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Ryen Russillo And PFT Has To Eat Poop (Probably)

2018-05-02 | 🔗

The Raptors are a joke (Sorrey Toronto) and Lebron wins Game 1 even though he shot terribly (2:20 - 7:16). The Caps take a 2-1 lead and PFT is 2 games away from eating shit (7:16 - 12:35). The Celtics stopped the process in Game 1 and Kendrick Perkins tried to kill Drake (12:35 - 17:45). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Gravity and Big Ben isn't retiring any time soon (17:45 - 33:46). Ryen Russillo joins the show to talk NBA, his life as a struggling screenwriter in LA, LA traffic, and what the hell will happen to Kawhi/Paul George/Lebron this summer (33:46 - 70:26). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, hmmm for the Astros spin rate and Guys on Chicks. 

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tweeting us your cash tag airport my take lucky when every episode let's go let's not talk about today is wednesday may second and we're gonna talk all things poop including pfc eating poop put first we got talk about the puppies poop drawn raptors their awful they are really well the third quarter toronto raptors a pretty good job but every other quarter to run raptors was trash so i was summoned to the exchange rate yeah so the
kevin love and the brown james what fifteen for forty three the rafters had led leubronn off you mean he dominated by like basely whatever lobby they even want to shoot bad he like had thirteen assess and would like was basely controlling the game that way but either way the rapporteur the softest team i've ever watched and having thread van fleet take the game winning shot and overtime like how do you have the rose and enlarged and you have these guys just they shrink in every big moment there so soft that they may kevin love looked tough guy yeah is big bad ass kevin love agis yes you're absolutely right kevin love look like dennis rodman like kevin love looks like he's lost all his ability play basketball or care and then also interesting thomson is amazing and jeff green went for for hake jeff green the french stinks any beat the fucking rafters literatures invent new ways salutes did did leubronn maketh reporter
i think that he did think he way like one for eight ochre yet one rate yes accurate one for it was a is a terrible terrible performance by lebron james exactly as it is as bad as the broad james can have of performers rooting while still having a triple dublin being the best plan the court yet in the end the raptors like i dont even understand and then you had kindred perkins parking drake yeah that was your one guy perk drake stop that's why they brought him if he wasn't even here the fucking suit on and drake is get exposed as little as little democracy data is outdated every word here yeah he's a little bee i don't think that drink is ever fought somebody not innocent jacket though he strikes me as a glad it's never been a street fight he's is more of a slap yeah slavishly slavishly hands up a guy in like a night club and i like drakes music so this is in a while but i do but nice this funding also member is definitely slap your orders
matters do like they want them in this game seven this dossier and other games have their setting the record for most came seventh loss and opposes you i don't see how they really come back from this because well then i'm gonna say this and then they're gonna come out score like forty points in the first quarter of game to bite this is like such an emotional curbs topic that they took tonight like losing the way they did when that a chance to win in regulation that it s winning over time some pretty easy shots to yes outrageous botch yes dad dad allay up to end the game and they just couldn't get in and actually the best route i got was summoned the calves in the raptors is like the caps and depends on steroids which is a nice egg way to you haven't you poop i don't have to eat my tie up i hope it's gonna be because i want to know how because i saw the capitals one a great game it was the overall goal was
pervert over it was the quintessential overplay so he s up the score get about part in the play i'm wearing that i'm gonna get that it would have been the most classical we play ball timely hit the pipe hit woodwork as we say in hockey aha with a minute left entire game and then go on to loosen overtime tat would have been the quintessential alexander vetch can play like make a great effort on a break and have a great game and just blow at the last second will guess what alexander kin to point now
play off land play off oh remix lay offs worsening aki it that's a good point yeah a soft and work on play off to porto o showed up we had and putting his name in the nickname no the oh it is all in the play off to point o showed up in that half second that the pact was deflected and he slapped it in and the best was a solid sobering area here now he's a big eyes a glass jumper that's what he does after most goes but he took a few seconds you scream at the crowd and then jumped into him and then he saw all the users there are probably eight or nine users flipping i'm off at once all my kind of surgery i love the and it was so great now pittsburgh definite
liked better team tonight all i think that i think the cap's got shot so we went away from her game plan which is out shooting other team and taking a million like shots from the blue line warsaw it's too one capitals in the series in its also to one capitals in games they i'll play the penguins correct but no no end yes you do you think they operate in there will be a long one and the high altitude they tried to do the math were acquitted club it's real shame that the penguins don't have a goal they could use a goal we maybe like to add on their team for the last couple years and my grandma and got some greece has murray socks murray such gloved hand sticks his glove leg socks too ass it turns out that our son i think i think at a stroke yet and i think they have side of his body has been paralysed so you're gonna have to put
i dont matter is no there's no ifs antibiotics about this issue and we will all have run the tape back from monday care we lie that i've issued a compromise i know nothing i said on monday i wish you a compromise that is you have you nothing i said on monday can be held against me i was coming off a vegas we can kick counting and i was u can compromise something you said you you said i'm gonna eat even i think we re people's like we europe do this do that so you do i'm going about it and my thought is that the compromise that i issued was what lies our front lies all kinda client is all came from cleveland more that occurs when the climate or even sports tacos agrees to eat poop if i'd poop then i will eat poop at the end of the season does a person that has a podcast lives in cleveland count no has to be somebody ass to be somebody is actually on the radio blue check mark over fifty thousand fault we go way will hold up there no laughed at a time like this is how he does it this is
i wanna see recall sign and persons aim i want to be on preferably s being clear element to say hopefully a goal it brother if a goal it agrees to look at hoop all then i will eat poop is almost say if the capitals beat the penguins and you don't i that is the worst look they you could ever is that a worse looked and eating pope yeah yeah yeah absolutely not eating the pulpit you said you'd eat absolute uk sleep and they would put in your stomach yeah i can't sleep now proposed unworthy of pretty much like everyone i put my stomach every night you seem or female if you love the ordering authors edith i dont know by my my thought alone turns into poop anyway true you know what do the south park episode search another mouth if if the cap's when you live on the air will call my mama just see if my home thinks i should in the whole these are caesar listen i really want to see what the cap's look good night
we actually look bad but they want another yellow ugly sometimes so gently on here yet to on now you're good we might be a little biased because we're all such big cavalier thomas and not as well well wilson whether what our thoughts on him because he think it penalised so by the book was it illegal what happens is i just think like he's a shot of man rain heads just always come to end up in his shoulders its he actually he's got a gun shoulder cry has a great friend s we all we ought to be so lucky to have a body like wilson smoking great guy anytime you shoulda get can cost on he's gotta for you have you noticed that pittsburgh has the shittiest ice in the leg
they have real trash ice all i want to say that i saw one say edmonton let have the bat worst how no no no i think edmonton as good ice no one can only highly calgary here yes actually the black box have pretty supervised they do why i wouldn't say pittsburgh is super it's just shitty it's just like always jumped up even when they are fast faces they don't even have a basque multi they don't have vast area save alex that's what they don't change out the floor yeah that's your right that's probably it makes a real difficult to see if a pot crossed the line in pittsburgh up with our we just circle that in case we need that for later yes and going to set ourselves up like skipper by way skip bill slow kings takings he in the first half was like lebron james is one four five from free throws in the first half like he he can find any stack and set up a narrative he may get it at any point although so that this can be weird because we agreed of calm coward
on lash right those are was at last week yeah we so we recently agreed common coward about men olympics kind of agree with skip bales leubronn take and that's when leubronn starts off shooting purely from the file on he usually ends up shooting purely from the fowler yeah like he'll get ok and then the second third quarter but he will miss you know the front end of a couple who he gets pretty shitty down down the stretch of he doesn't get out towards our enemies call for lane violation finally thank you fight only nba rafts by now that we brought to your attention because he was gonna greeted with you is committing a traveller violation humphrey throat yeah it was out of control they finally i now the cynic in me says they waited from miss one to call it bullshit without warning they call they call you call him at this in a mess again and then in the other basketball game the process is in trouble i don't know gilbert react to the game one of the sixers celtics because
dont want to overreact but the celtics evil man asked if he knows where those games you watched it and even though it was like yeah maybe ten slash seven they cut a little bit it never but like the cells or losing control i think terry rosier might be my fair play what with dirt uneasily got he is your right hand keys argues smart ziegler tasmanian devil marcus marks a real third doc marks muscle dirty though like drudges dirt dog and will not dirty but he he he gets a little my flop will work and they don't play the cap's because all these always wash in that dog path to point dirt dog around obi sorehead grandma how you feel it i think i think a serious gonna go seven like us
how did they can stop and some is in transition they have a chance keys to hanks gave brad stevens best coach of all time you start fit nematode hours job whatever weird colored jacket tabasco health aim as to give out let everyone nine guys every year and you don't have an empty at joe plenty actually to propagate the best one i will give you a reminder joe bring that binder filled with like bowling alley cooper s to wherever whatever weird city the basketball famous and i think i'll let you know i think it's like being a retired cop if you just stay in the nba it's some capacity for more than twenty years you get the watch and you get the best behalf their butscha deeds in the basketball affirm that just spent like fifty years as a team assistant not a coach here at the team assistant that just rebounds and then throws bound passes out plus pact as any get the narrative going like who like the one one
old school journalists has to write one article one year being like do you know what the secret to their successes it's fucking guy who's been rebounding basketballs for last forty eight hours and then its set in stone in the bought password or moaning whereby milwaukee in there was a guy like that which actually brings good point jason terry hall firmer yeah the jet the longevity i mean that he does the moroccan jet as the jet he done thank he does the jet so he has the ie has eight us they made answer him yeah iceland or orville orwell or well orville what are they they created the point out the wright brothers ripe reservoir i've seen a public debt none are you are you writing my traveling revival and wilbur oh yeah ok so i sold orville when it is possible
a business you asked reinvent the wooded legend that guy is north carolina us behind it all embraced a bit yeah that's that's it you're focused concerted born in ohio but they did a bird airline gap is hereby i wanted jumped back toward hank said because you are selling very confident in your celtics but then you said celtics and seven so you don't sound that confidently ever games will be a battle i think the six resolves immortality team they're gonna figured out when a few games but self support advantage show serves as a start to somebody winds rogan so of the sexes when one game to than it's over now ok let's go up ok ok and who are the rockets haven't played in like seven days and not a strip clubs or can we go into rather tough curries back we asked for signing yes so full disclosure we're we're taping this as the warriors games progress fifty fifty five it hath ok but i'm gonna say warriors by seven as a fifteenth
ok good gives only cover ok there we go let's get too are hot headed raking moose i'm not going to talk about this is the most important game the night in the other two cayley tipped off pistons fiddle first came over carefully talk so what is this then the uk so we call revalue since his birthright four it's eleven forty eight we stuck on a two year even though its two thousand eighteen when we stopped just going things to care how how asleep do you think guerrillas these deepen our every line of white phosphorus magnesium hey what's going out the two colleagues tonight throughout the two colleagues and i d sports to kay let me just getting nerd who's gonna spreadsheet easily use at a party was revealed do and wages
i think he's probably watching like the mtv spring break beach house exactly prevail lose that property by phosphorus magnesium potassium natural protein those things are all found in chalk look not found chalk and look was the shire sauce buller basi prosciutto an item not appear shock and milk may not help with reading but it is a great choice to help with recovery because unlike most sports drinks it's got the right carved protein ratio to build lean muscle and fluids intellectual rights to replenish henry hydrate better than water see the signs are built with chalk on milk dhaka yes we're here joke about we're sure so yeah our here and advocate listen the first part this time i'll tell later i was the first part this time and then i'll go back it was in the second part last i'm huts equal trunk hank wash start my hot seat is gravity however over the weekend three hundred flat arthur's had a three day conference may determine that
how'd he doesn't exist sounds like a hell of a conference why was i highlighted the fact that the guy you who came conclusions that are using nikon camera and an app to prove this he conducted scientific interference in his garden using the aforementioned app to track the movement of the moon across the sky and that's really all took to disprove years of scientific research and the law planetary most so he begged he stood in his back yard waiting for the moon to fall down on his face and when it didn't he was a gravity doesn't exist any use so the idea is that part that's a good question though if gravity such a real thing how come the moon hasn't had us exactly true it's it's not everything
i loved you one of these gravity nerds jump out of a window the all these gravity stanza commanded just do it do it you're fine he'll be fine i you know i think their theory is that gravity is in a real thing but there's electromagnetic force so who found out about that sounds a lot like gravity to media pluralism in invisible force it pulls everything to the centre of the earth now gravity its electorate outbreaks and now makes us any at the ep view nap amene steve jobs busily made billions off that just fucking app meant something agreed on in my cool throne is indiana basketball yeah so they sign romeo linford the the number one recruit and the nation ah his minutes said that romeo is like abraham lincoln so our means can be huge other people studies like this generations oscar robson or demon bailey when he can he has for scores in twenty years who come on let's go i love this because in the end a basketball being back as happened i don't know
ten times in the last twenty years and it always ends in a sweet sixteen lawson he still going where the clown panza yeah ok so either not back those people tailgating outside of his announcement ceremony normal tat well it's india means war so hoosier state forget that the magical turnus conny because his arms programme break every record are you sure you're ok absolutely is yet deed on these are our seat for everything he said now strictly talking out themselves got it got it yes now will actually be ill pill break it when a tm z guy like dogs on you i heard those fake news i heard they recorded that after i don't know you because he's on some weird shit right now he's got people talk dragging it actually is definitely somewhere she's doing that thing were where were you it's like the invoke thing on twitter now with the flat arthur people too you can just quest in facts
then i noticed backs and then you say you have an open much amen i'm just asking questions rather one can always ask questions just decimal tipped all you aspiring bloggers out there if you just ask a question you're headline there it doesn't mean that you actually believe that thing like yes is lebron james serpentine reptilian question mark you good to go yet finally snivelling nor yet it ok thank you done ok my first hot seat is german poet head coach of the university tenancy tennessee volunteers halting because there's a new share from town in knoxville yes as names kane whose ressler and he just one the mayoral primary tonight yeah so i was having fallen glenn jacobs enemies his name real name but his case probably following is stupid marrow campaign on twitter for like two years just for this moment i gotta say not that great
would you mean like i'll wait on twitter now i just don't like i followed his stupid campaign tweets for touche two straight years would like platform this is funny why think it's like i'm came but without ok corporate kid this basically who ran but i followed it were bidding for like the big you know you know you're gonna do like all those amazing and then he want is like i know i do can however be knox counting tennessee you know what he should have just his all platform for just been like if you will let me i'll take my mask off yeah or just be like hey my brother's under
yeah that's also google gain an undertaker you had team or if you like me i'll bring paul bear back from the debt i just think that that professional less wrestlings become too much like politics recently unlike the people so we actually gave myself an idea would if i just ran for some sort of office and i was a kid i take my sunglasses off and eat poop if i get lected will you gonna and in a word on both of those at no contractual i've definitely there ve been a lot of things that i said that i think i was actually thinking about that earlier today yes so the poop is like a monumental moment free oh yes it is a simple matter other hot seat is tom brady because he's not valued enough at work are if you saw this interview that yeah you know it was written i saw i saw the cliff that was a screenshot taken by a cell phone of another person's computer and telling it was a kenya was tweet it look at you saw they look look look the guy was just asking questions tom brady he said and i quote i plead the fifth when
was asked if he was valued enough at work and you said i and i quote i will eat poop if the capitals bowling green don't make this about me but i'm just saying you're here oh tom brady i love is clear because it really does prove how crazy the internet is now to just get shit out there as fast as possible and never ever get context and what was the context of this he justly it was the first first sentence of like a four paragraph answer we are raising i also heard the represents rules i assure you know everybody would like to be appreciate more work ethic yeah but he was very views very appreciative of bilbao chat and also i think the way the question was phrased i think the please
this was about his above yourself so is like ultimate faking what was his classic like we actually i actually think we should do that we should start doing this because every one o clock on a patriots thing if it's tom braver spell checker ground for small check we just need to figure out an angle so we can start leap in all these free clicks i actually do think though that tom brady thinks he's not valued enough at work and is not because of like anything that goes on the football field is because he's just such a weirdo that like about ensuring office photography right he makes you he's the kind of guy they like on your birthday his ago we can all have cake because i don't eat sugar for bringing this sugar free right sucralose fruit log it with fucking peter knowledge exactly so he's probably not valued enough at work well and also the bell check system values exactly what you're valued and tom brady polly thinks he should be valued more like bela check is so you know he's so by the book that he's
your value is exactly what you bring this year he says i am going to put the work in everyday mean so much to me i'm in as invested today as when i first started i love team sport i love being able to share with so many people that's a greatest fulfilment for me tries wasn't sure to this was after he said though that blood the fifth the current national what the fuck is tom brady with what does deal jim gray with jim grace basically captain career live just by doing this one i think it is a real uses conference with tom brady it is a decision with leubronn wise jim gregg at the big things jim gray those with bodies bird i its wild jim gray how is he like i need to talk to jimmy how have you done stimulating you don't do anything you don't even work anymore you just have like the three or four more powerful athletes give you exclusive interviews once a year is not a bad gig it haha rick i think it's pretty get maya my cool thrown i'm jumpin back
two billionaires and putting them back on my cool thrown upon my hot seat for little bit but they're back specifically jeff pesos is on thrown okays thank god he found how how he's going to be able to spend all of his hundred billion dollars for while that was a big source of anxiety and stress and frustration for we must have an awful knowing that he'd couldn't physically spend all the money that he had made overhours lifetime in less the pages workers more but the fact that there are obviously that is set aside he figured out that the way the he's gonna be able spend money is by judge building rocket ships and just going to different planets as the only thing that he can do to liquidate hundred billion dollars and lifetime so that's was going to do in that i'm in space travel amid amazon space travel ff elon musk musk musk i guarantee you every every rocket he sends out of their people didn't die jeff bezos back
he probably already has like he probably knows where the aliens are but here's the deal with basis i dont think that he actually wants to follow through and build rocket ships and then sell tickets for i think he just wants to read comfortably at night knowing that he can spend his money and there's an easier way oysters million we are we could tell him we wish invent a new currency we could be like it's called space coin and you and it's the way that you invest in space travel for the future and one space coin costs a hundred billion dollars but will take it from me and that way you're investing i love it so space going i love it brought you by part my take yeah can invest it only one person in a demographic not a failure because you jump not at all are eight my hot seats is us so for two reasons the first is guy fury has a restaurant unaccountable crews and we haven't booked articulate the efficacy how he's got an aggressor called guys pigs pig pig in ankara
how the fuck are we not put an end in the crews goes from europe to florida back just like the worst that's a shitty crews even when you do the cold weather crews you get to see like fjords and all that we stop offs in wilmington you're gonna be achieved on a beach added more news what the fuck so we borg i do it because he's got a restaurant assets has made if eight now if they can find a way to do some synergy and have the guy fury kid rock crews combined audio onto one ship i just you know have if you're in a lake and you're out like a lake party on a boat you can tie up with another boat nasty and yo passport best part about do party yeah guy fury and kid rock they should just die after their massive cruise ships yet little tip for all the other young uns out there if you're out on the lake
and you see some maybe some babes you jump in the water and you swim to their boat and then when you get to their boat you pretend that you're gonna drown and they are out of breath and i you need to rest on their boat for why that's a good move the other good music i carefully swim another good move is taking out a really shitty boat onto the lake and then driving up next really nice bungalow came on photoplay yeah yeah look at those levels is drink you earlier we got about two bullets tied up yet so you want to use my our tunes your site you have a slide on your book we have are we don't we have a ponto here we have this little fuckin we actually just put our iphones in a cop that's how we how we use speaker but you boy you are key players my other her sorry the other part of our hot seat us i don't know has but i just started last night we haven't been watching the jersey shore no we haven't and it is in credible i started watching your right we got us our washington
so is it the same cast same gas no savvy sweetheart because she's come the bitch she like just like that emily la familia and she's like no one wanted i have my own should go on and everyone rally was like fucker we don't want to hear dena was like no we want sammy and then and then polly brought like a 200lb doll pound doll a sammy doll and was really weird cousin they try to drown it and it was make all we're noises but that's whatever ok so same cas roy but he is out of control mike the situation he he's going to jail nobody to attach observation ok that's gets very well by the way there's a while you gonna java yeah legislate how only on the cannot work only if yo them money yeah so they can't they can put you in jail usually tax evasion like wilfully justs hiding a shitload of money from yeah
over years two decision just you being lazy and not getting money from the government probably made their only with that but i made millions of dollars at the time of the jersey shore interest paid zero dollars by the way when the situation came to the office i often pygmalion out up to mozart you think i am pro play check this out you don't have four nipples you can do all the sit ups you want that you're not getting for nipple so in the end he was like yeah you make a good point i can't touch that so he's just like a bummer cuz he all he does is like he can't drink can't do any just talks about how he misses everyone i'm in there's a situation and they all had plastic surgery and it's just it just awesome we need to start watching it just fucking awesome we got to start doing reviews on this monday nights i don't know what nights there thursday jurisdictions yearners ok here's that europe as a back yet jurists day so i and then my cool throne is the walkin boo hoo events as he wants play three to five more years ok
how is that will that's that's he's just saying that because he drafted masonry off of course one hundred percent put it so fantastically big ben the guy who was contemplating retirement last year is now i guess you know what pencilly for five more years i'll i saw something on twitter someone from picture of the actual big been the action big business and walk in bosnia is gathering over yes that's perfect so perfect so yeah we're we're good we got it we are years left big but five more years of of making the same voice for his walk and lie like i can't even imagine what the nfl will look like with like we are lost paden brady then you lose big ban breezes tax phil rivers like this can't they need to space
south any the eli meetings face we lost roma like they can't we can't lose all three of those guys involved in that draft regime to write like all these guys like saving private ran right when the mom loses like two brothers and right at the keep the other one safe we put big ben and hyper chamber in the offices or just said yet tom hanks he's gotta san diego and just like follow phil rivers pigments downright ah what is extending apply yes yes for three to five along its black yeah ok let's get your interview we have rhine or so we talk mba have a lot of fun with him also he's screenwriter now not to brag and oh eight pity is that all you sprung down on this interview with run resellers brought to you by one eight hundred flowers it's hard to find a bigger fan of you than your mom through all the teenage mischief and tough first steps of a daughter she's been there supporting you every step of the way
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how do you not watch that yeah it all airlines fiction i think a lot of it has to do with just you know the creative creative handcuffs that may be the creative people this world feel like i'm just being handed out arts has anything to do with isis yeah the arts arts are so writ real talk i had two we oughta mimeograph i mean you did tax me today you're like hey i have bad service and malibu so i had to bust your balls a little bit about moving to hollywood in being a sell out on your entire life and leaving all your fans behind and friendship inference mostly but one in every friend yeah really ran if i've sold out i don't think i would have done what i did i only had just whatever i will wait if you had sold out you wouldn't have moved to allay and became bigshot celebrity you know what you are like the most basic chick ever like amr moved away make it
granting of him when he ogre pants and go to match a teacher on by coastal i also live in new york a right let me as it is have you put that emerge island your anger bio yet committed it very to have you put the plane emerging your twitter bio yet such as in y see alike you know what this is why you guys are so good i haven't done that yet like that's good for my brand of people don't know that i travel on rightly in usa homes from one close to the other airports i have i ever take up my dog is my therapist where that her sorry you're even have a dog we can build on that i'll let let's talk real mba because that is why you're on your one of the best in the bees but with that said do you realize what is at stake right now you of the chance to be wildly wrong about the seventy sixers twice in one year in totally different directions yeah this is it
credible because my fixes take is the way take i've ever had in fifteen years probably what quality of the air and i still feel too we the east and when you watch them my emmi and then six esteem is now the people is going like oh yeah dummy like simmons and indeed a really good and i just i constantly like anybody i talk to you stay in how incredibly unprecedented this is a group that baby they didn't play together is now be the favourite or feels like the best seem to come out of the east and when you watch them against my em and then you factor in ok boss and ridiculous what they do but still her the worst leubronn team in eight years toronto nobody trusts so yeah they have the two best players in that serious with the celtics and its it's really simple to just go you know i'm totally enamored with these guys cuz you know who knows the walkie and now because i picked philadelphia and i actually did say i thought she would win game one until he would still win the series
yeah now all the boston guys think i'm this jerk whose light just fallen in love with philadelphia so i've managed to piss off two of them the look they don't need any assistance being cast off people from philadelphia boston because i've lived in one invented the other by now i like it boston wins the series somehow that i'm a moron for overrating the sixers team which i could have been more dismissive of before the sea to start the other wing wrong that's that's a very rare trade to be able to pull often in sports me so so thank you for your service for raising the bar well i just i don't want to brag did you guys know that among the correct but this would be that i almost a year i should make sure maybe we can come up with some jokes later also happened i'm right yeah line right av thank you but he smells namely grass another will change it ok arching i wouldn't stop right otherwise so so so tell us what happened in game one and why you see there s a serious going because
stevens i think is no surprises pry the best coach in the nba so even with you know their top three guys out they're gonna gotta play tough in every single game but still some point when rosier is is somebody in i've gone gone through this he was probably ninth die for the self esteem the sea to start he was seventeen minutes per game in the first half of the season anita becoming first minutes per game in the second half because cairo goes down it is great is russia's look this whole time they got almost ninety points from a rookie and pay them who i love orford an rosier day more and i actually thought filling a great looks in the first quarter and they didn't hit any of em so i think we could have do is continued indeed who has moments in the game or he's like enough of this crap like none of you guys can carve me i'm just going to do something stupid and get the whooping score and i think simmons has to be a little bit more aware of how they are handing him off defensively and how they are preventing him in it in a much more like a team
sense were they they caught him off on the half core dr again transition you can't do anything with seventy you can't you can try again from doesn't matter he's incredible handle that let us hear them but what you can do is gonna cut him off with a wall as a team defence and i think the self executed a better job of that as opposed to miami who was just really physical and really hack the hell out of six was a whole time and kept them in the series which the beginning and then fillies liquidity guys aren't that good like which is beaten now and you could see that happening that team so unexamined to go are going game to go now i have a better understanding is incredibly smarting for rookie have gone and i did it i didn't ask you up the possession here must embrace it you think you're in the summit is a rookie camper i'm gonna go ahead in and say yes but i'd like to hear your
you don't know what your angle on my english you pretty simple down its he's in his second year playing in the media and earlier this year because it's a second year donovan mitchell's my rookie year and it's not even close ok china just turned him so bad have seldom have i got no debate on this point it out to study reclose buried yet you know why after somebody says is that even closer gave unsteady thing now notice you sound like a more i do towards is neither claude about the six years real rookie fault is false gonna play it all now like he is i think he's still here this is what things that coaches do and i think we do in sports probably too much now is that all you know mentally you would hate to just throw them out there i don't know who cares maybe maybe it's so overwhelming and ridiculous he's not even thinking and he gets out there and play like i remember watching him at the end of the regular season where one of the best outside shots he took with two seconds up in a shock and even have time to think about it and he just be hidden from fifteen and if
as jumpers may have had all season long because he wasn't thinking about broken it is because he still with somebody that was given a hoop and it was no use productive in inshore bursts but i'm sure this is more of a mental thing where they don't want to throw him out there and have him fail on the play off stage when i would say you never know i mean look at your chill again gandhi was basically saying on the broad catholic about this move and total worked out never at hills been around not greenhill giorgio that's better out a lot longer but guy present something on a rookie thing that the nba could do yes but before you do that i do agree that false needs so please take the hoodie off because he looks like he's been kidnapped whenever they shoot to him on the sidelines it does seen from prisoner it's weird like i am fine word a hoodie but like when you on the sidelines in they shoot you like woe these are the holding him against his will right now like what's going on it just very odd hunky blurs dollar how did he look like he's wants to be there a little bit more i know i'm not on the bilateral expert
hey you guys are bigger the body language like you ve been some of the best known business on it and i i i deferred you when it comes to read that stuff but he his throughout the year i've always been surprised like imagine how much of a bummer it would be to be the number one pick in the reason you're not playing is cuz people think your brain is like your mind is broken your shot being broken i get you just wait ok yeah he's going to kind of take like a mental break from this will that ok but ok he was great like a bench teammate not winning gaze because it but i'd be so depressed all seas along if that were happening to me and yet he was really like get cup and cheering guys odd and hype i like it felt really like real i didn't feel like a rod top of the dugout stuff sorry wait a minute woe sorry be careful woe at that out i right when you say bench he made you mean like a spotter until your big way guys are even i've already to travel
spotter i heard he doesn't touch the bar until it gives it be have no shouted the last rapid and he's very anti help off ok give us your rookie idea why can't the nba just come up with hoodies that say he stayed back we would you mean simmons because did you guys stay back gifted he's just i'll always know layers hold back oh god i hope i have to hold back ass the best yeah the gaza it like after big don t just gonna stick their arms and keep the team for good technical vows yes no doubt or i'm talkin about in great school a grown up yes simmons being the rookie because he stayed back on your alec mighty a better but that's a good idea to yeah yeah why can't we bring that back backers we all have friends it stay back and i i
when i was really skinny playing basketball my father was asking my mother if it was ok to have me just repeated year i loved my little hands like that i want to dig into something big cats said earlier and you didn't disagree with its ongoing assume you agree that brad stevens is the best coach in the nba right now the new wait that we're having right now is would you rather have brad stevens coaching your team for the next five years or lebron james undertake for the next five years the next five years i'm gonna go ahead and take whatever the broad is probably for the next three knowing that your foreign five i would imagine at some point this dude is gonna slowdown his greatest brad is i still think that this is a players league and i just can't like brown even success in what is able to do despite all of these teams the glass your team was great and they were the ones it was the one thing that was historically weak and they may have lost the bulls shut up
that's going on now got hurt redondo didn't get hurt the bulls might have won the championship i dont well i got you apply just got that need band right there you just gonna like the idea of stutter on you when you got it for a second issue has he think about the pink would be a big one the championship sure how early they wouldn't they would have the greens the grim feed finger over her you can you can finish everywhere bernard and my hair finish on my face yeah but seriously like when it comes to press grievance how much of those young guys on bosnia dimension is actually how much of their production is from them and how much you think stevens has actually been able to to coach him up and put him in a better position to be successful do ass i requested to their legitimate question
your jail and brown was a method cow i don't have the us remember watching him it was it was terrible and some of that somehow i mean you could even fit simmons adele attitude towards the end there was a very good either but i think the most important attribute you can have the most important skill you can have an mba coach and we can blame millennials here if you want to you but it's your personality most these guys you understand exodus hollows both these guys are still a good shot bagshot but if if the team doesn't listen to you and him they give you wanna be constructive and you know criticise a little bit you have to do it no way now where the guys totally shut you off and he has this unbelievable like passive confidence that is it like that
perfect combination of personality to be a head coach in today's nba so you know they don't they didn't put jalen and spots where he would be exposed last year he's grown from that so i think that's part of it to us not just hate getting the gym and take more jumpers or triple at this way or here's a box out technique i think it's a development that is let's not put guys in situations but they're not gonna be comfortable in i've even thought they were to do like home i hate him at times where do i go i paid him just go and learn how to your breakdown entire defence here infirmities regular season gains and they wouldn't do that and you know i think that whole approach is what makes him so successful but this league is still player first it is illegal you couldn't even if they beat philadelphia we'd throughout this kind of question on the package was just
how many players would you track before you would take bread stevens to start your team and i love it when people are like fifteen idiot like well that you cannot think you got the question i still think it's probably fifteen or twenty players and other people think it's like five players and then brad stevenson would you take jimmy butler brad stevens first tat would have always had jimmy butler possibly stop fifteen year these guy he's after tea but but i don't like he makes me second guess even saying the player all i'd so moving off the celtic sixers why don't you tell me how right i am for cancelling russell westbrook in calling the thunder trash because i know you agree let's pass the thunder for sixty seconds ok i don't i employer would want to play a rough they can like him personally i don't think he's a bad guy in that sense but it very much like iverson that iverson was
incredible fan favorite this tough guy put up huge numbers but at the same time style play kept your franchise hostage and for the most part you are going to win and now we i just two years in a row and i think the thunder honeymoon with last year's katy left rust decided to stay he's your guy i get it k c so this is your one team and you love em but didn't you you're lying to yourself if you watch game five even in a win as it is remarkable that is and see the same approaching game six and go get us a work like out asked underfinanced if i go just because you love him doesn't mean you're right and if i told you hey in the next round you can play these two teams in the class one team as a guide that runs isolation between passes the least of any team in the nba and always know what they're going to do an offence or you can play this other team that moves the ball everybody's a threat to shew everybody's engage in everybody's involved which team would you rather play a corsican a picnic
and that's who their team is so if we wanted you to come on european what you say on your podcast routers pledge podcast no that's that's a sec way to plug rather so has one of the best part cast out there she should download we did make that point though it and i was in your pack ass he made that point it's exactly right now but it is it's exactly what would you do give you that i think is a fresh attained at its on you guys to sit and wait subway heartache fresh line whatever the cops i don't think about it now you know you're actually right now i am in russia like it's it's it's conflicting thing on twitter especially because it's hard to believe
grass is unbelievable but you can never win doing that in people just can't see it or thee they fight you want it and it's like that everything we know about basketball you can not win when a guy's taking forty three shots right but is it taking other shot because his teenager travel that's good so there's here's a take that i haven't heard from you what's up with paul george what do they do and like is he gonna stick around because that you could possibly say the pall george it's plath in the piece for passive yeah i've watched the p tape and he socks and you have to say
the play i do too near the place peter the play of how safe is bad yeah we're going on right now not like know what my days consisted of that's only serve to wake up whenever bra you write another kind of sailor you go to like a really cool coffee place you like a hive writers blog whenever my scandal master team player in kenya the and then you go around your light anthea you got big time meetings like all of you see my screaming use water on hand peevish criminals like doing it goes you i it's way around hollywood were fucking sick of this screenplay stop shoving dumber three i talked i've anybody astrology charts yeah you you pretend you're an ear you pretend you're in us swingers all the time being like yeah i was gonna dig it i could go for a while and then you name drop celebrities aben relevant for ten years see you do what you do about it
credible we know he wasn't he was able to detect isn t resolutely like the i like the theme you're never gonna make anyway you're even get it could you not yet a circle and films now not movies yes and then you are personally alpine cat that's the way of a fresh used today for the work out and the guy was so far we buy the juice counter i don't know what to do i thought it was i was like what is this guy's plan includes lizzie trial any ngos or too late now the dude i just wanna kill smoothie like a trunk in places like a ten minute conversation you like its rhine but right now like an ass now he's got no problem just rights are why you and you probably knows i just go over there and then goes right any goes like ryan gosling like a whole line is looking at me in here like waiter that's not right
i think that guy's way too big to be wrong talking now and i would like yeah that's cool like i love re docilely so back to play off p d upon georgie what's going on the package is i feel like you know whatever big free agent decisions there's usually a little rumbling rubbing their and on george has been nothing like he is camp done a great job of keeping this under wraps like what the plan is and i think if you're in ok see the the inside of air that he's actually going to stay but i think george doesn't really good job kind of like saying what he supposed to say but i do know i don't know how much i would trust any they don't really blame him for saying what he supposed to say do a source yesterday that was
like oh you know among players talking about this thing that that he's gone and i brought up at the pod cast in the beginning thing is the first time i've heard from anybody whose definitive about saying that he's leaving and i was doing a conversation kind of setting and then the guy that i taught you wouldn't even able to come up like a destination so i just sort of left it at that and inflamed magazine came out with a thing today thing as reporting is gone my phone is blowing up and now people freaking out that i reported that he's already gone for europe and reported that as a possibility that he's got that your hearing what would you say so ass you i wanted to go on to get the your thoughts on three guys gun to your head you gotta pick where's paul george can be next year i couldn't tell you on which i think he's gonna wait to see the labelling does and i i've been probably where the only people that still thinks cleveland is a very likely scenario here if anybody is telling you they know the la browser decided he's gonna leave than they make it right but their guessing right now
and you know i've been pretty good branched off another now do we understand it is that we were very much don't in this whole thing and that is a different decision that it was you know eight years ago i think depending on what he does i think you're gonna see another summer where these do try to coordinated way to all team up whether annabel mom want to play you know things they had paul george last year on the calves and in opening maybe do it again so george inside you don't i do want to play with with lebron and you guys get a figure out a way for me to opt in and then you trade and in all these things like there's all things that things that can happen with this league when these players get on the phone with each other and just decide to start dictating it in the teams are kind of at their mercy as they go why can you for nothing or i can take some sort of acid back and that's why the chris paul thing last year was kind of surprising and then when you look back on that you go all right just call the shot that kind makes sense so i can't are you the team with paul george but
i wonder if that was really really heartily heerd here's an idea if we're san antonio yet play off p and yet quite leonard icon play off d in yeah what i do i love it the spurs are saying now he's legitimately her and then you like we meant that you were at your house the team intervention with us he's not he just failed on your team i think about what kind of public equity you have to have the first is of course she was a player could you basically said i'm good will only receive any of the unseen and so i only have to be a robot so i dont know if we even set if we said anything bad about why wouldn't even register he cast you have feelings maybe just a hypochondriac yeah i think he just spend too much time on wednesday imagine
he's like why do i have a rash behind my right shoulder all i was always just open your maybe reggie rose was consulting with him and ready roses behind every player like not coming back even older healthy i've got a legendary owed says that's acts at a stroke yeah weapon details ass one can play so so so you think why quite gotta be gone right no one irrationally things like that nobody but if it is people alike and that's cool guy entourage into passwords edges me about them away we can hurriedly you're breaking out your million live let him high malibu services breaking up said again say will you guess again are you are you pouring entourage ducked it still breaking up would you do do you move did you move your someone sitting here and maybe the way that is the way it is where the waves and you're fucking let me call back yet so the thing lovers
it's like he loved i can't really someone that strong is that smart rights not underline their name is any writer during the crazy parties he's ball but like he wears bald well he looks like he was natural roads just like that's his look which has also owe a viral you about oh shit did you hear that now will we be another dollar i think the other part about the choir deal is that his camp ok in there uncle was involved the shoe money the last two years and like this is a joke so if you look at the numbers like i have this right being get reveal the confirm this it's half a million dollars a year that is made from nike ok for the last four years and this sunday when the files and bp and is the standing of a due to the top by parents league any like wait a minute so i make an half a million i got the joke and i can't even get a signature shoe and apparently
add a deal that was like twenty million with nike over for years so he's in the eighty and then that deal fell apart and i think the belief is that oh yeah quiet kawhi spurs way you know team first not having any individual bran like they're tired of this stuff and it feel like this dude's a stud and i'm not making him his money so if it was a real things in the real resentment there in this first thing does sound like its own so have you every sesame yeah it's without money i mean you're through you i saw you i too regret the hurricane there it but then all of a sudden just stop right after you finish so we got it but what the fuck keeps happening all right we did a little time traveling because fru fru russillo is living the malibu lifestyle we had to get a better phone connection and in between getting a better phone connection we watched the raptors melt as only the rafters do so
we might well ask you about came one are the toronto raptors the softest weak minded team in the world i think it's there reserves and that's why that first round match up with so incredible because they were two teams i don't believe in mean marcie forest like they were the better tb like do your pa you're not like yes i if you want to doubt the rafters and doubt their toughness there's tongue reverend like anybody to counter that public where europe is it's not existed and even one of the better team i just couldn't pick em i couldn't pick him and have clean will beat would be so bad it myself back at anything and you know what you watched him with his gave it up the big led its typical abroad like ireland the others going and they were sold out often the closed again you know the rafters are the rafters your body that like went the hoops camp and it tells you really sick moves
work on the as yet you played a real gave and he just roubles right get us may say a crap that i am the raptors yet no that's the euro stepped a frank kaminski taught me that i try to break out of my saturday morning hoops and it was the first time anyone's ever call to travel and pick up i learn to cross over a different cross with it is like more than ninety degree cross over plight instead like when a maxie playing i'm just gonna continue to drive the basque right you ever noticed like old guy hopes that you can have really good moves but if their reflexes are so shot that they actually stay a defensive position because they never moved under her you can across that guy up yet i place rocks it is it's like one it's like one now the poker boom happened in all like the doyle brunson and johnny chan rely car we can't we can't get a red on these new guys it'll play by the book that's gonna how it feels like when you're out there like oh and then they're just stock in in time and they can play great deepens cause they just never mountain
that man is money relegated blood what's the story with the cavaliers in the third quarter because they absolutely suck coming i'd have to is tehran lou that that of coach ah yeah i don't know i don't use very good charlie dice about it i think if he be i'm not reporting this but i think there could be a change there elaborate leisurely you jumped onto your bronte take out the word not when joe joe bronte you don't i would love is of protein agent leak that he may leave the boss and pursue up we hold on one second isn't your prompted a perfect guy to cultural bron kazoo just a pushover like the bronze
just push him over right is it getting fired halfway through the season when they gone like a five game swoon joe property will just take it with a weird face on and then is purple on purple he's a designated black without any sort of a spot right isn't david black puts out half a year like steve kerr because of the lack of a spot right like that i never thought of that current very i thought it was it knows that when one is the david laughing even goes even further because it's like david black love to tell everyone like oh yeah i was pig overseas and government will give a fuck and your project can be like while i was a great assistant coach like pop you know that in ireland we don't give a fuck that one amazing when glad you do i guess who liked it nobody nobody would be like completely unprompted like the three of us were out at dinner and you guys
talking it did i just interjected said jim anything green free i like i had a record for pull up to junior high in everybody would just look at me india like one who gives a shit right arm so here s your bride really has directed four bullets rather
because i think that such a life project that other girls very spreadsheet may have a significant liner alec look of when when the broad like want somebody that ill he did look you're your theory of like he rather have somebody caught it dictate here not push back well that's great you can't figure out how to do rotations right in these rotations and i've i've tried to give lou a little bit of a past because there's somebody injuries they had forty players extract the groundwork yet but the vocations are still a mess and you know they were very good in the final last you either an idle just do though you losses think as a coach but the best teens usually come out with third quarter like look at third quarter splits in the warriors and spellings game tonight now grant a time travelling here throughout the granite like those
good teams always come out like double lock or thirty twenty out or the opposition so that's what makes us even crazier the baking coming out like such terrible three quarters in putting these gains ice in seeking question you put him promo code take your ten dollars off your first seek purchase put a promo code take this key question is why did you reach tweets carney when he said that slavery was a choice because much like conway i was trying to get me out of here you can't be flattered geek equity okay so right didn't actually reach we tat i just wanted to put him in a jam there the real seeking question is tell us the path for james harden beating the warriors gets hurt get hurt again want i don't i don't think they can trade chris paul there would do that
i think what will happen our just do the having more shots i love one like four players tell us how bad we are talking about hoops video i did all you said was big more shots breeding what's what can it have to happen here is that your golden state has at times five different gaza can handle the vast body five not like now exhorted one or two journalists italian went sometimes five four guys we're ok last about it that's what makes them really difficult to match up against but what more is done with this rockets theme is that he is kind of big there like defensive players in that they have dies again ten multiple positions so imagine is this which everything in what used to run it not real complicated aiming at the high screen with shooters around hardened any other drives on his order dumps it capella so maybe they keep catching golden stay in this spot where you don't
killed who ever the point guard is defensively and then they feel like you're gonna play in five for the point garters is out a position because we can see teams do defensively dispersed discussed iraq last year is set to at heart but now would you do it because you figure disrupting everything really forward now to do again chris paul us out you like i just passing over the other topics where he had been so right it really changes what you been able to do against this system it that's why the paul thing in a way is probably underwritten acquisition could it solves that hold up so you'll baby day it'll go mistaken to aggressive trying to cut cut james harden off at the start of the possession
and a politician has has better you know better numbers on his side of it so i still think golden state is better i'm i'm not bind in any the stuff it happened theatre the fees in an attic finish that care tat it was but i'd imagine that they would burn them below the first couple games and their babies uses up to go at all because gold is data stop that additional action there were art do you believe in man a linux com cowards monolithic said the rockets putting up all these numbers in the regular season doesn't really matter when you get to the regular when you get to play off is not about animal it's about mantle attics can you explain my to me before i yet a little more depth was actually we call it fractious decades of its the fire in your eye it's one of those things are calling coward said
it sounds ridiculous and everyone on the internet was like calling coward what an idiot manawyddan see such a buffoon and usually at something that we lampoon on this show borneo she break it down his point is erect it's like you can do everything in the regular season you can put up crazy often of numbers but when the games get tough and the competition is at its highest it actually is guy on guy like the known catalonia is man allow young guy like are you are you mentally tough enough to take down some one in seven game series what if you had somebody like darrell morey say you know we we were passed the yard or way more demand olympic well i hope i needed a big improvement collins point is the rockets darrow morey is a nerve and he's never seem analytics if it was slap in the face what monolithic smell
smells like to try raptors nor the latter only i tried the smell that you get from the from the toronto raptors stinking that tells you that it's a real thing you know the amid a guy who has high man a linux much like a dog going fear would smell the trial rafters and just our biting ever known do you think if you were the twelve guy on a team in like a blog name it aren't you take a slave trade yeah i'll do it i'll do like the jason kid become bump into me warm holding a soda why beholding saddam while playing but whatever you nor any rights the guys are really doing here how do something where spill on if you if you're the twelfth man coming off you you have to establish a brand for yourself and being the do that attacks the other team super fan that's gonna burn you another like three or four years in the league doesn't make you think when you watch directly never played sports i can add that guy like you get the college and you go out to prepare a guy for years
right right that's cool i had ass yet while he was on degrasse i was play soccer where a man right here his character and the grassy those great probus paparazzi then he got shot oh shit waited spoil it did sir god dammit hank just watch yet just bought the dvd all i have mental expression to this is no popular debate in the streets right now rhine what cost more money spending twenty dollars on gas once every week spinning eighty dollars on gas once every four weeks oh you gotta praise now that that your own california do not have to worry about that now actually i do offer everything so here i don't know how to help people do it hey ryan is which pay rises a traffic bad you know it's great
yeah i did i heard about it at all but like i did i get lost all the time they did everybody always tell me there's a back way and i go there's no back wage is less familiar take this law is no replied the owner how many millions of people their argue link appears secret way somebody know ryan thank you for joining us we appreciate it any last words anything else you want to complain about hollywood we hope your script gets picked up i do too i know the first one you really love never finished that i did finish it though i actually to do i feel bad when i say in colorado and i was so high and you're like definition i had you get so high and you can't lie knows what else joe you got stuck in that moment like here ask a follow up on the box
but then i can tell you that lot he at last for so long and in that i am gone off in the art i moved and were brutally a hundred yards from each other and regrettably ok then you saw the person in the room i got lost and i like talk to people along the way all throughout course and then we retrace our steps after i found ryan and like people like oh you found him like all you thought of all these people are like all good that found i was yet like i was really i don't have you noticed by me in big cap but we ve had it we ve got a couple movies at our desire interest them i think a cobbler options i think it's worth that you say rasa very creative peter turn and so if you want a pitch us your screenplay intent second you less i'm willing to hear it ok are you ready i could do a first its goodwill hunting on martyrs vineyard now that one very than path on oh that's when i read the ok god
father or who interested fuck yes i'm out i didn't want to do that you will gather force now i gotta die so i'll now the still note i have to finish ok all right thank you i much appreciate you joining us and i hope we will see an ally some time cause you're never ever coming back to a cold weather said he we know that robin up that interview ryan brian ruscio was brought to buy hymns no hymns has all these great products that are you know about hank use them i'll tell you about another person that we talked about a little bit on tonight show using for hymns sidney crosbie deceived his play off beard yeah his beard has gotten weirder and bigger in the last couple years i think he's on portuguese and one of those parties for his beard is probably for hymns sixty percent of men lose their hair by age thirty five the thing is when you start to knows your hair loss it's too late it's easy keep the hairy have than to replace the here you ve lost
that hairline slowly starting to move backwards you see some bald spots imaginary going to feel year from now if it's all business up there i'm going to ask you do you want a bald spot to pop up or you want do something about first want your hairline to received or do to do something about first why do you guys turned weird solutions or do nothing and they can turn to medicine and science or you can go to fort hymns dot com so one stop shop for her loss skin care sexual wilmas from an it connects you with doctors and medical grid solutions to treat hair loss well known generic equivalent to name brand prescriptions to help you keep your hair no snake oil pills no gas station counter supplements these prescription solutions back by science you don't have to go to a doctor's office save hours good for forhims dot com it so easy my play appears coming in real nice order now my listeners get a trail month of hymns for just five bucks today right now a supplies last
sue website for full details this will cause hundreds if you went to doctor or a pharmacy good for him start com slash p empty that's f o or each i am ass dot com slashed p m t for him stop come such beauty i'll get some segments hague i had a question for you than i forgot asses start when can we start hating yodel kid i don't know what's come over new song is a banger it is but i fucking hate you know what i'm not going to so as a kid you only drakes music and i know i can always laws already have two our support but once again i've put off like a i've gone out of my way to not click on any yodeling kid videos it's just a kid that yield was am i missing something he's in walmart
ok so but he's ok erika he's a kid that euros in public yeah that's weird and to people like i like this get more annoying than we are when you actually think about the internet like trying to shop on saturday afternoon kids yodeling i'm concerned at the bar for internet fame is giving way to low these days yet well i just i bring it up because the raptors did like a yodeling kid thing tonight and now that's where rat words like the inn went when you become part of lichen in or rina entertainment act that's a little too far that's what has gone to that's when the norm is found yeah a big time mig time not not only in a real entertainment act but a canadian energy right yeah that's pretty bad yeah ok though those of purpose and nothing is eleven year old kid what would i don't hate him i just you hate him it's ok jobs bank song is actually pretty awesome asked the auto tune but its awesome like it
very heavily autos guy yodeling out to come the cool thing here let's get some segments we got a couple of guys on checks the first my green breeks dumb rules my greensburg we joke about this so we joke about protective shield my my green burke debts various he could he said i'm dead serious the nfl should have a host for the draft like the offers of the s peace the commissioner out there to get food merciless mercilessly in every city is doing is not doing any one good ok so how how do i get up soldiers have have a host his ways getting
nobody wants he's spacey saying roger details like feelings are getting my green bird just once billy crystal to host the draft nor you asked what his guide green book to host was basically just said here's a new idea and oh wait who's the perfect most vanilla guy to do this or would you look at that they should have import yo what might as they should have somebody come out there and then a stable relationship that's friendly to sponsors and just take all the heat from roger godot yeah i anyone that you can find out there that might fit that this great i i actually i really have a dumb rule to counter his number because this is actually the pinnacle of dumb rules because boone roger adele is one of the greatest things about the draft war the great things about the calendar year it might gruber like guys economy although would be great just greeny announced the draft pick and then every football player that came out to the podium just got to make fun agree for never play sports who now we're talking now our tell a throwback yeah that would actually be good i could do that or
greeny announces the draft pick and every single one is just an ad for something else now would also be greater first if fills in trouble they do the first i'm i beg borders johnson ville brats rate the nfl struggling for dollars which they aren't but people will pretend they are do this every single pick sponsored by something i'm only boris i'm so i our next signal is this is for ever bauer and the search for the elusive spin rate in houston so someone asked our ashraf doctoring baseball's are throwing spitballs look at spinnerets overland or call morton increase dramatically pitching in ashraf uniform they probably using a substance relate chewing gum like morton did like posts season lot elixir chewing gum also spitballs reduce spin theoretically anyway what a weird quitted since you have discovered and then cherub our replied with a bunch of the thinking about soon and he went on like a big tweet storm
basically saying that the actors are doing something with pitre well i am on board with this theory because i think science actually proves his theory about spitballs or chewing gum wrong i think is and all be explained away from sensibly the spin rates are getting if a pitcher goes from the just vienna went from detroit to use in writing so went from up north to houston there is a reason why like all the nasa sites in the united states are closer to the equator because the earth's spends faster kratos you get the equator so it's cheaper to fire rocket there so i think the fact that its in houston and further south means the bosman faster i just want to use this to note the trevor bauer while he thinks you might be onto something we to always just like be telling people trevor bower whatever you say you're the guy who tried to grab a drone which pitching hand your million dollar pitching hand he tried to dance
shake also did that put hanks not a pitcher i've a woe for hang was hank true this kind of long lines of the earth spinning in the equator on that stuff have you ever looked at a record playing into record an album like a ceiling of forty five hours a vital now we have had no i haven't ok but on a cd or on a record even though the record is going like the same revolutions per minute the point on the outside of the record is travelling like way way way way faster then the same point on the inside of the record because they have to create one ass like so much further but they're gonna love once gone way fastened together when i download the song my phone yeah plenty of i lost you guys unchecked speaking of was as this chick centre centred gotta wolf ya at our distant woe aloud when i learned it the people in the royal family in great britain don't have last names what
that's not even a well that's why prince harry prince charles hold on prince albert they have last names it's like of windsor the prince george of cambridge yet these give him a territory that becomes an organised right they dont have last needs hausa possum it's because they were all and bread so it was better if they didn't know that their related precarious day mister henry charles albert david so i think you do get its holy shit this changes everything crazy fuck anyways if i had a sugar died is mainly a prostitute no i think it just makes you somewhere near it makes very resourceful and intelligent person yeah resourceful aisha a sugar mama yeah how do i get and to stop working my gums and we are making out
updating dogs seller spreading peanut butter all over the inside of your teeth what's not appeared he phd out had a job what to this person getting fucking their gums licked that's bizarre i no advice i made the point our somebody tell me that like us a new thing like each other maybe she is delicious gums yeah that's maybe maybe she's maybe she's just eating really good food in likeness a compliment lap it up what's up was specially hung like a horse hankow to get on but why do you guys like playing with our nipples when you guys have your own because are not our own a play with anybody's nipples this male or female yeah i play with my own nipples here put it forward
clay with other nipples by far it's a different you get a different angle on boobs at aren't yours right also well now i gotta say their bigger but for me sometime hagar supper fifty so i had this fuck boy in his recently re entered the picture we both know we're awful toxic for each other but also summers coming around these fun in really good in bed a call at a loss to my sleep slash sanity such liver in the sake of summer fun no it'll come crashing down by september or i find out what other for boys there are in the sea go back to the fuckboy boy that's what it's the old saying the fat boy you know over the five point out yeah guess how to do it you're not gonna get any new diseases from the gather your already fuck yeah what i why why not one or two little both you know just fuck all fuck boys what does a fuck boy me that's not what i found
appointment would you think of following the sled depends how spelled right if you c c b alai means like someone you disrespect f you see kay be oh why is always talking yes i guess it is ass old boy who is into strictly sexual relationships okay so that is where a fuck what means are at last one support welcome back w pansy my boyfriend has herself my boyfriend had three sums both to v1 in one view too but i never have sing out how do you like as you break in his approach for since no one we means to deeds am i missing out have i've been playing games seven like its came one my whole life thoughts good reference there you are the pussy raptors gear is pretty gotta give the a shot right have you have two especially knowing that he has caused that something that will definitely make that something in twenty years will be brought up
just randomly when you're like you know just haven't a nice dinner like you don't really bothers me that you ve done a to b wanted one piece and then you'll probably break up so i just get it out away right now the one we two sets it over the top we agree right like it was just a to b one that the eu should set up a little crazy not yeah riled time but you didn't want we too as well it's a threesome got yellow you your menage gotten are that's our show we have the white randy moss the original rainy must always eel is original any of us said original any moss on friday derby picks and i know who else we have some of our sleeve maybe not maybe maybe who knows love you guys soviets level i guess
guess i'm in love i i'm in love with everyone here loves you guys been enlightened guys you'd where you guys yo ever you i love you so much i actually love you so much that you would not want me to prove because that so much about me so much because i love you guess what i guess it's pardon my take presented by bar stool sports
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