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Samuel L Jackson, SCF, And The Warriors Are On The Ropes

2019-06-10 | 🔗

Stanley Cup Final game 7 is on. The Blues lose after the St Louis Dispatch had them winning and Jon Hamm shaved his beard (2:29 - 6:40). NBA Finals Game 4, is this the end of the dynasty, and will Kevin Durant save the Warriors (6:49 - 17:27). Who's back of the week (17:27 - 28:38). Samuel L Jackson joins the show to talk about the new Shaft out June 14th, his career, his awesome twitter game, why he's the world's greatest swearer, and watching his own movies (28:38 - 51:20). Segments Stay Classy Max Muncy, Tale of the Tape Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise, Talking Tennis, Thoughts and Prayers Big Papi, and Monday Reading - Dodgeball is oppressive. 

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on today is pardon my take we have the man the myth the legend samuel l jackson the greatest cursor in the world a hundred fifty plus movies a bona fide a lister i'm excited to highest grossing actor of all time i'm excited you should be excited it's awesome we also have stanley cup final game six nba finals are the warriors done or finished who's back of the week and a monday reading before we get to all of that for my take is brought to you by the cash app number one finance app in the app store cache app is the most powerful way to send spend and save it's connected to the free cash card the only debit card with boost just a select a boost in your cash app that instantly saved some of your favorite places like ten percent of chipotle or one dollar off a tall coffee shops are always at a new boo so check yours off and best of all booster like unlimited coupons you can use them over and over and over again not ready to switch debit cards you don't have to to cash app lets you instantly transfer funds to your cash card for free so when you see a boost you like just add fun swipe and save cash app is also the most convenient way to buy bitcoin most bitcoin exchanges require five days or more for bank transfers to become investable with cash app that only takes seconds download the cash app from the app store google play market today and cash app is bringing back a great initiative for all rawls if you download the cash app inventor the refer
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well pardon my take presented by the cash app put in that code barstool we get five dollars on the cash app and five dollars to the aspca today is monday june tenth and according to the st louis dispatch congratulate so our champions the saint louis blue where to go away to go we could do a dual defeats truman here was here was the note from saint louis blues winning the stanley cup was a dream come true for so many of you all of us will remember where we were what we did and how we fell when the blues brought the cup home that's tough each other we'll have a library of memories to pass down for generations each of us will forever think of the personnel are lies for whom this time meant so much like sets top that's like when you when you write in a bitch whereas for the news that you have to have on file like ready to go yes a case somebody dies i'm pretty sure someone somewhere has written in a bitch where it for one of us in this room like would florio killed terry
exactly and rape or withdrew breeze get both of his legs broken and radio exactly yeats where those things that i dont really blame the saint louis dispatch because they do have to be prepared but for some four to get that leaked so it is a big issue i think would happen was they were there try to sell adds right so they set out to advertise has been like this is what the paper will look like it around your add could run next to it and then somebody took a picture of that mail and rule out stay woke they need to start doing that they'd you fake ones whenever team gets close to winning a championship in cell ads for that double what about there's an add on this woe is presented by like these mattress guy down the road that actually lick that got more impressions than the real story would rain exactly least online so anyone out there if you want a double debt but we have game seven stanley cup final on wednesday night hank you can be there pa depend
we take it so we re now it is my birthday i'm thinking about going by the who should take some feet picks up on the internet and get some money up for that i with anyone wants to buy my feet pictures i'll ok well doing everyone's hand that great feet by the work of your cash we get channel your cash app and saves you asked you if you guys can really disparate like games seven at home bruins once alleged something but i'm not like a die hard bruno but it was but as you heard they talk artist tide of yet it is likely that they could hardly worth much more than we were already heavy react when they have all the planet's line it's called acidity synergy s wisely why'd you why i make this the the hank lockwood sports synergy that's happening i think that you should definitely go tell you what you can worsen inflatable shorter pads with bare feet we draw up some money for oil does yeah yeah maybe yeah let's get all of anyone who wants to see you ok
i guess it is at all eyes is now back to how much money with the aid of eels put up for hate to shave his beard up oh it's rather i would throw in item fifty i do two hundred bucks ok i'll still throw me the pot i give you three two hundred and how much would it take you and become a gimmick what have we got you on the glass no that's probably marianna glassware no beard and every where i was greatly where a figure that actually no speaking of which we should we should touch on this john ham shape his put off beard before you is it
yeah yeah he was clean shaven all nothing i can do that because that would couldn't do the same in c i don't care if you're superstitious whatever you like your sports fan in your team we all fan of your hockey team in there in fucking game six the stanley cup final and you have appeared you cannot achieve it listen john him i don't care how big your dick is you need to keep that beer going saint nick style lightly
the plan was for a role even if was verona scorbutic hey guess what guys who were one game away doesn't matter unreal on room whose production the curse of john hams hammer there it is never see his dick yeah have in the sweat pants picture of course ever ass pretty good anything else personal emma say ok it's pretty big top mushroom stamp yet that's all i have to say about ah i unless i'm let's talk about the other finals that are going on the golden state warriors or on the ropes the toronto raptors actually draw down a bunch of thoughts are but throw raptors are really fucking really fucking good quite leonard is insane he had his fourteen for ten thirty point game in these play off so now he's in company with harry were carried out ok god you're gonna get it michael jordan jerry were sorry west no thirty away when it was the averaging for he has fourteen
thirty point gay oh i heard it in these plants joy three guys with more thirty point games in a single play off i heard her i heard a different staff from that ok similar though he's in company with m j who s who had sixteen thirty point games in a singular play off a king who had sixteen as well and cobia fifty so that is insane seen rarefied aerial probably get fifteen on monday night yes as aid of those thirty point games on the road and absolute killer and their differences on and they got the words on the ropes but now we get what we are hoping for whisper katy watch katy practised the one thing we are looking forward to
chaos the words or down three one out of you ever heard this but it's kind of an internet joke the words and three one leads this could actually be a great way to defeat a meme and real foreshadows the only way that we ve seen a meme die in the past has been like going out with a whimper not a bang like decrying m j thing who's gonna faded away after a couple years this could be like a supernova explosion the meme is done they take it down themselves took it down himself yet as poetic now you time ok d in the chaos it's coming along with him practicing joe rose actually said that the practice didn't go well i don't know a wheel and we re when i resign though that today this was today's reports i saw that yesterday ok does he know there was theirs conflicting reports errors on saturday there was the report that everyone's upset a katy and that is not good it's like not responding but then today he was cleared a practice and i think practice okay so i think i think everything went ok today so i heard that the act
a practice wasn't good though game play what we also wanted statue yeah check our can't you see that pianist plus minus was in an unopposed practice there but to add to that katy can help a throw open the fuel on fire and he went on integrated as he is wont to do from his main account up from his actual count this time and he followed the following people ready jovial maggie lebron james caligula lamar odom todd girls a day or and donald where'd you see this this was it was on like ours season with the with the choir apple story that went viral no diary funny away it was on today is probably just do it to fuck with people yes and then follow the ball brothers
have it your way on monday night i really do and it will be chaos and it's perfect because this is like there the wars entire season in a microcosm because it was member the dream on fight with katy when he's like we don't need you we want without you so want you leave called him a bitch which is so wildly inappropriate to do i put we're back to that spot where it's like you do need them he probably still going to leave in the whole team just waiting to see if he'll come and play in these finals i also the interesting thing with these bottles to me is that like when a dynasty ends it's it's kind of what's going on with the warriors where you just don't expect it you always are just sitting there like hey where the warriors why haven't they shown up yet yeah when the heat lost the spurs in twenty fourteen they lost four to one when a lot of people making this analogy but it does feel similar to the lakers pistons in two thousand and four lakers win game two you're like
is the lakers they're fine pistons win four by the way i went back and i looked the scores of that series or so funny eight thousand seven hundred and seventy five one of the game's eighty eight sixty eight high school gay was ninety nine ninety one in overtime pretty much completely different ass well put my point is you go back like the ninety one when the bulls beat the persons for nothing in the in the eastern converts finals when they beat the bulls beat the lakers for one in the finals when the pistons meet the celtics for two and like the eighty eight easter cartoon whenever dynasty ends you just sit there being like oh they're gonna turn it on its gonna happen and it just doesn't that's so it feels like that like as much as we all are are inclined to be like the words can flip a switch and everything will be fine and go nuclear words on everyone
three shows is probably more likely the rapids will finish him off on monday which crazy is that i didn't really see this coming day it's mostly about cave it that's what happened mostly about katy with that's what happened but katy if this worsening was still healthy would yet it would not be like oh my god dynasties over they would be much more competitive winning probably more these games because like you saw how went down with rockets rockets were very good team in the play of course and a handle their business against them i did get caught up in that little bit personally so there is some truth to it because after game one i put a large bet you're happy also on the war is always a guess is easy man what i said here of earners you're gonna go nuclear they're gonna flip to switch the switch is across the room right now and they don't have super long wingspan of nobody to reach out and press the switch button memory i told you the time such as better words came to yeah
tell me that i did but i mean plus money nobody likes to get its i know i d i told you will remember that what we were sitting at the time who or what i am i am a hundred percent that guy that was and i still to this day i'm like i think that they might all honour and i think they might beat them by forty and if they win on monday night in the series back on especially of katy place but this is my bigger point was more that like i remember watching that pistons lakers series and being like well that's the pistons like nato they'll have kobe then off shack the lakers will turn it on and when this year and you sit there on friday night i was like all the first half the words were awesome and you're like yeah this is the warriors are back this is it this series over and that's how dynasties end you just sit there being like we were all the guys that we saw all these years in your eye katy obviously changed everything but i'm just like at this point the rafters or so fuckin good they pay
so well that to it like our dumb brains are caveman brains on monday night like the words will kill him i am also very wicked history or like threats probably when i'm very excited to see how katie's injury plays out in the off season because i'm definitely an achilles calves true for truth or not this point because i think that if if the injury was as minimal as they made it seem at first he would have at least try to play by now yeah i welcome the fact that clay thomson played through whatever he plays like a fucking warrior like he is warrior but he is a warrior like he gets memories bleeding through his ear yeah doing things like whatever that where we had some good blood too we are irrelevant fleet yet took one off the off the churn got smoke the cheekbone way we have
we are part of my jake panty stats sports business reporter with breaking moves was so that yes so that is yes that saturnine so winners winner centre anxious isn't readies body isn't ready the trainers don't believe it he hasn't believe it but then he practiced on sunday yet but then after that jail in rows reported the practice i saw jail and roses report on saturday so maybe maybe you're right but i think i think he practiced in everything went well like i think he's going to play on monday night and i want him to play and somehow bring the warriors back just to watch everyone like everyone's collective brain will just melt on the internet and that's what we wanted before the entire series i'm very happy ass aren't that break moves bronte by chocolate milk very colloquial job last weekend were very probably for that's we're gonna have to colloquial things up a bit you know truckle milk is the ideal recovery drink so instead tell us a story about how great chocolate milk tastes and your words that you have to use our scrumptious and a morpheus amorphous food ok well maybe my favorite samuel jackson character
that's a good idea or even be something like you know i was i was a dog and then i m morpheus into a human being and afterwards young such a hard job doing that i had a scrumptious chalk on milk willingness like anna morphs yet it embrace debate although the better cover for books as a young adult anna morphs or goosebumps i like response has its goose one could touch him and ethical conduct weight is like a more for your fingers sees you drink the chocolate makers dog ciller now you became human rights yet i animals and the dog blood thou be bad don't need your dog chalk about one on feed everyone else talk about because that dogs can have chocolate another net yet you knew that i don't have a dogs out i know that henceforth eclat no one worldwide i mean ok but it is wrong one of the world's leaders would like lira rule one of the world does not give that dog chocolate i and iraq rapes are grapes yeah or raw unease is yeah or garlic yes or avocado yeah millennia
you're on your ball lineal dodges so pissed off here so we cleared up sweet alien roses report was friday yes to learn more about that but would shackling note that common clear up the colloquialisms anxious is so the p empty sports been showed us that the report was that kept her aunt left cracked ere he left a facility after practice practice without a noticeable limp so looks like he's gonna play a joan roses reports friday night when he was saying that there's no way he's coming back this year it was funny cuz everyone started piling on it was like what's going on it was mad about neil kevin durant and now a little bit of public pier pressure has a former triple be ready to play ready to put the
team on his baby back in my evil there would be something very cool about toronto winning in toronto with the whole jurassic park things have going they came seven we need more sports yet screw you know it to some years like its ever see a movie probate this happens and die hard or something but where some guys hanging on alleged with both his hands yes and then like his fingers start to slip in any one hand comes off in reaches back up and grab slipping yeah and that's what this tommy ears like for me when i got i've got my two hands of hockey in basketball and tonight one hand was sort of slip because was ago shit this could be the end cups in the building that i reached up and i grab that hand saying things can happen tomorrow night with the other hand yes and then i'm just can be free falling into is going to be more resources and actually have an asthma whose back but i have a list and made for the weekend we're gonna do whose back hank once you start before we do that few unwashed similar jackson part my take partial wold dotcom slash p m t is a hundred fifty first movie hundred fifty first movie parcel gold dotcom such panty hank why start whose back i should be cut my whose back the weak as actually some do you owe thanks dad visual for you oh yeah
they will cat yo hooker great are those pictures and i during when the electric chair odd i would old people to delete it way look at this year where can i find it you can if anywhere i quote treaty and said please deleted so yeah a particular line so that so that their individual prompted you tweet out that you're home run derbyshire i am the picture graham in home under behind then christian yellow responded to it and said he i hope so why didn't you really tough spent a tough navies of christian reality response just respond hey where would you say you are like the you're like the like dicks picks for grateful dead you're the historian of bad pictures of me so where would you say that
thanks i mean i don't want not i'm not even joking i want to be too mean but like this one's pretty bad it's bad came out of nowhere it was also like i was too low usually like hell like in my grandma go because we await an individual comes a year that makes sense i haven't thought that recently in there that reactors is bad you let me put a vaguely soviet bus driver from like ninety ninety three at reaching for his bottle of smeared off that it keeps next is bad but guess what i've had it many times and they roll off my back that rack and what are you gonna do you look like a russian guy
used to be a wrestler forty years ago thou work some athletic works yeah minute listen there's a long history of bad pictures and take its not whereas i would put it up there i'll say it begat does not look like then person on phthalates are much more than a couple in person i can hey i listen when bad pictures get taken i love it because it's like a reset the clock bad picture it's also nice when a bad picture gets taken because then when somebody sees you in public like oh you don't look as slovenly i thought you weren't ass yet erect correct miles back because across what is this we can is actually pretty entertaining added to paul paul and i am convinced that was lost again the redwoods lost i think
next i would say well sanctioning law they might have one i don't know i have for our primary now as i do the fat picture i am to do my whose back because it said wasted from lacrosse so we're just talking about it but the amount of sports at around that our sports i don't care about his in insane amount right now and i just this my who's back is i need football back because i wrote down everything that i watch this weekend i watched at least some part of all of these things so baseball women's world cup hockey basketball those are you know normal okay then it starts to fall off a cliff i watch some wnba i watch them lacrosse i watch them tennis i watch some beach volleyball cuz it was on after lacrosse and i watch
baseball i watch motor motorcycle racing did you watch drag raising that was onto drag racing is always on i want some polling i watched the eu aid for friendly i washee under twenty soccer match that we lost though the u s socks and then i wash lance armstrong interview we cycle we also had a u s men actual team friendly lorries and so we got it yet in the under twenty we're right up the future not here not here for the men yes i want a lot of four computers that aim at or give a fuck about and it's just sat there be in like manner wished to football was bad work as you know what happens when you get into this off season area start to watch things on channels that you normally dont go to correct like to women's world cups that was on a fair one i believe you and then you take the nafta customary second half nap in sport that you normally don't watch and when you wake up there is an even more obscure sport that is taking its play her act after that sport is of beach
about its armstrong and then you have to find out how to bet on all these bright lance armstrong doing in our view where he couldn't fully commit to saying the kitchen do steroids yet there is that is like i do did you i want you guys i got turn and other less light yellows not rocket here so i don't know i just i just basically crews round the channels i've cable no big deal and i couldn't find a good movie to watch so then i just popped around all the stuff you just do it out of instinct to sports channels you go started the bottom sports shin on you cruise through all of them and you stopped off at a couple and i watch fucking why are they not only cycle recent when i was worried about you i was watching motorcycle lean skip palace where the only people that watch that gave it sad man did you need to fear on away like i would have kept on washing motorcycle racing if they just the if your tv could have like a thing that pops up like hate you
what what do you want to bet on this poem you can bet on it right now i would have been on the volleyball you know we need to do we need to start watching you can find old interfere games and youtube yeah from like two thousand sixty thousand seven somebody hd ones so we should just have like hank or bubba or maybe we have these idea before this exact mill i thought about this was superbowl week i was having sunday scariest for the unifil seas are being over but we should actually do it we'll have jake go through just pick one game a random like chiefs browns weak twelve two thousand seven oh and then without us knowing about the teams at all will bet on young bet against each other and then we'll watch the game the chill poverty less miles i wanna what year was from in fucking ellis she was like raining like hell and else you had an awesome goal i stand in the second quarter sign out and its us says there's a way to fuck it issue was like raining like hell and alice you had an awesome go on stand in the second quarter sign out and its us
so there is a way to bet on all that old shit that we don't remember its new to us yeah exactly owens georgia springy which i think was a reply then assume they have put their spring i'm a couple months is a bright use along we gave just watching anything goes on tv once you get into a repeat of spring scrimmage you're you're in a bad yeah well they did have a nice fucking little flee flickr so those who does your team or did you tv have the screen time feature phone us now roused me out what happens is the thing pops up says you haven't you haven't changed channel a really long time yeah what are you doing i wanted well i wanted to watch the rest of this georgia spring game dude yeah i want to get rid of that feature on my tv cuz it's like fuck you i'm partying yeah we thought it turned the cheese i haven't seen piano for eight hours now would you got me i've got a couple whom specks of the week the first was big little lies
you what is that your big little lies as a show its entourage fur like rich women who are so rich that they sound british when they talk cool as best we can describe so said nicole kidman what station in recent witherspoon what station yeah it's on station hbo ok yeah oh it's it's it's pretty good and it's like you have only wants to upsurge but it did what's recap of the first two seasons twice so like my little guilty prick pleasure that i have just started to do again these are things that i go through in the off season when there's nothing else to get me through sunday so i decided that i was gonna get into big little lies ok that's number one number two is joe flackered yoyo flat goes back sir john i want to iran john always said it looks to me like he's back insuperable in vp form so that means he's six foot five beyond thirty five pounds any through the ball across his body nobody arts know joe flak owes practices are becoming like patrick ma homes is updates for four people out there they're just every week it's like joe flax or through another bore eddie
urgent thinner degenerate will realise that your photo ex now technically in the last five year now we're starting quarterback you have absolutely not without a serious question too much on our tonight i want we who did a draft only drafter lafayette drew locked finger gay i guess they mattie mock real throwback eyes at it i've got one more go for it so my last whose back of the week is least shorts that's a lay surely back in a big way to grow bellers distress and general fellow the shorter back big time but now lay shorts or even backer actually backless because they're just totally see through on the back end in they have like little cover up in the front finally lingerie for guys that want to place a basque while at the same time it's pretty gross and phd tune in to podcast come it basically goes like this fifty says you'll look at this in some like disgusting piece of clothing and then he goes can i get the credit card roquat yet in that's that's how it's me
that's it that's all it's listen i'm telling you it's gonna be a game changer it's like the new its newer everyone yeah for everyone for mostly the people who want to see you but here's why man because like i don't have a problem people being disgusted by my lingerie that i'm wearing my my dude lingerie when you come up a name for men gerais because of somebody's disgusted seeing me where does not the kind of person want to hang out with anyways i guess the litmus test is walking around like do you want to see me naked yeah you don't want to see me my lay shorts ok cannot get through that shall of a person that you don't want to see my gross body rain your face right then i guess i don't want my gross body to be seen by your stupid fate right why did she gets no p if these brain munchkins knows personality my eyes all about the fact that he's wearing the most ridiculous shorts ever through attention that's right my eyes are
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okay that voice you hear right now it is the legend samuel jackson we're here he's got his new movie out shaft june 14th go watch it i want to start with shaft and the coolest characters you've ever played is he up there like top three coolest baddest motherfukers you ever played i would say so yeah i mean it's an honor to be able to portray you know of figured that's so iconic that meant so much i guess when i was younger you know seeing seeing richard roundtree as shaft was something that you aspire i want to be there cool long and have them a jigsaw and have them any level right you're so if it's not sure who are like the top three cool here is that you jewels nick fury share what about morpheus your grand morpheus i've seen more obvious i love you more thousands i pianos taxes meda how often is that happened
depends on whether people are trying to be funny or whether to china piss me off i think i reckon there actually get brings up a good point so cool and bad is a difference between being cool abed coup embarrass yeah give very much so shafts of bad mother fucker right there is a ban on hushed romania's shadows burma via the furies abandoned foger near is very different jewels is jewels is coup that motherfucker
his wallet but he's essentially very cool he's he's he's lethal and dangerous as all hell yeah you know like ordell is a bad motherfuker he's not cool cuz he kind of corny and he dresses kind of wagon is herring you know all the way they have to describe but he will find you a gun a nice guy to hang out with but don't cross caution so i'm curious you always i love you talk about characters you places like almost friends and like theirs live cuz i was you been in one hundred and fifty movies you played every single character but you talk about them like they're they like exist forever and i i don't i feel like i've never seen an actor can i do that no i was reading about your favorite characters or energy played and you were like talking like jingo and jane your like yes yes
my dude he's my route and even my like that's my dude like i've never heard a actor talk like that about a character that he played and you put so many will you give you stuff it's it's it's it's interesting or really freeing have a gallic stephen ought to play a galaxy even because he's unapologetically evil he is who he is and he lives in that space and e inhabits it like it's real is genuine for him right you know jewels italy as ordinary lives in his his space right he creates it he and habits that environment and he relishes where he is a net space most characters you know that i have a lot of characters are insecure or that don't feel good about being who they give a dream in your characters giver dreams ass one you're characters i don't believe so ok i'm not saying that's not true cause me i've done some stuff in my dreams maybe maybe one on sleep
i work in the trailer sometimes i'm dreaming as their care because i've done things now wake up and i have a revelation about some i want to do so yeah he's reads working overtime like your address park dream about dinosaurs acts aylesbury mobile cigarettes gives a kid i was actually
the motor then and ending as stephen made me smoke these herbal things that were horrible enables the chase motor and ass they were at rather changed my real cigarettes right now kid what's in the herbal cigarettes and on those nasty close they like cloves a grass smoke though sometimes but now these workload of some kind a nasty herbal some one was a pitch like first makes on the plain how does that have nobody pity me actually i've read does a director ronnie you i had just done a film within called form of fifty one in scotland and in liverpool and a red where he was doing and what we call snakes on play so i called him said
run a u dont among us makes out of line is like yeah what is it he said a playful poisons night like seriously in his life tax law cannot be and it is that you want to be like bright so called new i know i'm sorry hell yeah in next they are no writing a fire and they will i will write is not going to moving we hope you're gonna stay i'm like hell yeah snakes on a blank so you took the role in the same exact manner that everyone watch the movie because i remember owsley what's this movies snakes applying wagon in we're i wanna watch come on i want to play its authority carry forward totally get a movie i would regard as they would like rifles makes things i had a theory that you did that movie because you wanted people to stop quoting all your pulse fiction line sea like i'll just do even more quotable stakes on a plane movie data
got those makes on the boy i've got there first day at the first they arrived i got there and they will i pass now you know new pages and again the pacific flight one to one of my fuckers now i will you know nor give it away i'm sick you exactly what to do that that's why i'm here i'm not here to do pacific so i want to warn that enabled a movie i quit it sticks up having the snakes were real how many yeah where they all real now there s a fix it i guess one and when we get there they had like a dry cleaner back that here corn snakes in it ok maybe it was like a hundred and fifty m barracks
we wrapped dough alike six hundred they whenever they would do in fact they were doing i meant it has some regular like poisonous snakes and biggest snakes and some other things but they had that's that's of corn snakes that they just dropped on this line and everything we asked thanks on point now at any point when you get onset we like you know this was not my dick is called stakes on a plane and i'm all in on but now that i'm seeing all these snakes on this mother fucking plain its china creepy now you can always go it does make no fear at all that there will be hanging around misusing enough make message we gotta have snake is gonna have stakes but but but second unit was shooting but all the dangerous it is like the look of fifteen foot albino cobra like crying yanks they were like hit the seat in front of it and just say to seek ways to look at the issue was pixelate look at it
i give you my second you do i'll bring him to go see every movie that you're in theatres i do now do you like to go to crowded theatre do you like to go to court i play online to go to a data it hopefully that people in it yeah yeah i can guarantee that there's gonna be crowded the every move you may not a big movie so yeah just go to data were people appendant money to see how they respond has anybody ever like turn around him and like holy shit like you're on screen and i'm sitting next to you right now that must be surreal thou be very weird for me by because i'm dumb and so i can't believe you people exist in two places at the same time a like i'm like a dog if i'm looking to screen i'm like that's a person but wait he's right here next right not or whatever it is i was just dinner of just in italy when in game came so i want
so there was only one english speaking screening of it that day right are we called bearded will oh yeah sure come in and i got then in an old people air ass light the movie then start fight thirty minutes now sitting unless the improper so literally people were like land up any i'll cause i allowed them to sit in a seat in front of me and take bigger picture you that's a fish out one gonna be like yeah we're gonna move here ok you stayed in the street in front of me some people literally lined up in and sat down with the game of louse unmanly popular not smiling not so so when you watch your move because most people they don't like the sound of their own voice they like to watch themselves on movie screen do you watch it you're like damn that's a bad ass mother fucker right there like talking about yourself out what's it s okay that was
a good take ok look at it the first time at sea it i'm gonna watching it critically to see which take today use which angle did they use for this particular shut sometimes in you shoot you shoot me shoot and you say to people that have never been a move right and move them i'm rightness not right and i go and do we wasted too much time with this if they use the first thing that we be right but it has been times more likely to be completely editing wrong not in maybe not needy eyes but you're like this was this was not the carnero goaded stupid now has never not the character but is never the angle that works for that particular workflows story moved distort or next place on abandoned riot right staying where do you stand on sneaking food into movie fears snicking food like what like you know they charged eight dollars for big bag of popcorn what about bringing like a sandwich zinc being yeah big tupperware full of being that it s what you why fire
yeah but you re popular bake means in a movie or blogger good of this summer our popcorn white cherish less with unhandy everyone candied movies gazettes that's expectorated elderly can animal that's how they get you were like our eaten and moon ok no no sorry baskets caroline you know you redeploying where your mouth is heard and because it is yes you many small time i was out rather have a payday and as you know be fine yet right i was looking i was just researcher your numbers it says on line that you are the highest grossing actor of all time is that europe could be six points
billion dollars and box i mean s an erroneous gotta number or iran or or a dubious honour because everybody lives in that movie whose name is on the cask list that was a nemo we can make this ain't client ya but they just weren't in all the same movies i was rightly your in that movie then they just say ok you're in a movie so you parted about south year the common euro had to be above the title below the title just to end the movie there's a lot of people that are done a whole bunch of movies as extra or as you know secondary and tertiary characters that have a great box office to just because their names on the castle is right so is an interesting things to say about somebody but not necessarily true thou member when it happened i was doing star wars and george said you're going to pass harrison when this movie comes out of my past them at what like you know box office totals really that there are things but that is not yet and when this movie comes out you're going to pass on your only source of dollars from what i want to pass and before that new like out so i got no move become now call the incredible out before they are useless
i was hoping you in your browser with me as i would have been nice but this movies opening radicals open anarchic disaster is ours essen and i gather lapped me more are you the best cursor life have no idea i think you might be i'm sure there's like maybe a four hour kostas up there but like you when use when you curse it's an art form like it's it's you feel it when even when you ve done it very organically in this interview it's i don't know what it is put its something about it like a seminal jackson curse just hits different well if not i mean i do curse at people in anger from time to time but most of the term you know as an interesting descriptive or its away to make something a little more colorful or whatever and a thousand feels better when it comes out yeah whatever where's your favorite coursework i favour crosswords probably motherfucker
as i do that for elaborating a thousand a day what what different ways or time out like i can use but you can mother fuck somebody if we say that or you can describe a person as you know the mother fucking tongue out or or tat mother fucker you know immediately ok one was a friendly guy and one was a natural friendly guy you're saying how men s it's a motherfucker you know it's a really great sit or you could say arrested a mother fucker means it's horrible or whatever or mean that car is motherfucker and and you know it's like oh great car tat mother fucking car is like the car tragedies for you know that so it's easy to use it as a descriptive or wherever we owe you talk about a girl there
oh man ever forget everything he really love yeah yeah it's that you just that word that you can you yeah it every can away and i will not swear on yes or no proudly those last month just get it we were hoping because we were what happens a lot of our guests like half way through the interview will drop us wherein there like can you swear on this like ok you can just let em all what why we're hoping what happened here bremen when i join one right out of tibet is arrogate like when i joined twitter i want i want your twitter oh really it's wires joint work woes i'll i'll found the in new york my first tweet worse can you say fuck on this month that's barbara you're twitters wild one you don't noddies ashton but
why what are you spoke to do what it has you don't you you don't guided with what you have done their duty of gaps are you not supposed to gather growing less posed no you're supposed it would he would say how does he puts all the hashtags together and doesn't put any gaps so that will put a space between different doesn't click on the hashtag you just have unclearable hast thought is vulgar with the poorest and most my brain i wanted organised because once you would have also talking about yeah so you put a space between yes they ask my daughter now you gotta it's gonna be like when you space it shows
blue and developing we run a day did i put out of us they all you ve ever not everyone has made you never ever now ok it's eleven in its own way so my other question where your twitter like when you tweet sports please tell me that you are like screaming the way that you scream on twitter because that's however one reads it like you have a certain you have such a unique style about your twitter and you know the way you speak and though the swearing in everything when you tweet about something i won't automatically reads it in your voice i'm hoping you're saying it out loud into it any footballers you yeah i know why i loved your tweets el thing i mean i gotta give me i had to take part of you know fucked him ok of regular blackball you know cabinet ebony yeah why are you have other s old right that do really for no one fella sugar beet nodded out into the nfl i'll let you watch couch look out
yes are you i wrote down a couple your fire treats how you feed a hungry men go head job and then what the hell is that when you type that most margo pogo of iran its most mother fucker but that's how you type it that is both small you jim the age p o young ma ma it's all you do is most marfa of iran over my father here's what we're hashtags locally why am i here will be sorted out loud when you're treating it because i hope so that's how i have just said my mouth you said yeah man's maids gotta be somewhere get get out two fuckin way in like i'm just cumbersome vision you watching like georgia for sovereign just gone crazy on your couches thing
ok are huge hashtag that's all i wanted because i you would ruin the illusion of yours i lean on another like twinning about it emigrate good good here's your hasta game damage the stewed hashtag hit man's wife bodyguard knickknack nor on duty patrol after all summer i approve a take it back at trevor italy you're hasta game i do like her i saw you it's perfect everything just run in together makes no sense in your instagram gained by the way unbelievable because its half of the pictures you take a picture your shirt with like the bottom of your chin it's perfect i am having trouble getting a part of our view should be like one in the corner yes nothingness monica them what people see what i'm saying right and nobody really they rise but have met
thank you i love you re lawrence taylor almost killed him yeah we did lords lawyer was like this he was like mister elton can you put the values like looked out loud enough about are usually put one eye and corner in the thing that i'm talking about in the bag it's good you your crushing social media i oh i'm with you too old to be fuckin with energy are you rather spend yeah so what's going on with the funds were to run this will allow us to go on you think this is actually happened although as possible i'm a wrap this ban because our sri lanka's good night the first year the rap distorted in toronto though me and my assistant at the time used to get tickets and i say it was my france or he always gave me take is to every game so i was there on the floor when you know they started oliver miller and yellow go lady gaga so i've been there which led me haven't raptor bag and jackie brown we do said he had the money i'll write him i wrapped the bag headed wrapped in a bag full of money so yeah i've been a raptor fan since they start you ve had a name thereafter still mean they were named after jurassic park i don't think they would again that now
i wasn't for the move as you're like the godfather team so you are you why thank as i also heard that you are leaving than ours you know book because other use whereas van like pa i'll let you know the hole in the hope of about two things that go together and tim dog and tony in our old guys they were like my gascons like a generational thing and i've been watching for awhile pops greatcoat really nice do in a very interesting interactions with him so yeah like to tee and inner up i felt really bad that one frito that allow my immediate that one championship that they should now right right yeah that's it to talk generation or do they you ready for this is a great subway generational shaft three generations of shafts in the new move
do i know i read about like how when you first did the chef franchising two thousand like how can i how can i beat roundtree or you don't envy not beaten but like how can i take a role that was so iconic and make make my imprint on it now you're nineteen years later you got three generations you think shafts just gonna keep living on pass you i think there's a way that the the mythology that particular character works in this community so will people understand that if they accept the gap is planning and he comes in with the right dynamic like when i said john when you want to do it in two thousand down down singleton rest in peace that we can't do this movie unless richard is in it so that people will understand richard is still richard he's these steel the shit you know yes into turkey is still the second receive while the chick ray i gotta be something different right and it works and then act
to allow and jesse to come into their family and use the gene pool that is he is to create something that is all that will define the character in this generation rank who as bad example hap when like the three of you all come in rest the same it's gonna like all this is called common sort of debt write exactly i wanted to thank you i have here because in two thousand i want to go see shaphambury theatres yeah and i touched a boom in the movie or rather i am more not it added tat any and move it was nice inevitable i'm gonna movie no accurate santorum hysterical popcorn matters like a moment to beat a second time
the movie i last question is do we know you gotta go you gonna long day hope leave had fun here said a question promo code take put it in how much fun is doing those courses of charles more clean and sprightly oh do you guys actually have fun cause it looked at not also mammography or going to throw me go just chuck had no problem making fun of himself the average is the really wonderful day and they write some good stuff forced to do that we can fix on a kind of make right we enjoyed haven't labour with his disease yes it's just that they goes along with the eleven those are great complexity are to make a commercial evelyn jim nets is a green modified yeah thereby able look i'm go ravished dick in ice coup is rarely right and a great yeah i'm upset you work angle that's my life
maybe next time i have you make it cool zeal that's not a cool hat you know it's not a cool have naughty ok ok local maiden cool beckoned today started when you kept going sign debate you so much i created similar jackson see shaft june fourteenth just some forgettable movie
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our yielded him and said i don't look at the what he said is it like don't watch the ball and muncie replied ah if you don't want me to watch the ball you can go get it out of the ocean which by the way pretty solid clap back there's no way he said that get out the ocean we i too a reporter yea sets a release he thought about it for a while he problems like go fuck yourself fuck you fuck you fuck no fuck you back and forth and then after it's ok the ito for hours after the game and he's ok max would you say to madison easily get this time to get out of the ocean like when you get to by was somebody airborne you go home and utility for india or dude aside the perfect singer foreign brow and i love i love her mad bomb get so pissed off about this because this is he's good for like three or four these urea regis gets mad at somebody hit went off the moon if you actually hit a ball off the moon against madison baumgartner he get pissed off at you and be like weiss
the night sky brow he needs mouse bob gunners one of the last guys that we need in this league because he is an answer back flipper anti like pip your home run and if you dont have these people then everything just falls apart i've never for all time like goose gossip is actually very important he's like an odd he's like a beaver for the ecosystem if you dont have someone yelling about bat flips impending home runs then were all on twitter being like bat footsore awesome fuck the old guys like to your tongue but no one we all agree yet so thank god for medicine bob guard not like it to it it it spices up the game a little bit and i've never really understood the term pimping a home run away i don't really him walk i don't get it yeah pimp walk it as i would you care i was thought two thirds like you slip it out you that your yeah you're trying to get your home run to fuck somebody right user pagan out ever you get paid because you're home run ball fucked someone and then you get a cut of that balls moderate so sounds like you do get it and they owe kitty smacked by you in a got well yeah ok got it it s in this case a hot jake met mass bombarded
the wet i fuckin i do love him because he really is like an old school you need a few these guys and if you don't have few these guys everything falls apart any know who's got his back i'll give you one guess but you probably know what did you have any definite that i've got yet degaulle definitely has backed you in terms of like a player that's been around the game recently
on behalf of our group have said yeah that he is the most countries strong guy that he's ever source and he wishes that max muncie would charge him yeah i gotta wish you would do i've seen the last time baumgartner gonna fight it was against a twig and he did the thing where he like walked away from yeah i wouldn't muscle mass about our focus pueearka yeah there will be a good fight watch now be good real fight to watch for speaking of good real fights toward yeah you wanna do detail the tape yeah so justin bieber has challenged tom cruise to a fight in the octagon maybe maybe a box or who knows maybe roughen rowdy we have r r p m t interned sports bids you can form p empty spy
spears he broke down the tale of the tape by the way out of this start justin bieber just weeded out aegis didn't each town like i'm now we we don't know it's gotta be fake they woke our could be like this league with recording artists and and movie stars and celebrities thing is beaver doesn't like tweets alacrity to yeah why would treat okay so the tale the tape brought to us by p m t sports biz justin bieber twenty five years old tom cruise fifty six years old height justin bieber five nine tom cruise five seven which no chance that's right enough time does like five five right crazy for now i do now i about his height know you all have absolutely not but no one i will one day downright and jake martian real quick on this this is his listed height right
the internet right but he's lying out that is definitely lying would you people lying about their height on the internet is like a fucking psycho no it's a big big fuckin deal like our as somebody that doesn't lie about as ever it makes me look bad guy association corrects yeah i finally i should like to see i am i told you get this last week but i guess i'll say publicly his whole just hold over my head if i don't i haven't measured myself in the last like six years because i'm afraid come in at five eight because you are fine but i think i'm five now right because i know other people who were five nine or who told me there five nine and on the same height is them you private we don't know ok joseph impressed me asked me how i might be six feet all you could be i dont apple s way reach sixty eight inches for justin bieber sixty five for tom cruise net worth two hundred sixty five million five hundred seventy million tom cruise i still think tom cruise chick is some grows and murder dude he does ozone stones hank music sixty i dont even know
he has also stands i doubt you got to say he does eat there's no way he's like them outside of the helicopter mission impasse yes that's an album we're in when you did that thing where you like your job testily hercules stunts for his constantly s dance all we're beats have that's away basketball with a bunch of lackeys where he crosses them up with a slow cross over every local should dead now those are impressive videos and his hockey videos are created to tom cruise doing stuff for movies is basically just dance just like choreographed
hard course you cannot tell the difference between a video on drivers way younger taller of latter mere putin playing hockey against a bunch of people who murder and justin bieber playing hockey against all this fake best friend rank he had told them also potent what fuck up tom cruise two yet greater wasn't that we're just shaded the topic here on clearing putin justin bieber and i'm saying in a very bad apparently will lock up ass tom you play sports where everyone gladsome like way the best all the time i wasn't saying that like blood we're putin injustice bieber equal that shit a cruise also has a scientology craziness like that is under like that just and beavers got the hot hot past of churches he's crazy though tat tom cruise crazy he's crazy hank like i just think that that adds an element that you can't really to disavow would be kept saying about scientology think i'd say psychological crazy wonderfully literally is filled with great people that are not litigious and would never come after us
i didn't say scientific scientology guy on crews is crazy for his scientology beliefs knows i am proud of his career i now entire ruses washed up to be done so many drugs you say tom cruise washed up allegedly dc mission possible fall out no heed he filmed like half of it with a broken foot you're crazy hank he crushed i'm only jobs on ellen's couch that takes a lot of course strength actually does no joke he was just very love that i dont have justin bieber is never been that love i when i stood up on that shared theirs in it should take the picture patrick sharp my core was burning for like a three days after that although i do like hanks been talk me into supporting bieber in this whole thing just because all fake he'll ones get yeah it's true yeah and then
i'm a greater called out mark wahlberg so now we're just gonna do this year whereas word monk mark wolberg com i have no idea i think he might have called him up before but they all sale they all got together and this is some sort of marketing for something that we don't know yet a colleague coward will take you down bitch yeah fuck you coward yeah two on want you won't do it bitch bitch bitch okay we have talking tennis raffer one again twelfth french
when on the clay he's ninety two and two all time on the clay and he's go he's go clay status of light was a king of clay he's he's perform hey raffer perform so good on on clay these i quite leonard nice did you guys got clay la nice nice he's got clay locked down like negative five boobs yeah those pretty bad so yeah thou socking tell us our eleven unwholesome law he just always wins a clock you know i can be a very sad day were i find out who won the french open the night after it happened in rough in it all again upset about it was crazy looking like all the years that he he i think he's basically was if since two thousand and six he's one every year there's two to missus but he just keeps fucking winning these tournaments scrape also i just like the visual clay it's a big tyrants lex if you go to
but this house and not only do they have a tennis court but they have a clay court discord actor felt doktor phil has clearly corridor to fill made us go see his clay courtiers like here come or fails to fill up check out this clay court i was going to play a game playing times a week of had really bad tennis but he plays although it was a time so we are at last that before you get your money reading thoughts and prayers big poppy he shot apparently in stable condition we don't know was shot at an night club the surgeon who did the surgery said he's out of danger oh that's good ok that's good also thoughts and prayers to all the agencies we ain't you fans who have to tweet as yankee fan i still my once in my thoughts and persist big time as a yankee fatter season wherever one has to declare what team they route for and then say something that's completely normal it makes you just a regular human being like hey it's bad that this person was shot yeah thank you for taking a stand
showing that you know some things are bigger than a rivalry in one of those things is somebody getting shot ass he gave you fan it so i ran a wanna see this guy i read that it with a shot he get shot through his back and went out of stomach and he was in surgery i hope that he's doing ok this is like the saint early this is the mad lives perfect storm of calling coward foot and mouth tat oh yeah members still when chantelle i got shot caused serious p of timely where serious take his like that's what i'd turn that's actually why don't like com account and probably thinks it basically like throwing dirt on sean tailors reputation while he was in the hospital i that's called cowards move though he lost he loves just basically find in the place you should the girl not gonna go out afraid to go afraid to go that yeah devotees big poppy i hope that you do well shut out you are you ok
so this is actually really do and i of course i like we ve parties recurrent guest i just i figured sounds like he's gonna be ok it's crazy that's like so weird headline to see come across on sunday night factory i read that it wasn't likelihood that it was like an amusement sinner something like that is that there was always a restaurant knows arrest rates it i saw entertainment centre in it i just knew me what they call a nightcap there's a server the ones video of ages it doesn't look like it unintended robberies mushrooms second guy fuckin crazy here somebody sounds like he's gonna be ok it's out of danger there now i don't you re out every day so that no of course not but but you know as we can treat them as yankee fanned we want big poverty to be better i love i fuckin lovely out so stupid we actually want we then the no we won't but a lot of people have already treated there so you can search a yankee fan right now my dear i see how may come again can stay calm
dude it's a very human normal reaction to be like this guy that everyone watched we hope he's ok you don't have to tell us that you are also a yankee fit there there are some bad takes oh well really yes young girls in very bad how could anyone like whoo hoo doesn't like big poppy i mean as a big yankees fan i always rudiments red sox but i hope and our cities will be ok i was really nice he deeps even what is far they always ready to gets red sox but a red sox getting shot is wit one too far for him while one of human really hope david or cheese is ok as a yankee fan and non dominican i have so much respect for that man and he has done for various while yeah
ensuring that humanity we find on twitter is a crazy how you can feel sympathy for somebody even though you don't grow up in the same country that or route for the earth they there were the arrival to the team you read for actually that is contrary to internet society that action has stood for good for yeah margarita good job twitter at maggie with two eyes but we do actually hope that david ortiz okay sounds like he's out of danger because he told us that so wishes you know where there is an old saying they like is a country that has had david or tease grown up in it has never fatah war against another country like true that's fact i monday reading this one comes from the washington post it is titled dodgeball is a tool of oppression used to de human jewish humanize others researchers argue while ok wanna jim classes most common games is being used as a tool of oppression according to a team of canadian researchers researchers brow so canada is the one is leading this just doing get that out there right now it's too to violet for canada dodgeball in physics classes teachers students to de human eyes in harm their peers professors from three canadian university said in a presentation this week at the congress of humanity's and social sciences in vancouver that is a real thing i guess the congress of humanity's and social sciences when you're setting up the environment for students to learn
you introduce the idea that it's ok to slam the ball at whomever you like even israel with with soft ball the intention is their yeah i've always wondered about that by the way so yeah i see why jim class and all that stuff exists but why are schools tied in with sports you weren't going back to how you gonna get fit but i'm saying like why did why is it your school that has a basketball team or your school that has a socrates missing organised along board nor am i love i love high school sports and i played several poorly but what i'm saying is i like it's always kind of weird concepts like the school also is sports yeah
at the same time well it's a community that can be held in the community i went students think it's ok because we're being told us ok to do that what do they learn people say dodgeball is being used in outlook for aggression or catharsis i suspect that this is where their learning that i think it's just a game that aegis fuckin pass a time with when you're shitty jim teachers like here just throw balls at each other he also i feel dodgeball hasn't really been put in most him classes in the last ten years or so anyway and the balls are really solve yeah like they actually have made them i've i play dodgeball couple years ago we played it are we played it like last year and it was the balls were very soft and it wasn't like those those the kick balls of used to play with the actually fuckin her yet like rip off your skin right these are the gator skin ones
cried the boy thought or software like a pillow yes if you're really nice when i think if you don't have the alternative to not having dodgeball is probably a bunch of other sports that are more dehumanizing so this is coming out of canada where you're literally lot to fight people on the ice in hock yes you can pick out weakling and beat the shit out of me ass a cross check him into the board's but i would much rather have that that confrontation going down with a tiny soft little dodge brain across and you say no headshot start so it's all good but yes i know headshot your fault you ever then the first guide trust doc any ducks yeah you're headshot well not really had she not really had shot not targeting physical education should be an arena where teachers are helping students controller aggression and move on instead of expressing themselves through anger i cannot disagree with that feel like physical education should just be like play about shitty games dont have to being classed fer a an hour and don't over think it will there is some truth in the fact that if you
tell somebody never to get mad behaviors build up a lot of angola head on and then they start headed hunting with dodgeball right related of way hitler's p class and that's why be went needs our art yeah yeah researchers set out to interview middle school age students about broader questions and physical education courses but kept hearing the same thing from certain students they hated dodgy yet from the ones that such a dutchman i think with this article is also leaving out is that yeah the students might not like it but the adults love one kids drill other key database with dogs you have you have a good arm you really love it yeah it's mostly just for the adults it just kick back and enjoy and watch the kids heard each other so they didn't mean it like they basically tried to scare us the most with i think of the little girl who's running to the back to avoid being targeted what is she learning that class avoidance i don't know maybe i don't know just like what predatory a run fast
now the duck yet have a better actually you shouldn't avoid you should grab a ball and use that is your shield you have actually teaching them to be smart not stupid just run around right that little kid find themselves on nature and there's a lying around you want them to know that their supposed to run away from danger yet the messages that it's ok to hurt or de human juice kids edward humanize the other the competition is about annihilating ones opponent and the true definition of competition between two evenly majesty that's not true like a view play any sport you're trying to crush the opponent right that's it the ideas feels like very canada right now we're there like yeah you you do not sportsmanship above all i get that in youth but like eventually you're gonna grow up and be an adult and people are gonna be like will let us make sure we have a very evenly match game also if you don't want to be playing dodgeball it soon it's probably the easiest sport to lose intentional yes just like and it on purpose get yourself on the first point
this is the best well kids well kid stack their teams and they really enjoy beating the other team what's the enjoyment of that if your betting on it's a lot i was miss aid like there's nothing that's like saying hey why are you playing bad not easy going sixty it out because it's fucking fund because i put up mad stats like do do you see like if i was playing in college for by when the heisman every year it's fucking awesome yeah yeah i did schedule eastern washington and like tulsa so what now put up fifteen touchdowns nosegay lows your guys favoured obscure p sport grown up i'll play foursquare we should bring back for source where research or arose great i merlin is called battleships with those little carts now thus situate thing they gave a guess grocery carts no they're like he's a little like tiny card
so you do we'll around you'd fuck up your hand i do now some sellers dressmaker neurology there a little like you got you are just plain jackass you're doing johnny knoxville that's kind of fun as the the final line of this they are always sick here i'm i'm happy that they had a bunch of researchers go in depth work as a finished with jim classes are largely centred around games which can be great but can also exclude students with different strengths you just explained how every jim class that has ever existed what about fuckin math classes where people are like archaic great fucking point media is a fair no software you can read in exact
pray i filled algebra spelling bee i felt awful dude i s aim when they when they started doing what's the one a boots one above calculus i'm even touch calculus its chosen even close to competence dodgeball with your own brain cells right ox ikea fucking do calculus that she was crazy do any of you guys you help us now i know that even though we are adamant that has evolved round here god of one year calculus and then i went back to algebra to somehow in college i took you know and i took in college i took that you'd take like some kind of math and science closer took nutritional sciences that i was my only science so my math class that i took in college was called environmental mathematics in here's the entire semester was the same equation but they changed little bit so was like there are five hundred fish in this pond after every year
like ten percent of the fish will die of natural for faces but they reproduce at a rate of eight percent a year for notifying without was there was a question like in five years how many fishermen the pond that was you only equation that we had and they would just change the type of animal and the location for each weekly lesson selected sweet it was like how many iguanas are in the rain forest if they die fine arena yeah yeah yeah so if you can figure out that one equation you could get a day i'll see plus you i mean who wants you figure out what you would you get old not to figure out that all the the odd numbers or in the back of the book for all your math textbooks nath pretty much where your mouth education dies cause you like i will do i will cheat up all the odd number and then i will scribble bunch of numbers on the even numbers and show
i work never show my work that fuck show my work i just told you around and get me it's like i'm smart enough where i just thought of that not just feature it happening it happened i got all the odds riah what's right fake work all the way to the bottom of the page and look like you're squeezing question mark was it he s widow my word is locked show my let us say that i've learned fifty times as much math from gambling and smoke feed and buying we holier than i ever did in any sort of matthew oh yeah and and buying like cereal and in new york city where like that's expensive tat s pretty much it so yap matt because what i like about real you're like what related what i mean some of our listeners living ass i know you will know the nurses expense i know how to divide grams announces nobody knows how to do that shit the so we basically just prove that you need to keep dodgeball ye d keep sports regis chuck
is it people gather to be classed where you sell we'd yet because some of us don't do math tucutucos man we should take a calculus class that's no i don't think so i this is that it would be really want you to have us just sit there blockages and ruin allowing off season broiler you william you took us for oh yeah we should finish limbs degree damn we have dropped out of college with one once of us left two semesters left we should finishes degree the sad at our pace absolutely well know we're gonna have someone else fuck we have fuckin jake martinez your art will have him rumour we found that fit college over europe that you can just by degrees from but would you what have we got an online class we just made cacique jake marsh was sitting right here put just don't get my contact you were just like hey busy work do this real quick calculus costly
it happens to be umass ambrosia like that you're busy work has drawn up your assignment for next week is not something we can all walk across a stage yeah salary and would you were yes if we all go cabin gown across a stage it would definitely be worth it let's start small it just consider goes low and just try to watch a random nfl game at some point this week from the past and somehow if i can do long division anymore i wednesday we have one of our most talked about story arcs we made a row resume in this show and it will be on on wednesday so get excited one of you you be very side of this interview were also going to give you a little music from our colleague frank the tank to take us out he put together a song for the saint louis blues not winning stanley cup
catches hell sketchy is how we real quick before you voyage about here are we gonna do soggy sorrows if the bruins lose yeah have to i think you should have to do to beget ones like saint louis winning stanley cup that's just as bad as hank like out he's kind of an hour i would have i would have been mad if the the blues one on home eyes down just gonna pretended especially khazar off knight of the challenge will prejudice exist so the game will be on wednesday and then by thursday i'll be like when you talk about seneca firearm remember smart there are few tax for sale feedback selina yo pink his cash i love yes part of those who say they already had a sandwich regarding the woozy they can earn a living
when you say you oh yes that's why they call its pardon my take presented by bar stool sports
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