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Rich Eisen + NBA All Star Weekend

2019-02-18 | 🔗

BA All Star Game recap, Kyrie and KD are best friends, and Anthony Davis is going to do something very nice for the city of New Orleans when he's traded (2:27 - 14:00). Defining the terms of the Hank has to adopt a Cat bet (14:00 - 21:11). Who's back of the week including Denny Hamlin and Johnny Cueto's dead horse (21:11 - 28:27). Rich Eisen joins the show to talk about his career, what the early days of ESPN were like, being the face of the NFL Network, why he's totally not mad about Ohio State beating Michigan every year, Game of the Thrones, and other random questions we decided to ask him (28:27 - 80:35). Segments include an Antonio Brown free agency update, the Bryce is Right, who won the trade Colin Kaepernick, shoe roast for Kawhi Leonard, and our review of the most fucked up Documentary you'll ever watch, "Abducted In Plain Sight"

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on today's pardon my take we have demanded that the legend rich eyes and you remember him from sport centre back in the day he's been the nfl network led hosts the face of anna fell network we have a very full conversation with him some real talk and then also rich did a fun thing where he kind of beat us to the punch and realized when we get to the end of interviews we just throw shit against the wall and hope it stick so got very fun there we also have mba all star weak and whose back of the week and we have been giving you homework for last week hopefully of washed abducted in plain sight there will be some colors instead of a monday reading we are going to review it and the review is what the fuck before we gets all that though it's time to talk about the cash card from the cash app another one finance up in the app store for reason the cash card is the most powerful debit card in the world and the only debit card with boosts money saving feature you can't get anywhere else because cash app invent
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right now you're not an award winning lesser unless you do and we love our friends a passion for download it right now and with that let's go let's pardon my two presented a brand new youtube page how many more weeks right gets a brand new i think it's new issues
as you so that we do know that's what ran knew just killing and take further now since you guys were over twenty thousand next cause thirty thousand hank what are you gonna release i we have a lot of baby tee for it we had someone painful it were working on some new wrathfully talking we for next wraps on comes out an opera like a behind a full behind the scenes of we drink paint ok let's wait with aside and sons before we put the actual thing out yeah the evolution as yeah ok we're gonna get stuck again today is monday we're gonna get stuck in time of irony watch african video where i found out that we're just a speck small smack today is monday february eighteen envy they all star weekend we are in it boys we are deep in the february and they all star weekend team leubronn comes back amazing com by kevin to to carry lebron james to victory damian lillard
let me know what hit some huge shots and that's about it from all star we can i mean i guess we can break the actual wrote a few notes you you're just fire off some notes agenda at the top of my head the dude broke the plane for in the same direction yeah i into a plain oh are all bird hitting captain sallies jet liner amadou dielo stole to show by using shack as a prop which i cannot believe had not been used until le until saturday right shaquille niels prop is an all time prop because he is the largest human being ever that's a fact on look it up and even though he doctors had a little mouse you proud of the imf
of of entire twitter universe not going well actually on the whole dont because it was a cool moment i'm a truth her hand with his hand on a shower i ask your driver on it like hollow also began he walked they they did say that the right before he jumped like he can't presented the shoulder he came i now that i know it but hear me out the nba by dont contests has not been good for a very long time this one was that we had the zack levine manas last good one than the one before that was probably blake griffin overall as well bad but if you have one moment we're like holy shit it kind of services see announcer screwed them by saying that the literally the only thing you can do is put his hand on my neck and they did it emblems like is that i hope we can embrace debate and say like if the those same dunks had been performed by superstars we approach
think was knocked on well yeah that that means i am going next year's don contest would be incredible consign williamson as chicago bulls doing it in the united centres gonna meet all time and he's gonna be a fresh is gonna fresh legs cause he's sitting at the rest of your college runs out a lot about also carnival yes the go ahead at so i also wrote down can't this is for you did you see the team will bron practice did you happen to catch his team of brown practice are satisfied i must admit that there are let me give you a little recap courier kevin durant are in love full blown love they are they were doing there like tickling each other they were there horse around like a play you just gotta say new york knicks interaction he desired baltic sea almost sound the celtics few years ago anti davison even trade rather davidson and signed kevin read anything david or calendar it got it maybe both
sitting down and i will gladly they'll be quite an off season for teenage yes we had our dirk having air balls in the three point contest whose come said why you know what i was when i was watching that i was saying to myself how awesome would be if morocco force was three point contest yes if it was like him and been segments yes to say i need the problem is the gaza to good i want to see like embodies awful awful attend it shouldn't report i thought if she loved through points contest because it's incredible watching these guys just be so so good in like so automatic and i actually came across this thought you could tell me how crazy i am but i'm gonna throw out there are people try me mad about it if i could pick one for the rest of my life to be awesome dumping or wet from three at all times i think i would take wet from three that's ridiculous i know as big as somebody who has done before
let me tell you haven't you don't realize how electric that feeling is tight recreate that every day i would imagine this so what you're not thinking about is the fact that you would one day be like sixty five years old which a serious bow just jamming on people dumping on your site get it if you yeah i get in your like eighty years old get aiming under sign in your grandson i get it i get all that being able to just like shoot like these guys can shoot now is it credible to watch and i actually i mean just just pull up every time you open think about this any guy in the nba like if their open they just make it having that would be so incredible so i think i'm gonna do that europe and i think it really you know what you also one is like a crazy world if if i had a jim in my house and i could shoot ten thousand jumpers a day i feel i get there i'll never be able to talk to you your brain has been poisoned by seeing in old dude and jim one time i guarantee we via this moment where you see and
old guy in jim that just stroking it from three jolt yes and that is cool what that guy is the alpha that entire jim like there's no question about it that guy's the man but you i think you are underestimating how cool but you don't campi i'm not gonna know it actually isn't that cool when guys duncan like pick up every guy that's kind of like whatever man like cool you did it like that no one else can do it you did it awesome one's eyes ellis norway guys guys can just shoot em way more elsa shooters when guys can just shoot and make everything all the time they dominate every pick up came fucking cool but you know what you could be like a vigilante dunker and if there's if that guy shows up and start showing off by le jamming on people and pick up just jam on him hard ok to other things in my defence if you can jus threes like that you just have to run three point one to three points
you never have i don't it's her my body is starting to break down as i get into my older years of going basketball can't handle the pay as much they use new that end cambyses three indiana you guys know that extra so are adapted to the nba again get your skill set on killing is airline they accounts is too you know it doesn't count to three point two guys think out system just think that have dunks were worth one point john would seldom yep i think so i think the nba should seriously consider that in the austrian views you agree with what he was just jamming on fools all gave me doc city have supernatural probably like a bakers does and whoever got god forbid if you're the guy watercolor but the under on now and i asked her nobody my last note from mba all star weaken comes from then he davis in the most ridiculous court of ever read this is something actually set did you guys see this now i'm going to drop it to you first time so you give me your knee jerk reaction is something you actually he said
pelicans eddie davis will leave some special just for reuse you got exits he said anthony davis quote i will always have love for the city of new orleans when that time comes i am going to definitely have a heartwarming message for them and put it on and scram like everybody else does dago new orleans you get a note screenshot bury the hatch it he might then he didn't notice notice he didn't say he was gonna take out a full page ad in the times pickin party might him he might even go all the way there but yes every davis now i dont office who said in tongue in cheek but it was absolutely said and that should fix everything right legal problem solved note no more anger you guys listen you might lose your generational talent who is only twenty five twenty six years old but you're gonna get a sweet sweet instagram post saying neurons is home who is well but if you look at it numbers wise i bet you'd actually would cost more money to buy hit like us
answered post from him on his this rampage then it would to take out a full page ad in the times picky yap some of your neurons italy's you ve got the saints have been really really go the posts is logically yours you guys are right now that's great though i mean look if yours pelicans venue pro did you really the dumps right now you just fired your gm for incompetence incompetence saint frank the tanks voice incompetence on those stephen psmith no not be able to trade notes new jersey not yet the new jersey transit is it put you have you your franchising shambles you probably will move city soon you i won't i haven't read eyes but every davis got you can probably you could double tap that that beautiful instagram post when he gets traded to a contender eventually i listen to i love the city of new orleans i've said many times it's probably my top two favorite city in the united states but are there one cleaving oh how you actually look i actually youngster number one cleveland too
cleavage really a suburb of youngsters when you think about them new orleans but liked the fans that show two pelicans games half of them just have to be like lost drunk right yeah that's that's how most business gets done in new orleans right it just people that happen to like stumble into whatever storefront you have dude if the pelicans don't sit him for the rest of the year they're so stupid cuz that that would be the ultimate having him get some kind of injury we're like come on man are you serious you couldn't just sit him out because your trading him and i know like emeralds well you bounced back from injury but you're trading and for that last year he still under contract and if he gets hurt and it somehow jeopardize that thou be an unbelievable fuck up guys unwilling i agree i add one more note about all or we can because magic johnson showed up just tampering with everybody uses and shaken all the hands personal all the flush i would just me no we as a society don't talk about what a cool name magic johnson eyes yeah that's really caught his
go on to yet revert is awesome and somehow he upgraded from earliest please michael o bonnet his name is urban urban magic jai love when wilburn makes a very specific point i always say urban yeah give you thought about that his name is literally magic johnson but it's not pelagic johnson because yes actually around yeah but what are you doing ok before we get to whose back we have to do a little clean up from friday show i got the f no one not ok deming whose ernie think filters richardson is the old time leading touchdown great person for the awesome san antonio had cooled crowd yeah mired in old morven loses twitter handle is apparently at alliance f it's just a league will be here we coach suited her yet f elsewhere that one week i'll always have
that point it revolution ass sort of so before we get to rich eyes and we also do obstructed in plain sight review at the end of the show we have to clean up something for friday are cat duke bet with hank so we're at a standstill as it currently stands marietta fend off there is a bed and the bed is that is honesty doesnt lose by ten plus in the sweet sixteen hate you have to get a cat so we'd have to just winds first to round first round second round game and then not lose by double digit in the third round then cat hank is clear but that's kind of a stupid bet we need a better goes throughout the entire tournament the gets people excited the less people send hank a bunch of pictures of hank and frank the its moses had just the cat gifts is what we're here for so where we as well egg has been complaining about it and i think he does i've diving you're not even let me finish
hey say i'm taking you incompleteness and you haven't played about it and i was about to say with fear like with good right because this was not not complain as not complaining we don't have ok again you know we don't enough scheme the game on our side okay so we're gonna do it so i figured out right now i say that if if we lose the bet we have pay five hundred dollars to and award winning listener who's going to college i do to give them a scholarship we did have the idea in the brainstormed in the text chain with the idea of if we have pierre tina lost but carried van more hundred dollars to every incoming duke player and say hears for coming to duke yet please accessible grandma recruiting viler next year and then which sent like a copy of that compliance so well i guess this is considered complaining all i said was that you guys don't and the skin of the game are someone tweeted this me i thought i was a great idea and they said that if duke wins the championship
oh i'd they only have to make it and are unwilling to get rid of the ten points we sixteen yes i told you i wasn't as you in full disclosure i've been reading the art of the deal so i've been actually owning unesco she s like to catch us got two times bigger facts you guys you have some skin in the game so much we do this man think it's a great idea if duke wins the championship you guys be how to hair blue for a week so without because i'm i'm it's very possible noah i couldn't die my hair blue it would not look blue would look like wouldn't it doesnt hair died doesn't work i will promise you there's a hare stylus how can you actually area that should definitely get your hair turned blue that is what i was saying the eu has a dogma money i'm not risking money in this bet so you guys have to respond either that is my contention you have the same old donate money i think that if i'm not gonna risk not risking money i'm risking the cats live you guys should have to read something of your own or someone else so what if we supported the scholarship that i mentioned we named after dad i don't care
when he like that we already know what have we spent a ton of money what if we went to all this talk of bells and boost the sales by eating their doesn't matter don't care what do you know i'll die are here i told loud die my hair jet black like coach k you i don't think blue admires too dark the ammonia not yours lighter outing merganser blue though is a thing i'd have to bleach at one end what if you died it like the color of article six nine and got a set of nine as you know the snow is cancelled you got for what you got what you brought back three what have we got hannah tattoos our neck saying dukes year oh are you our faces that's right here don't dude yes let me i told you i've been reading the art of the deal you just come on net tattoos to say dukes year hannah tattoos they stay on four like three weeks right the jet black hair known or of the two the tattoo or their poverty brings up a fair pay
printed hair dies not goin to look the way you think it s this very romanticize vision that you have in your head of us having like looking we had made one thing clear from rehab had matching tattoos across our neck is literally stated again dukes year were putting our skin online what size for twelve eighteen it has to be visible for at least a week and it has been physiology can't yet i really got anywhere total mac i'm sure you do they raise you're not allowed to where time showing the camera right here where it is its duty here right here right cross we're adams apple is ok and then so turtleneck sats if duke wins the championship yes ok you know total ducks for an entire week ok and then if duke if duke loses the championship we're getting a cap no ok so then what that's it that's how it has worked though if that's are now if our limit is winning the championship tat is more severe so how about if duke doesn't go to the heart of our habit of the
doesn't go to the final for you have to get a cat alleviates the same same same that as we talked about the camel eliminating eliminating the ten point right i'm getting rid of it i want to ten point ruin the elite ate them i want if you lose i take double digit in the elite eight you have to get a cap no are you do they're gonna be favoured by so much this is odds of duke winning we looked it up there like plus one sixty to win an actual like our loyalty that leader if they win the championship by double did you have to do the hare die then now they are now the thing is the hare die isn't gonna look cool i think we got our side of the awareness that we also if do winds it's i don't know take or that we have jointly and now if you are new ten point i'm not because we just transition daily dates they have to lose its the same bet but just you went from sixteen to lady that's exactly that moved its every day and we had our stakes but alas loss i don't care but the point i will know you will it will be electric to watch that's the whole point
for the viewers suffer us right so they have ducas dominate the chairmanship that electric to watch over give each mustache twenty points twenty two points and i will thus twenty point either deal don't points if we the area if he wins the did the title by twenty points them will add the haired ok ok and if i lose by twenty points you have to get to cats zombie ellida yeah i was i might all you gotta get to that's now to one elderly one young one so i find it here we go not now i m not no bring another way here into the hague to protect can teach the final here we got ready here this is exactly what i say it i'm not going to allow those they two cats i'm not gonna say two cats if duke loses ten points in the elite eight or before the early date hank has to get a cat if whence it actual title we have to get neck tattoos say dukes year
there are visible for at least one we cannot tattoos yet headed tattoos for at least one week if duke wins the net title by twenty points or more we also have to have dire hair if duke loses by twenty points are more nearly date we gets name the cat we want to include that wouldn't network all the cat would have one now but he has to actually agree to it like bide like filled the paperwork groaning and all that it has to be leubronn lockwood legato kroner on broad around the cat s an all out undecided like that we're don't like deal j on its virtual shake broadcasters virtual share greta goddammit right i'm i'm i'm fired up roared out where you gonna get a fuckin cat if i get in there and those of our civilization with injuries are suspensions cracked throw those that yet in science in the rest of europe we already know that sets into tried to show hanker a fake watch tweet today about archway barricading suspended influence
bite on a graph to figure out a way to get one of them suspended i'm thinking if i'm going to dye my hair blue and get a neck tattoo i might as well get the earring to i predict that is your prerogative here by marrow let's do whose back the weak hank once you start cat owner hank anchored frank are speaking to taking proper bigger duke speaking championships speaking of boston championship trophies are back in boston because jason tatum one skills comfort it s always been like did you get it for that too yeah picture of big trophy got big ones like two weeks so it is good that it is good to bring the elder winning culture backed bosnia long you guys been suffering for our bread is also back god sure you got this but i'm trigger ready in the paper this sunday but the new yorker posted article said bread is making a comeback embraced by homemakers restaurant in science minded hobbyist entranced by the mesmerizing intricacies of soured or culture ok
little red is now that's a fun little upon that they did sourdough culture yeah pa bread by the way has been out like we're going back kido diet people go no call arbs gluten free free and been tides had obtained runners vieira yeah they made the point in a while but now they got bigger now they got big so they're good i would he got picked my whose back the week is johnny cuentos dead horse said all that i remember when you posted that like a year ago just a picture is dead horse yup were posted again on those different dead horse nothing is the same one non procedures totally different i think he also reality style yeah nursing owner who are he's literally beating his dead horse you know his horse escaped so he said that his horse tied because it eight poisons grasshoppers so insects are fighting back we will learn last week that in sexual in the hot seat so another using horses and attacking the print their own predators so it's good to see that also chris berman's back here
going to be announcing a number of red sox games this year so that green she's gonna fuck but back back calls again cannot be reception is gonna be tough one i love that even actually retire spin nice right i think if we pulled the tape when we're talking about it the time we were obviously distraught were devastated to hear the news and i think i said something really stupid like i always figure there sperm just stop showing up one day in the end he wouldn't want to make a big spectacle long drawn out there priority is the right occasion out of his return then i n you shut me down amelia due note or whatever the empress berman and you were right i was wrong i'd like to admit that the out at me by way of factual johnny quito that is a different one a dimmer had cures die in the last three years which goes in part by the brown horse his other one was an unnamed white horse and they bulges died we need to mountain in time investigation in where we need to have learnt a crime podcast i guess they do course do die i mean this is as guys
you have had a lot of goldfish die we're not gonna shame anyone on how they take care of their animals ripen solemn promise you will be i'm not going to twitter picture of my dead animals after that i think we did that with larry i i didn't know if we do that everything my whose back i got two first reality you guys see it twenty four point nine rebounds in these celebrity all star game on friday night rayons junk at the window did get the wind i ain't jumper thou forever like he can roll out of bed and especially usually spending more time that i'd knocker do the tweet democracy than to eat get hot air when you masturbate think about my tongue or your click and switching back and forth from my dick my tongue but re on his back could seem at first i was on the court since i think the last heat
eight all when they lost disperse so it's been a long time since we had seen round me like you could still he's one of those in everything he has this is why you're like so into having an old jumped shot like an old person shall windows seven years old because just around and it is cool yeah i'm not arguing that ariel descent dumping is cool listen ball is lifestyle like it is for me you'd underneath my other whose back is danny hamlet he has one hour guy denny him and were team denny he won the date when a five hundred he beat that little bitch joy slow ghana slowly logan there was an awesome rack i also learned is called the big one his eyes i tweeted everyone rocks and it was like no dude it's called the big one like the earthquake in california exactly which is coming but it was awesome to watch and little birdie told me that maybe denny hamlin recurring guests might be back on some
soon now fully it was good to see when in your right like seeing slowly just like have to suck that exhaust very read out a dennys our loser biotic the loser just put their lips around the exhaust pipe to the average us pipes in his curse guy thinks yeah just just sucker right so yet congrats danny hopefully we see him soon i remember when he was on the pike s last time he broke that that story for us about you and i are what the actual humbug laughed ass malaria ok before we get rich eisen a quick word from a couple of our sponsors spotify february isn't just about one super sized football game on spotify there's thousands of free sports podcast including this one that you're listening to right now the over precisians off seasons in plain old regular seasons of nearly every sport imaginable basketball baseball hockey soccer curling and even hurling yap that's a real support so now it so
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ok we now welcome on a long overdue guessed it is rich eyes and s her host to the rich agents show the face of the nfl network i appreciate you using those terms you say that every time we i know you're that no i don't want lebanon we every time is my first time oh well you when someone says you're the physiognomy network you're like oh thank you so much have how long have you looked at my you my library of your interviews that what you're saying i have so my research would you disagree with that assertion that on the face of the earth on that we're yes i don't know of people like say like they look at my face and they say that's the nfl network of frequent you do like right now we all know that you do in the face right between the eyes on that word what is can you that's what it will not work face what is the face you do you really get to create even try users comes after who is the nipple of the unifil network
there are so many nipples you know i mean so about marginal everybody had about everyone has them to move much is getting i sat so we're gonna run this after the suitable give our aid grace by only areas limit choice give us your suitable protection i take the rams over the patriot really ass i do i say you're buying into the pages are underdogs well know i'm not ok i am technically carping out because those of who make predictions or are forced to when you make a pre season prediction that actually turns out to be spot on i i'll have the cover of saying well i predicted it before the seizure so i can't give up now i live when guys that when they get their priests and prediction right once every ten years there like well succumbing to stay with my disease and protection rams patriots so i have
right more than once in the last ten years just you know not actually have you i just feel that yeah you know i'm doing that face right now there are those warrant dizzying it so yes that's what i predicted rams over patriot some i'm sticking with it by now that were actually here i'm i'm i came leave that brady actually made it back here with patriots edgar out at last year yeah so
of playing it down the middle but i'm taking rams over patriot relocated separately additives that's wrong dominate i know i don't want i don't want you to that's what i said we're gonna added it though yet it is a good number of years finally great economic area stand off all serious question so you were one of the first is not the first person to escape the orbit of the mother ship now yes paean began i know a little bit about leaving guess pierre before our banks messy area we have actually had the balls to leave and i are just one we will cover them it took you yeah you a while to get other yeah what what was the hardest part of making that decision and i think it safe to say that it paid off well it was an interesting time is about to get married also so there was that too and it was really kind difficult because i wanted to stay
but on certain terms you now want to do more than just sport centre and de i wasn't being given in a negotiation and i stood my ground a little bit better than what happened between the two of us moments ago so they offered me the first hosting job of cold pizza oh very look whereby an embryo coal pits answer you know that was that was before i think that's like get up no it was generally right give two to our first day i suggest take was like a tiger segments so i believe our our chance to work with skip bayliss yeah yeah so gotta be theirs now but i realized early on that that that's not the role that i really wanted the way that they were describing it so i stood my ground and then all of a sudden i get a phone call saying we're done like ok i guess we're
and so i moved out our ally in nice starting i found that workin you know it was really awesome to start something up and be fresh but we were in eleven million homes when we started so nobody was really watching when we first launched in remember my wife discovering me nba all star game the time she was doing stuff out in southern california is a reporter herself an i went to the all star game and somebody came up to a before and an event hey man watch you every day i like really you do like what what system you have what came by growing have are we are more than just directv any looked amigos what are you talking about i'm like i'm on the nfl network now and then i got you not on sports earning like no one he just pause negroes are you all right
and i like you ve got a mirror i can fog it out for you know i'm i'm i'm standing i'm still standing alice cells are one sports it was like the gold standards and it was kind of a crazy moves leave their what at what point where people do people stop saying like oh i see you on he s p and they started doing ok virtues and nodded he i think get that yeah i still get people humming sport central theme at me in thinking that the nfl network is yes paean i mean it's it's kind of crazy but i stopped i still get that from time to time and i can't people can't believe that it's been as of this may lebanon sixteen years since our last centre and how ivory areas for seven years keith overend ever learn him keith alderman learn my name here he would die he gave me some tough love kale yet where i would walk through the hallway he would just look at me go not worth anna mike
walk through the away again he would walk passing up not yet and i am not yet you combine some various form of it one time i just said alcohol by keith like what are you what are you saying and he goes you're not close to doing the type of sport centre that you can be doing and should be to really like what's that you're making everything a joke which is true and he goes do one highlight without a joke then do one segment without a joke then who to segments without a joke then you have a show that way than a full show that way and then when you're totally board do an entire week that way and then your halfway there and i might what are you talking about and he's like the joke should be the outlier not the entirety of what are you doing right you know and so i will realize
that he was actually trying to help you know so he was you get in here call about it eventually but the first couple of times it was wholly like what is he actually attempting to do here berman was a lot more welcoming right off the bat i'll tell you the story since no the guard rails are a little bit off let's go yeah and my part mightier than he just he doesn't know that look like france elements so when i got thirty espionage twenty six years old and i just come from redding california which is market like one twenty out of two hundred five so much the people were in the newsroom when i first stepped in and he s pen them out worked in the entire operation i just come from and you know my mind was totally blown we everybody that i've been watching for years from burma keith too damned patrick and
kill born was out of his mind and and then here's berman and what they used to it they i think they still do i have been back obviously longtime but those espn banners that you see hung over the walls at game let you know that he s pianists broadcasting they would hang them on the in the hallways in the prefabricated cubicle the walls of all the cubicles that were there for their talent to autograph to be auctioned off a charities people put their list there their name up there with like a piece of paper this is for such and such charity please sign so again i'm twenty six years old numbness walking through the hallways and i'm wondering how many sports centres do i after do before i can legitimately hold my get out and look at my colleagues in the face and say i can sign these like how many the fish are finite numbers at five six whatever so i'm fine in that i go into the make up room and whose sitting there get ready do baseball tonight before my seven thirty
p m sunday night sports entered but chris berman who better to ask than him chris i'm rich a i know you're so i explained her my problem egos how long you been here and i'd like to how many shows we done one of my gear wanting released use fire sign of all and all my ok i grabbed the sharp you know it right down the line on like burma may i ask what that's like dollar telling you literally the first conversation i ever had with chris berman does fats how does that that was you like as a co worker he was awesome in houston when i first arrive there he used to do like he'd surface on sport centre like around march or april and just do sports centres like old school and i remember going into the meeting when i first got there was before
yes p a news so anybody that higher they were just throw right on the air but they wanted to have me up for like two three weeks which is tough to do i'm like i'm finally here like my dream come true and i just sit around a watch and wait they want a meeting in it's one of the first sportscenter ideas meetings in its berman walks and cause he's doing the shell and the same god i watch for years walked in that room and i thought to myself like that's what success is like the person you meet the air should be the same person indeed only or not somebody puts on his voice georgia still hey i've gotta stay but when you know they're off the earth like hey nice to meet you you like it was thought that guy right you know and every other person who was really successful at sports and it was the same way from keith dan stuart too of course born i mean who was like i said totally out of his mind when i first got there he would call me spark just four sparky just like he called everybody else i was
i'm doing a show and he was doing a late night and i was somehow got on the eleven o clock which was absurd casino normally they put on the middle of the night i come upstairs mrs literally like the third week i was there and he looks at me thus could show spot kilburn do all these leadings you know with right with the william shatner over his shoulder you know that's the guy had wanted to do sport centre with unified and when i got there name a list of the top five people i wanted a host board centre with he'd be is like you wanna go to their shore go to dinner with cried so kilburn do all these lead inzana with right with the william shatner over her shoulder you know that's the guy had a wanted sport centre with unified and when i got there name a list of the top five people i wanted a sports with he'd be on it so how here i am going to dinner with em hop in his car
and we're going through the drive through the kenny rogers role in roaster there yet i was dinner in farming in connecticut i'm sitting there is he's goin through as these were going through the drive through he says oh my contracts up soon twenty six years old i just that's the guy essentially amy's telling me some intimate business details of his job i got my contracts up sooner might ok you know what do you do he starts described me another option for him and at the time had no idea what it was but subsequently he was describing the daily showed him here that's right we're going through those rights through any looks at me when we finally get our food we check the bag make sure the orders right in terms of energy just do it my way like
what are you said craig didn't have a whole lot of people i don't think i knew what it was i don't know what it was but yeah it was really bizarre and unlike i like to mitchell you know and sure enough like a month later he was gone boy probably realise like now i can pass on for me ass bianca got a guy here deliberate that's exactly right you go you just doing this we off that i found the guy place me again should i must been like ten or eleven years old but the first time i've seen your sport centre and i was like i like this guy was when you're doing your skip carry cause i'm going out and braves games all its that's right and no but i had never heard anybody do escape carrying your errand yeah it's such a unique like distinct voice is perfect like this rich guy
yeah they get it stood around ten year old me was like that you know what i was scared for another two years old usually jets for nfl network so i'll i'll tell you a story about that too so i would do that all the time for braves highlights and you haven't done it years it sounds like an awful mishmash of whatever the real skip carry sounded like and so i start getting some assignments calling baseball games and i ran into was skip carries producer saying you know really like your imitation skip unlike studies what's eating and he goes the act like you doesn't like a both think deep down he kind of like said my kinda like yeah so cut to the nineteen ninety nine world series uncovering it for sport centre and the braves read it gets the axe and
walking in the concourse if you the old yankee stadium getting ready to go on the field and who comes right around the corner but skip caray and i am face to face with the man now i've been told kind of likes this holding and he pulled the old school like when you are old and you guys can pull this move because you people out of when somebody walks up to you hey nice to see you and you want totally due to the person you just have their press pass look looking go what's your name that's it in oh hi am nice to see rich damn i'm like you bastard dal exactly that i like he pulled it out schooling
i really like you grab we see is equally i watched my my around my neck yes bubble physically picked it up just a little bit yes looked at mining or hey yeah got now i know it's like caesar maloney put he grabbed her leash agua watching cartier derby that dog will say it again in skips voice of the original version it almost everything that it becomes a little better do i was this area steer new yes i was laying the groundwork no idea i will give you a compliment you re for this great waited already done about always give you comment ok so what like looking through your whole career you have the old school old fashioned career of like gmail journalist school go worker newsroom do sport centre and now you're here i feel it
its people don't have that path anymore right have you had it like a conscious effort to adapt with the times is i think a lot of guys who maybe who are sitting in your seat didn't die for the times in just sit there and complain about pod cats and blogs and yeah no question about it i mean what you guys are doing is obviously humongous yet this would see was gonna take account and if you did not my compliments men i would not have returned com but i did not start my compliment by giving you it's up it was contracts ok so yeah lines had come here we wake rabbits looks that's your style and i have my own yes so clearly at what were but we're all doing the different i mean it's entirely possible the show that i'm doing right here today from the set which awesome and beautiful and i'm excited the guest list it's coming
the conversation i'm having with you could be heard by more people i've island if somebody told me that i wouldn't go into a fatal position in complain whatever i would totally understand it and believe it so poor platform in what you guys have built is considerable and its strong and obviously people know about it and it's not so old conventional one we're sitting in a room did you purposely placed the coffee era the trade in this area is very bad away my set resting is the vincent party trophy out just go i'm not that school that's a very real one of the very real and get a replica reflects is iraq i know it's a replica excuse me ok which one is it the next one you'll see if you wanna like way the way by the way that's a passiveaggressive flex on my part but we understand we see we ve got your failure in it but the sea this that kazakhstan
boxing incredible yeah what now by the way if i was one of those if you will old school yeah broadcast types if you just pointed out who frowns upon this platform and how you're building it i thrown in the adjective of the word little the ass like you're what you guys don't you i can't you doing your little faye ass you know i mean you know i mean that those are the ways you know who actually we're specks you were not true so i didn't do that i wouldn't do that because i respect i did it now you wouldn't do you said hypothetically i've only a master s good i was like the aggregate legalise ignoble joseph passive and slightly recipe but no that said okay that's why the show that i'm doing today we'll be sliced up meetings that we have after after the show are about how are we going to take what we have just created make it in
bite size forms from anywhere between two and seven minutes there really put on youtube and twitter and have a facebook and instagram presence and how can we grow that out digitally you know our podcast is daily in its three hours a day in its an absurd amount to consume which we had a us more tightly compacted audio on demand which shows a little podcast yet i wish i had a little party like yours so yes like so i am seeing all of this and i just did shoot for a show that's coming out in fur fur and a camera
you did billy humming sales market as area minority are the avenger billion was played yourself as did not alone i can't i'm not gonna do i'm not gonna confirm or deny we know over you wanted the sex slaves and if i don't know there's really see now would be eligible for that now you're you're really not yeah like in terms of accurate or not yours are from accurate if you could pass of you were doing the whip like you're not none are no no you're not even close to the vicinity of acta so but mary who i believe bob memory who you guys know really ok you don't know him i mean i know of him ok there met so he's got a billion people on instagram he's doing his little thing and the producers of this show brought their kids eleven thirteen
and nine to the set they went to him took pictures with him they flipped out over him and when i walked in jobs zira and i called my wife up right there and unlike ok you know like this is this is something that i need to make sure need to have more of a presence and more of an idea of what item out into the air about how do fortnight or not do any of that stuff but maybe maybe i should like thinking i really high and watch spongebob that's work for us and make money but not all now know well it's all so that it is one of your own out now because it's like the means are not like everyone loves me here so no its not old names not me spongebob yeah you suggest you it is what you should do recreate that steve beseeming grit giff where he walks out from behind a locker ass gay poured over solar ok and say how do you do fellow kids isn't give her jeff
i think that you all in my mind is really a yes do you everyone would be cat was getting at is eight you have done better job than a lot of people think of like letting you personality new pattern and show that you can interact with people and that you don't think of yourself ass being like high and mighty in face of innovation that work i'm looking down at you at all times you ve done a good job i kind of building yourself up as a likeable person by interacting with food and so i think a lot of people don't get that or haven't gone that over the last ten years so was that like a conscious decision where you ok i'm gonna be unjust being myself so i was like i think or did you just lay a trap no milk i know how does a serious question ok ozone upon him but i so along those lines i did look at your twitter i was just wondering if there is anything that donald trump could ever do to make you stop supporting this if you
going back in time will you still vote for i know you want that wall but it's looking like it might not happen you know what i've got an open mind on let me let me think about them soundly again let me think about that economic made up your mind i don't retreat a lot of stuff i hit the like but certain budget really sounds like plot waves like these that iceland the mug delighted by this allied such is not only is there no button should not politicians up now it's not right that such wouldn't work at finding out whether i know through throw sir in there we worked for cattle is right if you see how wrapped about politics before said again have you accuse ever talk about politics before we have here is a big resign sir servers are not anymore sir i mean two to go from from just carson the presidency i'd states up and down to suddenly you know
aachen would sage steel about the basketball ask a tournament is really you know we had a hell of a twenty one eighty we're gonna get back to rich eyes in a second but before we do i want to talk you guys about buffalo wild wings you know that i love be dubbs it's my favorite restaurant it's the happiest place on earth people there's no sporting event worth adding to the bar to watch our just plain wrong every game is recent ahead to be dubbs that's buffalo worldlings knows that primetime college basketball season in march man this is on the horizon you ve huge games night after night out don't be late don't miss any the action head down to be dubbs for all the big game say of tonnes on tv so you won't miss anything not to mention great deals on drinks wings and others it may feel like a casual monday but you have virginia verse virginia tech tonight it's a massive interstate rivalry with huge repercussions and on tuesday you ve got top rank tennessee verse van is to see the real deal or as an option works best play
to find out is at buffalo wild wings no matter what the game is or whose playing the perfect place to watch is be dubbs don't be lame don't stay at home get down to be dubbs it's all the action its crunch time in the car best by world so don't make the mistake of missing anything get your near speed up stay i promise its way then you're living room and now more rejoicing can we have an honest conversational jim harbour we liked him harbour he's our guy his friend but you're this concept i always got some guy ailments tat him for the packers bears galiano years without about a nightmare views backstroke ok but with that said i think he's an actual trouble michigan figures in trouble admission ok so the year to cut your fine with just getting the ship kick diana rear by rival i am now is that ok i with that you know there is eating up maryland in rubbing her hours had all that something i know the big ten just as well as you know that a big hat there's something called in life down just
i hope you in life when i walk out of this year a beautiful spacious room here in the turner studios there's something called a grey area not everything is he's in trouble and he's not in trouble and in between is i enjoy getting the shit kicked out of me i say that is not ok that is not the entirety of the place between the two positions but i'm serious rate out my like him harb i think he's a fantastic head coach having his fantastic motivator yes i was at that game your house the mission omniscience he doesn't have those guys like emotionally prepared to play ohio state whereas urban mire makes a bunch of kids from florida and all over the country can somehow hate the state of michigan growing level right it like jim harbor it feels like every time they get to that big game they fall completely flat well i'm gonna give you two answers here that irish one is gonna be the one that sounds the most arrogant i hold you michigan man michigan matters
its use go ahead i e i cut you off their word you have come here about putting all i'm not going to say that as a matter of fact and if you're gonna put words in my mouth next time say i'm about to put words never can and do it ok just taken since there are this interview very least there ok so my opinion on that but that its bigger for oh hi o state and its made bigger is because they legitimately ask fans view that as the most important thing is to beat michigan they're the ones who show up too weak one in the horse you getting ready to kick the ever having daylights out of some school that is most likely not even found on a map we're just to warm up for the season ok
at school they're the ones who come into the concourse screaming beat michigan they're the ones who go that school up north re the ones who put the letter ex over the em we're not do it is urgent care this isn't a game and i do not like it it might not be about that over michigan it's about eventually winning at all getting the rose ball and winning at all and if that goes through ohio state it does so be every year not every year of not would join we beat the crap out of here this is the line that you got a second allowed it like twenty years ago now no no no it's a circle of logger ok just in the same way that we are getting or ass kicked over the last fifteen years there was a period like that too in the totality of the ohio state is aren't even think within ten winds of michigan in the all time o arise out of our yes i talk currently let's type right out yes let's talk right now yes that there needs to be a better scheme to get these kids
two i think are as good as athletic team may not be as deep as ohio state is but they or as good they should win that game that you were the that should happen in shouldn't be sixty two to whatever the hell it while yet it should never be that now they each i'm i'm up lad that horrible went out and got seemingly a red hot candidate to coordinate their offence gas from alabama it sounds like at guy was in demand and jim gotten within like five hours to code go to michigan and even handed off to him you can off like let's go to somebody rio is rooted in the twenty first century of of of ski and kids and at that from a very pinnacle of the college football league with all due respect obviously to clemson get him their hand or after one and lets you we can do it's not as good as i wanted it
i wanted to have a championship at least from the big ten championship game appearance in our back or you come in a second place so i'm being honest like that but i don't think he's in trouble i think he's in trouble he still has a great history there do burns people out though he does yeah like who i mean i didn't know your professional arise only everywhere you go i think you see more in the end i felt this gathering and hurried
what oh christ you happy they resign him oh don't turn this on me rich partners this what are your skull nine or your school differently is china on all these running barriers what else into gaza divers remain you know what i am you still think michigan matters you still think we're sixty it doesn't know there was contemplating nine gains a pinstriped bull is cool with me you think that nothing happens competing for national j budgeting and you're not i think the lovable loser is enduring is really it is illegal year nine to ten when season it's great that's goods and is a great easy growth and expertise a great coach i'm glad that was concept sign on him to a longer this was a nice heated debate and i wanted to get into mainstream doesnt matter anymore that's that is not false whilst not ratings check the right get it the ratings with you guys are knocking at local house these gonna keep kicking the shit right days gonna kick the shit out well i'll tell you this that's not
ok i can't wait to you by the way i can i way away like ohio state remain like wait urban gonna be teaching his class what what what words as it always does help play golf or whatever the famous golf courses zero go he's gonna go there is just going to happen to teach a class on how to be a better human yonder ethical individual and then suddenly ohio states not gonna be beating the crime that everybody can you think you'll be the cry like rain days pretty damn good culture i think he's hiring like you ve got your two guys youtube geysers walk cross the street that's what i've bought and by the way down solar system whereby we asked this question of you that i asked if i know about him i shall know what what am i gonna do what am i gonna do that i took two guys up from the difference that
give up sixty three years is as you but it was also the top with another one difference up until that point and i am well yeah so when it all came down to it look let him go let him go i'd love my school you will never get me to say i know but i think jim harbour is an excellent coach who did the right thing by realising what he is doing is not working well got somebody noon he's gonna hands off to this kid and say go coordinating office and see we can by millions were shifted his last year but here it is also the undoing yeah there's only done it once you guys think you'd what
do you have like a rivalry whose a bigger michigan man mean shut and if only general rivalry really now because you're so much better than you are highest data as we call it yes he wanted a bicycle what you're not gonna mare and cross you better tell me what's come when you don't tell me what's darling i actually wanted to have that conversation because i know how passion you're about michigan and i love talking to people who are passionate about their teams in the came thrown out your ip everywhere i place came through and i appreciate that you appreciate my passion thank you just appreciation old place how are we on your list of prepare i actually have an asthma remembered russia has gradually preparing i fear the similar aims at times if i'm interviewing somebody i write a shitload of questions and then i just feel better knowing that i have described it like ryan i just talk yell a great here how much how much money you spend on dad sweaters year like i will that that's what are very expensive okay and require having a to income households for that ok see you here is one that i wrote down how'd you get michael urban to stop howling onset i haven't you ever thought about putting the shirt collar and actually we do to kind of like fake blowing darts in his direction oh just blue air on dogs here that they had learned failure have you had urban on the show you know we need to get em i do need to get him on asking questions like that is not the way to get him on ok just letting you know against giving you had little held out no little question on are not just talking about you know drugging him to keep calm him yoga rhinos insinuate more incinerated question i can say the insinuation of your question you're the one that insinuated drugging no idea i think so i said shock card when you say why i went ahead you re yes i was dying where you want to know i did i did not in the back my mind i did not think about poisoning michael urban until you brought it up ok you entrapped me into thinking about it i think i might have done here here's good question have you ever thought about manning up and storing doing the pet bench press instead of the forty hour day no one i don't want to do you ever to that's my lawyers are right yeah efforts did you use the framework mounting up on your pal i don t know did you in your question insinuate against something about my man what is written in the question a little allows adding mazurka russian nest egg if we keep owning it
at the very centre of that is a question about whether it was it was ad lib i just liked being when i ask you what is grotius i wrote i wrote how much a bench programme there much see by the way you're right now i did the i did the running it's been asked by the way as malaria slake every year trying to beat yourself what you done sixteen you peaked yeah ok so you think i don't know that is not just in the forty also like literally and everyone is my life the whole thing really is on the downside right now for me it's one of those things that you know the combine can get monotonous we love it but the casual fan might find it monotonous right and you do this every year and everyone's excited to watch you try to run the forty while i'm trying to do that again i'm gonna do it again i'm actually training for this year but it all began in o five out of sheer boredom just like anything in our business by hours i mean i'm assuming you gotta get together and then he got it i got it so
we waiting around a shoot segment of nfl total access me and tyrrell davis and the old rca dome adam suited up he suited up the old suit i everything dress use and i turn to us how fast we can run the fourteen he laughed and i cursed them and unlike i'll show you and i went down the field and i ran it and i had no idea because the crew is on a break i had no idea that they were rolling on it in the truck and one guy james little was art steady cam operator was shooting it from a barbie no idea was being captured at all and they surprised me with it on the air at the end of the show like there we saw you run a forty and you didn't make time to it and everything and hahaha the next day three coaches came by we had done joe gibbs we had met milon it's not a coach for general manager and we had of was the third was hungry and home
when asked to see it again because he sought on the earth that night before thought it was so funny and we ran it again and then we started rent running it again and had no intention of actually running it again the next year until holmgren saw me when i walked into cookies go to the seahawks that i'm saying are you going to do it again you have to do it again okay then i did it again and then i did it more time and it was beginning to jump the shark kosovo my two things i'm genuinely concerned about one is hurting myself into its no longer funny which is worse than hurting yourself as i think you guys are dreary ok herself people that i'm hurting i'm hurting my some hurry my my my legacy right let's be honest right ok if you can call me the face there's a legacy involved so the bottom line is i'm gonna stop doing it but they came up with at
simon cam technology where they can put my run over actual run which added to the absolute slapstick visual quality of just watching me while still coming out of my stand seeing a fast run against exit screen rise like laugh out loud funny so that added more two men they get me a five year had started and you want some big fat guy run through it runs through my forty so we keep
when it and then we started doing it for charity for saint jude starting about three years ago have you were beaten anyone i've not that's my goal so that should we went to retire if you can be the isn't that what you did not finish last in the combine participants then you can walk off at sunset rights whenever we would see this big huge fat linemen run a five seven five eight warren sap would tex mere call me up so that your pace car rich they gotta go yet european card and i'll bet you're pace car did so it's possible like if further training this year i might ask somebody runs a five eight and change i might actually get him oh kindly than any other region where those new shoes recently my ass you and i have to cause again i'm on pushing fifty and so on i cant do some stupid does dionne actually give you any real advisers yours i go run fast llc is so he's been partlet look partner reason why trained there's three people one is right behind you chris brockman whose are produced my producer and long time on your computer
my friend has been tommy got a train my wife been doing that to and d on is so when when we easy see sitting in the booth and when i look poor running and it's no not good and in one he ran it easily on sand castle with the big aphrodisiac words uttered strived for strikes me running backwards the first twenty hours he just he he just me with such disappointment that i feel like i've been no human being i feel like it is all in that feeling so bad a just and i just feel totally like i'm letting myself down everybody dynamic and i just don't want to feel that any mistakes erodes x it was just a levy so what i want to use our rights makes you faster all members every alembic sprinter volta zero crazy you know you're right is roger the authority check your piss
no you're in re so there's a holder adrian report you have is to general trade i would do it is sucking yeah yeah cause i'm not getting tests look it ass you do as were under five like all of a sudden i dont where success the breeding energy a higher like me not like fifty home run season it get out what the hell live a six seconds are i think you should actually do this yes and i'm willing to helstone but the stair authorities to help you with the smuggling of drugs across dateline step if you wanted yes the federal cryin already i'll take care of all the federal crime lies you now you trump like you can all given own it yet we are now ready on your own oh yes now my has as you know a lot about tromp you jerry i am just going full circle and bring it about access to steroids you get to a certain level as well as an airway you have access to drugs we don't even know what i do know you d j glands our training glaciers jim really grab your performance i've not fought him now
i would never do that little gluck lays glazes a great human yes yes and you had him on the oily fatima couples i'm sunglasses yes he's a great human ye i actually think that he could beat up like half of the year i felt through shared determination and the other half he could threaten with the information he knows exactly era is actually a great blackmail person decide lufthansa yes are you ready intervention sure ok to read it is a rhetorical question no i'm not as a real intervention has anybody ever said no to that question listen where people were not ready to seek help read what you see here is just couple gaza care whole lot about you and we want to make sure that your okay so lodged where an essay on things you're nausea some things and then i'll be done untiring that's all just like a rapid fire known i'll read a couple by the way the legacy you know the laziest interview style korea did you could ever have is word association no this is no time any around i'm just but i must say
and at this marvellous is i'm not saying with winter months after the first ten weeks of this world you know that i agree we were doing word association and then you went further and the minute you add more than one word it's not word association words associating icebreakers like the lameness icebreakers it you know when you started a company that that's like word association move right when you sitting down one on one let's do some more to soviet right my ok this is not that this is an intervention i'll just read a couple tweets of yours and you can tell me how you feeling let's see directv on flight but no wifi so i can watch five hours of animal plentiful cancun internet connection way to go united what was that no
why the eyes down united again q united sweet saying it's coming soon through your tweets about online as you were either way i used to be i used to use do i know i'm not me i have not complained about flights for the one that happened recently i literally haven't in front of made in his mind mental eventually just called the board my became flight to say has a longer than expected clean up this is from two weeks ago but the time in between the first two tweets in the last week is at least two years it let me at least at least i can tell a lot on charlie you haven't right there in front of you yeah i mean i was there so many that i didn't know i was starting now i have realised i have realised by the way
responded no you have one restaurant owners and seventy responded yeah but she sped away two years now ok ok so we get so to yeah i got something when you responded to my united i was ready to help and i thought to myself ok i understand that it is totally uninteresting to many people and also typical typical of the on air person to bitch about huge ashram i'll get all that stuff right look at me i get it i know when i had sent skinny it's it's gonna be object to derision i understand that but you did respond in this instance have you ever in your trail try
anyone oh you're gonna do the thing i'm actually say you ever been on a flight where you ve been installed in your cylinder plating omitted make no mistake you let me finish nor my turn i'm wondering how it's going to be so let's go so so have you ever been installed on a plane in your seat to be told that somebody gotten so violently ill on the flight inbound that you are now taking on the same playing out bound so violently ill that it is not clean up a ball and to the point worth something called an environmental specialist has been called on board to inspect whether the plane is still flight worthy yeah you ever worlds stop a liar it happens to us when the plane came and it was too hot period of nine aims i rise
and we're really high so we don't worry about it we have in our hands real i gotta see i'm just ensures ones is weird man but the fact that somebody dispute and the imf in the pilot uses the phrase violently yell on about it it's odd riah outlying early villages i wouldn't take your back real quick rich because you have a blue check mark if there is an inconvenience on the plain that your experiencing everybody else on the plains experiencing it too and we all want you are you are the first responders i am still sticking your hand up and saying look at us we need help us out about you fix your internet is ablaze i'm sending up a social media flare gas from amidst a told i see it totally bizarre situation too los angeles international airport which is a large airports but in the whole grand scheme of things united states air travel yet just a blip premier blair know that somebody has to real out thank you rich thank you for your service you're welcome your well
so i get home and the plain that about a girl apparently pilot is on a phone looking for them it's too plain like he's calling a frank and open and i turn hormone like what are the odds you're going to find another plain and he goes pretty good and then this was about the first question was about me admittedly same plain were you know same business class cabin i got an idea i'm not gonna be bumped into thirty three tat correct you not anywhere so i need to know if the same flights and plan seem same same seats find good enough good enough so i tweeted about it the erika it's it's an outlaw yes but
so you think i'm yours loaded onto a very funny realising a lot easier and environmental specials and has an you when you're on your own boss is re area funny responses i've responding in a blue check mark is in trouble with an airline actually surprise i haven't been wiped out and no fly list i've told blake united i'd skull fuck them a million times but in the name of other people so you reform reform i i do you realize what a lot i know i know and i i apologize the offended you friend if it was offensive now apologize to anyone who would be offended like last night i was sitting it i was lying in bed like what do i why do i always interact with rich eisen on twitter is like oh yeah he can play political hides all that's not all the time and pointing out that it has been a long time zero for i am a reformed blue checkmark fly
the complaint yet you always will be now this is something you can't you know i mean i know i know you are what you are and i are not delete my history wagon i respect you work take it is about a book like so many people that everybody i want on my shoulder nets dad's environmental measures permanently ill sorry didn't want to think of something cute so back are you kidding me and then i saw the pilot prior to the next like just children out i got never asked us of a pilot before has anybody pooped on this point i have asked that means legitimate questions now that were but could you meant what are the odds if a second playing right in a row had to be cancelled or swapped for that no one is going to do so i just said i i kind of gave him this look like what happened it was so bad it got under meath all the metal ass you know i guess connections to the floor they will have to
remove the role take the carpet i guess i got it's not your usual that's airline travel we need a miss out on this i just left at least before we move on to asked of this procedure intervention which so far is not working well you're kurt erhard idle i've already told you that i came into this situation moreover you realize you ok so all that said if i'm admitting that can you at least admit that this was an outlier and you ve never heard this before share i share his views on planes overtime yes on take off the usually when i was in x it we cannot be sure what else is on your courage was a wrap it up here casino you gotta show you got an ideal a little shell through military do the vile high yet my little show i have very little about i did the great star wars for capturing game throats
this year we don't you ever seen an episode one zero care we wanted a lonely matters i would like to know if i don't care normative turn your main funded might know your everyone talks about do you like the dragon that you're like asked me and i thought to myself my first thought was ok we're gonna get a game with thorns combination and then you just totally shows you think you're both you both did a bit where you both swapped than that china has told you have the same thing that all hold on it and you got your pen already like actually getting something down you just licked the top of your pen like you actually care about what i'm gonna do i'm not telling who's your favorite you're not telling you my fisheries ragged lisi die i'm not answering these questions when you're coming i steadfastly refused to answer any of your work out what adjourn this i would like to ask him a throne but we have not gone there what else this is the worst intervention ever ok intervention on our own i've never had we two hundred before so i ve really gunnar nothing doesn't measured this one against year over that period of its over two gave its role does not party intervention we actually wanted you to tell us about here is a good question i wrote down the cross out because i knew was a good what are you afraid of good question fraid of like that
just as general engendered what am i a ray of biggest we're in life my god biggest fear in life alpha pod gases snakes i appreciate that no not afraid i mean everybody's kind of like afraid of snakes never beating ohio state again john snow dying the already died i don't care what i like that you know you're right i saw you ask your past era of pardon my take being about provocative questions for which you do not care about the answer and that is the bidding itself better than that's why you're better this is right what we like you're having like we ve we ve had really good we then good elements conversation i would agree with that right and then at the end with confidence i then you know you're just asking me questions that you know
my answer doesn't matter because the the thing that you're getting your audience to get into his just the question in my direction and you guys are better than ok now let me know when you have an intervention with yellow concur what we're doing we're gonna go and i we we actually do after rapid is as belgrade's like we can end on this ok my one on this people also ask you to look when you go on google people also asked questions about rich eyes and so the question people also ask how much does rich eyes make here
i dont go on those two click on it just to see what the actual anti even though sometimes i'm like do like by clicking on it do i perpetuate the fact that that's on google right right right it is not accurate oh it's way are lower its were now i'm not going to answer that question rich this finnish lisbon along now we can do this for hours we'd love to have you back here give roger he does phone number i do can call my just have knows himself i gotta run by what about how did you get kicked out i got arrested interrogated by neo nazi right at the end in tears at the end we did not get a resolute and interrogated i didn't get i don't hang up but i got interrogated by the fbi and i was rests in charge of criminal trespass are you serious for just ass he was charged for committing the crime of of following the first amendment in exercising right as a journalist das todd girly alchemists guy in a restless
we were interrogated by the federal bureau via the internet to fbi agents so i just wanna call roger strains himself out i have no problem with roger ok i just want to face to face this problem we face let's wait doesnt there's a privacy hack where he doesn't even know i just faced time him and look at it you know your face the dinosaur those new emotions i know that my kids do that right throughout my honour connivance with this is just my first appearance on the tragic accident let's build legendary alive he's always let's tease to make some beggar me become friends i think so yeah is there anything else now and then we shall see whether there are any other questions that have a lot of my answer my questions on here that i'm going to have a job to do even for the next time yes we do i would do more to come see the trophy yes yes yes got u else do let's go see the laborious one jim arrived in one
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kay let's do some segments thanks to rich eyes and does a very fun interview he definitely it was fun be rich eyes and go from like he we asked a lot of real questions then when he figured out at the end that we were just gonna basically lob a bunch of random questions adam that is all the questions that we wrote down without really thinking through right at the bottom of a half thoughts and so yeah you just you ye empty chamber naturally end of images are doing that we should just start like announced that's you ella do minor puts nobody announcing it being like here now we're doing thought you i guess it's almost it helps get everyone ready for right so instead of just tossing out half baked idea like i sometimes do just like get them ready for right lay down the mats it'll be will cover writings like that ok let's do some segments and then we have are review of abducted in plain sight coming up so first up we have antonio brown update antonio brown has
in all over the place he was at the nba all star game antonia brown free agency up to free agency up his eight so he on saturday said ask a bee hashtag asking be answering ten questions real truth and real facts now now i just want to point out that he answered five quest so there's no one for the other five that's not real truth yeah so not real truth but he did say he base explained his conflict with ben ruthless burger basely sing ben ross has an owner mentality and he can call everybody out including the coaches but then no one can call him out there i don't really think it's audio brow like if you wanna go a certain route with this to gain public favour being like hey ben process workers a dick too is not really we all know that no one no one is sitting here being like you know is really great to be a team with been robbed right you got it
urban centres all star human behavior right yeah exactly like did there was nothing ground breaking all about the right and yet also like i don't know what's going on with them i think did i do something off about and tony blair well aware that the way that he tweets his sin structure there's something unusual at this why do i say this one didn't really make much sense to me because someone else how would you tell people that say you only want a new team get a new contract and he said nothing honey it's for the love of the sport the commitment to win relentlessly consistently and passionately plus eight seventy million its public record not be cocky just truth time to play for i own team a be eighty four the family but you made seventy million so you ve already so his bag
on a variety played for you mustn't life horizontal but he also bought sam play it's about the current to win and not play and weak seventeen yeah so got it i don't know i don't really follow his logic and anything that he's done recently but i do know that he is a free agent and he was meeting if the other biggest free agent on the market in was it was anti davis rests on a gallant here he also did say i she still think he's gonna somehow be stealer because someone asked who would be those team that you'd like to play for any bessie was like best interests is for first meeting with mr rooney yeah ever as antonio brown the man not eighty eighty four the player in the locker but he was also acting like we were surprised that the owner hasn't like gone over to his horse at his house where i swore again not that surprising also losing ambassador ireland remember that right area get bigger fished for i also very confusing that there's two guys since only a brown and eighty four
yes you gotta let us know who we're talkin to write who do we do that the ten tweets questions but is only five thousand b every day more yeah then antonio brown was ass the other file to the other five later gotta yeah do you think that anthony david he's gonna into bleaching that part of his unit brown just like right above his nose after hang out with ideals guys just doing it all over together i think so he should not really be a look and turning round should join clutch sports and let leubronn tamper with his next contractor things happened i next up we have similar to antonio brow for agency ups update the prices right price harper there have now been more reports that it's coming it's gonna finally be here bryce harper is oh it's alive is it he's going to be signing with fillies any day now here we have over ten years three hundred million which was what he turned down with the nationals scott ports can save face maybe and yet
we're gonna buy don't you think skype poor says set up for bryce i'm sick scobie like see he's gotta have like a filing cabinet filled with these weird binders on coastal i'm close to cancelling skype or through yeah i danger he's he's pissing me off it's like just to come i did when she starts and number three hundred million around me and like turning down it's like that's tough i just i just wanted someone to offer brace harbour one year sixty five million but i can't prove it z eighty five million that i would it had a fire in a harsher loaded in music and can afford that we also had brace harper if you are poor signing the philadelphia just know you're not deal to philadelphia media because howard asking known police off sir of anyone eating food in any type of press conference he treated at prices not outlaw not like just a tweet i e the added bryce harbour and he said bryce
are you more interested in money or playing for a good team and organization if it's about money think that motivation doesn't show me your desire to win you know the fish these are good organisation and team so what's the issue and hold up so it is about money yet so he just challenged your will to win and have it and then he got dunked on by keith overman you you know that you have to fuck up that get dogtown by sir he told a story about how back and like nineteen eighty asking was giving him a ride back to his hotel after after i think was the phillies world series and sobriety and stuff going on the streets and ask him drop them off five minutes away from his hotel and he was like a man why can't you just like take me to the front gate of the hotel
he said that united press international doesn't pay me to drive around sounds like to him pig j it is it is about them on yet is its big time brought the money howard asking his challenge your manhood in what you wanna earn price harper welcome methode often be i think he's can be fully i think bryce harper will end up putting them to face it simple yeah well to be worth it the problem has not span and in that stand i would be ok with bryce hypersonic the phillies if it meant that he punch journalists i don't think price ever gonna get there seems to nice we did report like three weeks ago on the evening at that price corporate son the village this is gonna be all her in austria and we all know that this is going to happen i feel like it just
and the question housing b where many machado gus because he's and will many machado get that contracts us a little bit more than price which she loved us now don't dick measuring contract i am not exactly sure how bourses working the steel but is it possible given the structure of and they'll be contracts to negotiate like micro contracts so maybe price could play like what half a year they as an opt out and then i have an opt out at the all sarber yet i think it can i think i wish to do that as is a million opt outs that issues that should be the future of new common that's called global branches every year you can opt out and then get mad when people ask you where you no doubt that's that's a future sports we have a who won the trade so who won the trade column capron accrue he settled with the nfl and everyone decided to hobble up and get in twitter fights about something that i look let's just start were here if you have whatever you feel about carbon capture nick when
at its news comes down nothing is changing about your feelings but caught you ve already decided exactly how you feel about calling cabinet exactly what he wanted to get exactly what everything means and then you just went on twitter to try to change everyone's mind even though everyone's mind has already been made it i didn't see anybody reacting in any surprise way whatsoever it goes as interesting that they settled the only interesting reaction was jason whitlocke saying that he thinks it's actually the real deal as the concomitant will be the storing quarterbacks miami dolphins that's the real deal see there's a lot of stuff tat we don't know like he couldn't negotiated anything in that settlement wrangle never know like everything from this point on what one is life oh carts in his back here that we could be like tat was in the congo would be in my car every every single thing that happened here run on a wet jump shot
that's because they do not his pieces on deck all day yeah that's part of settlement lifetime lifetime guarantee yet so it sucks that were not allowed to know exactly what's in there but i gather this from what or yo said which was the it's very common these types of settlements to have a clause in their saying that he will never work for that league again who so he might not even might be his contract i he'll never be felt arrogant again and honestly i'm kind of ok with that because of how exhausting too takes would be on every single pass that every house every passing through would be like an indictment of one side or the other and it would just be a pain in the ass do with he got paid a lot by the area he got paid like these well think about this nine figures i mean people or two people are thrown i saw people thrown alien be withdrawn eighty million tour fifty million i dont office to our fifty million with justice but this for second the nfl
actively like pretended that concussions weren't real for many many years and then had to pay a billions of dollars and they have no problem paying a lot of money to make themselves not look like fools in the public eye and if you if you doug too deep into like the depositions that jerry jones eating jerry jones he sat on a witness stand and didn't say something incriminating right he couldn't you couldn't handle thirty seconds with mark leave which without talking about jacking off into his own choose actually just the just the email forwards alone from bob mcnair would have probably been enough to like ok
on the jury jones text messages are like each text messages worth a million dollars not be out in the open air i feel a jury joan just like rights what he's trying to text on his own dick takes a picture of it and since it yet every text messages and tiktok so who on the trade how would we get pretty far afield her twitter twitter people who think they can change everyone's might that end up people with strong opinions about com cap and yet one is one where they are able to cash in on yeah overt over ask just run to the twitter machine in and try to convince like certainly tell me show me the one person who is like oh that's interesting everything i thought about conquer outbreak has changed now no one said that everyone has made up their minds long ago and its exhausting and listen hopefully gecko carcinus backyard you say that i did he only has a good lawyer whose thinking hey what what do i want i want everything from jack yet i was about to say how do we would by the way in retrospect very problematic
oh yeah like a forty year old woman falling in love with a ten year old china westward i quite shoe roast so why has has law since new shoes the new balance shoes and it's perfect everything acquires new shoe deal is so fucking perfect he's got times new roman across the back of his sneakers that in it just says like his name on one issue leonard on the other i actually just thought he has a label maker and so he was like into the german lend us is still my sneakers subjects pull the name on the funds themselves i don't even think they can be roasted because they're so plain they look like the shoes you could buy like they look like generic basketball shoe number five that you can buy a walmart for fifteen ninety not yet the license plate two's they must look like their attached to the back of a u go right so the quite good job i love the marketing campaign where you just shish everyone don't say a word it actually in a crazy way is
genius because quite leonard you are so boring the only thing i would love to see if if if new smart and want to make a pot of money they have it like the old pumps but instead of pump to make the errand your shoe it just plays quite letters laugh they'll be nice like reading card that you can open up and has a noise on maybe a little too flashy i feel like quite doesn't want a flash issue he probably reprogram sent these back like several times and was like just this is my signature shoe just put mine one way you can let me finish the right foot has the laugh the left foot has him shit ok i just showed you should ask themselves yeah right exotic please please we respect might i guess it's exactly i little surprise they weren't velcro actually i could see quite being like a big velvet is very wrangle that would be too much of a splash would it yes but no i m not talking about cool velcro scrap some time bat like knowing old partiality too much of a small long indelibly too much response zoo just be two different
quite ass they got up says quite leonard quite let's finish up we have been teasing it it is our the worker summit we have given everyone i apologise for that the abducted in plain sight movie review so before we start let's just say this is a fucked up story that i actually think it's a good it's a good you better be out there could people now like yo like start like ours is never gonna happen this particular gray because like state laws and all this shit the sky was based able to like go through the entire city no one said anything but it is but the people i k predators like this this is their patterns of behaviour they ingratiate himself so yeah it's a story about a man that kind of strict and and our family will you bought into trusting at this end thing about him is like he is one of the the i will say most talented manipulators in a bag in a very bad way that you will ever come across like the fact that he was slow
being with the mom well in one year one let's get to the we're gonna go through all the what the fuck's ok let's go through all the what the fox in chronological order of around the whole thing so that comes hello but later the first one the fuck is right off the bat the fact that he took jan the first time and the family ed you know what list that saving for five days five days they because they probably broke down or something it's not a big deal five why five days along very long time what the fuck didn't you guys wife didn't bees wife like ask them not to reality and there i gather that seems for what what the final actually be it even before that the factories wife does really guitars but enough in this mood for a couple of things you don't get wrapped about enough the others the mormon church which like somehow got a big power as on basically lang this guy take advantage of a whole community what about what the fuck with the doktor that road
note saying like part of his therapy is just sleep in bed right with a dog and then again it seems legit alternate on top of that what the fuck the fact that they let b which discussing even say be the way they said it like the way that she said it on the phone i go hey be deducted my kid again at the fire my bring my daughter by i know the fact they let him build their daughter an entire bedroom yeah what park or any this is like him being manipulated so he showed up at the house like spinning by the time the basement with both daughters was i tell you why wouldn't you like to have your own room up i'll build you a wall so you can have your very own private room for free and the parents like what a nice guy what the fuck are you so so she gets done could the first time crazy they don't call the cops for five these that
or fbi agent by the way who just like yeah i kept on trying to solve this case and normal let me fucking do here he didn't know what pedophilia was what the fuck up why the child to the brother whose like oh well yeah we always knew he was a fuckin petrified yet portray so matter of fact create cartels well he yeah he's a great your assessment after it really moves vehicle gonna like say what you want about all the other stuff you i had but that i could put you geo tracker like nobody's business well guess what the reason why such great car we knew it was great car salesman because he sold genes dad onto come off yeah that was the ultimate like your great car salesman i will you took him to a private area said my wife doesn't fuck me can you just can you just taught me off here give me some relief just kids tough line that he says shutters i guess that implies
like kids are just out here jerking each other off i don't know but that accidents happen way more to listen now is not just wants to oh yeah yeah they cause they cut a lot more out of the crisis one that was his moon shot moment though like may that was bees but that was a he checked form he's like i'm so good at manipulating this family though do everything i say i don't think i've needed he was just like you and that no one you can make it happen we like you i'm here take a moon shot seafaring get to scatter jerk me already did that's where the church comes in and all that stuff because though the the parents basically signed away saying they would stop pressing charges because bees wife said if you don't really if you do
stop all the charges were going to tell everyone you jerk them off and give him some relief right it was just a relief it was just kid stuff again do you think that the guy got any sexual gratification out of doing it because i don't think you know i think he's just like very easily bullied and he was just like this guy wants me okay i guess i'll just come out whole bad so bad and then went when she comes back she gets abducted the first time comes back and then the mom gets it eight year eight month affair and wants to marry the fucking guy who kidnapped his journey twelve year old daughter and jerked offer husband when the every body was get some except for her home my god wish you talk like a twinkle in his eye every time to talk about it was this all rose and installing i wish you if you are still around you'd probably still go with them
yeah like she was i ah you know this is an exciting hate her feel like good inside about like herself because she had a husband who is willing to do things like jerk off a stranger and his two she's probably doesn't have the greatest sex life at all i'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that any notice we're not even talking about gm because that's the most what the fuck are we have these twelve she got complete every single adult in her life failed her her entire community failed her and she like had no idea what even with the real world was the whole alien shit was the most what the fuck
it was like again i might have to turn this off what the fuck and again like death due to such manipulator that is like the way that he can get her to shut up about it not say anything what the fuck is by telling you that the world will end because annoying so when i was a deal with the with the like walkie talkie thing like the i dont the radio he just gave her a radio would talk like an alien to the doktor gave him those tapes or whatever so i think that my daughter either that if i did exist or he was held became greatly he always clearly onboard very woke on this doctor the more i think about it just doesn't add up so the sooner they city was an actual docked yasser kidnapper the mom then falls in love with whom they drop charges because the dad jerked em off then it now sure again in between that the mom put her on a plane to go see him at all to go hang out earlier he bought a fucking family camp jesus christ what the fuck and then yes and then she wanted to go work there is a lifeguard alarm was ok sure although they did
put up a little bit of a fight which was like hey they they said like hey you can't go there and then she's like well i'm going and then okay fine okay another what the fuck moment for me was when he he sent off to boarding school when your abductor the second time yeah and he told the school that he was a deep cover cia and so they weren't allowed to like check into his background of her background because that would like i guess uncover them vs identity and or didn't even check disorders like a single just everytime the school just took in a girl and did not verified identity at all how about every time that that that be called the house and was like hey you guys in japan and the mob marianne was just like now we haven't like it birches on hard times like school talk to be what the fuck this guy abducted your child
and then you're talking on being like yeah we don't know where she is you know where she is oh no i don't know where i believe you guy who abducted or child once already near her jane is now a prostitute so drugs oh no oh no that's a bummer we just mr the husband was a guy that stuff so and then finally was one of our end of guys a brother the brother life the brother was by far the best character because he like just told it straight and at the end when you just like yeah he just drank all's heart medicine and kill so they sat a lower than those it wait thousands those like our final what the fuck words like we what did you say he killed himself like he says so matter of fact you had we had we really paying attention is the goma brother yeah he's dead craig salesman him show yourself or thirty years items are what the fuck does some scary show when he when he showed up to like her speaking to her and would just questioner and be like your spreading lies about me showers insane shut out the motorcycle gang though
yeah game certainly bikers defending kids fuck i love those guys those guys are sick so in office i'd bikers oh yes child abuse you're a nice real state is there are corrie i love it so yeah overall i agree that there's there's hyperbole especially in two thousand i jean where everything is the best everything's worse everything but this is by far the most fucked up document yeah i had always in a complex i hesitate even say it was good because it was a gary rate discussed there like major sectors unlike the entire gonna leave these people were all real it's erin and credit jan she's seems like very well adjusted firth probably the most trauma the thing that could ever happened yeah fuck what fuck we're gonna end with some different that's just a cycle of a public linzer here the two we can t we came
they are the two criminals are in jail in the seventies and there like a thousand dollars a week ago burn down this oh yeah what criminal one take yeah yeah real ecological burn down i get a thousand dollars a week in nineteen seventeen million boxes jackpot are met and that could pin it on those either what the fuck they couldn't pin their like writing wind weak they told him that he gave us the we need do this and then he got sentence for rape and went deal for a year yeah that's right and he was out and like six months right on good behavior what the fuck what the fuck another news reputations team one the passport championship the agree i s cool pretty that is quick potatoes back ribs dino is back and that was thirteen i can wreck yeah when they are not we have who do we have in the us was throughout the names are we have come up sometime soon so people getting lady ashton bronson pete homes pete homes but now
go to the combine so we got a lot common up we allow cannot get shrimp cocktail gonna get that from cocktail you have officially i want to say congratulations to all the aid of u else and everyone out there listening because you have officially gone past the half way point of the worst sports month in we made it we made it almost almost
but we're that also means that were what like thirteen days away from the three quarters year anniversary report my take oh wow so get excited for our first year yes and that was our little coward palette cleansers we appreciate you guys listening and now you have what you just go watch some point nine now that's the worst thing gets mind off of pedophilia yelverton pen what few report watch to adult men have sex with you to get your mind off go away i don't know what to say then they re writing the way they may in a day like we fully loaded that i already got big bang
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