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Ryan Whitney + Fire Nick Saban?

2019-01-08 | 🔗

National Championship recap and Alabama got absolutely smoked. What happened in the game and how Dabo is the opposite of Nick Saban even though Nick Saban is the best coach of all time (2:20 -19:09). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including talk about Barstool Gold (Don't freak out) and the Vikings GM being an absolute lunatic (19:09 - 35:43). Ryan Whitney joins the show to catch up on the 2018-19 NHL season, World Juniors what do they mean? And bashing basketball (35:43 - 61:42). Segments include Coaching Carousel with Bruce Arians, Kliff Kingsbury, and Matt LeFleur, PR 101 for Derrick Rose, Bachelor Talk, Parental Advisory for Alabama's loss, and guys on Chicks. 

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on today's part of my take we have our good good friend ryan whitney we catch up on hockey because guess what footballs overt stoop know it already dishonor really got me saying when did i we did our monday we got hockey time we got hockey talkie also does little talking basketball which is always fun they show we have national championship talk hot see courts role
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it's my check pleasant border mightier buys today is wednesday january nine should they fired exceeded just gonna say this let me ask you a question because a quiet asked request is alabama the worst fourteen in one team of all time either probably as a team out there in like number i told you though trivia eighty ninety seven last time team what fatal universally pennsylvania but yeah you know what bonds now by recent nice night eighteen ninety seven book no team there might be up there but i think they got dethroned by albert yes so the national championship it was a stunning game which no
on the show predicted it exactly how we take are hanging congratulates you wanting reveal who you had four which side i had clemson obviously forward whose forty four sorting sixteen those yeah you're clayton was sixteen no clemson forty four six in clumps of my dearest you know your protection was forty one forty one fourteen yes clemson we're going to reveal it get lamson was forty four yes ok solely one forty one so it was studying for i think a lot of people because i would i keep saying it's going to be close game yeah obviously i bet on clemson i thought clemson would win but i didn't think it was going to be what we saw because that was a thorough thorough ass kicking and not only was an ass kicking
exceeding gonna coached lunatic sabin looked like he was gonna explode on the sidelines up he was he was out coach by far he was just like he was getting smaller and smaller he does a thing where when he's really mad you can tell because he just turned red and crosses arms of ages squeezes own body and music rush every anaconda squeezing the life out himself cause you know he's not gonna get that not after the game that needs he needs one of those thunder blankets that you give dogs anxiety he does to wrap up yap up and have to scale jim tighter yet here he was very upset but i mean a lot of that was dont doing yes that that feel go there in the second half with the world's worst kicker it's tough to expect a team to buy that you're to buy try like a try like affordable if your kicker can make an extra point and then he uses kick
as the lead blocker yes which actually kind of cool absolutely insane play it also it like in a weird way caught kirby smart off the hook because it was like oh that was where kirby learned that shitty play for member he did the fake pont at a terrible time yes z championship so at that play was insane but i actually would go back a little bit earlier in the game the end of the first half when nick sabin to a has about fifty seconds forty five seconds three time out which in college football if you have three time out it is
basically an hour and a half ex quarter yet because you can kiss a clock sobs a very first out you have a prolific office and i think they may be ran to places and you know what this packet in we'll take all three time out and go into the locker room and ass i was going on right now they sultans some is wrong with alabama coaching staffer their game plan whatever it may be into a unbelievable season heisman runner up but he was not good and he in like when you start getting sacks from face on and you search wrong interceptions that's like what where was up all going alabama i'm not going to say and i'm not going to react and say you know it's all over for all of them and i can say any of that stuff they're going to be there next year going to be unbelievable next year they're going to probably be the preseason number one all that jazz but clemson has the exact same record is alabama in the last four years in the exact same amount of national championship so the standard is now clemson and alabama
i would say the clemson stand right now in one way or the other clemson is is really really good offensively they ve got lords coming back growth in five more you're well he writes in other areas of eligibility ready for this he's nineteen nineteen diamond bombay nineteen i like that bob there's gonna be my hearty sweaty thrown out yeah it even to cable said that he's gonna workforce he's got play for jack cornerback guesses every single position is open for competition extra including your star quarterback whose better than god who just round the football just one the first thought fresh based wartime fifty burger onyx able or fresh from quarterback winning a national championship for the first time in like thirty years is it always time twitter alabama to go out maybe look at getting a shot mcveigh type guy as an exit goats interested he's old guys just don't do it nick savings not creative offensively in the first quarter to a got sack com to helmet and by that i mean
a helmet his dick yes and we ve seen that that's his achilles heel the pass my gaming its alice you yet miss couple place up a little rusty russet go back and is the key the blueprints out there for how to be this way is hit him in his dick in the first quarter and then i'll just be thinking that is balls to address the issue was not right and the whole that meet the weird thing was album remove the ball and then they just got out alabama by that i mean when you play alabama you basically move the ball between you know that monies and then you get the red area and they just lock down in that's exactly what clemson did too they got bullied yeah they got bullied my favorite part about the morning after the morning after takes it you ve garlic retroactively some people are saying actually alabama a play just as well as clemson that game they just in score touched i did have as many are almost marianna forty yards less yes i am i gonna like those takes just because both the point the game is to score touchdown but that it yet but a drop in stops inside the twenty five yard or with what is jocose too
i cannot say over twenty two yard line and the real red zone if you're off and stop it's kind of big deal you when you say yeah but if you do it by just purely yardage outright still loss but been but don't break yeah and you know what i know a thing i was disappointed watch now came his became a blow out and we were fourth quarter i think a lot of people turned it off by wishing jason written for doing in all european doesn't the seventeen different yathrib channels he sat down and got fooled by the ha fair catch rule in college right wing really first play he goes why do just the catch that is like jason widen the listen i'll listen man i screwed me up for a couple weeks but that i caught on me to and also if i was going to go beyond national broadcast for college football game i probably trying to figure out what the rules are i'd watch at least
college football one cow although again like a counterpoint to that is i really enjoy when people are like watching the series finale of breaking bad and they haven't seen the entire series up to them when they just weed out o this guy looks like he's a bad got ya like that's kind of fun that's what jason use learning along with all those little wife do the fair categorized clock stopping so the one thing that was disappointing besides again coming not a hand and not being able to have like four quarters of exotic as it felt like the first quarter really gone mad buckle out there's gonna be awesome and then just fell barbarian you bury clubs in the first quarter i did i mean to albert was roman law banana me i've got very nurse at a very very big bet on clemson and i got very nervous that's where i do that's where if i could live bet i would be in a lot of trouble and will i bet alabama therefore a lot of money but the fact that we didn't get to see georgia play alabama because they want to get too
how many people are asking like georgia actually georgia should play clemson there should be applied i don't want you can't go out there should be a plus one at the end of every single national championship with a winner the title winner it's too play georgia for the real not yet will say what you want about georgia but they have exciting games against album yeah day clemson ruined they were that through the only team that was up to scores against alabama in the first quarter of this year yeah trousseau do you want to do the take that we discuss you embrace debate on the galaxy to throw out they're calling commentator cow tidy up oh my god i wish i listen to find one today yeah i don't have it fill us with an atlas in macao clubs they play nobody nobody now still surprise
so common cultural dick for doing that tweeted this out sucks it's kind of a take wake put somewhat agree with everything picket totally agree one hundred percent said coaching under save in tammy as dead cat thanks wait moment sounds for tommy coaching under saving similar scientology privacy is demanded verbal abuse is understood and when you leave it's more like escaping save intelligent he simply where's coaches out why the turnover so great and its caught up to him this ban on staff got worked where's john walls father ok so the end obviously was added there now that's it that's real quota the city the isle of car because he's gotta do some stupid name for saving tall young he also has promised her ideal sabin i'm sure in his in his in his show today he probably
alike in saving to like you know a guy who divorces wife and gets a really awesome sports car than runs into euros every just describing cower dna colors his hair he always as he's really specific analyses that are like just four guys forty five years old and old owner yes likes to make analogies tat compare everything directly towards like marketing a small or medium business chess yeah really big on that sums bedtime i dont think that is totally wrong on us not rawlinson at all but what is also describing is just like top level college football well it has no every single major state university has like a top ten or fifteen team there is an element of being in a cold i would actually say it's more like being a jehovah's witnesses here's then being than being a psychologist because you don't get titles known
but of a title showbiz birthdays here's a word here's where his take got halfway there but not all the way there because i know what you're saying and i agree with and if you go to thy give urban meyer jim harbour they polly run a programme same way what i think is point was in the point that i truly believe is your seeing what dabble is doing to dabble does it completely different so if you read anything about how clemson is run like clemson often of core data has been there forever brent vegetables has been there since two thousand twelve i learnt that he looks just like a little many dabble yea is preventable she could have had coaching in the last few years he is quoted you like i know what i want and it's right here and dabble has made like a culture where guys want to stay whereas i think exhibited six new coaches and like you think musty sarkisian currently given that you just u rotate coaches and you know urban smart and all these guys and of going to other jobs in alabama becomes almost like it's almost like lost
what's a year one law school you have to go there you have to study really really hard you have to burn yourself out and then you could maybe climbed the latter whereas aiming finishing algebra clubs probably just going to a state school having a great time yet that's exactly right at alabama think the problem is its alec nick savings running a cold or anything down there just he's kind of an actual rate and guess what tat should surprise i think everybody knows it we take a job for next saving you're not taking the job to get hugs and to get like pats on the back and to get blanket you're taking he's probably fucked up somewhere and then you wanted to get a better job later and nick saban probably brings a person is like listen i figured out how to optimize my hiring process because i know if i hire somebody that i actually like and that i want to keep them around i'll end up just pissing him off too much and no right so i'm going to hire a bunch of guys that have no choice but to accept me they fucked up their talent is in the past
they can deal with me as an asshole for a year if i get them another job and guess what it works nick saban is one hundred and fifty five national championships at alabama he's got six total so like is not an indictment on nick saban to say he might be an asshole and he might have he might be part of the reason why the turnover is so high at alabama coaching staff of compared to a clemson i think the interesting part is not being like saving oh dear what ever call coward said the interesting part of the clubs in alabama thing is that dachau seems to be doing in a completely different way and it also works which is the cool part of sports like oh you can you can get there one way or the other there's there's not one blueprint we always cycle the blueprint there's on a blueprint for winning an actual championship dabble is doing stuff a little bit differently and guess what i seem to be happy there they want to stay there like being there and they don't have six new coaches every year i think it also helps that he's got will must shape in state with him do you get to generate yourself like you're gonna look really
anytime you get in the same room as will must have yet like within the same like state boundaries that guy's waste more and dabble i told you last time we're watching the game his sweatshirt cool there vertical here but he does look like in he looks like the guy the senior in the frat weena sweatshirt our hey come play with come come rush with us and will have a great time he actually is the he's the coolest nerd yeah he's continuity yeah he's a very very straight lace and he's also the guy that page jesus guy would take july is disabled jesus guy maybe saving needs to know seven's devil yeah you need to look into doing some sort of like fake religion at an early stage that is safe and taught yes if well i've changed my mind is actually not jehovah's witnesses is a mormon because he since everybody out their knocking on doors and do their greek or put actually segment algae works even more because think about it like the big scientology thing is when you know tom cruise has skeletons in a closet are these guys they they get trapped in a scientology they can never get out and nixon
just doing that like sixty sarkisian all these guidelines given he's basically saying i i'll never bring up all the bad things that you ve done but you have to give me on dying loyalty yeah you eat it immediately your self you can tell me everything bad that you ve done it might all your secrets of intelligent like tat i do our listened fruit for everything weird thing that dabble does he seems to be good spirit about so he'll be like i don't like it when there's transfer colleges and simultaneously getting like a five thousand dollar check for winning the national title four basis
with pity ac such as it was like a cool smile on his face i like i kind of like damage going he seems like a nice guy right and he is doing it differently there's not there's the hardest way to do it in davos got a little bit of a different demeanor and it works so great khakis too great cavaliers wonderful would like to ask him slowly reset soak credits clemson good job clemson hunter run fro wool gophers third national chairmanship next year now there is the early we had our exciting to see bia travellers by one last thing about this game i actually there's a little bit of a hot take i think he's gonna be special but i wasn't walk away from that game being my while that he carved them apart in through a bunch of jump walls that the alabama defense was terrible and the clemson wide receivers made awesome plates cats why you weren't whereby he's a little lanky
he's a little easier little unwieldy still to what his hair yet well that's not now a new i was gonna know i know i was really with an air than i was going to rid the gatt yeah he's got just long straight here correct institutionally who straight yet you straight off directly down to the greek wrecked thank you i said that last night and people are going to take a shower pitiless no gee overlords his heresies here i sit on the line should be free set down because everything i will time i got nothing though you are actually looking at me but i was wearing sunglasses he trevor lauren his hair is just a little too streets to straight and the way that it flops around especially given that he hasn't filled out yet he's like a six month old dog yeah in any needs so put on waiting despiser big his paws or big he's got skinny shoulders he gets skinny hepsey up skinny needs is activity bridgewater to porno oh but yeah he just kind of flops around and the hare flop and round him everything i need a credit to him through because he started the games like when i basically set out
and was gonna kill him had he sought to four seven as this is my favorite thing is doing the when a freshman starts again bad like moment too big and but he bounce back yeah he looks a little robotic at times but then the aftermath yourself he still might still my team so much is also got a little but that lebron james thing going form where he's gonna start getting taller and putting on like ten pounds over time somebody mentions name whose hotels in alex six four six eight six eight skip he's like six four but they eventually nairobi six it he'll be six eight by the time next season in only two hundred sixty panel have long grammatically incorrect tattoos on the inside of spice that's brok yeah the brok jim i article thrown hank
my hot seat i had him barbaric has trouble travel warrant i'm so sorry really hot nineteen year old financed but my other hot seat is pieties comparability come sunday who got little fun staff for you and those on monday butter workers have to go to church their recent alabama he's gonna fifty actually is gonna be recruited as the bag of quarterback clumsily party double way too short and actually met that short perfectly advertise alabama in the patronising kyler murray cipher propagandizing heifer get out but guess what fellows rebranding five nine universe now it's heisman height units will cholera fund and i'm five nine ok alabama patriots have never one championship in the same year which is crazy you think they ve been both dominating the last
that's the ten vehicle owners stupid staten island larry come into the world of alabama had one hour ago should meet the patriots probably gonna win the championship twins they might lose next week but i'll be lauded salaries are good it's like saying the washing capitals and the bull moose party have never one and the same year while the capitals one basically every year now it is a little crazy they die every year it's a little lose out without any team while no no racy sat because you could be make the argument that like the devil only can pick one team every guess what on sunday we're gonna be doing in electric chair i think for the second half of that game i'm calling you the razor chair yeah it's not already if not already over cuz you have to shave that beard and you're going to look weird never going to be like am i think your wooden unwieldy producer you hank without a beard i think you'll still look handsome is ever thank you the cat not
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from wearing alabama sweatshirt correct earlier and then clemson football found it so we get you clemson sweatshirt buddy and then later zack actually sweatshirt invitation cancelled you're not allowed to where companies which are also raised to the point where now jane youtube teams don't want em around yeah so add oh eight of you i'll blake hit me up dear me a theory that possibly drake is he the best gambler in the world because he basically where's the clothing of the team and then bets against them and it always works in his way so you like where's kentucky close ere he says alabama family hangs out car macgregor and any bets against them in the big game and caches tickets it was almost four is almost ratings fading upsides jinx in the team publicly and privately profiting i like that a verbal meme drake thing no get away from me to a picture of drake wearing the the alabama sweatshirt drake saying oh yes
to him cashing in alabama clemson ticket am i screwed up unless we start that over alas lost no don't cut this don't cut the cutting it no do not get this girl had verbal name my other had all you are tried again no verbal mean drake dancing hotline blank let's go yet convertible man they regard my other hot seat is down trump because pablo s bars brother roberto escobar launched fun we campaign to impeach donald trump so the escobar damn are going after the trumps and i hoping to raise at least fifty million dollars for his company escobar incorporated dal yeah so if you're looking for some ways been your money i'm sure escobar incorporate is on the up and up they definitely going to come up with a bit
yes yes i now by yet it just called in april obviously will go get it on the escobar bitcoins i liked at all barks back in beer we love it the course throne is your whole michael throne is going to focus more focus because philip rivers and tom brady or the oldest quarterbacks ever face each other in the playoffs why about visa slang word yeah for old building old old people you wouldn't know it more you know you while that's crazy so it is pretty grow out of the old worthy ages forty one and i think rivers is that's a good question will get our status strasbourg on so and also there was a nine year old cyclist who won a competitive race bicycling this was avenue this focus bogies out with rather foggy square and i he filled a pity test and that's pretty cool for nine years older still do drugs set as pretty i love it other cool throne is sears that's right
sears hang you know it's a lawyer fogey yeah now if ok for loving sears but they are back in business services back they were fine for bankruptcy and they actually found somebody who agreed to purchase them and keep them open any lampert he runs hedge fund and asked after series of last minute negotiations without agreement sears face the pain leave liquidation but then they gave a four point four billion dollar bid that will keep four hundred twenty five zero stores open so thankfully sir it is going to be open and i'm sure that doesn't just a band aid i'm sure they're back ya time series you're on notice amazon yeah it's here comes here comes big bad sears yeah they get a website up and running you're fucked you happily fuck yeah blocked my hot seat is alabama not because of the football team
not because of all of us the albanian campaign i'd fans no it's because there was a chicken tender accident on alabama highway and i guess a bunch of people went to pick it up pick up the chicken tenderly gloomily just dump to content and they had to have a public serves announcement that if that if you pick it up that'll be arrested for stopping traffic but its hazard dear health to eat the chick tenders that were on the ground for over twenty four hours that's bullshit he's our children scare you don't listen to me it's not it's never against the law to eat food that you found out so i think that is europe actually as a taxpayer in alabama that's your the highway think about that now crimson i'd lose but those free chicken tenders on highway thirty five outside cherokee county not free yeah you can have
i have to ask you do we know what restaurant was from do not okay i don't have that listed but yeah clearly matters if it was raising cane's i would set up my own roadblock we'd fly down there right now i guess yeah alright my cool throne is the minnesota vikings guess what minnesota vikings your season ended poorly but you have a great i in charge and gm rick spearmen so did you see his story no case spearmen i just know anybody that pays cousins eighty four million dollars has a shit together you well notably that guess what he is completely sane totally fine don't even more about your figures all thing out a little story about rick spearmen in his game they routine spy common follows the same routine before every vikings home game in this week against the cardinals is no different this general matters survives thirteen nfl seasons by tempering his anxiety and finding order in the chaos he wakes up a five m he takes his dogs for a walk following the same route he eats the same breakfast sandwich fried egg bacon
peanut butter are weak round he shaves the left side of his face then the right way we wait you said peanut butter and egg sandwich no pete pry beg bacon peanut butter on a way round yes shaves the left side of his face then the right he puts his shoes and socks on before his pants leaves passing the same time we can arrive the stadium at eight falls the same route stops the same gas station use the same pomp makes sure always to end his purchase on his hero ok so we got ocd wow that's ok puts his shoes and socks on before his pants this is so greece because each
he uses the same gas station in the same exact pomp and make sure it ends in zero and that's not the that's the third craziest thing than story that's also so hard to do to stop the pompous zero normally if you do the little squeeze you can do it it's an art guys actually someone tells me this guy doesn't do those squeeze the war you know what's gonna timed out he's got the clock is have you brought also another thing that does on the same schedule stops working for the year and goes home at the very end if somebody s yet he the purport of zero thing i like it doesn't sound like he makes the exact same amount every time so he probably mrs and then go the next one also zero five dollars exact mrs maes i gotta go to six euros or just good zeros just there you have you ever talked with somebody there has that is oecd and is fixated on certain numbers you have you seen i m using hormones are clearly yes exactly the pile noted its an awesome conversation costs would be like your favorite number maybe like yes seven black why seven
and the only answer they'll have his servants a good number or jumper good and then they'll eventually talk you into believing into into their favorite number requirement good good job in her shoes socks and choose before his pants boycott patsy where an empty air patsy how do you do it echoes how'd you get those aren't you gotta wear kinko's crazy boot cuts actually that it's so frustrating have you ever tried to put on pass over socks yes yeah yeah i suck up every now and again and i forget to put my pants on not until after i've got my shoes on the up and when you do it's the worst feeling worse feeling on earth i think it actually should be ousting about this yesterday because you know like when you wake up and you have taken dog out bs prom pants it should be if you have a dog and its before nine a m you should be able to walk on the street in just bought yeah boxers and slippers yes and people can't say anything it is it is what it is the doggerel i think on walking i think i just invented something you go on slovakia
swept past slush pajama pants that have shoes soon into like really while angled shoes so they're not like real shoes such a storm snug ease yeah but like it's got a soul on the bottom of things things have sole no snug is that's the blanket even though we arms to blanket with arms gonna have a inventory problem too many sizes about why how hedges we also know i've been watching all shark to multiple sizes ages thought he was demon jane it just like small medium husky big cat genome research obese board if you're obese and also small put you i put you before husky analysing hop now you for me after asking what if you're like what if you're like i used to be husky like five to three hundred pounds but you need
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i welcome on one of our very very very good friends it is ride whitney former any shall did make it all started all but i would have one year but i got her right before they pick a team of what i would say that i was shit you know what thought that former any tell all star boom writing whitney he is here he's gonna catch up with a catch up now with some hockey we're gonna talk some other stuff we have to catch up with hockey first though because we're at the point of the season where we have seven football games left and pfc and i have this like we scramble to realize that football is about to end is like woolfalk we got to figure out something to get us you know to fill up i'm so sell us on hockey in two thousand nineteen woman as
on a parity re around the entirely it's almost like any keep exactly when the cop minus a few scrub you know at the bottom the divisions and conferences but for the most part is many things that are up and up and coming looking good i mean the avalanche or do they look good slowly but they got this incredible line you know it's just tamper basement dumbing so a round the legal mean there's tundra parity because so many different keen have had good run and been able to put themselves in a position where everyone like i could be a buyer the deadline as opposed to among thing and i will we got no chance i like the way where would you put two blocks are they wanted it seems ass has no what you said that there are very scrubbs out there you go on tell me if the black box or a scrubber not i could be a buyer that deadline as opposed to among them can i will we got no chat i like the way where would you put two blocks are they wanted it seems ass has no isn't that what you said that there are various grubs out there you go on and tell me if the black box or scrubber not pfc
what remains is the guest i don't know i mean pfc that washington you you get more hi right now yet little no i was even talk about the capitals i'm i'm worried about the black box and if you ask ask a real question about the black boxes corey crawford going to retire god you better hope but i mean diving you wondered you wonder what's goin on their whole got but that team it's what happens when you know you went all those titles you have those incredible yours you gotta pay all these guys and then they get a little bit all good i use a hack step and that's all she wrote besides only patrick kane jesus christ guy maybe one of the best players of all time he's just a continues to do what he saw on the watch with a keen they dont have the dep they can't remember back
the day of all and down on the third line had all the guys that could score third or fine and now they really don't it's a bitter unfortunate instinctive after having so much success with this outer cap because almost can continue lighter than doing a patron it's one weird things where it's like you look at the summit the guy's got an older and understood getting pay a lot and yet ass shelf well that kind of socks but they also want three cups so you know it's doing what is rated you wouldn't round costume business i have a quick word about calgary will you mentioned calgary is that is borne as cause it looks i love to look at pictures of the saddle done it really cool to look at from the outside but it took click shit hole and everyone in desperate for i know you make your method could spread to go their moment of yours you figure northern you're from cows are you gonna get sick and tired you i was a lot of so called it the olympic they're all they want to come incited to complete top but at the end
it's a good atmosphere it gets loud but for like a coward day you know cross or three nights in the very very low bottom percentage of that entire list for people like to look at stadiums like myself go just google sat alone cavalry and then also google the time that there is a flawed which was crazy just some cool picture to look at our rail link flood inside what went all the way almost up to it like i was very glad of the river near cat whatever private mississippi valley out his missouri sky river something like that i don't really know which should be respected if turned up toward got rate that you the same every river in north america is the mississippi river is frozen what i'm going to show i'm going to show pf what's your favorite what's your favorite part to play in all montreal pft you should see this place just to fans right on top of you i don't know if they have building codes
differently in north america but the sheik just go straight up at the loudest hell the flag the french are completely knocked him in there just diana get a cigarette at the break when they die for a man the night before for the most part is great dinner lot of entertainment montreal in autumn santiago by far away with my favorite place where i love the aided up even to putin right as far as entertained because could you tell the difference between like tat at some point when he spent enough time and monitor all that's very cool subtlety i just show conjecture of the flood at some point after you spend enough time playing in montreal could you'd like to talk back to this the fans in french no i do not know any french i know cyril french i just remember i only here you can see i don't know meanwhile insularity their calibre you are lazy condemnatory that's the call yes tabernacle so that they can us where worthwhile jeffrey you guys repeat those ok surveillance have that
i don't know any other friends don't you know what like those people do not reach a talkers david bowe cigarette smoking your face they do their home team they booty await aim but it still great avis replant ok ah a world juniors why why should we care they over there are you i say locked nickel metal than when i became a lower and lower rates breakin nearly four had its breaking finland doesn't exist remember yeah that appears you in your country and we bid canada finland be canada we didn't have the planet along sternum ok canada lot we waited for that we made a further canada didn't metal for the first time in thirteen years of hosting the parliament so i suck on that one cannot wait so so do we care about world juniors did you ever plan world juniors and is disc is kinda hockey on a doubt like is are they over the hill is its dynasty
i'm not knock knock and say that i didn't plan one word juniors i operate in two of em back republic the republic the first year and in the second year was action halifax which was incredible that city one time halifax how they get the liquor domes like eight bars in one and now it's it's phenomenal but i remain listen you guys got a friend talkie fancy hawkins what the play off starts you may not love it but for dialogue and this term is the best aging you're in the world and a bunch a name that will go on star in the energy charter so basically you know if you like a kid you had fallen graphics and may occasionally start be if the only appreciate that surplus the games online learners off that play on what would have been more here's the tab i don't get the imperative for the world joys don't have em during ball season i have another week between the champion of game and the superbowl yeah
even by february decidedly in february yeah i like that too when you do the press is all how right is it something to brag about that you played twice isn't that like a do the plays on j g to using right now because i hear you just you just compare junior bar city which is what you get grown up and yeah threats hockey tournament in the world or legs juniors no i don't i'll pick a world hockey championship you can ever planet to offer good if you make it five times that need you made it when you're fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen said there's no creevy involved in the world age under twenty jobs you play taught you bet you liked danielle malta of our junior hock you just change your birth certificate i would love to go back and be like daniel marc envy the thirty five year old planning at night you play no boy get what could you buy on the world juniors can you put could you know all ah now these kids are it is now the any charges star now in uniting you took your little while i couldn't even now get known that ice right now are there any sites in the tournament
no no fighting and i m not international hockey kicked out of the game and kicked out the next one to why why is it a rule that every international hockey game they have to have some type of suv in the corner of the rain that only in the games over europe and i've never understood that you'll go figure the oil came of gaza years when the islanders play in brooklyn yellow arena is bigger subaru fact taken what you get you could waited at the shoot out after the first period it takes up like probably twenty rosa seeds back it's so we were to look at me mention the lightning earlier that there are you said there a wagon other dumbing people one of those weird thing lags their wagon what could go wrong for the lightning because they're so far in the lead with a thirty two and eight hundred
gutter drain sorry but they just want on next fifteen all in one run or stay i think they're fifteen one hundred and one in the last seventeen games they just they just have all the pieces you know when you see if you don't you see that the saints this year in the nfl guys going to bring it to nfl do you know you see the warriors and the goddamn mba they have all the peace is not part of the lightning to walk a go wrong predominance of injuries but other than that i mean it's gonna be really hard for anyone to beat them they got a great golly couple really get the frenchman and then from superstar forward they kind of got it or do they have though now we're coming from me does this not employ here yeah that's a big thing leave i feel like the lightning lawson in the cup to the blackhawks they they lost the cap's last year right it with with home ice like what they voice yet it eddie
therefore games there there therefore gave seven day they later conquer and games seven did pardon my take you in the temple bay lightner is their clutching problem man half call me i think they can get it done at the gate the players to get it done but guys like you could question their clutching until they were right in the capitals of the catch jean last year no but now yeah they do so i can't i'm not gonna say no i guess you could say no until they win but i think their team that could easily when so therefore i'm gonna give them the clutch changes cricket success they found the regular she watched him great monsieur to cook under seven i may listen they came close is anyone else did so i think that they got it this year too maybe get fired but you still have to be washington
for example or toronto terranova wagon and there are no bigger art and i do love owner hate them so it can be taught me tat can be easy but right now that a favorite gee i got money autumn ok see so that over the humpty they gonna get over the hump do you think there's a hunting any chance a canadian team can win a stand the cup the sheer rank them yes when a big number one drawn number two calgary number three all of them if they won the cop i wouldn't be shocked but it also not like that likely another kind of weird to say when a break a really
turkey a really big it could all turning in their offices gerda me they were they would surprise they want but calgary what justice unless they make some deal there not really a deep and draws got great off into they need help on on not defend still so those are the three came they could get it done other than that you look at it not at the other ones how does it work if if one canadian team makes to the stanley cup finals as do the entire nation of candidate today line up behind that one team are they so like a normal i hate to maple leafs another cheerfulness if it was that we would be you know like people would be brooding so hard for whatever keen their plan against you know like just a daring cannot people don't like the leaves i think would be the case with most the themes for their people gonna be people hate him but if you look at the winner take jets i would say canada's gonna rally behind same gallagher for almost all the different animal they're just hated or loved it like the riddle me this room why is why they called the leaves and not the leaves
the gray clash i mean you're a grandma guy does anybody ever set hand was not about that that's all i don't think so back in the day they just they didn't even you leaves maybe the vienna iii and the efta broadway later when the team was formed in the early nineteen hundred there was still at that canada didn't use the v until recently yeah we're exactness ah here's the years is an important question gimme a trend to start betting on hockey ok ok we'll amr i'm gonna have to try to look at fools who on the second game of a back to back on the road rights for the minnesota wild last lay played in montreal all honest at last they were recording this on tuesday the minnesota wild played monday night and martial law they won then they got stuck at the airport with a big delay line and abortion and they got up with a ruined and blasted right therefore
i'm gonna hit rural employment right now you're gonna be already do that you're gonna be pretty decent favorite thing in a pretty decent favorites but when a team to travel and play a backed backed really hard at second reading what about i saw a little trend you know i'm a big trend guy like you these little corky trends what about the dad trip explained dad for banana jail and then i saw a trend that maybe dad trips the team always wins because a plan for their debts yeah it's real
one of the other i mean when those doubts have started well then one year they brought the monster but all the guys like a hot how is a little different that trip i remember the one the one year like you know we're out of it bravely we were to them we were near syrian somewhere else that ships with dad came home like three in the morning to what is a time when the idea explain what it insults all case i was dead will fly into the home city you don't use it a watch a game at home if not you hit the road you dad giving the get the thicket the initial experience they get the right to the airport to get the right directly onto the tarmac then they take your car when you're awaiting my clean it they might wash it they park at you walk
the jet no big deal you just get on your name and deal with our security you do but you know really have during its basic security then you go on the plane the dad you to see to suit the shoe she excuse me they get to see all the smacks laid out they get to see the big first class ii we get to see the menu with a logo between you play for maybe your names even on the sea just basically that first class experience with a dad who made all the sacrifices really get there and got up hung over those more and drove you the rank its exam till you get the private jet life then you get into the city and the dad gets his own room while back in my day at the beginning that the actual shared room of the players but then moving forward you know they go to the gate the gold pregnant gate get pictures of the team within your son and the rest the team on the ice then they go to the game that night and then the dad was dealt with the players play they can't really go out the das go rip it it's like a full blown fender states source class experience it's all its gas dream fatal message if data like struggling to workers
i don't give a fuck i won't be that debts strip behind so the one that my first one my dad when all with all the guys woman one of the fathers he was ship faced coming any buried himself tripped over his own feet for the hotel had to get stitches in his chin then my dad got to the room and he didn't want to like wake me up and you thought i'd like wake up so he woke me up anyways being loud in the bathroom i recently told the subject that we are ready to read in the bathroom doesn't keep me up why get woken up at four thirty five o clock to a complete smashing loud noise in the bathroom when he fell asleep on the toilet read his book his leg fell asleep we went to get up they were sleeping just what towering and just stop but our over the water with a broken by the fact that over gay with somebody
that europe is that you're a real i think when the damage your band every year to kind of world it that's why all the dad shipped way people fire from baggage united in the top right has asked that that's the most hockey thing that i've ever heard my life's is like this reply so they tried to do for the mild they do it out at a later date they put all the dead in a box would like the kids jerseys on which i think is gonna stupid but don't do that once in awhile and adjust basically get get him on tv actually my body tat was just on it that germany scott cabin hey what the game winner in the shoot out what right up to his dad was hilarious so that's a trend is it like when the dad's trip happens the guys are all playing a little actual peppino step you know the seasons along season might be mid january mid february midsummer wherever it may be dad's come out like all right i got to show up for my dad and the teams do well i'll tell you right now it's it's it's not even about
replay couldn't find my dad it's like if i play bad i'm gonna get tortured by my dad like i did when i left my daddy i will make that pushing me around the always of water brown arena boss universities campuses burying means logo hockey the physical gave when you hit me in the morning you gonna get people so abundant wellgood in vienna jelly still giving the same should i get on the bus it next we could talk ok i'm on it so what happened on the maastricht why did you guys just like is act like you stayed in play cards the whole time around or was it like a man come on we like lost ain't nothin and then my mom daimyo argotic viewplate greater because minded five
every single team does it outstrip yeah now everyone does i think pits what was i think ratio is gm pits ricky broadcloth nashville and now everything goes it but at the beginning i think i was what kind of the first few teams that end up get new experience that it actually is it so it's so special need to get to do that with your dad or your mom it's like dream come true for everyone involved that's why he's the best support that and a handshake lines means more lovely answer in hedge addled through injury are being modest modesty involved in hockey i welcome guy shit talk in the handshake line because like of course i should talk the biggest went to war what's it doing this performer viejo isn't there gained the guy's plane you make sure to play it like earlier onto the kids can stay up and watch or something like that because i shall some game around i'm making sure that that kids can can watch africa what it is one of these
noise he does have these workers they don't play during christmas break they give everyone christmas day don't we get free christmas thought no tree it's a thought yeah there's a there's a gladiator there's a trade shutdown window he can't get deltas you're like cotton into a turkey are not christmas i liked the item to ask questions first one is did you do the whole seguin stuff in dallas the owner ripping him what do you make of that so tell us what happened and tell us what we like what were the team got word team go from there actually the the king in dallas the last ten years has had a great debate the playoffs only twice and the owner and endeavour to pronounce the insect goggly already you're like marty animal gigi ellie i only i like that i crushed it i'm not i'm not a name guy while he always made it clear that he's pissed off and sick and tired of the effort and the teams
drug dealing and always kind of middling or what's the word mightily around five hundred without mental sentinel middling middling no second tired of that and what they did was where he kind of made is the oldest guide jim lights he wanted him to really call out there to high speed best players jamie benda captain power sagan decided huge potential these guys are not the issue and ours now granted they haven't swayed maybe its part by employers and leave but they haven't been bad either but he just went off i mean you but you wouldn't believe to call them or shit he ripped on mean it was just just swear crossword cursing one cursing one after another just carbon these two guys and i just thought was bullshit because you never sent to their face hate they just woke up one morning saw these
the prison at ease on the other side is a goal they had to do something further team sought disguised not friends them using give a fuck you worked for the honor which i understand just the way he went about i mean he could have said things in public that would have gone up and get the message across but he decided and then instead just completely carved these guys pyre livelihood and how they play the game and any other professional career despite our oceans i think since then the team is wait a little bit better ben then got injured the resale right now but after that i mean you know those guys are so well like that they got section a female like do we don't think you're you're not europe brutal leader we love planning to things like that but it was unprecedented in terms of heaven an owner to see the owners right hand man and the mouthpiece just come out and and players in the indian public you never see it happen so it got hockey into the limelight a little bit more which i guess it was in the best way but it was it was interesting to certainly
that's great you say that that business is more of a mouthpiece for the owners on your podcast business he speak for himself and i say it like he s and beliefs and he doesn't really wavered anyone else lucky wants to get to know what the owner is good books and i have no clue that it could be doing that account i emphasize the sound was i move product ray i gotta get israel is rihanna cash you should download it's great it's our two friends are three friends rye whitney rear admiral anna biz nasty and i are so my last question is what worries not as it is you see the carrying the fact tat was gas let me just take up so seeking question promo code take put in provo could take a ten dollars i've got a hockey game it saw is the league of the future because there in the immediate future there's no more football yang canada sustenance yes u s time yes so this is gonna be here guys it's a future so put a promo code take yet ten dollars off the broad james why
soon to a game at the staple centre he is injured and he walks in with glass one everyone the world saw you know what it is but i need either a louis saw in the first thing i said was sheesh and the second thing i said was i need under what ryan whitney has to think about this i got tat
when the ground eat albeit it i'd hundreds of people tat the mere i just shook my head out discussed at this fuckin asshole is injured playing the game and still has to be the show it's the ego that's what i've always talk about the embryo ego and therefore i think that there are bigger than the team there bigger than the league celebrant doesn't only just come out and say the go eat the best of all time he didn't carries wine into the fucking game too then people talk about him over the broad carrying the game forget talking about the bakers and the guys are actually putting their blood sweat and tears into trying to windward ends up with the guy injured whose carrying a fuckin red wine apply wasn't even came a jewish by cheap red why not ass or carrying out in looking like a clown and by the way no hockey player would ever do that you're they might carried in in one of those things called those are yeti coors where you dont know maybe you don't you think it's you think it's a shaken its wine but if not can openly show you with red wine no hockey please don't go around a day the greatest of all time either you know they're going to do things she might be made to the best she made of all time because they don't need everything to be about them you don't need all they don't need all the attention they keep a team sport poppy basketball is in fact about you guys in the nba talents to kill themselves are you can add nothing in a job where you're either can edit your photos and comes out in order to prevent thank you for watching
our aim is to make a yellow java and in order to secure yourself there wouldn't jump out in some beating him up now know their native advance we love you yeah fan thanks thanks for helping my salary by making a green pulling out of lent drill yourself there's no hockey player that would ever go by the nickname like the greatest or the great one our mr by noting that no he would have you would have a nickname be given to what happens with the nba fieschi as they give themselves nickname like the loser in school and he shall place wait for nickname to be given them and then they role with the result that person out it has always either like if it's you witty wits to wit see that's bad air over username ear unfit on a hurts i like this lies anaheim called me unfitness almost with i'm out just quit no i was just quit up whether it are whether i like
this is a new segment hey fed from africa i'll give you hey fan we love you were you know what a fan where were we bring our dad's arise and where you came from you enjoy the games well hey let me let me ask you some nba fan why don't you go sign my shoes and they get my car around back but at each up it he said thanks for coming out we love that appreciate i asked you guys do verbal sake line is old and i love it when i use the winkie i used a wink at fan club where maybe go maybe maybe maybe he's a girl in the clout to say how are you gonna get you know give the ivory and the players and handlers up to meet the entire different way of life at the disgusting thing that i see right regularly coping i've been in the nba this year is pie reordering when he was leaning on his feet like that that was those cool without the only good thing in the abbey answered what about what about this winter how bout all
in a juggler skipping the also again this year in which the fans really enjoy watching but nba players if they get like they always go and any eggshell players care about their team in trying to understand the gaping the author again by skipping eurostar again they're going to save themselves across country quite an outstanding basque and will be ready to play in the plan before the wasting energy going back and forth across country and be eight players just want to try to get some killed in a city where there you know they're gonna get recognized rostov before one and tat you drenching i swear i ran whitney spitten checklists thank you so much your time we all joy talking you and i hope we download the appear p i thought i'd be happy i heard that little years comment i fuckin earth data between i know you heard it is still think all forget that you fuckin wreck the unfitness isolated were bible
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today that's a big discount thirty percent off today that's parcel and is a promo code if you got a kite charger dot com that's k i t c h a are g are dot com promo code barston fan kate products are not associated with nor sponsored by jewel labs incorporated ok let's get to some segments first up we have coaching carousel so it is that time a year and it fell coaching vacancies have to filled we have a couple that have been filled we have bruce areas which we reported first resilience and todd bulls sounds like where we eyeballs gone too to tap yet your crying in the corner by cutting park at the time but can we reported
on sunday night i don't know about and evaluate eyes eight forty six that todd bulls and areas within the band back together from from arizona they're going down to tat but they have a bay sober syrian step bay we have cliff kings bury to arizona which i don't does this usc thing the cliff kings radio was so weird yeah like so we were at which tenure do did you enjoy the most cliff kings where u s your many ideas at temple cliff kings were yathrib i felt the nice thing as like he probably went out to california probably and a couple address long out out went to the beach he basically took went some do dogs how's your month long vacation getting stoned going jogging shortly
number of boardwalk and then just took another job further east i'm a little sad about the kliff kingsbury thing because this means that josh rosen stat lines probably to get better cuz now he's got the offensive guru so i just quickly wrote down my top three josh rosen stat lines of the year you ready for him he was nine for two thousand four hundred and thirty six yards and three touchdowns and two interceptions okay her throne for honour the researchers and three touchdown that's that's a very active status what makes no sense we're too was thirteen for twenty two one hundred thirty two yards zero touched on two interceptions thou good and the number one easy choice twelve for twenty three eighty seven yards that's really excited wait twelve for one twenty three eighty seven zero tonnes euro intercept somebody looked at how many games josh rosen complete exactly twelve pass is probably a number of right around there so that once done so as urban and nicknamed at that somebody else comes up with that you just kick yourself for not thinking of
yeah i'll give you one yeah unfitness unfitness on fitness i'll give you a new one management is it managed germany vanish managed better from tat new york some new york paper he calls him kiss sex bury spread good kiss sex bury kiss expert arab that knows even arise pretty good you're kidding yourself right now no i don't i'm i'm kicking myself sex whereas such good nickname goddammit what is assessed very i think and lies i think it is wise to fuck lifting your what is this what has a weird one ok it's ok yeah but there's no chance in hell i would take a job on kings very staff is well if you're off in order as well here's what you can cause a just fired a guy after one year they can't do that again they can take to adjust the card and the cap
it's the cardiff harder must let him stay two years and i do think you'll do ok we're talking about this yesterday the garlic hiring an office of guy at least you buy yourself a little time because the defense can suck as long as the offense good you can buy quell our defense sucks it's offensive leaf what are you going to do like people just want points but here's the thing if you are an offensive coordinator and you want to work for cliff you got to know that it that if the offense works cliff a hundred and twenty percent more i said coach yeah he's he's gonna get all the credit for it so you won't be like help my whole hazel run won't even higher often supportive herbie shall mcveigh you think so yeah we also that for for two to the green bay packers which we were left about as well because he was built in a little lab for hot who coaches so the hot next sound effect he had a hot new coach lab goes as follows got be forty years younger it's gotta be some point someone is called mchugh be guru or whisper see
that's some relation to calculating aunt shaw mcveigh or any red yeah if why more importantly you you have to have coach on the two thousand twelve washing aurettes great but not been not been like the head costa i when i looked at that staff because you have obviously shall mcveigh was tied in skokie up le flew hall was the quarterbacks coach and then shit and was off its corner that i was here they had robber griffin yes interested weird shit the whole time and so nobody not to stop it and then check this out off its language chris forster ok he's cocaine guy an ice yeah so nice i hope he gets a job well so finishing finishing the the bingo for new like let it like you built in a lab these coaches they also have to have some bonus point if they played either de three football or
like low level a division one or extra bonus for are really league stent yeah cause cuz matt floor played for the omaha beef yes that's nice end then bonus bonus point if your names matt because now the embassy north has three mats as her head coach oh shit and so forth are now what we're seeing as we were seeing former quarterbacks were nay mad yeah we're we're evolving out of the golden age of matt quarterbacks yonder becoming often gurus so the next one is gonna be fuck i wrote them i getting bizarre is was zack taylor does out dollars gabby the next head coach for someone because he is thirty five years old he coached under shun mcveigh he as a quarter quarterbacks coach and a cuban whispers someone's someone circle him he's gonna be the guess what you can say that we ve we ve
and underneath sonic phase to lodge at one point true for five minutes an event sinners standard centres dan tearing out we're we're sonic fade disciples or south i like how they describe matlin floor up and not in green bay as being the guy that's going to he's going to challenge aaron rodgers actual so he's got aaron rodgers gets bored with with dumb ass zennor need you need to give the congo it we're say is like a dog raising a border kali that you you can't leave him at home by himself so get separation anxiety is mind will drive himself you're just not sure yeah just bleed everywhere connections fighting nails off all the times network heeds riddles yet just give him a riddle of the day book and he'll be fine yeah so teach him a couple new tricks and aaron rodgers will be just fine yet also great that they heard the guy who had the dynamic tennessee titans orphans but i had bought derek henry fifty times game yeah support give me a job here
job you know who didn't get a job and who i'm starting to think might have the stink autumn josh pretence so he now we're because he wouldn't interviewed and then there was a report these like i've decided i'm not gonna be doing this i think he s out a couple years for what he did to the court's don't you think word gets around no i think he i think it's honestly david joshua jails paul put that ahead of calm cabinet him in man genie to the man genius mcdaniel might be both back blackpool interesting so that's belgian cares all fill in the rest as they come in next up we have a pure when one for dirk rose so dark rose having a very good year having a resurgence ear top deborah was i heard from minnesota dirk rose said i have a lot of confidence myself tips was just the coach that believed in me i mean he jumped started my career again for i'll always be thankful but everyone that thinks it gotta stop kill yourself who is just not that's who said this is not so
they double dies at it i've lot conference myself saw again like i said before kill yourself you don't think i can do like us for yahoo you kill yourself he then after i don't an hour and a half in areas like woe dare grows do you mean to say that he treated that by using the slaying term kill yourself everyone knows the sanctum kill yourself a kid you say that everyone will how i must by using the slang term kill yourself today in response to a question about whether i continued reform without coaching tips not mean it literally and regret using it so i apologise derek rose if if people killed themselves they won't be able to watch their kids graduate chairmanship uses at the outset dounia yeah so maybe maybe you think before letting your tongue slip next while it declares why he literally didn't mean to literally kill yourself so we got that
you think there's anyone out there was like while share too late i read that and as they drive to the to the nearest bray i am already my garage here goddamn oh wait a minute literally guy turn off the car is forget it won't wild growth has never been good with the media is going back all the way like he just doesn't he says things sometimes it's like the graduation thing at armor when you get a new contract that was right after you got the new countries like oh yeah i want to like do what's best for my health like what come on twenty two dozen sometimes the questions and what he responds they just don't always compute this is a wild
to tell somebody to kill themselves over to like it if some of you what you think i can't play good basketball without tom timid olga killers that we're very system all jump to make a very small group of people that have a strong enough take here to be like i don't think he's gonna do anything now now tom tiptoes gone were curious he's gonna quit tricked trigger fur kill yourself very loosely since waters is slipping usa today are described it as an unfortunate slip of the tongue who amongst us when he has i accidently sometimes just open your mouth and that's what comes out when you say it twice you don't get the slip of the tongue tat right when you double down the slip of the tongue doesn't work anymore ok let's a shop we have perhaps or talk and guys on checks bachelor talk the bachelor is back coltan who you guys
i'm sure remember no way yes is he the virgin he is the version that my eye and i fell my guy people are calling the jackie robinson of the bachelor because he is the first virgin bachelor ever that's that's or toss nothin like that yeah can number forty votes at that same thing ass in some experience in also as the first night they had washed parties all over all over the world for those three our absurd naturally it was introduced three hour we hours one hour longer i do three hours is so long jesus christ i watch like every college welcome those four and a half hours go ahead you met all the girls those allotted there's a lot of jokes about there's ana virginity jokes made at his expand classic that's going to be a common theme throughout the entire syria's weight so now is the bachelor he is the badly yes i like it see i told you what you have laughed at me last year when i said i like this guy he's got a thing he's got a thing i had wounded
i mean like we're we said that he was going to win the bachelor yeah but guess what you got entire season devoted just to him he's this is gonna this is such a fucking ratings grab there when he fox will first time tat is also less page without the footsteps of the normal for subsidy met a bunch girls they're they're fighting over who gets tartan most probably ah ah but then at the end and what an they did what's a guy's name chris had of course harrison that his name naughty whoever ants and whoever the hostess they did like a five minute like video letters hansen one thing only really was five years old and it seem like he was dying in their elect showing like in cameroon because they showed like a whole highlight reeled every episodes pretty good though that in the end they did a teacher of like what's to come in the season and there is a power coltan was breaking down crying in brain away because he has issued a way via the first and only because he losses virginia i wish she wasn't as magical ass he thought you there are no vandals she lay down roses form shit so that no other way
that's basically the main gonna be the main storyline is who is gonna take calls for joint open skies first i don't know it on as we have been we forgot we forgot to do parental advisory simply that real quick before we get to guys on checks are sure slower alabama hot takes yeah this dad taxes fani said time for alabama coach his son said no lmao he's the best coach in cultural history that's like saying times upper bilbil bill belichick and the dad replied i know time off bill as well to go out together i lame and other like yet you think they have a suicide pack that robust and start losing at the same time that's good i like that this dad said did i say that if we point against these guys were putting its own home we lose i should have called examined sure my wisdom you drunk on a monday night question mark called the coach up and told them without a game play against clumps this this sun when coty party doubled don't
why you i thought we do not add cody party kicking forbade me tonight and the data supplied i'm in bed stop taxing me good point that occurred point that there's nothing like the debt that that's a very dad move to do with my dad will do that were if i call him he'd like on the bed i just fell asleep what's up that's why the phone back what were you doing it's after a pause to sound i i've been sleeping for less two hours what's up this dad said sabin way out coached sad to watch the sunset not sure where the differences they don't look like alabama out there the dad replied awful worse game ever by saving saving horrible tonight they need nuke whale coach coach is now worth in money like a thread barack obama let's go get somebody else would you guys i had one that was sent me that's discuss it my dad things clear mac would average three hundred yards per game if
the starting running back but nagy only cares about the passing game yeah he says this every game yeah yeah away is probably like it three major that's does the most had taken it absolutely doesn't check hey boys last time my fiance and i had sex after finishing and we started chatting and somehow ended up on the top of the big cat just curious how often do you think big cat comes up in the bedroom by the way what what is a pog appoggiatura milk cap so back in the night on p w g called that today i think it's some do with thick huger eyes i mean i've thought view and bubble would now some call me a park p w g o p w g the pump still take out your white girl with a p yeah i'm pog what's up guys asp em
i am appalled that actually doesn't sound like a bad thing in this case you looked my ass you objectified be someone said recounts apart and i got really nervously called men wanna go public an enemy freak that time i was bad it came to tee boys especially you sad cat my boyfriend was watching there's eagles game and after watching the miss kick he destroyed the tv that i just bought for the apartment invented the shabby words the sign of a bad temper or should i brush off as a passionate sportsmen no sound squeeze help he sounds very cool i have it take i think everyone gets one tv in their life to break yeah yeah no i mean i'm connoisseur is that if you get if you show that much i shouldn't about a team then you probably ever every person out here and you're right you're an interesting purse yeah right and you just have one tv use it wisely you'll want tv to breaking your ivan broke and yet i broke my daddy yeah seahawks pittsburgh superbowl kazoo
the biggest pet of ever made my life and the rest screw the raft screw reps apps you remember that there are other worldly so bad we broke our tv me my roommate i broke a toilet is that the same thing yeah yeah broken if you'd see just walk away no not i'm not talking cloud i'm talking i know i know i address you yes i have had toilets it like what we did you shatter it or did you sit and then it broke i say and then like an eagle i said i leaned back and it hit the wall and broke and there was like by the way people don't realize there's a lot of water in the toilet a lot of water water water dating for a few months told me he still hung up on his axe they dated on and off for about six years and none of his family and friends like her he then for
to shower me with compliments and ass if he still date me does what he really asking you see me on wednesday to talk things out more i dont get how you could like one person but still we hung up on toxic relationship what should i do yeah you're you're an option for the sierra so did just now you can still have fun knows no that the second dead he has the chance to go the other girl say no to wednesday say no to wednesday yeah we'll make make it on your transport make him make you gonna change change the dynamic a power here you need to make sure that here you're deciding for years not have his which do you say no sorry i can't hang out on wednesday if all you do is talk about the sky but i having hang on wednesday if you only talk about this chick twice yet settled no no don't say no sir i can hang out wednesday i'm too busy fuck my ex boyfriend who's got a huge dick see how it feels for him who are at last
one my boyfriend recently got a cat even though he knows i hate the cat has w w eve the top rope dive bombed off our headboard it onto my face for am leaving you the scar it starts howling for breakfast at five twice i've gone to work for realizing i'm wearing something the cat peed on heel off my hatred which makes me despise the hideous walking vermin even more please tell me how i can convince some cause our disease caring rats of the underworld and should be shot into the sun which is so hot though that we are in this should be easy because you're the alpha the guy got a cat right to deal with the captain no not at all not an expert negotiator now this he's got a cat because he's such a i know that he wants an animal that will dominate him ok here's what you do get him outline you you go harder
to the got yeah that can them online will kill the cat that's true right as very true although bobcat even smaller care bobcats good because that we're cap people then you can just throw the bobcat out rang on the street ray you can turn em outline loose will you can you don't want to write not not nine days that's a very very important distinction and you do not want to yet i mean if you get a cat as a male in the united states pass the age of ten years old like because more one hour buyers up you not huge this need to go live somewhere else like if you should not be allowed to date one of our american women go go to francis pirates no pain no no attack as well girly cut as jack i would say most cat guys don't have tvs in their house i think it's totally i absolutely like they have a lot of books
here's what you do as i can tell you i just he he's not a guy that can be reason with sue you just need to stop using the toilet and make your own letter box in the room
and then we ll look how do you like it when a new another animal on the floor shitting everywhere i don't understand what go clean up my p in the sawdust woody's by a cat like others it because you got an alley cat was saved this cat listen if you find a cat it's cool yes way cooler than than going to shelter be early i would raise them and go adopt my cat q imagine purchasing a cat from somebody a whole imagines was a measured walking up to somebody in handing them american currency and milk i want that came in ankara and then hand you that cat one cat sir yeah the fuck out of here of argos largesse unless your tat its pardon my tea set schools
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