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Ryan Whitney and Mr Portnoy (Our Lawyer)

2017-11-07 | 🔗

NBA Drama and Lebron expresses his anger with someone using year old Arthur memes(2:05-8:51). Hot Seat/Cool Throne includes twitter going to 280 characters, Liangelo Ball shoplifting in China and Lamar Odom passing out at the club(8:52-20:09). Former NHL player Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk about the hockey season, who is going to win the Stanley Cup, and the Vegas Knights being a great bet at home(21:23-36:45). Our lawyer Mr Portnoy joins the show to talk about tort law, Rand Paul getting beat up by his neighbor, and Portnoy's complaints(37:58-59:01). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers Roy Halladay(1:01:53-1:02:27), Embrace Debate throwback - who would you take in the 2012 draft RGIII or Andrew Luck?(1:02:30-1:07:16) Hurt or Injured Aaron Rodgers and Guys on Chicks(1:07:17-1:15:16).

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today is part of my take we have two of our favorite recurring guess ryan wit needed talk hockey and our lawyer mr portas to talk of the legal issues that are on the top of our minds we also have hot see cool and because it is wednesday guys on chicks before we get to all that i want to talk to you guys about my friends at felix gray no matter what you do for work jeans are staring at your phone or computer a lot or eyes weren't made to stare at screens all day dryness migraines blurry vision are just a few of the reasons you need to protect your eyes and now you can look great doing it with a pair of computer glasses from felix gray felix gray lenses specifically designed to filter blue light and eliminate glare from screens which are the two main culprits behind digital i stress i actually use them i wear them all the time it helps my eyes feel rested when i'm staring at a computers green all day felix gray glasses
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a glasses dot com slash p m c felix gray glass and its outcome smash p m let's go let's not all our work on the part of my take it is wednesday november eighth and its emma in the nba every night
an idea is our favorite emo league lot i liners being ways like derek car is the one guy in the nfl that whereas eyeliner everyone in the nba looks like you're going to a clash contrariness either wearing long here constance leaves a go past their hands and hoop rings and green day because everyone's mad at every one and they sub tweet em in instagram so if you're living under a rock la brought this is a new thing away any time the does anything on social media it basically causes and a around the world and he used very topical arthur mean that
the queries and what a year ago it was the hot and street tank on the streets in like august two thousand six every every now and again arthur comes back up into public lexicon usually in meme form but they always find different parts of his body to make it to me but this is this is leubronn too to a t because he is a father of three so after a meme happens then it's like all that's gonna old hat then a year passes then he brings it back so i guess he was mad they carry irving scored a bunch of points well said now we become detectives whenever this happens here come the cage national treasure and we try to figure out and in analyze ways upset about some people are saying he's upset that his team good lord today's maybe dwayne wade isn't good or maybe he's upset that when wade was obtaining him or
the dwayne wade gets his ass eaten all the time and he doesn't oh yeah that's the first because it you want to get the first india so that or that staff curries getting all the love out west always something that's on the bronze my yes he's he's a big there are clear google just seen deny it owed a digital matt stafford clinkers shroud die school to evaluate the other do i don't know what you think lebruns matter i think he's just mad in general that nobody likes him well you see spins oh no he put up another inscribed today which was a bunch of pictures of him holding a fist
and he said permanent mood ass if trying to say that the fist we ask that he was guided by our is this is a classic case of misinterpreting the main bridges the most dad thing ever the only way could become more dad is if he is to learn eyes when he posted the picture if he had like held up his ipad of arthur's fist and then taking the picture of your using his iphone of his ipad and its green shine anthony and then also at about picture can see shoes and their those white nike shoes epicure where's yes now it only archer tat move he stole the picture in credit the person son of a bitch creators of arthur nada this picture com
i am from somebody stole ok no the in steel it he repressed it as we call it on its pham who did this year he aggregated at the so either way this is like a yearly you can set your watch to la bron being mad and his team in like the first two months the nba season it feels like its having a little early this year i i feel bad for him love has given love definitely saw that unlike freaked out was like oh shit it's like basely kevin love
is the kid is throwing a party at his house and his parents are keen on taxing like hey we're around the corner we're coming back early guys cling on every single time the brown doesn't mean that social music when i do now shit like law we are going to figure out how to get out of this one now thank heaven love even if it wasn't item it was i can i think dwayne weight is also a little surprised that labelling is got so much more emo over the last couple years because obviously you is a little bit emo we need and went down to florida you're my enemy the sunshine covers up a lot of stuff deployment covers up a lot of wrath is that you can take the sad a sack person in america jason williams was happy in my emmi ass was the brand to me seems like the typical he walks into the cows facility day and he just walks by people in just size super loudly in their ear he sounds like what's wrong abroad
he s actually if i could tell you why do we both have to see that's what he's doing and then to make perfect because no mba emo twitter instagram war is complete until a warrior comes over the top dream on did a mood oh just a picture of dream on smiling today we have just a picture of dream on hard dick who now though there was not a pretty nosey i would just like a big pulls iron someone's not sack like a mood re to kick it but yeah i won't i it's it seriously you just do it starts with the broad and the new spreads and then it finishes only when a warrior comes in and make spinal abroad i know i'd i'd like to just say i'm done with the word petty to describe the nba we passed petty like a year and a half ago i think emo is now the cry you know it's it's it's one of those things it i think some people make finally obviously the hockey hard owes are gonna make fun of it but it is entertainment sports or entertainment and the fuckin nba
not to entertain will his thing if lebron james was nine the league you'd miss him right now you would men is shit out of his weird like teenage girls he also tweeted something this morning where use the hashtag live laugh love is like we talk about the bron being in a nay i am an instant message profile this is just plagiarism at this point bottle of lebron james is every ex girlfriend i've ever had a you know what this means now leubronn is is doing all this stuff again we can get the m j versatile brown debate gone again as m j never did and arthur me mj would never be a meme never have ever yet the ceiling is the roof is our it when i was actually i know i know you are better than i did the reverse where you double meaning people thought you were talking about that and then i went on the other one hank which on the streets now what's the new one
let's say on the streets for what lebruns about to get into what maimed you wanna he's about to discover what is he gonna blasts caslon for only doesn't ninety he's gonna do this bunch bob the stir crabs with the hurly thinks he's gonna deerlike down the celtics but this will happen if the subjects were to loosen the players he'll do like the back carries have you left now with the guy pointing at his hey hey are you nervous about the box now ok i was your malta beware john us and now they got let fitzpatrick no the tampa baby ass who fitzpatrick verse mcgown yes doubling russian hoof that's gonna be
great so i'm already building and spend zone i should think it's gonna be a really good game because both teams thoroughly are both quarterbacks through a shitload of interceptions but since they were both on the opposite teams maybe they'll forget who the defences nationally through they offered sue so maybe game of their lives game of the censure yeah that's what they're saying yes coming on account of its by you but if you don't think i'm betting the overnight game you're faculty for sure i might bet like the adjusted line overdose like some points irony get plus odds i let's do are hot see cool thrown who would like start patio you ok i'll go for patsy is the entire green bay packers who so aaron rodgers no longer on the team the ownership i'm talking to all sixty thousand you out there plus people on larry jus almanac larry died by the way we never mentioned it but fixed i think larry hate what the fuck we what
delivering those on tv there that's we are start larry died he died what how do you do good breaking news breaking news worst unwary has passed away people didn't realize it are on our last our first and last episode of tv larry we'll start larry knitting guide he die the day after showgirl announced only soils europa his little heart yes soon as you take tv away dies no because i went back to her on the wednesday and they said hey we're going to larry and then i think i went back and next day and they also today also tell you there's only the player brigham to a farm passenger data myriad around you heard of engaging watts pond whose what do we get to swim only want one guy came i wasn't really stupid thing to say because now i'm like this to press for the rest the show we knew that vary from one week wasn't even a full goldfish she wasn't otto
zack aura no other way no no old video this larry was a fake owner he was just who is symbolic of the real are ok so i just want to record no he was avatar ago larry's avatar passageway thought personalized ever pose a real areas tankers ok well we're on ted called for it would be a real shame if certain conversation and then larry died i took the steam out my heart sees a green larry is on a hot our goals are animals are on a hot see we're ok my core throne is lamar odom oh he was on my heart so we'll know you're wrong because it turns out here when he passed down the club it was because he had been exercising to watch an wasn t getting shall see this hell you're not eat now you're being cynical because just because our eyes hospitalized several times with drug overdoses and all sorts of weird held out diseases youth jump to conclusions just china you know you jump to conclusions i cannot see what just because he paddles out in a nightclub
means it must have been under the influence of some now he was in the jim you know what he's on you keep asking what he's on yo is on a treadmill eight hours a day get into the best shape of light ok is my heart she was working out because working out is will make you pass out the club or kosovo that so we agree we agree we areas lab working out is u dont if you work out you are liable to pass out in the club in it was really hot club so poor i also pursue lamar odom definite thoughts and prayers i am also saying on the core thrown because this come back sounds very promising if he's working so hard that he is just passing out true hank yeah yeah i have a few my first one is my first saucy is josh gordon so we got reinstated but it came out that he he admitted that he used drugs or alcohol for every single game he's ever played so we can have to come back and not use drugs or alcohol and his alchemy legged murray's claret who sought it the goose go out cancer is fuck
well if you change needs to change his name so that like the purse knowledge is jobs now cover forest josh gordon and now it comes back at least change named in ghak gosh jordan gushed filling that's pretty girls are inside route god jordan well is it this is gonna be like the chilly peppers when they do they quit drugs and sort of sakharov i think i may i will ensure that have emerged in the hot seat he measly was he josh gordon is here here's a nice one of josh gordon ever wants to sell store we got lawmakers too we should deprive finnish sharply makers for now we can talk of known ass a last resort otherwise the angel ball boy brand chinese relationship on monday the big barbara twitter account tweeted big boy branch coming soon and then the next day lives the ball who was there with you see allay playing an exhibition game got arrested for shoplifting and i feel like i look second its it when i was in china like he might not ever below still say and not a good look now i had not
it looks as if i stay woke leandro ball shoplifted in china in the weed remember he exists as i when you said the other one o balls like oh mellow balls in china and the like all the others a third one in the middle than ever four days a little bit heavier right any shoplift sunshine he's like the third destinies child at the captain the back right yes so the weird backstory point yeah was bryant brine was definitely with all their all little but we're the two thoughts about this one is the right way it was playing the game under i just do the nurse plants basque i gotta use an insect us all they got you on right you are on the right if i hope this ends up like a sort of simpsons where bart ghosts australian kicking the asked with a shoe i hope that the angel about causes like an international he s like fifty lashes and public's yes and i hope i hope that tromp ass to let go negotiate his release personally and then trump and hidden in from meets the marble
barbara yes and his eye k i like guy like to cut your jib how would you like a cabinet position you'd be home vice president trump by way of our ball needs to like he should get some credit for the fact that they are now doing lawns o wednesday lonnie espionage version the guy is a fucking jean here lover love more hate him but he is is old school vince rick man he gets you to want to watch yet the chinese government you member how they they captured that spy plan backing like two thousand when george bush became presenting had held onto and studied it to figure out pay may we can it was some technology from the united states the gallagher gameboy in their yes it is actually made in china and now i come and where we are the electronics if they they should kidnap legible not let him out and just study him to figure out how to exploit capitalism promise that he's the one who cares about what to do we have given their families without dna did you learn lists we stop valuable ball ok you got no one
i had one draws no road discoveries your mind is just opinions not telling us even tone us all these great newspacket opinions just dependence opinions you haven't opinion you're gonna get a lot of heat and the union for travellers there's nothing you can say i think on the internet that will not catch a heat from a great welcomes the internet i yes and so that's an eye subway my hot seat is twitter because they have officially made everyone have two hundred eighty characters and it's the worst at source i've gotta get joke about that sooner or later characters what is this the bible are gave a throne or
lord of the rings any other reliable or long series yeah bibles like an unstoppable movie with josh through without such rogan was what is an erroneous three yet grasped what is this a west anderson film withdrawn i could do michael term yoyo gets you got my cool thrown at me a mill so he got arrested for two years today but that a good thing because as our good friend gucci man showed us you can come out of don't come out stronger oh he showed us at a time when you got i make no you're so excited when you why don't remember though at all yet always remain him he's my man i went up to when i was a hey how come why people let's say certain words when they rapid long and then he slapped you in the face of france
those two by hot the twitter socks now we all agree that i spent fake news i estuary characters before anyone else not rag but i said to bolt view that it's the worst because i get tired even writing to eat characters let alone reading so fuck twitter for doing that that's its content there's some stupid it's fine because still twitter literally has a platform called medium that you can just write a blog on here this is foolish make tumblr again member tumblr lot opponent on oh my god the gifts on tom they and then the and enjoy who actually yahoo bought it was like we need to clean up tumblr is only tell me where the crimes because like actually people and went on board a wicked nod jeff's while sitting in their off so also a hum witnessing withers tutors rules are trying to cut down on harassment i guess which is good but also they snuck in at the end also we're not gonna have anymore porn sorry law
peter twitter porn if that was a thing drawside almost dollars for tickers poor protectors logic my cool throne i got two of em is the verses cars with big red both on it so it's back seasoned where you dissimilar has aroused great alexis with a big red ball on it have you ever noticed and car commercials they don't ever say sale anymore than ever like hey we have sale going on it's always like a sales event or like some sort of sale of bread they never did you not say so i don't know why but i'm really dig it on this year and then the pay the price that they always quote is like the price that you can get without like a steering wheel or wheels i won't let you in on a secret cause i did cell used cars for like six months here's what to do in a sale they jack to price up
a thousand dollars and then they slash three thousand off it so still two thousand more expensive smarter like aids cheap sale and people like oh shit there's a tent gotta tell me are you for one of those guys you're doing the way here to our move my you sell me they ve balloons tied to the chair you gotta bike my money gotta ideal my other cool thrown now now follow me here boys cause this might get a little confusing my other cool throw on is the hot seat because it's hot seat season for coaches in the nfl you got me now it's the cot sea is now on the quarter wait i'm doing that that would cancel each other out no i'm doing the chief of the timid eric thing where the guidelines was so you're cool throne is your aid that is the hot seat so enormous hot seized seat sees ok oh yeah i get it oh yes schools role at all sorts of you dirt we're gonna get one coach at least in the two thousand and five for the innocent usually happens ben mac
mike mccarthy on their right at our cutter might mccarthy john fox feels he's gonna scape bikers who did the old like i'm not shaving like he's got the jellyfish like permanent hard right hugh jackson for sure yes you jackson there at the point now where it's like we need to progress fire em out of pure harassment you i mean like the brown key blew the brown should actually just go on a permanent by weak would anyone notice of the brown stop playing football games absolutely i dont know absolutely didn't notice this we have because it who would we compare but really bad things in dumps refers to progress for who would we be like a while the browns passed on this guy who may be ok so we don't like browns don't play football brok asked why where's browns uniform yeah except i just i need the brown drunk i need somebody losing wearing a bronze uniform him alive yes and then marvin louis but not really good so necessary for their that he could just stay just like as lungs here
it's down in that chair at nine o clock in the morning it he's gonna be the couch he he's got something over the owner and there's no other explanation from our i think there's something he has as like eighty iq points yeah alright let's get to our interviews who really go first go when whitney ryan whitney hockey talk first and then we're gonna have mr port annoy our lawyer on second before we get to that i wanted sorry because my alma high stakes almost stakes are back with a huge forty nine ninety nine you can get my family give pack when you go to omaha in stockholm and enter the code pardon in the search bar that seventy five percent off they have over forty five hundred gordon gift ideas great steak experiences at home the most flavorful tender age beef here all the items in this family give back that were given you for seventy five percent off with the promo code pardon to flaming yawns to top airlines to bonus pork chops for bonus chicken breast for
go bosses for burgers or potatoes our groton our written for carers apple tartlet one omaha stake seasoning packet plus i'm thrown form orca bosses in their so get it right now go to omaha stakes dotcom put in the promo code pardon and you get seven five percent off of the entire package i just said so go right now omaha stakes are come put in the promo code pardon i hear it our friend ryan whitney i win oh come on our good friend pigeon extraordinary he's a good guy what is a garbage grocery still should stay low grocery stick muppet israel forget its ryan whitney from spin check let's go download it right now it is the best hockey podcast in the world whitney what's up man boys what what's
we haven't we haven't spoken in a long time nothing happened no just really say about hockey season starting sooner you see a lot of good tv to watch not gonna talk to my three weeks of work and also as you can tell we're very very up to speed on the initial season we ve been watching every game who is good whose good but thank you and why was nasty that africa to win the cup ok probably not do not yet know there in the capitals i'm gonna do shit you know that's that's really guatemalan there without she's been as going doing get arrested for treason ok who good what's wrong what's wrong with the box a man lack of stone of the dep your depth it isn't great like dirt they got he broken keys on on the on a deep sigh but
after that like the next forty are very good and up front like sharps back we gotta play not much he had scored alive i'm out the black hawk sir i don't know fine i don't also when the cop i don't really have them is a favorite but the thought of a good year who i mean i just i am shocked that that you guys haven't like watching you have me my watch the black oxfam i've watched i've won two blocks game start to finish and i've watched pieces of of probably three more it's tough i all but i'll be pollyanna i'll be fully honest watching watching hockey hockey in basketball don't start to christmas for me that's just how it i uh there's nothing you do it's for policies and it's hard for me to get into a once once christmas comes round then the winner sports get really papa and then it's the inadequate the under special cursed with data into it
exactly so who's the biggest surprise some foreign season because your question what are you how many games array and were in fifteen games i'm i'm right now are keen to fifty yeah he's got some people point sixteen some people played sixteen or ok ok it's our baggage vegas knowingly sohkon i mean i don't think this is naturally continue look i'd around their buzz round they got all these guys overhauls wanted i mean not really but their guys a trip on their shoulders ain't got rid of women there really good there much better than people thought i dont think this a lesser continue whether it be like competence at length but i made usually what went when old king came into the legal experts ginger was just point night you if you're a good team you just get feed him seven nothing now different this seems like really good their competitive when flurry come back of even tougher so it's definitely the golden light so so a question about vegas you had your ear to the to the ice you talk to some guy still in the league do you
if there is any merit in vegas having the best whom i said vantage because guys go on get drunk the night before it all depends on if you get there today early so if you have a back to back and you get there is the second game and you know it won't be home i say that for any time a team gets there said king place to thank our green light to vegas they get there to the night and they got always went they don't like the other day i am hammering the vaguest called lights on those nights wherever came at a day and vague as i did the golden light they ve been great for her mother get back up their love in vegas now get the eighty two game caesar like you get there has been a rip off but i am so mad they weren't the league when i put booze your game when you play both my gaze area which like a gamble on all united that unlike the first period over and then i throw a bunch of turnovers no go that's nice it's more of you have you actually taking a look at the
indeed the overlanders or anything like that like houses scoring on vegas scoring in the game in vague very specific question p and i'm just wanted for the gambling angle again appeal your fucking with me i know not where do you know what you know we like to gamble you know what i'm thinking thinking now there actually had but a lot of high school again but i wouldn't like a mean over under oh random wherever it five five and a half i bet it by six legged dared over the years been but a hot will hears it here's a staff for you the reason why asked is because goals this year up to six point one five per game which is like grant salami taken only lost likes point six goals higher than in years past do you think that is what penalties i think
the games change words it keeps changed by the weight of your hockey games james mc caully up that you just keep saying that he instinct now it some speed there isn't much event it seems like an powerpoint there's more power was in power by point that they get paid so i wouldn't say that anything change big time but it just seems like the games at a faster pace gaza that more turnovers more odd man russia's i've got to watch i think the great the shit you guys eleven december yeah big a big one i like to say as the is the european influence has opened up the game at european airports the big one you know i'm teams are plainly picks out wouldn't stick but graphite sticks thou difference skill guys serious quest isn't that can actually russian spy
an old man and i see that shooting hours you ups were he loves russia so much money makes it clear that he loves russia so much tat he and his by one of your talking about him decided between like helper american our russian i think we know the answer he wouldn't be aspire to come up with like the website that what what is it you think he has started like elbow vote yes i'd like a fly social campaign where he's basically saying to promote the glory of vladimir putin in america which i mean he makes a good point like i am come on board within of events can say it say it man i'm there's gotta be a reason that put that a ninety percent approval exact backs the lotteries course six dollars again he's a pass already pillar and write a speaking of of the international game the illiberal coming up and the now i'm still confused
we're not putting our nature guys put some of whom are playing for their teams now so its if you have if you if you haven't any choke on track so even if the age all but the other age or contract you can't buy the book where you can play its just they dont ensure your contract correct on and on and on other nobody comply ok day they came out there if you don't get it shall contract you can't play shop i may not be guided by h over there like each other on the earth but other than that at college gets frozen europe mean honestly for it sucks for its citizens but the fact that they're not in their drives me not because i mean like the normal fan i mean they're gonna watch rightly and ted talk event i'll watch out on all the guy primrose one of a clue when you get there
olympic hockey every four years was huge for the game with groove agape tita yoshi guys guys a pigeon but he had at one moment nor even appear to have an urgent it has not appeared hey i think i know it doesn't like me i wish i were stated fuck it up it's so good within each other even without real careful watch it right hey i'm standing right now is like receveur big hockey eyes i see the blues or at the top is rather j r r the legitimacy of the lose in crushing fashion in the playoffs as usual man that's they played your boy less that happened so fast that was presented as a swede now and even worse if if a series can't lasted for weak in the calendar weak than it doesn't count as a serious lowered
i'm not saying that the predators like the hot the bulgaria the predators came remembered clues will worsen seven the boost even seven yes zebra kit opposed to posts at our aims seven that one was actually yeah unhurt see i did black out here and i went out on monday night forgot that it was the prisoners hasn't happened so fast the black hawk scored likening recalls the entire see really here's a good question is nashville still hockey town oh yeah so still hot you know it's not what it was but let me give me those boys on broadway regret the hockey down people love it and there's no state tax will finally make it your bank are they still on the catfish i knew he would think they are how both they cancel the octopus detroit yvonne you stadium yeah yeah your ruling associate that's european influence yahoo have octopus is over there i give us your stanley cup dear stanley cup final give it give it to us kappa temperature loved paper
and i'm not going in a home so that would be a huge sought out such as you know a great mark couple marty didn't really father of fair play diana ya well hey listen last on taboos in the stanley cup we went down there can i went down there and we watched eight i was in my full blackhawks pads and uniform are we watched as the entire city temper died the ocean blue they that was that was maybe the best big big cat club of all time yeah they call the hot i decided right you got it on unwrap what time do courtrai yes right and what will put that would put that on the twitter tomorrow because that is that's why as you can like you could film forever and you'll never get something like that that is one of the best egg
could you out those over hockey where's haiti ever signed last question i asked when you get your thoughts on our jamie's pub burning down whew you see that real relating tragic you know what you guys you if you're you're someone who ever heard of such a this was a great five although i mean i didn't go there much i feel you must have crushed beers in there i nice you ain't gonna monkey there's gonna be a little more than a pretty big cat ya get ya know no on couple seconds for reduced manasseh back oh yes no please thank you let's go do it you gotta think that that gordon heyward coming after the third period if he's occupied the fact in use that the package you delete go with it
or even give it a go you tell your eye the sky skates up real tight use unita lock and still at this point you keep it in your state like a splendid anyway you know your bookmarks among a large knowing no it's funny about that it is right when the injury happened i had that tweet lined up or for about two fired off as a complement to weed out that heyward werner mrs shifted is arguably and hake was no talk to it and then be cat was like no everyone's gonna hate you do doubt that there are certain injuries when they're so gruesome that you have to give it like thirty minutes because people know leopard second i was on a cry people will it is like the cavern where you gotta give it only million you gotta give third thirty seconds or what would last question because we are bashing basketball now what would you do if a teammates bob tweeted you sub instagram do with them with a year old mean like leubronn just did to the entire cavalier team oh i thought that arnold mean was just a thought
rather the car reaches one who knows what is the broad saw you so evil that he'd we don't know what it was about arnold the artwork aren't we all right if you if you're side tweeting instagram in a teenager hockey theirs the adoption of its size and then get shot the arena back paper your stood around populars have instagram such abuse oh by the way you took a faded using a wheel how about how about but quick shouted to my guy chief who broke the news where were you on that he scooped you on the news that the blackhawks are gonna play the bruins edna rim stadium in two thousand i e that great great scope by bicycle chief but having their like this
if the hawks in and had an notre dame are like he's too is you didn't get that i thought retire about its true he but he did a great job within i love when i love you too great got those autumn outperform when he scooby when he someone's been i know what he scoops other people and people just you know it pisses everyone off all the kids when all we enable even going to get me started with what could have withstood the barcelona part a botched locked fuckin i was i was reinforced you're a big cats yeah you at your word when you were when you are back in the league and actually an athlete like i was reading a paper i was i was probably the first pro athlete to ever mention bars to anyone and little people come after you it pisses me off the answer it's a piece is your piece of hey i do have a serious question about hockey because i like to have a conversation every now and again during the initial season where i sound like a no i'm talking about can you tell me they would like to good rookies so i we these guys look good mc outlet ok dialogue
you are clearly also obvious but what you ve seen it can you say we what was his name hunting down was person clayton keller clayton keller on screen of arizona coyote gabriel really clinton cannot guy she's going to draw seizure of cross border and slowly back away the arctic is rookie actually he's a big fan of part of my two shadow chime actively women wear my feeling is that the name of the mighty ducks to know what's charlie conway charlie conway i know not how triple the earth come on we'll go away the basque brothers were like you and i you tell me people that also you guys yeah those are both former blocking university carriers that's where i won't let loose reminder of how fast as criminal david dirty thy tribe or a handkerchief hank wicked gently
how fast is he yeah i saw a video on that might play hockey viewership this year has been watching that one clip of him on twitter going like and blue line to sack taped to tape there yet it actually looks like a marshall aid tipsy prospects they get one more quick think i'm a huge army not only am i own occasional guess i'm an award winning listener and now is you're fuckin bullshit what he s pierre did you guys i thought you guys you gonna crushed somewhere else or damage but the ponders instead sir spain you fuck em off your angle we appreciate it doing you re whitney thank you so much repeated this law on little ass good good to catch up will talk to you probably whenever they thought whenever the cup finals we'll talk to them see engine ok look out that they have to be taken there he taken afforded that's going
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a twenty percent of all websites run on word press get started today with fifteen percent off any new plant purchase gonna word press dot com slash p empty to create your website and find the planned that's right for you the internet is the future i've heard that many times and word press dot com has a for you wordpress the council s p m t for fifteen percent off a brand new website word press dot com slash p empty here is mr port noise another something completely different i we now welcome on our lawyer it's been a little bit of time there's been a lot that has gone on since it is mr poor i i want to we're guys went from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the matter namely the reminder regimes that humbled we ok so i hate to bring up the past year but i always do you trust your judgment did you watch are one single television show i did and would you think i got to say one thing like my son called my attention
i should have been a little and felt the eta line up of gas goes never appeared but i would not want to look will know that's not exactly true i don't think we had any guess totally set we would have john yet oh going to be on thing to incriminate ourselves in their first episode do we say anything to incriminate yourselves in that large remember last ass if some close attention to ok like it and seek out that gives you likely like it yeah i guess that's fine looking inside there was room for improvement i thought i thought you were on the right track i wouldn't disappointed that i wasn't the first gas are technically there was no room for improvement because there was no other show purchase down we can't raise the power if the bars nectar gas if i had been would have been the first gas failed i wouldn't blame myself so blame you if you'd like if you'd like to take the blame for it
i live in a world where get blamed for a lot of things of you guys blame will thank you for being on retainer force appreciate i wanted first talk about a television show that you are in and out of office the timeline works out put kirby enthusiasm this new apis news new season larry david i think he stole your brain because and at some point he had something he had a moment where he couldn't find his penis while trying to go bathroom and that is a long time issue of yours i mean it was unbelievable i like i gonna wholly right away you boy had you seen it before i told you about that i see i had seen it s like the next day you you you tax it may bring it's my attention again from the minute i saw it goes like this is misreported oily key just store mr putin storyline thirty stole my voting yes that's incredible its i think we should can we see him for it we have to like match up the dates and see when they produced it but i will
i would imagine that you brought to our attention that you know you're having mister john mister johnson problems before they take this episode it was very strange you know what else i want to say about that particular thing which i never thought about before that he did do as someone who knew you guys i assume you have the same issue what hunting happiness public yeah sure what are you going to a public rats weapon nobody wants to touch that damn toilet see right and large times what i'll do it i'll grab paper towel or something but i never thought i do it the way he did you remember how he did it he's take that up with yes i thought there was a very
interesting thing you knew move in europe to be careful though i feel like you could hurt yourself do in their yeah yeah well at least so what one of my complaint and my my major complaint is gonna be ok when we get to their ok you know this controversy about what he did with the on tat night live i was watching when it was all i said to my wife you don't you when i get a lot of flak for this it's tough to work the words concentration camp into punchline will use that he doesn't like flow in order was due to make an analogy to sports it went when like a guy gets really hot from three and he does the he checked three pointer any shoots from you know like forty feet away and it is an outrageous shot with three people covering up tat was what if like when there are david tried to make a harvey wine steen holocaust joke it's like ok this your ear covered every which way you probably shouldn't throw this ball my piece of advice would be if you're gonna make a harvey once in joke or a holocaust joe
combined them into the same once that's like that synergy of of bad bad you today put together but i always wonder about him and i know he denies it what it all that's gonna be the way he has had to be very much what is what do you really like you saw how the things you can't do other things he does and say well this is not me in real life maybe not hundred percent but if the group recess same guy some contact about larry david he said that every day on seinfeld he would wake up hoping that the show got cancelled spent we are living larry david's dream career i am sure that the good analogy i could good point up so you want to join a move on to some of the little gluck questions because we have a few that are piled up i have a question for you have you follow this ran paul stuff you know
you got it just got his ass kicked because yeah cuz cuz he didn't even like yeah so my question is isn't there a law out there that's like i don't know like just like the being don't be a shithead neighbor law where if you don't rake your leaves for long enough your neighbor kick the shit out of you is that what the neighbors complaint one i think didn't i think grandpa didn't like manicure his long in it's been a long time coming so it wasn't just like one random day it was building and building a building i think with enough warnings if you're if your neighbor like refuses to to keep his house tidy in the neighborhood looking nice you should be able to crack a couple of his ribs you know something as a home oda who take care of my all and i make sure that the lamp outline is manicured and well taken care of and i have neighbors one in particular who who doesn't right
that's justified so you so yes of you fought them like there should be allowed there that at some point if you if you're lawn looks like shit you are libel liable libel reliable level lot liable to get the shit kicked out eu by someone in your neighbor just across the board you should be allowed to fight your neighbours or anything it shouldn't even like into the court system keeps neighbours internal law by say that but since property is key in this country are right then anything that cuts into my net worth give me a lotta leeway that i oughta be able to do things too so that it doesn't get hand right we was unless the last words harmed color so i mean like the united states senate ran proposed the united states a blue wacky is out there doing
guinyard work i don't get it also have you ever met ran policies of madame a couple times and he's a little when i ran paul adena he's a little guy he's like five foot for that's why would meet him the same like he's i'm saying if their neighbours that small and he standing it is you are you know you know to invade his yard like an army thing take overs proper knowledge you loves you love meeting shore people really norman right songs about true did i still don't know united states senator who ran for present is even outside even i walked around his long and even if the if your alex jones grandpas a lizard person so we probably was trying to find like a nice warm rock to lay on you don't you even know well stoned it yeah he do you believe the theory that all of our politicians are lizard people i've never know is what i've never listened to her more than i thought
as you know the illuminati is due north illuminati is i think i'd like your at it oh yeah this is exactly the answer i would expect somebody who is in the elimination j c yes oh basically any time something happens that you can't explain you just find a triangle and a picture of it and you say that triangle is a symbol of the illuminati there more powerful people than us and they did this yet like this inner circle of really rich wealthy famous people who control the world and they loved triangles right truth and yeah i know how to say there is a large truth that wireless gives us some complaints what do you got i have a complete for you but i wanna hear yours first this is probably the most important complaint i've ever had a while my complaint is i'm getting old stuff i went to a doctor not that long ago some of its various complaints call end quote and you know it he said to me
you fallen upon after examining me that's that's not the diagnosis one here let's andalusian real high and doc yemeni yossi doctor you and here www molly have depending on the guy last year the roses the guy thought was a very well respected guy top guys come loud with its expert analysis is that i was following up junk is like that words even saw actresses you're shits fucked up here so so what's what's what's the biggest problem problem getting all because i also feel like i'm getting old even though on a lot younger than neo yet so you gotta going you my age i hope not be around well i hope you will we certainly welcome but i i my biggest got mighty the biggest complaint is that everything earth what like what's your knees my knees my shawl was my my neck everything can i give you just a quick piece of medical advice or have you
i personally semantically right memorial why were they stop now have you tried using crystals healing crystals you may go see better document my wife thought hearing the case i have to say that i got on the internet which as they think that all of this is what you are talking about the use when i'm gonna be driving for any length of time then i think i know they're crystals inside here but there are these things prisons help i dont want their help a little but it's really a scam with it is a huge legates they got you put a seat down on your like a snake i think ahead warmer for your kind if you're driving people put coffee in the dry baby ice no no this is a theme that you would you like a pillow tight see ok so he does it have liquid in it no not inside the kazi there must be the little dying size
haiti elements ok we got to get a drink that that would mean i have to to see why let you couldn't opening drinking i bet you'd he'll everything glad i'm going to meditate on another far from your doktor there just like hey your body shitty filing a possible ices advice you did he just basically saying you need to rest more just like stop doing things they give you they give you a prescription some some physical therapy which does help oh yeah racket rubber bands and all that shit the guy i maybe i'll try that thing the bread five as follows cop networks capital in flight necklaces rose tombstones in no time how do you oh that works pretty mean we saw the commercial because i also invite for either basis with it who do you think you think he was lying to us i don't never lie to me before
point the financial incentive would breath five have to get on television and to endorse a product i don't know i don't know either i imagine that maybe i'm just a little bit philip i assume you can pay for that commercially fever believable and thought about that part but have you seen those commercial where people go them all and they put those magnetic bracelets ottoman then their impossible to knock over what are we not go try your balance is so good when you where the magna bracelets that you physically can't be knocked over having seen those i didn't think i haven't thought about well i could be typically knocked over we gotta get you in presence here get me up with me on this the arctic ice or here's my is given other complaints are now no doubt my complete i bet you're going to ask me but the legal consequences of that yes we were the sba oh you saw so i have two cases and i think that i can bring bring forward
here too here too for the first time it's not illegal to yet is i know it is the first is the libel case i think i do have a legal case against sam ponder for saying that i wrote the blog that she tweeted why have ability to sue for libel for damage something bad at work a limited time you i got something better than okay this is real i'm gonna pay is real i'm sure you won't do it but it's real therein doctrine in the law taunt law is when you have someone who is not a crime it's a civil wrong ok that's taught what we call the lara toward there is a will there is a doctrine called interference with contractual relations interference with contractual opportunity now this is here i told us the my son and he mocked me naturally but if you they radically an exact
what happened with rose i know i don't even know if it ever get to the six states was there any kind of a contract in writing owes a movement anyway there was a contract yes so where they had the contract the norton by the way it could be oral but but i imagine please keep a clean writing if someone in simplifying it for you guys yeah he's the one knowing that you are about to enter your that some kind of a business relationship with a third party or you have a contract with a third party if someone attempts to have that contract stop
the employment is a very delicate issue of this case of a battle for she told it would come here and i undertake to wave i understand you have a contract with these people you shouldn't go through with it europe ever contract i understand you're about to into a business opportunity with air space you should do it so doesn't know how much is a tort worth how much my u do stand to make here while you can buy a toy good bakery firebomb right all when i talked about that ok you would have to show on any this is serious ongoing alot of people in work and given the rat and if you could show in any can we talk about these things before the two parts of any other to what they have to be a violation of the doctrine which was what was saying and i had to be damages are i would be a damages i would say that you could probably put together with some sort of an argument that you had some kind of significant damage
i thought this was gonna make you to internet superstar my mom was proud of me again and then now she won't stop touch him your nose about how i got fired oh here's a damage after we got fired i got so high that i got trapped in a call of duty commercial and thought my tv was broken and it's like pretty preach put shook me up pretty bad for about not quite what i'm couple minutes ok that's my net psychological damage i thought i thought of commercial was never gonna end tat help me that's all damage damage but i was sick and more in terms of what we call money ok yeah i speak our language should now stuck you guys back stuck with the rest of their past all right above and beyond it always we're going financially so zoo might ended up with that a park enemy of the law you might have a real life i want to touch why i want such a would be cat said because you might he was right
it sounds like an awful lot of paperwork to do all these torts yes or to prosecute took a multiple choice order and we can t out i'm so you alluded to oral earlier can we do oral instead of men sent a written stuff like our own toward to finance deficit a head start yet we just say hey we want our money because fourth and last all are you guys wrote a short letter saying with thinking of sowing you for interference with contractual relations i would guess that build up fairly substantial check in the mail within a week nine new i'm declaring up the pay me a third or that we would about adieu can you tell people to do you wanna you wanna go to her husband yes i would like to do a christian ponder i actually think i could take him you do you use a terrible iraqis of bees beta about
author i love your billy football are eighteen year old back then no offense but senior either one of you europe ability your about athletic ability which a dual certainly required what's to combine combine what and where we might get we might get the copper fit the platform has then how do you like our chance in the door of a grown up with compression sleeve of just magnetic bracelets yeah impossible lock up like where those clowns had just bounced back up oh you know what i'll do you water refrigerator with loathing here so we do we figure out where the partners live we move in next door and then we fight on because they don't keep good care of their lawn and them would not they can't toward us back you know what you're doing how you doing exactly what bury david does the thing at the yeah full circle it your way yet make everything be connected yeah i really do we're gonna r r e we're gonna send it
one billion are either tort sorts retort retorted we're gonna get retorted autumn right you didn't answer my question what is it what happens with one of those things on water refrigerator i'm sorry the competent oh i think you could talk to god i mean was it bear it had magnet right you see ukip whacked against such iceland's rejoinder like as a practical the boy you some order by some crystals by the y know we are is that would you would you accept i don't know i can't i'm still looking for more underwear ok i'll send you some more underwear and some crystals load the yellow send you like a dream catcher that just crystals are hangs above your head why you sleep you he'll be i i don't know about any of the stoppage talk a last thing before he let you go we always have to ask what's what's the deal with the mouth
hey did you still get burned everyone's last time something i just got something at thirty percent up i mean you know i am satisfied all you said to me this is not at you ok man how the fuck does your male female i say i've never seen me like that i don't know that's i mean it's just i'm fine a strange free here's question has anybody from the local post office ray doubts you since appearing on the show to just say hey i'm sorry that's disgusting it is being nice thought a mere vocabulary win and i say just the other day within the last twenty four hours something about how much money the u s post office is losing i mean it's an astronaut
go figure so if they may be fishermen i still can't believe me i'm what unites i just do a commercial fire if they stop burden the male ok i i think i met the governor not that long ago i and i should have been you shouldn't have also governor very tall you didn't answer to him why didn't you measure to that's it that's a cobra enthusiasm i just you know and the funny thing is there anything what are you guys who was with them at the time but the governor new basket what causes kids watching what not but one of them is guys around him he knew i was my take yeah probably hearing this right now so hey buddy dazzled us does listen to what he guy and fix your men fix has apparently mail i think at that point i had already mentioned it ok
it's got your look you yeah you you're listenin right now fix misreported report right don't we solve the problems are taking this word are appreciated as always are you the best and we will send you some crystals i sit i take a break yeah but i appreciate it but i really don't know what the hell it is christmas will heal you yes only need door i used to know just close your eyes and let the crystal too there were ok takes that entered it was brought to you by the spoke post bespoke post is a subscription club that offers monthly theme boxes carried from unique an upcoming brands around the world they get it
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indicting darting usually on mixed then i remember the moonlight is brood from more taste with only ninety six galleries and then i'm like dirty on authorities that turn into noughties there's only one beer for the job miller light the original light bear fruit for more taste while still being less filling diet darting barbecuing there's no way i'm cutting out one whose activities that's why i reached for the miller light the original great tasting light beer that doesn't compromise on taste it let's get you some segments first up we have an actual real thoughts and prayers so we usually joke about thoughts and prayers but we do at least mention roy holiday passing away on tuesday very very soon but i guess he had a plane crash she was a avid flyer and pilot so roy holiday aviation enthusiasts one of the best pitchers that i've ever watched my lifetime one of those guys that like you
even you know even when you start your team he wasn't my team you wanted to see him he should take horse or was he was an absolute hoss laws he will go through leaded eat and he would throw gas there was the best thing that you can say about a pitcher is that he made the film and blue jays entertaining yes and that is extremely hard just two thousand five like i like ten or eleven that's how good he was yeah he was like such a guaranteed lock like every single time use on the mount he threw the no hitter in the playoffs which like still i can't believe that happen amanda no hidden in the fucking playoffs also if you if you read like twitter after the news happened it seem like he is one of those guys like everyone universally lufton it's hard if i lose his fight hard to find those poland sports now but he was one of those guys yeah everyone was just there were hoping it with somebody else fur in others couple hours at sad the way it happened
i don't i would also say that sucks yeah feel relax you really bad and it's what does situations where you see fillies vans that are like the loss in an you totally get it like i that god meant something to you he was that kind of a place where you connected with them he you know obviously occupied some very prominent times in your life that you feel attached to still and so like i feel bad for those people to be elected it sucks for roy sucks worse family soya fibres thousand of seriousness but seriously to two thoughts and prayers are let's do and embrace debate this is a throwback embrace debate that has now become relevant again it is as the two thousand twelve draft would you take our g3 or andrew lock i love it i love it i was so excited when his look news came out because the high as the main sports for about two years after that draft was i could to take better penguin take and then it was like a no brainer for awhile and now it is back in full force i would take our g3
because along with energy three not injured right now he's not hurt he is he has a clean bill of health and he's got a gun recent his secret weapon and they have been go and hot and heavy on the energy recently i would still tighter mermaid really here that's my mermaid awesome hasn't maria i would still take andrew locked put its now an actual debate again because andrew look like who knows what's gonna happen to him i don't do that the gym or say thing were jim are seriously says a mental problems so what happened was that the fake commercial break caught tony dungeon on the dan panel show so they like pop in turn the commercials here that is i gotta dvr basri again fast forward through and so they caught tony dodgy saying i don't know what's going on there jim irsay made a comment to me about six weeks ago that it's inside zone head interesting so i'm going to trust it was not going to trust jim irsay on all matters related to mental health that will connect a couple dots here boys the
a team that's in first in the south self boy portals wikipedia peter the team that is at last and has a quarterback with mental issues ha fill in his head with that nonsense all those words and start yes or it sounds to me like the more facts at you learn tat the more confused you get yes if you know very few facts you gonna get him right play portals is as having a great ear and how many books ass he read zero absolutely zero kids at their stay off the book yes they off the books get out of school you one day could be a quarter master the library yeah i when we decide to do a brace debate for this i look back two thousand for a draft that top five now is whereas andrew aka robert griffin i think oh three was trend send for was naturally also that's actually good pick and in five was just and blackmail
that is a bad way just blackened was one of those guys we're like every year i believe this is ear he puts all to get alleys so good and colleague oh yeah spins own shadow the grounds for passing on both orgy three and andrew luck those packed in that in that draft unlike the fourth round her cousins look like he might be the winner of all these all those her cousins is actually the quarterback draft russ wilson andrew luck it was restless yeah he was turned round andrew luck russ wilson brok ass weiler archie three case keen em and costs while that is powerhouse of quarterbacks right there
i would love to see the browns reassign orgy three and resign interlock and have them both to jelly my way out accurate right played out need both the thou be heaven for skip elsie who see kings quicks kings takings skip bayliss blaming fumble on carson once when it was actually nick false who was in the game and fumbled in like garbage time because i guess but he fumbled the outcome cars while he's not that good he fumbled jesus we have lost out before you guys on checks hurt or injured aaron rodgers
was on the sidelines for one in football and he looks like he's ok he's doing sophists pumps whose catches paul's is like remember winner when elsie was on a silent when the trench goat yeah when you're the sprain eggless bounce around yes i honestly do believe that aaron rodgers still groggy from surgery would be a better option quarterback and brought him the he was so bad the quarter the packers monetary football performance just proofs and i've set for a long time i know there's people who disagree but errors best quarterback manifold because he like dat team socks without him he makes everything good again and you put bread huntley in there and they look like a shell of themselves and i mean you didn't say aaron rodgers also doesn't do actress one so that's the thing is it people were asking like how's the healing going is a bone reconnecting is building and he
that he hasn't been get too many x rays because x rays slow down the healing process such if which i can confirm i have had several x rays and i haven't felt right and about fifteen years in short no short things we the probably had something to do right i don't need your girl alone and without shortly i walked shorter than average our about exactly average which the male like five nine that's why here if attentiveness five nine what are you five nine five not actually boy over five now five it has kept to some guys on checks hey guys and pierre the sun i a couple is i'm a man not here as we said that i've been with it both guys this year and i realize it sometimes their penises or darker lighter than their normal skin tone why is that
first of all you should be sleep had been raffles burger weird riddick very logical allegedly should look like you for japan and without an early now i get some guys just like to go full nude and the tanning bed some guys don't now there's definitely i mean i there was a guy who are once called with who as you know we ve talked about this before the guy who's got he's a groat raise a shower not a grower happens do on a penis tricks he also had very dark meat so i am people like the dark they could be like in a mood ring yeah maybe if you like you happy and erect it's one color and if you like hungary is that we have outlined for us out listen work word twere exports chechnya is known guys on please come on i read the real answer i have never seen a guess data roy hibbert perfect here's a chick related question them so the empty boys especially hank
i'm wondering why my little low why would i lie about it i can't like i came in reading let alone like improvise adam reading i'm wondering why my vagina swell shut up monday while slash after have sex with my boyfriend o the darker tormenting use more lou but that in work why does this happen and how do i fix it first of all it stop using peanut butter is lube two thousand year allergic this is yanks i dont maybe may get quick through it that a real thing sweden a real thing do reverse cables hey explain its big cat queefs yeah queen that's no ordered you back no i know what it is we win your ovaries have gas oh they produce gas and they sit down the tubes shooting out yoga ok so it sounds like it does not sound like you there is a problem there maybe just like quivered but when you're stomach kurtz
you gonna get all force far out in their early to adjust all time in aragon offers many stomachers no getting to that cannot lay down banzai dog my money by as early just take a bath asked cure most things just in nice warm bath yeah you can get your own waste and you'll be fine surfboard sub p two boys especially phd so how do i get my boyfriend stop saying go ahead and let my co rapporteur it's really annoying me you can't ass over his willingness things like the answer thought where he did that the noise for the belly button yeah is it just to fund to stop doing right it's also you off the part of being in a relationship is living with the other person's inadequacies and we know better
it did to saying go ahead is probably in that category i shouldn't i'd say like ninety nine percent of being relationship with a guy is dealing with his weird stuff just trying to like keep your level of annoyance as low as partner if you can convince yourself that all the stupid stuff that your boyfriend does actually cute then you're gonna be happiest woman on earth also you can t him doing it in the play backfire any time you hear your voice you like fuck sounds stupid i was thinking maybe you could just do it back to him but like louder and with her of a microchip were voiced anyhow i just like down that's never fond of being a room to people that god can forget and yet we are we know we ve been in unpack ass we had a right as it helps talk about us doing them out i had no what are you doing this is as has really known to be a room to do we do now yoga head gad gad get yemen rapport gad gotta guys and actually got get get ha ha ha ha you see i walked you sick fuck hey i'll use are you
really i love you found someone says could today we hear that movie i have no idea where it's from he walks in another older tying i gone was at the sight the guy goes notes aggrieved rumbles ha ha source man when he read that script he's like chechnya ceremony she loved i this is my big break up pm boys i've been hooking up with his guy for about a month and when i asked him how he last along he said he does p ups when i some new explain he said i won understand because i'm a girl he just jerking off before we have sex or what does he mean p ups and these do and can i think it's cables yesterday's caroline yes oh what a cable is as i understand it is you you just apply a taser
to the area directly beneath your balls when you about to come oh eight no you forgot the other part of it is then you go on read it and tell all of your friends that you are doing chemicals and you haven't common like sixty days in others it there's a whole like world on red it that people do that with our not common yes they literally d i think there is like a how do i not come let it thing in it just like hey grew i've been calling for sixty days brown has just waiting we adjust its support group for guys that here too fat yeah like uses which is repeated like nine goes to county i almost relapsed in and jerked off the other day like all men stay strong bro stoka so mouse gopher nice gopher nice run into a keg oh hi my name is p of tea and i'm addicted and under a thousand
awful place only to go take it out i think it's for i think it's reduce it like just don't have sex with and they can just tell people like olives idle sex because on practising too is stay have sex long stay on into chaos oh yes he's thing for sure does care so the tantric sex s weird i will tell him from six out yeah i dont have too long to work ass a year are you get hungry some point six hours you like in a business meeting sorrowful illusory and i'm just dump still common i'm come at last one sub boys hey my boyfriend wants a fish out my eye you d on his words should i let it is our job as they have done he led the thing is that we also hummers in iraq yeah so she's she's terrorist ok she's wearing a suicide vest inside of her uterus what the hell is an eye you d idea is ideas when i was in it you know i u thing are you d is similar it's it's
a little piece of metal that goes inside your uterus so it is like a bomb that's what i'm saying it's like a suicide vest for babies and why do you have it in there you have it in their didn't really it is the funny thing about i'm on waste and wants the fish it yeah here's the thing i don't think it might be my penis isn't like huge this when i don't think it is possible to knotting invasion fingers to think any single fingers and i don't think he's thinking peanuts and think though i think you fish with fingers for europe which fingers i don't think you can earn their murderous and your dear you're getting your finger all the way up there in finding the i think what he sang ass he wants perform surgery on you because that's the only way again that's what the fuck is an idea so she what are you d so you take so it's a piece of metal that goes inside uterus or why prevents you from getting pregnant but nobody female condom once you say that but nobody really knows how it works is a thing we should just said a female condom
and there we could have just pretend that none of this happened you noted is it's like a tuning fork that just plays like a pitch that babies are really uncomfortable with you so that you can get pregnant in zagreb sperm goes in there and there like fog this disease socks yeah man onawandah onawandah listen nickel back again exactly ok that's fucked up question out even so yes or no your daddy i do actually urges you ok you just goes for the results and maybe even user real fischbach why not tell our show goddamn it i'm sorry everyone we will see all pretty graph we see on friday loving guys doing away
lot to see daddy defining common values
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