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Scooter Gennett & Randy Moss

2017-06-08 | 🔗
NBA Finals update and where exactly the torch currently resides. Is the Kardashian Curse real and are we slowly becoming Steph Curry fans again? (2:06 - 11:01) Stanley Cup Final and the blowouts continue (11:01 - 13:27). Cincinnati Red Scooter Gennett joins the show after his 4 home run night on Wednesday to talk about the exclusive club he is now in, whether or not MLB has steroid tested him, and his love for pottery (13:27 - 28:11). NBC Sports Randy Moss joins the show to give us picks for the Belmont (28:11 - 43:03). Segments include Talking Soccer, Respect the Biz for David Price, Connect the Dots for Bob Stoops, Spinzone for Derek Fisher and Jimbos of the week.
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on today's episode of part of my take we have scooter jeanette reach member of the four home run club from the cincinnati reds there's only seventeen of those in the history of baseball he is one of them we also of our friend rainy moss who gives us eight han of belmont thanks for all you horse racing fans out their work how little nba files we'll talk about leubronn we have some pr one and one that should be fun and we jim bows before we get going though i wanted to talk to you all you dad's out there or sons who have dad's or leubronn if you listen to this dad to dad omaha stakes has a great deal for your dad on fire thursday they are giving a package that you cannot be beat it is forty nine ninety nine you get it's a limit limited time fathers day package entering the code
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dot com type parted in the search bar grab your dad fire let's go let's not its pardon my table presented by your buyer stores welcomed your heart of my team is right a jew night get it it's no big deal you guys get it
i was sought an mba finals yeah but a real quick the major league baseball they do the whole mother's a thing with a pink bats for six nine is only play double hunters who i liked i get it i liked you live has the torch officially been passed yes well go no so this is a big topic of debate were big torch guys now in case you knew it s you haven't noticed never know when you're gonna wake up one day and be a torch guy i will know the torch gets pass we need to talk torch because in the olympics the torch they like the next torch with a flame from the first was so the first as torture still kind of burning so it's possible to have two torched ass well i am and under the theory now that the torch has not only been passed but it's like comfortably sitting and kevin durant's moms house like she she has on the mantle
but she had real ambitious if it is the real envy pay so the obviously game three was a much talked about emmy finals game it was the perfect lobby on james game and i mean it in this way it sums up whole career because he's been thing bought amazing all mba finals and then with three minutes left we goes over three from the field he makes a good path the car corver he basically stands there with his putting in his hand while curving trust across people up waved him he i ria rewards footage he point like he gave carry like that you take it yes and then he didn't play good transition d and let kevin durrant drain of three
eyeball so it sums up the broad because he has had a cheese average a triple doubling the final yet what like thirty nine point here he's been that's ok incredible the best player on the court but you have those last few minutes where he's passive he screws and now all the leubronn haters can walk right in and be like c c c he opened the gate for the skip palaces the world to marching with their little pitchforks lucky for us we have probably the world's number one the braun hater here with us his name is hank he's our producers hank you took it to cleveland you took it to cleveland harder than staff curry who pretended to take a shit on the court in cleveland any thoughts
bronze of father threesome might have some do that but this has no killer instinct yeah he's he's too close to life gettys come too many times just become you know passive it's the best player in the world could quotation marks and you have the wrong way and at the end of the games you take the whole new trying it followed or you at least ass for the ball literally i'd thirty seconds carry wishes dribbling through his legs like you know that you're the video the gathers troubles between his legs and over and over was doubtless carry in la brunners standing there like giving and the like don't have evolved on patent modem passing now he's getting a lot of credit leubronn is for his passing but am i the only one the notices that he throws the ball way way way to harden and has had very fast but it's tough for cow corver to hit that shot when his fingers are broken from sixty games just gettin drilled and the tipps of em yeah it he's going to draw mr miller collect my grandmother's andy's thrown the ball i concomitant no touch no tests will still not still
job is leubronn gonna get blackball dissolves is interesting no he's going to the banana boat in a way which i think we might have started with rachel nicholls on wednesday wait hank i want you to read it sweet that i still am laughing about that hank basically i mean you're you're a little mean to cleave or cleveland cleveland hobson my mentioned more than any other fan base like they come out my neck hard at i should probably also at both ways are now as you know i mean i colleague initial abroad and they focus our cry you jam a little bit you'd take pride in jabbing underwater braun lose that's for sure yes but he hears the things cleave when you have to remember cleveland theirs go all browns vance so that's like a pain that you really you have to have a little bit of empathy for your bank account and we i'm sorry i state this fact in tweet form and it said i love saudi cleveland fan so much leubronn is a coward choker who makes excuses twenty four seven get over it with
like thirty seven crying about ass pretty early i exit thanks poland the bear s got a stick out as is jamming it up cleveland but what good news for the calves j smith tweeted after the game calves in seven right and he was going to like the perfect timing for when he would get to his phone and and be able to fire up twitter then deleted it and on the way out said he was hacked but he thought hocker was smart i like it was such a j armor alike by j or less even i beg of you gotta tweak out and seven just keep it up there is legal in india yeah it was it was not a good game for the gil especially the cavaliers looked like they're gonna walk away without doubt rigged three philosophy i was rigged real knows that that's ok i'll babble braun i wanted cern phone which is still active i wanted a gentleman sweep we shall have an opportunity for a gentleman sweet i wanted just because
i think we all is like a country need to step back and the like are one more sunday scares where can be like aren't we have a basketball game yes absolutely that needs to happen you know what i really hope i was thinking about decide how much more mess up to lebron james can the nba get if this off season earth gillis geology say this off season michael jordan says you know what i want come back for a ringing dislike signs with with warriors over a minimum contract by and then he ends up going one and no in finals against leubronn the net into the argument michael jordan the gas went wrote one on one again can asylum just for game for when i just put at the end of the bed with israel braun gonna be the first player ever with doubled digits finals losses no i'm not but i've got a great question that's really ask that let's get that going
grim brace debate will he be the first person ever again average quadruple double points rebounds assists and finals loss to two other notes the card ass she and curses real probably the last great curse now of the cubs have won a world series it's it's the last great great curse out there or is it just because anybody that data protection is probably dumb and not capable of anything scooby let's not think took too hard about the same it's curse number two a confession to make i'm order of kind of liking staff courage i don't is playing the heel he is such a fucking asshole now he's staring leubronn down constantly he clearly was very upset about lashers finals and how leubronn punked em and like doing fake shit on the floor and not there it was ok i'm not all the way back i like to fix it half way made up for his his mouth guard
it has got even worse this posters and like i don't even know how it stays in his mouth most that i ass his chin on the very very quarter of its hang on by by a thread poop in cleveland though is a delicacy youse ira your point so he's actually feeding the whole city opened up a soup kitchen repaid exactly the old saying to teach a man to fish now just poop in cleveland and they can they can eat for the rest of lot yes something like that i also people have been saying that we have become a pro warriors podcast and that we are worth boys now of the warriors that's a row because i can guarantee right now the set this series ends like the very second the citizens in the confetti comes down i will despised worse by i still do i'm running for the calves industries i know it's a lost cause but i was hoping that lebron james had been stuffed her again
just to see the look of disappointment on space and by the way riley curry where she been this pursue hasn't facing the music hall the false flag or the warriors of better team without riley curry was rather earlier you hurry ever real probably not we have stanley cup final game five the always how big game five when it's too to end the penguins absolute destroyed the predators the clergy in pet marina what a great year italy's diary was threats to what would this why hockey player for so much better than india there are no rule out any blow out you have to watch every game deep into the last in the last seconds of it i've got a question yes is city crosbie the biggest thug in hockey who don't we use a t where he did two things humanist posited too thanks night he drew
pick a souvenir face off the ice like it was daring williams just tripling out about soccer and he threw a water bottle onto the ice during play while which dangerous i guess otter on ice yeah ya say therefore technically three more and more i through more eyes out onto your future i sir ice and now it's more recent cynic crosbie to the south pole and am rebuild the antarctic shelf every girl the layers shit i i really really want to series to go seven on the penguin swindling eat nothing in the final game or proprietors germany for the predatory ass not the piglets one not attacked with let's go to our interviews we have scooter jeanette who just four home in one single game like i said at the beginning the show there's limits seventeen players all time who have done it and mitchell and baseball's been around for like four thousand years so i was a coup interview talking to him talking about whether he's been tested first
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the smallest most elite group there is it scooter jack from these cincinnati reds live from the reds clubhouse right are you in the dugout when the dog article about what i'm gonna get you gotta service and they're gonna crappy gonna go now got it so the first question i think everyone's wondering how have you been randomly drug testing yet i have not actually which is really surprising they like the common tells me i'll look arm when i get home runs away you know they don't really believe in our shortly today i can add homer so i'm kind of surprise they gave me but i'm sure they wilson i'm sure they well yeah if i've been taking pleiades and after i hit my third homerun i would be like shit i took too much too many did he s really stand out here by the time you got up there let's say after your third homerun and you went up there for your fourth one where you just like an inside your own head there's no chance i'm going to hit another one
little bit man i mean it's it's my leg perfect gamer no matter where nobody like mentioned that or anything like that like everyone on the dog hours ol man you wanted a fourth one unita you need three iran homer for the cycle of home rather than in all kinds of stuff so i would definitely aware of the situation in darfur and i was just trying to relax it's not over swaying or do anything you know different differently from the previous about did you feel different on that night like did you go into that night being like you i feel good like i feel like i got my got my a game tonight and i feel like i'm report at least one out outside a little better a few adjustments my slower my handle about relax so i was gonna get about in practice but i mean nothing nothing crazy though it wasn't like i was then i got madam i had a few almost the night of sir simon normal day
going good and confident he ended up being i pray unreal my what did you eat before the game isley my my lucky charms was gonna my my thing pre game and then what a burger the chief they go back and secular receipts figure out exactly what you ordered and then just eat that all the time tat and that was also just attest to make sure you didn't eat skyline chile so you passed a man of great i knew your cincinnati guy that's come on you can't you not being serious right now i'm dead man i grew up on that stop that's stock cassandra india so speaking grown up you did with the best part the for home runs is like ok you're gonna be in history books wherever people be talking about you forever you base their immortal now which is a cool thing but the added
part is that the way you got your name so can you tell that story for anyone who doesn't know how you got the name scooter sure ah well to start out i was as for maybe five years old and i was a big fan of the mother babies and scooter was favour character i saw a lot about the alleged he's between arm in arm in myself just gonna get in trouble and done the crazy stuff and i was in the car one day of my mom and i was just that kid that don't wanna have in our world the fire honoured attention and a gradual later from the car seats i was on my own in the back and sure but my keep out on that unlike the where and when went i guess i was just in the mood that day and she started driver of the like hey mom and just on click the sheep well and she would have to start
get out of a car put it back on and i did that quite a few times from what she told me she icon most often want too a police station to are i guess kind of scare me into our where my seat belt and wasn't under her pretty interesting parent that that she but she did that day but the one another they station and all i remember is a badge and be in intimidated and stared and the police officer he asked me what my name was and i just made up scooter jeanette and my mom had no idea that i want my about scooter and all that stuff and our reaction he asked me what my name was again and and i said scooter for about a year and a half at an answer the rhine at all and
i just remember thinking that i would be in trouble i get arrested or something like that so dismay job scooter in and to get me to do any day now they atacama scooter your lamp you're on the lamp for an entire year when your five years old yeah you wouldn't even snitch on yourself that's amazing it's like the proxy here yeah except polio just your parents like you'd among the mafia that you joined is just your family that you already part of did you i mean the obvious you didn't know the time but the real he is no better name for a middle enfield or shorter guy than scooter like that's that's fate for you to play baseball
that's pretty crazy man obviously i had no idea that aids i learn probably it might not war high school thou scooter and all that history behind it but i am answering interesting this great so soon after you hit for whom runs i'm sure that you ve got a lotta like request when the media did you also go around just like crews in their social media and thrown likes out onto your excess instagram pages and facebook updates justly dislike he checks let let another you there without question answer but now i don't have too many access and the one i do have a don't really keep in contact with too much so deftly didn't do that i tried my tried alike is as many sugar imposed possible that just like people now
i am a real person and i appreciate all the kind words and stuff like that but that might unlike any acts of others i saw as your managers now you need to change your instagram and twitter profile so it's like a collage its each one of the four swings and then in the middle of says for home run club so that everyone when they see you on its agreement twitter there like oh and then they side on the dams man i don't know about me there are now by a cigar i think i do have a bone to take with you though because you here you had four one runs i guess that's kind of a big deal by you didn't let give teammates any opportunities to get our biogas so you can i killed a lot rally zeller yeah they were then they let me know that there is there the few guys piper barnhart said you know that they he deserves credit because he d now he ain't gonna rushed through the reinforced forest by a bygone fur and giving me the opportunity to stay locked in
and so i gotta get a shot out the ham ah but yeah man it was kind of a selfish night i guess what what's the deal with bread and philips bitching about the number four with you wear a number for i hate that fucking guy if you want me to go out on twitter i'm happy to do for you send it only that same age as you do what you want me to be purely always item at the old arm was here for a long time and that a lot of great things i that's why i left my dear why he feels that way but the truth is i didn't i didn't have an option they they straight gave me that number and said your number four or an wants a season starts technically dorm dont have any say unless you want to go back and by all the jerseys and stuff like i think they ve already met lights and i just don't have that kind of that kind of glue right now i'm gonna have to wait for next year to change it but it might be kind
are now do it was just although all the attention and stuff lately so ok you ass you re able now as issues regarding a ladder mechanic shocked him on the floor earlier if people were listening at home scooters now holding up a sign that says go after branded philips be my guest not gonna do what you want i know i have one final question on your wikipedia page and now i don't off your wikipedia page was messed with there the for home runs it says that you are an avid potter yes i i am things mercosur what's it about i in high school i look like six ceramic courses and i had a teacher buster dealers and he was he was just a guy that that you wanted to be enough
ass he is really call you could show up late every now and then the wooden failure anything like that but i took six courses i got a portfolio credit by trying to go to florida state and kind of joke i say that i was gonna major and ceramics your are that's not so different thing a floor to state when the talk about ceramics into something else last blown i still have i still have my scholarship they go back to so i might might have to go back and get back on it but no i was just the way we kind of get my mind off off all the crap that would deal upon a day to day basis i want the still do still pot potter putterer what do i still putting yea supporting how'd you do not apply and still party and a half to two
to do that obviously during the season but i want there that's like gonna get my own wheel on kill kill helm beyond the danger of youth i don't know if i'm i'm responsible enough to take em take all the stuff alan i suppose do i don't know probably burned out so i dont want to do that by but now manage their might they all future ended after baseball format the wealthy hucks ok so i mean no another so that you your managers not doing a good job but were now your managers how have you not gonna spark a partnership with the kingdom makers of amerika and put your bats and kill you take him out saigu opera house at that about idea ideas go i think that
i think that you guys gonna happen they contact with me again it's more idea we get plenty of aligning our man oh yeah we got a lot just have a killed just in the middle the lock ruined sciatic people how people react think we have to figure out first whether its kilmer or kill you is a killer killed pan yeah that's what we're gonna like is killed if she'll tell me tell me what's with the end with an m air kill kill kill now ok ok that's first step one completed we got now we get in touch with yes now it's gonna forget who makes him i'm sure there's like a kilns association of america i was actually i was gonna congratulate you before we let you go i was going to say thank you for not pimping your home run site then i saw it wait a second isn't hitting three more home runs the ultimate pimping of your first home run so maybe try to class it up a little bit more next time oh all our work on them that's that's one thing i try not to do
i don't have a lot of em but you know it's every now and then it's nice to watch him and stuff like that all players what though i'm sure cargo and i wonder i feel right here that they can then the crap out of it ok that's where that's fair and then i'll throw right back in your head cause i can probably reached i don't think you got i got an arm you haven't seen it i might have to begins due note some low steroids he's been can write army i pay little known fact i'm actually in the three home run club for soft poverty go it's off boss i just kept i'm hitting it to the girl and right field so that candidates probably have allow man yet up after the ideas of sport especially colored when news and was drinking it i'd scooter thank you so much we appreciate you joining us maybe lay off the skyline chile though ok i'll be my
first man predicting or someone there lies not only with no thanks to scooter jeanette for joining us we now have randy moss coming up but before we do that he's about to give you some picks for the belmont race this weekend they got to full days friday and saturday great races to bet on and i have the place for you it's niagara bets there four million dollars and guaranteed pay out some fifteen greatest stake races nigh a bats is the only way to do it and i have a special two hundred dollar bonus using the promo code p m t two hundred to get these two hundred all you have to do is bet two hundred it's easy with nigh rebecca you can legally watch and bet on horse races at any time
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i'm walking through the grand stand today belmont part goin up the shoot some hockey improve how'd it can apply during the hockey gain wherever there's like twelve people in a moment our grand stand on thursday afternoon and former life part there it is building bridges areas erentz thank you for joining us we appreciate it finishing out the triple crown it is our good friend the original randy moss owed uranium moss the algae yeah it's not gonna sam i'm not say a mad a more disappointed that you are probably ten miles away from us right now i know i don't get it
what's up with i would like you didn't even want to stop by it the blown opportunity i was planted uncovered by wind today can i can i can i get the year now and i would say the cop out i got the late notice they may need to go the post position draw which is like if you have it post physician dry it's a fate worse than death and you now will representing nbc and we c and go the correction meaning all the way back out on long island so the logistics just logistics didn't make it worked out ok because you can make it up to us with your well with your winning pacts and a little belmont preview so my first question is how does the belmont feel when there's not a triple crown contender here left less enthusiastic less important fact i mean i consider in blue
smoke and say in all its famous my thanks as always it yet it is one of the good this raises in america any year that there's not a triple ground possibility at the end dear you look back on the best races of the year the most important races this year it's going to be in the top ten so it's huge the ratings will still be excellent be on par with a game seven stanley cup you know is it the same as it was when american pharaoh is go onto the triple brown or california girl was born for the triple ground now but in this case what kind of compensates for it if you did yes i have taken a quick look so give us some yet give us something seduces up it's impossible yet it it is thought and even we magistrates and such rubik's cube it to try to i'm a gap that its fascinating anderson much money to be made if you get it right
because nobody knows what the heck's gonna happen in the end the prices are going to be good across the board and there's some money to be made if you're right in europe it if you were an owner we n you could only when one leg of the triple crown in terms of like for breeding reasons what is the most valuable race to win for just two and while the kentucky urban besides it can sort out our aside the kentucky then i mean just i'm speaking terms with the facts i would be in britain is another way of asking like it's this is our little juice taken out of bluebell maya but let's get back to the well known about our way way way way hang on hang on ok i'm what i'm i'm talking about any year not just this year in a year the mile and a half distance of the belmont stakes is such a rarity in american racing there
winning the belmont doesn't mean anything or doesn't mean nearly as much to breeders if you're gonna retired stuff then winning the kentucky derby or the brightness you ve got a grand total of one grade one state in america run in a mile and a half on dirt and that's the belmont so if you retired at any rate a bunch a mile and a half forces what they're gonna get you and that's what the bet that's why the breeders are not as enthusiastic about winner of the belmont as they are about a winner of the dirtiest bricks so
oh you mention obviously the mile and a half which is a rarity let's talk some horses will do the same thing we ve done every time with like a kind of a better no bad knowing let's knowing that we have the mile and a half of you want to comment on where you think if these if we know what resources never going to be able to handle the mile and a half i'd like to know that going in cause there's no words revealing than watching us quit you gotta know least one or two of these guys so i will start with it with with tapir it i've heard a lot of people say they like tapir it sixty one morning line so what do we got on that i think he's a must play in trifecta ok absolute must supply and maybe even must play in the exact hard pleasure has this thing's figured out either you good at running
horses in the derby when they dont when you skip the preakness that come into the bellman his home track they sleep and arrows in error familiar bed at night there really i stood ready to roll they might not always win like last year destined if your member epic destin belmont train trained by pleasure yet beetle lip they met on always win but they usually run pretty good if it does not actually make a difference for horse to be competing like honest came home track yeah probably just because he effect travel out of vehicles you know i mean a lot of horses and yet a hate travelling time now but if there is an advantage to having the travel and and he has the home feel about ah it next up goarly dress spinoza horse would we think on is vigorous roseanne it what do you think about courtly ok here's
other running a derby skipped preakness wake the belmont but i would say here no back ok how about this is my favorite jockey foreign drew flow joe the jockey hollywood handsome morning light nerdy to want nobody areas thou hast thou lasted for like three seconds fairly wanted allowance rights let them out a gulf stream cook had now what about your guy your horse looking at lee who you gave us for our exam in the kentucky derby saying he would finish strong any did can he hold up for the mile and a half use them in your super factor in some of your try factors i wouldn't know
thoroughly using the wind i wouldn't be shocked if you want but again it's a disadvantage to run in the derby and then the preakness and come back again and run in the belmont stake so he's given of freshness edge to these horses that took a race off everything about just making it so every horse ass run every every single leg of it i think that would be cool you remember the guy that that alone california crown they went on a rat yazzi asked the belmont yet elegies point yes you can do that again you'd have to horses war this year you have one horse running at the girl might well have been easy bet ended at home irish war cry seventy two eyes are our swore cries the favourite right if a favorite ok i thought i'd take them to kentucky derby ah there are two races on his form as it was last year
if you run either of those races back again is an easy one iran faster than twice than any other horses great has ever run the other two races out of his eyes for stock in the land the want of one of them was the kentucky derby in his last ray it's my opinion then kentucky derby day after the rain that fell twice to rainstorms in two hours for them that the inside parlor racetrack developed a very fast path the only horses did any running in the derby at all report as it were running down on the rail and irish war cry was three four wide all the way around so i'm gonna give him an excuse for the derby and since i know already but if he runs is gracie's of winter you can't say that about in the other horses in so even though is the favourite i think he's the worst be thank ecological bat and
must play must play all exotic i like that he placed his best game nor can stop you haven't you can look at these other where you could say ok look in italy if he runs is best brace absolutely best race willing when you don't know the same thing with the tablet making goarly thinking would gables boys a lot of these horses if they run their absolute best rate is a good good that question mark if i the war cry runs is best race easy either daylight one loves let me up what about senor investment i then everything horse he was thirty preakness i like boiler he's an interesting horse was at me he didn't do any running at all until like the last ate them a mile in aid
the jockey canning hale was a jockey again and now he was working on him going into the second turn it was getting nothing just look like he was not cooperating at all and then also to pass him looking at he went by multiplier went by you last turning into the stretch i'm thinkin ok is certainly up resources post in suddenly you know get some interest in and decides to iran in and gets up late to finish just are you finished third overlook in italy kind of away iran he doesn't really show much interest till he turns for all man that's typically not the style that it takes two when the bell monster could he come in thirty four with another there are similar iran yeah all right so any horses that we missed that you wanted to comment on that we're gonna throw into our exotics
ok now i think you pretty much covered nailed there's gonna be some j boys echo support because he literally wiped out at the start of the derby even worse than plastic empire did but what you like to see is after a horse gets wiped out at the start and this is the worst at bobby flay just bought a part of okay this week last year if you wait until i cook with are now bought a part of creator though if the belmont anyone so handicapped this i guess and he thinks the jake it was not a great change when but what i like to see whether we can you not complete obliterated at the start of a race you wanna see him at least do something after that got pass and horses and make it look at least like you now if you if he didn't get knocked down at the saudi be minor one this horse did nothing after he got bother so that bothers me body
awesome and so do you have any other maybe any other races on the card that you can give us a little little what beak little now tomorrow we were on the tomorrow on anything yes so that today fray as this air sea up was actually as it's in your ears you ok you got it there's a recall the belmont gold come through mild i i just ran into the owners downstairs in the bar at the garden city hotel here what i'm saying and they they sort of solidify the opinion that i already had and that is that red cardinal rate bed in the belmont goal cup tomorrow to generate becoming ever germany wounded or not german i am not yet as the raven oscar oh called melbourne cup and he's already one of the co favorites in november
any early betting on the melbourne cup and this is not a particularly good bunch of american horses so i believe it is a really a good point on saturday there's a horse in the seventh race woody stevens six to one another graham his name is recruiting ready he saw unemployment government under our oh yeah there's a couple in their barbaric got was now there are going to get a lot apply but i think recruiting ready sir the best orton dinners and exactly that i like i'm giving our god yes sniper love it the matter thousand handicap five sharp as packer who i think i'll win probably but the two rally cry todd pletcher east five hundred and twenty one and i think he's got an outstanding chance and i think those two in either order i prefer sharp azteca
i think that now unwanted i look at you you you more than made up for not coming into the office she just gave us winners winners money in the pocket yeah raise my right hand i promise i will come into the office not this week but i'll be back in new york the summer at some point i've got a dumb question about horses like red cardinal if they're from overseas is there any sort of like a green card situation where they have to be permitted to run in different countries tromp is working on that now yeah they i bet there's a quarantine that they have to go through that's it that's a bit of a hassle because make sure they're not radicalized exactly exactly that
your facebook page and stuff like that you now if they're ok they're they're fine it's like when you bring like too many oranges mangoes back from jamaica given even in anything to declare that like no sir i would bet that horse they put on the plane earlier oh shit a better on turning and will thus what about that ordinary over at band what about him up i were originally randy moss thank you so much will appreciate it one of our favorites we will hopefully i'm all new to it so we'll see you later this summer you gave it to us you sound or see lay not have my recurring guessed he shirt on us ass lovely perforated i think randy be well they carried out by
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luck has such paul it's pulaski is the truth is german but he's also american no place in germany songs from america that america is a u s equivalent edwy blue baby you a soccer federations equivalent of operation paperclip that's polices cookies we we be trinidad and tobago which ok too think joseph sorrow sounds promising yeah that was talking soccer all sacrificed where did you say you have video out of the ottawa team osborne asylum soccer extra time extra town the random the reign of team with their fans are travelling on boats yes and it was like now zadig a fleet of ship thou sick there i would like to take part in that little dangerous stoppage time over whom we tells me
we have our pierre werner one for kurt i can walled what is can you not whistle now i cant do i was doing the ocean is really high one i can do i can listen about trying to scream whistle sorry for everyone out their pierre wanna one kurt current iq halt who wanted who is this the right of a news week in one of the worst twitter accounts out there ok so guy that sued somebody because he claims that he's apple uptake yes and somebody sent him a gift that he says gave him a seizure so he's he's actually get at present charged with assault with a deadly weapon for sending me give an i don't want to minimize people with epilepsy here and seizures but that is still hello
i would just like to reply to a trader the seizure socrates weapon eyes plenitude does not funny but i can't not laugh when you say that sentence about either way kirk i can walk me the biggest self own i've ever seen on on twitter so he treated a picture yesterday where one of the tabs was open to what was at hand to anti porn went i pour in timor unlike japanese said like twenty million pictures of him die right is questionable so everyone sorry roasting him bad right like other dec on a sucking privacy and on that oh gets worse he then went to twitter today and trade defend himself and i'm a red these to you so you guys get the full full effect here to ok i'm a dumb ass believe it or not my kids and i were trying to convince my wife that tentacle porn existed
it doesn't use normal family stuff right ok family that that cranks off the hint tied together states together hey honeyed you want we should we just order take out tonight i'm gonna tired hold on you wanna first fire up this technical point minced and so i can show you that exists where are you say why did you say that technical porn doesn't exactly half now i was saying you know maybe we should have like chicken tonight just it just a little aside every type of exist you don't have to go search that to figure it out like technical porn exists i didn't have to google that i know that technical porn exists then he goes on i tried to find some to show her it was real but i couldn't find any and ended up with this my family reads my twitter feed so they know this is true well handy until now i thought it was called manga love the unnecessary details that are less i know someone telling the truth was on screen as part of search to prove to my wife tentacle porn exists what different would what did
would it make seriously while i don't see the appeal of cartoon porn sweets vessels as funny a spelled porn yet apparent apart circular far porn is a multi billion industry people obviously look at it so he basically just said hey what happens at the icon walled house on on a casual wednesday night we look at pet tentacle porn together with it was the same though tentacle porn doesn't in fact exist yes it will i know his wife was saying that technical porn doesn't he addresses the client pat and incurred and his children were like oh no it totally does we watched it together is a think do the way that this conversation started is pretty clear cut one to look at technical point with his wife and so like he made a cynical porn joke tour hoping that
would pick her interest yes yes maybe spice up the relationship may bizarre anniversary think and then waited for it to be like what's that he's i owe you did you think it exists below your mom she's a thing and cynical born exists check it out together i have this octopus readier freezer things ever happens if my cream sauce technical point but it gets even worse he went even further so this was like total cellphone these talking with his kids in his wife about technical born he then because he really had to prove that he was just searching for technical porn posted a tax conversation with his wife where he is like teresa i'm sorry this is stupid question were are gold sons and i trying to prove to you that technical potent exists replied yes still amaze me but there's more above on the text messages like he's out will widen crop this out but he had a full conversation like with his wife and one of the lines was i had it
they so bad it was worse i've ever had consider going to emergency room so horrible i actually cried this guy just can't enough owning himself in that screenshots should be noted that he actually blurred out the names of like some of his friends here but you didn't think to crop the message at all which would have been easier to dropping as antler out all that's right or or just maybe leaving yet leaving out the part where your crying during headache artists like hop in your time machine and go back to earlier this morning just deal with the fact that like there are five hundred people online that may be saw the original thing that you tweet it out that a roasting you about it instead of broadcasting it's your hundreds of thousands of followed so many people are saying that i was looking at him type or which by the way i'm not to each their own i've never really understood animal i mean maybe it's maybe jazz culture where some people i see people utter watching jazz maybe i'll go have a couple cocktails and siege ass ban but i've never seen a lot
people appreciating like anime porn and thought to myself well maybe i should maybe i should judge by rubbing went out to march dempsey until he had all the more like the asian martin colleagues have you seen those like fit peter peter gryffons yes tat peter gryffons gonna fuckin get hammered out yet a thing for los over there i mean it's always lars current paita the so pierre one one i actually have one thing form i think he just needs did like own that block yeah needs to be the technical porn guy i greatest change our avatar too like an octopus fingering themselves with all eight technical right and just put your head right on top like like god like i intend to use me turtles crank your brain should be a top and they just be tentacles fucking its own pussy that's u technical technical porn hint i of the same thing i think you're gonna know what google
and screenshot attitude it out their different things they think it is wise exploration made absolutely no sense is because he was saying that he was looking up technical porn to show his wife but tat was on the background was hinted porn you just totally different yet how that not that i've ever looked at the other part that i like he kept on checking back in every few hours and was like just checking back in still getting roasted online like still getting told you think bro you fucking just head like a technical porn manifesto with your wife and adult sons we're gonna roast your fur while this one's gonna take a while we're gonna be sitting here for a while it up away for the think pieces by the way like it it's actually problematic to make fun of fur is cynical point and rely porn yeah so positive steps led shaming could i can walk stop squid shaming what's up guys let's talk about the credit
i am with the message brought you by capital one as you all know i'm a big stats guy so i think numbers are great but on there aren't they don't tell you the whole story it's like looking at while scoreboard game without checking any of the stats or knowing any of the context credit isn't any different the first step to you're standing your credit is knowing what factors contribute to your credit profile in fact theirs more credit management that just knowing your score and since there is no one single score that lenders use knowing these factors are key so here's a hot for our award winning listeners out there don't be a weeny do what i did but would check out the app credit wise is different from other credit apps it gives you access to your information the trade union credit report to understand your behaviors and helps you spot signs of error or identity theft plus you can check it often as you want for free without negative
we impacting your credit so go online mash that download button right now and get the credit wise app today and i go tell a friend numbers or great with context get that credit wise up right now from capital one all right let's do a respectable we have two of em so get off tenant support for second we have first by jerry solvent mba writer he had this to treat out no coffee in mba funnels press rooms twenty minutes before interviews we ve come a long way from david sir drinking with us in media hotels and they went back later and he says you think that a league throws around that kind of money could afford to have coffee in the press room on and often not talked don doktor jerry solve until his headscarf is he call madame silver cheap or more importantly more dangerous he's basis
please admitting that he was taken pardon access journalism earlier in his career yap pay for plant yet david stern here by agenda tonic davidson's more liquor he's professionally temple it is an extra grenadier it's the war is not entirely nigeria agriculture yeah pinnated cern can't see over the bar so yes to send somebody else to get the peter s were poor poor jerry solvent i just want to say thoughts and prayers to all the media covering the nba finals and the fact that they were able to get free coffee in the media if only there is like a chain coffee store that goes on pretty much every product in america probably in your hotel room as you were walking out of your hotel that morning free to jerry solve and what are the odds of this guy's not from boston with a name like that
who is a bit homework if we buffalo how ok he's got family from boston year also noise of a big j journal cause he's got his newspaper portrait as twitter like the charcoal the pencil yea edging yet in color so it's twenty he's really he's really gonna twenty sixteen buffaloes about as far west is people from boston never migrate anyway i'm sure there's a relationship that we have a mother respectable for david price so come get your man's hank explain what happened so the price the two hundred and seventeen million dollar man who hasn't lived up to expectations in boston so far and it's caught in the least amount of criticism because of its from the boss of media he told sti buckley of the boston harold yesterday that he is only speak to the media on days when he pitches any fall that up was saying
right whatever the fuck you want just write it whatever the fuck you want well then ryan leaf moment where junior sale ass do really inappropriate david pre crisis part he who really if you're a pitcher why should you the talks and media on your after i probably agree with that they do pay or salaries kind of here we have the fans do and then vance pay the media in the media peace circle life here the reason i love this story is david price i love the storylines whenever a guy signs with big market and arrogance wow watch out he can handle the media david price was one of those guys either it's always conover ridiculous argument like money can't fucking handle like just a little bit more media in the bright lights turns out he can't or this diversity of spotlight so these guys they can dig if they want to now are we say it is the his whole the whole reason for him hating the media in bosses cuz he gets hurt a lot and they're like a why you a david why hut he thinks
and unfairly betrayed even though he's been pretty pretty bad and entered an injured but not always about asylum he's making a lot of money though now not just like thirty million per year over here here's a little spin zone though for you david price chris sails also on your pitching staff and if i know chris sale like i think i do he's going to do something crazy soon he usually for one of those weapons like woke or sales come we're guy i'll tell you why you could pay me thirty million dollars to have dan shaughnessy spit directly into my mouth once a week and i would take here maybe whither saying little but not on your after namaste that for us at once a week when i picked sugar markets days but maybe that's what they're saying what it's all about like the media's tougher in boston maybe they're just uglier and so after looking at home we have a connect the dots this is for bob stoops oklahoma
head coach former oklahoma head go to this was the week of headquarters just quitting out of nowhere middle june nuthin fishy about none but i had the connect the dots is bob zeus recently bought a second home in chicago his second home i think he's put together some row homes he liked me i'll combining all is becoming a slum lord yeah pretty much gold coast and ah ha i saint john fox you are everyone knows my theory that right pay is drafted mixture briski so the john fox we fired ripe pace forget me not for our years bob stoops but also to stoop say that he and want to die on the sidelines yeah we have a man card situation like you're football coach how angry i imagine that scene when you know the scene that everyone rips off of hitler in the bunker yapping like what the hell what what's what's movies i forget the name of the room i want just ripped off for twitter and it does i imagine that was what jim harbours office wasn't like coach
upstairs she said he doesn't want to die on the sidelines what if with what do you mean you search shake like did that's exactly what you're supposed to hear you get into football to die on the sidelines so he can't believe that that's actually the best way for football guided thy yeah i i can't think of anything better also aiming your team propaganda winning streak do they would definitely when that game yeah we know that you're cuba that's not it and then he got replaced by his long time assistant thirty three year old lincoln riley which how long was you this is a long time because that is the ultimate football guy name isn't yeah i think that lincoln riley's a perfect take ocean especially for the middle of nowhere oklahoma without looking up anything about lincoln riley ominous say that he threw for two thousand yards some shitty texas town friday night light
high school and inflamed out is like a back up in college lilies a back up in college but he was the first guy in the film room used together will use it glue guy now lockerbie knew the often really he probably took over at half time of one game with a start at her and like through for one touched on in two interceptions and a hundred yards but they won the game lincoln rather like around thirty three years old very same ages jesus whew same ages us next year jesus was a long time assistant who got promoted to just think about that we have lasted for each dimmed jumbos we have spins own for derek fisher whose actually derek fisher did this bids up so memory gotta do i crash with his girlfriend who is my parents ex wife turns out the car that he crashed is map on scar
oh pretty good that's yeah yeah i mean you're playing house model if way to get back at the guy that you have a feud with by just getting really drunken crashing his cart i'm almost killing yourself but that whatever driving crashing somebody else's cars basically what he did as coach of the next just fill jackson scar need just crashed yeah we'll james stolen car he doesn't have a car anymore just like a little piece of metal policemen hidden rams over and over has been crushed many many times is like those weird science member you know those that they make the bodies like this is what your body would have to look like to be able to withstand a crash seventy miles an hour that's what the new york knicks franchises white muslin fat and grossness commitment being rammed over and over the last thirty that guy was hilarious that that artists renditions where they find you i think that if ever say closer immune to car rex yeah but it's also a good way for him to keep his name in the news yeah i mean now he's the guy you know it is he's a survivor
so he goes from being guided fucked up the next with a lot of help before he was the guy that was like driving to tobacco or whatever to fight matt barnes now he's a car crash survivor so if your team outlets for coach might not be a bad idea to look at him good messages and i were walter picture from part my take fall part my take on twitter hank its leumi slowly i wrote its looming had to say loom s once did i do you're doing a good job i protestantism i shouldn't i said that i was supposed to set now u yours was set as natural here and also send it let's do some jouberts before we do jimbo as we saw with one guys on checks lou
how soon is too soon to ask a guy you're dating to be a plus one to a wedding good question totally depends on if it's open bar not if it's open bar i would take a plus one after maybe a week or two well it also depends where's the wedding if it's in the city you both livin then i'll think does ever to see if its flight and a hotel room you're probably gonna want await a month or two that's that's really like it's the old like the the progression of our relationship one or two months in that's not
we can put in front of each other the other the other thing is guided by way he's gonna everyone's been stuck in that situation he's gonna be stukely taking you shit in the lobby hotel all weekend guests and like all i gotta go out for a second i like to take walks in the morning after had my coffee i like hundred allotted to cuba and eat mexican i like to take a quick walk at seven a m it's also a bad idea if you're in the wedding so that might be a little bit too early if it's just a couple weeks so if you're a member of the family of the bride of the groom needle want to be like the sister of the groom and then invite some random to show up as your plus one yeah you're a lot of questions about like no matter what at a wedding you're getting a question a winner you two gonna get married ran if it's been like a week or two and the father the bride is asking that that's not a gets issued an you'll probably get em in less let's face it women when i get to weddings you're probably get too drunk in your black wasn't this most beautiful wedding ever like what our kids gonna look like when you go back to the hotel room and you
up your pinterest since all wedding dress his lay freaks out in classic women give us our problem last saturday onto the bathroom atmospheres finishing up in the stall but the toilet paper in a way which would mean finishing up i think he was wiping out maybe maybe not they walk no extra role on the star in the bathroom was filled with a bunch of other people i ended up finishing wiping by using the toilet seat covers on the back wall the stall that's up ad so every guy goes through a floats are in their head when they're in the bathroom the toilet paper runs out the first one i actually think that the first one would be the sea cover yeah that's a great alternative hit embraced him what's the worst thing that you ve white dress with
this is a good one this is really gotta you go for i am i think it's the the coffee filter things you know those things we put in the oil when you may suffer cod actually sounds kind and i wasn't ahead of you ran out of all the toilet paper is i like that's a lease double apply i can get a filter exactly i've used obviously leave before you have visa leave reality easily feeling camping pine cones who now that's an actual not true a problem my underwear yeah i may never have though i've done underwear and then you just have thrown away said good bye who wish we should start marketing underwear that doubles as to a paper that's a great idea who the sock doubles as fleshly yes perfect was out of town and casually sitting needs to my boyfriend on snapchat acts click on the snapshot group of men with my brother's scarring all of us for life they knew they know it's true
sixteen like they know that their sisters firing off some hot malicious hope they were classy needs and i think we all know the difference between classy and not class not really take doesnt here they're all classic annandale closet required as ex positive hope that was a trick hashtag daddy above bought my kids a big ass trampoline last week as some are present i'd kill myself assembling it now grew
she's dead i can't get rid of my shitty neighbour kids my kid us at last to concussion thy my wife is mad at third that's that's the fact it so funny because the fact that he bought this being like i now my kids will like leave me alone and then it just attracted more kids like now you are in charge of more children buying a trampoline for kids is a terrible terrible terrible i can't trust it's like it's like buying a dizzy bat re slashed gun range for your family like that's how bad is gonna be everyone's gonna get hurt you gonna get a maximum of about thirty minutes of fun out of a year before summer knox their teeth out your here's ears really what the lifehack is right here by your name a trampoline for his kids just have a show up to his house one day he can a fuckin assembly he can hurt is grass and now your kid is not around dream of it disturbed come first day in my new internship my boss tells me the printed document for him when i get back to me tells me
think you got the wrong one i instantly replied of him you think he did not like that at all now scared attacked him again man yeah oh you think is just become a reflex like the doktor hitting me at this point vision tom secular dick s answer yes good yeah we'll setting one i'm in a jim was again this is another pierre say that if you look at the do every like month now not good there have been great it basically turned and only funny ones are the ones and people just said it did self base off the show i think we need to also maybe have people start emailing the jimbo because it becomes a swamp in the dna we get no i mean we get instagram dm text line ok some email just ask yourself read the jimbo embryonic okay was this anything different did i shit myself get drunk do some stupid
did i say some stupid do girl just cross those fields not only hours yes what happens we do is this unique is something different let's look let's let's get back to the guy who ran himself over with a car and the guy we gotta get fired everybody inside his own people and our estimate the pieces himself to run this old thing might discuss as i had a dream that lenny dice her was my elevator operator my gun elevator no attacks vows eating pussy need ox so my jimbo as i led a podcast run my subconscious branded as things going up up up up up s coming down the sorry about that sounds like a pretty scary drink awful ass little girl vader to held i think this guy just forty stephen king book it's just you being stuck in an elevator like a haunted house where lenny dicers your guide yeah uh vagina just descend from the ceiling lay just slap nodded ok going well we'll go i'm up almost are going down
last one from a girl so i was riding with my future in laws in the car on the way to the beach they notice i was wearing a part of my take shirt and asked me what it was when i split that poverty is a podcast they excitedly suggested we listen to the car i next thing i know pm big at her in the middle of some locker room talk in my future sister in law accused me of not being christ like meanwhile my fiance pretended to be asleep i will crisis dead so it's probably a good thing that you not to crush like christ would like some blocker doc you think so yeah why not
i mean i mean he is the son a guy like me knows were made out of any for dinning have vital it wasn't last supper like with like thirteen deeds just the ultimate locker untie me come on you're going to dinner with our team deeds unless you're on a bachelor party lou doing some locker room to use walk into the desert and just i go and all around africa and the middle east in europe with his just grew his boy like just to the basque i tired out was there is definitely some is big sausage porthos someone put their balls in someone else's face not gonna go all the way to save jesus did i want to find out in jesus did the tea bagging that but someone else he certainly turning to other tall when it was under him right exactly flock room talks been spent around for thousands of years without and gear morton
at the outset urging both are we lost a texas bathwater during bows yeah well it's nice not having to put yourself out turning to time so yellow i actually did put myself others the announcer which i think was probably more pressure than he has re s eye is someone said that it look like this don't defence took away i abilities i think being i'll be out of shape probably took away my abilities by appreciate that person tell me was the zone to use it was it was a bad match up for here every manage that match up at this point for me in my life i thought so shall we had a quick shout out we did yeah we got an email yesterday we want to give a shout out to scott tuttle and his brother jojo's getting married today on six thousand nine hundred and sixty nine so you not going to forget about one night so congratulations to joe and kelly i'm sure you guys will do just fine you have a great day so big sup from the guy's a p empty
subsequently the clear support enjoy your last couple minutes of freedom give me a call if you need any advice wedding night that is our show again we have map honour on monday awesome interview he came in to time mba champion and next week should be the start of mount rushmore season so get excited we have an awesome plan for a kick off of mount rushmore she's an ethic everyone's gonna love will see ya love you guess
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