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Scott Van Pelt Part 2 (With Tiger Woods) 08/24/16

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Madden Day is officially here and the guys are ready to celebrate by not playing the new Madden (1:02 - 7:01). It's also little League World Series season which means mic'd up coaches acting a little too nice for the cameras (7:02 - 11:10). Mt Rushmore of Sad Songs (11:10 - 20:42). Scott Van Pelt joins the show for rapid fire questions, talk about the famous voicemail, and a phone call to Tiger Woods (21:42 - 55:32). Segments include "Respect The Biz", "Thoughts and Prayers", "Hmmm", and new segments "Sports Psychiatrist" and "Peter King ate the trash again".
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draftkings dot com promo code big cat and you play for free with your first deposit go get that week one on let's go wednesday august 24th and yesterday was mad and a the biggest day of the year for twelve year olds i actually i get a little nostalgic every madden date because mad and they used to be a big deal i haven't gotten i still have my xbox three hundred and sixty i think i'm going on about i'll be yours now with that bad boy so i don't think they make madden ford anymore and i think they said they
xbox three hundred and sixty i saw one too so that's so it's crushing for all of us but guess what add in is back and they have new dances the coaches look really cool an it's still awful to play d so when you're playing madden and it gyms and on jim caldwell he like to how many people are like try to unplug and re plug in and reset their consular like this frozen again the the pro problem with madden and this is where they lost me is when they tried to add a feature like they added new features every year so make it more realistic i just want to match a few buttons i want like three buttons that i can just mash over and over i don't need to know how to do a slash though shoulder shrug spin and then dad i would do the dab your dad yeah press why did that but do it is not too much is too much i i agree actually matting kinda lost me when they went when they added the qb vision
back in two thousand it goes up it does exist i was just like never again i tried playing that a couple times i was i was done with it i like to hit stick addition that was a really solid one but anything after that to me so if you are the hi that plays madden and you are really good at madden i don't like you no that tells me that i don't want to hang out with you no i want to play madden i want to screw up i want to go to the wrong receivers i want to do that thing where you press hike too fast so then you just immediately throw it to the receiver that standing right at the line i do that at least three times a game i want to never do a run play because that's ridiculous i agree with the hit stick except i fell in love with his stick he's trying his the cover when you miss and we have everything absolutely i i was the same way because that with those your they may like ray lewis and ninety nine sean taylor like a ninety eight and so yeah just match that thing all the time but that's what it that's what the game is all about i don't want to be good at math
no i don't want anybody else really to be good in madden 'cause i remember back in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five where you could just like it was just actually run a play and then if you had the better team you were going to do better on and sometimes the ambulance would come out and pick it up and then people would be like oh there's on the field and then you kind of believe it and you be like yeah i totally saw the blood what about punting off down no i don't think i've ever pointed him out you know your point sometimes sometimes i do the fake point which is completely useless because the person i'm playing with knows i'm not gonna point right and they know it's a fake punt but i still you have fun yeah do some trickeration you guys go into the bag of gadget plays sometimes yeah when it comes down to madden though i really basically i don't want to play any defense i don't want to play any special teams i want to throw the ball fifty five times a game and i want to scramble i want to be my quicken i want scrambled i remember in two thousand and four i think if you had mike vick and to on the same team if you trade for tio you could just you could win every game like fifty
zero it was amazing that was another thing that they did to the most recent i i i don't know if it happens with this man but at least two or three years ago they made traits really hard like you couldn't the computer was so of where that's not fun i want to create a super team i want all my favorite players on one team ok so quick story my friend used to bet me on games in madden i thought that i just suck which i kind of did to be fair i wasn't very good but he would bet mean he would be the steelers all the time i could be whatever team i wanted and he said i'm going to play with charlie batch because i really like chat chat i like jazz patch and so he would just kick the shit out of me every time like just destroy him he would spot me twenty points and still beat me an would it it turned out he was doing the whole time was he had a roster that he had saved as the pitch
which steelers where he had traded for all the best players and it was like mike vick that was playing quarterly rename rename he took the time to rename them already steelers players and the graphics weren't good enough that you had no idea exactly like charlie batch at hell that look damn charlie batch got fast somehow so i was there with my brother and nba and doctors made all the players ninety nine they all be the rockets that's dirty i lost hundreds of dollars the gas that stock on it's also fantasy football season it is we're actually going to have the first ever pardon my take fantasy football draft next week or actually going to do this we haven't decided one but it's to be awesome and we're going to give you some good tips i think once we do the draft you have to do a few mock drafts like if you're one of those guys if you're really in your fantasy football your mock drafting at least ten times a day i do mock drafts for the two
thousand seventeen season right now it's never too early yet started so we're gonna do a mock draft and we'll do real draft and i'd like to in my fantasy football draft because i always get too drunk during the draft and draft players that were good like five years go like if chris johnson was still there was still out there he is oh he is oh so i'm going to drop them yeah yeah i'll drop them actually chris johnson didn't he was probably the best player in the nfl that had a bullet in his body yes here after i keep dropping jason witten i've had jason witten for like four years in a row i keep doing the romo witten thing turns out it doesn't work it doesn't add up you ever do that with your mouse trap where you're like gotta get the connection i actually stay away from derek carr because i remember david carr and how bad he was i'm like i'm not touching that go no so yeah will do a mock and then it's also a little league world series hot hot time
could be watching a bunch of twelve year olds i am upset though i little league world series is losing who they are i think the miked up coaches saying i love all their kids too much i'm here to watch kids screw up and cry if you're going to make me feel bad about that i hate you i don't want to talk to you i like don't put twelve year olds on my tv and then get mad when i'm enjoying their crying this all started i don't know if it was last year the year before but some coach said his team down after the boston like rhode island yet all them in the eye and told him that he looks so much like replay that on sportscenter five times every day and it was just it was sickening like my coach he be like you guys suck today go home i'm not getting you a trophy like is my true self aware yeah he's so so he knows the cameras and he's like this is my time right he's looking for an endorsement deal which i'm sure that they give coaches now the coach yes
ok that came out and told his son that he loves him give me a break gross whose dad man card let's you take that dance man card you will like this pft dot coach last year though he's actually a hockey high school coach and their home rank their boards are just cages oh yeah fighter work wrote about that yeah i do like yeah so so you're telling me the hockey coach that makes his kids play in chain link ranks yeah loves his son weird yeah no ok not adding up over here i too it is great how much pressure these kids are under and you do get you obviously everyone twitter will start saying oh it's not fair stop like making fun of them i'm watching little league world series 'cause i want to see the funny things they say i want to see a few dabs and i want to see tears that's it that's a recipe for success in my mind would it be too much to ask for a brawl if use like usa versus japan i would be so down for a few
if russia was allowed to play in the little league world series there would be some shake going down yes they would get you know what i like it well they would be on steroids but right which would probably contribute to the brawls right one of my favorite parts about the whole thing is watching parents get interviewed while their son is hitting other daughter and they're like we distracted during the interview in there looked so nervous about to shoot themselves and they're trying to answer the questions but they just trail off mid sentence happens all the time you know it's it's great television where in the big pins of their kids yeah streaks died in their hair getting real excited about it i'm excited for someone to pull up one of these kids like twitter feeds an it's just going to be like racist yeah it how does happen that's going to happen yeah it's probably yeah it's probably happening this year yeah i know it's a matter of fact i'm going to watch the games when i get home and i'm just going to cycle through twitter feed
and see who the most problematic twelve year old is this piece of shit that speak two thousand and sixteen is putting twelve year olds on tv and then finding out their problematic get them kicked out of school yeah let's absolutely do that we also had quicken i just want to add one more thing 'cause australia played today you know that i'm a fan of the australian accent i'm i'm one of the top imitators of it there's something that's very disconcerting to maine about a twelve year old or just a child speaking australian question you know how you're afraid of california teens that's kind of how i feel about australian teams they're like what they sound like australia and why are you asking me do it i can't do an impression it's too it's too creepy it's like i just went out and i did my best on the band is all right so i just tossed in the it's toasted the speedball first i could write off i had a problem because i
watching a show the other day and out their pitcher took a line drive off is like shin and he almost cried he's been in america for too long like that he doesn't cry like that back in australia absolutely not know gets bit by a tarantula any probably then goes and you know cooks for dinner yeah i i agree they've like being over here for too long changes in australia there was he's now a hot like this one guy was talking to the reporter today and it looked like he was going to cry because you so proud of this team is performance no no you're not due till night i you're gonna punch a great white shark in the face of the home just let me go let me keep the stereo types alive my alright don't ruin that for me alright let's go to mount rushmore we have five left this is getting sad and because it's sad today isn't good one sad thanks saddest songs you can come up with mount rushmore who wants to start i'll go so i like sad songs
sometimes i put him on when i'm not sad just so i can feel sad myself little tires i can still bring those emotions out yep right number one on this list every rose has its thorn that's poison yeah on my list wow hank hank would call back right hey thank were you were you beyond rule sad song thank now it is our it's like that song text your dad and say hey dad what to say what's on aim of a sad song sir i mean that's just great i like this song number two i've got cats in the cradle are so asik specially for those out there with daddy issues exactly that's a song where if you have a family that's intact the always out you you look around yeah we play that one is you know you've got a friend who's really into rap music and when he's in his car he like looks around before he starts blasting some real real street stuff yeah cat stevens by the way like you could basically play any cat stevens songs and get sad yeah and then now this is a personal favorite of mine
the fox nfl sunday injury music yes that's i've i've long said this now this is a parallel mine thing because this is something that happened before we started working together people would accuse us of stealing each other's bets when it was honestly per well thinking you love that song i actually said a couple years ago i want that song played at my funeral the same thing it's it's like it's it seriously and it's totally independent of each other that song at our funeral maybe we'll get mabel die together and tony saragusa announcing yeah yeah we were hornaday apart that's right yeah so you die first and then i'll die from drinking too much at your wake listen to this maybe yeah ok you know what i'll tell tony tony saragusa maybe put a little arsenic in the spaghetti and and gravy for everyone at the
so we'll just do it that way kill all your friends after school it's cold i mean if i'm dead you guys well that's the thing so we talked about starting a cult instead of doing cult week i think we're still going to do cold week but we could start a cult in which case if i die today after you that means that i was the leader and that you were like the second remember heaven's gate do you know what i mean is dawned on me because we do want to do coat week uhm maybe we already have started a cult would that be the cultish thing in the world to not even know do not realize that we've already started a cult yeah ok just put that one in your mind smoking stella's back okay last one to music during two girls one cup video i don't know if you remember i don't know if music the music during that but it is
nikki a very very sad somber song i think i do remember it doesn't go with the video now everyone's going to have to go back and watch that was the trick it yet was that well i'm telling you the music itself doesn't go with actual like pictures that are happening at the time but i don't know what music actually would fit up with that now that i think about it but it also takes you back you know it takes you back to that imagery add spot by the way just a side note this is probably one of the last episodes of seller will be in were at my apartment right now in brooklyn so she's going to bark and we're going to hit she could she see she knows that her her sign is coming to an end on part it's a once you get to the studio thank you go all right number one ten thousand miles the others in this song about movie fly away home wait what song is ten thousand miles is that the one where the guy kills all these walk ten thousand no not that one ok
six yeah yeah a good one pressing number two dance of the devil moral technique okay i don't know if you guys are that one note put sounds like it's really sad song it's a bit
oct sound side about a guy ripping his mom all this is one other and we're talking about sadistic songs you like to have a nice little cry too it is it is hot here now songs that make you said eight that's the okay all right everybody firing yeah that's a good one yeah good one and then let her go hello okay do people forget that james taylor was addicted to heroin i didn't know that i i i did i did not forget that but sounds like hank did yeah contact i'm surprised no my got taken i i did eight why did i i was gonna pull inside yeah yeah okay you guys respect you respected lance for you you guys respect you respected the basis of rush mount rushmore respected the biz if you being obsessed lance yeah okay so landslides on there i'm actually going to put it on there thanks for giving it for me though i appreciate you guys doing that
tears in heaven anytime you can write a song about your four year old falling off out of one slash five three story window going to bring some tears out it's a good lap dance song too create lap dance unless eric clapton i do have landslide fleetwood mac that's odd so we have very sad song you just said you weren't going to put that ok i'm not going but then i'm just going down my list of eight i'm also shocked this wasn't an angel sarah mclachlan tom this one comes on like three little lady dogs dogs with your ears you know then you don't want to you don't want to think about that sad dog's arm in there to dear and there are what we see what okay this one is you're going to like this pft because this is probably a 90s if you coming of age in the 90s and never broke up you were meant for me jewel oh yeah
that's if you didn't cry to like getting broken up with it'll jewel back in the day then you but you can grow up in the night it was it was tool and that the blonde country singer what's your name shoot i got broke up with a lot it's keep track yeah uhm and then my final one is adam's song blink one hundred and eighty two that's such a softchoice i mean it starts with i never thought i'd die alone yeah it's me the the lyrics are basically a suicide so i'm going to commit suicide yeah and they they you fell for it hook line and sinker okay well it's set all right so sorry that i get a little choked up if you guys want my other ones that i just threw on here sure stay with me sam smith and i had also had it's so hard to say goodbye boyz to men ok that's a really sad one so sad songs everyone hit us up with what sad songs you have were i think we've pretty much covered all the sad songs but i'm sure it will be a fat no that's all
yeah that's every single sad song that was ever created including one that someone raped their mom not said hey yeah i think it's sad hello it's that big with their yeah sure now i need to go there i think of their moral technically and then you brought us back there all right leann rimes how do i live without you i mean i was in seventh grade just got broken up with yeah man yeah and also will blast from the past the glycerine gavin still right i don't know if that song can be considered a sad song because the lyrics make no sense it's like a chili peppers song it's like trying to listen to a chili peppers song when your blackout yeah that's like the chili peppers in oasis faulkner made a song everybody hurts rem good yeah i'm sad when i listen to it because that song sucks so bad that's why it's the saddest of the mall alright
let's kick it now to part two of our award winning interview with scott van pelt we're i would assume we're gonna win some kinda and do you get it means we have to pre emptively i mean one several and i mean yeah yeah i think it's grammy because it's spoken word ok so spoken word will be the grammy that they give you before the show starts then they scroll through it here's what we do can we do this can we put every single podcast that we've ever made and just like package it as an album and see if one of them wins spoken i feel like that's a numbers game you send them all into the the recording artist whatever eventually the emmy people would be like grammy people we get it yeah yeah okay will give will it have been two categories for you if you stop sending it to us we'll give you one i i actually like that idea get our intern on that okay alright let's go to the interview this is a looser interview and you
you probably already know because we put in the title got tiger woods it's the summer time we got nfl starting back up we've got college football coming down the pipeline we've got the college world series which i'm not sure if you can bet on should be able to but it's the time of year where you want to start laying some money down on sports and bet dsi has you covered the mlb you got the playoffs coming up you've got the world series everything little better when he got some action riding on it so go to betdsi dot com and sign up for all your sports wagering needs there a plus rated on most sports book review sites you get your money out really easily i've been betting on him i'm down a little bit again about to be up i'm going to make my money back week one in week two of the nfl that's a stone cold lock of the week
use betty si on your mobile device used on your desktop no matter what it's easy to go there betty si dot com use promo code take ten t a k e ten you get ten bucks for you to play it's ten bucks free from your boys pardon my take no thanks necessary betty si dot com promo code take ten this is the part i dreaded alright what's about to happen we're going to do some fun just quick question for who everyone ok what started easy be honest the where in the world is svp kind of bother you sometimes when the when people look like somebody's granddad yeah i mean come on every every white bald guy but it is stunning how many people there are that have just a bit of just bitten the sv
look did you see the idiot now in wrigley in a van yeah i try to figure out his name via potters that is are you are you know you're supposed to be me is you how sad is that signing autographs sort of intelligent and work in a factory other factories no jews definitely signing autographs use because like with as it once i got about a tribute band like the original one though not the original one to the region one bother you fat we pay not that you i i said i said it on twitter i said barstool invented invented as fat as he that english guy he's like seven thousand pounds looks exactly like well yeah and he lost he lost like he lost like fifty stone is got all this extra like flying squirrel skin too it's a disaster then it's you yeah he is a mess yet anyway he's got these little glasses and he just bawled he's just like thank you wow
i mean how bummed out can i be you know i mean i look i i got to meet her at home this is kind of what it is is joe flacco elite dot obviously you want superbowl yeah hello telfer yep says trip is a week i don't always get a ring okay okay all right old okay so joes moral ethan trend he'd be the first to tell you that okay alright so we're doing levels elite degree yeah
by the way when you said that there should be a wing of for the hall of fame and it should be you no one can say the word asterisk i don't know why that is yes is shaped like an ask pastor from some space yeah it's a genius right and kids should out the drink hho on the way and let us do it axe axe we have strict that's not that's the word you said it right though you think i did your journal is wrong yeah okay for awhile does it bother you that marilyn will never be a real member the big time i will this year today i know with the big ten low yeah just to just to be kind of passive aggressive right your face you i want to rip that office like a yankee not earning his stripes like come on well there's like what do you think the number one most the most title since we've been in the league all right okay non olympic sports i give you but there's some trophy listen listen listen you guy what if this thing i wanted to happen but you guys are paying big cash right now and i'm trying my best to make do okay fine that's where i i just i'm happy you guys are there for basketball it makes
on a puke every time i see records in maryland for the football schedule i just want you to know that's me being honest the terps didn't really have a good showing in madison yeah i can remember some tweeted less you're you're europe's you're offended that effort yeah i was because i went up there because i go to one game a year when i thought maybe i could see like a quarter of the ball that was that was watching that even get that that wouldn't i think i don't often cover the over in that game by themselves i think they did yeah and i think they cover the first quarter yeah but i mean the landscape change it in but we you know it one of these days ill for so it won't ever feel no it won't it should basketball and finally i actually i really enjoyed you guys are a basketball school thanks buddy yeah i'm throwing some comments here but it just doesn't feel weird maryland vs iowa feels weird let's see and i know you don't care about the maryland perspective but i'll tell you anyway if you're
on our side of it it would've felt weird to play pit in syracuse yeah aimed at some point them boston college miami virginia tech that it does not take out yeah that that was the metro conference back of the big east that's it's not the ecc everything changed in the maryland just happen to get paid by as a result so again array for us yeah okay i've got a theory i love to hear this is from like ten years of sleuthing around are you a big bosstones fan i yeah like them when we had when it was just my radio show i had a lot of mighty mighty bosstones drops there was a period of time there where i got super into lakes and scar music did you i do the dancing i'm too tall it's not anonymously like me you know i don't blame them you get those like weird shoes the the the check using in and go see the specialist i think i saw when i lived in orlando i'm pretty sure well this is amazing on this is self
but i think i want to see a it was real fish yeah and some others got banned like probably less than jake saving ferris you're saving savers yeah what do you like do you like that scott not a dazzling scott music who hasn't we all went through a phase the only people i say they haven't double and scott are liars i like i just like ward sections and it was it's like the bosstones are pretty all right you know like happy sounding music the lyrics can get kind of but yeah long answers your question yeah i i yeah i guess the bosstones stuff knew it how quickly would the three of us get fired espn who's the three fifty myself and hank how long will we last well we're not corporate
animals we're we're we're dogs it like to live out in the back you know you see out there right now and then right right a lot of there's a there's a freedom and then you let us in the house for probably gonna piss on so yeah yeah you're not yet we're going to see why they're actually out we're clearly i mean it's you you would just here's the thing you'd look at each other with a twinkle in your eye and decided that you wanted to get fired and then you'd get fired i mean it would last as long as you chose for both smart people so if you wanted to last a week you last a week if you wanted to just enjoy the calf once by the way make sure it's lunch because they feed the date time people like it's like it's a five star resort the night time people get prison food love alright that's a fact i notice you said both by the way both of us are smart so i don't know he doesn't talk enough for me to know that's right that's actually brilliant strategy on his part yeah it's
he did this always leave them wanting more don't saying is like better to be silent thought an idiot the known about the river rolled out yeah yeah i did espn makeup deflategate you know i don't think espn did it seems like it seems like it was let me just say this i thought the whole thing was nonsense personally can we do like another two years of talking about it on the air though i hope not i mean brady finally gave up the fight i said on the show that the two of them it was like it was like that bar fight where it spills outside the park maryland used to be the view and you spill out by the hot dog cart and you kind of fight there and then it would continue up by seven hundred and eleven and then you can walk down knox road and then people start running in the fight just kept just home i understand why neither wanted to give up but as for our role in it i mean i don't think there's any secret that there's guys
at our place in and others that are plugged in and there's people that were clearly parsing out info and and handing it up on a platter to to folks that worked at our place and i think other places and you know it it ended up getting down the road were i just kept getting confused about what what hoon did anyone measure the weights of the footballs and why are we talking about it i don't know this is what this is almost like the joe flacco elite question you like ha ha i can't believe the going on and then you end up in a duplicate debate and then an hour passes and you're like what the hell we just did it again that's it just happened yeah so let's reset our brains hank versus stanford steve producer producer in a fight who wins hanks one of those guys you don't want hey hank has to samurai sword you let me finish look above i apologize okay he can he's orbit to say right yeah when he first he's a guide on a flight all right where you from
yeah why don't you ask me beers chuck and ducks yes but there so he's so he's so he's a skinny guy who's going to is going to drink himself into a rage and he's going to hurt you man it's going to hurt and you're going to tim hardin you should kill him but it didn't get to kill him that said stanford steve would mop with the samurai swords he he's going to he's going to bum rush him before he takes dig a samurai sword is not is not it's not a quick movement i don't think i don't think you could impact inflict any damage like you got a wind up with a sword
you got to really emphasize the w it's will say what was that you could say you like spot and fun times you know you can say asterix but you can't say sort notes were gonna brag on hank real quick he is not allowed to use uber or lift because he identifies with the battle was always kind of bad yeah i that i am a knowledge that i just like look at stanford's tpn norma's human being more and more he's he's you know express listing again too that's the problem yeah he's a big boy yeah so at espn you said that we would get fired pretty quickly do they make you take drug tests i've never taken one what about after like nail show right and like and i'm no note on your locker i think i was i'm i'm sure there's a drug policy but i've never i've never been tested could you imagine what would happen if chernin started drug testing barstool well i mean i would think that i would it's certain i would think that they would benefit on some level from the different all the different drugs when you
yeah when you're in the content churn business i mean you're going to have to add whatever whatever they do things are what do we every kid zone at red bull i just ride the bull really the adderall that's great i've written my son my best work well drunk off mad dog that made the list by the way that the list on rush hour yeah adderall gumball machine office yeah why yeah i think you want to make sure you can legislate your your dosages though 'cause you don't want to think that you're getting a whatever billy graham and get a really big one because i don't i i would think that that would be a bad it's gonna be great when the d a shows up at our door like we're just talking about it openly everyday on personal and then they're like hey this guy can slick are you free to go there where they're not i i i i i walked in the door we know you want your apples yeah i wash apples okay so you are free to go there together i mean for a little dirt yeah i mean
yeah turn from your dirt dirt addiction i don't i don't always wash my hands after i peak as i figure figure my junks is in here my hands are dirty you should wash your hands before you go to the bathroom that's the next level thinking right there it's good you don't want to have dirty junk wash your hands first then not a problem as though like i don't know who else is touched those apples in the in the store some filthy hoe always been in there other other side of the coin though more bacteria immune system stronger there's that but the apple a day is keep the doctor away so we're we're counteracting ourselves right there i am a small and when it when we sound like we just went there here's what i'm saying when you wash an apple like i don't take sopot it's it's the obligatory i turn the sink on and it's mostly just because you have a kid you read a post to it's a well it's this and then i tell it off so what if the water is not what just on
so what if it's not how you know what if there's some bacteria in the water bill for heating bacteria on the clean apple see then what i don't know is what happens when you go there you go there yeah you get to this you got another one yeah so they say that at e s p n you have really made until keith olbermann forget your name did he ever learners i never worked with him with him he spends like a giant school where you know there's somebody different grade or whatever and you don't have the same schedule you don't have lunch at the same time or whatever you're not walking on the quad i don't know what this fucking allergy means i didn't see keith a lot i think he knows my name i'd see him on rare occasions and i'm pretty sure he said my name but
he might not know my name it's entirely possible he does not know my name because it's it's not like we hung out of time i gun your head he'll tire with tiger woods wins another major man no gun to my head tiger woods another major probably not do you still talk to no not really i don't see him much i'm like ok from time to time and then he's he's one of those if if he's in the mood to i are back we know tiger likes text yeah i you just
he just looking through that one up there really like that was god john carlo whenever the hell no that goes one you can't hit different stadium any yeah no here's the thing and i'll answer the questions seriously if you're even remotely would like to i would love to yeah he's got time to play golf again and and mickelson at forty six shows that you could played at a high level so i mean look i i'm i'm it medically blinded because my career in the business to basically started when he went crazy and so you see somebody do stuff like that and you're going to always know that that's what they're capable of or at least they were so to sit here and just say no it's it's hard for me to even believe i said that out loud but i mean i don't know i haven't play golf lawyers so and also there was a gun to my head
yeah yeah yeah whatever gun to my head whatever whatever as to journalists we can give you a tip here you can do the gun to the head to anybody that you're asking and they'll have to answer the question no matter how offensive it is also if you say it's coming from a first grader if you say choices first grade class like to know lebron how come you can't win today here's a great work it's like that's like people say right many people say if you attach it to a first grader then they have to answer or else they hate kids since we're well since we're on journalists here's here's a great question why don't you ever say here's a great question before asking a question because it's a little tip off to the audience like hey i'm bout to ask some really great question at that along with the at the tv anchor that says watch this play your
i'm already watching television so you need to let everyone know watch display listen here is no dna watch this right hey buddy i'm already i'm sitting here on my couch already just rip five big fat bong hits and i'm watching just saying i'm watching brazil you should just pat yourself on the back a little more that's a journalist tip here's so ok so well i don't know how far along we are here but not once has anyone say here's a great question we actually haven't even started a good you want to press record here's a great question how come ravel doesn't have his own podcast yet because i would absolutely listen to it i know there are tons of people out there that would i don't know i would maybe that's part of his new deal maybe that maybe he's going to maybe ok i don't know hey people are in to enter all the different fair that's public might have a nice day and people need to see those those cheddar charger rose yeah we're gonna turn get in albuquerque i want our twenty minutes nonstop of just unfiltered yeah no cohost know producer they just put in the studio
gordon then forty minutes later he comes and finds an adult to press stop that's what i want do you have other questions or should we go to the how come you don't wear contacts i warm once once sixteen i warm once when i pitched and and i was all it freaked me out and i took him out and i never put him in again and now i mean now this point is part of a logo so i mean i feel like i don't know what i took him off i mean who's this right yeah well oh wow he looks even more like he looks even more like a penises ended before look at the penis man get him outta here yeah get him off my tv get this piece made up north great about that is after that thing was only kimmel so many people we did the guy who sent that tweet and then he responded in fairness i was really
but we did that and i thought god love him so poor guys just faded out of his mind like man look at this dude he looks just like a penises i will tell him that on twitter that's like he must have been so scared that's the worst porn ever to turn on when you're high when you turn on the scott van pelt show and he's like damn what am i watching right now yeah you can't you can't you can't handle business development no i that i think you guys got lost we'll cut that part yeah we got the part would you go to find simply that joke it was your job sure sure sure the final two all right i'm i'm still i i had us got on the ropes so i'm going to go please completes off after that little journalists tip all right you're pulling out your cell phone most famous person in a pry tiger woods i guess there's a us recall i'm trying has anybody to tops him i don't know man sneaky brag on your part
that's kind of what it's like to return was does anybody more famous than tiger woods to one who's now yeah kind of what i was going for that was a long time ago sure sure we should we give tire quick call you may call yeah schools will call the local tiger hold on in here are you changing tattooed irate i have never i have requested to have rick russell's phone number how good is how random is that holy crap do you have rick rallies i do not i do not there's a lot of numbers that i just who are these people all right let's see alright we'll call tiger woods i don't think he's ever once picked up the phone when i called 'cause it's like exclude voicemail box that has not been set up yet scott scott his numbers set up his tw so cool
i we tried did you get a pass you got lucky i'm sure you probably set them in the that's a little suspicious that the voice mail is not set up and it's t w well yeah here's the number what's he's not there so that is a big tiger move to not set up is what yeah that's gotten in some trouble before so like his learn from his mistakes clearly or will get to the last question then muscle mass you don't have to i don't have to answer ask anyway okay the famous voicemail we actually think that we listen to it on the way here did a little research
we think that if you actually eat what do little bit of background so yeah so this is what what year was this ten years ago ten years ago scotts voicemail got leaked you left a voicemail too young lady young lady i met at a bar fire it was a little bit of a jon favreau swingers vibe but i actually wish it wasn't that bad no it wasn't that one that was what we can't we came to the same conclusion we listen to it and were like this is just like any guy who's been this i've left a voicemail that's probably ten times more embarrassing than that so without ness and see as have i'd see i think everyone's been everyone's done worse that i know yeah or for worse and here's the thing people like all we've all got drunk fell is that was that was brought day low of core
so what i was i was lucid yeah okay i was focused to loose it yeah i was gonna i would here's the thing here's the backstory so there's a temple dewey beach a delaware you know what i'm familiar yeah and it's if you're from if you're from the dmv delaware district maryland virginia of philly even away tigers call me back well richard hello what's going on i did i'm just sitting here with big cat and pft we're taping a podcast and and so i just want they have you have to call the most famous person your phone so i called you he said most famous or infamous no famous i hold on dude i'm going to run speaker so edit yourself you act accordingly so it's
the just the the the conceit is called most famous person your phone you said most infamous i just a famous so i called you and i don't think we've ever actually spoken on the phone i i think as we've only just text this is the first is tiger we are we're looking forward you coming back when you gonna come back we're going to break it on our podcast in the future breaking news tiger woods back in the future breaking news tiger woods on pardon my take comes back in the future alright not really a tiger how fat am i in the future are not good i was there great tiger is pat riley still alive in the future his heralded that's a great answer boom last question tiger and for stanford football this year why can't i have a hard time saying when are the the pac twelve sama said the where the pipe ten so
ok i see what you did there was like me and you in the big ten he doesn't like to eat doesn't like the new stuff yeah i agree alright one last question is christian mccaffrey grittier or deceptively fast settings greedy or deceptively fast yeah yeah couches so yeah probably what other codes for white kid can we use which i think we just used every code for white guy he's gritty he's deceptively fast and he runs good routes first in last out first in last out alright tiger i'm going to stop this now because god only knows where it goes from here so i could talk to you well up ticket tiger woods got him in
we were we were run pretty good behavior there yeah there were you know what's going through a lot of things go through our brains and that that you know what that is we wanted i was i was looted yeah and that was the outdoor dog get let inside and not being on the rack we're learning let's see you guys got all super excited his has that ever happened yeah yes talk the funniest was we're interviewing david castro on the steelers and he had this whole elaborate things set up where he was going to call his friend who was going to pretend to be andrew luck but andrew luck happened to call him in the middle of the interview and but he didn't want to who's more famous tiger woods or andrew luck tiger he would like i said he one who's now yeah he is the now is the most of it hasn't site so we got side tracked with go back to the voicemail you're gonna give us the backstory real quick yeah i can't really tell you just call me back those are some of the b ever talked on the phone yeah so do we
each maryland dc virginia philly beach town and it's like out of college through kind of any age your there's no all ages once your legal and basically two bars that you go there one is the starboard an and the other is the bottle and cork in the bottle and cork has this afternoon like happy hour with live music it's called jam session which is super corny to say but that's what it's called and so i'm at that an these two girls come up and ask if they can take a picture because done here i'm really famous and they're both beautiful girls and they both had gone to maryland an it just turns into conversation and so conversation turns into beers turns into you keep talking and it's on and on you go blah blah blah blah blah obviously whatever numbers are exchanged text messages are sent and then at some point i figured all right just i you get
started texting so you call and so much of the like it went on longer than was necessary obviously and you try a little too hard to be clever obviously but the thing that people crushed for the most of the users the whole checklist thing like i have a checklist yeah what is on that well i mean it's pretty specific in pretty personal information as it relates to you know what what is it you know you could have some odd stuff we already got some great stuff yeah that was her line it was about it was about what would be would be like deal breakers on this checklist and so that was the whole conversation during this flirty chit chatty happy hour blah blah blah so so i thought i was just responding in kind trying to be missed cutey hey here's what's yeah it's embarrassing but it's not that 'cause i've done worse at so i thought i thought all i did was i just continued my end of the of the bargain with smell that admittedly went on for like eight minutes and then evidently
the shared with people that she had the beach house with of vampire left me this long message and then one of the guys that was in the beach house who it turns out was in the fraternity thousand it maryland many years after the fact he says oh forward me the voicemail she does he sends it to leech at deadspin and then i get a text from my buddy it's like bro yes there is and there i am and that's been like wait this is wow yep that's me that's what i said and i'm sit there critiquing and i'm thinking yeah this is going on for awhile yep we could probably just wrap it on up could it was only two minutes it feels like eight news too but see the fabbro thing and the only reason i fight back to that is like in swingers he called like ninety nine oh it did and i don't i guess to pete honest with myself if i'm being ask myself the the total time that fav road speaks in swingers isn't
by speaking the message that i leave an but here's the thing obviously i don't give a fuck ok i that people like every every once in awhile you'll get a hey dude why don't you know leave a girl that's a that's a yeah i hadn't heard it and it's just gutting to me right now how much am i supposed to care at right i just can't right doesn't bother me laugh but i have laughed at it will always laugh at as much as anybody but i don't think honestly any of us have not done something oh yeah right thanks pretty smooth surprisingly well hank has a snapchat i don't pull your junk out bro he oh he did to anastasia ashley and that one on the internet so i have not seen it yet so that's there could be a lot and if it's great because he's got his leg up like pose on the on the sink
and it was at your parents house right yeah it's mouse yeah in the bathroom i was like nineteen living there at the time get any i just do snapping with what do i do nothing mom not i'll be right there so really you survive to mean that like the voice mail in two thousand and six is nothing you could've been scott van pelt twenty eight years old or whatever in two thousand and sixteen sending snapchats from your parents house that or i mean it's here it's the the level of embarrassment like everything technologically it's just been ramped up so far that that i mean now honestly it's pretty innocuous it's just hey you know what happened well they came up to me we were flirty chit chatty i thought i was just sort of trying to throw little chum in the water seal we gotten got hit
with this notion of retrospect that seems actually like a brilliant move on your part if that's like the biggest controversy that you have on your career right like what are you trying to distract us from that still out we maybe you leaked it yeah okay alright van pelt this was an awesome awesome interview we really appreciate it i think we nailed it i'm now looking up i was out of you and i both a lot of great question yeah a lot of great question some okay answers but mostly great closely regression no but seriously that was this is been a long time coming and i'm happy that you're able to do it and can i say it's makes i just want to make sure that this is what this is over at the interview is over it's over but i would i would want people to know that i think that what you guys do is hysterically funny an you the way the way the world changed is that the old days like the catch phrase on sportscenter whatever i
use your yobbo is your thing that i use on sports center and what you guys i know barstools done is created this language that's become the lang we have this whole this whole group of stool ease the problem with that is that like there's people aren't as there are not they're not as funny as you and there's this whole race of people that aren't as clever as you that just take like dicks out for her bay and saturdays are for the boys and turn it into this thing where you're like all right i get it that's it's not a negative it's just it's there's just so many of you and it's a it's an incredible thing that you guys have done and it's because you have content that is unique and it's funny and i just at you i thought you were going to go like the traditional route like you're going to do like beyond radio or something at some station that would have been really dumb 'cause you don't he did do that yeah you can just keep it up right now i'm not looking at you pft because i'm looking at him because i don't know what you're gonna do but you did i didn't know what i was
but now you know i thought about it i've been drinking beer and hope that we've had that conversation before churning came around and kind of the landscape aware barstools going changed it's definitely some moments where i said okay well i got it i mean i can't be a blogger in my apartment forever so no radio or whatever but yeah radio and that world what we're able to do here is a lot and then no one's policing you that's it that's it when you have autonomy can do anything i mean think about what that is and and and and in two thousand sixteen you don't have to be on a network or whatever you can just do this thing in an office in west hartford was beautiful office might think about moving in here
squatter's rights yeah we've been here long enough don't leave don't raining ever separate or come kicks out all right i i actually don't pay a lot as well make sure like is portland has worked for you guys he got he takes care of us it's hard sometimes when he throws the wealth in our face i can't say it doesn't hurt every now and then when he's got the big house and the huge apartment in new york but we definitely get opposite r and make sure that i mean like i get it he did he did the papers and he did yeah i know he deserves everything that it out and i and i'm happy to see it but then when he wins when he was like fifty thousand dollars at saratoga i'm like okay well come on like let let someone else have a break he won fifty it's our dog he acts yeah his horse one it was like ten one one odds that's kind of a lot of money
yeah that one that see that's what hurts i don't care about what he's done he's he deserves every single cent of it what is was when he keeps winning on top of the winning that's how life at that that's how life goes what you what you just keep winning rick i just you guys get you guys have to be participating in this you guys need to get rich off this too because you guys are the ones that are out there you know on the constant grind in the content chair which i can't imagine the child that i mean i can actually because we try to do a shorter day and actually do the exact you should be able to measure pretty well i'll i'll see you i i have to make it up out of thin air yeah you guys make it up and it's been here we've got a lot of stuff that just gets kind of put you plug it in can i make it a little bit easier on a wood here's a bit of free content you can use okay when danny woodhead scores a touchdown just say we are all great mrs while they're rolls right off the tongue absolutely we are grit greatness is greatness
as a cast her ex yeah that's what that was my fear is a greatness is sounded a lot like an asterisk i'm afraid i'm on a trip up okay without i'm sorry one offer you no no no i'm going to work at it i'm going to work at my craft i'm going to try to i'm going to try to fine tune it in polish it and that will like our job i idea people know that that's like a tip of the cap right like i saw it was every now and then someone will say all these these you know what i i want you i want you to be shouted from seed shining seeks almost trademarking it's almost got a herniated more went last last year in that one of the playoffs i almost i swear i've never screamed almost passed out i don't know if you saw like last year i can't remember who it might been fowler hit an inside the park home run that did ya bo and i almost passed out 'cause i said it the whole time he's going around the base i know was a good one other cubs gonna win the world series in four games or five this year just being so mean about it it seems it just seems like it's a charlie brown
the bold and the yeah like you that's like a whole cities get a job on a terrible cat who ate my fear my rational fear it's actually a rash of this is rooted in very rational yeah we're good enough to never have to it like with the two i don't like games like what do you fix there's nothing you can fix but then like some you know the ugly head going to show up in october baseball's brutal man whatever happens happens com all right thank you scott that is in the like of i think we're gonna this is like a four part interview probably yeah i think we're actually this going to be the rest of doctor scott van pelt interview people like me a little bit and like they don't like me that maybe we could say yeah we can make like a month of content right right really dragon right right i will now yeah me i can't believe that interview was brought to you by blue apron listen blue apron if you like to eat
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slash part and get the best meals you can find cooking at your house and they get all for free the first three for free with freeshippingblueapron dot com slash part and do it right now blueapron dot com slash parted right that was our award winning interview with until an tiger woods both recurring guests now add that to the guest list did we chicken out by not asking tiger woods starting question s word yeah i feel like we kind of did but when you're in the biz sometimes you gotta maintain relationships and we didn't want to we didn't want to burn svp's bridge with tiger so peter king pat ourselves on the back for that one good job on our part yup not to brag it was scott's who was tremendous with his time he sat with for like three hours on that thursday his face got a little scared one when tiger called back
it was it was a little worried that we were going to go there but like you said we respect the biz and we didn't go there for everyone speaking of respecting the biz also tigers in navy seals so he could have killed that's right yeah he's trained in weapons we have a great respect to biz today oh yes wow segway it's has pretty good right to it so crossing broad the philadelphia based sports blog for into the program they did some journalism yesterday and they found out that there was there was a producer ninety seven point five that's home of big enright began our body big body big he's still on hold that's right
was a caller a recurring guest on your show name dwayne yep right and dwayne he was from what salisbury or something like that yeah he was very was stereo typically are african american i for current guess that they had that would call in and say really dumb things and talk about paternity test it was really blatantly not a real gas but they acted like it was okay somebody lack voice yeah essentially he did black yeah he said some like you know you basically pretend to be the most white if a white racist person that had an opinion of a black person that's what this character was ok just a vehicle yeah just a vehicle and so this guy would call in and it turns out that was actually the producer doing a voice that was calling in he made a twitter account yeah and then he got caught on it yet denied that it was him and this all came out in a report by crossing broad deadspin picked it up and they'd both need to respect the biz
yes because this is talk radio this is sports radio in a big market if you can't fake being a black person as a caller come on respect the bids guys exactly so here's an example of one of dwayne's tweets sounded normal black person white being shy won't be shy when doc my boat in day port d e y like you know how the there was a there is a story that came out last week of this one church that allegedly got graffiti by black lives matter yeah protest and it said things like kill whitey yeah i go home white boys yeah stuff that obviously a white person wrote on the side of her yes i do remember this that's basically what dwayne's twitter account was it turns out that the picture that they used and wayne's twitter account was a hockey teammate of the radio
asian producer that had no idea that he was being used as catfish situation but yeah it's i saw i saw this story and it seemed like everyone was upset like you just said though let's respect the bits this is sports talk radio need to be able to in sports talk radio we have to pretend you know fake people's voices you have to have crazy characters you have to have a veiled racism that's the biz sports we need a fake color who should be like a canadian we should get you know we should do is we should write this wrong we okay the black guy calling on if you want to be a racist white guy from philly yes ok all righty ok we got it alright so philly color everyone just a racist from their memory and pretend that we didn't have this conversation so when we do start taking one and only one caller you won't realize that there's something
go back to enzo from philly angelo from philly swear is a white guy oh man i mean god bless philly this is like the last last place first where this kind of stuff still goes down i love it i love it let's absolutely get edp on this yes alright we next we have a thoughts and prayers actually love this one so thoughts and prayers hugh freeze planned a funeral to teach his players a lesson so he what do you give the football program a funeral or no he held a fake funeral for himself okay all right okay if it killed him something like he was there i love its message i love it as people who knows my gambling problem i will be betting all messed week one without a doubt if you bury a football if you plan a few a funeral for yourself if a beloved mascot dies that teams gonna win the next game in social football
it's such a program to think you know because it's one of these things where it's a coach trying to teach a really really value life lesson to their players right like thing was what are people going to say at your funeral when you die i'd say wow this guy worked hard during practice i think you say this guy was a loafer so he's like using a really important life lesson to teach them how to do small things better on the football field got it and i absolutely love it it's like you want to be the type of man that
you'd be proud to have your daughter date and then run this route a little bit crisper son you know that sort of thing it's also a nice pr one hundred and one distraction method like laramie tonsil who ole miss who that's right hugh freeze died in a fake funeral right it's like when phil jackson used to make these little comments about the refs to get the spotlight on himself right now all the pressures office players yep because the reporters are going to tell us more about this what do you think people would say what do you think hugh freeze told his team that people would say about him during this would be like he was a great guy but he couldn't beat arkansas he's a great guy but he really needed his staff members to delete their text messages i don't i don't know i would love to be at this funeral love to be this fake funeral just a football guy through and through he should have buried a football as well he should've put a couple footballs in that you should have
and actually that he died 'cause this is actually an old pete caroll trick pete caroll at usc sometimes still in seattle hill just like have snoop dogg like jump out in like a ghost costume like snoop snoop dogs dead or like snoop dogs on a roof oh and he just jumped that's how you keep everyone loose ok yeah i'm with you on this one i guess i just i really wish that we could get some more details about like what he said the senate someone tell us someone find out someone do some reporting for us not that we can't but we just don't lazy it's made me think like if it was my funeral what what i want people to say all i know is that i would want people to say what team they rooted for before they started they had they would have to be like as a florida gators i'm sorry i'm so sorry i just passed away i just want it my funeral for tony siragusa say eat up guys i made it just for
i just want to stone cold steve austin song to go off like halfway through if you just get everyone like ocean he's here i'll do that for you hey give i will do that to people while i still yeah i'm a do that for you i just what i also want people just say i can't even you know just and just say i can't even and then walk away much of iraqis yeah that's big on the internet yeah saying that i can't i can't i white girl can't even is that that's the thing i literally can't yeah yeah you all right we now this is an interesting story that i wanted to just bring up real quick tom brady cut his thumb and missed the second preseason game
he then missed practice on sunday and monday and when asked what he was doing he said i just had to take care of something huh huh now if i recall right you don't just said that he received some death threats over the weekend in the nfl security is investigating that's something sorry just getting something something happen on sunday monday i i was able so he hates trying to trying to reverse our it's not working yeah i honestly believe like if tom brady had just made a joke about like being gone with no excuse and said i had to see about a girl the media just would've and forgotten that they should continue asking that question that would just not probably not
funding for plagiarism i just something that's the word something tom we have a new segment that we going to unveil right now it's called kicker psychiatrist so i don't know if the legs with this one but we're going to try it i was thinking about this did you get you didn't kick what's going to come the legs with this one whenever guys i'll just keep asking every year and you guys just keep ignoring every plan i threw out there that's good yeah legs yes thank you ok finally alright good lower back on the same page yeah so i think that we should have a segment for for the head cases out there yeah i like stickers and pictures i think are the two that we really like its sports psychiatrist called through the psychiatrist's couch yes he comes he could beat up yeah the doctors and
throw your feet up and hop on the couch got that kick your feet up so let's talk about reverse on full riley here we need to get back on track the song about roberto aguayo okay i believe that's the correct pronunciation yes i he's a kicker on the tampa bay buccaneers second round pick okay that they usually get picked kickers around the second no ok no so like using a second round pick on a kicker is like ordering a hamburger at the nicest restaurant in town yes so you can get it i'm sure it's ok i'm sure it's good yeah but when she rather have write something better right so he's having a rough camp he's missed a shit ton of field goals statistically in both preseason games and today he kicked a field goal into his offensive line and so he is he's not doing so well so he can get sports psychiatrists but i think that that's not really
that you need to have a license to give advice about psychology no so let's see what we can do for him so the problem i have with this i have a great idea but he still playing i think if we're going to truly kicker psychiatrists this is just a simple issue of richie incognito goes out needs to go down there volume like this guy is a glory boy second round pick probably got a nice little signing bonus thinks he's hot shit we need richy to go down in tampa bay stuff aminal locker throw him in the cold tape 'em up so we can't move thrown in a cold tub you know if we send him some text messages we need richy to do his job of keeping the kickers of the nfl in line absolutely you don't see this problem happening
buffalo no dan carpenter didn't miss any important field goal last not everyone around not a one so yeah i i i actually think that's a genius and it's better than when i had what was your site will maybe we can maybe there's some like cross over some overlap here i think he should just get a concussion because he's over thank you yeah right donald yeah i'd stop thinking so much maybe maybe get rich you to you know apple upside the head once or twice and then we can do our other segment kicker concussion perfect so help us help you yeah exactly help us compassion and that way if you see two uprights if you're seeing double that's an extra one hundred percent area that you have to kick the ball into other thing you could do he could just pull up the youtube of i can't remember which chromatica it was who does it really matter hurt his knee celebrating i think two of them did it yeah so do that and at least you're not the grammaticus right right right
yeah watch blair walsh when we get scott norwood on the phone hey you think you got it bad robert agrario come on how psyched is blair walsh right now though yes he didn't even have to go through the entire offseason because you see florio with just a brutal he hit a blair walsh hit a field goal in a preseason game against the seahawks and he said blair walsch hits the field
i'll just eight months too late yeah that's where at florio doesn't forget it well it's one of those things where savage were in italian person can make fun of another italian because florio is a vikings fan yes and so he's allowed to do that because i forgot about because it's him one other option do you remember back in major league i think i brought this up while ago but major league two the catcher couldn't throw the ball back to the picture and so he told the story about one time he got kicked in the nuts by a mule is nuts hurt a lot and then like two days later is grandma died and he didn't think about his nuts hurting so much so like maybe aguayo could like buy an old cat rescue a really old sick cat and then have his cat die on him or just watch major league two which wasn't very good
good and just remember sync things from it i think that's what i think that's what it is if you don't want to adopt an old cat and have it done i'm sure i think just watch major league too and that's the sound like ever i guess i'm a little bit or they have an old school psychiatrist near touchy feely new i'm alright what else we got we have a we did our respect the bis oh tim tebo twenty teams are coming to his tryout this is tim tebo update twenty teams and you know what i'm shocked that it's not all the teams well they're going to be twelve teams that are focused on like the playoffs so i can't imagine that slayer of two years that you're saying seems evil can't help help a playoff run i'm saying he might be the last man off the roster this is great because he's going to sock but i'm hoping that tim tebo like has someone out there throwing him like seventy mile an hour fastball's just to kind of like look so i can hit it and maybe get a little league park he said it like over
you know he's heading over the two hundred fence moonshots yeah scoreboard leash it so i'm kind of with you on this i would like to see tim tebo get a roster spot in every single major sport yeah why not one team and you know what people would watch it yes absolutely he should just try out for every sport why not give him yeah so he could be i guarantee it's empty but could be a basketball player there's no way he can dribble there's zero actually just thinking about just visualizing tim tebo showing a dribble a basketball yeah he's got the worst shot and now they already know that he'd be the guy that like that shoots from behind his ear off to the side that's tim t boz jump yeah he's the guy who you're playing pickup ball with and he takes one scott like arcade we don't have to guard him anymore not going to pass it yeah in there we don't have to worry about him so tim tebo update next so we will have our results tim
i will be signed on a baseball team as of next wednesday did you hear that skip bayless is actually going to be on site right out of course he is that's amazing i love it i love it yeah i actually might ok i'm remember my connect the dots i mean zone making too much sense now skip bayless has a new show coming out after labor day in tim tebo all of a sudden decides he's going to become a story again the week before labor day and skip bayless is going to be there well the camera crew just remember remember who told you guys about this first finally we have not to brag but this is a huge not to brag but yes we're very humble people we have a lot of humility here so not to brag but yesterday when jj watt tweeted out that video of jackson just justin get his name i start
just in the little kid that was recovering from a heart transplant the awesome video by the way yes just as an awesome kid we love him hopefully will have a mother show at some point it was it was a little bit of bait for you guys out there yes it is bait for our award winning listeners to him with hey jj and i am proud to say that like ninety eight percent of our listeners were very supportive and we're like aj that kid kick sass yes we like to have fun number one we want to make people laugh but and jj watt throws out a little kid with brain cancer just you know stay away and we did it was nice so we're we're pretty much like awesome people for doing that we need some kind of credit for not bullying jj watt yeah yeah we need an award for not seeking people on a kid that had a heart transplant is that too much to ask
now we're humble people that's not too much to ask right so someone whip up an award and give it to us i don't know which one the models name ward yeah marlins man award word for humility and social media or just give us that grammy just do rap follow up into one you know what just give us that way board will be on our way we don't we won't ask for much just give us one fuckin' grammy her not me what did you want in a second so we're going to we're we're going for the grammy not the emmy were set on that yeah i think we i think we should set i think we should decide is right now a vote i've grammy okay right we're going for the grammy oh i have one last one stay classy from the san diego police department peter king i love peter he tweeted out a picture of one of his staff members prentice yeah driving down a bike lane like directly down a bike lane and
that i need i told jenny she had to be at qualcomm or whatever they call it now as fast as possible and this is how she's going and people did not like that one thing that people don't realize is how seriously bakers take their bike yeah yeah if you want to have people swarm on you you do one of two things either say something like questionable about beyonc or you talk about driving in a bike lane or actually a third for san diego you say their burrito suck yeah that's basically all i do too actually offend san diego and san diego ns are you saying elese better yeah that's another one but giving you basically took the chargers away from him in like only like four people showed up to be upset yeah so you put me in men's in cannons always and where did you see like in front of a car there there actually were no bikers in the bike lane okay but that's a relevant right because people are just like there could have been a
i move though maybe maybe in front of them you couldn't see her but it was man ti teo's girlfriend people yeah that's a classic joke people forget i feel like she's actually on this show right now yeah return gas meter tales girlfriend i love though the peter king he always just finds he's like a dog that keeps like eating the trash and getting sick like he you know he crash will get sick like come on peter don't do that like you know what i'm not going to do it any more than two months past he forgot that he ate the trash two months ago and got sick so he goes and eats the trash again
tweet something out that gets everyone upset they'll do it again yeah it will happen again within a few months peter king will eat that trash again well i'll be like peter that's a bad boy don't do that those can be wonderful and and we'll be here to tropical air mass and that's with peter king eight the trash he is he is he like to think that is a very ethical guy i think that he is but he's so ethical that like you won't go back and delete the tweeter no i love that about it yeah thank you he kept the robin williams one of yeah all right yes he would ever deleted it and then to like have eight other tweets talking about how he should have tweeted right lane right no he knows he knows he should need to trash we did i mean the trash is there and it's it's a little good right it's not straight so sometimes you just got to say it i mean the trash and that's peter king it's the trash again right that's our show we have hopefully
a white randy moss coming on friday to talk to us about the travers saratoga is going to be a big race wow talk about pulling in some ratings travel we're talking drivers answer to go friday huge show make sure to tunein then uh what we're working on a couple other guests and as a reminder monday the launch of the part might take store so we're going to have a bunch of shirts and a special special wrinkle that shows going to be live vegas on monday and not live but we're going to be taking it from vegas on monday or sunday night and will be a special wrinkle for this to store so make sure you pay attention and buy a lot of shirts interesting sweet but was it something
tom brady's doing some he she's the empire
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