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Rachel Nichols, NFL Free Agency + Mark From Love Is Blind

2020-03-20 | 🔗
We’re in lockdown and slowly losing our minds but NFL Free Agency is here to save us (2:27 - 23:07). Fyre Fest of the Week (23:07 - 32:49). Rachel Nichols joins the show to catch up on where the NBA season goes from here, who was going to win MVP and when basketball may be back (32:49 - 56:38). Segments include hurt or injured, new segment alert, and take quake (56:38 - 81:30). We recap the rest of Love Is Blind and have Mark on the show to explain how the show was taped, what went wrong with his relationship with Jessica aka MESSICA and more behind the scenes from the show
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On today is part of my take. We have Rachel Nicholls. Love is blind array cap episodes six through ten mark from love as well. I'm calls in NFL free Agency fire fast much more were surviving. The quarantine were surviving. The lock out. We are now social distancing, we're doing this remotely vs Skype and we're brought you, as always by cash app part? My take is always brought you by catch up, not always the he's please send money to your friends. It's the safest and especially right now when we're on lockdown use the cash app send money too. Your friends, you know you should do send money through your favorite, restaurant or bar. That probably is struggling right now, with everything that's going on around the country used The cash app send them a little Tipp. Send them a little donation, help I gift card yeah by a gift
I joined later yeah. You want that place to be there when this all passes so use the cash app and use it wisely and you can use it and you dont have to get that disgusting muddy on your fingers by the way, a little fun fact Pfc did you know this on the dime? It's Sdr not Dwight Eisenhower. I did know that didn't until today. I was this day old presented her well I just kept on Kong Dwight Eyes an hour, and I was news monks, accidents from all I know, is it Ben Franklin smells disgusting? Yes, yes, of course
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fry a march twentieth and I should be balls deep in college basketball right now but we're not less, not think about where we should now talk about where we are ok, I get it should be. This should be the time we're jury for tone is all over. My television, impractical jokers are invading my my fever dreams that I have in the middle of the day when I pass out. Why can saga be like ion by forty points, but we're not there. Now just turn the page. Fifty listen It's only going to be a few more times that I can say that, and I want to say it. I want to say it again on Sunday night, because this is just the reality like I, I am actually nervous. I met the point now Phd. We're I'm nervous that sports made never come back so the way I'm thinking is we have to enjoy. All we have left is just the anniversary of sporting events
like I will celebrate when the conducting derby will be supposed to be taking place, because there will be no Kentucky nervy that day- and this is all we had in twenty years from now, we will just like all this. This is all Sunday as a national holiday like what do you want suitable Sunday? Nothing we just stay inside don't even say that dynamism, because every support where it stood hit me that football season might get plaque. Ok, yeah yeah yeah, now real, so many people are saying that the biggest get in the history of in the take for interviews is take from love, is blind and he's on blind and he's on our shoulders on genetic. That's probably true, close second would be doktor faulty and if you dont want football to get, pushed back, then listen to a doctor, proud. She says:
Yes, yes, so are we're not gonna, do what I can obviously dwell uncrown virus on every episode. I just this one, especially the fact that it was determined today it just hearts and people are tweeting me like hey, who do you like in some guy just treated me? Who do I can get Zaga verse like EAST, Caroline or something? I don't do that you don't come on I'll, do it. The only thing is, like at least most people are. A lot of people are working as normal. And that's kind of like a similar via this weekend? I just if you're too that everyone America was just putting in normal aid our work days on this Thursday and Friday, and there is no basque bond that's worse. I think, then at least a our bodies are used to spending these days on couches. Ok, that's actually good point good spins own! I also have a spin zone. You guys right now are looking at the guy who just purchased. An eighty pound wait vest so I will get back and shape almost are walkin around Brooklyn with await vest,
probably wrecked my back, but I made that purchase gesture. I want you guys to know that you boy gonna, be look Anna, mighty fine. When this whole corona virus thing passes. So that's like you're, getting baggy, allow eighty panacea. Eighty pounds now like a thirty pound forty by way of telling eighty pounds- and we walked around like Zion I know I'm gonna need to seize him stats deck. Compare how many steps you take. Now that you have the eighty pounds so as to how many steps are take for because my guess it would be proportionally a lot less what a white now that I have it yeah yours, I have an aa just arrived today, so tomorrow will be the first day we're on our we're going to really see if this weight vest works out. I do think there's a chance that I hurt myself very, very bad away, but before that happens, really would like I'm gonna. Be me another guy who's me walk around with an eighty pounds, tactical vast in Brooklyn. You can't. I wish I had.
Wait fast, I'll, be honest with you. I got. I ve got my piker gang with me. Butter, Matt Liner, including several, and we're going to sell the bonds of an army is pretty sweet, so you link up with us ride tomorrow, get await fast. We should just honestly we should make a pact where it's like. What's what's that stupid mover, maybe something in a movie administers an urban legend. Will you know like the pregnancy pack, the chicks make in high school? We should make a week best pack. It will all where our wheat Bess until corona virus ants and just get like core up Jude legs. Four days The only thing is, if you are ordering on eighty pound, wait fast. You must really
hey you're postal carry. I got a pain in the ass that is tall living in eighty pounds worth await hold on listen. I was I thought about that. I thought about being a good citizen, the earth I bought a fifty pound. We thus with thirty extra pounds it can be added on. I was this may be due to several factors. I might just walk everywhere with just Leroy on my shoulders. There you go, we take. Why are you can wait, vest wasting your headache. I just appreciate fact that you really put thought never, instead of getting ape, aren't you got the boldest packs, I'm not a monster, I'm not a monster! I'm a good person are not going to be there to someone. I can imagine. I know my that people like the door purser my building like there's one that could probably handle it, there's one that probably could it so I didn't want to take the risk of having him have to pick up eighty pounds and then boom. We got a whole other issue on our hands. The strong body needs a strong immune system, so I'll think about it. I'm I don't.
I just I like to wear tight, fitting clothes and not really like baggy stuff. So if I can fit in eighty per, wait fast underneath my extra medium t shirt trip, I treat people into thinking that I'm in better shape that I am just by wearing tighter shirts right, I'm I'm in portion know where I'm going to start buying just random shit on Amazon every single day. In a lot of it's going to be totally unnecessary, so TAT was just the first thing I bought like. There's gonna, be a lot more where that came from yeah I was I was. I was searching in the video game category, unlike the classic like get a video game, play it for like an hour than kind and put it away, and I spent like three hundred dollars on the video game. Like I'm gonna be decked out like ass, I had ear camera like two works. Two thousand seven college basketball to Kay would Judy erratic on the cover just showed up with my Xbox three sixty. So I love it piece it
act together. Civilization in my world is coming back together by wheat, vest and video games for fifteen years ago. I might get back into flight simulators those really into those. When I was in middle school heights in high school, you can kill a good deal with work, be careful flight simulator I like it, I knew it like I unified similar. You could kill that's a sentence you know this is big if norms that I might be triggering some of the key word search. Query mathesons tuned in turn, right now in Pakistan, from where I listen, it's a great way to spend a few hours, but the problem is you just fight you learn? A lot is dumb facts right. Place. You can never get out of your brain. The rest, your life, but me I feel like that's a good use, my time right now they fly. How do they stay in air? Does how to get no one to ever really knows the answer to it doesn't matter how long you've been a pilot make the mystery of flight. That's what makes it so. Intoxicated is because even if you're signed to
know how works by right to my uncle Sally, I feel like that's that's the least I can do this last thing before we get a little more NFL free agency and they will do or Firefox and Rachel Nicholls I have we ve got your point now where, in this been a theme for every single show this week, but the big black hawk has now like I'm seeing shadows, I'm seeing things in the bushes people will send me links like actual legs like I'll get links like my dad, will send me a link and I'll be like it's an actual length that I should read this article and I'm just waiting for the for the can't you to show up and I'm like people, semi pictures, unlike ok, where is it? Where is it? Where is it it's become like half of my text, messages are just that we are were doing it on our thread like. When does this stop? We have to stop. I don't know
it's kind of like the ring, except if you look at the picture of the BBC. It just makes you look for other pictures, the BBC everywhere that you see it every like an picture that comes across the timeline, but I think that there are some theirs. Doubt that has been cast into my mind about whether or not disguise actually dead, wood. So what might be alive? Just I'm not why I'm not buying device investigation, first of all, a device that website with. Biogas can neo Nazi right now, and so we are clear answer not see. Podcast were true through if we accept that we ve made that and were standing on the on that he'll women that flag. But I dont trust me reporting on this. I think that they talk to a new own pornographer and just took his word, for it said earlier that guy's dead about starting any further and then vice came back in their like. Oh yeah, we ve got shipments, a heroine that are coming from Austria, but we have to do with some just gonna
Take the sky at his word and not dig deeper at all. So I think that I think there is a possibility that would survive. So what, if you're a listener, the show reach out we'd love to have you on here's. The only reason I'll push back on that. Knowing how do you know the year, twenty twenty works and how people's brains work? If we we're still alive. He would be charging two hundred fifty dollars on cameo right now. And we would all be getting fresh new live pictures that would do and take it to a whole different level. We would then have us our questioning what we're doing in general, Heaven only fans account there will be pop porridge just be himself sitting on the side of his bed and that's hitting the Sharon Cameron just rack it up twenty dollars tokens. You would actually just be him. It would be like a Photoshop hack. You would just have a green screen, so you just have him put him into real life into other situations and that's on Photoshop works.
Yeah you can like two bagel boss. He would be the beggar boss of pornography where he gets real famous and then all of a sudden he's everywhere or I could seem, go the other way where a guy like dumped might be totally off the grid, because, if you're, that big and you ve got addicted that huge. You really don't have work that hard and life in other egg. Carp has been rolled out for you by the good. Lord up above you just pay, bagel boss by me out because, like member one, that was our biggest issue, will bagel boss, fight, Lenny, dyke, sure or not right. I was the world's biggest issue that was at hand like we'll bagel boss, actually fight someone in rough and rowdy or or some type of paper view. But you know it's rate is that for about five minutes today, I forgot about everything that was going on, which your flak or got cut. And there was talk about JANUS Winston, maybe go into the Redskins I was I was back in my normal brain it. All people are saying that some people I mean
My Florio is saying that the innovation is suspended. Free agency, because It's not the right time to be discussing us. I I'm gonna, take it the exact opposite. I think that the entire world and the United States should put more resources like in world WAR to Richard Ford factories into building a p fifty to bomb. We should be putting more resources into covering the NFL, because it's such a welcome distraction be thinking about that stuff when you taxi today, their Tom Brady had not officially sign anywhere yet. It got me excited, because what we really need is for Tom Brady to Heaven ha decide is going the patriots. Then decide he's going back to the box. So basically just go like a double Josh Daniels, and can this be a three week ordeal where he's like? You know He he actually puts out of steam, unlike actually ever a patriot and then- in two weeks from areas like ok,
but actually now forever a patriot, but I'm going back to the box and have this just be something they can keep us occupies. I totally agree with you. The only thing that's keeping us going right now in terms of sports is What's going on in Africa, free agency, where's, JANUS wincing aside, the fact that the bears gotten it falls and is so poor by the way did Nick falls like he's just It just more, I know, is a civil and bp, but is I can change anything the bears, are still kind of stuck in what they are. Todd, Gurley gets cut and one says wow, that's crazy, even though it's not crazy at all cuz. It's a terrible contracted time like to keep this going, but we, Todd Gurley. I know I know inside my own head that it's never smart to pay a free agent running back over to the running back in general, a lot of money and to make him up to a long term contract, but
I also think every time there is a really good running back that has a great season. This is the guy he's worth it lock him up like Derek Henry right now I feel, like you should lock him up to long term contract Christian Mccaffrey lock him up, pay him a lot of money. As equal, lock him up Alvin Camorra, lock him up. What is not Those are gonna could takes three years from now, and I know that were but we're all prisoners at the moment when it comes to running back so like a couple years ago, when they signed tabularly this contract, I was like yeah hell, yeah tug rose again changed running back sign them up, but I do know that Ultimately this is my brain deceiving my own brain. Yes, Absolutely so he signed I'm looking at it. Right now, when he signed his contract. I'm sure Everyone was like, oh my god, that so much money and in the ram just caught him with three years left on his contract
So that is how they all work. It's crazy! Do you know whenever you see those numbers retarget Monday show you see the numbers every freaks out and then the team ends up structuring it, so they can always get out of it in two or three years and that's why the Nick false thing like for the bears, the Nick forces, he's not gonna, probably beyond the bears in two years, because it is the cut ways, contract works and cut after a year. So this is really just a ripe he's trying to save his job, trying to throw everything at this year where they can't lose the same way they lost last year, and by that I mean mister, Mister being bad, so they're like if we have a back up plan in force, or maybe a starters plan, and things go
south with one of these guys, we can at least throw this out there and hope we catch lightning in a bottle and not have the same disappointing year and maybe save our jobs. So where you are right now, a nickel is, are you the mindset that iron sharpens iron and that your is going to show up in and start season season as the starter? Or do you think that gonna get and shrink camp and clearly be disappearing? Quarterback, because I saw him last year, Jaguars Nick Fools, who yankee he's not great Is careers and is incredibly baffling like I mean he was almost out of retired and then he won a super bowl BP member the year they through twenty seven touchdowns to interceptions which chicken, like he he's, had such highs and such lows and you don't know what you're gonna get you again, it's pretty much lightning in a bottle. I think the plan is gonna, be they still the still best possible scenario. Is MR risky. Somehow is a good quarter now,
want me to put a percentage. I it's by five percent, but that still the best possible scenario, because you waste use draft economy, you can control for the fifth year. So that is what they will should be hoping for, that they get to training, Camp and Mitch wins the job and wins it convincingly. What The exact better competition now wouldn't thinks when is Nick Foles, going to win the job, but I also think Nick Foles has head injury issues. So it's going to be one of those weird mish, Mosh like Mitch is going to start at some point. Then, will you bring Nick Foles back? I would put it at both guys, like neither guy has a chance, in my mind, to start more searching and a half gets yes to which you should hope for is for Mitch risky to start the season and just keep you in the hunt. Keep you on that, get in the hunt, graphic because MRS Guy, either for the last four years and then have Nick, come in and take over some point like late November, maybe let's call it weak twelve.
Falls in as a sort of because that's as the weather turns colder. That's when Nick Full starts to play well so get in there and then he's he's your closer for the season and then he's your policies and star. Here's. What force, does do by all accounts, and I know there's the Carson, Wentz Nick false thing where there was rumors that the locker room, like Nick Foles, more than Carson Wentz. That was dispelled over time and time again, but I'm a big believer and kind of where there's smoke there's fire. They probably didn't hate Carson Wentz, they probably like Nick Foles. More than anything, I didn't get full a great guy for the locker room. I think he is going to just presence will with just like we're, not totally fucked during Mean feeling of were totally fact. If mixture whisky is somehow good next year, and now, If Mr Whisky is what he was last year, which I expect him to be, which is not good, you We have someone there who can salvager season and have the defence by anybody like hey. We can actually still when the state what about
Claude Danbury, renaming that club job next round. I like that. I like that. I like tat a lot. I liked our yeah club, job closed club job. What do you have any other arm no other lives o adamant? do you see, I remember maybe wants to go to the box. Really Kessler, yeah, that's a shocker. Will you think, but I think I think would be found a watch if your books, You do have a boxer two, yet no doubt I mustn't I'm not gonna, not a bright idea, so let me you're gonna get one another, not word for the buccaneers like you're, not gonna. U, nor can you not divide me and Tom and jewels exogamy happen. Ok, fine, how are you are you gonna get its Tom, twelve Jersey now we're. Not I this is out of this is like aiming to deal this for next year and then I'll block it from my memory for the next thirty years. My life, very you right now, mentally knowing that Tom Brady has yet to Santa contract. Well, he's going!
It is pizza, so that's where he sat mentally I'm just now. My kids ready. I still hope that I'd I'd check yesterday and I was like my crazier by nazi to shatter true the newly contract details. There's still have you not, please official. Yet he has what signed the I've seen. Worse after tweets explaining how he has not signed the contract jet and how their numerous details still need to be ironed out of the cold feet. I mean twenty years, like you, If you data for twenty years, break up of them or someone else. It's gonna be hard to process and you might want it. Immediately, have buyers remorse and want to go back. Yeah, it's a a probably like Tom, Brady's, probably talking to Bruce Arians and he's like hey. So what's our plan with like coronavirus or Bruce, like I don't know we're just going to fuck it and just like see what happens where is bill? Belichick probably has the vaccine and his Pizza is like we're. Gonna start otiose, no matter what the Ernie atoms
has been secretly infecting everybody on that same whether that, actually, I remember the Patriots plain was all sick, Lester Yup, as Ernie atoms in acting the entire team making sure they have dad the antibodies. So they're gonna come into this season even stronger than before, yeah Tom think Brazilians will probably be like if you asked his game plan was for mitigating. The protocol should be like when I thought about it here: does it dress onward and throw the ball deepened and make sure we all drink? At least half a bottle run before we go to bed at night chroniclers, eighty catch, you wait, you're drunk way sleep if you're if your blood is above a point, two percent alcohol than it just goes a virus. Yes, yes, I before we get to reach a negotiated, a little fire fast. I mean, I don't even know what fire fesse our anymore, because the whole world is a fire fast, I'm gonna get. I guess it's kind of news that shown Peyton so yeah the corona virus right yeah, that's
through, and he also was at an EU is Oak LAW whose Aris track like four days ago. Parting course you sucks, but yeah. Champagne hat could be one of his motivational things because he's like that and build selves guy that, like puts mouse traps around the lock rumour get gas Kansas. I think if you like, I'm sick, guys, I'm sick, sick and tired of losing in the enough see divisional round every year, while here's the issue every go. Person like Tom Hanks has ruined it for celebrities, because every single person in NEO newsworthy person athlete anyone who its This guy has grown a virus but Tom Hanks already had its who cares like here, is completely caught the celebrity market on Corona virus news like I cannot be phased, I'm trying to think a who out their content.
Now I know I bribing I gotta make sense. Maybe the car dash if the whole car dashing clan doubt private some jokes off Chris is definite We ve thought about doing that. Just all by the way Arnold Schwarzenegger showers, Schwarzenegger that actually I'll start off my firefox. That was my firefox, because he had appear, say message where He told everyone to stay inside while he was smoking. A cigar in his jacuzzi is like probably ten thousand square foot home and I'm sure you guys can relate. I don't know anyone missing in a big city can relate your apartment is a fine size until you have to walk down and then you're like holy shit, this places tiny get. Who the fuck out of here, so I appreciate any celebrity telling everyone younger than them to please stay inside while they enjoy their like private, Jim Pool, Leto private chef and probably
a golf cart track that they can pass on whenever they want their backyard yeah. You guys are really doing a good job and make a tree save the planet, you haven't, got a lazy river there run so they're inside is like a normal persons outside of their health are you gonna stand up shower and aids, that's a couple left over cigarettes from three months ago, so I can't smoke a cigar, my hot tub, but I'm sure that our resources, hot tub is about the size, my apartment, yes, yeah, it's just a really. Does the walls come closing in very quickly when you're, when you're spending all day and in the same place Hank my Firefox is that the other producer of the show Papa is early a narcolepsy dog has trouble. Waking up. Four things are even though that's right. Now is nowhere to be found where three months into the year and he's miss like for interviews
Flash show recordings. Is the first time using this technology. We can spend like an hour earlier making sure that the recording at him backing the op situation worth so we're going into this kind of blind. So that's my fire fast we're dated twenty or your predecessor, part. My take would fall asleep during Skype shows unprecedented. It is, dad until I forgot about that. I thought I did I didn't. I didn't. I didn't like fall asleep during the Like Mr Koch Interview and then a week later later, fall asleep It's also a clock right now, so it really is not super super late Its eyes have anxieties is the first time we have used this programme and on the site is gonna work. I hope so because the backup is asleep I'm sure nothing why we find happen there. No one will ever listen this episode. These are the steps
yours, my fire festival. It's actually Oj Simpsons far our first, the weak so loud Of course these are shutting down, and most of them are saying that they're all in danger of being shut down and OJ says that if every golf course down he's gonna go crazy, so thoughts and pray. There's simpson, wearily thoughts and prayers, the US yet because OJ going crazy here you can and needs and activity at all times. Where he's only one one glove enters their golfing or those murdering. So He kept off gas, which one it's gonna be here, so that some o J is on a one man mission to make this growing virus. Look like child play my other Firefox the week is DNA Pennsylvania is shut down, so the only emergency services and Things that sustain life are allowed to be opened in Pennsylvania. I can't tell if that means sheets.
And why was are open or not, is ok Then that's all you need that's fan than ever. I retract at far is based is business as usual. Five, as is knocking, is, is not being a criminal in Philadelphia, because you can do what everyone is always saying. I don't follow. The fact that agreement. They're like not arresting people for basically any crime now, because their doing so much other stuff. Well, ok, It also donna me yesterday we should have done this at the end of our interview. Doktor factor It also donna me yesterday. We should have done this at the end of our interview, you found your last question should have been do washer apples, YO, That would be great, went in it, but it made me think that this disease, this is turning all of America into my Green Burke. Yes, how Greeny lives is everyday life washing his hands for fifty seconds. At a time just pumping hands, sanitizing downers leaves with
A little ivy Baghdad, squeezes armpit answered, make himself self lubricate every time you shake somewhere in his hand, very we're just doin cosplay for my Huber problem just showed up. Hey what's up lobby with Zimbabwe earlier healthcare politics should be happy about that. I've been thinking about this, a lot and its kind, something fucked up to think about? But how many times do Thank you. Have washed corona virus off your hands. I've killed the shit out virus spreading six or seven Times it's a wild thought to think about, but now that I'm wash my hands for the proper amount of time which, like I was big time, either don't wash your hands or just like maybe rinse a little bit with the water. Now that I'm actually going hard in the paint with the soap not think this. I think I'll fuck, this corona virus thing up like yeah a dozen times. Isn't it
The FDA Chauvelin guideline thing that you should wash your hands before. You use the restroom right now, not after because what are the chances I've got thrown a virus on my dick right now, right, slim to none. Well, I'm not going out there like just tossing my whole going Countertops Aubert. So that's problem a cleaner than my hands are so a real. I should be protect. My growing from the disease and using hand since as her before, even hit that separate. Well, I had a real monk met a genius moment earlier today when they're like keep saying, don't touch your face and a connected with me that they, They don't touch your face with your hands at all and then also everyone is buying all the toilet paper energy star, wiping there ass with their fingers. Let's get it does that not solve all the world's problems it does? I think that I think it just dinner it there. I think. That's it right
Hank, is giving us shifty ice anchors logic, egg, sort, a beget, don't introduce facts, logic and reason too, because he just thinks emotionally, thanks always reared. Oh wait. I feel like this disgusting toward my us. My hands put the fact says it's healthier. Yes, it's every summit like every room would strike shit. Yeah point would have crawled of our schools. One touch a fucking face with your shit. He s hands without that hurt your feelings that year, that your whole living room would smell like ass. All the time try bank idea- that's that's disgusting! all let's get to our interview with Rachel Nicholls. We talk little MBA ones. Can I come back catch up with her before we do that we want to say a special thank you to grub up. You can probably all knockdown are sitting at home you're trying to get some food will grub? Has you set up? They actually hooked us up with a couple free credit,
and we bought. I bought some dinner tonight. I got some pizza tonight so go. Gal grub. How bright now ordering and see a big business with the closing of bars and restaurants? Our local independent restaurants are relying on delivery and pick up orders to keep the lights on when you order Grub Hobbes, deferring commission fees. So more of your money goes the restaurant during this time. Any that's incredible. Grub also created their very own neighborhood specials everyday from ninety five. Your favorite local restaurants will be offering special promotions to customers on grub up can save on the restaurants you I was saving the restaurants, you love to ensure that you and your family remain safe grub release, a new product feature contact. Where diners can instructed delivery drivers to leave the bag at the door? Notifying
the text or doorbell upon arrival. You can help out their cause by making small donations to these businesses. Make ordering more rewarding by donating your change to the grub up community relief fund, every cent goose and share of organization supporting local restaurants. And drivers impacted by covert nineteen. Together we can see the restaurants we love like. I said you gotta check it out grub hub. They are doing their part there trying to help out the local businesses think about this way. If we don't have life returned back to normal for a month or two when it does you're gonna walk around your neighborhood and a lot of places are gonna, be there anymore. That's all we all got to help each other are community and use it was grub up. They are helping everyone around order in stay inside use grub up. It's a widow. In all around so take you to grub up. We really appreciate them doing that again grub, hob neighbourhood specials from ninety five, and they are taking away their commission fees so that businesses
is around. You can be saved. Ok here she is our friend regiment, ok, we well come on one of our favorite recurring guess, unfortunately, we're gonna have you on when we're gonna talk about the NBA winding down in getting the playoffs ready instead were too about the NBA being suspended indefinitely and we don't know one is coming back it is Rachel Nicholls, hosted the jump. He's still what's what's the policy, are you guys doing Skype three guys telecommuting? They did every Della health and tell healthy person. I thought you were gonna. Tell me when the aim is the NBA with coming back. That's why I called it. As will. We rose heard that it could be like July August. Well, I've convinced I've convinced myself that it could be as early as MID June, but I also know it when I say that's myself on being an absolute idiot and its total wishful thinking but I do keep saying to myself like ok, MID June, that feels
I shall do MID June and will play the files the first week of August and then we'll do the NBA two thousand twenty war are twenty twenty one season starting December. Twenty fifth yeah mean that people have been pressing for a gap. Change for a long time rate who wanted there and the calendar to shift to? Maybe your games right. Seventy two game, maybe even less than that, we wanted to be a calendar start in December, so maybe on Christmas unite competing as much were football. Those people may get their way and out of silver and push it prevented these internal matter of it. These break were definitely getting a fucking break is more break that I can handle it. Right right arm. If you'll just bear with me. I want to just start this interview by asking you questions as if the NBA season wasn't push back. Indefinitely right now, because we did want to have you want to talk about. John, and James Harden and about diet I feel like there's their pleasantly, that have like a Rachel Nicholls Button on their desk, for whenever they,
starts him series beef or get some headlines a smash that button you fly into town, Ok, I'm gonna do the biggest interview the season and get decide this new big storyline out there. What was the setup like for that interview? I get like a bad signal that exist it looks like we need to have. Some shit needs to go down. We need ratings, so let's get Rachel and I want like it get out like a kid I can now. I gotta think I'd like a good thing that a bat in the sky is one thing I want. I want to, thank God sound work on. That From that point me, ok, it's the odds portion of your set that used to have a painting on before Bahrwan took it off potato growing in all that time, No, I mean it's kind of simmering for a while, and I think people quite realized there, going back to when game garden was gone. And BP, and yet as one at last year- and there were the pretty heavy caress from the rocket the organization, not just a bad thing that Europe should not have one and BP and that James Heart and should have one at last year and kind of explaining.
The reason for the record that like to have all their explanation, the charts and grab some astrology map of explaining why they thought that China should not have been, and BP and youngest took that personally, it seems like an he's, been get near. These like little side digs at heart in the season. So when it came climbed the sword, The asked our teams yonder and the broad James or on there, and they were going through their team and Jim harden with on the board quite some time withdraw the board. I Charles Berkeley, never afraid to take a shot, would like only to one. If we want the regular, you don't want the traveller again. It's time to him with you know, I want someone. Who's gonna past be devolved, so that was the first thing to tell
Walker over James Harden Campbell is awesome. I love Cambodia. You love camera camp had never been in a bp gems harden is, I believe, a calibre player at every time. Three he's in vitro leading score, so it felt like a slight that got us passing over programme, but then, after the outdoor game yon it was explaining what happened. The fourth quarter, because a great fourth quarter ready to offer him the bathing museums ass. He said he said yeah, our came. We just through the ball to anyone, the James hard with defending I like in this Lisbon alive and then James of Course saying what he said to me about thing. You know hey, I wish I was just seventy town, those guys That sort of thing that you now I gotta have scale. I get a devout right, go! Okay, so is there a chip? Earlier we have a beat gentlemen. Yes, there's have dared. Therein lies the beef. Is there a chance? Did you talk to either of the guys were both of them and we like?
have you seen the other guy play basketball because James Harden is top ten and assess more sis in camera. Walker and yes, if you watch on us, guess what he isn't just good, because he seven feet he's good for many different reason. So is our chance it maybe we just need a bit like hey. Have you seen a highlight of his or have you seen him play recently because maybe they're just not watching each other and just using like the worst that they find on MBA, read it and then just using those to throw out their feet again where european You can do it educational service and maybe just in provide the people, including James hurrying out of Google, with them highlight worthy eclipses. Something like that, and I would say that both of these gentlemen have plenty time is sitting home right now and what you do look at each other, though maybe by the time they come back in October next year, the peace in our time
if we can just get like Houston Area Strip, clubs to play box highlights that. I think James Heart will be able to see John is playing against gainsborough respectable, but we sheltering in place he pride side where we live. Now that I'm saying that Latvia, exactly how smart of him lying everyone make their own family at the situation now you're nuclear area, as I'm not here to judge but at any rate like eight family as I'd, so who would have won an VP, let's just assumed it. Well, I'm hoping and praying that decision will continue. But if you I had to vote on it right this second, who in the end be peace at La Brunners at yours. What's funny became people fail, the kind of all of the things about it today and my answer that, with some of those that are my sad is always like. Yet it would be really big news and now, in fact, we're talking about possibly have, even if we
if they re start up in July rate and plays and lay off. I don't think we'll play more than a couple game they get into. It may be maximum six eight game to get into the play up. They're not gonna play the whole point again that were left in the latter case. Calendars though You know I e the season and today is a thing road and if they come back, if I play off for purposes then BP and rookie the year, and all of that, though, I have been I see them they got, as is that my leader in the club outskirts number he put up. I did think that Leubronn that sort of given a push, maybe in the last month- and we thought a quarter of the season to go at that point- no, what good thing as hey right now. If I had to vote right now, I would go pollyanna when I'm not willing to do can see the a quarter of the sea, then I want to see what happens in a fine accorded the season. I always wait till the last day to get my vote in, and I think that anybody who is saying you know back a few weeks ago, yet it is not even a discussion. The voting done, I mean you, got, hurt and wasn't gonna play in.
We missed you game that wasn't gonna play a few more. We don't know how many more he would have made. The decision had progressed as expected. So we could have had or shifting around. We also noted that more shifting, if the Lakers, what overtaken the bucks for the number one overall feed, which is, of course, what determines home advance. Maybe a final though I think that it will Braun had knocked the honest out of that ever would eat that would have effects on people voting, but I don't think we're gonna get a chance to see any of that happen. So, if voting for and BP. Now I still alone, perhaps, as there has been enough time for anything, to push a different way. The chances we just don't finishes please say zero, please say: there's no chance were definitely first season cause it's already weird without March Madness raid. We are so weird you'd, be alright. Good news. I can give everyone for a sort of a ray of hope is we're behind rate in the United States, for it by opening catching wrote a virus really were slackers that all of this chinese way ahead of us. Many other play
in the report the world by ahead of us. So if you look at their curve, your kind of coming out of what were supposedly just going into and they are starting to china- ask about adaptation, backup, slow. I saw that with South Korea to rare, true they're doing it without fan. But a lot of places, and I think that's probably what we can expect with the NBA inside the MP has talked about not only looking at the arena is to see what their dates look like through the end of August. In case we declare the playoffs in July and August this summer, but also other Jim facilities playing without fan, you don't really have to play in a giant arena with they can see twenty thousand people. Maybe you played games reckless ability, maybe you played even gonna Jim. That would make it Theo on tv kind of cool, and not empty. In order me you're gonna want people watching tv to feel. I feel that this empty building as the one way to do that again
and there is to make it a small, Jim and kind as bigger, outwit cool ways that tv there, but that's all, just kind of spelling vagina have to see what we can get. But if you look at Asia in or they are restarting some of that gives me hope that we will come out the other side. There will not be bedlam in the streets, there will be basketball again. It just seemed like it's gonna be a long way. Really really hard in and we saw that a butcher, the jars players got tested for the corona virus. Kevin to read just came out like with three hours out of some people are saying: some people are making the joke. The corona viruses now super team, because Coventry has joined it, but when will we would have wished it after after we said well now we want to know we would we already said that it was a ring. Chaser like couple couple weeks ago surround front about one, but so so Kevin Turann has it a bunch of people knew TA jazz, get tested, comparable came out at the thunder got tested. I think per capita
India has been tested more than any profession in the United States. So what how is happening, our teams getting their hands on the tests that are unavailable to everybody else. I don't I back the same question. Pistons, I'm haven't Albert TAT. Did I know that the attack on Iraq, nurse were authorised to take. What do you have that they have access to the canadian healthcare system, which you know? Maybe we gotta think over the border, get there because, as I have been told, they have a lot more testing available up there, though we are worked out, consider borders, heating going on, but yeah that question and of course you know it is not a shocker that people were privilege in this country are getting more access to better better medical care than people who are able to deal with it, I'm ok with it. If they play don't tell anyone No, but I'm ok with it. If they play like give you test, everyone in the NBA Great just bring back sport
its have everyone black quarantine somewhere play, they don't get to interact with their families with age or anywhere else. Just note I if we can get everyone like I'm, I'm ok getting in the back of the line for sports in America, because rather than be stuck at home, it be nice. If we want something a great idea, because you ve got half the NBA owners are building. There is great to see bomber could totally pony up for an island and we could just fly we have gained wears out there and they could do a round Robin no content with any one else. Clean right you know the probability. Is everyone touches? The ball of anyone has a your likely to pass it on to the can't figure out the ball between ever possession but yeah. I think this is, I think, we're up something I heard if it can happen. If you blew James hard and you're, not gonna get the ball anyway, so he is actually the safest place. Top ten list. Platter Eddie taught certain airports, attitude of Amr Uptown says he could yet he could buy an island or he could buy instead of buying another super yacht. You just buy one of us.
Craft carries. We could play all the game on all the games on their like we do in precision called basketball. Yet this is why we are sitting here solving price. We just need report. You know people are able to come up with a step. Yet, and here we are so bad suspending do play see that saying there are in, offices it might be get let off the hook when they were in the midst of really bad seasons, Do you see that happening anywhere? Nowhere in particular, some people might say some front offices would be like we were building something we're about to come back. You gotTA, give us more time. Can you remind me, where you guys I've. Just I don't know a buckle team. We were soon I'll, see you in the high blood and gone far more be saying: there's only one guy named Gar with that hair cut and he Why I saying hey, we just ran out of
all is interesting to me. Is there were reports round the all starting with the poles are going to restructure their front yard and all the both ends. I know we're having their own little many celebration because they ve been waiting for so long and then all was that with this break, I can imagine that happened. Right now and maybe not even any time once they start up again, because I think are the owners are gonna wanna, just sort of stay with who they have his shepherd people through the end of the season, and then you think about what's going on in New York, where can Atkinson? Basically they had a quote mutual parting of the ways. What two days before all this went down the eager to get the job I repay being forgotten the river it does show you didn't lose like health insurance did. He wouldn't he was out of and fired under a pandemic is young on cobra coverage, that sought to lose your job right now. The right one
Obviously, a lot of people. Here. My brother works in a restaurant. They close down a lot of people. A lot of people are facing that Kenny Atkinson, I think, still gets paid out because of this way of your contracts work, but it is a weird situation to have Party ways that your courage and a three days later away, never mind. Nazis anyway, would about Trolls Barkley a few like within days they last week, he's values coming down with it and he got tested in than we just didn't hear anything. We marry being, I assume that if he had had it, your check shares everything. I've been with. It turns out that he was positive. He would have told us, but who knows, in order to think about the NBA guys have kept the positive Kevin Durrant down of immature critical bearer. They ve all said they have no symptom. There also comes at an unknown blamed games. As you know, they just noted their island God, I'm so dead. It is also one of those we look. If you like of Kevin S, got no symptoms, I can handle it is. I can't he's also
you know in incredible shape and an unbelievable Rossman. So will we then bench bore them? That's true. We can bench more than by the way Rachel idea. Yeah, you feel you guys were fair. If you think about it, I don't know I don't want to get old, takes expose on declaring how I now our dilemma say now, I'm gonna say yeah, I think I'd be actually average really sick, I mentally weak. When it comes to sports stopping around. I can't imagine me like putting on a brave face for corona I'm just glad the dogs can't get it because, while on the other flip side of it, if dogs could get it, I think people would be taking way more precautions to not get themselves. Become carriages. We don't want to get the workers it's true. Is there a sad diamond? But I think it's actually true how I completer. Yes, absolutely people are dumb. That by I wanted just push back idea. I was not celebrating when the bulls shuffled. You know that shares on the deck of the Titanic by Saint Gar form
gonna be a scout now, so that's it! the classic bulls for an office move to just basically be like you do that job now, but you still get texts, stick around and get paid, and can you know even though your company, so I dont, think you even have that now No, you pray, dont right, you're, right, you're, absolutely right that, wouldn't you rather go back your day where he would be a scout, though you you have zero Jim Boil and will one hundred percent, because in the bulls next year as well, because it's like you can't fire coach during a pandemic, so yeah you're right, you're right! It's it's! Oh shit! You are here the question. By the way, I want to say that no availed him good fire, a coach during a pandemic. We doesnt prejudices that you're probably regret you now true of the kind of Europe that would do. It was eight. I mean the Knicks already I they would definitely fire coach and open democratic. They can handcuff themselves are now so I would say, buddy say anything about the start of the w and be a season. Have you anything better
I haven't. I know that they have told the G league yeah I've seen the reporting that they told the delay that they're just shutting down. So I have to assume part of this is waiting to see when they could feasibly started There were the first, it was no organ and get take a thirty day break right. I was the first thing that came out. Then it was but what the CDC said, no group, the fifty or more for two months, though, would it be a sixty daybreak, then the latest thing, is that you had other former surgeon general addressing the MP owners, the board of governors beating sang and doesn't really feel like you guys again until again the reporting, while I was in that meeting, but the reporting was July or enjoy so just keeps moving. And until they know where that goalposts that it's hard to say what am I gonna get wiped off the board. It seemed to me that we are not going to be sending mba players to the Olympics right. I don't want the eleventh or even happening in August, but I can. I was both to go to the Olympics, as was you know, half of half of the NBA all stars and right now,
oh, I just don't see a way that the NBA is setting our weak players did limping even if it happens and lead to lose weight. So I only August did I think those guys will be in the play out. So I don't know. Maybe emu as they sell some about the guys you don't make it. Maybe the NBA clouds are able far away or now that it's just the guys were near the final who would miss out on the Olympics, but right now those calendars keep shifting and among other things, on the board it the NBA is taking over some of them. The readers I dont know if the nebula, the eight is going on the summer or not, it's gonna, be wait and see frank. I just a hunch, but I would imagine that, even if the Olympics to happen- which I I highly doubt that they're gonna be able to be put on in a safe way, I think that most NBA pillars will decline to go overseas to play in the olympic charter. Does it can be like the old maximov load bandage before tat? I can see that pressure and it
being like gas, are not playing a foresees, an ongoing strategy olympics and then, of course, we want the next season. Is there a start up? So it is interesting, though, that this break happens. If we do resume, the clouds or a few rigorous, even gave to get us back and shape, and then the plan players who were injured, who we assumed just are factors are possibly gonna, be factors laugh now having to read the report. Iran has been that he still would want to wait until the beginning season, part of that kind of comes into where the nets are carry doesn't look like he would be ready even by the summer, so this calendar rant really were rushed back for a keen that the seventh feed You know milk Irene adds to try to sort of play his first game that apply our scenario. Probably not that would be my guest, but you other guys I mean you Ellen beat and women who were in the middle of injuries. Gotta have Google, who was in the middle of an injury when they call these games. You ve got guys who had injuries. I dont know acclaimed nonsuited, gonna wanna do but play you who walks away so you don't. He had
without coming back, receive in what it was when it was a thief, and I think the golden they warriors Eater were eliminated the day before we shut down. Ba or they are just like one game away low. He probably won't be able to come back, even if you want to, but there's a bunch of guys who you no kind of we're in the middle. An injury was given two months of arrest three months, rather than curiosity what they do clay and staff get reunited in the Yonah, seventeen and o run, and the greatest lose every single day and that they have left, and I think that the goals they words only Lonnie pelicans could make the eight cedar let the public there. I think I think, of the quantum average lose all their games and then Pelican are there just the game away there like the back, would work out for them, but you know I What are they gonna do about the pelicans grizzlies right? Those are the three or four themes that were competing for that east, but maybe they'll get a few games to try to take a crack at the grizzlies. Maybe the grid Let's just get lacked the eight. They said ever out. Sorry we're just starting with these sixteen and
that I just realized designs signs, be so fat coming out of quarantine like of us are gonna gain weight is really can't. Go the gym, Eminem sure he has access to Jim what man quarantine you just. When yourself isolating and in social distancing, like you have to eat, sometimes a human body reaction. Weird ways like who knows how your buys can react, suggest you being by yourself all the time. True, maybe it'll, maybe your body will understand. What's going on, comes, go and re like self hibernation, yeah just you live off excess fat, damn it. I need to get another fact that that yeah we all we well know. I have one last question for you so here in New York, say there are some pictures. I came out of time square being pretty much abandoned. There was nobody. There is ear you spooky there were no, care, because it still it was. It was raining for a few days after the first few days that they were telling or an equivalent, as I saw the four or five and the four or five looked like it was in
I have never seen before how like that. How creepy is that for you, because I went it was raining for a few days after the first few days they were telling people to settle differences of quarantine. It was raining, so you had a lot of people who were in a second side. However, an author on the country's then and then the what turned nice, a bearing at an open blue sky, and so you have allowed island near to beat you have the beaches been kind of pack, not the way the Florida beaches are with people like sunbathing and cavorting on, but more of the sort of people taking walks in political and social distancing? I haven't seen people or that about the great feat from each other, but people writing bikes people jogging
but I think in war and places you at least have the advantage here in that way out of people being out about seeing other people, but everyone. China has the space to keep themselves and their just doing outdoor activities, whether retouching anything are getting to be around anything. I was in New York last week and you do start to think about it. When someone says wash your hands, be careful with your touching, I'm sure you does it have done it. You open up a cab. You have to talk to. You have your view of the handle of the cab and you have to call a cab from the inside of the cab. You get a pay the machine to have to pay for the cap, just as simple act. How many other fingerprints handprints in pushing a button in the elevator in your apartment, building with a thousand other people, so it is some
in a Europe that I think there is no way to really quarantine. Unless you just don't leave your house when you know that's the thing until the socalled equivalent was just it was raining, sir, we're social distancing, anyways yeah, there's quarantines is with sudden DOM Rachel. I have one last question seeking question: promo code take put in seek, go to seek, put em promo code, take your ten dollars off your ticket perch, to south korean basketball, chinese basketball and they come back? Ah if they, season does get indefinitely suspended. Do you think fair to count this again it's the bronze record of just another season where he didn't deliver anything for the Lakers I dont get. More than ever, one of those whom they are nearly everyone. What would you say he could have deliberately didn't get wet are not. This is a finals loss three and seven now
internet providers are given the final say. You got the brown we haven't. We are where we are as yes we're Rachel. Thank you. So much next time will, you know was smashed the region. It goes, but it'll be a giant picture of a nickel that appears up in the sky. It out I'm just a word says there is no way of behalf of all the prisoners. Were your public service of dough put needs to give out together the off people you're, bringing in a day in a week, appreciate it. I want you to know that don't you Rachel Stasis, TAT Interview, Rachel Nicholas was brought to you by movement watches. We love moving, watches it's all time. Favorite underduk success story in vehemence, was founded on the belief that style should not break the bank and its sole. Almost two million watches worldwide. They ve done it by quality designs at fair prices I love my movie, watches their great gifts to get. If I gave I think, for five years,
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special guest mark from Marken Massacre joins US show explained. How love is blind worked? How are you four massacre allotted of cool guy, very cool guy, but a fun like p, peace behind the curtain so before we do that harder, injured, harder to just two hundred for our entire city of Boston, Massachusetts First sale say that yeah Chris sale. So I actually. When I saw this news, I was like oh yeah baseball. They got had. That Mamma is like. Oh I, for because every ever stories about MBA players getting tested positive march madness not being here the fact that and I felt free agency is still going on, and then I saw baseball news as like. Oh yeah, I forgot baseball, that's weird, so Hank. I feel, and I feel
It's a good thing, because the MLB season probably never going to happen so he's going to be able to base we get a free year, he's going to get all the rest of recovery needs and by the time baseball comes back, he'll, be ready to go with the John surgery is always so weird to me because it feels like they announced for new. Starting pictures are having Tommy John Surgery every March or April, and it's one of the sort takes a full year or more to recover from, but I d recall ever hearing about a pitcher getting Tommy John Surgery. In let's say where are November yeah usually find out year the year that usually doesn't happen, it's weird sport! I don't understand what peace, but you see that report are based also their good two hundred sixty two games, even though they might not start till I June, which is the most baseball thing ever where they're gonna he's trying to force it in there, just double hatted it's a very is possible. It is put not to baseball two hundred like ok, we'll just
Wait till January its bear bring back amphetamine, coffee and then that that'll help with a double hunters. If you make an go through December, I mean snow. Baseball games would be credible to watch yes, yes, absolutely! I'm! The one one thing that will be hopefully a positive we're talking about this with the width of the fifth bombs on Wednesday. The innovation might come out of like sports, a hundred game baseball season. Mba sees inserting December twenty fifth, which is actually what it should start. It goes the things that they might say. Hey displacement was what the fuck was that your guy Not now lie that wasn't nothing. Is that nothing who are you now want to eat. What is harder to get you out of it does not have an urban quarantine. What was that? Nothing? I'm good!
Hold your breath sounded in seconds right now and for oh, my god, oh my God is as always mistakes. We invite up. It's already. Ok, one, two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight, nine ten o then. Twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen days good his case. Always bad guy who's rats comforter get goodbye. I thought I heard my throat I am also very excited to see how baseball is going to respond to this crisis because, like, if there's a bigger drunk science league in the world than based bottlers, I have yet to see it. I want to see our Trevor Bower like what sort of sea be decreasing, he's gonna be wearing all over the inside of his no Hank. What was that.
Craig do without irony. I think they're gonna be swallowing. Fightin capsules, like Jill Tabs, filled liquefied copper. I'm sorry to see how they respond. To put your right, there might be some innovations that come out of this, like the excess did for the NFL. This is just the summers. This version of the ex I felt making their product even better I know so we take quick. This was from Michael Urban, who is very upset when you got Hank I'd, say well aware this is like new sanguine alert. The segments called things I was gonna tell you guys, but let's just say on the show, a nightmare I like that we should get a m l, B or NBA scheduler on, because I am very curious to see how, this day, to day news like how they have to process all this news and organise a schedule because they probably have like five hundred versions had ass, yet I have actually been more curious that, because, like
I would assume the M l B and I think about schedules way too much actually would love to have amongst. I want to steal a job, but I was thinking about em I'll, be if they stop, are in late June. First do what they do? They just cancel all like in early games, so that you have the same amount of games in their division. I don't know what they would do. I would I agree. Hang you're holding in a cough I just do not gonna go. I'm gonna get youngest off, I'm good! Ok, it's gonna! Take quick Michael Urban, things that you shouldn't do corona adds anymore. Well, here's his exact words. He said since I'm not a beer drink, or maybe it's just me, but I believe Corona beer should not be running their commercial. At this time. Story I don't want to hear how Corona gets its line. Well,
cool virus is getting lives, thank you, Michael Urban, the guy that played for to Miami Hurricanes. Yes, he also, I think, my gormans three, not because his underlying health issue is the fact that he did way too much. Cocaine in the nineties, like he probably is very nervous. His respiratory system can't be doing that while we are then, let's just Ben Cook adds to well because s its and seventy four. Backs or done, Wendy's after every single tornado? Yes, yes, I, let's get your of his blind recap. The worst shall ever We have more coming up for what do you say I don't think it's the worst for ever. I see I kind of like it. It's a worse best show ever is what I describe it, as is the show that I'd love to hate so so much like I enjoyed watching it just being mad at everyone, and we have marked coming up from Marken mask. He made me like him a little bit more because he was a normal person.
But let's just recap: six through ten Cause six to ten they go back. They go back home to it, Lana they all live in Atlanta. It was weird seeing them like. So where do you want to start like whose relation of joint start with What's it look just start work in Mexico because I think that that was the craziest one of all and mark. Would God bless him? He tried so hard to make just two like em and she tried hard to make herself like I'm only after she made one last attempt at Barnett and sat down with a moose like hedges. Wanna, see like where rack as we had a connection is well yeah. We don't have a connection when she was like. I know that's why I actually wanted to meet with you wish to tell you that I also don't like you anymore cheek. She was like she heard me like had just one of undertook it out for you as a friend. I want to make sure that this isn't lost and it's really love like you know, and I have nothing to do with me.
Fingering myself to you every single night thinking about you well Mark, is in the bathroom. It's totally just about me like making sure, as friends were long time, friends, we spent at least four days talking in into a wall that the other persons on the other side of we go way back. I just want to make sure you not making a mistake and then Barnett's like now. I love her like we have sex or what I ok, a cool like Peter yeah may mark and brave we're doing fine. I just want to make sure that you also felt that accepts them. You know what that's like. Prince. That was saying that he only fluted Jeffrey Epstein, silent to tell Jeffrey Obscene that they were going to be friends anymore. Yes, massacre did by meeting with Barnett that last time and shipment she is. She is a mess at the group. Be that they had. She was just gettin hammered and talking to into Barnett the entire time and meanwhile Amber was just like staring at her like I'm gonna, kick the shit out of them
and she would have any know what, if Jessica had known at TAT moment the Amber had financial problems, she would have All that would have been her ace in the whole. Oh yeah, oh yes like very suddenly, been like so yeah don't know what I'm gonna do is having gone for three weeks. Nobody is driven by bins around, and I heard that sometimes it's bad for cars just leaving you driveway, for while the that party ever would kick those, shit out, adjust. That is the biggest mismatch, and I'm not even talking about like high build anything. Like that unjust tongue, but strictly personality Amber. I have no problem point every ass hair out a just cause headed like scalp, if she needed so that that was three and then, of course, Jessica becomes massacre on that night
and then slyly tells as she's coddling. Her dog while Mark is like hey. What's wrong, she's like nothing's wrong like I'll tell you anything! I don't like. I don't tell you them way more attractive to Barnett. Then you didn't. Not mark. Men we like Mark is covered up man that was tough to watch and you're right d, the Barnett Amanda like when Barnett found out. Did she had all those issues which he had like a credit card bound for make up credit Barnett they keep. This acts must be awesome because he was just like ok like yeah. I would still do this. Ok, my cool I'd start like Barnett more, but I hated his brother, his brother, a big Stick in the mud. His brother boots, for I don't know,
I just got a big hair, plug vibe out of him. I don't know his face for some reason, but he was like look in that Burnett. Who is lot cooler than them a lot better? then I'm alive nicer than a man who is a hey man, you should do this, it was thrown off is not what are fairly raise. You do the Abbe, Amanda Barnett family relationship that will be a knock down, drag our fight at Christmas in the future. There will be our adversary amber. There will be shit throne at a Christmas and Christmas. We ruin for a very long time, because those is never gonna like work out like. I think I am a my work out Amber what family is not going to work at Amber's mom is going to show up to a debutante ball being hosted by the barn at family and she's, going to be wearing like a tweety bird or Taz, the Tasmanian Devil, dress and they're going to be like
get me a divorce immediately. This young, I like I, I thought that bar or net ended up with good head on his shoulders. At the end of the the deal you wanna talk about GNP or Giovanni whatever name is in Damien yeah Damien Dude Power power move to leave her at the altar pot? did you watch to recap I did yeah. Ok good so I actually was happy to hear that they head. They were still together because as where's. The sounds I actually think that the most do the most like regular couple like they would fight, and then they would sit there and talk about it and actually talk about it, and yet would fight a lot, but they actually communicated very well to a shocking level. Whereas, like you know what
this is, what a relationship caught it looks like it's not like Lauren and Cameron who just smoking in a tree house. It's not like Amber and Barnett who are fucking their way over like credit card debt, it's it's Janine, Damien, Damien Powers being like Kay. I don't like that. You're on your phone and hey you're, an instagram thought, like maybe pay attention to me like real problem, real twenties. Twenty first century problems They would eventually get discussing things, but also Damien was just a mean guy, like he had shit stored up in the back of his head. It all the time just waiting like you would say anything about it, but the second should criticise them. You can over the top and like yeah. Well How come you're always texting. People end like I've, told you not to do that. You still unclear what I think, but the weighted Germany is what's your name. I neither Figo rename G g g g g g, the way the Jpg falls in love. Is she likes fighting? She loves me.
Oh yeah, you're, not in a relationship with less funding for five times a day can emulate you're, also making up for five times a day, but he pulled The ultimate moved that will make her love him for the rest of her life, which is start the ultimate fight. By leaving her at the altar on their wedding day. Yes, I see she secretly loves the fact that she's with a guy that did that, oh it spicy me, she said it in the first episode, which kind of did or self in when she's like I love to self sabotage. So basically, every move that she makes Damien can be like up that self sabotage like no. Actually I just like, don't want you to Dutch. Evidently, unlike the whole there's a hectares, those things will happen for the rest of their relationship, but I think there are actually gonna make it I also went on the record that I don't like demons hair. It looks like a poorly cut major league baseball outfield without one pass that goes his direction, every single, whether her canyon Kelly. So I hate both of them. Shit, I don't hate Kenny. I feel bad for Kennedy couple things why,
they just me all the time and Kelly said one can. He was like hey that. It was like I was on a case like hey. You know, like all this, sing is cool, but we start a and It was like yeah there just a problem like I can't orgasm and I like not to say that you can't make me, but you can't make me and so that was like this is not going work and there they got like their families like each other too much, and it was all too perfect. And then Kelly leaves Kenny at the altar and fire King canny dude gives a speech. To everyone that was the most particular moment when he was like hey everyone, thanks for coming out, like you, don't have to give a speech. Just leave just go away and age anyway. Amateur dawned on it do There was an option for them to just tell me,
the person that they're not going to go through them before they got to the altar. Before him, maybe barely walked down that I'll just be ok, it's not gonna happen. Now, I think that was I mean I'm happy for Kenny, because Kelly there's something with her like she. I mean she even said at the end she's like yeah, you know like he wasn't. He was the normal type, a guy gopher say: ok, You could have told him that a long time ago, your right, like Tom in Mexico,. I have also heard enough people referring to fucking as being physically. From the show for that that I can deal with never hearing again for the rest of my life, whether we can work out whether was Kelly's like
Now we ve got a great connection, but we haven't become physical, yet and then work when you visit. You know that's greatly. Finally, added the piece of physicality concern. At least I met a line back backers. Shutting the black from appalling guard or such like that everything were the total packages will in this relationship we just sometimes for not his physical as we'd like to be here. We kiss, but we're not plan had on had football and we really want to serve in the ball downhill and it should not happen, and yet I last before it gets a mark Cameron and Lauren who I love, I love them, but Cameron, I told you like first five episodes. He gave the vibe where he was a little too close all the time, his rap yes, his rap is rap. But I think, wrap it. There was something about him dead, head
green, the entire time I was in college archipelagos. I did not think tat. It was like it archipelagos and his rap was probably the was uncomfortable thing. I've ever seen on tv but I guess lords mom really liked it, and I did kind of like Laurens Dad was like hard on Cameroon, but then Cameron learn where's that dropped actually like a legitimate question I thought was was was a fair question: have you ever been in a room where you're, the only white guy we're just African Americans ever he's like tat? I actually dated and african American for five years and Amelia Lawrence thousand ok, I can't let you down is like arrogant. Let's do this, you should be like yeah, it was a corner back, my software, that actually, Jason, seaward son. I know it was, there are questions, and it was like use very uncomfortable with the way that he was asking questions, but at least
you knew where he stood with his dad at every single moment and her that and they are the like. I do not think parliament a brunette and Amanda, though, probably make it, but I also think like just judging by the recapture Barnett was wearing that weird fucking blazer. Unlike he's I think a man is gonna, be like that. Kids in a man, is gonna, be like no keep buying a portion like this, like her spending habits are going to see that ship I do think Lauren and cabinet or make it you think. So, yes, I make it I hope so, but although learn was very much scared when they, when they were looking at houses together, and she was do you think maybe I could still have
my apartment, even though you ve got and here's the thing if you're a whose Lawrence Cameron is Cameron, learn. Yet if your Cameron, you gotta, get her pregnant as soon as possible, which is his goal, that was his gold throughout this entire thing is just to get omen pregnant and to have babies, even though he is like young single, so They need to start having kids. They sat because I think that if Loring it's too much time to think about whether she's gonna be happy for the rest for life, she's gonna end up like one foot outdoor. Yes, yes, absolute! That's already! Cap again, I have to say that this should have been March madness, and we're talking about love is blind. Whatever one more thing Cameron's friends, they show like everybody meeting in talk with reference, I loved Our cameras to bodies were taken out of central casting is like the stereotype of old nerds that you dont central on huge storks. There were nice and there are others, sweet friends. I guess what they were
I was laughing my ass off every time they showed him. Yes, hey Kenny last words before we have mark on the wrath I watched, some rap Inachus reminded me of the succession scene seem the only weapon about his dad. As the only thing that can my guy second credulous video, but that was a real video so crazy. I e that I'd like to hear some eggs takes about massacre about maybe about g in my takes today. The same I like skim through every every time I really trying to pay taxes, shall I got physically ill, so I don't want to. I then I couldn't. I don't want to give the cosmic across the hall on tee by falling driving off now and sore throat onions. Can it keeps up of quarantine chose? Ok, body x, you caught Koran through love is blind. Probably Most of what has it. Stay away from walls at all times words.
Yeah, one of us probably does have it right. Let's go to mark by Way little teaser for Monday. We have. I think we should run MR port noise and then maybe the mystery guest old school just go o s Three guessed you know or tar ain't. No, I'm talking about confirm today. I want you know who I know. I know exactly: here's what we're gonna Hank Break tat glass, pull that level right now head you. Would you not our time up know who this way? Let me be o s, o S, O S, p m t, always Deborah knife go get ready for it. Here's Mark here's. The rest of love is blind, really funny interview and also fastened to find out like actually how long these people were interacting and falling in love and not having sex. If your cannon Kenyan Kelly's case Levinus don't forget to put love. Yes,
Okay, we now welcome on a very special guessed. It is mark from love. Is blind from market ass occur due a wedding from love. Blind again on Netflix Mark. Thank you for joining us. We have a million questions. I guess the first would be how Are you after watching it in seeing everyone? Maybe like trash you, including us now, then you know I feel like one of them is one of those things. Are you just gotta go through and no matter what luck. We have brand that like pocket, we all day every day, so I've got used to it. Have no concept can, but I'm gonna may live good. You know, I'm not I'm not mad about anything. You know everything here. In your Ya'Ll recover, without wanting to five by oligarchy, laugh in the hold back? Ok, nobody ever to have them. You know, there's only so much that they can show on network that, like you, know, perpetrated
where they walked right, so they obviously need selectively added some things for sir, but was or any part of it that you want back. You you like cringing adder, are something that you saw going on. From the lines of like a normal viewer that you like. Oh that's, why that was happening at the time are like any reservations you had watching it back so funny thing. I don't really know me. Your email, Barnett were actually cool. Like the whole time, though, we were actually roommate, but we are on the show and like we were when I was watching the backed all that topic, the barn us. That was actually news to me. I always out now, though, all that like when you know people I, why didn't you see this that, unlike wall, I didn't really know you don't really know when you don't know. What's going on, you can't really like fix the problem right. You know in so that's one of those things were but a mean we were still boys of the day and that I think that one of the when watching a back one things, a kind of me
maybe like down like I was. I do know that you're not an eagle, be worth ailing. Oh, you weren't looking a red flag than others like that, but you know that was one of the things I picked up on like watching over there buddy we then get us MC preview. We had a watch it all with the whole world. Oh wow, that's got to be an exotic inducing we're like what's gonna happen. If a year was it yeah is year and a half cheeses wow, that's crazy criminal, like our we should all support was like each other and yet nobody honestly, if I even had like remotely chance without anybody. What I went there like. Oh yeah, by the way about it, proposes somebody in ten days and in other I went through this whole wedding day. I did what the hell kind of show that, yes, absolutely user, is a fascinating, showed a watch. I was saying it on Monday. I I hate it put. I couldn't stop watching it. What my private my number one question I had watching. It, though, was how much time does who actually spend talking to
Jessica or other people talking to the people they got engage with. How many days was it and how many hours funny things, though fifteen guys gossiping girl? hope you know, I'm any of your performance of the like. The first day was speed dating, so we had like seven minutes today, all fifteen girls like each one in visually and then you rank them at the end of that first day between one to fifteen. After that day, you you ve, got more time. The next day, though, and we also had like night dating to both the net do you have like thirty minutes. Will then, after that, if you made it past the third day, he started to have like an hour and a half like an hour and a half with someone, and they have like specific days and one day you talk about married one day. You talk about finances one day you talk about, you know like sex and stuff like that they'll like what do you expect in a marriage and stuff romantically, and so
Think, like an hour and a half of different conversations like for that day in the morning time and then another hour and a half or so at night, you're like an s all you're talking to that person, he got to think within ten days to spend that many what kind of ours like communicating what you want and our relationship with color it because it one day in their felt like a month, yeah, no one just sitting there just like waiting for them you're talking I'm getting to know them. You're you're asking these questions, so they gave us question to ask now they said you can use them You ve, no happy with these are based on my psychologist and relationship exports that, if you use, if then like you're, probably gonna get an emotional connection out of it, and I think all of us use these questions with his wife happens, both that I did notice that, especially when everybody went back and met their families and introduce their significant others dear Mamma, dad and everything they kept, referring to it as an experiment.
So it was like. I wasn't reality show when you were telling your parents about ways that something that you that you can. I went back to your mommy like it be waived or if I just acted like this, with some sort of psychology thing rather than say it's a reality shows what funny thing I might not parent avoid been superseded. Colleague, I did that's what you want to do. I go for it. You know, but though one high, I told my motto gone on the show you how I wait, what like you're about to get who married with who, and so you see the little got the glove birth at any rational parent without it being like ours. Like hey, like about a proposal I might propose with them. But you know what you what happened, but they never. She never was like. You, don't have any negative things toward the south. My family, like I told her about it like the period for experiment whatever, and she was hell. I well I mean it. What you want to do like go for it? You know. Well, I've never really had occurred
as the brighter than experiment for her. Like the ah my family, I thought my big brought like it was all real Ryan. We went down, though I now I don't want this to sound mean at all, but I have some basic question. Some pay. Wasn't that a red flag Number one. It seemed like Jessica, was doing a lot of drinking whenever she was found. You like I need to get drawing to hang out with that ever a red flag. You know, I think, with the whole experience I put, you know why you like, we were all kind of drinking a good bit, but when you're in it Yeah, you know really noticed thing like I've met because, like we were now, we drank like a bottle of wine together, but I never we never like. I never counted how
he drank ride like you, looking back at, unlike what there might not seem Anglia appeal it you're not alone are not at all like a man, I'll output back about low. I myself man, if I net another one, okay, so the other one, the it seemed at one point: It is just a car had found someone who is just like pumped in tour at the grocery store and was like oh you're, dating a twenty four year old she'd like yeah. That's actually that idea she was looking for an answer from every single person she could find that scene when she talks to her friends and, like others, a catch he's. Twenty four and there are like all. That's awesome is wait. What you mean. I should do this you ever where'd you get that bring up aid we ever like hey. This seems like a sticking point yeah. I deeply felt like I mean talk about up about my up. I thought that was one of the main things that I had to combat like the one which I did down a really feel like that. Wasn't even the main issue you know I mean I would like to see my.
Aid. For me, when I propose to her, though I we talked about it and she said it on like that is that, like oh yeah, like you know, you're on thirty four, twenty four another yeah but like I get it like, it is what it is. I must bigger the sound. She said yes and you know, then we met in the refrigerator by you know like I was one of those things I think you deeper than that? I think we were just in two different stages in life where, like I'm, twenty, four and she's thirty four she's got a whole bunch of stuff figured out and I'm still like figuring it out, I'd, like you got there like typical twenty four year old. Did you not any like trying to figure it out and royal I'd, be worded in two different spot in life and life? Maybe like the pod, we can make it work, but I realized I was ones that hit the hit our dude you're, like getting filmed as a twenty four year olds. I think we all can relate to like how brutal thou be to watch, because I'm watching you
and I remember being twenty four in thinking. I everything figured out and really I was a fucking idiot and a half brain and like that's, what's like, we all went through. That phase were like. We got this figure it out and nowhere near having it figured out so having to watch out back God bless you did, a man like you said it before hopeless romantic whatever, but I've got a hard for that girl like in the pot right and as like you said, one in four years old I was, I was so I'd never been that vulnerable that bath with someone, because of maybe experience whatever happened, but like I got, I felt really hot. And so when people like you, didn't see the red flag, different Bible, unlike you, don't really see that when you're in it and make it work in a way of life, do you like? I want go back to how we were on the pod there, how we were here like you're, trying to find a positive when I look at it now I looked back and like I wouldn't do that now, but I'm
I went through it because I feel like at twenty thick up from twenty six. Now I look back got it on my bid, I would never do you mean you need to go through those things to be able to realise that yeah yeah. I have to imagine a watching it. All back was kind of like it was instructed. In former, have yet to see yourself how how like other people might have been observing absorbing the relationship will like when you look back on it now it was an easier to get over her, for having seen that, like kind of the way that Everybody else saw the relationship like watching her act way that she did on the show. Did it make it easier on? You, too, can be moving on with your life. At that point, I think you know, closures thing is sometimes we don't a lot about it'll get closer from. The people I didn't tell us like hey. This is why it ended as though I had a lot of that the year and a half that I didn't like. We didn't talk until the reunion, though it was a year and
paint a unit happens and change that I didn't fear in person or even communicate with her, though, when I saw her without- would like really like my closure to took Gonna, be like hey, like we're good, like really have like. I know it's like a whole. Craziness. That is that everybody thought like. I really have a zero hate towards our cuz. I'm just like I've grown up a lot. There. I know what I want relationship and the fact that it sounds like a typical like like instructed answer, but like seriously. Unlike, I appreciate all that meant that we went through because now I know like what I want movie, are you not? I mean like it picks up the I'm really hard headed those big like those kind of experiences. The delight of shit, like I gotta figure, my shit out, like
yeah, I'm gonna be like the after that, after without other union, unlike did no hard feelings of my we're cool like he moved to allay I'm in Atlanta and, unlike the does what it is, what I always I was throughout did I would love to get like that. You know when you see a viral video I'd pay money for the next ten seconds when they turn off the camera. I would have paid money to see the next forty eight hours after you, you know at the altar? What did that look like for you? Like? Are you sitting on your couch neo? Next? your Brown on brown sheets, which, by the way, those stud mood tat right there by the way, use when you have ground on brown the sheets in that, in the end the pillow cases like this, like you, I am still twenty four, like I remember. Having that exact same bedding, I'm a clear it up
how to clear the air right here. Man I got set up hard by my best friend man like I live with him. So at the time and the because I was gone for three weeks. He had like a family member stay over the house or someone that study change. The sheets- and I didn't have if I go into the house by our came straight from the how like the bill as the one I walk up there and if not my sheep, like you, do like in the corner and my blanket on my computer and unlike all no, like my heart, goes, my stomach. I'm I got this is gonna, be so bad and when I thought again, the big thing that you out, you're a great anything like, I regret not going up there before anybody else to get out of my yes, I thought so back to her saying so. Twenty four hours a day later, forty hours later, are you sitting on your couch like drinking bring in a broad light, unlike damn that socked, I'm lucky I mean at a good, that. I go after that, like I hung out with my family. That night, like we honestly words like,
background. I ll begin over. If I were to suit the shit like having a good time. I get my parents out like the thing and I would like not really have a good time, but they could they try to cheer me up could like if its thought is standing up there in front of my friends and family and in some of those you know you like more shit like that can sucks, and so get that you get home and, like everyone just run a hang out with the apartment, ears open and if I ll be there for you are really like me not by if you can imagine like a latin party like everybody hanging out and trying to cheer me up, that's kind of like what went down. What was your mom's reaction to it. Was your mom like secretly likes? Thank God, you you dodged a major border Iraq. You told me that now you never told me I want to happen, but you know you ve, I don't have you start when, you know when the wedding, what you like walking down the higher among dislike rolled her eyes or whenever limp my mama get through gang children, develop it further back. But if you don't like you like you can get. Your gangster, though, is after the fact is like
I don't know me who I don't have that was that was the one I looked. I loved your dad to your dad just being the silent like a hundred sit here. Judging like you could tell he do until he's like this is stupid, you're, twenty four, why not go up fun? Do it like through, and I really like witches, might be a good thing or bad. I don't know like what even when they found me like. I didn't. I never liked that extent of reality. Television that I watch was like Jersey Shore. Back in the day when they first came out like I never watch, the tv- and I never thought I beyond reality, tv fell like up late, sport, Bolivar Lodge and reality tv. Not me love more, my sister, like one of the three that route but like for me like when they reached out the means, am I the em like I would like,
yeah. Well, they were not write, a thing. Why not be the whole experience the now like we're here and it's like down like, maybe something they shouldn't say why not involving the yeah yeah? You seem to be like handling it all very well, which is its very cool to see, because I think a lot of people would be embarrassed or like the fact that really sorry you seem to have a really good outlook on it. I have one last question, though, and want to give you the chance here to dispel some rumours massacre. Ok, Jessica, ok, the slob kebab ah said the youth You weren't as big like physically, not not suck my dick size October physically like bit as she usually goes for now, your personal trainer. Would you,
the US what you squat and bent so that we can come to squash that right now, Billygoat marks Mark Fuckin puts up wheat dude, I'm aimed mother about to ninety five, that's good about, but with three fifty five hundred ways. I've never have never wait more than one hundred eighty. I we want eighty one right now under way. More than that, that's pretty good acting the day. Those are good, no mass, far happier now by cod caught Bob. Like my thing with I'm. No, I wouldn't, like you, know, superstar. Now, though, I want a couple concussion put me down here and there with I like, like one who play cod by beat three, but that's where I was like the weight harder than opted out of, cannot will lead me to be a personal train or could be you gonna like get stuck in, that Donna by training, and my I needed, like though my time, but also make money off with the I became a personal trainer. Did I love it, but yeah bent breath man out the most avatar with deny prior now, by hit to fifty five sixty five but yeah, I can put them wait.
They're like you should have been used to be labelled on the show as college for popular as a We do not like fitness professional, because any Saunders, the cows puppeteer others like ok, that guy's that guy's pretty cool. Like that's an alpha yeah I mean I felt like I I can't be that were like what you like walking a couple. Other shows what ever now been, then why I pulled her like applicant, the ball and like I'd body being I Iraqi went to. Did the air like DR before it like funk like like, went down really I'd, want to try pride that out, but I was training for it, though I would like in the book shape, come alive by going for a body. Do you now, obviously, like other, I hope not in the cards any more I mean so as to get their call. I wouldn't through similar experience like six months ago, the exit, if you try to save anything out of their poor Barnett, could you too
What are the fight right though I want my birth boxing match, but my amateur fight in April. I one like believe I'd buy Alec ways you Bobby you haven't idea. Rough arousing want to fight Barnett and rough around rowdy did worth it have will pay its action? Yeah? Aren't you a boy. I believe it down, I'm not only by my I'm gets or prejudice dumbing down down. You'd you'd, fuck, you not to speak. I turn here, but you would wipe the floor with Damien Powers with Kenny Cameroon, actually came up that. Weird, like he saw
Scientists he's a nerd putty learned how to lift and you gotta watch out for those guys. Those guys are always that he's got some re. They can never played a ball sport, but he could lift so much and you're like I don't know about him. It's like that. Pent up ray assholes and back and like you, you get hit one time you look like in the chapel. I oh shit. Yes, I m that that it had not camera camera. They won my best friend, thou, then, and, like I guess the I think I can see that thy word like you know you, the really cool com do like back. If they like we're. Like one point, I o r, I, like he's. One of those I watch out for I think, is like the opposite with Barnett, I feel like Barnett. You know he who, like stand up to you, but the second he gets in the face. He like causes dad and ask him to sue somebody ivy it out or the euro is a boy, but did I'd be down aviano idle? My biting I like I like box and now men, don't you get punished in the faith when you're sparring your coat, you just like up shit about that, but I oh yeah I will. I will keep in touch. I think that there might be something in the future we use this. Clip too can go up or net zero ESA yeah pressure and prescribe down knob. While while on that by then, let me know,
whatever you would have to have robust Barbara? Yes, I get out of here. If you wanted to everyone about, bear their. Let me know, yes, you were aware my beard you're the right so who'd you want them to get his quarter by absolutely. Let's talk about that required, though, like it I thought. Maybe thirty read more would have been a good bit. Maybe, but I do know TAT Newton. If he's healthy might be. I am not now not now agenda. That's tentative assigned to be healthy bun. I beg you be like an upgrade of like a like up richer, like metal tribute If you are then yeah like we're like up you'll like it more dynamic, are you? Are you totally done with rich man? Gordo enough, like yeah, I'm not gonna, get the guy, I'm sorry the great dude and everything averages it did not it. You know, I think, you know the difference that we have been like Galileo game. Like all those boys rope
fun and we define Robert when, like yeah well differently, our defense literally like winning games for us, and it will happen the leadership now that we need not be like camel kind of you. But maybe a little bit of swagger back on the atlas, not bid on anything, as I agree with you that the windows there and they got a bigger to act fast when comes a quarter back, I just I don't know, came the, his injury history makes me sooner radically yeah and that will make me thought I'd like who else is out there that everyone's pretty much time right right, we're gonna get in that case keen immorality, Dalton I'll take them. On any case canopies around the Red Rifle did read like yeah shit, the other again snatched up, not a lot of seats left. I will mark. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. You are your os who taught you man like seriously. I if I were in your shoes, I probably would delete all my social media. So it's cool that you have a good, like sense of the word,
Your picture here and we'd love to have it. You ve rough rowdy, I'll talk to you about that growth. If they re out me- and I don't think you have grabbed me- I'm a big bang like did you guys, are often hidden fiercely our cracking up and you got your like rip. Let you whether your written me apart it not only that, but what their fabric Adam. I wrote that without love love it I will thank you mark prescience. Men talk too soon, eyebrow ya, left when Thick Emma.
Joe Joe Joe, it's pardon my take presented by far stool sports.
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