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Rachel Nichols and Zach Parise

2017-05-03 | 🔗
NBA Playoffs and Isaiah Thomas' puts up 53 (1:12 - 7:46). Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Caps are back after the Sidney Crosby injury (7:46 - 14:53). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (14:53 - 26:44). Rachel Nichols joins the show to break down all 4 Conference Semifinal matchups and answers the age old question, is Brad Stevens coaching for his job? (26:44 - 42:26). Zach Parise from the Minnesota Wild joins the show to talk Chocolate Milk, Sidney Crosby, and whether or not he's a Cake Eater (42:26 - 52:36). Segments include Respect the Biz for Northwestern School of Journalism, Talking Soccer, Embrace Debate Lane Kiffin tweets, Man Card for X Pac, Kings stay Kings for Adam Schefter, and the return of Guys on Chicks, the segment where Guys explain Women to Women.
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on today's who read i started out one man it's a how will of today's part of my take we talk mba play how stanley cup players we have rachel nicholls to break down all four of the nba play off series it is currently going on we give the six pack questions with her we also have zack breezy from the minnesota while talking about chocolate milk and whether or not he is take eater hot see cool throne
m guys objects let's go let's not talk about it i wasn't part of my take it is wednesday may third in short people do have a reason to live thank you for that
pritchett little little randy newman therefore you i say a thomas dropped a nice fifty three by the way not short term statistics only the average annual daring to railway amorous on what i say thomas if you wanna if you wanted that are indebted yourself and that its use i tease night and you just took it if you want to start this episode off go come in my throat that's fine i understand you ll be jealous ok among statistically the exact average height firmly others want to make it by yourself so i say it's on this is the story of the day fifty three points fifty three points would he have like twenty six the twenty seven in the fourth quarter and in overtime basically die the washington wizard switch i the wizards so the weirdest team i can't understand them either quarter by quarter i think what we need to what were overlooking here when we talk about as a great second have performances is he
it be the worst in ba point guard in the first quarter so let's not let him ass you look at the old brett far fondness ox for three quarters then comes back is king of the four i'm not ready to say that he's a great second have clearer think he might just be a really shitty first after first player under six feet the score fit in the black so na exactly a small feet interesting that is little sabre metrics mister allen tundra there had it by the way he had oral surgery i think yesterday and so maybe you have all pain little pain stuff little novocaine mimi low perker sent it was my father you can't say or else you can start a word our oral with essen and while it by your mind return if you're mature adult like myself you can't like i'm sure oliver listeners or other mba news we have la bron mocking alcohol addiction that's pretty fucked up so did the old sad boiler bron her just a guph guys and also said that he's wine
so now we know that here we aren't card we always knew he was a wise rule guy that's kind of yet he is a little wine or wine or bigtime wine oh yeah yeah i was it was a little disrespect for i think you're always hot especially as it is a female beer it in and right if a strange man takes europe frank from you don't take it back now that's that's the debt is a very dangerous precedent yeah yeah for leubronn to send out to to all americans we also had the spurs is it time at the panic button usually don't hit the panic button after one game but they got the doors blown up the spurs panic button is a life alert that's around their neck yeah so they fallen in the tank it up their old their third falling on their balls their balls are injured papa which just seems like i don't know what's wrong with him that this is not the part that i love i wanna see pop
get angry i seem cussing reporters yeah he does seem a little bit resigned to it i am i i love the the but i am slightly resigned to just like can we just have the calves in words play i i know that's crazy say but it looks like the cell take care the warriors i'm sorry this as they care though the wizards the words i was gonna win i guess the rock its inspires me a good series and then the calves are going to sweep the rafters guess the conference final against the funnels yet now what's gonna happen that we ve been saying that i think i think we were saying that over a year ago actually talking about the twenty seventeen season can they just really late yes those people hate those people on twitter to split gay mate more than you sound really grumpy about we let's do some any jealous through some stanley cup talk but before i wanted to point out that if you didn't if you missed our george red exit interview you need to watch it it might be life changing never thought we'd get to a point where
we had a hollow famer pouring chile donner ass maybe you didn't true never say never dream like i always knew i mean the back my mind that i would i would be wearing a deeper on camera at some point in my thirty second year i think jesus that's right yeah the screwed up part of it is that was actually are compromise thousands compromising and being like you know what it's too far for us to us ourselves and saw a pistol it's gonna be the re run are the sequel yes let's just go chile pouring chilean to her ass was the grand bargain that we made against ourselves we want to we want to maintain an air of dignity and i think that we re what to do that the one the one regret i have is that i had to take off my me undies brief
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dot com slash take tee o k e and get twenty percent off your first pair so go ahead revamp your underwear drawer you deserve it me undies dotcom slash take me on these dot com slash take i'm making a note of this real quick looking through would have written down here i wanted to make sure that we address the fact that dante jones only made nine thousand dollars a year began people are starting to forget that have you are that now only made nine thousand dollars a year how dante jones when you really haven't heard the whole idea that's that's basically everyone's principally pick base everyone's it because leubronn is paying is fine good guy lebron here he comes save the thing two thirds of dante jones salary was you know that that he got a find that was two doors were salary and the bronze gonna pay yet he was fine six thousand dollars for getting rejected in the technical fell when he died
duncan then he screamed that's kind of his thank you donks when the games or out of hand we but as a former teammate i know that i was like up that's dante areas i just like to point out to any lessons that we might have that work for the irs lebron james is technically responsible for the taxes on that given so he's paying that alliance for how are you gonna give up to ten thousand dollars assumptions about that and about all that to saint one time gift i'm sure this is not the first gift bo bronze given this how many people do you think like take their tax codes off of that one scene in shawshank because i know i'm a long long time yes balance each other room yes i also i also keep my attacks pen like inside a hollowed out bible restore my what gets exactly our rights the cup laughs phd question for you how does it feel knowing that you route for team that has the injured the best part of the other team just to survive and well knew the doubt question was coming and if your athlete like me
let me interrupt you write their cause you're gonna talk about how you're an athlete and i'm not i actually missed the head cuz i was playing a game basketball with hank you're sitting on the couch being a real athlete and watching sports okay and so if you're if you're like a big jock like me you know that things happened real fast and real time okay you don't have the luxury of sitting on her ass and watching replays when deciding whether or not to hit a guy in the head with her elbows okay it just happens he fell you fell down here's no here's a real issue if you listen to me oh get real issue is not trigger sidney crosbie only got hit his head like that because there's not as much fighting in hockey is there used to be because if this was back in the good old days then players would know you can't go after another player's head like that so the penguins they their they're too big of a she's lack of enforced and they have no enforcer so they are the ones that got sidney crosbie entered this is the perfect this happens once a year stanley cup laughs there's a hit like this and then we get the
replay verse real time people if you watch it real time it's not that bad if you watch replay it was basically manslaughter yeah i mean sure if you can you can break down any film in slumber that you one point out like all the different flaws it what would it bore the film of you walk down the street look like we're up your foot we would actually happily who had looked pretty somewhere tat happening really know isn't much difference between slow mo and how i was walking at that by died i want to say like it think about it hockey about it technically a safer sport if you know that you can get knocked out any second true true but all i'm saying i have no problem with the hit ok because i actually i lean more towards the real time thing i think fit he probably could have avoided it and if it worked out in the capitals favour that they mashed the brain of a guy who has like scrambled eggs up in his head but i'm fine with all
all i'm saying is and i think hank will agree with me here capitals do it every guy do astronauts where's the glass astronaut sign i will i will change our strategy if you just weeks on the cup to if they when the cup i wanted i don't give a shit just like i make the aid which is bleep ass the entire council all add only capitals will allow our care as long as as long as it happens i'm ok with whatever i i can understand like from your point of view europe set that your teams not in it so you look i'm sorry maybe you're being hydrants were eliminated like four years ago it feels like i'm clean this just a big big haters that's fine i understand that all about your gullies play down strutted i came down the stretch you may well with the exception of the last minute of the game authorities pretty area now on the other hand you have mark andrei flurry yeah fluid no all that's why they call flourishes big snowflake and yet i stop ah i'll be honest i i thought that i came with a thousand percent over when they tied it up i really to be a thousand
doom and gloom like thought my lie by was running a garden hose into my oven i'm not if my shame to america guess what now i'm back and i feel more confident another here's the thing now yeah i would hope you are sitting crosbie he's out forever now what we get to say as we discuss deal on the road makes it sound so dear one on the road while the best player in the world is injured best plenary debate ok out debate it but he's probably the best where the well the rangers are also back i dont really mean of the garden rocking i don't even know we need we we decided actually hank we were walking back from this thing we did we need to get a like a true blue lagoon about it new york guy to give us a new york minute just a new york sportsman you know how they do like the rome cvs minute find woman yeah it just like a quick hitter cuz cuz we realized we met some guy
an idea he was like opera is as old guys i'm i'm i'm a download part my take you guys talk about the giants in the rangers emerges of course we get here on time so the tsar is are common to all of our new york listeners we're going to find someone probably frame fleming who will give us a new york at once a week we do a new york me at once a week and it's probably not even before minute no private mortify simurg caters off their debts by a new york minute new york minute let's do before we get to our hot see cool throne i wanted to quickly tortugas bob movement watches i wear movement watch they are great watches stylish most watches about five hundred dollars movement watches ninety five dollars save all that cash movements figured out the way to do it by selling online there able to cut out the middlemen and retail market providing the best possible price classic design quality
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look i found her hawaiian shirt its greatest does not have like where hawaiian shirt completely unbuttoned in the summer oh yes anville checkers at the celtic scheme basically had a button up shirt with like seven buttons picked i look pretty good it's it's it's like basically all the way buttoned up your square one by one year a square in hiding to buttons ok you're send it out three buttons woe dude you wanna fuck for buttons or sloppy foreign up you're just like a fat or is the body i will belgic he wears buttons like he wears sweatshirts you know where the like he'd never goes with full sleeve were her the short sleeve he goes like the weird three quarter soft boycott yeah that's what you do with binds he had like six unbuttoned that they ended just above his belly button i don't know what the hell he's doing but he doesn't count he looks like it s also the move when you're eating like maybe something with a catch up or mustard and you like i want to try to get i want to spread out the shirt
bless less servers area here on maybe just get some on my chat it real sloppy move you cool throne comical drones tom brady he just i co chaired the meadow very briefly accomplishment our greatest what is it miguel like this big thing that goes on your settings are you really there is hope snoopy snoop doc no snow and another those big ugly dogs snoopy dear snoopy is hanging from a deal them five point would snoopy the dog the cartoon dogs ezekiel gas does he do that althesa chance sounds like a crack and guess what we're off the mc gowan pith my heart c is alex smith because i don't want you guys yeah listen to mike mike this morning because i should it i didn't they had andy red honour and i know i ve a lot of any red but he was talking about pat the
like he was a big slice of cocoanut cake like just drawing all over the sky and the great thing about andy readers when he talks about his prayers and in their body parts he always sounds like he's describing food so i gave you talk about jamal draws near the edge malls needs real tender misread exists that suckers just a tender it's been had been in there for a while out it's worked on arab down yet they get you don't take a knife to it in a little bit like any restock it is about more homes like arm and his shoulder and using its great shoulder he's got their slice
from all angles like use talk about all the different throws a he can make it sound like you is honestly just a little salt on that throw yeah pepper yes like you he's a good man day were listener chops perfect repaired and it was it was great here he read is like a guy trapped like walking around the desert and eastern elucidate nevertheless food thinks mirage yes oh it was it was funny hearing him talk about my homes but it also made me sad to hear what kind of talk about alex as in the past tense yeah because i i had always hoped there are so perfect for each other like andy's weird little horizontal passing game in alex smith inability to throw the bowl more than fifteen yards out it was such a great fit and there mutations matched each other so perfectly i was open was gonna be like to lay goose's that made for life and just gonna go
gold together here and then get out a league at the same time but no andy's andy's moving on to sign for us to accept that the fun thing about alex smith is whenever the chief forget like a third and ten it felt like thirty fifty you're like there's no way they can get there is the other thing is i wanted ass you are what point his ox mirthless like you know what like what do i care anymore like you made a pretty good career of being some are for the most part shitty dyke that's that's smith like byline was like he had long career in for the most party was shooting and then my cool throne is actually to courtrooms one is big hats so derby we can come in serbia has great big hat weekend all the lady lesters out there i know you ve probably already pick yourselves out one just want to give you a warning could be problematic
cinco de miles coming up oh don't biggest hat you dont want you don't want to make it look like you're whereas a sombrero if you're not of mexican heritage that could be taken the wrong way you know it's like will note no building could be taller than the capital try to keep your hat smaller than the sombre lady seattle slits respects in culture and then my other cool thro his men tulips along the same lines mitchell up is the ultimate drink where you get really excited about having among derby day you got to the bar you order one and then by the time he had halfway down you're like a discount take take a beer they ask me there was actually gross yes i was good for the first scipios refreshing but now removing the at the ilo i love the hat call because it's basically every woman in the world
like how stupid can i fucking look without anyone making fun of me the well yet and the rules are you can't make fun of somebody now having a stupid big how underbit one day that the that women can pull off the stupid fucking hat and in fact if you're southern gentlemen and new here somebody insulting a woman for having had the two big you are i think you have to punch that first august say take out your white gloves saddam crossed orange yellow strangle them with your seersucker jacket either way that's that's your code as a southern gentlemen yes those gray call i have too hot seats my first one is my gluttons happiness i know everyone's worried about my clothes happiness put in the ultimate bears move the bear
invited michael and into the draft party and didn't tell him that they were actually going to draft a quarterback and so he was with just a bunch of bears fans like being an ambassador for the team when they just ripped his heart out and stopped on do you know you ve got erroneous stick your neck out and this is how they treat its poor i feel kind about for my gonna because like he does have a point they they there like hey you're our guy or to give you a lot of money we negotiated really hard against ourselves to get this contract done i'm so here it is and then there like away you're not our guy but on the other side my authority american dream rate houses they like mike linen for like a month mike forgot he was my cleanin it was like i from the guy like now you're not put you made a lot of money from being the fake guy right romani might be happy mike linen went to like quarterback as you can see and he was really like a real private break accounts real well yes all has to keep at your good mike you're good dopey out upset you're good
my other hot seat is current me making plans for future me so we actually had this discussion pfc i sat on a panel tonight don't even know what it was still i don't know but panel is actually i think it's when you sit in front of people who know more about the subject than you do but you try to educate them on the right so that's basically what we did and you got invited like basically today like what's the deal with this and i explained it's yours like i basically agree to do something for months ago and i have this problem a lot current thinks their future means never gonna arrive so if someone like hey can you do this in september might september for sure yeah this subject there's like seven years from now and then blake i have to do this do
i look at future me like it's an entirely different person he had like somebody that i can pawn off all the shade i dont want to do that guy's soccer hillside outbreak the gap is future me can never say no dressmakers i've already said yes to write so dear me was gonna be jacked in the summer and now is the summer corrects i'm not your current yes procurable is easier like you talk with everyday future for me is gonna be read out right and then comes the fawn than you like passed me as an asshole doesn't what he's talking about so we need to figure something out cause busily i'm space continuum isn't working out from basically current us is is writing jack's their future us care caution it sucks it's off yeah so
how do i fix this while on the other hand let's not let's not forget that it feels pretty good to say yes you'll do something just to get that person off your back like it feels great and it was not my lord of course i'll do it now we re launch or so it's actually pretty get right and then the war off chance you get to cancel the point that it feels even bad as the best it is the best but could someone from the future be trying to talk to us be like hey don't stop saying me up should that i feel a gambling interstellar future me is saying like hey dude would you would you stop bring to do all this shit it's really annoying but i just can't i can't stop together so you're gonna respond sign and then and that was our new segment are very high and my cool so quickly charles barclay sorry the city of san antonio yes goes charles barkley has said that he no longer hate san antonio because yet his first churchill so if you remember charles barkley said the women a san antonio your fat and their grows in san antonio socks turn
i had to do was each year only by god s place in that bet it's absurd to me that charles barkley lived in houston for how many years like yeah three years yet the laser for ailing in phoenix for a long time and he never had a church he probably did he just probably was like it's a bare clock you know unjust lytton charles needs thing to be named correctly otherwise is probably cheerfully like three names for its like it's a french rye blowjob its low dielo job here he knows well there's gonna pay for it or not and yet then they're just the donor ensure owes a donut anything that that taste suite is adona he have that's that's our lives as life yet it's stupid like if you ve ever been in texas for longer than a day and you don't please try it euro then i don't i don't really take your opinion seriously anything else very very weird but either way san antonio's now off the hot seat so i'm just going to say this overrated that's a weird that's a weird reason for charles barkley to take san antonio off of his hot seat i'm trying to think i think charles
they probably are overrated is people just for about a bottom when they really just our don't yeah yeah see right overrated glad we embrace debate on that one let's do quickly you got you are doing quick add before guitar interviews yes i wanna talk to you guys about seek geek because buying tickets can be complicated and confusing but there's simpler way to buy with seek seixas a modest easy way to get tickets in your favour teams games we seek a seamless mobile experience you can buy sell tickets in just two taps sounds like my love life see dick helps you find the best seats at the best prices fully gear seed whether you want to catch a baseball game or some play off hockey emma you seek maybe had done a pittsburgh tomorrow who knows maybe go see the or down there as prig it acts i've got to see kik app on my phone if i follow the easiest way i found a shopping tickets i can be anywhere and i'll get those seats immediately and take your time money and
of all or listeners are getting ten dollars author first seek purchase all you have to do is down the shaky gap in her promo code take tea a k e today that's promo code take tea a k e for ten hours off your first seek purchase let's do we have to interviews real back to back we have which we do first let's go right nicholas google rachel nicholls nba p and we did a six pack with her a brand new thing it was hotter is our best rachel nicholls interview by far and then followed up by as pre say from the minnesota while the talk little chocolate milk talk a little ah m annie chocolate not yet no such i do what i want sidney crosbie hit it exports opinion and then whether not he's a cake you like adam banks from mighty ducks we welcome on one of our favorite recurring guess rachel nicholls from yes piano she talks basketball with us we are doing some
a new this time it's six pack of questions it has not been bought yet by it porthos or so this could be you if you're wine cooler or a beer or like glue put my six pack a glow are john based outlaw sell some fitness tapes yet my stomach rang exactly so this is the six pack the unnamed six pack of questions with rachel nicholls we're not gonna waste any questions p after you go first first question
wait i have had the day i was a little confused at birth as you told us veneer decently shortened easing of europe bring me on to discuss one of your guy sex life again knowing the us on the question of the knowledge and that's not it was even those declared of statement by that's fake news it's not you it's very efficient my sex life very man i'm out i'm on my way i got stuff to do first question well beyond the year is actually off the chart plus minuses and great my first question is sub sat there s first question i question too much do you think the braun was setting a bad example for the kids out there when he fake took a sip of that beer i think we are setting a bad example by not taking a beer insensitive to alcoholics who can't resist taking a severe you are holding a beer you can take a sector that income on hearing my blacking about that there's no branding
is he showing that he has no respect for the rapporteur or absolutely no rapid work do you feel like it it ok so that's good because i was gonna further the question would soon do the rafters have any dance against lebron james i say no and i say he has zero respect for the rafters and why would absolutely i went back to earth about ok and second of r and d like back there after the third muddy the theory that he thought and get a lot more physical instead of brutal again no aki in that kind of help from the piper then i think they're gonna try it out again one they tried that before it has not worked on quillan has been a little more easily flood prone lightly and you never know what something like that if this becomes more physical theories if they try to beat up leubronn use all they go through their all their centres all their fell try to third beat him up and lay down in the basket maybe they'll be able to take their game the navy thing unusual happened and the tide could turn but right now after gave one where people listening to them where they are listened to those like after game
five will tomorrow so it's a signal after dm one because the nba takes five days in between each game every night and that is that there are still experimenter effect around the first round that really makes me sad yes zero chaired the raptors in the blood doesn't reflects my like you said absolutely doesn't really does are significant really this is exerted to have some answer his feels go there i think areas are prevented cared for the record i only here in europe that funding give me i'm dumb so gimme a percentage war i think that money it out i i think get work that the common good seven percent some procedure that's where you put my you pick microphone second question a question how does it feel to lose your accreditation add northwestern soon i really journalists talking to us rona apparently i need to get mathematician credit
i think this is what your passion pierre ok so jack that's just a warning for listeners that rachel isn't it held liable for anything that she says because it's not real journalists anymore ok so those real third question of you the real third question is are the spurs done or they finished we are keeping a very weird economy like older ray whose i go and get her hair maxell would always wherein the card again and always doing whatever and then all of a sudden you see her and she's like our greek up somewhere in the dance floor lake disperse just don't act the way they acted last night he had coiling you're pushing patrick beverly went emotionally wonders i happen and then in the press your actual great opposite got on the podium asked people to ask more questions woogie maybe there is just like a mescal
they know some other flew and then be no one stay calm down shorter than anklet through get back within themselves in place for a basketball it will be more interesting here that still hyaena rackets and sue brian they didn't they didn't you ever said that as far as you can tell me they after the game for the first they were their game the furnace pace this year they were the twenty seventh and the league and pace than that was uncovered they played better when they slow the game down the rockets were number three in the league in pace and for some reason the spurs decided in game one they would try to raise the rackets round the court and played transition game they can't win so i i would like to play their game and in these matters but i do think i do think the racket their funding watch aliona production
pop is going to complain about james harden flopping at some point in the series in his very pop way just like on a matter of fact we stated in a post game press or about how james harden come it jumps into defenders when shooting three perhaps then when the next term aims because arrests will completely change how they are they wrapped again while endeavouring in they can't yes that differ from bobbing question for is brad stevens coaching first job nobody he it's yours is job is to coaches coaching for his job shout eurobonds so i real question or yellow that's because you lost your candidate world quickly vague weary
yes you should be changed onto mozilla fan question for so that's over the real question is about that series the celtics of similarly just decided they're gonna shoot like forty three again do you i think that this is a serious they're gonna be able survive this series with that tragedy when they hit it they look unbelievable but we saw a couple times because the balls when they weren't shooting so well totally different team i will read out i am no feel for this theory yet at all i can't tell you who i think i'm gonna win i don't really see the rhythm of how it's gonna go i mean i had the wizards bench needs obviously do more will be nice to see an indescribable we did rapporteur you like i i don't know where this gonna end of the games were split to into during the season i kind of do want someone to touch no one knows again because that was a thing right the celtic get in john whilst they do there should be a little more of that yes
they these teams have very little love lost a neutral bonds and i would like to see more of the like all black everything thing going on yes like the minerals that right now that's maybe long no not yet tat answer me hold off on their from their birth but i want i want the animals the elected you i did i guess i know how to deal with a silver which weighed is going to shake out you got now i really don't i actually agree with you i i think to widen the wizards are really bad team on the road so i could see it going seven games were behold home court winds throughout the series we were hot we'll have to i can also see at the whether i can also see carry irving dropping like forty points a game on either one of those two teams when they meet in africa one request about the west is as a should question question ok are the word warriors a better team without steve her alone
play my question i know you said no but i will explain it let me finish it's like in one of those movie from the 80s where maybe it's like mr mom or one of the movies where the dad or mom leaves for a while and the kids have to really step up and take control and say there's always like a twelve or thirteen year old kid that basically you know they mature really really fast so not at their good coach has gone on the players like hey we need to stick together because this isn't gonna work if we if we just potential browsers martha very very thing where to look at it and i like you used me now d in the answer is definitely absolutely iranian now wouldn't i covered rapto i worry about him
found emmy like speed curve may send him go he certainly let the blueprint plays they purposefully got my frowned be deleted the thunder here because they were worried after last years he had been with them in a game they wanted a guy who could be that this is a good step in to be the code you has plath experience who should have been here before the thing said edith brought up here they buy without hindrance and attain that where people are actually asking if they are better without one of beer and these players there is a balance between him and the courier that needs to be worked out dream on green always needs a little bit of sort of you know chemistry going on to make sure that he is given the opportunity to be at his best either the one who is it it was a sort of maestro all along i think they will miss it in the legal grounds is a competition gets temper he had come back say so and the title but i think they will miss it miss it without any is delicate thing over there it's nothing did you just say hey guys i'll go go play it is folly to think about how good the war
barriers are that these are the things we talk about are they better without one of the top three players in the nba are they better without one of the top three coaches in the nba it sam it's creating europe julie talking to turn this podcast egg pfc basic that words are better without cover drip well here that's where i think the question is is the words are the worst better without coming around because they occur again it is just now but here is the let me the better way to think of it as their ever been a player at his caliber like an absolute a we have three in the nba superstar where you could take him off the team and it would make a difference in terms of how much they want because thus far games they played regulars even games early play a game it had not me
many different can you think of it he took michael jordan knotted team he took the brand names at his rough with provocative games hard not to be right now i mean even quarrelling trailblazers you took knock it off at sea and a nation i got no i'm not gonna have you slander catch on the show i ask myself the bulls traded kirk heinrich one here in and they i'm trying to think what pulling college dream abdul jabbar when new unelected dont anymore and he was really good at docking and they took away his strength maybe maybe that circumstance yes my point is the views i cannot think of it as the georgian were even eight a good player very good player much less an elite elite superstar were taken out the team and at least thus far it hasn't made a difference now where we would expect it to make a difference where he was to make the difference is in the final against lay a living cavalier seem because that is
the team that they like last year that is the reason they went out and got him but it is bizarre that have a situation where the team that he joined is so good that even apply are as good as he is and by the way he got better this year he can't even better playing with them this year if you take them off the theme it doesn't really make a difference in their wenlock com and for the last what five game in the sea that weird we ve never seen that before me in the eye could i still disagree but that's fine my six question actually just rolled down sup but i would prefer to play a game we play with everyone it's called bash the bulls front office for five seconds got it all figured out and pay that you're a version of the text that i want it definitely need to take action
if you guys like twelve this will women young decade boys notably as regards heading up our beaches flew down since it back of the fact that forty anyway they gotta figure out what they're doing right i haven't felt there now break away he just got a plan
way i will carry yes agreed well you know what did they actually have declared they fixed it john packs ends idiot brothers gonna get to talk more meetings if you saw that report the frogs is fixed they made the necessary tweaks they looked at it they said hey we have a really lean front office read to add another voice nepotism was the only thing i want to say this guy's brother any eu but guess what he drives a lebron james speaking forgetting travel abroad james which means yet a team bad enough to be the first pick and also he was alive at the time to be like the projects the best plan in the world are fine no sing rent is epitaph has no say did not draft dark we don't know my might bring about like i think that the idea of creating a new butler though absolutely categorically and listen plan now at least should be applauded
it would be a plan you aren't you can't say that what you will say to please bear with me upon but they're not even doing hathaway right right the universe alleged so i do now right to doing the plan where everyone is just pissed off at each other that maybe that could be put in that kind of the play for they thought tat right you design was actually does get really angry at your co host and hope it works out for the best o sore six pack has done so this is all off the record even there were still reporting the nightcap we envisage covers for some coffee will tell me that is the cap's year new needs tell me and by the way this is this is the off the record offline or whatever it is that turkey has been trying to boy too bear me into being more of a like die hard because i have been faltering after the first few games i was like now there's no ever to him and his leg
each year there on a delusional double you're so there i am i am bad but i'm kind of the programme a little bit and of course is what i said to you the text is the last night gave me jack i hope that my dream that help can be crushed all over you sure you're ok associating yourself with a team that intentionally injured the best player on the other team and can causes brain for like the twentieth time just they can have a chance to promote city euro cap n t enable arts not out up ancyra thereby
yeah that was another shows just big call you see to enable a question i may lose i thought the other than about that everyone knows conclusions are real i've heard roger you don't talk several times we'll real and weeds difficult concussion rail but they wear a staggering marijuana smoke i learned that can cause might not make the sab are their radio interview and i worked speaking of yet but i will say i would say you have you had give me the pep talk to the working i'm starting to feel maybe again this could be our year until the next him joshua that's all i'm just gonna give you falsely just so that i can ensure my misery when i inevitably experience ultimate reject everything back anchored me sharing in their everyday life right as it brought ok don't they do you for joining us i feel great now
that was our six and a half pack of questions with rachel nicholls we know that always treat rachel exactly you guys ay tat perfect reduce against someone sponsor it mickey's mickey's if europe the response the six pack a hand grenades that's what i want another something completed we now welcome on minnesota wild offensive genius superstar and eight superstar zack pre say he is joining us with a campaign built with chocolate
look so zack thank you for joining us we want to actually start and have little discussion about chocolate milk first i know that sometimes you do these interviews and you just gonna like have to get the plugin we actually would like two along gate that and really do like a full on chocolate milk discussion you ready for that perfect yeah i so i noticed i was on your website i noticed that the built with chocolate milk campaign talks about how chocolate milk is good for recovery after work out what if you don't work out any just wriggle out of chocolate milk then it is what then it just takes good luck ok your works like a doll works most importantly exactly do you ever drink like the other chocolate milk at the end of a bull of races peanut butter puff cereal because i think that's the i think that's actually better than some kinds of normal whole chuckle milk i have not have happened
sounds really good yellow peanut butter flavour and i haven't had a sound ass kind exhort you can even make it and ice cream that's really good too we are ever to get the idea that we should bottle that we should go around like cafeterias and american bottle peoples i can hand chuckled at all as a great idea we can go into like kindergartens after all the kids are done sloping their syria would be ok you got for some milk all to steal it from help immune system still yes scenes are always the germs yeah i works i asked thus on your website idle build up immune system for sure yeah i notice on your website that the bill which aka milk website yet clay thomson is one of the athletes do you mean being associated with a guy blue three one led rate
it's gonna were not really hockey timetable we gonna lie the poplar once i get the click click thompson i mean do you really want to be associated with that loser you three one lead they blew it in people forget that we didn't exactly have a great play off the series well yeah no amendments on wild right somebody help so they get actually might work pretty well i deathless awesome hockey because that was mean of me but i wanted to explain myself on the scar black oxfam and i was wondering are other blackhawks officially in your head i think and quite probably until we tell we get path that humping play ass we do not have any i s any brain right against them they might not ok and then last cup
here in the regular season but play off man they just honor they might not be in your head there devlin in some orfis i'm washing capitals fan mean big cats big source of contention about the hit on city crosbie last does that mean you are athlete so we understand what it means to get there and compete big cat is kind of a slob say is behind us keyboard ass jails in itself that is due to try makes no athletes but i was explaining to an earlier that these things happen in real time and its now and was loring himself and targeting it just one of those things where you go in a hundred miles an hour he hit the wrong part of a guy indians badly for everybody while that wasn't a leading question at all zack did you see the play what are your thoughts on i didn't see the play i thought i had i i think and i was saying earlier i think it was it was more of a reactionary thing from this cannons and said what kind of fallen down as
still got up again the results are you don't want to see that happen to anybody but i just felt like having cut and knowing what the pace is out there and how quick things happen is easy to slow down and watch where his stick went but you can it's as he knows more reactionary thing when stay with sliding into woman i just don't think that he is intentionally at all trying to get him in the face for the knacker had a reverie i got him i don't think you do not yet thank you i agree with you that doesn't sound because he's not you know he is not an athlete there's a targeted at all there is a famous speech by teddy roosevelt called the men in the arena where it's about guys like me and you they get out there and actually do style flogging sidelines distributors authority on every point
are those guys shortly just like which since around leaguer of asking disconnected or they known as being like borderline dirty geyser what's with the general sense i would not at all i wouldn't say because you got an old story and i know port both play the game hard they both play the game really art in there
my only one say they can attract along that line but i don't think that i would classify you that military players there now rocky tours no not at all certain other do you i was wondering when you get to play off a guy's start blocking shots rilke has guys don't really get on the ice in the regular sees they put their body on line the same way does f frustrate the hell are you are you just like what the fuck get off the ice like this half of your shots are blocked because some guy slides and from its it's really annoying and i love you sign of our theories at all but against the blues i mean they latest pack five guys in around than that and it was really really tough for they did a good job of it bears really tough roughly
the point shot through the shot through that in its gosh that's that's a big reason why scoring is becoming so hard is not only trying to be the only by your also trying to be three or four other guys are trying to block a shot not to mention one of your guys of screening golly also so to get it through all of that is its really really tough so yeah it is annoying in the play ass when you're seeing all these hard ministerial did god block and shop it gets all annoying mean they can have a series teams are shooting less on empty nets in the play often work were big gamblers so we like to take the over a lot of these games and there have been like six games where at the end there there's
the net in the guise of just hang onto it inside their zone or try to like a creative with its on potato and they dont allows a taken shots any anymore italy's s what it looks like the us as we're losing oliver bets is at an actual thing that's going on up i'll just from a player standpoint i would say especially the play off but a year before the red before the red line in a play off you're not gonna role than i am and tried ice it but at the same time a thing for after the red i dont think player is gonna not try to feel the game and not try to when it with that anthea letter but i think you you'd see way more the regular season maybe someone taken a two hundred for shot at it as opposed to
the placid the risk another in the play off that is now in closer worth it these are the things that i wish i realized like earlier on because i've i it we were watching a game on sunday and fifty had the over via four and a half in and there was liked i think to lose the blues polder gully with formats lobbies like i'm good as i know you're not they're not gonna shoot and then they just didn't shoot on the net they didn't shoot on the emptiness dammit i didn't see that former lover yet they are coloured tabs or maybe they re and take a single shouted the empty net yeah yeah you gotta try live a long time that certain play in these only out of trying to only i think it was awful you grew up in minnesota you went to a private high school you would you say it's fair to call you a cake eater allah adam banks
i know because i grew up in blooming ok i know i live any dining out kick you satchel i was going up you can figure out how to proceed but when we went down to the private school i wasn't it was more it was because my daddy got the job so we didn't have to pay tuition as opposed to other guys or painful tuition saw no i don't think we were taking her down area there ok i guess i mean we no one wants to add a banks i mean tat you can be flashing everything but we all eight right we all day than we are we all want entirely conway not at a bank exactly see you played many many years new jersey and then when you went back to minnesota you said i want to enjoy the lakes in my time here what's your favorite lake activity are fishing
that's it it's on your wikipedia awakening reasoners as you do so all that was one of the main results of the trial and the main reason i i m not much of a water sport guy like white boy ran up stop i liked official on you ever been to chart a lake sanctuary false no i have a pretty good they're gonna get a casino there that's really shitty are you insinuating that maybe the lakes and other fishing in new jersey isn't as pristine as it is in minnesota we do we do have a lot of them here but i have i have heard that one of my old strength coach from new jersey like he gets out there and fishes lot and i guess there's a couple decent spots for some bass out there when i told fish in their next to the power plants is that's the best place to do it you get those fish
i can live under water and that can like crawl from stream to stream in the event of a drought those are the good fish so the best one thank you so much appreciated and hey when europe when you're in new york next year playing the rangers or the islanders the devil stop our office and i shoot on our boss who likes to ten that he's a real and hiv gully and then makes you shoot from like forty feet away with a tennis ball with a wet tennis ball track me down a great man thank you pretty that lively interview with precise brodie by helix sleep mattresses good hillock sleep tat calm slash p empty and get fifty bucks off your order that's he like sleep dot slept p empty night after
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segments we have some hot segments come anyway let's start with respect the bits and this one goes to the north western journalism school model for those in the busy you know the name and they have drop their accreditation because they said that northwestern as a whole has an accreditation works so i think we can use the term northwestern journalism school anymore yet it is not really a school just northwestern journalism i don't know i got like house how the aid is a room place a room of journalism yeah i believe that you can use our journalism anymore really because it implies all we can't years of study little john low yet lowercase j ai this i don't really understand how accreditation works it seems i mean it obviously northwestern knows what they're doing as are bunch of nerves and now they d file everything
the right time and follow directions and fill out paperwork and all is bullshit but still i like it and it smells bad to me so that means for any industrious listers out there if you want to start your own northwestern journalism school and get that accrediting called medieval i think that you can i think that there is an alarming in the marketplace for come trademark yet so right now if you went northwestern sorry but you're not a journalist yeah you were your journalists in here is really fake once northwestern circuit they can't take away our degree that we don't actually get the kids eagerly the things that we make up you kids awake take away our brains and renovation place that's why lying is foolproof exec officially strip me of any title that i've given myself in alive we have talking soccer rinaldo who had a hatrack in the fifa champions league and that was talking soccer
although it's gonna play forever has this statue store i dont know what are you time cristiano ronaldo are the old rinaldo no rinaldo we re now from brazil yet this one i guess there's gonna keep eat but i am once again in someone's probability will actually had he had a great strike every time i watch and although he just kicks evolved from my four feet away i could hear a pretty easy i can fuckin do left foot is a finisher who is it we all finished i will never respect demand that has such an ugly statue built after i agree that's why i don't like rubber griffin oh my god i forgot about that yeah if you're if listen ass new have never seen the robber griffin biller statute pause the pod well first google it go steal the krishna rinaldo statue take it to wake up you by the way if you saw this put on energy threes instagram the other week he brought his girlfriend with him he took gretta
count away goes like what are you doing for spring break bab guess what we're going to work go broader debate or to see a statue doesn't go in a romantic channels and go to wake up so you have if you can hear me and you have access to christian or at all those statue take it down to one go with you and then make those statues kiss and that was officially talking soccer we have embraced the debate and it goes out to lean kitten who this is actually this could also be is linked given high because he's been tweeting he would have them the fort the artist formerly known as the bit mogi master on twitter is now just started tweeting like mine benders so i think he may be strategy for the atlantic he's probably steel the accreditation from from north western here is a couple of the good ones yadda wise fridge spelled with a d but refrigerator isn't spelled with a d i'm gonna call the segment just for
i'm blown that's mind low noise ok raven i wonder why our buildings called buildings if they are already built is that what you're doing pillar talk takes his phone and she just tweet not a thoughts yeah is san called sand because because it is between the sea and the land you know it sounds me sounds to me like a link given a shack in up with some florida lady that has maybe a grow operation she's smokin some duties i rather do pillar talk takes phone and she's just tweet not her thoughts yeah this lanes thinking too hard in what you say that is thinking a little too hard
i thought if nick saving saw any of these well lincoln was still at alabama i think you would have just killed him yeah you'll burn him alive billing you fuckin hippy our euro which it what are you read was away we don't do riddles alabama it is established in the heart of the steak with a pylon from the field it so true mixer who just punching directly in the newly shut the fuck up we have of a man card not just le bronze mankind we're getting another man card i am jewel box park you remember him had shown waldman he was ex pock when you were growing up the wrestler he was arrested for during a bunch of math pills it looked like method those in we'd liquid we'd cigarettes chocolate we'd bars and math pills he says it's all good it's not what it seems he asked
they just was carrying the pills to treat a yeast infection hand over your man card or getting arrested because you're pussies got east in india i'm just i'm a little bit scared that i don't even understand what used infections are i'm just going to throw my hand up on that that's pretty clear its concerning to me that export red is using meth because like us parkes xbox life is one law on tweak it seems i don't let her out a wrestling expert but i've seen after this guy and semen ring to know that he does not need met amphetamines now is that it's like it so i hate carp on all the jesus remarks but it is i give you this had turned water into molly and guidelines on x see jesus doesn't need ecstasy that something like export does not need meadow he does now is math he has his mouth in leotard right
and i'm i'm concerned but but muslim concerned that you don't know really what it is i am happy not knowing how do you notice factionists the so we're happy with our ignorance wool i think i know i know yeast is like red when bread right yes i think all of them with that major get your your bread obregon yeah yeah i get my while it's got a major used confectionery right so weren't we don't we ignorance is good on this one i would just like to say though export i do hope you get help because xbox and cane were my favorite attacked him like the most bizarre attack team under there i mean you mean you that act what exactly did you get a little shorter we ve been talking and start doing matthew why need to get a little fat or you need to give a shorter to complete our lot now have noticed the longer my hair gets any longer most importantly the longer my genes short skip
it makes me look shorter making look like i'm just compressing although it is a tough optical luca so he's our dressing you and vertical stripes were basically a walking funhouse listener years yes we're so that we have a king stay kings this one goes to adam shifter who when he next broken whose buffalo has asked permission to speak with panthers assistant gm brandon being other gm job per league source adam quote tweeted it ends stick to hosting parentheses but nice work and welcome any time but we know it
he's totally not mad guys he was just joking like when air hernandez told in rapid poor like if you screw me i'll kill you ha ha ha yeah state those thing we know what to do and shun literally i think he was doing the like the throat slashed move the cadets bans a decade ago while tweeting stick to hosting writer face yes dicta hosting sh after a little weasel no one tweets like shot like if if you're not paying attention try by you know taking it all tweet twitter you like all adam shatters not he's not he's not being a dick but you actually look at his tweets he's such a fucking see that he reported about dodge malta us today getting that when your contract but he didn't say that he hopes to play the full year on it so that still and excludes yet so rapport if you listen to this which we know you aren't you make sure that you
you're out how long jamal charles would like to play the season probably oil two games casino give her what what new job do think chapters gonna try to take on before the safe before the end of this calendar years you gonna position himself as i e s peons next olympic i think that it is a heat he's not stand what i and a world cup coming up yet like some sort of fraternity eight zero the euro to organise it and be ill sitten alexey losses back pocket during live telecast sunlight that talk about rinaldo just katy i just get a nice ten and then where an ascot and the next thing you know here assigned to cover the euro tournament we have finally to finish off the show guys girl stock was called guys on checks eyes on checks so it is to tour your memory it is the segment where women ask us to explain their own behaviour basically yeah because we know women better than women no women that's fine cuz we them
like we're doing a panel leavenworth we need more than women love women cannot absolve woman so well i honestly can't of these are women earn like guys potentially woman you get catfish nor at bringing you asked me first one why do guys show each other their tally walkers oh well we don't call that now and i we yeah why why we got that questionable autumn like do guys do you get into that like do you work at other guys they'll get out a lot of accident on purpose just lead just to let a guy i know that you're ok with him seeing right and there's also in every guy group there's one dick guy there's one dick showing guy they just he does a dick watch he does everything he does the helicopter s taxis just thrown his dick over your shoulder everyone knows the one dick i any use as a pretty big dick s probably wise donut alpha move in pure alpha here's my dec my question is what do you guys really think about girls who pose tons of selfies on social media i think
i think they're lovely people and i actually do you know what i not that much of a social media picture looking guy yeah i care more what's going on in that brain ears i'm pretty much of the philosophy that whatever you're doing right now in a year from now you're gonna be totally mortified by it so keep doing whatever you're doing because no matter what you do you're going to look back and be like i was such a dick to actually delete along the right never had a memory i want to amend what i said because will judge you if you're taking a lot of selfies result but i will judge the hell out of you if you're taking yours he's in the mirror holding your phone up to them yeah i can see what kind of phone you haven't like see the flash yeah she's leaving the lazy had no do did definitely make it artistic put some effort into it but for the most part i could lead in europe for the most part just keep live in your own life because you're probably gonna hate yourself in a year anyway no matter what you do
what are the actual thoughts go through a guy's mine when they're having sex in this is awesome oh that's that i can't believe i'm doing there s having acted realise the middle of it the girls on her period oh skin notices turn into his eyesight i started out cancel that's actually goes your eyes look areas that will keep them you guys act like babies when they get a cold because getting old is the worst thing on earth because every time i get sick unlike i'm never going to be healthy gotten little dramatic i admit but what happens if you actually don't ever get healthy again that tiggle tickle that you get in your throat at the start of a cold like i've this concept for the rest the weakened abhorrent please die from cold award winning lady listener here just out of curiosity while guys not stick their hands and dirty dishwasher but we'll stick their hands
things i dirt oil etc well first walls sexist on her part yang that we don't help our dishes as set out of nowhere dishwasher is but yes oh don't accused me of something that i've never touched because it's not my fault that near to cheap to order from seamless yet also just throw away my dishes run down like a man just a heads up for all women out there were like if its if it comes to getting your hands greasy or oily i'm gonna do it even though i don't know what i'm doing in terms of fixing it just so that i can have the oil my hands black while hard day's work to greece or or newspaper print underneath your fingernails that shows that you did a man's days were sometimes when i when i write a bike which man card kind of on the viking i'll just i'll just grab it pain in his rub it up and down my handsome like while when i go
i just come from from coal mine when i got the stairs on the subway i just slatter my handle of that banister yeah let's just keep my body in shanghai aside some germs guidelines are no i know what the amount of time you have to data girl before you can fight in front of her own that's a good question and that's a really good question i think it depends on the girl okay this is this little tip for you until she starts cooking for you then you can while you food was so good or conversely can be like i'd it's your fault that i'm having gas yes you cooked all those beans good point also made for the most part i would say most people no white what level we're at when they're farting like where the weather is going to be a real bad one just i don't think it's ever okay to do the the real real bad ones the ones that like peel paint off the walls just keep those to yourself
explain morning would can pass it's just the thing that happened here it's i very now explain how i think it is i think it's just all the p stored in your dec is it true that guy's larger nipples last longer in bed probably i like a pig was inconclusive why not a suitable support that radio opportunity how do you unhook bra oh that's easy two hands i just go to it i just lifted off the top yeah i you just gotta like really just push them together and pray that it comes on hopes because after like thirty seconds and it gets really are you you just say you do it like this is what
stupid there is after all the coming of age movies show like the guy like fumbling with the brow when in real life you like you just unhook here you know what i think it's how would you do yeah you know you know how to do this better than i do you unhook your brow on but my parents i that was shall keep sending in guys on girls because we will oh answer the questions the best we can guy shall i mean come on we who knows answers better than guys and we have had no tax law now however tat we really up where tax on six four six seven six to six six three two but has is it this is honoured system we have to be checked yet dont know actually don't ruin this because it wasn't guys you get jumbos gaza girls let it will help
everyone if we let the girls do the guys on girls yes i don't ruin this guy's don't fuckin i know you like i only got one body a mortgage bring one body and then he bring like twelve guys to the bar i don't do that just let it let it be let it set out that's our show big show friday we have the boy portals wikipedia club return make sure you do you're reading a market tell you what it is because i was about to i was about to make a huge error then and then on to say both wikipedia pages and have everyone screw with it so we will announced the reading after we tape the blake part so make sure you eating and we also have the return of white randy moss our favorite horse racing expert he's gonna give us some kentucky derby winners we will see
on friday let me guess you owe me a world is asia provisionally and she was looking down with a dynamic
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