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Scott Van Pelt and Mike Portnoy

2017-06-15 | 🔗
It is officially Mt Rushmore season. The guys talk about their trip up to ESPN on Thursday plus Mayweather/McGregor and the US Open (2:18 - 14:39). Scott Van Pelt joins the show to discuss the Mt Rushmore of bald people (14:39 - 27:02). The people's lawyer, Mike Portnoy, joins the show to debate the Mt Rushmore of life's minor inconveniences (27:02 - 55:20). Segments include 15 seconds with Rick Pitino. Trouble in Paradise Lebron vs Draymond, Respect the Biz for Odell Beckham's new cleats, Sabemetrics for Lavar Ball's new autographed trading cards, and Jimbo's of the week.
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on today's part of my take we have the debut of mount rushmore season everyone's excited for it two of our recurring guess who were on the mouth rushmore of recurring guess join us to do their own specific mount rushmore we also talk may whether macgregor our trip up to bristol online reseller show we have a low braun verse dream on feud and jim both before we get to the show though i wanted to talk to you guys quickly about one of my favorite rest parents dennys dennys has it been a place where america can come and get their favorite breakfast lunch and dinner dishes serving our their guests whenever they want whenever they crave it now with dennys on demand with taken that they always open philosophy that is synonymous with the restaurants and applied to online ordering bring access to the credible dinner fair wherever the guess want it thanks to new platform guess have a quick and easy way to place a mobile or online order for take out or delivery of their favourite met
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and ordering you're diner favorites are at your fingerprints visit dennys dot com and click to order online or download the dennys up right now and star washing on hulu go do right now dennys on demand let's go let's not welcome a part of my it is riding june sixty eight as a visually mount rushmore
he's let's go is the most wonderful time of the year so if you are a new listener to this podcast when we say my rushmore season we mean the time between the nba finals ending and football starting when all the sports talk radio shows have nothing to talk about baseball and they make up all kinds of gimmicks well guess what this is in a gimmick is embracing debate mount rushmore seasons that means that every single episode we will pick a different topic and give you the mount rush more of it that's right in today we're doing to my rushmore with two of our mouth rushmore recurring guests yes we have our lawyer mr port noise innocent wire the up we have scotland pelt wherewith i'm is reportedly using unlike us we're doing them out rushmore of
minor inconveniences and lightly up and was scott we're doing them out rushmore of both people and then the because my rushmore you need for the other to mount marsh more recurring guess are coming on monday we're not gonna tell you who they are but they are big and their fun ha ha ha ha ha o little tipp there while it is do yes sir embrace debate were also to include all the award winning listers this year more to come with that we're gonna make an interactive some of the fun ones you did last year there were more rushmore pool activities i was really hot when rush moreover barbecue items that knacks yet another good we haven't hank said celery yeah yeah so we have little true we do everything a favour was numbers lineal names was another good when all time backup quarterbacks so we get we get low freaky with it so welcome to my rushmore season was lad had here's a good joke you can use mount rushmore but i hardly even knower that is a good one two and a half riley boobs on the up and moves on the richter scale we all
oh just finished a full day in bristol had a great time yeah well i'm right or solo show for three hours of radio well it should start from the beginning here in case there's something different about our voice is because were heavy into catalysis right there on the no carb diet we're could toning so hard yeah we went on the reseller show from one to four today if you like it was two days ago he up and we just kind of shot the shit with him for a while feels good to be able to close again by the well yeah fuck fuck all you fuck heads function better hopefully your kids are in the car you fuck as it is now a real we're about to go back to being the bad boys we also had a nice call with rural who we just paisley lifted way
while he did his nerd talking you tried he tried to extend olive branch i wasn't here for a year and a lot of olive branch of shifty also wants to be part of the inner circle extolling yeah i think we're gonna leave him on the outside for now maybe i'm on the show but he's got do a lot more than just calling in saying hey guys big stool and will keep him at arm's length for now which we should suffice given his height yes but thank you sir i and he was also reason he was an awesome host for us we had a great time if you are check it out you can go download that on i think i tunes vessels we reach a bunch of go to all three hours if you need something to do on a nice friday and then the big news the big big news did it deleted it may whether a macgregor are actually going to fight allegedly i'm not gonna believe until they actually get into the ring and start swam each other because a lot of stuff could happen between now and then this
we'd science verse butter beans emma may people forget butter being used to get in there these have the tournaments way way back in the day and we may come a long way like we said there there is no upside for boxing in this absolutely none we talked about it a little bit before but this is the only time at least that i could remember that if one person winds in a match up he has the ability to defeat and entire sport has dislike clothes entire sport down if macgregor winds boxing should just jump off a cliff yeah so i've gone back and forth initially said no way no chance can macgregor beat may weather and i still the smart side of my brain think sat which adds that it's the back the backlog takes a while to get back club met i think may weathers like minus one thousand odds but i this is one of those situations where like everyone's rooting for macgregor rights gap hunters chance what you have to root from macgregor yeah slow here
it's gonna happen little prediction may weathers big into making unreasonable demands the closer and closer gettin fight just to get like a mental johnny he's gonna tell macgregor like shave his beard role than beards too long i can't punch edith i see i think this is the only time and may weathers it's the most lopsided match up he's ever had which is saying something may whether only fights fights that he can win but in terms of trash talking macgregor a better trashed are you a little bit georgia ozga little irish unnatural we're gonna have a good little girl at it bigger man slightly younger man by a lot can punch harder but unfortunately because i've watched every may whether fight in the last decade i'm going to say it's probably going to be a decision we're all going to just be disappointed and be like damn why do we pay two hundred bucks for that that's it the recurring tradition with may whether fighters regretting it
a hundred but you know it i know i mean i don't know what it's gonna be but they what they really should do if if dana white if you're listening to this what you really should do his paper view all of the pre fight stuff so like i like it but then a big package bundle it give us like for press conference could ask me the best part of this fight yes getting the buying of may whether fight is like getting back together with an exit you don't like it all so you feel horny like all they could be good this time here and then right after i had sex in a wide afterwards you why did i do that again yeah down yes sittin here disappointed somebody dear me i can't put up right now but they had a group they made a great need for this fight is catholics first convicts too who i really excess do i think there was to marry it ass if it might be three it might be that the trilogy i'm sure that a catholic has fought against a convoy other side about seeing my emmi no room i think they had to and that so might be sure we just gotta check before we make those shirk the crusades that we originally right i think
though they have given us something to talk about all all summer long reign well yeah it's something to look forward to i don't think i'm actually gonna watch the fight though because i like to watch the all twenty two the fight you if you watch on tv and see only a small amount of the ring you gotta get more perspective on it and the other thing that macgregor brings is the best crowd in the world to vegas a bunch of drunken irish guys just screaming yelling and singing songs that's it one thing that america is always behind on is like the boxing and soccer hooligan socks saw yeah and then when we try to do it we screwed up bigtime right and all we have is though what it was so you owe us not america on zella it's a lame silently a jolly blur it saying a sentence rates like somebody has stutter just try and get a sense of law needs macgregor to win he's the best like the whole world would benefit from greater one in eight the breaking news from four to me
from now on we bring news now i am going to bet macgregor because my dumb brain will talk myself into an issue at the high upside so that's just i'm looking forward to that i'm looking forward to to knowing i shouldn't bedroom and knowing that he's gonna lose and still doing it like you know what screw it we also of o u s open the court guess what courses so tough the sheer ricky fowler in the lead minus first day while usda during your current guest ricky rally ass good point as it problematic that the tennis and golf both of the u s open i get regular using as media and then and then england tries to open cock us by saying what is actually just the opium corpus yet you have this designated the u s open right ma fescue the other news was a blimp crashed and fill mickelson withdrew those aren't the same story a big a big
bag of hot air went down dear dick was was entirely from its argument s everyone's ok in the blood crash davis harris shooting out of it it was that sets out ass they woke those guys my domain on purpose just look really fucking is to get a glimpse back in the news we are talking about i i was actually about to go on a blimp rent it was going to be my head of the week last week but what does it why do we still have glimpse went on so you really with self rise as if you could really been a profit there so i really unlike filled a drop like get eliminated from something at the last minute isn't a character form i forgot turkey one the masters continent through here thirty years problematic that fill took a spot away from a kid because he took so long to drop out yes yes but
number he's going to his daughters graduation so he's really just showing your family matter i feel bad for all the i'm all the kids in their families upturn wisconsin that they get one chance a year to see their favorite golfer dad's probably by sea and bring about leo ceiling and then big superstars sizes sit this one out there doesn't happen sports whatsoever liking wisconsin this this week and that also could a tornado slows like he met a five minute soldiers knew that is boobs what was gonna don't you that's bad visual what if you want to avoid any hot human terms it is is the dairy capital the united states so haven't a couple sag boob saying i am someone might just run up it's our milk elkanah me i i actually have the same problem it looks like he's gonna line under on your tits whenever it gets once we get to summer season it's like he's gonna watch out for that tit line if your man i let's do arm out rushworths we're gonna go scuffing well first then mr port annoy beef
or we get into it i wanted to tell you guys guess what what got a new show you got it do you ready for this it's called the preacher season two is preparing on june twenty five and twenty six to two part season premier that's pretty cool i hate when you have to watch a show and they know i gotta go to wait all the way to next week it's on amc it's called a preacher this absurdly twisted and action packed thrill ride falls apart if a preacher his bad ass ex girlfriend and a one hundred nineteen year old irish vampire its produced by sets rogan the producers britain an bruce's breaking bad super fast pace islet suspense for while also being a little fun do i have you guys houghton young do have you heard the first season was awesome set up for the second season which is starting june twenty fifth and june twenty six on a m let's let's watch it
everyone get in there let's watch us maybe we'll talk about on the show me will fill it in four bachelor talk that seems to have gone south on us so do it to enforce the preacher june twenty fifth and june twenty six season two premier on a m c i also want to talk to you quickly guys it is fully summer season and we are at the on a diet one could toast i write well guess what dieting darting usually don't mix together that's and similar white brood for more taste with only ninety six calories and now boys we can dirty on for dark they turn into noughties there's only one beer for the job miller light the original light beer brood for more taste while still being less filling close your eyes right now picture self it barbecue the sun is shining the tunes or playing who looked down here and what does that that's more like only ninety ex calories dieting darting dardenne bbq there's no way i'm cutting out any those activities that's why you gotta
for the miller light the original great tasting light beer that doesn't compromise on taste do right now of some daddy's this year miller light ninety six calories still taste delicious ah i hereby mt rushmore season mr partner sorry ass we first met rushmore bog as and then mr port nor mount rushmore of minor life's inconvenience slice minors inconveniences i can't talk anymore it is rushmore season like we said we are doing on the mouth rushmore of recurring guess each recurring guess then doing about rushmore with us and without further ado we have scott van pelt one of the four the elite for here the joint scotty scotty to haughty how we do it i'm honored fellow them honoured its humbled it's big
the humblest is on the side of the microphone yes yes group humbler humbled humbled humbled right we are doing the amount rushmore of bald people now no offense you this was just we paid out a coincidence it's not what you are you boy kuwait eating rinkitink yeah yeah legislate let's before we get to a one we just saw them in you know your bald let's just you know put that put all of our cards on the table at what point in europe life we like ok it's over when i was in us in vegas with a guy you know my man doktor calf and in it we ve been day drinking and i was in a pool i came up from out of the water in my body just pointed at me in this way
fucking paul isn't the opposite of that national mps seen down yes it will be held on it with honestly resist i wouldn't like i didn't know but in that moment of true honesty of booze fuelled honesty when my man just said but what needed to be said and it was like i when i get home a minute just file ever gonna take it down i mean i'm i was i mean i wasn't might berries but obviously i knew this was coming for quite some time when everybody that gives to this place and managing notably as the guided shows you he's them he's your road map it you're losing your hair like a paddle cut it short and then you just go progressively shorter until you reach the point where you you just it's over and so in that one moment i which i really needed in everybody needs that moment worth were somebody that cares about
you're not to tell you the truth you says its time and that's that's how it happened for me but it was it was it was coming for a good law while we know at board can be beautiful yes all can be powerful and sore here to celebrate the for best bald people in the history of the world so do you wanna go first yeah wants you go first michael jordan the girls or is actually no export gas on my first draft i had leubronn as i know not where more seriously he's quite still for you really feel frightened at the arch eventually he'll come home but it is for these he's putting up the good fight yes ok michael jordan number one number two
am i doing all for you you do for them we all do for sorry i should have explained its early mercedes you have forward at i'm rusty i'm ok rushmore do or do you want someone else to go i kind of ok i have had so many ball people written down i dont want to take all the need help snake i didn't do a snake drafted me does on me i didn't excel in it yeah it'll go ass we p hank me big cat big cat me tank s phoebe recluse i'm up desire does the back do you have to be fully you know you can just be you hang it is building a better baldness hazel requesting the eyes were more progression just a further muddy the waters here it is are we talking bald like you have no choice are we talking about ball get used to some guy does that that it be called cut a tear off
all right then i would take either way you did you did so that's what's great about my rushmore season is you have to embrace debate as a lot of subject gimme that goes into everything so just you let's get controversial with our heroine so first pick was ass governor upheld michael jordan we're goin staked your half so hank you're out my first one is people oh my god dollar dollar that's a good one one i pity for my first when i'm gonna go dwight eisenhower the only bald you as president i think ok i i'm gonna go so i get to now i'm gonna go with larry david and while the eagles so rubbish gone with that guy's you love america guess not that's i gotta admit you got my patriotism pretty early on my next point needs can be three headed monster of bald people walter white mike when trout and hanks trader who remain katherine from briggs thanking them all up ok hank
swans coming barnett o cagey i like that charlie villain whether they ve got a baltic tolable israel has a who you got fer you get to pick now while you're gonna get you gonna go to the trio from breaking bad underscore say i'm gonna go to hell i got bloom group about that who are they bald though are they just wearing like swim perhaps thirty sure i don't know man i am i dont think hair on their heads but i can't are we in a shower i dont know is nine ass first on their personal grooming but i just they looked ball domain i remember blew my group was all the rage yet there were like
pre commercial for a year whose while has got us you blooming crazy tat night we'll get their musicians brighter blue yeah and they do they get a bunch of pvc pipes and they just play drums and there's paint and they never talk jerry i then everybody bird super whatever i think predates molly naiades medium for older people right rear further geriatrics do i get i get another one the rock oh that's right one damn it damn it i had a mamma shortly so he also used to have a great flat out back in the true god he's done at all but was a great or now this is a nice embrace debate i think what happens with ball people is the shock of seeing them with hair then makes everyone say while your hair was great scot i know our boy mutual i stammered steve sometimes treats out a picture of you with hair
think your hair was great or do you think it's more understand your for wool that's different scoffing pump there were moments when it was great there there was that somebody got a shot up from a paternity composite were people were quite quite amazed at the density of the hair there there was a time there i had like a nice christian lightner workin but then but then it was a diminishing returns set in so again it was there was a time though the time for us but it was long ago ok good hank europe on the next one is gandhi rebound he might be the guide i can't believe gandhi last dundee knows round but no value pick my next one is i'm gonna go with mr clean and not the new sexy mr clean i'm going with the new sexy mr claeys to threatening to me ok i like you
cartoon guy ok i am going to call because your mistress the new mr cleanest mister steele your girl when he starts shaken his ass many cleaning them good luck i'm not bringing that guy into my house i got so i got to know i'm going with japan gandhi because he rocks i know i look awful balls and just still has the confidence i dont understand is get divorced you buddy like grows out the horse rattled eight he just as with oozing self confidence and with just an awful bald look and a little bit more of a power bald here then diesel vienna as poverty i think he doesn't have to be ball is on that at him list because i think he did have araby wanted i think him in people both yeah probably have a shave each other's head dolly so my last one i'm not exactly sure where i'm gonna go this ok i've got it i'm gonna go with gallagher
the comedian gallagher just because you it's so rare to get a long hair guy who's also ball yes he truly has it all in his eyes again he can be either you know an aging guy we get there but when he takes the hat off or puts it on a looks like he's geologists twenty three old hypocrite hank is where a concrete your poor who's your for yahoo which your final for my final far worse than we are before the guys from breaking bad the up mr clean gallagher and wide eyes now right that's pretty light you took the guy you took i forgot mr clean and then and then your last i should have said my final fours while i will all say our final four after we're done so i had larry david bald eagles vin diesel and jeff van gundy hank you have the second last pick i'm gonna go opposite gandhi doktor evil o hang
my final forest doktor evil gandhi cagey mr working at a bald cat to people but in their part attack and many me turn the hague programme makes probably got the most versatile about russian we're out of all yours i'd scott you got the fourth beer fourth pick the final pick of them out rushmore first ever mount rushmore snake draft confidence through many there are so many great ball guys go out there go you could go you could go moby i'm not you could go jason stadium i'm not you ve got kojak i'm not i'm going shown cut oh that's a good one i haven't bring out the charge is you busy bald yes very much and womanly anchor surroundings i've gotten jordan sean contrary blue man group and it was like for my poor oh you had no
this is of great radio gotta anyone right this down no usher somebody others ready we i we need someone to talk to your shunk honored by saying that he's board in the inn but technically anyone who's ever died is bald now right we all her eventually chicago natural natural who's your force the rock yes yes good rock blue man group but i can't have country during a jet about our go at a complete lunatic did people tell me i looked like sometimes i want fight him james carbon oh that's a good one looking guy he's stump and for the ball people out there so i can't i've got rid of the carbon will give you both yeah kelly slater yet where i saw at billy corrigan on my list so i'm surprised and george to standards cries integrate nobody picked a partner
saying after yeah hair plots now so about this just as a suggestion just just a couple you know one guy in a bid to ensure through the other power trio that you guys please what if you take what did you take mount rushmore and combine it with another just horrible sloppy tv radio device which is power ranking and then within europe with in your rushmore you go power i that's unless we can power ranked among rush more than just an idea do it so just as it just as the talking point among your among your job your mouth rushmore recurring guests you know you you have power rankings like whose whose one whose too ok why is there not a not here no our signal that no i'm gonna give you mine i'm gonna give you mind you can figure it out i'm a give you might i gotta who you might port no number one year number to plague portals number three michael rap apply
for this pretty good at worry for power ranking our current mount rushmore though i would have to say that hank had the best rap yes i d just cause he's all of them every one else was tied for second yes sorry true true and i am i am yet the versatility his is great and the fact that i couldn't remember mine was was pretty pretty damn it kind of an indictment yes ok it really not not very were memorable that's ok i might rushmore season is officially ago thank you scott we appreciate hopelessly soon sometimes thy boys you know sir my pleasure to be only one before we get to mr port annoy i won't talk you guys about a great fathers they present perfect from his report no fun this day is just around the corner it's on sunday if you like me you probably waited to the last minute to get something for you dad dad's are impossible shop for it's difficult to find some feel special that will actually use always went to the last minute i've put it off every single year fortune
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i'm not sure if i really understand what this what this list disposed to be bad the fact that i don't know what i'm talking about never stopped me boy so i'll do what i can help you familiar man rushmore right yeah so it's just the top for anything we ve changed subjects every day so we want to know what your top for minor inconveniences and lifer yes i'll be back i can't do that we saw you i said a couple of months ago our theme except for one is kind of embarrassing to me but i'm gonna do it anyway and hope that the year backlash from eleven to abstain ok thank you for your service yeah well i am taken somewhat of a chance here on that one that's ok so we do let's let's do this let's have p of t start with his so we get in the flow and you can see how it owes and then we'll have you go after and then hank and myself are ok here we go my
now rushmore of modern convenes is number one a soap dispenser now when you try to open it when you try to pump it for the first time it does open the right way and so you have just keep on screwing the top two in like manually putting the liquid soap on your underhand that will ruin my weak yeah how often does not happen i mean i changed so like once every year or so but what else it's remember at its role because it seems like it happens to me every single time and then it will be able to teach me just never buy soap again yes true every item you miss border don't know related to that though i have a soap dispenser back in my kitchen every time i do you that your to clean the dishes off before you put him in the dishwasher would you i probably dont know why mankind you washed if you wash twice in a wash once that's rose well
every time i put on the disposal of this sort these principles into the think opened i never learn a lesson from that what number two is when the soap dispenser falls into the same so i'll cross that one off to lift my new number two is airplane wi fi i hate it because you have to pay like twenty they've been charged any more money for it now they used to be four hundred and ninety nine you could get it at everything you needed and now it's like twenty bucks and it never works so you just sit there a trying to refresh twitter and it doesn't work so you never dollars to drain your cell phone battery you know what actually is maybe even worse than the than the wi fi the look it's the wifi that half works so your twitter works but you can't load any pictures or videos here's looking at empty gray box as you know like all that probably was funny but i have no idea what it is would you say that mr partner
i'm not confronted by that too much i'll tell you i just took a trip out for the first time we did a long time we didn't fly on spirit they had the movies on applying what a difference i mean i obviously there are you go on damn near jaska dear you know moving on the plane they double or laughing theatre at a up brad yeah i ever really experienced those problems because when i get on a plane i shut the dam often i don't worry about you guys are much more involved in living man i shall give you the spirit and a legion ere i would other get attacked by a dog they fly on any one of those were airlines not all want to see the world if not by spirit air airline ok a third one is changing cable providers having to real learn all the channels i just went through that i just transition from time warner to verizon
in my life's turned upside down it's the heart i think you ve ever done it actually makes me watch less tv i that's how bad it is i'd rather pick up all my stuff and move across country if i could keep my cable providers then moved down the street try to change her i'd rather break up with most of my girlfriends than change my channels yes i gotta tell you that that in alma yeah i can't remember you know they knock on the door i am comcast which is ok they knock on the door saw me something i might be able to save a hundred fifty percent i don't wanna hear it i don't think about it i don't want to i ain't you so right about that it you know so confusing those are confusing i keep saying a pig people we believe that there are two business you really should be an other than what you guys do that is innocent form builders and then a cable beth as you know why because when you
or in a business when a customer's don't understand what you know what it's all about what the bills are all about him but they need it what did what better business could that be when the customers are totally ignorant what you saw none but they buy it anyway storeroom alas yeah it's like to be booze initial i don't get it right all right my last one this one is a real pay the but for me when the stores adam adams personal problem really annoying venus for me i hated the other problem miss burner no comment my real number four is heartburn ah ivory my life were if i it doesn't matter what i eat but i just our part of the times and basic why'd you have harpers i go it's just that sound i had earlier have you have you have reached a point where i even just like at harper and thinking about armor and buffalo wings and whisky and all that such a move that that actually starts to hurt me really such because all my
foods in the world are directly related to causing harper guiana macro stop eating too dog eating chocolate yams going to deal with it met miss important you get harper or what are you think i'm somebody is out you guys over here the purple pale blue diagram now the problem tell us what you take for that i have something else related i'm sorry getting into this something we added to that were i can t i don't get hot burned but like i went up oh yeah yeah i get an endless copy for that they stick at two dounia throat just a check make sure you not about the die but the end result is that you get in oh i forgot the name of the purple pellet famous i think next to him is another one you take tat no morning
all right you don't eat anything very it's the pill with the commercial where the guy sitting on the edge of the bed is like i can't believe i ate the whole thing that one i don't remember that most people in the battle of i thought you wanted to several times that the eu takes the hours that's what the purple pillows now it was actually funny because you you you mentioned the upshot hank had his first bout of heartburn when we're in vegas about three months ago and it was our little boy like becoming a man pfc and i were just smiling ear to ear like hey listen man like you this is a big mom
and when you get to the point where you start throwing up a little bit in your mouth in the middle of the night in your sleep that's when you know you're a man changing body you have you a few confusing to things that call acid reflex lou what's the difference finesse reflects an upshot hot and as one who gets what it says you have a burning sensation in what i have is acid reflex i think those are two same thing on over i think acid reflexes ways everest between men's term acid reflux and then having flash back to a time that you dropped ass it is i have that two again no comment ok let's get to your mouth rushmore small inconveniences you're on the high here we got my first one is in this happens to me a hundred percent of the time i get in the car i put the cell phone in my pocket i put the seat belt on ah forget to take it out of my pocket and put it somewhere in the car
i can get to it and then never believe the phone rings i'm driving and i can't get to the phone because i have the seatbelt on i'm driving and it and i just can't get to it so that every time i forget to take the fallen out of my pocket when i get in the car ok here's what i do is i you surrender that problem to you take the phone out as you're sitting down and you put it right like you sit on it basically so that way if you get a phone call while you're driving its easily accessible plus nice old tree just like little tat yeah i can see that i might try to put a right what about your phone eventually war all as it becomes very smelly but it's ok yeah alright another one i have a in relation to that a pocket issues he has
if i put my once again showing my age upon my word my pocket my back pocket jim it's a worldly deep pocket i can't get the hell out of my pocket what you just vision you just fish for that wallet why i feel it in this case too that's why it's good though because pickpocket can't get you i'm not worried about is stuck in my u italy can pick a pocket yourself you i'm totally i'm totally helpless sounds like you might be in the market for fanny pack eve about really i had any path is acceptable that bring that up i have a pretty pack i have a problem that will bring us a problem you may not knock the problem is i will
ass the little bit away ok ok when i put the fanny pack on i sat a walk around five minutes later fanny pact around my needs to see justice rapid more by like a new ten dollars and i got the strap on as tight as it can possibly be when i start to move it still lie down on my knees whether one of the things i was gonna bring up like a distinct and iceland a drop of i've got the strap on so loosely sliding down to my knees lisbon replanted overblown offers a unique i'll buy you fanny back thank you ok armor by they want a night of my very bad news meaning a buying things the next eu related to that bit cat yeah one would but i'm done telling you this maybe you'll come up with a solution that you would want to your advertisers can send me something gratis if you get my draft on it again hesitating bringing this up but i wanted to this is by saying you always gonna be it at the same age hopefully that i'm out right now
and you'll have a little more empathy for i'm about to tell you ok thee what i have to go to the bad guy took the pants and i have much less time to get to the bathroom that are used to know i'm looking for mister johnson go into the bathroom many partner and i can't find it there are also under my your wallet i tried other branch of underwear and it doesn't seem to have gone and it becomes we'll problem when you kind of in an emergency situation okay and mister johnson pop up i mean yes i i actually
this problem now like ip my pants all the time a little sprinkle doesn't hurt nobody do you enjoy that i mean i find a kind of ruins the time of the first reading on a hot day you know they have those things that the deep when you try to look for her keys in confinement turns out you put him in the refrigerator summer would about just like little collars just goes around the base like a little coloring ring we'll get you cockroach i'm gonna get you some me on these certainly some
the unease at all could take the money to make sure i will brief site only boxes ok these are like combo it's like a boxer brief situation will be a very good spokesmen for works go them pretty unhappy we want amusing now with the arrival of the gods and will be thrilled we're gonna get it done we're gonna get rid of me i got i am re none the less i got you for a new fanny packing appear me on decent and conquer the kind of much more interested in the mandate fanny back as i got a feeling no matter what i get is gonna fall down on my knees dhaka out that's not true i feel like we can get you i'm in your belt fought the your pants fall down your knees now i have i have the belt so tight and what happens is that fanny pack ways on the belt ok and then it like overrun about so so
your bodies just shaped like an upside down traffic go now so they can't keep a belt on accuses the subsidiary automatic my handsomely play will it everywhere you my son a few years ago i'm really sorry you're going down this road my son a few years ago said that i had a weird his body of law coming from him he's gonna predominant bought himself yeah yeah number four i think it was all i owe the last thing again i'm showing my age i'm extremely near sighted when i take off my glasses i can't see really virtually anything when i left when i when i put my glasses down let's i took him off to clean my dear to the do some merit of my lastly and i can't find him because i don't know my glass alone has twenty two so that's where you're that's where your while in your phone are ya enlisted you
i think i would dissolve goes back he was just you need to get lasik surgery causing all these other minor and competing almost i'm sorry you're how old i am i'm too late for that don't recommended for somebody my age i don't want to live in a waste of money let's not talk like this are its area lasik a new fanny pack in me andy's right reflect those good next furthermore louis comedy emergency these israel it is an emergency how's the us tinge male go and mr putin who ah what are you how many laughing i'm coming in and we terms where do i find out my may call up the trump stuff
everything i don't think it good things that will start with the berne mail i mean that's that's a major inconvenience us on a minor life and conversely i had a problem to apparent that equally when i do port noise complained that differentiate what we did that i wasn't what noise complaint to me the kind of similar right right will now yes it was us getting on the action will be right are you realize that you're the only one that gets a complaint tat you want to go and then i'll finish up yup ah my number one is buying i phone chargers from like a gas station and then when you plug the men they just jealous and then other work the up happens all the time had its all is damn steve jobs yuppie basically is made he mates he made a charger that cannot be duplicated except you know i've thought about this before but there i've charters that you can charge your iphone once discharge forever yeah that was our yes and also you ever knows how your iphone quits riper for two years
and then just stops working life my phone interesting charge all the way up and dies like tenants now india are that's good number two is losing socks just not never having a pair of socks then crash all right imma give you a little white pack here i did this a couple years ago it changed my entire life actually i'm due for another one i called it a full sock overhaul and i went i threw up all my socks and i went and i the exact same pair socks about like sixty of so that way you can
are actually lose what you just slowly like whittled down by losing one but you still have paid and what i don't like is the new fangled way of selling socks where they have an l and an hour on each one ass others only a left one in a right one that i know what you're doing a corner it's the same thing that steve jobs does with his chargers its aid makes you have to go out and buy more yeah what do you think about that ms partner you think they'll want to comment on anybody that goes into a gas station to buy any kind of electronic device is an area that fair one fair you hit a whole i'm with me on the site i have a special problem right eye when the miller this now maybe you guys come up with a solution i have bought socks maybe your manufactures you know and i were both show i like date you're a little like a pet almost so you feed don't sweat you can't see the fuck the notion that yeah you guys are they have everything
i'm sure i do i kind of stopped wherein the knossos ok slide down my foot exactly what i was gonna talk about why canvas moors a complaint i am glad imagine that i don't know what the answer to that is i have yet to fuck you where they appeared thing for three minutes and slid down into the middle your flight ok i just came up with invention to stop this the divers and of the garter belt so
get the garter up there and then you hook the straps up to your saw here you have these nice all like discreet straps going down illegal sky connected to my own survey sites offload our gas station till i like this in let let's get a little bit more safety goin on here it's like almost like you know the window washers they got a strapping malt multiple points let's get the chain wallet strap the guard garter belt strapped in the chain while than strapped to fanny back like i'll let you do that everywhere the navy to nibble rank distract from the garter belt should just be a chain while he had like that yeah insurance like masculine yet just chain it all up and then the nipple ring goes to maybe a retainer so of your feet teeth fall out everything falls you know i have a suggestion and then one into the chain is wrapped around addicts who can find it we need to pay that good i was suggestion yeah yeah when you contact me on these people to get me my own
where can i get all the product of answer it is all a product the realm narrowly undergarments business explain a state with a lamp tell them they ve got to come up with a product the world slide down we have two people out of right now that of expected advancing half his podcast again this is u could duke i took it really wildly i agree what about here's a little another idea that i just thought of you know like deal dotterine trillo quest where they had the thing out of the finger puppets marionette mary nets what if we just tie a string from your finger to your dear mister johnson and then you can just gonna like it's like walking a dog you just pull it up put every need take it out
that's a wonderful you invented yoyo acceptance in all your willie on the eye hank number three member threes when you go to water found new really thirsty an you click it and just comes out like god dammit that's so annoying actually does your favorite example trust water funds it could be anything come another true true to track yes you didn't it deal with what do you do it is just a little bit of why did you put your mouth and now than them that's it is like a little if it comes out a little bit you kind of have to give it an effort but you can't touch her lips on young countess phillips can't do that take a vice are you doing that and i was on back are you i would just find another found out i want to find that as matters but only by ship from gas station right on the minimum for is swiping verse inserting chips there's no there's no uniformity ok we're going
to a place where you just you you want your card in front of a machine and just beeps non violent that i just right how it's like i hate doing i hate going and do it without like i'm not gonna swipe and no no insert in europe with fuck and that when you go to insert like oh no yet swipe is this a visa or as a debit well it's a debit visa son i know what you want me to do her elon musk if you listen to us and we know your quit trying to get to mars you fucking nerd just give us retina credit cards have tripled six shots yes my i can tell you for sure i have yet i'm bearing a thousand percent of starting with the one thing you have to meet the told you know it's like i don't do that don't you it was the other thing i they aid every single time
single time i don't even look i just start this why did they know no you you idiot go do the other you know what i'm gonna bring back shoplifting yeah two stealing the same thing as they themselves out yeah yeah i don't i don't want to wait in line to pay for something martial law yet i think that's what then is pickpocket i my for e commerce but actually similar to that due to the swipe because this happens every day to me too ro ice in your iced coffee nothing worse than that that lukewarm coffee right away you guys you guys ever now allies coughing well i i have an opposition jackson i dont like a lot i hung in their because then it builds jellia relaxing and as you know a place what the problem is with that iced coffee they should make it put it in a refrigerated yeah he's old take it i re heated up and then just throw iq within it and because it failed
if a sure because they gonna put too many ice using it to pull it off there's gonna lose its days too few and it's not cut i agree with you just described is the difference between iced coffee and iced coffee melick iced coffee i don't like iced coffee i like both my ex want this happens every time a crazy about whenever a popcorn getting that one little colonel thing in your two stuck in your to theirs paisley ruined your day my gum start bleeding it's a whole fuckin just take the truth out of rain right but i love popcorn so i have no solution to that end the you has have happened miss burner think chrome is bleeding not an insignificant problem is regarded as regards whatever you're eating
we basically healthy to bleed out a little easier and weed out if you eat pop overtime and it keeps getting stuck in pretty much vlasak yeah you'll have to that on my next one i have over drivers or barbers that try to talk too much nothing worse so that when they want to just like have all real full on conversation and all you're trying to do is just sit there and get through whatever you're getting here let's let's get the stigma over with you to be able to go to a barber whither earphones and i never take em i'll just have to do in an over you should be able to go you should be able to have an option on your over poor if you do not obey acts or whatever you get do not speak to me oh dear
two words are are probably on amount rushmore of words that are awesome to hear mr putin i say can you say goober in parliament i was caught me burn bargain i got me a bra now you said that come on sailing over yes i will i will say that about the the talking here got everything i don't have that problem anymore why i owe you are here that's on innovation say icy barbara aber said barber bob stop with the baby talk in my final one i think every one has this problem there about the world when your phone is about to die and then boom it's dead the monitor i'm a takes once you plug it in for the phone to come back on
is no less than a hundred years you know that like oh shit i'm out of all my juice and then didn't like it seriously like seven or eight minutes and it takes to get back on right because you can use your phone at one percent battery russia you should be able to turn it on the agency must plugs and log in boom the one percent so i want to help me can someone explain to me you keep talking about these things brings up a lot of additional things i am so confused because i used to put the following an overnight to get it to one hundred percent i was told you should never do that no debts pointed in overnight to get it to honour percent yadda they knew that bad or you know about that stats oil lithium bad really to take we need to back up a couple steps what kind of phone to use i have an iphone seven our success
here europe to date no iron iphone sick just never unplugging i know you're ok that's old school flip phones when they i think was the lift the ambassador captain plugged in all the time they would ruin about that another just bonus inconvenience when you're remote control when the batteries are really low and you're just too lazy to change them so he had to take em out every time and rub open and backward and back again i do yeah words and then what you do is you have one remote that use less often somebody trimmed amount we are treating you told nothing in your house has batteries i wanna make be clear i go back to the phone thing are you telling me that it's all right for me to plug my for all the night yes you good ok i learned something with that dumb ass all the wasted i come on something we're gonna invent new underwear for you and new socks so
think we're at eight were coming out of a pilot socks antonia that's a winner ok word were on it mr putin i thank you is always we're gonna have you back on a couple weeks reporters complaint because this was an eye port noise complaints it was just mount rushmore of minor inconveniences and i'm a take this offline because i'm going to get your dress him asserts andy's me under ok i thank you so much no problem before we jump into segments let's talk about sports betting and making some money using bet ds i mba and energy plants just wrapped up a guess what we ve got games every day and major league baseball and the best place to bet on them is on bethia sigh there over twenty years and businesses are top rated on most ports book review sites and get a great mobile product it's easier from anywhere they have living game wagering so you can take place through our entire games and events in great customer service available twenty four seven three hundred sixty five betty s eyes bill
the reputation fast payment of winnings and they're gonna give you free twenty five buck bonus just to try joe for registering and two hundred said bonus on your first deposit with promo code take two hundred that's betty s i promise good tee a k e two hundred all let's get to some segments first up we have our old friend rick patino he the sanctions just came down rick patino what you get you got suspended for five games five ac games ivy cc games in big i have no idea what schools on the issue in the eu still no the ssc maybe you do you know the acc but five game and he also looks like they might have to take down the banner verne two thousand team championship team we don't know and remember do you remember when the tino got that creepy it be tattoo on the back of his shoulder
that's right are they gonna also remove that tattoo they should they had a couple ideas for new banners they can put up the oh but how do we want to go there whether you want to do it lets you fifteen seconds a rick patina so we're gonna do you re start the clocking contain seconds jokes about patina let's go i'll get you go first rightly said go so did you hear the one about repartee no in the white suit who know tell me ok so but here he walks into bar and he now on the door in the bartender says hey i what can i do to help you out and rick says well it's funny any raising an eighty thousand roundly are that was quick sorry about that guy sorrow was good for you have a guy i was i was ok never happens did you get the finishing i finished oh ok work i do here you know what let's go fifteen seconds more ready now i hear fifteen seconds more repartee erika i and erika got cape
if they did you hear about the one with rick patino when he tried to have sexual intercourse with that woman o in the olive garden yeah yeah so rick is like our aid this is my own fancy restaurant here i got a nice bogglingly running ah shit did i mean i i finished did you guys finish i didn't get to finish our ship well that was fifteen seconds erect patino louisville it is actually a good time to mention were actually going on kentucky sports radio on tuesday don't twenty seventh i think that's a date i think i'll probably play fifteen seconds a record doesnt show yes that's gonna be fine are our good friend match jones is on vacation and gracious enough to let us fill and again we did last year its can be a good time again i next up we have little trouble in paradise this is full dream on green and lebron james this is like
i don't know where to start i guess we'll start with this leubronn basically said o the warriors were having a championship parade today in everyone's talk about how great they are let me shaved my head and do an instant m story about it actually do we have our corresponded here yeah you know what a kick it till a brisker cattle abroad brunner their sacrifice ok it's it sounded like he shaped his head i think he's drunk i think you should know he is he's drunk on the the striving for greatness i would like to see the sound that lebron james was making mixed up doing mash up with the brittany spears with her video when she shaped her head yes isn't it a son of a mental breakdown by the way a well someone just cuts all their hair off yet guilty as something i'm trying your appearance either way is trying to go as a fugitive somewhere this trust link off to allay classic leubronn zero our thirty twenty three ends its
two days three days after the nba finals it's the warriors parade day and he is back on the grind striving for the greatness in the gym shaving his head it's too late by the way we knew your balls you know who else shaves their heads nazis oh don't get out so that the trouble in paradise comes from dream on green at the parade dream on green is i'm a big fan is all time classic heel he had assured the said quickie in the quick and loans fought isn't repartee no joke he assured the said quickie which means they finished off the calves very quickly and then leubronn went back to instagram after shaved his head and made the story about him ends ends had a picture of dream on and said that's what she says that's what she said ah here and there i saw a couple stories on the internet that basically said lebron james clapped back with an epic risks
michael scott joke from two thousand for a job good job leubronn that's what she said i i need this feudal to keep going up and up and up because i dig dream on clearly gets under leubronn skin and lebron is a classic guy who he will try to talk shit and then when someone goes back at him he'll just drop the father three cart but i can see dream on getting way way way to mean in the next clawing back oh yeah like dream on my post pictures of his kids me like yours your kids are ugly like very modest guy that takes it way too far to harass yes so i'm excited we need this the warriors and calves just continue the rival because it was a quickie and because we were left gentlemen sweep the earlier left unsatisfied again not a repartee no joke we would like this rivalry just go all summer me like incident member halo throw back for you people forget when the nba just did mogi tweets for an entire day out
i remember when they fired that person from the mavericks oh yeah who tried to kill horace i know from the rock surrounded sky killed the horse with emerges often gave an emotive to kill a cartoon horses the internet gets really upset or something weird his cartoons got really really violent nobody cares about but emerging violence that's actually the next step up right that we don't go there problematic so we have a respect the biz this week one goes out to odell becum who skipped o t voluntary osiers his now back with the giants kazanovitch involuntary otis involuntary optional team activities any has nuclear cleats and the cleats are just all of the media is near post dmz yes pm just has ordered my sakes axes over and fish ok that's
ultimate i'm not mad this is actually funny to me move right isn't i dont care this a little i care about you guys i'm gonna send away to my shoe guy have em mock up like two hundred are accustomed cleats joy to show you how little i care about you you're a cleats at a cave and wearing a game it just cleats to have cleats those of worth my favorite part good else he would find the shit out of hotel backing from those cleats newspaper should be able to find players for their cleats and practices i agree and aspect bidders a thing called the first amendment i'm kind of on odell side here because those those newspaper there's an all those media outlets have unfairly criticized him
is just a guy who goes about his business doesn't make things about him doesn't proposed nets on the sidelines keeps his car i dreamt of fight people go on both parties he just egos and does his job we're even light panchen punch out yeah right so i am on his side lay on media exactly a backpack back it up when my favorite things about nfl off season storylines as you get a lot of maybe should be less focused on this and more focused on that yeah so the it's like babies be less focused on his press coverage off the field a more focused on beef press coverage on the field i think that reminded me with the so del story is a pretty marshals on the giants who hang is more excited for o dell and brenda marshall to have a sideline fight than i am for me whether magritte know what i think that brain marshall cause he's big under my wing guy he's gonna take odell under his wings ass can be storyline this summer
take him honours weighing show how to keep his cool i could see it now sitting down on like an eel sixty there talking to jeremy shap how they both have matured brain marshall like thirty six now they both matured and learn how to be you know consummate professionals who maybe odell should be more focused on his yards than his feet could point guess what i also just thought of hotel becum and bring to marshal let's get it only one ball who bought those guys their internet both if you like if you hear them talk there both always open yes there always open imagine eli manning navigating those waters is gonna be that's why bring in a big a leader like eli to inspire both of em but must watch mackadoo her cup idler gray s letter he looks slack i'd fuck em yeah they'd season yeah it's at odds ass agencies is still might be a football guy now is it ass he did so
i think it always receive the essence is never goes out of season well maybe like the dogmatism you really got almost three august is not for us asses or like europe they just take august i cleared up in three have a seat we're this goes for lamar all who now has further for the guy who has everything he now cards that are going autographed car trading cards that are going for fifty nine five a piece a trading car trading cart like tops yet genre yes so i think that was hot thirty years ago in these guys he's a businessman so the seems like another lucrative venture form so yeah just what he wanted to sell a dinosaur leashes who i would like to interview the person who buys escort i'd say you have to be a real job actually want to buy one dialogue you don't you do but you don't make who owe counterfeit
love our ball trading cards yet now other cards of liverpool their cards of navarre ball that he's signed there's two hundred there should be two hundred total that smart move limited release this is in no way is lamar ball strategy to sell limited releases because he can actually sell more than two hundred shoes or trading cards he just will supply and demand is trying to keep that demand a pie i think of our ball is on a mission to sell the shittiest products for the highest prices prosper in the least amount of a yes ellis desirable products at like it's actually smart move of him though to limit the number that he could sell this time three three big bawler brand basketballs all retailing for five thousand dollars she get em now if you don't you can't afford it you're not big problem that it involves a nagging us again cardono training guards well i guess you not abolish man it is that i'm the week to end our show we have jimbo's i wanted just start jimbo before we get to the word
listeners are jimbo is listening to our eighteen year old in turn billy football he's also petition in nutritionists and trainer i think he's doing it ok job but there's been more than a few times where i've asked him if i can eat something and he says yes and then five minutes later says wait no i just looked it up billy's really big on sprinting back into rooms at her like not only that don't answer sars already guinea that oh he's very he's very confident which i like yes but you have to take when somebody's usually so confident and then they come in really really on confident that really breaks your spirit their makes me think twice about em before you to gmos i want to say our boy combo tom sula jim tom solar was in the news this week will big jimbo shaved his moustache off any lost about thirty pounds because his wife
as i say you look old and so jim he's watch which to shave that sucker right off not a football guy you tell me he should be a you tell me is he even told that's all i got pulled over an officer said my registration expired over a year ago i very smartly tone from its twenty sixteen found out he wasn't in a doubly well or a fan of the joke he decided i'm a speeding ticket along with my original ticket for driving and unregistered car listen deck as the first person the history of the world to get a ticket for an unregistered car yes i've been pulled over with the same like two year expired sticker probably like three times and like all i'm gonna go next week i was on my way i took a day off went on i pulled over across the street i used to live across the street from the place they go to his at why the hell haven't you gonna go there next week i'm gonna next week i promise i i like this strategy
i think we need to all band together and keep with it we actually create a time machine if we keep telling everyone it's two thousand and sixteen eventually the world just going to have to come towards us and be like hey maybe these guys right were gas letting father time right now maybe it is do thus nasty childish to down six images and already for real try www a coral competition against the girl to impress her i call really two offence and had to get started on my leg double jimbo because why would i everything car wheels would impressive girl because of their fucking bad ass a move around off guy an cartwheel guide you can do the attic like the jailer thing where they do the backslide like the car will into the bachelet doesn't yeah but see though what if so if a guy deserves a wise display real sport true so i don't know maybe go just in so doing cartwheels and hurting yourself just walk around with a basketball and just shoot hoops anytime you see she got i work in a chemist your research lab i was in the middle
an experiment had had some bad gas side to let a rip and played office and chemicals if my coworkers notice and said any aunt jane my lad me did your caught a whiff of it in a mealy suspected aghast slash chemical that any i put a lab on emerging lockdown everyone evacuated and my experiment that i had been working on all day was ruined just because i was too ferris and shamed remit it was my fault but wait no one knows you forded right the house's jimbo this is actually just a funny story i only parties like his experiment that you worked on all taken care of by the way i'm i'm not really believing that this guy's a scientist because nobody calls i know i was working on a no experiment to damage sire i said the same thing look at his picture is twitter picture magnets how do they work i was doing science today our scientists his avatar is an item is assigned checks out don't give those just anybody i think we ve all been their right to start gas it you're like ok this actually my own
i believe i it's always been my dream to fort and then have the sprinklers go off i think have you like a lovely meals movement i was late for work a jurist as is possible and ended up only ten minutes late at night i finish up at the office why outside realize i left my car running all day and ninety five degree also yet a nice cool card again into then yeah i heard i did this once when i bought my new car by pie for five years ago and it's the remote outside the push start i left my keys in the my car running for an entire blackhawks gave backers let go absolutely nobody soul it yeah yeah it sounds like you work around some honest people you workaround butscha nerds honestly here again a job as carry a month ago this path we gonna got so drunk turn around that i got fired halfway through the rat woke up the next day didn't
but i got fired one back and got fired again this time goes in front of all the members and all the other cat oh two negative equal positive i think you're rehired go back one more time they can't far you it sounds like you have an alcohol problem they can't far you for that true yes go back inside for the second time we got fired he was sober assistive circadian the texts i lived twenty years old and just had a real check up at the doctor for the first time in about ten years the doktor for me that my liver damage from drinking too much gmo foregoing the doktor while yeah that's your exactly right i had an experience like that when i said the doktor i went to get my surgery and as i am getting all you get but by doktor yeah or something like that i was getting anti operate able they'd already hook me up to the ivy soya lupi drugs and my system as i'm getting on there are the industry's ya'll just comes over she goes you take supplements and those are no definitely not answered
your liver markers are very high was be concerned and she was again probably sub drinking for lung such a few weeks off yeah see or butter letters a fiddle still underrated that we basically made fifty go free from surgery into filming larry's picks last fall those whereas others ones where you're like we don't realize that we're living in the real world because we're just like yet let's just go get him from the hospital or driving only film in the hearty drugged out and they will put em on theirs picks still drugged up at a greater we know we all did larry arcy sting receive say the last one i showed on the first bite of a seven eleven spicy bite and had to run and quit my fiance in the other room
successfully gave me the heimlich but our dog immediately aided off the floor and then got diarrhoea o fiance told all her friends and family and has been playing the i saved your life card i'd rather die every day you can have someone just walking around me and like i saved your life you have to save her life now that the only way to get out of this yet also yours which do you i got a little piece of advice we make a nice dinner cocoa arab she likes chicken or she likes you know and i steak or whatever cooker up something nice and for a glass of wine and put some poison in the wine and then before she takes a drink smack it out ran girls you eyes and ears poison savior le here's an easier way hank correct me if i'm wrong but didn't era like put some one into the street and then say them in boston one area up so you can just pull the rapid like i save the life so just maybe the subway tracks just like gonna give her a little jolt and then grabber grabber backed someone was jaywalking just grab etc corvettes comprehend
folks oh do you see that what happened here that would mean what iraq or a ride corp harassed warren buffett so much at one buffets now like an adviser on rent court dance the hustle there we show here at a right that is what did he harass warren buffett i think he probably just like walked over his house in just sign baseball's in front of his face and maybe maybe severely thousands junk email form was like warn about leaving until i'm not leaving until this emailed situation is fixed and then words like fucking funny around i'll help you with your baseball signing el cleaning consultancy could sullenness we're all consultants i that's our show what we'll see you on monday and we have the second part of arms rushmore overcurling guess too great great guess and also be on the lookout
we have our are intern who has us on this diet we have him billy billy football and he's been working with our other entering liam shoutout liam they had been working on in turn diaries so that will virus the harry's sounds and sound sail in saying wherever i forgot brown economy log i don't like blog ok so anyway we're gonna have some behind the scenes vacuum entering what it's like being an intern slash trainer such josh dietician for power am i take there will be some time next week and we will see you on monday lovey guess he's a homo
good things happening on the bank has one forbes network forbes you thirty is show about young innovators disruptors and entrepreneurs like the minimalist joshua right electoral top artists like like cbs search forty start urals roger the women of youtube clever tv many more on the forbes interview was a deep dive into the minds of the folks who could be on the cover of the magazine like tinder founder shown wrath euro pilot captain sully cylinder of money but offer michael louis upstart jason to rule fifty on and subscribe to listen to forbes you thirty and the forbes interview now in the past one app apple pie gas or past one dot com
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