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Scott Van Pelt Breaking Down The Masters

2017-04-09 | 🔗
Masters breakdown, Sergio Garcia finally wins the big one and the sportsmanship at Augusta was off the charts (2:56 - 11:58). NHL Playoffs are finally here and we breakdown the first round matches (11:58 - 15:15). Who's back of the week featuring a feisty Rick Reilly on twitter (15:15 - 24:25). Scott Van Pelt joins the show from Augusta to talk about Sergio's big day, Jordan Spieth, the immaculate course and whether or not Tiger will ever be back in a meaningful way on a Sunday at the Masters (24:25 - 44:54) . Segments include the debut of Shoe Roast for Steph Curry's latest shoe, Spinzone for the Texas AM football player caught flashing his dick during tutoring sessions, Tebow update, trouble in paradise for Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers. Bad Visual for the NBA Logo, Big Ben retirement update and is he dead yet?
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of los tony romo and we have officially lost sergio garcia all of our chokers are going away from us it's very sad sergio his meltdowns were some of the best entertainment that you could ever hope for and he screw it all up by making that damp but he tried to give it away to he did he tried his very hardest to sergio the shade out of it yes multiple keys yes so i guess it's a little bit of sweet revenge for the spanish armada he took down rose that was a long time coming the british have they've been put into spain for awhile yes but you heard jim nantz say that justin rose looked like he tweaked his back lee old we call out the old stuff curry so who's your about to falter oh my back so here's a question did sergio win it or did rose and what does this mean for sergio's legacy sergio is now a masters winner the first time he's ever won a major which is crazy because i don't i don't know if you remember the quote he had a few years ago
he basically was like i'm a loser and i've had my chances but i keep getting in my own way so ever win so i own a pair the door yes exactly back yeah oh but i'm going to i'm going to plant my flag in the ground right now and call it i actually think sergio is going to repeat next year ok i think it's going back to back masters who reason why wednesday they do the champions dinner he's going to have everybody thrown off the schedule because they're going to eat at like one thousand one hundred and forty five at night that's how they do it yeah too much sangria in paella and tapas and yeah certainly thought himself a new thing i actually not ready to say that serve you won the masters i think we should call some of the earning bodies and port sergio just to make sure
as you know work off guys that's a great idea we're the biggest golf guys that we know more of a more of a rules guy yeah really any sport but golf is the only one that lets you go out of your way to be a dick to the athletes fun little anecdote that we never shared when we were down in phoenix doing the interviews it's spring training we have it a couple hours free and we actually part might take side to go golfing and we'd gulf nine holes i think i sat in the court for the last three holes gave up we all really suck golf guys yep and in true golf fashion we real hard and then we drove to the last t and then i teed off and hit
for my best shot yeah hey yeah i was really just quit call forever and then my last shot was good and i'm like well now i have to keep cutting he's gotta keep don't support alright so let's go live you know what let's do it let's give a call let's give a call a couple weeks let's call the usga thank you for calling charter sorry we missed your call please leave your name number and a brief message i will get back to you as soon as possible at the town please record your message when you finished recording you may hang up or press one for more options hey yeah this is pft commenter i'm calling from pardon my take i just wanted to let you know i observed
sergio garcia breaking wind on the seventh tee and it was roses backswing and apologize for it i feel like that's at least two strokes also suck our also sergio push dustin johnson down the stairs to get him out of the way so that's the only reason we want so might want to look into that thanks this is augusta national good evening i guess a national golf club high to put in a formal uh violation of sergio garcia on the seventh hole on friday i think he missed this is drop and i'd like them to look into the
before they give him the green jacket yes sir one moment ok thank you hi calling because we wanted to report of rules violation by sergio garcia on friday on the seventh hole it appears that he broke wind and in apologize profusely enough to his plank also his his fiance's shorts were not they didn't they didn't follow the fingertip rule there were too short you just talking to me now alright i would like them to look into sergio's row
no i'm not ready to live in a world where sergio garcia is a masters champion among we need to stand up for what's right so i mean what we'll see what happens i i feel like they're going to investigate one of my other favorite parts of masters weekend is how much the announcers know about the particular like parts of the green like a shot will land within five feet of the of the cup and then nick faldo be like oh no this this is a terrible so it's going to roll backwards forty yards into a bear trap this reminds me of nineteen eighty three with lewis all faible how he how we couldn't get out of that same exact spot yes did the greens at a guster while the looks like a great shot and next thing you know it's actually is back where he hid from right and out my other favorite thing about augusta now is jordan spieth's shooting all over himself in the final round that's because actual tradition let sergio wins masters jordan spaeth spins on speed by the way when you don't win so you don't have to take off your hat and show everyone that you're twenty three years old and already bold and have that we
golf town yeah now so he can skip the hat on so it's actually like if your jordan spaeth you already have one right so what's the point like i mean until you get the hair plugs until you're ready to get that to take the leap to get their points maybe just keep losing masters you don't take the hat off also let's talk about how this is continuing the under armor curse because remember that's real thing yep steph curry yup and well let's just flip it on its head right now because you mentioned this earlier but the cavs won hubs one huh sergio one sergio one tony romo retired tony roma hasn't thrown interception in over a year at tony romo is going to be in the super bowl eventually cbs i don't know when they get the next super bowl caps year after next year it's everything is it's one of those
this is like the sign of the apocalypse like their squirrels running around fat squirrels are like a here comes here comes a bad winter well guess what the farmers almanac is you freaking the hell out writers are still wins well guess what the zombies are about to take over in the world's gonna stop for existing and we'll we'll added to this earlier but the the masters weekend is the best nap weekend of the year in my opinion i was watching it today i was supposed to come into the studio like three hours before i actually got here because i took a legit two hour nap you did it was awesome it was great and it was i was thinking that instead of like phone sex hotline for dads there should just be in that hotline where one nine hundred big naps just a in music hello friends is yeah the sound of the for a baby yeah his is what this what the master's music i love or any any man over fifty years old yep we also had some of the greatest sportsmanship of all time i don't know if everyone caught that
but sergio justin rose coming down the last few holes they were like rooting for each other to a sickening point they were high fiving each other they they were basically cheering each other on their in europe high five is like giving the guy the finger that yeah it's like you're saying it was like a little league baseball where everyone gets to play in all in like everyone has to say like the scouts honor after is gross and we even had my greenberg getting into use yes you are right now he said the f work he said freakin reckoned yeah no i i i love the sportsmanship actually reminds me of hockey and so in hockey you know they they do the swedish tradition and in all sports which is the handshake line you'll see that any other sport help so they were yeah they were getting a little bit into hockey culture which i like but they had x we're getting kind of aggressive towards the end that's what we're there like i'm gonna be sportsmanlike about this but i'm also kind of trying to hurt you it was yeah it was like a hand shady real shame and write real shame if you were to jim a finger in the handshake maybe that's how does and rose hurt his back what we know the
he all he obviously didn't win on his own own merits yet to make justin rose loose right exactly i'm speaking hockey let's talk a little hockey we have some nhl playoffs finally it's coming up this week the standing as of this recording i don't know if they're officially officially set i think we have a bunch of first round matchups i know the west is set in the blue in the wild playing the blackhawks blackhawks the preds are playing i can't remember who that's the second place bracket is the west okay and then what second place the bruins i think the bruins are playing the capitals so no i think i think the think to capture planned the leafs okay so i was out on that one yeah although i i am confident if i i was look at the the playoff picks the the day i was like i would i would rather play the leafs just because rask is a goal tender that has i come that goalie didn't take that out before the playoffs starts
and he's a kind of guy that can just like shut him out three games in a row the i i actually caught some of the maple leafs penguins game on saturday night when the leafs clinched the playoffs it was awesome there i'm going to i'm go against our our our country right now but hockey playoffs he ended up that crowd i mean it's basically like live or die because they don't have anything else right usually it's drake in the raptors losing in the first round that's the only two things that can't throttle has and then joe carter in the early 90s so the leafs are big fucking deal an now they're back in the past it was it was an awesome it's fun to watch like a scene like that where people just losing their minds eye catchy rooting for the storyline like a big j i'm great so i'm still hoping the greatest story line of all would be if every single canadian team lost in the first round i don't think that's possible 'cause i think the west i think there's going to be a match up but that would be fantastic you both teams cheer
so we also are going to have some hockey i know a lot of people are like hey we need more hockey talk guess what we're going to have a lot of hockey talk 'cause it's hockey playoffs time so we will have many many hockey guests call many many people are saying we're going to be two almost too many hockey guests maybe little jeremy roenick coming up sometime soon i don't know i'm going to have to wait eight you're on your honor now listers do not mess with roenick's wikipedia page her head sets of that's going to be a huge resource for his b four we get to who's back in the week you had some breaking news that you want to break we had start the show i do yeah this is actually serious stuff hank did it and bringing moves i don't have to breaking news because actually appropriate for this causes cancer it always is appropriate otis nixon has gone missing no the woodstock police department has put out an apb for otis nixon
not where atlanta let yeah otis if you're listening to this if you're award winning lester up please yourself in your family is concerned about you he went golfing on saturday morning and he never showed okay yeah so i and let's maybe get terry pendleton into a safe house just in case john what it was yeah john rocker you are on terry pendleton guarding duty jeff blouse or mark mark when people find yep jeff treadway and sid bream if you're hearing this right now please call up please find otis ryan class go yeah i i know you i know you're you don't have anything else going on so i notice absolutely not let's let's keep chipper out of it though no yeah i think you can answer i don't want chipper going searching for people dog on greg maddux go find otis and wipe your butt on his undershirts yep it's in his mouth and will be a classic prank yeah ok let's hope otis is actually
i'm serious about like oh no i love that guy absolutely absolutely trying to bring them to the showdown all right let's find who's back who's back of the week who wants to start hank when she first then go i think you should go i mean it's it's some say got it you got it okay my who's back of the week is geography and it's a double double whammy because geography is back because war is yeah so we're at war we bomb c where that's how we kind of network was not war because congressman anything about it also i don't want to get to walk but let's just say if anyone wants to know the real story here just hit up my email are kurds i've gotten very woke on the whole thing yes i don't want to make this so i don't go down the rabbit hole younger but i'm way too well so we we so we
he or try to crunch the numbers over here we don't know if syria has a mcdonald's in it or not because that would be a first yeah as we discussed on the show yeah but this is how americans learn geography is down we go to war players soria geographies back that also means that night vision of bombs dropping that's back and reporters who want to missiles that's back is your brian williams say a look at that beautiful yes god when there is ride that thing there's nothing better than like cnn and and msnbc and fox being like okay in lot here here we go here is visual evidence of the bombs that we just you know shot off this new this crew sir and i yeah it's gonna go kill people here wow look at that beautiful where they are is it yep they actually brian williams looked like he wanted to doctor strange love that missile and just ride it to completion has it
dropping like we believe you when you said that there was you know fifty tomahawk missiles launched right if you need to see it it also means that reporters wearing khaki vests and reality from rooftops if you act on someone get don lemon to the to the middle east christiane amanpour yeah i'm sure she's ready to go alright hank i was back the shorts yeah very relatable that's good i i did that like three weeks ago so thanks for get on with your strength those years back him okay but yeah go head miles back the week is shorts ok i put on shorts for the first time this week i don't feel so good yeah maybe do some calf raises i just want to point out that hanks alleged shorts right now or actually they look like a prius inc it's a new style ok you talian i forget about it who's back of the week is rick reilly's twitter game soho masters big time who's back here
rick reilly he knows his golf and he knows is dustin johnson jokes and he went hard in the what is dustin johnson jokes i'm going to give you guys a couple of the highlights rick reilly had stairs is to dustin johnson as a twelve hole is to jordan spieth's little hi there it's pretty good for you is it fair to say dustin johnson is not a stairmaster who i think that is where charlie hoffman is going downhill faster than dustin johnson on newly waxed stairs i mean this is are you guys are you guys sick of this yet because i got another one for each one of these tweets i think he makes like seventy thousand dollars by the way he still getting paid somewhere dustin johnson is practicing his stairs that's just support
right that was actually during the last round so he was just like you know what hey if you forgot doesn't just fell down some stairs last was a heat check yeah that was a heat check and then and then finally rick riley had the only rick reilly is like perfected that old guy creepy thing where he just all is has a way to like mention the significant other of someone so he's like unforgettable shot by cbs with garcia in the foreground in his fiance in the background watching the pot it doubled them both over so i didn't even notice that i was watching sergio garcia win the masters but rick he's always got the eyes on the works you weren't watching his fiance yeah well anchored wisconsin bonerz going rick reilly his twitter account is amazing every now and again he comes out of hibernation and tweet stuff as it actually happen n masters weekend is one of those and it's unforgettable i got a good one
riley when he saw sergio's fiance probably waxed his dick as much as the stairs that dustin johnson fell down that's a good one that's pretty good will put that in the drafts yeah save it wow that shot was superfluous like kate upton's third boob and also jonathan fell down some stairs yes rick reilly's back so i can rest to record is good to have him back it's always good yeah it's true though each of you bring up a good point he makes millions of dollars for those two hits yep that's awesome bonus whose back power i this second time we've done them in a week so power rankings make a little resurgence in on the show ranking showing up on the mount rushmore's of recurring segment yes so we have a power rankings worst beat in the last two days we have here's here the three that we have the mariner
i'm just bluing ninety three lead in the ninth to lose ten to nine seven runs in the ninth seven run throughout the calves blew a twenty six point lead in the fourth quarter to the hawks how does that even happen twenty six points how do you how does a team score twenty six points in a game that's consequential for them yes that's what number one somehow it's a quince but yeah and it's the it like i said there are red team in the east so they're gonna win maybe once right and then the last one where the knicks this was the worst beat of all time i think and that's saying something the knicks plus twelve and a half against the grizzlies the game was over or the next we're down ten they were covering the these were just dribbling the ball out and then with like three seconds left the grizzlies player threw up a forty footer just as like kind of a fun shot as time expired nothing but net they won by thirteen i was a big
thank you moment to the other team right in times like that i wonder how long it took for him to realize what the the game was yeah words like someone's gonna pull like outside on the way to oct and be like hey they're going to ask you a lot of question right here's why honorable mention goes to me for bad beat because i took the you're in the national phillies game on saturday i loaded on it and then the phillies unloaded on the nets in the first inning and scored twelve runs rough about so my my sports gambling on saturday was the grandpa grandpa simpson gifts when we walked into the club night such as at down picks back up and leave class that was me classic i would the next one's is worse except for the fact that if you're betting the knicks grizzlies with games left in the season that's one of those like i kind of deserve what i get your unbearable right also the who are betting on that were probably trying to dig themselves out of much larger hole then they have bigger
i was out there than just gambling too much in the area it's like when you bet likes like i'll bet spring training or like a day of soccer game in denmark we are you know i will go yeah i have a bad beat the bike dammit i can't be that bad the pot you get what you ask for and in this case you probably ask for something like this thing you go swimming with the sharks you're going to wake up with a couple teeth in your calf yeah i'm going number one the calves oh i'm going number one nicks two cabs the number three baseball there we go all right let's do our interview with scott van pelt he broke down the masters because what we aren't actually golf guys spoiler alert when we said we were golf guys the beginning we were joking but scott van pelt is a golf guy and he can actually talk to us and hold your way about the mass buying tickets can be complicated and confusing but there's a simpler way to buy and that's with seatgeek c cake is
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we now welcome on are very very good friend recurring guest scott van pelt who's here talk to us about the masters because we are guys who don't know what the hell we're talking about when it comes to golf i'm going to start with a question that's probably going to hurt you a little scott but i'm going to do it anyway here we go ok two thousand and eight i'm sitting next to scott van pelt and i over i say hey guess what tiger woods is going to win another another major but sergio is going to win the masters what do you think you would've told me in twenty eighteen masters at type that tiger was never going to win another major going wrong 'cause he won the next one so no i meant that's why you're pretty fascinating i didn't say what day to december 31st two thousand and eight today for the masters i would have been i have been shocked i would have been shocked but for i mean for sergio to win a major that there's no shocking that
there is no wait wait are you serious because he even himself has said that he's like he in that quote he had and i think two thousand and twelve he's like i'm a loser i can't i get my own way my time is past i think there's uh so a little bit of shock that sergio one but i think what you did is you tide my brain in a pretzel with the date 'cause you said it was two thousand and eight and then now your telling me he said something two thousand and twelve that i would've known in two thousand and eight true good point were time traveling so let's just bless you exactly let's take the dates out of it look there's no doubt that sergio has done a more a damage to his own psyche then then he needed to i don't know how much anyone needs to but he he has he's got his own brain that's all we would looking for the bike keeps saying it all week like you kept looking for the bogeyman around every corner he kept waiting for something bad to happen you get convincing himself that he wasn't supposed to do this and you
but as time passed you thought well you know how maybe i'm not gonna and so for him to for him to break through breakthrough the most markable thing is the way people here cheered him on an willed him to win because he used to get heckled by american golf fans he was not the guy that was really that well embraced and and then people here clearly won't war wanted him to win and i think that's you know that's that's the fun part of the story is to see a guy who's allowed to grow up and allowed to finally
you what everyone thought he would years and years ago yeah i credit two americans for for have yeah yeah ours is so much now we like him so his job us helping spaniard went after we did you get a chance to talk to him after after the round and you kind of pick his brain about what went through his mind after he blew that put on eighteen how is able to refocus so quickly i did not i was actually lingering prior to coming on to talk to you guys to see if i have that opportunity because that was the that's really what i wanted to know hey when you thought you blew it would you think then but obviously i mean that's a that's a short putt it looks like you ought to be able to make it but i mean these greens are i mean you guys i know you're not the biggest golf guys which are enough golf guys to know that it's really hard make any part out here and when he missed out when i just thought well i guess this is just his lot in life he just it's never going to happen were you worried
going into the weekend that maybe espn was going to put tony romo on the call and and send you back home well we i have thursday friday so as long as it didn't happen midday friday then i was good but if romo showed up i mean i would have to take him out i mean i would have gone out of blitzed i to have from the blind side you know this is two days at this their number nine so let me let me just sit in the butler cabin for a couple of days but as i said as a friday we were good and i don't know what his official start date is thank you get a lot of paperwork you know you need to get started like i don't have you know like big time j like to really get like a tv gig it's like there's paperwork there's elaborate health insurance forms and regulations especially when you have a lot of help there you go and if for and and you know what i mean we're for network i just work for cable station so i can't even imagine how elaborate the forms in such would be so i want scared but china are
you going sticking kind of on rome are you going to miss sergio twitter because that's what we lost today you know the masters got a great story sergio got his first major but the lost sergio meltdown twitter but did it i mean i i was watching it as it happened in real time i saw a big cat i saw you i mean you know you you aren't i mean i think you were pulling form so what i did was i did that thing where like i was it was amazing at the end and i was getting heckled in the office even because i was pulling for the meltdown and then when he hit it and i saw how happy the crowd was and like how emotional he was i was like okay that was a cool moment right because even in them and i mean everyone can we can all be cynical but then in our in our hearts they're even if it's a tiny little grinch argue like while it will if we we like sports
the moments like that are worth waiting for but you know i it was fun to watch people have to try to walk it back you know here this is who you are sir john here's the thing he he was he shot he shot sixty nine go up if the nice and and if you didn't win he still shot sixty nine nice and sir justin rose so it's like he didn't win you couldn't say he didn't go out and play well and you know seeing him go full sevy fifteen and make the eagle i mean i get that we lose the one you know one of the things on twitter that we like to make fun of that means there are only now eight million other ones so okay well we'll move on to the next thing that we we live to mock in the in the midst of it step curry dropped issue today so it's the caps here yeah it's coming evens out yes are people some people
joy that that is it's like one you know when they say like when the person dies someone else is born sergio garcia meltdown sergio they've done it yeah it's saying it wrong about that man and an old an old mother dies right living room down the hall or anybody else is born and then you sing really loud and then you there's a chorus and then there's a guitar and there's a crescendo that's what happened exactly sergio garcia meltdown twitter died steff curry rocheux roasting was born again it's beautiful it's a it's a way of life yep a little birdie told me that augusta has kind of gone the dan snyder out with things and that they might be spray painting some of the grass green have you heard any these rumors no why i walked around now i'd the fertilizer that's used but that's that's uh any golf course
if you if you go out and play golf and there's stuff that where they fill in the digits and such that that's always sets off in time green but this place is immaculate it defies any logic and reason and they don't they don't like to discuss money they determine it is preferred as resources and they have unrivaled resources i mean i media love talk about media i'm sure you heard about the media center it's in the nicest place you've ever seen i would like to live there so i don't i don't i don't know about spray painted grass i i've seen nothing other than perfectly manicured he is in fairways and such it's it's all quite remarkable talk about the pimento cheese sandwiches what's what's number two on the menu wait is and also is the is the mental cheese sandwich overrated 'cause i have a feeling it is i'm on
record is saying it's not my thing i tried it 'cause it's like pay when in rome but when i it's just i'm a consistency person an if if something if the consistent if i don't like the consistency then i'm just not going to be able to get with it and the i meant to and cheese didn't work for me but the friday they have a fried chicken sandwich that is different unbelievable and you could eat all i could eat i don't know five easy like legitimately just eat chicken sandwiches that's the go to what is the butler cabin smell like like a like a butt like what do you what would you guess uhm i you know it's one of those things a gus is one of those places
special racism no for the you see it on tv every spring and like you said it's a macul it on tv it feels like this untouchable like heaven like place so i've never been i don't know if i ever will go i'm probably not big enough of a golf fan so i think of the bother cap and i'm like that must be like the gates the the pearly gates it was i mean i get could do that there's lots of jokes that i don't know how i mean we don't know if i'm allowed to be serious i mean if you're if you're me and you get to do this and you go you get to sit in there and do your job for a few days that you know it's it's hard to imagine that you actually get to but i mean it's a you know it hold on a welcome to the woods what are your men you were definitely in a tree house today weren't you now
now i'm well i'm just wondering i'm wondering for big can ps because i do appreciate you guys what was occurs about the cabin yeah cabinet at the cabin smelled like opportunity big cat pulling out with big time opportunity try to sit down and not screw it up and hopefully i get to come we'll do it again yeah i would say so you killed it's not that how do they how did the police the no phones allowed rule because i saw somebody some joker while sergio is hitting his putt on eighteen in the background there a guy with a cell phone he was like sneakily videotaping it how do they police that and what happens if you get caught cell phone i think it would be would i don't if some if some you know some patron was found with one that it wasn't meant to have i got deserts little sticker that i was i'm allowed to have mine neck 'cause i suppose your is a media member you're supposed to have one or something or you're allowed to i don't know but if that guy got found or whoever
because with it will be bad deal but it's two thousand and seventeen like how can you how can you truly think you can police someone having every how many people there are here you don't think someone has a phone somehow or another they're get one to but like the championship over in in scotland i said everyone has right so well lawlessness k i don't i don't love that move by the masters is two thousand and sixteen you gotta be able to have your phone out sixteen yeah what about bubba watson the the whole story that broke he kind of took a shot at us he took the real working men people who make sports sports without journal asset backed did he do you think that was right was trying to it was his his publicist was located bubba you made some pretty powerful enemies when you went after bloggers right and so he went out he gave me a cute little video on saturday morning to try to polish so so you you have you played augusta
i have actually so you're you're the perfect person to ask harder job writing or like being on tv being a journalist or playing augusta well i mean obviously i mean you know i don't know if bob understands about the content churn you know correct log never sleeps exactly did the greatness week i mean he's never cheese never sprinted and chug milk and puked i mean he's right he doesn't add does he know about cha dogs drinking means i think bubba might know about charlotte yeah yeah but creepy on demand so i mean like i don't i don't know easier easier skill sets that are not common i think need to be i mean the this isn't respected but what happened i think i think he realized quickly he's made he's made an error in judgment an i think you'll see i just see a newfound respect from bob in the future ok that's good that's good that we keep the keep those guys clean what do you shoot when you did play
i broke one hundred it was awful i didn't hit the ball well at all but there's nothing worse than the guy that's going to tell you about is round because no one cares shot for shot but it wasn't good it was in bed i was embarrassing is what it was but it was still i mean you know unbelievable thing where you're walking around on the on going to golf course playing it you can't believe that you actually get to so it was cool dude don't you drive a cart on the course today no no no no i'm a hundred percent now i'm out yes through an inch in in you know sure i mean out search for skins yeah some some places will go where i play like par 3g lot of shirts off that's probably frowned on here we didn't we didn't we kept him on we kept him on throughout all right quick last two questions the first one i had was jordan spaeth does he now have a boogeyman at the masters because this is the second straight year obviously was famous is in the lead in in that twelve bit him
last year and this year it kind yes all unraveled after we had a good saturday and everyone thought he was going to be able to chase the leaders play badly here today an by the time he got his 12th and hit it water again it didn't matter because he was so far back he had to try to fire at every flag anyway but i mean he's spent your four times i think he's finished second first second now like eleven i think it was so he was positive afterwards he almost always is uhm it is just kind of a weird deal there where he plays well monday excuse me thursday friday saturday on twelve and then sunday he said in the water four different times it's kind of an odd just an odd trend but i mean twenty three and he's he's already one here wants and almost one or two other times so i don't i don't think that he's carrying around a whole lot of baggage at the moment what about
had a theory that he's ok with not winning because then he doesn't have to take off his hat and showed that he's follicles challenged at twenty three million people people ride my guy because his hair is sort of you know he's i look at the a guy live did i i i i like luke canard this year watching luke for duke like every he couldn't stop playing with her you know and i just wanted to just hug him and say buddy it's ok it's alright but you can paint it honestly you could do the same blue like luke luke canard every he never stopped kind of pushing his hair and speech does the same thing when he takes his hat off he kind of gives you that deal and it's like i mean look at the somebody pointed out this week and it's true
my head not only is baldan it's so lumpy that i look like a beluga whale i do my head is like a beluga whale and i'm just sitting there in the butler cabin and you catch excite glimpse of yourself you like wow this is really cool i'm having a moment i'm into oh wow look my head looks like a beluga whale that's no good i forgot that you're an under armour guy we have a theory on this show there's an under armour curse big curse steff curry jordan spaeth cam newton you want me to go on and keep going step curry shoes you mean a tom brady clayton kershaw you mean guys doing with major where are you in the woods now we can't hear you yeah and everything you mean why i actually a real question he said that that everybody in the stands was going to they were getting behind sergio the gallery was what were the moses
and from the other golfers were they sergio guys or did they want to see rose one i think all they were you're looking for me okay they i i i think it was really popular with i think you i think it was really really popular you saw you saw a rory you saw a tiger you saw a bunch of the big time guys kind of tweeting out their support justin rose is class you guys are in the game and you saw it before during a nap you're had he won people would have been thrilled but the guys at do they truly know what it is to go through this into struggling to try to win and how hard it is to win they were they were definitely happy for sergio and the gallery we're happy for sergio and the guy said that he donna walked all over that a chip on his shoulder because you carry around a lot of baggage man and a lot of it was the old creation so it was it was definitely a popular when
with the people that were here and definitely with his peers i just want to say i like the way that you say sergio yeah i do too they say it again here we go all right last question 'cause we have to ask it 'cause it's golf tiger 'cause we're will we ever see him put on the green jacket again like to really nail it to the it's i love tiger tigers why i started watching golf but i've told we've had this discussion both on and off air scott at some he's gotta let it go and stop stop look in the tigers going to walk through that door 'cause it's not going to happen i'm sighing because i i realize that that you're you're probably
right i mean is he going to win here again i don't know how i mean just look at the list of people that i think could win here every year and look at the list of guys that have it like dustin johnson should probably win here hasn't yet rory is probably going to win here hasn't yet justin rose should should win here hasn't yet those guys aren't going anywhere jordan spaeth going to keep coming back for thirty years you know fred couples is fifty seven and still plays and had the chance i mean is he gonna win here again the odds of it happening are very very small so i just i just like to see the get healthy enough that you could for a week and and not have his back act up so do i think he's going to win this tournament again i don't know i don't think he's going to now what now i'm now i depressed myself i was actually like that
backfired on main we were so happy with say sergio garcia social but it's not even like i'm rolling my r i'm just saying sergio you now i'll see you there see also see barcelona fc awesome assignment th i don't act like they also act like i'm being a clown act like that and the guys name i thought you said say it nicely you say it like a broadcaster we're just podcasters there's a big difference that's true so you go with freedom and speed which are you back are you back on our televisions tomorrow night no hell no i'm on vacation for a while i'm going to go hang out and sit in the sun and get forget my big beluga whale head even more freckly and red and horrible look to look at ok when are you back uh
a week from tomorrow selling for you in sports or do you need us to drive over bristol we can do it well for one we do stay actually you guys i think what you guys did as you you came in and you did the hair swirled ab and you you in that happened here i mean you you it's like a one and done i mean you're you're like a freshman at kentucky what else is there to prove true now your are your you you did it and you saw you like okay we did that what's next you can't steal the nation's heart more than once your sketches did scott just very politely told us hey i'm afraid that you are still my job so stay at my home town now they are not now did not know it hey you know what's not good signal vacation you know who hasn't taken a vacation part my take home okay guys just churning out because that's a good point take long suffering right on yeah yeah just and teachers don't take spring break you real shame if you never came back home fine how do
yeah actually i know you guys work i'll come sit in yourself you can have my job i'll come take care ok that's fair alright scott thank you so much for actually talking to us about golf in a real way because we don't know what the hell we're talking about an appreciate it so be well until next time right it's got thanks that interview was brought to you by pardon my take part i take has all the new gear you want we have joe flacco shirts we have the story shirts that were a good seller great seller stickers tie dye everything need glare each all dogs chardonnay miss i can't i can just keep going on at all got it football guys we have all the cool stuff from part might take your favorite podcasts in the barstool sports store t shirts wet shirts stickers tank tops everything so go right now barstoolsports dot com slash pmt
it show everyone that your award winning listener yeah that's it will suck your dick yeah when you see somebody else in public wearing a part of my take shirt the other case suck my dick yeah i would say and less if it's a girl don't say that yeah that's harassment seats up so would you like to suck my dick ok well so that but maybe on put on a shirt that says hey the road running listen to pardon my take why don't you suck my dick i think that rolls right off the tongue people wear that so either way check out barstoolsports dot com p pm m what new new shirts all the time in there so we're going to keep updating it you might see that suck my dick shirt all right let's get to some segments first up we have a brand new segment called shoe roast and guess what it's for steph curry stop me if you've heard this before steph curry dropped a new shoe that got roasted by the entire internet yes and
i think i lied last week when i said that tony romo interception twitter was my favorite twitter i think sure roasting twitter yeah might be my new favorite right yeah it was great because everyone comes other would work behind a common goal and that's to make fun of the millionaires sponsored shoes in great so we had actually a debate in on our text chain and we differ i actually don't think they're the worst shoes so that if you see it if you haven't seen them they're basically they're they're called the oxblood leather and die they look right it's just reading the name of the issue that sounds like you're roasting didn't help that didn't help my case there basically look like if you close your eyes and envision a tv show trying to make a man cave set the brown chairs that they pick knots what the shoes look like
they look like timberland came out with the fruit roll up sixes yes exactly so but here's the thing first of all there on brand steph curry like that's what his brand is so i actually don't think that they're like i wouldn't be shocked if steph curry come out with cool shoes and he is he is like you know the guy who has to brag about being a dad all the time and you know open his mouth guard and all that crap so i like i really hate him even though i just picked like to really innocent things there he's got a family yeah and he protects his teeth like an idiot you know what fucka but the shoes look like something that you would wear to like a baptism if you were in juvenile detention so what they look like is every single nfl analyst wears on nfl live yep so but that's pretty good
structure your roasting listen only roaches that's like a regular shoot that's just a regular shoe you wear with a suit i also think as a stay woke i do think that stuff curry there's an element where under armour like we're never going to be the cool shoes so we'll release add pictures again let everyone most us how are you gonna get publicity for steph curry shoes other than letting the internet roast well that's what i'm saying so that that is a valid point i think we made that when he came out with the white ones and i went into under armour and i was like hey can i try on the chefs and the lady i really are you serious right because everyone else is back everyone comes in here and take pictures of the leaves yeah i like to try a mod branding as adele trying months yeah that being said a public in a bio right or with the we sent to us wink please yeah but i also i also just want to throw out there that might be become problematic to row steph curry why well if
notice his father is black and his mother's white man i think that that people may be roasting them because of a race thing so it's problematic in my mind oh so like dad to dad but yeah you in del i'm just saying that when you call real steph curry just think about how problematic you could be right now okay that's just woke on your part no it's just prop it's you understanding how problematic twitter can get as many times as problematic okay that's only segue automatic are you are you saying that if you're a white person you shouldn't roast or if you're black no i think we're all set yeah unless you have a black father and a white mother you can't roast steph curry otherwise you're being problematic okay got it thanks yeah by hank what were you said you were saving your thoughts for it i don't think that bad yeah i saw satan i think i would wear them out buy them myself but like the way the
and it freaks out about like it's the worst thing in the world there's there's been much worse if you release those without their shoes right without stuff curry's name you don't think it gets the same here's here's my theory is releasing a picture of shoes it's like putting a picture of your thumb out there i've said this before but thumbs you can't take a good picture of a thumb when throw the internet a picture of a shoe you're basically throwing raw meat into a wolves den right well and also if you notice the shoes pictures that are put out there or specifically the side shots never the overhead shot the overhead shot it looks like a regular shoe well yeah every person shoe looks good from overhead right that's what you that's how you see him it's like it's like i tell you see everyone's debbie we're selling me on the others how you see a man like the crying join the like the first time shoes came out of a roast and rightly so now the second time the shoes came out at one try to rush to be funny but it wasn't so again another problematic point the shoes or the graduate and i don't know the hive mind of the internet yeah guys all just piling on for no reason give me a chance yeah thought it without your independent thing
i actually think that somebody brought up a good point to you big cat and your new love of b m w your luxury guy now yeah so b m w of people forget the out hitler kind of ran bmw true that's why i've bought so are you saying i bought a bentley hat or ferrari shirt hello yeah ferrari italian winnie things happen history world war two sap and that's what's in german textbooks actually yeah you would know because you're the big hitler guy yes right we have a spin zone four the texas am wide receiver was a wide receiver yes football player he was char with indecent exposure because he was what was he doing he was sitting with the tutoring session and he had his pick out maybe well masturbating well now if we read the police report he pulled out the head of his penis and
part of the shaft outside of a short paragraph and rubbed it so that he could be doing that for any number of reasons we don't know we're not here to cast aspersions and then the next day he actually did it again and held in his bare hand police report says he held it in his bare hand as opposed to the normal sheath hand the penus glove right that guys wear so he had an old time spend zone for it and said he just had jock itch oh ok so i buy that john is a genius jock itch is like diarrhea i mean if you just say it then everyone's like oh yeah i don't want any part of that ok you got some kind of fungus did they not want to go with the just guys being dudes no i guess that also falls under the guys being dudes whipping out your deck this locker
there's a tutoring session also new wear sweatpants like you kind of have to like touch your dick i don't know but i don't know i don't know about pulling it out but no yeah you're right right you're right that's you know what this is going to be problematic for some people but it's the truth hank hits the correct point don't ever pull dick out that's way too far but if you're wearing sweatpants see how long you wear sweatpants i'll put your hands down your pants i'd say maybe two maybe well yeah if you're lucky it's just it's there's a lot of writing that very hard sweat pants they put you in they almost hypnotize you into just getting in your most comfortable state right and so naturally guys hands just gravitate down there's not like a sexual thing it's like sometimes you just grab your deck he forgot he was in a tutoring session he is as boring yeah books are boring who may maybe
it was a human sexuality class and he was dim showing tell yes what second grade all right we have a tivo update second home run in his career he it won his first at bat as very first at bat the hot dog it and said that he thought he had a double which is really just his way of taking more time around the basis but tim tebow is are we officially like should we watch out for tim tebow but i'm one hundred percent on board that ibo bandwagon says class say first of all so this is really bad like this is low low minors you got two as you don't have one i'm totally on board with ti vo and he's putting one in you up scenes here remember theo said that he would not have tivo on the same my favorite little tale of the first one was that the picture that hit off of was drafted six hundred was drafted 666th and drafts ot bulbs beats the devil into submission again there's nothing that you can say at this point about tim tebow that is too wild for me to believe
any rumor about him doing something great i will believe it what is he going to do in the fall when he's supposed to be back on the sec win a world series yeah i guess so it be people can we put a ring on his finger yes stupid we next up have trouble in paradise for olivia on an aaron rodgers looks like they're broken up and we gotta worry right aaron without a livia he's be in trouble he was he well actually won superbowl without olivia but i did i crunch some numbers you see the numbers i crunched know the aaron rodgers versus the bears while dating olivia munn he was that's the bears were one in five so what five and one against the bears when beef or he was dating olivia munn he was ten and three so the as they win like one extra game every three years when he's not dating olivia munn so
he should probably watch out said bears are back is what you're telling me right now i was really depressing the look that up at the bears are born fifteen lifetime against aaron rodgers yeah it also takes away aaron rodgers favorite excuse which is either that he's having too much sex with olivia munn or not enough sex it goes back and forth like the mike mccarthy play calling thing right once every six months it's like oh we don't have sex before games or we had a lot of sex last year he has a lot of different things that he likes pull out there so i think what happens with the gifts that he was planning on giving back to his family all the christmas gifts do you think oh yeah and she's probably if she's smart she'll just like pack up her u haul with all those packages that are still yet to be returned yes yeah so she's going to get a windfall from this next up we have a bad visual this is for the nba logo it turns out jerry west doesn't want to be the nba logo anymore he said that he regrets everyone finding out that he was the nba logo
or is the nba logo and that he wants people to move on and that it was flattering but it's time for a new one probably the least racist thing about me is that my whole life i thought that the nba logo was black guy wow so you're very wow that's really that's really really progressive has very progressive yeah even though this is the outline is like literally what you just assume the basketball player was a black eye that was very progressive look at that part will edit this to make me seem less risk oh so you're michael scott asking stanley to play in the game what do we have for the new logo you got any thought well yeah first thought i actually photoshop this but it's deli celebrating with a corona and the hawaiian ok well i'm sure i think that'll be pretty good ok or javille mcgee airballing a dunk somehow that would be nice i would be good i had i threw down lebron not getting called for a foul that would be a good one just maybe the ref just sitting
start with the with the whistle in his pocket also if we want to do the refs my gift shirts which jeff gift whatever which technology science hasn't caught up to my brain so they haven't made it yet but it be cool if it was a jeff sure of a guy traveling and the ref not calling it with us get in or it could just be a guy not trying on defense i don't know how how you do that exactly know how go but i'm sure we can get why don't we just have it be the hockey handshake line or just watch hockey players what about willow run our tests choking that fan who am i like that one yeah or spencer hawes scratching off a lot of ticket and then getting traded to we'll call it this time i the will just sit him down to the hornets what about it just a lisa mattress because the guys are just resting now all the time no one is actually playing games i like it yeah i just got some ideas were throwing out there we next up have a big ben update this broke on friday if you didn't see
it break it's probably because you were one of ten i mean people who are blocked by big ben on twitter i didn't think that was the big ben on that twitter account and he broke that news on it everyone like is there one is not blocked know everybody lock eyes i mean versus jose batista right i've been blocked by big band for about four years now i never treated him yeah i i found pretty quickly that nine percent of people that follow me on twitter are also block yes so if you so so do a quick check up on your money when you get bored at work see if you're blocked by see if you're blocked by big ben and see if you followed by jose batista if you get both you are the most basic pitch on twitter
absolutely so yeah but yeah it was it was breaking news but it was really surprising breaking news of all time big bend just realize i'm it's football season almost again so i guess i'm not retired he just as i'm a football player really heard the birds like star chart for the first time outside of his when yeah he's like all it's football season yeah a b landed understand who visit during times don't come and you don't even realize it he put on a walking but would be starting a higher time for me to play football well this is two thousand sixteen will be remembered as the year of non retirement onward through non retirement retirement and out i just think that ben went into this offseason thinking he was going to pull a brett farve and keep everybody in suspense but he's so inept at doing anything that like nobody gave his ship and then he just announced it over like he didn't even
wait until friday afternoon didn't even sit out of like the mini camp right he wasn't even like actually mulling retirement he he was he was he was retired from football for seven weeks yes he sandwiched his tweet in between our nation announcing that we're bombing syria and then search your winning the match so nestle there right in that hot spot to millions of people who are blocked from yeah wow really with the with the grab the headlines big ben that's the ultimate big ben i i just i sincerely hope that big bend brings back to store next year hi if you're after bin i swear the storm in rate your big bend looks for doors number two you actually floors number two number three is big ben carrying pf changs onto planes number one is that slick back look that he did that he was he like the human embodiment of like a loogie that was what he like it was the grossest look also
or in the number for broken nose big ben when it's like he doesn't know if his nose brushed broken even though it's going seven different ways broken nose big ben for me is number two behind fedora number three is when he has a concussion but he doesn't know what a concussion feels like so just starts like chopping his teeth trying to like who played his way out of the brain damage and then uh another big fan i'm a huge fan of his wedding pictures yes we got that shit eating grin on his face love that one number five i can't i can't forget this one the big band that comes out as concussion test sang nailed a concussion test and then the doctor walking behind him and saying you failed give me your helmet and actually asked god i love i know some pics for fans are you mad but it's it's comes from up a place of love kind if i big bend being like a goofy character if that we can like make bigger than life is stupidity which probably isn't that night it's fun i really hope that when he retired
he says he's going to retire to pursue an acting career here and then he goes on like one tv show and just absolutely stinks at it that would be great if he was like a daytime soap opera guy oh my god i mean that's it right there you had one before we get to my our last segment you had one that i forget i didn't write down it was a respected biz was that yeah respect the biz this comes from arrangers writer for the fort worth star telegram he i was responding to a fan who used the term we when referring to the rangers is is no self respecting journalist slash beat writer would slash should be a weak guy which i respect that i mean if you're not part of the team i so for the wii argument i really think people who get this upset about it are worse than the people who say we you know i mean it's one of those situations where it's like i'll say
sometimes i won't even think about it i'll just say it and if you get that upset about it your i mean i'm i'm not saying it like i'm part of the f one knows i'm not part of the team to refer to the united states as we in leicester an actual senator breaux okay it's a little weird if you don't refer to the rangers as we and less you've had a buddy jerk you off the hazy the only the only argument that i think is valid and i think i've probably done it before a lot of fans do it is it's we when we're winning and then a one losing can't have it both ways that's not fair but if you're if you're consistent week i don't give a i agree we got yeah yeah we men who finds a team here's a guy it's it's so it's one of those things and i never understood people who like go well actually you're not actually on that you didn't see any northwestern reporters talking about we during their postseason rain this year right they built figured out just one i actually don't know if we've done this but i had to do it because it popped
i had randomly over the weekend is he dead yet so we do this every now and then a guy or girl who may be deceased and we don't know don king oh it's not alive still alive i'm going to live yeah i can john king searching it he is looks like he might be still alright sweet i thought no he is allowed because he's a big trump guy remember he came out that was that was in the time period where it was really fun to guess the next trump celebrity was going to be if it was going to be like jose conseco thanks don king was the most obvious strong celebrity of all time yet he jimmies showman needy five years old i thought for sure he was dead it's still rock in the hair yeah he is he might be one of those people that see you know what it was when george foreman sent out that weird tweet it was like all your friends are dying but i'm still
i which was a very very strange tweet by george foreman tonight it's like oh yeah mohammed ali and don king dead these are all people that he got into fights with though yeah so we're not friends right well i mean i guess no i think he was saying like their friends yeah that's how guys do if you beat each other up enough you become bro see right there were some over the years all right that's our show wednesday we have ernie johnson so i'm excited about this was actually we taped it and it was a great interview come on early he's is unlike the list of people who get it ernie john i'm probably never heard of part of my take he got it almost instantly he's a real pro yeah i mean he has to deal with shack in most all day we're we probably he probably was like these guys are just like the dumber version of shaq and charles that's saying something but i think it spot on yeah or any kind of pretty quickly it's a great interview huge show wednesday and then friday
i will see you on wednesday love you guys it's pardon my take presented by sports
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