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Ryan Leaf + Masters Recap and We're A Patrick Reed Podcast Now

2018-04-09 | 🔗

The Master are over and man baby Patrick Reed has won the Green Jacket (2:20 - 4:31). Recapping Sunday in Augusta and our favorite Patrick Reed stories (4:31 - 9:12). Is Tiger back? (9:12 - 17:13) Who's back of the week including Joe West putting deodorant on his feet (17:13 - 26:54). Former 2nd Pick in the NFL Draft Ryan Leaf joins the show to talk about his life in the NFL, his addiction and recovery post NFL, overcoming regrets and what he learned from being considered a Bust (26:54 - 57:23). Segments include Peter King ate the trash again, Uhhh Ya Think for Jon Daly Sabermetrics Doug Gottlieb, Done or Finished Giancarlo Stanton and "whoa" 

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On today's party might take. We recap. The entire masters, we're Patrick Reed, guys now a wild wild Sunday. Pasta with Jordan, Spieth and Rory Mcilroy I'll, actually know Rory sucked with Jordan Spieth was there Rickie Fowler making a run. We also have a interview with Ryan Leaf really fun, I'm really interesting talk with him and we have who's back 'cause it's Monday, but before it's all of that. Get excited America, because Dunkin Gotos are here two breakfast sandwiches for two three or five dollars. Double deals may for go getters. Why y2 breakfast sandwiches? Well, maybe a coworker eats one when you're not looking or maybe an eagle, swoops down and steals one or maybe you're, just double hungry, whatever the isn't coming to Dunkin' donuts now and get two egg and cheese. Wake up rap for two dollars, two egg and cheese.
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one lucky a WL and give them some Walker moly all right cash yeah, let's go well. The part of my presented by today is Monday April ninth and we're going down to the south. It's on that basis. Man, baby name, everybody hates this guy's, going to big all where's. He from Louisiana, also where Dixie even in the boards are taking their talents to the valley. Yes, yeah Saturday night, MIKE the tiger, look at the role or put it over to run in the boys or look into this for a battle royal hundred yards from the three hundred yards. Also, one travel Sweeney in the boys are going to do on Saturday night when they Caroline does look now, because making a charge on the back died where in that, just like you, Auburn TIGERS, taking their talents to the ankle going out on the plains on Saturday across the George of the greatest golf course in the world also to be smaller and the this is a major championship, but the real major chips are settled. Yeah Saturday, night ESPN, all the all right about dragons is basically Maroon five, if they, if they're, not strong. So we did that because Patrick Reed won the masters. As everyone knows, he is a lightning bolt. He is controversial and none
more controversial than the little factoid we learned coming down. The 18th fairway and Jim Nance drop the nugget that Patrick Reed. This is to imagine dragons to pump himself up, and then we had probably the For the most improbable moment in Augusta history, when Patrick Reed wins, the Green jacket and Nick Faldo says welcome to the new age, welcome to the new age and the quote: some have to drag in a weird weird Sunday in Augusta. The funny thing is that is probably the best. Imagine. Dragons quote that Nick Faldo could have pulled out like that's the most motivational they get like their lyrics. Are not what you'd call inspirational, not what you'd call really english? Yes, sir, just like words and noises repeated there under they do a lot of thunder and player hey Thunder under
and the thunder I like more unlike which has actual lyrics in this. So Patrick Reed is our masters champion. It was a really fun Sunday because he went into the Sunday with a three stroke lead. You thought it going to be reverse Patrick Reed. Then Rory became like the awkward person you don't want to run into the grocery store like every now, and then they just show roaring back. Oh, I forgot about him, he's still hang in this tournament and the story was Jordan Spaeth with an unreal final Round Rickie Fowler.
Then on real final round trying to catch Patrick Reed and she just barely running out of time and everybody. It seems hates Patrick Reed. I love Patrick well, I do love this man. He is a basic bit. Is a man on a golf course. A man baby is amazing. Like eight. Yes, he's an what golf needs, not so okay, so we did some deep, diving on Patrick Reed. I'm sure you've probably read it, but if you haven't we're gonna catch up, so there's a lot of reasons why people he Patrick Reed, and why we love him for one he apparently stole from his car. College, teammates and also maybe cheated. The story goes that there was just cash and watch is, went missing one day and then the next day, Patrick Reed, showed up with a water cash and was like, oh everyone's, like hey Patrick. How do you end up with that? He said I be
professor yesterday, in a game of skins. You know no big deal and then they went and asked professors like. No, I haven't played with him for like three months. I think that's the best part about him. Is that not only is he a cheater, but he sucks a cheating, yes and he's a bad thief. He's too honest, that's his problem. He needs to be more sneaky, but yeah. He showed up like if you're still, a wad of like four hundred dollars for teammate, maybe give it two days before show up in the clubhouse and you've just got like a stack of these like asking about a anyone. Would ask me what time it is. Yes, I got this new sweet roller. He also cheated during practice course, because he's so intense he would try to beat everyone in practice he got kicked out of. Georgia went to Augusta St One. A couple national champions almost got kicked out of there. It's almost like they're they're got what
His teammates hated him so much in the national championship. They told the guy that he was playing, hey, we're actually kind of rooting for you to kick Patrick Reed yeah, even though he's on our team- and we want a national champion, another fun fact about Patrick Reed. He has to make sure that every single door in his house is closed before he goes to sleep. I like that, every door I like fast and secure my favorite thing about Patrick Reed is his forehead. He has the best forehead TAN. Yeah. Do you like your route? Well, Stewart Cink, so we're going to have a good one, all right noise or of what are no yeah. He died two days before David Bowie, also really overshadowed he's got. The best word tends face, looks like a red velvet cake with extra frosting yeah. Yes, he also so a Raj to his family, so he has Totale sworn off. His family doesn't talk to them at all. Family is a distraction yeah, so he got it. I think he got his family kicked out of the US open in two thousand and four good. Definitely situation now? He also has his brother in law, be's Caddy
this is a situation where I think his wife might be calling all the shots. Yeah yeah, ok, send those gifts back every Christmas. What so his family was not invited to his wedding and then They did an interview altogether about Justin, his wife and yeah and Patrick, and I guess Justin had the interview taken down. She asked to have it yet since she's, there wasn't sure the bottom has he's cleanup man, babies, whole whole public record. My favorite story of Patrick Reed is last November So we had a shot that he didn't like in a golf tournament and he was at a hot mic on him and he was heard saying to himself nice shot. You fucking hard f, Why don't you go? Hang yourself to
we really key really digs in on some. I wish actually more players did this. I wish Tiger when you don't tell your always like hot tight, come on what ze I wish she would be like Tiger unit. You know, you're, never gonna live up to your dad's expectations. Why did you was like ravager body playing make believe with all those Navy seals and pissing on? Will Perkins waitresses Tiger all Tiger go choke on a waitress as you're in the art tiger I lost you lost so many million dollars. Could you couldn't stop random checks? I also like the fact that that he back in the day when he was younger, like a little a little kid that was obviously going to go, places offer he would introduce himself people by saying I'm Patrick RE. And I'll, kick your fucking ass and golf anytime. You want that's it and they'd be like sorry. I asked you if Pepsi was ok, yes and he is co, opted to the color red. so he was allowed to wear red because it's tigers put I
love how Matic makes everyone that he wears red. On Sunday he cocked Tiger woods out of the call he cocked a man out of a color. So that's impressive. We're patch agree guys. Thank you. I I if it makes it makes golf and so angry in his american hero. He was a right look up here so so, whenever someone's like, how can you like to Patrick Reed like how click this hassle like what you don't like your country, 'cause, he would die for this country. Slash just play some golf, which I think is the same thing, I love when they were there, they should actually give they should actually give Ryder CUP Champions purple hearts. I agree they were when they were showing the replay of the last router companies just like screaming at roaring. Oh yeah, and the answer would be like yeah they're kind of friends here. This is just friendly competition. No, he just really wanted to throw his putter in Rory Mcelroy's face yes, and he is everyone knows Patrick RE, like every and grew up with someone like Patrick Reed, like the fat kid who just screams at everyone like yells at his dad
I cried in the Middle Games and he that is Patrick Reed. Yes, now we just became really good a call from when the master he is. The golf is like: if you lock slot neighbor him a in an all, you can eat buffet for like sixty days, yes, and then he came out, he would have to say not such a bad body. I love it. I love when bad body guys do something awesome in sports and how it really can only happen in golf and maybe, like a collegial, mean point guard situation, but Robert Trailer yeah, when, when it went bad bodies like just dominate your like you next year. Next year the masters meal is going to be all carbs yeah, just different forms of potatoes, Perrot guy's, mashed, potatoes fries. No, no! Actually, oh Rick Reilly. He said that Ipad We should actually serve crow.
That's that's pretty good! That's pretty good for equate! So Rick tweeted that out about this year's masters, hell yeah, oh yeah! He was on top of it. He he must have drank a cup of coffee and slept for sixteen hours in his italian villa you sure he wasn't just commenting on the last Ryder CUP yeah he might have been. He might have just gotten to that. The other notes I had from the masters John John RAM that guys a fucking unit, big boy. That's all! I got he's a fucking unit, like a monster every time they showed him like who are respected, how he, gave up like he had that that yeah, sixteen that he just out really gave us yeah like like wearing on that I'm done open out another no driving shots on Thursday. There was a clip, it was well. I know it was Friday because after a show came out, they showed a golf for sitting next to a tree in Augusta, and you could see the greens
Ray paint. A lot of the tree on the root system so looks like we will but woke on that out. The courses on PT's the course didn't show up this week and that's what I took from you know could contaminate the course choked. Yes, the the Green's. Whatever was saying, the greens got soft course can't handle rate. Do you think that the course is ever going to win another major? I don't think so. I think it's well known that usually this is a reactionary things, will make the? U S open so hard that, like plus eight when you have to have like a play, and I don't recall yeah they're. The best shot of the day was a triple bogey. This just released like wolves on to the course yeah. I also wanted to ask you: do you think our guy Ricky Fowler, okay K? win a major wearing a candy. Ask you no candy asked also Bubba Watson. Shoes were candy as too, but I mean we've long stood the Miami Dolphins, the Oregon Ducks teams where candy, asked uniforms in big time moments they just as intimidating an Ricky went with the cream school today and I like Ricky, but I'm thinking, maybe
on some days in the majors. He needs to tone it down a little. You can wear the candy ask uniforms after you bring home a title, yeah or even wearing Thursdays and Friday before the prime time to cut happens, you gotta start going with your grades, your blacks. Well, no, you can't wear red 'cause, that's Patrick Reeds color. He made it famous the issue yeah. If you haven't, won yet yeah that that is a big red flag. That's something that you wear to sell that once you're, the guy you're allowed to get dressed up right at my other note, is God I love Jim Nance, I'm so sad that Jim Nance Season is over yeah I love his voice. It is it's soothing. I want to buy the Bible on tape, read by Jim Dance, and I do love that they let CBS just let's Verne just sit at the sixteenth and every now, and then there
like: let's go to Vernon again, only one image is flipping out and if you feel like it's a Saturday in the fall, I really miss Vernon Saturdays Round basketball face it's beautiful jowls. That would make Joe W blush. Yes, yes, the. I also feel bad for Sergio Thirsty, oh another year. Another no masters for him didn't even make the cut Very, very sad! Even make the cut, although he did a good job presenting the jacket. Yes I'll, say that yes, so the film whoever who's filling in for who won last year, good job, there feel all right, I'm gonna see question for you. If you have to hit me didn't put in from, could take okay, I get ten dollars off. Wait, let's see kick it's the a great app where you can get seats, so we're going to Cubs home opener model, Kiki Kiki, Kiki, Kiki, CG, and he put in Go take you ten dollars off cool rate tiger on the back of meter. Okay,
This is contentious Hank and I have had a lot of this right now. I'm just thinking like what are the different levels of the back meter, I'm going to say Tiger woods is forty percent back. He had a sixty nine today yeah he's forty percent back. Ok, he was bad on Saturday. He's bad. Not great. Okay, I should yeah because because he was playing in different conditions and everyone else scored minus fourteen, I think what your greens or what it was easy to just yeah yeah zero. When I say he's forty percent back, I I think that's actually the most back. That he's been in a while. I'm gonna put a lot of stock in the Israelis as well. I would think full blown Bush is really cut into his nose. Here's my problem. This is the This is the Tiger woods problem we have because before the tournament everyone's like he could win this his ball striking his transfused back or whatever the hell is fine, yeah, it's few spine and now that He got through the masters and finished like 25th. It was like. Well, you got through it healthy. Well, they didn't say
could Whitney said if you're a reasonable expectation. Yes, if you win yeah and then, if you like changes on this, what should we expect from tyre the masters yeah? Well, we can expect you know they just change the goal posts there's like no actually he's healthy. I wish you celebrate that. I think it's almost time to have the conversation of like Tiger Woods just play in an era which city golfers and now the new generation is way better. Woods ever was through, like you put Jordan Spaeth back in the two thousand, he don a nine master when they don't play defense would dominate, went, went, went towards the course would generally defense at all yeah, but she's old. You rule changes the look he played in the dead ball era yeah. He you play the hand checks, that's right, Tucker, all right! We, Oh I saw call of duty is coming out with, like a new map, tigers, all types of tigers, all the way back now, yeah he's done. Let's, let's do some uh. What do we have? Oh who's back, let's do it. tiger woods. Once you go, hang my house back of the week is the head ball coach,
Oh Steve, Spurrier is back, he's gonna, be coaching, the Orlando franchise of the Alliance of American Football League February, two thousand and nineteen search for skins league where he gets to play quarterback shirtless little time, 'cause I bought it. I like it. So what is he going to be doing? Just golf ocean it's going to be offering clients, what's the alliance, Football League, this is the one that sounds like it's they're trying to sell you some, like some kind of shity, Insurance right yeah and it doesn't start till two thousand and nineteen I feel like that- might be a future Steve like someone as I'm like. Hey. You want to coach this team in two thousand and nineteen Orlando. I think it's like yeah sure I think America has a real problem and that real problem is there aren't enough new football leagues in the offseason. I I'm worried about what I'm going to be doing in like the fortnight, after NBA, playoffs top and training camp starts in twenty twenty, because there might be weeks without a game that I'm not going to watch. I watch the spurs on the sidelines:
Exactly easy watch. You got anything else. Jimmy Butler is back yeah. I gotta I gotta. I gotta take that if the Timberwolves make the playoffs are going to upset someone either or the warriors. Okay, that's a bold, take Hank, that's probably the wrong mistake that you've ever had. I like that take I like that. Take the wall, the Wall Team, don't want to play yeah because you get tips, yeah engine block, and you know what back the tips teams go play: tough, yes, exactly I'm not going to be out of gas. Is that it is that your whose backs yes, ok, also wrestling, but wrestling is back. My who's back of the week is Littleby. The curse of little be more specific. I have incepted Littleby into hating the Pittsburgh Penguins title MAX B by writing. shot out, Cordy be pregnant and the height of the rakes new song yeah can't stop listening to it. So little be has been sucked into hitting the penguins are made up. A bunch of fake news quotes, saying that all the penguins were dispersed
getting a little, be it be real? Shame if or to tweet screenshots of fake articles, that they're making up with other quotes. penguins to really get little be against him. He's playoffs are starting this week. Real shapes are going to need all the help. They can get real shame. So little Bee has said: I've got a quote here: little be breaking as in sports. There will be new curse announced any day now, this will be on an NHL player which he will be the first. This is word from the base God little bee, so we're waiting on that curse will be. But I need you to get that out. In the neck, a sense yeah a sap, we need that curse right. Yes, are you getting out? I yeah my other who's back in week was imagine dragons, but yeah I mean they're, but they're, never really always back they're, always here and they're. Always if you have a tv, that's turned to ESPN for at any given point they're, probably playing. Imagine DR absolutely art. I got a couple whose backs my first.
Is Joe West. So Joe S is back. It was a little nugget we found out tonight that he puts deodorant on his socks so Joe W has figured out another way to make the game about himself. This is also just the least surprising news ever like Joe. W definitely puts deodorant all for his body just knowing that every pore of his sweats, like gross country barbecue, like fried chicken, fried steak is just seeping out of Joe Wesson every moment in every game. I bet Joe W just he puts it on his tongue to get rid of bad breath. Yes, exactly licks his take of all those eyeballs in case inside his nose, so he always think he smells good. Yeah wrestled tip out there for all you guys, yeah Joey. catch him. I love. I love, I just I hope he never retires and just owns. He owns a leak to show Wesley to people. Forget that Joe was put out of control. Oh no people do not do not do not. You cannot you when look at countries or W. You cannot forget that shocked the centuries at Joe S is able to reach his feet, yeah
wake me by his wife to a form or a clubhouse attendant yeah. I don't know what Ross wife, apparently now they draw straws in shorts rose, got a loop up Joe West's. Instead, you know what he probably has an efficient system where at the clubhouse tended just re about pre applies them into issues. He slips issues on deodorant shoes, your filled shoes, Joe West We think she I wake up axe body spray just covers up all his nasty smells and bad attitude, and Joe strikes me as a guy that wears velcro when he's not working to yeah. Well, we should chrome and, and the last week we spent. I want to take back my latest insulin, Joe West. I would I would actually love to wear velcro shoes, all the time yeah and elastic waist yeah. It's a good idea, Joe, what a good job buddy. My other who's back Hulk Hogan, so you guys see the picture that that that rock the internet, Hulk Hogan has the weirdest shape body of all time. I think this is
situation where we've never seen a wrestler get his old is whole Cogan's gotten. So we don't actually know what happens once you reach past, like the age of fifty and now he's turned into like half leather couch, half football, half the seal Sponge, Bob yeah, which I didn't even know, was a care giver. Someone someone to do that me. So I didn't actually watch the Spongebob. Joe West looks like if you've ever been to local yeah. You guys are here to get your. What's on your mind, can't I can pull. Cogan looks like if you ever been to a whole hot barbecue. He looks like the pic that's been on the spit for the almost like nine hours, yeah, the show pick yeah the one you're gonna eat, but one that they just put out there and just let it rotate right day. Yeah hold Cogan walks runs with an apple does not all day on the beach. Looking like that, and people are just going to start carving into his body, soaking in vinegar, and then the last is back as me, because I have
I had a very nice homeless man on Saturday yell out he hey what's up big dog, so I the if, if you all the big guys out, there probably know this when we get cat called by homeless, people are usually the big guy. That's usually when you're at your fat. Big dog is a step below, and then, when you get to it just tall guy, so I'm I'm doing ok and then eventually you get to slim. But that's never going to happen to me. I get it of shorties yeah and then I turn around he's. Like oh shit. That's a dude, yeah yeah yeah. This little look at that task, yeah, which I honestly I take that as a compliment yeah one time I caught a dude. Looking at my ask in a grocery store- and I turned around- he was like he said- because, oh my god and I was like you were just looking at my ask yeah. It's like it's ok like what you see it's alright, two thousand and sixteen Eleanor sex. Positive, valence amans. Ask if you this look yep, so big dog pig
it's a big step for that is good yeah. I felt good when he said that we like it a little again. I you know that. I know that that I've lost, like maybe five pounds, did you give him anything now? Okay, absolutely, sir! Your ticket yeah! Now I I I do like it is. You know what should I do now? Yes, a rock, a big dog shirts. Will we here's my here's my take on it is. I will give money to like people outside of like stores or gases or whatever if they get I mean the the ocular pat down. You know like. Ok, if you look like you're really in trouble, I'm going to help you out, but if you're like you, have your faculties enough that you can throw out a big dog
you're, just hanging out like you're just fucking hanging out on the side of the street. You don't need me just walking roasting people living with the boys right, if you just if you roast me, like you, don't need my help. You're just having to open mic night on the middle of the Fucking ST he's negging, you is what he should be that works on. Some people would be like. Hey, hey! Excuse me, sir. I don't need any of your money. Yeah we'll take it yeah. Let me show you my money is good yeah, alright, let's, let's get to interview with Ryan Leaf before we do that in the Stanley CUP Playoffs anything can happen on any night and now is your chance to predict the outcome in the Stanley CUP Playoffs Bracket challenge brackets have been a hot pick apart over last month, yet we still the most exciting playoff series in the world coming up within the week, there's nothing more exhilarating in sports and playoff hockey It's putting everything on the line at all times in the quest for Lord Stanley's CUP, up to the excitement up the excitement by barstools bracket and follow along throughout the playoffs Feitelberg is open
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I'll start with the PAC twelve question you think Washington seating MIKE Leach can ever beat Washington. I hope so. Yeah there's been no evidence. Of that happening, big MIKE Leach, guide, yeah and uh I'd love to see Washington State do it, but it feels like every year they have a decent team. They run up against the yeah they've been playing the PAC twelve n title both last two years in that game against Washington and just haven't shown up so yeah he's I have to find a way to be to my talk to Luke Folk earlier this year, and I said you know you can't be considered a cougar great quarterback unless you beat the Huskies, so that means he's out yeah. MIKE, is one that you should get on. Your radio show like for a weekly call in for sure I mean what he his ability to talk about anything. His ability to interact with the media has really brought Washington State,
four front. I think in college football, how close was he to actually leaving to take the Tennessee job? This also, I think it was relatively close. I do. I think that you know he used it for the leverage to get the bigger contract there. 'cause four million in Pullman translates like twenty million. Yes, yes, absolutely Ryan, you had a career in the NFL that obviously you've talked about a lot. You unfortunately, are considered the biggest bus, which I actually I'm going to get Tony Mandarich. So I'm going to say you're, not the biggest, but I just well yeah. I don't like. I don't really don't. We only need to use that word are the media and fans. Do you get bothered by that word at all anymore? I mean I don't bother him for a long time. Yeah did it and I think it contributed to you know all my my destruction of myself for a long time, and but now I understand, what's really important, and that certainly is an end in my peers. My peers, don't use that right that the those needles were
you know it's. It is it's the media, it's the fans, that's uh! Go to word to say you may have been the best one percent of the one percent, but you're the bust of that right. It means you were really really good in college, but then somehow, like you, didn't take that next step was there. It was there a point in your NFL career, where you realize hey. This might not be working out. For me, this might not be the query that I thought. Oh yeah, there are many times when I was just felt. You know I just I was just so alone. Then too you know I. alienating myself from my teammates uh from my city from the people, and I had surrounded myself with a bunch of yes men, guys that weren't nickel of me in my behaviors, and I just allow that to be the case right. They enable that behavior, and there were times where I was just like. You know I didn't wanna be there. I do not tell me just in San Diego, I didn't want to be there in life. It was like this is I can five million dollars a year in your miserable yeah. That's interesting because
you know, I love what you've done in the last few years, where you've kind of been so open about your career, and I I think I hope that people are taking lessons from it and the yes man lesson is- is definitely one. Do you still talk to those people at all or those people? Just completely out of your life, well I mean When things start going bad yeah, they were gone, they were gone and uh hum were even family. They were cousins like that. So I found a way to I found a way to forgive them. It doesn't mean I have relationship with them yep, you know I've I've surrounded myself with people who hold me countable now and that are a huge support and I'm and I'm right there for them as well. So how does someone? How does it one thousand, eight hundred and nineteen twenty year old kid coming out from out of college, avoid? at like surrounding yourself, 'cause, it's just natural you're, going to have friends and especially, if you're a college kid who everyone's got pinpoint
like this guy is going to be a big deal in the NFL. You probably are a magnet to all these people. How do you stop that from happening? It's very difficult. You have to have a solid foundation in place, otherwise I mean like at the time where I decided in the clear to go to the draft I mean it was immediate. Where everybody's tell me how great I was young, how I was going to be the best thing since sliced bread, they're giving you everything. You know a guy that bounced check the pizza at three weeks before he uh declared for the draft, and now everybody wants to buy him a drink at every bar and and give you free, Nike, stuff and uh used up all the time I mean it was just everything is thrown out you get placed on this pedestal. How does that not go to your head? The individuals who built the solid foundation- and we see a few of 'em Deshaun Watson rings. True to me really well right now, when you that ability to do that and push away the people that are not not going.
benefits you in the long run at that that that's a difficult thing to do, especially as an eighteen to twenty two year old, young man. Yeah did you, what did you buy pizza hut? I had like a you know. It was a delivery in a one thousand. Oh right, so like a thirteen dollars and seventy five cents, a large pizza or something across and then I don't know if they have stuffed crust back then and then the next day you're a millionaire and that's going to be such a mindfuck. I read something where you like it too. If you had a thirteen year old and he gave the thirteen year old, thirty one million dollars, I couldn't imagine I wouldn't I'm bad with money myself and I'm thirty three, and I often I assumed that I would be great with money That would be the gratitude. Would overflow 'cause. My father has worked his tail, office whole life to build this and show, character and integrity, and I was raised that way right, but I mean it. It truly is this: it shows you that doesn't matter how how you're raised it ultimately is your choices, the choices you make, what you val, what you value in your life and so that's why I continue to talk
stop those the values and choices you make or we're going to. What's going to rule your world yeah, I guess there's a fine line between listening to the haters and then listening to people that are actually keeping you grounded and check with reality, and you gotta find somebody that's able to kind of to that line and deliver you the hard truth which, as you say, it's not easy for an eighteen year old. To have somebody hanging around. Tell him hey, dude, this up right now right and I pushed those guys away. You know if they were. If, if people said no to me because I have now had all the money in the power and prestige of it all those people were going. There was even a point where I push my parents away for like six months, because I wanted to be told that I was you know.
this isn't your fault right? It's everybody else's! It's the radios that your teammates it's the organization, it's not you you're doing, you're doing fine. So the that's engine point because I think self doubt is always a great motivator, and so you know in your career in the NFL. Did you have that self doubt or were you the type of guy? Who is basically saying you know it's my office of wind? It's my coaching, it's this and was there ever point, while you were still playing we're like hey? Maybe it's me yeah. I figured that out too late no my time in San Diego, it was really about blaming others. You know mostly the me. I blame the media for a ton of stuff. I didn't never looked at, you know what was my part in it at a at all. When I got to tampa- and I was surrounded by that defense in a a coach and tony dungy- he really helped me take a better look in. perspective on things and by then I Wrist was injured to a point where I wasn't. As you know, I wasn't capable of being the starting quarterback anymore in that league and
That was a shame, because I kind of figured it out how to write how to deal with the media, how to be a professional, but I wasn't good enough anymore to compete at that level, so the media that famous clip have you watched the clip yeah? It's I mean it's hilarious, because it's uh It's it's so silly, but it's uh. It's embarrassing! It's humiliating for me because I behave that is that, like an out of body experience where you're like that's just totally different guy than I am right now yeah, I mean it was a totally different guy at that point too, but when you get angry when you have those those times in your life, where you almost like a blackout with anger that was kind of it I mean I luckily for me. I didn't I didn't do anything physically yeah Junior got in there and and and pretty play me threw me in the in the shower turn the cold water on and said. Come talk to me in an hour. I will say this
not that I'm a media member does need a good yelling at. I agree. I agree, I believe in I believe he needed that now. I just didn't necessarily need it broadcast all over the world with a big caught on camera, so craziest part, because this is one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine or one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight and like cameras and phones numbers obviously existed, but phones don't exist like right over for cell phones in exist with cameras. So it's like that. A lot of there's probably things that were said in the locker room that weren't videotape, but that happened to be videotaped yeah. It just so happened that I got on the guy that actually the cameraman doesn't filming this. He was in the corner, doing an interview and started yelling at the guy and what they misses. I actually picked him up and I threw in the chair. and then was standing over him intimidating him in the camera guy in the corner of the room. Panda got the heavy, talk to that guy. Since I have yeah I made amends to him and apologize for my golf course. My behavior and
Actually, I'm on a radio show I was doing down in San Diego on yours back so I have that off. I mean that is that they, even that stuff is so it seems so important for so long and right now we know how meaningless it was. It was just this this. This thing that the got caught on video- and I just I made it a bigger thing, because I didn't talk about it or I didn't take any accountability for it He had a bigger thing with the media and that's just how things build up the cover up or the denial. Something is always so much worse than crime. Yeah, yeah yeah. One thing: one thing that you've been doing a lot recently, I'm actually really happy to talk about this you've been, I guess, raising money for people who might not be able to afford mental health treatment. I think it's a very cool thing, your doing it one it's kind of sad that you need to raise money for people to get mental health treatment. but if you want to tell our listeners like how they can help or or exactly what type of steps that you're taking to help
Let me great yeah for sure. That's, that's awesome, thanks uh! So when I got out of prison, I couldn't afford to go to treatment. I had blown all my money and if it weren't for the grants that the spell provided former players, I would have been able to to pay for the treatment, so I thought well, I can do this for everybody, if somebody actually wants the help and wants to go to treatment, but can't board it. There should be no reason why they can't go so. We've developed a foundation called the Focus intensity foundation. You can go to focusintensity dot, org and donate. And uh anybody who's struggling out there who needs treatment, can go on the website and fill out an application and we've been getting the treatment. I like the name of that too 'cause. It's like you're, still a football guy right. Listen, I'm going to raise money for mental health, but guess what I'm going to name it, something bad at yeah, yeah you still when I coached I used to use that as an example for my quarterbacks
it is the only position out there where you have to have this intensity just like a linebacker, but there has to be this focused into it, and that was what I used with them and it was funny when I start this foundation a bunch of my my quarterbacks I coach, reached out said you know we. Ok. We haven't heard that a million times right right right, so you mentioned jail. That was obviously what we talked about a lot. You know rock bottom, for you do you think the NFL and the way they prescribe meds then had any part in you know kind of the addiction to vicodin or painkillers and everything You know that was obviously a different nfl than it is today. Right I mean that's how it was introduced, Do it, of course, the doctors in through my orthopedic surgeries, I mean I can't blame them, because when things got bad I didn't reach out, but I always use this as an example. If the doctor, at the time was educated on addiction and everything, and he said something like this when he handed me my pills for the first time, hey take these for your physical pain, but
years from now, you may break it may be breaking into houses and could go to jail because of it. You may have a different perspective on whether you take them or not or or know when it gets to a point yeah. You know what that looks like so right now. I think it's about raising awareness that the continuation of them pumping players with opiates, rather than finding some alternative but is problematic to me. I now I'm an abstinence guy. I don't believe in marijuana. Anything. I think if you have to take a drug to play it your support or to have a job than that, then this probably means is the time to move on interesting. So you don't because I you know anecdotally, it feels like most of the NFL uses marijuana as pain management. Right, I would say: that's right, you know it. We can disagree on the absence part, but I would say that's probably a lot healthier than over your it's a degree in an what's going on in America, not just sports, but all over the country with you know the crisis that were in high degree ideal in the recovery world, so I see a lot of individuals come through who have smoked, marijuana and dealt with marijuana
for very long time and are delusional. Now I mean it's a delusional sickness. I am not educated enough on the medical side don't know whether that all I know is. I abstained from any mood altering substance, but I do believe in the fact that Opiate epidemic is much more harmful to the yep, the the player culture. Then it then it then marijuana whatever you think the NFL should, because I know it's been a debate, it's kind of starting to simmer. Do you think the NFL should allow guys to use marijuana, is pain, treatment and sit, so maybe maybe kind of push off this whole. You know here's a pill, here's a pill whose you here's a pill, the thing of but it until it's legal or until it's medicalized in every state. I doubt they will, because in some states that they have, innovations it's still illegal in their minds. Kill legal legal is where we're opiates that are prescribed by a doctor is legal. It's a prescription
of the mind set like I said that if you have to use a drug do your job, then it may be time to move on and that's very hard for young men who come from poverty stricken up bringing some even offer. five six million dollars ten million dollars a year and your you simply can't walk away from that right, switching gears a little bit too odd to the draft process, like I think we're going to put this on the air yeah. I guess it maybe a couple weeks down the line when, when you combine sticking in what was that like for you, what was it our eighties or some some stories out there that you skipped couple of meetings going into it was that just a lot of chaos going on what was it about that process? That kind of rubbed you the wrong way It's not you know, I I didn't mind it. I I it was it's a cattle show. You know yeah, I mean really, as you stand up there in your shorts in front of a bunch of you know, you know middle aged men and they gawk at you and go
oh yeah, in size and height and size like how big are your hands in the way they're huge. So I dropped you again right now. If we went through the Kambin like statistic, things like, we did the hand measurement. We did the pro agility, the vertical and everything I could still test like if we went out and did the testing part and not put my name to it, can be like. Oh, that sounds like a good processor. Have you ever like just showing up at a parking and played flag? Football actually know in prison. I played played football welling longest yard dominate, I was all time, quarterback hell, yeah. It got really awkward. The guard started, you know, surround not the field, and you can hear on the walkie talkies yelling. You know at least out here throwing them. It was I said I went outside it. Freaked me out that much interesting and I was so like ashamed of like look where I'm at in my life. I'm now I can see the mountains that I hunt it in as a young kid I'm eighty miles. My hometown, where I am the only Montana ever drafted in the first round
NFL draft, there are more first round draft picks in the Manning family, then the whole state of Montana ever crazy and I'm this guy surrounded by barbed wire fences and guards in a red jumpsuit playing flag football with the other felons. That's not so in the draft process. You know they do that at right. Ok, so they talk about. You know the character. What knowing everything that you went through knowing going through the draft process? What is a gm? What something they should actually look for. And like is a real red flag and what something that's a fake red flag like I, you know I always look guy who you know, maybe he parties a little right- that's not a total red flag, but what would be a red flag where you dig a little deeper? Well the red is that now that you know that this is going to be an option for you professionally, like we recently saw how Baker Mayfield is held held to today, standard because of his past aggressions- and I think it's more just because he got caught from behind by the cop,
yeah! Well, how about all the only the only person, the only people that ever caught him in his college career with yeah it bill? Please yeah, right, breakaway speed matter! Yep yep and you know we apparently showed up the clippers game, the other night, with his with his girlfriend and and drinking beer. You know with the optics of that. You are you've chosen to do this. The and I know I use this- is an example back into us, like I'm, I'm just a normal guy, I'm just a normal. Do it like that you're, not a normal. Do Ok, you are the Heisman trophy winner, you're about to be a professional quarterback, maybe for the next one thousand and fifteen years. You have to understand that optics count for that period of time you can be a normal guy. The rest of your life after that right, so so you would say like even something like that: it's not as much drinking the beer. It's the fact that he is kind of putting himself out there so that he can be judged yeah yeah. It's I mean he's putting himself in a situation. That's where you take accountability, for I know he probably like blame. It was like hey you report.
Miss BS, which is you know this? Is I'm a normal do? This is what normal dudes do he's gotta understand for the next four or five months. This is locked in time. It's about it's about putting your best foot forward and actually making some significant changes in your behavior. I think I think this is this is where you are. I mean you are going to be the ceo of a fortune, five hundred company. Essentially I never looked at it that way. Of course, I see a completely different now and that's the you have to look at it? You are the head of a of a of foundation of a of an organization, and you can be for a long period of time and that's what these organizations are looking for, they're looking for somebody that can be a leader and it's tough to be a leader of men when you're twenty one years old yeah it sounds like you're. Putting more of an emphasis, are I I guess less on the active drinking, a beer more on. Are you mature enough to understand the concept yep of these choices that you make actually represents? Something bigger than yourself at
it's given time right and it yeah and and going into the up on being able to lead a franchise like that. These are things that are going to stick with you and you're. Gonna have to continue to make these choices that represent, like the entire organization as a whole. If you can understand that, that's a good first step, huge first of your. If but they can see you choose to make different behavioral choices. That's a that's! A cygnet significant marker of removing any of that stigma because you know his is that the Kansas Game, where he's flipping off the crowd and grabbing his crotch and stuff like that, that I mean right That's an example of we want to see. We want to see some change, you know and uh
gonna pay a king's ransom for these guys right. What about Josh rose in the CS too smart? Well, I I love to have that and not got it yet you're too smart yeah, but he, but he he's things about things. Besides yeah, he things like Lebron James thanks writings. He wants to be that he does he. He loves football. He wants to be the best quarterback to ever played in what goes with that is most likely being in the big market which could be the New York Giants and that allows him for so many other business he wants to. He wants to be all that and that's okay. outside GM's are going to use it as a an example of like he's not invested in football, and then they go. me like well. Lebron initially was that when I go, I I beg to differ. I think Lebron had these guys are His buddies around him, he sent some to culinary school, some dolos yeah. He had a vision, but he's also the king.
also Lebron yeah. That's actually interesting to point out because Lebron like you, could you could argue that he has yes men around him, but he's also had his whole. You know friend, group kind of evolved with him right the way, an learn, new things and become an asset to him instead of a detriment, and I also think those guys, I don't know- I think they were yes man, I, I really do believe they knew what they were affording. What Lebron was affording. Him was amazing and to stay in that circle of friends. They had to be critical of him if he needed to did mention to a loving football. Did you love football? I call it if it was my favorite thing in the world. It's also given me so much now for a long time is really toxic. For me, I couldn't watch it all, but now I just I ultra bar particular, I I love college football, what it what it means the pad through the loyalty, the fandom pro football? It's not that I have
along with that watching it? It's just that. It's it's not a very entertaining product anymore yeah, because I'm more red zone guy now sold yeah watch! That's where you know, but when the playoffs come around when the best football divisional weekend, if, like portals that there yeah yeah yeah exactly you know they they do, they do a good job when it when it comes down to it there late in the season, watch and I watch the playoff. So it's kinda like the NBA. For me, I don't necessarily watch the regular season win the playoffs start. I tend to be more than you ever reached out or talk to Johnny Manzel. So this is a great sorry, ok, uhm, a super bowl. Fifty I was in San Francisco, an it news broke with his arrest and and uh. Of course everybody wanted to talk to me about it because of my ipad. Issues and stuff like that. So we talked about it and then some of his family reached out to me and I've been in contact with his dad for over the last two years but Johnny, for whatever reason has reach back out to me and then two weeks ago, uh my fiance is Ralph's Ralphs buying some groceries.
us and who stand there in the deli, but Johnny and his fiance an she text me and I said: well, you need to go over and talk to him and so she goes over and says you know hide Johnny or Johnny Right, and you said you had, and I said I'm right ' Leafs fiance and immediately was just like uh yeah. I've been meaning to to yeah I to him and stuff like that. So I finally got to talk to him and uh, We had set some some some time up for golf uh that is yet to materialize, but uh. I I feel like he's moving in the right direction. The only way he's going to be able to you know, be solid player, an accountable for he's, going to be sober if he goes up Canon yeah. It's also interesting because Johnny probably sees you and is like, maybe not the mentally they're like hey, I'm not him. Like. I still back my career left, I you know I can still make a what yeah. What is that you know? What do you? What do you consider success in life? My my new definition success for me is totally if that that I'm at peace,
I have a non chaotic life. That is, that is success for me. and it doesn't matter what you're doing just because you're a football player doesn't make you more important and for a long time I thought that was the case, but my story is the same as any other human being that walks this it really is because we all these ups and downs. I think people forget that that football players are human beings and also the vice versa. I think the football player forget that he's just a flawed human being, like everybody else, do they have to try to be better on a daily basis, yeah. Well, you wrote a letter to your younger self and the players Tribune. First of all, we Derek Cheater like his boss, yeah uh. Never got to meet. I've met Derek before in passing, but not on this society didn't like go through and red line, and edit and no other stuff up in Wordpress, and all that no that stuff, but I, but I thank you for the opportunity that I wrote that for about three months it was uh and
give it to the editor and the editor gave it back. Then I was right in the cab with my fiance to thing. While we were in New York and how bring it on my phone, I'm just kind of showing both records away. Through I looked at her, and I said I don't know this is going to be soup, powerful, and it has been the most well received an powerful, a piece of anything. I've done: uh uh people taking away from so uh 'cause it was raw, it was truthful, it was a vulnerable and it was completely transparent, which I think, if somebody's going to do stuff with something like has to be that it was really interesting and also set, it pave the way for Lebron to write an instagram post to his younger self yeah. I don't know if you saw that special congratulating little RON for all the bronze future accomplishment yeah there are. You know I I I think I'm gonna get a war, an award for that yeah premeditated plagiarism sure thing to hear on Jim's plagiarize you thank you. I told her. I leave for talking to young Ryan leaf for the players. Yes, it's a it's important that that we go by
back in and look at our younger selves and say thank you. Yes do you ever have you ever reached out to Peyton Manning and then, like hey man, you probably only a little money for making you look good. He pays me weekly. Based on there we go it's uh, uh yeah, his we've always had a good relationship. Uh his family had reached out to my family. While I was in prison uhm, you know a couple of months ago, he was getting his jersey retired and the statue outside of Lucas Oil Stadium, and I texted him and told him. Congratulations, uh! You know such a well deserved honor, but I also added, I said a picture of my two week old son and me and I said
Well, I had a sex. My day was still better in your face and it yeah, but he takes it back immediately. As that you you're right. You know, I understand we understand what's important now in our license, I'm happy for his career. I mean just because mine wasn't successful, doesn't mean I look at others right or want others to fail, because I don't want somebody to call me the the the biggest plus I mean. That's just that's just silly right. Do you think anything's different in your career? If you go to the call to serve the chargers No most likely not it was most it was. It was me right. It was so my issue didn't matter geographically, where I went though I may have. I may have had uh not to put anybody down, but have you
Marshall, full comarcas, there yeah yeah first year, and also just so, you know Indianapolis like what do you do on a night out in the apple? Is I go? Get a chain, restaurant and store? I know or I go to the facility and I'm watching film yeah, that's the difference. Yeah yeah because, like what's up with real deleted Playboy mansion right, you know. How is that I mean come on yeah twenty two years old yeah happened not being the grotto the bank somewhere else it was discussed. The Disney might have I met her. Was he like dead now? Well now? Yes, you, thirty old man, three dead for so it was already dead, yeah dirty old man. Very successful. The old man. Yes, it was a whole. It was I mean, I'm a I'm, a kid from Montana right, yeah, it's much in the in in the in. It was like a Halloween party in the women walking around just painted painted on out nets and stuff, and you said this yucky the thing about
you know. In that moment you like, when I'm there I'm just like yeah you, you are the women, and you should be. You should be digging me because right, I am cool. Right, right, right, right, right, really, feelings! I like come get my van yeah yeah, yeah yeah, just what you just one on the ground by yourself help yourself just stood there yeah, I'm lucky! If you got it we're myself, I don't know what you did when we were the best hand job guy in the world, everything real, quick to the drop process. Were you a little bit creeped out, knowing that Bruce Arians was like milling around Pullman Washington, just like posing as a student. I heard this the story and I had run ins with coach Ariens, the last two years, where he's been so sociable and and nice and and all of a sudden this this thing comes out. I'm like come. Are you just selling books? You were running around Pullman. No one had have these things. People are people
I thought I was a great leader. I was going to be a great nfl quarterback. You know what people go to hindsight. Go you know what I say. I knew it. I knew exactly right. This thing was gonna just blow up in everybody's face right. So that's so funny. If you read this book because you like posed as a student, I guess like wearing a Kangol hat transition when sunglasses, whatever being liked as I'm working, I ain't the african pain up in Pullman and then he said he would to Knoxville and was like, posing as a janitor or something like that. He's gone like deep, deep, undercover just talking to be about. Like hey. It was Peyton Manning like hey. What's wrong, you didn't do any of that stuff. No really no way did Bruce Bruce. Just beyond Alltel, how intimidated were you by Randy MOSS? Is glasses sunglasses at the Heisman trophy? So I just you know now that I know that was like he knew he was scared and he was it was it. It was a social anxiety thing is, I feel, kind of bad. At the moment I mean that initially, I think a lot of people went to the the crazy stereo sound like other dudes high
I mean I thought those glasses they're like futuristic glasses. He could he somehow time travel yeah class. I think, like twenty we're Oakley's, they were like a futuristic, oh yeah, but I mean I mean, that's that I know a lot of people said that stuff- and I was just like you know what ended I've and no Randy well, and I just said you know poor guy was you know he was all of the whole situation. You know yeah and the you know. I feel sorry for having any other misconceptions about what went on, but that night was. I mean it that night other than that was the coolest night. ever had in my life, yeah yeah to be a Heisman trophy Kevin said. If you were you mad, the in one hello. I was just there to have a good time and I ended up at the That's not have anybody right, 'cause, Peyton body was going to win Charles wanted. I mean I'd love to have the award. Of course. We had to stay there and do media all night. Mike price, my head coach and I went saw Saturday Night LIVE Jack. Nicholson was the host. We went to a bar where all the former winners in the ESPN crew- and I was bartending until like that sauce three in the morning. It was Chris Berman there, no plus now you don't have to go back
your for the ceremony that actually seems like kind of a drag like yeah. Actually, like I get it, I I don't need to. I don't need to be from remembered as a a legend. I think you are remembered as legend. The are you I don't need that you're one of the best people made and people may remember that I don't need that yeah. I think I need it for a long time, but I don't see that anymore. Did you are? Do you actually skip those meetings with bill polling because he loves to talk, but I I know it's silly. I did not. I. I was supposed to go to a meeting with Jim the head coach of the Chicago bears I also share. The Chicago bears pulled me and said they need to do an mri on my thumb and from that that simplistic thing it is blown into in type, but is bad uses. True that been drafted by the bears you would've just been another bears quarterback. That was, you know in and out. So it would just or we would just won Superbowl after super bowl that would've been nice to. You know the windy city yeah exactly right, Ryan
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tied at the. U, I gotta get into betting. You sports. That sounds always all prevail yeah. I think we just found our into e sports. If you can gamble on it, I'm there and I will be using, but the a side that you you can use. Promo code, take twenty five and get a free twenty five dollar play, plus a hundred percent matching bonus on your first deposit. That's right check out, but decided he you use from, could take twenty five get the free twenty five dollar play and a hundred percent matching bonus only at Betty aside you alright, let's get to some segments before we do that the sports world obviously had a huge tragedy. Over the weekend with the bus crash, the hockey team bus crash in Canada.
we are selling shirts one hundred percent of the proceeds go to that community. So go check out. The barstool sports store, saturdays are for the Broncos and our hearts go out to all the hockey families in Canada and especially that community that had that terrible tragedy, all right, let's do some segments. First up, we have Peter King Peter King eighth trash again. It's been awhile since Peter King, Has had a little bite of the trash did a good boy he has, but he needs a little smack on his snout, because the USA Today they had an article said: Dana White after alleged Conor Mcgregor Bus attack. A lot worse goes on in other sports. Peter King quote treated it and said. Give me an example: I got a couple examples. Ok, Chris Long didn't go the White House, that's pretty bad yeah,
Brock Osweiler got a huge contract. A huge contract, Joe W, puts deodorant on his feet. Yes show Estes: how about the time that the pacers went into the stands and beat the fuck out a bunch of fans that feels like maybe worse, that was that was maybe Michael. Jordan grew a goatee during the Barcelona Olympics he gambled illegally. So logically, yes, allegedly, I don't know is Michael George, baseball Tracy Mcgrady's pants hard disagree. What about what about uh stuff curry through his mouth guard at a ref yeah? True, just Stef Currys Mouth Guard in general, Kevin Durant's attitude in general, Kevin Durant, goatee, Kevin Durant's attitude towards blog boys, Kevin Durant's, posture, yeah, Kevin Durants, yeah, he's a pussy the way that
Grant Stupid Jersey hangs off his bony elbows baby back Bitch Cross when he talks about his mom yeah. Oh he's a cupcake yeah, I love cupcakes, but not that tight he's a ring. Chaser Kathy Grant, leaving his team in Oklahoma City Go Chase, her ring yeah or maybe what about all the times there's been like murder, domestic assault, all that kind of stuff or just yeah statistics in general, yeah they ruined sports. I'd, say that numbers are worse than what Conor Mcgregor did two of us, but you know what yeah that bus, though, that bus did you see what it is where it kind of had a gun to ask what did that bus do to provoke Conor Mcgregor the bus was making these little comments just nagging him over and over again. Listen, I don't want it. I don't want to. it's all the buses out there. Some of this is you in that hand, cart was basically wearing a sign. That said, throw me yeah, yeah Peter King. He got roasted real hard ratio to the max.
hundred and four reply. The funny thing is like, with with this tweet, I I guarantee you Peter King, had no idea that this was going to spur like it into it, avalanche of takes against yeah. He was like yeah. This is. This is good the when Hank. When you read this, you said you read it out loud in the first replies, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Aaron Hernandez, Jerry Sandusky, Greg Hardy Josh Brown Darren sharper Adrian Peterson Brandon Marshall, and it's Aldon Smith, I said, Alex Smith and that would just be lair. Like yeah Alex Smith. Everyone still thinking that he's like a you know, top five quarterback SAM Bradford, no damn bridge too far Do you think that there's a Carlos one, the SAM Bradford Free Agency, sweeps a absolute it okay tune in next year when SAM Bradford leads the league in completion percentage, because, after he's been traded for two first round picks the jets yeah? That's fine! No! It's a great treat for the
We have an oh, you think with John Daly. He got into a little fender bender. His rv was parked in the Hooters parking Lot, as is tradition yeah in Augusta. Ga, that's another. You think, and the car was making you turn and just drove directly into his parked rv, probably 'cause. He saw hooters and was like oh shit. I gotta swerve intern in yeah. You know guys get when we see hooters. It's that mean verbal meme car drive down the highway and there's a straight highway and then there's an exit and the sign for the where it says you getting to your appointment on time and then the sign at the right says: hooters. Yes, some of the rights as big brass and also women with breasts yeah you're. Not I like that joked a little early. I know there are two cars yeah, because you know that if you I thought that was that no little anyway you're doing what you like that one there I like to go to hooters for the brass, double check, invoice and Kim how chicks at Hooters yeah and the waitress
either stay woke? Just John Daly headlines. So are we sure that he just didn't tell one of his assistant assistance? You know like Papa you over there and just run right into my, we know absolutely that this was all about selling merchandise. Yes, that's what he does. He just posted up in there and wait for people to come up and ask him for autographs. He sells like John Daly T shirts. John Daly has to have like a line of liquor by now Disney oh yeah, his own signature, I'm sure she probably cells die. He probably just like rights over a diet. Coke cans says John Daly's diet, coke. He fills it up. Halfway, diet, coke halfway with kerosene, yeah happy with burnt out cigarettes, heard of an old Arnold Palmer. This is John Daly's with a cold shine for you boys. We have a sabermetrics. This is for Doug Gottlieb, so I'd still really understand this tweet, but we'll go with it. Doug Gottlieb said Patrick Reed won the masters, but Rickie Fowler on the weekend,
I would say John Daly, probably one of John Daly wins every weekend. I don't what is it? What is rich feller went that people talked about him his. He had great pan yeah? Oh you know what I'm now realizing he's. Probably talking about Rickie Fowlers, front right. Yeah, though that's exactly what it is. It's a Rickie Fowler's dating one of the jeez of of the internet, Allison Stokke, you right, yes, yeah! So, okay, we got it now dog. We know your time about sex. Sorry, we are mine on golf, when are have said, like Reed wins the day yeah, but Fowler wins the night time yeah because they actually Rickie Fowler is the first golfer to ever have sex so congrats on that Doug getting a little Horni there Doug well he's the first Gulf would ever have sex because it seems like in every single golf term if there is a baby that greets the winter. Yes have you notice that yeah Patrick Reed recently had a baby, daddy yeah? There you go so
he does do so. You can set yeah set an alarm like ten months after a golfer has sex. They will win a major championship. You think Patrick Reed is harder harder on himself insects to like goddamnit, Patrick you, fucking came so fast. You fed, go, hang yourself in just the truck out while yeah okay. Now I can finish your. We have a quick, what we're going to do for the oh done or finished done or finish. Carlos Stanton junk. Justin is the first player the live ball era to have two games with zero hits and five strikeouts in the same season he's done it in record time. It's April. Eighth, that's amazing! He never, but it is career. He's done it twice with the Yankees Giancarlo Stanton done or finished. Follow up. Question is the
media. Getting too I I was actually gonna say we should take aways pinstripes because we get we prematurely gave him is passed right off two home runs your opening to hit two home runs. That was a little too early up, so we're taken aback will give them to Erin Judge for safe keeping Erin judge. Now that the deal he seems like the pin straight guy these days, did everyone talks about. Do you, okay, DD? Is the custodian of the pinstripes out he'll? Let you eat your vegetables Giancarlo. Maybe change your name back to MIKE, and then you get the picture, I will a little rebrand. I love the Yankee fans who, in the out of I love it, I love it, love it love it. Do you think it has something to do with the fact. he's farther away from all those shady PD clinics down in South Florida. You can figure it out I use the mail yet you gotta ask you gotta, ask the questions. it's asking about asking questions. Just asking questions. I'm glad, I'm I'm putting the question mark at the end of my algate. He and Aaron Judge are going to strike out so much this year. Yeah. It's going to be great 'cause. It is also going to take the heat off the Cubs, striking out even more.
I want to get next GEN stats for John Carlos Bat speed, while he's whipping on these or how many, how many inches he's missing balls that cast when you have those that actually is the next frontier for baseball nerds. Judging how good to strike out was in terms of if they had hit it, where the ball would have gone, that or yeah just how badly they missed the pitch like ok, so John Carlo is missing balls by an average of seven one, slash two inches per sway If you lay down all Jean Carlos Miss swings into end, you would get down to my I mean back yeah all right last up, we have our new segment, we debuted on Friday, it's whoa whoa whoa whoa, so this one comes from Jean coulda will on Twitter. He blew my mind on Saturday. What, if rocks, are squishy until someone touches it.
Well well, well, it took you now, that's crazy! That's like they're, all just they're, all just a bunch of squishy like starfish, and then you touch it in his heart gets real hard go back to being soft yeah. Basically after awhile yeah right well, rock subpoenas, he gets off for awhile and then they get hard again if Yeltsin later well, that's a tree falling in a force question for like a deaf guy, yeah, whoa, whoa whoa Whoa whoa! I don't know I I you know what I was gonna say I'll go out and just start touching rocks, but there just are getting Part would've already touch oh yeah. It will be a major rock ts, yeah whoa whoa. What if you threw something at a rock? Couldn't you prove that if you through something, though 'cause. It gets hot right or wrong. No, it's hard right before so it knows that it's
we should talk to Rick Pitino about this I don't know how to answer that. Question actually lends itself to a whole new philosophical argument is like what what is reality. What does matter is matter even there or do we make it? There turns John Cena. Someone else had this one. What if water is poisonous and that's why everyone who's ever drink water is eventually died. Sleep is poisonous to would have sleep, is just your body dying for a little bit and then coming back to life. No, we already figured out that sleep is actually just your Iphone recharging, your battery yeah you plug yourself. So when you die it's just when you go to sleep and you left your phone charging like a motel yeah exactly I knew I left something there all right. That's our show! we are in Chicago this week. We will we're going to opening day Cubs opener on Monday, and we will see you guys Wednesday and I'm going to do a little.
old school watch Party on Wednesday night, so be alert for that we will have some Here's and watch the Cubs on Wednesday night at a bar, and with that we will see you guys on Wednesday love you guys it's hard