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Randy Moss & Our Lawyer Mike Portnoy

2017-05-18 | 🔗
NBA Playoffs and Hank's Puking a lot of green (1:30 - 4:20). Paul George loses out on 70 million dollars because Sportswriters run the world (4:20 - 7:15). Embrace Debate can women be big ballers according to Lavar Ball (7:15 - 10:17). Grit Week preview and the announcement of cities (10:17 - 14:04). Our lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to guide us through intern interviews, grit week legal issues and Portnoy's complaint (14:04 - 34:48). Randy Moss (the original) joins the show to give us picks for the Preakness and a preview of the second Triple Crown race (34:48 - 46:44). Segments include PR 101 for A-Rod, Thoughts and Prayers, Hurt or Injured for Tom Brady, Connect the dots, Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, Humans vs the Sun, and Guys on Chicks.
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on today's pardon my take we have mba play offs are lawyer mr port annoy calls in we also have randy moss giving us some tips for the practice this weekend we're gonna preview grit weak and we have guys on chicks we also have miller light and guess what guys i'm on a diet everyone has been saying hey big cat you look great will you know why because i've been drinkin miller light and it is only ninety six cow breeze i'm telling you it's like i'm basely workin out while i'm drinking more like i want you all to close your eyes right now think about a hot summer day it's getting hot out think about how you would like to have a cold refreshing beer now open your eyes boom that's a mere lightened your hand it is the original white beer brood for more taste while still being less filling dieting darting baby queuing although some great there's no way
you can cut those activities out in the summer time so that's why you need to go grab a nice twelve pack twenty four pack may the tall boy of miller light
rude to taste delicious with only ninety six calories do it right now let's have a summer august let's have some light an eighty six galleries more tasteless filling let's go to harden the parted i take it is ready made nineteenth breaking new
breaking moose did it it lebron james is still really fucking good a basketball how do you feel about that hank human green let's go right off the bat discussing not irene yeah so we thought now that the key there the nine days lay off that does not equal ross we haven't reached russ level yet for the calves because they absolutely dominated and lebron james how the fuck is this guy getting somehow better while the problem is there are able to shut down kelly olympic you have they figured out the olympic puzzle which is active at the enigma machine of the nba and so taking him out of the game and then doing switches whereas a thomas has to guard lebron james turns out that summits mismatch to europe that would be a little billy morocco germinating oxytocin thompson he's actually double the size of eyes eight honestly and areas who also
underrated crazy guy is market smart now eat i ought under it only mohammed life here i am starting to love him on the same level that i love travail and remind the boss tat he had last night when thereon orphans and the guy was drive to the hole where he boxes guile intellect a second rome that was that was perfect coordinating mild out almost like twelve lesson again and then and then went to the monitor watched him do the crazy thing and then like complained to the rat marcus smart also is one of those sneaky in shape bacchus kind of thick you now you see is like arms in his mid sexually like i he's if if he stop playing basketball he would basically gain fitting i was immediately as am i caught a mark is dumb yet that's a pretty good where i was not there ask probably rick riley there so i have a little predict it is not really a big protection so it's
little pussy little predictions you not big not big we're all going to get so fucking sick of the calves warriors preview it's already starting their already preview in calves warriors and then if both sides sweep which might say the celtics we're i'd say the bolter born five right so both go five i think seven days before the nba final start that's a shitload previous ideas but that's not rust yet so the nba funds game ones can be good sharp death have been showing the other final possession artwork have curries final possession of last year's funnels learn overrun kevin love is guy just like hopping around and getting credit for good defence yeah they ve been shown that when a lot i'm i'm look and forward to seeing if if disperse can take one from going state because you were right not to read but we called it
but the media has been tripping over there not to give great pomp of its rounds of applause after everything that off of him yeah i'm off you hop you're the for you my was you weren't the first a safer you're the first we heard say heard say no but has become its picking up a little steam gregg pomp of its just being dickhead two people while everyone says while pop tells it like it is he so funny case in point he did that two people forget recurring guest in front of a show re rada from was a dive comcast ports in the bay area i think yes after the game yes are two days ago he said hey how long into the game you realize that you guys we're out of this one and pop was like it was exactly one minute thirty seven secondly what do you think you think i know exactly what i was told it was announced that the storehouses every damn answer you understand pop so real and as everyone knows pop is my everything and then he says along political statement without really saying anything enables like man pop keeps it real and then you get that screen grab while no words
thought about it this grid grip on the other ba play off thing i want everyone to keep their ion were given you the storylines that no one else giving lot of talk about and somehow getting better law to talk dream on becoming the greatest heel of all time lot of talk about pavlovitch inquire getting hurt not a lot of talk about kevin having been back bitch nobody says under the radar right now just don't forget the slouch her the big the direction the servant is out did you know i didn't call the servant he here the best nickname sports as the drag your actual use now everybody call me way of wade no they call me the servant which is worse than way of weighted voting yes i think you just like his mom random bible verses when weakens the imo take that mites it's all falling in nicely for kevin director staying under the radar so just keep your eye out keep your eye on
may i see maybe an injury coven forgive and ran his per his injury probably real shame real shame all i want to bring one other thing up and i think i might be the only one that's annoyed by this ok but boston floor there parquet floor where its squares and so just normal normal would pisses me off get mad because it's ice it looks like it see ill that's good point egg i now here's a question does it take them longer to replace the floor when it's too when it's a parquet floor as opposed to your sweater yeah gone horizontally why don't like online it looks like a seeing eye poster is is your court not great rage she tv its candy asses like when chris columns worst wears an awfully awful stripe sportsmen candy s court like a guy in hawaii that federal judge yes candy s court do exactly the other ambien news i want to quickly talk about paul george finally the journalists get power back he was left off the top three all mba teams that means he could
stand to lose up to seventy million dollar so score one for the big jays for keeping the money out of paul georgia's part that's good that's power it's less growl our that's the dumbest rule by the way of all time i know it was agreed upon in the last collective bargaining agreements put holy shit now that that the max contract is decided by sports writers is crazy we're here here's the thing and i by partially blame this on northwestern lapsing accreditation that's what no good blanket blame to have but the journalist to be you get together and say hey paul day what a union fellows or you want to tell you what i got i guess
only five assumes as they go off we react you gotta give me all tasty ivy twelve fifty milk as is spread around this again in philly s village is is began a paul you never even knew their journalists and all its annual owes its angela in philadelphia my back pockets openly owing i walk out that run on pre law would be a real shame if there was some money in my wife back when i went got my meatball hoagie who is about that ball you know who made top three there are three all mba team so it's basically the top fifteen players the olympians teams yeah you know made it the brown james you know also made it i know jimmy butler top have team player in the end be attacked like i always set top fifteen plant was voted upon by the child or sixteen player in the nba i think you lost such change no less than that was not that's why quickly before we get to are interviews
mr putin we re moss we want to do a quick quick embraced debate can women be big bars some of our balls in the news cause he went he went agro on christened lay he on coward shell ah he he didn't look me in the eye he got very let's just say far ball might not respect women he didn't look within seventy degrees the crew as the owl looks of her he was like face away from her whole time the verbal actually centuries go pro still believes in cooties well yes teeth those he actually now you know what love our balls probably one of those guys like if i look at this woman she probably want to fuck me my pants
try it around women yeah yeah i was pretty is pretty brutal way that that he didn't speak to her but shout out common coward for being professional keeping him going on the show continuing asking normal questions like nothing out of the ordinary was happened right and finishing the interview varvara is the greatest character the vince with man has ever created like everything i mean basically went on calling card in next all women he's like i'm not selling you you're not big bars and an old woman like wait we won't be big polish too i final say some shirt lays the term big bawler massaging the stick in itself problem big big ovum big overeager either way of our ball he's this does he should be actually the nba he should be the commissioner because he has found member when david stern used to do that thing we're like
in the middle the summer when norman's dogma the nba he'd create something like all your change the ball chains of all yazzi eleven october the bar ball has figured out a way even in the dead times to get everyone talking about love our raw and he's a ratings magnet to re oh here's what here's what's gonna happen be woke on this guy's green he is getting his own show he needs somebody despise it up to draw these viewers and might be green ball green balls crean pause i don't agree can take that alpha of love you you would you'd broadcast show live from a locker in the inside of a locker var wouldn't look them in the eye cry like he does recycling united vala one more thing before we do get these interviews grit week is started so they are going on the road vanni would had fired up cells auto shop shot also appreciate your work we think vanish arrive we are going to west virginia we're going to detroit going to cleveland
gunnar cincinnati and indeed for the indy five hundred carved day will be with pat mcafee rada friday yacht carb day we need all the carbs turns out that's not what it sounds like you drink all the carbs case i'm excited for grit week i think we all are we're going to announce so make sure you follow pardon my take instagram and the pardon my take twitter cuz we are going to do some maybe award winning listener give backs where we're like hey we're at this bar in the city coming come hang out for a baby shower at as a treat for you guys maybe we let you let us use your wi fi and do a show from your living room and then steal some stuff on the way out the door so good treat for you guys excited we have some good guests lined up work cited and also we're going to be doing again which is maybe our favorite thing good will hunting where we go to goodwill everyday
pick out the clothes we're gonna where that the trade all we're bringing with us on this trip were bringing like a backpack each the justice socks and underwear and that's it is in one or two underwear goodwill congress in this maybe the chicks noise like ski masks the ethical well it so the horse discussion we do and socks and underwear and then buying your clothes everyday yes i'm so excited shut out too that time that you found your old your actual shirt your where he s thousand magical moment before we get to the interview wanna talk you guys about zip recruiter are you hiring do you know i suppose your job to find the best candidates well you should use zip recruiter was the procureur composure job to a hundred plus job sites with just one click then their powerful technology a fish only matches the right people to your job better than anyone else that's why they produce different unlike others
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on our favorite guest and i always say i say they were guess for a few different people but you are truly our favorite gas and the award winning listeners favour guess it is mr port knowing my partner esquire people's lawyer icon boston legal part my takes lawyer happy birthday by the way billina happy birthday even i wish you to hamper the big seven seven oh sorry are you feeling young again a young seventy my ever me tell you some time before about that but i've had some physical problem nothing serious in the last few months and that again you might arrive this before but i keep people i don't wanna go back to fifty one just go back sixty nine and a half do we want a lot better than i do now yes but the apple throw open
are you some great you do science you sound you sound young and like i said i we i'm a young seven yes we called you because we are about to partake on our annual grit weak tore so we're goin through out the gritty cities in america and we thought the smartest thing we can do is talk to our lawyer give us a little pump up speech in case we get on the wrong side of what he called jai all giles when we spoke ten minutes ago you that was a bad attitude he said to you in when you texted me about what we're going to talk about you said do i what have we got stopped do i have to deal with the police blah blah blah
i don't think that the right attitude dad i led a picture of two guys one guy without mustache in hawaii insurance and the guy with the long ere you guys i have only into the bulky people you will all be a mouth now you that's profiling so they outlawed profiling method to stop pressing i think as i will drop would say the reason the profile of this issue something behind it rain ok what i mean i told you what i said to you earlier in conversation make sure you pay lights working yeah like the working and that you don't they take any illegal turns many serial killer has been tripped up by not take the little things it's a little things that mad at you guys know that is a little things better but here's where my cavalier attitude comes from i the greatest lower in the world so if i pulled over can i just say excuse me officer
four point we over now please speak with my lawyer he's a young seventy yeah i'm very well known in the boondocks of west virginia and where the hell are you going all those places on very very popular especially can i find out what my religious affiliation him well my understanding is as long as you tell the police officer am i being detained then you not under arrest true or my baby yeah and then you're not underestimate i propose the answer today i would be we haven't determine that yet right and then take out your phone and hold it in the police officers face she can put on youtube later and just keep screaming adam am i being detained officer and then they have to let you go because you're basically a lawyer
can we use our one phone call on call you if we do and what you call him away and lie cable will you not there in the way it went tonight if you would have been better already yes we ve been allowed trouble so you haven't got me on a cell phone if it's a real emerges clearly i mean about the lock you guys get arrested for just being an asshole good question for your sake i hope not why what about shrugging way too much milk and puking in public too much what milk i don't think a new kid charged with if you puking public you're not drunk can you be arrested that is difficult no peered from the public way i think
if you think about it i mean there i'm defacing i said with the facing public property that's what that would be right ok so you're gonna sit a lot more ways seems to me that global wave that you can get arrested in what you're doing then that you can go off scot free but what if you would have you just sick in you throw up like a library arrested for your willingness to my mind one if i'd worry yeah what did you tell what have you tie stuffed animal to a bunch of balloons and let it fly in the air and then should have a disturbing shooting it with a guy anyway i don't owe speaking have guns i may or may not have purchased a gun down in houston can i ask you how do you know whether or not you see what i'm saying let clinical i'm saying you know lawyer a client privilege right if i were to have purchased a gun in my life
they get across state lines as long as i dont know what the gun laws are in the different states i'm going internet obey every slights alchemy like every place you're going that i caught what you said you were going has very liberal gun was good you mean conservative gun loss yeah yeah i mean that europe you can carry conceal weapon and on board the people around you have conceal weapons that's why i've so safe i is it is it absolutely is it against the law we just we just interviewed a bunch of interns and phd and i the interns if they would be willing to to commit felonies for us is that against the law what did they say so whom said yeah yeah well i never saw a business the internet hiring turns right up such la rochelle suggest me it's like a mafia boss you don't talk to the burmese yet did do you were when you want to say something to you
the third ranking in turn what do you do tell till my constantly everyone to fell engine number two talent enter number three my we forgot the carrier pigeon conciergerie gives due note to the bird any groaning under the cap correctly and the serious leisure yeah we never went on tape we ve never been on tape neither i think that's a good use of an answer as active speaking the intern interviews we asked a bunch of them if they were pregnant is that against the law all male nail a favourite with all matters i think your guys guys twenty sixteen mariner we have we didn't want assume well it not really if there were an intern then really being employed ally in its currency discriminate against people his lungs notwithstanding them out i don't know if you're not getting paid they am not employees rights are they're getting paid labour that right when people are so here's another question is it is it illegal to
forbid your employees from taking a shit in the office are we talking turned again to internet since half employees while the enter you could do it every day and well point well that's that's all i need not here folks i only were fry think up a mistake the being paid paying them they probably wouldn't agree with that
what will we weigh up you're not paying so we just does not pay em and weaken basic anyone who would have you want if you don't pay as a bill clinton said an absolute rights and enter a number one is an attitude that a backup bankrupt you can go to enter a number three four or five i like this i like you a lot o ever less is the day of your daughter's wedding you have to let him take action and i like the scheme that our lawyers hatching our forests written this is coming from your brain not ours who hears a good question is in newgate considered assault you saw newgate good idea yes we are saying no gps the first nor was it was ok
a thoughtless act which maybe retaliate you know you can't use deadly foolish to protect itself if he can escape okay so i craig that what do you call a prison neglected nobody did what's that cotton the nokia cock but you're lucky i don't the one who gave a naughty isn't what then is not new nigger note nokia carefully arise iona communal rattled let's be careful you would be very close on the north or that is the one word
the one that gave the loading yes and the one that receives it is noted that no geese its election salmon a flip opting out somewhere now you're good dear good you're good we all know it's the we got worse i i think that the new de could of escape and the us that the new deal now no goal is applied you to the now newgate is beyond what risible necessary but an screw the death knell for the no go up to protect his yourself ok eyes i think that clear and i think we should move on from the start but yeah yeah oh your big trump guy if i tell you if i tell donald trump to resign on twitter is that legally binding i think you have to get online thank you it is a fairly long line of people begging
to resign i don't think it's gonna happen view have you just not been sleeping cause you ve been watching like twenty four seven news about the case and all services look i'm a levelling democratic right in the end as much i did like barack obama he was on i didn't necessarily run to the tv to watch this jackass no he's gonna be on i gotta see because however no if i got you know what it's like us stock calories no what's gonna happen there will be something never saw before i'm really i ain't he is i never met i never did like someone so much that i didn't know personally that's well ok
where ya hear those other people you can call me an asshole earlier the god send your mail oh yeah go since you now i gotta go i can we start here i want to follow yes look it's a bad memory ass you remember how you know i know i told you about the things male right i want to tell you that it is not a baited ok and right now i have on my desk and i might have told you this before a four page requests from the post office for all the zoo many things to make sure that i'm not a knack all tat i have to go down with a picture i d and then another idea and all the information i have to give them it won't take me that long to fill it out every time i go to do it every time i go to start i can't do it because i'm saying to myself these assholes
get them to stop burning my may want me to fill out all his paper it's ridiculous play women women why did they think you're nautical tariffs that obviously we then where they were like i'm a post office box right through cycles pause the worried that something to put something in the post office box is going to blow up the post i don't know they're afraid that you're going to go postal on the post office because you're so angry at put the person you that way i can't you know what they're here for to me every time i complain about that that they sent me dead problem is that the main points hello maybe somebody could pick up the phone and call a main post office and tell him about it soon has included the zoning too much ask no it's not so
every if i didn't introduce it here but we are now in the port noise complaint portion of our call with our lawyer that was the beginning of a thousand update on the singed male situation and improve one i owed its one iona one iota what else you got for partners can eyes again i met to talk about this before because my memory so bad you know have my day not busy anymore but i spent half by my day unsubscribe me on the internet two part of my talk in the advertisements that i talk about this now you know not you i answered cry from everything that point on the answer scribe is so small that when you want to do it you know somebody like me tat i constantly make mistakes when i'm typing on all for that and the princess
the small are usually screwed up one or two timing for goes through and then it just occurred to me i'd be naive to think that really do anything like this giving them my email and then we pass the to somebody else who know about it let me leave me out yet here's how we can solve it which are email address you don't get the lines that you listen i know you cause i've seen it you have a junk mail problem you remember when we went out to lunch last time i saw you here we are you are you say you were young male ya think negotiated young back in a lot of junk mail misery to stop that getting throw all man you gotta the filters wrong are you guys we're at we're at lunch and you said i think my phone got hacked and i picked it up are you and you are just or you are open to your junk mail inbox so i ll just junk mail junk mail junk mail so we
fix the don't you make it back from this just trip i'm fixing where you can go to try to fix a varied is driving me crazy i spend spend ten minutes a ten minutes when we talk about a half hour every day unsubscribe uk couple thinks we need one why don't you just ignore those emails and just leave him oxford with like thousands of emails it's what i do i dont want to use an example of how we want to win my life now turned on taking a second thing what would types of spam emails are these do not well i don't know i should see him you know what they're gonna junk yeah i wondered i'm subscribing the ones at your unsubscribe from what types of businesses are sending in this most of you don't you appealed all expenses yet
yet your how do you feel maybe not i have a check up that solar think directed at somebody my eight so deep the internets thinks that you're sick they think i'm old ok yeah and the minute i'm an obviously you know they're watching one the other things i'm looking and believe me i'm i'm smart enough to know that i shouldn't be going through sexually exploited the area because then i'd be totally out of business with its unsubscribe no i don't do that ok but i'm going to think that mean i might look i might i might look a car i'm a guy right and they look at all of a sudden i'm gonna thing from nine million cars will too we occur will fix your girl all that crap big brothers gun firm grasp gravel lawyer anything is i'm so bad doing aims of god what can you tell me why the point when you do that is so
small that's how they get you fuckin with you we need you you know what we need you too we need to get a person we get you and in turn who might live or in turns who just spends all day working on your involve your member mr poor noise is are in turn we are to measure and turned her i forced around us and when i click inter out and get an exact yang millions your council gary urine pry like ireland airborne yeah ok what else you got there that's what i get which i dont think i talked about before it in a way with car related i wish show you guys don't no offense i listen to empty our lot ok what they do they have one raises many of them do that earlier and get what they do this is quite a world one of the big thing you now is you'll get over donation we will stop soliciting money it's extortion with
they want me i was a with some kind of meaningless commotion and gratitude is you hate this right the answer is obviously yes you want us to stop right yes give us the money there there just annoying you until you give the money that is i think the solution here's a solution for this is what i do when it comes to the empire the pledge dr just let some the us pay for well that's all idea no matter what you tonight you just you you have to pay for somebody else after don't take care of it and you get enjoying it for free an intern yeah you not to pay the problem is empty looks at you and they're like this bleeding heart liberal he's just gonna keep shovelling money to us probably know that they're gonna lie the green a figure him very well maybe not brow yet my son is by the way you asked me about the celtics game
but something said about that i wanted to go i i asked him if he was going in the morning there will be thought i was this for an invite i wasn't and up firstly told me no and then the only reason i knew we was going as i heard it on serious threat we're going in the right then i then i am attacks them again i said are you going to say yes i said that i think is a enjoy it makes a banks but that i must amidst the invitation yeah but you know what it was probably in your junk mail box or got burned in the actual mail here you're right you really have a problem with people getting in touch with yes it is against sent to the wrong folder are literally lights on fire before you get that support that's why i maybe that's why things so quiet and my life maybe you sons actually like constantly checking in on you and in making sure the year ok twenty four centimetres never get it i mean our let me ask you this in your lives
how often when something comes up and is a very good excuse and you say i never saw them i never got all the time you told us as a first step but isn't it always upon plausible excuse because you nobody knows they may not believe but there's a five percent chance that maybe they tell him right ok but in your point really gonna go ballistic because you know that isn't yes it is true it never is you did get the message you just want to deal with it for one reason or another so there's there's the ultimate wisdom there for our road trip if we get in trouble we're just gonna say oh we didn't know that was wrong that's all
that is not always the first line of defence will now come to you to ignorance will seem a very plausible to fattening nor first line is car lawyer he will talk to you as long as you can unless landline landline popular rotary i misreported i take research we have house max be do and should not be a lotta get madeline banana matterby yeah yeah tie down doing great man just turned sexual allowed or melon turn to one december thirty then about the light of my life right that's sweet love love in this the youngest seventeen year old actually you are one of the youngest seventy year olds we know your than seventy four ordered all well yes and you ve only been seventy four forty so pretty i can get a bit that the motley yeah this title of this whole thing tat i should be kept me in
get get me subordinate interim or on it misreported i thank you so much and hopefully you guys believe it will even on saturday so hopefully just stay by your landline for the next like seventy days i will fight day another something completely different i we now welcome on the original randy moss back for some picks he actually gave us some winners in the kentucky derby in a couple tips so we are ready for the preakness let's start kind of like a larger view of the preakness for people who don't understand the difference between demonstrated kentucky derby and preakness tell us while the track him and how you expect a race to be run kentucky derby is sort of like the high society part of horse racing right anything except probably debauchery that goes on any and feel the pre
this is more of a book of the blue collar part of a triple crown the people's right to people right that's the nickname exactly what they call it it's a lot more i think what more approachable let's say maybe than the kentucky derby etc it's at a track that's definitely a blue collar track i'm like oh right in the heart of baltimore as the second leg the triple crowded you just as historic at the kentucky derby and the guy that for years and years is synonymous with the prisoner accounting chick language to be the general manager chemico coin the saying that the preakness had something but the kentucky derby will never have it as the derby winner during an epic yeah i think it's a pretty good way to put out i always love come under the brightness every year to it's it's a great weight so ready you may or may not have been able to ascertain this former last conversations
but i'm not i'm cover horse racing novice i'm still learning how to bet but i wanted to ask you some advice on like how to use my bank role if i go to the track let's say i wanna bet for effective right let's say i have heard in italy let's yes but let's say i have three races then i'm looking at and i want to put a trafficked on each one and lets say walk in there with a thousand bucks my pocket how much should i put on each race how what's the what's a good beginners betting strategy well here's a here's what you should keep this is about an hour's is is the little different than what i would usually give someone advice for but typically what i can people they don't know anything about the workers and i want to go to the track and have a good time i what would you spend what say you got have a fantastic date annual and you want to show a great time or europe or your spouse anymore what shown a great time on account maybe go to
awesome dinner maybe go catch a movie if you're a man anglesey a play what are you gonna span navigator ok will say three four yeah three three hundred bucks i you what happened time take that money the track guy it's a dip have a good time but you never boy asked blast you can drink you can gamble if you walk out of here and you don't have anything then use and what you would span normally go out for a night on the town if you leave there which is a possibility with all you honey you ever made any money banana lost him broken even you leave their you ve got a great time in abkhazia dime your winner if you if you leave their manufacturing made money you have more money in your pocket the need to get when you when you first went to the track bennets it highlights infinitely that's how you become an eye color a lot of people i'll take that money to the track
they leave the track and i won't have it and i think they get ripped off they'll think them is terrible i've lost three hundred dollars they don't look at it as the internet human factor is going on in having a good time with it they look like they look on it as fact that they ve lost the money when you go to it dinner when you go to a movie you don't go home i think maybe i lost three hundred dollars tonight round so bad i said that i try to that i try to get through to people who don't know much about horse racing and want to go the track for the first time a thousand dollar you want take a thousand to the track you wanna bet try factors bad the minimum amount the minimum denomination of trifecta that you can bet or super factor just for sport managers finishers and pick some long shots pick some favorites box alot of a morale and hope to a home and have fun you forgot
forgot the fourth category it's bet all your money lose it and then go online and bet all your money with your bookie on sports games when you're drunk and lose all that and then leave the track and be like how the hell am i going to get out of my hole that's the big cat method you mean you make to walk a shame to the idea that all yan oh yeah that's lash advance up the up couple carts all the cards take out all the car there just unseen ahmed spread your money out so that's i do it let's talk race ok let's do the same thing we did last time give the people and advice on the go through five horses real quick you tell us better no bat what's that are with the kentucky derby winner always dreaming its garbutt he's obviously can be the favourite so do you think that in this is a race it should set up one right i would say it should set up for him but
i don't it may run dramatically differently from kentucky ok so he's gonna be here can be fast and want to be out in front the whole time only ten horses yes oh yes what would you say obviously the odds are programme can be great but now better no but i would say from buildings from a picking standpoint it's a fifty fifty proposition betting standpoint don't bet ok what about classic empire the horse it alot of people lights in the derby who never seem to get going there back o king looking at lee who actually was your pic too put into the exotics can you say finisher looking at least finished what third sector duck and so you are you're dead on with that you want to some money with that looking at lee how do you like better no bet
play many exotics again but no madame no i'm ok hence hence who threw out there's a long shot my personal favorite jockey flow joe floater the jockey floor giroux better no bet i like longe through i didn't like answers raising the kentucky derby nobel ok and then the last one this name i hate cloud computing back only exotics ok you're hoping you know only only two horses can win the rate of colleagues dreaming and classic empire those they only to the winner is the other horses r b of various competence levels of playing an exact last time you had a cloud computing is a horse that can be a part of exotics ok ok last time we had john you told us about patch the horse with one eye hu i bet on and he finished in like infinity place is a horse that maybe has like is missing a leg
or a dozen had he tell you deliver that you'd like me to put money on this but i didn't tell you to bet on patch called you use the great just told me i wouldn't have out regretted for the rest of my life is pats one and i didn't bet on ass now there's no more than the more patches although there were two horses in the race the ring with what i catch had when i go on in classic empire had won i closed during the rates could you get hit it may i with those with a bug claude or something so he bade the heat he ran around there with one i don't want to force when there s no always driven oh god what what a little randy moss bonus pick you got any other races you like a friday or saturday that we should keep you won your bonus picked by the way what is it what are the odds on friday you gave us a bonus picture was like nine to one year
i remember the words either but i'm about better the yes you were there not browed ok thank you i don't i haven't completed my analysis of all the races friday or saturday yet nothing until i program right ear nothing jobs do the front of my mind nothing just comes out says i gotta give this to the guys that bar store so you might have tell me again you gotta tell me last time yet another invaded me that you didn't tell me until i was on the air ozone is that not so you can't you can't ex back when you tonia its difficulties times of wines i think a lot of money yeah ok i will i will i will kill you i like to hear that i like here that are much earlier this time we'll get it back to me
don't bet bins cat is a real popular horse that's gonna run in jimmy cato spray anita levin years old i was with his like that like point any enough fail at eight seventy what are what are our seems how is your by dog yours et in seven times withheld transit the professional athletes been scared been eleven would probably be the equivalent of a forty five forty secure player in the initial sunlight fires every every year every every horse years like five years human secures not out by about oh now but for about four like that it's it's not exactly that like dog years right i'm yeah when you get a certain age it slows down whatever horses canoe became typically live to be thirty or early thirty that's that's about the live at some are now you can you can do the math marathon was is never die welt while ways paralleled ok
that is why even less all eleven old horse i randy thing will so much so we got we got everyone's everyone's picks their bed on always dreaming classic empire throw hence a cloud computing anasa looking at least cloud computing in the exotic but joy to endorses it can win enter the bonus or for tomorrow you running yup eleven through the black eyed susan thither feature is on nbc the number one horse named shimmering aspen really a jockey names named steve i got a cowboy steve hamilton cowboy say yeah i'm solely tired retired from writing articles forty two years old he weighed a hundred fifty pounds which is far too heavy for gas at ass a society we decided we want to make a comeback weeks later he went out and thirteen lou
and has asked me has to come back to writing in his doing pretty well in maryland and he's writing shimmering aspen but where's that three races in four starts his number one post position and i think it's probably going to go wire to wire in the black eyed susans at about four or five to one i love it i love it i randy thank you please the belmont our office is open we love for you to come by and i'll do this in person cuz i'm really in midtown so i don't even know where someone when they're not been yeah you text me and i'll i'll wait to text you back because we were not on the earlier one on the air but yes if you i obviously you're coming for the belmont so you'll be in new york riley's be great if you came came by the studio we do this in person what an offer let's do it i ok thanks wendy was seen a couple weeks ago regulated blacksmith
what's up guys let's talk about the credit wise up with a message brought to you by capital one as you all know i'm a big stats guy so i take numbers are great but on there don't they don't tell you the whole story it's like looking at final scoreboard game without checking any of the stats or knowing any of the context credit isn't any different the fur step two understanding your credit is knowing what factors contribute to your credit profile in fact there's a lot more to credit i spent that just knowing your score and since there's no one single score that lenders use knowing these factors are key so here hot tip for our award winning listeners out there don't be a weeny do would i did go unchecked the app credit wise is different from other credit apps it gives you access to your information for retrenching
it reports to understand your behaviors and helps you spot signs of error or identity theft plus you can check it as off as you want for free without negatively impact in your credit so go online mash that almost button right now and get the credit wise app the day and i go to a friend numbers or great with context get that credit wise up right now from cap ro one eyed let's do some segments first up we have of a pr one or one for a rod a rod corp my employer people people forget it i'm actually employed by and by play it will is that right that's right that's what we discussed as long as you are willing to be an employee then he can't fire so a rod was announcing a game tonight for the yankees and they took a picture of his pre game notes and zooming in on it his
votes were her red child underlined and then three bullet points the first one being birth control second one being baby the third one being pull out stuff and then there was also a great pasties you wrote gray pasty on there and no big deal get my birthday written on there to do my very first so there wasn't a while ago a rod don't really know what's going on but as an employee of a rod corp all i'm going to say is sounds like we're not going to be having any babies sex cells yeah without power game hello game strong its error i actually strikes me as a type a guy who has to write a reminder to himself been like remember to pull out yeah like five times a day
it's like praying to mecca if you're muslim here he has to make sure to get us get stepson israeli just keeps ice age yourself yeah i'm i'm interested to see how that game goes maybe by tomorrow morning we'll have found out exactly what those notes meant but i've noticed on fox they ve been doing these things where they have weird keys the game because it ok announcer giving smart they know what goes viral number one is tell us traded dogs yeah so they do a lot of dicks on the tell us trader and a lot of a mountain tional which we discuss and for policies and yesterday there is one for the rockies where'd said something like one iraq to certain batter was this guy is very very handsome and so that when viral online of course yet the fox you get the impression is out there so i think that this may be a stay woke situation was no there is no fox logo on them
i think this is a rod going rogue out as i shall give viral right exactly yeah a ruddy he's the kind of guy that i think the minute are the centaur yeah post serve him he'd found but then he can go viral alluding to sexual things involving a rod wells amorous stapi there wasn't the centre was the kissing himself in the mirror o thou the classic my picture or maybe now maybe it was actually getting his breast rubbed down in central park oh yeah a lot to pick our was it was his cousin again yuri urea dishonest floored show my using alpha that's i my only concern here as a member of a rod corp it's five of us it is therefore of us a rod five us a rod his daughter his other daughter is house cleaner and me is he writing down the pull out game because were in some way
actual problems he can't bring on another employ that's it is rather like ebay rod you are immediately in iran maybe he was just riding down the terms for your company health insurance plan just pull out or guys spreads written right there you can have a kid you just some you agreed to pull out either way iran noticed oh my god one hundred and eighty and i don't even know if he has i just love him now but he pulled a george foreman is what he did to start selling weird cooking utensils in for all of it we have a hurt or in for tom brady so it came out that just now said that our tom brady has had many concussions including a couple on this last year so hurt or injured tom brady's brain i'm gonna go with her on this renouncing its injured i also think that it's a little bit of laying the groundwork for maybe a eddie you any future incidents where it gets caught shooting he can feel it
guess what insanity i had see tee as can cause i or its also plausible deniability swinging his answer like robert miller's ted wells questions with i can't recall i can't recall and which you can use to get out of anything i m in ireland but what you are doing she's basically trying to make tom brady retire buys quoting all his concur it's a hell of a move or it could be tom brady just review that he uses the headache excuse to get out of having sacking xl she's acknowledges in that we never have sex anymore so always has had hurt ia and british gods it's i'm deal with lotta concussions babe well i'd probably can cost to all the time if i ate maybe that's why it's like such an asshole
just as it was a no better does i owe it food is any more right example links he's like a goat in a field because our own causing the goat right here thinks he's literally just like a billygoat eating grass and berries and shit now at all makes sense is also why doesn't get rattled he just so can cost and now is too dumb to fuel pressure yeah the whole though big ben situation yet may be put on a walking boot tom the worst big ban these on that once or twice a poet you see big bennet the penguins game with a stupid face yes i did ask god damn low wages like hee hee he looks now forever like a guy i who doesn't know if you want to retired actually he looked like he was staring at the celtics court like it was a magic guideposts i think he was confused how there was ice in georgia because it was likes sixty five degrees inside the barn right asia staring at the isaac what thine eye wearing a t shirt why is this winter why am i not playing football right now it's winter we have a thoughts and prayers for journalists everywhere what was
one for a study came out this is actually a medical journal that did the study and said journalists brains have been operating on a lower level due to dehydration a journalist sir we're not in care bodies guys learning in those stats yahoo how many journalists are there to do a servant they tests they tested about nuno journalists they will answer any like any survey that comes into their inbox fruit for like integrity it'll what's of the study what's do they figure out why it because its authors never see journalists trying to like hit people up after natural disaster i i hate and have permission to use this age i see your car just crashed in and killed seventeen people on the freeway can i use your picture on local seven o clock news that area thirsty that's why they're dehydrated makes sense makes perfect sense you how to connect the dots yes we don't we ever knows rules with connect the dots we don't worry to each other beforehand so gonna send out some sad news this morning chris cornell passed away and materials
and roger was persuaded this is about chris granada said yeah so he died the kind of out of nowhere little young he also just happened to be the guy that sang theme song for the benghazi movie and he was very active i'm benghazi awareness that implicated woman named hillary clinton okay so and then he passes away under mysterious circumstance okay so this is actually a danger connect the dots because this is exactly what else jones will probably say soon i'm just saying you're just say the first to get it out there i think hillary clinton killed crisscross yeah that's that's one of the ones where
people probably start saying i will just say hey remember parity lock yeah just remember just speed beseemeth area we you ate some i saw you some chile earlier that i know what i tell you the old schiller jack in madrid educated rumpled i've gone nodded defence in forward our conference planned on tv we are talking age a body over a cave on jobs are i can say that we have my green bergs dumb rules my green burg said that the four may whether many per food may whether conor macgregor fight looks like it might actually in some weird way handle this is we have to do a macgregor may whether update and they said its halfway down ok but
there's been three years i mean to have another three years that's why it's gonna have that's why i also feel like this update has been the exact same update we ve done in the last six times yeah like it's getting closer macgregor sales in boats inch by inch yeah like member that that the eu had a theory right that we can keep getting half the distance her right the arrow arrow through that i invented yes you invented remember that one heck wear it i fired an arrow at you would never let actually hit you because in order to get to you it has to go halfway there at some point then it has to go half way closer than half way closer than half way closer than etcetera never fully you never get you never get hit by their york thought we should test asylum grit weak yes but either way the i remember dumb rule he says that they should fight they should box for nine rounds and then the tenth round they should do and emma may fight when they're both
can you just throw the around and whenever all maybe wildcard round you actually that's really what it should be either what will do love ring girls and ring women sorry story sixteen ring women work around and they don't know it's like the frozen envelope with david cern so they take it out and we don't know when the mammoth round is going to happen and that site boom here's emma may round they should also have one round where they get to have an animal at their site like an animal that's bonded with them for you know it since it was a pop or since it was a baby they should also have around where to ship talking with both their onto or which renault was say pass your ass a cancer so their posses holding each other back who lay i know don't let me go there to let me go there in the middle you know what i think that i that's a great idea i would like see a full on fight during the way into in that counts is one round yes whoever wins the wind yeah how bout around where it
disdain dana white talking in like of seven thousand dollar t shirt telling everyone house the biggest fight ever doubtless be around that so these are all rounds i mean they will have one we're just my green bird plugging is new show so there's another round that's i think we just figure the whole fight yet was signed up right now we have been or we get two guys on checks we have a humans verse the sun up date when you got force in humans verse the sun it looks like los angeles the people of los angeles just took a big l because new stadium for the rams it's not gonna open until twenty twenty because of rain so rain beat the shit humans wait what yet rain on account of rain too much rain like two days unless angelus the summer yeah someone out our so just spill the half a cup of water and that was too much too much rain for the drought exactly it's less angels is one in one of those positions where therein
such a drought that when it rains the ground is too third the ground like a journalist aha so thirsty and italy and asphalt and absorb any that makes sense right i think it's too dry that it can't get wet again right you ever experienced a thing like tat i know of no never known known and you haven't spoken happens large ngos pay your don't be worried about hank were here and the trust me i just want to say this is a big misstep by sean mcveigh if i was shot mcveigh i would do everything in my power to get that stadium done by twenty nineteen because they're gonna keep for three areas the old jan fischer but there it didn't work but after three years going in fourth you can be fired after the third area and then they can say where we need a new coach for the new stadium yeah the new coach new stadium in that's why jeff fisher got fire because they were moving you know that the new there there moving it and all their stolen the calcium andrea zambia but either way my points the year point stands our point stands you can't have the coach need
to make sure that they stay grass the mixture biscuit right o brien pace using here's a good upon you brought him up there is a whole lot of water why not bring in a guy named fisher oh so rick riley's back again the beginning to show in the english very correct i miss pollyanna pointed teeth jokes if you if you want to hear said you see jeff fisher gettin weirded national predators game yeah yeah he looks he looks happy i'm have landed save the beard i cannot wait for his name to get back in the real world it's gonna have we already established in january is heiress yeah when we're gonna start in some jeff fisher rumours i am so so so so so excited you need it i was due to finish the weak with guys on checks where'd you jumbles next week so measures are you gmos before more they weekend but for now we're gonna do guys on checks reminder to new segment where we explain women's bodies to themself hey pay empty boys
do you give a shit we're lies she sometime said isabel boys the z euro can you get your voices higher so we can get in the mood happy empty boys do you give a shit about eyebrows no i mean i honestly nokia and as long as it as long as there is a separation in there somewhere here as a guy who has taken most of the eyebrows from all of the world into my eyebrows now i got no problem
throw through can throw stones from a glass house desert that's the one thing that i will never say if you have to i browse you don't have one yeah i really need to i've laid each eyebrows i will say that the painted on eyebrows can get that little uncle leo scary situation go and so just be careful with it one thing i don't like is when they take too much care they're eyebrows because i take such little care of every facet of my personal appearance that i just know it's never gonna work out yet but am emily ratchet cowskin she's got wild eyebrows can a hot so goes both ways and is this the shores the fucker eyebrows ok ex worker he guy i just been a lot of money on brazilian waxing and others hot do you think that excessive grooming what does the healthy way to go thanks again this is now where's that yet another guy doesn't guile cat fishing us nice try dude rockets
what about your vagina when it's really a deck not that there is anything wrong with that but we don't feel comfortable doing it right now i gotta wax went on did you yeah i lost about is classically guys guys being guys lorry whirlpool hall bet loss i haven't had a wax all off no big deal hate what are the cause of brazil taxes it why those situations where like you know the culture sweden america but in china's just food zone in brazil or is it just like every the version then why do you say that where i think we should i think regina the big thing about the brazilian is the but to oh here how you capital and makes it a brazilian i get that but cleaned up brazil as opposed to like a nineteen forty five fish german god bless women tinges wax in their button like if i can wipe it's a miracle in my crazy
because what my friend told me he got talk about an birds nest someday cat o without me today i felt my blood actually start to boil exo french us no that was you actually having high blood pressure because you love taco bell and person ass that's a dangerous dangerous combo that's like doctors tell you that you should mixed tylenol an alcohol together casual fuck your liver over yeah you should not mix chicken wings with talk about all the seychelles mixed chicken wings with women is that offensive that's offensive your guy because i women women can be big bars when it comes to the wing house really oh yeah ok actually that's that the big turn i thought they made bonus wings for when the chicks oftentimes many women ask me eight p what are you turn around and lastly what take down a bone in you know like anyone bound the bone in bound to get a hank anti at it you are listening
hey guys objects when questioned about my body is is there any way to prevent my boobs from falling into my armpits when i lay down a yellow they hold him yeah yeah last may you member how how the flintstones used to have like animals around our house that did all their choice from like there's a bird that is those a lamp shed just get a guy like a small guy to walk around just like holding your breast up also not that i know about this move but sometimes porn stars when their breasts start sag they just like me now though i keep the bra on until just take it down but we also cannot keep so maybe do that skip it like the the under brought here the underbrush exactly you see that there's this new broad brush approach to push opera basically every instagram model is selling the push opera oh i'm g love my new bra look at my boobs look at my boobs all flappy look at my boobs in the push appropriate wanna hear drunk idea yeah i want to make one
as for like your boss o after balls up oh ice tight little balls that's why you're not getting laid cause your balls showing enough you moose knuckles not out there where the light i need some like i would like in knowledge where do you want from me what shakespeare i gave while look at that hank guided his balls are just in my face there's one thing i know about women it's that they find balls super attract area and you want to be able to present them to the earth leading man on earth is technically ball at grape actually that is a very good and why do they call mother earthen seems seems offensive it seems like it's in time massage monistic rehearsal niceness answer man while oh here's another tip we saw gymnastic with eyes festive amiss andrey another point is you have boobs guys don't really care i gives a gift give you tubes boobs and your shirt off that's ok i'm five eight and still where heels
should be worried about emasculating my short guy for i know just rock the heels and tell the short guys to enjoy the view not at all i like that line not destroy the view you actually no what short guys really like this nice tip for you if you got to unblock hausa whether down there so start given that if i knew a short i'd ask em know are the real answer just be yourself so if you are aware heels do it best friend is putting on doing the home birth in her bathtub hazard baby no she wants me to be there the duty is next month it i'm freaking out should i go what should i expect no you should go in fact you should be in this friendship you norman white friends to be in the same room as you well you're genitals are getting down battle party got maybe maybe low megawatt bathtub genoa pleasant yeah ok that's empire placenta pierre zone you while preserve the pie
you just make sure that the data is pointer thing yes but you were right pleasant payer ok anyone make sure that is preserved so you plug the top up like a wash little back no asked after birth pathogen attacks this fuckin sets high protein i last one thank god my boyfriend never wash his hands after paying as that would all guys do where's he just a scumbag he is wrong i am like tat
five percent after paying you know what i only do where it a nice short like from dressed up some if you're feeling fancy then wash your hands oh i only wash it when i have when there's someone else and in the room that's gonna wash it and they looked down on you are if that here's the thing we work in an office where their people that sit at desks right outside the bathrooms and so if i p a flush alonzo just turned the water on for a second richer not even for my hand in their turn off just on giving them the impression that i'm not a slob absolutely you have to do that we wish lists as a showdown let's just get out there we are non hand washers because i want a distinct metaphysics what i was talking about it actually happen me other day we were out in the bathroom with one of our boss passes like big time bosses and we finish the exact same time and it was like a ok is
going to go are you going to go like i wish i had just had the balls but i can't was just we're guys it's just not watching hi five and get out of here two things one if you don't wash your hands you're actually preserving the pheromones that women an irresistible he has so little p underhand sunk smell lupi owner has actually turns women into soup the smelt that lady a clean off a second thing is if you keep a little dirt on her hands then it improves your immune system yeah true that's why you should you know the subway rails and everything and then just like your hands and i hope he has learned something by yourselves at their actually the big drug companies were the ones who created hand sanitizing they wanted you to use it and then get sector because everyone didn't build up their immune systems stay woke i that's it that went ok
you wouldn't have to figure out how to workshop the often on yeah it's i mean that's no i looked i like that segment it's just i don't know or fully equipped talk about after birth and bathtub party my problem is i don't want to give away all my secret so yeah you know i got a lotta get moves and i can't be having obey the because after run around snow your hands now and again it waving their party now when their piss hands on an ethos noses and taken all the chicks from me i that's our shall we will see everyone from the road just another reminder make sure you follow apart my take on instagram twitter and make sure some of the partial sports upcoming loud shouts of the month yazoo shirley was the short of the mark is the part of my take short this month so go we're gonna be we're gonna be wearing them on the road is probably the best that we were put out to your check it out
make sure you get the short of the month club the bars to sports we have an awesome showed a month cobia new shirt its themed every single month oh do right now go the parcels more store and makes you download the parcel sports app so you can watch any video we put out there from great week we have some really funny ideas and we will see you lie on sunday night not really lie because we take everything from mike florio's barn in west virginia lovey guess opel
what what what what what what over people didn t do it
i'm going to do that this week on all of the above with norman leader big star julia louie drivers sits down with norman involved will you know there wasn't a script when i was first talking hbo that there was an concepts my my agent had sent me listen they're developing this thing at hbo about an unhappy vice president and unhappy female vice president and i thought to myself well i gotta get in on this action because its gold and it's so amazing that nobody's done it before listen today on the podcast one out more subscribe apple by gas or import gas one dot com
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