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St Louis Blues HC Craig Berube, NFL 100, Mt Flushmore of Water, And Roasting Skype Backgrounds

2020-03-25 | 🔗
The world is still in quarantine and Cam Newton is no longer a Panther. We roast some Skype backgrounds because Coronavirus has shown us everyone’s home (2:37 - 27:57). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Taylor Swift Vs the Kardashians and PFT and Big Cat are better than NBA Owners (27:57 - 39:34). St Louis Blues Head Coach Craig Berube joins the show to talk about last years historic cup run, how to motivate through the F word and fighting in the NHL (39:34 - 68:04). We get mad at the NFL 100 list starting with Tight Ends, Mt Flushmore of worst types of water and Guys on Chicks
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On today's pardon. My take. We have Saint Louis Blues, head coach Stanley CUP Champion, possibly the Stanley CUP Championship defending champions for the next two years, Craig Groovy Gray, interview with him. We were teasing for awhile, but there was an awesome interview all time, tough guy, great coach. Even I hate the blues. It was fun in your view. We have a pact show for you can Newton gets caught. We have or ranking the backgrounds for different media members in their Skype Home offices. We have hot, see, cools role, now, flush wars and we promised you were gonna, get mad about the NFL one hundred this
we're gonna get mad about the tide ends spoiler. I actually done over many get mad phd. I actually don't normally have ok, I'm slightly mad, I'm lift sate, save it. So we will. We have a pact, show we're doing a lot of different things and we're doing it with the cash app for martigues brought you by the cash outweighs the easiest place to send money to your friends. It's the safest, listen, everyone knows social distancing, don't get too close to people, don't touch each other. Dont spread money around like that. You need to use the cash app a need to use it now. It is the safest way in the corona virus world to be giving money sending money receiving money doing it all with the cash apt, easily download easy to use, and when you download it, you get ten dollars off tonight for free with the gold bars tool use at ten dollars. Give that ten dollars to someone who's doing good work. Give that ten dollars to your local bar or restaurants, where they can stay business. Getting cash is giving it to you, and then you pay forward there also setting ten dollars a species. That's just doing good right there.
This is a no brainer download the cash app do something good for your community. Do something good for the dogs and cats Aspca and also have an awesome app to send money with and not to the coronavirus. Okay, let's go
I beg your pardon my dream. I said to you by a well ordered, like setting binding, shampoo downloader right now use case partially get ten dollars from free, ten dollars. The airspace yea today is Wednesday March. Twenty four bits bet: it's like the seventh or eight day, the quarantine. The apocalypse is upon us Phd you're in a bad mood. No bad Booby Europe down mood to start, I said: are you ready to go in your like yeah Let's talk about, let's get it out before we give rise and sports news I mean I was in a bad mood because at were only like two weeks away from the kill, your grandparents challenge and like I'd thirst, people that areas
terrible in order, but you know what they told me that it was ok, so distressing things from their point of view. While I have no grandparents laughed so what I win, who knows, Kill your grandparents will have to find somebody's grandparents to kill. Ok so, but I dont know, has a very important sea there we're like playing laser tag, and now you have the best on so if you come out of this, figure out, get how I'm going to kill someone grandparents? If I'm not allowed to leave my house, so I mean life funds away, so by all figured out life does find away. I think we're just gonna just go back and forth with our moods. Sunday. I was pretty down today your brain damage. Gonna we're gonna find that union the Yang you you go down I'll go up go down you go up or figured out. Hank will just stay relatively high and playing video games for the next three months and will be good estate. Medium shot gems. Only. I did see somebody like right after our shows released gather phone what are burrito? Oh Bruce tweeted like that feeling. When you turn into the sport,
comedy park ass in their more depressed than you are. He had good, I mean it. Listen I'll bring the energy today. Are you you pick me up on Sunday? Let's start with some CAN Newton NEWS came Newton gets cut from the Panthers officially over it is a little weird when something like that happens because CAM Newton, like was the pant stir, I mean they. Panthers, obviously haven't been organization for that long. Its cheeked along its cam Newton and came Newton, was the heyday. Panthers. He was VP and he also never had a The good wide receiver reside Steve Smith and got screwed out of probably some green years of his prime carrying a bad Panthers team to the Superbowl in two thousand. Fifteen and now it's all over and what are the Panthers do right after they signed a wider ever for like those second most money, they signed a wider see before in the last ten years. That is funny you d best. What receivers play this probably tat again,
and I believe that everyone was he's ready. Not counting came. He was already there before, but they got Kinda Guy Devon Functions and Kelvin Benjamin Kelvin Lion about it? Rake Ruth well used up there, so they had in two thousand. Fifteen came Newton, one, the envy p of the NFL, drawing for thirty five touchdowns and running for ten touchdowns. He took the Panthers to a fifteen, and one record and his wide receivers were TED in Devon functions. Corey Brown and the thirty three year olds cook. Jericho, contrary that's a grand like just put dining out her hair and whenever someone- and I know cam is kind of a poor, rising figure, sometimes because it does make it about himself lot. But who cares he's an unbelievable player and he had unbelievable career and they didn't them. Him no favours. Basically, his entire time with the Panthers out looking through,
but there's a guy I want. I went through like every single year of came Newton in it who were his wide receivers so, the first few years he had still Smith, but he also had a guy. There was a year or two thousand fourteen. His receivers were Calvin Benjamin Jericho, contrary Corey Brown in Britain person That's a real gotten, that's a real guy! I also had a year we had Kelvin Benjamin Devon punches cod, Samuel and Russell Shepherd all real guys. They played with data, I wish that we had been doing our Chris Berman's for that, like I'm, not I'm not a perfect person. We ve been pretty salad to do that, like there's flown off the Tipp, my brain right now but yeah his camp is it's like always bridesmaid, never bride in terms of the receivers at they brought in speak. Twenty seven dresses got the podium too, but yet they signed a good wide receiver, all of a sudden and now
cameras like two areas on the receiving end of business decision. Right now. The Panthers are are moving on it's crazy. They got a fit round pick for Callao and I'm sorry Kyler Alan Johnston Kyle than Kylam Mary, so it took the e r, and so they get a fit drowned pick form, and now
can get anything for CAM Newton because of the corona virus, not making it possible to have like a reputable physical done on a quarterbacks. They couldn't trade. Em for anything, and so now he just kind of like going to test the free market, and there are a few different destinations out like distant came out just for just for the excitement of all that I let's culture them also should mention that in in very bears like fashion, they traded for and are paying Nick falls when they could have just waited, and not trade for came Newton and just signed him, so that was very classic. Like Ryan Pay is probably saw the Cameroon got caught and was like we had that can happen. Like I didn't know, that was a possibility. He just never saw them coming. Never.
Ever saw them coming and now it's it's. This is perfect, but that happened. So where would you like some patriots? Number one patriots number one I'd still. I could seem Chicago like why not when a thing is you guys AMOS that yeah did I collect em all accidents? a big time. John Bruton move. I could see gruelling going after because growth and probably found with Cameroon watching him in the booth on Monday Night Football that's. What good does is if he broadcast a couple. Your game free play well he's just like he instantly farm Aberdeen. Remember you! For always, in forever, for being that, guy that dominated I'm sure that made a connection with him when he was doing grooms quarterback camp thing. Where you sit down and in the room there was just filled with a bunch of VHF tapes and just like wash from four like five minutes and just start orgasm spontaneous because the only one person that John Bruton didn't love was. It was Jimmy cloth. Jimmy classic ass, you like Maiden
excuse, music yeah. I may I made a route adjustment in my wide receiver. Didn't see it. Six hundred sounds like you're blaming somebody else. He also didn't like Jay Cutler, because Jon Gruden was friends with MARC Trestman, so that was very like he was very apparent and very Trent, like an open about his hate for how that all went- and I think I remember exactly when I realized John Gardeners- loved every quarterback, no matter what it was the case keen on Monday Night Football game with taxes when he was saying that case keen was a ninja and he could see him like being a franchise quarterback. Like. Ok, we hold on a second John Bruton just likes everyone. This doesn't make sense, you realize man got over the sucker job. Jobs are member at one point form of Brodie COIL and doubt at that point, I knew the jaws just likes quarterbacks, all time name now also May Matthew was own. Ten With chiefs so Cameroon, the Patriots, CAM Newton, to the raiders would be interesting havoc,
new chargers, Rocco's, oh yeah, We all know that out. They're kind of he kind of fifth GINO way Mould of like he's tall hurried, home get a good arm John always tends to like more. Shall we say ham and eggs type of players. Would he made in Cameroon? I think you like guys are like culture. Science like have not had any sense like explaining. Gino wait tends to like guys that he would set up to marry his daughter, oh ok, so, unlike what so you're saying, if he wouldn't want CAM Newton House. I am not saying that under saying John always a kind of guided he likes a quarterback walks in the door and you're like oh, I that guy, he is a coach on the field
Kate, so chargers. Also, I like that, how bout it came Newton go into the box in backing up Brady. They'll be nice. I yet Dalia I'd love to see that I'd like to see what may be the Redskins made your words collect all the old Carolina, Panthers quarterbacks, you get your guys in the door installing your system, why not yeah, don't make sense or have a cam new? Actually what about Webcam Newton to the Texans, because Bill Brian wants to kill Dijon Watson, so you might want to backup when their that's pretty good, yeah or CAM Newton to their use in roughnecks they just last Pga Walker. You hope there you go so Cameroon cut is neither an affair news, that's going round and I feel like,
actually I know what the other NFL News is going around our who started this rumour. When all of a sudden I looked on Twitter on Monday and people were like, please, you can cancel the NFL season as a whit. How we're who started this? Why are we talking about this? Don't even talk about, don't don't. If you talk about it, then that means it's a chance. There could be cancelled, so don't even bring it up. I mean I think we started that rumour Billy Football now getting compared sound. Well, we can't lose for policies. No, we can't so I dont that scared. The shit out of me when I saw that thousand scary thing. I've seen a while. That's a big wake up call put the markets are opening backup, we're gonna, get the markets gone again. So I think I think interval These will be ok, but if, for no other reason than to protect Billy Football senior year and ensure that we have and inefficiencies and stay inside for now there is a mother. I saw you tweet about to say about how the other falcons assembling nothing, but first round thinks it is like a great strategy either get another first romping
will they got the call on the contrary? Well, and it is, I actually think that I'm the GM of the Falcons, because I have long been in favour of this strategy with my thoughts of Kevin, wiping an all time. First flounder and say Mc Clellan also having a first round great, even though he was not a first round talent like if you draft someone in the first round naked suck for five years. But when it comes to trading, though I like your vows a first round like at one point, milk hyper had him in the first round, so it's somewhere in there I'll take a chance on that leg. Give me darker, he he was. He was a lottery pick I'll, take a chance on that because at some point someone believed that he was better than Carmelo Anthony. So I'm definitely able to trick my brain if you have that first round next to you until you're, the age of like thirty, I think you still got it. Oh for sure, yeah and in a way it's it's a great way to save money on a scouting department. Let's just say you're the bangles you can just let em
Other team in the I fell dear scouting, for you just happen to pick up those guys four years later, they ve already kind of wash out a little bit. So you? U capitalize, on that! We are not spending money. It started. If you pick first over all other uses pick first. Overall, you just take whoever Stephen Smith is less likely to scream at you for drafting. So it kind of minimize your risk in that way, but yeah, I'm with you they should actually get Devon or Kevin White yeah. They showed he's out there he's out there to be had so I would love for him to get four for him to hop on the Falcon chamber. Yet I'm I watched the Falcons made a height video. Where was Roderick Adele, announcing all the first rounders basically saying like there's a combination of us sucking and us being like we'll just by everyone else's trash to get this money first rounders, but the hype Mineo got me so pumped up and I walked away from it thinking there is no chance in Hell. Anyone is stopping you,
Atlanta Falcons next year. It's also kind of risky move for Dan Quinn, because you're you're collecting a bunch of people that could be called coach killers, yeah a bunch of first round picks that have kind of washed out a little bit. So that's the last person that you want around. If your, if your dank when there's one other piece of enough a news I dont. If you saw this, this was on red it. Somebody stimulus linked today from he goes nation eleven long term postpone enough. Already he ran, the numbers will Sabre metrics. For you and he calculated the correlation between Mitch Abysses pass operating and the number of strip clubs per capita in the state in which is planks account James hardened thing and using the data he found that there was a strong positive correlation between.
I think you might have strip clubs per city, but there's no correlation between the Strip clubs per state that he pays in. So I don't know what does he does he really love to kiss titties? Well, so there's this person I like what they're doing I like the thought because of quarantine. Brain like I need something to do, but anyone who knows anything knows that the NFL, like they don't travel till Saturday afternoon and then they do anything. But I like the thought to get points one put on it like they literally go from from their off assiduity fly into the other teams fulfil aerial city. Do their meeting do their dinner go
sleep. I tell you what I'm just my brain is ruined in terms of graphs. Right now I can't read a graph unless it's in logarithmic scale right and it's an in DES needs. We des overtime, Gimme deaths and give me a curve. The gets flattened somehow liked. I guess the arc of Mitchell for biscuits passes or or if your play Travis just give me one day where the desk go down. And then you can declare victory the eye without your wishes are doing like a little corona virus. Positivity the following people did not die yesterday of corona virus and endless list. Five people were still alive. I was our sing actually about treating out at some point, just feel like see, Sequelae Travis a hundred proceed. A hundred per cent of people on earth die so kind of puts corona virus in perspective. How pussy? It is! That's! No, that's that's really good point and sick yeah. Where are we going to get When I get upset because couple dozen thousand people pass away,
not me, I'm a big picture kind of guy and when you look at it the fallen people are so alive. James Winston Bill Murray Tom has made the Hanks still alive, we don't know Barker Bothwell Easy, Yes, he was order. You always do alone. I run virus positively gone today. Timely Lasorda stickler Tommy sword, I've automatic grown a virus gets on time of a sword. Ages dies immediately on impact, as is too much mariner. It's just like artichokes, it sucks in America era and the growth of ours become some delicious me pulse. Our time is just like I'll. Kick your ass
tyres and you are. I don't want that smoke I quickly before we do hot sequel thrown. We have to talk about everyone, Skype backgrounds in the sports world, even in the light business World Toby to redo CNN, everyone has their other, their skyping in from their kitchen from their living room so or basically getting a peak into every single person is home. The last couple wings and its past eight a look at so big picture. I had one note at first.
Pfc and I'll. Let you go from there, but I think it's a big time try hard move like or lofty. I think I saw too have like the blatant. I have kids thing we're like look at this, like all my kids did of a hand, paint on this football or look at this picture of my perfect family at the beach where all wearing white linen clothes. They get a fuckin shit out of my face. I know what you're trying to do as a family man, myself, people look at you differently when your family man, they give you the benefit of the doubt there, like hey that I can't be a serial killer, he has kids, but I'm not bite it get the kids stuff up dinner loves. He has several boot game balls, but most of them are actually gables they're just football with his kids handprints on him, so he is constantly reminding people watching him hey if you're going to tweet at me about running out of the back of the endzone. Just remember you doing that to a father of three yeah ever many kids that he has set up. No, don't should do the dishes gardens
if I'm dare Lansky he likes to joke about the whole running the back. The insulting his background should just be him behind the ins zone and then to his right. It should be the end zone and then to his right against. We like to five: and fifteen, are likely reaches permanently in the back gettin zone when he's on tv, we're so damn in any set up, is not a few game. Balls he's got a picture. In a foul play wearing number sixty nine zero. Now I've got no doubts. They are now who marched to the back of the engine. So it's he's lying That's what it says on making the job before you can make the joke I just know Mars, turned up mutual oral sex which we are called to now. He here he also has its most prominent commitment. Football celebrates its three hundred yards passing game that he had against the patriots. So I did. I looked it up
lost that game? Thirty one, two hundred and twenty four? That's how I fit colts against the patriots. If that's not bad, you put up twenty four against pass. You also have, for example, will Brinson who we consider a friend. He just basically threw a bunch of shit behind him on his desk. He is a classic case of a guy who wasn't ready for the intrusiveness of a home camera every single day and being under like house arrest, because his his stuff, like get a shelf dude, he has no. Shell, is just random things that are lost on his desk and he looks like he knows. He looks like he looks like a hoarder. Coming from a harder you'll want to look like a quarter. What's its extra funding for well, because I think he did a show every single day from his house. So is it stood by me? That's it what I would do I've noticed that there is a copy gap league big time and just about everyone has books behind them, a lot of people own books, and
I think it's because you want to make people think that maybe you you could be a lawyer if you read enough for those books and that be careful, you say about because our sue you maybe or Sub twitter MIKE Florio. I dunno, but they are not a bookshelf. Sat there yet there are two: it's definitely when you, when you do the book shelves, since it is a show off move like hey. I read, I do appreciate guys like I Nick right, though, that did not see this pandemic coming whatsoever in it so clear that much like us, like Nick lives in New York City, so his apartment, probably isn't that big he's just sitting like on the wall in his kitchen and through a couple things up on the wall being like hey here's my office, but if you are better, if you took a step back, he's like like his kids are eating breakfast like two feet away from him because we're all live in New York City and you can,
possibly have an apartment bigger than that yeah. He just as Royals world Series ticket a fake world series, take it and then a giant Patrick, more homes, soup, champion fake newspaper searches, are all Kansas City stuff. I guess Lebron James Real Doll is just offspring, like maybe it's folded up in the closet, going like lips to lips to feed on that one I don't know just got folded up or something I said, side of the door on his door frame instead, like more marking, is children site. It's just lobby how tall he's been saying. Lebron James is you're. Over years now, cyclotron James say Export nine, three hundred twenty pounds now that I'm looking at this, I think purchases refrigerator, I think, he's sitting in front of his refrigerator. He just got a pig like that's he's got an apartment, that's over, they put them refrigerators huge yeah yeah. You know like going well in New York City, sometimes you're, going to reform. If you're looking for apartments like this places a box,
but check out the sub zero and you're like a height fuck man I might have to buy, might have to rent this place. Gaza refrigerate. Did you see that I'm refrigerator it's a little? The New York that can really cannot really, so the next! What I had here was my queen Burke, so MIKE Winberg, his in his house he's got a couple: bucks behind him, they're the ones that MRS Green Bird, his white listed form. They dont contained sexual contents, who is allowed to read those ones when she hasn't burned yet form and then there's probably the biggest big j flex of all time. Over his left, shoulder, which is the north western syrup. Use game bar in a game that he'd have planned, but it's called the pros: ball: p: r, o s evil. So it's a match up between the biggest journalism schools in the country- and I guess not western one that one by thirty points but they're, not credit any more as a journalistic an institution they gathered. There are big J taken away, but
These prominently, displaying that one and he's got an Emmy. I should actually look up. What do you think my green bird one in every four pry get up My only road is like journalistic, like ie, sixty bodily journalism, story has to add reed. No, no, they remained is your guide. My green Burg's name is Michael Darrow, Green Burke, his middle name is Darrow. That's an arrow Thirdly, I r r w awhile. Ok, and what do you want an army for? This is by the way, not people who don't just little behind the scenes. This entire segment was based off of Greenpeace, because this big, if teeth like I like it like a next step, we have
meaning like that you want the dialogue about going to try to agree Nero. Militant I've been looking all these backgrounds this week has been the source of greater tame and forward looking at a minimum, or can I kind of rosy let my head and then I realized like mine, is the way we all we all have. Surely I mean, let's power, regard mind socks, it's an empty war, my a big girl with a happy going through. All that I say I should just put one giant took behind me I read two guys, the only other. What I had was weaker sham has a has the guitar on the wall, which is a classic Qatar. Guy move to be like hey, guys, ass, we invite. Let me talk here. It is actually were set worker sham. Has it's a big time? I'm set up your man cave for the job. You ought not the job that you have because he's got a big, Bruce Springsteen Picture, and then his guitar that it has, if there is a Bruce Springsteen model, telecast, her
which J move on his part to be paying homage to the boss. Yes, how he s pure king, is loud and lap and it up the other one that had flagged here is mark share. I actually think he has. The funniest set up and at home office because its I looked close at it. This is the most generic. I used to be a baseball player set up about time and once you zoom in ninety nine percent. Sure it's a green screen and he has been imagined what mark two shows? Homes studio would look like if you had one? Yes, yes, yes, it look. Like it's a cubicle at yes, Pierre, so I think what they did. They might even have had taken a picture of his cubicle at european and a green screens into his house. No, no! No! No! I think that is like a computer animation, a its real picture. I think that they set somebody down and there they were like hey. Imagine if you were designing
and theft auto side mission. We had to break into Alex Rodriguez, his house and steal a since our panic, and then they just came up with that zoom in on it because I'm yeah, I know what you're saying the baseball looks like it's, it's fake yeah and they were like all right. So what are his likes baseball The answer was not too many books, enemies, yeah, that's about eighty and yet put put a camera they're just to make it seem like ie is a world traveller. That is no underwear. We know you like to free ball mark this is I mean this is this? Is what quarantine does we after just sit there and look at other people's backgrounds and judge that emerging all of them? So just so, you know, if you have a sound we're. Judging you shit and sharp. Also just has his dog within lot yeah. I like her now
I like that you can't control either. Does it from his kitchen, which I actually think is almost subtle, troll of Skip Bayliss for not talking to a celebrity chef. Other so generous had a little bit and his dick microwave? Exactly yeah he's like this. You see there. Can you see the microwave behinds, Shannon? That would be great yeah. I think you know That's the hood on his son and his oven. Let's do
hot seat, cool throne. Before we do that, it's brought to you by Bud Light Seltzer Bud light filter remind you that cool throne until further notice is staying safe and staying at home order, Bud Light Seltzer direct your door through Drizly and get five dollars off for the first time, users, by using code p dot m to check out some restrictions, apply if you're thinking that you want to go out to the liquor store real quick thank again stay at home. Drizzle he's got you covered order that Bud light Seltzer and get five dollars off for first time users by using code PMT at checkout, okay tank, what it was equal drop. I keep getting your there because it your background to my hot seat is Kim Yea Kim Kardashian Kenya. West, I'm sure you guys were already all today on the drama butter or your big time. Actually to be honest,
I was catching up everything to their. I still not fully show it's going on, for they are basically just got roasted for posting, like Kim Kardashian three years ago, posted a video slandering Taylor, Swift, like all their fan, roasting her and then apparently the real video came out. I guess someone that, like hates, came carnation, canoe us or dislike fuck this I'm no weak, the real video on them. Kim Kardashian. I try to defend it. Looked like an idiot, you again ratio jet she's getting roasted and tried to be like it was inside. Of tailored to bring this up During corona, my ass, he was DR driver traded for basically everything she said Hague, Woods
really going on is the keeping up with carnations is day being at a new time, Newt New Day on Thursdays, that's episode, one Thursday, and they put that tweet out today, and I was like oh ok, so I just happen to have trauma that went viral and everyone talking about it occurred actions. No, no shame if they do something is clearly. It's like a two year, you'll find out what they're doing to moves later. That's all it is well yeah. They release it themselves and in the even though they look bad, they don't care, think about it. They have an entire, like, like enterprise built of sex tape. So the
There is no shape, though there is no doubt that they will go all the way to the lowest possible spot. If the even look like shavings air, no I'm saying that they will look like assholes to go viral. They don't care yeah, I'm in Duke now, hot see me. Yeah Bubba brought up a good point, which is you have to really up to get ratio to tweet? If you have twenty two million sixty four million followers. He she was, I she was doing you really good numbers yeah so she'd I mean it's, not a bad spin zone to be like a. Why is everybody mad at me? Soon we all be mad at the old people for not killing themselves selectively.
And then my cool throne is Khakis Derby, bigger enough you're gonna bring us up that I'd. Tell you steal it from me. I know right and it has been very electric day by day you do at every single day, from from the cave, the have nots, Mercosur. It's today was a little bit of controversy because I turned up the electricity without telling anyone. I probably should have let betters know, but you know what my track my rules- and I also I bought this- is what quarantine brains doing. I bought an eight track. Eight lane track, and I also bought off Google. Ok, that's nice! Yeah! We now is. Is there any particular horse? It's better than the others know it's actually been canny. The white horse has been a little bit better, but kenyan any Kenny it has one for
times all the other workers have one now so that you know the horses yet three out of four of named that's kind of messed up, while the the brown horse it took. While I was named him slowly, brown or sexually me name spiral hand breaking it. Why, how fire Kelleam partner for Kelly Martin Name, the wrong horse wow! That's that beg of you to change what we get a big s. Other now, trade off just talked her off the ledge. That's nice! Guy, who is your cool droning tat, was my way that was recalled her. What's yours fifties, my hussy is I'm gonna, say dude, perfect and pointed perfect in the hot seat. I don't know if you ve seen them recently, but they were shown off the gong having their due perfect. I warehouse if they do other trick shouts and on the first take, and it says, proudly maiden whew Han right on the big gong. There are so many people are asking, is dude, perfect responsible for sufferers,
around the world. I didn't, I would never say something like tat, but there has been a lot of chatter. Heavy chattered has been picked up on the wall same swear yeah, my other I see, is excuses evidently Cody yeah just like I got this cheap gone. Did it's no big deal like some time and I'd say primarily, December early January, whose yeah yeah that's when they go imported for show it would Josh. Make sure that it's got everything on it by the Nazis. Cases and I think you guys can relate to this, but as well
hell touring in place. We have no excuses to not do anything and it's tough. If somebody just ask you to do something, you can't be like. No, I have plans are no that doesn't work for me. I've got other stuff to do this. I know it. You have to say yes, the most things. Everyone knows, everyone's all in the same boat and instincts not having any excuses. My only excuse I could possibly make is like. Oh I'm taking part my take, or I have to take Lou Roy from that's about it. Joe derided Phd just have a kid. Kid is always the ultimate excuse. I can always just bill, I guess he's napping sorry or or did you just say yours, dreaming and it sounds like you're doing something where you really just playing video games, and I got a stream of taken for I ip every two and a half hours, so it's getting its by Canada. My bathroom schedule, rightness
people that year you'd can see the recession coming and you're pinching pennies, so you're paying by the minute on internet DNS. I'm working on my charts on my stock charts rightly says good time. The bounced back really well on this one Maya, other hot seat, the rest of the CIA, only actual even of Liberty, university is still in the Sierra or not. Liberty, where the fuck liberty is, I think it might be independent thereafter be asked, but I only want to live in a conference in their conference there going back to school and Hugh freeze who has a lot of experience coach from hospital bed is getting ready to whip these boys into shape. So I thought tat they might come out again. Real strong next year are really really really bad. One of the two other Languedoc son Conference could forget good. That's a real conference. My core throne is
having sex with a roommates, so the city of New York slapped a hard, no ass Edith season. They said: don't eat ass, its bad, it's bad for you in these trying times and if you're gonna have sexual somebody. Have it be someone that you live with right now, so that way, it's not like I'm going to turn cross contaminating other people's remains so. After about like a couple weeks. Just look at you remain shrugged Bianca. We have to do this for our own sanity and for safety, public health yeah. It's good point, its good points by my heart. Seats is doing. Nothing is our hearts because, as I found this,
last week and doing nothing makes doing nothing, not fun anymore. It's killing doing nothing like doing. Nothing is what I live for. I live for the weekend where I can sit in, do absolutely nothing, but now that doing nothing is our job doing nothing sucks. So it's ruin doing nothing for me. Yeah you're, right doing nothing is Rizzoli an escape from doing something right and if we don't have anything to escape from than doing, nothing becomes are doing something right like this
doing something is our escape from? Do nothing right, ds exactly so this pass. We can. I did absolutely nothing, but it was no different than all my other weekends like I don't do anything anyway put it sought because it was a scape from doing nothing saga, scuff, sucks, sucks and then my cool throne is us Phd, because if you have seen Jake Marsh reported earlier today that both the both of us have cancelled our dog walks due to the CDC guidelines, but we are paying our dogwalkers full salary, we're not like the six years, cutting twenty percent or some of these other organisations that have to be shamed into paying their employees. We paid are employed without any publicity whatsoever we set our intern sash he's now a full time worker tweeted out for us and then also blog force, were also paying Jake Marsh Right, a full time rate right in these act. I'm so true,
I mean I actually donor jake- got that scoop, but he asked me for common. I didn't want to come in on the record. I just retweeted every court tweet about Yeah I mean credits. Us, I think we're doing the right thing. We don't have to be bullied the internet into doing we elected to do this on own. In fact, my dog Walker. I really have a regular full time dogwalkers because I only use dog Walker, when Leroy like you from out of town or such like that something comes up not able to get but I'm just going to? cash like him every week getting this cash cash. Look. Why is why is teasingly cash right cash right now? I'm sorry, I'm opting in cash and if you like, why am I get this gas will just be a nice little bonus. For I, my dog Walker email is like two still need walks and others like no, but you need money here. It is that's exactly I phrased it and then I said why, don't you tell me how awesome I am, and there like you'd like you're supposed to do this,
without port praise as I go yet my bad, I'm sending my we guy money everyone here, I'm getting everyone money, just just couldn't you set my heart on keeping the economy going by myself? Thank you beget I'm taping side Tipp everyone, even though I don't go anywhere But in my mind, if I went somewhere out, would them extra this year
she huge I was gives our interview. We have Saint Louis Blues, head coach, Craig Booby on the show live in person. We take this before krona virus swept the nation. So if we sound happier, that's why it was actually a world where bar spanish is still existed. That's very sad to think about, but we are brought to you by our friends. Net movement watches, envy empty watches. You can get go check out empty watches. They are awesome. They look great and guess what they were founded by an underdog success story there on the belief that style shouldn't break the bank. They sold almost two million watches worldwide by bringing quality designs at fair prices ion.
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movement today, envy empty dot com, slash part. It ok here is Saint Louis Blues, head coach, Craig Broom. Okay. We now welcome on a very special guessed. It is the head coach of Saint Louis Blues, defending Stanley CUP Champions, Craig Ruby, now coach, quickly, coach or ogre are. I feel like that way to go coach. I won't let you know before east. We start that you are allowed to swear this pod cast, because I did some research and you like to swear. Would that be a fair assessment and the right to choose and ok, don't mind? Can let me give you a situation of quick if a fan tapped on the glass
said: hey coach. Can I get a selfie with you in the middle of a game? Would you say no or would you say fuck know to be honest, I wouldn't even look book back there. I would ignore it. I found a clip of right before you guys took the ice for game. Seven Stanley CUP. I read you the quote that you had for the pump up for the boys. Can I read it to you? Okay, you said pump it up here, we're here for a fucking reason: cuz we're fucking good hockey team and we're going to fucking come home. The cup here tonight, let's fuckin go, I got pumped up just watch and that other bombs do you ever like anybody ever walk out after you give a pre game speeches like shit. I there's a lot of swearing by me what Saturday, you think about it before I even go in there to be honest with you just happens, I just know I just come out and just feel it and talk to the you know what I feel is needed at the time that point I didn't think, there's really much to say we're in game. Seven establish file. Let's go
yeah, I saw their already yeah, so the seas and obviously incredible seas and enter the Stanley CUP. You know lifting the cop put it starts with you taking overs interim head coach and you guys being the last place team as late as January. Third, how the hell did you guys turn that pulsing around like? Was there a moment? We will talk about the beginning of a championship dvd. Was there that moment that you can think back and be like that's where it all click for team and we cannot turn harvesting or, I would say in mid December re run Christmas time. We want our road trip out. West played admitting Vancouver and Collier. I believe, and I was a great trip. I thought we play an excellent hockey. We didn't get many winds as we wanted to have. I think back, maybe one one, the three only but we're plan real, saw it hockey and the way we needed to play to win and and to get on a general
and Bennington came up, we he was up of this already and we started them and I feel again he played really Wallen Canal egg. I thought that his next thirty one again so now the team started to really believe in what was going to what was going on and it really boosted the confidence of the team and we just rolled from there. Like you know, we had a lot of good players. There's a lot of good players and once we really started to come together as a team and play for each other on the ice, it doesn't matter what you do off here. She could be bodies with your mean, oh your teammates, into all the shit. But if you don't play on the ice you all when you won't go anywhere amounts, I saw the come. We ran a lawful over in a row. I knew we are pretty good. What typically comes first being really tight with you guys on the ice and then developing those friendships outside of the rank or being boys off the ice? Then you come in
the end, you're able to use that relationship that you have to be. I think so, I think all the guys nowadays late. They all know each other in all that its funding of the league is really formed. The any child players associations has really tightened up. These players, like they all know, each other nobody's. So when you get a team, there already know half of know each other already so they're already tied off the ice yeah, but you got to get that tightness on the ice and that team and- and We really stressed team. First mindset will with our group, and they really mean, took it and ran with that in other. They they do the drama that abstain in that and ask Which is we're gonna reminder? We gotta keep carpet on bringing it up, but that to me as the biggest thing you have, you noticed Ryan, witty and Paul this net, that these are two guys. It should hate each other but listener pod Casserole, Buddy Buddy, it's sickening arose like is now she's, not someone that should be anyone's for an oversight cuddling up with yes, growth through so gone back to that
so what you're saying there when, when the league has become guise of we know each other, better friend, friendly with each other. When you are playing, I would assume its very different and I'm wondering how that played into you earn enforcer three thousand penalty minutes. I think it's two hundred and forty one fights that position. The enforcer is kind of gone away from NHL. Is that part of the reason why that guys know each other more and fighting is just not as prevalent by the leaves change the way the game is played and how it's thought of? First of all- and you know I don't really- I mean I think it's gotten better- to be honest with you and Gary Bettman's done an excellent job of that. Turning this game changing the game. I guess you know they're still fight game and things like that. But if it's not as important as it was when I played so when I played it was really important. If it was, it was a big part of the game. You know you look, Gretzky he's always had
Dave Symmetrical Marty majority wherever you when he had somebody around them, because you just needed that comfort net to De Gaia. Look after stuff in the locker room on the ice things like that. That's not that's! Not there anymore. If there's a fight in the ice, it's just out of emotion, guys. You know something happened and they they get after it. But when I played you, weren't buddy feather teammates, and if your coach saw you Talkin to guide the other team or talk into a guide and before the game ex they were pissed off real and they tell you they come up Adele. Yes, they would he don't like you, don't we don't need. That also was as different mindset back them. It's in that all sports were like the yes and its sole all sports of change, yellow, just that's awaited. Did you know we're going into a game like alright. This is the guy I'm going to have to fight tonight. No matter what like no matter, what happens I'm going to have pretty much like there was. Always you don't every game I played. I love the winner. Is nobody actually right. The game is over, but you know every game. Every team
play, there's always a couple guys and you knew you were going to get into it with her for the most part, would you scout them? Would you be like right? This guy's got a deadly left stay away from him. The whole team did basic, the other guys were talked about it before the game. Watches laughed he's, got a big right hand punch, but you knew any how how how you fought and what was going to happen. I didn't really watch tape on it at all, but I know there's guys at done here. Did you always like fighting? I don't really know forever liked it. That much I mean I just did a lot of it. I mean even grown up. I did a lot of it like as a kid you know. I grew up with fish one thousand eight hundred and twenty cousins around me everyday and you know, what's going to happen, you're going to get in fights and that's the way it was so I kind of grew up. You know when that mindset You know as a player I needed to do that to play in the NHL, otherwise I wouldn't have played in the NHL. So I read a story that when you were sixteen, you won a tough man. Competition now was that your coach told you to do it or you who just really care want to fight this tough man now whispered.
By chance. I was I went to Wales. Ibc play Junior hockey there's a sixteen year old after the season. He asked me what I was going to do. That's going to go back home to my hometown with my family and stuff. He goes well. I got this, so you think you're, tough, I'd like you to fight in it! So I said: okay cuz, you didn't say nor I didn't anyhow and journey. Here I was doing a lot of box because he had he had his box in a lot and work with guys, freedom fighters and things like that to learn how to howl yourself in those actually really good. For me anyhow and so worked. I said well, who's, gonna train, meaning those I am, I said. Ah, sir, going to come over every afternoon for we're going to go down in the basement. We going to put the gloves on and we're going to go at it for a while, and then my wife will feed you dinner
go on life. That's what we did is two boys were watching her like young kids like seven years older and me, and the guy named the guy's name was John Vanhecke. We goin is basement. Put the gloves on. No headgear normal pieces, nothin and spar for an hour, or so she and I draw up, have better and I was it s probably did a lot for you. Not definitely did he he's a big Part of why I'm here today like why played in the NHL for sure he. He grew me as a young kid and and got me. You know, become that kind of a player and that's how I was going to play. So we have a tough man, type of league that we actually own and we have pay per views called rough and rowdy. We know joke this week. Had someone drop out of a fight that was a hundred dollar prize purse. Do you think you wanna, maybe pay paper you give back in their me done with one hundred thousand
look on old money. I'll spar with you in the basement get readying word. If my ass every done through all the more difficult it was against another coach, I go with you Age range age, bracket, fight at twenty one year old. Who would you would you do you think you're the toughest coach If we had not like every overcoats gives it a big fight as like it's almost like royal rumble, we throw every one in the ring. Hoo hoo survives. Probably about other dear Sally, I like that very drug seems, like you, be tough to knock out just cause. He's got that volcano I like that confidence lot. Do you ever when you're like coaching cause, it's always funny thee
yeah, like an official and major league baseball coaches, don't have to wear suits. Do you ever think like a wild west, where suit behind this pair? We always talk about that, but in the end I think it's important look. You know. Look good back. There are at an obedient track, suits her baseball's different. I went Anna Fells therefrom too. Like insist, therefore, nothing. You know a hockey, a coach, Benin suit back their looks good tracks. You would be awesome You have yet a nice like Valori gold chain may be going. How are you are you going out will go t shirt, unlike some Genco sink, it Avenue sweet doing about it, get drawn towards her followers, a sweater under suit pals, yes, ass true
like high turtleneck, looks like he's going to the Christmas Party a movie producer, or something like that. Some warm them ranks recall you! U mentions Gretzky awhile ago, I'm curious to know where you fall on the side of the debate of greatest goal score of all time. Is it the great one or is it the great with the number eight one? Well, you don't Gretzky issue for me is the greatest like what he's done it's hard to knocked up at all number. Eight, an washes he's right up. Therefore, goal scorn play what, in an era to scores many goals, as he does, and in this era hockey
the goal. Turning as Israel, ridiculous, like the skies amazing player, really is. Ah so you get the interim head coaching job, you win the Stanley CUP, you never get officially the head coach and job until after the season. So when you sit down with the front office, did you just laugh leg? Was it just like a good hearty laugh like come on guys like what's negotiation here, I just want standing. I talked with our GM before the one it was all gonna be worked out. We just left that, as was which was the right thing to do. I think that the time yeah emitted, so it happened twice in air in hockey in its color
this idea that you a menu coach, the entire season essentially, but you are still the interim head coach winning the Stanley CUP. I was fiveth because we, I wasn't really too worried about It- are paid much attention to it at all. I really didn't you guys, gonna losing shriek. We go back like slapped the interim back on. Let me earn it back. I guess you never know. I mean it. Was it a little bit of a concern that maybe you'll stopping is hungry now that you're no longer the interim had Gooch concerned by may not by me yeah utter off. They thought that, but will you did it too, with the with the liars? When you took over the flyers in you, you know midseason, you guys had abounds back. Is there something about your coaching style that can get more as we talk about at all times with football coach is you'll, get interim head, coach and usually team have nice bounce because their fighting for their jobs and they want to play for this new guy. Do you think that there's something in your style that brings out a guy's where they start now
surmising their potential. There could be, I mean I'd, attracted the man the most of our prayers like as every individual and the team. So I push I mean, but you I'll be in the head coach niner, coach? And I definitely that I did last year I feel like I, I bring the same kind of mindset this year. You obviously got to do things differently at time to change things up and, and then stuff like that and motivate, but for the most part, my stylist, changed one bad night? It says that you're, a very, very honest guy, a very honest coach, maybe sometimes a little too honest hard at least the guys. They always know where they stand when you're Talkin Debbie. I found that like maybe sometimes you don't have to be as directly eyes. If it's a gather like can't handle that's epic coaching, are you just gonna, be who you are no matter? What I mean you gotta, you gotta approach, probably every parallel but differently, but he you know you can
really get after some players, I can handle it, but you gotta know which players can handle it, and if you see him start to well up, you just sail cats enough. Yeah. I mean I read that you're, you are considered a player's coach and I assume that's a compliment that you like like to know you over someone has a player's coach. That means that the just very in tune with their player. You I mean I I try to. I think I understand all the guys. China have conversations with them on a daily basis, and no you don't know what they're doing. Only in Hockeybuzz in life and their families and things like that, but at the same time they know that you know. I demand a lot from him, and this is how you got to play our you're, probably not going to play so I mean that's a so. They know they know a thing. They know what they need to do and what's the matter, the butter, I'm very approachable, I mean I want my prayers come talk to me about ailing whether things like the most spat hockey is. Is the nickname
that get handed out two players- it's either in my experience- is usually like a stir. I gets Gregor are like something with an o at the unlike a gordo or something like that is our flowcharts. They have to go to decide who is a stir whose no and just make em up yeah What are you what she won't georgian airplane? Chief chief, never like Ruby booby, I mean you ever it ends we regular avowal. So you get why the neck them chief, whereas young kid so leg with cause, always been. My nickname in that comes from your ear, come from first nation right, Ghana, I have so I am very ignorant on, unlike the lineage. Never that's pretty that's pretty cool and I'm sure that's a lot of pride for you to have you know that heritage and be like the option. I grew up, you know, with a bunch of reserve like native reserves. Around right live played a lotta hock him.
Oh, if all those guys grown up and as an adult as it when I was older, pawky Amboise, saw grew up of all those guys, a ball. What last ball fast pitch fast pitch baseball? Yeah, ok, got it gonna? U not! On twitter Is that no is that, for a specific reason, are you I don't have any social media? Do you hate social media model hey around? If I hear I just don't deal with it, I have no time for sounds like eight. It you gotta hosting like these those wrap your violence. I dont you still need to do it. I don't need to talk to anybody about that stuff for beyond it or even socialize outweigh the others visually limited you ate. It is limited upside for coach to beyond social media. Everything he's no matter how good you're doing you can have. Ninety percent of people out there you're talking shit about something that you did so there's a lot of negativity nigh mean everybody's got their own opinion.
Right here. So we relatum has no way of red light. Somebody I do hey all like a like. All I care about is our team. You don't care about going viral product ruled out it's kind of cool here's a good question that what's the difference between a tough guy and a dirty player outside like a dirty player, somebody that new, nor does things out there So when I played of somebody hit somebody from behind, he does it. You know, on a consistent basis, uses a stick a lot. You know things like that. That's considered a dirty player, a tough guys, somebody that, probably you know if somebody wants to fight answers. The bell steps in for his teammates Mino handles all that kind of stuff. That would be considered a I've always wondered from our coaches perspective, how you handle employer on your own team that might be kind of pushing those boundaries are starting cross. Those lines because you lie
a certain amount of aggression you want you're gonna, be tough. You want you guys to play physically but like if he starts to cross slime. How do you? How do you deal with a player like that in kind of like try to draw him back without changing his playing style? Our teams, not very penalized, to be honest with you, were like one of the top least penalized teams and leg, so I'm we play hard were probably right up. There are the most physical team in a league, so we don't. We our guys to take penalties. I mean there's no reason to has no reason to you know hit people from behind her. You know user stick wrong meagre. You can play harden and be physical and be clean at the same time. So we re-
try to preach that part of the game. I don't want to be in a penalty box. Very often, and our guys do pretty good job you guys part of winning the cup. You know you guys were very physical team, very powerful team. The NHL has kind of gone back and forth like in terms of generations and and how it how it ebbs and flows even five years ago, with teams being a little smaller more skilled. Do you think that, like being this powerful, bigger team wears down on opponents, it can, I think it's whatever you know as a individual. Our coach is how you look at the game and how you want to play the game. The way I want to play the game, we need size and strength and being physical opposed to like you know
Victor's lotta teams that have a lot of skill under fast the right, dangerous and are good teams, whereas a mean they can win. That way you can win. You can win both ways arm I mean the sailors loose choose to try to do it. This way, like Washington capitals are big, the call to him and that's where they play it's interesting, though just watch and go back for thy ire. Just remember. One of my favorite quotes of all time was right, gets laugh in the play off against the hawks and he was like. No team can sustain this amount of physical punishment and Oxford was better and they beat him and the docks- and it was like the other can cause are better and it was like a lot of skilled guys that debt place skilled game less of the physical trying to check, but you guys have caught a push back. The other way which I I love. One sports go back and forth between I think, the hawk solely be disown two thousand and ten for the cap, and I was with the flyers. Them was a good series, but I
don't think there will be no a small team at all. I know if a good sized had some big players that played heavy. I think the hawks won cups that you know your buddy looks at Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith, who are on a smaller side, are great players, but it pays a heavy player. He's a big guy play. Heavy horses, a big guy play heavy than they see, Brooks a big guy place heavy though the boy. Floods in the lads. All these guys have they had lotta heavy guy's an online. I love that phrase play have in my great by Walter Play, have a third. They had so smaller guys with great skill and, like Patrick Gains, a great Blair yeah. Can you take a skilled team that might be smaller, faster n and turn them into a more physical team
heavy heavy tee. I liked you are you kidding? I like logically, have you don't look at me and Hank and envy you? You could have players that aren't overly physical and hit everything and say that they play heavy. This is winning puck battles. That's what it boils down to using your body. Winning puck bottles. Haven't heavy sticks. That's what I'm I haven't hit the rice bucket yeah. Can your forearm just have your state of mind sounds like it is? I mean you looked at the Detroit Red Wings team when they're good. 90s like late little later, and I are a two thousand two thousand and eight two thousand and seven, two thousand and nine there a heavy team, but they very big, but they had heavy sticks and they want a lot of stick by that's all they want. Is there a guy in in today's game that younger you would have liked to go out there and fight like somebody?
Hu, I would like the fire or not or only thinkable, fine boys. Do you ever think about like. Maybe if, if we could change the rules unlike verse. There's always there's always a guy on every team. Every game we play that are probably like the grab yeah right in or lack of, I'm not gonna say what it like going over time. Coaches farming is all right. The soldiers are yet another team, really, ok, that euro you do. You do stare down, though I love stared. I look over. There are the yell back. If you you have you had a mom where you ve been screaming at the other coach, I honestly, I better define one you couldn't find one eye bitch. Can I find what I think you prolonging stocks,
At any rate, little whither are like your yellow. Lastly, twitter over there, you don't even been alone here, yeah yeah I've only got out wipe his head off after you just look over and you see the other questions. Just a big twitter logo- and you like it, doesn't exist of my little red you mentioned earlier that there is sometimes a you be playing an you'd, usually know who you'd have to fight that night, but sometimes urchins rig it take. It will break was there ever a guy that came up to you and tried to certify with you, and you knew that you would just damage him so badly that you just have to like, laugh and say: hey buddy. We can't do this for your own safety. That's that's! cool things. I love that when they are likely to sign your guy, does the US of how the drop her gloves are the few guys, because you know such We should on areas where everybody was caught up gone out, it back and they called five on five line: brawls and grabbed it all our guys
me who is not a fighter and is not very big and stuff, and I didn't do not rank, is look I'm like I. Could this amount for the sake of flight blessing on helping you like that? That's a bad out about him off the hook Why do you think you say the word in a given day, the word fuck, but the word boys more boys yeah, a matter that such a hockey one one like everything's boys from boys. Let's go boys pick it up put its close, it could play heavier boys come on what the lock boys. Yes, I like that boys. We have is ongoing debate on the spot cast. Where does an upper body injury start and where does the lower butter by the injury start, I would say in upper body as waste up waste up without floors, waste downward about hip of colonists?
queen and between her I'd. Sir. Now, when you, when they announced, like someone's gotta, have a lower body, do you know what they have? Yeah ok on the other to know not all I redeem, you always know I nor man out. I hope that the doctors wouldn t like the doctors play dumb and was lying on the lower body. We're not telling you what I saw. The doctors don't talk to us, the trainers or trainer medical guy.
This is exactly what it is. I thought maybe just nobody knew and apply was just like it hurts up here. Like all that's upper yeah he's gotta uber. Would you ever get you ever get scared that you're gonna accidently? Let it slipped it! It's like a knee when you're trying to say it's a lower body, not hear you Laura. Does it ok behind a smart? I have one last question seeking question: promo code take were with Craig Ruby. He is the coach of the Saint Louis Blues Stanley CUP Champions, defending Stanley CUP Champions. Put him promo code taking a ten dollars off seeking purchase. What are you bench just randomly just asking just no, no reason rub wooden bench. I could probably get about to seventy five to seventy five. Maybe
Would we have a bench for us close Barnegat? There's one right behind off I'd even see this ok won't we we could get you survive. On the five minutes ago, boys tried trend of fuckin, put up some weight warmed up to twenty five is good. That's my browser, Jessica, inviolable, older. Guy, now give you ever do stuff like that. To show the got like the boys, I'm still under the german border, work owner there, how many? What percentage of people or pleasant team getting you had been press more than right now, a hot or no, probably, not very many other. Here there are few. They can't Keyser good shape. My work, love, Pennington, Scott Noodle are slaughtered. All this is going to give all red Riah. They don't have to do too much. What do you do? Psychology lies with the guy. You leave him alone, the early more going on it's only cultural factor
every one of you ever talk to anybody Hidell as there's these efforts to any arguably like a goal is just different breed like we're held. Let him do their thing. I have one last last question here: I'm not gonna make you predict back to Back Stanley CUP Saint Louis Blues. I know you're thinking that you will went but who do you think is coming.
East on others would lotta. Good teams are going to look at the flyers right now we're on a roll man. They're right there are there plans are great hockey boss, he's odyssey, tap others too many good teams to pick wash, and I like you, I just want to hear you say: wait, there's a lot of good teams. It's tough! You just want to get give yourself a chance. You gotta get in there and then anything can happen in the sleek. You know every season like that. You know I mean plows for different begin. Our role on you keep Goin, I mean ever know her suit there. So many good teams like its tight, its close all really as last last last question play Ass Tsar ever time within the playoffs, and you see a guy any like dude or sorry, white boy guiding oil, buddy POW, maybe do a little shaving, because your play off bearded disgusting
Like the guy. You really can't grope. Laugh you Sidney yeah D ever do that they can tighten them up because its make us all look bad or do you let it go at all, really seem over what they want. They want to have some facial her or not does not matter the answer. Yankees, that's what you are. I can do whatever they want unlock a much concerned about their work on this concerned about their plight. He asked protein has rightly your car. You plan on display in every Euro area how you want to look facial her. You know your hair does matter to me so much to rattle. Get out their move away about plan. How you plan that matters move your feet has rightly headed out item overfeed, skate, gather and state. Have you keep your play? the ice. That's why I'm here that he always teaches that good things happen. What if she could only Eisen hit the map it torture
shoot at your other party ever find yourself actually screaming shoot it during a power ploughing everywhere else. As you sure you're depart suited like way outside of till you're funny story. So Mary Robinson, you know the great defence when he works were he worked for innovation. So when I took over the coach Lasher he came in and we just wanted him around, because you don't taken things over he's done thus he's taken over a team, the devil's in term, and they want to cover the other was always to use very smart time has a lot of great insight and things like that great guy. So he brought him on the bench because we want him out there. Just her, you don't get things gonna hopes he's somebody scream and on a bench Robinson
I am sure when we have the pocket around. That's a truly theo shoot we do or do I have the honour? Yes, you have to have it. I will coach. Thank you. So much has been awesome. I would say best luck, but I dont like- whose Brom algae I'll go out there and LA try to please heavy as you can't you gotta face Romeo Ngos and Irish Rosa that interview Craig Ruby was brought to you by the I'm wearing Army and he's right now part about me, unease is. My underwear drawer is always full because I'm on that subscription plan have to worry about wash my underwear until literally every other item of clothing is dirty and to be sent to the cleaners? I've always got unaware of God for got four days, because I have
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Ok, let's get you some segments could show now from as well. We have some workers say: Hank, wig, essay, Hank, your first or second was good, say Billy. Football was back on Monday and good NEWS is Billy. Football might be back once a week to do a little deep dived into different subjects. We give him so get ready for that reducing different quarantine. You have to keep everyone happy and excited and interested in the show sore and have him once weak, and we also are going to be releasing some the bars to bolt some far better interviews right. So when you in that for the people, because its quarantine time everyone's locked in their home, so we're going to do that so that the people can hopeful. We enjoy that, were you going to say heck or first also, on top of that we have we're due entire king on Friday, and we ought at least exotic Joe tired,
King Alice, you and Cincinnati Bengal Shirts, their stock, Where's hobble, cholera, best shirts we ve ever made. I am currently residing that. I mean I am confident in saying they are the greatest church. We have ever made alma today. Exotic jai can't stop saying it's one of those mental box. My head, I can't I can't stop. You wanna go to exert Jos stripper joint, these shirts, so good that I'm going to buy them. I can get in for free, but I feel guilty taking them. So I'm going to I'm going to pay money to get him instead The question was, since we just did booby and with any John NBA like if this decision get cancelled by the rafters in the blues and yet happens their different times doom.
Are they dynasties? Do they become dynasties, for that has issued an infinitely? What is like, they ve been the lot like it's weird now I don't feel comfortable with Canada having back to back and be a championships yeah It's weird it is. We are blowing think they would feel good about that either. Canada would probably gave it back and say: first fair hats in you give to the box. They have to do it. They have to figure out a way to do it. Don't let's talk give up. Let's talk, give up, hope, pint so far stop worrying about flushed Myrna second, but we did promise to everyone that we we're going to this summer, get upset at the NFL one hundred less, because the NFL one hundred less people remember they release. List in December, when we were balls, deepen sports balls deepen football. We didn't have time to get upset about it, so we
the donor calendar. We said we're gonna get upset about this sometime in July. Well, guess what life has different plans? Has the corona virus popped up? We have no sport, so we're gonna get bad it now. So once a week when you get mad at a different position group this week, we're gonna get mad. It tightens thou the one hundred ninety four one on illicit they came up with, they have five titans out, it might Deca tuna gazelles Rob grown Caskey John Mackey, Kellan, Winslow Senior, and judging by how they ve done these less, they always tried to get at least two guys from like history, basically like historical guys who their numbers clearly like Tony Gonzales, put John Mackey and end. Might dick as numbers to shame put. The game is different, so they kind of pick the guys who invented the position so to speak,
I actually can anybody. I don't know if I have any really grapes and I tried to find a gripe. I think my gripe a mad that I can't get mad. No I'll I'll, give you a great friend of Tibet. They just gave us a group of titans, they didn't Ranco, oh I'm mad- that you didn't, have the balls and fell to list them numbers one through five in all time, best Titans NFL history. How about that? Because it's kind of a cop out on their part, I'm also mad, because I went to the website. I was looking at their list and I'm mad that we're not going to get to see the NFL one hundred logo anymore and they're going to take that away from us. So pre mad about that. I guess I'm pre mad about what I'm not gonna get to see. Yet I I don't mind what they're doing putting some legends and the game pie in the sky of getting mad. I feel like you, should only have one player on this list who revolutionized the Titan position Ryan have three different
As a result, I would say: give it to arm Callin Winslow Count wins, is a guy to revolutionize the tight in John Mackey. I'm gonna put him in the in the pile of are. We played against plumbers and doctors well of you. If you put like Tyler Eifert on his team, then he probably would have had no twenty five hundred receiving yards and thirty touch. Near so he's the one that I'm gonna get mad at, and it's mostly because it is never watched. Play ok saw I'm. I'm gonna end up with the same places you, but I'm going a different route. I actually think Callin ones or should be on their behalf. Are you also figures, but he didn't revolutionise tattoo, that my dick I was lashing looked through. It might take a came on the scene two years before John Mackey, MIKE Dick was the first tied in to ever have a thousand yards receiving in a season. John MAC, you never did that and my dick it was also the first tied in to be voted in the profile ball faith. So I think, if you
do you like who revolutionised the position he's the guy Kellen Winslow was an incredible tight end in the next era, so I think John Mackey. If I had to pick- and I again- I don't really have a gripe with this, but if I had to pick, I would take out John Mackey on put in Antonio Gates day, that's prior to ride, I dont mind having dick on the list see there, because I don't look at me. Guys being the guy that revolutionized the position and dad might just meet BB being an idiot. But I look at Dick as being like the guy that that did it all who is still very much a part of the game they got that far I shall television, the guidance on board were cool, vest the guy that smoke, so many cigars, his office but they had to change the windows after he left And also yeah, he was a bad. Tight in way back in the day, so I have no problem
dick being on that list and they had a college were caught him. No brainer. That's a big time pot conduct kettle black situation. The efforts are made to be founded on me that time when you took my shirts, he might take a nineteen. Sixty one had fifty six receptions and a thousand seventy six yards that mean that had never been. No, no tat had ever done that and so John MAC. If anyone ever thousand yards in his career in every single year, so I think he he gets. It is the revolutionary guy and then you keep calm Lorenzo and you may be added to an obvious. But again I don't have a problem with it, because I also watching John Mackey highlights and he was a beast like he was ripping off fifty yards touchdowns, which didn't happen back than either. So I guess I did
ok job with the title. I think I think my actual gripe here is that they did. A good job leaves me no place to get angry with you. I'm sure Mackey was good. Don't get me wrong. I just never watched him so he's the easiest. One from the taiwanese President Tony's confessed. He's turn against us. I thought he just to a handsome not put on this list. Well, Tony Gonzales also lies so cunning. Gas totally Gonzalez definitely is one of those guys that they had to things gonna get some one. He came right before Rob. Grim, Caskey, the best I ever in two. He never won the Superbowl and that we can always not because he was the guide for the cheese for so many years. He was, he was probably fourteen out of seventeen seasons. That's insane isn't saying he was like he put up insane stats, basically Emerson, we're, and he just. I feel like the fact that growth came right after him and ever was like. Oh, my god look
a crank and also the other tight imposition changed little with Jimmy, Graham and twenty O gates and Jason witten. I feel I turn against Alice doesn't get as much credit as he probably deserves I'd like you to us. Jason went into the equation: Jason went Jude Army. I soon are actually pretty impressive when you actually like look at all the tight ends at the pinkies. Second, all time and tighten yards Ok, I guess he's had seven hundred and twenty yards receiving for nineteen years, but is he played he's gotta Asia he's got thirteen thousand receiving yards and so and seventy two touchdown so he's not internal gates as the most substantial tight around one hundred and sixty three, I Jason win is right like he would be he's a complete, he right amateur that next list of like Ass Newsome knew some enchanted sharp, unlike those guys, and then it would be Jason Wit. Disagree
I have just that's now. I'm mad Jason Windows is on my third or fourth year of tyrants, in the lower pantheon of all time great titans. Now man better than that you're, not only without Jason. We want money, I football, I'm not I'm not thinking about banished that for my brain and I did the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind procedure and had that person. My brain removes thank God, but if you look at his stats, what is the season that he? How may yards receiving, the Heaven is bessys, he's he's absolutely compiler, but there's definitely something to be said for a guy. Who does it for that long and doesn't at that level? I think you can absolutely city like you can have the graphics who have incredible rears and armed groups are even a good a good example for this, like twelve Davis, it would be a good example for where he was unbelievable, for, like three or four years I'll see Jason went on looking at it right now, just a minute for he's had four thousand yard plus seasons, so he learnt hat
two story. Is it for any Zennis a Tascam, pretty damn close to two other ones that were above nine hundred, I think Jc Whitney's is, if you go in audio gates, Ozzy Newsome, Shannon Sharp, then Jason, witness right below that disagree. Register Emma throw flag on our side. We learn cheer, embraced Ebay he's my third series, our third tier guy after looking at these stats, but still like most of the seasons, six hundred seven hundred none nodded some hundred seventy six, five hundred and under these sack in all time, is second all time and tighten receptions second, all time and tighten yards and force all time or sorry. Fifth, all time entitled touchdowns Sudan. Right the eyes these certainly been doing it for a long time. To put a recap on this, this was good sports debate. I feel alive again. This is,
This is therefore it's supposed to get. It isn't like our gives mad about stuff yeah. I got mad at Bill O Brien the other day, and it was ass if it was to be mad at some years at other fun, one little stat, whereas looking through all this stuff, it's incredible to think about how much bigger like Iraq and eat Johnny Gonzalez word then, like my dick might takeovers six three two hundred and twenty pounds so might echo, is basically like my height and wait and the growing is a pretty big ideas. Still pretty big it still pretty big pogroms is six six knows that any like he is a monster of a man compared to my dick I'm sure we can do that. We obviously do this throughout all that it fell. But imagine if you put six six to seventy Kronk. In, like nineteen sixty one, what he would to delete, never very probably gonna Woodstock in dire, would still be lucky. You would still that still very big, but he would be considered undersized for tighter now
for sure. Yet most people in the NFL right now would be like Darren. Sproles would be an average running back back in nineteen sixty or lunch. I do also think they brought me back to store the crock told us about when he got the call from Rodger Goodell. And he thought it was a prank, and so member uses a color. Yes, this is the only may get I'll come back like three times. I think when Dick I got this caused, his wife probably took in Dick was like who cares hung up on? Yes, absolutely absolutely, behaves like this is, and this is an hour. This isn't like the Gulf Reservation, like you, like it took, call me when the local Contra club is back open. So so my up and get out of the house actually think that it can the likes having having stuff do not care about like just being able to offer stop people call him up, and I pay him a compromise, health care is not important to then. If you get elected to the alternative fell one hundred team and you get to offer that less than you just Alfin history, which article
No, I'm not I'm hoping coaches quarantine somewhere far away because he's up there and age I choose Roma flush more before do guys on checks. We're going do I'm very sorry about this when, by the way we had it, was great results on twitter. You ve really got everyone buzzing. I got ratio real hard upon my tape. Twitter got ratio real hard. It was almost greet till I get ratio just Billy. I even look at it as like. Let it just happened, it's fine, so we'll keep doing that. We can do our we're in a pick, our worst for of something and then tweeted out, like its regular Mount Rushmore Hank had the idea for today its mouth flush, more worse types of water right. Ok, I will someone someone like me, you should do. I want air brands and I realise it is not enough. Water bran solution is due water. I, like the broader ones, gap tat, so pities gone first rate. The up, ok, supporting those four
because we're just going down the line of youngest oldest, ok. My first one, I'm gonna go with tidal waves, tidal waves, it always awful, ah already way of our water bottle Nijmegen serve one. Say that you start a tidal wave, you're gonna be Debbie sick for one guy. I would imagine that one overall tidal waves not offend. I am with some away. If some say party with yeah, I'm gonna go with toilet water, put with some remnants of like the purser, been there before that typewriter, the water- oh my god, the grossest, the grossest type of water and that's a one nice thing about not being in the office right now you not to walk into bats. Remember like up land! Ok,
Now I will go with awe vodka that in a water bottle the water tat. I had that I had one that is actually vodka better. Sure, that's that's how I had written to, but, oh sure, I'm sure, yeah. I swear Veronica song gets goose on and then right with that. I have hot Fawcett water, oh yeah, Logan, go and minority the boy, I'm gonna do tap water and then you turn on its like piping hot. It's it's like not waters discussed here, I agree with that actors. It there's a big difference between hot Fawcett, water and water that you boil in a pot on your stove. Yes, absolutely do you think that you could tell the difference between the water that comes out your kitchen Fawcett and the water that comes out your bathroom facet now now, in my
today the house that I grew up- and I think I could get you ever know- I think it's all the same all right, my next one, I'm going to go with like a little bit of water on your seat. When you sit down, that's the worst and you get that like feeling of like did I piss myself it myself and would enable issues in a new place. Look like if you get up ever get really look at that guy. Look at the back of his Fuckin pants airlines, although it and when you sit on it. Cushion that has soaked up water like light, I for even realize it or like give your like yeah, if you're sitting on like a lawn share with a little bit of water on it s just like it gets in your ass cracking software. If you sit down like some metal bleachers at a football game. Yeah he's been raining leaving a couple hours before. That is an awful feel awful feeling awful Felix, eight, that water
My next one, I'm really go with. Do you have to go now? It's paeonies gets you is I got to iron out. We are lost in the snake. What a great tradition: I've got: hot dog water, the remnant of bad a lot of water? That's disgusting! Those living in these ever sending your entire delicious frigate! Honourable walking dead. Cat! Stop! Stop the moroccan cassettes like nutrients in it, you not their language during all hot water. But I'm not gonna. Juicy diet is in the is gonna be icebergs. Icebergs and would have done for anyone. Meanwhile, we have what we need are Edam dude you needed for the climate, new nature in class.
Now the devil or ice caps given icebergs are part of that. Now they come over precise cats. Only the icebergs combined, yet the ice noise, no worries are ice. Caps, one day were icecaps. They bring icebergs they're. Just Where do you think killers iced icebergs Satan? They gave birth, God, it's a sign of a bad climate, their terrible terrible. Yes, then exactly so then you should hate icebergs. Do they should all be intact? Had it should stay attacks on my neck, I'm gonna go lately. My turn no shit I'll pay! You know him is, is big guy, I'm sorry! I want to see I'm looking at I'm looking at the order that our videos and I'm fucked up here. We know how acid rain. I don't even know that exists. I feel like that's a complete fake thing put. I think you would sock if we had acid rain Chernobyl
the girl, yeah yeah. That's socks is around in here about acid rain. Since I was a little kid and some church, I'm sure it exists somewhere and I would be awfully get caught it. It would socks all pat hate that water. Now it's my turn right yeah. I rain vague in yeah in cardboard, cardboard, Water is my last one, but for all that shit socks slaughter, by out or whatever is called their dash it sucks discussing, but does rain rain. I mean who ice this, is gathering Australians and of their party in a festival we arranged in Austria this so so depressing us. It was raining oversight. There I mean you came, go outside anywhere, but its electorate.
This is like go back to two roasting people, Skype Spi. If these words I want my green book, I think you just pick this. He could talk about rain to roast rape me here. It's no use, I like you did sucked in it rained yesterday ever get escapism now. Not only now is all my those third on my list. I really racked my brain and allows like you know no water, socks rain. Who can read? My last one is water, your shoe that sucks so bad, either little squash go on any longer got like wet socks for the rest of the day. That's a day, runner big time, you're, just a boiling water on your closer phobic, I mean they're certain I can deal with water on my shirt. I can deal with water, my hair, a good deal with water, maybe even like all my kneecaps but put shoes,
and ass? No thank you were my last one is gonna, be brackish water. It's the mix of fresh modern saltwater. So kind between Ngos, you use your foul bridle here, it's it's like pick a lane. Yeah, it's not we'll saltwater had put his also not full freshwater. It's safe, just like it's just shit water. It are you going up to the Taco Bell and getting like, like mountain, do Pepsi and low down. Why, yes, actually know? I would say it's like you going to the the drink found in mixing regular cook with Diet coke Don't you know what I'd do I do that now do about her glass walk with delight anything else about the only one I had with the lead water duprat down the Romans that price act.
I will say, invented they invented aqueducts. Also, the kind of ah forget there, your eye for an eye situation exactly right without we're about to water, that's in the bathtubs at Hilton Hotels, when the maids dont forget to unplug it, and you have to stand in the shower for two seconds before it brood working through Lou. And we all lukewarm water at a water found after work out. That's maybe the worst wanton gave him. That's a really bad when you're, like I give your plane bass, Molly you go, tried, take a drink in its gates, like almost borderline, hop, a lukewarm is just discussed or, it's bad hotel waters in the shower that doesn't get hot enough. Tat on a pad water, air yeah. What about
water at a hotel that you start was free and then you start drinking and you looked at it's not free at all. It's actually fifteen dollars charged to the company What do you get off the rim? Five people dieting, bring you this water of anyone gets reality. Man, you're, fuckin, you're, all about death. Today, may we gonna pick you up. You wouldn't like we're all gonna die Tommy's, We're still lived. Yes, as far as we know it type of disregarding nine. Thirty. Three p m Eastern. It's like you. The liquor deny your friends depressed. He keeps forget about. We're not water whither like a band aid in it of disadvantage.
That's pretty bad water. What about your last drinking water? Yeah? That's that's pretty bad one to that's a really good, no. I like free die. Is there no language have together boys, especially MRS thirty five, I'm currently stuck warrant, with my cheating ex girlfriend and our one better repairman that we share a lease on until July has been bad but unfortunately makes it Sidney significantly worse. I wonder why any advice away to make us suck any less just some background. Neither can afford him about not to several places, as we just gradually college ass, many I'll get out. I think as the time where you rediscover true love, like we talked about on Monday, show this This could be yours and actually it's meant to be for you guys, yeah, here's an actual thought, though, just a kind of fucked up put just start coffin ends so
might have the road. She probably won't, be there very long, and if she does maybe tat there might be a better deal. I don't know atheist foxholes, there's there's no one, no ones horny in a quarantine, yeah is as mark from love, is blinds. Mom said, if you let something go and it comes back, it was meant to be My friend had a wedding two weeks ago and then the groom bailed on the bride the morning of had to call off the wedding, a more than two hundred people. Now they are. Talking again unlikely getting back together. What should I do? You dig a job you talk or through a real, quick
this is one of those situations where everyone has at least one friend who loves the drama and loves to be in the crazy relationship, and you ve got a spot that friend and let them be let them do their thing. They probably are going to get married divorce, get married, get divorced too, like or renewing of their vows a billion times over. Just let it happen, let it happen and let them habit of our last one. So I'm sorry this in english accents it's an english girl, get some boys Ivan vanish within american boyfriend, parentheses, debut l, who has been working in London We ve been together about a year and when we both started to work from home a week ago, and we went to my family home, in the countryside in that week, all flights you
they have been cancelled and yesterday the government than us from leaving home unnecessary angel. My boyfriend quarantine for at least a month of my art fuck that Everyone is currently in recent months with my parents, and younger sister he's only met them once or twice. How do I come out this without him thinking my family lunatics and vice versa? How do I stop him ordering expensive cheeses to give? My parent is a thank you. How do I make it? you're the month in a small house. Nobody, knowing we have sex, has attempted to be a great body experience or disaster items spending a small fortune on international tax. So please help me, alas, sugars shouter oi heard say so right off the bat, the whole spending a lot of money on cheese. That's just a currency issue, if you're in a foreign country, you don't understand how your currency translates to their dollar their pound or their euro. Whatever does so just spend money like it doesn't mean anything, so he just needs a you just
to remind him that the Mai Spoonies actually real, otherwise he just gonna keep doing, and this is one of those ones where I feel like you just have to keep telling yourself. This is the start of a great love story. Right you'll tell your grand kids about this. When you sit on the porch and if that's not the case, you'll probably just break up, it will be messy and you can just move on, but will still be allowed to tell your girlfriend's about the time that you get to bang circumcised guy for a month. Every fun. Uncircumcised, no certain. If he's american, probably circumcised, o heeds American she's british. Yes, I find a father part yeah. There you go so the year your weekend, away from the anti eaters are that's a great hurry,
we'll see everyone Friday make sure they watch Tiger King Tire, King Tiger King we're trying to get someone on Hank. Are you get it again here, doc? Yeah, you are out for you, I don't blame video game. Sit up doc. We're gonna have not been save I'll civil, see what I can do it we have watched Tiger king, we might be able to get someone on who are you to run on Friday was guilty books? I love our ball. Yeah yeah, I was it's an old throwback style interview. We did it vs Skype, so I it was. It was tactic to say the least. It was funny. I don't we asked one real question, which is exactly what we expect of Europe all interview, because I don't think he would ever answer really question? No! No. He looks at that as a sign of weakness, Oh you, gonna talk to me ceremony, Lovey Gus. Let me guess which version
its pardon my tea presented by bar stool sports,
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