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Richard Jefferson, Kentucky Derby, NBA Playoffs, S8E4 GoT Recap

2019-05-06 | 🔗

Kentucky Derby ends in controversy and somehow gets political (2:27 - 12:01). NBA Playoffs are awesome. Celtics struggling to flip the switch, Steph gets stuffed by the rim, Kawhi is basketball robot, and Magic Johnson helps us make sense of the Nugs/Blazers (12:01 - 25:10). Embrace Debate for the NHL Playoffs (25:10 - 28:19). Who's back of the week (28:19 - 42:04). Zero time NBA All Star/Bronze Medal Winner Richard Jefferson joins the show to talk about the playoffs, how he dealt with refs that wanted to control the game, Kyrie as a team leader, and Kevin Durant being the most unguardable player of all time (42:04 - 62:04). Segments include "No Swag Off" for the New York Giants, Tim Tebow Update, Lebron Update, Monday Reading "my wife hung out with an athlete but didn't have sex" and the dumbest Game of Thrones recap on the internet (starts at 82:23). 

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on today's pardon my take we have recurring guest and zero time all star richer jefferson always reach talk to our j tal famer future whole famer which embrowns better metal winner we talked mba play ass how the rest go with the nba class how bad the bronze breath is and then what else do we talk about we talked a lot about basketball basketball we're talking bear skin but to bear skin but are we also of some more bass while also spaceship also space gm we have whose back the week we have monday ray and the dumbest gave a thrones recap ever spoiler alert oh no actually i was gonna say something will save it for the end i was about to say something will save for the end before we get of that or talk to you guys about our good friends are presenting sponsor yeah that's right the cash app store talk what cash
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tentacle parcel get some money and save some animals ok let's go home i too welcome the part of my day monday may sixth were in the new
studio well i know we're in this a studio one point one we're suit you to point out we move into later on this week hopefully yes those ones can be ready but right now we are squatting in us to do in our new build and just one i want to know we do not bench press before this show we will always put in the show notes if we bench press before the show did not this time but we are here in the new office and we're ready to talk about everything including the kentucky derby yes i've some major new senor read the church the tweet big new ok i'm not a horse racing expert ok i am as on all the rules with assures us worry what is your first english you are part of called an objection yet well and i love shadow to the embassy sports graphic team for getting the objection graphic going like immediately with the earlier red block oh i don't even know what objection is but i'm here for just right off the bat
obviously were very walk about the whole thing they boost another twenty minutes of content out of the kentucky derbyshire boost those ratings a little bit which by the way they fucked up because they should just random race earlier because the storm just got way way worse and that actually that's a bigger story behind the story pickle had the weather yeah the weather was the big villain on saturday i i just want to say i stand with our president who said that maximum security go to school if i'd because of political correctness i think so too when was the last time you saw a police force when the kentucky derbyshire never so the actual like change for maximum security losing you know getting kicked out of the race at the end that was the correct call hundred percent do you agree i think so guy knows i d say you can't i think you're you're torque shaming maximum know he's got a big ass years here's what people don't realize out why they mostly black she this but maybe the people who
only bet on the on horses that one day and tugging debbie we were so fucking close to the biggest disaster than horse racing has ever seen like i'm not joking you don't think that this was a bigger disaster than then then that is falling over my own region of debts which out how i hope an axiom security was to war will like that was is close to a huge disaster where ethnic basically a nest our pile up of horse here we also saw the big one it would ended than it would have ended worse race intellect sporting it actually probably would have ended it because there are already on the ropes you see these new whips where their hidden with pool noodles yes if they had that kind of like disaster on such a big stage it would have been it for horse racing so i'm okay with them going by the rules you can't just drift in front of other you know horses you can't you have to give them a path and it was all because plenty safety for it was often just because i was imagining what it would have let been like i didn't win obviously never went on the secondary but a match
what it would have been like to bet what even was fuckin words this country home country yet country biscuit sixty five to one to have really good to have it though the race end and you like fuck i prussian a bet that long shot and then boom you u win any problems like five dollars on it but still willing that's a rush if you think that this is over you don't know rich people very well because what's gonna happen is this going to go to court they're gonna play yeah they ve already said that the one thing horse racing was missing was lawyers but this house all the time in horse racing like this is now a new anti there'll be put in still now dizzying is the owners the horse are saying that we are going to appeal to stay
and they were then in vain if that doesn't when we're going to take it forward or take it the court so we might not know who won the kentucky derby for the next like year yet these happening the someone found that old clip of one went the breeders cup hank and i lost i lost like twenty two races in a row and i was saying either as a clip of me saying i just want to be part of an inquiry once where i just have the chance of like oh my horse could win if this goes through that's me but it happens all the time and i'm not that it was was overturned and i mean they go to the court all they want but nothing will change is arrests niches get stitches policy in horse racing because you ve got the to the two jockeys gentleman's join together and then in the end i dont know didn't horses have teams here's how little i know battle robert passengers owns like all the mineral when yeah and then he goes and buys new brand of of like fancier true transition lenses wherein the where circle the next year but it was it was one of those situations where it all we had to go on was
come lady sitting in a situation room one of relevant hunters wasn't even working it looked like the room that obama hilary watching or somebody out and get shot on and we were just like all on pins niels here's how little i know about horse racing i kept calling the jockey the driver and i that's actually modest cauldron amphora like that driver did that on purpose i was like all finally want to kentucky derby but no there's no chance and i'll ever want to kentucky to resell it was citing to watch i think it was i threw out the there's a lot of people who got yeah replay jokes off of i threw out the replaced is everything that i had the combination of people saying they were mad about the reply which again this happens all the time in horse racing and then the people who are like you're an idiot this happens all time horses like i was making a joke about people being upset about relay j bills
was fuming sitting in this house like how could they do this if we want to take note of the mind and why don't they pay the horse you have what the fuck is goes enough money being wages in the horses don't get anything we i could have been a disaster could have been like i'm talking death from what i say in june i saw when you were saying that that it was almost a disaster i thought you were saying that if they had an overturned there's no right do you like that we are almost a big i love you could have boobs it was just ass we were about half a second away from just like a hot springs of glue right form on the track and they would never been able to run the kentucky derby the same way get in that's the thing with academic derby is different than every other horses because twenty fucking horses it's insane that's not how most horse races go so when you have twenty horses in terrible conditions and one on such drifting just be be happy that you can keep betting on horses see big thoughts and prayers got to maximum security though his stud fee went down considerably which i don't really understand because be very clearly one like you
he ran away not raised when the kentucky derby so i think they're just saying that he's got the dna of a cheat or now while he's a sperm is worth as much as you can go in go when the that's the only thing is country country biscuit is not gonna win the tourists country businesses that we're just gonna i don't even know one in this case the horse katya country club i don't know i don't fucking country home name of those i it is gonna call though there are sixty three two one horse i want to know how much money was wasted and ripped up tickets after the after the risk was over the other thing is the like imagined winning the kentucky derby is sixty five one long shot and then having the moment just be like in drawn out for thirty minutes and then you i owe you one but you didn't really win because you have that moment where you cross the finish line first and
most people just change a channel like right away cuz there was a fuck horse racing i don't want to watch this anymore i'm a big believer in the fact that when you lose a bet you have to stare at the tv for at least five minutes just in disbelief like i can't believe i lost her bed and this is the one scenario that i've ever been a part of it completely justified that dumb stare at the television oh maybe something will change jumpers weren't justify that's good as we are yes i did we should wish now they at least mentioned because there is cause president trump put out the key the tweet in spell kentucky wrong then delete it and read in your did a tweet again we have to throw out the best political horse racing tweet of all time from last year member sheriff clarke said donald trump's you invite justified of the white house lawn for winning the triple crown justify is a winner like trump
who care less about left this identity politics can point good boy horrid horse yeah not care i've never your pronoun i've never seen a horse being written in an anti for rally fucking a man s when you know we ve all loss or mine when horses so let us it s worth raising noticed horses agenda for actual disorders actual yet well animals country home does literally mean white how'd you cut known country home country bottom his anger no country home means white how'd your host country house was actually country also has a terrible name for horse country has really it's not maybe that's what they nobody has a a country house they bought a horse finally how those deals interesting we probably but both the absolutely do you have to have a country house to keep your country hoarser yes absolutely right so let's assume mba talking hank would you like to start with us
books are sure wordy where joint start well we are talking about before the show the celtics are in a classic case of they are flipping the switch and sometimes they forget to put the switch but then they will put the switch so has the floor been switched or is it off switch it was loaded s game in one but it's like they're trying to get the electricity back on their work and on it but a staff yon as is the honest looks like a fifth greater that like hit pure by before anyone else on a playground adjust dominating everyone does there's nothing like some things are playing their best but it also like he's so good that i don't really know like we can
i blame like i'm saying you can't the boxer gorgeous walked to the final sesar very consists not travel to travel to europe gyro step yet euro step but it's kind of a travel but we really can't kullak we don't actually ho jon janis does he takes this thing a where it's not really euro step he like lands his plan foot and then he kicks his foot up in the air twice so he like skips step yeah he hops from his right foot back to his right foot without ever touching his left foot it's insane how he he can basically just be no eighteen read from the basket and then boom is no i read a story about yon us earlier today about how his greek coach found him and house house coaches like taking responsibility for older you the fact that good ball handler good pasture that's everything and the story just boils down like i saw this giant kid play
in the playground and he was just dominating everybody and so i was like i can make something of yes child the air up there in and the best story with the obvious is that every team went to scottish except the necks gap did you write that is both also thoughts and prayers to james stolen he's been sued by a lot of i don't know corners of the immense every little because they're saying that he's not spending enough time working on the next because his plane it is banned too much and they should just let him do his band stuff you all the time because let him keep doing the kazoo dont let a metal with like that should actually your next van used the best thing that could happen is james don't be unlike fuck man were my bans on the road three three hundred nights a sheer if your next fan
you should just for you should buy tickets to every single show in every city and you haven't go on like a worldwide tour yourselves out to replace that is that just keep them away from home is let us middle the next kiss yet go on amazon and just by a shitload of consumer interests sent him to his office or he'll come no if you just have a warehouse full accuses he'll show or he will show up we should talk about the warriors destination my warriors the warriors verse the warriors is an ongoing battle steph curry stinks while the question we have to ask is no longer who's the batman on the team because we note katy yup the question is who is the robin on our lawyers and i think right now it's coming down to dream on and take a glaring example stepping on biggie yugoslavia that was a bad visual form tell sucks sober houses sought to be like you're an mba player you ve made so much
money you wanna finals envy p slammed on cheap land without all and that one give that reach is going to be played ten billion times people will be like oh yeah that guy when he got viciously blocked at the rim braun and the brain it but we also had vindication for every dad out there who has been preaching the lamp council to yet because staff tried to dock at the end of the game got absolutely stop by the room in a hilarious moment and i would also say besides effective kevin durrant can't key kid do everything himself for my warrior he put the team on his very narrow back he so fucking goes very very good it was an awesome game awesome game and i think that too i think the rockets might when the next here's the thing if i'm if i'm piggy i'm so excited that stephanus that dock at the end of the game yes has now that's the big clown moment and his is
like fading a little bit let not as bad as it could have been when you when you have your your perennial lost our former leader of the team getting rejected by the that takes a little bit of a sting off what was that stuff tat you showed me hank dragonfly jones our boy tweet out that in twenty five out of ninety nine play a game stuff has put up tony basically i want is for games listen tough little weena tone we nit picking staff i still love staff curry because watch in play and watching him shoot in like get hot is awesome but there is not one single superstar that i've ever seen in any sport that gets less shit for some
king then step car he needs to go back to the old shoes to the old nurse use that he had set his shoes got all like fly on now is a tool for school could you think of any one know like that then that's the real price like it's not even stuffs fought like it's something he is doing its that its old joke about our stuff injured that's just something that gets thrown out there by the media but he gets such a pass pay every time i guess paint manning a little bit but no he got when he before you want to survive run was on so i guess because you as three titles and i think it's also because everyone sees him is like the short fungi i guess you'd from a million miles away in warm up she does all those guidelines reign the kids love em step is for the kids so put its we're because every other superstar if they have a moment like that it's like non stop getting ripped to shreds and stuff i mean i guess he got ripped a little bit but not really and kevin ran stuck to astronomy
how can drag this team to notify dubbs nation it's almost like they don't want to day they ve played so much in the play off the last couple years do you just want to take a summer off till i came here what taking a june vacation might be nice for not eighty he's gonna do you get dragged the steam the other ah little thing that i love about the rockets is whenever james harden whenever chris paul decides that he's gonna be the point our james hardened paulsen stance so far away from the basket that's not james this jimmy hardy when he gets out his stance far away and then and then once you becomes party office again is locked inside so forty when he if he's he really will like be like i'm not playing unless i get to hold the ball for twenty twenty four seconds of the shock is greater yeah it really was aiming at hand going very worth was was amazed unreal so gladwin overtime said the rockets are those nice yes but the other series is finally all the series in the nba our assembly will a mask this
so buggy might come back steve curse said that he's not ruling out for the end of play off so step courtisolles that's what i'm saying staff curry would be an impact six man listen if he's the cosmic teammate that that he presents himself as wrong b b that spark off the bench you're not wrong like you bring in a shooter the the other series that is also older all really really good but the rafters and the sixers is essentially quite letter being superman verses john bead having missed slash sneezes well i i think superman it's too like animated of a descriptive shirt for equality one thousand i say he's clark kent because clark kent was of no couteau sky howdy process where milk tells toast he's a milk totally guys you you but you know that if it began to a fight he gets to warp your ass and box right so i would say is more like larkin and bus besides that lake i dont well if you can
dunk why you have you can easily be the rat rekindling account at all he has so here's some numbers were you he has this game came one through game or shooting profitable percentage seventy percent fifty four fifty nine sixty five percent he has thirty nine point thirty three thirty five forty five that's insane he just he and he is there's something about why that when you watch em it is incredible see a guy who like shows no emotion and he goes about everything in such mechanical way that it's like you can't stop even though you know what he's about do you can't stop him he's doing with any flash or anything he just like ok here it is i'm punching my fight yours punching into work like a fucking still the middle guy right in work just happens to be draining threes and drive into the whole even his hair style is boring it's it's through its named after the most boring vegetable and corn rose yes he probably asking for soybean rosen
sorry why that's only yet most boring vegetable court yeah i would at the hotel i know i totally disagree corn was is up therefore the best corners is very boring notes to ask you can do something yeah you put if you put stuff on it high court i love popcorn given its it's also ours i'd yeah and you end it passes rate threeg something only actual there s actually yeah just stumble you ve got no heats no beats offering up a good point about corn passing through that is quite leonard he's gonna be the same person he's gonna have the same temperament no matter if you stuck in a pilot shit or if he's on a dinner play can i can i just admit somewhere and i really wanted to pay you on this but i can't think of any other vegetables carrots kiddos commit tomatoes our fruit fruit are they fuck their food i knew that you idiot what are the odds are connected to a thanks getting better trolling us vegetables spasm
yeah i just google that what is a vat is roma vetches lettuce a vegetable let us is a vegetable so they are ok i was sick erika i knowed vegetables are we gotta let's see some carrots yeah care it's a pretty boy again court just i'm talking corn on a plate eggplant flooring is forty they wanna play house stood me take on eggplant well it's in a movie is probably the best emerging yams yams going there are very good but aunt those tubers only emphasise three potatoes yeah well very similar pumpkins that's it that's a squash tubers yet tubers potatoes you're looking some four gaze you ll ever there i'm ok wikipedia dude lima beans climate beans have to be worse and corn gimme a break gimme
i will be worse tasting but gimme limas worry you gimme lot cabbage cab in other words ugly view casual i'll give you girls said for is pretty bad cabbages worse virtual i'm happy we are that we realise quite leonard is boring but he's excellent incur i have a question about the rafters as yet not occurred to me yesterday i was their teachers are trapped here wrote yes there jerseys are awful hang terrible northwards order they know yes lower as is our track no the north ones are bad they look like a pack of winston cigarettes fucked
yugoslavia nineteen nineteen seventeen is i did it i will say i watch like two absorbs game thrones right before turning the games i was like hyped up you know north jaunts now let's go and then turn on the rafters it's almost everywhere has your energy so that even a semi oil and but hey i've got jurors hague it look like in atlanta hawks knock off like fifteen dollar jersey by t j max and when your dad's like you know what he's he's not going to care about this team for whilst nominal by i'm fuckin shit each area like when when you're no name on the barrier anders ogier grow out of it here unless your me ray so but my other question why do we not rushmore busters some ok you put that on their will fight you i've been by that time i'll be really jack rabbit bench but i think we ve already done that like twice the noble we custards is what s puzzlement that parts that nobody gets lost the sailors the question i had about the rafters though if they win the nba title do they
get the invite to the white house or do they get the invite to whatever the canadian like most intruder the maple is gone the maple tree ranch adjust pulsar about i know i log cabin i think they just actually just live stream everyone in that stupid plaza than all the toronto stand in and watch them harper well you invited to rob forced to what is going to stop doing that like toronto i like toronto a lot and then there a couple times beautiful city stop having you have your city show up for a live stream and watching all their hearts break it is like we do that here as our job
i don't want to do that when we do the electric chair it socks yup you guys willingly stand in front of a bunch of cameras so ever can laugh at you crying in your fucking you know sirop in motion stop stop just go watch it abolishing all him be if they get the that what was the name of the championship trophy for the abuja is the algerian brian delirium brian trophy if they get that do you think the prime minister just like scratches out in ba championship in just rights stanley cup on it or the good thing is will never know because you never what we got another and whether they will they haven't thing i've ever we have our home by the way john beat like what is wrong with his sick he's sick today it it's like the tired wired meme tired being out of shape and hurting you need all time wire just haven't really bad immunity we are being sick all play he goes from the unquestioned future the nba to scrub on like a nightly based mark jackson said he was more could be the best a big man of art i'm and then the next game he's got the sniffles and has low energy was it for us
me what the fuck so the last series that we have to talk about is our nuggets who shot nuggets bans we reparata hard i went fortunately are in the new office and we don't have tv at sharon all business pete for being a bitch so will recap from matter just a sweet so here we go jamal murray scored six straight freeze rose in the closing seconds and had a game high thirty four points to lead the nuggets over the trailblazers so there you're gonna get want where you left out the most important by the exclamation point at the end of a little most there's another one to record you which has really caught my eye with his to triple doubles in this series against portland wow so magic who as of three weeks ago was part of an mba organization the president nebraska operations
has finally caught on to the guy who will most likely finnish second or third in every people yet i was there was a big red holy shit he's occurs this joke it is ok guy seems pretty fucking good ways out what the hell what if i was if i was in charge of a team in the west i would try to get my hands on this guy we should trade for him he must be like on drafted like rookie how i dont know who will win the series with toronto victory over philadelphia to even it up but i do know that quite letter has been dominating the series and put on a show today scoring scoring thirty nine points exclamation actually know what magic some ends most of every leaders want asked exclamation point including his bio which is the official twitter account of urban magic johnson exclamation point so if you if you ever find yourself without tv and you want no what happened the nba play us go and old magics twitter and you can figure it out pretty quick yeah
it's very nice recall him play by play in the nba is like nor mcdonald's play by play of golf turn yes by the way that for overtime game on friday night so late siege emma com has hey he had what're you drop like what you just now he was close if you'd like forty seven he's been awesome and the child to yoke issue just found out about sixty five minutes and then afterwards people like how do you do it like basically saying you're fat do i love how family policies like i used to be chubby you are using a blocking tightened yeah and he get this is the big the big theories that game three is always a game where the cheapest comes out in him fighting cancer was awesome i can't you just turn a snitch to you think can't there's a guy who's like has hit out for his life would not be like a snitch right because he's he's like always plan with nothing to lose right i don't know it just seems where i don't know like maybe that maybe it doesn't
since i figures like he should be the last guided like go willingly go to the authorities linked to the authorities in turkey i want you to know i would say the other way around if you have a snitch out or if you have a hit out on you you're probably only turkey with cops but yours i'm update raby dont want to draw more attention to you so yeah because you think you're just gonna kill no i'm just saying like he went he trend it what do you want to lay low or where you i agree that you wanted the haze important idea like he's gotta game tonight i heard shit there you have you like enos men mostly because he's the only athlete that i can remember whose aim rhymes with penis yes and that's just hit his comedy goldworker very fertile ground racine us a try so there we are the two of us regret we got we are too big ones we get to are whose back of the weak let's do it once you start backup the government should go ok actually speaking of courtesy genus
former chicago bear great or i'll go with the bears pickers are back because matt navy had a competition for the kicking job the vacant kicking job shut cody park egos of that thing they had unlike the town square we go in the snow it actually kind of was they had eight kicker short too many camp and then met edgy brought him all out too forty three our line and said hey this is where coty park you fucked up you all have to kick from here and six out of aid that's not a great sign but a great culture fits you could check so now we're down to two elliot fry in chris blue blue well fries w made up name chris blue we no definitely not a man's maria and that one is like if if you call it becomes the kicker everyone we find the problem with getting blew it is if you're the bears and you're trying to write all of your kicking woes aegis look a lot worse if you miss fired on a guy named blue exactly arranged my client
i would much rather have a kicker that is slightly worse than blew it then have blew it and have him miss in important feel go exactly because when he misses available it will instantly become the biggest choke on twitter yet it's like my old saying like europe it it doesn't matter the long scheme of things if you're sports fan it really matter if your team windsor loses it just matters that you don't get in paris and fuck analyses i told embarrassed because that they don't be the pot of everyone's joke you just stay look not evoke when championships let them fuckin over achievers when the championships let everyone else just stay in the middle stay calm don't get made fun yet when a wild card game once every three years zactly fans happy ray and don't have a guy named blew it go doubled going on you from forty three yards i agree with that so there two pickers left now see us you said six are gone i think six have been caught i could see nagy trying to do this for
guy thing where they over correct in the opposite direction now he's gonna become like the world's biggest genius with kicking game i shut at this ambulance were getting on the record great that we have ever studio next to the fucking strong on the window do we think about that now we then that we just wanted sunlight plants this is a joke yeah what are we doing i don't know it it s a little color to sort of busy area that's discordant note the mecca
right down the street disables is literally gonna just like dr into the studio i think that the ambulance isn't she i pity ambulances pulling up here because they heard big cats screaming falk fought for world like those turn anonymous well among us bird but they heard eradicate saw you like either the world's biggest bitches inside or somebody's getting stabbed yes well somebody's getting ok ok what we say i came i riverside oh i do you have a studio next window i was saying i was saying what is going on housing would now he's going to do is he's gonna become like the biggest specialities statistic guy and and get model kicker depending on how long the fuel goal is right this is our forty yard plus specialists and this is our extra point specialist orgy teheran's i kick special yeah i'm you know everything there is to know about the kicking gained about hears here you want to be a genius heavily used have three cone kick can guarantee again he is there anything else you two fuckin back what people you can do a backup you'd feel gone so happy
that save roster spot say the embarrassment be that in a vain or with kid that you are and have to recall beer kick are just don't kick or just don't kick me that you had highschool cochin wherever general jaunts whenever points i think he's still gonna kick sometimes no i think he goes i think goes for on every fourth down he wait for every foot down every two point verse for bisbee he does a push pont right he could cash out michael vick he had escaped leo kick absolutely just do that more team should do that ain't you want to go but that wasn't delayed onset bubba reaction right there i love those but he's just laughing about the fact that we literally just had this new insane insanely nice office and we put our fucking podcast studio next to a window cross the street from madison square garden jesus christ my first one shouted to mark the shock titus is mark a smart ok wicked smile he has been
created to questionable for game for which i didn't think you'd come back can come back to the end of the series but he got approved for contra contact in practice said he accidentally took a charge during how that's how issues that suck for everyone else in the celtics when marcus markets approved for contact you like this is terrible you're gonna practices not fund any more he's like the old mc guire that you would you hate but blood money right right mother whose back is s now and adam sandler yes so s an l basically do you know did what hollywood does to recreate movies i had him as the host he did oppermint needed a tribute to chris farley is very heart heartwarming touching oppermint he did oppermint to the actors remember oppermint i said didn't i didn't hear that part the ambulance the ambulance deniers as i said a woman was more move by now there's been a case where the hits
a smart crystallizing was is is tat any like nor i'd say oh that's carlini play all the hits but he hadn't been back no use good now never hosted never hosted i want to say adam sandler is my with my grail he's my grill king is out not we sir you look yeah like with the oversized baggages moves anywheres like denham they go down to his knee holder dogs at he may also give a fuck about anything that's that's life right that's true is true and he also that the best part of the crew further tribute is he admitted that he wished chris farley was still alive so you could be in grownups three what would you think heaven james ears like think they ve had a conversation like oh yeah are you hand of yeah was far lukas he's like he's we ve made me like millions of how many times do you think out of similar has accidently called kevin james chris alot that's socks here s just like sorry man
yeah but it is often very like it they don't take that could you do this a little funny area like a heavyweight could you like throw your body around a little maybe take your shirt off could you search sweating ok let's get the hose out here what kevin down before this i want you to look like you're stepping out of a son in hell he really really probably given james more than a few times has been like in a dark bar by himself been like this is pretty much all because greece farley died you think i'm just make some dress up to in some of crystal closes they put on this wisconsin sure the upper air put on the lunch lady here but he was very cool and i did like us onto the the tribute transpose them grew up what those guys that was those good see young desert hangover ok my whose back in a week is rally animals so i acknowledge might my big mistake in overlooking the carolina hurricanes was not acknowledging here
but in the rally pitting hamilton is a big boy she chalk as hell just looking good cheer hate it see but like a salutary shock and so the hurricanes your plane good hockey don cherries pissed off at all because they have this awesome fuckin rally pick the pig is so cool and it's so fucking funny when they put the pig in his little like watching it is wag is gonna wag and they put him right where the guys come out to the ice in the pig as no clue areas and their just like it just a pig they just mining its own business while aggregates pumped up action embrace debate for you pay of tea but i'll do it right now coca which is better losing to the team that will probably when the stanley cup championship the cup we got that far yet there was a handsome paying him ok or losing
to a team and then realising that the next time that you would have played you would have rolled right over and probably went back to the cup final and one another one well i think maybe an option three would be losing because two of your best russian players don't show up in the plants and then they go play if a rush tradition national team and absolutely dominate the rest the world the next week thou be hypothetically that would be tough as he tough for me to deal with mentally over gets paid probably like seven million dollars per goal and i place when he plays an occasional yes one item are obvious imo berghoff cyclone and adobe plato kuznets off i think i d always only dominating the play off saw not mad at him because he did not show up at one another time when he had the golf clubs above his head like a statue because the rally pig hamilton here but also so you would have definitely swept them islanders and probably gone back well we get into this a little bit with will know we got into with whitney
on friday i think that a lot has to do with the fact that we toughened the hurricanes up for round to and you were like italy while our waters right in me i mean wonderful mexico the eyes to the fucking islanders had to plague is the shitty pittsburgh pink through which is a cake walk insect plan against a mites team and so now they go in there like oh shit we have to play and actually good team hey look new york islanders might have been stanley cup champions brooklyn rounders basting not not the same as in the barn stake my other whose back in a week is believing farland areas oh he of fire fest fame he's writing a book in jail and it's called prometheus not prometheus promo prometheus will that's gonna his thing spelling shit yeah patently he's definitely back prometheus god of fire f why already which is documenting all the different times he did not commit fraud on a wide scale
and also major whose back for him because he has a new body in the prisoners in so we know that he's in prison with a situation yup spent establish michael cohen france lawyer is getting since that prison as well to free them to get a little triumvirate going on there were heard how to cook up with escrow either squarely should be their scale is with us he block all end in djibouti bohemia all the internet means in one prison mean prison be the worse place ever they should actually just like hell is other means do you mean prison put it on each one all the money goes to all the people that were defrauded i like that i mean what they want big brother and present yet give the people what how can we empts i'm surprised the united states has reached the point where we live broadcast prisons yet able mean prison mean we're just gonna hit another billion dollar idea i'm in fact
ok let's get our interview with richard jefferson by the way general do the afford for that book we will wait it's just gonna be that that toast here's to your party like rock stars fucking they fucking like moses i forgot the second was talking like party like stars spoken my poor as doctors and secular nominal wage now that's a different and then leave it living lag rock stars partner in laying movie star us live like movie stars party like rockstar spoken like pocket like porn star scheme that is so cool manner fuck someday i hope i'm not cool ha ha who are richer jefferson before we get to richard jefferson quick or from our sponsors guys it's common mother's day it's only a few the way we ve been reminding you wanna come flowers is here to help you pick out a gorgeous bouquet that show her she's loved right now when you order a dozen multi colored roses for
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ok former non nba all start richard jefferson that's socks man i'm sorry i sit right it's not really that operate well when you get in the second interview it's like i don't have to do the like we don't through the background store you now recurrent gets ok welcome here we want to be like a member that time in arizona we need to strike a member that time you didn't make any all start yet had that so much easier because it's like honestly i think more importantly and i think the thing i'm most products as my bronze metal right i'd i'd rather i'd rather discuss that that might never making it all started so what happened in those olympics ah you know yeah argentina for they were tough that either sailorman right as manu it was top right you know i just felt like images people want
so the ambassadors for the game and i felt like what better way to be ambassadors into let another country went rivalry young i will give you also helped i remember that olympics and everyone authors like this is the most embarrassing thing ever make sure know these guys run this team again let's reconfigure usa basket yet that actually started the u s s like hell you're welcome i tell inquiringly at the cairo you're welcome right they started the u s select team outer i got involved godfather like ok enough of these rift rather i saw you i was glad you know even if even if we were on the suicide mission right even if you're on a suicide mission to go when the war i'm ok would yet you want all the gold medal since that point you can have a part in this yeah you're welcome yeah i didn't get an honorary go mellow should be sure doubly give you do do they do they give those honorary go metals we can make one mellow will find a way to get one in a couple
he'll have enough she'll have enough yeah you can buy one in like good will that message thrown out when moving out yes you brought of korea can i want to start their yeah so carry last night i'm assuming you watch the salt exposure last night he had an abysmal might shooting napoleon stop shooting and that's gonna carry that's his email i guess he's going you ve got his it he's got confidence himself we were playing with a guy that might be that talented maybe even it was curry and they run into a tough night from the floor where what point you start getting frustrated as a t may be like hey spread the bar on or do you have that faith in him as well you have to have that faith in your guy in your hero rightly every team has a guy that they are right to return go go let's go get it but you you look there s a game who else did anything jason tatum was doing jail brown what was he doing was gordon hey we're doing so like it was more like when you lose by twenty it wasn't just because tiree struggled i think the rest of that team is towns at enough that they would have figured it out
ed like gees jason tatum had you twenty ex points out of inquiry was gonna just like move em over so he could go three for twenty two i wasn't unhappy i do still thought colonel now we emily spoken okay so maybe this actually helps your answer because you haven't spoken with him what what could you take from his years been up and down in terms of being the leader and that was all you know i'm wanna leave cleave and i don't want to be in leubronn shadow then i think he quickly found out that is probably harder then any one realizes to be the alpha on a team a team that has championship expectations reuse surprise at all that carry had trouble that like was he when you around z tough maybe data data read his mood or whatever non little it lets say is i think some of the ups and downs were necessary all his fault i think bringing back gordon heyward an him to attain that one yielded that were one game away from going to the nba finals i think freedom
young players to make that adjustment to like downgrade their game right so that they could actually get growth from gordon into get tiree back i think that was difficult and i think i redid it at a fairly good job but it's a new place for him well understand curry still what twenty six years oh yeah it's crazy right it's like to but we ve been watching me here when the biggest shots and sports history nba history yell two years going away to the guy he's anyone's primate
a basle players primes like twenty to thirty two so for him the prime is not just physical it's also emotional it's also mentally right so you know he will continue to get better and i think that's when you become a great leader right when you were planned as the playoffs go on its exhausting it's almost like another what quarter overseas and sometimes to add on there at the inn whizzer ever a small party that was just like you know it would be the worst thing if we lost some tired and argue not only now that you know there are moments when like add as do we really wanted now but you always want to do that because the policies and is the most fun people ask me team as possible seventeen years you miss basil how now a mess boswell i do miss the policies all isn't like for you what pleasant life
it was at one point it's the other stuff i bet like you're waking up early go into the don't do all the running and shape when you're playing a tuesday game in milwaukee and then a a game a back to back game in sacramento and then you're flying to utah and it just like i don't miss that when you're on a plane during new years i've been on a plane but apposite regulations happy new year's everyone s eyes on this is fine guys in play off you may say it play offers the best thing to me it is the most fun that i would watch the most basketball during the policies and as a player so it is it that's the best part of the game that's what everybody wants place on the policies and you're never in a rush for it to be over so we're gonna play run this on monday so they'll be some basketball happens in between malta three of the rockets warriors but begin you did say i saw me those two days ago or yesterday you said kevin around his most unguarded ble human that's ever been create yes and you play
but the broad james and you played against cobia accredited shied against m j s for a minute what was agreed i see where you're going with i'm just wondering now i want you to expand on it like death i kind of agree with and weird way is not this is and this is what i'm saying i'm not say he's better than jordan i mercedes bared unshackled copier bron i must say to you that what i'm saying is that when you look at all these guys i think there's been other guys get there he does things at such an efficient level and at such a high neo high rate lucky he's one
or scoring titles look how many scoring tiles would he have if he stayed in oakley ok see right he would probably be up there we're talking about six seven scoring titles james harden probably what a yell beat him one or two years we're tumblr guided would have six or seven scoring titles in his career because he's data base a seven foot to guard he shoots ninety percent from the freighter lie he shoot for issuing fifty percent from three right now fifty percent from the field and averaging yell forty games pointing amours last by only thing i'm saying like look she couldn't shoot fritos right am i wasn't seven p m j wasn't seventy brought island not only wrong i'm taking him jane a game right right i'm saying if you had to create a basketball player i think the two guys that you will create are probably braun and and katy for very different reasons rights alike that that's my thing i good point i ain't it's a good debate as i do agree with you like in terms of when you take it out of not greatest joe
like man to man and actually scientists will probably be honest units report shot he'll be up there yet and i i don't know the honest will ever be able to get across to cause katy shoot a lot at the window where there's a difference on all three point shots are created equal like he could shoot forty percent in a season right but shoot three a game right forget like katy might put up ten threes in a night and in look think about we all know how great stuff is but how good are you when you sure to a team with the two time in bp and you immediately turn him into pippin rise in the price of his career weight so have you check your critical of governor at one he when he went to prayers viewing city eke out a stall ring from you and as a podcast we have literally never fifty can factual me we ve never sent a bad word about coming to rent ever yet we love no i didn't the best way to save my issues where do more
a playful manner right and some yeah with this week this leah people weren't you he he didn't think it was his funny as i did like every kevin yeah i suppose uprising gets of whom are now but my whole issue was never with like i want i understood why he went there same reason why i went to go to cleveland and i was like i want to play for a championship i want to play good basketball i want to be on the highest level he felt like that was the best i have no issue with that but the only
do that was more like a do that you understand you're gonna get some heat like he criticised bath he criticised brom when braun winsome went to miami and then even then when braun became the villain in miami in everyone's eyes he did the same thing after criticising him and then he became the villain and then he acted like he was surprised that he was the right i agree with that where where can you go again as a package is literally never say anything bad welcomed rant where can he go to satisfy the haters like you how lousy ip address in a lot of shock amateur and yet i believe you ah my thing is if he can go anywhere he wants i am a firm believer in two would ever makes you happy your family happy but understand like as the great player on the mount rushmore of our generation as he is that people are gonna have opinions and those opinions are going to be what drives the league that those opinions are going to be what pays mba player ajax if the nba stops talking about you are a body the media stop talking to that's bad for your shoe cells math bad for your jersey sales as bad for your overall brand yet brad forever i also would totally fix everything kitty if the sonnet would back to seattle yeah he ah he again latch in and took him to sign a large enough even if you didn't take him shot out without just like today them out of one of my things that that i firmly believe is just have an opinion about me hate me or love me
but just tell me your opinion because a minute you stopped caring about me and you don't even want to address me that's when you have an issue i love how much i hate katy of a good guy bad touches me not represent a hand tattoo or are you happier media now so people can solely forget your archway tattoo not another now because i still talk about my art a tattered dry soil tie still talk about proud of it it was one of those products rockwork now i'm proud of the person i was at a time when i got screwed up it is not going to know why the ambraciots i was seventeen years old when i got it i was on my visit to arizona like to talk about is put your balls on your table right your parents don't know that you're going to college and you're just like my mom saw a week later by what is actually a tattoo and choosing of cool now long as you like my wife and at that point i obviously was done into i was going to college would say to my own man i'm gonna have you put your gm had on roquat without however do you have any interest whatsoever in getting into into the game like working for team at some point out i've interest in money so that as you know whenever the opportunity presented ok ok let's put your magic johnson had on ok oh yeah how'd you fix fix lakers and in three moves or less
i would read change everyone that's my front office and i would go and steel on from the spurs trajan langdon i as a guide it up for that up for the minnesota job he was upon the cleveland odd thing he was part brain the nets around i think he's up there ah i look at i think there's an unease a lot more checks and balances i think even genie boss need somebody that that can tell her now why can go in there and win an argument not and it doesn't have to be someone that she's friends with for twenty years or someone that she knows and that's issue for people that that's very deflecting genie bus is a great honour for the sampling she cares about their team she cares about her family legacy saw us great but you still need some might be him like no this is wrong and react anybody that needs to know how the lakers have been run in the last couple of years look at how magic johnson left the right that's u let you know
i was being run right and the back story that he was possibly pc seed accidently on some emails thrashing him so it's like the whole thing is just said it is a circus and so you bring in somebody that's just hey this is not what we're about right look david griffin who just got the new orleans pelican job i think he is a person that knows how to run a team you gotta get someone with experience right genie bus right even though she's been upon the team like she's the figure had now then you had magic johnson no experience in that job rattling no experience in a job no assistant no assistant gm so you just look at it in there was like even though their great names and i think very good basketball minded people care there was no one with any experience in the actual job they were do mean ultimately it felt like get leubronn everything also figure self out and i'll give but the one thing that i will give magic johnson credit for people might think this is amazing heat the only
that you can do in anything is leave it in a better place than you found it and i truly believe you can get it a hundred percent think that he left the lakers in a better place and he found it if you help recruit leubronn see i don't even think you stated that the sea up i thought the broad already picked agreed but at the end of the day when he showed up when he left it doesn't matter all this that when there are not just that it's overstated magically recruited does and i wrong i was number one in saying that exact same point and i dont think that magic johnson had any influence on whether or not the braun was going there that being
dead at the end of the day or magic and always put that on his reza may i was the president that i helped bring lebron james right hidden iraq it up he didn't rock and you know what that's an important that is not a preview aims nolan would advocate a low bar that's a low bar to set when we are to have its own re bar how the fuck it up yet look at the giants of the giants in their six glaringly examined get handed aces you you play the aged lady s area so speaking of the lakers leubronn your former teammate channing fry did an interview where he said the number one thing butler promises bad breath oh my god so davis gonna be so upset he was so you said right what we're doing slice we didn't was peter ninety today's so you said you know i hate abroad you you said that you now say that was that was channing fried i wasn't tavistock you so pump out there probably gonna cut it out yet i added it out we greeks were nominated these were not allowed to do so but with training for i write
you know what this lousy like men everybody's had a bad day very everyone's out a body i can honestly say i'd does not been not mob my experience channing's a bit of a close talker yeah right so i can see that but i dont shame channing because he was the one who got like bad breath that's a lot of shit that that's what i'm saying it's ok i'm ok with victor sharing and patchy me in these type of spaces layer i'm saying channing breath channing fry if that's what you that's what has experience was i'm not gonna shorting ok is the brown alcohol
oh margaret salon in drought all was ok you know there's there's all we're all alcohol painted my wife things were all alcohol ok as i would the doctor says yeah yeah when i say it like do you have more than one or two drinks a week i ever had like do i live in my life is asking us to take more than one or two breaths days like yeah yeah ever had three beers and even yet aware we get problem we are so do you think the problem for the broad not necessarily the wine but beyond allay having all the different production that he's got going on right now do you think that there is an element of lost focus nobody wants peace based him not know and this is what mrs why we'll go back to his injury right when he got injured on chris
miss day at last he also referred back now where it was one gave apart that's fine i'm talking about that i'm just saying that everything was fine and in their team had a slew of injuries and the free agency thing how our operators but that it really i'm treachery does what you know there are plenty of people associated with that i'm with you have the same like no one was really talking about distractions then it was posts thin ice okay so that's my thing it's like when they were good and before seventeen game injury happened to him they were good and no one was talking about distracted no one was talking about distractions in wine the previous ten years rediscovering awry when you win like everyone laws distractions were artist rightly russia character building exactly going off abroad for second you are doing a ton of media now you're great you work for the nets you work for you know you do effort one stuff get up at what point in your car where are you going to transition into a back in my day guy
i am really gonna try and a bold ahmed try and avoided i've been i've been try my yes out europe be able to add no you're not you're you're not going to die would say i'm very very fortunate being current right now they usually into believing it almost it almost sounds asinine because it was i if i say back in my day i literally subplanetary out and it's gonna have gonna hams at all it is it or you are like when are you ready for like when that periods gonna start yes yes you gotta be ready for when you're periods that when they were point shot and you're like back in my dated and have a for polish that would be the dumbest crappy the dumbest idea but now i think really and truly itches whenever you feel like it's time because not only do you when you get older you bring the people that watched you play and watched you get interviewed for fifteen years so when you're saying something about like back in my day you're also talking about all the people for like a twenty year span remember the game a certain way so yeah you might not be talking to the young kids that are doing well you're talking to the familiar people that understand how you're trying to express the gay rights out ok i one last question for me so azra mentioned before it can be rockets against warriors and saturday night
we're gonna air this on monday so give me your guarantee whose when a game theory i'm gonna say ominous say houston is going to win one game and if houston went one game at the use and when one game the only game they will be able to win was game three they ve been owing game theory obviously they're gonna get swept him out in it but if they have one chance to win one game if not get swept this will be their game i shall guaranteed game three use rock you're such a day that i have asked questions for me that series actually was also the celtics boxers there's a lot of talk about the rough stuff so can you remember a time or how did a team deal with you get you get to the arena you know the referee climate you know this guy fuck nature guts now teeth
this is what robust what people say and i can't say others good regrets not desert where this is what they can't say when they're doing games there are certain referees that you want to see going into an arena right now they will never say this like and we will talk about this privately but like look if i'm going into a rogue in other use iraq is don't like skype auster but if i was less say i'm in my six year were going into boston on the road i want to see skype auster i want to see steve jappy who does all the tv stuff now i want to see joan crawford like those of the guys those like kind of decades those assholes got those guys are cottages like leave me alone i have to do my job those are the guys that i once i would take scottish wrapped they'll get put an of anything if the whole teams that are the home crowds there's actin like jerks they will actually go the other way so like the best way and i don't mean it like they'll start cheating i mean it in a sense it like you want to
leave these men alone and allow them to do their job right right i remember i saw steve did steve jackie i'm doing a game and so the rookie i forgot who was it maybe withstand downward was yelling at steve jobs and a i looked at boy do you know who you're talking to and steve jobs starts laughing nightmare he'll throw you out of here and your family right and so like there are refugees that you want to see in road games or referees that you want to see in a game seven though like my mc cutchen is one of them ah you know that there's a bunch of brass that you want to see in those moments so i don't i understand that there's beefs in this sideways and all us up at the end of the day in a lot of guys won't say that there's referees it you want to see during the rockets have gone too far were there to like i always think once you spend this much energy complaining about the refuge completely lost what you're going for you yeah i think
they did two i think in the fighting to as like i loved re mine i love steve kerr arizona guy but did you see their interviews post game underlining i thought the referees did a great job right now in tray mousing look i love this game in it she said to me that people want to bring referees into italy i wait does anybody have clips from six months ago right like all the rest we gonna fix these referees and a reverie animals like wait a second now that kind of things are going your way things are on your side had that been staff and had that been claim you at a loss to game they would have been appalling politicking right out of it going not so that's also why the beautiful things about ass well ass you can literally watch in real time someone completely bullshit rise not a funny re elected ok yeah rich jefferson recurrent guest thank you very much appreciate you come on every time also j w dont dodging us
i knew i had about why what no one would not called about really what we said he would do in an interview let anybody i ought to know they said that he never agreed to but we get receipts and then we told the receipts and he will never pay me the aerial do it and then i also we also took a hard i'd stance riyadh jimmy butler benson side in their whole beef you guys are you guys are just so charming when you guys disagree with someone you gotta pick side were also very bias of heavy open if you have your thereby ever like we literally said yes jimmy butler bed servants run the right because jeered dudley didn't do every with us it's at some time that that's bear so you want me to head of charity but i can at least i think i got fired fund just just left the point might take eyes man their fun
gear but that i would be lighter than i would have liked and that's the issue here is my credibility is at stake now i'm in argentina stand now now above argentine back yard you look like our dear argentina yet out of my country where careers or youth organs there we go round aerosol unity stuff stuff marbre yeah lebron james is nineteen criminal anthony bronchial that i've got abroad he was six nineteen at the time so does a man don't try to almost all of us i was there i was like twenty data were we're all gonna run with this so that a horizontal bronze thea italians all brownsville saying sergeant thanks that interview with richard jefferson was brought to you by twenty three in me this mothers they for a limited time only twenty three me is taking thirty bucks off their health and ancestry kit until may thirteenth
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first up we have a new segments singular hank mimi is no swag off ok the giants quarterback competition is virginia it is it's definitely a car crash were it's definitely competition though in the winter the competition will be who between daniel jones and eli manning interruption the least amount of swag by trying to get so what happened to start the no swagger so body i've got drafting jones got drafted that's what began in his co cut cliff said dangers born yeah he was born without any swears border he would just emerged from tapioca lose that was just the somewhere mississippi address the least amount of swag possible at birth and couple of said real swag is no swag that's your model for him so the
i see like what he thought about drafting daniel jones is petition placement and he said he really had no response to it so eli man he's coming over the top with even less swag nato jones is basically it's a bachelor style competition for dave governments heart yazzi who can be the most milk toast quarterback there we go you are making reach for common action for southern twinning on hold on my dad did reported asked me a question about son i got there the ball is gonna be just five men and this is why the swag list giants condemn it poor sake what i can't wait we were about to get the sake one barkley deserves better it's come oh it's already had a little large on your gavel like everyone was like always just a rookie who knows now it's gonna get sues dinner jones i can't wait
sick one retires like your ate like fuck that shit on bare centres in this dave gentleman's continued incompetence actually very very bad for my washington our words because right now you ever hear that that old saying where if you're running away from a tight a tiger again somebody you dont have to outrun the tiger you just half thou run the guy next to you in this case dance nighters running labs around dave gentlemen oh your last year and a half just wait three years yeah that's all day governments at given three years from you'll see how philosophies he could sit on that he could sit on the bench for three years and then come in as fourth year when he's absolutely at the at his word most worthless force any lie manning is still a corpse himself yeah he's gonna is going through the air rogers hill be aaron rodgers by sitting on for three years that our work as our takes that's all take you want if you could either do it that way are you could go the tom brady model and just draft a quarter back in the six round hu jia
and then and then have him be independent wealth wealthy through his wife so it doesn't huge contracts and then keep one and then keep playing super bowls that's the model i would personally follow follow that model you beat do the aaron rodgers or tom brady you'll win some football think we just crack the case we have a tim tebow update bad news for your boy pfd what's bad news and not only that is perfectly on hold on hold on hold on one hundred and forty three means i love you the worst part of this is not that he's bad in one hundred and forty three and then he's just making no headlines anymore he's become a complete non factor skip bayless can't even do a segment about him
should bring em up the measured adding was he was gonna be proud of this year there areas if they don't work well he states so what let him stink out loud insisting and in a corner somewhere the nobody pays attention to actually themselves so you take it simply by my blake i don't think so i don't really want to face misery baseball hidden when i can't even hit aaa he would we have that would look like willie mays last about we're swings forced out man that's that's tough is soft tebow he's these procedures to eleven ok my favorite gonna liquor yes i like one eighty sent from numerous illogical standpoint it's all adding up to me yeah how many how many lives as he saved with home runs it hit somebody there was choking on have you any home run so that's the problem he's gone for first last
he needs to get a swag by he needs to save somebody's life or circumcised somewhere in the philippines yeah and then i'll be back our does anyone to circumcised anybody circumcised the closest person to utility fine pulses cock you can find circumcised shit the player on your team that has the most remaining for skin and give him a second for second circumcision m movie idea major league for people forget there was miserably three major league for in timber tim tito is joe boo and he's sitting there before the game being like i gotta i gotta get my swag we're gonna hit this carbonic just he just circumcised a little chap bring your baby areas like yo dude what the fuck are you doing with genetic gets arrested for child pornography and a move would you let your son be circumcised but empty but yeah let's make that happen now i would not ok if i'd force can i let him circumcised me why don't you just said
can i get a force can graft no you can probably back all you can give you can get giving doubled up jesus i don't you think it's like a pencil that you know and i really have the don't have that much feminine inches despair keep shaven off little pencil sharpening the show ridiculous in new york city i would like that kay last lhasa before we get our money reading a game of thrones recap leubronn update the brown is on the play us but he still making headlines the barbershop so the shop the shops i the boy the shop that through the barbershop originally tax havens that's right as i was a little bit of it and it's so awkward these you sitting in that huge chair and not getting his hair cut his throat well like he's not gonna hurt because he's a bright is really have here to get to every time lebron james gets a haircut he has to go have another
her implantation search put it will be like a big say let's start to show called the bar and which does not restrict yard yet if it was a recovering alcoholic and you like hey two shows called the bar by the way i can't help you can get trimmed up on his beard you can use that he does gangs doesn't get nature he does give you no one is beard lined up its arias linda it's like oscar pistorius having a sneaker had show do is in jail south rogan not example haircut on it he did respect you dont sports either anyway don't really news you got out of it was that leubronn was shocked by magic leaving lakers yeah alonzo didn't give farmers like what we do like coups which is often because lawns is actually being a twenty two year old or twenty one year old yet
to perfect loans or respond yes i like alonzo is finally this is his first taste of freedom that is getting oh you ever since big bawler brand is kind of disassociate he's no longer valid divorces data talks about that on the show wasn't as data was like his theirs is their business partner who was his dad's best for i'm like a room in the house and shit he was the one that like fuck the family over in one thousand call me i never see that this company is the first time that is dead ever had nothing to say when used like i'm fucking out on big barbara and bid dollar brain go getting taken down and in huge massive fraud never saw that any time your parents just have a random dude this living in their house that controls a significant amount of their financial responsibility red flag i think tat i do did you see the dankert story about like ms brother death ain't there s also full house i get to uncle jesse was embezzling issued on oh yeah oh yeah anytime adieu just living in the house for a little bit it means it he's rock bottom is wrong
do you get save cool yea also in that exact same house he wasn't working areas pole angles to suck it off the teeth of that sweet zagat teeth so leubronn he's doing tv shows and said applying in the nba service at la brought listen katy were cemeteries becoming a real debate on africa seeing the time on here but people are talking about who's the goat katy or m j i don't know also cut good debate to have had a weird that lebrun had no idea that magic johnson was leaving that shows a magic probably had a whole lot of respect for the bronze that after the ice leubronn magic relationship was one of those things that like the media and i mean i'm sure i did this is well people all kind of meted out to be huge thing like magic wands abroad and was like they ve got together and the joining a powers they probably fucking anyone talk
i would like to propose that i was on a thing magic is magically beetle laden talk there too fuckin alpha's they probably just stayed away from each other which is a very very strange situation full but i want to believe that later don't be a lot better next year just because i do miss leubronn in these play off like it or not and i feel i to watch the shop get get my feminism miss i miss having his like his grimaces we got done as teammates like china should have won his dick you have the time they pulled his pants down the time you don't talk around and in due course partial long infection people talk about the fact that brown showed his dick the whole world like that happened that happened what about the time he said he would competing slammed on contest for sure never did it hurts due on monday reading and we get our game thrones recap so money reading its quick one love letters my wife lied about her evening with the famous athlete
oh it's one of those like you in a dear i become a thing so she wrote it he wrote in i've been to my wife for a few years together for about ten we have children and i have considered everything generally happy however i discovered through some old facebook messages and incidents that occurred when we were engaged o the minute you start looking through the old facebook message two you're looking for trouble his he uncovered some years old facebook must sound like a sky had there was an inkling that made this guy do little bit digging those he definitely like went out to dinner with his wife and like a couple of guys like hey what's up samantha hence he knew and while is what the fuck is going on i'm gonna go through
facebook messages my now wife was a bachelor party about seven years ago she met some famous athletes eta casino bar something fun tongue sums it i mean fears advisers looking to hang out with fans like to connect death this part she told me at the time what she did not tell me where she was a she hung out with one these athletes all night and went to their hotel room it doesn't seem like they had sex what stuff happened what stuff happened mean only read that again for everyone she went she went into a hotel rooms one of the famous athletes for the four whole night it doesn't seem like they had sex but stuff happened ok ok i'm too
fill in the blanks right now she went to his room famous athlete didn't fuck your white it doesn't seem like where where does he get information for it doesn't seem like anything happy was the facebook westerners that she wrote to the athlete i don't know digital yeah being like hey that was an awesome time i can't walk anymore but it was great for all the stuff than yeah i need stitches my reply but it was only because we were not there we had room service and it was really spices and so add to go make an appointed urgent care the next day what's the saddest part about this store on the finnish is writing them i want to go through i feel like i've been living alai should i confronted also does this mean she has been unfaithful beyond this encounter what's this as part of the story one the guy goes through his wife's old facebook must pretty sad to hear its into an online com columnist asking for advice on his marriage yeah that's pretty soon
as was said three thinking that his wife wet and spent the entire night in an athlete hotel room and no sex happened it's possible it's possible that number three if it was debo team funny wife true they were they were up late reading scripture true this is stuff happened really we got we got really into the book of genesis this is one of those things where he's this guy's gonna walk around literally to everyone sees and being like tell him tell them this story i beg you will think that sex right here's of his little lesson to be learned from this ladys if you're going to key on your husband with a famous athlete at least do it
from a team that your husband is a big fan yes consent is organic passed then he's cause echo that the euro does that make you had to support the team i love that guy here is the best but seriously he's definite going round has been like hey let me let me as your question like hypothetically speak in your wife ghost like hang out with him sadly all night you did it what is through his eyes one says no man is i guess you're right now through his eyes he's like well but if i was hanging out in a hotel room bar and lake richard seymour showed up and a big big seymour fan and he asked me to go to a hotel hang out debbie awesome i would do that i would have such with them that's probably what she was doing to yes yes a couple people were readers respond this guy i know what is it what he he says i just you forgive her in your heart never speak of it do
the best had never think of it bottle it do not hold it overhead even silently that guy's the most irish guy bottle it his name is like seamus seamus reilly right there just fuckin stop it down and never talk about it again never show any emotion about it whatsoever do not bring it up to her forgive her in their hearts i don't know how you can move on the without saying it to a right to be like hey hey d like you to have a good game the next day here's what you just let me know that yet believe you when you d they had all round can you can hit em up and get like some texts like you let me know if he's feeling like a little under the weather sorghum better get some italy's shuttle like make it make it right on the back and right right exactly lazier right on the back and yet some man let's do our game thrones hang with music
spoilers will becoming what will expose i get yet but i don't believe you haven't seen it i must go in order here so will go in chronological order by the way pfc whereas mercedes your ps3 when had taken shit and he took a shit in the army
part of the show that was like super dramatic i came back and the cat was acute they killed a dragon you're gone out ex shut up your life oh yes mess that exists classic guy humor yes ago you shouldn't the biggest thing dragon died i start from the beginning and we'll go chronologically through the episode duenna ussr i'm sorry i was wrong for having such like in internet entertain take ok i'm sorry for thinking remarks i think your direct what would become of you ever watches show before solely dozing forking guitar if he doesn't died rutledge whose orders it he's a lot it turns out that i'm just i'm just way smarter than the writers of the shell started shooting i know he should have been alive you dead bet yeah he's dead i'm sorry i was right about that yes that's what part of the show his right eye as a long time viewer of the show the most fun
part about it is that you get to have all these theories rulings are coming ok fair so dont get keep game thrones phantom from a case of the un's debt is fuck yes and giora proves terrible life lesson here by the game thrones writers the only way to get other friends owners to die actually got key finally got a kiss in india and in areas crying and we'll go sir george you could talked him when they were like when you when you live and now he's dead you're like chicks alone that gas as so fucked up like win win artist eyes there should becomes worth more again michael jessica's number one once a guy's once a guy stops being like actually fuckin to a girl she's like oh i should affect him yes patchy the sector has been so good tat so sure starts and they burn every all the dead people make sure they're really dead and then they have like the biggest party ever which i can't i can't decide if that's all
on party or like you gotta be so sore you know how they get it fell players i gathered the monday after i can barely get out of bed imagined fighting an army of dead people for like an hour and then try to wake up the next month yeah i don't feel like i'm wants any why it be tough will so the drinking went on that night round think anybody went to bed on there's a day and then the next night cause why think a communist past ok
i am sure my reviewed was during the day i saw a couple days so i guess who purple parade yea i was like you re gaiety sometimes emerson had their fucking you know bumps bruises but maybe they got a little bit like the knee you know the knee got loosened up a little bit they got the duck boats outer awesome fireball everywhere maybe we're gonna lack the gas it maybe get one of those like form rollers roland on out tanned i didn't see that's one thing i didn't see any of in games thrones after this battle there were no like medics are trainers now like addressing the wounded and whether what well of you remember but rob starts wife was a trainer then she got stab in the stomach she's pregnant earlier factor red weren't red wedding ah so the gender gap promoted general government gentry also like dude chill out you're the horny student world well he was like he was sitting there in dinner drinking wine like you have you seen our anywhere i wanna try hit that again yeah those
eric kobe of area are down he'll be yet for the cameras just like oh game's over i'm gonna get some shots up an empty jim while others are well there's the sba camera gets me like always working so hard warriors just shoot narrows in a fucking stick figure yet two things that are nos one from gender and then one from serbia sir lady brianna or brion s relating arrange yet so her here people just get sprung left and right away like lady bran she fucks once and then over centuries addicted to always let tat go well jamie by the way classic move by have just shown up to sir lady brands roman being like is it hot year her keen homey take off my dad this fire so hot
what's my naked that's as romantic his guys get it's like this room is hot summer take my shirt put our yes serbian she got like she's gonna have some big misuse gaunt she's never gonna fuck again ever this is like did the worst possible thing she fucks one guy she's love within these actions and to go dies should have gone a torment who had the line of the show by the way when he asked who who shit in his pants during the fight against the army the dead who has goes now to come jaundiced colored yet our renewed john snow roquat john snow agents now i do i'm done with johnson you have only just leave your dog dire wolf puts a dog its adoption of nose to follow you right but he just like your you take a dog i wanna go south i was not always taken a shit when their parents those also being like the biggest fucking idiot ever we like all i'm sorry i won't i dont want to be king i don't wanna be king well well
danny it's gonna kill everyone she is the most jealous be in the world like her eyes she wants to murder every single stark whether your real dark fake start our care she's gonna mortier ass don't you think so hank nondescripts helped him talk ok but so they they had little meeting starts at the meeting brand continues to be the worst like do just give a straight answer for once evans gotta be a riddle with its a puzzle it's more fun for people around here but listen you your choice to tell her not if you shut up if here if your brand the last thing that you have going for you is your ability to play my games of people it but his fuck with a little brain is the brain is your friend who thinks he's so much smarter than he is usually did come on you just stop just give us a straight answer stop everything's riddle similarly fox nice for him ever foxier but it's good for him to see that he can nino actually birstall carl had had a perfectly said every friday similarly it's true he's the one point
you guys like a good for you man he did everyone on everyone routes for their guides hurt you i've made a note everyone's just like always wheeling carts and should around winner felt up what's up with that like there was part of the food for its firewood for the fires and have you always you're just like always with theirs cards it reminded me so much like a slapstick police comedy report is walking around caring like plate glass windows and the court's everyone s you just know they're going spilled over jugglery chase yes pretty much the other thing i had was a people are very nice highlights in their oh yeah these unlike lemon juice did you not son in the the breath must be so bad for him we like aria generous kiss like too generous eating probably pigs liver and drinking shit s wine and now he wants to you know have sex like are of course our asthmatic hell no aryan the hound greatest tag team since ex park in
cain greatest psyche wartime i dont get how you gonna like there was some problems with the ruddy with his absurd how you a battle meeting a war meeting are you just killed the fucking neck how what you say in their like arguing about whether or not they should rest the soldiers and wait till two kings landing why don't you to say aria gopher can take care souci if she can't do it then biggest deniers i've gotta run erst leader of all time which greece my next area could have brought it up to later i was already get to go coherency don't worry about it the fact that you liked in areas and she all she does youth instigators do all she does she gets your fuckin dragons killed every single ter she makes she's the worst dragon owner of all time honestly like if she she they would come and take that those dragons why you are not fit to own a dragon because everywhere you go the drang gets killed you just flying around haven't fawn puma dragon gets killed gps would would enter
yes so i would i gathered was she was just like taking the dragons furlough joy ride and they got hit with zero there are going ok what hank one the dragon why are you flying them at fucking five hundred feet fly them up in the stratosphere dude they can't hit em up there she shall stupor home free so exactly what the the ninety nine percent of car accidents happen within a mile of your house that dragons get killed at the same clip she was the dragons were there they were my way from dragon stone
only thus will drag on this tragic instruments like all we're home we're cool what happens then you run on you for rent a stop sign you get blindsided you're dead what happens when dragons get back to dragon stoned other other dragons boys are back and tell relation pfc she's only got three dragon she killed two she's i've got an idea here need to be like a sermon gloves and type commercial just of of all these murders dragons that are everywhere and here's the here's my biggest problem just like the dragons are also they spitfire they can fuck everything up she just doesn't use them she doesn't use them she should i use them more in the army of the dead in the battle of winterfell and when blizzard when her when her one dragon gets killed going bust their asses up what you're carrying them go round dude to come back she
i too low lying straight out of that work and your carries them she's an eighty is there any possibility that we get another dragon egg out of this situation i hope not because honestly that tranquil just die they keep their killed a man like they really should not at let's let in areas on another dragon for the rest of top but they should give a dragon somebody else will the targets can only regime snows dragon in john snow was being cool and was like hey my dragons really tired and not going too far with it but he had always they know i always zagat apps yarmouth for jobs now he was like you know what fuck you goes i have a dragon like that you're a nice lawyer knows you're good but we take it easy but it was like a restless rust thing do you really want you dragons to tackle all that time off and then they come out for the second battle in and they ve had too much
i'm to relax well you know what it is is in areas like tom tipp it only cyclists you spoke in play the dragons a hundred minutes a game and all this time i dont want to drag that doesn't want to go to battle for me immediately after another dragon brutal so our thing i had was sources biggest snatch walton that's where you had three to open oh yeah i've won what what did some snitch about ned start kept secret for like that was his whole life he basically died and accurate hit shahlan everyone went to his sisters the sisters were our family and we get together and john was like promise you won't tell me he made him swear both men both swear ok seconds you got a chance you went running to deny worries his hand no tier do you not one seen tyrian was like you that's not it has never been a real stark and she's like oh he knows and then she said it yes hey come on follow along snitch
there are various various snitch indicator is what i want humbly bullshit various front that dude ease the dick was due to walk around his hands in his pockets is he talking with us ass had yet is a pig asset tam o j got big fuckin it so we around the slowly like shuffle slowly and ease basically then there forever he's got no dick he's gonna bald head he has never broken sweat in his life and then all of a sudden the boats get blown up and he swims to shore death i can't swim how to get back i can't swim much i store know who yesterday about the big do the decorous dude whose he's like egypt suddenly shall i'll show you watch the probably the soldiers to many dick the skies he's not a nerd z ok the front runner he's he says he serves the round but it's like whoever he thinks is and always gets as yet the bonds are totally ball guy
that had the long conversation about about policing yes amuses me ok i know that i don't like that guy eddie i don't like him either to behind everybody's back it does have a dick these probably just been hang out tito too much intelligence circumcised once a year until he gets down to just enough slowest walker of all time and then all of a sudden swims like four miles he's out of shape area mattel by commissioner i made a note here about your girl saucy batter specialised i think i think sir she's just an internet trolls oh i think sausages loves triggering people just haven't met master plan about anything she's just always like i'm gonna do this thing that's gonna piss these people off the most because it's funny to me when other people are mad at me we'll know she praise everyone else in this game in the game of thrones everyone else in this entire series please with their heart surgery played their head she doesn't give a shit
she will she will kill anyone anywhere any time she does not care that but one day she loves you kill everyone else but they show up in there like will cause dude you gotta play by the rules they show up and i agree with a pie is very stupid these huge blow up everyone but they should because they love what's her name last sunday sandy and there like they're letting their heart there basely little heart given gettin payable a good war make an emotional decision right insertions like look at these idiots amateur really make a man of honour really make em cry boom your heads could see that's what she just loves people being man she just like i'm trigger new argue the case you she's ok danny you're so triggered right now and dangerous i crying because you're losing dragon losing your best yeah hank ship it would say sarcey has no master plan after that her in all your her plans just kill her and game is just make everybody mad at me for triggering she would know she's her and gave us the literally murder every single person on earth until she has another incest child and then makes them king but there may be kills them too
you hate sarcey right ok she's a roll over the last years he's not worse take ever she needs to be de platform cheat that's a worse take up why are you so concerned it certainly much whereabouts rosy makes this show great so you may so great ass she makes a show great but i saw hater round my lady i'm the agri wild and allows the drink so so she makes the show hake where do you see this going because it's about to go down in an excess lassie listen fraud it will do where do our preview slash predictions gate seas episode five is supposed to be the one that like i'll say these rights make sure you take shit beforehand i will yet what that can help me this time five plus one right through him certainly has an all time smirk interface oh come first i am also well she chooses violence as a line from charges toxin six open to us
there they had another fuckin dragon she gonna get well series doesn't startle a road team once again zones and they take nights landing there
it saddens really serious or i will see if there was about the vikings landing will see a runaway levying pardon my team
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