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Ryen Russillo, Super Bowl Story Lines, And Fyre Fest Review

2019-01-22 | 🔗

The Super Bowl is still a week and a half away but we have all your story lines that you'll undoubtedly get sick of (2:31 - 14:12). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat's night hanging with Lil Uzi and Meek Mill at the Sixers/Rockets Game (14:12 - 27:59). Ryen Russillo joins the show to break down the Fyre Fest documentaries on Hulu/Netflix. Craziest moments, most interesting characters, and would you have gone to Fyre Fest if you were the right age? (27:59 - 74:29) Segments include bachelor talk for guys that dont watch the bachelor, mike greenberg's dumb rules fixing overtime and Guys on Chicks. 

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today's part of my take is the week before the super bowl so we're stuck with nothing we're going to get to all the super bowl storylines that you're going to get sick of and we have a special guest ryan so our good friend he comes on to talk about the firefest documentaries both on hulu and netflix one of the funniest stories probably that has happened in a long time the fraud that frauded out a bunch of millennials chasing clout on instagram so if you've watched it even if you haven't watched it you'll enjoy it because it was a fun story well people lost millions of dollars but whatever it was a fun story we have guys on chicks an hot sequel thrown before we get to all of that we're going on the road
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tales visit www dot w dot of our foods dot com slash street and on the first three but i did let's go january twenty
and we're ready for the super bowl but the super is like ten days away yeah but we're ready we're in a state of mind we're ready we're we're feeling his end of the superbowl coming right down main street but we've got to probable this weekend we have which is very important very important game i i used to love the pro bowl when it was after the superbowl yeah because is like grasping at one final straw football right and there will always be that you'd get up for like the first several plays of it was nice come down yeah exactly think waiting yourself off it's like right you're slamming heroin check into a methadone clinic before you go cold turkey it's like other three am slice of pizza after the bar just kinda ease your way into your sleep so we with that said we have our superbowl story lines that everyone's going to hate by the end of the super bowl week there we're gonna get you before anyone else we also have ryan for so long to talk fire fest and guys on chicks but let's do the storylines first let's stop with the obvious once let's go obvious to lease talk okay okay sean mcvay is from georgia that is
s got and everyone's going to talk about how he the state title that we talked about he won that by the way did confirmed winner and the bowl haircut and also so a little extra sean mcvay that stat where they actually played julian edelman in a mac game some of it was wide receiver julian edelman was a quarterback wait no joy at him and he's a wide receiver you know he played quarterback in college just a up yep yep watch out for that trick play okay wow ok he says you don't learn anything from podcasts damn so there's the first one what do you got for most other one up you on that one more shot in mcrae georgia tell can't get enough of it he was a child who is in attendance the last time the super bowl was played in atlanta well at the georgia dome and who won that game that's right the rams saint louis rams the rams in their throwbacks that's right which they will be wearing again that's incredible another one
that same rams team guess what they played in the super bowl against the patriots no way yep that's good so that could be the beginning of their run and the end and the end that's another one the book end it's going to be a rams bookend here's another one ram head coach sean mcvay since were on that promises to bloggers a switch to roll sweet and then never contacts them and leaves them are cold outside the stadium wow what a jerk i don't think that one's going to get old actually the height of the red these are going to get all that one's got legs out and got a lot of a cover up is worse than the crime sean mcvay yes i got next and what else we got youngest head coach verse oldest is about twelve you'll carol's oral but he's a year older but his account because it looks like he's twenty yeah it's the biggest gauge gap okay okay
shop with a younger than us also should be mentioned end part a birthday week also should be magic store sean mcvay has the same birthday as the two guys from part of my take huge story line for superbowl basically basically the essential if that's in the parentheses how about this this one take a look for you chime in any time tom brady gets back to the super bowl the tb twelve gets discussed at great length so i think we will have at least one or two stories about what's his name the the trailer career on how we we have any later on this year he had no but he's coming back yes the old it's like we say that with the red skins never want to get actually to the superbowl because then we'll have to change their name the same talk tom brady he's gonna there's gonna be some stories hank yes that stores yeah i'm i'm just saying this is the this is superbowl story story lines another one the same should be here so we're going to talk about the saints that talks going to die down after media day yeah
there will be more of it we need more of any more we've got we've got attorneys from new orleans suing the nfl class action lawsuit we've got attorneys from new orleans buying billboards in atlanta saying that this is for robert so here was the suit they they mentioned it where the damages they on the same ticket holder lawsuit against the roger goodell the nfl mental anguish and emotional trauma loss of faith in the nfl that's fantastic loss of enjoyment of life i actually like that people who are not sports fans will be like that's a little severe man now when your team loses like that in the playoffs just cross the next three months of your life can we just sue the nfl for having the season end yeah i lost right women right loss of entertainment distrust of the game wow that's a big one i can look
and you can file all the lawsuits that you want to you can talk about your little saints not winning the nfc championship game but when you to tell me that you don't trust roger goodell you're just full on loony bin bridge too far bridge too far betty all right what else you got okay my next one is i am expecting a lot of talk from northern writers especially from the northeast who experiencing southern food for the first time yep so you'll see up what is grits man trip hello this is wild grits are thing chicken and waffles like atlanta is in the middle of a farm somewhere right also very met major metropolitan city they have restaurants don't forget the weather will be discussed because guess what it's not as cold as minnesota but we all thought it was gonna be a lot warmer than it is damn you'll also get one or two people saying the superbowl should
in miami or new orleans every year in new orleans or vague iss which i every year i actually agree with one percent i'm still going to make fun of those takes that's because it's a vacation for us not really sean mcveigh's memory girly for cj anderson their feud
there's some things there okay hans is los angeles big enough for the two of how it's a one star town we're going to see if it has has is this the tipping point for the los angeles rams to truly become los angeles is team i wouldn't i had on my list there's going to be a reporter that goes to saint louis to the old rams fans to find out if they're happy or not there also be someone in stand cronk keys crew who hire someone to write a glowing piece on stand and how it was a tragedy that he had to move out of saint louis because the state wouldn't pay for his own state and his hair looks great yep great i'm going to mention that no no mention of his hair because on looks great don't mention it it's awesome because we don't i just when i when i look at all here looks gray's elderly man why wouldn't that awesome i've also got on my list that tom queens gonna hang out with bill check at some point he down in athens yeah buddies he's going to
beyond is a bolo lookout for tom crean's face popping up somewhere around the super bowl like what you did there i thought it might rivers for a second i'll check one to the timberwolves game last year on the front end for maybe will show up at a georgia game oh ok interesting check the schedule ok thank whose it is bel checking to cut the night before the superbowl this year mmhm one of the court that's one of the nicest things out i got to be great because like there will be more cordy stories yeah twins in the superbowl and then you just cuts one of them's like guess what you got to make it on your own arm yeah well this for maybe i'd say at two one slash two out of ten in terms of revenge games the brandon cooks revenge game yep can't really get myself up for that one had that one on the list but that's that's anyone who says written cooks revenge game it's like really ok and you know what he was guaranteed revenge game too because the saints would have been a revenge game for him also well know he played the saints last last week
but then he would have been a double ribbon await yeah i got my info yeah there is games your object about the revenge so because i looked up who is this who the patriots traded for cooks in that or who the in of getting with that pic it was a player from georgia who towards a cl wind so there's none of that going back to full but we do have todd gurley returning to georgia are more important than that pft you ready for this one can't wait for this story sony michelle the lab this time he played in the georgia dome alabama beat them
the to a game in the national championship will he be back for revenge yes tune in super bowl again how do we have your attention man versus construction equipment it's it's here sony machel george's pirate movies from door to be played for georgia yeah now i think i'm officially in on the superbowl there will be something written about the chick fillet inside of the georgia or inside the minute mercedes benz superdome here in my room that is going to be closed yes during the game jam but if they do any media there it will be open for yes not sunday yes until sunday yeah yes let's see in motor traffic traffic can be really bad trucks terrible in atlanta you can be bad guys so just get ready for it these are all going to be just the like anytime
gets a superbowl week and you have i don't why they will just do it like right after which they would just make it back to so there's no bye week because we just sit here waiting honestly i wish somebody would just come knock me unconscious and then wake me up right when is the super because we're just waiting for all these stupid story lines there was gonna write a million articles about s another invention so play the game just write down like a a pill that induces coma or hibernate yeah prop bets only for the off season hey guys hundred prop bets here you go yes i i've got another one here a lot of twenty two three talk oh yeah so there will be paid you say hey big catch you think any patriots fans will be walking around wearing twenty eight to three shirts in atlanta this will be a big time matt ryan maybe doing radio row 'cause he is it is his city and having to talk about the painful memories of the super over and over and over hang if anyones anyway that we missed you feeling good feeling great ok
overall take a lot of work going to ask if tom brady is going to retire yes tom brady retire rob gronkowski retired bill bella check retire the retirement trice tri invoice retirement game yes three guys bound out ever been done i would like to see them just not accept the trophy walk out the stadium see a piece into a sunset hum alright let's do can talk to us the episode let's do hot seat cool throne pft i have a question for you it is the c key question so guess what we have a new deal for the c key question if you put in the promo code take three hundred you get three hundred dollars off for super bowl tickets so all those storylines those appeal to you sean mcvay's memory
do you wanna go see that as a person it's a deal even mike tice would be proud of yeah take take three hundred for three hundred dollars off your super bowl tickets so siki question pft hit me what's hot sequel truck my hot seat is darren mcfadden's elusiveness so he got arrested in a drive through a water burger drive through because he's got great taste is getting the chicken yeah basically used probably get the honey butter chicken biscuit so he was passed out behind the wheel of his car and police came up knocked on his window and he accidentally hit the gas 'cause he was drunk drove into what a burger and they pulled him out when he tried to escape so not great for him derek didn't even get his meal that's probably the worst part that stuff darren mcfadden is a hall of famer in the i'll try to draft in my fantasy team and
this will be the year and then he has a hamstring injury three weeks into the season this is the year that his ankle is healed yes that's i've made that mistake several times many times many times i do love the ad campaign though yes we're a viral ad like that actually appeals to me if i see a celebrity get arrested in a drive through for being drunk at four hundred o'clock in the morning ordering a food menu item i immediately want that food yes absolutely destroyed like woody harrelson arrested in waffle house in pensacola each florida at three hundred and thirty am for being unruly it was first thing i'm doing yeah i'm going to getting some hash browns smothered covered my other cool throw our my other hot seat excuse me is the haters all the haters out there okay of which there are many including hank mostly just hank thinking that this this suit bet would hurt my drip because i love jumpsuit so much heck you're
in the hot seat because i'm swagged out and shout out to the tie bar they hit me up with a bunch of cool title for yet so it's really been a blessing it's been a blessing i've been truly blessed i'm just very relateable i'm not see it here i'm not mad at all my cool thrown so not mad you put on your hot soup my cool throne is heads ok because the captain the patriots later that's his name a nice lady ac slater says that god is the head of his life so he always calls heads on the coin toss okay checked true true true yeah that one guy who just it you really us up when he said tales always fails that also rhymes derek tales everything i've known as a tales is always nails that rhymes to okay alright yeah head before bed that has nothing to do with a coin
but i like it i'm just saying things that rhyme yep i guess heads is on it that's because i really want they're going to call they're gonna call heads and it's going to ruin my coin flip yeah i'm still going to bet on tails yeah of course because the odds are so good yes it's like plus eight thousand on tails minus one hundred and ten for five thousand and fifty proposition nothing better if he just like the odds of him accidentally doing a slip of the tongue and by mistake saying tails yep absolutely right yes that is it hank go are my hot seat the cat yeah is you why and your respect for jumpsuit january okay there is a picture on tuesday night of big cat sitting court side monday night is more than i think today i things remember he was sitting next to michael rubin big little uzi vert my friends your good friends but i noticed that you wearing jeans was not wearing a jumpsuit that's sell out
yeah so well i didn't lose a bet so its jumps in january is a choice and actually jump through january the lifestyle well here's the thing i was invited to the 76ers game by michael rubin who owns a team not a big deal i think it's a hard sell when you get invited somewhere and you're dude it's jumpsuit january you don't get it so i thought maybe i'll be a good guest and not act like an asshole the first second i met him putting on a jumps is basically saying where it so you're saying you're an fewer jump to tell i'm saying going to being a guest at a seventy sixers game and show
not in a jumpsuit is kind of a weird move and have like you know the guy invited me i'm not going to be like hey i'm going to try to wear something totally outlandish here i feel like if you're hanging out with a billionaire sweatpants or an acceptable move and lil uzi vert macmiller both rappers rapping and jump scare wearing jeans and they looked really nice spanx makes right jumpsuit no i'm fine with it yeah ll cool j wear jumpsuits all the time he's popular you i'm like i don't even know why you put me on the hot seat why don't you instead say hey big cat well how cool is it to hang with lil uzi and meek i'd without next question ok go ahead and ask it i was going to ask if you could have just said like hey that was cool you don't have to put me on the hot seat tude would
if you you know there's pictures out of me i really like gee you would have said yeah but i i have no i have no problem saying like i i would i would don't regret my move of being a guest of someone and trying to dress semi appropriately i'm say think about that's move i would do a corner hundred township and respect yes i get it listen if you're doing a jump through january and you get invited somewhere as a guest have you ever should have no problem being like you know what i will wear sweatpants for three hours i would have a major problem with that and that's why i don't get invited to these things okay exactly right right right did you lose he had it off then we hit it off big time boys so i didn't know who little woozy wise i texted hank right away was like hey who's this little boozy guy yeah and turns out he loves me i think so i looked up i looked up his wika pedia behind his back and i was like hey what about satan man and he was in here that because i was talking to the back of his head but at one point he did say he fucks with me so that's
okay that nor like that's very cool it was one of fourteen year olds came up and asked me for a picture and he's like what was that as like do we have the same audience merging a white kids he's like a fox the i like that that's just smooth line i'm down with lil uzi i'm telling you when you come down yeah huge when you sent me that you were hanging out i actually thought it was little uzi vert it was french for the word green i mean i would do the guy probably he smokes weed right i've never looked more out of place than sitting court side in the jumbotron comes goes on michael rubin meek mill and little uzi i'm just sit there like what do i do and i i don't want to say i was the one who got him out of retirement but did you notice he was out of retirement today he's back in the studio and i think it's because i told them hey everyone wants you to come out of retirement again i was talking back right 'cause you having conversation conversation with meek mill and not listening to me at all but
i did say it what was your intro to him where you like hey i'm a blogger i will text you introduce yourself as big cat yes 'cause i mean is lil uzi and meek mill so i figured ames flight i'm daniel yeah hey what's going on i'm danny i'm daniel michael's friend yeah hey what's going on we shoot to we'd shoot the breeze sometimes hot so yeah i guess i'm in on that crew if you guys have any questions i know bob was really he hasn't even looked at me today also your friends with a felon real cool big cat know their fourteen year old kids out there that look up reform we're working on prison reform so we'll fix at anytime now i cool throws very by the way i just got word that was very slick implanted question putting you on the hot seat
and then evolving into the sea over at he's always gonna do that or yeah okay yeah yeah i i synced accord in a while you were in a moment on the uptake damn if that one out yet to get up early in the day that put a little bit my eyes on the my cool throne is fake game show moments of son of you guys we keep track of this but last week there was two times that there was a wheel of fortune person at the last round she came very close but you guess wrong and she lost a million dollars and like the clip went viral they ran it back like four days later and then today price is right had to get on the action they put out a clip where girl got called down like come on down yup she was nowhere to be found she was quote unquote in the bath
diarrhea diarrhea yeah and she came running out of the hold hole big fire clip to show like toilet paper stuck to her shoe now that would be next level if that yeah that that would also keep keep your eyes and i'm sure some other game shows like dealer no dealer somewhat some of these other games are gonna have to do something that you know keep up with us okay my hot seat is true walk we got hand measurements for the draft class initial hand measurements are gardner issue comes in at number one hundred and ten inches and one slash four inches to lock nine inches a b hands yet this is bigger than nine inch that this this is bigger these are these are for the gold niners nine and five eight waters and gold these the that big a a you know that if your hand smells like strawberries you have cancer hello yeah go head to it hey if i by i by the way i'm gonna disagree with you on that yeah because true lock also had the most masculine moment of all time during his press
today where they're at reporters are asking questions they started asking how important it is to get his lower body into his throws and in the mid the question he gave him the double finger guns and the wink add to the report okay so this guy's fingers work this dude is now for they might not be big but their animated yeah okay all right i'm back on drew oxide so no traces mcsorley's on the hot seat nine in a quarter inch yeah your own eighth gross earnings my other hot seat is mike francesa because he thought todd gurley actually switch jerseys with the raf all time moment all time moment it was a really good photos should be an age restriction on the internet it's like you know what i i'll get there we'll all get there but once you get past sixty it's like maybe just don't call
i don't know what's going on i just watch the games my cool throne is my how come michael scott's always yelling at me after i tweet i've got fifty he shows up in my mentions fifty times fifty times peyton manning why peyton manning is yelling at me again what the hell my cool throne is my recruiting abilities because boys it took five years but i've gotten carmelo anthony to the chicago bulls so if you were gonna wave them but he's never going to play for the bulls but i do recruit him in the summer fourteen i thought it would be a great idea to have karma anthony on the bulls i promise too i actually went on reverse hunger strike where i only ate hot dogs for a month and said that i would keep eating hot dogs until he became a bowl that and work out well it did workout actually long term i also said i was going to sell my xbox didn't have to sell it and he still came on the boat so last laugh me right so
you started eating hot dogs and then after the fact you're like i'm meeting these hot dogs for right carmelo i was eating some reason i thought that way that's really unhealthy yeah knows very i convinced myself it was healthy because it was no carbs but then i've learned about this thing called night traits not good for you night train they train yeah at night train is delicious but yeah it's bad for body if it here's the thing about hot dogs so if you if you treat your body like for about three weeks at a time when you're younger it's same thing is given in a vaccine true so now you're like vaccinated in against really bad food yeah i'm vaccinate sir hot dog as exacerbate yeah exactly yeah yeah it can't hurt you anymore i'm great i'm from good to go alright let's let's go to our interview with ryan rosillo we talk are fast we talked the documentaries we talks the most ridiculous scam artist that this world has ever seen
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welcome on our good friend ryan were so low he is a struggling screenwriter play right what do you now in manhattan beach he lives in la la land he doesn't live in the real world he lives in a place where it's always sunny and people are like dude you're so cool and ripped what's up right after you were here you saw it first thing i did so i did we went shopping together it's it's a weird yeah thing ever very cool yeah the whole guys right and then ryan bought me a hat which was very cool did you do he did the move where we were he was going to get a christmas gift for his brother in and he's like i'm gonna get him some hats and he's at which half do you like and i was like i like that one and the bow and then as i was leaving he was like hey i bought this for you that's nice there's no more alpha moving the world than buying another man a hat and then putting it on his little head and then be like here you go you go go on there you go partner know alright hello
you're here now but that was big computing in real quick because big cats favorite thing ever is if we're ever seen together or somebody recognizes him it doesn't recognize me it nothing makes him more rows in the world an so that a guy at the pier was asking where my podcasts but then i got to say like oh you should check out and i was like who yeah it would the reverse is a fake like all i know big cat and i did it's okay you don't have to you know yeah yeah that's nice i did that would be a one time and made or take a picture of me and somebody yeah that was fun go i did that i did that in denver and and we're still want a fist fight literally out the denver you are not a good source of any of all right let's talk firefest that's why we have you on we all watch both documentaries the hulu in the netflix and
i think we all are is intrigued and amused by this entire story so we're gonna do two things were going to talk about it generally and then we're going to do a snake draft power rankings slash mount rushmore of our favorite moments so what's the start here first i'll kick it to you or cillo tell me which doc are you like more moran the differences you saw on them whom i had the advantage because the whole match line of the fire festival building farland and apparently got paid but if that gets you the guy then who cares right and so both documentaries kind of went back for the follow that i signed the netflix one though more entertaining i think it's 'cause it may have been the footage editing which really tells you something 'cause they don't have the guide so i think they're both terrific but there's nothing as this whole fire festival phenomenon pokes fun at millennials which i do want to get to in a little bit but it is there's nothing more millennials than talking
the documentary that everybody else so should be at the band think all of us there which one's better yes thank you can't like you seriously telling me this week that the other ninety minutes that you can't spare the other ninety minutes thank you know you're watch other stuff for waste time and every will which one which one is better why is it better just watch both or don't watch either i don't care yeah figure it out that's so cool when he'll wear it like you tweak something out if it's a bit like a got a link going to go yeah he wants better which one should i watch it i need to know on ourselves i need to know which one is the problematic one that way on the map but i need to know which one is the problematic as what can steer people away let me but let me back up because i did a bad job post mary sue everyone knew what fire fest is probably i hope there's not many people listen to this right now they don't know what because it's probably the funniest story ever bill mcfarland scammer fraud stir start
the company in new york black card company for millennials then it came linked up with ja rule in created an app called the fire app which was supposed to be a way for people say hey you want to get we're still on your podcast you got to pay him twenty thousand dollars and then you can link up to him so appearance the for celebrities and then on top of that they created a music festival that was originally supposed to be and pablo escobar's island he staked the toll there when they bought an island they were gonna have a four day music festival the the promo with all these instagram models emily reg kowski people jet skiing drinking beer doing everything but you're good you're basically to go down to the bahamas suck and for four days the greatest thing in your life well and are in the whole thing was a scam basically they tried to put the whole thing together in like a couple months when it takes years to put together a music festival
everyone showed up and there were a bunch of fema tents and i hate saying hilarity ensued but hilarity ensued and that's where we're at with the documentaries now pfds question netflix documentary was partly done by these guys at jerry fuckjerry the jerry mediacorp or whatever the fuck they're called and they were what complicit in the fact that they helped promote this event and the who documentary paid billy mcfarland this guy who is basically scammed people millions of dollars in his in jail right now serving six years in jail they had him interviewing him so to me it was like hulu was the mind of billy mcfarland netflix was actually the festival and a lot of like the funny behind the scenes stuff because
jerry guys are involved especially it was the funniest fraud of all time yeah and the reason why people are a little bit more sympathetic towards the people that i guess the marketing firms and all the people behind the scenes at the festival because one they were kind of getting scam dover by billy and to the people that they were ending up fucking over on the other end
by and large were hilarious social media enforcers and i don't mean horse by like oh like you know i'm not saying problematic horrors women i'm talking that be great actually like people who want who desperately seek clout instagram i would be way more pist off if they were screwing over a bunch of prostitutes right but they were just screwing over like kendall jenner and so the so the one part get screwed over yet scooter fifty grand for a post that didn't even have to go she didn't get her villa no she didn't get her village she did get screwed over ok so the other part of it and i want to kick it back to you or cillo the other part of it the people who really so pfts right like millennials got screwed over which was funny everyone can laugh at it privileged millennials getting screwed over the only the part that netflix i thought was a little bit better than hulu was they actually touched on the fact that like the bahamian people got really screwed over people who worked hard to try to build this fucking switch over music festival and then billy mcfall
just bounced so that part sucked a lot and i think there's actually do you see there's a go fund me and i'm pretty sure yet for the girl the woman with the restaurant that was like feeding all the laborers and then they ended up being like you just make food for all these people right and so her go fund me is like one hundred and thirty grain i do think that jerry media people i don't know if they were doing it 'cause they felt bad or if it looks good but they kicked in they kicked in thirty k and the only thing i could think of when i saw that go fund me was someone behind this is probably it's probably make farm why he's probably stealing more money from people i thought so too the only reason why i was i was convinced that it wasn't is because it was so sloppily put together if there's one thing that billy mcfarland is good at he's putting on an air like a veneer of class and success he is like tom haverford from entertainment seven hundred and twenty it's just like okay we if you look successful in life that's actually eighty percent of what success
is because if people assume that you've already got it made that you've got money they'll just give you more money right correct so we're so i want to kick it back to you before we do the snake draft two questions for you one are you little bit upset that you didn't attend firefest and two hundred if you billy mcfarland do you think you would be able to sniff him out quickly or is that a guy that you would get duped by no i'm good at it sniffed it out 'cause i i don't believe anybody anymore so i mean if it's the thing about meeting me that sucks if you like started a massive disadvantage from day one so one when he if i were twenty five i would probably would've been like this guys amazing like look at his hats in his cool jeans and he has he had the maserati so how bad could it be doing but we had just being
like like like i know everybody likes making fun of before i answer your questions like before everybody likes making fun of millennials on this one but i still think or at least i hope something that i was try to figure out like are more people walking around every day screw everybody over or and i think this is really where i look like i still would like to believe that most people don't wake up trying to find a way to deceive everybody as they interact with society you know write an these stories get publicized and then i've been reading about curtis on your books that are becoming that are incredible with got solo this balloons in hedge fund kid that this is there nothing bad blood and there's this all this stuff is coming out now about this and i the stories and i go wait a minute is this actually what's happening because everyone just looking to screw everybody else because the millennial that signs up and watched that video sick the promo
feels incredible those guys were awesome they put that thing together this supermodels and john rules there and yeah i'm sure he's not exactly peak anymore but he's got a couple coronas going like this looks like it's going to be a good time so the person that buys the package like i don't really believe i know everybody like laughing at this training millenial but i don't really blame the person for just having the faith that hey if they're putting on this massive festival and fiercely headliners and these are the tickets things like this isn't all some sort of scam and it ended up being that and it's the same thing with some of these companies like big cat if i told you hey van pelt die we flip the house together and we've done you know here's how much we made you should kick in some money in the third one then you probably would and i would probably do the same like i've invested with a couple different things because of the person and if i lost money you know i could kind of understand it after the fact but i'd be like alright yeah but like at the time this is the decision that made sense to me the same way likes again that book bad blood that i mentioned theranosis his company that had almost like a sign
fiction type medical devices they wanted to create and the ceo she dropped out of stanford she read the steve jobs book she figured okay i'm going to drink hills but these were turtlenecks and would be difficult just like steve jobs and then boom i'm gonna be famous and she actually became famous and she was valued at billions of dollars in all these different things henry kissinger was on the seat of that company robert kraft kicked in money for that were rupert murdoch lost one hundred and fifty million investing in it so even though we can make fun of the millennial for buying tickets online to some stupid festival that didn't workout our human nature is that we don't want to be left out right whether it's an instagram model or a billionaire who is seventy years old those guys hear about some company and then they want to invest strictly by word of mouth so i guess the whole point in this ramp that i'm trying to make is that none of this is really all that i think because we keep doing it over and over again but the fact that it was this kid that had absolutely zero background whatsoever
everybody fell for it isn't all that different from people investing in these companies that don't workout i agree with you i think the different you know people have been fucking each other over for since the dawn of time correct i assume that there was never texted andrew johnson the other night that's right yeah snake fuct over either so what's up with that you just going to air out or text thread wo now people know that we're talking about its history pretty up right away you you i'm a very bad example for this because you're talking to the guy who invested in a soccer team for a joke so yeah i'm i well me more about this third house that you and i fifty but what i'm saying is that people have been each other over since the dawn of time cavemen probably had little cave in time sure as i go i got a cave on the side of this awesome waterfall yeah and you can come stay in it every two months for a year and then you'll get eaten on your way over there if you try to go but the thing is the only difference between this and every other instance of fraud that's been committed especially i feel like in the united states in the last
a couple hundred years is this was extremely well documented by cameras my social media every single person that went on vacation to this island for this concert probably i i would imagine that the average number of instagram followers they had was in the three thousand and forty thousand follower range on average there for every single thing that goes wrong is like it's so visible that it becomes a monstrous thing but i'm sure stuff like this is happened i hear all the time about the people that couldn't get into wood stock wood stock was actually a disaster of a concert the only difference is the music was awesome i'll go one further i think you could just basically take all the marketing material from fire fest an in two or three years rebrand it and put it back out there and people would buy again i would i want to go right now i don't want to go there is no doubt it would work because now it's a thing whatever it is like and that's it back to the original thing that i've never answered can i politics but like all i think there's
almost a badge of honor now if you went to this disaster yes yeah yes absolute are veteran yeah i would have loved to have gone together you get one thousand and ten stair yeah guess what i still think like if it's one of those things like you people people are the instagram is just out of it right now to instagram like culture that people make fun of i don't know it's like every if you go on instagram you just flipping through the stories and stuff everyone is is basically curating it to make it look like their life is perfect and guess what you always buy in on it because you're watching your like man everyone's having fun everyone is on vacation at the same time like if two of your friends are on vacation right now and you go on instagram you'll start thinking like damn why don't i take a vacation yeah just like if three of your friends post a fucking orange tile which we should have gotten ravel on to check the pantone on that but if they chose the orange tile on instagram like you'll be like oh
yeah i gotta be involved in this because i want to do fun ship with my friends there are definitely people that are going to go to fire fest two no matter when it is yeah there are people that are signed up there making a fucking second version of the titanic yeah the greatest maritime disaster in world history and people are buying tickets for it like thousands of people died i think they're going to be able to flip a couple tickets for fire fest two were so back to your original point though i think the only thing that's unique about a guy like billy mcfarland and you see it in the hulu documentary the his brain is just not wired correctly because when they get to that point when they say you know have you have you told any lies today and like no i haven't told a single light and they went through the list of lies he told like twenty minutes before so yeah right well i it it might have been the most impactful thing of either of the two documentaries right such a like a few to billy at the very end
the culture is not like so toxic that it's like oh man i i agree with you the the general point of hey the people get scanned all the time and everyone wants to be part of something no one wants to miss out it's just that it takes an extraordinary dick head with a brain that is actually broken because he actually he's lying to your face and you could be like billy could be like the sky is black and he's like no his blue like no it's black and he he wouldn't understand that he's doing something wrong right but see that's that's back to like the job thing the job book is great 'cause everybody that read it was like ok so just be just be a raging dick to everybody like that's that's how it works and i think there's this generation of people that have read that book that think like that's the way to be successful on the company yeah this is fire festival thing is a disaster days out it's not going to happen you don't
what are you don't have bathrooms they've got lockers that look like they were taken from a junior high that was condemned and like that's where you're supposed to store your valuables they don't have food services 'cause he fired him they don't have they have nothing at the axe haven't been paid and this kids like hey you know we need to really tag i guess there's a pirate ship pirate ship and they're like bro this thing isn't going to work like the whole thing is invested like caught up in obviously couldn't 'cause they pay the influencers all this money cycles already paid damn it he can't cancel it 'cause then i just paid them for nothing alright so let's just keep charging people for tickets but it's like oh we're short on cash alright put villa fifty thousand dollars bill experience upon on the page and see if someone buys it and they're like dude we don't have the villa and he's like that whole find that he tells the yoga guy no we're not a problem we're not a problem
institutions were worth solutions it's a jon taffer line but it doesn't it's not true right you do create problems like imagine being i'm bad mood if i think i have a bad like if i go i don't really have a great podcast outline today like today show's not going to be as good as i want that puts me in a bad mood all morning until i do it and i'm like hey it wasn't as bad as i thought this guy had thousands of people flying to great exuma with no prep whatsoever in like i think that's what's fascinating his mind is that there was zero conscious like right there still kill whatsoever and then they stayed up the entire night before at party their asses on yeah things supposed to start actually going well you know people get here a little later probably you like dude tomorrow's the day
yeah you don't care that's crazy anxiety the lack of anxiety was shocking like if you have to do something if you have something hanging over your head you think about it nonstop in the fact that they were like yeah we have this one hundred festival in nothing is going to work but it's ok let's just do some coke and drink some coronas and it will all work itself out and then blaming the rain to being like well it rained who that it rained sometimes in the spring in the caribbean nobody could see that that's a great point because both doc do this whole rain storyline 'cause they got a down for the night before is like oh yeah ok right right now the festival is not going to work it's not any of the other stuff that we mentioned right fired the food people and that you know it's great to is that this is kind of billy it is core still doesn't want to party yes it moves all showed
right right right at nine million dollars abou say what you want about the rest of the festival it was actually a remarkable feat of logistics that billy mcfarland was able to get ten million dollars worth of booze onto a private island that that in and of itself like good job billy to have any toilet we don't have any water both the mattress is or damp and by the way screw that one kid i think was the asian kid like yeah we started tearing oh wait wait wait wait that's that's part of my draft that's part of my draft but your eyes all the time moment was like hey sorry bout every possible thing that we said that would work not working out but there's a handle of captain morgan right there with your name on it yeah so good to go it's good to go let's do the draft so we're going to draft moments people characters whatever just kind of riff off of it because it is so there's so many different things so
when i am once you start them p if you go it will go and then i'll go but and then we'll come back around so you start with that your number one moment person whatever it may be okay i'm gonna go with it that seven but center in the 80s thing i don't want you to hear my first hand with billy told every because they bought pablo escobar's private island an part of his pitch was that he was like you could come here and for three days like to the average american you can see like pablo escobar which i don't understand like i heard there's a killing in the pamphlet and then the first thing
we'll see i pablo escobar's lawyer in the estate manager was like do not pay this is pablo escobar and the island was like do not say anything about pablo escobar in the first video they launched the first screen says pablo escobar's island and they get kicked off it so the fact that the island followed through on it too and immediately booted mafia it was awesome but you know what that island did have ryan is those fucking pigs that everyone loves no that was a different island well don't whatever those pics are down there i actually the whole biting you thing i i have a friend of a friend that ended up in the hospital because of the pig fighting at his his don't think thing down there like everybody loves to swim with the pigs you could say it's a whole big thing annual he's another one i think so those that's known down there but they are vicious vicious guys yeah
ok pft ok i don't know which way to go wait start that is good i don't know which way to go with this i got two really solid options i'm going to go with i'm going to go with a grants email about the song that he wanted yes so grant was a little dwight schrute accomplished to billy and he was in charge of like a lot of behind the scenes stuff including designing the soundtrack for their promotional video and he wrote a thousand email for perspective composer i think he's putting out there like on spec so that somebody could like right yes but it needed to be i think for five minutes long it was over a thousand words and the fact that they never mentioned the word cocaine when discussing graphs email is ludicrous it is the most coked up email that i've ever seen in my entire life and it just me me that rich people should not be to do cocaine well it's actually incredible credit if
let give credit to this whole firefest crew for anything it's that they did a remarkable job of hiding their cocaine while on camera yes 'cause i like how is that not in the documentary it was incredible and this is exactly like rich people if when they get caught up guess what we have the money to accomplish all of their coked up fantasies right that's a problem right there i would go one step further and say like if you have over ten million dollars you should be done with thc oil yeah just chilled out also don't do anything but so i've got a little selection from grants email here that i want to read to you guys i'm going to try to read it tim tebo so christopher nolan asking for the score for the next batman yes yes for fucking two minute instagram video with regard to other women for different drum with regard to the to the brand piece we're all in agreement that original composition is the way to go here would love
lock down to composers whose possible i know you mentioned having a few short list composers would love to hear their work ideally these individuals will have a strong theoretical background with a diverse knowledge of classical popular and world music to track should work at most point synergistic lee with the visual composition however key moments having the music in visual composition run in parallel to create moments of tension to be sonically resolved of course would strengthen the overall work as a whole although some of the inspirations below are quite globalists we need to develop a track with mass appeal when global music elements are leveraged properly the bits of unfamiliarity perhaps enhanced lister attention cohesiveness of the overall work is so important and then he gets into the things that he wants in the song why don't you just fucking compose the peace yourself use of use of odd meters ie compound time signatures are something like five four for more exploratory elements with global more yeah he wants five four time he wanted to be like dave brubeck are right yeah with global music elements that can help to inform the more exploratory bits of the work where
we even meters ie44 straight ahead can inform the more emotional segments use of strings in odd meters quite effective and then he to the drums and he says the instrumental inspirations that he wants include the xylophone the sudreau that's brazil brazilian drum the tiko drums especially during the more exploratory elements the tableau which can be filtered so in case you were thinking not to fill the tablet he's going to go ahead and give you that bit of artistic freedom to filter to if you want and then his masterpiece the fretless bass as
it was to a p precision or jazz bass which would add more of a glue specifically with the more global elements this guy's getting down to the nuts and bolts of white type of electric bass yeah you're allowed to your hands and the best part is it's a video with emily roger kowski think anyone listen to the music it's emily ready cascade bathing with pig snorkeling drinking coronas with job rule you could put us not only am chop song that never ends behind it and people wouldn't notice let's not over think this let's just go to the masters at this craft imagine dragons and say hey we will license any one of your songs in ob perfect that's it man that's great all right so all right so i will be well yeah i have to hear yes he's an emt yeah yeah he's the empty weight we were joking about that before the show that he basically was like what's the quickest way i can become a doctor so people will stop calling me a fraudster yeah ok i'm going to empty i save lives now yeah i know how to work in the fibula later alright i got
do i actually shock for so because when you said you were going with the seven foot center in 80s i thought i'm go with the dick sucking story yeah because that is the most remarkable now so there's a guy andy king in the netflix series that worked with billy who was like oddly bill entrance by billy and like was like he's an unbelievable animal kind of yeah right right that billy's girlfriend in this guy andy king like both just very much into the billy is still a god thing after all this evidence but anyway there's a whole story about how they needed to get the water on the island but the customs there was a custom tax of one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars and billy hold up andy king was like hey man you're gay like free gay can you go suck this guy's dick to get the water free customs tax i believe the phrase used was hey andy i need
to take one for the team and i've never asked you do this so he so the guy then this is the crazy part because like that's a crazy story in its own right and he then willingly tells this story on a netflix documentary that he was down to go suck a guy's dick for a to get some water cleared from customs which like is that guy the king's plan is he just never going to work again because he basically saying i will i will do anything i will i will give you sex acts for for goods and yeah i'd someone hire me to be a promotional guy for your next concert yeah it's the new crypto currency is just giving head it was wild i know you love that moment yeah right you know those good creek the tech did you wear in twenty twelve if svp says hey ryan i got a problem are you are you are you are you are you taking a shower and going down to the customs guy now i'll go back tonight
my next one this is a personal favorite um the villas so the villas that they sold for like five hundred thousand dollars each and billy said that they had the villas but they lost the of keys for the villas so two million dollars worth of property they just lost the box of physical key and telling that lie is just so so billy being like no no no we had the villas we just lost all the keys to him 'cause it was just one box and it was you know a lot of moving parts so you can't get in it you lost the keys yeah yeah that who people definitely didn't believe that they like you lost the keys he's like yeah like as if you would actually paid 'cause here's the thing even if they had had in their head possession of those villas and that was part of the plan they had paid those people no based on everything i've seen so he could even if he lost it like if you would pay demand lawsuit
ok here's the deal edm we lost keys over here find a caretaker to get you into it or figure that out right now i just want to do is on a table a picnic table don't wanna dream like weird where is the stop and he's like hey guys and then he would just tell the dj like hey put up by eating again yeah hello yeah everyone check your every check your pockets does anyone have any keys that someone took a turn them all against each other like is lord of the flies right is like one of you has the keys are on that okay the the the most cathartic moment of that that experience for billy must have been when he was on that table and he had no answers for anybody and he just decided say
go find your own tent yeah and then everybody just ran away he probably feel great let yes waited been like salt solution i'm very lucien during the downturn what do you have my we each have to i have two more pics in you and if you have three more pics for coming back around the state right now okay art art art art wait wait wait here keys got got his got my next favorite part was part rule after the fact after the entire thing was over and he's back trying to figure out how to spin this and move forward and maybe get fire fest two going or at least how to clear his name and he said in the conference call it's not like committed fraud or anything and they know somebody
we committed fraud yup there it goes go read it yeah we know we didn't commit fraud it was false advertising yeah are wrong for criminal action intended to result in financial or personal gain yeah but it wasn't fraud yeah it rain don't use the f word on me and ny truth said no one got murdered which we should put on a shirt to say no one got murdered for fire fest two thousand seventeen the baseline for you know what fast facts on you just you just came up with idea you guys gonna make him and got murdered church yeah yeah we absolutely should it's that's that's a good festival can't say the same for all to mont that's true yeah yeah at least billy and try to get hells angels out to the island boom pretty good rest
ok the hells angels tagged as they would have invited yes you have to tag it right you got two i got through all right on that means i'm gonna have three molar yelling at my depth chart here i'm serious i'm gonna go in a real sleeper way too high i don't care will keep it moving topic wise i like when they showed we influencers pictures that shane ray was one yes yes that's right yes hell of a career unreal yeah he just he just of all of a taxi pay with one i would like to stop picture of shane ray demizu jersey and i went alright cool yeah those options that should have been red flag number one when they hired a guy with character concerns who smoke weed in college to be one influencers on that campaign alright next oh
do i have back to back yes nick left ok ok billy's in hulu documentary billys pitch for his wolf type companies you've already referenced a couple different times i think it was called flying l or something i don't remember and they showed his presentation at like the pitch fest thing they had a bucknell and it sucked i don't know if it was edited but like he killed him page in the page would open fully and he was like if you guys see article you really like that just liquid so i think it was the name of it would be so much fun everything members name in some comes out she's like yeah i was there he basically pitched google and then dropped out of college was like this was a success in about steve jobs yeah yeah alright that's it yeah that's
he was like clicking on x is and stuff and nothing was popping up in my dope in the cab draw cleared up and that may have been a technical glitch they made edited that to make it look worse but they did a really good job of making his pitch terrible yes yes yes yes my third one is going to be his his most successful company that he had the fake american as black car that was made out of aluminum magnesium and all nieces magni sis was misspelled misspelled so looked at promises yes and billy's entire product was just at a slightly have your credit card so that you can feel good about not having as much money as you want it was so perfect that like no one figured out back then that this
i was a fraud when he basically created it was almost like a dog with a shiny toy he's like yeah i i threw it down on the table and it claimed in job roles like in and everybody is i go guys your dog does have user will credit card that's sick is amazing it was made by favorite part of that was the whole purpose of that car besides looking cool were the perks behind it and the only perk was that you get to hang out with billy at his townhouse yes yeah it was it was it was a membership that billy was selling to people to come be his friend yeah come play beer pong at this townhouse with a bunch of dudes so the artsy like vice writer said you know if you want it you know if you were a guy out of college who was too old to join a paternity you would've joined this yeah i would have yes twenty two or twenty three
like these guys are loaded and i just have to buy this fake credit card yeah i always think it's funny how different groups just for like oh you guys wanted to do this like well what if they were having fun right wanted to do that it's now granted the whole the whole clanging of the credit card like i have one of those not the magnesis when i went to prove that the current but you know i have one of those holding holding still yeah so i'll take three yeah no i agree with you it was basically soho house but with flip cup and i'm in i'm in right i went to work apart right where the guy was like yeah we're trying to expand this out he's like we wanted to make it to show house but not any goes then permits and such and whatever and then i'm looking around going why would i wanna hang out at this thing it's incredible either so yeah all right i got my last two so i'm going to go with the tent destroyer guy we mentioned it earlier i love
this guy so bit basically what happens is they tell everyone to go find a tent and this guy is like because we didn't want anyone around us we started pissing on mattresses ends and basically cutting up fema tents around us so that we had our own little island and i love this because there's always these guys who just takes everything to like the max level the minute that there are no laws like everyone go find a tent and he just starting to like slightly i'll slit throats and like run over like women in like just start beating up people an it becomes like this you know like back can like the minute medieval times almost instantly click to just chill out like we're probably all gonna get on a flight the minute anyway like you don't need to do this is very primal yeah yeah it became lord of the flies for that guy yes and that guy only and everyone else is just like you know going to fund tent yes probably just looking for a place to lay down for little bit level here like i could under
knocking running into guys out for a bottle of water at that point or you know just tackling someone or taking somebody out of a tent but i wouldn't take the extra water throw it over a ravine so no one could happen with the housing shortage ok like the asian guy you were gonna get your tent you were gonna get a tent you already had your mattress just because you didn't like how how concentrated the tents were started sabotaging other potential housing in this is just because you don't watch neighbors basically what he did that was another level yeah alright my last one i'll keep it short and this one kind of went with flew under the radar no pun intended the pilot who casually said that he taught himself how to fly using microsoft flight simulator yeah that one i had to leave a moment is being like yeah and then they like yeah we didn't realize till he got in the in the air and he was like yeah
i learned it's not that hard yeah just hop on there it's online you can learn all the keys to most people learn how to have sex zero he left the right key what's the big deal yeah but it would drop it like you know every time i would really like hated the pilot is my private ply pilot he left he taught himself on a video game and we make it do three zero gravity yeah yeah that's also like a great i took one flight lesson and instructor did that to me and if you not ready or know what it is it sucks
who is the pilot 'cause he had pilot in his handle which you would like i love how all the people were like hey make sure my handles in there too yeah it is was pilot pilot something and then he got kicked out because he was trying to keep it real yeah he was cute when keeping it real goes wrong the pilot the pilot who learned it from microsoft flight simulator actually was one of the most level headed guys there's a whistleblower stunning turn of events are pft ok well that was going to be my last one so i have to call an audible i'm going to say i'm going to go with in the netflix documentary when our good friend and recurring guest of this podcast bali yes tweet was featured yes it was one of the one of the tweets that they have like people freaking out well they are making fun of the fire fast it true ball as the mask saying like
x fist at sky job room so good good it was just good to see troll get get is gives do his credit on there get it get it get it shine all right ryan what's your last one god is still so many there's so much gap in this draft i think what it afterward all gone bad and people were like where is billy and then billy this is where he's he's smarter and more complicity could he do like it i kept wondering what is this going to bother you enough to leave and it bothered him so my he left all of his lieutenants there to deal with the outrage masses at the locals that we're ready to like start knocking stuff over and billy was gone yes in order to be found yes and then after kind of being banned
i don't really know how the legal stuff came i think the bahamas you just get too if you're running one of those islands just get to decree whatever you wanted to create like that's it yes which may be better and then he went back to steal all the merch it's going to be able to steal millions of dollars worth of merch 'cause they clearly had sick fire henleys and whatever going they left it all there 'cause it was on the island they couldn't sell any of it so billy's like alright well we screwed everybody over but let's go back to the bahamas and steal our perch and they were going to bribe one of the local bartenders who doc who apparently his sketching his meter is off the charts yep an they paid him or there was a suggestion that he was paid to help steal the stuff back and they asked him did you see funny thing and that he has a huge smile on his face he's like i ain't never rob nobody like hate no way you all these people all of this money you are the biggest disaster that this island
running to and we're not talking about hurricane like you're the worst and you're just going to pop back up for the island a week or two after this fire festival goes belly up and you think you're going to steal your hoodies and t shirts back in dad hats he believed no triblend behind yes oh there was another there was a scene where billy there talking about how he got past problems that he would have 'cause you're right he wasn't a problems guy he was a solutions guy didn't hear anything or did they did not want to hear anything negative and so whenever he'd have a problem he would walk get on his atv and then floor to the end of the road and then turn around driving as fast as he could and go back and forth like three times and then walk back in shelby like ok if my moment of zen clarity we're good to go good to go i clear my head i cleared my head oh he's and then the frank tribble thing which is maybe if i know frank triple was a real guy but that's like the
if someone emails you in their name is frank tribble you'd be like no that's that's the biggest scam artist ever like that's the most yup name of all time in the hulu doc gets credit for the great find of all time when they were like 'cause billys committing fraud wow i like being are out on probation and they're like if you've ever been out on bail that's the time you want to commit the least amount of crimes and frank tribble is trying to get more money for exclusive the met gala puno tickets and all that ship you see that that's that's a great point it kind of brings back to like when you're talking about grant an and his psychotic emails is that they kept some stuff out of the view of the cameras and then what billys out on fail
he's basically using his leads it's like all these leads that he has anybody that signed up for any of the fire fest tickets stuff there like ok so now we have this database of potential clients that are into this kind of stuff so now we can call them up ancol column it billy's writing the script and he's basically telling the trouble guide like this is how you do and it's all on video yes like this that that same dippy and then you're going to wait it does he ever have these tickets to any of these events and everyone's like no he doesn't and that's like the the things that bothered him versus the things that don't bother him like that pie chart has a very small sliver and then a much bigger like this just in a way i almost admire his ability to be impaired
show it frequently by anything happening around yes yes yes but he's got a snap at some point right where he has it would probably when he's in jail because when they were talking about going to jail he asked his buddy who had been to present before what is it like in drug will bill your in your cell for twenty three hours a day in the they let you out for one and he was like oh never mind i'm not going to go so i don't have to worry about it i don't want to talk so he came this close to actually reckoning with his own reality and saying ok i'm going to end up in a cell and then when he found out it was going to be like egypt no not going to happen so at some point he's going to figure it out and it's going to be hot that's going to be quite the realization he comes to ryan last thoughts were running long but this is been fun last stop sum it all up i would probably hate billy if he had done this to me
but years removed i think it's going to be a real conversation starter if you're a fire festival veterans yes yes yes i want to meet one yes i'd bad you know how like in pst you'll be good on this you know how like back in the olden days when there would be nautical disasters and then people that were survivors of nautical that should be given preferential treatment throughout society yeah i've seen that episode of seinfeld yep very well very well back off it's true it's true so i don't know we're still doing it but i i think we could extend that to some of these like i've there are things that you're funny to say about millennials and not being wanted i've done some ranch store little tiny cheek butt hole nails but i don't know i don't i don't really blame the kids for thinking they were signing up for an awesome time yeah i wasn't
but laughing at them the way the rest of the public wasn't all the late night comedians to tell the same stupid jokes and it's such a layout in like on that make fun all these dumb kids yeah i get that there's things that we don't like about different generations and stuff but i don't know i did not i did not have this boynton haha feeling towards the kids that got off a bus and want to have a party that were in 20s that's what you do i get the time those kids were done a disservice by the media that it mostly reported the expensive villas that were being sold so i know for myself at the time i thought that everybody that was down there was under the russian that they were gonna be living in a fifty thousand dollar bill like you had a spare fifty grand laying around right to shell out for a weekend of you know like a concert on an island and those are people that would be easier to laugh at i think but i agree with you it's it's a little unfair sometime just pile on millennials for for just wanting to have a good time and go to a concert with their friends were a bunch of famous people
yeah i don't i don't blame it off that i'm with you i don't know what it is about the chubby guy growing up it becomes a con artist later on and then it says fair it's fair where could point it's fair get my head on this will we got yeah no the so my last point was it's just so funny because the bill the in his crew went to fire fest when they feel the promo that was fire fest like they live their life that they sold they had the the supermodels the pigs the bonfire the stupid toast where they're trying to fuck like pornstars that that for some reason netflix and hulu people like like they invented this clarius toasts toast like dude have or been around like a douche bag who is a little too drunk at a bar that toast has been around forever young forever but it's just so funny because everyone bought it everyone bought into it but it's like they didn't really
i agree with everything like that i would have if i were at the right age right time little disposable income i would have set video been like fuck man this is sweet let's go let's go i do regret not going yeah i regret it you sold me billy the you want i should put it on yeah fire fest two or do i can make this happen can you get it done by super bowl if you start today yeah yeah no one can ship but we can do it yeah i'll just be at the ivy buckhead everyone in the world show up perfect um alright brian this is been fun thank you i appreciate it will see you super weak and good on the screen writing whatever you're doing these days i don't even know could look on the juice cleanse hey ryan last question would you trade anthony davis uh what ok fine i was just playing with you
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stop in virginia and we're going to be in nashville so saturday come come hang out with us will be at the ainsworth nashville from two to five thousand two hundred and twenty five watson college basketball that's in the afternoon will be there hanging out wrong will be there with us two to five at the ainsworth in nashville on saturday let's start with some mike greenberg don't let's don't bash talk okay for guys much bachelors we swear except for hank nope i don't watch it at all i just hear things the beef between two former pageant girls caitlin and hannah be heated up as they accused each other of being manipulative liars so this was you know that the one on one date and they're spending the time in there one on one data talking shit about the other girl was an added hank detail now that i just read that well you look right now so that way they they were on their data were talking with each other instead of talking with the
competed against each other in the pageant pageant game when they were growing up so there was already there was already a rivalry they knew each other from the past this is history got it and it's pageant girls you know how competitive that gets yeah i do assure do i definitely saw the sandra bullock movie i saw the jon benet ramsey documentary colton sent caitlin was bad did they ever catch who killed her i don't know was it i didn't actually i started it and then i was like this is slenderman to plunder man killed like this is very very sad fulton send caitlin home before the rose ceremony after she said she's pretty normal lives a pretty normal life and likes to hang out with their friends that's what you say when you're not normal yeah the way i don't think i've ever anyone if you asked him like what are you like if they replied won't run the opposite direction counterpoint she actually is very normal she's just incredibly boring because if you asked someone what they like to do is hobbies and they say just hang out my friends in i don't know i mean i'm i'm
like that i'm boring because i would like to do that just chill or to hang out i love i like to travel yeah i like traveling i like ballet food i like a big foodie yeah i like it i like you do i've read i like to do is hang out and eat i love you know the biggest crock of is when people like i love meeting new people get the out new people are the worse off gross finally colton replaced pre rose ceremony cocktail party with a pool party so can be be shirtless again this guy's version actually soon do not be funny you bring that up big cat have a major stay woke oh i have of credible information hank shaking his head already that the bachelor is not really a virgin okay so so what we've been saying all along he was using it he was using my idea of lying about being a virgin to get checks
and executing it masterfully you all laughed at me yes i've come across we lost you because in any other any other scenario i decides the bachelorette this does not work hey ladies just so you know i'm a virgin impressed yeah wow dms are going to blow up after this one but i did get a tip that included a snapchat from this guy or snap is a week with his napkin if it every night on it will it snow hits him and it said after a big t worded ho last night hello let me just maybe they would need not losing your virginity but he didn't say he left the ts he said he left the hoe that had the tools there was the owner and operator of the chief that well yes much more than just a set of tees right fifty i could i could take a picture of you right now and then doctor what the caption looks like in snapchat so whatever he can because it's got that special shade of gray in the stripe it's very hot
duplicate yeah true if you don't know anyone sorry hank are you talking about deep fakes right now i'm saying that your sources are very suspect and there's not a lot of credibility there are such but that was the guy going to do sue me for saying that he has sex yes he could edge italy that's slander them slanted view i was being used too busy focusing on d1 football i've no one that's right you can have sex with forgot about i've damaged this twenty seven year olds reputation by insinuating that he's had sex yes yes let's count the rings on your dick whip it out buddy that's it ok it's like you get a blister like out michael jordan and black pants we serve water you sleep with what is the plant patcher since monday nights of to watch one at super okay i was an idea yeah right i think they're like six hours long i threw an idea out there guys no bad idea more of a celebrity big brother guy with ricky williams the mooch ryan lochte e and kill kill kill kill yeah all right
do a mike greenberg dumb rules we got gotta fix overtime or so people say because it's not fair because the patriots scored on the first drive even though the ram or after stopping the saints whatever i honestly do do not agree patsy that like the uproar about overtime feels like it's a lot more the patriots then it will give the chiefs have won that game in overtime we need a metric to establish what outrages right where they outrage level is because i don't think there's as much outrages you think there is no i think it was leading all i there's outrage the wrong words not outrage but i think it is a topic of discussion once everyone moved on from the saints yeah they went right to the overtime but was it was on all the talking head shows and all that so the metric be over mints yeah how many older men have any over its three three and a half three out of five three and a half sir is out of five yes yeah i think so yes i do the outrage if there was any was that you didn't get to see
triple homes play offense right but i i agree that the rule for overtime right now is not as good as it could be i like college over time better than i like nfl well the problem with college over time as you have to move them to the fifty because it's just easy field goal we talked about this and the if you wanna talk about fairness the coin flip in college over time matters a lot too sir here problem solved to a point flip to see who gets to call the coin flip i like that boom water down a little bit that's a good one what about as a straight field goal competition everyone loves field goal yes it's so yeah it's a key case yeah right let's just let's just like all the other direction but you can't have your kicker kickham yeah i like that too here yes it has to be either i mean offense alignment anyone over three hundred pounds here is here is the idea that i want to see happening college overtime twenty five yard line everything is the same
college overtime exact same rules only wrinkle each team has to play their backup quarterback who now we're now we're creating jobs okay and backup quarterback is becoming becomes a very important position so the it you go to overtime your starter canola your play quarterback so we get like a second life of charlie whitehurst and gosh what county is like the the coveted backup yeah jim sword you what do you got power and comes out of retirement yes moment all your life lord tell me you wouldn't want to see that i would love to see they'll tell you what let's keep the string going and and they would be able get yards because the back up so you can do it at the twenty five there you go so what about this you've got you the the big thing when you talk about the the match up between patrick my homes and tom brady you get all these naysayers being like well they're not on the field at the same time they're not really going head to head i like we go on why don't we solve that problem yeah why don't we have offense what what
what you have offense versus defense on one end at the thirty yard line and the other teams offense versus defense on the other thirty yard line and you say go first offense to score on your opponent's defense wins or i will teach you get split screen yes offense is going or you have patched row home stand on one goal on tom brady stand on the other and someone gets the ball first let's say patch my homes and he just has to score one on one okay field how about you just play the game of five hundred we're patrick mahomes autos and you've got three players from each team trying to catch the ball on the like eighty yards away amendment to the rule team has a pool in their end zone 'cause you can't play five hundred non pulled that's true yeah so i'll crocodile or did we play dilly what is it called mealy demi demi demi no game where you just totally don't cheat end game go underwater with your eyes closed and try to find something on the ground you start with your eyes closed
and then you go swim underwater i just like to point out that rob gronkowski in a pool playing five hundred would be the she none of all human g manzi's been training for that moment his entire life monster so yeah i guess fix and a full time or don't i don't really care i really don't what do you think would happen if you had offenses going head to head though like both office is lined up against each other to be great they yeah well the they will like the line like no one would touch each other online play because they both being passed protected like basically up to bump but if you if you do a running play not only can your offense alignment sack the other quarterback but you're running back and come around the edge it's quite right yeah yeah i don't know there's a lot i haven't worked out about this figure it out alright let's finish up guys on chicks come on hank alright we only have three minutes before i get kicked out of the studio so looks like we're not to do a speed round the audio can you guys explain with semen displacement what can you guys explain what the semen displacement theory is the same and
isn't theory after you nut you feel you get sleepy there's a semen displacement theory yeah thank did you google that and what is it let me just google semen here do image search first ok seeming displacement theory theory alright next one hank while pft look set up subways how do you guys feel about hand clearly watching the bachelor i'm a little hurt i don't know what you're talking about yeah i don't he doesn't even read it off of anything notice when does the bachelor talk doesn't stumble his words at all i'm just saying he's not reading it's going right from the memory hank keyshawn johnson shout out hey guys love you guys been a fan for so long where are you originally came in third place jumpsuits because you guys said to jumpsuit january and then i saw a big cat wearing jeans courtside side i i them all mall i'm never listening to show again
but did you see me with little uzi that was sweet ok semen displacement theory this is actually we touched on this it's funny how we're always one step ahead of the so called scientists yeah but semen displacement is just that the human penises shape of the human evolved to enable males to substitute their semen for of their rivals so the reason that we have penises is so weekend if our mate copulates with another male prior to copulating with us are dicks can move all the jizz out before we displace it with their own so good thing we've got dicks ok ok my boyfriend is as normally theory my boyfriend is abnormally loud during sex and makes me feel uncomfortable he's basically screaming is this double reason to break up with him i think i think depends if it is or grunts or is it like
and that maybe is a cry gathering hi guys means so awful yeah it is it really is so in touch with your emotions it's new age i know it is because your yeah you're you're basically saying i'm not afraid to cry i'm so not afraid to cry that i'm going to do it all the time in front of yeah i'm not afraid i'm not afraid to cry and come at the same time alright last on our sub boys one of my girlfriends is a decent amount of instagram followers and does some money promos not a lot though but is now fixated on becoming an influencer or cannot do anything without instagramming it does our friendship have any hope for the future we friendship or sup one of my girlfriends though so it's another girl yeah girl say girlfriends all the time ok call you guys my boyfriend so hot so hot turn big cat and nobody ever looks at me weird when i say cool so
she does influence or things to she also do like pictures of like hey some weird guy eat up my vin mile yeah sure my feet yeah actually that my taters that's what you should do is you should become just a feet picks for money girl now the question is does her front does their friendship have any hope for the future i'm trying to solve their friendship for the mac yet made which is the only way so this this lady only operates out of it one of two emotions one is jealousy and the other is narcissism so you need appeal to one of those so either you become her old time photographer just trailer around like a puppy dog which sounds awesome don't get me wrong or baker jealous because you're making some sweet cash by selling feet pics on instagram so you do feet only or here third option your friendship crumbles and then you pay
her from an anonymous source but it's you a thousand dollars for a shout out face time and then you face time with their you like hey i just wanted to re can it was me all along and that's the judd apatow movie coming out next spring or that's how that's a good one you weasel your way into the background or next to her and one of her pictures and then you create a burner account being like oh my god i love you with your friend you two are perfect so i will pay both of you for the feet for the feet double and then you get four feet going yes that's twenty toes baby we got you that's all those work pick go through all of 'em use all the methods and let us know which one works alright that is our show we will see everyone on friday from the road
can i i want to dive real quick back into the semen displacement theory because all this is like is that this is a scientific study that was put together to say sometimes dicks push other guys sperm out of vaginas when they're having sex and they did they did study so whoever came up with great job can't really big time
it's pardon my take presented by barstool sports
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