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Ricky Williams + NFL Week 16 Recap

2018-12-24 | 🔗

NFL Week 16 fastest 2 minutes (2:28 - 8:35). Blake Bortles is back (sort of), the playoff picture is getting clearer, the Ravens dominated the weekend, Baker still hates Hue Jackson, the Steelers collapsed in New Orleans, and we have a win and in game for Week 17 (8:35 - 32:29). Who's back of the week where we discuss all our New Years Resolutions including PFT wanting to try gas station supplements and Big Cat's desire to do an ollie (32:39 - 45:42). Ricky Williams joins the show to talk about his new Football league, his career in the NFL, and whether or not he considers his football life a success or failure (45:42 - 80:11). Segments include Mike Tomlin says some things, new segment Relatable Rovell, Kings stay Kings Marvin Lewis, and Monday Readings "I can't stop kissing the father of the family I babysit for" 

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On today's pardon. My take we have week. Sixteen recap fastest two minutes our last regular season, one of the year, because we will be off next week. We also have our great interview with Ricky Williams in studio and because it is Monday we have Monday readings plus because it is close to New year's we're going to do. Our new year's resolutions live on air. We have all of that coming to you in just a minute before we do that, though, cash app cash, app cash, app cash, app cash up cash, app cash, app cash, app cash, app cash, app cash, app cash, app cash, app cash.
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cash app cash card, app store. Google play store cash, app. Let's go week. Sixteen
Let me be the first to say: Merry Christmas, we're saying it again we're saying it again:
we start in Ohio where Baker Mayfield last choose your daddy to his former coach check, check, check, check, check, check, check, Jack Jack Jarvis. Thirty Landry took the bangles secondary to the cleaners, with a long and jolly old, Saint Nicholas Job as Browns fans. Is that a put it in your pocket or you just excited to have a competitive football team? In a touching tribute to their offense of line coach, the Browns gave Bob why the the game ball the first big skin. He didn't try to deep, fried we're. Sorry, President Trump we've received word that Greg Williams has already declined the written offer to become the next secretary of Defense browse twenty six eighteen in Detroit Work, the Red Nose reindeer holding six port city as the Hell Merry Christmas to in the first act in the error, there's a feeling of Christmas, but unfortunately fat man on the line sidelined as in a very naughty year, as all that crap participants lost two of Alvin cooked up a nice Christmas, Cj Ham, delivering a facial living lines, fans looking like they just got plenty glaze. The vikings are now one win away from the playoffs and, as my good friend, to kill NEO famously once said our new stuff for twenty seven, my son in the battle of stupid quarterback, faces look any live manning, had a good old fashioned shoot out. The giants dumb, dumb tried the Sterling Shepard in the new year with a hundred thirteen yards to is wide receiver. Well, the cold smoke Roasted Chester, that's Rogers on an open fire cooking up with his white out first for this holiday season. Please remember: don't drink before driving Jim Sway for Toyota. Highlander automobile choice: twenty eight, twenty seven New York, all New York, South Carolina, we're Christian Mccaffrey, pulled a reverse Adrian Peterson and his dad in terms of receptions. In a season Taylor, Swift, Heinecke, couldn't check cut off, so I got off when it came to an arm. Injury and Eric Reid got burned all afternoon insurance. You won't be receiving another random Calvin and Hobbes Ridley logo on the back of Alex Mack truck, and we go to the monitor for a highlight. And what and my pleasure comes running on the field. Kenyan border you've got the glory days when head injuries were still forty focus word for this time. I remember those days just like they were yesterday. I don't I don't remember any of the
is to Philadelphia where Saint Louis Poulsen is Johnny. You log try to deliver eagles fans, a playoff, berth and Kris Kringle long had to in the fourth quarter to score Houston, the Texans. Do you really want irks me? Do you really want to do this and, as always, the answer was yes, as Jake LAW order as time expired well, school's estimates the ninety five percent of philadelphians will using Crisco brand large these reminding everyone that good things, public small packages, Eagle thirty two Texans starting the New England, where the bells to stop blood blood blood patrons the first rule of the prints is hand down. I know my head down, but he wasn't as Julia mounts off so many parks. There started call him Peter North South. Speaking of what sort of Michelle Obama took away all the bills Buffalo wings and replaced it with a disgusting launch of yards and poet, checks and balances, Tom Brady absolutely lit up the scoreboard. It is every printer quarterback he's ever met, cookbook combining with start rob, Gronkowski zero catch is zero dollars and zero. It was jostled. Fourth quarter drive the reminders. All that know what colors the spread with the meaningless touch down. Like the Buffalo picture, twenty four standing on the corner Jay this with it's Jerry Jones, well loaded, Johnnie, Walker, whether the hello three seven zero in New Orleans where to live through said all the soul, warning as the state trying to wrap up that one see what Thailand has the worst since the last time you tried to make a woman orgasm. Yes we're talking to you right now and the June June, why don't a boom of marking pro to scam, Mcalister's record in the states of the Rideau Melo defending their house all winter? Long? That's a good one to change! There's terrible told of bourbon Street this one take the playoffs alerts, not give it to the ravens six thirty one dollars: twenty eight, the numbers on a where the rams are cardinals match up, and Robert Frost's stopping by woods on a snowy evening at a big game with eighty nine yards and a score while Cj Brady Anderson Great Day running the football. This could be a first. He will call flow as our children more more like he's, gonna be out for the show, as Donald Trump says, your five. I'm sorry what portal site we finish in Seattle, Sunday, night football, Seahawks and Chiefs and, of course, the electrifying young quarterback. Let's take it to while there you don't need to see the plans, but even on the floor tonight. What's what's new split baseball? Just like your belief, I love the new book not like that. One a course called will thanks for the great work, Christopher Michael Flynn, with what I got really special was remarkable. He didn't know what a diet, rich bottles, one was just cool trade a week. Sixteen in the books we're here we're
five for you I want to actually start it with a quote pft, you ready for it. Yeah hit me Jaguar wide receiver, Dede Westbrook on what quarterback Blake Bortles said when he entered the huddle to replace Cody Kessler. Let's go boys, I'm back the DOW Jones. He was only back really cool place, but we was back in that he was out that he was back again end Scott Hansen misappropriated a sack to Blake Bortles, and I almost I almost gets my red zone. Yeah come on. Blake doesn't take that Jack; no, he does not take that does not, and you know what to some that we can build on. Yes, let's play come in the last two weeks: get that voice fired up, get more tape out there, your tape to resume in the NFL, get everyone and how we're gonna have some good stuff to work on. Yes, so we are back. Here's a quick programming note. So it is holiday. It is a holiday week. We are,
doing this show right now we have the best of coming on Thursday for the people, it's very long, so you can maybe eat eat a little bit of it on Thursday. Maybe do little Monday do little Friday. We have two new interviews coming in the best of never before heard interviews in the best of as well as all the best of it. Our week, seventeen preview? So that is the schedule for the week that we don't have anything on Monday and then we'll be back January second yep, but we're here now we're ready to talk about NFL week. Sixteen a wild week, six, I mean everything's, slowly coming in yeah, you picture this year. This studio right now is the situation. Room we've got a we've got every situation under control of got the playoff machine fired up, going full tilt this thing's going not so yeah. I wrote the playoff mystery. Actually, we have the problem with the playoff machine. Is it's a class the case of mind verse computer, because I asked you to run some simulators. Yes, basically, the last four hours of our day have just been me saying: hey Pft: what happens if this happens? If this happens, but I got smarter
on the computer and I was like no, the computer is wrong and we looked into it was it was wrong sky that really up right and we're trying to calculate like how the Steelers could get in over the ravens, with the different matchups were going to be like the bottom line. Is it's looking like they're, like two different scenarios that are likely to play out right in the AFC besides that, like. If I were you, I would be focused more on who you're going to play as like yeah as the bears in the first round right, and we have the classic case of will team sit. Players will teams. You know the bears are going to be playing for possibly the second seed if the ram somehow lose the 49ers unlikely, but that is that is on the table. So, let's actually start with the AFC, because I want to like say: team of the weekend has to be the ravens what they did on Saturday going to San Diego and beating Phil Ursina super hot chargers team by playing like 1940s offense is unbelievable they're, just they do
Volleyball. They do it take to shoot out of every single announcer keeps saying like this isn't going to last this can't last it's just like it's blowing their minds. They're just looking at you know what it's like. It's the trick birthday candle where you keep blowing out like ok. Surely this candle is extinguished by now and no Lamar Jackson when he runs that little read option, someone's someone's going to be to like if he makes the right decision. Writing that read option either he's going to have you a seven yard, gain or whichever one of their three running backs have one up the middle right and what the mark Jackson does. Is he just loves you to death, because I feel like at all game it's for five yards here, they're like picking his spots and then he'll get one. He had one where it's like. Oh, he cut out and he's gone yeah I mean that's all you got, let's not discount Joe Flacco looming on the sidelines still because you have to prepare for that too. Yes, like what, if Lamar gets the seat, NFL teams are so focused on the fact that you can't run this Mickey mouse offense that they're, like maybe
far is going to get hurt this game, and so we always have to be ready for flagger to come in and throw four hundred and ninety yards and get seven pass. Interference calls yes and just a little side shout out. That really means nothing, but I really love the attention to detail. Lamar Jackson's Purple Mouth guard yeah. I love I like that, I like I, like you, really love this team. I like Mark Ingram's little it. It's almost like a wax vampire teeth. Yes old mouth Guard, he wears yeah. I like that. A lot is it's a nice touch by Lamar Jacks. I let I still like the chargers, I'm not I'm not selling. If we're doing stocks within our situation room. I know it's been a bad week the market I'm still hanging on to my charger stock is going to turn around just like Bitcoin. I completely agree that was a nightmare matchup for the charge. Now, if they have to play the ravens again, I think it will happen the exact same way because the chargers they have like a decent defense but they're, not the biggest guys they're built to get
quarterback in the church in the raven just basically bully them in their ravens? Defense is a fantastic defense. There are and Phil Rivers. I think he probably lost the Mvp battle he might have on that night. He might have. I noticed that I don't know what took me so long to pick up on Keenan Allen Shirts, but he wears the honors race yeah. He wears the baggy is to underserved. My lawyer is his work. Would like Mister Rogers thing where he's got marine sniper tattoos that he's covering up or something but Kevin Durant. Yes, but I really think that, like dirt, wide receivers as a group or as good as any other young in the NFL? I don't know what happened to him like the ravens. Just random falls down, it's a matchup nightmare they're, going to it if it happens again, which I don't know we'll have to crunch the numbers, but yeah hang on so the ravens I broke. The plates are winning get in there There's need the ravens to lose, and then the ultimate chaos picture that we'd love to see is for the colts in the titans to play on Sunday night Football and tie yep and have the Steelers get in on a tie.
And we also had in the AFC the Texans have lost the by what a shame really was rooting from they haven't yet visually lost it. They could still get it if the patriots lose in the Texans win, but the patriots are playing the jets right, yeah it sucks. It sucks asked that the patriots get to play two AFC e teams at the end of every single fucking season, and it's always the bills and the jets, and it really matter in their last two yeah, but I mean the dolphins at least. If it's in Miami they could lose that game yeah, but they get to play the bills and the jets to closeout their season feels like every year. So, even if another team is like close to beating them or or catching them in the standings, it's like it's not going to happen. The AFC E has consistently sucked worse than
need the vision in any sport in the history of balls. Ever since a ball was invented. No team has added easier than the patriots or more super bowl. Winning teams have come out of the AFC E, then pretty much every other division. Last like ten years, that's great, ok, point taken. Ok, so I was going to wait to do stats today, Hank you're, going to have to recuse yourself from the room. While I give these stats 'cause, they are ridiculous and Hank seriously, don't don't even say anything. I have a bunch that's the day, but will start with the AFC stats. Today the patriots have ten. Straight AFC championships. Ten straight, that's insane. They have sixteen straight seasons with double digit wins. In that time, the the entire rest of AFC East has less than half of that. The jets have four. Digit wins seasons, the dolphins have three, the bills have zero and I'll bet all those things that you all those other double digit win. Seasons are like ten and six yeah, pretty much They just barely started out like a twelve and four million three mix in there,
all right, so the other stats of the day, the NFC e uh opposite side of the spectrum hasn't had repeat champions since two thousand and four yeah, they beat each other up. It's in Cfcbc. It's insane! Yes, that's exactly what is my other that's the day, the browns under Hue Jackson. This season have two wins: the Browns verse Hue Jackson. This season have two wins: hue: Jackson, still mad yeah, I'm still mad about this baker. Mayfield staring down Hue Jackson, was so so there's no, which talk about you made that up. What do you mean? He said after the game he Jackson or Baker Mayfield we. So we don't know which I love it. I love that even more, I think you'll love it even more. I know I think that Baker Mayfield's level of hatred. He has people in two camps. He either rides or dies with you us or, if he hates you, he it doesn't even you don't. You cease to exist, yeah to bake when people say like you're dead to me, Baker ACT
do you like think stergos, and he can just stare right through you. So I believe in his mind he was looking at an empty space where Hue Jackson's body was occupied. I was just looking through it, alright, so Baker, if you're listening to this right now, don't do anything if you were very, very close to doing a Kansas, Nut grab right in Hughes face 'cause. I know I could feel it. I can feel it in his arm. He wanted to just grab his dick and just be like suck on this huge, What is the d action yeah on him with the Xbox? Yes, he did to the big balls dances, SAM Cassell, big ball yeah, so the other worry flopped out. Yeah he's yeah he's on his own for old, his bald, so the Browns art were eliminated on Saturday night with the Ravens victory. I'm gonna choose to ignore that still pretty incredible season, the act that they fired their coach and almost made the point only in almost make the playoffs, but they were they finish strong and they will now be a Regis Philbin team to make some noise
next year. That's right! Now the team ever will pick them use other funds that ready for this one. Yes, no one, no quarterback has ever beaten Tom Brady and drew Brees back to back what ever yeah we we we talked about that last week, yeah big Ben had a shot at it, that's crazy and he can pull it out. That probably isn't happy yeah. I did a FC enters yeah yeah. It really does happen like ever ever. It's you, it's actually just big. That's like the third time. It's ever happened: yeah yeah. We also have a crazy stat of the day. Josh rose and stat line all for two thousand three hundred and eighty seven yards, I fuckin' lovely yeah. I love him. How is that save twelve for twenty three for eighty seven yards, maybe he's left handed, he doesn't know yet. The whole thing is crazy. So I also wanted to throw down a couple. A couple other thoughts, your way so Smith, Schuster. Does the very elegant thing talent thing of saying I'm going to play for my fantasy owners, even though I might be hurt, enormous game and then in in so,
namely costly fumble. That probably ended the Steelers season when he was like basically down and just falling on people and what all goes. A grab it right at that was that was a tough look form so now do you set a very dangerous precedent by by issuing that statement before the game? Now I expect a full page ad in every single major city in America, apologizing to his fantasy owners. Someone tweet us the. If you have Ju Ju and you lost by a point on that phone yeah, someone had to that would be Beju seems like the type of guy he like gets it so he'll go, that guy's house and playing and ending in the offseason. Also Todd Gurley continues his route, his career path as being the but fantasy should head yeah, because you don't even that I didn't even play today you today home milking, is cat similar to Tom Brady, who didn't even play today on the stat sheets yeah, I could get zero fantasy points. He had actually yeah. He had, I think, depending on, if you had decimal scoring, he had like fifty Gronk had zero.
That's tough, Crockett zero. There stablishing, the they are Hank was actually very, very welcome. As I came in and I was bust, his balls about ground 'cause. That's! Actually I miss like that. So that's our pattern that we do here. We come into the into the office at about like five hundred and thirty. We make fun of Hank for Rob Gronkowski. Then we order chinese food and I was like squash the beef like men, yeah we do- and so I add up. I asked to Hank about and he was like this. I think that it's a major stay woke that the greatest trick Bill Bella Check ever pulled was convincing the world that Rob Gronkowski was unhealthy this year, so he's just been playing Possum. I like that. So here you've been. I like, I said you read a phd level spin zones recently this last couple weeks? Do you have one actually for did the Celtics have like a team meeting a player zone
meeting. Then they wonder why Amber is a little early there. You go you doing that, and it says on your leadership. Council yeah. You you pro one to get one of the yeah you want. If you want to do it right, you got to get half the team to report to the coach, who also does push ups in practice and chokes people out in fights yep very, very different, and did you actually I don't wanna go totally side. Please would you more than talk we actually we predicted that he was going to like start calling for back dives. He actually said Chris Dunn had great presents pocket boys in the pocket is just younger again he's using for literally hours he's coaching football team, so speaking of crossing over sports. Are we just got done watching the sun that football game, which was a fun fun games, because the over it, because you over at the hip, is so bizarre, so there's nothing better in the world on the night I was over is amazing, Sunday night football overs. If you could just do that, every single week, like it's the greatest feeling in the world, because everyone in the world is down and everyone in the world is like you know what I'm talking about the over in when it actually happens.
It's just ecstasy. Yes, America come together as one rooting for points right doesn't happen. That much over okay is. Is us like pulling for the same team yeah, I'm glad that it was able to hit, but then we were treated to prop. I did. I did some back. The napkin math, I think, was like eighteen mentions, of Patrick my homes in Russell Wilson, game, baseball players, yes, Patrick my homes, bad fundamentals, yeah you can stop by I'll, be the guy to say it. Those fundamentals when he's like
eight years old, those were holed up. Those will not hold is going to catch up to record my home with long side arm when he was twenty years from now, when his athleticism starts to dip, you can't rely on, like you know, bending to contort in your body and running sideways and throwing side our past, you just can't. So I have my. I have my doubts that is that also the muscle imbalance between his right and left shoulder. If he throws too many more passes, left handed yep he's gonna tear that thing up. He doesn't work that thing out as much as he does is right. I'm telling you he might get him like a Tommy. John injury throws a bunch of submarine passes. I listen he's obviously I'm tongue in cheek here because he's insane and he is, would you say that after my home is the most fun
player to watch in the NFL? Are you going tongue in cheek? Are you going Dick and she does such a mafia to get right? So there we go not say yeah, no, absolutely yeah. He is the. If I don't care what teams are playing if the chiefs are playing, I have an option watch I came a brush in that game right every single time, yeah and also Wilson's, pretty close up there as well yeah when he isn't gets going out there. Chris calls were so basically put him in the M B. P talk just from performance. You know what I lovely through seventy five, yet for seventy five yards weeks ago. I love how like every single pass over thirty yards at Russell Wilson throws, has the same trajectory of like an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary yeah, it drops down rainbow yeah, just drop it in a bucket is letting God touch it before it gets to his receiver, creeping it with God. Yeah there's a little bit of God on every single class, but I was wondering what sport, if you were to take athletes from all major sports America and put them in a different sport. What sport the best products at another sport, Lebron soccer, but all athletes, would you
so you could say NBA players with dominate soccer got. It would be the best at soccer. I think NBA players playing football how do I round what basketball players have ever played football? No, but I'm saying you know what no basketball players playing, but if you're saying like are you saying they played the sport or you just throwing them out there, because I think most NBA players could probably play wide receiver tight end yeah. That would be my. I was joking about gates got it Graham and all that I think that's probably true This whole question, just for Antonio Gates, show no! No! No! I was I was actually asking like yeah. I thought that we, that probably I would say, because baseball so did without hockey, players boxing hockey players boxing would be okay, although their death golf actually triggered hockey guys, but I mean when you can't grab onto someone's you know, letter sweater has probably a little harder. He probably throwing some slow punches. When you talk about hand, speed yeah, it's uh,
tougher to beat up a guy when he's not slipping on ice on frozen water. Exactly what about lacrosse guys playing no hockey players playing golf? That's all that's all they do is foul play. Golf yeah not anymore, going to off a cliff electric tiger. Woods yeah a cliff should we do a done chain even though it's week sixteen sure I feel like we should unchain the Steelers Steelers it was tough. I don't think the ravens are going to lose to the browns and they had we're going to get to it with our MIKE Tomlin segment, but they had all the chances in the world they all had to do is beat the raiders and they should have actually, I feel like they should have won the game against the saints there was, that kind of suspect you know, suss yeah little Sus flag thrown in the fourth quarter couple such flags in that gave us but distillers I think you're done. I think there to MIKE Tomlin might be done chain too.
So here's the thing about MIKE Tomlin. This is less miles season. You can be a shity coach that makes bad decisions but gets lucky and you'll be fine, but this checking your luck runs out. Then everyone, everyone realizes. How should you are, and so in the last, like four games, they've had all these older luck has has gone away. They've been on. They had me on Sean in the patriots. Yeah there's been on the receiving end of a lot of bad bounces. Recently yeah like out and and Oakland they had some like bad look at the extremes she broke. Big Ben got lost in the hallway yeah. That's bad lots on Lucky's. Are that you very careful look, but this week it was like. Okay, your looks totally gone. I don't know I I feel like taught this. My
be the end for Tom in which it could be. I also feel like someone some city team would grab up MIKE Tomlin just because he still has that like Steelers gotta super stink about his name actually know you know where you go, Packers yeah, they need a mic. That's true! I need to keep the mic legacy going. They were. The packers have grabbed his second virtue, one other rumor that I saw it there today. We we talk about another man's job. That's number one, especially not a top ten coaches job, yes, but Jim Harbaugh been rumored to go to the jets, so you simply add bowls is done to put out you know, I'm not saying that I would never say that about another man's job. I think saying other people are saying: ok, so I think Jim Harbaugh is going to go back to the NFL. Eventually I think he's going to give it one shot at trying to beat Ryan Day.
Nothing is this guy. Is this guy just urban to feel about Lebanon? Is the urban junior is going to take the shit out of Maine alright? If he is I'm out and I feel like if you beat some once he'll just stay in Michigan for him, I got this guy Adam. I got yeah I own this, although I would like to see a reality show of Jim Harbaugh like trying to settle in New York City in, like figure out subway system. Now we have no, he would not be. Could not be happier. I mean we probably have to live with it, yeah. Well, it be him and Blake, and us and just like eat it all eight of his kids who just hang out and just do the thing all right, We have done chain steelers, so the playoff picture, all we should probably mention Nick Foles, is the greatest quarterback of all time. I think that's fair to report. Would you have four touch on today? He was amazing. He was incredible and the ease with all that said. The eagles probably still won't make the playoffs, and I say that just because I don't know if the bears are gonna start all their starters. Against the Vikings week, seventeen by kings win their in the Eagles
feed the Vikings to lose to have a chance to go to the listener. I respect the shield. I respect Commissioner Goodell and all his decisions, but I have I have a gripe with ok, I don't like the prospect of two teams playing each other. Well, you're really bent out of shape and in that setting not all keep that in the event I shot, I was sure your passion, I am, I am okay. I do Like the idea, I think, yeah, I don't like the idea of two teams playing each other in week, seventeen and then I have
watch those same two teams play in the first round playoff. Well, if you remember, I think this is what two thousand ten the changes schedule, and I actually disagree will embrace debate here, because what the changes schedule so that everyone had to play in their division in week, seventeen which I think I like a lot better. I do like the right so, of course, the downside of that is of EC every now, and then you will get a situation where the Vikings play the bears week, seventeen and if the Vikings win it will most likely be, I think it definitely is then Vikings bears in the wild. It doesn't mean I have to like it, though, like I here's what happens when you get into a situation like that? Is you get a bunch of NFL head coaches trying to outsmart the our head coach? So I go. My gonna play this guy, the smoke screens everywhere. Well, it just ends up when you have to NFL coaches, try to out smart, each other out. Think each other well like over the course of seven days you end up with some really dumb football. Well, you remember my my deep dark down doomsday scenario for the bears. A slight owns the yeah, the going to the it happened in the shower I was, I was gay
real down on myself, and I would like that you really Gary down I'm really getting under some really beating yourself up the vikings play. The bears week, seventeen and if the bears don't play there, starters they're, essentially saying we're not scared of the Vikings come in playoffs in the wild card round. Now the Vikings get the disrespect card an you do not want to play a dis, respected, Kirk cousins. He might actually win again now. He probably will not know because the problem is, the bears are have a winning percentage and it might be a night game. So then Kirk cousins will just crumble into him. So click, a little elf you'll be like they put me in the night game me for US guys, yeah, not the mail on our calls and city of Chicago. I would rather from I'd rather put the vikings in the Eagles yeah
yeah. Those are just scary. Nick Foles is a scary, quarterback he's so good in the month of December and January, Nick Foles, when everybody else Frank's up yep, because the Cole eleven in for a full just flops all or you just like ponies pull a baker just flopped his dick all around everywhere. That might be his last game in Philadelphia. As well as what was that Nick Foles last home game, this was his last fluff legal home games are starting quarterback legend. It is. He is a legend of the game. Remember that one year I think it's for Chip Kelly, where he at least zero dollars and twenty seven cents, two interceptions. That was amazing. They played the saints- and I remember it because my don't know if this happened everywhere, but I remember my tv went out for like half the game. Remember that just been whatever Rcn in Chicago, but, like I basically watch scrambled porn for two quarters of that do that. Anyone who remembers that tweet that at me 'cause, I might scrambled porn. That's Nick Foles yeah trying to get out of the pocket yeah exactly who the shrine
of course long stride as amazing as got like three, and I was up there, so the first available, of course, and when this was back full of of Jesus and give false all of it all the above he's a problematic figure that Chris alright. Let's, let's do our who's back of the week. We have a special one this week, so we're going to do new year's resolutions, because it's new year's and Anwer to do our personal and, as a team resolution, we're going to talk it out before we start, though I want to one new year's resolution for not only us but for everyone, who's and right now in that is to watch the travel show coming out. Caleb and Rone Our colleagues were tremendously talented. I don't know when it's coming out they're going to now. Is it tomorrow there announcing when it's going to be released? It's like the NFL schedule for this yeah. So today you can see the announcement of when it's coming out. I have a feeling it might be coming out pretty soon, but they've been working very hard on it. It's actually I've watched some of it. It's insane, it's it's better than a Netflix show like it.
This is better than like a professionally made. Netflix shows so make sure you watch it kill grown? Do all that, so it's come out at once. Yes, yeah, they also can venture. Do you know the answer? Yes, they do. So if you hate your family, make an appointment there open road there, they travel were the cities like Cleveland, new or winsport like they're, going to Portland or and Portland Me- are they going to both on both oh yeah. I like it, get killed in road or are legitimately to the funniest people. I have ever met my life yes, and from what I've seen the show it's gonna be amazing. Actually produce, might I add, No, I don't want to produce part, but Kelvin Rohner Great day, I would say they've done a great job in spite of the production Buddha Ben, I'm just kidding. I love you too boo boo, been working his ass off as well, so the whole team has been incredible. Make sure you watch it. It's awesome, travel Channel, NBA Tv yeah he did man, that's why I watch college, where they just brick threes all day and
files, get you out of the game with ten minutes left. It means more to those guys they don't they don't palm the ball either. Those guys hands aren't big enough. Those guys would go to college for six months. It means more to them, yeah, ok, so new year's resolution who wants to start, I gotta couple spicy ones tank watching I think we will go around yeah. I gotta couple pretty basic. We talked about the other day, but first one is boulder shoulders. Tell him I'm doing that as well. Good. I think we should just carry heavy shade around for the entire year, this house out so yeah. That sounds good. I want to get so. I know that you can do like a lot of shrugs right that helps we're trying to come in the late, the ideal male body, but each of us having a peace right put. Yes, when I want no, no, no there's. No, you can't have everything became okay, focus on everything, you're, not focus all right. All right! We're gonna be like Voltron work at all, robotic jaguars with their own special powers that come together to form a super machine, but here's what I'm here's my idea, the new office, I've. What is it's probably about a hundred feet from
our desk to our studio? We should just Carey like something super heavy, so you have to carry it back and forth. You bring it in then you gotta bring it back I don't know what that is. Someone tell us, but we're going to start caring, random shit around what about yourself. What if we wait, the keyboards without words that make our hands and forearms stronger yeah that works. Here? We see that we put yeah like lead donuts for full keyboard keys, so we put like blogger working out weights underneath our black buffalo dip tins and we just have it like so you're, just carrying around extra ten pounds in pocket at all times. That's called the Nick Foles next one by let's take out by. So how? How is that you're well clarified by let's take out on your credit card credit cards, I don't think we should limit the company credit. That's work, yeah
because one of my own time buying on my own critical so does it again and it has to learn to cook yeah I was gonna say you show all we should make a video stores yeah. Well we're not talking about the the MAC and cheese with the where you set the bulls fire you should do a serious, hang Clarissa Cook, yeah, that's good! Call new series anglers cook all right. What else this I had follow us pretty good. I had. I had a really easy one. Okay, I want to start trying some of those gas station supplements. I don't wanna get myself into money that they like us tomorrow. You gonna give you like what I have literally read one book: that's a lot, and I know that you can do that too. I get it. You can also read: go to one museum: that you can do that on your way to work tomorrow. Right, I feel like this is the way it is a go inside one museum, yeah. I have to go at the paper for ticket and try to learn a couple things in one music, good museum of Sex, I'm pretty good at that, so
keep on, but did you can do little ones like I'd like to do it? I'm not dying. This is like a bucket list. No, but Hank like oh that's. Which is getting better. Ok, fine, fine, don't want too ambitious, not ordering takeout, that's impossible, how we're going to survive you're going to starve? No, I said by less stick. Ok, how about this hang so, just like any dollar amount less than what you know like. Let's say I buy like five hundred and ten times guide by like three to six times. Okay, you know we here's what you do. Do it like three times We could get massive orders of you have leftovers that way. You're stretching your dollar yeah. That's smart! Alright! Fifty! What else do you have? decision supplements one. Ok, I want to get like the ones that the package is. You see behind the cashier on that where it's like rhino, herb, yeah or like tomorrow, tomorrow yeah, it's usually like a guy like kill you yeah. Well, no I'll start out, I'm going to take them responsibly. Well, we should do it as in a controlled experiment. We should all take 'em different ones and see Write down, like you know, have Bubba interview us yeah. We can figure out which,
Some of them are pretty sure just bath salts, I'm just like their chemicals that have been outlawed yet either. Yesterday, all right! I have but what do you guys think about this I'd like to try? This is ambitious. I would love to do an ollie. You can do all you think so you can learn to do and what is an ollie, though you jump off it's sick, it's! Ok! how about just loud love to learn how to ski portal. I watch mid nineties the other day awesome movie, but I love to learn how to ski put just a little bit slow, good or not. Listen if a long shot that that whole that the begin, the movies I can't write- and I don't want to do that if a dog can do you can do okay, all right anything that a dog, I don't think a bulldog and all the are you serious
I can write all right, you don't you don't roll. With the same, you two corners I've seen a bulldog okay. What about this one guys? This is a fashion one and this is actually kind of a not trying to get a free plug, but maybe we'll get a free plug out of this. I'm thinkin we get heavy into one of the three fashion types and one no fear or big dog. No, if I was always a big, no fear guy, but no fear hope us up. Yeah no fear like I had the fear, taste like chicken sure yep a war that one out, let's go one of those people's how to hook it up. No fear should be in the business of like really diversifying like make suit right. Upscale version of no fears jumps your lessons to January yeah. Like that's. That's C Hank, that's a pretty easy, I'm basically, my my new year's resolution is for some company from the nineties to give me free close soon it's a pretty good fuckin' resolution. I like that, like that I lose fifteen pounds of January or you really that's the yeah, that's the baseline goal. It's just saying that out loud scary, I was really I tried. I tried to sneak attack you guys on that one,
I'm going to gain eight pounds in January. Ok, 'cause, I'm eight pounds away from two hundred, never been two hundred in my life nice. We should try to get both charged two hundred. Maybe we should meet. We should meet in the middle weight. How much you weigh right now. Never ask a man's weight, two walking around here in the morning in the walking around at the end of the day. At the end of the day, it's probably probably two one slash two pills: ok, two and half pills, maybe highway Hwy, one hundred and ninety two. You think that if I could take that week, five pound, no do you think that we could meet at like two hundred and twenty five? I would let me two hundred and twenty I'd love to be two hundred and twenty. I could do two hundred and twenty Look like such a piece of shit. If I was two hundred and twenty at outlook Mpix would like fuck you dude. Why did you lose weight? That's the only other thing. Is people gotta we gotta try to change that like I think I can still be funny. If I could just get a little healthier, it's not
it's. I don't even want to be skinny. I want to be. My back. Doesn't hurt all the time I'm going to vote this year. Ok, where is adult something here I would've I'm going to be there I'm going to register today. Let's do you know what there's probably a run off somewhere you actually Chicago mayors coming up. Let me let me know if there's a runoff in your city and I'll just get a flophouse there and registered. So I can vote in cancel yours out. What about for the podcast? We have any any new years resolutions not only were going to watch sponge Bob or something I I think I think we should watch sports movies. I think we should do sports movie review. Yes, we should do that. I would like to see us doing invent a new segment every month, okay, which we do anyway. I think yeah I feel like we do like three new segments, like everywhere yeah. Okay, let me revise that. I would like to start remembering all the new segments that we create. That's our problem is we invent a shitload of new things. We should never remember I'll, throw this out there. We should do one podcast
in this in this calendar year, goofy footed, where you and I sit on opposite sides. We don't tell people that that's the goofy and see if people need well, it's interesting yeah. I kinda like that. One right. We have people going to gravity bong, yeah, that's something I think we can accomplish that yeah and I think that's about it. I mean that's a lot. That's a good list, I'm going to put that on the list and send it back to bubble. You got any oh you're, you're, fine, just the way you are above a lot more sick Jones. I learned so much. I would like to learn some new slang as well. I'd like to be, I would like to a slang word that is, has not become cool yet jog launch. Well, we don't know if that's problematic or not. We know when it's an otter, it's problematic right. I am chunk trying to get less chunk. There
no but seriously. I want to learn some kind of phrase. It's like oh yeah, but I mean we did it like with saw dude. We were so so far had everyone I've missed that fucking rush. I would like to ride a horse this year. Okay, what about like a pony No, I like you, I want to donkey. I guess you know I love for hours. I love mules. Mules are great men, meals get along super well, but I'd like to ride a horse. Support the site there back. I would most of the saddle bullshit I'd like for all of us to take a picture like what all of us riding a horse yeah all going over the other, no well, we we can all get on the same course. What about this p? If you, what about a tandem, wheel, motorcycle horses, room, we will but I'm sorry, you have to write cycle. What will make? pig right side car you can mute know you could be my. What do they call it the hog? No I'm going to be in the front, and I'm going to wear old lady, I'm going to wear old lady, I'm going to be in the front, I'm going to wear a shirt that says. If you can read this, the bich fell off yeah.
No, you you'll be home by old. Ladies. They should ask grass ask caster graphs doing rides for free. We get a haircut this year. No, don't do that? Don't do that ok I'll show you. I think that was a good weight. Brains would not be acceptable if I got a haircut and just turned into a bullet like a really fucking long mullet lightning bolts inside. I I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are. Your hair errors, you it's like Samson. I lose all my power when I come. You can't what if I cut it, though, and turn into wait for myself what it's? What gives us are fuckin' grunge dude like we would become just any other podcast without your hair. You know it's it's uh Bad rebel, you should yeah, because I got a long here. You got. Okay got the cop mustache, here's, here's here's! Nobody would tell us in interviews. If you just saw that stash here. Like I'll give you caught my eyes, you can cut your hair because I get a neck tattoo in place. Okay, then we
keep are bad, yeah, sure yeah. Ok, you just say what but yeah just a huge neck. Tattoo all the way around that I once knew a guy that had two legs tattoo, like girls, legs tattooed on his neck, that just like bra spread out. Oh so it's like he's eating that box. Yeah nice nice. If he just goes down like this guy, he's a shady preacher. That's enough! That's enough new year's resolutions that we're going to accomplish all those someone make a list were going to accomplish all of those. Before. Let's do our interview with Ricky Williams, we have He came into the office. It was a lot of fun. If you remember, we actually had him on about six months ago. Reading our horoscopes, this one was more about his career, his new, Paul venture, really fun guy, like I. That was one of those things where Ricky you know. Obviously he's everyone knows about. Ricky Williams is tremendously successful and also a big time kind of like name, but he was like very down to earth a lot of fun. Talk to before we get to that. We have two quick sponsors bud light all you ate.
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free shipping and a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. I wear hey where's a bubble wears a p. If he wears a, we love our me undies. I want to tell you if that wasn't the truth. We had these dot com. Slash! Take! Do it right now! Ok, here he is Ricky Williams. Ok, we now welcome on recurring guest. We actually were just saying this before you hopped in the studio. It is Ricky Williams, Heisman, trophy winner, football legend he's here in person now, like I said, current gas. Did you read our Horoscopes Ricky, let's start with what you're here for so you were here for the Heisman ceremony, but you also are here because you have a new football league coming out yeah. So on Thursday, I was up in Bristol and we we announced the Freedom Football League and it's we working on
for for over a year, and you know with all these other leaks coming out. We decided it was. It was time to make our now it's me. So what? What exactly is the Freedom Football League like? How is it different than all the other leagues? Like you mentioned, there are tons of new. It feels like what there's a lion's Xfl. There's you like a? U s yeah thing with the were: U S and yeah there's there's a bunch of these coming out our our is different for a couple of reasons I mean our. Our main purpose is really to to play the role of a disruptor into oh I'm sold in the player side, it's going to dollars yeah exactly we talked about. Ok, do it yeah! I mean we're. Not we're not come public with all that stuff, but that's how it that's how it all started. It was a bunch of. Your players, sit around a table and and talking about how we would do things different, how we do things better at first, we were just messing around and then we said you know what? Let's? Let's do it in a the other big part is. Is the fan involvement? You know we wanted to change the experience for for fans and so what
main things is when people buy season tickets, they they get part of the team. Oh wow, yeah, so it'll it'll be like owning your own actors will be it'll, be different, it'll, be like owning the stock, so in the future of the team is successful and sponsorship to come in in the league is growing. Fans are going to get a check in the mail. That's all right. Anybody that buy season tickets can actually refer to themselves as professional sports team owner. Exactly do we I'm in well, I'm artists were soon yeah yeah, the never son, don't stand so that a lot he is so. Where do we have? Are we at the point where we know where the teams are gonna, be at ease? Okay, ten teams, where are the closest seniors, Hartford, okay, on the on the east coast? So also we have a team in Orlando team in Birmingham team in San Antonio, a team in Oklahoma City, what kind of places they playing in state
this big, stable, Citadel stadiums, yeah okay yeah, so you mentioned that you were involved with some other guys that used to play Lee who else's so I'm the biggest name probably is is Terrel INS, Z, just kidding. I know Dexter Jackson Simeon Rice from those really good Tampa tied up and have a bunch of guys on the on the West Coast, Byron Chamberlain Coast tight end for the for the Vikings in for the for the Broncos couple of higher name guys were keeping their name silent until until we pick up more at his team, because I, like that answer, your honor they're kind of nervous about about you- know push back from the NFL on a lot of the big name. Guys are still connected a phone, so you know they want to names. Are you obviously I I would assume if you're not nervous about that, but was anyone like was t o nervous? I mean he has this thing with yeah he bucked the hall of Fame. So you true, he wasn't. He wasn't concerned about it. You know I was interested when this all came up there that have
the contingency was, you know screw, then a vial. You know in part of them was like you know, we don't want to piss them off right into it at the end. They we, so we don't need to go up against anyone. Let's just do all this is do our thing and- and I think it was going to end up happening- is player. Some are the you're probably going to go off to the NFL right and have great careers, and so but the whole thing is because we just think that we could do a better as far as scouting coaching understanding with the football experience is actually like. Instead of you know the the the the other my out of the rich white, guys own everything, and they make all the decisions. So I mean I I agree with you. The NFL should be welcoming to it, because when you look at the Xfl, even those failed, they took some things. They made some things better than the NFL ended up using the thing for me is: if you're going to do more football, I'm always down for more football. How are you going to keep the level of play at a high level like the problem with all these leagues? Is we already
shady enough quarterbacks in a lot of teams, so now we're going to even have like unless you want to sell me on Nathan Peterman, I will watch that. Well, here's the thing, though, in the NFL is a certain model like you have to be a certain size to play a certain position and obviously we're not going to be able to compete with the NFL for those kinds of players, but as far as getting good athletes and developing them, we think we think we can do in a lot. Who is better than the NFL again because former players in May it's our egos thinking been there not. We know we know how to yeah. Would you go hello? How are you guys going to get these players so it I've always thought that lead to come in and really disrupt if they offer players at a high school? That's! No! That's! That's not jacks! That's that's! That was my main idea when I, when I, when I stepped in, I said: if we're going to do this, I think we need to get players to get the players earlier. You know I went back to school a couple years ago and it really broke my heart. I was sitting in class and a lot of the current players were in class and I was thinking you know they recruit these kids
expecting to compete at a high level on the field, but most of these kids can't even compete at a low level in the classroom, and so I think, The model right now is, if you're a good football player, and you want to go to the nfl- that you have to go to college right in college, isn't for everyone, so creating a another path to to the NFL, guys didn't come out and start getting paid and taken care of their families right away and even even like find their education is something that actually interest them, that they can be good at. Instead of trying to go down this traditional road of of a four year university yeah I like that, are you gonna play? No, I'm done sure. I'm done. Are you
the gonna put GEO's definitely applies. If he wants to play yeah, could you or is he does I could play yeah yeah? I'm gonna have to get get back in the football shape, but yeah I'm I'm done. Okay, yeah! I think I think I have so much more offered. You know other places in the league. Would you be? I guess, like active in coaching at all or more of the mentor side, more the mentor side. My my role right now is had had a player wellness in. For me: well, this is a life that isn't just you know, taking care of your body, but it's taken care of your mind, and I think I have here is the other thing out of players, retired and they've done other things, and they become good at other things and so bring in those gifts back to offer the league not only there on the field experience, but what they've been doing since a retired, okay I'll, in the room or you going to drug test. How is that an elephant? I thought the elephant in the room is Texas back
of course it will show it against Georgia. You pause for a second yeah. Does this offend you sure Texas back is this? Is this imbecility? When I do torrents down is not and here's what I tell the guys, if you guys don't like it, then don't lose right. People start beating people they're not going to put the horns down, get out of hand this year, Tom Herman is a very sensitive guy like he takes he's a big Umbridge taker yeah, and so when he saw those horns point. But let's, let's go back because you didn't answer the question you guys going to drug test for what, of course, not drug test for what it would be. More specific drug test, acid cannabis, spinal taps. No! okay drug test for PE for ok, steroids, okay, that's fair, but again for me
here's what we're doing differently. We don't have to go by the old rules of how people have done it before we're starting this league now, so we get to take current ideas, current understandings, current beliefs, current laws into consideration, and if we had a reason to test for cannabis, we would but we can't we sit around. We can't come up with a reason to test for Canada, but I've always thought that the NFL just treats we'd testing as a giant bargaining chip. I don't think they actually care if their players smoke pot, but if they're going to get, Do that testing you're going to do something to get something right, yeah, that's what it's becoming in the Cba going back and forth, if they're going to give that up we're going to give you some money or at sensually. I want to talk so I'm excited for this. When, when are you guys going to start twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty? Okay? Hopefully I'm still alive, but will I mean that seems like forever?
Twenty Johnny's I mean Alabama is playing Notre Dame in twenty twenty eight markets will that I had it all yeah okay, we'll have some kind of lapse of hype leading up to it, and what we'll we'll keep people and gays in part of the reason is we get to see what plays out with these other, these yeah, no and again true, learn from their mistakes? Have you thought about having us as coaches, hey, where it's open a Eugene or weather passes in the seat. Would you guys come commentator game yeah? Sure absolutely done. That would be interesting to me. Ok, just sign here so, we get a part of that will give you a part of the league to John. I want the Hartford team, you got it yeah, that's cool glamouring over! Do this in franchise after the wailers yeah, so I would like I said we had John before, but I wanted to. We didn't really do like a full Ricky Williams Talk and I want to do a couple that okay, you know a few minutes of that. If you're cool with it, you got it big question, and this might seem a little weird when you
back at your NFL career success or not. I say it's success. Yes, because I got ten thousand yards. If I was at like nine hundred and ninety nine out of been like. You know you have been like success because I got nine thousand years now. I wouldn't have thought I said you know. If I would have gotten ten thousand yards would have been a success because you're you're an interesting case. We actually randomly it came up. I think. Last week we were talking about your career and my knee jerk reaction was no, but that was because of how great you were in college, and I mean I think we traded for four first round picks in your career for four first round picks, but then I went and looked, and I was like wait. No, two thousand and one two thousand and two two thousand and three. Those are like some very good years and also you know when I came back, it was situational. I was splitting time right and even splitting time I still managed to pretty
average thousand yards yeah, I mean I played eleven seasons, ten thousand yard, but one of those seasons with six cares because I tore my panic right and it's we it's an interesting like what. If, because I think, like I said the do, you think the expectations were too high for you when you went into the league, I don't I think ultimately, you know and people ask me if I could go back and do anything again what I do differently and I said I would have gone to the NFL when I did. I would have taken a year off right out of college and enjoyed being a Heisman trophy winner for a year. Travel get to know myself in and I'm sure the and, if I would have taken me after your off yeah, I should have been like in a better place. What I want from because, in the end I found, I had expectations about what the info would be for me and people ask me. I said the NFL is was a disappointment to me, because I grew up not watching Jim Brown, but really and with Jim Brown stood for that he was a great football player, but he used his platform to have a voice. I got to the NFL, I started speaking up on things in the coach said, shut up, stop being a distraction, and that broke my heart.
Okay, I mean that's also yeah. I mean that if sticker, you do you think which, which one had the expectations which one elevated the expectations more the Heisman trophy and all the success in college or dick at doing that trade, where he trade. Did an you became the only player, I think in NFL history to be the only like the singular pic of a team in a given draft, it's hard to That question, because I always feel the expectations I put on myself far outweighed other people's expectations and you know- and I look at my career and you know starting first preseason game. I had an ankle injury. I came back first game of the season had ankle injury. You know play it play dislocated my elbow, kept playing and end up missing ten games, my my first two seasons, but if I could've stayed healthy, I think it would be no,
even even with all the ups and downs in the cannabis in the suspensions. If I to stay healthy this for two years, I I think I'd be in the Hall of Fame yeah. So you know people talk about the first contract that you signed a lot you had. It was no limit soldiers. They they may go show name so. J now is the height of no limit. Did you ever like to they make you a poster where you're like an album cover for no limit, because those things were like I could I wore my jersey in the who who video card for sage jerseys, and I got a change. I have no the machine. That's right. Did you ever see the tank that they wheeled out that basketball court I never saw the town has had little take a much that was going to change I'm going into that like make that decision to sign with them. What was that process? Like at a at a college when they're like hey, we want to represent you yeah, so I was a baseball player. A lot of people don't know that, but I I played minor league baseball, and so I had a baseball agent and there we're going to be my football agent, because we had a good conversation but that relation broke down during my senior season at texas- and I was you know, didn't have an agent.
These agents would come to me and it just sounded like the same old spiel and I didn't want to like you know, do the same thing. Kronos was doing and no limit was big and I and like what they were doing and I saw an opportunity to do something different and so I jumped all over it. Was there ever a part of you that thought? Maybe you wanted to play baseball yeah. There's a big part of Maine really want to play that many times. So. Do you think Kyler Murray? You were just at the Heisman. You have a Heisman vote. You voted for Kyler Murray. Do you think he's making the right choice playing baseball over football hell? Yeah, no doubt just simply because of you know the the health, the the health risks that come with football or what was the reason you know the other soldiers, but I look at the cornerback position and I I don't, I think it's much diminished. The helpers is much diminished for a great for recorder back specially compared to running backs. You know, I just think his size in his skill set. I just think it is a smoother path to the baseball. You know I I'm a Take Johnny men's for, for instance, you know a smaller guy dynamic with his with his feet and could throw the ball. It was hard for him to
a place in the NFL right I play with a little bit of Miami Good, wasn't as good as his Kyler. But again I I just think his his body in a skill set. He can play based yeah. That's probably make more money yeah exactly so it's probably right contract in baseball, like you sign one deal and you're pretty much set for life, yeah baseball the grind of baseball's, crazy, but yeah. I know what that's that's. What I don't like about bass playing every day. Is it hard if you played every summer right, yeah like while you're in college yeah? That's the That's crazy spa. I'm telling you got like I play with Jimmy Rollins in the one thing about Jimmy. Is he loves to play baseball and to play like you have to love the game to get up and in turn, sixty? Are you drink that green tea, coffee
with yeah and math in it yeah yeah. I don't have that anymore. Yeah on that yeah. That should definitely get your login like offering this game is awesome yeah. This is the best love man in the outfit for five hours is awesome, so you go from New Orleans. You go to Miami and you played in probably our favorite system there. The wildcat yes, winners, like kind of brand new and just kind of come to the NFL was that did soprano put that in because of the lack of options, yet a quarterback, or was he just like I'm a do something crazy. Actually we had had been engineers that it had a good year took it to the playoffs. We we started off. We hire David Lee, who was off its corner Arkansas with Felix Jones and Darren Mcfadden, and then on the wall kinda bit he came in and we're in training camp and he put up on the board and we kind of looked at each other like we're not running this high school shit, you know, but going to you know, you start, you start rethinking things and you know we lost our first two games and we're playing the patriots up in Foxborough and installed it
on Tuesday in the meetings or Wednesday in the meetings and we ran it in practice and we set our will, give it a try and then went up to Fox borough and whipped up on the patriots and it was in it was became a main staple of our off. It was supposed to revolutionize the NFL and B. Honest with me here. Was there ever an option to pass? There is just really run right. It was. It was a called complain. There was never any options. Ok, so it would. They ever call pass yes, no running through a touchdown every now and then we just caught twice. We always laugh because it's like the everyone announcers would freak out like wildcat here comes Wildcat, is they're going to run with him pass. Well. Ninety five percent, chance of one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine percent chance right, yeah, they're, really not screwing. Anyone up. We do a touchdown pass against the Patriots First game, and I think after that, the reason it works. So well is because defenses had no idea what we were doing. They'd realize it was a called play. It wasn't
in a check on the on the run time. We we involved into we're running a play, quarterback and I'd be in the back. Then we do some zone read stuff and I don't think the wildcat necessarily revolutionized the NFL, but it did open the door for for team to start running his own read with with quite a it's a good run. Yeah, that's fair yeah! I'm surprised someone didn't because it was right at the same time, a team that ten people came into the NFL. I'm surprised someone didn't just draft tivo and have them as a wild cat, yeah yeah corner, but that's kind of what to say to do now would would take some help. Yeah they just exactly I'm like. Yes, he can pass if you has to, but it's more of a just figuring out that out? If you have eight guys, that's more than seven guys, seven guys like it took the announcers like four weeks when you guys are running it to finally figure out? Well, it's just now. They have more guys on offense, the defense can guard, and so that's That's the whole point, it's pretty simple! When you get down to it so installing it you, you were like there's no chance.
Works are we. I was like there's no chance of this work and I was thinking I'm gonna be on the sideline, because I I'm not running all this crazy stuff and then they said that I was the guy that goes motion. I said I'll, try it in a in a you know what I loved about. It is there's four running backs in on the field at the time and in the running back room. It was just great from around because we're all on the field together working together, and you know we had a blast doing it. Yeah the patriots was, was spell check just looking at you guys, fuming was he screaming like we will see you noticeably frustrated in their their whole team? Was you know, but what makes the Patriots and and Bella check so good as our preparation is that you know they scout to where? If, if, if I would touch my loves there, no I'm in a run like based out to that detail and ended thorough. I throw something out on that. They weren't prepared for it. They didn't, they didn't know how to function. Yeah but ndes got yell at each other. It was, it was great to see. Was that the season that Tony soprano buried the ball, or do you do that out in Oakland? I think He did that when he was interim coach yeah did you ever berry football after bad loss? No,
there is a big tape. Did any of your coaches ever? Do that bury the football yeah like actually very, have a funeral for the football? No, you should, in meant that in the new football league, every after every LOS, the team has to have like a full on funeral I'd like a graveyard in the back of the shelf yeah. We got a lot of ideas like this. You guys, I didn't see you guys. Really, I'm telling you give you steak in the league in I want to cash out right now. How much is it worth much? Does everything is six thousand and sixty dollars in my pocket? I've seen I've seen a bunch of interviews with you, where the people who were talking too heavily imply that they think that you're a little bit crazy. Do you think that were a little bit crazy? I do do you. I think we think that your youth you're a little crazy. I hope so okay, see, I don't see crazy as a bad thing. No, I don't. I think crazy is a good thing, would it crazy is a good thing. I think we all need a little more crazy, Australia. I think you guys do
so I've been really good. Well, I've been like in the NFL in like you know, I wasn't allowed to be crazy, so I think it's stunted my craziness. How do people decide to put a limit on your craziness? Would it just be a coach saying: hey Ricky, don't talk to that reporter or what was that, like? I think it's a little more subtle like since you're from the group, you know. Are there certain things that you're supposed to do and certain things you're not supposed to do you weren't supposed to wear a helmet when you do an interview or something yeah. That's true! That's true. Did you feel it from your teammates, too uh when I first got to New Orleans, I felt it but as they got to know me and saw the way that I worked on the field care right now right, what do you think that you were not ahead of your time? But I always wonder this with you, because it feels like when you, when you know you had the weeds, and the suspension you quit football and you're like I want to find myself there's more to football, then there's more to me than just football people were like come on
you're, throwing this whole thing away. Where is today, I feel, like people are a little more open to someone being like hey. You know what I'm not just a football player yeah, so you think your little eat it. You do. You think the reaction be different today, if, if like Ricky Williams, career was happening right now for sure no doubt about it. No, I mean no doubt about it in and you so I will one Stephen, a Smith would have gone on an awesome like stay off. The weed thing with me. I would have come in. I would have come on and just confronted him to his face. No one confronts him yeah yeah yeah. I would ask me if you ever smoke weed and tell him that he probably needs to. We need to get that like happen. Let's get that debate. I don't know why we don't have that embrace debate. Should you stay off the weed. Did you like weed more than football at one point? Well, let's, let's, let's break this down yet let's break this down. Ok! So I'm not going to answer the question directly. Yet okay, but I will say: I'm guessing you guys have smoked
for yes, so badly! All right, allegedly so, have you guys ever played football? Yes, yes, okay, okay, Madden! Every sorry, we got hi full baths. Okay, now also marking you can do both. So you guys, I know it's great. You guys know the experience of what it feels like after you smoke. Okay, yeah, yeah right. So the few thing that you have after you play football is slightly different right. One, better than the other, so I'll say in the immediate this real sense of it. I enjoyed smoking more ok, but as far as and even say that, for if I look at what has done for me in my life and what cannabis is done for me in my life. I have to give the advantage to cannabis. So it sounds like you like, the feeling after you smoke better than the feeling after you play football, but you like the act of playing,
or better than the act of inhaling smoke? Yes, you got you just need to buy a better bong. Is the problem just start taking edibles yeah, I, like the immediate feeling I don't like to have to wait 'cause every time I have to wait by the time. I feel inedible. I forgot that I had edibles make it more first time you ever taken edibles, do you like this isn't working? I need to double up my dose and then you got way too high and put yourself out now I was it was new year I was in New Orleans. It was new year's eve and I was going to a new year's Eve Party and I I made she made a bunch of brownies and it was my first experience with edibles. Not I don't know how to do something. So I like brownies, who doesn't write half the planet, have to pan of brownies. In my first edible experience was probably the most fun night I ever had in my whole life. Ok, I just remembered laughing my ass off the whole entire night and the next morning.
Yes, yes and you're still lies and still high. It's still high. Do you miss football like it was their time after you retired were like man, I kind of wish. I had done some things differently. Really, that's gotta be good feeling. Well I mean I, that's a people would assume by right. I feel like when I played football I gave so much of it. It's like I did it right and I did it. You did to lot yeah and honestly again, I think people look at me in there, like yeah you're, a big guy in your fast, and you have all this talent and they assume that. That's all that I could do, but there's other things in my life add more rewarding than I've enjoyed. Doing that, I'm actually better at think. That's the part that I'm I was talking about in terms of like when you were playing all verses today, because I think athletes now today there respected or as well rounded people, where is
even ten fifteen years ago, is like no. Your football player like shut up, especially when you're really really good football player. Yep like I was people just assume that that's that's, where do you ever go back and look at old, video like men are pads were ridiculous. How big they were yeah, I I mean is I I learned probably might when I got to Miami I got shoulder. I got smaller shoulder pads, but everything before I can't watch. Yes, I to Texas A and, like the other day, it's crazy a date. You yeah that's bad. What what was thought process with those I mean when did that when his shoulder sir King small- I don't know, but it definitely was a thousand to two thousand sales exact time watching it watching is a very, very particular morning. Call it college and then watching ready, MOSS playing College where he's like the fastest guy on the field, but he looks like he slowed and because his shoulders yeah, what's the size of his bond, the jerseys are like mesh pennies. That is that look like you could get him for, maybe fifteen. I know those they're out on the data so yeah. When was the most fun you ever have played football
good question running the wildcat that year in Miami with his Ronnie, and I were really close and we just we both got to get on the field at the same time and we're winning. It was a lot of fun. Yeah. Were you ever a little jealous like come on? Let me throw a couple: passes was Ronnie get to pass all the time, there's only two passes yeah. I think once we do one passing it was interception but yeah. I was like he's done. What's on Matthew Mcconaughey, like he's intense yeah, he's really intense. He spoke with him. I have not. What strength is that possible played softball together? How is that possible? Because every time I see where it's like it's in, like a sports kind of environment, interesting yeah, we just set up that play date. Yeah
that will come to get on Lake Travis. We just you to want to invite ourselves this part, so it is really good idea. Yeah very good! I will told well I'll get in touch with math you'll, see that you already agreed to it yeah, I'm I'm in that that way, he's in we what about Vince Young we've, we we've interviewed Vince Young he's pretty funny. Guy yeah, I like the way yeah, my god do you ever. If you ever tell you about how he his his game plan is always just chill out in the first half of the in the second averages goes off yeah. I watched it so famous, that's what I'm doing yeah! I wish he never told anyone. He probably still be playing. He didn't leak that yeah well! That's I I will. I had one last question see keep question put in promo code. Take you get ten. Aristocracy keep purchase. Promo code. Take so talked about a little earlier, but give me an honest answer. Is Texas all the way back, I'll talk and Ricky Williams back? Have you seen? Have you seen our quarterback played yeah yeah Ellinger?
do stuff can do so. It's underrated because Texas has been off the map and that's my favorite way of saying someone sucks by the way he can do stuff. It was special this year he can win you a game. He was special issue and what games he was special. He was special, something since like went when he had one bad game all year. Ok, one bad game, stuff yeah! He threw only threw four picks in two of them came in the second to last game, but you're still not answering. My question is Texas. Back yes nationally. Yes, like people think they think college football and they're thinking Alabama Lsu Ohio, state, USC, Texas, they're, not that back in there, but there we go there knocking on the door and they have an opportunity. I think it's very bad this opportunity in the sugar bowl to be all the way back, so they are on the precipice. That is a huge game now, if they beat Georgia there officially they're always back there all the way back there, officially Texas, back wow the way back. I do like Tom Herman, I think, he's a good coach. I think he's a little bit of a baby with the horns down stuff and like complain about Will Greer but he's clearly
Very good coach yeah he's a great coach when he's an underdog. I think in the moment he just was mad that they lossed, which is fine, just admit that they don't know that guy who's, like oh, it's a mad for another reason like now he's sorry for having is being a little butt after loss, but right it means you care, Gray's, emotion, I like Tom, a lot. Yes, you know I I I agree. I think there is definitely there's a place for that kind of a motion. It's just after are you going to be like you know what I was probably wrong, but yeah I do have a last question so when you were actually traveling the world it during your year off like physically, what were you doing? Agree? I've heard that you were like getting really into photography. I've heard that you were camping places but like it's all from just like internet rumors, basically yeah, because it was after my photography phase. Ok was after so so I was retired, I'm sorry living with a friend in Huntington Beach and said. Ok,
I need to travel so hopped on the plane went to some more first hung out, and then I went to Fiji for quick with a what is what is hanging out in Samoa. Look like going would be actually was taking pictures in some way. You can actually was hanging out at the beach, ok and walking around and just checking things out and staying because in some more they have tikis like these TI keys on the beach and playing rugby with kids. Crazy story You know these kids into more didn't know who I was and were playing rugby and I'm running down, and these twelve year old kids are like taking shots at me. It was great, it was awesome. Fiji hanging out was kind of boring. So then I said I want to go back to Australia, so I hopped on playing plane, went to Australia count. Bus around Australia ended up in this town, called Byron Bay, really cool, hippie town, and that's why I pitched it. For the first time in my life and stayed on the campground and just met people from all walks of life all around the world and I started It was the weirdest thing, my whole life. I think I read two books in when I retire.
I just realized that maybe I'm more intelligent than I thought I was so. I just started. Reading a bunch and then I came to the states and that's when I started studying alternative Medison became a yoga instructor in my started to take a whole different path, and you know the astrologer, the healer, all that part of me started to emerge. So if I started reading, who knows who knows you might be in better shape, so I end up we're trying to get in shape next year, not in December, but like once you anyways or should I just want to get giant arms like Popeye, bad back. I want core strength core strength, so you do yoga. I would say plot ease. Plot ease is good for his come on man, this stuff, I know, but you know my check. No, I do that's what I know you said in like no way yeah I do but like I want to get like quarter, but like old man, the man the core. What is a man like the old? Steroid, I don't know like six back, that's out to hear some pretty bad, but what do you like to be happy without looking, for? I don't really know
Maybe I need to go to Australia and read some books and telling you Faulkner changing. Actually chili I'll, just leave it at that works too yeah, Australia doesn't really exist. What do you so Australia might exist. It's made up so back when Australia first invented and quotes, it was a penal colony right, so they put all the. On England? All the prisoners got onto a boat and they sent the boat overseas. Now, if you're, the king of England, if you run the prisons Would you rather do just put all your prisoners on a boat, send them halfway across the world and then pay for them to be fed and clothed and have shelter and all that stuff over there. Or do you think that that old king of England, who is probably a pretty big jerk, we're just sank that boat and just told everybody hey the prisoners,
Over in Australia out there. Fine don't worry about it, they're, not here anymore. It's actually really good point yeah! Thank you. What's your favorite conspiracy theory hum, I don't have any alright! Well now this one should be yeah. We should just pretty good this one and everyone needs a good I'm taking this one yeah yeah everyone please do some research about, because I have my research has consisted of me reading, like one reddit thread, but then letting my mind kind of run with it. That's all you need is one right, yeah, just spark. There's a spark spark Bruce Springsteen said that right, yeah can't start fire with thus far right. This guns for hire without without already can't start conspiracy, that's how we didn't start yet so yeah, that's like that's like alright! Well, Ricky, there's been a ton of fun. Welcome back anytime man appreciate you joining us. We're looking forward to the league looking forward to being investors in the league to calling games to being uh. First being coaches players, yeah, oh yeah,
will take out one of things we're throwing around is having female, okay. Well, I've got long hair. I can pass for a girl from behind he. Here's an idea. Here's one last idea throw this out there, so we were talking about this. The two point: conversion play. You know how they basically ruined it in the NFL yeah. You should have the two point. Conversion play be exactly how used to be, but every one who plays in the two point. Conversion plays a fucking Joe Schmo off the street and they sign a waiver, and it's just mayhem- here's an actual about that wow yeah wow, so you can just be like hey it's almost like you're busy really daring. All all the guys sitting on the couch being like I could play like alright right prove it there for the two point: conversion to get your. You know your face smashed in one of the ideas that I put on the table, I'm not sure the guys will, like it or agree, is because season ticket store owners, part owners of the team that all four downs
season, ticket holder right you get to make the you vote I like it. How are we going to go for it? I think that you could also do the other idea. I've had is that everyone who plays if your season ticket holder the players get challenge one of the fans to a fight at any point during the season, one fight. The players in the middle of the role models. Are they run their mouth yeah? I like that idea. Kind of him got. It makes it interesting when you go to the game. Like I teach it, you can press charges, you talk shit, but you might get challenged to a fight yeah I got two more trolling on social media. It would it would it be assault, So it's still stole the idea for me and made it so that everyone thought once a year like can get challenged. But the real idea is that it happens in sports arenas, brilliant yeah. I like I like that rule out too, but I have two ideas: one is whoever scores a touchdown has to kick. The extra point
yeah or if you want to make it somebody who weighs more than three hundred, then that extra point is worth three points, so you get fat guys. Kicking three hundred yeah buddy loves that second idea is kicking is the on the the turf the little black pellets, that you have on the field turf there made out like ground up tires or whatever out of bounds should have different color pellets than the inbounds. So you can tell when someone goes out of there you go there. You got done and it would just look awesome in slow mode. Like imagine that it's super simple, like that, oh drag, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, black black black black black, thumbs down on the goal line, so if the any part of the ball crosses the syntactic sit up and you just what are your thoughts on punch and someone may be having a knife? It depends. It often's house tonight offense mystery knife, no mystery, no one. They have to
the knife to the wrath, but sometimes the other team misses it. Ok right after work. I really this is with great. We will talk further, get us in front of the whole committee and will just go rapid fire all our ideas. You can take any of 'em. You want boom, put him into the league, Ok, Williams! Thank you. So much really appreciate it were occuring guests and good put the new leak. Thank you. That interview was also brought. You guys buy express VPN with all the recent news about online security breaches, it's hard not to worry about where my data goes, making an online purchase or simply accessing your email could put your private information at risk, you're being tracked client by social media sites, marketing companies and your mobile or internet provider. Not only can they or your browsing history, that's scary, to think about, but they often sell it to other corporations who want to profit from your information. That's why I decided to take back my privacy by using Express VPN,
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Intercom such pmt learn more there. Okay, let's get to some segments. First up, we have MIKE Tomlin, says stuff. This. The need is a new segment right yeah. I think it lessens again name caller MIKE Tom and says we stop yeah would MIKE Tomlin's things that he said is holy. What does he mean? Does he understand himself? Yeah so last week we had the famous quote where he said. Sometimes you got to cut off your. I leads so that you don't blink yep and this week not the best MIKE Tomlin says stuff week, but we have at least one, and we also have a fun game- we're going to play here. So he did say that we made the bed will lay in it. I'll expect us to in it very well and perform so it's a classic cliche making bread and what is it your bed, you gotta, lay in it yeah you made. Your bed now lie yeah right so in in in this case, this the Steelers are like one of those beds where the sheets don't really fit, and you know there's maybe some saying
and in some crumbs from that LOS to the raiders, maybe a little like puke from the LAS two who wrote the saints yeah. It's your only pair of bed sheets that you have and washing machines broke, yeah the pillow cases, all the pillowcases are off. Just as your violent sleeper, and you can't remember, ribs are heard, and I had a small stream- is yeah yeah kind of smells like sweat in Pf Changs PF, Changs, they're gonna. Lay that a lot of sauce yeah this is this is the sauces. Sticky is bad that you've ever been in your life, stop by delaying it, and not only that, but the lane it very well in the perform, which I am the best, which I actually agree that they probably will perform, and that should be bad because you're playing it saying the bangles shell yeah. This is the bed that the Steelers were made to lie and yes, and they will perform gonna die in that. Yes, all right, but we have a fun game where Pft I don't know if it's fun yet because, okay, all right well, I'm gonna call fun fun. We you have some quotes.
Some made up some real and we have to guess Hank, you can play as well with guess if it's a real MIKE Tomlin quote or fake MIKE Thomas, ok, I've got six quotes here, okay and you have to figure out which ones are real first one. I want you to be able to look a man in his eye and nose blood type, I'm going to say that's real hectic hanks right, fake clock made that one, that's a good one. That's a good one! Yeah! Ok, and teams aren't necessarily dominant in stadiums but they're dominant, largely in moments. That's real! Take it's real!
All right, that's good ways! I had again dominant side that I like that quite a lot because, like yeah it does, it makes zero sense. Are all yours, no homer wrote down moments. No dominant teams aren't necessarily dominant in stadiums, but their dominant, largely in moments right. So there is no home or away it's just a moment. Right life is a series of moments happening to you right. It doesn't matter where if it's in the stadium right, but games are usually typically played a stadium. Grace is my understanding. Well, you could put in arena. Okay, fill your yours up with crap and the whole world sounds like a toilet. That's fake! That's a great quote! I think yeah. That was very that was actually that's a great quote, Kay. There's a difference between fill your yours up with crap in the whole world sounds like a toilet that, like that's a really good quote, though too few tried. That's a rat poison quote the Knicks, even yeah, yeah yeah. These are again the ones that aren't like Tom Accords will be said by him and stuff right. Exactly okay. Next one up, there's
difference between winning and winning. Take that's real! Now, it's fake! Ah, that I understood that one listen! There is a difference. You wear a winning yeah when I wrote it, I was. I was writing something that sounded nuts, but I after I was done it was like. I talked I self into right. You that's a real yeah, that's so fake! It's real MIKE! If you're out there listening. I know you probably are your big fan. If you need a speech writer yeah, I feel like I'm channeling your like the part of bears today they one they didn't win yeah. You know exact they they they one win. They didn't know they yeah exactly yeah. Ok, look at me, weird Hank, but it makes perfect sense. They won the game, but they didn't win the game. Now they didn't. They did not win the game, but they won the game got it. We got a problem. We got two dogs in just one bone. That seems like a real one. That sounds like the Joker
We had a problem. Two dogs, just one bone Joker sounds like kind of a little bit. Heath Ledger, maybe think that's real. Yeah. It's true context. I I think he was talking about. Probably it is Bryant and Antonio Brown who hosts wanting catches. I was a both wanting to roast the bones yeah both yes, I got it yeah, that's good! Well, you get. This also could have been a motivational quote with Michael Vick around Yes X, one. If you want to make an omelette, you can't let your chickens get pregnant, that's fake! That's real! That's fake, yeah! That's a good one as well, but it's also true nailed it. It's also true because you can't have your chickens having sex with the exit they layer. Unfertilized. Is that true yeah, damn you're, not eating baby bird? Ok, I don't understand that. But ok yeah is that it it. I think I have one. That was good. Hang on yeah. That was fun. Okay. Last one.
No, that's it! That's all. That was very I'm glad that I'm glad I was able to fool you with with some of your your yeah, because that's how crazy MIKE Thomas but his quotes make no sense, but they also don't make sense. It's a class. We we fix. I think it might Tom and is the king of saying something and you being like: ok walking it's like almost the kill bill. Fifty five point death thing where you walk like down the hallway or like wait that didn't make any fucking sense, but it gets you. Are walking past someone and then like a couple steps later, spelling the fart they just crap yeah right shift, but here's the thing if you're a football coach, that's what your job is. Your job is to just make somebody amped up in any given moment nothing in this series of moment. It doesn't matter if it's at the stadium or not. You just have to make somebody feel alive for a split at the moment in that moment, and that's what MIKE Tomlin does just blood rushing through them in that moment, yeah all right. We have next up, I'm going to
The point I want to do a different one: okay, Pft audible from audible, check, Omaha Omaha. This is a new one as well Darren, Ravel being relateable on gambling content. This is our new segment, so he without imagine being the dude who plunked down two hundred and twenty thousand dollars on the chiefs minus one at the Mirage tonight watching these final few minutes. Just imagine this I'd. Imagine me that do so right. So when people like leave espn- and there saying oh I'm leaving so I can finally be main yeah and get out and show my personality with Darren meant by that was I get to use the word dude in my tweet. Yes, student. Do that so then someone actually funny you mention that, because someone responded, no Darren, also can't imagine being the dude who left a huge company to go. Work for and in Tehran, replied visionary! They are visionaries because others can't see their initial vision. It's very slight, a quote that is, they said the same thing, Jesus all bad, but that did my like. We should not
make a new segment Darren Ravel, trying to pretend like he's gambled before it's always, like imagine being the imagine talking to the dude who had the under in this game. No, I can't I little kids, I don't know what you're fucking saying right now he tweets out live, look at the underlying as the game ends and it's been over for the last. Like forty minutes, imagine being the dude who had UMBC over Virginia in your bracket and then walking into work the next day. No, I can't again, oh no! No! No. If someone said that to me, I'd fucking saw him in the face and call him a liar. Ok, that's it! Alright, king state kings! This is for Marvin Lewis, who reporters come out that the Bengals are going to apparently let Marvin Lewis coach for as long as he wants to go. That's a classy thing virus organization yeah. So I don't even know where to go with this. This is just this is so perfectly bengals they're, basically hey man, you suck. We know you suck
can't fire you, so we just by yourself, there's nothing wrong with that. The Bengals are like a shity old community golf course and they're not going there. They're never going to be great, but they've got a groundskeeper that most of the people tend to enjoy, and so they're like you can live in this shack right on the ninth hole she and let and mow the fairways for as long until you go off into the great big sunset in the sky. Right and- and everybody will be fine with you, because the stakes are very, very low in Cincinnati. So like I have no problem with that. Just give like a gold watch when he wants to retire. It's not the Bengals you could make. The case are like the most relatable franchise in the world, because you have a coach who's like you know what I don't really want to leave. I don't want to get a new job and like have to apply places, everyone has had that moment in life are like. I don't really like my job, but I need to go somewhere else, but I don't really want to do anything the Bengals are the same way. They like we're going to have to fucking, go put this on lightly, this job, opening on
I would have to interview people yeah we have to fly. People in the logistics are insane. That's just keep Marvin Lewis. I think that's the big issue for Paul Brown is he just doesn't want to pay for flights? Yes, like coaches in on interviews like we'll have to go to steak house yeah, wait! We've. We split that right. I don't cover that. You know judge how good can we just get some skyline chili? Does that work? Can I write off the private jet set up out of my taxes and that's his that's gonna, be an issue yeah. So exactly it's! It's the bangles, bagels and and seventeen times bangles were everyone right. The the bangles and Marvin Lewis are staying together for the kids right and they're they're in a loveless relationship. That's okay, but that's fine yeah, and that no one expects the bangles and marvelous to be like all the time they don't I'm making the stuff. We don't fight out loud. They don't fight in public. So there's worse things. You know don't kiss on the lips anymore. No, that's! Okay! It's fine! Speaking a kiss on the lips. Let's go to our Monday reading, like that. First, like when I was really
it's like this. One comes in the New York Times will finish with their Monday reading reminder with best upcoming on Thursday no show Monday, but back January. Second, make sure you also ration yourself out the best out, because it could be long and we want to get as many download and re downloading resubscribe and do all that please, because we're going to be off for a week, alright New York Times the title of it is I keep making out with the father of the kids. I babysit and I can't seem to quit him or them help. So this is like one of those dear Abby things, so we're not even going to read the response, we're not going to read the expert. Please tell who writes in, but you know what I I just pulled this up and if, if you have a computer in front of you at home, pull up the article now because there's a really good graphic at the top, where it's a gif of just like two people, smooching verbal verbal mean gift and then the guy leading the guy disappears and then uh, oh now, she's sad that he went away. Oh she's blushing,
I'm a woman in my late 20s, and for the past three years I've been babysitting for family. Two years ago I began having a strange kind of affair with the father of the children, who is thirteen years older than me by strange, I mean we make out about once a week, it's insanely hot. We kiss our hands wander close, get pushed aside and then, after about ten minutes, he abroad stops and says he has to go. He also comes to apartment after work, sometimes, but again only to make out briefly nothing more it store. That's why I love making out. So first of all, this guy's coming in is PAM. You know obviously like like one hundred percent is using his pants every time. She's like for some reason, never escalates past rubbing outside the clothes and then all of a sudden. He stops and smokes a cigarette and checks, twitter and then leaves quote. Is he abruptly stops? He just
space like he. He can't last long enough to not jizz his pants right in front of you when you're, making out and he's convinced himself. If we just make out- and I jizz my pants, then that's not cheating, it's not cheating. If you, if you come yourself, it's weird every time I go to touch his dick he's like. Oh, I don't know, I gotta go. Ok, so back to her writing. I've ended this thing many times, but it's not a thing. You're just making out I've been in this thing many times, and you always agrees with me, but we and find ourselves making out again. The heart wants what the heart wants. He wants to do his pants again, I'm becoming someone I don't like. I can't stand what I could be doing to the children. Okay, I'm going to stop right here for second, what like? What? What could you be doing to the children? All you do is make out could you actually know you're right. That is bad for the children. Children be like. Oh, so we
ever have sex you just come up and yells over daddy keep daddy can only comes pants right. There they're developing a very unhealthy and unrealistic picture of what sex looks like yeah. You should come your pants much quicker than a minute yeah, that's a that's a load, your plate, yes guys actually really good at coming as pets really like this is the cast. No people have a pending. This is Rick. Pitino's marathon, don't have chips. Also, don't do ten minutes right. You guys marathon motion. Okay, I can't say what what I could be doing to children if this comes out, I'd ruin their lives. I'm jealous of his wife who's been nothing but kind. To me. This lady thinks very highly of herself to think that her making out with her dad's could
under children yeah like this is it this will destroy the like. You generations of the family yeah, because you made out with because I'm so hot that that that that one is made out is this written by MIRA Sorvino, the lady from american beauty or american beauty? Oh heavens, no, he gets shot, he does and he dies, but before that he makes out with his daughter's friend yeah yeah and it's weird because yeah. I think well, it's weird how the kernel comes over and the cam caps Kevin Spacey like YO bro, I'm not gay yeah all the homophobic, colonel yeah, but then Kevin Spacey like I'm, not gay, homophobic, colonel. He had like nazi paraphernalia in his house, yeah that was kind of like artistic and it's good movie check it out. I'm jealous of his wife who's been looking, I know where they keep their condoms and I count them obsessively to know if they've had sex. Ok hold on is a married couple with kids. And they fuck with condoms, and you still don't think this guy comes his pants
it's going to be more clear. What are you doing? Yeah if you count their condoms? That's a very future shop with condoms too, by the way just so we know like just so. You know if you're listening to this random lady who kisses her walking around with one on actually does so when you keep that mother fucking thing when you're like oh no he's down in eighteen condoms had twenty two last week. No, he just jerked off four times this week or made out with you if you're married with kids and your birth control method is condoms. This is an issue that you should just. He should have a vasectomy yeah. He probably does, and still he still uses condoms. He doesn't. He doesn't like the mess, I'm amid a half and by the way, we're not shaming because listened all guys go through and pace. So, what's faster than others, whatever alright considered telling his wife about the affair, Reasoning that she deserves. Can we cool with
fair, like I don't know if there's a full blown affair, yet it's take out it's well here's the thing. I think that this is an affair. It's been three years of making out. Ok, all this time sounds like there's a lot of marriage: okay, never having sex or we we got a visitor, tell his wife about the affair. Reading that she deserves to know, but my true motivation is that I want to hurt him. Like he's hurt me, he uses me like a toy he plays. We then sets aside yeah nail down exactly okay, finishing up I, so I should find another job, but I truly loved I can't imagine not seeing them. She definitely is like probably gets really happy when the kids actually color, mom yeah. I know she's a. I don't think that she loves. The kids should probably not supervising too closely because she's in the bedroom, counting rubbers yeah right it was you kids out there choking on building blocks and she's like wait. No, I thought there were two ribbed ones and two lubricated and
one that was the fire and ice. What happened to fire and ice and the kids after blue in the face 'cause he's dead. He's he's he's probably reading Hogwarts in that in that nice yellow room, I'm scared that I love him. I've dated other people during the course of our fair, but no one makes me feel the way the dad does yeah, because no one, no one, has a three year relationship where you only make out. So, of course, this is going to be a very unique feeling to this man yeah, so maybe try that try dating a guy who you are make out with once a week and he cums in his pants and see if that feels the same as your relationship with that there are a lot of dudes out there. That could probably work that exactly right. Yeah.
The make out date is a very, very weird move because she's probably like, I guess, she's wanting more. I would hope so maybe this is been going on for three years. Can you just imagine his wife charges in passionately, like guys, wife doesn't make out with him? That's a problem. Yeah like he Fox he's, using a shallow to condoms, so he doesn't want to have sex with you, 'cause he's getting that. I don't want to shame her, but yeah he's back. Maybe she's got maybe she's had braces for the last three years, aggressive with her tongue, yeah, all right, Where do I find the strength to leave this situation? I feel sick and hopeless. Why can't I seem to quit? I think you got to ride it out to the kids. Go to college side have hit my breaking point, so that's great, so usually actually just keep going you just literally You just answered your own question haven't hit my breaking point, you're good! Please keep going keep making out with this fucking dude Jesus Christ. I would love to have this person on goddamnit
and then I don't know if the person who responded like probably give the worse Savoy, like probably like you gotta to leave. This is a bad situation for the kids. No you tell the to stop coming his pants. You know, yeah, it's not rocket science. There really isn't. I think if the guy was better at sex, then it would probably not be in a weird situation. He probably would have occurred if you have a full blown affair and then to be pregnant, yeah yeah and then they would be really messy and then get a divorce and you'd feel shame and the whole thing will just fall apart. So, if anything he's the how bad he is, that sex is saving everyone here, that's a great point yeah, so the more guy should be a r needs, more guys that come themselves to quick, factly well from a black door. When you perspective, it's actually an advantage guys evolved to nut fast right, so we can spread our seed and be more efficient, so that we don't get killed when we're like having a romantic by wondering, like
the only man, the racks yes Colin, eats us yet listen. This is millions of years of genetic program. We don't want to be so hot in a prone position. Yet telling us to not like if you look at, if you look at the the chart, the evolution of man chart yeah the next one past homo erectus is Rick Pitino yeah because he isn't maximizes efficiency, exactly exactly actual are gonna whistling. If you ever wonder why gonna Whistler's mouth? That's? Why yeah that's exactly what all right! That's our show! We will see everyone, Thursday for best of and then hi happy new year and will see you for a new show on January. Second love, you guys,
a medical, I'm gonna call,
it's pardon my take presented by barstool sports.
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