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Randy Couture + Football Guy Of The Week Tyler Trent From Purdue

2018-10-26 | 🔗

The Brocketship failed to launch. Big Cat makes a promise that will prove to be very dangerous if it comes true. (3:12-10:47) NFL Week 8 preview and picks. (10:47-16:57) Fantasy Fuccbois. (16:58-21:19) MMA Legend Randy Couture joins the show to talk about his new fight league, the toughest guy he ever fought, whether people respect him more for having cauliflower ear, and if he could take Big Cat and PFT in a fight. (23:23-47:28) Football Guy of the Week Tyler Trent joins us to accept his honor, talk about how awesome Purdue vs Ohio State was, and how we can all help in the fight against Cancer.(49:07-1:02:43) Segments include does David Price have the clutch gene? (1:08:44-1:12:36) Jimmy Butler trade update. (1:12:37-1:14:28) Just stop talking Jon Gruden.(1:14:29-1:15:48) Drunk Ideas (1:15:49-1:18:12) and Hanks Grab Bag (1:18:13-1:29:30)

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today's party might take we have you ever see legend randy couture joined us in studio yet we size it's not a big deal talk to us about the fight in his career his new venture which sounds absolutely awesome we also have of our football guy of the weak tyler trent you probably saw the story it was an incredible one he's fighting cancer and he was able to make it to the producer or house they came die hard boiler maker and base he took out obermeyer himself so we had a lot of fun talkin him about football whose fear football player is all that good stuff we also have fantasy fuck boys in a little hanks grab bag before we do the annex el weak eight preview before we gets all that though
let's do some ads and because it's friday let's do some larry's picks pft we got our first start in jolie old england town with the morning game i said i don't have to research it is it a morning game or is it that shity one game know it's more i other you're asking if it's the morning gave in england it's not it's like like three three sheltered its blake portals and us and likewise against eagles ok let's do it falls i and we brought you mike jeff you already know the cash out number one finance up on the app store what you might not know is it you can also put cash app in your wallet with the cash card it's the only debit card that offers instant rewards incomes packed with premium features not even a credit card can offer like boosts list if your college and don't take avenge boosts what are you doing save up to ten percent is the whole foods aaa and these pan express orchard flay more your favorite spots or even one
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a twenty sixth and please remain or to change or clocks yeah is that this we can write we think it's actually next week and i want to get everyone read on and i was really excited fort this weekend so i might just do it am i live in my own times i think we're yet we talked about doing that earlier this week where i live in your life on coffin daylight saving sign pot now we have it for next week ever alice you and very hung over your point so remember set you clocks forward an hour the weekend yes do it this weekend forward don't be upset us also pierre say part of my tape p p s i shut up making kelly yeah dough i face we don't want anybody out there don't black first anti not silent it i'll lists are anti anti lists yeah it's a black face my worry clarify that second were again to you pull who are entitled to this sir progress yes that is really fucked up that they made
such a hard words it is so brutal if i thought i thought i had a lisp therefore and i found it easier less aunt i pro the portals aunt i blank faces or something else were either were antigay i care manner after a lot of them have come out strongly against down vibes by divide as vibes easier but don't you black face don't even think about it here and no stop i can hear you out there i don't care how fond nobody after you don t have tee what if i want to do but we have to put on but i'm going as rachel those who is if there is not really black i don't know i don't care on trying to help you here yes yes doctor so it is coming around halloween season it is these start thursday was the start of twenty seven straight days with football there's gonna be a college
in order to feel gave for twenty seven straight days and i am so excited tat is like the best feeling in the world to know that every night there's a little football waiting for you at home maybe action may be formed belt who knows but its waiting for you in its there and its ready got yes every single time you get hot twenty seven days until the next day we that is like
guys version of sinking upon her periods together yeah like the moon in controlling football for the next wasted we're all gonna be you know it s actually not a bad correlation we're all gonna be probably a little bit bloated remaining let us only snacks we're gonna be irritable yeah is really be losing a lot of her bats well we'll be bleeding out of various holes from doing drugs such in the other thing is twenty seven to at the end of the twenty seventh day is actually when college vaseful tournaments start how man so and then you get the daytime college basketball psychopath for people that live before television where do they look at their privileges looked at a wall and an imagined that their response going on adequacy snow they had kisses the other just math all the time so they all just had pictures of jesus in their house and that was a k come see my thirty six inch jesus i just got a new one that's actuated i would go over some sassy a thirty six issues here that opening protein all that well bill down the street he just got a fifty five ensure his wife let em i can't believe it it's a whole fuckin thing they did they just had fireplaces yankees you can start a fireplace were allowed to absolutely absolutely okay so eta fell weak ate it hurts to say we gate but or have fun it's friday
let's get loose next week is gonna be the really scary cassettes when its officially over half where yes yes yes don't ok pause to everyone pastime really quick one two three pause enjoy the moment for poles her she stopped during the past telling them why they get everyone pause time one two three go ok you'll think about that moment like february was a great we all think about among unjust paused at the exact almost the exact halfway mark it we share that together and i ll never forget it so the rocket ship
one before i mean i love oh yes he listened he had a couple overthrows yes he threw one backwards they somehow wasn't a fumbled i was smart those a smart move he knows the rule book more than anybody also he knew that if he if you like flailed his arms wildly and accidently through the ball five yard backwards yes then it would actually count as him trying to bring it back into his body s so good move on his heart role here yeah bad awful rule that common sense should prevail there he threw it backwards that should be a fumble he also had his classic brockett ship interception where he threw the ball
where there was no receiving close and it was a perfect strike right to the lie back in such archibald sea ice tight spiral ass it's like the one that is such a pervert brockett ship throw jaska he also had an assist yes oh i don't know of rhine tentacles ever at insist brok through pass d danny amend all who then through the time passed yes will fill a special going on you gets a pointed out ass oh yeah i mean he really if we do our three stars of the night i think brock's gabby number one yet and we saw brandon weedin first second him he knelt the ball at the end of the first have improved is clear yard precarious i really wish you just said fuck it try to run one i bet those kyler knowing what they would have but it was it was actually enjoyable game and i think the text are officially back on five games and thrown out they want oh here's the thing we put the dun chain i think you're the first team that i'd unchained he likes the spur of the moment now re monsieur done under political kid kip to leave to leave
t here and i'm going to snatch the dun chain no i'm sure that's no no no no no sir do not because listen spends on as long as it when the super we were right they might super now they're not gonna windsor bull guaranteed a cut off a pinky ok you're yo yet that our law condemn what did i will just say what happened i think no no no it's hell no i hope you have a big you know i'm cropper caught off the top my knob aren't you gonna do johnnie farragut act like the minnesota vikings long snapper yeah we'll go looking for our yeah cut off the tip of my power cut off from from this bone up we feed it larry like you're like a sufficiently in the saliva that all euros and you can have any every hour color are cut off the nail and i'll have a knob i
he was gonna cut his pinky ivan abuse and even eat shit i did each known really saw hankers it was never on video you feel it wasn't video near you member you dont want to be sure if you're back you don't want you back so yeah it's yet see you so you mean it wasn't a video amateur cut off the nail up if the texans win that's how that's because i respect the dun china you don't i do i'm just respect so much might take it back do you think the text is actually have a chance to do anything texans definitely have a chesapeake bangles in the playoffs upon our ongoing there yeah i'll do as if they get to the supermarket just put like an outrageous amount of money on them so that way
by an if i win yeah it's like not all bad is also an inspirational story if you lose a finger than you continued apart and blog we okay so many people listening to the show if i have to cut off my finger live on the show your first blog back minus a pinky you that's gonna be that should be nominated for speedier courage award you know i'll do too i would even go further will have gigi want watch j d you just won the superbowl bro you have to come watch me cut off the tip of my path okay so this is now i guess i guess now everybody is lit is rooting for the houston texas is how fast things get out of control here because this was supposed to just be a fun friday let's talk about the games and now i'm talking about cutting off the tipp my pick now luckless endless unpacked a sort of it how do you want are you gonna do yourself are you i don't think you're gonna be able do yourself this isn't twenty seven hours or whatever the christian on the prestige is put the the cork in your mouth interest opera i have a doctor
come do hank spoilers yes cry all they have a doctor come and do it or actually know what maybe i'll just have a member though or have a reservoir dogs will have the guide like tied down and they re stuck in the little with you because you're off yeah you don't i'll do we should that the the the bric you have a bit you're off cigar gotten fucker they call cigar cutter known or older people cutter year the big board yet appears countries so i ll just put my finger in that news i was gonna hoping that you'd asked me to do
no i'd absolute gives you cut the whole fuckin thing i'm just trying to understand that not just trying to get a nice chloride lydia three two one right you know what we do i shall put it out it may i put some money i just want the nub cut off right jane said it's basically from the from the fingernail up so we get empty better do yeah we get saratoga circumcised your finger i want no for a u paisley draw lighted the fingernail cut that out just has a nice little fuckin pointed at people know puke if they're like don't you fucking come at me the j p p a pie garcia if there's one guy that's actually qualifies him out of my people reach out you know what i'm like i'm already of our said goodbye to it i don't even these are pretty for even though i actually the tipp there would be bad ass to have the tip of my picky maybe maybe it when the heels are put a tattoo on it so you can like stared at the case stop looking at my now my eyes or appear catch of problematic if i took your grandpa ok let's tourism games now that i've really just step
ok i'll lose relieves town usually style game i got an easy one i've gotta these what you feel jacksonville yes ok it's actually for this game since is over in london it's more just like away the losers return passport yes so this game i i'll i'll say that this game will decide if like the loser this game is done right out of place to alleviate don chain actually the eagles can still survive be now the end of the east they still might be able as i looked at the our word schedule your me to run through a game i came by name by all my friends are stuck the bottom line is that our words are gonna go tenant six minimum ok maybe eleven five so this is easy losers town what is your are we sure they're good game are we sure they're good seattle detroit ok i have jets bears but i think both play both yeah yeah so both will be a big the winner of that aim a walk away being like the whole seasons in front of us were ready to go the loser of those games are going to be done
when the dumps and think in holy fuck we're skirt i'm an ok actually think the lines at the lines could be it they can win that vision you shouldn't we're not sure their bad well we'll find out on some other good tune in to dick stockton and marks the earth seahawks lines my box what about the game of the weak as a medicine neurons free to know who rams trackers ok yeah there's two good there's two games that we hear it all games of the week i listened its first quarter of the weak for rams packers yet as i get the feeling the rams you gonna go up on him like thirty ten i wish could just flax this switch this with the patriots bills yeah but that does not need to be on monday night give us rams packers among our here's the thing here's all staff for you what is it
to its bills and buffalo young ok so butter boils automobile undesirable wheels internal we're not flexing thou the packers erasure use assumed a snow ever gave me out of court settlements is either going to snow or you can get your dick sucked in the part our garage cause you gave away or pico alonzo tree are you gonna get hit with a dildo beyond the pilgrims we want one of the thirty one of the three dollars or the the packers nine and a half that is the large spread that aaron rodgers ever ever been given as it as an underdog that's a huge number four aaron rodgers it is and he's coming off by so that need probably feel a little better make the car theo a little bit more time to figure out how to misuse all his wide receivers are you think what i'm thinking what at the colosseum as work from whence towards asia wash your god forbid cheeses now read
i said god forbid it's not gonna happen ok real shaped by the way don't carson went to the injury had nothing do the turf and used literally in mid air yea notebook alphabet got forbids the boss of the place where it happened so bad you do that you ok you do if you picks way we also have our over henry game no robberies back on oath rivalries back i guess brown steel sprout sealer's yes and double revenge game now and one todd hayley revenge game and joe hayden revenge game will on both sides of the air that is nice robberies deftly backer hey little funds tat somebody told me that i didn't bother to backtrack and also i laid on may be empty stats department take a look at it i do it verdicts every browns coach that is during the last five browns coaches had been fired have gun fired after they play pittsburgh that's all right but it sounds right and it doesn't sound really feels right answer i meant only after the point that europe is very was alas team that they played against ok we'll have some
check out whatever that's cool like that's that do what's going on with leaving a bell he's schroeder's back no railways advantaged voting is drawing back he's back but he's not back he said he was gonna come back but he's that he has ensured that facility i don't think i'll what's up isn't practiced what's up my dear what you're too a huge ass it lay down valeo bell i don't i don't understand and i actually just started that's like i just assume that he was back as he said that he was can be back an end we just got lost in the shovel no no i have no idea what is thinking cause this doesn't have a vested year is a daily its tat is we test we too that's when i ll be back ok he's maybe he's lost a lot of money this year yes yes he hats true it's out check it out there's not lost a lot of money at all and i will read it in that links tunisia be an article ok so without clicking the israel yep ok nice nice are let's get to fancy fuck boys
i pity you yourself this is avery out a naughty i'm here to talk to you guys but my fancy pigs with make sure when you gave this we can understand the cheerleaders uniform probably the last year were going to see him but guess what were they dress up like cartoon characters tat my mom you to remove or pet every night before she took my little talk instead that catch me go and baby s away rather avery towards better cheerleaders snotty clearly on amazon wins i don't i don't look at porn so i started stared draws on the sidelines my sick guess what i'm said this week i'm saying why that's right that's like our call you cry disavowed open towards pined away yes thing on the arrest of woe observed one time i jumped out of the blue card because i saw the big rebels back where i got road rash and one that i didn't write i just i just watch tower couple nice guys the pickle you bought your political short said tat i do deals woe oh my sleep this james winston i'm sleeping jamie's which is looking over his soul was busy china tibet to take over for now is what the f b i just announced the mailbox packages originate in the poor that's right of portuguese later susceptible pablo fobs come at a better interrogated magic maybe that's right travis back ok what today looking milkshakes a week my storm is james why he's been the most consistent often play for the patriots a season and it's gonna be a huge for love it's on a weekly basis going poured politic love both white guys from the university of with nazi my system is no papa do they hit song in after you gotta be average more than five point again we share together more variety to jackpot half problem has been worked out which we still got a big wingspan my sleep on it has been dogs the heart you from the mid two thousand are back in a big way you see a mob uk club i let you go to where those though all railway sneakers okay this is tony me or you might remember me from being a goal we put its not only on the fence fucking exports by star tat early i gave you the steadily this week he's got seven more points in the entire buffalo pills office was guess what he's got more scrimmage tedious nine fell teams started disguised puppy dog you gonna want to start a month is still available seventy seven percent illegal i totally why july popero school on you now one nothing gloss on the fourth of july you on patriotic communist spock a good question he accomplished next one though but watch your fucking mouth because by cinemas bombs at the male everyone knows that's a coward pocket both in our business issued somewhere in the back of it adopted a bomb in the mail put upon a member you avery just say not saying i will just say that i could pretty that eurostat fry used to back there i won't say my point in our group strongly condemns all its body all of that swedish shirts money no spoilers do is good article twenty kills sissies fucked up ok my sleep at starbucks witches were you going to see in this city killed his wife knowing you know he thought his wife killed them that's fucked up i also made that i think aloni nodded his son had been eisele starbucks which is pursued i see this it's a verbal drink for which means of be careful caesar listen you don't believe in witches couch lie at cambridge a little bit of her yellow biddable skated canopy which has come and get you put your also find out if you dont admission to read you know you could tell which robbery the real resources i take an erection when a black cats in the report and say as i watch role dolls which is what i was seven years old and i had no match for the next six years of my life story right around our abroad that right where you like a kid on a hobbyhorse purple eyeballs dough hair holy fuck it shit obscured right now did you guys actually see them as we know it and our my i saw it when i was
we too have those movies i saw it is well when i was way to young i i someone should have stepped in and been like nope don't watch a movie because i was fucked up yeah i saw it all which as i stand by me when i was like nine and those like this is fucking call kids to fucking cossiga and funded bodies yeah doing ass we ain't cheerio callback yes absolutely the brown talks thompson various policies is christ he that guy what a guy the cat okay what's interviews ok before we get to our inner views we have first up randy couture and we have another larry specs another ad for you but this add is very very good because its game i'm about to buy and i watched today it's called red dead redemption too
fifty what picker we're gonna do with red dead dead redemption to we're doing the lions at sea hawk ok lines and seahawks listen like i just said i watched it today it is absolutely stunning rockstar games creators of critically acclaimed and record breaking grand theft auto series are back with their latest blockbuster red dead redemption to an epoch tailed honour and loyalty and the dying days of america's outlaw era and told her what's the deepest and most expensive rockstar world today cox seahawks set in eighteen ninety nine you play as arthur morgan senior in force for the notorious band van der linde gang a group of outlaws on the run has a rob fight and steal their way across america in order to survive as
stars first game built completely from the ground up for the latest generation of hardware red dead redemption to use the power of the new consuls decree inexperienced it's not just open put deeper more merce more immersive more interactive than ever experienced a new kind of story as you live the life of an outlaw arthur morgan in red dead redemption two on sale today october twenty six for play station for an xbox one promoter now rockstar games a calm slash red dead redemption to raided em from mature ok here we go randy we'll talk k we now welcome on a very special guess he is a u fc hall famer he's here to talk about the professional fighters league is randy couture thank you for joining us thank you we just talk to you about the headphones fitting a flower have had here do you walk around knowing that like everyone sees cauliflower in their like don't fuck with that
i mean you wonder some people is the first thing unnoticed silicone like it's a badge it happened right on large with me and other people i they don't notice it off with a comment on every realise that guides and no trespassing sign for your failure there certain countries rigour the headline the other worlds we countries of eastern europe bulgaria iron and during that time i think was kimball slices first professional fight he fought a guy that had some merry i've taught yet thomson exploded his area and how you're at what point does does a year just get so calloused from being cauliflower that it's impossible to explore well like is when its fresh liked at its soft and squishy it's a bruise basically but unlike a bruise in your leg your arm your body has trouble reabsorb enough fluid so eventually craig elaine get hard if you feel these now they're cartouches airline card is a wrong tired there it's a lie that is really hard shit
crazy i realise how hard it was the fluid coagulated basically eggs jealous and everything but we happen we have armor i had a drained this andre nine times when i first got an endless seven times and here but i couldn't afford to sit out i was in the middle of trying to make the alarming rustling seamen if sat out they sent me back to my unit to keep us on every day and every time we get heart rate up it fills backup us it's interesting you did come from a rustling background like a lot of fighters do at what point did you realize that you could hold drone with a fist that was the first order of business was to get more depth at striking i've really been a lot of fights throughout school or any of that so getting use dead having someone try to push me in the face and actually
try to punch somebody else in the face we as was a strange thing and something had to get used to and so the professional fighting league that's what you're here talking about let's let's talk about that real quick so what would tell everyone who i think i'm amazed obviously on the rise it's been a big time story come come into mainstream lot lot do with conor macgregor but what are you guys doing with professional fight what's a little bit different format they're they're they're running a mixed martial arts format that's a lot more like professor sports little regular season twelve athletes six way classes those guys are gonna compete twice in the regular season depending on how they finished those fights they're gonna score points the top eight from each way class the top a point get a move on to the post season the policies in its single elimination progressive tournament yet a win to move forward just like ghana feller ambien anything else so
deftly run more like a sports league traditional sports league and then what were just getting ready to have our our third core final semifinalist gaza fight twice in one night two rounds in the quarter funnels three rounds in the semi funnels i would see this my final winners advanced to the finale the finale he's gonna be here the who theatre madison square garden while on new year's eve night and there will be a million dollars given to the winner in each of the six way class of that fiscal there's gonna be a pretty big carrot dangling out there these guys get after turn a score points and guarantee
their spot in the in the policies india and now our you no kind of settling that fighting twice in one night that's it having done that so that eu s last so it seems to me and you can correct me if i'm wrong that this is very much about the fighting and maybe a little less about d be no fight promotion and all the vienna throwing trolleys buses is absolutely about the fighting that is what i like about it so the mare talker see you could talk all smack you wanna talk but it's not gonna get you any closer to that title you ve got a windfall what did you as you have seen how affair would you won't take on the entire habibi macgregor fall out and lead up and have however been colourings bound to happen sooner or later connor's been pushing the omelet with with his takes a throne water bottles a grab and people's belts just generally being disrespectful oppressors and and two culminated last year with a chuckle handtruck through a bus window and cutting a couple fighters and copied was on that
send and then rolling this fight finally getting signed in him it basically halting could each family and his culture in all kinds of things it is their several lines the got cross their time surprised that could be waited till after the fight me right in my mind that wasn't the moment if you can co off on this guy do it at the press or do you do when the guy tries to kick you at the way in but that's your mom
what you just said almost a flawless performers took away from here and you let them steal that moment a whim you that was your did the glory of the whole thing it was a great fight yeah you exactly what he needed to do so i was gonna surprised that he let them get under his skin then and there ran not sooner you ever have a moment leading up to fight work i was kind of going over the line a few times with with what he was saying about you or your family anything like that the only time that that ever happened was was tito and i knew when i signed up to fight tito that that's how he was content of the original bad boy the guy that talks back and and is that as a tool marketing and psychological warfare try to get in your head he wants me to think about anything but what i needed to think about to beat his ass that's what's going on you think he started through that far or was he just being dick who tito yeah i absolutely figure was calculated he knew exactly what he was doing and still do
there i was his that's that's conor commented on in those countries gonna writer right that's it up he said did not get pulled out of his but he has somebody that does research efforts that's digging in and rising do you think that's too much you think he like eating dana white has a problem going forward with conor veto going maybe too far or is this just go highly dana white cares as long as he's cash in chechnya that mean that one thousand funniest part about the entire review is after when data white was linked as a black eye on you have seen bob las acknowledge probably propaganda you know lead to more money the next time round into ton throwing a handtruck through a bus wasn't a black right right and emily said that to at the time that it was a black on sport than they use it is promo for the leader here so it feels like all that kind of stuff works to their favour and i actually think
firstly even you know your new leagues favour because only all the emma fathers another viable outlet for us to go in and be professional athletes in this society which in my opinion is a pretty huge deal that their treat fighters well the shows up and put on well this format everybody had come she's about the format because we're asking these guys to fight over six weeks turn irregular season and now fighting why one night in the policies you that's a challenge but five drop the that canals and they have responded at seventy percent finnish rate the season which is pretty remarkable is lighter should get after yet who used to fight multiple times a day to re i get my very first abet was yossi thirteen and i thought twice that night how do you feel after getting into to fight in one night depends on how those tightwad yeah sometimes you better luxuriant ran over by a truck and other times you feel like i am a golden right now is not a probably s widow if if i'm ever think about doing some sort of
the strenuous physical activity my goal is make it through that so i can eat a huge meal afterwards because israel but the shitty thing is if you get into to fight you might have to like just drinkin milkshakes withdraw whereas that an issue but yet these guys are fighting twice in a night after if their successful going that second fight how'd you how do you deal with pain because i'm kind of pussy so if i if i'd like a broken river per or something like that i honestly rarely go into any fight whether one fight in a night or not you know you don't go to any one hundred percent there's always a dang there's always something that's bothering camp is gonna be tough and if it's not too then you probably having to fight very well on fight nitrate you never walk to a fight a hundred percent anyway but yet that can play in some guys only had thirty to forty five minutes before they had defied again less time hold down less time for aches and pains and swelling in some other stuff to set in they could get their body one right back up
go back out there some guys had two hours you sooner for two hours now you gotta get yourself backup moving if you ve got a bruise shin if you ve heard your foot kicked an elbow whatever you gotta get those body parts moving again and warmed up again and that can be a challenge state that is the year one of the layers of the union would have liked willing went absolutely do you ever look back on someone like you have seen thirteen your first in a professional fighting like man look how far this sport has come because it was a kind of chaos it was it was crazy you know we did the way and in the lobby at the holiday inn augusta and as a first time i've ever seen any of the gaza was fighting yeah was when we stepped on the scale you ever on khartoum undermine low
yeah i know is area not you walk out artists yet we can stop a double egg from when i don't i'll probably normal but that is not so bad i don't want to get those yellow sinner gravity the but it's crazy to look at like just how how much of a growth in opium mme communities had in the last twenty twenty five years to create affords exploded d the forces of the ultimate fighter really changed landscape for everybody up i remember watching that the reality vehicle was a great vehicle to gonna break down everybody's misconceptions about us his fighters and what our sport was all about is the biggest misconception that we are somehow all criminals and just one or two be people up i remember going into it meetings movie meetings and stuff like that cause none of us all acting or do any of that back then in and there be that big oh my god you where those cage fighters like i might jump across the table when dry and beat him up or something right now that my my neighbours
i am here normal guy great use irregular guy in the grass and can be the only gradually just like our girl what is it like walking into any room just knowing i could kick anyone's ass he don't think like that though i would did you ok i'm thinking that misery on every issue has eight start clearing the free i look at you look how shall i go i can't you held he's generates listen i got good health insurance you like everyone worse how georgian got ass you that ok much sizes as a fighter i says you are as i want a fight sky i started out right away you made that decides spoke meaning i would that ear so you ve been you finally couple differ way classes is going up more funding going down i started a heavyweight came down the light heavyweight about half way through my career and then went back up the heavyweight unfinished out a heavyweight the small heavyweight so i to be alone
diligent about how i approach the bigger guys and i didn't have to cut a lot of weight to make two hundred and five so that wasn't really an issue for me and fighting guys were closer to my size it was a lot nicer you know you could just gonna let hang out so what would you do and you had to fight a bigger guy like what was your approach will guide you know had maybe forty fifty pounds on try make those guys move as much as possible and make them work if i could get closed the distance and attach myself to make him workin and hang although roman and make em pommel and grapple and fight off the fence than i liked it things were going my way you want to stand around in front of a guy that's big and and has power probably going to mmol one mistake i go to sleep so i always wonder this what is more fun knocking someone out or making someone tat i never at that one punch knock out the tim sylvia fight was probably the closest i came hit him in that first twenty five seconds eddie
i'll down out like ours prices everybody else right arena has a few submissions that's like checkmate is kinetic chess we're gonna plague match i like that i play kinetic checkers i dislike give you what you tell me what about the reverse getting because like obviously when someone taps there feeling like all they can equip it's obviously not quitting you're in a special position you cannot fight another day right you know you gotta were you ever in a spot are you thought you were about to happen you then you got out like a man i'm like out so how does that thought process go down where you're like i need to tap at this moment i feel yourself passing out or your failure joint is about to get in on an that's when you recognise that you probably not gonna get ass he is currently has probably the closest for me was the nogueira if i thought nogueira paula he had been a couple submission
old stead a lot of people probably wouldn't have gotten out of right but i had done my homework thanks to kneel milan in my ground coach at the time we went to a different scenarios countering and and and about two things that we expected to see and he threw everything but the kitchen sink that's area right through it all at him have you ever stand i got into a submission old and in thought hey i can get out of it and then you joint pops the first time i lost it never may was against it ends in in a way i got caught in our bar who still struggling picking but try to get out felt like i was gonna get out and let my arm started pop in and add to tat that's a tough lesson learned ox lots i would probably rather tat people out i economic number you if you let me i have the let yea i dont know how far are you said you could do it
can canada will our body does not hide our earth while if you let me so you're you're obviously great fighter but maybe a better actor the expendable changed a lot of people's lives out too that that that's going i seen quite branch that lot but whose off on that set khazar allow death last alone still owes property there's nobody in the world could have brought all those people together except forced alone is you know he wrote the first one like so neither properties he's a part of its it's definitely part him and he sets the tone for everybody a very smart guy and i really enjoyed being around him and learn from an inn and working with him but all those guys are amazing guys rear their funded iran if there was a royal rumble between every member of the expendable comes out figures who leaves that while i was the only one while besides if you if you want to count rhonda rossi in their yeah i beg you
all down to her and i ok ahern as far as fighters real real combative sports athletes in although as a great athletes terry crews amazing pop up where hills divorced and awesome august united go back ten years i can actually see austin competing or as an egg loves sport but jason jason's areas day there was a great diver a great accurate acrobatic and marsh largest gently be the first one to tell you i'm a marsh largest i'm not a in i'm not a fighter and anna docile and all who is a key action karate guy indefinitely done a lot aspiring and a lot of your lucky stephen cigar wasn't as movie catching he would he would catherine gonna make you man will ruin like guys like us like a steam skull kick your ass a chocolate here diamond ring out but i feel like you i'm in eyes from everyone lingo stop stop at nothing i stop poking randy here he's gonna get upset but sources
see now that would be a fight worth coming out of her time yes also very challenging stevens go to high rarity thrown that got laid down in the and he didn't make active i know or maybe just get your ass so fast you forgot about killed those brain cells listen will get that fight on the card is even cigar even called out we will i rarely cattle over stevenson ah love rational writers i may not added comment in front of a bunch of reporters and of course they were up and running with that was robert i repeat this is that if i was to gonna come out a recurrent retirement of seven cigar would siding with them and i will be for them at all while united we're gonna go in here you absolutely happier i believe with him and i worked with once on what today you die some of that i haven't heard of it but i'm immediately gonna go home downloaded how many people died in a movie oh gosh lots at least one had imagined a lot seems golden though
hangs exactly would not make europa that would not make iraq he seems like a guy this guy has asked a few tiny no heavily into boxing competed a lot in boxing and end he knows his way around the sport pressure and add up an amazingly talented actor okay so factual you're the offer our group than you enron arousing are the authors of the expected say so i have a couple last questions here the seeking question you put it promo code taking at ten dollars officer geek purchase you can probably go to the professional fighters league finale in madison square garden that's right nearly eight years each new year's eve that is awesome so my c key question is what if you could change anything about the sport what would you do how would you make it better for both the fighters and the people watching it if i could change anything in sport i would amend the definition of a combative sports athlete
federal legislation and the ali act to include all combative swore tat leads not just boxers ok not immediately separates the power in the press ocean right now and ever may the flawed in our system is that the promoter and the sanctioning body are the same guy making his own titles its own rankings he's monopoly the fighters and those rankings too to suit him to make money is not a competitive sport why shouldn't do heavyweight champion mobility or be able to challenge and make the heavyweights mp from an eu a sea fight and soon the real heavy weight champion is in the that's that's and competitive market place that why boxers make so much more money than mixed marshall artist because we are in an anti competitive sport every promotion out there her bela torn and the others it turn rankings in iran titles and there's no cross over its very exclusive
if i get changing i would organise and educate the fighters on that flaw in the system and why we to come together as fighters and creative butters association the union giving that will happen next march arts fighters association within lobbying from those two things for the last couple of years yeah slow role trying to educate fighters and why we need to come to why are there other professional sport out there has layers association is not really a union because we were independent contract over ten ninety nines or not or not employees and i don't want to be an employee i want to build a represent myself and a free man get i'd be able to make those big by tapping and i get the lion's share of what comes in from that event sixty two seventy percent of what comes in from a boxing event goes to the boxers that fought on that card we're about thirteen maybe seventeen percent of what comes in from an eminent that's ridiculous that is riddick oh if i was
had the ability to wave a magic wand and change something that's what i would like to have cited he don't know they're not gonna have any odd non members of the was it the m m m a monet effie mme affects more rational and arousing the picket line made an a whole that monopoly get anything wrong thinking ahead of it stevens ago now what he knew he made a point you joe now be invested thank my last question lotta people asking who is who is to go in your mind man it's such a tough tough one answer because so many guys that have been made for so many different reasons and i used our time but wait classes lament or india in writing on not abiding by the response will be fighting le broader india and what would your answer be there i think michael will you have a good answer now you are qualified to answer who is the golden fighting
man i am i debatable thing georgie here george gotta be on the to you absolutely gotta be analysed ok be japan's beyond their i like be japan because he always guys colleague did you call me with a little bit of a soft body sites like a union how would you like a conscious to be the bad men on our psychological warfare thrown up by events i got to work with him a little bit it pays about ass here knows amazing posing an absolutely sure about spider i think it is certainly in the conversation and was dominant in thou a class for quite a while van den henderson or the one of the few guys it's one championships in multiple waits as well and anna but i mean the wicked start
the sting a whole bunch of them and they gotta vienna conversation them so hard to narrow that down to tank abbot i now put in october two thousand lot i was going to see the birth double heart attack was maybe my favorite might have like a wholly hell is going on here is very rest in peace kimball slice but that fight was pure drop because i just falling all over your house you didn't include yourself sir what does that mean that you're actually the goat you have the most title fights of all time right you i think so you have before you dont know this i believe you don't know the stats six heavyweight championship out once that also correct that's right reality you yeah we sit here the go through the goat but john jones is the goat if it didn't test repairs yeah
between him and brok less than they ever tested for eyes of both those guys we're on storage is hot as could be just loading toward all their bottles whatever who wins yet i'm in a cage together i think probably each john he is at lettuces em and length is gonna pose a problem for listener brok as mating athlete as he isn't as big and strong as he is he still hasn't really made friends with getting punch in the face i have seen that in a couple of instances where were you just a change his mind about being out their young andrey start getting cracked yeah resent do with a huge hands just beat the shit out of him
our mars alister is over we know about the room was a guiding unpaid like ninety thousand hours for the fire i think you're talking about the guy from australia markka what's gonna hunt the market i think he was one who thought he had market was another guy who didn't really want to get in it put a figure caught you with one you're lights out and can take a shot lend nobody's business do yeah i'm so ready to toward the goat thank you very check out the professional fighters league we will put a link to it on our twitter page in our instagram and because we called the goat that you the goat now let's do the armbar portion size in writing i will do that offer a ready for her a month ago ok thanks to randy couture we next up have are football guy the weak tyler trenton awesome awesome interview with him before we get that though buff
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it is why we watch sports it is an incredible story tyler it was a student it purdue he has been battling cancer fighting courageously against cancer had to withdraw from school for this semester to take care of his health but he was able to go to the producer or house they came he guaranteed victory like joe name if and let's start their tyler you football guy the week i wanted to say you cuz i don't think you realize you single handedly beat urban mired you realize that i got no i don't think that's boy anything i fully realise yet that's for sure ok debts a blog i answer by the way is given a crowd of raw trust us you personally you hurt admired and certainly pursue that i saw that that you were brought into the locker did you addressed the team pre game i not now i am i wish joke i jokingly told brown that every new with joy would but in europe
oh me up on that one just afterwards so what what's it what's the last like week and a half been like because you've been on a world when i feel like i feel like i'm seeing you everywhere and it's been such a great story it's like one of those stories that like i said you watch sports for these type of stories what's it been if you had a second to kind of look back in like man i'm doing good morning america scott van pelt pardon my take not to brag have you had a second to i'll take it all in i'm not yet i don't think so i think this weekend across my fingers thanks slow down i'll be elder i'll take some time to kind of look back and reflect on days like yeah you're right things are deaf i've been a war when that's for sure deathly not know anything i ever expected reaction wise or fame wise i guess you could say from and from a national
a perspective i saw that you gotta you hung out with tom rinaldi a little bit from from game day and on his face for just making making everybody in america emotional no matter what subject as my question is were you able to turn the tables on him and make tom rinaldi cry ha ha ha ha now i dont think i guess i don't think i ever did make tom cry there're deftly moments which i am sure you can tell from the peace for i was crying and tom tom was there for sure by times a great guy and i am the super thankful for the time i've been listening with them in just the work that he has done and sports world just with telling people friskers like you said even amazing story tell our own eyes known person doing some amazing pieces and has done a major boost
in the past i've always wondered does he have the piano music that has followed him around wherever he goes as you have like a speaker his pocket that displays when he walks into the room you ain't thank but now he did not ok interesting so i did see that that after the game number of famous purdue alone i reached out to us all rhine kerrigan said something at the podium and several other physical coolest person that has been in touch with you or shouted you out now i think it has to be danger breeze he sent me a video after the game and surgeries you know if you if you help or do you know your worries and he shall one that i have looked up to a pretty much at my entire life as just an example what hardworking guy should be included the i think a my mind he is just the perfect example
a boy maker should be and so just kind of receiving disengagement from him is of course just incredible and something in the super thankful for i got to ask you a very important question has coward and been in touch a cow or has not been said i will well we can view of casually occasionally on the show we like to use hours i don't use words cyber bowling but are so cyber influence for good we're in trying to get in touch with kyle orton galleys because an odyssey like that probably a higher honours and robbery right and also don't don't be offended if we like kind of we get in touch with howard and then we do an interview with him and forgot to bring you out because he's like a hero
i'll be offended at all no one gets werner gallery orders were you we because you are the football guy the weaken it is big honor we have to ask couple football questions what is your favorite who's your favorite football player of all time not named your breeze and also what is your favorite football play my favorite we'll play has to be aspire to why banana young yet familiar ass hell yes i have to go and take manning as my second favour football player that's the second favour behind robberies yes yes ok just like the passing statistics so like we can half ago did you like peyton before the true pass him like a lesson no not a front runner that's why i waited at a good listener pre paid manning drew rees paint manning than coward nuts are solidly yeah i mean if you
i grew up in indiana you're not a fan of demanding it almost and honestly hey do you actually happening inside word on how interlock shoulders don't as far as i know he's fine right now oh god i'm so better credit you therefore sourcing yeah i can guarantee the health of adamant a terrier i now lay scattered on the tickler yeah war or say if he be able to come act from danger there he suffered on sunday but as far as i know andrew telecom we're gonna run down you don't really saying my child beyond no no no no just as important taking this irascible for your man on the street and in india so you feel you have what
during the game on saturday where you like wholly crap or actually gonna do this ah i think a typical produce fashion and when the clock i saw a clock filing euro and i saw a final score because in a growing up and produce fan unfortunately you and i'm not grow up disappointing of sports i would say but you learn not conclude the pretty way in a pretty has now been known as the powerhouse but ball why since since through to pursue that produced so i know we had a pretty rough rap hatch before brom came the producer and so i think i was so i didn't start breeding again until the clock at euro
that's i the earliest came over me and i finally realised that produce had upset the number to the country oh i've said i you know i which was concept said some things about wes off it over the years had some fun you know ribbing back and forth and i'd like to tell you tyler did i'm not gonna apologize for anything and as a football guy you should accept my not apology ah that's all i care i mean yes i i i understand the aid of wet sofya came by people don't like it and they not be sorry attract do it at first glance cell and therefore i through its rock roma children in need them love it s got some loving it also i will say some say something nice blow us off at coward and hear mine jump brom maybe the
football guy so there is a small part of me that's like kind of rooting for purdue now because i do love jeff brown well that's that's that's always something i can get behind yeah we said rough around the edges all i hear is its gritty it's time for gritty people and i'm looking at the big ten west right now that might be the conference football guys underlined and you get fitzgerald yet chris you got brom you jack pga fleck and you ve got scott frost and lovey psmith yes always were all in the same conference at the end was on the lobbies rock and now
right now yadda yadda ass its friends ass its wonderful i can tell after snow stuck in it or if he just grew a white beard i think it's just a voice desecrate who would be the runner up for football guy of the big ten west in your opinion on our i am i don't want to go and let me just for the mere alone yeah i was very impressed by the beard when i saw a couple weeks going for new was i'm buying online with a beard and the snow really power and also love he doesn't care about often ceiling cares about defence answers for bulgaria gets boas coach brom like when you are interacting with a musical guy here either fantastic i know the guy he comes across as is exactly the guy is yeah i'm not that following our really perceval i'm just a great guy and super thankful purdue has omen ass a kind of work that woman allusion to quickly we're am i
stay for lowly i see what you're saying but i think i'll stay for a while so tyler we appreciate you joining us you are football guy the week we also one year we wanted just talk football with you cause you're forgot the weak but if you could let everyone know how we can either help donations whenever we can do to help in your fight against cancer cancer in general and also how are you doing right now and you know how's everything going so the way that people can help is there is a link in my twitter bio and that goes for actually courtship donation age for riley tones hospital which is where i have received treatment the last four years my life and basically that hospital that has kept me alive for the last four years
i wouldn't be other sit here and talk to you today without the research that they ve done in the work that they have done and there the other continue to say thousand kids lives every year and a hundred percent approaches that are doing aid through that link go directly towards their pediatric cancer research centre and so you know i think if you go wherever the goat indonesia that link that we can't asked etc this year we're gonna go ahead on the basis of my house i'm doing about as well as one can me out it's hard for me to complain ever get a blessing for me and on four i'm not doing chemotherapy early treatment right now and i am thankful to all
their facebook robot you think that they had the cure to cancer but unfortunately they don't they think i perceived a lotta messages sent my game they peace when what wildman you know i think there are definite facebook i bet you i'm saying you know some young and all those crazy don't facebook who think they are part of an alleged to have accurate answers and so umbrella thankful for all their crazy messages but yeah i'd i'd appreciate if they lay homo down a little bit but yeah no sign doing i ate harper made a complaint down when you wake up every day alive because you know if you have
tomorrow you get like ours and yet so so let that be lessened everybody essential oils and us boon fools die cocoanut oil will suffer boy those pocket yet turns out that's not what helps people with cancer family gets will really helps is donating and and i think the reality is that if you have an experienced it if nobody in your immediate family as i guess what somebody will that's close to you at some point your life and there is actually a way that you can like fight it before it happens and maybe prevent some of this stuff and may be saved some his life and that's by donut two causes lie tyler so we're gonna tweet that link in your bio and we're gonna hope that we can raise a little bit of money for yoga why projected the ice you online congrats again on football guy the week it is probably the most prestigious honours dick is awarded to anyone from a podcasting that they just totally made up the honor yeah but hey i'm look i'm looking at the soundings right now produce
have a chance to win the big ten slowdown so don't don't is mighty ninety up here too i am now you're now usually hearing talk boiler make that's gross tyler today thanks so much man and i hope we will talk soon how good thing the terminology that's good luck you are right that interview tyler trent was brought you guys by me undies we're gonna do more picks while we do this at the capitol games we have come up up packers and o re that's gonna be a good one that's definitely not a lot of defence being play that game so let me talk to you about me and his boat larry makes us pick he doesn't where underwear but if he did but absolutely rock me under the most comfortable pair of underwear i've ever put a life that's no joke that is a hundred percent legit i love em and guess they ve got some more stuff too they ve got lounge pants that are made from the same micro modal fabric as the unease and they are
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hank was trying to over direct me i said you know what heck ugh but give you five knows right now you can pick it and i just hammered of no no no no ah nope no no it you should have to say no five to no one should be ass the omens hank does hank doesn't understand a lot to learn about that very very very problematic very probably knows for shame you no way now that i'm thinking about it larry has done a song he's and several feature for he is i think all we need to do is get larry and sort some sort of like show tune or order stage play and then toby up for an eagle outgrew say there will be well psmith get all of em yeah does it all collect them all like the rock yeah welcome to our morlock well psmith rock doesn't right hasn't have
mars have you not heard the song with refugee or stores and it doesn't matter do i got fifty bit losing the west indies tells a unilateral problem but i am a bit on your few how to the day is that you're welcome to arrive here is what you are aware you hey prize what an rongji all start robbed well psmith also has like his genes passed down to their success true true tritons myth that kid like makes you think when wait wait to is hank saying then that the rocks offspring are gonna be genetic freaks yeah who knows she probably not know i don't know i feel like i feel like i got like the rock you'll have a kid in ob you know he'll be kind of a puny kitchen yakko's world the water finds its level bad asked his a generation vm right we'll psmith he just a kid the tweets out super deep things that are not like
do you ever think about how much waters in the world at you psmith ok let's get some segments first up we had to bring it the world series yes it is still going on yes the red sox are going to enhance your came to i was how as a very great out has been a shit kicking the red sox david pricey was do their situation allow yourselves to their situational hitting is insane they every time they get a guy and run it ran in scorn positions are not able to get a single to the opposite field elector heck loud this fund as awesome did you see do you see trumps wall tat tipp peter gamins
i know what i did i did you guys see that could invite kurt chilling because of his political views are really kind of fun did you like legends of the red sox two thousand before they had all while the big players from thousand for awhile dns cartoon internal while in kind of thought interesting so is used to busy doing his leg web radio show that he has every we'll use investigating who who did the mailbox that's true there was a big day so david price does david price have the question that is question that is the segment and i'm gonna say yes he does the when it matters the most he has his head is right elsie s in the world series rate for this beauty is a two point seven to your right so essentially he can't be bothered with the first round of the plans that's fine i like that i like that what does a definition that clarity so when the spotlight is highest on him he's very good we know what he's done he's evolved the clutching he's like the dinosaurs and jurassic park in other there
osborne women are second life finds a way and some of them evolving tomales basically he spontaneously just dropped a pair testicles is a guess what clutching let's go i do not yes so hankers diet and see so you know how you laugh at me when i tell you that if you put i'd like tap water in my doubts a frog in it it'll turn the fraga will actually frogs can't change from female to mail if they're around is only chicks all the top genders spectrum yeah says it can reproduce lifelines away got it came saw in so far as i know it well sir it means a david price has the clutch she now ok ass he evolved that he's your mouth guard now i thought he had him regarding the other night did you see that problem is like an orange thing in his mouth meals orange peel crazy i did get a hot tipp a couple weeks ago i think he does look do you u s army of the sounds like bullshit sounded legitimate but i don't know the typical
is that you know how a lot of pitchers came down with his foot and mouth disease let bottlers isn't he wears got he thus i'm just certain always pitcher yes that's the softest move he does he wears moscow look i gotta rescinds clutching sas ok they were so i heard that you know a lot of pitches we're coming down with his foot and mouth disease because major baseball was cracking down on illegal pine tar the pictures were using so instead they start to use horse poop who on their arms and they were just like rats definite sure where'd you read this i was an unsolicited dream has made this up here now it was it was hot tipp common oh if we're on unsolicited direct messages i gotta hot tipp this past week urban meyer is going to be the next coach of the packers oh he half
bob stoops gonna be the next coach the brunt of the ohio state i have heard that yeah and i think that there is some creative some great see great artist hoops actually bought a house in columbus last week in early life which searching for we're still waiting for me to be the coach the bears has like six houses and chicago haggerty looking it up he wears off guard yes hegel coherent common confirmed let's see we had this problem rhoda like what they haven't we well i think it's something about like crying over taylor yes grinding your teeth but i noticed it and i was like you know what we make for stuff curry one price slowly season showed off now he doesn't want is a little but it doesn't whatever he's got the clergy now it's crazy it's it's we have a just stop talking john bruton but it's actually a fact check jungle so what would you say that he's worth all the money that they pay them if anymore it's another when this world tat is more
which pay employs for flags why forever yes oh yes i will i was gonna say now but then i thought i remembered flax live forever so whenever you but whenever you any money spend on any guy who is on championship roster jason heyward flags why forever that's how it works so we had a just stopped john bruton some guy tweeted out the john bruton said i don't even know if the mari cooper traders official yet on the same it amar cooper was practicing for the cowboys so went semi it was a hard on green myself included turns out this guy used bought from monday and tweeted on whose day and he should be in he said it is the same gather up the headline of driver broncos cocaine party yeah they should be in jail is false information you can't do that lisbon quotes out like a day later and expect us to know but he actually
makes some would have good point that you can actually finalize a trade into like five years later when we can debate who won the treasurer so while all you say and ran away and bradford has not been traded to trade has been finally from the eagles so the vikings yet we are still not sure who we or the rams to the eagles or from the vikings to the cardinals yeah and others alone that we have to figure out with sam browser who one cent bradford career sam bradford yes it is actually very very very easy answer bradford yeah his his agent ok next up we had a jimmy butler update p of tee how many if you were going to trade top fifteen guy how many first from pictured you offer i think he's gabby worthily seven ok so you know the answer the rockets are reportedly woods bomb offering for first round picture jimmy butler which is insane i guess they assume they can receive them because
i'm pretty sure he's occasion after this year so that's an insane contract also having the rockets first round pick are gonna be high for some pics no while their own three oh ok so if the season ended today they will be in latvia there on page four zero wednesday's yes i mean that's i think it's not a bad move because you're that close to it being as where's maybe the logging voluntary you'll want rocks around three they beat the layers the rockets all i want is not rockets are wanted to i stand corrected the rockets are one ensues bigger frog could james harden tweet is hamstring is it true that is true aren't casal worst he made the leak now we don't know that says who says all this forward he says one former team air
ryan holland's rhinos in glenn davis through the best baseball players volta wouldn t want they will be the worse glaringly wished him in league good team it he got in his member it member member member i think it's actually good team ignorant what does that mean you michael your mother that way she's not like calling uncomplaining israel distracting unanimity in spain in any way want ok we he handles all the ticket request so you don't have yet exactly drunk idea you have drunk i do i do like i yes my drunk idea is over but for lottery tickets i meant to play the lottery probably like glass for drawings only did the last two so there were two that i didn't play just because i didn't feel like leaving my apartment going further and that's not something you can like seamless yankee posts meets here you have to have their needs to be a dedicated ash cash only business that is somebody that will front the money at the store and then give you that it's why when they just put it hoping online is put in a credit card
you know they really answer they should do like fifty fifty raffles are now going on not cause you can't buy lottery ticket to the credit card put days you might not have tat you should have to do that then should be able to debit card a debit card what were the cash up as we have been most somebody no i'll catch up what can you imagine how much how much money the lottery would make if they somehow just made an app tat you can with one click sees me by lottery tickets that's it will be in siberia dick i would by so many lottery if yes so that's my that's my drug idea if you're an entrepreneur i suggest you development and they give me some share the winning so just basically they know about the lottery online you know and i will do is if i were the guy that people are and how goober comes into play here we'll just like somebody it'll go to the store for you by the so it's postman source messia paper because to do so now if you want to sell something you want to raise violence is the twitter so the lottery it's either is either a tender but for or over platform so in this case it's over but forgot it but i just
just now realized a hole in my perfect plan that which it has i do but if it were me no its part it if it were me and i just like bought somebody thirty bucks for the lottery tickets and i just look dad i'm on my way to persons house at me like i'm just gonna keep these latter yet right because what if this one is what a graduate a sucker you feel like if you delivered the winning lot will you hear the postman it should be that should be the tat you get if you if the lot he took it is a winner then people go and buy them all the time yeah a store you so that's the service thats really what it is and also i'm pretty sure that this is exclusive to really lazy thirty year old do live in new york city yeah but there are a lot of the ex understood i think you have like the guy who won the lottery there's a lot of people who just play the lottery every day on the way home from work to get gas and stop right but there are a lot of lazy people yes that's brows you don't get gas so let's do
describe back finish off the week by the way i was informed today terrible news furniture her has passed away i do not know until tat i had several months ago really fucked up you guys told me that that about joe said i to put way guy from kid raw how long ago to virtual order it was recent this year as recent it's just this one up to just lay that arm his liver can handle it s real superstar this actually guys on czech loomed already pointed this out i scottish person actually eightam gather would be joining the whale situation when it comes out these though that bastard no but i'm saying like it would be like join wellesley comes out he's still alive yak adversaries but not actually debtor so if i like that bring my boyfriend sucking on my nipples and woman breastfeed balloting baby suckin their nipples does this mean i liked i like the feeling of breastfeeding and if i do just make me a pedophile i think that women get you will women like
that because it's like in their genetics to enjoy breastfeeding feels good feels like her oh creating anything associated with sex or giving birth you're just gonna feel great doing it ok i gotta be honest i didn't listen the question because birstall carl got a dog ok named scotty pip macadamized eyes that's good let's break your desire for myself you guys are set out in the rats i sought to use dog one tat went on him sky and she just like that yeah that's good doctorate are really obsolete get your that year billy the nipple expert here if we're going with with with size over quantity yeah why does it feel good to breastfeed are do think it does feel good to breastfeed if your woman yeah i think definitely probably bots also that i think there's two to feelings you get pleasure and also a relief of pain like alike of cows full utter sooner yeah not saying that that's what
one other units will arise yeah that's not what i'm saying i think you're a cow no you look pale stricter and the workers before you get what i'm saying either these are p m t f accuse how little the hans you it sausage making as ever pay guests come on no no in fact the oil jerry what do we get there we paid have all been is charity we s probably goes directly to him yes no we german not weeding out but what the one guess that we at that asked for a check to come on the show you will not be shocked to find out who is
he rose yandah and we said no i think i can say also might ask for some one probably so no we do not pay we will not pay that's a big jade no now but if you have something you want to promote just tell us what fucking shamelessly promote the fuck out of i mean if its if you're really big guest will pay oh yeah i'd pay yes up air rogers i'll pay you with the tip of my pinky rick potato i'll get you a twelve hour gift card to of garden yes how much warming up do you guys do guess before actual according to do to do more this early on in the show was not as well known such popular good question i'd say early on i'll take credit for the angry question hank thank you early on the guess that we didn't know they came on the show it was the escaped so they can see either one of us will fun fact about that we didn't know whether cs over the over the video there weren't in the same room is us it's kind hard to like butter somebody up that were but will we didn't know for a long time was they could see video
of me and big cat in our respective houses zoom mean bigger disappoint at each other when it was the other person's turned lesson and it wasn't like twenty interview his end that we found out that the people can see is just like pointing directly at the skins likewise reporting emulate actually i forgot almost sought we couldn't do any phone calls but no we the fur warming up i'd say it's it's it's it depends i'm a case like a lot of times that someone who is aware the pr purse has made him aware or someone that we know usually probably i don't know couple couple minutes here and there on the phone or in person where we're just shooting a shit see if we can get there to say anything explosive that then we can blackmail them with their just kidding just kidding all future cast
without with the argue usually to talk about our mutual connections you and i are guys guys roy yes what a fool out of that what are what shows have you been on this week that show sox are you had to city that was some questions they don't ask re asian like hey we're locked funnier than everyone else will work at ass crazy question yes but we do if we have a football coach or someone we try to impress ambient like hey we were with the strength coach down and now you know louisiana he said he knew you like oh usually don't give a fuck but they pretend that they this is it down like all these guys can allay high level about my high school football career that usually lesson it's pretty well we actually von miller when he came in i was i ain't gonna get some water anything is a germany cognac and also as a matter of fact i do and so i drink little glass of cognac vermin why you got so mean to avail new us there's need a recast of the beef okay this is
complicated it is very kind and we both have history your own personal his younger first i've actually not that interval i met a point regarding the use of a robber i beat him eleven nothing a basketball he then he is i see the best thing he's ever done first career no joke because paisley all the studies were like reveals not that bad but i'm at the point i will reveal book he needs me he needs me and he needs bakers when i interact with him everyone's like overvalued all he murdered big cat i like prevail he's a little bit of a duty but he's harmless and he's a nice guy ok i was deaf or thirty saying that yeah that also i faltering i think everything back that i just said if north western beats was continents weakened ok that's where i hate reveal or i hated reveal i don't i would say i hate him any more but i hated him because at one wait when i was writing at a website called kissing susie cobra back like two thousand thirteen heed
on one my readers when my readers made a joke about him on twitter and then dern went into disguised profile i hitler joke well they were so is it was making fun of dern reveal for loving logos so much and sang like if you are a bit if your business reporter in nineteen thirty germany you have said this was just an example great branding is making fun of arrival in revolt didn't like it very much and reported him to his professor at michigan universally fast forward a couple years that guide doktor neil mohammed actually right for i believe us for that house of representatives in illinois i think came in second place which is pretty cool so check him out if you live in illinois and so ever since then i ve been like fucking rebellion narc and then in law like yourself kind of things of thawed between rebellion
a little bit and we have you used to really easy because even like a year gauze like let's get him on like now because i get for example if a lesser part am i take you got triggered well if it were well when after one of our listeners and try to get them kicked out of school i would like to follow the loose i would like to think that mean you would stand up for a list out just like well you're fucking so so i held a grudge but meanwhile i think we're on we're on ok terms now ok last who is number one on your list of people you want interview but having yet aaron rodgers he began its addressing these aaron rodgers you just hate him so much yeah i want all governor and actually want to come will be vanquished who as i feel that i know you would be tougher you tonight say i'd have to come out hard at first and then softened it up aaron rodgers i would and i think would actually be good after a while after we got the old payback bit shit out of the way aaron rodgers
i feel like i garotters if he was not the right move could be a very bad interview you know i'd like to interview jerry jones get em all liver declare glory home yakima lingered often talk to jeer he give us some gold for sure if we talk to imagine doing an exit her view with jerry jones and his haven't it being glory hunting jerry jonesy entirely off is just an exit takes care to stand on the other side of the wall and you have to eat whatever comes through oh my god our last one side question would love to hear about p empty dogs ages where you got such o google has fifty also leroy is ten and a half years old he's an english mastiff he's going blind we can still see and he so i'm like seeing i'd person is gonna cute like walking round got around it ironic given your cornea it is various streaming ironic i got him in where was it i think was denver
element denver dinner pennsylvania and more breeder their pennsylvania from a nice mennonite slash amish family from breeder that had to massive sesar house as our family pets and they thought got it says i lay i think she was a brilliant but she told me she was really nice adversary fair problematic in retrospect perhaps it was a puppy news like ten pounds or will cause you got breeder ike i couldn't be so lucky so still i rescued not to progressively kennedy dogs lies who save two yet true for she is have been in a half graybeard rescued from pause chicago in dire like you die here now i've thought about it i've act definitely thought about it when people die the reactor dogs like to look like tigers yeah why do people say that's cruelty no god doesn't care here the problem is its like half the time it's so cutesy graybeard have classic buckskin old but yeah she seven pause chicago
i think they rescued her she was just walking around on the south side they just picked her up and she knows i spent nine ip and choose nine months old then so but she never grew nemours she's a we did a blood test it's a fucking shit you she is a people beagle cattle dog other ok so like the super supermarket so here's request crazy i'm actually start with yes yes yes so you could see all of election g barks like a beagle
she has a little bit of a people face when she smiled but she's like too small for people into her she that's not muscular and she mistakes pick forecasts the time like a catalogue yeah exactly so you know right out maybe just a show up and run right i just wanna says me between me and hank like all we had some weird thing now i'm sam i'm sorry i'm apologize also oh thank you allow all jiving for being introduced everyone should notice the meanness illegals one what years really have tee to me and here's his real question because when you move into parliament what do you put on the application for whatever breaches catalogue yes oh you get a blow away my put people once i'm a programme as moving to a place in lira was like a hundred twenty pounds and i put his lab mix yeah and patent flight it also sellers thirty pounds per year no there's no check the other i would ever putting what would your dog hank
our name ruby from my entire now don't do this shut up ass i get it i was actually is giving you shit because you dont have a dogs you dont have a best projects i have spoken job when one help we'll have a dog as we should get allows we should get a community dive for the four of us and let it live yeah we're right now we ve got a pretty good job goldfish getting it thought would be great ok that's our show we got some big s coming up with an example i can only be a guess big ass excited come up next couple weeks let me guess how fond of yes yes you're lying no one
to become a key
whose amusing
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