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Rick Reilly + Kevin Durant's Injury And NBA Finals

2019-06-11 | 🔗

NBA Finals Game 5 recap. Kevin Durant's injury, Bob Myers cried, Toronto felt shame (2:25 - 16:06), and Nick Nurse blew it (16:06 - 18:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Hank's upcoming quarter life crisis and the USWNT shitpumping Thatiland (18:17 - 33:15) . Rick Reilly joins the show to talk about his new book, his career at SI, how children of the 90's looked up to him, his "sell out" moment, and the famous Kate Upton 3 boob tweet (33:15 - 86:13). Segments include Ratings War, PMT Sports Minute, PR 101 for North Korea and Guys on Chicks

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On today's pardon. My take. We have Rick Reilly, yep, Rick Riley came into the studio. We talked about everything we talked about. His new book we talked about his career. How we looked up to him when we were kids, his that moment which actually I kind of want to be Rick Reilly, because He made a lot of sense and a lot more specially the Kate Upton Third Boob. We have game five of the NBA finals, one of the most dramatic games in NBA finals, history. We have hot see cool throne, guys on chicks, an pmt sports biz minute is back before we get to. All of that part of my take is brought to you by the cash at the number one finance app in the app store cash app is the most powerful way to send, spend and save it's connected to the free cash card. The only debit card with boosts just select a boost in your cash app then instantly save in some of your,
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Wednesday June 12th Pft. I think we have to apologize to Kevin Durant, I'm sorry! I'm sorry Kevin Kevin! You are not of triple be well in our defense. We have actually been team Kevin Durant for months now, but game. Of the NBA Finals was one slash four, ages, it was had all the drama had all the intensity and Kevin Durant I was at the center of all that he comes back. He gets injured. He won't I should say he comes back and he balls out eleven points in twelve, as he gets injured, and I I mean he basically he. Everyone he's gotten the most ship, probably for any big time athlete some of it just because he obviously is always online and and clapping back at people, but I feel, like this one game kind of changes, a lot of the perception he put his heart on the line. He probably knew he get injured, again went out there for the warriors and play
great and then gets injured and it's his achilles. So it might be. You know all the way into next year, and now you have to be like Kevin Durant, he's okay man Kevin Durant is literally a warrior yeah. I know you were not there. I was. I was surprised that he did it to be honest with you, because I know everybody was saying you had. People on Twitter aren't sure doctors, you had medical experts on tv. Everyone on Twitter has and yeah you had medical experts on tv. You had just everybody like the even the team. The team doctor said: there's no real. Every injury? It might well there's a risk Making that injury hurt again but you're not gonna, make it any worse by applying which any time the doctor tells you that that's always bullshit right, because any the human body is a very interesting thing. You know like it's some random, yet so random. You have like a left, ACL injury. Then you heal that you come back you're way more likely to to Terry Right is because the body over compensates different ways can now Kevin Durant. He has such tiny calf was
as he many are saying, Patrick my homes, style, calf muscle a small cabs but anytime, have a calf injury, there are other parts of your body that are going to overcompensate for it. In this case, it was, the Achilles, so that sucks that he got injured and you're right. There's going to be a huge ramifications. Some teams are, I think it was skip Bayless. Actually that was saying our team is really going to want to pay for Kevin Durant free. Let me stop you right now skip yeah going to for the Knicks fans were like you know who the real loser tonight is us yeah 'cause, we don't know shut up, Knicks fans you're still going to pay for Kevin. Durant is still going to be awesome when it comes back. I just think here's what I We need to rebrand the Achilles injury. We named it after do that lost a war like five thousand years ago and we're still calling it the Kilis, it should be the Kobe heel. Oh ok, that's yeah! Well is there any uh famous Achilles guys, I kind of like the Achilles. Do you get an injury named after you? That's pretty bad as the from saw
his Achilles eyes open the Kevin Durant, though, like you can't sit air is a sports fan and be like this guy doesn't care the utmost, because no there's the blame game now and everyone's like well. Was it the doctors, Bob Myers who will get to his press conference was so weird was Durant forces way back whatever it may be. Kevin Durant basically was like I'm playing and I like these minutes. The load management crowd has shown up and been like. Well, he should have played twelve minutes. He should have and out of the first twelve minutes. So if eight nine one got hurt gotten. He isn't he's. When Kevin Durant is on the floor, you saw it like he started, bringing the ball up. He was the point guard like, I was going to one hundred percent, he was on fire. He went. I think three for three from three hundred and eleven points in twelve minutes and what happens is
I think that might be unlucky, something that might have been because the other injury, I don't know, I'm not going to blame anyone. It sucks it sucks to see a guy like that get injured, but all credits Kevin Durant for even going out there, because I feel, like you, don't use all those reports being like well. Is he playing? Is he not playing and as soon as that happens, the pressure probably feels monumental on the athlete? everyone's me. Everyone doesn't think I come back and he came back in the worst possible scenario, happen and saying that he should change his game to fit the injury that is coming off crazy. It is, it is bullshit. It's like you, don't tell a guy to completely change what they're doing become like Klay Thompson, a for Kevin Durant. Only catch and shoot don't try to create anything off the off the dribble. Like you, don't tell lion, okay only chase down a wildebeest. If it's making a loud if it yeah. If it's cut a line, you got a knee sprain yeah make sure you go off to the warthogs, not the the guys that the line's going to get hungry and it's not going to concern itself with the opinion of Bayless is out there. You can't tell here's an example of you told van't is perfect, Avon says, stop aiming for people,
TED's, then Vaughn says, is just going to get himself hurt right out circumstance right so v. So that's a Kevin Durant stuff. It obviously socks. I think it will be introduced the if he now stays with the warriors. So what's our before we get to the Toronto fans. Bob Myers and his press conference boy was that awkward, tears, holysh lot of crime. I might be an asshole for saying this, but when he got up to the mic and struggled and held back tears and was like moving the mic around and then just drop the it's an Achilles. I laughed out loud because that view like what he was showing was not like. It didn't mirror. What were ok, but we're talking about an injury. I thought he was going to say like we just got the nuclear bomb sent to you know like to LA, and we have like ten minutes before everyone dies. He was so emotional and This is also the Bob Myers member. He made that joke after the warriors won the championship of the rally when he was like Stephen Curry,
get anything he wants because he's been here longer Kevin Durant has been here that long so come on dude like you're you care because Kevin, it's probably not to be a warrior anymore. Actually I I'm gonna say it was more because he he up and somehow yeah that those are the two years and if he cries of the tears of a guilty man who's like I need to be super emotional, because I know that my medical staff up by allowing him to go out there and now it's like poor Bob Myers yeah, really cares, and I I'm not saying he doesn't care because he probably does a lot of mothers player hangs out a lot with his players. It was a little extra. It was very extra on Bob Myers is part and so yeah the tears were a little bit funny. So now I think we have to get in to the entire city of Canada for how they re back to that injury, and now I'm gonna defend came in a little bit. I think you're going to have a similar take, but when, when He went down with an injury. I think a lot of the initial reaction was we're going to win the NBA finals. Their is very first reaction.
I'm not saying it was the right reaction to have in that moment, but I don't think that the majore your fans that were cheering when he went down we're cheering because they were happy that he had in the queue is it twelve? They were kind of happy that he got an injury because it means he was out and v well there's two different sides here it happens. Everyone runs to twitter and is like hey, fuck, Canada best part Phuc Torano and I was like you know what that's a scumbag move by Toronto, but if you are a fan of any team, any sport in and you think your fan base, one doesn't have bad moments, you're crazy, it is did the literally step one of being a bit. It's been attic like you are a fan of the team or sport. So much you don't go and go to a bar and watch your football team every Sunday. If you want a little bit crazy, if you don't like sports fans by definition are not well adjusted,
Yes, that's just what we are and I'm talking to myself here too right. So I I don't think that there was anything malicious, buy it at first, maybe some of the fans that were clapping win like a way I'll say it way over the line was the waves yeah yeah yeah yeah those guys when we're over the line, and then they immediately realize their Canadian. This and okay hey. Let's call now led by a lot of the raptors players, yeah we're going to them, ready to them. They're like hey, we're, not clap for this, and then who do you think was more extra. The GM of the warriors are Drake is Drake, was pretty azure Drake looked like, but he does have his number tattooed on his arm. He does loves Kevin Durant, yeah, so they're, very good friends. I'm just happy that Toron toe can stop the act like we can stop the act with raptors fans,
You guys are different than everyone else. You're not you're the same, and that's fine because, like let's just be honest here, you want to win at all costs. You want to see your team win, a championship at all costs and that's totally. Okay, you shouldn't cheer injuries, but in that moment you blacked out, you have never won anything and you see like the best player in the world, go down you're like oh shit. This is actually going to happen. So I I like in one part and, like you guys are scum bags, but the other like kind of understand. What's going on, I just I'm waiting for the Lebron James Instagram Post of a young Lebron James, ask Why does this happen to have to happen to my future best friend Kevin Durant right, like that, I need Kevin or I need Lebron to weigh in on it. Secondly, I want to say that at least it happened in Canada because he's got free healthcare up there. So that's, that was a spin zone out or thrown out, saw that happen to Kawai it fixed wise yeah. I have your boo boo on his thigh this season. So,
it's good. That happened there and it's also kind of one of those. Like sliding doors moment, you look back. We one one key Kawhi Leonard, shot, bounce away from
being a classy city like Philadelphia, I would have treated that injury with respect that is saying they would beat Milwaukee, I'm yeah what I'm saying that the Philadelphia if you're Philadelphia fan this was like a this. Is a Christmas present? Yes, last night yeah you like we're, not the we're, not the only scumbag fans are either looking for every fan base. If you think that your fan base is better than anyone, then you were just wrong. If we were wrong there, there have to be like one or two fan bases that you would you like, a partly because ours are probably better. They probably well your note. The Portland timbers are the ones that get into like the dark, throwing european right against the sounders. I I don't even know somehow play like seven times a year. Yeah. Do you like think about it? You you think of like the nicest of the places in the in the world in the country where it runs like all these people are really nice. How do you talk to us? Everyone knows Utah Jazz ritual waters. Worse, like every fan base has moments like this, where the I I just don't like how twitter and and people are like look at every family like wow. These guys are scum bags. I my team would never know your team, probably wouldn't have you know what the the best way that you can figure out, which fan base would be less likely to do. This is a fan bases that we call bad sports towns right better. At that don't show up, Miami HEAT probably, would be less likely. People are already left they would. It would have been like Kevin Durant's on farm out yeah after going to live, wait it's still in a fountain blue is still eighty one degrees outside tonight. I'm going to Nick Cannon's, while now for the strip, this so yeah. I I don't blame Canada. You are one of us Toronto fans and you can no longer hold any. I don't even think a lot of Toronto fans like
There's just this such a stupid, weird disconnect between twitter and real life because I really think that, like most throttle fans, probably I thought they were morally superior. It's just a call a few dorks here and there on twitter, who think they're better than everyone, and then they they end up being like the mouth piece for fan base. So I don't blame. I don't begrudge. It was a bad moment up a grudge drama. You guys are human hockey fans would never cheer for entry yeah right right! That's I mean that's all like I said the I said you earlier. We should learn this when I was like. Oh Canada, you're just like us. What we should learn it when Vancouver burnt their entire city to the ground when the hospice in the cat? That was amazing now is such an amazing celebration right right, I'm doing your own will listen, we're all idiots when it comes to sports. That's why we love it so much, and we also got the nice thing with the Kevin Durant, injury and everyone. You know the trial fans cheering for the injury we had another This has been the biggest week in as a blank fan. 'cause there were a lot of Kevin Durant's. Tweet
there were people were tagging him. People were tagging his mom being like as a raptors fan, I'm just rooting for Kevin Durant. That's very nice of you listened as a rugby fan. I just want to say that you hate seeing this type of injury happen in a non contact sport, as as a guy as a fan of having intact Achilles in his always scared as a man over the age of thirty, knowing the playing basketball. When you I could tear my achilles at any moment. I just want Kevin Durant. Healthy as much as it was a as a blank fan night. I think it was a bigger stay. Classy night yeah stay classy, you at you might remember from that famous movie wedding crashers from two thousand six. It was all over Twitter. Shout out was all at at you. Couldn't you couldn't go three seconds. We just waiting right, rushing without a stay, classy reference from like being directed to the entire city of Toronto. Fans are never classy not like classy moments but think about this, like if you're like man, I can't believe try did this think about a group of like
four dudes, twenty five years old, they went. They were drinking Molson for four hours before the game. They've never seen it championship in their lifetime. Get to the arena. There jacked up Kevin Durant shows up and starts torching. Am the baddest guy in the planet, shows up and says I'm just going to hit every three boom. He goes down it that one second you're probably going to be an ass, yeah and then you're free. Then you and then you feel bad about it right. Do you think back in roman times at the Coliseum, if, like a gladiator sprained, his ankle, they were, get Pist off at the tiger. That was coming up to it, and maybe I could quit showboating they class yeah. Listen. We should talk about the game itself for a second to Nick Nurse, with one of the worst time outs of all time. I liked it he He said he was actually trying to get them some some rest and also there's the theory that you, you know the rule that you can't take more than
two time outs into under three minutes, can't take it with you, so he Kawhi Leonard goes supernovas ten points in like ninety seconds. I swear to God. Nick nurse called a time out to soak it in but that was a soak it in that was a Saturday afternoon in March Lawrence Kansas CALL time out with the seniors get in their moment. Let like what it! What are you doing? Dude, let you have all the momentum in the world and then it goes clay staff, clay, threes, the warriors happy to resolve is just insane lick. Why have his moment? You know what that was.
Every time I'm watching a basketball game on tv if the fans, if there's a moment where the fans are just going fucking nuts, I just expect to hear that whistle for a time out right. You hear it coming before it ever. You like this is too loud. There's going to be a time out soon. Nick nurse just heard all that sharing was like. We got time out time. Yet I'm out this is when the time is going to be a tv timeout yeah. So I'm going to call the time out. It's Steve Kerr should've called a timeout when Stephen Curry got trapped in an dream on got the over and back like that. The coach is kind of stop the whole way back down the stretch, but that that one time out- and I actually don't blame them for the last session because I think, is much as you don't want. Kyle Lowry shooting the wars has played great defense. They play great defense, they double why Draymond is insane and hot, also Boogie, because Boogie is basically the fat guy who just trying to get as many rebounds as possible and so on, yeah, they wanna pick and roll at yeah. It's like the saddest thing
now it. If you were to take a contrarian point of view against against that final possession, you would say something like on that I will play as soon as he saw the double team coming from Iggy to his right. Two should just powered dribbled hard left on clay, bounced him off and gone up for the potential game winner, so he should have bounced clay off him, which is a play that many basketball players run. I I love the fight. I mean there. There are bad find obsessions. Whenever team does a final possession, a guy just hold the ball top of the key from like the entire shot clock and then with two seconds left tries to drive, but in terms of like what Do you want a final possession when you get double this hard, as he did there's many times in NBA history in basketball, history, we're making the right pass proved to be the good good play just so high.
And the cow Lowry was the open. Kat Kyle are you? Are you maybe just don't have call around the floor? Kyle Lowry, I think you hit like a popcorn vender with that shot. It was so far behind the basket yeah. It was a very tough final position, but I think now we get a look forward. I think the warriors win game. Six It goes back, I think, they're going the Quai loves road games he's, I think, the rap. I think all this drama is great. Game, five was, I just have a feeling the rappers are going to come out and just and just fucking kill the warriors on Thursday night. I don't know why I just feels like there was so much emotional energy put into that game by the warriors and kick in Canton Loony is is probably out to now. So it's like, they have no one. They basically just need Stephan Inflated, not Miss Clarges is probably sick of playing. He just wants to go home. He he's like. I don't listen, let's just in the season yeah, I don't want to have a text and he might not even show up for the parade yeah. I won that bet Hank over six games
happy to. I mean, I think, we're all happy because we got sports still going, but so You think, though we do you think it's going seven yeah, but that's just because I'm doing the thing where I'm holding on with both hands to the hockey into the NBA all right after the cliff right, one more one more Sunday night. I think it's going to happen to you. Do ok, so one more game in Oracle. Hopefully the fans don't leave early. I got one thousand dollars in the words. I need this yeah this alright. So before we get to our Hotsy cool throne, Rick Reilly's coming up- at him in studio about three weeks ago. If you want to watch, you can go to bars to goal dot com, Slash p m t very. Phone interview coming up Hank. Do you want to start hot sequel throat? the to be twenty six year old Hank. Yes, my hot seat is dyland. Yes, yeah, tough, tough, showing for the women's of Thailand. I mean they basically It was like Alabama, verse all right know who it was. They got blown out, yeah thirteen, nothing like Abilene Christian. It was bad, and but
on the other hand, you're not really country until Hank. Miss pronounces your name yeah, who are you in this world until you get to that point so yeah it was. It was a ship pumping, I'm going to say right now, the USA, women's national team, the w stands for wagon and W into the and we have Roosevelt coming up on Friday, that's right or the second goal, and probably like the seventh and tenth. I don't even know how many go it got out of hand, but was court. A bunch of holes Alex Morgan had five.
Rose had two, I predicted for the game I said rose is going to get to Alex, was going to get three Alex ended up almost having while taking the under six while taking under six. I was really shocked. That was a tightrope. I was really threaten the first half over. I was threatened needle and I got most of my predictions correct, but Alex Morgan almost had a double hat trick, which is talking crazy, just Kneecap, Thailand, so yeah, and that was talking soccer. I was talking to my other hot seat- is canadian intelligence so back to the game. Barstool sports on Twitter posted a meeting where it was like it was from England, World CUP like a few years ago, when a bar was going absolutely crazy when they scored a goal, and I've been last summer two summers ago, whatever Anbar still put video of Kevin Durant's Achilles popping, and so it looks like the bar was reacting to that. There's a locked in Fit said: Toronto fans reacting to Kevin Durant, getting injured and there was a ton, canadian people being like this is up like how could you guys this is like not understanding that I was clearly fake,
and going out of their way to show how fake it was it yeah not getting that it was a joke. We use our own brand for Canadian in these are also my favorite moments because weather like you know, I mean see. We have a lot of people who hate us online, but when you can't get a simple, simple joke and then you like knee jerk, be like well even if it's joke parcels trash is like what what would you just You missed the joke and now you're going to this, but the people there was one guy who basically spent he must have spent like twenty minutes going through the picture and shop in and putting in like notes like there's ashtrays, there's, England, flax, it's light out, yeah, there's a there's, a David Beckham poster on the wall. He went broke for sort of figured this out in the second full Snopes honors. This was like loose change for Canadians like debunking. This video is a loose loonies yeah and then and then then they you're, like hey man, it's a joke like what joke isn't funny. I actually was really funny. I was for it was hilarious that attack.
And then my cool throne is bill. Belichick's likeability! He cancel the last two days, o t a's and took the boy's help people while Ray that so far as you getting soft. So instead of having a practice, he just took them out to shoot each other with guns, yeah yeah, which what offense of linemen had to catch a point to get that possible, probably out of that's, probably Andrews Joe Cardone, he got like promoted to lieutenant at a practice that was their version this year, have like an office joe. If you can, if you can achieve a higher rank in the military, while you're at OTS, then we'll take it off for the last two days. For this booking love football, I love football. Coach is just being like this non mandatory thing that you guys all have to show up to I'm going to give it you I'm gonna, give you a day off.
Yep yeah, but you I mean it all. It's all. Over the years later, everyone it's like, oh yeah, brings back to like being in elementary school, and it's like oh yeah, we're going out for after, like thirty minutes. No, this isn't like a bell. Checked is every coach? Does this and it's it just it just amuses me every single by the way, if Joe Cardona did not dominate at paintball, then I don't know what's going on with the military yeah, that's probably got to be like the best practice that he could ever imagine someone got injured so playing paintball. I was well I got. I never would I be like hey guys. You have the day off and we're all going to just go to a movie. What Bell trick shot Calvin nor a recurring guest in the face with a paintball gun, damn damn really complain about that now, because you, like ECHO, yeah honor, good, shopko troubling, deserved it yeah that it Hank. That's it good job yeah. I think that was awesome. Happy birthday, pretty lady, thank you for your winter birthday, connectors that there is that there is ok. Hopefully, you'll have another parade. You son of a Bich hot seat is Alabama. The state of AL
am a whole, damn state whole damn state roll, damn tide, because Dabo Swinney said that he's going on, recruiting visits through Alabama he's, got like duck cover going underground. Also that he doesn't get caught down? There doesn't get spied by Nick Saban. He said that he is Osama Bin Dabo. When he's traveling throughout Alabama, so that's a pretty solid quote from Dabo Swinney, that's almost as good as zero dark. Thirty, twenty thirty three years, yeah Sama Bin Dabo, is now officially what we're going to call Dabo Swinney from now. I hope during train, Camp this summer, instead of having the the lime and do like the the barrel, roll drills in Oklahoma, drills, they just put them in like hoods and have them doing the Monkey bar thank yup and crawling underneath that's laid out like it's in Afghanistan, your own, complex, yeah, the pretty funny. My other hot seat is me, putting myself on the hot seat and you because we we had. I don't want to say
we went after Madison Bumgarner, because we said that no I was I was. I said that the world needs Madison bones on his stuff that he is being well. I guess it's just me then, but a good friend of the Graham who's. Probably never listened. Aubrey Huff got back on his bullsh on twitter- and he said, if all you, twitter muscle folks, thinks Madison. Bumgarner is a fake, tough guy. I would bet my ridiculous retirement plan. You wouldn't say that to his face when standing toe to toe with him. Oh damn I were one k, Aubrey Huff, nice job dude got a Roth Ir A there. I was going to say this is Aubrey Huff we're talking about. So it's likely just like some man is jars, filled with my print outs of pictures of like the logo of bit coin. In like a shed in Texas yeah, it is buried in his backyard. So for he is the answer was ridiculous retirement plan so Aubrey? I will take that I will. I will get my kicked by Madison Bumgarner for your retirement plan. I wanna see that retirement plan, my cool throne,
is Alexi Lalas, looking like a small on national television nice. So it's not it's a Leslie Alexi lawless season, and that means that he gets to stare into the camera. I for every single game. Looking smugly like he kidnapped her dog and he's the only one that knows the answer to a riddle to retrieve it from me and also randomly getting super super mad for, like a mini in the half about something totally inconsequential to try to go viral yeah. That will happen at least once yes, so he's back in a bit he's got he's like the most smug he's got them.
Smoke phase, I think, on national sports media. These days I never want to want to rent yeah do all the ad was he had stupid, hair and bad go t, but those numbers got Mexico describing myself yeah, those jurors were fired yeah. Those are the old, the nine us once you have a ninety four, both of them, the one with the stripes and the one that looked like it was denim with the stars. Yeah. Those are very very far all right. My hot seat is actually me and Hank hey. Can I think, in a call from me in Bab Hank and I hot see for ME, because it turns out this whole like having a kid thing. It's coming up, so it's coming up, there's gonna be
episode sometime in the next two weeks, where I'm just not here, we already have a taped but yeah. It's like one of those future things real like this will last forever. Nope turns out. It really is pretty close to nine months, guys yeah when some brand, for you yeah it's very brand. We like future me nine months will never come. Will guess what we're getting worse there, nine months in the in the face right now having sex is the ultimate example. Future me will handle yeah. So I'm I'm, I'm not I'm not nervous and excited, but it's also like I'm just gonna happen. To get this not it'll, probably be fine, yeah I'll figure out a way to deal with it later and then the other hot seat for Hank Hank, like we said, pre, lated, happy birthday,
twenty six years old. You are getting right into the prime of that quarter. Life crisis, my friend, so we're here for to talk to you about it. Well, I mean honestly- and this will make a lot more sense when the episode that drops when the baby comes comes out, but I was listening to that. I wasn't involved in that was like a very eye opening experience, because you guys are talking about like what it's like growing up in certain points in your life. Life yeah, which I'm still at, and I was like, oh like is gonna, get bad. Yes, so is that we taped it with Riso Titus ME p f and we tape basically a life podcast. So that was that's our evergreen, break in case of baby, which should come up soon, so that will there will be a day in the next couple weeks. Where you will. You will just be like it's a great episode awesome
awesome. App is over you and you guys are talking growing up and being around. My age. Now is like you off. You were talking to me, but I was listening like ocean yeah right, we are told me our job yeah for bar stool and what was our life? I know life crisis Hank. Do you guys think that a lot of mid life in quarter life crisis is have been averted in the area of New England because their sports teams are doing so? Well all the time? Yes, because that makes the rest your life your problem, much better, I mean you literally are about to turn twenty six, but before you turn twenty six you're gonna go to game seven of the Stanley CUP. Also I work with you guys. So it's like I really I'm really actually not too much of a crisis. Yeah yeah you doing all right, but yeah and Bubba is only twenty two one, three two four the same when you're that age, we're going get All the numbers are the same as you graduated Bubba. I swear to God all right, my cool thrown is the US open course yes, did you guys see the rough at pebble beach? It is wrong to fescue. Is that his fuckin' rough dude, I'm excited for it, the US open,
his art. This is our weekend. This would be for the court when the? U S, G, a really kicks into high gear yeah they they can make a golf course turn into Syria real fast. I'm rooting for the course of Brooks kept yep. That's it absolutely! I want brooks to win. I won't persico minus fifteen and everyone else to be light. Plus three, maybe tiger in the mix tiger, maybe tire you can go minus two Tiger and Brooks in the final pair Brooks is a new. If tie it Brooks wins this one he's the new tiger. I mean. I know it is a Lake and a tiger yeah and a Brooks he's everything he's our everything all right got hit you you see him get what Joe Buck they ash that out they did yeah Joe said hey here with an old friend like to make our men's and then Brooks came to the camera, goes hey. What's up Jim, you really sold that video is good. He's good nice. Try, Jim good, good good, try to be viral there. It will work with the added work. Joes
and Brooks, is everything Rn Tiger help Weekender Tiger narcissistically? Do you guys think that they use you guys to kind of break the ice? And probably a conversation? Definitely absolutely Brooks was probably like: hey suck my dick Joe and then okay, suck my dick and then like we actually don't say that anymore and that's how they know hatchet yeah. Do you see that fat picture big cat and she was like? I was going to say the same thing: dude he's a fucking fat ass and then they just I went off in the sunset, not all right, let's get to our interview with Rick Reilly before we do but it's summertime. It's hot outside in that means it's a bad bad day to be a bud light. It's time to break out your favorite hawaiian shirt and stock, the cooler with some crisp refreshing bud lights. Not only is it summertime it's also about to be Mount Rushmore season are Mount Rushmore. A summertime beers include bud light bud, light lime and orange. Both brewed with real citrus peels and now for this summer, bud light lemon tea brewed with real,
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Dxl is. The only one stop shop for big and tall men like me to buy clothes because big and tall is all they do. D Xl is the perfect place for big and tall guy It's like me to buy clothes. The excel has over a hundred brands like Columbia, Brooks Brothers, Levi's and more in size that fit any big guy in any budget just had to de excel dot com, slash bar stool and check out a store near you, the get you looking great and feel comfortable in no time use the promo code units for twenty percent off line unit. Hell yeah use that promo code unit at the excel dot com, slash bar stool Okay here is Rick Reilly. Okay, we now welcome on a very, very special Caston. It is Rick Reilly. You know him. He has. A new book out
called commander in sheet. How golf explains Trump Perfect Book for Father's day we're going to run this right before Father's day? You think I would bring a book. That would be a smart thing to do that, so we're not readers. So we read your Wika Pedia entry before this interview started status because we're going to get yeah. So let's talk about the book for us. We want to get into everything else, but let's talk about the book, you wrote the book. Why? Because I was retired- I don't know if you know I quit sports writing. I was writing. Movies, two hours a day in otherwise just living in ITALY half the year and screwing around and. Play piano, and I kept seeing on my phone all these things from Trump about on the club champion you to vote for me, eighteen club champions and that's against the best players. That's with no strokes, and like you liar, you already told me how you did it right when I caddied for him and played with him for who's your caddy, my book and what he does. He play the first round at any course he opens by himself with MILAN
in the car to whoever calls he calls that championship, but isn't genius Please I mean that is right. Yes, this is rose struggle with because not even get into politics. Here, if I had the money to have my own golf club. You bet your ass, have the fucking record, like I that's part. Being rich yeah camp, it broken rules. So something to consider. I start looking into like he's. Not really telling people this that I started checking around and start a story that one time he walked into his club in Florida near MAR a Lago and saw that some guy had one while he was somewhere else. He said Joe Schmo. I beat him all the time make me the champion. They're like what yeah. I beat him all the time to make me which they put him off and then the one he won when he was in Philly and of the tournament was in Bedminster and he what won the? of championship, Eddie and the in the pro shop, because seventy five I shot. Seventy
up here. Make me the club chair Luggage, okay, just on his word. He does work giving yourself because she did come in well because he like. I'm very confused here. You everything you've said so far. Well, but then it comes out. They see the caddy and he said: was he talking about shut? Eighty four yeah to pick up a good point, which is there's a difference between lying and cheating. So I would get like. If your balls in the bunker you take it, you throw it onto the fairway. Yes, that's cheating! Yes, but if you say I shot better than this guy on the wall, that's just lying I guess now: yeah you're right, it's kind of a but it, but it gets worse. I mean hill that he kicks he kicked MIKE to Ricos ball into a bunker. Is Tucker, wasn't around had this great shot because he had a Kids to Rico, She Tiger Woods, so we will, but isn't this a gentleman's game where you have to take the gentleman that his word is that what the gentleman's game means when you're twenty, no okay him is game is
is golf. Is the easiest sport to cheat at right? It's hard to achieve yeah in baseball it's hard to cheat at most port football? Maybe golf is the part of support the cheetah, because it's the expanse is so huge, so it just became from the very beginning a game of honor. So over there in your two hundred yards away. I trust you're not going to throw it out of the woods that decision. I absolutely and you trust, I'm not going to fake a chip shot like he did one time a guy caught him. He fakes, this chips it's got. The ball in the right hand, goes running to the pin made. It is magician who doesn't know is there's a guy behind him that he didn't see. Oh, I think I think, the problem that we're having understanding this is PFD and I are hackers, like we golf, maybe twice a year and I don't care like. I don't even keep score out there to have fun if I That's fine woods! That's fine! Go look for it! 'cause I'm like I'd rather hit the next shot off. That's fine, but regular, golfers out there. The majority of golfers.
Cheating is obviously a big deal, but you're not telling people you're two point: eight handicap, no, I'm not, which is better than Jack Nicklaus right. Okay, two point, eight is almost pro I I and so you look at how he does it. So you guys don't really know golf, but you got to put your last twenty scores. The average those out, and so I'm like, six, and so he would be to I'll twice as good as me, Tiger Annika, Sorenstam, Dustin Johnson they'll say is about a ten. Well, that's a seven and that's Eventually it gets harder right, that's just a huge lie and then he's betting money like You don't bet money against your buddies right Well, yeah yeah, I assume you're saying like you're paying money but you're not keeping score right there below and golf no you're right. I do not put money in golf. Right, yeah, he's money he's taken the money. Then he buys lunch right, yeah. So, okay, so also said that golf is the classics. Like is the quintessential sport that tells everything about a man's character or explain that
it's like a rorschach test for your soul. You know everything looks like a vagina. That's not what Roy Stock means. Oh, I see when you take it. Yes, yes, no yeah! we say it's like bicycle shorts: it reveals a lot about a man. Everything looks like a vagina, yes exactly, and so he cheats he cheats on he tries to bully his way or bribe his way to better course, rankings for his one thousand five hundred and eighteen courses now cheats on his handicap. You can see so I was telling you about the handicap. Yeah, it's taking him eight years to get those twenty scores. Have to post every score, because otherwise I'm not going to bet you right and at wing foot where he belongs Abed anymore, so he doesn't go there anymore and he the balls so much at wing foot. They call impaling If you take him off the board, you're not a like they do. No one will better get struck, but we can. You can go right now to Jim dot com g h, I n dot com and look him up. We had he cheats. He just cherry pick
this is best score, so so, when you caddied for him, did you did you go over fourteen? I ended up playing against it. Ok so this is game like well. First of all, he starts lying about you like Rick Reilly, he's publisher sports illustrated right now like pretty good to be around a guy, so I'm just a writer, then the next guy this is Rick. Reilly is the managing editor like no. Why are you lying about me because it sounds better right and then he says this is Joe. He's voted best hamburger chef in the world and Joes like what? No, I'm not, and then he he played a money bet just score for ten dollars any took for mulligans. He took a gimme chip in you know. I've been I'm always political shows. They don't even know what a chip is, but he I'm in the hole for par and he's off in four
so if the green and form- and he says well that makes this good so like he's going to make the chip in yet. So let me get this right. You basically wrote an entire book, 'cause you're mad, you lost the bet. Is that all that's all it is? You could just couldn't just paid you ten dollars the commander just you're just mad, because you lossed no, that was Mickey LAS tool that wasn't. I did listen right. That was amusing. Ok, that was fun because when we knew him in sports he was just a big blowhard guy. Like your uncle says he he punched out Sinatra. And slept with Marilyn Monroe, it's all both, but this guy's running the country and he's saying you should vote for him. 'cause he's a great golfer and I know it's all bullsh it right, but I'm more concerned about the fact that he only plays for ten dollars. Yeah he's a billionaire. I mean
His taxes he's already, she was able to lose billions of dollars of the billion dollar and the fact is like him playing for ten dollars in a full game. That's honestly, concerning to me, I would like to sticks to be higher. It's just about winning he's got a win, no matter what he's got to tell people, but the truth is when he plays on tv. What is or played on tv Pebble Beach, seven times Lake Tahoe, celebrity Stormy, Daniels three times he's never been he's never made. The cut he's never been in top half. What is the point? What is issue usually like what they're saying you should she would don troubleshoot if he was completely honest, whatever shop right now? Eighty five, okay eighties. Because not pass a tahoe, they kept track right right and he wasn't didn't break it day. Now he bank Stormy Daniel and a playmate model in one tournament right. So that's maybe he was tired. Right how about this there's a there's, a story in your book about him, beating the club champion when he just kind of pulled up
on his golf cart and the club champion was playing with his son right now in the back, not in my book that was reported by golfer. Ok after the book came out, so what happen as he was it. It's unbelievable. He was in bored with Kim Jong of North Korea and they played the club championship at the course next to MAR a Lago and when he gets back a month later, he sees the guy. It was the money guy that helped start off green book as names TED virtue, instead great job, but you didn't really win. It tells like what you mean you I wasn't here. He said that's funny. No, you gotta play me right now: six holes for the title and tags like can't. Do it and play with my son. He can play an story goes that he hit in the water and trumpet in the water in the two purchases put it on the green and by the time
I got there. One of the balls was suddenly trumps, which happens a lot because this cat is always way ahead. Right. Moving balls around he's got advance scouts right. Exactly control makes the twenty footer and for to lose. That's good pot. It's a truck because I'll tell you what this is golf dot com, that's a what we will make you the culture, then, when we go to his locker and you can see in his locker all the things he's. What that are all mostly phony doesn't say: Co Champions, two thousand and eighteen club chance, like the Texas, am just adding national championship this side of the stadium. After, like seventy years, they've got about it. We did that at Colorado, yeah after we conclude that something mushrooms got away yeah, you know my nephew happens. It happens to be, is BT's as journalist in Colorado, and he said they thought she
I'm gonna lose and now you can grow mushrooms, see all around I'm a little scared about that. To be honest with you, I don't know feel like a lot of people can't handle mushrooms a try. Mushroom is definitely is you got to be in the right setting and the other thing is they don't know how much to take right? It's like because I'm from call Rado, so I'm always there and people think take two of these brownies and there their call caught having calling ambulance just take a little Some people have no chill, but probably the best thing for your book. Sales would be if he were to find out what you've written about him and if he attacked you publicly right, dude, I'm begging for it I can only give him one day. We know we can't do that. That's operated was hands. Have you try would love for him to tweet I I'll drink imported ever gone out of my life news. You can't get on okay, because you want a Fox news, then I feel like you'd get you know if you did like all morning show don't you get that's weak somehow, in my case, he learned restraint because I know he's knows all about the book, because Eric Trump blocked me on Twitter. One.
Hi good buddies, is one of his good buddies and he cares about golf. He's been more build a golf than any woman than any? call party than any stance. He loves golf. He loves winning and so for him not to it is killing me because as soon as he wait till he has a Rick Reilly, what an asshole, kicked. His is most designs. Report it'll record right when I'm gonna come back with okay, who read it to you, yeah, you know yeah, you got that ready will say something really inflammatory bottom right now, we'll tag him in our tweet about it. With your quotes, maybe he's you and then you will download and listen to a podcast muted, the number one pop podcast, the guy, tell two hundred thousand dollars bet: okay, rules guy with each of us and it wasn't does courses and he didn't have his cheating caddies with him. Hunter grant goes to charity whatever, although they just shut down his charity, for option, but whatever maybe he finds a new, a new charity and he hasn't even been at that. Okay '
would love to if you're out there. Alright, let's see well, will get the challenge out there. One hundred thousand dollars Is he a fan? Do you think I don't think it's possible not casting, probably not a podcast guy, so I don't think so. His caddy just one last thing he so involved in golf. His twitter feed is run by his Ex Caddy guide Yes, good enough yeah, and so it's give you know sometimes screws up in two weeks. The exact same thing on his account that he just put on Trump's and so there's this whole skit Vino way of writing a twitter tweet with the capitals this for no reason and that's all scavino veto who loves Donald Trump 'cause. He gave him two hundred dollars the first time he caddied for him, and he said this I'm going to follow you around the rest of you the Italian Donald Trump. Yes that, yes, so there it may one issue that you ran into with your book. There are a lot of people that were reluctant to go on the record totally. They would share the stories they would kind of give you you their experiences with Trump, but they wouldn't put their name
everybody. Had a story left right Republican Democrat, they all had a story about playing with Trump and it was always crazy and I'm like this is so great. Thank you so much and they'd be like you can't use it. So what do you mean You just gave me this great story. It's going to lead off chapter; no, no! I don't want to be audited, he'll hate me and so there was a ton of great stories I didn't get to use. I was because my question was going to be: if it's somebody have you talk to any professional golfers current professional golfers, and they wouldn't give you their names for this book. Well, as if a film Phil Mickelson one day, I'm like Trump says here is very good friend very good friend and he went like this. He just stared at me for ten seconds. He didn't even blink and like so. I need a comment. Trump says: are you as good friends like ten more seconds and then he walked away smiling and I think that's because his wife really hates Trump, also he's
some tax issues in the past. Yes, true, yes, we wouldn't want to yeah. Brad Faxon told me a great story about how Trump tried to teach she tiger. He tires on the left. They give money back going Trump's on the right. He in fact, in a play against Trump and Dustin Johnson your players, trump chunks into the water, and he says the facts and throw me another. They didn't see factors like what throw me another faxing through another. He chunks that little water takes up his super Ariel fifty Mile an hour, golf cart to the water dropped, hits on quickly. Tiger hits it to kick in for birdie, and they get their facts and goes so. What do you put in for mister Trump? President Trump and Trump goes. Four boom. He's actually button for seven right before he said or we missed it, but I mean
trying to cheat on your window, I know. Well, if anyone knows about cheating yeah, what do you think? Do you think yeah? If Trump and Kim even if they got together, they did like a basketball where they shoot. Well, I think it's like his dad, my dog ill yeah, thirty, eight well yeah yeah and a single row of five holes in one, but tell the true story about how that happened. He shot you shot. Thirty seven. Have you ever seen a guy keep score in the only keeps by over par under par. No so let's say he makes a five on a par four. He writes a one got it or he makes a triple on a par four. He writes a three so and it was terrible- he's. Writing all these numbers right now, the numbers down, but the minister information I think that's what he made on the whole, and so that's how he thought he made five holes in one in shot: thirty, eight, ok and then, of course, Kim Jong IL's like well. I am
yeah right, you're, the golfer of all time. I didn't say it. He said it so everyone go by the book or we won't talk about some other stuff to your career as a sports writer. So you were very influential. I think in everyone our age were both thirty four years old. The life of Riley was something that we read. I remember reading it like as a kid every single time the sports illustrated showed up at my doorstep. Whatever those days yeah I mean it's crazy. So, like your transformation from Guide to today, where you're retired it I feel exporters, don't usually retire yeah. What what is it been like when you go from you know: sports illustrated ESPN to retiring in a kind of a young age, so I always want to retire like I. I always wanted to retire early and because You know I I've never thought of myself as a sports writer. I just love writing about people and that's the job I got in sports. I won this high school contest for trying to contest and got a job out of it. How old were
Do you want to eighteen, thirty, five? Ok, that be nice, like that, so nice little backdoor this guys good, so I can't test and I got a job at the town paper, Boulder CO right in sports, but I, like sports loved it, but I well. I really want see the world I wanted to travel. I want to play piano. I wanted to write movies, and so I always I my goal was to retire at forty. I couldn't do it fifty couldn't do it and then, finally fifty seven, I could do it and people like all what what happened. How come you? Don't like sports anymore? Like I love it, I just want to see the rest of the world because which is fantastic, but it is still just a corner of the world right. So do you do you ever regret? I mean, I think, the the interesting part about your careers. You were the guy who everyone read and then what I could you know correct me. If I'm wrong, there was a time when you went to ESPN, where maybe you were doing stuff that people mock to live
or including us or after that you know it felt like I in. I always wonder about you know we're thirty four right now, like I said at what point, do you get to a point where it's like you go from this influential sports writer? To maybe someone that people like he's a, has been well first of all the trouble, my money that work fast, so one of my Do I got worse? I want a good. Are there's no like you sold out yeah when you for all your money? Yeah? Yes, so I took the triple the money and I want Like I'm a very curious guy, one to try tv see if I could do tv up tv was sort of I liked it. They didn't like me that much I really love doing those Monday night. Countdown features yeah. It's really hard. I had a show called come, come and I interviewed this. Thank you bring people back to their hometowns and that was really fun, but the killed it after two years. I did sport,
anchored Sportscenter like fifteen times. That was a thrill. I never would have gotten to do that. I wrote for ESPN, com for awhile. It was me and bill and that world changed it wasn't like. You said that sports illustrated used. I'm in your mailbox right. That was it all you had was your town paper, maybe USA. Today at sports illustrated, I mean when I was there people hardly even know what is pnp yeah. I know it was. It was very in full and it was that saver factor. Man and you had the world at your doorstep kind of right at eight hundred words, and it wasn't like you could write five thousand words. It was eight hundred those and I would bust my to make those the best words I could come up with and then it change. Right, everything changed and everyone had a podcast, never had a blog and you can rip everybody and there's twitter and all the stuff and suddenly is kind of like everybody became a sports writer, and it wasn't that special anymore. And they're still great sports writing out there, but there's so much of everything, so
I guess, if you're asking was it a mistake to go and ESPN? No, I don't think it was at all. Did you hear the noise, though? Did you hear the people who were kind of mocking you or be like Rick Reilly's over the hill or kids? My kids told me some. Some of that was then I'm like and again we were we. We definitely put us yeah and the more I thought uh? That's fine and you football funded Simmons and everything yeah absolutely, but mostly just ourselves. 'cause I mean look at us. That's the self! Forty years ago, would've Phatass Olana, skinny Asol, looks like Post Malone had sex with David Spade all guys. Let me ask you be able to do something like this. Probably not right. Explain this to me like bill, and I are friends: why do people think we hate each other that beginning of well, I think he got you got the big money in it. He got huge money, I know, but it felt like at the time that he wasn't getting the big money and you got the big money, and I think this is something you know it's really. Your career is fascinating to me. 'cause, like I said you were influential beyond measure
the young, so you know, but he's always like see what exactly is going to be. So how do you think some of these fifty eight fifty right so to everybody, who's? Now, twenty, at five still gotta be love. It and there's she got to be there here right, yeah, first on twitter he was first with a great podcast. He was first with great Linden. Lately fades away. I think people our age Simmons was. You know one of the first blogs that we read. You know he was like. What's guy, he was a transition guy from sports illustrated ESPN. That would come every week every month he was a transition that I think I took a lot of people into reading sports blogs and things that he was the transition from me and afford, and russian. Where is print right, eight hundred well chosen. Buster asks on those words to this whole new world, where you could bright stream of consciousness. 'cause we've had discussions about it right and I'm like you're so good, but you need like a carload of editors right he's like that's what my fans want
yeah like ok. I guess I gotta learn how to do that, but I never could learn how to just blow it out ten thousand words on Kevin Garnett, but he could and I think that will follow. That's the difference, too, is that you came from a more traditional backgrounds. Simmons didn't we definitely did in yeah, and so we're at the point now where I think people appreciate the relate ability and the self deprecation where older school journalist guys they don't do the self deprecation because they see journalism as this high and mighty thinking. Of course, I'm not knocking journalism, we poke fun, but it's like there's, obviously, a very big need for it, but sports journalism for the most part people just the people want to watch sports to escape something and they don't take it so seriously. We mock people who, like the sports writers, who complain about cheering in the press box or the diet. Coke machines broken shift like that. You know what I mean
those guys like come on man you're, covering sports for a living. It's awesome when I couldn't get used to- and I still I still don't get it is how covering sports writers or sportscasters is a thing like. We came up to do games athletes stories incredible soon, as you guys got on tv, which I, like as soon as Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon, who I love and I love PTI Susie get on tv. They go from, they go from less of. But the story to the store yeah. I think it's at some point. Espn became watching. ESPN Journalism watching the analyst became almost like sports right. The line blurred so like with around the horn. They turned talking about sports, to a sport where it scored. You make points and so it's like, there's a winner and there's a loser and at that point a lot of people that were watching ESPN were like you know what somebody should cover the
Journalists like the journalists are covering the sport, well two stories about exactly what you just brought up. How dumb I. Remember Ralph Wiley. He was incredibly smart guy out of Oakland and he's black and a friend of mine, I was white and he called me up when it go. We got to do a show on ESPN, and O'Reilly versus Wiley and you'll. Be white, will be black and you'll, be old school in all me and will argue about sports everyday for half hour tonight at the dumbest idea ever and then two years later, Hey. I hardly ever interruption. Aha, so then the guy named Mark Shapiro calls me goes, hey, I'm starting to think we're going to arguing, but it's like a sport and you keep score and you guys will yell at each other and be every day, I'm like that's, I'm I'm working every day. That's the dumbest that'll last six weeks and the is around the horn around the horn, which I'm glad I didn't do 'cause. I don't like to work that hard, but both those ideas worked for the exact reason you said, which is that it's more than just writing. Now it's
personalities an argument in every day and, like I go it was just wasn't my error. Yeah. I want to jump back to something you mentioned earlier, which is the eight hundred word column that was at the end of every sports, illustrated the life of did you know that it was the exact amount of time that it took to read that call. Is the exact amount of time it took me up to take a shift. Yes, was that in I had so many people come up and they'd be like. Oh, my god. I read you every third any morning when I'm taking my morning, dump and they'll have their hand out and I'm like, I don't think, I'm shaking your hands. I probably taken four hundred, I'm not gonna shake it like. We have done that together. We spend more than time more time in the bathroom with Anderson yeah, it's been a little classic, Riley joke right there. So if you would like to use that one really good save that one that is so good, I don't shake those peoples hands, but going back to just a little tweak going back to your question, did I notice the noise right had no idea? What's going on out there
and people said? Oh, you got to look at your mentions on twitter, a bad day. I was like oh wow. What is this and so that kind of bothered me? I think I was doing it for like two weeks and then I did this thing with Mark Cuban and what about your you could hear mentions it goes. Let me ask you this: do you leave your front door open, so people can come in and hit you with a baseball bat and I'm like no. Why would you go to your mention? Ok, so I don't go to my yeah. That makes sense, but that also is probably where there's a little disconnect by guys like us, an maybe someone like you is like we are very actively engaged with our audience because date. People feel like there are friends, but what do you do when they're ripping you like you've got ugly happens. It's tough because you pay more attention to the two people out of one hundred that say something bad, then the ninety eight out of one hundred that says something good right. So it's tough, but I think in the long term, it's good to have a connection with people that, instead of writing, for I can see that, for you guys 'cause you put back and arguing, and you got all this time to fill. But how does it help me write great sentences?
probably, but I came up with Dan Jenkins, who said right. True sentence is and then tractor would say right about people, not sports and Jim Murray. See, there's no, he would say to me: there's no city ordinance, you got they got to read you make it fun, make it make him cry, laugh that noise doesn't really help me write great sentence is right. I agree with that. I think that's very true because you can get that is a big time suck right there like you, can get lost in argument online that you could maybe be doing something more productive than arguing like. I hope you get. Noise nose cancer. I don't really need this reddit yeah exactly it's true yeah! So you before you did the life of Riley, though you wrote a lot of features for a sports illustrated. You were very, very good at that, and it about killed me every one of those features takes a year off your life, you you don't talk to your wife, anymore, you're staying up every night, thinking about it because they wanted if you had to hire an Ex Vietnam pilot to get you through a snowstorm to get the right quote for this feature, you did it. That was when sports illustrated unlimited.
Budget, and so we went all over the world on these features and it would take you two months and it was so hard, but it was really really fun and end. What's the word it was, it was It felt good to get it right, yeah, and so, but nobody remembers the features. What was what do you remember? Which one is the one that you're like that was the one Marge Schott spend a week with her shows me the Nazi armband I find out she's hiding cars on her hundred acres. In Cincinnati so that she gets a bonus from Chevrolet each I found because the guy comes up to me and I keep getting all this email about a GEO. I bought a guy who used to work for the reds since hard shot with his old, crazy german owner of the Cincinnati Reds, who had shot see? Who would the p on Barry shortstop spot and him. The softest and she'd bring this dog the buff a line in the press. Room and all this stuff anyway, found out even
it turns out, she was hiding it, so she got suspended from baseball off that story. Answers from Chevrolet. Her chevrolet dealers for two years and she was just crazy and she'd say crazy. Stuff, like would get it. I morning go to her house. What are we doing today? Mrs shot? Oh we're going to approach tobacco rally, honey, and so we get in the car and his eight hundred am and she's drinking vodka as she's driving and she's got a cig. Red going. I think shots he's got one going. She can't see out the thing and I'm like holy shit, a die here and it was insane at some point when you're writing that are you like this lady is is bearing herself like did almost literally because she said every night she prays to her dead, husband or dead Father and all these people that ran her life. She really had no business running a baseball team. She just inherited it and I go. Oh, maybe we could shoot you praying for for the cover and inside and she goes absolutely she comes out in a lime, green, teddy and like people say, are you afraid of
no I've seen Marge Schott in a lime green. She tries to use you know and they appeared on the cover smoking yeah. I remember that so when you would ever so many great ones like that yeah. So when you're doing these features, that sounds like you know, like you, said fulfilling when you do life violated, says. You've got the eight hundred words. You know it's coming. Weekly, you have a strict deadline. Then, when you go to E S, p n you're, doing tv you're doing a column, for I think the magazine and the website at what point in your life was writing the most fun for you all, the column, because every week you have to entertain the country or make them cry or make them laugh or make them mad and people were. It was crazy. How many, how much x of feedback I get instantly as opposed to feature, took two months and end up people come. That column, you wrote was the first time I've been able to talk to my dad in ten years or that column and buried it with my grandmother or
or I laughed so hard. I veered off the road or thank you and they have tears in their eyes. Whatever it was 'cause. I love to write about the little guy doing great things. I also love doing about the Big star, like bonds, doing horrible things and that was really fulfilling and put exhausting, because you couldn't week, off and people like that and beat doesn't look very hard, one hundred words in a week, I'm like you, didn't see twenty ideas. I killed right. You don't see the ten thousand words I wrote to get to the eight hundred good ones right interesting. So I want to go back real quick to Twitter. Are you the tweet and you're? Probably thinking what to eat is about to bring up, because you've got some bad tweets, sir, you have had some bad tweets, but this is the tweet we actually have made into a running segment.
On our show I'll read it to you. Adding Kevin Durant to a warriors team that already had curry plus Thompson. Yeah is like giving Kate Upton a third breast. Yes, nothing appealing about it, so we actually have started. We we do this Rick Reilly. Third, we we race, jokes, three out of three booths. Okay, tell it so, like you know, if you say: joke will be like yeah. That was like a two point, two five. So that's funny what what like that? What was behind that? What if you also have like a, I didn't, think it would work session yes put three by three proves arcade I'm very. It's very appealing to me. It's also called the Richter scale, yeah, alright ck. Where would the boob got the third one? Have you seen total recall? Yes, there you go boom. Yeah, see that repelled me you like that. I mean I did not like it. What was your thought process during that? Because I thought they were making a mistake, but the third boom yeah like we could have picked. You know what I was doing:
Ok, so I was wrong, but let's see what they do tonight, right! Ok, what's the windows if there is going to air like right before Father's day? So I'm sorry, you know, let's see what they do tonight, I apologize. I didn't think it would work because I didn't think both uh and curry could subjugate their games enough to make it work, but to their credit they did. But when Kevin Durant went down, ok in game six against Houston, yes, they were back to two bewbs two poops What put I mean? Would you admit that big Boob's work. Now it works its reboots, pretty fucking awesome. It actually worked to him in the Middle Boob, the one you added, two finals Mvp. Let me ask the reverse of that yeah. How would three testicles look? Also awesome right, yeah, pretty good gas balls,
That's the problem with three balls. You know that the ancient art of japanese flower arranging it says that things look better in odd numbers than they do in even numbers. So three flowers looks way better than floor flowers in a vase. I would assume that three testicles in a scrotum is much more appealing. Ok, so then Lance Armstrong, single great great, better than great ball sack. Awesome ball sack awesome, balls, John Kruck, holy crap crocky, things that we were covering the dirt of France and Robin Williams was a big. This is back when I like an idiot believed Lance Armstrong was clean, and so is Robin Williams, gets on the bus and he's like. Well, that's I'm sorry is not there. Only one, physical, your error, dynamic because of the French I used to wear the shirt Texas is bigger than France yeah because he hated the friend is a classic any purposely like when you have diarrhea try to get near fans he was a lot of fun, but he was such a thick and he was such a liar but I'll always remember that you want or think it's not fair yeah we're saving your pistol,
one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, it's like a beautiful bouquet like they're, going to drink it because they saved all his pee thinking that their technique in discovering stare. It will get better right, which it kind of did yeah. So you bring up Lance Armstrong's, interesting one, because I feel like it's similar to Tiger, where you have a ship with the person and then you find out that they've kind of been lying to you and you have like beef with tiger right. Where you are oh ointment, with tiger I just hated the way he behaved right. I mean swearing He was the number one hero of every kid pretty much yeah in America: maybe the world and drop an F bomb, I'll. Never forget. Ninety seven he's got a thirteen shot, lead at Augusta number number fifteen. On Sunday he it's a kind of a chunks and out of the rough and this kid comes up. It's either outside the ropes, comes to tap him on the back touches hero and he pulls the club back in his
the almost brains, the kid wait, so you hated him before all the the cheating allegation they were on sale, geishas, what it? What half? Of course, I said, stops very old man yells a cloud of you. I appreciate that. But do you think The greatest player in the world should be showing kids, you throw your clubs, you slam. You say the F supplement with swearing, because kids are going to hear that anyways, yeah and so yeah my gun. In my it might not be the best example, but I would rather have a superstar. The gets little fiery, maybe crosses a line. Drive talk you out of all you don't have a seven year old kid. Then they had a guy that just there is a robot that goes to the motion. Okay, how bout a guy doesn't tip? that's what I got was yes, you're right, a guy that tells so many dirty stories on the course that the NBC Sound woman went up to Stevie Williams, said if you guys don't stop these filthy stories, I'm walking
of this course. I'm going straight into the pressure. That's bad too! Fine! How about you know, I'm paying Rick Reilly, not paying for dinner like I had. I have doesn't stories again Tiger. Just it's not funny, because he doesn't eat dessert? He gets up and doesn't leave any money. I had like a Navy seal simulation training program, yeah. So having said this, everybody, tells me. I haven't been around him lately, but he's much better. Now he's changed humbled, but by the way you get the presidential medal of freedom and when the President says golf should only be for rich people, and you should only play golf if you join a country. Club has said that three times publicly and tiger represents complete opposite the Tiger Woods Foundation, bringing people golf to all these people that didn't know about it. You're going to take that award. And by the way you and I call Behrens said he wasn't even a real president and By the way he tried to cheat you and, by the way in business with this guy right. How is that objective? Research
of the presidential medal of freedom. I mean I get. He can't turn it down, see that's just star for king of the worst time, it's a tough one to turn down. If, if the president's like, I want to give you the highest civilian honor, I agree, but don't put, I think, Trump, just plain plain for the base who's. The hottest athlete in the world is put him, who's next Arya Stark gets. One Yes, I know she gets one yeah Maxwell yeah, who did serve Clark, say that American Pharoah vegetation bring American Pharoah us on to the Java file yeah yeah. It has a five because the horse is not politicize doesn't have liberal politics yeah. Meanwhile, reaming out, hunger was for swearing right. You know, you know what you like. You made a good point. I I just I I understand the sentiment entirely. I would. I would just have a hard time like putting fault on an individual athlete for being given this.
Great honor. I don't want to put too much on the right default is all on Trump. If you want to take it, take it. If you don't, then that's fine too. He has to spot. He has to take his Michael Jordan said famously Republicans buy shoes to which he actually didn't say what? Yes, I think they do that just turned his world upside down thing like that, but not exactly that really yeah! You bring up an interesting point, though, because one of my favorite things that you wrote, I I think you covered the last year of the bulls dynasty. Did you did you on the road with them yeah the ten pages yeah? What what was that like? Because we've talked to the key member of that dynasty, Dennis Rodman and asked him what the relationship between you know him Pippin fill in Jordan was like so he gave us his answer that but curious what you saw when you're on the road with them well stories, I heard people laying in front of the tires of the bus, so they couldn't get out until Jordan came out and signed their thing. Uh woman, rented the room the day before he was going to get there. She had a friend at the hotel and hid in the closet. It was freaking madness. They were the Beatles
we have so much bigger than the warriors. People have no idea, although the worst gotten close, though those two thousand fifteen words, I feel made no news, narrow search done. Sixteen when the one seventy three nine it felt similar where every night was like a rock concert. Yeah except this is Michael yeah, but it's Michael Jordan yeah, and and Rodman was crazy and Scotty, and it was looking amazing- and it was one of the great ten days of my life awesome. There was some that they say that I mean I I've traveled with the warriors two and they say it's equal, but it's not equal grade on both right, there's something interesting. I read the other day about a piece that was written by David, Foster Wallace about Roger Federer, and he was. He was covering him during. I think it was a french open Wimbledon, something like that and they were able to go back and talk about the the in laws. His paragraphs about the series of groundstrokes that he had in this match and they went back to watch the Youtube clip of it.
And it didn't match up at all with what he had described. Seeing that day, do you ever think? there are things like events that you watched back in the pre days, sporting events that you went to, that you wrote, unlike your emotions at the time and then you say down to write and what you ended up, transcribing from what you felt in that mode What you it down might not actually match up with the tape, because I feel like that probably happened. A lot a lot before the internet. A lot a lot you just when you can't see through perfectly objective eyes. I remember I did a piece on Dave Kindred. I mean a Dave Winfield and I realized later I got him wrong. I got it completely wrong how many times that happen. Not much really spend your spent two months on a piece. You really try to get him right. That's interesting to five thousand and seventy five. It you're doing seventy five interviews with different people. You really feel, like you know him, but sometime
I don't know I mean I remember, spending a week with Shaq and hit the music up, so we just drove around all day he's drover looking for houses and yet music so loud that people would look up in horror from there Kentucky Fried Chicken in how to close restaurant right, and so I never saw the whole peace was never heard of already said right, but talk to now a hundred people about him so yeah. I you try your best. That's cool, that's interesting! Here's another one! I want to treat you right now. Peyton Manning is like a small boy with jelly all over. He don't want his hands on the ball. I was yeah really old, one of Rockefeller yeah. I know, but that's not the question here. All over him. Yeah you have a small brother is not whether you like the Broncos. The question is: what made you think of PETE Manning as a small boy with jelly all over, you, don't want to hands on the ball, because if you don't want to take small boy with jelly on his hand but jelly sticky, I'm sorry, I thought
so Bill Simmons always says to me: doesn't matter what you and trump on Twitter, it's over in eight seconds. True, so don't you guys point right bad tweets all the time? Never! Actually I totally agree. Do I look back at treats a week ago, I'm like oh. What was that you shouldn't? Look at it right. It is weird to look back at your thoughts in the moment were, like God Should we all be deleting our tweets You've deleted a bunch of tweets yeah, because I don't want to look back at him that there actually did nice little segue here. Two thousand and fifteen you stole tweet. For me, what you saw tweet for me in twenty fifteen about your broncos. Said. This is a really good joke by the way. So I'm very proud about this one. It was during a Broncos, playoff game January 11th. Whenever that was two thousand and fifteen manning so get it overthrows. Maybe we should to pay a visit to ISIS, really good joke on my part about five minutes later
Peyton Manning another overthrow. Maybe he should go to the Middle EAST. Mix it up. I said TIM Tebo has more overthrows than the Arab Spring that might have been another you might have to first, we I would know, but mine would have been first, about Manning being good at overthrowing. But we know that Rick, like still that throw middle EAST thing, maybe people are just building on each other. So you just do it we're just running. Let's build on this vision, so I used to write jokes for Jay Leno because he stole three straight. Jokes in the monologue straight out column call on that week. So I call drums and he a look people get this any ideas at the same time and things happen? Sometimes somebody thinks they're the first guy with a joke, but really we all thought of. At the same time, 'cause I said University of Miami takes.
SEP, so many criminals. They take their picture from the front and the side. The team began Jack right and it is it and like really so. I tried to jokes for him for awhile, but you do kind of discover that some people can come up with the same idea. At the same time, I don't think I would you at that time that I I know I don't know if it was just like the timing was five minutes off yeah and it was just one of those things were in retrospect. It was such a bad joke on both of our parts, that neither one of us should be proud for it, but I'm going to forget about it. If you want, you wrote it isn't really funny, meaning so good at overthrows. Maybe we should send him to pay a visit to Isas. Yet his over through a guy and we're in the process of dealing with all sad and all that shit over there, because I tend it wasn't much of an over. There was tivo, it was the worst yeah yeah he had reached an arm. Bad mechanics agreed terrible, I'm number one time. I I'm friends, though, hit a go
I notice a you ran the ball quite a lot in Cleveland he's like we. Let him throw it. Eight times said we think we set bait. We think was a football back for What do you think he's doing? Is it like, as a friend of his and also a Broncos fan like He hasn't done well with the quarterback position suffering yeah. He no more feels the heat off. I don't feel that he doesn't care if he gets fired. He wants to win right. Here's what he's like he used to have this pool but we play pool table and no one had ever beat him two games out of three one night Bubby Brister comes over member Bobbie. Oh yeah beat him two out of three always sold
well the next day I love those exact, so I never had a pool table. Yeah I've never never got which pool like the I feel like when Jordan passes. Hopefully it's not for another one hundred years, but there will be stories like that, like you already get a bunch of am but like the all time, athletes have stories like this amber right top story about Jordan, which one he's doing his with Jordan and if George foreman some ad and he he's done a lot of work with this production company and the he's those brownies that someone someone so it still makes. I want I'll do it if you give me a panda, those brownies and one time in my green room in the trailer, and so he got these fantastic brownies? We only have time to eat one of the brownies and so he's got to go shoot spits on the rest of the browns,
because he sold competitive. Nobody else can take his God Dam Brown. Is it really? Is it just so right off? No, I like it. It's not like. I would have anymore it's just like I'm going to spit on. Everybody else is just want to eat all these problems, so you might say well Trump, just being competitive, but Jordan didn't cheat to win right now I didn't cheat like pushed off. This guy just makes up whole championships. He won makes up scores he want and then he just because he's just like he sees Lee Trevino at one time at one of his courses and Serena is coming off the court Lee Trevino greatest of time really well. He would shoot today Lee and legal. Seventy three oh, and so he starts injured. This is Lee Trevino greatest player of all time shot a sixty nine today dream was looking Then the next guy this is Lee. Trevino crisper shot sixty five, oh man, Rick. I had to get off the corner of the place before I set the course record. Right, that's been so you can buy
Mandarin Sheet Perfect Father's day gift. I have one last question to see key question: put a promo code. Take you get ten dollars off your c. Keep purchase the million dollar question. Can you please rise yourself? ah, is that possible, because I I can I sue myself. I don't think you can. I think I mean it. Thank you I actually like. Obviously you should probably not just shut off your own class, but I do think that it's kind of it's not technically plagiarism. 'cause, your own thought, Do you need to set this up little people know what it is. Alright, so It was twenty three years it sports illustrated and you had to come up with your ideas and Most of that was writing columns. So I had this whole must five hundred ideas in it of stuff. I could do on a rainy. It was called the Rainy day list, and I do this do this do this, because you couldn't take a week off They were getting a bonus for whoever had the attic across so
like I'm take I'm going to ITALY for two weeks. Well, you got to give us two columns ever critical, evergreens right so that we could run at any time. So I'm like crap, so you try to do to do that week or three the week before and you have to do an evergreen, and sometimes you forget to get out of the rainy day thing and put it in the already did thing I go to ESPN for eight years and I'm writing columns a week there any new features and a couple times I did it look. Okay, I got I got four hours before the plane leaves. Let's do this and I forgot that I had done it because I calculated once with books and movies, and columns are published over two million words, and I just frickin for and you thought I had you know, run over mother Teresa. We up monster truck, that's good! That's good! Put that into the
yeah good luck to work in two point. Two boots rolls it just rolls up: doesn't it you're just doing them all the time I don't know just being around you? It's like you're, just looking spitting it spit that fire, which one was yours. Was it a marble down? The hood of a Tesla or Mark and I think this is that about Brooks K, right yeah, but his body is like you're watching pianos piano. No, you actually have a question, so I know that that's the line about, Somebody was trying to beat somebody and they were really big and I said the difference between the two guys in the difference between a piano player and a piano mover, Ok, I'm going to give you, I think a putt was faster than Oprah on a water slide or something over on the water slide. Yeah! That's two point. Seventy five moves at one point, did you say like this guys got more talent than an alligator's dentist? That was a good one. Well, I stop.
Going dental references, yeah yeah, like I'm, like whoa people, are really paying attention yeah. What was it about the dental references he didn't like it, but was about that like. Why did you have? Why were you so attracted to making teeth jokes and, of course I was terrified of dentists verify young good. I hated dentists and this guy called as you realize, you've made something something hundred dental references I had no idea again. I didn't know you could cover sports writers right, but I thought you got into the business to cover teams at leads Rayner's it, but I was wrong but again, if you reach a point where somebody is counting, how many dental references you straight over the course of your career, you're, doing okay for you, okay, I mean ESPN back to break struck truck up for you. They they said we're we're going to anoint Rick Reilly, king of the right, you sold out yeah, who would
battleship modem, multiple money. Yes, I'm not blaming you at all, so I sold out. I could have signed fast enough. It's like the old Metallica line when they're like you sold out in like yeah, we sell out every single city we go to. There's like there by the way. What for you, guys? Okay, the guy- and that deal for me was skipper Oh friend, my good friend great friend? Would you think when all that came down soon as we deal, it was very weird because we went to his office and we met him three days before he cancelled the show, talk to him You see have your back yet that southern twang love and we're trying to get him on the podcast. Actually, nice images, after that we're going to if they were to get in order to try to get him to the test and writing about skipper is he's he sold for giving of himself and you and everyone in Oberman and Simmons, and he he just he's flexible easy. So
smart and kind. I really like that guy. I was really sad to see whatever happened to him. Yeah yeah, I still don't know what happened: partied yeah he partied too hard and as far as our relationship with him it wasn't. It was easy to deal with in hindsight because it wasn't about Austin necessarily right. Things were happening all around that were much bigger than the show the big cat and I were putting on and Bomani Jones, oh yeah, so he actually. He told me something that when we got the news I was initially crushed a little bit, but he hit me up. I was like hey, don't worry about it if it happened after five weeks, it's because of you guys right if it happens after one week. It's not because you know that's a good point and I was like that makes sense that took this thing out of a little bit and then you guys last a lot longer than George O'Leary Notre Dame true. That's true! That's a fact and look and here's one that you can use for free. Well, that tv is you guys, didn't last long, but you lasted longer than Rick Patino at an olive garden pool yeah. That's right, hi,
but take on the road right, didn't say that no, no! You can't yes Rick Reilly job right. I gave you two today yeah last longer than that Kardashian Kris Humphries, that's a classic record does ask Rick like to seven years, yeah yeah. I think this is what I want to live in. Italy is nothing if you do right, yeah twenty four hours later he got the hottest news. I I do have one last thing for you here. I'm gonna give you three descriptions of Brooks kept a and you tell me which one you didn't make. This is great. Okay, make the other. Did you write it just going to give you three, and you tell me which one was yours and which one do not belong to you: okay, he looks like the guy who comes to repo your boat. That was me hey. Is this the guy who moved my piano last one. Boy. This guys got arms like church organ pipes. Yes, they were.
You can mail them all Rick Reilly commander in chief. Thank you so much it's been fun. What's so bad right I mean I gotta say I do a little nervous coming in here. My kids like be careful 'cause. They get all this and I'm like that's what we love to do, though we usually, you know, make sure we're still going to make fun of you just so. You know you want that on the record. I love the boob thing. Now we got now we gotta face to it and we talked to you and it feels like if I make fun of you you get over here, Bro for it may please make one makes me feel bad mother ship. My ice jokes are, but how can I know you made fun of me 'cause, I don't let people in my front door with a basement. You can listen to podcasts yeah there you go well, so don't do that because then I'll get in my head, I'm not going to be mean. So don't do that? Also, I need to show you before you actually have four bewbs. I can't believe I forgot so. Yes, I have four nipples, so so I got
but your pants on Break Jesus Christ, dude and then I got the third guy right there. So do you think that that's like that's Kevin Durant or Zach, Firecats Clay, that's clients, Lebron joining the warriors right there right there boom boom. Ok, I've been on booked here six weeks. I think this is a low four have nowhere to go but up here, and if you want to see my belly button. No, it's really it's! It's dummy thick. How deep it is. Oh, my god, you can probably don't see kids like that in Colorado. I could. I could get a quilt out of that link. I could absolutely right Rick right here. I can't do that. Interview with Rick Riley was brought to you by post mates, when you need red wine at four p: dot M sushi at nine p, DOT M a breakfast burrito at eight, a dot m and Ibuprofen at ten, a dot m. Post made it Postmates is your personal food delivery. Grocery delivery kind of delivery service all year round. Anything you're craving postmates can deliver
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NBA ratings war. Is my favorite thing. That's going on. I go to sleep after an unbelievable game where it was so dramatic. Like the height of arts through and through thinking, man. I don't know how to feel until I wake up in the morning and know what the ratings were. I need to know how many other people watched a game before. I can feel good about whether or not I watch the game end how much that game mattered. Yes, so I'm going to give you two ratings tweets and you just tell me what you feel from it. Ok, so let's go I'll! Give him both you, alright, so NBA finals, game! Five overnight rating is up three thousand and thirty seven percent from game. Four. The game is the fifth highest rated NBA finals game. Five ever on ABC. I'd only the three Cavs Warriors Games and the pistons Lakers in two thousand and four alternative, Wait wait, wait! Can I give my
My reaction would be the second one. First, I'm going to give you the second one as well 'cause. I want you to get the whole picture, but I want to give my reaction to that. Ok, then I'll give mine to her. Ok, so, just based on that the NBA is King NFL is in big big trouble. This league there's nothing like professional basketball. This is what happens when you let the players have fun out there. Ratings are delivered big time. This is America, sport, NBA game, five ratings down, nineteen percent it's over last game, five in NBA finals, two years ago. Trend, lines remains seem even though last night provided lots of drama It's we're done so. The the live deals that the
ESPN, that ABC and that Turner has lately how much lace billions of dollars off. So those companies are in addition to the NBA are long term. I I would be shocked if, if the NBA stuck around longer than a couple more sees okay, I have one more this actually for me. I had it into it, but I thought it: okay, NBA readings up infinity percent over for the nineteen sixty seven NBA finals. That was actually tape to it. Okay, doing very well. Yeah huge, huge America as a country is doing great. I have we figured out. Idiots like they just get online and and I'm talking about everyone like they just here's the thing I hate the most when you have idea. You've already decided what your what your side wants to be, and then you just find the statistic to back it up now and then be like well facts and everyone in all these cheaper, like wealth, it's facts, dude, it's fact is you can spin any rating into a positive, including eighty, nine thousand people watching you on
this paean to have. One am career, can find really good in that it's so stupid, and I I mean especially the one guy, I'm thinking of basically spent an entire year bashing the NFL and is now jump to the rock of the NBA will never catch the NFL. No. I just think that it's, it's very classless to be cheering bad ratings. It's that way as the NBA is hurt, possibly injured, limping away into oblivion, you're just you're at your for that off you're, just here that on its head, you know root for that free people, I'm seriously I'm to start just not going to I'm not even going to turn the game on, but I'm not going to watch it and then I'll tell you my thoughts about the game. The next day I see the rating. We need to get sports Bizjak on the ratings game. Yeah he needs to get into the rating like finding the most obscure ways to spend it in any direction, breaking bring it down like second by second yeah. This second was
highest rated. Second in NBA finals, history, that's a fact! You know what else I love. I love the bathroom break graphs, where it shows like where the country like back in the Olympics when showed that Canada use the bath in between in the M intermissions between first and second second and third periods in the gold medal game and then there's little point help spike to yeah point up spike at the game. We got to get on that yeah all right. Speaking of the pmt sports minute. Let's actually do the PNP sports minutes, so we have this every Wednesday, our intern Jake, who, if you're not following PMT sports People were very mad at him when he was debuted, because I don't think they fully got it. I think people are starting to get what Jake is all about he's a very good kid and just wants to give us a little bit of information, nobody out. There is covering sports business, no one! No one is Jake it. So here it's pmt sports minute. Good morning. This is Jake Morris with the Pnt Sports Biz minute. Let's take a look at the Stanley CUP by the
birds are very own Pfc comments or had the chance to drink out of the Stanley CUP around this time. Last year, did you know the cup is made of a silver and nickel alloy. It stands thirty five and one slash four inches high and weighs thirty four one slash two pound sack up clones in the cup. It will take two point, one one of them to get the identical height of big cat. Who is six two and a half and two point four for Pft? Yes, he is five hundred and eleven one slash two with shoes on so, let's just round it up to six feet. Meanwhile, according to the sports
is this journal. Insurance company AFLAC is working with the SEC and its schools to sponsor the pop up medical tents that are common on the sideline. These tents, averaging five by twelve seven by fourteen, also made their way in the NFL in high school football. So now will you the a w elves are debating whether or not a player in the tent is hurt or injured. These student athletes are going to be treated on the Affleck Tent, with the possibility of a freaking tuck staring right back at them. Only in the SEC, the French open behind a shocker, Rafael, Nadal wins again, and that's all the time we have today that for PNC sports in the basement it Mister CAP missed the concert back to you great job. Take very cool kept it to exactly one minute. And it is very cool. It was very cool, very, very cool. I full disclosure- I don't even listen to it. It was very cool. It was it yeah, Then it just all sorts of fun facts watching as if you don't there's no making up we're going for two minutes. Yeah, because I'm having you recap it I'm not gonna, I'm not reading all this out to it's more just no fun facts, fun facts! All
before Watergate thought guys on chicks little pr, one hundred and one for N Korea, so N Korea also kind of back what happened? they are so Kim Jong Moon executed their general who was accused of plotting a coup. That's really nothing North Korea, but the way that he did it was he threw Is general into a piranha filled fish tank, and she had him Hannibal Lecter much yeah yeah. That was unable to will just called, animal will just say Hannibal Lecter hit at Temple. To knows the the news, the shitty ones, not red dragon and not sounds a lot, and so then that we saw in the report that I read the bridge fish intelligence service. They commented on it by saying this is classic Kim, so that there's Kim being there, you go again Kim wait, so we now have someone ruthlessly killing a general in a
like bathtub full of piranhas yeah. It's the same excuses, Manny being Manny, yeah, classic Kim being Kim. That's all that is so it's tough as a sign of good faith. They should have trump, should throw Chris Christie into a tank full of sweatpants or take full of jelly doughnuts and see if you can it is way out your way out, yeah or die of a heart attack get out which ones are going to be all right. Let's wrap it up. I think you could use way out like you would probably love that yeah. Alright, we'll start with an update from one from last week or two weeks ago I forget sub the bees again, especially big, weird and not say that anymore. Okay, we already apologize to Kevin, are especially big beard, Hank wait so any, but anyone could still be be the yeah. That's true, not us! Well hi, Kevin Durant. We stop calling him that so I think I'll be nice. She's call you style, calling us big, Baller brand yeah BBB's again, especially big, bear tank. I confronted my boyfriend about liking, slutty pictures on Instagram he said he only likes them because he used to be friends with them in high school.
Should I still be worried? Wait. So he was This is the one that we definitely we. I thought he was liking like instagram models. That's a different game he's liking. People. He knows in real life. You should be It's very expensive. But again, this is probably the scenario where he doesn't know that you can watch him do that yeah, but this is yeah. This is a bad situation you should be very, very well. I've never really understood the purpose of the like on Instagram. Will you just let him know just like a e high five? It's like every in it, that's all parts that the Pope yeah the best part, is every single instagram model that I follow. If the post a picture brighter needed, it says like Bike Lenny also, so did they say they were going to get rid of that of the like who can see who liked it? No, that's twitter note is doing weird Shitman snap Snapchat were like best friends. You could see like who people are snap chatting, but they got rid of that. That's probably smart, yeah, ok, next one
Ahi boys, with a z, my f b and I were hooking up in the shower and after we were done with the hook up you for it. What's we were still showering lost it smelled like? afterwards, I asked him what would have happened if it was just a random girl he farted on in the shower after sex, and not me wait. He said he said he would have held it in and only let it rip because it was me, should I be feeling pride or shame or both at such a great spend. So, like I only farted on you, because I love you. That's weird question to ask, though, would you fart in any in front of any other girls having sex in the shower, while they're, only friends with benefits, so it's like they're, not fully in relationship right. One of them obviously cares more here's the thing
Well done like a ten. If you said it's like, I spice parted with you as your special farting in the shower. It's either you can't smell it whatsoever or it's like the worst smell, so wet dog mixed with, like a rotten eggs, yeah yeah, because you're you're trapped in the the shower the curtain like when this cash grab machine yeah, but the best part about farting showers, something a dock yet want. That's my that's! My movers yeah they're ducking yeah. You do that yeah Yellen's classes are talking here. What's going on Sub daddy cat, my boyfriend, always stares at other dudes butts and comments on them, often commenting about and asking them how much they probably squat, weird no just guys being dudes suit. He just wants to see if his goals, you know he's probably getting gains right, he's in the gym, he's squatting, maybe a little front. Squat too. He wants to know that he's doing the right stuff to get that nice plump. Peach, yeah! Listen when you have a bodybuilding dot com forum, login that you use all the time. What
looking at another guy's on the street pales in comparison to what you see in another man's avatar yeah and those PO. It's weird, if he's not working out, but if, if you're, if the guy is like obsessed with working out the general ice. Breaker is like what do you see? What what's your routine right? Thank you, and you know you do it to Bottas like what's going on here. You do a box jumps, it's not hey! How's, the weather or damn the a Please don't have anyone good like at the end of the rotation right, it's like if you're a chef and you go to a restaurant you're going to stare at the food place. You guys share an interest. I mean we've literally every single time. We see results. That's all he talks about uh he pmt boys, especially baby daddy cat? This question is for Bodie, I don't know what that most of us. And so these slaying, both of both the house yet well. You know to use bode Bode Patrick Swayze in point break, both of them is actually good in the bad. Since you said this so Bodie
You seen point break of course, so Patrick Swayze's character is both the good and the bad of humanity. So the Bodhi his name was Bodie, so that became slang for both I can honestly can't tell if you're making a model that actually only because remotely it which, in a minute I was good answer, was that was held, especially from like a movie from the nineties anyway, this questions for body Why are boys so obsessed with anal, but never want to talk about girls poop? please answer my question, my boyfriend is proud of me product because it's so cool when it goes in, but it sucks anything come out. That was very you because want to give hypocritical critical life you want to give to you. I don't want to take. That was very perceptive. Alright, last one hello I was having sex with a guy recently, no need to congratulate podcast, and the first half of the hook up. We had the lights on, but then out of nowhere he reached over and turn them off. I'm probably overthinking. It should I be offended by this move. We hope-
before, so it's not like he didn't know what to expect any good. And for this ugh thanks, yeah. It's a good there's something weird about him. He would not do this if it was like if he saw something about you that he didn't like, because when guys are having sex or just like, I like this thing that, like whatever it is, I'm having sex with, is good because I'm having sex with it, I think, having sex in with lights on his weird so yeah. I don't think this is that weird it's like kissing with their eyes, open know having sex with light sounds awesome. No, it's not get such a good look at everything. No, that's! Not what you want like you. If you suck it it's like I do you don't want to have lights on. It's just like way more as way more pressure, the bright lights. I like I like the lights on. That's weird, that's weird! I think it's I think it's
it so much harder with the lights on lights off yeah. You think you're, awesome, you're, one of those guys who thinks he's? No, no! I don't know hundred. I know I'm not awesome at sex. Yeah you'd have the lights on. No, alright will see everyone. Friday love you guys.
Anyway. Lovely coming over anyway.
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