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2018-12-18 | 🔗

MNF recap, Cam Newton is hurt, and we fix the fumble out of the end zone rule. Booger and Witten are back for another season (2:29 - 12:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne plus we finally admit we like Carrie Underwood's Game On song (12:17 - 26:23). ESPN's Rachel Nichols joins the show to catch up on NBA, Jimmy Butler, Lebron playing out west, where is Carmelo Anthony, and how big of a joke the Chicago Bulls are (26:23 - 54:59). Segments include SOPRANOS SPOILERS BE ALERT, Pinstripe Update for Bryce Harper, Stay Classy Rick Barnes, Connect The Dots Kyrie questions people questioning Steph and we question Science and Guys on Chicks. 

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on today's pardon my take we welcome back were occuring guest hall of famer rachel nichols we talk nba we haven't talked nba yet this season we get into the weeds with her about carmelo anthony and lebron james and jimmy butler and a lot of fun stories always a good time with rachel we also have some monday night football cleanup to do hot seat cool throne and guys on chicks before we get to all that i regret fully have to tell you it's that time of the week again go ahead pft yeah yeah would sound big cat knows what song is this too is a wet wednesday so everybody lay down a towel i'm going to talk you know about some shells and cheese from velveeta because you guys not being an sec fan is draining just drives you right up 'cause you get every single drop of liquid just
streaming on your body that game day ritual begins begins early and you get tailgates that start in the morning and then you stand in your make your voice is heard from the stands throughout every minute of the game the weather is either scorching and humid her cold and rainy it's damp it's wet it's moist i know you guys love that word so moist and watching at a bar or with friends can be just as intense and after a long day being an sec fan or you know if your back twelve fan your big twelve fan i know you're a big big ten fan fans want nothing more than their couch's indulge in nothing but the goods that will be the cheese is so so rigid screaming it's cheesy it's melty you know it's a multi you don't need to tell you that your good girl pasta shells pull the creamy cheese sauce delivering a cheesier bites craveable postgame snack it's so quick it's easy to prepare no additional ingredients necessary all you need is just boil some water's heat that right up and you cook the shells stir in the cheese
at the sound that it makes when he started in there so satisfied your postgame craving with cheesy melty creaminess of velveeta shells and she's good
i'm finished okay you finish let's go pardon my well one of my today is wednesday december nineteenth and we have in injured can do pft yeah very injured his
shoulder just looked like it was going to fall off so usually we make fun of the guys who wait till after their really shitty for awhile to be like well i'm really hurt but if you have two is it a brain cam newton is very very hurt not hurt enough that he can't get up and do the superman pose jaws linebackers when he's trying to run a two minute offense and instead of calling a timeout weighs fifteen seconds and then throws an interception in the first half not that hurt his first down signaling shoulders fine was passing shoulder is injured he is very injured different guy since he got hit by tj watson that thursday night football game and the new orleans saints like there all about ready to get the by set up right yeah i say so i think so there in the catbird seat right now for that by the rams look pretty bad the saints look pretty good here's the thing about the santee said here's a look ok here's the thing about the saints their defense is really good now their defense is awesome
yep yeah so yeah they're probably the most complete team in the nfc i would say but here's cam newton it's you're damned if you do damned if you don't because if he you star sitting out games whatever earlier in the season after he gets injured then he becomes the injury prone guy right but if he stays in too long and he's obviously injured then people are like why are you still out there even though you're probably hurting your team and i'm pretty sure everyone in the world had the panthers lookout for the panthers they could be a super wide tender i sure did when they were six and two have not won a game since now six and eight illuminated from the playoffs done chain the official done chain you're gone so that was a tough ending for them i wonder too this is we're now at the part of the season where it's like the guys should we sit him cam newton probably set am aaron rodgers probably should sit up who's cam new backup is it derek anderson still houses like joe well
derek anderson should be no joe webs of wide receivers with texans but it should be a core should be he should be on call yeah we should have a red phone next to ron rivera's bed that whenever he picks it up that's the web phone yes we who i like that we should get a few fun backups coming in week sixteen and seventeen little matt flynn games yes is taysom hill going to get to play an entire game the saints clinched homefield advantage they said that he every time he's in the game it's ninety percent plus run didn't see that one reason human wildcat got damn announcers love him so much i love him too yeah i love taysom hill taylor heinicke from richmond till
houston is not there tomorrow on houston before no no no i'll repair come in in old to me do call centers richmond that is richmond yes suburb of rich yes khalifa's goochland virginia goodson for yeah gets real swampy then released one this summer yeah that's why i got a package just cry stop so the the other story we had with two other stores for monday night football the first being the alleged worst rule in sport the fumble out of the end zone being a touchback now you like that rule i love that rule i don't i think you have a dump your if you don't like it i it's not that i don't like that rule i just wish it's a rule that could have we had to we could have so much more fun with like my idea of if you fall out of end zone it's not a touchback its first and goal from the thirty so we get that weird you know if they get sacked we can get like a fourth and goal from the
forty two were right thing you know one of those weird ones you only see in matching games on tuesday night right so you're looking at all wrong though you're looking at as the punishment doesn't fit the crime yeah that that's the wrong way to look at you should look at it as is the reward it fits the feet it fits the com wish me i've here the defense yeah and you for you making i fumble through the end zone at the one yard line that's an awesome play by yep you should get a big reward for that and i've they're actually so i i mean three easy points for you to understand everybody out there i know twitter really went on fire and everybody called it the worst rule in sports we also should do my my hoop idea there should be a hoop in the in the end zone for showing off no no for kick offs and also for you can if you're diving for the ends you can throw it in the hoop so you can take that risk and have it be an automatic touched okay yeah all of that but if you miss it then it's a touch back for the other top that's good nor or first down from thirty no no shuttle back for the other so yeah here's that was setting i was gonna say like more than ninety percent of the time
people the defenses in forcing a fumble out of the end zone it's usually they either fund themselves or they dropped the ball which is funny too early rarely is it the defense well the ones i was thinking about the most famous examples of this play tyshaun james well no that's i think that was just recovered most robert yes dropped it so last night's fumble was forced as a forced fumble the the been watson hit on champ bailey that was a forced fumble the two plays by the seahawks in the last couple of years one was calvin johnson and that's just generally anytime calvin johnson whether it's up in the air of if it was a touchdown or not there are always going to rule not know but hanks right it is most of the time it's a guy reaching for it which is very funny because when you close your eyes and you think of an nfl dot com commercial it's all always a guy reaching for the enzo so they basically glorify the play that everyone says the worst rule in sports yeah well here's the thing so everyone saying like why is it
a different penalty why the rules different once you reach the end zone if you fumble out out of bounds the offense get the ball back from the i think the point where they gave it up right so right yeah right now right now we're if they fumbled the ball forward out of bounds just normally yes in the open field yeah right yes it comes back to the point where they lost position the laura so they're saying like okay why do the rules not govern the ins on as well well for the offense if it real to you can reach the ball out and break the plane and as long as you break the plane doesn't matter if you fumble it after that it's still going to count as a touchdown so the defense this is like their response to that the end zone has different rules in general for both teams the second thing is this is the one rule in the in thai
nfl that favors the defense in the last thirty years every rule change has been switched to be like ok we need more points you can't touch a wide receiver after five yards you have to give the quarterback a hug and not bring him to the ground this is the one thing that defenses defenses have is the one thing that they get that is maybe a little bit tilted in favor to them and then the third point is it's just chaos and i love chaos well yeah it is chaos yes and so but it's a lot of reviews will whoop whoop would fix it the hoop fixes most of these things yes you just throw it in that hoop boo running ready to go a little bit that would that would fit taysom hill skillset perfectly yeah it is a running back that can pass the ball really well right in them and ronnie brown would still be in the league yeah and everyone knows that this is the hottest thing is putting the ball in a hoop from that england netball netball yeah i watched a little bit of bolton wilds if you haven't seen the netball highlight from the england who is who played south africa australia yeah probably strehl ya
uh it was chilly or that i do not understand whatsoever but i'm in a mall in it looks like it did how long i think it would take for lebron james to be the best netball player in the probably he is right now probably right now yeah he plays i don't think you can dunk netball oh interesting so i just made that up so you're saying there's i don't think i can either i mean it's a sport where you can't play defense so i doubt don't and then that doesn't have a backboard yeah and half in and five seventh seventh of the team isn't allowed to shoot which makes it like a match in playing high level sport where you just have to pass the ball in stay in n spruce specific zone and you're not allowed to shoot and you're not allowed to score that so classic like hey i don't feel like playing anymore john fox offense five people on the team or just everyone's little brother like you'll get shoot you get back control yeah that passed me i'm open i hate research or something right now
now okay hey it's just lookers on the web all right the other story we had out of money in a football the monday night football crew is going to be back see i've heard different there's was another report that came out said no that said that they're they're going to use the super bowl as a test case to bring booger inside the espn doesn't have a super bowl no they're doing the international broadcast of it yeah watch this interesting so no sergio de so on radio or no are they speaking english yeah i'm not exactly sure how it works i just know that i made that up nope not making it up or doing they're doing it espn's get into international broadcast of the super bowl and they the world has to listen to and jason witten yes since we can't win wars anymore in the eyes this is our way of just hang on just dominate and also that they're not bringing burger in because they think he'll work in their their bring program because there's no way that nbc or whoever has a fox no cbs would allow borger mobile to just be going around on the sidelines correct okay correct yes i mean
well that's one way we're going to test something new is like no you're not you're not allowed to have the program will be on the sideline but if it goes well do you really think they're bringing the booger mobile back i hope they do do do you like the booger mobile got all the bus that's part partially why jason wynn hates it should turn the booker mobile and to also a sybian at the same time so let him ride it all night yeah maybe actually give jason wait a little character little little blood in his face is very good at run after the catch a little here that will flush that cam newton is one of the strengths is his yards after the catch that's the truth truth i don't know how many balls he's caught but he said it after he just ran and then got up and celebrated while the clock so that way it is not mad probably the only guy you complete went to them so i'm not mad alright let's do hot seat cool throne then we have rachel nichols on the show hank why don't you start with our hot seat cool thrown my hot seat is fortnight oh something
i saw this but out russell horning and alfonso ribeiro you guys know the colors i i'm not surprised you that i know carlton i know i just the name i don't know but russell warning is the the backpack it because it does the floss core okay and carlton they're suing their joining up and suing fortnite for they're using their signature dances without permission so imagine i mean the back fat kid in carlton how do you you gotta be a real to sue the game that like the world lopes yeah also get jealous 'cause they're like oh everyone loves this game but i'm not getting money off it i'm ok with the backlog of not getting paid off in carlton stole the carlton like from someone else did he yeah really who somehow right on the internet
yeah like originator of the calls and as didn't write good will hunting but don't did create the carlton dance how to how does a backpack kids get it does he have a name yet harnick corning is a backpack kids name so how old is the back pack kid now he's gonna be like twenty three teenager corner this article okay all right i'm gonna ask a dumb question what whose backpack the floss you know the the yeah so where where did he first invented the internet i don't know the internet you can't you can't let go viral and then be like this is my thing that i invented who invented the dab migos yes yeah so are they can cam newton now i mean that's that good for them this yeah fortnights good for backpack yeah now how backpack it doesn't have like music in fact i kid maybe i wouldn't be noticed something the backpack he also yeah you can you get to sue people that here's a here's a little backpack kid matters is even though he invented the floss he still known as backpack it right
exactly this room so let it go let it go i hate this kid oh i'm looking at him right now what do you have to do in order to just get a dance like copyrighted oh this kid thinks he's too hot to trust that work i have no idea also how much does that suck that this kid has to wear a backpack all the time that's fucking he is he is made his own hell he can never take off his backpack like damn daniel has to wear white shoes all the time exactly we're damn daniel is i just heard he died actually he's a cali bro hanke cool thrown my cool phone is extremely close fantasy football finishes that you never believe oh do tell i mean we've got about thirty i don't know forty tweets of just people being like
guys you i know you guys don't talk about fantasy football but you have to see this and that's why i love fantasy football points that right because we can say a million times we don't give a fuck but even then if you lose by two because your kicker missed a kick you're still going to be like the world needs to know that fumble cost some people games yes it's the worst rule in sport yes it did i once lots of fantasy football championship because you don't give a fuck yards got taken away now we don't care we don't give honestly we don't don't give but i just you know just for those for this week now those are on the cool we don't care but i'm in the finals in my league oh yeah that's pretty cool isn't it well nice don't ask me who is interesting i got pat my homes remember we told her to draft at my hope we did it and it didn't thought i was in a bit nope wasn't that will be good what's your projected projected score in the finals is one hundred and twenty points what about your opinion it's not ppr so one hundred and twenty is ok my opponent is one hundred and twenty point
i've sold i'm probably live tweeting going out to be close vote yeah i'm gonna have to eat the entire when i am give anyone saturday night i got no but my opponent does so i'm gonna have to wait to bring weekend for me yep what about the anything days he lost his out in the for finals cool throne is pf tease her face for awhile he got my first hot seat is probability yup because eric read got his seventh random piss test after last night's game against the saints so eric reid has been tested by the way i think seven out of i don't know like nine or something weeks some turn out there out there ran the numbers for us so we don't have to do math on the show and they said it's zero point zero two percent probability i believe commissioner goodell like to show it on this one i will actually you first second and all these people who are saying it random doesn't mean random player it means random time
i'm pretty sure i know it's after a game are you sure i think it's after practice is to know after a game they are you sure they test positive think it's so on the team i thought they tested after practice is too random i'm not talking about basically the op clearly he's not random the odds are one out of five thousand that it happens but then i don't know anything about probability because every week probability resets right this is now getting too far thank you talk way too many pigs in a blanket today what are the probabilities at eric reid is getting randomly tested low do you guys ever feel old dumber when you eat more i feel dumber when i learn more i feel dumber when the more i eat the more we just did the low man trophy shut up and mason pft had ben mason call in it was awesome except his low manchu you can re watch it you can rewatch it but i ate so many pigs in a blanket that i feel dumber it's a sodium yeah it sucks water away from your brain yeah that's your brain flow
in fluid yeah so if you eat a lot that's why i'm a success acceptable to a concussion that's why college yes you are so be careful that's what college kids are dumb 'cause they just need a bunch of rahman till they learn better my cool throne is jack from ah that was mine too so this is pretty good story dammit jack he he mailed a clipping of his beard here two azalea banks so that she could it into an amulet to protect him from isas that reads like a map yes i don't understand what it means i understand everything i just know that isis is not going to attack jack from twitter anymore it's the cool throne is witchcraft if i believe in this stuff you're crazy because jack dorsey he's alive as you not at the time of this taping he is alive and he sent in his beard hair to get himself protection against isis seems like it worked shut up to the red witch
absolutely we got to go back to deficit hey i wondered aloud wedding when everybody got killed can i say something that might be a promise that's the one thing i know about game of thrones are you spoil it for hank can i see something that might bomb us out so a long time aide of you all's well no we have spoken to death on two separate occasions death is a woman living in an apartment in manhattan that is probably about a hundred and fifty degrees three if you got the tornado three if your healthcare nato searches death is dead oh that's a good now now because i don't look healthy last time david bowie died no but it was spoken to the actual that our portal to death might be dead oh that graph bathroom so how do we get in touch with right we have lost contact new number yes yeah you can't collect calls that i would do it yeah because you're the one who ends up accepting the charge all right two thousand nineteen let's get in touch with death all right news resolution new year's resolution will get back in touch with death alright ma
hot seat so i had my cool thrown with the same as yours witchcraft jack dorsey smart move by him my hot seat is people who hate carrie underwood's new song on sunday night football can be made game on now love that came on it's sunday game nbc the only place to be game on game on it sunday night so anyone who hated that song i don't know i'm not naming names is getting hate so our friend actually just goose tweeted about how she doesn't she wants the old song back and kerry decided to pick her randomly random drug test i have maybe been tweeting about that from weeks one through fourteen and then week fifteen you guys can both attest i just started singing it and i was like you know what i give up i like this song now well
turns out that i got off at the right i was basically like that guy who gave away is ticket to the titanic yeah because that take got sunk by carrie underwood saying i would she said oh she said hey i know my music isn't for everyone but i love i do what i love being a part of some in a football i am one lucky lady i also love women who build other women up just saying now just because a friend and she didn't mean anything bad she just likes the old the old song more which i i happen to agree with her from weeks one through fourteen but you got no one to get off take yeah you you have you spent the city stuck around for one to one week too many yeah it's it's like a perfect storm a that happened i don't believe this happened so s is sunday night football got obsessed with the collinsworth thing yep and then all the heat got taken like in that direction and then she was everyone was just talking about the slide in and she switched it up at the last second and was like i'm going to tweet about the song again it got past the carrie underwood who gave and all
time bless your heart yes this is the most passive aggressive i just want women i like women who build up other women yeah and shout out to jessica for fighting that fight on turn up because i basically i think she like we were like walking to battle together and then she turned around and i was gone like no i'm actually kerry and i are very close for us personal friends 'cause i have yeah the first forty pixels bashing it but now i'm on this so we've gone they're probably going to change song up next year you think so you know it came on yeah this is what they do it sunday night we are so america's gift so dumb you can condition us to like anything as long as you play football right after it you know it could be just like it could be a hamster the sound of a hamster farting and i would get into it by week fifteen because it's paul that comes after here a little tip for all the networks out there that think about changing up their signature song for for primetime game get us warmed up so
nbc what they should have done is during god the olympics the winter olympics or during even like the nba finals by some ad space play the game on song you like hey guys it's coming this is the new song get ready you're so you're dumb gerbil brains won't be able to deal with it unless we warn you and then once week one hits were like oh we know this song oh that wasn't a change because if there's one thing we don't like it's anyone changing anything on us ever here's what you do the nfl okay i know that i know that something i football isn't run by cbs but i'm sure there's a close relationship between the nfl nfl cbs cbs instead the tick tick tick tick tick at the start of sixty minutes in the off season play the news on that you're going have sunday night and then that way we'll all be here
with a because everybody hates the tick tick tick that's the sound of sunday scares it is take take take take and i would love any song besides that leading into this i actually don't remember what the old song was i remember it sunday night it's so sunday night oh alan chris are the best on tv game on game on is sunday night that's actually how you just listen live to how our brains work that's how we have always been at war with eastasia eurasia whatever it is oh man alright let's let's do our interview with rachel nichols before we do that a couple words from our great advertisers cash app listen you guys need to download the cash up there one of our best advertisers they been advertising with us for a very long time you already know what's the number one happened finance but we are also
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ok here she is rachel nichols moo ok we now welcome on one of our favorite recurrent guests it is host of the jump on espn rachel nichols thank you for joining us and i just it's been so long that we're just saying before him like it's you you live whole jimmy butler experience and background spoken to you before we jump into that real quick i want to get i want to get an update the last time we talked to you was back in the spring when bill walton stole one of your pictures off the wall has he returned that he has not and in because he is an irreplaceable of when was your replaceable or our show has no budget i can't decide which it is nothing has put in put on the wall i did make him i think i told you guys find the wall where he was can we get gotta leave something there and that has just been there i will say we were able to get a couple of those like potted point setas for the set is it point set up with cydia
i want people listening to know it's christmas because apparently that's how every television show tells it is christmas damn it we have points at us so we have no photo back in the spot that bill walton's at the photo but we have pointsettia so clearly work it put a frame around a signature but yeah let big cat ask about jimmy butler because we talked about it a lot when it happened but we didn't have young well the biggest question is i mean obviously it all it was all kind of a whirlwind and you went interview to me in minnesota and before you interviewed him he did his i'm the alpha you guys need me to win practice did you did you feel at any point like he was using your espn to like get his weird message out there it was just such a weird story yeah well so here that the whole crowd here has and so we can't look i'm not jimmy senses work a year we talk a lot we had talked through the summer and of course the story we stout that he wants to trade and the first
i do because i'm a big j journalist is check with him hey jimmy you wanna come on show and talk about this not yet not yet and we talk if you take more time sorting through the following week do you want to come out and publicly talk about this not yet not yet so the week before all that happened he was actually in los angeles and we had talked about him coming to the set at the jump and actually coming on the show on a thursday and we had started to sort of have that set up and then as that was like the night before his age kind of caught wind that they were talking about a trade to miami right and if you look back like that's where that whole talk heated up with he was going to get traded to miami and they're like we don't come on this said if this trade happens and we don't want to do anything to ruin it and it got to the point where over the weekend of that that weekend so there was it was so hot and heavy it was kind of big before did like oh all their doing their next changing medical that the deals almost done and then the deal falls apart so by sunday morning the deal of falling apart and jimmy goes flies back to minnesota
the an on monday i guess he meets with kids in minnesota and tips is basically like i'm not trading you you're going to have to come back to practice we're going to stop calling this like what do they call it the first couple weeks he missed training camp like the hand injury or something or recovering right so basically by monday afternoon or evening you know at this whole process right i have been checking in with me like hey are we going to come down and interview in miami like what are we going to do this 'cause he hasn't spoken publicly at all since the spring since the walls have been illuminated from the playoffs so he'd been the biggest one the store is going a basketball for three months at this point and hadn't said a word publicly so of course big j want the interview right so we're like hey where going to do this you going to do this whatever to buy monday afternoon he basically decided okay i'm going to come back to practice he wants me back i'm going to come back and of course that means you have to start doing media right
so his thing was ok i want to do is sit down before i have to do the scrum so we're going to do it all kind of together so he's going to come back to practice do this sit down and then presumably like the next day just because regular practice media practice media game practice you know that whole thing so that's what the plan was and that's why we went to minnesota it's funny that a few people saying to me in the ensuing it's like oh yeah i guess you just happen to be in minnesota no we didn't happen to be in minnesota we don't happen to be anywhere you see an interview you think if we sit down and introduce this death curry i ran into him on the street corner in oakland no that is not how it happens every interview is set up people that was a setup yes every interview you see on television is set up nobody runs into people with sixteen cameras but yeah we were set up to start to get his first word since
demanding this you know since wanting this trade which we got we also got what happened in practice that day he decided to run a full court to force both add practice and in our inner two and the next day and in the media scrum the next day so yeah i think it was calculated on his part in the way of he wanted to re enter in this way but it's also it wasn't sort of a last minute thing i'm going to go crazy and practice and then i'm going to do an interview and i'm going to use this to do whatever all of this stuff has like a much deeper thread going through it and in our case it lasted like a couple weeks for months sort of leading up to that point and then after that point too and so it's a crazy story is wearing the biggest stories of the fallen our site that we had the interview on it it's the last question about that did you get to see the practice 'cause i heard the report that jimmy and i think it actually came from jimmy that he only actually he only shot one shot no man i was on airplane
this is all undecided like the night before so it was in the morning that i flew so can i tell you the tale that's a thirty for thirty sometimes it is a short yeah now you still talk to jimmy how do you think it's going in philly 'cause i think that's obviously a new interesting story he's going to a team that has a couple superstars in embid and simmons will he be able to gel with them he's obviously there closer now is making last second shots but how do you think it's been going so far for him i think it's good i saw all the guys up in toronto last week we were big leg raptors sixers game up there an joelle seems like he just you know he's having some trouble with like figuring out spacing and where he wants to be but that has less to do with jimmy and much more to do with they need more shooters on the team in terms of personality though know you're jimmy jimmy likes joelle like you're like jimmy i mean they but they all got it seem to get along i saw them cutting up a lot after practice so i think those guys like people who play hard and play defense and they're both outgoing so i think i think it's going to be a good
it will have to see if the nba though everything explodes every five minutes right yep yep and the other weird news that's happened in the last couple months we haven't had a chance to discuss with you yet is the conspiracy he's running around the nba first obviously had uh yeah kyree last year with the earth is flat got stuff taking the mantle from him thing yet the moon landing israel i i think steph was probably joking about that in the podcast because your first time going a podcast and you can probably attest to this you say things always go listen this shit that's probably how we get most people to open up to us is that they look at the room that we recorded or like nobody listens to these guys yeah i think stuff was just like joking around and said it a little bit tongue in cheek and then it spiraled out of control or do youth that he actually believes that now is like i should not have to actually back up my beliefs first of all i know is that get the headlines because he is the most probably famous guy and that guy get a map i can't group but it was death this
carter andre iguodala ankeny bazemore and stuff is like hey what about them they were talking about conspiracy theories which by the way everyone should know better now including you and me as we do this to as we speak and they're like hey what do you think did we really land on the moon and they all chimed in that they thought it was fake and the standard stanley kubrick theory and all of that so is that joking like are you joking do you have to tell it look for joking how does that work official ruling here's the thing if i'm in a rule if i'm in a room with three other guys and they all agree on something most of the time just yeah sounds good yeah well i can be talked into most things i'd be a great cult member yeah and they also they they need to do a better job like we've basically created an entire life where we can just say haha it was just a joke whenever we say something like that so they need to he need they need to like you baby steps with the it's just a joke not jump right into yeah the moon landing was in las vegas sound studio i mean i think that they were having fun
and it was a bit of anything goes so i don't know if that counts is joking to steps credit i will say he immediately came out right now i i think the moon landing really happened you did like a fifteen minute i'd you live with kelly the retired ask you're not you know putting on and you and people about the moon and the moon landing as opposed to letting it to sort of sit there for a year i know the science teachers of america are grateful but the wait scott kelly's never been on the moon he's been around the moon but he's been around the moon yeah so wing yeah that's true it's been around us i don't know we can't be sure who's the next guy that's going to come out with the conspiracy theory i think if we put in bets down it's probably je veel saying that jfk was killed by like the mafia i mean i think i just want to say for the record that's the first one that popped into my head because i actually believe that yeah i mean i think the thing is it
failed the guy came out with a bunch of conspiracy theories do you think it would even make news probably want yeah maybe it's lebron saying that the conspiracy there would be live around saying that jfk was killed by we are we are as well and we hardly us alone yeah yeah because we're so yeah if travail said anything that actually happened to be like what yeah what we're doing this all lebron lebron came out and said that the validation the defensive player of the year so that could be conspiracy theory right there so there we go not after he got dunked on the other night that was a ferocious when james harden so rachel give it to me let me down so i actually don't give it to me as honest as possible on a scale of one to ten how big of a joke is the chicago bulls organization to everyone else in the nba i i'm hoping we're going to get to this because we lead the jump today with the chicago bulls talking about your joke is this isn't going to work make for dell's are insider today he covered the bolts for a long time
and dot com those are at was actually his exact words he's head around the league when you go around and talk to well the word they use talking about the chicago bulls is a joke so people will talk to so so i that is something from him not for me my big thing was look the last time jim boylen was a coach the only other time he's been a head coach was at the college level he coached a utah and that didn't go well there's clips if you want to from like the deseret news with the salt lake tribune saying that half a dozen or more players transferred because of his quote hardnose tactics right yeah so he's bringing what you would call right you have to i like a college coach file to the nba of then i'm going to can you tell you drop in practice and we're going to have stem and we're going to do this and there's like mass substitutions you know in them
play games and last night i guess during that game against the thunder you could see there's a couple of stretches where he wanted us to like press or just no he stopped he would he would like almost walk on the court and stop like outlet passes and be like slow down all the way to just like walking it to me he seems like the greg schiano the mba it's crazy it's crazy right right there's a lot of so i mean look there's just as there's people who are like oh yeah that's what they need an old school codes with them into shape and players just want to be held accountable and all that and then there's a lot of people dying look if you can't connect with these guys you're gonna lose and and then you know this is not a great team roster wise to begin with a thirty day no it's not your team no but so if you don't have any games and and and they're not with you and they're not gonna play for you at all so i i i and i'm gonna give them another month to see if this works but he is going for
with this style and i i don't i don't know i haven't seen it work so far by twenty five last night yeah he got in a fight he got he was took part in a flight that stat that you were bringing up seven out of ten players who should have been with the utah program in two thousand and twelve had transferred elsewhere it's seven atterberry parker already tried to transfer my parkers radio transfer write the headline in the and as does the rest are trying to sell it should be in with something like jim boylen is bring down the bulls the way he talks the use or something like that yeah i don't think that the people of uganda i think that this strategy is going to go places but we'll have to see i have a question for you does the do you see when i had a scuffle during
the bulls thunder game and jim boylan ran all the way down the court 'cause he was on the bench up the cord on the other side to get involved he puts his arms around the neck of jeremy grant one of the thunder players cells normally you would say hey grab your own player because it's jeremy it was a different kind of guy and someone from the opposing team put an arm around your neck i mean i'm thinking about my friend steven jackson what he would have done in that situation i mean it could've gotten really ugly in a hurry there right so you're saying suspend him forever indefinitely agreed i strong agree we're lucky it didn't get through a situation rated player plants here like wouldn't seeing that happened the good thing is he probably sat down afterwards and talk to the leadership committee that is comprised of half of the roster how do you tell me that that's the biggest joke ever that that part there's five guys on a leadership committee to speak for twelve guys on the
peterson committee right comes from football whereas you know there's like forty guys right right now i will talk to the main three or four guys and they'll disseminate it down this is yeah there's a lot of band aids going on in chicago are you fire guard taxi i can't well i'm a okay transaction is a job for life i actually think that like you know when he some day in fifty years when he passes like the ride social put eternal flame in in his office and that that in the oil to keep that eternal flame lit will probably m string them so they can't sign a freight and kerr foreman like the fact it's just all a joke introduction i mean this quote i think you guys had the sound clip was stan van on on the show yeah when he was like he was like oh well from the outside it looks like it's been a bad week put vince internally it's been great get the hell out of a good week for us in the long run to expanding i need that i'd hate to see bad right rachel to me this this sir
chicago bulls team just reminds me one hundred percent of our favorite foot team the washington redskins like the management the way they talked about around the league is that fair yeah oh yeah i think that's so is there you mean the same that didn't want to bring in a certain back because they needed a system guy know he didn't fix mark sanchez was the better guy for that said no we've been over this rachel he did want to bring in the guys who actually used to back up yeah no that doesn't work it doesn't work not work have you have you seen the redskins quarterback play generally over the last like one thousand five hundred and twenty years mark sanchez is a much better fit for that system than anybody else williams got roped in by the way that being the one who had to go out and make that statement that's jump about was it reuben foster right that's his job he is he is the punching bag for
for the redskins organization yeah they were like we need a guy that's grow out that's that was a sad moment for me i guess yeah they they got the worst because they conducted their own investigation now using their own sort today that's what they said each other they called up whole cogan and they were like hey you live in tampa have you heard anything and he was like no brother i was out getting a couple of blood brother didn't see anything yeah we're good yeah alright let's talk real quick about the west and the lakers i want to talk more about the lakers you brought lebron earlier too early to say luke walton on the hot seat is he going to get fired during the season or after the season 'cause i don't think he's gonna stick around well here's what's funny so magic johnson tends to so so he's emotional guy right is a former player big emotions is part of what helped him be a hall of famer so when things did not get off to a good start he
you know heels that meeting we heard about where he's cursing out luke and he's all this stuff and then it leaks and it doesn't look great because as has been pointed out they didn't really have the roster to do the things that he was yelling at luke about then they go out and get tyson chandler suddenly the teams the lab better so it kind of backs up with luke was saying where apparently in that meeting he reportedly said could you get me another center and boom they do so then as it comes out because he's kind of he does say these sort of big things and is now now for fine that was just a regular meeting and they basically guaranteed books job for the rest of the season in those quotes but now he's gotta back themselves into a corner i don't say look long on the hot seat is magic johnson said he's going to be around for the rest of season barnes something catastrophic so there you go and hopefully gonna replace them with weight
is dad ok are you going to put these sean there i mean who's i like brian charlotte but i wouldn't see like oh we're replacing luke walton with brian shaw that's going to you know make such a big difference i think that there team connects in other good tandem lucan bryant and brian as they are i don't know who's out there who were like oh my god this is the magic bullet we need to replace luke walton with who well whoever lebron shoes yeah counterpoint lakers luke walton is four game losing streak or really bad lebron wine hangover away from being fired lebron somalia will now coach that yeah right well now it's just like he's cranky one morning honey like boom you're gone buddy there will have to say i'm much more interested in the anthony davis derby that's going on that to me is going to be the big story for
next couple months and then we'll probably take a pause on it and it will be a story again starting in july but that's how it effects the lakers you guys want to hear this is the interesting cba wrinkle give you that insider insider nba not just yes before you do that though i just want to tip my cap that was great work by you to distract us from bashing lebron there for a minute that was a great transition so yes go which will be arriving on time this month phantasm maverick carter will be bringing personally bring the check to your front door which man i hate the wine i need a lot more if that's really the arrangement i need a lot more so i need you guys to negotiate for me can we work on that for the next fancy anyway no so listen to this so we've i'm talking about the fact that anthony davis is going to get offered a super max by the pelicans this summer right they're going to offer him a gazillion dollars i think that is the official some that they're going to offer him and he said he want wait and see how this team does this season and then
the side does he want to take the gazillion dollars and basically fine on with the pelicans for five more years kind of cementing him in new orleans for his entire career or he say no i'm turning down the super max extension which means that new orleans will still have his rights for another year but they will then look to trade him because want to get value back for anthony davis you don't want to be like oklahoma city were kevin durant just walked away right so this feeling is g the pelicans not in a playoff spot right now in the west people are starting to see the hang on the wall and then like man it's hard to see anthony davis accepting movie zillion dollars accepting the super max that means we think the next domino would be the pelicans would want to trade him and we expect to have like this big derby break out between the celtics and the lakers who both
it is clear that they really want him and there you go it's danny ainge versus magic johnson again whatever there's been a big story line in the whole season here's a little insider course you can impress your friends with that there's a little provision in the cba that you can't have something that you can't trade or something that's called a designated player if you already have one on your key crucial has to do with a rookie extension someone has signed so kyree irving was acquired by the celtics and he is on a designated player extension now his current deals up this summer so one hi re has a new contract they could trade for anthony davis who is on it was also that a player on that kind of contract but unless the celtics trade kyree irving for anthony davis that trade couldn't happen the celtics couldn't acquire him they could not throw the kitchen sink at the pelicans until they hi renew new contract this summer con if you're the la lakers and you want to show
how did anthony davis without danny ainge and all his pilot assets competing with you when do you want to try it require anthony davis do you want to wait till the summer when danny ainge is to make any deal he wants or do you want to try to do it now that's that's warehouses trick question i feel like they should do it now how far inside every gm's head is danny ainge are they just all running around just scared what dan is going to do at any given time dude if any age calls you you should just hang up the phone ok i'll make a note of that hank if we were broken just cut him off just hang up just invite him on you're welcome and then hang up the phone because he will sleep you by the time the interviews over yeah yeah that's true yeah the markelle fultz thing is like that's going to hang over the sixers for awhile he'll have bubba pricing videos form by the time we get off the island thank heavens are nesting with the timberwolves or the next day i mean every order or by the way the i'd say it as they had promised retiree irving deal yeah yeah man yeah that's true lawyer hang up the phone
but that's the thing i mean and by the way i know that pelicans fans if i go falcons fans listen to yes yes i got to work ok i know what they're doing is shouting at their car wreck or whatever right now being like dude he's not gonna leave so maybe he won't leave and that's great and then none of this is an issue but it's an interesting wrinkle and i'm sitting here looking out the window staring at the staple center right now and if you think the lakers haven't discussed that they have a more clear and anthony davis now then they will in the summer you're mistaken so who the lakers have to get rid of in order to get anthony davis i mean i think they'd offer anyone anyone wanted to cuddle time yeah yeah right did happen you yeah they would have to let them especially the like they're they're
classic spot to where they like ingram obviously they think they like lawns a ball but at some point treating like guys who have the upside for guy who's a sure thing is a no brainer there there is nobody on that roster now that you wouldn't trade to get after the data plan lebron james no be kept brought up guy that we haven't talked about in awhile surprisingly lonzo ball more specifically his dad is he just like the picture am living on an island somewhere without like a cell phone or the internet maybe that's where lebrons money insomnia is going to as the next coach of the lakers is that what you're saying now i'm just saying that maybe they're paying him aph that way she's been too quiet that's all i'm saying and invoke something don't you think something
something on earth yeah you know what i usually i'm after a larger check yeah he goes you actually when you see maverick every month like i just was at large yeah good to see you we are not going to go i mean you guys got to get on it okay all right well speaking of names that have not been said in a long time ready for another one alliance for me that's not true i said his name on it on our television show today okay so tell us in what color he was he was spotted that's like gossip columnist or gossip girl with tmz having dinner with lebron james last night new york city maine wasn't either here now yeah the lakers were there played in that they're playing at tonight the city isn't big enough where of where they go to eat
no but you can check your tmz because it was it was on there so you're on tmz too yeah we shared an episode of tmz with lebron james how 'bout that in for you guys on tmz for how did i not know this big sex tape thing data white had a got a phone call from the president's office and he was trying to just brag to us about it pretty much yeah it is interesting was a long and short of it here's another name we haven't had in awhile boogie cousins when you come back i think after christmas but he's he's getting he's doing like those we having stents with the g league teams but he's not playing so it's just don't practices with you played you played one on one okay yes i play one on one against kevin durant those whatever on set that's right i i think kevin durant kevin durant is believed to be in the in and we know that when
because he wanted to say that i switch to boogie one and then kevin durant this which we need to play two left lanes very again i'm on buggy steam now i have one last question it's eseke question you put in promo code take you get ten dollars off go to an nba game is quy is kowhai leonard falling in love with toronto oh that should be on tmz yes right now i don't know how who would know who could possibly know with how many words he says publicly well here's the correct answer is no he doesn't he's not falling in love 'cause he doesn't have emotions yeah he doesn't know what the robot so he doesn't have a heart yeah he laughed thank him in nyc saving life the same way they both have like a button there like it is appropriate to laugh now so i will push my took a button but have you heard like if you heard anything
it's going to be obviously a very interesting story and i we always play this game like well if the raptors go to finals will definitely stay i don't know if that's ever the case because if that was the case the camera probably receiving with thunder to finish the you know the unfinished business and all that stuff so he's going to make a mind before that probably one way or the other i know he's i think well there we were up there about a week and a half ago like he's obviously fitting in well with the team you know he's playing well they're doing well they're leading the nba the best record in the nba but you're right does that mean that he's going to stay this summer i don't think there's a way to know because he hasn't told anyone including the raptors by the way what he is making his decision based on so yeah it's hard to walk away from a team that went to the finals except we just saw lebron do that this year right yeah so i i just i don't know
i can't i can't know what his decision is going to be i don't know what anthony davis is decision is going to be because they haven't told us what they're basing it on an quiet come in the most inscrutable all of them so i don't know to send the points that out then you guys are points that we can all be christmas eve together maybe he'll open up to us yeah will get the petty wars going there's going to be a lot there's a lot of simmering petty wars right now that will get going with all like the player movement and we haven't even talked kevin read write clearly is going to come to new york i wish i call i had one of the like he's not very active online i wish she had an instagram account that we could see like what he's liking but you probably liking you probably won't do anything salacious it would just be like those the clips of things that fit perfectly together there's like short like two second clips like this will make you feel so much better it's like two lego blocks perfectly interacting there's i think you have a twitter account like it confirmed twitter account but i don't think he's treated on it and it's like
and those like last active or whatever he doesn't get along with other robots that's why does he selected i if you were to give me a mystery team out of the east so let's just say okay the raptors the box i think the books are really good from what i've seen from my i don't think that they're going anywhere but if you if it's not going to be one of those two teams who is going to win the e boston still a contender there right i said one team though you're not allowed to say boston philly 'cause i know that's where you going next the teams that are doing well i you guys know i don't i can't i can't predict the future maybe talking to you losers rv in las vegas that's true that's the point that's where i'll say milwaukee i love you but you know i love you too say that again i love you yeah love each other i'm now note note none so there sure he text me again this summer number what i was doing
those are you know more important than having a beer you were you have to it you're a bagel in the office i have now been set up to summer in a row by you yep yep it's playing hard to get he hangs out with let's wrapping up your last question no you get my last last question i've done like five last last questions but i want to know if you think we are on to something when we say lebron james went out west so the people on the east coast and the midwest could not stay up to watch it games to not see him not trying on defense so we all still think the bronze really good tries really hard the regular season that's like that that's the strategy
yes i just heard the gun clicking next year oh no racial did we lose you because we lose your richard i am right here i think i think this secret was out on how much you pussy first or the regular season last year yeah well refer you to a game in san antonio in the middle of less yeah well that clip where he like tried to kick the ball out of someone's hands i like that that was awesome that's me when i'm playing like pickup basketball once a year yeah i mean did you turn thirty four this month right yeah i mean you know oh i asked on your way into shape yeah i actually do have one last last last last question then i have one after big india do you know who followed me on twitter the other day this is going to be a good question who wendy no it's was okay yes let's go might have been
just like looking at his phone and passed out onto his nose give you the accidental follow he's following following season he might you know what it used to follow me and doesn't anymore what do you think that mean wait who jenna jameson that's you must have done something to make right now i'm putting it all together map partner probably had windy follow me to keep tabs on me 'cause he's in these areas lebron mafias well yeah that doesn't that doesn't explain why jamison problem i don't yeah i can explain that jenna jameson well she's got very high standards yeah i guess so yeah look at won't have a beer with me and jenn same someone follow me on twitter anymore yes jenna she's actually listening to the show things are going downhill for me it's a big fan of guys on chicks so jenna follow rachel back i do have one last last last last is that last question there for what's wrong with rockets are they okay do they they need like a psychiatrist
seeing you i mean right or maybe they need jim bollinger with him into shape yes yes run some laps like that i don't know i would they put little better recently james harden just had like two hundred and forty point plus games this week we kind of all things armor is going to make a trade but who for right so they'll be interesting i don't think they're going to be the top seed west this year i think i can go out on a limb and say that yeah that's good action hey there actually just texted us he has the last last last last last last question all right plan thing ever never play in the nba again oh i don't know that is that oh interesting see to me if i had been carmelo this summer i mean well there's a lot of things
changed in my life but in particular i would've done to a different kind of team then he picked then taking the rockets like to me i would necessarily have gone to a team that's quote competing for a championship and i'm i'm saying that not as a dig at houston but just the idea of like that not necessarily like why not just go to a team where you can play as much as you want you soon as much as you want in the biggest inserted be there for the younger great and then just you know kind of like dwyane wade with the heat like it's great when he contributes yeah and when he doesn't nobody cares and he is sort of helping with their young guys and he's a draw and people love mellow and players love mellow man if you talk to players in locker room susan and they love mellow the guys in oklahoma city have nothing but good things to say about him the guys in houston have nothing but good things to say about him like if i i had been him i would have done this season is like a final season on a team where there wasn't like a ton of pressure and maybe you
gonna team were like winning and losing wasn't the main thing it was about developing the young guys and getting it again strap position and you could've had a nice font song and like had a lot of celebrations for him went from place to place i don't know now if it seems like that would pick him up or what but i just did there's more than one way to go about your career i'm someone who watched michael jordan at the end in washington and i know everybody would have preferred it if you just walk up the court in chicago you know after beating you tie with chicago and never played again but he wanted to play you still want to play basketball so i ok if a guy later in his career who is going to be a hall of fame or just wants to keep playing basketball there's just different teams in different ways you can do it agree yeah and i also like the everyone loves mellow because everyone knows mellow 'cause you never you never worried mills going to win a championship so no pressure and everyone is like yeah we probably pays for a bunch of we lomela we love playing against mellow like we just know he's going to get shots up but don't worry about it rachel thank
you as always it's been fun to catch up everyone watch the jump it is great two one and on that show who appears on that show routinely follows me on twitter that's nice to know yeah yeah any last questions for us last last last questions when are you getting some points that is we have it yeah that's a key character called poinsettias yeah we can't keep a goldfish slots is what i asked at the beginning yeah and you do help me out oh wow jenna jameson actually follows maine oh shit you used to call me now i don't follow her but she used to follow me and then she unfollowed me maybe that's 'cause i don't follow her yeah probably or maybe yeah never mind i was going to say i was making myself with i lose sleep over jenna jameson a lot too there you go just like just like five minutes of sleep alright the fact he is that all thank you appreciate it
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yeah credit so that are just not having sex credit to us all right segments before we get the segments actually if you're watching any clips that we put out we're wearing an isis jumpsuits you've ever seen pft's got the throwback charlotte hornets ask pardon my take jump i'm wearing the va lore for the lord velvet is enough for i don't know it is it is well whatever it is is what it is all lower no i said whoa whoa yeah floors nice yes it is the velour jumpsuit it looks awesome i look like i look like silvio right before he kills if you're a drama yeah in the car yeah i agree yeah i looks like polly when maybe when he's like in the woods in pine barrens are pussy when he gets killed on that boat yeah
like you know who you remind me of right now is your so fluffy and warm and all snug in like a little tight space meanest thing you could say to a fat guy but here no no you look so missing i would so much rather fat then flop no but you do look fluffy and comfortable and snug like urine kind of a couch like cozette adrianna's dog when christopher sat on her and killed her when he was too high we pool these out we know we don't want to please please absolutely you can trust me just like and he said to yeah okay let's do some segments for just like a dire wolf that just got killed i don't know what office yeah 'cause it doesn't exist anymore 'cause you got killed in episode two now this is all some laughter hank silvers people forget hank is watch the shows go in reverse order to out there game of thrones they're all right first up we have a pin straight update for bryce harper who has not signed with anyone where's he going to say
and we don't know he's been rumored pinstripes with the white sox with the phillies with the cubs the yankees the yankees are the rockies involved the rockies i don't know we kept instruction rumors alright so where the hell is bryce harper going to go i think with hair like that you got a look at la no i think he's thinking about becoming cal hey bro going to la maybe sd it's there the bryce harper signing is going to be very weird because it's either going to be the mystery team but that's not really a mystery you mean like the user comes with like oh yeah you know what will pay all this money or one like the white sox will just like you know what blank check let's do it and everything like what we thought he was going to the yankees this whole time this is kind of pointing i mean i i wouldn't rule out the white sox just because he's broza kris bryant so it's a way of going to chicago without actually having to play a sentiment we going yeah and the whites of religion really going for yeah they're they're
and for anyone feel like you is like taken any shying away from his body from boy for his boy yes home boy i'll stay on the south side you stay up north there we got each have our own little kingdoms yeah do you think that he where do you think is gonna go hank make a poll project prediction phillies okay okay that's very bold it feels like every team that he has been rumored to has been like l were good what you want because he only wants four hundred million dollars right i don't wan underpaid and the enemy is still a little going to be it's just a little bit yeah all right next up we have a stay classy p have to you have to stay classy yeah this stay classy goes to rick barnes he's the coach of tennessee and penny hardaway are good friend at the university of memphis we're saying that right yes so you're over at mike miller great friend penny hardaway i was talking about a little scrap that his team had rick barnes is running his mouth about the memphis players saying that they were flopping and stuff like that and then penny said i just got like
see it no matter how he's trying to make things seem i think it's kind of low class how he's trying to downgrade my guys for flopping all that come on give me a break then he stands up to walk out of the room and goes rick barnes get the fuck out of here yes yeah we need more put it up this is like don chaney verse john cowper exactly yeah we need coach fighting in call basque approach fighting yes but when it happens in the states of kentucky or tennessee it's actually a feud yes diffuse hatfield and mccoy's yep they're going after it's a blood feud guess what we're team penny yeah we are team penny big time team penny although i love o'brien schofield for tennessee he's a man yeah man he is but i just can't root for tennessee since will one they took you off away from greg schiano number two the whole bruce pearl situation i can i can't like a coach at tennessee that's not taking his shirt off and painting his body orange and jumping around this thing that's fair what but what about smokey ord log
smoking does iraqi top to smoke you go to the the game's indoors i'm sure we're cp i don't know i don't think they look play hat yeah because the bulldogs go inside to like the drexel logs smoky rocked up great because they sing it even if they lose the scf nonstop i like this song great song i like the song yeah great tune great to we would do it no one came all its own that's right next up we have connect the dots you have to give me this as well the connect the dots comes courtesy of kyree irving connect the dots guy he actually came to steph curry's defense about the moon comment okay so chi says that we're just athletes but it's on your channel were thinkers but you don't want us to be that so
whomever you is whom staff for you is i don't know what that mold is someone else can connect the dots and carries brain i will i like this because it basically this whole like we can't we should question everything even things that our fax it really opens the door for a lot of us the people out there yeah because we can basically pretend that we're smart by saying well is it is it a fact no yes no i don't know no you're totally russian yes you can you can say anything as long as you follow up with we're just at in the quest yeah we're just you can't get mad at somebody listen my teacher in first grade told me there's no such thing as a dumb question yes exactly and so oh there there we are we're back in first grade and i i just i like this because now the new the new us we can walk around and just say well we're just going to question that is the sky blue we don't know i don't know actually it's not no it's not i don't think it's blue it isn't yeah it's the sun that hits it
right and if away and it turns out the color of ice exasol cold exactly does water freeze at thirty two degrees fahrenheit what is who decided what fahrenheit exactly hank you i can tell thank you you're in on this the wheels the hamster is running fast in your brain who made up fahrenheit how is the sky black but also blue only shit there we go go on go on king like if you're looking about if someone an astronaut was looking down on earth yeah this it would never change outs 'cause the son i guess that's why i want you to play a better teacher told you that that's what they want you to believe don't let him is all same teacher that told you that the metric system was coming and made you learn all these weird abbreviations like errors and everything's perfectly one hundred heck name one thing that you've ever use the metric system before besides drugs nothing nothing not a damn thing or besides drug let me clarify little astro
besides drugs and watching world strongest man on espn to cooking right cooking you cook with milliliters of stuff no you can't blame the metric system on the fact that you put the cheese into the the posse while it was still boil and can't blame that actually i think that you can actually get you know what question who decided who decided the back of the andes mac who wrote that know what that was written by a person yeah not god fallible person just like me or here why why do we have to believe what they say yeah don't tell me how much medicine to test unit don't tell me which order to make macaroni and cheese the easiest dish in the world to make don't do that it's my body i'll drink as many beers as i want alright hank guys and checks got on checks are he pm two boys the cat wink how do i do with my husband's terrible family on christmas in your drug i work
gamble on the game raiders broncos that's going to be worse probably a nice wrinkle if you just showed up here like who's got money on the game like i put the mortgage mortgage the house on the broncos yeah really easy way to get them to just like not invite you places where exactly just look at your phone the whole i'm with the game on it fake like you have diarrhea that would actually israel hit on your mother what is the thing i yeah i know that's what he said yeah spice it up twenty hit on or be like wow that's really it was a really cute pearls even though they're way too big in the kind of gaudy and like she should be wearing those the family holiday because kind of showing yeah but you are in a pearl necklace yeah just be like oh nice pearl necklace i wish that my husband would give me one of those that's a conversation starter nap it might be a conversation ender but it definitely is a starter so fellas i'm pregnant and i was wondering if the baby poops in peace and if so where does it go i think it just goes out your yeah that's actually who that's a well
what do babies poop because they're all they're drinking wait no they they drink breast milk after they have died pt's have diarrhea pretty sure yeah they they they are born with like every porn was born with diarrhea think about that that's like a way to humble everyone like hey oh man you know bill gates billionaire jeff bizos billionaire will guess what they all porn with diarrhea right at home that's very true they use a crap themselves it's like the circle of life you're born and you die with diarrhea my boyfriend is a terrible sleeper he pushes me off the bed flailing his limbs hitting me and violently farting he needs help i need sleep what do i do buy a bigger bed sounds like sleep in the how do you push someone off a bit i think just by rolling that is my general you're you're in a twin bed time to upgrade to a queen or king get the king felix feel the luxury of life you don't have a king come on this sounds like
dorm room situation so here's all you do get push your bed up against the wall and then you sleep against the yeah i just just kind of you against against that you don't fall off i'm a i'm a very i'm a very animated sleeper myself big tip is get it very cool the cooler it is in the room the less i move around like a corpse you got to you gotta cool me down either way i run hot i run real hot so basically if you sleep in a bed big cat you're either going to be shivering or he's going to be farting on here yeah i run hot pick your poison hopefully the person who sleeps in your bed at super bowl whoever wins the pmt fanduel can't yeah does not run hot no i'm i'm real violent my see i get the one like money you sleep with an axe right in your hand yeah i get the full body jerk yeah whenever i go to
sleeping so startling whatever weapon i happen to be holding at that and trust me i have a history of purchasing weapons at this right before bed yeah yeah it's true we ask we ask the females to send it the worst christmas gift they've ever been given so i'm going to run through some of those worst gift i ever received was a custom made fourteen karat white gold necklace with my birthstone in his birthstone along with a love poem he left it on my door step but i've never gone pass casual conversation with him in person i called the jeweler to find out the value it's worth four hundred dollars but it's non returnable i tried to pawn it in the best offer i got was twenty seven dollars so this is just from a dude that like knows you wow that's a bit much beautiful necklace though yeah you get out is lovely he's a thing though you gotta give it back 'cause that actually power move if you give it back i like if you take a twenty seven dollars move if you take it he's he's technically dating you yeah that's true that's a contract sup boys last year for
since my boyfriend got me a gift card for a brazilian wax i love it should i have been insulted that he didn't think i've been doing a good enough job shaving or was it a thoughtful gift i think was very thoughtful gift that we had nothing to do with your personal haikyu the balls on him or the inability to pick up like social cues water here oh and by here i mean a fucking idiot i i know you love those protein shakes or got to a flat of slim fast hey i i i i was thinking it was a little dirty or on the apartments are got you a vacuum cleaner hey i got you bunch of flavored lube yeah if you go when i ask my boy from what he wanted for christmas he said he doesn't want anything that does this mean he's a maintenance or it doesn't see me as his girlfriend he wants cash yeah cash would be nice he wants cash or just like the night with voice yes just give him a night with a boy so one of those may be given one of those coupons free hug free free dick sucking who knows from who no but seriously just wants cash probably this book a lot
no i'm sure so yes that's what that's what he would say say i want anywhere when you know when you say you don't want anything you want cash right yeah yeah yeah i basically just using cash wouldn't hurt no one has turned down cash in the history of the world alright last one the worst the guy i was dating went on vacation and told me he got me a souvenir he kept forgetting it when we hung out and finally one day he was like okay i'm giving you your gift we went to a park with some beer and he made me unwrap a rock we are in public and i started dying laughing i was like wow a rock cool and he goes actually it's a piece of coral even fucking better i don't trouble after and dumped in the next week girl is rock right yeah and also jokes on you because you were laughing at coral and coral is instrumental to our oceans health and it probably with the court if you heard about call getting bleached
i have the crow gets bleached like an asshole oh yeah your world is getting hotter and we're all going to die because you don't respect mother nature or not does it down maybe just telling you that you should get your bleach and look how beautiful hey is this coral so beautiful yet and light colored and you just want to just touch it he is maybe you did a little bit yeah he's the brazilian wax guy with more tax exactly yeah he learned here your that you know you're the level one exactly no cross crazy presents gifts for the fighters and say i don't know probably a scuba diver one of those guys like i'm going to club bed not to fuck i don't think scuba dive i don't think that was coral i think that he just like totally obviously forgot to get or something correct and then later on he's like shit ok it's been like two weeks first i'm going to get her drunk so that she doesn't realize we should give this is an second here's you should've just gone with geode why did you have to stretch for coral just be like here's a geode
buy a geode for one dollar and fifty cents at a store and trick her into thinking that it's made out of diamonds you want a geode is bro thank you know right you guys don't know what a geode is like a game or like a toy you know once the rocks that have crystals inside of them so you were very big into geodes listen it's the rock okay you once you see the rock with crystals at the rock we all know what that is yeah you don't to be what like all i'm so much more than right sergio now you know what to do sounds like a shitty car the either that doesn't have a backseat yeah it is it's like that the geo tracker so if your if you will yeah yeah god is your starter car listen fourteen thousand dollars yeah i guess millennials kill geodes day great job guys i know what you did to get about it is i i it it's the like rocks that you that they have little diamonds and should not diamonds but crystals and yeah i know what that is hank but i'm speaking to you in leominster it's a crystal rock
it's the cool looking rock yes so what is it what is a rock it's not that leveled up no yeah it's i know exactly it's the rock that you think is worse something but it's actually completely worthless those rocks does the g area yeah merry thinking of seagal movie with kevin heart yeah cut to run for kevin hardy cut deep cuts all right zero in front of you guys
thank you know reggio is no all it's pardon my take presented by bar stools sports
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