked about, and then you would ask braided here is Bob on the idea that German in the state, the Brooklyn Nets, quote. What do I think about it? He is this big
that franchise believe it or not. That's great I mean caramel is not really like throw stones got kinda guy, because his only claim to fame is going to the Olympics, where we have like the greatest advantage of any sporting event ever and winning, but I'll take it here, because I think if you can throw stones, it said Jeremy, Lin and the nets. That's like the one place you can do it. I want to talk to you about the capital so used to cover the team there in first place. This is their year right last year was supposed to be there, so mister, please just him doing when they were felled in the playoffs here. My password is very sad. I'm still, I grew up in DC. I'm a fan of the team covering the team name, the life of even more, and I I pretty openly root for them in my dreams have been dashed year after year. It's sad really so I'm gonna take that as a yes. This is the year. Ok, good, yeah, but
eyes. Looking at this way, ovett skin, he scores a lot of goals in the regular season. That's pretty cool yeah that nigga Anna Corner I'll get you a cup of coffee and then expression is work anymore. 'cause the corner will not get you a cup of coffee with that you're dating yourself a little bit on that. We won't ask you how you look now. Maybe we should how old are you wouldn't even know why I got you But again I see the internet, I'm like you guys. So I'm familiar with things that I have not been present for true. I want to get your take on something when you're doing a remote broadcast from somewhere. You know there's that half second delay in between when you get asked a question and then, when you start to answer it yeah, so that makes me feel really awkward watching that at home just wanted to. Let you know that, don't think about it next time you do that, but it just makes everybody feel awkward, I'm obsessed with it.
and all the producers who work here, keep telling me nobody notices, we notice hi yeah, all the time, they're older, relying and nobody wants to hear yeah, not good yeah. Do you ever just want to mess with them and just like keep staring into the camera for like five and
and seconds and then start to answer when they're like? Are you there Rachel right, but you get those super awkward and then what I want to know is how come on the shows where I would like people to pause a little more with people are screaming at each other. They don't seem to have those awkward satellite delay pauses. I wouldn't mind a little more silent there, which shows we're talking about here. You know where people are yelling yeah. Maybe it would be nice if every also like, once a month, Stephen a Smith, would be in the studio instead of having the big giant floating head like from power rangers debating MAX, it would be nice to be for the rest by the way power rangers for the rest of this interview. Let's just pretend like you're on a remote and so just delay like five seconds before answering everything. I know you said that too quick. Ok, that was good. I think a lot of people out there want to know more about Rachel Nichols just outside esp. Don't they, though, outside of the tv superstar.
Good answer: banter download, old episodes. We listen to him. Yes, keep going. You know, yeah, going ahead, wait by the mailbox, for my pardon my take t shirt. So that's not gonna, yet shit going to blame that on Hank wow whoops. Ok, so that's what I do in my free time now. What I do in my free time now is the time moved to California and I live near the beach. So when I get to not be working, I get go. Hang out by the ocean D. You need to tweet that more often
it's called the power tool. It's called the calling card you just we like beautiful day in la every single day, just to remind everyone back in Bristol that their life sucks, I would take a screen shot of of the temperature everyday. Just with that out of every day that out in the morning, it's seventy three again cool before we let you go give us your m v, P, Mvp winner, where yeah that that that that the guys who can record action that I make because I feel like there's no way I would be bored. I would be bored if I knew that today come on just give us a name. Did we talk about connections yeah? We hate predictions, but we love to make other people make predictions, so we can make fun of reform right because, like in the Will Smith Alien Paradigm like I don't want to know which characters both mentioned, which character
aliens 'cause, then I know who wanted the you know. So I don't want to know who the Mvp is in this thing, but I do like the Steve Kerr made a big thing this weekend about. Oh, my guys are going to split the vote, so maybe it'll be soon announced. 'cause you're, trying to like take the pressure off Kevin Durant. One bowl is that a guy that you really want on your team, a guy that you're going to have to go out of your way to take the pressure off, though, should be able to handle careful. I mean, like Lebron, came out and said that he thinks he should be considered for Mvp. Even if he didn't play a lot of minutes. James harden, I think, is going to
found in a lot of people's minds because you know put out some crazy and this that and decide if they can look at. If you can, it might not gonna make a play defense so that will be good read the web version of one of the greatest. That is, that gonna be enough to fifteen, didn't get enough when so, I think, if anything, the questions around the p for you predicting ice, I'm taking James harden because because of the the Mikey D thing he's just not he's like James, don't worry about the fence which, like a James Harden, doesn't worry about defense. Anyway. Put you maybe like five percent of his brain worries about defense. I think if you limit that five percent of his brain that worries, what do you?
Hence his offense of numbers- are gonna, be so crazy, gold Westbrook in less he kills a guy which you might but he's already injured. I don't know if you saw yeah, he might get. You might actually get killed, kill a guy, this yeah okay, but we do this with every guest. It's called locker room talk and there's been a lot, a locker room talk in the news recently. I don't know if you've noticed this by half, we we try to be all inclusive here right, so we're going to law can talk but like it's it like it's. A woman's locker room, okay, sauna, like a son, yes yoga I'll, be Kim Khaki begets back in then you'll be Rachel, okay ready! So just talk like girls. Do you know, okay, ready? So girls? Yes, see that Jimmy grappler yeah? What I'd like to grab his deck is due out until you talk about a great dick. I bet all just what a hog and then you die huge deck on him. Good israeli, real large, like
like the love it love that Pp God. Yet yet you see the movie and MO cheeks. We all know what must miss that will have to check it out later, big dick yeah dick for days they called dictate our everyone. Just dig dig dig to dip the deck. Ok and that was locker room talk Rachel either. I can't answer you guys. I'm gonna die oh, okay, okay, okay, okay, so I was locker room talk, female locker room! Talk that how it is and how it usually goes into female locker room. I think that you guys sound just like women. Okay, thank you. So it's nice thing, you've ever says: Yes, that's the way that that segment is going to be taken out of context and used against us. So that'll be great. We're going to cut the question would be taken out of context to go into get. No you don't have to live. Media is a gotcha Josh, yeah yeah. Next thing you know there
be like who is Jimmy grapple going to the bears, because big cat loves is deck, no, not likely that low back. It does. Thank you, hello, you're, breaking character, search. It there's a stick all right. Last: question Rachel. I think you hey. We had you on before we start asking. I guess this question: do you wash your apples? Yes, you know you don't wash their apple yeah yeah, two two of your favorite podcasters narrow. Why would you want your apples? You live in California got all those weird gmo and we wondered been. You know, matching, one, an act that you. Let's listen. You start washing your apples you're going to that's how America goes down
now people who wash their apples it's weak, it's weak. Let me ask you this question: are you anti vax are? Are you cold vaccines? I I think vaccinations are important for America. Ok. Well, then eating the dirt off an apple is like a small little vaccine against all the bacteria good point yeah. What else do you think in your mouth, without washing it are we back to locker room talk come on, I'm gonna send you guys, like a crate of washed apples and directives on how to log on to the internet, great
thrown in the EAST River, and then Bob Form perfect where's. My I'd send me my t shirt. Yes, we're sending Hank is on that. I put my best man, my only man on it or one guy, so we got one guy he's got. We got one guy by the way you guys operate like this so months ago I get an email saying: hey, we have a pardon, my take teacher for you. What's your address. I now realized it was a scam just to get my address. There's no teacher now mysterious other things just keep showing up on my doorstep. Ok, let's we now we just put the mic in front of Hank, so Hanks going to speak himself, yeah, oh passing the buck. Hanks got a guy, so Hanks guy yeah, it's a miscommunication like Roger Goodell. You know for sure it's all over the place. You wouldn't understand. Yeah
I explain it to you when we have a beer, yeah, listen Rachel! You only think that you haven't gotten your t shirt because you're not smart enough to realize that we've been working on sending this whole time. Thank you yeah. We want your teacher to be perfect, no fence, but you just don't understand. I just don't understand. I see it down now. I understand everything and I'm totally placated ok, Rachel Nichols! Thank you so much the jump ESPN two three hundred and thirty eastern we're very excited when you finally invite us on you're welcome road trip to California. Were there were in weed the jump in and out burger T shirt were going to be the highest in Washington, on the air on ESPN and Rachel Nichols Interview was brought to you by different eyewear sometime, sometimes standing out is about doing things differently than everyone else, sometimes just wearing the right pair of shades, and sometimes it's doing both. I want to tell you,
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dot com, slash, pmt, right now to get fifteen percent off your purchase, that's d! I dot com pmt for fifteen percent, off diff, eyewear dot com, Slash pmt, I'm telling you tell they're great sunglasses, they sent me a pair. I look awesome. You look awesome help. Some people out go to the eyewear dot com, slash pmt Let's do a few segments here, PR, one hundred and one Brock Osweiler. I thought we just throw this out there. The seventy two million dollar man who turns out is maybe one of the worst quarterbacks in NFL Cody cast Brock Osweiler choose right. Now, I'm going to go well, I take Kessler. Forget that he's tall he's six.
Seven hundred and sixty eight ok. He gets. He gains an inch every here's. One thing that he can do is just start start the whispers that he's actually six foot nine yeah just like add another inch, just keep it going. We started sixty seven, where at six eight now just like change the narative a little bit. My other piece of advice would be he's, got a lot of money, start a charity where every time he throws the intercept. He donates like twenty five thousand dollars to charity, and then people can't get mad and for interception. I, like our allies, Klay killing children that totally changes the narrative for in there. The tall thing is for because Jon Gruden was was mentioning that last night, basically after Brock, Osweiler had the worse or Sars Monday night Football had the worst game and John Green even throughout like because he's so tall emotion, takes so long that that's why you get so many balls bad to yeah, so it so I mean We. I think we found out an exact science that you can't be. You have to be six three to be court. At some point you become so tall that you become shorted,
write, yeah, Russell Wilson, where you can't see over your line. Father PR one hundred and one play up your I talk to you guys knows that to live a life to it is fullest. It's it's, but with an apostrophe play that up a little because when you have a dumb tattoo people just stop expecting things from your life. It's like wow, this guy's, an idiot like not only does have a tattoo that surround us, but it's grammatically correct. Yes, so maybe once I tatian stairs on the state, so right I mean let's just get: maybe Brock Osweiler just needs a would be a little bit more from him about and he will be like you know what whatever we get out of them is worth it. You're right, I think he does have kind of an image problem and that's that he's too stale, like he's tall, that's all he is just all he's just tall here and he's bad at quarterback. That's another image, but he's just tall, maybe maybe become a hat guy, maybe wear a cowboy hat, John does lawyer were cowboy hat.
Recently changing narrative on Johnny yeah. You work in Houston, yeah for like Bum, Phillips or whatever, and get Jj Watt to tip his fake hat. To you and then I'm pretty sure at that point, the time love you. I like as well final, pier one a one just to eat out. I look at the bracket ship with the rocket ship exploding. There you go. That means everyone would love. Eight got a quick question: who is his backup? Is the a to hell? No, fuck, who is it Tom, Savage? Oh Tom, Savage Savage is waiting in the wings. Wow I'd actually go with Tom Savage. I probably would too just so that we can. Can you imagine the Chris Berman Tom Savage Garden? Oh man songs that we do madly deeply Tom, absolute Savage, Savage Tom, Savage FAM,
home twenty one, savage! There we go, we have a sabermetrics. Would you got force MIKE Leach MIKE leach? You are we just going to play this audio, yeah, sure, okay, here's MIKE leach talking about how he determines who gets to call the coin flip in all the guy really does corn toss, and then I decided you know one of the most screwed up things about this country is affected. In order to do anything in order to cross the street, we always have to have a committee. You know- and I said you know- and so I figure well screw the committee. We really only need one guy and now he's got to be smart enough to call either heads or tails. That's it. So then I thought about well. Should I get the biggest guy on the team or the littlest guy on the team, and then I thought well, Jamal Moore was on the price is right. It was fairly lucky and went to the final round and almost won the soccer, and so I figure well Jamal Morals, a lucky guy and plus he's got a pretty good energy to him and stuff like that. So why not Jamal more, and so then Jamal more goes out in did have an amazing knack,
for winning the toss, and then I mean when's it almost all the time I mean literally, when I mean I'm serious about this, I don't know what his record is, but it's something incredible. Mike leach, that's a football guy moved to Sabermetrics, so he has basically broken down the coin flip and put a lot of thought into it, which is a football right move. I count the start of it. He said are in this country. The committee to get anything done. I guess you'll be a big waste of time to put together a committee to figure out who's captain would be, and then he writes a dissertation about how lucky this one guy is little swipe it out at the was suffocation of America. All you, PC, Bromont, he's out there gonna get murdered on twitter streets. I felt so enjoy that MIKE leach. He a true football guy has anywhere between ten and fifty in pounds of phlegm in his throat at all times he really sounded sickly, but he really wasn't. It was just he just had red all coffee and maybe a cigarette today, yeah, it's the Ed Koch, oh
yeah! I was about to try to pronounce it it's the sling blade of effect, that's alambo and there's a lot of warfel. I want you and I want you on the defensive line- bore bored but put your head down some jumble. I, like your mama cookie, so I totally buy into it leeches doing, though, because I am one hundred percent believer in the fact that some people are just better than others at things. Like coin tosses and rock paper scissors, I'm going to stand on a table for myself and say I suck at rock paper scissors, I'm probably the worst person at that game that I know I don't think I've ever won a game of. It makes sense yeah in Auburn, small, brain mental, all mental. What about psyched out very easily, so you have to have something: that's tough, mental, here's. The reason I disagree with the sabermetrics of a coin. Flip tails, never fails it's a saying,
a reason, tails, never fails. If you stick with tails, you win that's a great point. So MIKE Leach, maybe going a little too far into this, want to jump back real quick. I took a class, it was a football coaching class. At one point, it was at a community well. I still worry about it and I can't believe I haven't told the story yet, because the teacher of the class was probably the biggest football guy you'll ever meet coach for like sixty years at a division, three school and just love the hell out of it right. So he was talking to us about the COIN Flip one day, and he was does his theory behind the coin. Flip and his whole thing was: if you win the coin toss, you should always defer. Yeah and so it hit him, but his reasoning behind it was. I did a study and it the study, told me in the first half you will get better field position if you deferred, then, if you, when
heading, received the ball and then I raised my hand is a coach. What about the second half, though, doesn't cancel out with field position, and he looked at me and he was like my study didn't take it. We count the second half and this guy. He had seriously written a paper about it for a class for statistics class that he was taking. He based his entire coaching career around this theory that he would get slightly better field position in the first pass without without counting the second out yeah and so. Needless to say, I got a very good grade in that class. The other He defers you just probably one out of every ten times. You'll have an idiot who just says: ok will kick after you defer yeah, you get the ball twice. That's happened. so? The patriots patriots do that right. They go always different way. They can score halftime score again, almost cheating to get it twice, start both halfs We have a hurt or injured. Geno Smith Geno Smith tore his ACL
three plays into Sunday. We found that out now, so everyone knew who is hurt. Now he I think, is officially injured, correct. No, I'm going to go with hurt, still ok, tell Joe Nemeth tells me otherwise he's hurt. Broadway Joe said. I can't believe this guys healthy enough to stand on the sidelines watching the game, but not healthy enough to play, as Joe was probably himself standing on the sideline and not playing. So I think until Joe tells me that he's injured, I'm going to say GINO Complex to me, GINO Smith, being injured, is kind of like test him being hurt because he's always injured. So is there so his scale has slid now now, there's now, there's got to be something worse than injured for GINO and what that is yet, but he hasn't reached. I don't hate to move by GINO to be honest, because there's there's definitely something we
for the unfulfilled promise now GINO, but I think we kind of know what he is, but it's a SAM Bradford effect where, if you just keep getting injured every year and people say well when he was first round pick, you have to go to college yeah, you just get you keep getting these contracts, it's not a bad strategy. If you can't be good at something, just keep getting injured so people, we'll take chances on you, because maybe you could be good someday and then eventually you that you'll get traded. When a starter goes down the pre season, yeah and it'll be a terrible trade x. A big cat will jump to your defense, five in one of the vikings. What are they actually six, someone, I'm gonna say six and one would be to bear what are they in their last five days? Yeah, okay, you ever hurt or injured. I do hurt or injured big cat. This is you okay on the day you're going to get surgery. People can't see this, but big cats riding around on a mobility scooter right
yeah motorized a little rascal. I think he's he's dealing with some sympathy pain, but I also think that what he's really doing is deflecting how nervous he is about the Cubs game tonight and so he's. check it out on me. Okay, I am I am. I am nervous about the Cubs game, I'm also nervous about your surgery. I've said this many times I thought I mean. I don't know why I have to keep saying it, but I'm gonna keep saying it. Sometimes people don't wake up from surgery. Okay minor surgery, Kanye West mom, Joan Rivers, people don't wake up, just to name two, all right, so you're going into surgery. You might not wake up. I'm nervous about that. Sorry, sorry for being a great friend that cares and I got the rascal because I figured Knowing that you might not wake up, we need to save my feet, so I don't die for the same reason you died not I'm not going to walk today. Okay, not even just the death part, but I agree that you should save your feet. We can't have two podcasters
okay feet. It's like when the state of the union happen and they put like the Secretary of Agriculture in a bunker resting case right, you're, we're shipping you off to the mountie is a receiver might be today. Just in case you lose one of your part of the shadow government and rebel. I confirm wake up, right and and he'll into so really classy move by me to roll around and rascal scooter all day. You got yourself on a step count like a pitch count, except like I don't I want to go over two hundred steps and a can, I say, the rascal scooter. I think it might be the weather like we What about getting my energy back, but also Oh, just sitting all day got a lot of energy feeling a little. Hello, fresh boys just turns out. If I don't have to walk or stand old, big cat feels like he's twenty two years old again and frisky yeah. I'm just saying you look great. I feel great. I look great, I feel great, so
Good thing I I might have to put on lay away little little installment plan going on. We would I really appreciate those that you went out. You bought that you got me a wheelchair, I got and then you got yourself a power yeah. So I mean I don't have to be on myself around yeah you'll be okay. Well, going into. Oh, we had one more Hank. What do you have? You have a segment for us yeah. It's a witch hunt. Cows, Schwarber yeah. What about him? I like it, I, like the news. Six months ago, tour you heard Torres ACL and doing a little doing a little literature research, what literature literature? Yes, don't hurt yourself. it was really on Wikipedia or when he was reading or breaches stop. But I was running interview with the doctor from April said: there's very, very, very, very little chance. He comes back. You need a superhuman recovery to make it back for the World Series. What about our interview with the doctor? That said
The Surya yeah he'll be back for world Series, that's where the money's at what kind of literature research was this. Was this like a peer review journal as on CBS sports? Oh interesting, so literature research says couch warmers on steroids. You know what he run, those so he's not all the way back. He can just the ball really far. So did the doctor say anything about that seems like a similar thing. David Ortiz had and you guys had a similar witch hunt against me. I'm pretty sure it was David Ortiz mentioned in the Mitchell report. I actually don't know yeah. Probably here I'm going to do I'm going to hold up I'm going to hold out a judgment on sword, Prince Hill, I'm going to take a look at the swing, I'm going to be paying attention to what the beat reporter to stand during batting. If you wake up from surgery, if I wake up from surgery, I'm going to pay close attention and if they saying wow he's making really good contact, then yes, I'm one hundred percent on Hanks camp. Ok, if he sucks, then I'm going to say I'm probably still going to be enhanced camp and I'm going to the steroids weren't getting
Okay, one hundred and ten exit velocity in a game in the Arizona Fall League, the other night, so he's back he's all the way back. Finally, we have a new segment is called fears. you're going into surgery with tape. Let's, before your surgery enough, a lot of people know that yeah we haven't, we haven't mentioned it. Let's, let's at least just are you worried at all be honest, I'm worried that I'm going to wake up speaking only spanish. That would be amazing. Would that be good for the podcast be great for the podcast Spanish is a global language. Well then, yeah we could expand their base. Then yeah a double or whether we are Bochnia CC supporter yeah, no tangle of progress. In order to service, I performed quite aware, Bunia, Mucho Services in the Boca, stomach, es, Quien es la mal, Hombre Medical. Ed Mellow, I'm not a cone. You can't say that it will be that. Are you nervous
I'm not nervous, not even a little bit. I'm really yeah there's a lot of the anesthesia it kind of fucks with stuff. You have allergic reaction and I everybody's been telling me I'm going to die for the last five days, so I'd be lying. If I didn't say there was a little bit of doubt back in my head, so when I wake up it's kind of going to be a miracle. What I'm really looking forward to is the pain, Medison yeah you're going to share that with your teammates here? No, good answer for the DEA. You can listen to the next two seconds, or else it's entrapment. Yes, ok, nice! We're going to do a pain, Med episode I'm also excited because we promised ok here are the things that we promised her listeners. Ok, we've promised join a cult we promised to airport reviews. We've promised to do an episode where were leaning, I figure if we promise enough crazy things. Don't deliver on any of them and then, when we do deliver on one yeah be that much sweeter it's. The trouble fact just keep burying stuff with more news, so we're just going to
promising new promises. Drug cycle people don't remember that we promised the cult thing shit, but now they do Remember that we promised doing one high on pain, Medison or just on this out there. We could do them all at once. Now we're talking. do an airplane high start a cult in a terminal we can just do the colt could be people who get relief. Shut up and fly on airplanes. I like that that sounds like a great cult team terminal team terminal. Alright, Okay, let's get it going team terminal, that's our show, like I said we are taping this before Pft surgery, so hopefully on Friday. Pft will be on the show and not dead. Any last words. I love you guys, love you too man. We don't say that enough right. I was actually I was talking to the list. Ok! Well, I love you
I walk a lot. I want job, my shadow, all they wanna watch beside Maine, my shadow, low heart sing, only fast speed, and sometimes I aware Samana parallel finding