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Rob Lowe + Hard Knocks Finale

2018-09-05 | 🔗

Hard Knocks Finale recap. Cajuste gets cut, the Browns may win the Super Bowl, Hue Jackson didn't like the Khalil Mack trade so it means it's a good one, and Todd Haley hates rap music, obviously (2:25 - 10:16). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (10:16 - 23:16). Actor Rob Lowe joins the show to talk about his career in Hollywood, his favorite roles, playing Drew Peterson, rooting for winners because he's a winner and a self admitted narcissist, and a table reading from Waynes World (23:16 - 79:44). Segments include Done or Finished Rick Pitino, Locker Room Talk Jerry Jones, and Guys on Chicks. 

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on today's parted my take we have the long awaited rob low interview it was awesome and you need to listen to all of it extended caught we're trying to cut some stuff out we're like you know what we're just gonna give it to you were to give you all the raw blow that you can handle so rob low is in person a great interview where we were out and allay we also have the finale of hard knocks cleveland browns and we have hots equal a guys on chicks before we get off that the cash app you know the cash app the simplest way to italy send money to friends it's also the number one up and find and now it's in unborn up for paying fantasy football league fees the cash opposition joe award winning listeners fantasy football fee app dont be the schmuck doesn't pay your fantasy football league fees so tweet your cash tag
and how much money you oh dear off tier league at part of my take and we'll hokey guys up with some free money you can download the cash free on the app store or google play market it is super easy it is the best app out there it links directly or your bank account and you can send money to your friends because your programme who's the fantasy football
neither attorney you are so say your money right now don't be that small and use the cash out ok let's go let's not make sensible welcome the forty nine percent applies today is wednesday september fifth mp of tee i dont know if i am just still feeling the high
of liev schreiber narrated slow mo but i think the browns going to super dude i'm telling you you ve gone from trash the brown gets a brotherhood in there to listen the bessys and hard knocks is better than the rex ryan season i agree i smelled it come into him like a dog that can smell football come and entertaining football in that thou the combination of some of the guys that we got introduced to like produced or ip to rogan or ip organs cuts down like the music the spiral and then five minutes later the cut that what hard knocks is i just want to say this right now is a hard part of our job we don't like doing it but we're going to let you go tonight yeah we'll have left open approach on waivers receive anyone claims you didn't work
you know we're gonna have to have some take care you will get jolly stunt casually it's sort of the way and make sure that you have a new trash begged put all your stuff and what do you think broken rollback had that cardboard box when he was walking out his bond moody mags try to football seas around revolver see one of these again three phones with all his deems that is not so hard knocks season finale we went through the cuts i actually think that we need to know how espn finally did the thing were shutter couldn't you don't tip off the draft text we need that for hard knocks because going into this knowing that produce got caught knowing that the late break carl nasa got caught like obviously broken broken her back with me we ate orchard i need a little four suspense gazelle i was just it was more just me waiting for the guys that i fell in love with to get caught it happens every hard knocks position which is different they shouldn't softness
a little bit they should had moose deliver the news just have the dog show up to their how they would all with pink slip yeah and it was also a great seeing produced i let me ask you this question do we he no longer believe in the power of crystals no i believe more in the power crystals because it is this is the way that he hamlet yeah reasons one he was laughing like a second later so it gives you a lot optimism number to his dad survived the cut which that tells me crystals world who actually he didn't cosy has them is maybe going the tab open art search but he made it through that day right we ought we hope for the best i hope that his dad is gets healthy because that's that was like it was such a wii
still they threw him like oh yeah it is dad has really really serious health issues and super healthy eating the super out his dad looks like an american gladiators so i hope i didn't produce father does okay with however that tall situation figure it out i believe in crystal still i believe also get crystals yet so my power rankings for healing things go one paint and then to crystal the other news we had was i've never felt more confident in the collegial mac trade yeah i did when you jackson saw the news was like oh that's a lot yeah claim that humanity
yeah dad should absolutely make you think that you did the exact correct thing no that huge axles i wanna done no sweet vindication for you and then huge actions like manage just like to first runners that's just what you give up for a great quarterback like age amy care right which he tried to do last year could do for aids even than the entire alter it wasn't a fax machine that fact unless the best general manager in the history the cleveland grounds is a broken fax machine right absolute stop the age limit penetrate and then you jackson finish the night basically saying you hear you gripes your clues embrowned that means ruined football games a football game like now conrad let's start with one that not many guns hesitated gun rang with start with one and then will add the plural on later he has a name how bout antonio brown yeah so
i met with the enemy the longstanding theory that the cleveland browns are false flag organization for the pittsburgh steelers like their owner they have jimmy has them is a former steelers owner granting tat they were just kind of their brought back into league to inflate the steelers record artificially up it then has thrown more touchdowns in cleveland than cleveland brown quarterbacks in like the last fifteen years that sat that's very true been has had more assault charges over his career than the browns have had winds in the past two years true also trips others that so the question is we went through the cuts if you were in that spot how'd you do not get cut its easy it's actually very easy thing you just don't become question by my you don't pick up your from yes so they try to reach her oh my phones off they leave a message nobody checks messages anymore you're happy responsible check a message it's in two thousand sixteen so then you just keep showing up the facility like yanked like acted to not get fired is like now
so try you don't get served if you just never accept any mail address your life you have you never get served i'm sure tat hollywood hunt you down eventually he had probably the best part of his job as the other part these sprinkled in a little taught hayley gregg williams the end baton healy also trying to deal with rap music being played a practice he was not happy not happy whatsoever and no one has thought a joke was funnier that hot hayley thinking his baby carl joke thing is least how did you do that all year average i was a baby what name carl tonnes definitely pissed off the gregg william said anita fuckin laws and pitch and and i put my testicles in the sea gap yes liking haley's pissed off the gregg came out here with two catchphrase yes have we all know he does nice nice job you fuckin kicker earlier your eyes have that one good job funky charlie fuckin kid you're so all in all a plus hard knocks season it rejuvenated the hard knocks branton it was hard knocks making to come back so even though the
or fame of it was like the browns making a comeback technically mission accomplished you already rejuvenated and entire brain you ought to any for bulgaria hard knocks was actually the cleveland browns of tv shows over the past two seas yeah a once stored franchise had fallen on tough time and now they're back huge acts and brought it back yes that's your leave schreiber likelihood is leader has ever been a better choice over guy i saw you tweet this out about it's weird seen football coach is wearing jeans yes i don't think it's a football coach is wearing jeans problem i think it's a huge acts and weren't genes from he strikes me as a guy that suggest the poncho all the time he's got that body that just kind of like like a slimy our job it is chaos getting bigger as it would allow no hear me out i actually think genes are the weirdest in football coach can can wear because football coaches they either and swept pants or full suit there is no in between there not normal human beings like g it's actually the way too
tell the difference between normal human beings in football coaches is if you see someone wearing jeans like that's a civilian and everything else and like you jackson kind of less to trying to blur the lines there unless your caroline and it's friday turned its managing around i do think that football guys in football coaches have one pair of genes they ve got their genes yes the sky like a well worn wallet area where the wallet always days and then a dip can line in the back and if its todd hayley it's got some kind of cool pattern on de but cheek and in order
no i'm talking ed hardy gm he's got the whole thing go in words like answer my maybe a couple crystals maybe some rhinestones at the bottom cut the couple condoms just hang out of the watch pocket just like how ready to go to let you know your sweater is in some cities every day if you put a pineapple in your shopping cart when you taken around the supermarket interesting that on singles either means that you swing tat hayley just let's everybody on the sidelines oh hey i'm data is he's got that condom sittin there here what singles ninth professorial pineapple yeah look it up back brutes also if you leave your garage door open just a little bit yeah crack it that ends you crack down mirage door canada's garage and cut my way i just pow my wife out while i watch out outside why am i gets next eradicate time let's get a hot see cool thrown hey why don't you start well yeah hot seat
hank i'm not ready for his hot seat my lot really does mean is ok the sticky see ma many sales have dropped a six point seven percent over the last five years as millennials in america's perennial favouring unanimously in favour of hip her alternatives like miracle whip yeah or overcome spread yet here trick that you can do your opening restaurant this one has the pfc stamp on it instead of putting me on sandwiches just put me on and called a wholly not smart yet you just may make it a little bit put a little like dash of catch up in it and then it secret sauce yes score meant you gotta boys boy i like mail i e here's the thing mail has been slandered recently yeah it's it's gone the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction i can see a legitimate complaint with
or mailing sandwiches but it's gone way too far it is nothing worse than a dry sand fool you know what it is like three people online decided that mail is disgusting and they just make that their entire brand to bash mail and i can't keep up with someone who spends twenty four seven three sixty five online bashing mail so that's where we're i disagree i think tat there were a few oji mayo bashers true miguel being one of them i think he got the mayo trained started and then there are a lot of copycats because i saw the engaged so i go yet is male quit you know what if you don't like mail you liar actual any also your provocateur homophobic oh ok i'm here a little massage innocent was that cause you're just like your masculinity is threatened by having this creamy delicious i hate bright sausages down your throat no i you know what i'm here to say mail me up
that is why we are you know i've had a draft in the back end forced off the last two weeks indefensible and they say we go and i've been working on it so am i swear you could you please quote me in that may only up michael scott weighing gretzky stand gets thrown in the my cool throne is kristen village yeah recurring guest these are stats from and they'll be its christian yeltsin's appear on party might take in july first combating average tied for person home runs person runs person or be eyes and first the slogan percentage hookah many people are saying he's gonna be there now and believe that his eyes now did you hear stats agitated has devised a solid why are you are you denies asserted than hardy might take bump no part might take is real we made criminality went from an all star too
protein oilseed and i ask you to win actually cost can i say something church i will triggered does crushing yelich hit like a walk off but it wasn't really walk off it was just those waters rise joy or getting that years most to probably throw home with peace loaded and went out and he did the postman interviews i had the stupid milwaukee feed on my tv and i gave him the finger and sent him a picture may give him the finger is it you don't mean that and i put it out as i guess you're right it s my bet i guess i known other christian that improve effort through their rest who is jesus oh nice came untouchable yes invincible hey hey i'm untouchable come on up soon ok my hearty await hankered you done yeah ok the baron from all the bare minimum as well what do you do it all amongst us where was the same recalled huxley's throw my hat cited yeah my hat
it can't can i go there ok my hot seated fun songs you live on my heart's its because no not file harriet ok fun comma because the initial is considering outlawing keg stands on the stanley cup but that is not the washing capitals have done too many cake stands on it and they ve compromise the structural integrity nand if you look at the laws of physics never before in the history the world has a steel structure the collapse under its own weight true just from having russian stand on top of them took back out of this was bound to happen some fuckin o actually you know what can we get fifteen toronto and i shall commissioner voice memory did that once i don't
you did do that obvious or have a little bit too much fun with a cup now has little more my green bergen listen ok so we tried to be fun with you and we let you have your motions and just chuck it out of their but when you do it upside down now that make the ruins it for the rest of us now and so that guy sit there in toronto he had that like a penny overt can doing all this stuff and easier and ovarian ruined it for the rest of us won't that's fine cops didn't caps one a better than any other team in history the image of god it harder celebrated i am also go put ad hoc julio hot seat oh when alone hot seat see cause the college ranks are just crawling with jacked up rapidly i saw like four or five m even the ones that are fat do nothing our girls on the high seas is that ad hoc earlier in the hot seat or
an ad hoc coolly tribute backed it isn't that actually to be banned but it's making people forget about the oji at how i think i only their names yeah i think it's actually the opposite i think people over bavarian ad hoc uli because they're like who was the guy who started it oh yeah ad hoc and all these rest there just itching to do the first down symbol yes to show off gone yet why not what happens at the beach another yeah very go another reason why did they just like games or tilted towards offices cause you have ref circling passer ference too frequently and they just one do the first answer so it's not fair for differences ok my cool throne is tom brady is political future so this zone the little stay welcome my part i think the tom brady is going to run for office in massachusetts after he's done playing football into work in massachusetts when you're running for office he typically have to be what
not kennedy i was gonna say kelly accidently kill somebody then cover no not you typically have to be a democrat and tom brady has gone from having to make amerika great again hat in a locker too now he's liking colony for next instagram posts interest or the new ad campaign entry low tide the hat locker even though tat even though tom brady interest is an under armor guy adders exit nike guy i've got a big i've got a big theory that i'm workin on here i think he shipped jimmy garage below out to san francisco because jimmy g was republican and in like having a republican party made so as to send you out to hang out with all the lives and san francisco we think about it jimmy g probably republic so he sent him to like conversion camp yes outside his lady outages got him out of town yak asean like you use intolerant of jimmy jeez intolerance is jimmy was you do his he wins all time is like don't drop you just sick winning or yet i'm
banks poland what hours yet which is another trump factors might my stay woke on that is that he is he's a liberal and he is trot he's making a pivot to run for office interest to put down fuller file for logistics come about ok right are my hot seats is going to be our friend recurring guest and ultimate football guy dave wants that always in the hot seat because he needs mankind revoke but he also tried pilgrim yoga for ten minutes he clarified for ten minutes but still want he doing pilgrim yoga like those that oil and water does not max let's be real heeds he laid down on a mat and complained for time and there's no way that this like actually either either happened or if it did like there should have been some kind of alarm that went off like us siren around the world like hey water just walked into yoga vassili
is he lost is he ok how oh you know the rifle are that's how you know that were lit we're living in a computer simulation and starting to glitch yes is active one step is trying to do hot yoke investment so confused yeah but you know what day wants it does seem like a guy who goes to the sana a lot so he's probably like well he produced sat there you walk why is ever have their whatever and have a close on he walked in with just a towel lawyer is at once with what why is why you guys like why aren't you guys naked was sport when we are hidden each other exactly so he's on my heart seats and my cool through on is big bawler brand because two reasons one
or if you saw but lee angelo ball is illegal said that he thinks it maybe the theft in china was the reason why i passed over in the nba draft great spins own body that's the way to do it it's not the fact that you suck a basketball no it was probably the fact that you stole something china that got you not drafted right well if you look at the nba rosters people who commit crimes do not go on to play in korea ever and their number to reason is nike stock down because the catherine stuff obviously adidas stock down i think there's a couple others feel maybe i don't know yet whenever doc is always all the stars are down you know stocks knockdown big bala branches still privately owned trivially on that how you do it so people people are talking this big ball brands but have windfall from this this is actually a huge opportunity for laval like if he places cards right like we said last week nike should start sending uniforms of troops big ball branch it outfit
united states motor that would be great big border antique lambert boots with sixty nine months to get there and they all cost seven thousand dollars in i mean to any don't get the size that you want but you get a shoe we get what i hear guy who has ten foot choose your fourteen whatever to take think about that we're starting a war against china and like dirt to invade us and we're just like what what are those we just what are those wire chinese army s and well i guess you as our big ball you not big ball and they have to go home and we have been more water so we actually visually self sufficient ok with our troops if you just go pick barbara for everything a hum i let's get you are in our view the long awaited rob low in our view it was a great interview really really fun time he is literally amazing and before we do that directv for over twenty years directv has been the exclusive home to nfl sunday ticket the only way to go
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curious rob la hurry we now welcome on a very very special guessed he is in a claimed actor hollywood regular been on tv shows hit tv shows it is rob low grade you say that you are intimidating we attract i'll just say that of uptake ok that's not really grena podcast though because we were like i do not think we will know what you look like yeah that's why i haven't you like on a tv show rights rank and actually we can just line so you're not that attract view could it could have on the other our good imposed get out but you can be like do you do people know your five three five this is so says i wanted to actually start though i we usually too you know butter up our guests
some easy question i want to start with a hard won i like the most embarrassing moment of your entire career oh my god my god tire entire career my entire quote yes hearing my fave number eighteen peyton manning will not return to the nfl two dozen eleven rob low let's get it on was doing fake news source who are you who are your source first of all first of all there is a world in which i'm right so hit just just i will now go back to the cold there with me ok at that go back in time you're colsman right the notion that peyton would never play another snap for you would be unthinkable unthinkable
it was the first person who put that notion out there that's right it's makes you wonder now you now this accident excited you didn't retire anyone well what do you know i mean get us i was wrong that account yahoo resources i like any good you your journalists yeah thank you you don't you don't brazil euro reveal your source it was great though because people were like ok robin oh parson rack maybe does know maybe he like people ran with their like me rob lowly courts inside our part romola prussian wreck it takes place in the end we must not filmed it in the end are not filled in any anodyne he must know yeah knows on did you get it like i actually did i have she did get up get i actually did get a phone call i truly do ok from someone is like a done deal is like this this is this is way worse than anyone's sag interesting now why do they go to you because you can have a culture
yeah what about use peyton fan did you have permission to break that news roses uses rome i when i learned my first let a lesson in twitter i was really new to twitter and i i just what i don't think i was really on forget cause i was i was i went through one of the canyons and allay we don't ever section so tweeted it before the canyon didn't have reception for twelve that's got to the other side and had sixty thousand more followers ad and my agents managers and everybody recall ringing the author was grigg was crazy like what did i do adam shutters following you know the exact without once you get a taste for breaking news even those actually not really would involve having did you like want to get back in it are you a cultivating sources do like continue to break into fulness you know rising i think its rights should be if i had some good stuff you know i'd probably due to start giving utopia
so every time i hear something if i'm not sure about it i'll run it through you first look and thank god it is like had not done it then it would lead to patent being on my comedy central roast and room so funny about through so funny did you get tipped off about the time the paint manning's wife did steroids we don't know that to be true ok it's a leader arrogance and they would say that's a little less georgia in an organised foreign brought inside the house it doesn't mean that you knew it was not a big deal day out of that was that's a leading question so are you paint manning after you just culture nor pain fan yeah i'm a painter did we does not say that about a cold span and on a big andrew luck guy might my son is here with these he's and four guy another great looking guy i'll be done was to get looking luck yeah yeah who is he suffer here
the end is not about after we did a scene and parks in recreational reggie wayne andrew look me chris pratt he had chris pratt run some some post patterns and he i'll never forget luckless flat footed just with a wrist it's like at twenty five yards seed yeah was my shoulder doesn't really work anymore so i would look at the other day that's how i have heard you did we're so so we're gonna get into the acting stuff in your career but since we're on sports what are your team so cults are you really look long guy now and allay for so long the outer team what happened was began to follow other teams and enter and has nothing is maybe you can only this like people say you you have to pick a side sometimes like i like the red sox and unlike the yankees ok boy letters on workers yet that is yup that's ridiculous adheres issues because i like you know i like teams the can that can be rivals ok i like i liked the patriots who like to call for the storyline
you like journalist i like the story line and i like it i like his lines that are great you like excellence i like your ex i do like my brother chad is a long time brown span and bangles guph like loves it like that proud about anywheres he's the blacks lousy exactly he didn't details and i visited me like an thou wilt like i like i like people were good at what they do he'll likes me word bannisters right you like do basketball the dallas cowboys new york yankees so our size rinaldo guy committed although the sun to come up in the morning i read for this i wrote for the inevitable yes yes i like em right yeah i wrote ray i guess exactly what is like have you got it to meet leubronn i've not madame is actually pretty good after that's what does that mean
my my sons were thing is really good in the garage appetite but i've actually target like on the basketball courtyard always really get areas of answering oars cries we know can we dont what is patently hate him so much do we really know because it would do we really know what that's about i've got a nice argue this it was a celtic institutions also celtics can solve its heating and now it's what you get stuck in us when you're in the hot take world once you get stuck in a spot you gonna get you to defend it out of the act as i just did we hate manage retirement rain exactly exact in spite of all evidence to the contrary you must doubled yes so is it leubronn is l a bronze you're the only thing i don't like about it okay for the only thing i don't like about it go in the lakers or the lakers no one is bigger than the lakers stand yeah yeah i get lebruns i get it all he's another player on the lakers these doesn't cleaving cavaliers or dry about k there at a laker so let's get its i dont like
i like you said lakers makes it sound like regal its gas like discipline goal jack nick mason several as that is the color of royalty yes drew so it's like i said so the notion that it's like he's taking it it's that part at all like about here's thing i realize look watching leubronn do what he does and i sat court side the first game of of the champ achieve drop sixty three it was insane the end as a result i had ever seen him in a god was lucky enough to sit ports i see it he's his teeth there's no one like him in watching bascombe my whole life and so if you just look at the game and how he plays it it's he's amazing it's the everything around leubronn gets to be tiresome remain very tired of it i guess i got i get it i get it he's a thank you please can we just stop ruminant yeah so but that's not his fault
yeah i know it's shriller that else's fault do you remember do you go to the showtime liquors you gonna make only i these citizens citizens i was i was therefore baby hook in the garden a while you know i mean i i i've been as could gibsons home i'd like weird sports mojo that's also really do give me no drugs here like the forest scamp of ella sport yeah i know it's true or the great times as advertising by near often vander how like weird i'm like one i'm aware around weird stuff happens so so it wasn't like watching the lakers in the eighties than vaccine and party did you ever get to go to the sauna with magic johnson now just doktor bus ok yeah liked i like the sun we are thus putting me looks i watch old videos like this is just insanity like the song but he's a show up the way the style they played like the event would it is great that some different the pressing not not the form clogs that's where the plug swear to me like that
s lounge would you guys in theory we have been able to go to jail for loves animals i you're jealous work went on the press launch that's where that was where like it basically charlie sheen was the dormant so you can do the math got sounds a crowd was he always crazy charging you grew up with him yea you bought you throw about ninety four that's crazy legitimately throw ninety four it was crazy that's amid the eminently i know that he played baseball and obviously you again a very famous baseball role gaze legit does that that era was we ve been also the game was so different right amos it's different game i mean listen i love love leubronn but pity buddy buddy we used to call carries harry he carries on every possession of every person shut up and is actually never scored a point and everything's again under the nightingale eroding allen iverson ruin basketball rather talking about this e g palms and and also with within with he he's got that hand out
asked if so he is allowed to hand check but you can see that's right round yet so it is the goat that's what i'm here for me i'm trying to get it he's playing by the rules as the rules he's the best that's ever ever play it's not gonna be like like a mental blah brownings i'm not but as a long time ask of all fan and then someone who's got busy with other sports for awhile and came back to it when i set it right there and wash it the game is one billion per cent is so we have to ask you this is a laker spend her tough for workers volta we person
i don't care but you have to ask is like any goal when you have somewhat like the lakers as that would not to say is a big ella discussion yet as if it were taught listen i'm always a magic guy always gonna be a magic guy he misses mike it's part of it i think is the era that you are young and you're the same age as the players i think you're always can connect them better so magic one billion per cent and then i think i mean with so hard i didn't see wilt or jerry west play right you got thrown on their just suddenly logo they're up ever then what do you do the whose like who'd guard shack today no one who got who'd guard him tat we were just time i think that the cubby shack three pete team would destroy
stuff caressed him and drew that's us high take that is those who regard check who'd guard stuff comes around our clay yeah yellow three rim of the court the man you know you do though it's like you google it look if they're gonna bomb from outside and beat you they will be united but they're not come inside so just let him do it live and die by the three let him live and die by the three so my top for leaguers all time you went away in those that something that i got some time of steve colonels like do you now have the same generation a guy in bounds the ball in it in a pivotal moment and dribbled five feet from the half court line
heaves it up you'd be on the bench trail and he's making like forty five you'd be on the bench he had known our day would immediately be sat on the bench and you might not touch the biodiversity is known as like degraded shooter or one of the benefits that anybody who wouldn't dare he couldn't have supported my top for are shock nick van axel nicety nash in milan siri peyton gary pavia home alone measures if you're going with that less you gotta put you gotta dwight howard yet we have heard listen out time honoured or number one yes out the rings and although the rings and the argument being shot large ever must show the forgotten robert or is is unworthy of the players we ve had a meanness tomorrow it goes on using whatever actually lamar odom he gets a bomb rap he was actually produce was perhaps lamar odom when he was good was a guy who will give you twenty more winds and you would otherwise have during the season and nothing in the offices we're gonna disappear vendetta down you know is famous for apparently
sugar a lot this is the do you notice the gathering like that i just love that they bring the bag of sugar and like like sweethearts animal what all he was go wild you shrink misguided need any sugar i woke up in the middle and i last night and pounded some hot enough seller confusing and we created i woke up and we are ok even worse yeah so are its let's so let's do some acting talk so you're an actor question they say she jewess do a bit make me believe that you're not you
i'm i've been mcdermott i've been doing a good job of making you believe that i'm interested yeah guess exactly you're gonna greater no seriously though so you you ve been in hollywood for thirty years forty forty years so you started i am always interested it guys like you have such a long career and like you get busy shot of cannon when you're such a young age how much of a mine fuck is that when you have that type of celebrity in fame at such a young age busy overnight but when you're going through it you don't know anything different so that's it's only with some time in perspective that you look back on and go what just happened to me and you know i've two sons and and they are now older than i was when i was in a stage in my life where i was like rent to airports hiding from people wanted to rip my clothes off and that's such a weird thing like that's not many people ever going to experience that right and and looking at it too
prism of my own kids i know what it would do to their heads like and so i can i can figure out what it did to me you never come out of it you there's no way you come out of it with a a normal perspective life it's impossible you get with their moment where you're like ok i'm not normal guy anymore like it's over i can never turned back to just be regular rob low know you never think that way because it's you i don't know anything differently idiot i'm saying it's like so that never enters your mind and it seems normal do you like that you're you're everyone's reality is going to seem normal to them while you're going through that that can a first stage of just having like the immediate success in hollywood were you would you stop it just like this is fucking awesome those are you just like riding the way i want it now is whether this is greater what's next
i've always been really driven and i was driven then and an end to this day i mean i'm i'm i have enough perspective and gratitude to try to get what it would have been able to do and in an all of that and i dont begrudge it and i feel i celebrated but but i it's very much about thinking about ok that's great now y yeah her face ensured lloyds of london who is really do people do though it was like an old fashioned has very or no that's that's a very weak riley reference you said just now i know another i know enough about you guys know that is not a common line knowing amazon he's stuck in the year ninety ninety to kind of guy is has your face ever been ensured by echo is the very reason that a joke yeah like bananas are i might add that schedule to shun watson's knee was insured when he was a senior clemson junior clemson i am no they d i myself as in my totality because you know more than just a face right now
oh i am i have my doubts now in a great hurry to yeah there's new haired this summer haircut as of yesterday that's you quote i read a quota year benevolent narcissist yes yeah that's a sheet jones yeah with that however the term and i love it do they got describes you one billion per cent yeah yeah i read a quote from you said it does a bias against good looking people in hollywood i agree yeah as a thrashing there isn't that i think a bit you that's a dated quote and i'll bet you it's it's a little out of context willow here's what it as their there that there is an ever it there's a bias against everybody everybody is a vice right so so by default there's a good a bias against good looking people and look look at cary grant never won an oscar paul newman but that the aid you re one went redford's never won one for acting so in assisting with comedy i think that that digital there there is theirs is for sensitive
can't you get up the substance and also we do think i think that's kind of like getting take cast you think you ever been type customs i mean i did i mean i might have felt i waited earlier i dont now in fact i read that's one of the great joys as you know i can do a player like a maniac on telephone occasion like eddie nero and then at the same time be plain chris trigger and the same time be playing jfk and then be playing like droopy person so viper breyer all gonna get to act like favorite movie you ever do you like these ideas are like it's five times its five hundred tonnes on tangible bitch i love it that's you i got you launched i want adding up because any rats lydia that move that part musically offered and may i go there's how do i get my where's your legal regretting you're like saw so the kid send sees me having saxons is no let him watch so they know why they call me big daddy i would like this isn't
i was like i'm so therefore that a mighty couldn't get a make i'm so doing they wait i'm gonna be an end in a prosthetic knows i'm yours you played it while you were very mean i had them the best time ever doing because you capture that like ok it's rob low but he's kind of creepy here mr mitchell peters and bad guy yeah really know well known bad guy and you you captured that like this guy just makes you uncomfortable being around him yeah i thank you i love linda portland that's like there's no way anybody asks me to play that part earlier in my career and that that they would think of me to do it was was was awesome and i took it not knowing and not having any idea how would ever do it i watch tons and tons and tons and tons of tape was always like
upon the shepherd smell oh yeah vigorously loved emily was a murderer who love the ira yet any any at a great voice and really weird i read the script and took all his actual things yet she did sakes they were more insane yup than what they rode up and i knows how many takes it did you take for the i'm untouchable bitch will that that's one were even i wear this is too much have begun to vote was and they like no astern ass just was i saw for the first time about five just showed where you sat down goosebumps yeah yeah that door that raj door no one up and down rights was is beautiful cinematograph yeah yeah we had we had at the symmetry of her did wrote did the the abyss and backtracked and by the first person say that was my favorite really but yes you actually are the finest perfectos
the happy about that i have seen that movie many i am very proud of it i am i wish my way by the way was a treaty was a huge hit so yes was funds people siena yes said people dont people go sam seaborne the west wing lego whatever though they do petersen home untouchable bitch i love i'm a little bit more of a basic bitch i was a big fan of christopher thank you rack fallen asleep watching that on that flicks many many times so lines of subconsciously seeped and a good that's one when you would first showed up i guess was season to you after the cared right the indices do were there any plans at all for you to stick around as long as you did that the so there quick readers digest his kind of interesting was they were thinking
about my agents wanted me to join up thirty rock and they thought that i would be a good nemesis for alec baldwin and which would be genius yes and so there was discussions at nbc about it an embassy lagoon interesting i say what we ve another idea would he ever think about joining perks recreation milk ha i hadn't seen the showed that point i knew of it my kids like to john on loved it and that's how the whole thing star red and i met with mike sure who created the jones runs it actually one of the original blog boys the asher yeah authority fired it is it jaffar joe morgan yeah have you ever rather for me as a big red machine gaza as a big red machine guy joe morgan is on my rushmore but he also doesn't the numbers are so there's somebody i've of michael had many conversations about this has never ever able to
typically to me in a way that i can understand what the fuck the problem was joe mortgages mortgages doesn't believe that numbers have any place inside us or at least very is really old so yeah he actually would say things like i think we talk about this the other week like david extend you might almost one guy like governor team over a rod ray we're like the best baseball player of all time ok so like joe morgan we go down that road than michael sir start blogging about it with some other writers it was actually like a great website i've even always great are really very stuff your morning would be like the best player in major baseball's whereas most our bee i stuck on a stout yes you guys think well everyone in front of him gets on base all time but at scale roma china we s here we write homer the rally killers yes because various factors that guy that's that's taken to the at the comrades relegates so you have this conversation about joining parson rack and what was like when they wrote this role for you re like this is planned they did they wrote it for me
and i think they were already gonna bring our adam scott on and then they decided team us up and and chris trigger kind of morphed he was he was originally the smiley happy guy in the room who walked out of the room and had ever been murdered my aim is like that guy anyway and if you look at the first time he shows up on the show he is that guy and then it is quickly morphed into him being who we became was just the most positive man in the universe who loves bureaucracy who just loves everything yes right so
i am i love i love linda courtroom we were it was gonna be six episodes and then we were going to reassess and see if i was happy and if they were happy and i remember we were doing in a so called the flu season were crickets the fluid turnover yes what is it you're in shock that your body betrayed you that's right look in the mirror and say stop pooping and that was an ad lib that i came up with this but and i think that was the moment that we all right all right this is gonna work so did you know what you're doing a show like that or maybe even a movie you know right away like this is going to be great sometimes ok sometimes sometimes in then sometimes what what's a case where you maybe did a shower movie and it wasn't didn't feel great but then afterwards i was like this was unbelievable yeah that's the i mean that's happened i'm lucky
putting it when you're actors talk and i like i love my fellow actors personnel policy actors talk i'm up i want to jump off building in and the sir there's this sense that it's that is something other than a job right like like architects donkey too they dont go on look at it i will not build a knave frame i simply won't do it works like that's where they build houses right what they do right so i play parts i do things that's what i do not all of them are necessarily my taste right and i think to think otherwise it is self aggrandizing bs right everything that you ve done is been like exactly what robert one now it's is not the way it works you try to but and i will and i've been lucky enough that a lot of it is but i'll be it like out there were times when i like on brothers and sisters and i'm doing a scene with sally field she's making a brisket and i'm like or an oven met like you know is asia now at my real enough
is that a conscious decision because i know all my knowledge a hollywood i learned from entourage yes have to do like the blockbuster movies through the passion projects would you actually have that out like ok this year i have to do something to get my name out their cash big paycheck than i can go to the passion project i think it's not wait as you tell me it's not roger isn't real it's not using by the way now everybody it's become real because every agent rights right grew up going i want to be like our gold every agent is like our everybody it's become real i may i think what i always do as i find i try to find some
and at the right that has a residence to me in an animal it always and i've been i have enough opportunity that i can do that i'm never had to just suck it up and do something that i didn't like doing but there's always going to speak to you more than others always read everything i learned about hollywood comes from charlie kaufmann and adaptation has always or anything that you ve like had a real passion about doing this can start in has never actually yeah fruition like what's one oh yeah one project i've been trying to this amazing
civil war many serious where i play ulysses grant off of the ground because i loved another gettysburg that movie is amazing and a big and then just the brother against brother a country split apart you know it's it's so rich and has had a part of her i loved and i just cannot it's great script and you know just keeps every year it almost gets made in an almost gets made in an almost gets made and what the issue is so as americans we become too desensitized machine guns and our war movies is when you have the guns at fire like once every forty five seconds it's boring and attics wanting to just so here's what you do as i think that as in the promised beards yap lot lot of air jellia burials are out lot you think wifey beards and i'm in there i mean this remains one two three four and a half year is for
and a half and then journalist trying to grow that's a lot of birds in the review i think that's a nice now it's time for us to revisit the civil that's true i just said my beard because i think i've reconsidering me to have a beard that is actually made my life is one hundred percent of years quarrelling somewhat taken aback so here's what you do to get a pitch nursing set on it's gonna get it made get made by just pitching it as a civil war movie except with machine guns one minor alteration we could do that order movie of your grandpa greatgrandfather we ring that frederick had now no matter how amazing guess who tell that so much
family has no more about it there's no like well you know your great grandfathers never a story i can get anything out of people my like nobody knows anything about her family history nothing so i did the show called who do you think you are where they they put genealogist on you for two and a half years they research everything and if they find something great they take you on a journey to find a better know where you're going they just pack warm clothes or pet cold close in eight days so i found through doing this that my five time great grandfather was an eighteen year old conscripted into then ashen army to fight for england in the revolutionary war in america he arrived in new york harbor in seventeen seventy six and fought george washington battle in new york the battle the palisades and was in the camp in trenton when washington crossed the delaware oh shit and surprise them on christmas eve eve now my house is modeled after mount vernon i had a portrait of george washington in my living room i did
any of this that's crazy sat and then my five tonnes regret for those taken prisoner by the movement the americans and then renounced his citizenship became an american citizen and then began to fight for the revolution so he was like the current round of soldiers he was a young one or two of georgia cathode front runner that's where i know that you together thank you he loved ex i've gotten more out of this than any c i a tree that i've had his thirty year old complained while winning side again like twitter is great it's in your blood doesn't like another using do is nature verse nurture you're born this u genetics yeah sure that smart eugenics genitals that's kind of different thing we're the grocer dark place
let's talk about some your other rules actually from your perspective we do a lot of athens case on the show your player from gauges guy talk the talk miracle oh yeah you fuck mary killed three of the characters that you ve played who they be jeez god of mine of my inside it that some i'm killing myself and having sex with my solidarity additives is ready electric tube dupe i would not married your petersen cause you now and of the dog is it boy go you i tried to perfect i would i would i would kill repeaters ok good good call you would kill me yes correct i would i think i'd like to have i think i'd like to have sex with my character from saint almost fire ok because i look a little bit like a woman in any way and and
and in your narcissism really doesn't matter exit on the young scientists and the hair is really good yes i get a kind of imagine you know because my eyes and it could be girl yeah ok i guess at eliza and mary favourable ever mary i wanna go sam seaborne and westward ok that's good easy goods i have a bone to pick with you about the west wing so is a great character great show but you kind of convinced a generation of nerds that got into politics that compromise would be the way to solve everything
it turns out that everybody just doesn't compromise they hated it was like a very idealistic show right total which made a great but then people try to like take what they saw the west wing and put into practice in real politics and it doesn't work like that now it doesn't it totally doesn't it's what's like is it's like anything else is a gay the movie version it never really works out and in the real world right right and it's like but i will it it's what's really been great is is there are people today in the government that are only there because of the west when i last time i was at the white house was on during obama's tenure and came in on the weekend and every single member of the speech riding teen came in on their time off to say hello and his then speech
it was like i seem seaborne was my idle i became a speechwriter because of saint awesome then you go out that's it effect it like it affected you know someone is life in that way is amazing to me and you said that actors don't have a higher power come on we'll deal luck i just please don't like the way so i know areas and they know that listen listen that's it i'm inspired by people people are inspired by the address bar baptism inspired by great by movies by athletes now we that we do have that part is try who is the bigger dickhead your role and tommy boy or in waynesboro world hate him oh why they're both make me laugh so hard i think the bigger duquette is is it tommy work yeah you doubt me i've is that alone will not be i was he was to hear the we was he was lit like david spade causing lee harvey oswald reg isn't a haircut yes at me and he was about but he was a bad malta would you outta here
as more autonomy boy one hundred percent ear tat taught tommy boy is a big thing it's a big i'm i'm surprised at the amount of staying power no absolutely destroying or talks about it like every single if you will love it yet nobody i may not work both thirty three like that was probably oppose like the first funny movie i ever watchful really oh my god that's really really for its grits it really holds up into one even when your balls got hit over and over again going through that like conveyor line at all yet totally and ass a guy a counterpoint to that your character and winds world had some pretty hateful pants we'll big like get a busy integrating order of issue and that show like i've learned michael's whose a genius was very didn't like me wardrobe early on i wasn't i was in suits originally many didn't like the suits and i was more like sport where but there's the plates there's lots of pleats there's really i mean that as the height
but what was nineteen nineteen one year wearily nineties early nineties amelia woof we're dark eyed benjamin crane real big ticket dick rate deck and stole a girlfriend yeah i mean that you that's gonna think we haven't i realises that i used to think the people didn't did they could separate now they dont i know as they do now realise is like isolate you're such a dick why they wore chasm wanes roaming really i think chris trigger has come taking away the yes i assure wash that a little yes and so you i'm i'm i'm not i'm no longer playing the comedy dick ritalin right i did it it was great is really follows good but it's like its run its course your party there once you get back i'd still play a great
yeah you haven't even if i think you have the look always have a little bit dick in every you gotta you if you don't have any edge you're just a canadian if yes that's a critical area it was done uncensored hack yes yes we want should i done my hair no you die her no yedo no the thought of ridicule sinew dire i fight what if i'm playing a part of that for the part that i get my real life now we don't i hear but it was on line they said you died you should break their fixed ninon in an online so what you guys would have his it's interesting when it played your petersen his gray hair ring so didn't want to wear a wig so had been done our great which by the way i don't ever recommend dying or her gray that's i shouldn't i hear devlin don't die here gray right it takes it took me nine hours to get my hair gray and before i play the part i had to do this big press and so there are all these photos of me on a press line with gray real gray hair and people think it's real
where that all care about people like oh my god he stepped dying his hair see never die now you all know the guy issues to see this looks due to the great that's a lie you'd linen and an active and vienna now here's the thing about that though when you hear starts going grey thing is you have to keep it short ok that's the only thing drew the polly bomb saw wing tips and you cannot have long gray hair that is it that's a no fly zone that's a good point that's very good point who is the best athlete and brought back o athlete well why should you if you can if you consider charlie in the bright pack will i mean i'm sure a great carded then then it will be charlie harvard through the through the judge judd nelson was the greatest booth best basketball player anyway slaves issues and tied at what point was a bright pact like okay well go our separate ways we hired was an awkward no no there's never there's never that we'd have a break up or sharing
well it's like the money to link it would so funny thinking about like the brat pack right there's no yoko own o because now we see the video chase of the brain to give rise in britain's we can really has to be an idea if the brat package is now be a text chain wherever on tax and then you been on one of those where you just kind of someone just stops taxing and then all of a sudden just dots yet one hundred percent but for the brought back you do that person yes we want to you like i'm not talking you we scott busy got it we are busy and then and then i also think that also then you get some people get met you get married yet i mean you're she said i read that quoted i found interesting when you said like with friends and in life you give them a chance to evolve with you and if they don't itches they come
just behind its hard i mean in and i'm not in any way insinuating that i avoided some higher level but you get you you'd give different priorities you know it's very hard like when you're married your drawn other people were married going through what you're going through if you have kids your door we were having kids you know if you're single i do want to hang around a budget be worth screw screaming brats around your own is a is like there there's there's that element of it i have you ever thought about joining scientology i shot in the scientology centre once and they had the dianetics book i saw a lot of time on my hands i read you know guess what the tone scale as did the timescales my favorite part of us is that when they like inject you and then reader fate levels now tat the tone scale is is i was obsessed with learning about it because at this time on my hands i'm interested i'm not right now
i'm so anticipating the store that basically half whence you sell us on site players that nineteen o eight irony is i'm not a scientologist nor do i want to make my wing in the under that it wink course plaint puts you with this so the timescales i'm sorry i'm supposed to figure out what tone you're coming at me on like with zero being you're dead you knock your years nothing decision caldwell to like to like a hundred and where your screaming at me and i'm jim is our behalf so gunnar sought jesse james girl you gotta chosen for amazon and i'm supposed to find that turn skill and then coming you either one or two below or above that tone scale there's always a mathematical equation we talked anybody it's it's it was that's sometimes looks like you're mad it's almost it just like personality matching basically it's really odd so now i'm not i'm not i'm not i don't think i've always wondered is is like you know when you they have you come in and yours was to grab the cannes they can't you touch i guess insurance
scientology though this is one hundred percent now this is one hundred percent scientology and they asked questions about your life and then based on them be meter they know where they are have tension around it and you have a good relationship with your mother and then but then the theory restart your secret so we can hold thank you hostage let your life and i want to know how did they get the deepest dark at sea secrecy like we're how does that like originally go down so like you know when they have the good zone you says like have you ever lied yes have you ever had apparently yes have you ever had sex with a man you regret it yes i mean why do i don't know i saw going right is like how did they get the goods on right i want em you don't either that puts that question and then where there s no use is evaluated imagine success will you could have been if you'd become a scientologists i've only radically reacting criteria could have been made of even better looking what's your rightly john travolta my writer yeah
a firm believer in writers yup there things we earn and you worked hard to get them young when you're young punk yeah come up you should be you know in the small dressing roman sweat your fuckin ass off do you let the big dog command you know is like a second the nba yeah rookies carry the bags yes i'm a big believer in protocol and all that is so what's everything in your writer the weirdest thing here watch my stuff is is busy is really it's really straightforward it's it's just i tried to think what is it it's o amene satellite tv ok my that's a miser i gotta watch might sports yet are just saying that because this commercials where was i am rob low and i may say when they didn't get me free directv really why the payment my yeah
yeah i guess that was their heads like we're going mines are holes or anger you gotta com and the air install any kind of weird can't hear anything now i used to have like a year gum and stuff like that becomes obvious hell now six orders batter avenue utterly weird stuff that's all the music business yeah you know that i will you not one i wish my here in evian on it have you see how i wish like i just want to get your point wherever writer at some point and just put this random she's well i want to get too i wanna get to a point where i have a studio pay for me to be joost up with the top doctors with all kinds of performance enhancing yup have you ever talking my illegitimate i want them to go hey guess what i don't know where they wanted to a marvel movie did you marvin we i want to do a marble moving as i have observed somewhere it's me ripped yachts me on drugs that i don't would never do my real life right so enlivened how he's too riots for roles as always
for example take it to i want i want that few jackman wolverine coming out of the fuckin yes china saudi absolutely slice lies what like sixty five seven years yeah i got you are you're hurting miles his stop yes doing it oh you were the best was and i've known him for ever unease the great he is the greatest and he was originally variable says will move forward as i why any good reason we think about it all you have to do is you roy you showed up and everybody here self smart you know is better at like telling you what the the term is show muscles right leg so in his thing is it's it's biceps an absent but recently he's ed wood cutting corners in florida is right there
i like that i'd get alot of form of work out and you must stated madonna was right to what does that mean so we both almost stated madonna how did you i mean i mean i feel like we do you think i got just squalls you ok now yeah whose they can i dont think i do not think so what what does that mean though you almost stated madonna i tried my hardest in that this is when this is like material girl time like you know biggest star in the world's biggest around the world minks and i've seen enough i think and i think i might even sent her flowers and you know it was it was one of those things what was like you know like when it's on its on it was it was but she was on tour and i was doing this and then we finally met in new york and then but then she got busy i lost her one night at a club and couldn't find her and in it and then just never happened that's i mean jose canseco has the same story
regular he said that she wanted to date him and that he just he kept her to the curb because she was interactive enough work really yeah but i can psycho we know he he does truth yeah reconfirmed truth teller jose can take i know about how they can say as i saw him at a home run in a world series game in dodgers david dented a camera centre believe it i believe i believe it i saw what about what will the fix saxophone store i want here but that just that i'm what would happen so using i do a one man show and everybody is listening this podcast check and make sure i'm not coming to your town to do my one hand you may wonder what your ex one what's commoner
the dates and remember that and i do a big like fifteen minute set piece on my fake saxophone player effort to arraign out fifteen minutes well i mean fully rider fifteen minutes but so i e fake play it in cinemas violently play the sacks von aren't you anything for real fake do everything fight a fake hockey say cocky and young blood a fake the government in the west wing i can fake do so many things great mike that's what i do so we're doing a political fundraiser for four then president clinton and david foster who wrote cinemas fire so why don't you come up and fake plainest it's gonna be great italy people laugh or we really fun i gotta be great regret so we start planet sacks i come up and i'm litter there's a guy behind a curtain playing it and i'm faking it and i look at the audience in there
buying it hook line and sinker now now my wife my actors egos getting involved i'm really when i got some crushing on killing this am i wait a minute now what do i do and i did so i don't have the guts to bail on the bit like i thought i d better you stop playing and like drink water while ordinary would laugh but now they think i'm doing it's i'm doing it and i look and like president clinton's like going to give me the bombs up and in the front row is quincy jones he's making quincy you're close have to feel there's no air coming areas like the hornbills right there's nothing come on you and she joan and he's a brother i didn't know you could play and so an entire get back to my seat now my wife is furious with me she's like that's terrible you that you can't voiced that on these people so we we bail when i forget i try to pretend like it never happen i get a letter from president clinton like two weeks later lying i know i do
you were such great saxophone player and we're gonna do at when you come to washington and housing or my fucking god the one president point his eyes the monies actor so and i went into a shame spiral about you know like by pulling one over on the present united states so and then i called david far stirred unlike look this is not good the ita no i'm gonna see him again and then i'm gonna will say what it was a joke and then he's gonna feel like a fool that's not good these on and i dont worry i took care of the initial plan to what we mean agus i'm in this judy with barbara strikes in right now and barbarous great friends of the president and i tol barber and barbara told him and mike ok only i end up in a compromise position with barbara streisand bill clinton our fate playing this accident i don't know we had lips like their houses
maybe it is re limbs around spirits ass the up would you consider applying james bond i'd love to play james bond you'd like kidding made it can do in british action bond james bond that's good i can t i could do it they can do to look if i can t do peterson's accent and jeff k young i can do a rudimentary posh english i i i don't think they would ever issues edition is there i don't think it would have cast an american yeah but it would be good buzz it would be good by reasoning he's asking if you know anybody we give us some strange we have some really you now is obvious alba killed yeah i mean throw my name i love my lloyd are gold's assistant you can get it for you do it by him yeah he's kind of incompetent there right we have to go through dive what's it like always knowing like one every browser you look awesome that's why sharply
and yet we are certainly not so i thought of it like that like as someone who's never put on a suit and looked good i would love to know what it feels like tat we have to know the secret i look great all about tailoring yup it's all guys we're stuck up the tailoring they get the sudanese think that i like the color allocates it's all all the telling him when james bond where's astute that same suited the movie there's twenty one different versions of the does the one that's tailored for when his hands are up on a motorcycle literally sailor its tailored for that for the hands to be up there's one tailored for him running there's one tailored we as the vest under this so it ah movie magic all the tailor interest most guys don't spend the time to get taylor yes my tipp short hair gray tailor the zoo authority sounds gonna look there's that that have you ever been like uninvited to a wedding or to a wedding party because okay we can't have you in the pictures because you're gonna look way better than this never happened to me how do you get invited to being a lot of what
that is also does now ok that's why i just accurate dots you're too good looking for your friends here aren't i have we pay little game yes when i when we do our research we just read wikipedia but then google has its fun things said people also ask oh yeah so i'm gonna ask that those but just remember i'm not asking people are asking so is i know what this is i know this game yeah i know this has had no this yes this see he my spider is telling me that this has had to do a place where you just get asked ask shaniqua no are you get to say that people ass i am not as i know what i know cackling first question that people ask how much is rob war lows network people are asking is that people are ass i'm not i know you're not you i would appreciate if you answer the people i disappoint the people rob i choose either theory
people are always worth way more than you think are with less than use ass a good theory i think that's right right because like the people were worth less will always overstated and like you know be brash about it and then if you have if you actually have billions you're not gonna be walkers i white with a right which is why donald trump never once really so tat its purely that right it's one billion per cent rat right the people and yet more money that's right so how much you have a machine who actually you know better question though is made you haven't you right now none culino spirit so why has added famous for never mammoths renewing money and his wife it was just say by the way we could cover because i'm usually in wardrobe you don't carry your own wallet in your wardrobe so incision i'll get out of the habit of carrying your wallet soon cares for you i people for that ok but i remain i you just answer the question by the way because you didn't answer it you probably have more money than we think that was part of my
yes that's right you see that of the other one is how old is rob low now people are asking that i don't know i don't like every other people can't live out their age anymore can go i don't think so i think they can do it in the age of the internet little league world series and here's a weird is i've actually stopped counting a knife forget but i actually was reminded of recently de vries right for before sunset vote for my sensing fifty four i'd say that was that that was the people ask the other one was now that we know it on money the other one people grasping is is it your problem once gave a couple a gasters five thousand dollars because he likes him so much not true ok people around not you not and i am asking that i'm happy that we got out is not happening yes yes ok we wonder table reading the area you ever
i saw him do a table reading from wanes world i'm gonna play these were hardier of wine cable fucked it up i will play the part of garth outdoor and you're gonna play the part rob engendering caysuma yes waneless and we need to have a little talk about then are off fact is he's the sponsor end you signed a contract guaranteeing in certain concessions one of them being spot on the show will that's where i see things just a little differently contractor no i will not power to any sponsor well i'm sorry you feel that way but basically it's just the nature of the beast maybe i'm wrong on this one
but for me the beast doesn't include selling out garth you know what i'm talking about right is like people i do these things because they can get paid in that's just really sad i can't talk about it anymore it's giving me a headache here take to these ah newsprint little yellow different look you can stay here in the big leagues play by the rules or you can go back to the farm clubbing aurora that's your choice yes and the choice of you generation and see us great i let's wrap it up we have to seek a question you promo code if you want to go see a winning team figure out where rob lowe is going to see a game then put in promo code take you a ten dollars off you said before did you want to interview also go had hot shot
i got right journalist i got butterflies basically endorses q and on for sports okay so us and also explained to me explained in me the definition of a football guy who good polished you know when you see that's it it's like pornography you can't it's so it's easy for a football guy is a guy you see it it's it's a guy who lives and breeze football obsessed with football football is number one you know how sometimes you we're gods number one in my family than football for war guys football is always number one late in the office in others their staying laid overnight they're sleeping in the office they talk in a lot of cliches they take em very literally to isolate it wouldn't herbs like motivational techniques they'll tell you that you have to get gas stop and so then they'll put cans of gasoline and only record
to remind you very rarely without a julius weak and then they hand out boxes of juice that you can't drink but you have to look at yes that sort of thing data now to contradict one point big cap made they are god they'll tell you that their god guys yeah but do not actually or not you're not going to church satellites is ill god fair so who's on the mouth rushmore i think of the log eyes to you this is very contentious yeah so would be under my rushmore flip it on the ground he up in definitely right yes madden yes nancy gray one yes this right yeah got right you got together you gotta put harbour numb yacht rights vessel this figure on the right track you write these yes i i know football guy when i see one yes absolute now but it's not just being old school while accepting that example i don't think i'm not sure bear brian
the football kindness i don't know i'm not sure woody haze what i dont know yours is a good example we went to rams camp we interviewed coach on mcveigh yeah we ve had eight whether the football their knock he's got kind of manicured facial here but he also talks like a written so that's very football i thing he business let all his coaches and he's had almost get into his brain and changes dialect any also has a phrase for rams can't from for the rams assured the standard is standard which makes absolutely no sense but then when you ask about he's like this is what it means and like goes on this whole thing so that is for all the standards the standards is football guys get is right so he in these thirty two and he's a football and then he asked what it means and he says there are for peace that go into it and then through the peace are the exact same thing rising press verandas the operation was the other one the end was practised preparation plan planet yeah those area the former he's over the exact same thing yeah that's it
we cannot yet it's a creek complicated cliches to basically say i want to make everyone tough is the belgian enough of oh yes issues and ultimately in the autumn of anger football guy because if you watch how he be the perfect example belgic being for war guy if he does a press conference and someone asked him about stupid question yes he'll just like sure mothlike i've no time on an idea of someone asked him a detailed football cuisine it's me you will talk forever because you can see him light i hears my focal i if i thought the entertainment community in the public gent generally really could understand bilbil check on site i absolutely was gonna do the next red carpet as belgium i would love to get away with what he gets away with yes they were like a now cub i just got cancer do how do you feel about that make sure with iran and alter the next programme in modern society reminded reminder reminder the next to be just like that
maybe so great to do a press conference our bilbil check oh my gosh it and now these set it people think you're as big a dick when you do such a thing i fear i did they be like you ve pleaded the seed now but if i were hoodie but she doesn't work anymore i had a hoodie the cut off sleeves that he's got so good for further movies has found its way out we're gonna watch the foam watch and i'll go back with the films to produce an indifferent exactly see that with that voice i rob was one this was awesome ethics going on the bucket list one ass far ass ratio and get us those dates so gay africa and whatever cash f gas ensure the five grand at least that is what we ask is real journalist you're so rich you don't know how much money i have somebody carry the thanks guys tat interview with rob low was brought to you by fanned all its official we're now and if you guys and more importantly not only or fancy guys but were phantom guys began i have something spent before the award winning listeners on fanned the season
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i'm sorry p m t find out how low your upstart rate is checking rate takes two minutes more effective credits were that's upstart dot com slash p empty ok let's get some segments stop we have done or finished no jokes repartee now rick patina has released is new book we are actually going to be owners of said book as of tomorrow i bought a phd in i too hard copies hard extra harder arrive jokes and they're gonna urges hawks very quickly ok where we will have to too hard copies delivered to us tomorrow we will start doing the fifteen seconds work tino book reveal till we get through the whole book starting next week but repartee no says in that book rick patino belize it's unlikely he will return to coaching he's finished he asserted themselves finished if not the first time you said he was finished finish them don
definitely for what is he also done i think he's i don't know i think he's finished but not done ok e seems like a natural fit in this new era of a shorter shock clock true good point yeah there's it's only two two lifetime space we are every rick everything ro possession so dont so finished but not done you ill take a little bit time for him to come back that's true twenty minutes give twenty minutes and he won't be finished anymore you ready to go its virtue yes no jokes no jokes hank do you have any no jokes to make about are not enough are never do that here you are a man of integrity and honor so when we get a you know when the potatoes come after us will be like pointy because that guy is our common hank he didn't say anything about repartee no ejaculate in fifteen seconds on the floor a tiny s role is on his leg yeah sort out but he was on the floor so do you
but he was down he was down whose doubt is down by the ship was down exactly ok next up we have locker room top half for what for one of the next room we have locker room talk with jerry jones pfc you haven't exert from a book what is this book so it the new book that's about the nfl its died out you probably more research but it is this out there he gets out they don't want to figure out what book is supposed to be really that is the least worst nightmare the book the nfl doesn't want you know they didn't want public genuine publish an surgery jones sat down with the author and talked about how he has been a success in life during his always manage to enjoy his varies undertakings as a young man john said he the stand as a shoe salesman which he loved he then said something about spending afternoon masturbating over selling shoes wait what i've sold shoes joan settings
and a masturbated baited my shoes ok then we ve all and there i said trying to be reassuring authors note i've never masturbated into my shoes or anyone liar we're deteriorating jones acknowledge but here point i can tell you when i was seldom shoes and i've sort of budgets shoes and i've sold and church a promise you the shoe itself won't get it done the policy several give done in lesser havin fun so were jury joseph suggesting is to sell the product of the nfl dissolve closely be jacking offering the yes ok into shoes and develop it deals choice worry finish your eye caught it so yeah but jerry jones apparently masturbated over oversell shoes now we can embrace debate over what that means if you actually ejaculate to the shoe as it yeah i was pretty clear cut out the middle man now as we are seeing is proposed guys they they go half ass is yeah there's a guy who if you remember had some very
he didn't make a mistake when he used glory whole over and over no now we know for sure the jury joan lorry whole guy also have come to realize jerry joseph drunk more often than not yet i would say but the majority to say like ninety bird like his his blood is just always has a resting level of alcohol in its like a it's like a real spill in the gulf of mexico you know like you can get the oil output it's always good there's always at sheen on the water that's jerry jones blot out a little sheen of alcohol in and also on his loafers to seamen yeah exactly sheen's everywhere in the face of plastic surgery seizures glimmering everywhere vereker ass he just why that's wiseguy nephews hanging out a random with handkerchiefs all tat his he's got discovery wiped his glasses have the sheen on yes george was actually that member that orb the present from touched with like the saudi wherever gaia yet closed that's actually just jerry jones you just georgia smiling because they have new oil deal goddamned her don't ok cells been there
masturbating over selling shoes so to clean this up we still have guys on checks we gotta navigates you're talking tat fits i just why are we say when we save tarkington zone has been enormous you say rockefeller lost ok that's done work not a casino joke take guys checks so there's this guy like nothing is wrong with him what's wrong with red flag yeah big red flowers you nice it's like the old our brine cox remained has never vice dryly serial killer ya hear low piece of information low piece of advice to anybody that might be a new relationship fuck up big time unlike the first two jack is always easy to like make up at that point but then you ve kind of said the expectation that you're not a saint right never trust anyone whose too nice that's always just be always have your guard up for some
whose tuna i'm just gonna go what's red flag with this guy he's got second family you sound like a second them or is a serious problem is fraught maybe bethia dead family it hey hank and big cat some fifty sup up until about a year ago no one ever asked spit my mouth now three different men have wanted to spit my mouth during sex is is a hot in the street thing i don't know about or my weird via these days and how do i make it stop you might you might just look dehydrated will a throwback to hake is on the streets or people spinning chose mouse i think it's like it's like the new ass agencies and it is their holy we are actually doing it but they like to talk about doing youths this person is stored data lotta guys that watch some weird porn baseless gonna spitten hanks mouth right now just so we can see what it looks like you you will forget it right around the room trust tree because every spat and you had anybody spit in your mouth have you been on the receiving end no no no have you
not bad someone i know and he may neither they trust we all have to spend each other's now just mouselike ideological do you guys interior stolen normal ok spinnin mouse aren't was do twenty team some say its new ass the new acids where did you see the most twenty eighteen story of all time who is eels a man is no the guy on the parties who the fuck was it it was dammit i'm already we are liars he had you apologize for bashing his manager during a fortnight street i did see that so i dont believe oh yeah i'd rather have my mouth spit into than have somebody insult me i'm gonna twitched absolute great subway my boyfriend's had he gets the same feeling when he winds and fortnight that he does when he orgasms when having sex with me yeah does this mean i'm good at sex or bad it's great algeria leah means asia it means that every single mail
between the age of fifteen and sixteen an the entire country once i've sexier hippy empty boys especially fifty sup i was curious on what to do about this reoccurring situation that happens every time my best friend is around and we all drink my boyfriend's i'm to get carried away drinking and jokingly says m i bet french adonis in a threesome should i surveyed oak jai cavan and test his theory or should i keep laughing at him as if he were joking so well what you are doing right now is playing a game a joke chicken yeah so he is joking that you won't do it and you like we should i jokingly callers blood yes it is gonna threesome yeah but do this joke and there doesn't count edge is where a clown suit jacket on pick a progressive sloppy hunters and white man up and do it inside ways or play the agony sacks music and during your attire threesome yeah that's a job here does government
my boyfriend later to listen a really girly music sometimes so what girly music is ok that's what ones but the ones that are not allowed already knows the beta on this relationship but is it getting worse what girly songs or a lot i would say like all yeah biscuit of possibly every girl if you know what dirges guys who lets get dominated so congrats your boyfriend yeah you know this place or lazy yeah that's what you just get lazy then you can just start to accept your feminine sign you're like yeah just tell me cuz i'm too lethargic to be on top our last one i hate pmt boys especially big cat with the juicy j oh i was wondering what work out i think due to also have attained juicer than lemon oh we discuss cables
can women joke i think cables is the female version of joking right yeah i think it's just that one machine that aegis pressure year pussy together and give you have your friend videotaping you put upon instagram that's it that if you do that machine or day in your yoga pants and put it upon its grim that's a very important part of the work out and i think you will have a date you remember that faster thing that the blue form with the red oh yeah thing that went on the vagina report that we dead yet here we are generally very one jealous of while i'm tried it juicy puss i too tight pussy fervour we yet we did our do not only my desk why room i rose has been a worker be i'll get my juicy juicy pussy gone module legitimate juicy magician gather a magician this is harms that emerges is probably been the most sexual episode of automatic taken together raw below and then
back in the room yeah you should not at least three or four times as many will seek guys on further lovey s brain tumor making important what real heavy other thing you ever had a check up every year by any well
what a special friend you are it's pardon my take presented by barstool sports
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