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Rams HC Sean McVay + QB Jared Goff and the Mount Rushmore Of Sidekicks

2018-08-17 | 🔗

Chris Berman might be back and we judge the new MNF crew based off 10 minutes of Football which is incredibly unfair of us (2:37 - 8:48). Jalen Ramsey roasts Quarterbacks and we do word association with his list (8:48 - 18:17). Mt Rushmore of sidekicks (18:17 - 27:18). Rams HC Sean McVay joins the show to talk about Super Bowl expectations, whether he has the facial hair of a Football guy and the Rams saying "the standard is the standard" (27:18 - 36:10). Rams QB Jared Goff joins the show to talk about year 2 under McVay's offense, California Teens, and our newest interview tactic "people also ask" (36:10 - 58:04). Segments include Hurt or Injured Big Ben, Way to stay relevant Baseball, Embrace Debate did the Yankees earn their pinstripes and Grab Bag of Roasts/Jimbos/Explain It

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this part of my take we finish our training camps tore rams camp we have coach sean mcveigh and our good friend jared gough we also have the mouth hush more of side kicks and because as fry they were yellow grab bag for you at the end of the show before we get of that the cash up the number one finance up in the world these days he's cash app is changing how people interact with their money the cash up is free and you can get the free ash card which is customizable debit card that you can use at stores or to eighty ams it's a link to your cash app balance as if it were a checking counted even let your direct deposit your paycheck if you're looking for an alternative to traditional banking you're not alone millions of americans have already started using the cash card theirs
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don't rush in durban is backed up by downloading i football song foxier is greatly hank could all the bad preferments coming back to that a second they did introduced the new booth young one in eight football j wit dogged you want do some knee jerk reactions stuff no foods any borders of precision football yet let's do it i hate it oh i like ok macfarlane floating podium thy hey sat so i like eyes like a little thing that bouser used to sit on worried throw sledgehammer that mario here's the thing i don't know why they why they met with something that has been proven to work over and over again when you put a guy a third guy not in the booth in some fucking weird contraption on the field it will always
like he's budding into the conversation and doesn't know really want to talk and jason did he even speak i like it sure of genuine has ever spoken in his life very unfair of us my way because it is one game in it was preceding game but that's what we do we as fans we basically like trash it throw it out i'm sure they'll get better but i still think bring booger into this into this booth because you just can't you can't do it a guy just not there here's what you're wrong about the vulgar thing he is death fraid of heights and so he's off yes he's on this floating podium puts up in the air so he's like scared the entire time it's great alike nervous being up there has s wedding but why is it doing that it's like fun emily tony sir goosey used to i loved goose put here
these bodies like who wait what suspect that talk i'm adele that's more about tony circuses personality than it is about the fact he was on the satellite but they did put em like the weirdest part of the field i know that but with blogger i kind of like the idea of having he's on that that track for a camera that's like her you seen the olympics all the time when the running two hundred metre death that that's what they should do it just move that during a plague yes sir he's on rollercoaster i do like joe taciturn i've always been joe test or guy it's gonna take a little bit of mental work to get used to him on money football because i hear joe taciturn voice and i immediately think like auburn mississippi stayed on espn too at eight fifteen on saturday night i also like jason windsor plugs he did the old outdated heeded the brenner locker gunman you away and combat smarts do it now before he's on tv all the time with a close up you know the big job joe buck picture had yes that's her also he publisher done that before his helmet sort flying off and he was running down a few showing everybody's bald spot so great a great the new booth ok jason wit nora the whole boot together for just a whole yes i'm and give them see ok dama give mood
e plus ok very kind of media joe india without joe tessa towards an f here's the thing witten doesn't have a thing yet thank you and then i'm sure he has been peons production company is our production crew is gonna be like jason we need you to develop like a little how grew than have the turkey whole here are the grinning grinder they're gonna need jason went to be like the jason witten hard hat play the game will he needs to do he loves talk about route running so some without running would be effort form i her eye watch out ten minutes of the games i'm really make my judgment off ten minutes in what he brought up rout running like three or four times and it's basically only knows is like how to get inside leverage on some are so you gonna wanna digger you want to really play your left foot here's what jason when should give out an award after every shown it should be a piece of his spleen harry gases so i don't need this is that the one you grow more that's the liver ok
displaying just when you member here again late again we erupt virginia does give out like a little slice of explains offer them crescent wait for the launch of christians also plated top like a quarter yeah yeah i mean the answer for tougher than christened crisper meant back back so yes i took off my parents i don't know what you're gonna do with em they're saying that like if you wrote me they're gonna use them for everything but if you read the article is pretty fun it was a chris doesn't really want to work too many weakens occasion he'll come in for a monday night christened definitely still gonna be like i'm in hawaii if you want to fly me back once a month i'll come back when he's just nosey he's got at once for policies and comes get he's gotta get going and i just bring him back brigham all the way back i also noticed something a little strange some people on twitter don't like crisper
a lot of can i want to slap those stupid endurance ignorant slut right in the face and because buck them i don't understand like what don't you like about chris because he make crazy names for everyone because he grunts like ok stop where it gets bad because i just said really cool thing yet because he brings out a record of bob seeger because of yours you anyone leaned joys football and sports and like makes it fun yet because he quotes rod stuart naughtiest people that might not know who rod stewardess yeah but he'd been us old and young exactly so i mean chris berman so which one about him but whenever he hears voice there's like some nostalgia pops unless of course disease a bottle of nostalgia i just his ties oh my god his i'll bet you when it comes back his ties will somehow have gotten older yes yes oh yeah the painted on ties so chris berman if he's back i just one say i'm gonna throw it out there blocking the means is but it'd shame if someone else or job would have crisper man comes
back in he's got the glue au pair blogs now he's that is brought out is never doubt would be i would never ever crosses might i would be so hilarious he showed up and had just like a big had a blonde hair just bring back foreign guy clear if he had the guy fury spikes sprang back for counter yes bring just let me do the last hour that's fine users just haven't southern philosophy or just have him do it on a european to see can choose and you can city which gets more rigour and wonder which yeah yeah joan ramsay made huge news oh jail in ramsay who is on the jacksonville jaguars did a g q peace where he d c just try she's a truck trashed augur buddy decided is trash all the quarterback sitting come up with and it made huge waves so we're gonna go through that an hank is going to read us the quarterback city trashed and then were also
gonna do our own word association with them so whenever you eddie josh alan trash rocket our hands hands e joe flag oh he sucks okay so is they hearts you hear the words joe flak or not think about seven years because you but i am i a second by backup is cool job ok and the macro say elite but i will say wants you to say i will say elite has a question mark area that's good that's good not ryan who mattie ice what better way skinny neck how do you not know who met raven is like tat you just dear just joking there are we doing you played in the superbowl move that ryan still has put his best emma two thousand seventeen sees that's true he's got a big upsides come i would just say yeah just skinny that he has a skinny red back of his neck yes tyrol taylor
flash marcus marietta under we're just lumping them into one person yet no that's what he hired tie rockets mary yet whaler are not a minority in the actual work on going off wilburn and yet he held the are so uttered it people say their good and i tend to agree with those people can run an pass you know what i've been bullied into thinking that tyrol tailors agreed quarterback gun to your head pm it is great on her marcus market will tell attire tailors were those guys he's like a indy bad at this point right everyone just talks about a month you gotta leslie guileless and then you listening like how really liked i like an old style everyone law everyone thinks he's the best you liked era taylor named two of his four teams is blamed repay right and i think he also gets that everyone feels bad form because he gets bashed all the time but i that's not really how we judge our quarterbacks marcus marianna seamus winston gun to your head
who has the worst year and basically is done for and becomes a fraud in a bust because that's happening this one of those two guys going to suck again and i have boss boss boss gun to my head i just get shot and bring myself to be passion one where the other enough about marcus married i rather die than have a strong opinion about marks maria doubting jamie swenson in his tiny hands zere we get say the frog bust you i'll say this though like you're gonna miss james winston when he's not in the affair because his interest i have a feeling that seamus whence and will still find a way to get into the headlines i his interceptions though are the aims of beauty true jimmy gi all schemes come yeah i'm gonna go wet yeah come ass well what yeah i've shown watson slash carson once and bp soon aggressive carson winston watson is aggressive that's very comes go car heart for carson once he just strikes me as a guy that where's that car harp
brown jacketed carson once great backup played playful season two shot two shots and yeah i'm gonna go away my word association they want to quite the opposite watson i hope he's not that good because in everyone's gonna say the bare should have taken him and said miss risk let's get association i'm say oh here's almost a frame coach killer now you're gonna say to me a phd but he has an ever gotten coach fired ever just wait it's gonna happen in one of the next ten years although bill o brien sneaky could be like marvin loose junior work as you got that chin and he just could stick around forever davenant it's almost like he's got a disability so you feel bad like looking at him yeah you like going to fire you but you know what you ve overcome a lot you yourself out of a huge hole that assets to be located in europe and in the greatest thing that ever happened bill brian is every single season like three of his best players get hurt so it just keeps on keep on pushing it after the next year yet chaired gough average to above average s friend
yeah come up on the spot gas super sweet calibre yeah really really good guy and very attractive and where's sweatshirts very very nicely and depressing oh yeah i think i said runner in vp for two thousand eighteen right name portals guess it says i set it i'd stick to it now her cousins a winner will at what yet fucked up cook tat kind of a pussy big ben decent at best walking boot extent place also is it was joan ramsay sing now because i actually kind of agree with that average a best yeah decent at that peace is at best the on going off against the jaguar going forward yeah i could see that because he's getting older but if you're saying big been as a career please let us that's insanity i'm gonna say also forbidden shit for brains yes blake portals play off blake is god ashes good
as such i got ya got god amongst us most yeah people bigger than jesus actually piety and i actually had to correct who was that on dug from me as being who fuckin doug balls area we see a guy like shirts guns with models are no less vegas yeah he was saying that we need superstar quarterbacks to stay healthy because then we get if they dont then we get blake portals and play yeah guess what it was windy that dagon son is windy and scientists are at their worst tat ten miles an hour is basically god just running a train on you with the wind and the sun oh and how about a little thing called you don't wanna in the plan you dont want to show your next opponent any of your good place see just do the vanilla stuff cycle but that's her first class like the first we caprices he was conserving energy campsite go to pittsburgh in and pump should for branch office burger families were a shipment of yeah yeah so gillian ramsay do you think at something
it's real i feel better blake like people going to come after blake bottles because of his yet i see energy when i was doing i that's that like what a plague gets hurt because as you said fiddler jim i feel like when you do when use bout off like this its awesome for fans like we i love these stories i love i love we too are very opinionated involved let you know their opinions but i also feel like this is gonna be one wireless karma things you can get hurt or burned really bad on route like in a big game cause you just if you talk this much so
that's gonna it always just evens out that but i'd like to blake and have because no not to break i'm sanely jill remedies going to have a big fuck up in a big game this year and people are going to have a row show onto the good news for him is that tom coffin definitely doesn't read the internet any definite doesn't reggie q now he has probably a dozen newspapers have guessed bronze whose office so it's gonna be a lease like a day or two years until a staffer prince out the geek you article and hands it to him and tells me to read it and then obi like i'm a redistribution and throw away than the bring another one and he'll be like oh my god party tat you must ask no though there were her though black out over dat cheek you off of the printer so it's like you know documents is nine eleven documents there is really just reading geeky article here talk often see someone rangy q that's a red flag on his on his draft moratoria he'll never hire you do anything now absolutely going to be as tailor the he wants is taylor to subscribed like guns enamel hats exactly our that car heart the attic just go go go
once you gotta calls skin a bunch of shirts yeah here and take my two here take take a fifty fifty bucks yeah get me get me seventeen sure there should be a closet outside tom coffins office that you have to go into like to put on a car hard jack a harder put on like a respectable issues before i go and intolerable yoga laughed out using a fancy restaurant or fancy like golf club having having a jacket that you can wear if you dont come with exacerbate if tom coffin sees you walking into office in your wearing like an echo sweatshirt he will stand its ground and opened fire on so we have the mount rushmore it's getting close to the end about rushmore season a very sad part of the year hated the it's worse than than hearing back to school shopping is the aid with the first time big cats as ap of tea we only have three or four weeks left amount rushmore i think behind on the other in a little pickled i'm gonna get myself out of an two seconds glad act but you know at the end of now rushmore sees ne er it falls back
so how could you be sad because its road angers segment it's actually happy tears because propose back also crying little because i love rushmore does oh so i'm i'm such my brain is so elevated compared everyone else that i can feel multiple motions at the same time got it so that's exactly what it is i think so with that said let's do them out rushmore tweet us what is the oil for swedish them all rushmore is that you i really want to see before summers over at part of my take if we miss one if you want to see one reply we live pin tweet yes require our country so with that we're gonna do them out rushmore of sidekicks or number two's who it's gonna be a good one he up i got a feeling that this is going to get very very very cadet at us above all you determined order that you did affair time for job lessen the cat
fifty he had dreaded i will go starting out the gay the number one can we all agree the number one number two number one number two of all time scotty cabin news i take that yeah i mean it s okay me i'm going to go keith richard from a rolling stone ok ok good pemphigus has died several times yes could pick i'm going to go on tell norton from tat they can i could pick she and i can't help pay hey shake i can't wait till trailing guesses and three years in coolby yeah yeah yeah second fiddle cobby to palace or copy the shack copies shack oak and repeat up
right my second rohingya others petted many people would say mending coolby ranks higher on the final issue and what you see it was he was he sat sidekick will check the site you know i'm not like no one and i love you i love that about bank that is great pick free number one number to hold on actually wasn't your number two number two of all time yes he's even good analysis ok my second is going to be tom jackson good pairs lower riper that's good pack i will go to tv shows for my second and third pick i'm gonna go with george to stand and white trooped ok it was my job entered pick us good
although you can make the argument that dwight shrewd wasn't the number two he was to michael off now joining us to analyse the number ok who was gonna run met kramer lived for a next or kramer was not part of it was jerry george were best friends and criminals the wildcard come on here so i had to stand on my list but i specifically did not include dwight true ok great thanks for critiquing my less ok my next one is gonna be ye rod cash copyright moved a third base ok before he every one thing alright i'm loser before did that i'm going to go on go tv shows they black robin big ok you just one that out because you're upset that we'd included on the oil i watch that show for big black number
you as my number one but who i watched its second year but i want to do for him he was the eu is the drawn cocky will thanks for continuing violence yes employer in my last wanted to our talk about contentious boys you bachar choose one look i was really the number two he was only slightly was what their little fucking i drove out and he was there he was he was handsome sidekick was the whatever it was yours are already used to that was voting yes i'm last citing lydia us whose whose man's was our to deter was he hunts all his majesty three purely european he was here and it gets guy walkers man's then you lose our commands is kind of like a whole galaxies man's as yet in every single see three pillars the guy the move like yours when trend or another yes and then are already cue to art are hard on our tv aren't you too is the little robot consecutive year got it up starling
sorry for the spoiling shield argued are to do much more in the goat companies are such that actually article two was more of a buck plug flashlight yeah if you really want to get the mechanics of it or it my last one i'm going to go oh with donkey from track ok do you guys are make i have a panther pick a marker to do it i have a pandemic you say believable now simply kid norma do my bit patrick i my last told tommy we're better because this is not out my painter pick was going to be just your dog biomarker do ok that is a good pandemic you have the gray actually my i like my dog better they like myself yeah though dodges or man just random my last pick will be garth cocaine and garth waits work
she watched other movie for garth so that was contentious that's what now rushworths see aren't you gonna miss that i actually garth was a better musician than when yeah that's it we actually play the drums let's see let's see what we missed by robert i'm happy by the wait let's just at least pat ourselves on the back as a group to not do that the easiest and on the board that stupid fuck in tights robin fucking yet you have made a robin like robin was the war he was actually very should he saved a little boy and tight concrete you anything his thing was just he would get back in its trouble to write alfred was a better sidekick than yes good point hickory great point pedro deploy dynamite out its given barney rubble i had him unless nicole reggie yes you know my other pander pick was gonna be but i did do it patrick starfish patterson startled asked are you guys worries that nurse starts low ass the german what's a joke you to
also patrick pass it on you watch graecia cato kalen yeah his oj number two oh i why would it be i'll cut colleagues that you can make that argument i just figured plato he was just so impressive in court and on part my take yeah tales people forget people forget tales thing aside entails yeah luigi luigi good was tales a male or female this is one of those dress is yeah yeah i would fuck tales mummy poorer or tells him will actually does matter and its whatever tales aren't you details do you not do not put sonic really wasn't a huge momentarily video games like out shoe late hammered out did he call did conquered walter so jack yes as a good one and i almost put down i'm not sure i'm looking at tales right now and yes check
right you're right tell fuzzy little foxier tells gettin little compter oh yeah she's got that will govern banks yeah yeah sassy here she spends into a little ball yet she is what about coming to stuff curry number two never in a big number two big any any others steve jobs was number to the bill gates for wild that's a good one that is a very good one what else we miss i got set that's good risk ice job and we made it a lot as we depart an orange yes we're more man calendar smiles men and the truth is that the troop dexter marlins many great number two are the escort yeah erroneous on all accounts erroneous ok let's your interviews we have shaw mcveigh we only had about seven minutes we shall make the seven missing
his work on this segment sean was feeling us out if we real football guys i would assume that we are going to get him back on at some points it's always funny to because how these interviews work we were get in allotted mama time and we just tell the personal the pr person to like tap hank on the shoulder and then hank will give a motion to me and we always just let that became a telephone just get a little bit slower so i can't gives a second he gives a minute to show me and then i take a minute to actually like acknowledge it thanks that's a little trick there for yahoo and if there is actually a part during this interview where somebody was making elitha pierre people's make an emotion to me i'm going to sunglasses unite sizeable zodiac yeah yeah you you can you can easily get out of that and then jared sat with us for like twenty five minutes because he's the man and we love him and he's going to be an end vp some day up before we do that though vandal
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a mcveigh okay we welcome on coaches mcveigh cover my backing yes absolutely so we only have a few minutes with them because you are the busiest man in hollywood i don't know about that yeah so you are the coach of the rams everyone knows that you're going your second year how excited you to have the your second your first year on your belt and be like right this is the superior well were excited about season you know and we got a lot of good players lotta good coaches there there were really excited about and these guys know we gotta do one day at a time but the beard still on feel good right now so you are we gonna talk about it out so shot i got into a little bit at the combine this year
he knows that i always said it is not a real football guy has the beard is to man's gaped it's too perfectly may like yet the line you got airline operator though right now yes that allow about so i know i can vote listen to our beards or here well here's a thing as a guy that has surely facial here i feel like i'm most equipped to judge whether or not facial hair is that in football guy so all i'm saying is like that the hair is like you gel it up you got the beard perfectly lined up so i don't know i would think is full i think right now will you have your you're ok because it is you let go out a little yeah it's not a thicker than yeah right might have determined apple and just what he can just be careful because what you gotta realises that when you go to the barber and you get lined up real nice p if these watching you ok yeah he is on the fourth estate man that's what we're supposed to do i love council jurists serious question we are with caution a hand up in search of scope yesterday he started talking football and how you know quarterbacks fit his systems you are obviously of four
while not you live and breathe football what is you what is jared done for your office in what are you guys like was a new wrinkly give us that maybe we won't tell anyone but just tell us what the new reckless well you know i think would geraghty no you see wise and i'm one overall pig he can make all the throws he could change the launch point you can create off schedule really smart the real player and i think the biggest thing that you'll see will see we'll get some new audible my your wine g draining elder heather front legs ass a credit to the years come up with some good hardware is yet put the pussy ops oh there s share about that but so the you know like obviously wild cat than our pianos where's like the new thing what you're what's a thing that you're learning and you're like i'm implement this in its gonna be awesome why think we ve looked at some of those our peoples we use a little bit of those last year but i think it's always how kind of look at yourself and then figuring out what can we do to evolve our guys adjust our system really to the players because it's about these guys and
you know there's a lot of really good things that people are doing around the league and in college for that matter and you know we ve gotta put some new wrinkles in an in built off what we did last year low but hopefully one thing that i love to watch on tv is when chris college worth breaks down like the release motion of quarterback whether that neon trail that follows your you did some work on his release last year i could tell me are you mess with that at all any more i that's really jeer doing it on his own you know he did a good job of kind of goin with some of those guys we're tom house and adam data in a kind of working on just kind of speed up his release it's almost like a gull stroke we're let's consistently find the same stroke when the pockets clean with which doesn't happen often but when do you get the protection or evil to throw in time and rhythm how much can i find that repeated stroke for consistent accuracy in and that's exactly what he's done i noticed on the back ear shirts said the standard standard can you can you run that through football got very late antonia federal you know we talk about expecting to establish and maintain the highest standards for really the way we practise the way we plan the way we prepare in the way we perform
so really kind of the standard is it peace will be the standard the standard as the standard in all its a kind of a buzz word football type thing but a everybody knows what the standards are if your and our building and basically if you're not live up to it if a guy's not doing what he supposed to be doing they really say the standard is a standard and they get exactly what they are you are you worded all that its slow your team down trying to figure out what the standard is a standard means you can get a little can usually me down right unity we give it to the guy's invite size incremental out we don't give em all for peace have wondered for one day we talk about the standards this data after we ve stably i like ass it is you do have a football guy voice yet i hear some groups in you and your voice study tape automobile ok man today what your government that guy we urge president brother what i take that as a compliment i was fortunate to learn under john and he's got i've i did probably pick up on a lot of the main reasons that he had but if you'd says
i like a football guy my beard doesn't look like a football guy i'll take the acting like it's my fault that i have a question did your can your dad still beat you in a wrestling match you know what he still has that dad strength but i think i could get him in a headlock and you know he's getting a little bit older with his hips and different things like that but he was out here for camp but i'm going to take self in this now i could speak up on him in and sustained would he would eat train you in the back yard and light do wrestling and stuff like that like theo get the shirts often go out i don't know but get the shirt software you now he would he would challenge me every now and then up we suffer for two more first question how many first round pixels belgic offered you for cooper cup as an offered me any but we really like cooper cup so it would take a lot to even consider but that fortunately is on our team and i think he's going anywhere ok and then slash question it's i wanted the bunk something here because we were supposed to interview jared tonight at nine o clock and then i got a text from your pr saying hey proud
meetings have been cancelled he can be ready after practice and then we went up to europe and he was like hey guys i can do it because coach said if like alignment touches upon that's right so you you're a castle practice either meetings any well we had a lot of confidence in joe no bones ability to order that judges machines are so we strategically set it up and fortunately he made the catch on the first attempt in you know what's less ended on a positive yet perfect and also your part of birthday we just seen oh your yet ruins general twenty fourth okay so did he sex you're one year younger later that's fine we'll january thirty thirty first india would have is the twenty seven when he sat alone they welcome the birthday weak hey where is it we want is a state of mind or it's like a foot real football guys were born in the last week of january so what are you get us huh what are you have what does take some kind hopefully we shot off we were still play me ok so yeah perfect a super bowl box dynamic way for four pillars
arrange ring and maybe we get through apart and we get all the free play and having that conversation the only thing maybe when a little too far with was first play the game but everything else i can go ahead elapsed play the game burial dounia i like that quota reply divides thank you you you said yourself by coming on we were going to be lying on clean and the rest are honestly i feel like artist is alone irving how do you know you guys have taken it easy on made us i can appreciate that put the content of the regulation i am still not over it i'm gonna lie is true but we had but you saved yourself because we were like if ye if he skipped this were adopted just start being really mean to himself could you
why i appreciated journalism terrorism looking i love it when i appreciate you guys have me on man yet here is always a fan so had to come on angle you guys could see me again and so you got it you got a man yemen yeah love love that stuff like seven months and have shown mcveigh was brought together by movement you guys have heard we talk about movement you know that to college dropouts assert their own watch company will the company has grown like crazy and now with almost two million watch a sword and a hundred sixty countries they combine fashion in the belief that style should not break the bank aren't you i got the site lately but they ve double the number of watchdog that they have and are still expanding the also make sick ass sunglasses i love their sunglasses on them go to send the summer time get tons of compliments on em they ve come a long way from when they start outsource not just watches anymore they ve got sunglasses they get suffer the ladys as well and best news is
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the browser then we'd better ok i don't download haven't yet now you ll wait with we gotta get tee we'll get pieces in place when it whenever how do you feel in this camp compared to last year scam good man feel good i think he's been in the system for a second year and give a chancellor more of it and become more and more a master of it i guess you that tends to make things a bit easier john was tell us he was trying to put in some cool articles for you like why g rake that really cool or is it just like him trying to be full bog equal he has some cool ones those ones romania who are those ones in particular but he s an earlier ones it comes up with that early telephony greatest how much we get hurt us doing some of those yet we did we definitely watching these guys look they real pros out there the whole you guess yeah yeah i know it's hangers keeping track of your real complete all what would you have gone what do you want something
seventy three seventy zero out so different last year alone be foreseen in the beginning of this year we did his thoughts and pointed out the right now appreciate you say you do it sure hope so what is it what is it like those seriously with the superbowl expectations like that is it is annoying you ve been a lot the coherent play the game you you never know i mean we ve got some good players but you know analyses is gonna go in there releasing the happened as for a schedule in others injuries are millions of things like inhabitants are you never really know how to go but we do have good piece is in place and the accident that we had another tuna be the type of talk how does it work in practice you ever actually go up against the ones on the events there with them but usually we see i was watching today i was like away they given you like a little break today like what what's it like what's the difference looking like other john together can you guys the lad a lotta pieces they look at their tough i mean they're really tough for us off ancillae fisher with a keen marcus
an unarmed armageddon and avoiding it air mac pretty soon make that are really special over there but now they're doing really well as going to jail and make my job tough everyday so you and sean mcvay like basically you guys are joined at the hip do you spend off hours with him do you just like hang out with him because i feel like that can you guys have like one brain we do not allow together no one rainy ambering one brain our browser in a mess together ds had chosen to go out of my way that you can rise at the same time sima we it was your own is by he's gonna buy he's around it i'd and supervised by our king are there no but seriously though how is that i do you guys like how do you get on the same page with a coach like that because obviously everyone is talking about the the dual and can you do you think that could happen for mr risky
well yeah first of all i think just being with somebody a year you're more than a year your relationship is to build and i'm sure it's much like you guys doing this pipe cassius tendoned jelly other after a year we have one brain rio were wondering what we're working towards the panty one per head to head so the hour out we're on our way out offers our one brain yeah but were working on it and the real relationship to use a building as far as mental goes at a huge and i would urge you what's his fear food shimerda i don't know i've never seen him i've actually leg was one hour nurse enemy is always working night large guy just a grazing layer dear sister show it to he doesn't like football alike those version because he's very into what we were doing especially during the season is dialogue and like it doesn't do anything else will ok what's your favorite show my fair show who someone watching recently i'm trying to think you ve been training camps
last chance you as a glacier onawandah european level if your fear but i've just been unlike training camp like those lie so what's your name that's where i liked it those good we know what the standard is the standard means could do you view the standard is a standard would want to explain it us because we know its candidacy it's kind of a little words we ain't is always we joke about it as like will you know the stand this stand right islamic vegas normally normally explains with the standard as you just know what the states it is not about peace in the region more there is progress practice preparation practice preparation planning and perform perform and he actually went through those today might be the only reason was during a few even though we all remember the forty which differs between practice in preparation
so i repeat over there in planning and programming lining up preparations ye i asked myself that same question today i think i think remuneration apps avenues to do more with on the field and planning is how you plan what you're gonna do you got a plan to prepare don't play to prepare than you are preparing to plan yet written that's also true have you what were the sun goes up and down who yes we recover this last year what means while you gotta have criticised the sun sets in the west yeah now yet a lot about basis cannabis is ever going to show you this are you so happy and hard knocks cameras are now all you got no idea it's it's nice feel bad preclude women they got it both this year and i feel bad for everyone every year the other nice it's not far especially as yeah so what was so what's it like you just can't go anywhere it just everywhere you go the hardest cameras are interface
what's the score for the quarterbacks that yeah i was like that just cuz that you know there was i was drafted in case was playing there was a lot of controversy there and butt others they like to follow the course of action from the moment i drafted that year in april until the following april there was carers lakes grace as it was by his eyes were negotiated ass yet i did follow me home where he found a camp here at another time through the usual there was not fun niger amongst you still keeping dot org you watch it i did what the first sub soda is pretty good right there was yet skins awhile wash it sets the began its entertaining what are your thoughts on broken rollback broken i was amazing that van tory he gave amazing is tat always broken life would you say allies your town where the bronze down man will loaded there
you're who owns i don't think it's either of our towns tonker i think i think there's a lot of people like that say that in this town and right now start ass nor him yet either one eye actual took that question from ellie times they actually let me yeah i just go you and then it was like at such an annual quotas little newspaper is this your town jared near them and you gave the same answers wanting a different system so we can get the exclusive won't sell your town or the hans or film rivers oh oh it's not mine antonius not mine and that in that is it's not mine or anybody's yet whether was an extremely little foot was ice is nobody's right now however was not tat we should get to share it will help you we are we are your friends we're pr i guess is it still kogi step
i would also like all my dear i almost within its like oh you're you're like the broad like oh eureka you guys elderberry guy i'm a barrier guy but i'd i'd i'd not not available you respect his irrespective of race cop you got off i actually we have actually been absorbed at the warriors vans i feel i can do the times we like others about the argued for a u get frustrated i wanna route for the brown but the warriors are my team and i can't it's trying jail stuff come simply also route for the clippers cuz they're going to get kawhi leonard yeah just fired what's his name chauncey philips as well i'm sure because he made fun of quiet too much too quickly and they want to go after him next summer so yeah so that all wilds do it come on what's the hardest pass for you to make a man was breakdown your game hardest pass for me to make you say you want it's really easy
that would be like the quick out early as regards you suck like i say i really been workin on those in trying to make sure that keep him outside of emails i don't wanna fallen words you have people trying to pick martyrs weakness the quick are you changing italy's point constantly yeah i notice that we were just talking about that was shown by chris cars with has looked tracer that he puts on your arm all the time is a watch the release of one off stock about that here we were we were talking was shot about your release point and he soon research stroke like seven times in a minute encroach us we did not make it a bit my my lips sturdily i was staring beauty in the sunglasses mouselike due to undo it dont do it so i'm gonna get you russia needs to be given to amuse took it too easy i talked about pussies for little they ask you some questions how is your stroke which a shrug like strokes greater i was getting father father great strokes rate we need you to get ready for he a lot of women
now the worm your mom's warmed in the hands warm yeah yeah whatever happened i usually do enormous jaws beforehand in the dining room you gotta make sure your wrist blake are good friendly for that reason it is stroke was off his struggles are now yes hi is wearing arms it was his honor like in damagon and yet nobody says the employer is now in downtown suv i ll do we do notices dominant he's nicknames accidents is ignorance documents fast becoming known amran dominant ok i have you been hit by met i hereby my rookie year my first remark here like really bad however came into law we go you're having a practice that we take an odd do you want to play games with us the lovely ok because i hereby ready echoes of reverse yeah why you scared always help when view
great question because are always so cool and high as i see you like files we grew up here alive area so you when you are like fourteen year old jared goff go kick my ass because like california kids they just experience life differently everything is relaxed they probably have sex when they're like twelve but with other people it also has actually sounds but i know that you get what i say they lose orgy early they they smoke we they hang ten they do ali's goofy footed they will be early rip the nor are they were stu c and tell us all and their helical so like when you come here and you see all these teenagers you're like these geysers gross me and they might not and there had natural bad experience with a common denominator now is bad actually know that was so i was gone for the non bullied rehash elsewhere that kid with a visor unlike police blonde hair which wasn't please she was just here
colleagues i just have one or two thousand amadeo fuck that so yeah do you don't think i'm right though the college kids like experience life differently like the and every fucking california kid was drafted the emily the daily you you got any colleague teenagers like ours draft by the rules and the fifty fourth round and unemployment the other thing is they all know how to say like some spanish words because all the towns like belgium as i come from saluted whisperer they know and what was that they know good burrito place you know you analyse duenna while i think i think to speak for all the california kids you know we will we will by we'll be nice yeah i mean you should just keep this up as you get your and my head so i can write everything i said oh my u get rats remo be no was wrongly
i'd like a bad patchy you i'm not i know i didn't buy at both your point is true there's a lot of kids get lost you play this will allow the other rosa like going over to london last year every ones like so not chill like till the opposite a galley londoners inexperience areas that we ve gone two years alone on going i should now like to assure the london i love playing in london i don't love staying in london yeah stay outside of ones where we say it actually the city of london his great we stayed like an hour outside of one in hotels great food is not that is not really much it is and i just don't must not now huge fail europe oh why that's where do you more like not to shovel admires i gotta sure so america asia europe should not so much like mexico itself from exuviae have elevated icy over we're like you ve been doing like baja california
now then rosaria got surfeit of other kinds of ireland to ec stopper ok yes he does some saying you pronounce outweighs works you anyway i agree with you europe thing they're just think of a better than us who does europe general thinks are better than us place yes yes they were in the europe we also have a hundred percent running and without an analogy teenage their fans are great though there a lot of fun i bet they don't really like really like like part like her girlhood like a good part and never go nuts attack i remember you also london when you go over there and fans of teams are playing the game sharp like the guy the jaguar out through good i mean you get more this random jerseys other emmy be like if we went to a soccer game yet we just right where like whatever socrates right aren't you re for this game despots called i was googling things to ask your golf and am now going to just read you the people also asked questions hooker how much money is jerk off making you're asking me that's the
now people are asking that i'm ok that's a big different how much money my contract is worth twenty eight million who as precise what is the meaning of golf that's what i don't know i don't know people rather ticket closing pronounced golfers a job like gulag jeff got me sorry i got those it off there was a really kill myself from gaffes town that i might have to reform our canker alike at weird as jeered golf rank among incidentally passing we yards leaders who beer i'd sam somewhere in the top fifteen fish twenty and then the last one i don't you understand this when was whence drafted used readily ever before you a second they also have to have an overall madame credit got it we u rooting for now actually that's bad question among good i would say we rooting for cars and let's get injured became pick after you too when a super while you
never wasn't it requires a guy like you very much mrs gill there's a better question do you remember that prank that you did like two months ago where you like went to college campuses i remember and recover i remember i remember you're acting skills were really good just really excellent did you think so now when i was gonna mess up like you just showed up in your prank was like i'm gonna take this guy's job was really mean yeah i felt like i was like other being like really mean to these kids and like i thought really bad and i was lost other didn't show those that was my way worse than what they did show arouse like cussing people and like i was fully in character i fell backwards and like apologize but it was fun is so whether how good when they finally said ok guys is jerry gough whereof people like document it does mean our word or they like happy to see that there were relieved because it was it was not a good day for some those kids unfortunately yeah i was telscombe enemy house kalganov
good right the yellow bigger in thy father because this year i don't know you think they're looking for a quarterback right now for the hoosier who's going be there started a good guy coming back and have yet topple guys competing i don't know who they're gonna choose ultimately but you know i don't i dont really no battle i hope moment i hope they're gonna be it best gambling mamma the year last year was bearing the under that forest fire game because no could breathe that was not trying to say a profit of forest fire but that was it tat what you gotta give you it was a good tip and it was failure like where mass in the air in this though i know tat i was yes i'd others no one there too as it was then said to force marseille man there that's it i'm going on now here ain't you were like football or anything but it's just kind of a statement that needs to be said by us like word aunt i forest fires for as far anti terrorism and nazi where we don't do it shit fuck like forest fires
where the big three debate or an anti nazi that someone get one i've gotta remember i'm bored with warm without one client i forest fire also anti here also what we spoke with caution yes also lists member we don't know don't i later stands i lift unless we shame shot out people stutter yeah because we know saudis not easier we call our last question seeking question promo code taking a ten dollars off and you can go to ram scheme you see jerk off in a simple issue for ten dollars cheaper than what your ticket price what i've been with promo code take seeking ass question want u s s question russian thanks as you guys have you heard of one of our funds this is why this is my will my second time on reform in person to the universal values and ideas are made significant upgrades our equipment last eyes on skype and those whose old chap and how to shape a no we don't you see
what we do every now and then time like we are last time although we want your last fall but you were you in the grove and i wanna fuck with that so now that you're back this and why phillip we got a nice little crop quarterbacks work on you got no no he's our europe hundreds senate's need to ya know mrs in your enough sega yeah really young a mile now yet not mitch mitchell ok ok mitch you are our end of sea west guy guaranteed ok but have you been narrowed down i'll deal with points are i've not ok it's great your iphone good foot yeah yeah now you we we actually route very hard for you i know it i know you know that i do no we're just good time i've seen an eye on the way out niners game last year we had a good game we one euro on the first exercise
whose eyes on you so we ve been here since the start of my guys yeah it's it's five because we pretend to be journalists but we actually are well where did we do care for ten times where but with one another we cut the cat like you don't know well guess what i decide who is it that we are very open about our buys for certain play i appreciate having no problem how much you squat yellow legs of but always out of always that's my legs oh yeah i will ask on itunes back squatted unlike a long time already does the rocks not you're you're strengthen condition cos you back spoke a rock what have you swore no rock alex you know who i am now he would have set sweater cost because it's free
because i never know if they are not because you miss it is you buying nicer closer me or because my tell me how it is sure cost fifteen dollars a corpse i know it looks like it's a marlins on cloning it now but i can never tell of the call by should he calls a shitty body i think it's although the latter its laws i want you to be like the other was a five minute sweatshirt like filth i can ever for that that's fine now it's not nothing is by forty dollars was exile in union egg you wanna take off your back but the court a backroom has been using asked the jackpot alot yeah ya to relay so good
like it is are you missis reed here your ass will be in the jag added that yeah are you the idea that sort of background i always feel like in camp at least at the start that there's one better why guidance i've been around for a while that becomes the offer for like a couple weeks until the male cattle start until the turk caught cosmic the office we have myself shall man you're with me and i know he doesn't i'll title outed are so much money on organ stay quarterback my letter dark it's insane what's it like you do ok people sean centres on sky sean's technically the lorries when you're over the media when we have burned down who's the same years me and of a rookie luis press ok officer you're the offer you are sure you were doing cisco reduction fast i chaired select the season when you guys radio parisian replanting york what a play in new york now yesterday giants now we don't go we go are furthest east is detroit and guess who's that
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that com is promo code take twenty five get a free when he found our wager on the house and two hundred percent extra bonus let's take twenty five get your free wager and start winning today ok hey let's get some segments first stop we have hurt or injured for big ben he got injured or her couple days ago the report is a concussion but now today we find out from adam scheffler steelers kubi ben rouses burger did not suffer concussion in practice this week per source he had helmut jarred loose when marcus gilbert was shoved into him wrath twitter is not playing tonight what but we'll play in pittsburgh third preceding game so big ben not concussed joe tat his helmet knocked often does he think he is about crane yes sir
i think big been is dumb enough were actually believes that the helmet is part of his hair was my brain seems like i've been decapitated so now the i'm hurt i gotta put my only injury and heard i have not had any more there goes my home yeah he's like i can't see anything like ben that's because your helmet turned around and you're looking at the back of it over your eyes his income never go on blinded for life today just given give him the concussion test anymore what do you think big pence concussions has looks like wild meat is based light and from what we have been what day is it ok this fine yet have forgotten you have they been starts to know what day it is at that point needs to be very worried about where my weary if big ban is like where my plea of chains leftovers any like ok he's actually he's collusion it because he ate those three hours ago yeah she doesn't know where they are then gets his helmet knocked around i can't see but his office and really good at playing the piano yes i could actually totally see thy but big ban so hurt not hurt now
hurt not injure just dumb mumbled put this one in dodged a bullet yes but we all know been he doesn't like to wear helmets yeah so but i guess he should have felt but maybe will turn over a new leaf after each slammed his face into a car windshield he's a guy you have to have a helmet on maybe just being yet very cosh over protected so good on you been really be disappointed when big ben retires his through he's one of those guys i don't wanna get like doom and gloom here but like big ben rivers yeah you man i am i am all these guys hiring you decide to be so says like thinking about your dog getting old and reallocating not so you don't want to die out all right they're not now it's actually a miracle of physics that been was able to get his helmet knocked off his fat face nosey have skinny face now it here i mean that's shows its gryce you are doing what you accuse me of do not always go which has taken reports out of context
because i saw that headline too that he's in the best shape of his life yeah and then i saw picture of em like mocha fat facebook but i mean he's lost ten pounds unixlike linking gets done by bees pigments product i don't want to lose too much weight as i feel like a lucid my brain will a key if he gets on the tremble for too many miles or part of his brains gonna go away with his tits he definitely cherishes like every small part of his body cause he's like i've collected this mass over the years shadows everything every and cranny every single pieces cellulite on my legs has its own member he's like a water seizures he hordes his own body massa man don't i'll write you put in perspective was not think about it love love we can have a runaway not gonna play i believe is now really wages they realm baseball so we had a couple baseball brawls we had the weak verse humbly brawl which was a game we were at shut out
also in the third and we were bad sports down he and we left early we had to catch a flight which are being delayed by like two and half years an elusive flight was too hot ninety degrees when we didn't even tweet about and we were had eaten had had a couple edibles and we'd you have told us don't worry it did nothing to me and we give tee i thought they were in it we did a lot more than nothing save my bag full of society i say and who boy i was swept through phd in our dodger stadium and the paddy italy for he went in and we got in line to get food and we had like three or
course do is come up right away and take pictures us and then there's a six year old guy in front of us who then for the next fifteen minutes while online asked us like what we did and why people are coming up to annex ii sauce and we're just to guph any area like sweating re read idea look like crashes why do people people why would anyone want to make sure they re out we just traded back and forth answering all these questions with one word though i feel like what you do podcast so how do people you also video i don't know where it and then we got any we got up the line and then we ordered at a little ice cream helmets with that were delicious that's when we knew that we are both being affected by the edible who i think our initial plan was to order like things just gesture nachos yeah nachos and then you're gonna get like a hot dog and then at the end regulates add on nine hours to helmets filled threats rule with i hurry on rats water good time starship employment we digress so happy smolny at tat war keeping it relevant that brawl have
and then also around the corner jose irina thinks jose right yeah can you metallic yet they they had a arena hit acount because acount had hit five home runs in a row five games in a row here with the first picture the game benches cleared it is true me paul stuff and with that love it yeah i mean gregg williams was ahead culture manager in baseball you know he do that simply propounding on i know it's bullshit but at the same time if you can't stop em it's like you know the whole wholesale like if you can't what is it you can't beat on joint girt miguel but gladly haven't ran if it can't beat him eat m yeah they ve kept me to meet him no but like basically like if you the tough shit like get better i actually disagree
think if you can't beat him just throw them listen baseball is filled with a long line of sore losers yes it can expect them to turn over a new leaf office and i do like how seeing that that protect or escalation made me go back to my school spanish and look up what the action over the end was wasn't tonia tilda within it that's the letter the thing political squiggly line is in india ok and the sea but he's pronounce it near near nea yeah yeah yeah so yeah i also think it good wake up he's gonna get a good way to stay relevant bodies all relevant that we just did a baseball's relevant and basically didn't even talk of peace but i think a good way for numerous irrelevant is to just dose all the fans of games with edibles yeah and then people ask him why people keep asking him for question and people be like forgot area flight yeah daughter stadium
white shadow thunder stadium we both came to the conclusion that is one of our favorite stadiums it's so cool it's retro it's very retro in the dodger dogs were good we all got to dodger dogs right when we walked in the door and yeah i like to hold original bobblehead rich hill bobblehead i mean collector's item come on now we have the whole like seen the sunset the hills i know it's not in a good spot but i like to play i like the uniforms to yeah the forger or very class school year old school script yeah i love it so a bunch of guys that we're sitting front row that were old white rich looking guys were probably on wife number for five and i thought they were all there you captain billy's ehler can get along came right as authoritative exhilarating speaking it does we have tommy lasorda coming on monday which is going to be asked
great modified storehouse shot with how much chirped picket urea he came out me a couple times how i loved i loved he doesn't know how much will you meet maybe knows thereby taking pictures of him like a long time that's what it was time let's do our last we forget the grab back we have embraced the bait so the her name fighting irish are playing a game at yankee stadium dear and they unveiled their thing yeah they are now no there's really yeah the usual laid aims ripple yeah they usually play on like aircraft carrier yeah yeah so notre dame play yankee stadium and they held their new uniforms which have pinstripes in them so embrace debate has notre dame earned their pinstripes i think this is as close as noted aims has been to being back in a while he actually yes the yankees our great team this you're probably gonna make the one game play off me
maybe that put the i feel like a cheapening kids give pinstripes anyone just because it will not i think that you can make a special exception in the case no name because most yankees fans are also noted dame true true good point but just feels like we're just hand pinstripes how willy nilly now i eat what they need to do it wait before notre dame unveiled these uniforms the yankees needs to have a press conference in like take errand judges away be like that no ray meets him you shouldn't there should be a fine a number of pensions one in one out right stray exactly you cages everyone can get a pin strutton you need to give it you know what a guess what we're going to take away any pettus pinstripe yo at europe's noted what they're doing as their deflating devalued pinstripe right just like money so you can't just print more money it should be based on gold right ass though this is based on notre dame should know they wear the golden helmets agreement about this about we compromise
we allow touchdown jesus to wear pinstripes on his robes until orange it comes back from the dead i like tat politically brings about yeah which judges resurrected might be out for a little bit longer so it looks like we were dumb for laughing all those people say he died so he's gonna be dead for like a month you have a month plus a long time and then but when it comes back the judge has risen that's me i'm just gonna write that reveal headline right now to do a revolt times on twitter account that we created that whenever we don't psychotic i don't know through vail daily post another another great idea by us that we abandon after two seconds for the kings of that hank was finished up with the grab bag get her one of the weekend all right explain it to hank water
hours that's just where you save all the water that's where are your pisses it's actually just picea not use have all the water up there's a reservoir is where you drinking water from him and then when you flush you're pissed on the toilet get shot up into a tower ya know i make sense twice over the jets redskins games document whose winning redskins schwartz or else the over in this baseball game there is it bases loaded no out triple play that's pretty bad as i think i'm so that it but that's pretty bad us or view through dumdum brains try to prove their california toughness then have to call an overrated basketball player in a fake bodybuilder to get them out of god's called swag walk over in texas
recommendation it a bleak griffin ryan resell that wasn't a rick it those directed at those for targeted we snipe ballade who bought in sea we did in sudan live on we're stuck and for that and are weak old everyone we knew in a way which was play cricket or so and they just laughed in us for even a can we go on a time rocky movie i don't ever go on for north appointed wise the ocean salt water brackish that order you should use new explanation what aids and i have an idea you up here abrek immediately got its brackish because that's where all the fish come so when efficient jesus i don't have you ever seen a discovery channel most of it got in the way that a fish impregnates another fish is they shoot urges all over the eggs and are already like lying on the ground he has so all that just has to go somewhere manages goes in the water and mix all water brackish hey guys i gotta jimbo for you i went on my honeymoon maui on a tour of the area where we are losing
the prestige eggs himself moua forget maui motorways it weird that like what is brac swallow it know that word and i do know it has to do with salt cuz whenever you go to a beach if you're ever taken a piss in the bathroom that's at the beach it says do not drink brackish water got it this is the essence of being a man where you just know enough random words that you can cobbled together somewhat of an explanation yeah well what happened is like a first couple times at the beach you don't know it brackish means are you just drink the water anyway i'm coming the false it and then you know puking so then you associate puking with the word brackish for the recital a clear appeal from drinking salt water i have gotten like my shot countries so it is i look so delicious i was not very smart as child i do not know she caught her i'm sorry i started our start again but yet i do it all though all and sean country
my heart you got my only galleries wages gonna mowing forget maui hank and whom hang out i gotta jimbo video honeymoons maori on toward the area where dr appointed to a house instead that chris permanent cut to the end of the trip on the plane back home my new wife asked what the best part of the trip was without hesitation i said barely seeing legend pumas why house through a line of trees she went the rest the eleven our plane ride without talking to you weren't wrong this guy north of us forget about the best part of my day was hearing this story about you almost seeing workers airmen let other you could have spun that if you were smart as chris berman's house can astounds like a euphemism for the clearest like oh i see
chris burma's house through laboratories first saw yeah so i found chris burma's our skies are absolutely i won't work dovetail have them pat accident for question four p m t how do you tell us afghan oxen from new zealand want who that's a good question the south africa accent it just sounds like they're always asking a question at the time and are also probably just a little more racist yeah says they are good scheme is a button to put into that sounds like irish people that sounds like somehow tie many bridge cat brutally i get that south africa now let's australia canada new zealand silk miss smith miss me says yes look really enjoy visa might need as you say you just know divergent south africa could usually when you do a south african afferent accident you started by saying so difficult suffer if you'll get sick you say like warms you up yeah you in every sense with sir to sufficient to improve skipped get it is just an entire country of key documents
serves to resign some boys canute please to my friend jeff that you don't have to wash your hair everyday he thinks you're natural hair oil is bad for your hair was jeff we ve all been there i tried the notion pooh movement about a year and a half ago it doesn't work for every type air some people's arrogance very oily and mild might look like absolute dog shit and everyone might make funding for like the third day that you allow shower yeah i will i dont understand about the no shampoo crew are you not showering because if you're in the shower what is just like throwing a little shampoo in your hair like that snow i've done everything for you cuz you have curly hair but like for me and hank that's no extra time yeah we'll for me it's not yeah but you also have to blow dry your hair curly hair straighten it bro
when you were a kid rockers best but my dear i guess it's so how did big cap become affiliated with iraq corp just stockton online don't do it folks buddy i sought to my mind that's pretty much at i started writing a blog he posted a picture like four years ago whereas i like hard at work at the court and it was a picture of a rod at two in the morning with a bunch of unsigned baseball's in a computer that wasn't plugged in and i said this is the type of company i want work and there s a sister are at last one who says is part of my take by bushel sports at the beginning of every show that's a good question we get that probably more than anything else oh shit i got the idea that that overhead how nice congrats lost its a push right now it's six five the angels title change the one i was talking about where it was a triple play with no else i got a hot tip for tomorrow night but they actually is tonight if you listen to on friday
in the way i see it all say don't see one because in the mines don't but dont whenever you do not worry it was the ravens is what you're trying to say whatever you do don't you re been in the ravens gain will see monday with tommy lasorda let me guess one say boy grown up for them for being taken a cobra little tiny for people believe in poland is rather payments group your word and to train german primitive by level there is no progress has been made with pleasure madame vine nothing blood products where pick a carpenter bronchitis puts our noble maker s own applauded his big trouble pont terms are you planning its pardon my tapes presented by far stool sports
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