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Rob Gronkowski, MNF Recap, And Uncle Chaps Reading Guys On Chicks

2019-09-10 | 🔗

Joe Flacco stinks and the Oakland black hole is the last place for true NFL fans. Deshaun Watson and Bill O'Brien's fuck up. (2:35-19:31) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the new iPhone causing Trypophobia, and can Bama beat the Dolphins?(19:32-31:20) Retired NFL Tight End Rob Gronkowski joins the show to talk about his retirement, the end of 69 jokes, playing in big games, Tom Brady, and whether or not he ever made Bill Belichick laugh.(33:57-1:10:10) Segments include Just Chill Out Man for Mike Greenberg,(1:14:09-1:15:27) Sabermetrics Kevin Durant's new number,(1:15:28-1:17:06) Sports Biz Minute,(1:17:07-1:18:07) and Guys on Chicks with Uncle Chaps. (1:18:08-1:39:43)

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on today's part in my take future hall of famer rob gronkowski we've been wanting to have this interview for a long time he finally came in and it was great it was great it did not disappoint gronk is just a ball of energy and joy he's a drug he's a drawing around him he had a contact rob hides it's incredible so we have gronk in studio little monday night football clean up little hot seat cool throne and
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they willingly traded for joe flacco fact it yes that's it ach you listened the raiders weren't going to lose last night it could have been anybody could've been the eighty five bears out there it could have been the two thousand what was a two thousand seven two thousand eight patriots the one where they lost you lie it could mean that team out there the raiders were going to be on a mission from the get go you had here's the thing about the nfl let me explain something to you okay nfl out in the nfl going up that tells you how the dow the dolphins are gonna be google for chair and i fell every team is filled with good players if i would put this like brunch wore ski every nfl team has nfl players except for the dolphins right not not very good but they spent the entire week hearing about antonio brown hearing about how they were going to suck how they had no hope there were losses of franchise anytime it happens especially before monday night game the teams going motivated to play like a little bit extra hard especially if you got jon gruden as your coach
that was a team is going to beat anybody okay so with all that said how could the bom of the company you say they they're gonna beat anyone yet they only won by a touchdown my getting up killing him yeah joe flacco stinks he stinks he's bad he shouldn't be a starting quarterback in the nfl anymore john elway likes him because he's tall and he throws he still frozen nice looking balm but it's just nothing else is good problem with that that little throw that he made when it was hit a wide open guy in the flat yeah he's through to is to the his near shoulder and just meet him joe for
echo made his rivers is wide open receiver stumble and fall because of how poorly he because the ball past was thrown so all three are cannot yeah we are past the flex you couldn't do well here's the deal joe flacco right when he sucks the most is about when he's about to be great the most now so he's like he's like the sun he's right in bad for like five years now it where it's always darkest before the dawn hey listen i know the i i agree that the raiders were extra motivated but man does joe flacco stink and the
i don't think you're gonna go through locked now well he's hurt yes yes locks are to they don't have much back on the taxing lynch or swag alley to afghan the joys again lack kelly's on tuesday they probably should have thought about doing something different quarterback last night yeah he was not he was not playing well the funniest thing that he did by far if the bears lose your flock on have meltdown of already agreed to it i'm gonna have eight melt the heaven forbid alive veiled in on vic fangio vic fangio let's talk about no no it's me it's on sunday afternoon for twenty five i we're gonna be live streaming i will have a meltdown first did you see joe flacco try to do the tom brady quarterback sneak like get him up to the line real quick yeah and then run like a two yard sneak yes and in the notes of losing their there like this is where the six five body flacco come so important he got like negative one yard because he can't he can't move forward correct joe flacco can do a five step drop as clean as anybody but you asking to do anything else he starts to it all up vic fangio first of all it's
off when you're losing to have the belt oh like in the middle of your sweatshirt that was a tough look it look like he was wearing like a mini skirt it was a weird look so first that just to look that's a coordinator look he's their head coach now you got to clean it up vic you got to clean it up i'll vic fangio i think he's a fantastic defensive coordinator when he kick i field goal down twenty one six with tens ten minutes left in the fourth quarter you need two touchdowns no matter what he kicked a field goal to then need
two touchdowns no matter what yes jon gruden can count backwards from three's vic fangio apparently can't it's insane look what i don't understand what coaches alike why are you so afraid of not getting a fourth down wind kicking a field goal is is essentially admitting defeat there it's a points that you happen to get credit for you get three points for a big deal you got to kick off again yeah that was done that's a first year coach that's a defense accorded move right there mike tom did it to me yeah yeah he's going to look i think to your point about the the sweat shirt and the belt it's like he's a he's built for cold weather he's gonna look better when he's got the big like talk mike shanahan yeah it on talk to sweat shirt in and you're fine where it is a real belt he had it like midriff somebody told me is still has the kidney stone in there
he just forgive him out yeah well no no it is either very held onto it moved its like his necklace like yeah dude chuck parganas got the great quincy passes out so the game all you get a hold of his little calcium deposits yeah yes all right to retire with the other money thank you but i want more thought about this one what the nfl how is doing to the raiders is absolute bullshit i'm going to miss oakland fans so so much watching the black hole watching especially that second monday night game that it feels like the raiders always play it they should actually make that game in oakland no matter what forever young memoriam because the raider fans every single shot every single camera shot to the crowd is art it really is when you have the guy in the chucky mask you had guys in space helmets face paint the black all is something that you can't replicate and the nfl is robbing us of that and i'm i'm discuss
say time discussed the great thing about chargers the great the great thing about the black hole is that everyone is wearing some sort of facial disguise or helmet of some sort like its entire section of daft punk there you don't know who's under like mass singer could be antonio brown you don't know yes but i guarantee you there some celebrities that attend raiders games with helmets on that you don't know it could be riley curry guy fieri to stormtrooper watch guy fieri lives like his face is a home yes the natural disguised you v faulk ab chant like well there's just something about oakland there i i feel like we're being robbed of one of the best fan bases in the yeah people say they'll travel but listen the vague
stadium is going to be beautiful it's gonna be state of the art it's going to be gorgeous no baseball field you know baseball field gonna miss that alley that put the black hole i don't understand like the physics behind a night game having a huge shadow in the end zone like that ends on the black hole date the broncos at a star drive from there you i could even see it it's like the the the de i don't watch star wars what is it in the death star yeah that's not right sorry okay i got you i got that on the first one it's just we're losing and i'm sad it made me sad last night i was enjoying so much watching that game not for the game because it stunk but for the fans and credit their car he was awesome he was pretty good and then after the game he he did the derek carr thing where he was like i love a b
we're going to miss i'm sure yeah sure derek carr sure sure you are sure now we have now i have to spend the next week saying that dirt cars a class at sure you were just wearing sunday regular suntan lotion not oiling your arms for hard not sure jon gruden is your best friend in the entire world sure you were crying that time you got hurt and sure you don't wear mascara yeah sure it's not tattooed on just 'cause it's on permanently doesn't mean it's not makeup sure having your kids literally fight each other for the first episode of hard knocks to show how tough the car family
is wasn't totally planned sure sure your heads not a perfect sphere yeah sure yeah i heard it yeah sure i'd limit your bump though that's well it's just seven your ball that's or whatever is that your boss exit six your picture but what about sure seven year slump secure bob john hardy jungle and high fiving the black hole after the game was incredible yep just go he did the penguin run over black hole and you haven't any man man man it was great yeah and i i actually in the in the worst part about it is like it normally under these circumstances like you can look at owners that have moved teams in the past stan kraki everyone hate you know hate that guy the you have art modell like mark davis can you really hate him i don't even know if he knows they're moving no you can't hate no you can't i love mark davis so it's you don't even have anything you can point to and say that guys evil mark davis he just wants to go where there's more pf chang's i just want mark davis to watch every game from the oakland stadium in a lawn chair at midfield
would like a cooler just looking at the jumbo tron watching his team play like as she does yeah white jeans and white shirt just covering his hands in that she told us to yeah i know that the stadium's gonna be way different i don't think that the fans are going to travel from oakland to travel but what you don't think they will i think the city was gonna be filled with a bunch of bachelor parties bachelor parties all dressed up in costumes no because what i'm saying is like raider fans are everywhere i feel like in the west coast area because they moved from you know la dokumente some about football the move in the ucla their oakland and but you know back to la yeah so what so i think there will still have like raider fans it just the grimy nisse will be gone and when the grimy knee sleeves it feels i don't think there's going to be cry grimy vegas local characters in the crowd but when you go to a stadium that state of the art in very new you feel a lot more out of place when you were dressed up like a fucking idiot yep
that's really what it comes down to exactly like having if arsc or tv show that we did was on like the sports center set we would have looked like assholes and felt like assholes on right now but we shot it in a basement in the back of events so that it was fine if you show up somewhere to like a dive bar you don't have to be wearing a shirt you can do whatever you want there are no laws when you're drinking clause it's this thing where if you show up to place yeah it's truly there are truly no laws when you're drinking club and i'm a respect of law enforcement that's why i'll never touch a white claw but yeah if you go to a nice new stadium it doesn't feel the same at all feels to corporate right it's not so lot of it alright the other game joe flacco sucks bill o'brien socks that guy he's got he's got to be the most mediocre coach who's been around forever
can we blame it on the gm the lack there a little more your is now yeah so with the end of the game we should probably talk about the last past the true breeze completed yep to get them into field goal range they were given that soft cushion that greg williams like seven yard cushion and they is a prevent defense that was lined up there if the texans had just fallen down or if the saints player just falling down and the texans didn't touch him if there no texans on the field during the last but if all the texans had been sucked into the giant black hole could have got in the middle of bill o'brien's chin if he had just because the saints player caught the ball and fell down you could have gotten up and ran over to see if they had waited five seconds and gone up and touched him get back on the field the game was over i was thinking the same exact thing pft yes but they had a time out and i feel like the rest were just given the time and now i feel like the rest of the fucked up and give him the time out like they would have he would've went out and just called timeout
that some basketball doesn't work like there would have been no that's not how it is but you don't think the rest can fuck up in the superdome yeah good point good point i didn't actually should i should write it if you went down in the drew brees or just going time out time out time out the ref stand next to reason given the time i think still bad coaching no but yeah not not before the was was blown though i think i'm saying that as i said i would have just blown away something like oh yeah here you go here's your time out true that would've been so ridiculous to have the game and on an officiating airport moose you'll hear this in the interview but he he tweeted it oh ok gotcha ok we'll get to that later in our interviewed rob gronkowski dallas bracci by breaking those for real covering that takes robotic yes love it also sean payton just loves taysom hill i think he wants to hit asleep in his bed with them yes he does he like can't he can't stop using them yeah it's almost like sean payton yeah
he has something in his brain where every like five minutes he's like wait haven't done a taysom hill play that's going to get minus three yards gotta get taste in men how to give second and then every now and then obviously it works and it's like oh man tastings a weapon bill right so even that play though take that out of there bill bryan does the most i don't understand what he does i feel like he doesn't make any adjustments i feel like he does that the he does the classic thing where a guy will rip off a big run and then who make that guy run right in the line again and it's like okay well maybe he's gassed like maybe we shouldn't do this yeah he does weird stuff like that it feels like to sean watson is always running for his life is always in a spot where he's going to get killed with that said i have a new bone to pick with twitter really been driving me nuts go off the people who are like
bill o'brien is going to ruin to sean watson and treat it like it is the worst thing that's ever happened and that there's never been a quarterback in the nfl that's been ruined by a head coach of the texans shut up yeah it's they are so mellow dramatic about it oh my god does sean watson he's being ruined guess what this happens all the time in the nfl also if the texans had one last night they were very close to winning we probably wouldn't even be having this conversation right how bad the lebron samedi says it yeah but we do you know how we get right yeah we know how we we let other ourselves up about stuff all the time that they won that can you not be talking to all right i think well right we we probably would be because they want to but they also gave us they were in control in the first half and it feels like anytime a team just like
which gives up the second half lead like that i'm always like what was the coach doing at half time i did like deandre hopkins suplex low that should be legal and and the saints fans talk about grimy fans hours electric yeah the boo montage and that was one of the best whistle head man uh three hopkins doesn't get enough credit or one of the coolest nicknames nuke nuke is such a fucking cool nickname yeah so when he body slam the defender which i believe that each team should get one body slam game just like you get one body i think well i think it was worth the penalty because you suplex a guy then defenders are less likely that they'll think twice before catching interception yes in a yeah right because new could come yeah nukes nukes nukes or i i i like that rule just like everybody gets one agree just penalty per game fund has been
it becomes an impact player again to boast of money a football being like font is perfect as a leader he's a smart player yes there was this is joe is a stranger keep pickup there was a strange story line they were trying to push to find his perfect all the sudden is like this super intelligent guy who doesn't get personal foul penalties every other game they didn't say that they just said he's a leader they don't say what he's leading the leader in somewhere that's true yeah when bill romanowski gives you his stamp of approval at that point you guys say this guy knows what's all the font is perfect it's like the opposite of smart player he is a total like i'm going to do what i'm going to hit whatever is in front of me at any point you can use those guys but i wouldn't say he's some savvy player that knows how to like game this is the raiders probably love now because of his history knocking a b out all the time yet trip so yeah maybe is a smart maybe you saw that coming so the only other thing i had was to sean watson is unbelievable and yes all your tweets saying that the bear
drop the mixture risky instead of just sean watson patch from homes i see them they hurt my feelings stop sending him please my nightmare we'd all my nightmare is both of 'em the texans and the chiefs are playing this year that's going to be yeah a lot i'm not as i might i might jason whitlock my account to be fifty forty fifty one went locked the leading his entire don't realize you know with all the talk god don't like ugly god don't like ugly he hates he hates matured as he mortal locks immortal locked the steelers and then accidentally deleted his account in fact it slips sometimes yeah but seriously stop saying those tweets please our barstow goal dot com slash pmt croc is on the show you're gonna want to watch it and chances i in shops as i yeah yeah the segments going a lot a lot more if you can look at chaps directly it is read red eye i wanna toss in this one extra quote group just put this out here right now gruden did not realize that it was his 100th career win until after the game feels like groudon should have more than one hundred years or one hundred wins right yes
wait i mean it took some time off because then you do the math it's hard to get one hundred wins thank you actually do the math yeah it's very hard to get ten wins for a decade is all that's a long time that's really good that's true okay so was it hundredth win last night and he said i thought about going to hooters and calling it go out on a high note sir just i does that mean just like go to hooters and die have yet to run a poison yeah just kind of find of a warm stool just yet climb under a table just slowly melts lay down drown yourself in corona and wing sauce and i don't hate that that's a football guy we're outdoors places thigh yeah i agree yeah i'm all right let's do our hot see cool thrown hank why don't you start once you start no once you start you start you're not ready because you're scrolling your text messages so that once you start once you start no yeah i'm ready on your phone aren't go pee will try phobia is so easy to get it fuck that was my high i'll stop by the way people with what trip trip trypophobia trypophobia trypophobia no no no that's
it's just great that other people with great balance its people that are like i'll explain so the new iphone is out or it was debuted at the apple right genius by me there three cameras i saw that in the new iphone okay so trip before we at which i didn't know this was a thing either it's in a version to the site of you regular patterns for clusters of small holes or bonds so because it's the three holes that are there online it's you know like a triangle i hate that it's fucking people up
and people are complaining that the new iphone is insensitive to people trip a phobia how what percentage of population esther it's actually not even officially recognize a mental disorder okay a whole lot of self diagnose is going out there yeah so people are being pretty extra being saying that the i you don't go by not go by any injury if you can't deal with the three cameras yeah the the phone is so it's got three cameras because they have three different lenses i think hey heck we talk about something totally different segment that used okay no i was i thought a trifle bit but yeah it's triple phobia so what what's the point of having three cameras all as i mean that the head pro it's worded mode and slow fees low frequency that's the new thing they announced slow mo sophie's yeah one of the cameras can do like selama we're gonna self is a picture but like for video so boomer fee you can use cell phone ring in slow mo but yes they have pet portrait mode that specifically may
for your pet pictures wilton for well first yeah that's incredible i'm really glad all the blue i'm hacking about that group you steve jobs i saw so wait what it what is the purpose so of the three different lenses to are the same the major is just keep adding cameras because they need they ran out of things to do your son how they shot the matrix with like you know a million cameras on one yeah it's going to be a wall of cameras by the end because they're like well we ran out of space is going to build a room yeah everyone can have a room that's just like a wall of cameras that you can go into the house exactly i like that get here sooner rather than later so my other hot see big time no you should do this to put cameras on the sides of of of phones so like if i'm holding it up that was getting so yeah like the old super soaker that you could like point somebody they wouldn't know they should make so i circular so it's like a three sixty can like a ball yeah she put him in years i'm still waiting for the phone to be in your a chip in your pinky and your pharmacy because calls like this and you can just be like hey text and
that boom that's times with a chip in your brain that is showing which revisions are yeah what if where the phones already all right and we just do have chips are branson the third i thought twenty and every time you go to sleep you're just plugging in your charger how many how many cameras are in the i phone we have right now two two yeah so they just added a third one for the government okay that one goes directly to langley yeah that's not even it yeah it's just the cut out the middle man okay other hot seeds espn they got cyber boyd soul haro good been had to remove their they had a yellow their first down graphic like showing the down yardage was yellow
so look like there was a flag on every single play twitter was and every twitter is furious they changed into halftime don't we got bullied they got there which is a dangerous precedent for them to set yeah listen don't add anything to a football broadcast football broadcasts are perfect i like him just the way they are i like my green zone and i like my yellow line already that already they already did it and got shit on that's the one thing espn was like oh let's do that that's the one thing that you can't do is add yellow to a score bug our allow yellow on the field in any anywhere ansys yes anywhere just give me my my down and distance that's displayed on the field give me my green zone give me my genesis halftime show and i'll be happy to the genesis halftime show it's it's nice lecture yeah z encore they just play it again yes you guys know what the heck you guys genesis no i'm gonna make it my mission they got a band i was out of town so it is still kalari sink yeah but i think it's a car's phil collins driving a car yeah all
in my cool throat is blake griffin the body ok blake dear yes bodhi bodhi bodhi please well whatever he there's a comedy central roast of and he was up there caitlin jenner was one of the people on the panel he went up there to the viral clipper who just roasting caitlyn jenner is very funny very very good blood is good for you know the the black of the year to have that p r type present that could blake i'm really glad that you get everything that you do yeah zero you're a millionaire or will make a hundred times over your awesome bass we can shoot threes now and you're funny that everyone gilded happy for you awesome is that it also pakula's pumped bunker what's that what host won't preparing paying a three million dollar compound tucked away in northern utah hello the apocalypse what's inside why would post malone let people know about his apocalypse bunker i don't know this
be like the post made thing was like postman spends like five million dollars on postmates and turned out to be an add this could be like a apocalypse bunker add apocalypse bunker with post malone would just turn into like such a sick party my hot seat i'm just going to green day 'cause i also had your phone because iphone just cooked it and now you can't use anymore 'cause there's a better one who also got here ok my hot seat is every band in the world besides green day yeah why is green day's back there dropping a new album and they tweeted out today hi this is from billy joe me mike turn entry cool of green day cut through the bullshit that's how it's always been for us everything else is fake frauds i tell you rock has lost its balls were going to teabag all these mother fuckers the baddest rock band on the planet that gives a shit so green day is back officially they're putting their flag in the ground saying we're the only good band out there and i was thinking that green day would you consider them to be classic rock at this point yeah
yeah i guess when does that become classic rock ninety four i always think like 70s and 80s or classic rock so when do well those are oldies when does the 90s become classic rock it's i think it's now fox i think green day is a is an oldies band that sucks i was thinking that third album hold he's there i will get classic rock do you member dookie yeah of course everybody a dukie on cd i think that proportionately that was like that was the album that was bought by the most people to be their first cd yes yes maybe the titanic soundtrack pothole sir first out i think was my first cd well there you go yeah that it that name age really well i was a six song was a song i don't mind the silence sometimes yeah it's a good song is isn't that a band in the final surface was able to get on the radio yeah they're great yeah i'm michael thursday
bing because there's been a real spike in the back no but there's been a spike in vaping deaths so now vaping has kind of turned the corner as like it's a bad boy thing you know like smoking cigarettes was rebellious when we were kids 'cause it's like not healthy allegedly well now vaping is entered that room because it's killing people so yeah so i think it's going to see it spike in use also my cool throne is todd palin because is the pale and not that the palin family broke up todd and sarah got a divorce so todd is a man on the loose right now and for a guy that had like extremely divorced dad enerji even when he was married seeing him on his own single he is going to be slaying some tail oh yeah and you say that literally because there will be some snowmobile fucking yeah there going to be some people in russia that are going to be able to watch todd palin fucking his
ex girlfriend from high school inside his house oh yeah oh yeah there's going to be some dive bar showing up todd's on the prowl here's what is hot is such a fucking sleazy prowl guy name i todd should always be if you made a person ever comes todd if you meet a timeout assume that they're divorced until proven otherwise and snowmobile and want to fuck you
white have six monster energy tattoos yeah todd todd todd todd todd all right my hot seat is my brain and hank sprayed because the summertime love stupid commercials but in my brain for three days now what size a soon to and in the summertime the not non dancing boys i love those guys so that commercial we're back in the season it happens in march madness it happens in football season where you watch so much wives sports that the commercial just break you down boys boyfriend from entourage is also cool thrown because she's in the buffalo wild wings commercial me like a hundred times of watching it to be a yeah this the season you're back in football season you're watching wall to wall football in the the commercials just
they actually like sock away part of your brain matter you know to it what league is the best that that actually is sneaky baseball during baseball playoffs they run the same commercial over over you member the dane cook only no personal human the frank tv commercials yep yeah baseball yes just hammers you because baseball has like one sales guy right and that one sales guy goes up and lands to accounts he's like okay were set for october he's got a rotary phone yeah he wears a suit every day yeah he's just pound in that role dax i have an old school road yeah that's actually flipping through alright my cool throne is anyone who for the knicks were dysfunctional because you don't think it anymore enis kanter actually confirmed it and he said that literally everyone in the league talks and says the ownership socks and they never want to go there okay so so check that when i was on i was unsure yeah if they if james going was a buffoon or not yeah wasn't the
forty years without a title for that made me think but now we're good i know and then my other cool throne is by the way that's coming from somebody that is like fleeing a country with dangerous dictator that's like the most dysfunctional country in the world and he thinks that the knicks are run poorly yes this this place you want to really talk about some shit shows and then on my other cool throne is everyone's favorite sports debate 'cause people go our friend said that bamma could beat the dolphins yes let's go let's go pats a quick exam perhaps yeah you people you know what he did he did i'm gonna tell you guys something about the nfl right the dolphins are trash is all the trash in alabama can beat that what's a better what's a better debate that uconn women's basketball bad for women's basketball right for which school is the real deal be you and that was hottest i love the band the one because it's by far the dumbest argument of all time like anyone who actually thinks that is crazy
of course bamaca beat the dolphins we put hanks brainer pressler rated for this yeah hank he's john is texting what he's going to incorporating the tweet from panty you want me to wait for spot because the pagers trade as you can work out but what we what will not will find a way for her to finish this sweet hank could alabama beat the dolphins if they had tom brady as a quarterback tom brady is the quarterback bella check is the other closing bell check is is who is the quarterback of the dolphins now you think that bella check is a huge huge upgrade over next seven no they get to coach together whole whole whole yeah okay okay alright do you think yes yes ok yes ok with that type of strategy like given two weeks to prepare no no a week we are normal week yeah you don't give you a bye week i don't know alright actually
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or get the app and watch nfl the grind okay here is rob gronkowski moo ok we now welcome on a guess we should've had on a long time ago but he's here now it is future all famer possibly retired but maybe coming back rob
caskey possibly retired but maybe coming back i mean you are so not even i'm not even retired well i i'm possibly retirement all the paperwork i like that now you can't takes a year interested so i might have retired you got got weight that year you've been flirting with it you have to admit thank you been thrown out little and we need you to do that for the show is that people will quote it like you need to say i'm actually gonna come back this exact yeah probably like week fourteen or something i heard yelling at all well i'll present set up week fourteen week thirteen saw you nice i'm just gonna gree with you yeah this is that you use your the prize so we fourteen of sorts anymore i'm not going to ask you if you're coming back i'm just going straight up give you a hypothetical offer right now okay i like this let's say ten million dollars you don't have to practice except for walk throughs and here's the kicker you
it's to number sixty nine and you report as tackle eligible every single play so the ref has to say reporting number sixty nine over the loudspeaker you know now that i was that's a pretty good deal how many games are at the park three before the playoffs and it's for ten million yeah three games before the playoffs ten million dollars where number six nine yep the whole state i have to hear every single time every time you with the fans love that every time yeah i think so i think all right right i know you two words yeah i would i would take that deal ok breaking news please come back ten million dollars there it is i would take that deal sir is the how much weight have you lost because that's the other store and i thought well he's lost a ton of weight is that a good or bad thing are you like you're not you're the type of guys like people probably call me weak yeah yeah yeah it's a it's both it's good i look at is a great thing but people say it to me like it's a bad thing they like they like you lost so much weight and then like like
seconds later they realize what they said and then they look i mean how do you do it like i need to lose weight too like they say in like a mean way first and then they realize like what a beast i was and be able to lose that much weight at two hundred and sixty where i was already jacked so i lost one thousand five hundred and twenty pounds and the way i lost i call it bullshit way okay bloated weight right let you know i guess i i was two sixty five you got a lot of that yeah yeah i don't like you you know i'm i'm a athlete in the be able to be on top of your game i feel like your whole career you gotta make adjustments throughout your career you don't see a twenty year old athlete doing the same thing as a thirty five year old right so if you want to stay in the game you gotta make adjustments just like anything else also this was the adjustment for your return the whole land i like where you're going you know i you know just adjustment for life i mean i don't like the with the extra weight i mean i i found the way that i can get it off me and i did and now i feel lighter after quicker i feel faster i feel more energy i feel more alert
and that's just the way i wanted to be did you lose anything off your bench god now man i haven't i'm actually so wow they really yeah ma'am what's your bench i haven't bentsen awhile that's so far i wish we had been dressed in here the bench press john it's making its way it's definitely come to what you did you what could you bench if we had a bench press in here which would have been an unbelievable moment but we don't have it yeah that would have been unbelievable moment i actually really haven't bands are bands actually the other day
after full i just said there's one thirty five on the dark qualify it and i did it like just ten times just just to stress just a yeah after my full work up i swear i i haven't i haven't really lifted weights in like a year and a half right like waits like every once every like two weeks now we saw last year during the season you weren't lifting like you don't even left now now i wasn't i was just doing more body weight band stuff you know just trying to like keep it the you don't like it we i mean we was at abnormal to the rest your career yes definitely i mean i've been heavy weight guy let while lifting everything but like i said you gotta make adjustments i feel like the heavy weight lifting was just keep me a little steph you know steph and i don't i don't like it and i need i felt like i was getting steph and i felt like i need to do to a just a little bit i still lift weights by don't do as much anymore sounds like someone is on the tv twelve method yeah is it is it is a little bit frustrating really majority yeah jordi of it is for sure it to made i mean i i got nothing else to me as if they're in myself there in my yeah i just had yeah but you know i need to put some weight on yeah that's true yeah prize was going but i yeah i got put some weight on so i took two bites of the pizza we're down to now i'm two forty five right now okay that's pretty lean mean it's all i'm you forty five i'm ripped it feels good i feel bad for you because when you were playing you never got to experience the joy of having it the the announcers talk about you because they would always say like the same things and it seems
every year they would add five or ten pounds to your weight so like by the end they be like right you can tackle rob gronkowski he's six hundred and ten and weighs two hundred and eighty five two ninety you can't stop that so like when you were at your heaviest how much did you actually weigh my heaviest i would say i've hit two hundred and seventy before but i never hit two hundred and seventy during the season i was like two hundred and sixty eight some games i've always range from two hundred and sixty to two hundred and sixty eight nba ever died from my whole career
actually i have before but never during football okay got it you got a smile right sixty yeah actually we usually see a we need we need to talk to you about that because we're we're big sixty nine fans or i should say we were off you like to joke is kind of been run into the ground by during rebel recently he ruined it by betting sixty nine cents on the browns to win the superbowl and once during gets involved in everything pleased also believe his name out because he'll just get a hard on for from hearing it yeah how do we make sixty nine great again you know i was actually just talking about that on the right here mean go we're driving up and we're like we're like sixty nine like it isn't like that yeah that it's kind of like in the past like rice is crazy we were literally just saying that on the car right up here we like sixty nine jokes kind of faded away which they kind of have i totally one hundred percent agree and you know i'll prize was looking for a sixty nine joe for the pizza some problems ever of whatever yeah that's the problem so you know i gave him a score by it can add to switch it up a little bad to six point eight seven six nine like right you know because you just can't do a six point nine everyone's looking for it so i don't know man i need some ideas high house so i i i i four twenty hot right now not warning it is that's why that's why i'm with c b d now well right back right now i'm with c b d i would say either stay away for a little bit and then bring it back with something like real big like your own fire fast acceptance coleg sixty nine fest after like a year off entirely or just the one we check in as attack loadable every single play outside yeah forty two yeah it would be you know i think
six nine might need to break off a little bit and they'll just some just come naturally yeah i'm actually back when it's forced i think that's that's maybe neither is making a comeback yahoo that's it yeah what's the number for missionary eleven eleven yeah our like setting on seventeen yeah i like sixty six if you if you know what i mean i ask in season yeah they react to do yeah it's not just they're not eating the as you use your from behind the yeah yeah yours in the same way yeah your little dog yeah yeah yeah yeah sixty six this morning yeah or go ninety nine and while you're standing up right now yeah okay now like are we know that's know that you be fox
now i can actually sitting down seventeen would be you're both doing handstands and somebody's going in from from not taking you from behind ninety nine that would be yours you're sitting right i guess night at six i don't know no ninety nine you're doing handstands me that's across that we had across yeah were you yeah yeah that actually works that's a pretty good rate that is the new burmese here yeah i i always rated so we would you know the six nine jokes again all everything but yeah i real high rating scale of the six nine jokes is like when like like a sea
six hundred and nineteen or six hundred and eighty nine is the number that the check numbers in the middle so if you six one nine thousand and sixty nine to one yeah that's how we always reading i love it so i was always six hundred and ten nine thousand six hundred and ten nine alright we'll give it a break though i think that i snuggle goon wants in oman houses six twelve thousand nine hundred and six twelve nine damn have you what's your favorite block oh man my favorite block gives going
football a little favor all we're talking ball you know that's what a combo block yeah combo block when the tackles with me because the tackles like my size but then he's fifty pounds of your so it's like that like if i come back to the end this tackles fifty pounds heavier is going to be with me so yeah i'm a block we work together take the dion and then go up to the linebacker do you have one o'clock in mind that you were like i smoke that kind of felt awesome yeah it was me a trump brown last year in the playoff game versus the chargers okay yeah right off the edge of rexburg had one in for the touchdown right there who you guys hit
yeah no no no ingram yeah yeah he's a good player too real good player not on that play yeah well you got trent brown and myself though i mean he's six no lie not even like i swear you trying brown is actually sixty nine i see now that's funny yes now that's funny because that's not slasher not now we're talking that we bring it back we gotta stop forcing the sixty nine joke we were talking did you ever do like the little heavy hey thing where you'd be split out and you know that's going to be combo block but you act like you're not going to block and then boom yes you do that too and uh kind of on a pass route to you know you gotta switch it up you can't give him the same look every time but those are my favorite is when they think you're not going out for a route and then boom you get him it's just an advantage exactly do you do like catching balls or blocking more
i didn't mean to phrase it that way because i know yeah yeah i know i know remain with you know yeah do you like to come we're still you receive all your block yeah our man are you on the receiving end or the blocking all right so if okay we're we're talking thank you stick your nose in there are like you know he i like i like to do both you know i'm i'm i'm i go both ways in that in this category yes because going off or pass every time i mean at sixty plays a role magic running up and down the field kisses hi yeah i'm good on that yeah and then you know blocking to use it it's it's hard work but i like switching it up because you know running that's why is every time that's not football i i believe in the true true style football you got to run the ball you got pass the bond if you can run the ball well
i believe that's why i got opens a lot of times in the play action aspect of my career because we are blocking so well that when you know time goes back face the hand off a linebackers come up it gets me wide open that's why sometimes you saw me wide open up the scene because were blocking well right scare the run so i like doing both and but i would say if i had to pick one obviously i i'll go we receive in our our friend your friend julian edelman said that he would often times when you guys were both going out for catches at the same time he would hear you will
grunting and groaning running down the field but also laughing yes giggling while you're playing for gas and begin my career i was always doing that hi remember hi everyone i don't know is always something that's i remember that because in college people keep you by my team was star imitating me like i'm cry i'm ground running down the feeling they be like they be imitating me laughing and then they be ground dana and then they'd be like i'll be like damn do i really look like that but so you would just laugh uncontrollably while you're running in a row in the middle of the and sometimes if i'm feeling good yes yeah that's amazing yeah what was i was which up little bit talk about like old school ground growing up like little baby drop forward what was your favorite subject in school dan my favorite subject i would have to go with math man math was always my subject and then one time you know in high school
i got like ninety five so the movements nine thousand five hundred so they move me up to the you know the vance math and i thought i was all sweet and everything i was but going home bragging my family because my other chris and their mouth are smart they they know how to do they get like aa every time so i'm going home bragging so when i go to the advanced math and i swear it was a map anymore it was like it was no more numbers it was like solve like this crazy yes signs and weird yeah yeah it was and it was not sin i after like two weeks i just ask all right back down to the normal math yeah and just dominate and just enjoy it yeah absolutely it stay in your late aston my lane is actually yeah tween between you and your brothers and the what brothers who wins in like a battle royale a man that's that's a good battle i mean their grass of i mean the hard to that's
battle for the ages how many of them are there there's thirty there's five of us so i'm going well yeah i'm going with us there's a packet at yeah exactly when you were growing up with all your brothers where you just dominating them in all the sports or was it pretty even it was even because i was two years younger so then it made it that even so they're going to call mary there there coming after me i would imagine the gronk household growing up it was just like wrestle and playing sports twenty four slash seven now it really was we had the lake i swear we had the best neighborhood growing up grew up in like outside of suburb outside in buffalo and we had but my brothers had like ten friends on the street i had like five friends in the street we all did an everyone would come over we would go to their house and i swear every single day it was either mini sticks it was your pickup basketball like around the world or it was backyard baseball we had the best arena backyard baseball or it would just be a pick me up game
game called zoom everyone would
for pillows in their shirt everyone would just take a corner for was the same time and we run full speed into each other however gets knocked out i'm not down with we lose so awesome zoo we should we have let you know if that's what you have got to do yeah i want to place soon here let us weekly will soon i because i was always thinking that if you grew up on the same block as our broadcast keys you would probably hate them because they were just kick your every single sport you know it was it was even but it kind of was because some key like there's some like thirty five year old guy in buffalo right traumatized my ask yeah actually we we all everyone that that grew up in that neighborhood whenever you see tell you remember that neighborhood because i mean it was always competitive in is kind always fair because there was no such thing as a age group i feel like it was right basically if you're under ten years old you're you're in the mix right yeah if you're for your you're still there yeah yeah you're still there watching you you would you know hop in real quick whenever you can or for eight whatever ten years old everyone was together and everyone that sees each other from that neighborhood was londonderry lane
getzville ny new york baby and i swear everyone that whenever you see another person from that neighborhood you always talk about us growing up because we had a blast what's your wing place in buffalo you know so everyone's crazy everyone's crazy about anchor bar and uh swings yes and i would say that's more of like the tourism okay or ism goes okay so if you ever you know i actually never bennett dust in my life i've been the anchor bar twice is good because the two that we like or not those really rather okay but it's not i i have nothing against him i i would say they're great but the thing is everywhere in buffalo has great wings right that's why i you know it's just that the tories on people all what you know come in the bar evans i ankle barked offs yeah yeah their hundred percent great i guess they have to be either in buffalo and everyone knows about him but if you just go to any corner store any pizza joint everyone has top notch wing we are favorites for gabriel's gate and bar bill
i never even heard of those really far to travel than you yeah bar bill is out towards like orchard park that's where all the bills they all have their own modes on the wall i never really been out the orchard park before only to play in high school yeah i never actually been out there that way you drink a lot of mad dog in buffalo grove mad dog growing up i remember my older brother always always party with mad dog yeah yeah so it's a local delicate yeah i never had met a dog i remember that you saw always drink mad dog and claim that they're turn right it happens sometimes that is that's our okay yeah i never had mad dog passion fruit yeah bananas do you believe in yes sometimes then you go bling bling twenty twenty and terms by so on the way out so it really depends on the flavor
i never you should try you should try out one thing i've always been curious about your career your relationship with bella check because on a like football level he must be you he you must be his favorite because you are a hall of famer the best to ever play the tight end position so that on that level you guys probably i would assume got get along really well then i'm if you're on social media and he does he know what social media is did that like how was your relationship with bill bella check and how did those two things kind of come together we always have a great relationship i mean well first off i mean there's a business side that you gotta understand that side but outside of that whenever you see him i mean we always had a great relationship outside of like that's when he always liked laughed at my jokes or something was like when we are at the event right yeah he would never laugh at on like at practice he you get all mad like i'd be dancing on the side be you know and camp i be doing something crazy with the fans and stuff i don't think he ever really like that but
when like outside of football we were at a vance and he sees me dancing doing whatever he's out he's always laughing at that so he takes a serious manning the i mean the best coach ever i mean you can just tell you now and i it's just unbelievable to play form and learn from a guy like that just to see everything he does but overall man if you know i will i made him laugh a few times so did that had i had a lot of compliments yeah a lot of companies do the other accomplishment did you ever sit down with you and like have a moment where he's like a gronk you're the best tight end i've ever coached no not really really yeah not never it never fully let you metal not like that no no i mean he's not a guy like that i mean i was i was i would say he keeps everyone everyone humbled in there yeah and he he gets everyone working hard and
i mean if you do it i can give you if you do it on a consistent basis every single week he'll give you a give you props out that's all what is the props look like what what is a bill belichick compliment look like you know how to help put you up on the screen you know show plays a one week the next week the next week and you know just you profit from the whole team telling you that the consistency you know the way doing things to detail the focus and who give you big props for sure and what about ernie adams do you know do you know what he does yeah irony adams is the man for first off ernie he's a mystery to every rookie i would say like my rookie year i'm always like you know who is this guy like he's on the field every day you know i know i never really met him before but he's on the field every day i walked by him all the time and it took me three years to learn who ernie adams was and
you know how big of a role he plays and everything and but now i understand he just he's just loki and he's a beast yeah would you like pull your side you know once twice a year and and say hey i saw this on tape execute this at work yeah i i don't know how you know this inside info but he did pull you aside available i told us yes he does you side about once a year and he gives you a tip what was the address if you ever gave and you know i think you it was a while ago and i it was about the defense about how they were going to play and how was gonna open up and get the ball that's such a patriot answer yeah no no more yeah that was all he was just explain defense a coverage and how it's going to open up and then that play like do you get rid get ready for the ball for and he just know they just know someday there's gonna be a documentary about ernie adams is going to be the most fascinating it will be my theory is that he just he's the guy that's in charge of deciding what bella check is going to wear with the sleeves all that shit maybe but he knows defense is like no other he draws up defenses
that's one of the many things he does but he's so good at it and he just just knows what he's doing did you ever make him laugh i bet you any arms like good sixty nine joke you now i if you ever lafayette we left behind doors never sought out and yeah who is who's your best friend plan you know i love when chandler jones is here and i always could he always calm self you know white gronk and i was always always always no no he becomes a black rock and i was always white chant a white chandler jones i like the yeah yeah six six to sixty play defense and i played tight and we just got along great we're we're both pull silly yeah did you ever lobby to get to be able to throw pass again you know i never allow me we tried one time about three years ago in camp i lost it up and it got intercepted
but i swear it was like whatever was dead tired the receiver stop half way all it's bullshit yeah i know but i think you know when i do come back we fourteen is because because i got arm now that's right a seaman like how are you going back like look up how are you good at knowing how you know it's your come back i just did we fourteen over like are you gonna do an instagram or just a letter with the carrier i don't know there's so many different options these days and instagram post you can host ended the interview you can have a press conference you can go on twitter there's some you can come here yeah part of my take so many different options and to announce things these days that's what the you know you got take advantage of it that's why do i took i did i just felt like it was right to announce my retirement online i don't feel like talking to anyone at the moment or anything in houses i need to get this over with yeah it was easy to post online which which was nice yeah you also announced today that you got signed by ice shaker which is yeah that what we have
it's been tough signing considering the fact that your brother owns a company yes my brother owns a company one of the shark tank and a rod and cuban invested and you know then my brother asked if a ride would sell me the portion that he bought and he he said yeah in no problem and which is cool he just asked if i would do something so i got to do a roundhouse is investing the fit app he asked if i just sell if he sells mean i sugar if i'll do the if i'll be one of the coaches on the fifth app so that's why i'm also going so fat because i got a i'm gonna be one of the coaches non these up in these up your now on his feet app so you can follow so i got to shoot that in like two months okay i'm in la so i got to do that and then i'm going on the court yep yep your eye out to all right in the middle on that after nice and he sold me the uppers now part of i shaker that that he by
of my brother which is which is really cool man he bought it from my brother on shark tank and i bought the piece back from him he he made out pretty well to everyone made out everyone's happy which is nice and was cool though is he let myself and my brother team up in and become partners so we're excited and we also i go to dallas i've been there about twice already this offseason we just sit there we he has a videographer follows around working now running stairs biking whatever just doing promos and he put videos together and we just post them out and that's how we made the announcement today actually we had a little video which is nice and uh he works hard my brother works hard and i just feel like it goes good together just you know it's a it's around everything i like to do things that are you know fitness wise and that industry that's the way i'm headed and you know but you know protein i shaker goes great with it yeah i've got a business opportunity for you i'm actually i'm going to let you know right now this is going to blow your socks off you might as well just hand over like one hundred thousand dollars you're going to love this ok ready
so i noticed that you just teamed up with a c b company yeah right yeah yeah right there and you got you got the shaker my idea is a product called bro teen alright so contained within protein it's a post workout drink it's got probably fifty five grams of protein real good stuff in there it's basically a4 loco 'cause it's got alcohol is got some caffeine too
and it's got cbt in there to kind of hold on your joints anti inflammatory so it's your it's your post workout recovery and your pre game drink all rolled into one hero team that really is protein yeah that is the best definition of bro to how you look for it you would drink that wow i would drink that i would have to try it his don't check book that i bring my check wow you guys ninety nine thousand just not to grant on a night while you're see robin ran off i got a pretty good deal i'm down i'm down ninety nine thousand i ma'am okay i love that i'm in also also post career in the i fell you think about getting to the booth are i've been are you been asked a few times i'm actually a couple of wound companies yeah that works that works there we go as the official business model you sound like you're ready for tv yeah yeah yeah have to hi do ready for tv but i no no i really haven't haven't really
people thought about it but you know i've been asked to do a couple other things like couple of tv shows and stuff and me and i have been asked to host a couple shows actually with one we actually one with james corbin which would be pretty dope he hazardous she'll call the league of their own apartment london he wants to bring it here and he does it with three other athletes in london so it's been perfect ten seasons out there so he wants to bring that here so we're we're actually talking right now about doing that which would be pretty you know shooting one episode a day or something host in that you know co host with him because he's he's money at that yeah so there's a lot of opportunities out there in a you know i'm just going to go with opportunities i feel right and that i feel like it will be fun i feel like that i would enjoy doing but you have to you have to go back play football yeah i know
i know you know but that that's all in the lumber week fourteen right you only work three months a year now we fourteen is well that's crazy man like i can do all this other work and then i can show up week fourteen yes will play football yeah go host a tv show come on part of my take you now go do pizza reviews you know go do a i should your commercial go take some cbd you know you can say all those together and then you still ready to go play did tom brady ever call you babe so he calls allowed people be that's where i've heard yeah yeah because a lot of people be right as he does so what did you make him laugh i have to imagine you made tom brady laugh oh yeah maybe tom laugh a lot of times many many times what was it do you guys ever get to that point i'm sure you did but that point where he just knew exactly where you'd be anytime you needed a big play i mean you saw in the super bowl against the rams and in the afc championship game against chiefs
when he just says hey gronckle get open and i'll get you like do you guys have that kind of relationship yeah definitely i mean i feel like time i was a special power and he like he knows is going to be open that play like just from all practice just from reading the guys being around him what type of route they run that's why he loves practice so much he gets to understand you know the type of receiver that he has a type of brakes that they can do and have the same time you didn't seem connection with them so that's what makes him so special and that's why he can get him get anyone open because he knows exactly where they're going to be so i've just always thought i always just knew that he knew when i was going to be open and he always hit me whenever i was what is your best bike of all time low the best bike of all times man good question one
yeah down with the london you know that one from chandler jones with the night before we were in the training room and i was like you know wash my tell us on this because i wasn't you know my crazy days like to have for years all i had all that energy going on still you know i don't mind getting yelled at whenever i did a little celebration so i did the london uh the changing of the garden
i swear that was a good one i like that one do you do you get yelled at for non i was too good to get out yeah well i got yelled at the booty shaking one at that yeah i thought that the booty shaking one right after i use shake my booty around yeah you know the first was fine shake your booty on the second one bill check you'll leave a little bit did not say i really like a shaking her booty our been holders might end up now he works in such a way that was a good movie yeah that would have been funny if you sir abu i rob stopped working yeah yeah he said so have rob stopped rob's top toward man all right i have a two last questions the first is you you were talking about the injuries that you had to deal with in the whole andrew luck or tiring i
your leg injury that you got in the super bowl that was the most regular football play ever so what exactly happened your quad you basically like strained it or what exactly happened wise i don't know so i was going to say i cut inside on the play from the defender so then the linebacker had full speed and nice angle on me and when he went to the tackle like he his helmet he went low and his helmet hit right here like you probably can't tell and i flipped in the air he looked totally normal looked totally normal i saw the hit you know it looks totally normal like a normal hit by if you look carefully like so speed is how many went directly into my thigh and like speed is is from a beast to middleton he's he's
you know you can hit yeah running full speed and that's when it happened right what happened now that damn another quiet quiet contusion so so and then it shows all adrenaline from that point yeah basically i mean the thing the thing sucked at halftime already is already blown up like that big and i had to just keep on moving and how shy you just so because if you stop if you let it be for like you know five minutes than that stiffens up on you right away so just had keep it moving and then ten minutes after the game it's different right up yeah i'd imagine when you when andrew luck retired there was obviously a bigger conversation about it but i'm sure you can relate to a lot of the injury the rehab injury rehab cycle that you get into hi mentally it must come to drain you more than anything yeah drains you like crazy the injury rehab injury rehab i mean that's like the worst cycle you you you can might be doing i mean who wants to be injury have injured we have i mean takes away your energy takes away like your joy from it all but i mean
it is what it is i mean it's came a football though i'm right you know which is football is amazing i mean that's why everyone loves us so much 'cause of all the hits but that is what it is man and you know you got to find ways that's when you know people learn like find ways to go down that's why you see sometimes people go down before they get
echo which is smarmy why take on four guys at one time when you're not gonna be four guys in the us up there directly in front of you know what i mean yeah right yeah my last question have you gotten the lombardi trophy repaired it now no i haven't and i was there last night all six trophies were there in the done is still there and now it's going yeah i talked to mr crappy so he's going to keep it yet that he's gonna keep it okay that's actually kind of cool because it's like a little piece of rock is always going to be in the trophy case for yes yes he said that that that it's gonna stay like that in it's just for the honor of my career and i still am thank you man that's that's pretty dull well who did you tell them i saw the picture i saw a picture of you in jonathan kraft you just you just talk to get her off yeah yeah i do this yeah i was like i'm sorry sinestro fees you know we had all these like yeah all the you know the that pre game party he has yeah we all heard about it like up near trophies you get the walked the hallway of like seeing all all like the decorations of all the pictures the championships all one the divisions all one and he has all like the c e o's of
you know ceos of all the top bodies come yet he's not worse yeah that was what again and they're all in there and they all start leaving and i'm like yeah and i'm like alright perfect time take my share i don't want to do in front of everyone is actually there's a couple co older nice ladies and they finally signed the star running over there okay i have pictures wow this is getting crazy it was very soon look at so then i just took the pitch in a job and crap top and he's like that's a great pitcher as i know come out and we took it and i said what i thought it was a great pitcher but that the next picture i was thinking last night like my brother was like you know you need one more picture now is like was that he's like you did with me the craft song you need a a when you need that one up that picture i was how how i do that
yeah i already knew him back on my mind how i can one up in yeah and he's like you gotta take a picture with mister kraft now we'll both you back there but he's gotta have his shirt off to my god i'll be incredibly happy incredible would be incredible it was just such a funny visual because i when i see a picture like that i'm like the idea of gronk either waiting forever to leave or asking someone like a mind if i just take my shirt off real quick wanna pop this picture yeah i'd say i was my abs is were whipped off yeah yeah your take on your two yeah just took it off yeah i'm sorry last last question see key question promo code take ten dollars off go see ground play in the nfl week fourteen pro could take a change if you have any questions i feel like you got to have at least one question for rock all right you think of it i'll ask one last one do you member
the figure skating competition we did yes i do i want to say thank you again because you are coming off an acl and you were walking on a case does your walking on us jody it's doing the dumbest figure skating competition ever and then i always tell people this who ask like what's gronk like you hung out with us in locker room we just shot the shit for like an hour after this weed is laughing at each other's jokes that was funny though that figure skating that will that you guys were hilarious it was my floor routine i just rolled around it was actually impressive though 'cause you guys actually have routines that made it nice i thought you guys were just going with the flow right there but you had routines it was nice before hank jumps in real quick i've got the schedule in front of me week fourteen this is perfect we're on to cincinnati
overall the mango past like this you know this yeah the last few years we sat commute we're on that in the city monday night football everyone was done and then bills quotes we're on to cincinnati guess who you're playing the week before the chiefs doll away and we're on to cincinnati cincinnati can you do us a favor because we did this is blake griffin if you it would definitely work with you can you tweet the eyeball mode g tomorrow night right before the podcast drops and then when people get to this point of the podcast they're gonna feel like idiots because they're gonna think you're coming back but really we're just make more sidebar emoji was that means you yeah like it's just i'm almost look out something's happening all look out yeah if you will as soon as you coming back but not really you just coming apart michael yeah that yeah that for sure okay yours read that tomorrow i will look like seven o'clock seven o'clock you got that you guys are gonna tell so did the i so good that's actually got it that's a great idea we did it was this is big news yes usually as part of my tank how did this was is bigger than yeah i'm back we for yes yeah this is where it's at yeah yeah i will flip out and be like what the hell's going on and then when they get to this part of the podcast to feel really stupid no yeah but he's coming back week forty fourteen is covered while all right hey chris rock
i got i mean i got nothing because i know that can be another i've got to be times when i'm coming back grog thank you so much man this is a ton of fun we yeah i know this is great yeah we've always up in fancy you so and we actually were trying i think a couple years ago to get you on a june ninth so we'll do that maybe that next all right i'm down yeah you know little joke but i can make the joke no i only it's only june ninth yeah no sound good yeah i just got a summer it's a cool day yeah that's right there was this one say yes i guess i was there so it's all set actually who cares right yeah yeah yeah that interview with rob gronkowski was brought to you by peloton summer is finally here at some is actually over but you know what for those of us that didn't get a six pack this summer now's the time that you get a star put in the work to get it for next year i've learned that
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ok let's get to some segments first up we have by the way wouldn't it be funny if grant then like over the top told us and actually came back that be amazing is this is part of his plan all along he's just like i'm just going to troll the trolls he's like a be like in all the different steps that he thought i had first we have just chill out man mike greenberg said what we just witness is the most unprofessional act that i can ever remember seeing in professional sports talking about antonio brown just chill out mike greenberg a little overstated there mikey remember when lebron james flash the world his penis yeah i remember that i remember when mike greenberg has a lot of balls to say this when he's been a fan of northwestern football yeah yeah and the jets how about i remember when i wouldn't even do like the crimes how about when brian colangelo had a burner account yeah
good that was pretty house restaurant in professional jam yeah mike listen if there's one thing mike greenberg will not tolerate it's forcing your way out of a contract by getting into a dispute with a guy named mike to make more guaranteed money across the country ye that one cut you can only do and if they're giving you your own morning show yes exactly in new york city yeah because that's kind of nice you get to move to new york city ending you go there to get your hero but whips you did it well he's the one that one of my songs on intention yes that's true i consider ourselves even green it is pretty funny though maybe another look in the mirror other yeah just like my any contract because they do the same thing you got more money and ran away your long term goals okay so sabermetrics katie yes kevin durant's changing his number to seven eleven sep because he says it's it stands for completion in the bible
so i guess katie always has some weird reasons for change their numbers like lie translator in the bible that i missed no i did look it up so the number seven locks the number seven is featured in the book of revelation there seven churches seven angels seven seals seven trumpets seven stars again ring chasing go into a team with all the superstars the koran speaks of seven heavens and muslim pilgrims walk around the kaaba in mecca which is islam's most sacred site seven times but where does it say seven equals completion that's what i don't care i'm just listen just like kd have his interpretation go with it right so he's just in buddhism illegally sourcing his material illegal yes he's plagiarizing god and not interfere and got this so he downloaded it was downloaded seven it was labeled as seven completions but it turns out it was just a book of revelations it was mislabeled also the newborn buddha rises and take seven steps when the new boot is born that's it right out yeah
babies first traveling violations like a weird no not in the nba yeah crab dribble come on that's not even close yeah yeah that's called the james harden step back i mean it's pretty obvious that he chose seven because it rhymes with kevin yeah seven seven durant yeah there we go ok good job katie slim reaper
it should be that should have been good tarantula the slim reaper is the greatest thing came that never was alright we'll do pmt sports business sports biz minute with jake and then we have guys on ships good morning this is a portion of the pmc sports be is minute the nfl's most hyped up in the browns may be off to a rough start but despite losing by thirty odell beckham is still on leash the swag on the field by wearing a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar watch made by re shar neil wristwatches were actually first designed for women it became fashionable for men to start wearing them around the start of the first world war today's guest rob gronkowski noted that his favorite spike from his nfl career so far being during a one's in game back in twenty twelve abroad ninety one thoughts down to conform to a spike the ball on at least eighty percent of his trips to the end zone just so we're clear how one defines a bronze bike according to urban dictionary it's the action of forcing an object usually a football into the ground with tremendous force for because you're hammered about like doing it anyway that's your pnc sports this minute mr docked with the concert back to you okay we finish up our show with our good friend uncle chap spend
while it here to read us the island after i was mad at your your meta mad at me we on the internet i was never mad at you well yeah i got tagged a couple times like is everything okay with you and the cat and pft because you're never on i mean you're i know there was me out there were a lot of rumors you do look like it's got you got kind of the joe biden look going on right now it's just hard to like yes i know it's not contagious is it contagious no but a contagious make it my mood is bad and like a fax usable that i'm around is nervous that you're around me right now i would be too and what i hear honestly roan is like the nicest dude in the world but yesterday
he was staying there were talking i just wanted to kill myself because he and he was like staring directly at it by but not acting like he was so just kept looking in my eyes when i first had the conversation with chaps got here i had a long conversation with him but i thought that it was something that everyone already knew about that i was late finding out so i don't want to be rude and bring up the i see i was thinking about the i i just did the h apps your eye looks great right off the bat and that was the wrong thing to do well i thought maybe giving you little used to go i patch i was about to say that shit off but i don't want to steal pirate culture like i think that in a cancelled society you look back cancel do tattoos the beard that i know what you would swagger jack crenshaw for being the vet with the eye patch that's true yeah ok so before we do guys on chicks nick foles injured we've able to get excited for the nick foles error well to be completely honest my excitement about the neck era was completely fake it was fake really
i thought that he was going to be a bust you were thinking about blake bortles the whole time i thought that he was going to be a huge bust in jacksonville where everything perfect for him in the eagle system he didn't have that in jacksonville where you have probably an average maybe a little bit below average receiving core where the eagles or the opposite he wasn't elevating anybody else he was just getting the ball out on time and things like that i thought maybe you could do that in jacksonville rely on the defense but almost any quarterbacks actor to do that so i think gardeners gonna be okay i like gardner i like i i like his accuracy he's like a poor man's chad pennington he's like a he's a man sam bradford if chad pennington was more of a chad and less of a toll for he's like more chad the chad pennington there was a throw that he had this we could and that gave me really high hope was like eight yards no it was like a twenty five yard it was a twenty five yard come back
is mike leach guy he ran afoul of let it go whenever conley was on the fifteen and even turn around yet little come back route nine it was on him soon as he is gonna connelly turn around you turn around for testing on nine i was like wow you don't see a six round draft pick a guy that didn't really have that many reps in major division one college football make that throw russian state to one year yeah when you're sauce no what i like about him a lot is he wears these big polo shirts that don't fit and i think any time you get a quarterback that doesn't dress themselves properly it's a good thing for the but like peyton manning never put on a shirt that fit him kyle orton never worse alleged end but it is kind of bullshit that gardner is that level of handsome that he can make himself like put the goofy is facial hair he can wear whatever he wants to any still look i wish his name was something different i would have if you like billy means you no tommy means are you have a great i don't know he seems like a white guy you feel like you like to go
no yeah garden menchu yeah that works too gardasil gardasil menchu chaps you have guys you're going to read it with your good eye okay and i want to say to everyone oh ok clarification is i actually don't even really know what you're talking about with he was he was cleaning his dogs asshole no that's not just it really gets in there so what actually happened dan is that i have been an induced pink guy a few months ago about a year and a half ago i did a facial mask with mashed up banana because i had heard that it will make your skin this is my real no israel i put it on the website i put on a barstool sports if you look but in a mass chaps you'll see the video i actually did it and my
skin look great for like three days but then afterwards by i got really infected i always refused to go to the doctor with too long my eye was infected for so long that now it's like a carter oid underneath my eyelid where i have to get this car remove all from a banana yeah it's banana induced pink eye so when people wait wait wait wait let's not slander bananas here because it seems to me like a slanderous sign it could have been anything that was mashed up that was smeared into your eyeball that would have gotten infected i'm watching maybe but the potassium level and bananas is higher which causes a clogged up help that you looked so good with two good eyes i looked at my watch now it's fan or honestly the amount of sex that i have has gone down so much as a matter anyway look deeply in somebody's hi slick print wife i think she wants the vomit yeah do what you gotta spoons always sunny or something about mary when he gets all the boils on his face called love blisters that yeah you
ok guys on checks ok guys on chicks so big cat and packers owner pft thanks thanks to you too and hank after listening to the podcast where hank said he could catch a fish with his bare hands my husband is spent every trip to the lake sitting in the back of the boat throwing doritos into the lake claiming he's chumming the waters he seen two fish and swears he's close to grabbing one it's a waste of time and more important doritos please stop him as it's impossible quick quick going after the fish it is impossible if you're a bear it can work if you're swimming upstream i don't think they're going to jump out of the water free that's floating on the top of it this isn't a waste of time though this is just sounds like fishing but every time you fish you i mean most of them worse you can sit there and wait for fish to work things going to happen you're gonna continue not to catch this the best thing to happen you catch a fish right you get that on video once that's all you need talk me not to talk about a thousand times you missed right you caught a fish for your brain with three does right hello what do you watch a lot of fun is trying to catch a dock from the side of the boat well i could
that swing by you know each of the water a little bit with some bread crumbs or something like that you'll never catch a doctor what are the door all way too quick yeah to catch doc yet from the senate bill you jump off into the water on a day on the lake it's a lot of you are you a labrador yeah you never you never get your hands on the there too quick to to slip in the fly where is this place in florida called strickland's lake and they had like a eight foot form that you could jump off into the water and i would always bring bread and thrown under the b bram and i used to always want to kill the fish to bring them to the side and like basically killed fish my cheeks you wanted to smother of fish with your asshole yes one way to know certainly get a nasty case of pink on it yeah alright give every fish in that particular like conjunctivitis yeah i honestly feel bad for the people that are going to stay in the hotel after because i've been using law bragg face wash yeah that's worse than i usually do it a hotel with a router to just use every single pillow in that place too
alright you wanna hear the next one yeah right here we go this is the first football season my boyfriend and i have been together for he's a jets fan and he said he wanted to watch the game alone after they lost i texted him asking if you want me to come over he said no because he was too depressed i offered him a visa to make him feel better and told me i have no sex drive right now as many as when he would have he said maybe never again is this what i have to deal with for football season as a judge yeah it's over yeah as a as a pats fan it's awesome you know it just everything just increases you have you ever said no to flee if he have ever said no to what sex to sex of said no to sex people forget one time dontrelle willis was pitching and i said no i'd rather go watch the sky just world total gym up there the only time i ever have is after a spartan race yeah i was just way too sore yes all the spartan races you do how many have you done i've done one but i didn't even really complete it 'cause i rolled my ankle pretty so i walk like the last three you have the bumper sticker not on the boat
i should have shit on their spartan races only put like half the public yeah this guy this girl who texted in it's over like i have to just deal know that in some days in the fall your boyfriend is a jets fan and he's going to be depressed i'd say what seven hundred and seven out of ten times probably more than that i would say if you're a dolphins fan probably nine hundred and sixteen times bad times nine would be depressed nine out of sixteen times yeah so just data patriots in yeah or jacks yeah right search especially from my friend broke out with his two point five your girlfriend over the summer who happens to be my friend now they multiple times she's completely not over him but he doesn't think it's a big deal i don't want to pick a side but i don't know what to do okay so they're still kind of to get something good buddies have a good time ok here's what you do you get you
how to get a big knife and presented to him while they're and be like you guys can either cut me in half and both get half or what is has a cold is solved yeah yeah yeah yeah cut me in half yeah and i want you guys to each year yes and then the one person that says no i don't want to start chaps down the middle although the person is getting the bad i i think he knows that there that all your they would come like that vertically had gotten writer right to stop you want as us yeah i think is asked my ass stinks too all right well i'll do it ok so yeah you're the man in half whoever you been friends longer yeah here's how it's going to work the guy is going to hang out with his he still and then if his girl that's a friend ever hit my up late night with up it'll go hang out with her so really days are for the boys nights are for the men
nice i like that how you get back jobs are you taking a red eye or okay step in the boy's especially uncle daddy chaps my bf and i have been dating a little over a year and he really wants to sixty nine i told him we'll do it eventually but apparently that was not good enough answer he started growing out of mustache i hate mustaches and said that he'll shave as soon as we sixty nine but it's gotten to the point where i'm starting to find it amusing at how badly he wants to sixty nine should i give in in sixty nine or keep holding out because nobody thinks that you can blackmail me into sixty nine ing ok first of all he should shave the mustache before you sixty nine my advice
why is it taking a year yeah yeah it's a long time i cut i kinda like with this is that the because since it's been on the shelf for so long now it's a big thing and he's gonna keep wanting it once you can keep delaying when you're going to give its own also three ninety seven date move also yeah number seven also it's very specific because you know i mean you don't as the door trying to force that will let gamers just a first step first day you're probably doing some heavy petting maybe even just like hand holding to really get your heart flow and yep because i don't want to follow their data like that i'm not a we don't such and i don't but sometimes yeah so the second day probably the first time that we're just going to do missionary i'm excited to be in a new second exactly be and some new vergina someone not real early and i've probably drink too much to get us that points american falsely really quickly okay third date there are we perfect it fifth we break out doggies four x force was just maybe like just regular sex repeated a number three okay and then we have six is going to be experimental stuff new positions maybe just try to ask her if you want to do reverse cowgirl yeah seven day let's do a sixty nine okay but it's going to be six you know the cabbie out that she's on top because she's not ready for my hole by that stick around to monitor that anyways yeah that's date twenty one what about side by side i still haven't tried that so have you ever seen that show the americans there is one episode that for some reason the the daughter walks in the room
and just keri russell is sixty nine ing with her husband sideways and she catches in doing that i think that's probably the most from addicting your parents doing yeah the and that's just the terrible position to sixty nine what yeah really there's the legs are yeah yeah what chance would date number you on with your wife
we've had sex well over one thousand five hundred that's interesting yeah next month only ten years of marriage record do you have like a bedroom wall that's got tallies on it like a jail that you've been in something really special is going down for two thousand but i'll keep that for the next time i come on so if i have sixty nine nice but the answer to this question is he wants to sixty nine so bad just do it because you'll come right away if you're not sixty nine by the first year you're never going to do it you need to find a new lover yeah that's my advice or just announced that you're not a sixty nine couple because sixty nine for some people is very very important yeah on this show yeah it's not calling work rocks cool down a little bit i would say saying it is it the joke yeah i'd say grant still 69's sixty nine is probably the porn category that could use the most worked yes it is very under represented represented
represent because there's no one good camera angle for ever gonna pov sixty nine it's just bottle i do like about pro on the ball yeah you just get from the bundles for you to go pro on your back on facing up or what about one of the spy cams that you could just take to your forehead like right in between your eye yeah that's one of the camps and the other one yes right on the tip it to be top of your crack facing toward your feet so just to see how you see a nose in the nose which is to immerse touching each other yeah you could probably even put one on the end of a plug actually put it in your is that six zero nine are you okay genre like all forms yeah is it illegal we're back on it right because you need to have a good view yeah sep
the big cat last weekend at my last weekend at a wedding my boyfriend was too excited about the what the bass saxophone player playing careless whisper he picked me up slipped and my head went to a column i have a black guy it could be so much worse how long can i use this against him and his careless whisper forever ruined i'd say a you get to use it against him until he suffer some sort of facial injuries can blame on you yeah i think however long it takes the black eye to heal time seven times you say that black guy black ops i like i so weak times seven now she has a black eye on her face black i yeah yeah i like that seven seven weeks yeah that's biblical too i for you can in the face we shouldn't talk about ice open for you
the spectacle jaffe i recently got engaged and want to be my fiance's parents for the first time when i was at their house accidentally waters i walked in on my future mother in law in the bathroom she was completely naked sitting on the toilet old the group home and i respect move getting completely new to use the toilet this is a time where you hope your mother in laws not attractive right like if you have like an oddly hot mother in law you don't want to see here tips and stuff right you don't i don't think so i don't think i think that the female bodies gorgeous in any form i wait so proving or p is there anything else on this on this yeah how do i get past this and do i tell my man about it
oh yeah oh yeah it was the woman oh well then your time yeah yeah yeah it's just girls in locker room normal shit you should just whipped or with a towel yeah nice tits the weird part with you in a number onesie twosies want to know how much time we go weird part here is that you got engaged and then the parents yeah
like so maybe the mother in law planted this like hey it took you this long to fucking meet us you're going to be all of us and if you could go back in time i wish that she would just walked in and just sat on the counter like while she's in there just talked about and like mine if i just get a crack here how about this weather you poop just like your son so the wedding you guys around with the floral you get a bad day on amazon for twenty four dollars just thinking about doing like a pork roast in the buffet are you thinking like a nice salmon we can take this output how is your mother in laws diarrhea doing every time she comes it's something new the best parts by the way this wasn't just like a random question chaps has long documented his mother well
mccartney likes to my street on account of the taquerias they want to whatever yeah so my mother in law had diarrhea really bad christmas my wife makes this beautiful homemade pasta and it she makes it like twice a year 'cause it's so much work making homemade pasta from scratch is not an easy job so she makes it it's my favorite thing that she makes all year and she makes it kind of is like a christmas present to me well it's all on the table fresh meat boss fresh pasta fresh sauce all that my mother i'll come sauntering down the stairs and as soon as she gets to the bottom she says well i don't bully we will be having in the dinner tonight
on the count of my diary it was a miracle so is it going well i was area i think she knows about the blocks hold because she knows i don't think she knew anything about bar stool right we'll remember when day one on tucker and he talked about aoc he called aoc yeah so she talked to aoc he was the when he was talking about aoc and she said
well i saw matt's boss on the line boxing news and i'm just glad to hear that yeah i won't be voting for a see anymore and i'm like so she's a congressman from the score right we let this texas we have the opportunity to plus he's my boss not my dictator right right yeah yeah line with that one now she thinks that it's a because he was on tucker that we are very conservative group and also see so she then looked up bar storm was like the way that i really was our first moved to google bar stool and her name to see like the diary i don't think she knows that much about google but if she ever does honestly i believe that our entire family relationship will be fun i mean because she's so southern and christian if you found out that i was talking about her diarrhea yeah or having sex with their daughter fifteen hundred times like all the other dumb that i've done putting banana on your i am running it made it grossed out one if you have my other coworkers pissing themselves to like what way way way way way down the line but you don't know the difference that's true yeah it was a joke for the internet so is your diarrhea
maybe it's like one of those things where she's google diarrhea so much that her browser just feeds her content like she gets alerts on her phone downloads diarrhea blog if she got most notification she downloads the app and all my blogs come oh yeah you're done i might have gps in my house to take my children no done done alright we're talking about the mom that was having having a poo yeah everyone poops yeah so chaps thank you everyone go listen to zero blog thirty your podcast it is the best military podcast out there you always get great guess you're always doing like
i always feel like you're doing way more important work then we are well i think that zero block thirty is a lot different because we just don't have jokes like for instance this friday's episode we are going to have a dude who was a green beret retired as a general he was the very first group that went into afghanistan after nine hundred and eleven he was a green beret and went in on horseback rd in from pakistan to afghanistan he's going to tell us about we've got marlins man so i mean you tell me who does more but yeah go download it's awesome you can also here on serious every night with kate six to seven chaps it's been too long hopefully won't be this long till the next time but i'm going to say it until your eyes fix your not welcome back on now that's here yeah these are gonna get fixed probably not alright so you've never looks like you got stung by like a really big hornet banana do single single hornet it looks like your i like you won't have an eye in a year no that's a bear yeah this is
this is like ha ha and then one day to come in with a glass eye ball what rose and you will make us feel bad well when the attending doctor like doctor biologists had to bring in like two other doctors or higher is come check this was like let's look at this and they legitimately stared through this fancy ask machine for like forty five i've never seen one like this before the textbook and the guy goes should we milk it and i was like what is he yeah abbas milk it for all of the words you become a glass eye guy or would you become an eye patch guy all right i would you know you know what i would like you to class the one of your eye glasses just blacked out if i could go back if i could do it if i have to lose by what i'm going to do is get a q r code on it where it's just weird like you scan and goes down there is a cashier black thirty yeah i like that yeah and you can to register cash out just cash up directly to it yeah perfect all right chops thanks
much thank you love veggietales
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