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Stingray Steve, Addison Russell, Dan Haren 10/07/16

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MLB Playoffs and NFL Football recap (1:55 - 7:07). Week 5 Gambling picks from the guys and Larry the Goldfish (7:07 - 11:40). The first ever Friday Roast of Pardon My Take (11:40 - 15:36). Addison Russell from the Cubs reads a MET-RX ad script (15:36 - 25:08). Stingray Steve gives his call of the week and updates us on Hurricane Matthew (26:11 - 32:33). Former MLB All Star Dan Haren talks about pitching in October, why Madison Bumgarner is so good, and the Cubs chances to win a World Series (32:39 - 50:57). Segments include Sabermetrics, Sorry Not Sorry, As A White Guy for Joe Buck, Thoughts and Prayers for Mike the Tiger, Done or Finished for the NFL, and Jimbo's of the week.
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t dot com that simply safe pmt dot com don't be that sucker who does care of your loved ones and possessions simply say pm t dot com let's go welcome to my taste it is friday october seventh
and the boston red sox are dead they're not dead book showalter had to be very confused watching terry francona manage that game because andrew miller an cody allen pitched forty pitches each uh usually doesn't happen with reliever yet they see that's coming out here's a crazy stat is actually not a stat here's a crazy thought when you the postseason you pitch your best pictures as much as poss that's wild hank do you think that the red sox are regretting getting rid of terry francona know i'm going to be say that they are that's definitely a conversation that needs to happen in america starting now i start having that conversation so get so we had game one blow out the blue jays killed killed the address ten to one and then game one a nail biter the indians held on to beat the red sox and like i said i
that game is terry francona i love one managers do that in october there just like you know what my guys there's no rules there's no this guy's pitching too many pitches he just put your best guys out there until they get the job done but if you use a little sabermetric stats for you it's the first game terry francona is one in the playoffs since he quit cha oh oh that's a great super metric be secretly charm i'm i can forward to seeing what kind of crazy dusty baker's going to start pulling because if there's a guy that hates stats and sabermetrics and going to get his picture dusty might just start with this closers new set the tone he's a he's a good guy he's a guy all man and it got guy guy and so if you can start a series just with one scoreless inning then all you need to do is follow up with a more and you win yeah i'm gonna say i'm not gonna miss you know to see the shot the shot that will get in in october of like the quick pan over to dusty just chewing on that too yeah yeah i'm looking just the the face is calm put inside you know there's just like inner term
oil going on in his brain like what the fuck do i do yeah that's that's baseball man that's what a baseball man always thinks he's good guy right and then we also had the worst thursday football game to date yeah i disagree i would say it was the worst first half and i was just i was totally uninterested the rest of the game but it was the worst half a color rush we can do worse than this trust me we've got a long season a round of us playing gabber the forty niners they might be the most dysfunctional franchise right now in pro football when you think about where they were you just a few short years ago you have no idea how chip kelly works right now chip kelly he's in phase one okay he does the producers he does the football producers everywhere he goes yeah so is it will buy everywhere mean philadelphia now here so phase one is tank k k that's going pretty well yeah you can say that it's not 'cause it is not phase one is suck phase two is draft good players phase three
is trade those good players away and then suck again and then you get fired after three years and then you have a lot of money what phase do you trade away all the black players that space okay alright i said i said good and then a blue got radiator that i made racial yeah we'll believe that out okay my bad that's face to yep and then phase three is just cash and and then go on to another team here's something that we need to get in the pipeline chip kelly back to oregon yeah hey there in some turmoil last three games in a row jurors short drive down i5 yep wilson valley to nike town there's no connection there i just i just need two things that we can in each city that's how chris berman has made millions of dollars so i think you're doing things your connection all hit that one all the way to nike but yeah let's get it going
kelly chip kelly to oregon going back to college listen like skip and stephen a they need each other right that's when they were both at their most successful interesting so i think that's definitely going but it's not going to happen for another two years that's where we might run into some trouble is 'cause it's probably going to move on this year maybe baby oregon pro shoto him tomasula for one year in norway just bringing some fucker and then fire him when you get yourself a king piece of shit put that on the on the on the podcast tank explicit all right we have a big time well i should also say i'm i'm on my way to chicago hank is on his way to cleveland so
we're just going to be here you got a hold on look at base i'm actually have the most important rule of law and has taken care of lehri who is riding a5 and oh heater right now who is absolutely on fire ok flame fish yeah he is he's a flame fish new fish suck it door when we just he just evolved into a new kind so let's get so all right so we'll be we'll all be back i don't know i actually think will not be with us on sunday but i'll be back on sunday but we'll all be going out to playoff baseball games all pft hold some home for thanks for doing that but you're like are designated driver you're that loser we let you hang out with us no problem yeah i think the key is guy yeah dr mark moms any van around so that we can get drunk but let's talk about some gambling we have our westgate gambling picks super contest shut off the odds shark card shark thank you so much for getting us into this contest and you should check it out
shark dot com for all your trends in your bedding before get going before you went to beat this weekend also shadowed on shark because you got a bunch of bloggers and people of note to be on your team and a goldfish chicken everyone larry is number one three thousand nine hundred and eighty mod sure exactly did eight he's on a fifty run like you said he's kicking our asses so updated standings laree is thirteen and eight against the spread pft and i are eight and twelve against the spread not so hot bad either though no hey could be worse it could be seven and thirteen against spreading ann and hank is nine and eleven against spread nine hundred and eleven hank you feel good about that feel great as long as above you guys ok nine hundred and eleven great numbers right cool insensitive on your wall but ok so for my pics this week i'll just say i'm going to ride later ok
just pay back i'm piggybacking leirion father front it's not broke don't fix it that's illegal and well so i did not take so you show your larry fitzgerald this week i'm a big time larry fitzgerald i'm swimming with the way you did take the cardinals i didn't take the card was so instead of that i'm going to take the browns patriots i have him covering wow it's so give us the other pets the dumbest pic of all time yeah give us the other pics it larry fitzgerald's arriving i don't remember layers throwing up in his tanker ok larries pics if we remember always falcons the bengals he the packers yeah and the book in years yep okay so those are leri npf these pics hank you wanna go i am like the texans okay the bangles okay i also like the buccaneers okay bill maher
yeah and then the better the weekend slash whole season's page everything i mean there's not even buys aside all by deciding take my bias put it to the side of me okay your disease is not about you ted d b i d biased yes okay so i knew that everybody in america was gonna be taking the patriots that's why when with the browns i i wanted to take the patriot so i'll i'll give you that it's not because you're pats fan it's because you're an idiot that you're that you're betting okay the so many my pics there's so many every single year there's a game that's like oh you never know patriots win by twenty five alright my pics i've got the patriots so yeah i guess i'm yeah no right they're an idiot touchdown to make it interesting yes yeah by putting our gambling picks oh ok alright alright no you had to make a mayor's bed i'm not i'm just putting him in there because i want to i want to win the game the vikings i have the ravens i think the red
other trash trash are words i have the bears plus four and a half ok but we will rewind the tape no because we actually cut that part of the show last friday when i said i'd never bet on the bears again this season are you sure about that yeah i am sure about that my friend third time you've been egged on your i'm never betting on that as well here we are boys it's friday and i'm betting on the bears and i have the bengals i will say that if you're going to pick a team to bet against with the bears the colts is not a bad jesse exact other jet lagged yeah you know this real thing first time zones ever to go to london and not elect to have a bye week after yep that's
it is not a it's not a great we don't need that his will i put your trust and believe in times of chuck chuck doesn't have a clock shot you know what runs his practice by the sun it would make sense to chuck we're gonna doesn't believe in times of the indian is one of those stupid states that's like split half way yeah yeah half easily have said he probably lives in central time shock and then he works in eastern time so he doesn't even know what the is shed is in the central time zone of the rest of this house is in the eastern is like not now i'm in my man cave and she's like your now deleted his working class time zone yes central time yeah ok no clocks hank you want to roast us yes here's the deal every friday we're going to get roasted by our award winning listeners via the reviews on itunes so go to the itunes subscribe to pardon my take
and then write a review it has to be a five star review for us to read the roast an roast away so hit that five star review and say whatever you want say all this mean shape you want so this is the first ever pardon my take weekly roast cat only thing funny about you is your weight okay that's pretty cool love big cat handsome hank pft is ok but i would actually welcome him leaving or at least switching roles with hank you know the traditionally a roast is supposed to be funny yeah oh oh your feelings get hurt but i can't hear you over the fat in your throat ok plus a bar from narcos and poor man's david spade struggle to get jj watt to acknowledge their existence all right about the good work name music a whole mmc ok okay good one good one a whole ham pft commentor looks like he smells like pee he actually counted the sometimes that's actually shrimp api
my mom says only ugly people wear glasses all time to hide their ugly mugs we don't know we gonna roast anybody else or just made this whole time think it looks like a love child that pablo escobar and rosie o'donnell ok alright you know what those are two attractive people will never hang talks it sounds like he is a tampon up stuck up his nose once obese and the other looks like a homeless woman alright i like this no it is good it keeps us grounded i mean that that last was funny you do look like a homeless man i do smell like i do look like i smell like pee why can i hear fat guy breathes loud the whole episode i got go back to soulcycle so i can eat some chips big cats weight is gucci now that should be but that's just come on man too far that's it ok
alright i thought it went well i thought that one well it went fine next friday do it again let's get funny yeah and hey you know what spread it around maybe hank maybe we shouldn't let hank pick every week but maybe rose tank too i don't know he only got one yeah i also is going through in my life i think crash right there's probably more interesting so we're making excuses to things crash ok nothing happened after yeah i hate when my my face crash that's why people keep making fun my weight it's bad visual all right hank before we get to our interviews we have stingray steve addison russell
which is maybe the worst interview i've ever done just a warning but i still i love him i love i love saying that you know i do love him i actually love him i think you're trying to convince yourself that you still love him but you might know i still love him because he's unbelievable baseball and i don't care how he is at interviews all i care about is how easy it baseball and dan haren between or do that we have a special add read from hank his first add read ever on pardon my take in it is a doozy let's listen guys we've taking jobs to earn extra cash back in the days to walk around my neighborhood collecting of cans just to make extra money but now it's much easier thanks to uber over is a totally flexible way to earn you can turn it on and off just like your car if you have had few hours here a few hours there drive with uber you're just hated your boss and wish you didn't have one i wish i could work your own hours and now you can thanks to uber every day is payday
could you can cash out anytime with instant pay so listen if you enjoy bring extra cash if there's something special you'd like to buy the car can start making you money so go ahead get your side house on sign into drive uber today go to dot com slash drive now that's uber dot com slash drive now uber dot com slash drive now do it drive get paid hey kid killed it that was a perfect perfect match for you to spokesman for uber everyone knows hey go together hey uber we now welcome on all star shortstop addison russell thank you so for joining us i'm going to start you off with an easy one is this the year uh this is the year that we have
in the most fun i guarantee you that we're having a lot of fun guys ok i like that honestly though do you kill any additional pressure because you guys were so good in the regular season that you need to step stop in the postseason as well i don't see that at all happening so that we are confident in the bill is that we have i know that coffee in the guys that were going into battle with so i think i think we do the same thing we do during the regular season and things might turn out pretty good people forget you got injured before the nlcs last year and i know that it was a sweep and i know it was devastating but i still think the cubs and i'm going to say we here 'cause i don't really care i think we probably win that series if you're healthy would you agree uh i would like to agree i would like to agree i like it yeah
so i know you're supposed to say that you don't really it care who you play in the next round but which team would you really like to beat in the nlds definitely i would like to play is the mac so you're scared of the giants not scared i scared at all i just i think with the the match so i think i think the mets are more type of opponent i still we i feel like we played him more more this year than we have the giants so we have a little bit more experienced or tord playing in them and then and then and then nothing like to get like revenge talk or anything like that but i did miss out on this series i would like to play them again
ok i agree i'd like a little revenge as well who is more intimidating when they come walking around the clubhouse rickets or theo uhm i would say i would say to you ok intimidating ok what about jed a jet has some had some intimidation factor but it's just kind of like a little bit short this morning it's really not that does mark grace over just show up in the clubhouse and start whipping people with towels and cracking beers no no no none of that but yeah all those guys are kind of intimidating you know because because because sometimes we really don't see what what what they really do and what all their preparation is whenever they have to do what they have to do so
they're kind of like sometimes question mark in a way all right before we get to going to a quick speed round but before we get to that i wanted to quickly talk to you bout met rx and your workout what do you bench in these days uh i don't max out one bench he's scared he scared to do that card yeah yeah no i'm not scared not scared just a it's just not part of my my training right okay so talk to us about it because i i'm i'm a little overweight and i need to try to get in shape and and my co host here he's got a broken foot so he's me back back on the men so what what should we be doing with matt our acts to try to get ourselves back on them on
the straight narrow here all right so basically looking toward this next month and in october it's a pretty intense pressure packed month of baseball and i'd to damage and this time of the year it you need the right training in the right race and you know i think that's key what i saw i partnered with patrick's because they understand that they understand that they need athletes athletes and to help you train and get to the next level so when the big moment arrives you know if they're ready i'm a we're right that's something that our x they awesome i'm gonna do it and also my october diet is usually just like hot dogs out in the bleachers and and beer but i'm gonna try to try to you know mix in a few wraps here and there
full speed around real quick i'm going to ask you kind of some clubhouse questions so let's start it up the funniest in the clubhouse a kawasaki who i didn't even think about that biggest prankster anthony rizzo ok best with the aux cord slash dj who's the best one they get on the music myself oh ok most likely to ground into a double play besides jason heyward haha i would say myself ok underrated funniest the guy who we wouldn't suspect to be funny but everyone cracks up with his humor uh jeez is some good ones uh
basically big cat figured out three different ways to ask you who was the funniest yeah he just wants to go with me right you guys looking all the time but there's one guy in the clubhouse who probably has like a dry sense of humor that makes everyone laugh that you wouldn't see like the media wouldn't know is really really funny ok dirtiest joke that joe maddon's told you can't remember that ok but i would just write humor probably call hendricks he's a quiet one yeah also the smartest he went to dartmouth that's an ivy league school ever heard of it um biggest ball buster like kind come talks most ship roxy okay who would you not want to sit next to on the bus maybe because they have gas or bad breath or you know whatever oh man i don't know i don't know ok pass that's fine
lot of talk about curses what's your favorite curse word yeah fuck ok nice most likely to come back from an acl injury to hit a home run in the world series on our team i would say jorge soler yorkie steakhouse river oh cow schwarber tonight so breaking news cow schwarber might play in the world series hit home run yeah best dancer ok best answer myself i've i've heard differently i actually heard that rizzo's the best answer boy if he told you that himself he's alive no he told me that himself and i believe him ok funniest guy to just kind of joke around with and just joke and have a good time and tell jokes with ok ok seriously the cubs they lost the world series in nineteen forty five do you know who
this was defeated in one thousand nine hundred and forty five i or not germany and japan hitler hitler alright we do our last three questions that we ask everyone here they come do you wash your apples i do watch apples why because other people touch those apples and they've been spitting in an apple bag the bag you get you get an apple guy that travels with a bag of apples wow ok i'm your apples on the open type of guy yeah let nature washam watching second last question who is the most famous person in your cell phone uh their prized one column drive
ok just okay just what's selling pardon my take says sup alright last question and then i'll let you go question i'm going to ask that you don't have to answer but i'm asking anyway does anyone in the clubhouse or front office or anywhere believe in the curse i don't think anyone believes i curse you sure just i know that some of the spanish guys believe in ghosts so you don't i believe in ghosts too but i don't believe in cursive ok i actually believe in ghost to do you do you think the pfister hotel in milwaukee is haunted ok so last question was second and last question yeah the pfister hotel is haunted
allison thank you so much if you want to just kind of like point out to i'll probably in the left field bleachers on friday night if you want to give me a little point like maybe a little sammy sosa kiss or whatever i won't i'll make sure i catch it ok alright sounds good alright thanks man that addison russell interview russell brought to you by draftkings dot com draftkings dot com has a huge fantasy football as for you this week in week five with over one million dollars in total prize if the user to draft kings is the destination for one week fantasy football you go on pick your players for sunday and you're ready to rock you don't have to worry about the long term commitment it is just for sunday and there's over one million dollars in prizes don't wait get to draftkings dot com right now and choose your players for this weekend's contest enter promo code
that's b i g c a t and play for free with your first deposit that's promo code big cat to play for free for your share of over one million dollars in total prizes this weekend only a tracking dot com draftkings dot com eligibility restrictions may apply see website for details get to draftkings dot com for that huge week five fantasy contests another something completely diff alright we now welcome on our favorite friday guess stingray steve steve what's up man i'm doing hey guys how are y'all were doing great we have instead of sec football this weekend we want to talk to you about the what's going on first of all are you safe uh yes i am safe here in alabama but of course you know down in florida mandate they they're really taking the brunt of matthew you know
haiti i think had a total death toll of one hundred and eight people and that's all four i think they've just actually increase that too so really so i got two oh man that's you know matthew is nothing to play with and i saw all us some of the you know you were range models are showing it looping back around and coming back around florida and getting back in the goal so it's going to be one is going to stay with for quite awhile wait giving florida to for ah yes whammy now it looks like to go all the south carolina coast and loop back around and go back over floor okay so i had a question i'm not a hurricane expert matter weather guy what's the difference between a category like four and five 'cause that's where matthew is it's like
be a category five but right now it's category four is that correct yes a hot now category four basically means that a roof and wall failures of a house are possible a category five means completely devastated like what you had with in louisiana along the coast before it got into new orleans and basically what you had only the mississippi coast with katrina that was pretty much the devastation like you would say with the category five let's hope we don't get there you know we're we're going to be pretty close because i think the peak wind gusts that i saw was going to be one hundred and forty five miles per hour and that's right along the coast from west palm
they each all the way up to a mail burn and own up in the air so and now what what's the plan for the weekend are you going to you follow obviously all this do you love your true loves sec football weather which one takes precedent on saturday it's city state football because they're at home in starkville an and they have to beat auburn to go to a full game i think uh because you know we've got byu coming up we got a and m we got arkansas so at one thousand one hundred am i'll be sitting in the the in ring in the cow bell and hopefully help in mississippi state made all birds okay i like it go on go state hill st sorry yes what do you force this week with the call
uh i have north carolina versus florida state in one of the most epic ways a football came can go north carolina was up big in that ball game florida state rallies all the way back only to have a fifty four yard field goal in the streak of twenty two home games for boiler spoiler all right now now before you do this sting ray what's your shut out your twitter handle again so people can go follow it because you also did a rapid reaction called the tennessee georgia game which i loved so i want to make sure everyone gets to see that so give us your twitter handle so being confined at steven ray twenty eight and i hope you guys were ok with no hey listen staying right we'll uh you you know we love you you went when a game like that ends the people will went to hear it
and you delivered right away are you dm me right away and you're like you know i hope that's okay it's always okay especially when something like that happens you know your round a market inefficiency which is it was going to take six more days for your call to get out there to the public and you said hey i can just go ahead and get a ride out there so i was on your i think we should make this a rule if there's ever a hail mary touch down to a the game like that we want it right away so don't even worry about it ok cool alright in a month thinking about doing a rabble tv dot com i'm thinking about doing a broadcast of one of the games sad
the night nice okay all right we'll we'll make sure we follow on twitter we'll retweet that when that comes up okay awesome awesome all right to look through the call okay cool all right here we go yeah why learn for the fifty four yard field goal to give the tar heels there are a their biggest win under larry fedora the kick is up it is away he got it nick wheeler got it down goes the seminoles there twenty two game home streak has ended by bus me holes will see you next year hopefully for the fourteen playoff as you have just been booted out of the fourteen playoff by the tar heels go tar heels as they knock off florida state and tower
yes loved it loved it a plus is always real quick so you can do the chatman square massacre uh no i'm let's take to sports get any kind of sports you guys want i'll do ok the texas tech michael crabtree pass that beat texas i'll be happy to do that or anything even if last night before that yeah but as far as you know history wise no i'm just going to stick ok alright alright yeah yeah we'll see alright stingray thank you as always we love these calls we appreciate it i know our listeners love these calls and we'll see you next friday all right yeah and thank you for the opportunity every single women absolutely hell state allstate guys and hopefully we can beat auburn there you go
let's kick it now to our favorite baseball guest inherent dan great to talk to you are you thinking that you wanted to maybe be apart of the cubs run this year or you get a little fomo then uh it's been fun to watch this year last year was was fun being part of it i mean i isn't active on the roster so but it was still fun to watch the games the first two years of the fund the yeah i'm excited watch all right i want to ask you about the first samson because obviously the cubs are facing the giants can anyone beat madison bumgarner that i don't know i'm scared for the cubs i'm serious the problem with playing the giants for the cubs jake is you really need to win the first two games
i figured the ideal situation would be not going back to san francisco in a in a one one a series of having to face bumgarner and you know in a five game series that so it's kind of shitty about a five year through the they're more likely to be an upset in my opinion right so what explain it to the idiots out there or the people who are do you know who casually watch baseball on october why the hell is madison bumgarner like so impossible to beat i don't know if i really have an answer for that i think he's trays he preys on she was being aggressive i think teams are more aggressive than in the postseason just everyone the amped up and it seems like i mean he's throwing a little bit harder i think yesterday but he's getting guys to chase a lot so i'm more breaking balls and uh i don't know still amped up and i think he prays on that so taking mad bum out of this
if you had one game to win and you could have your pick of let's call it scherzer areeta ankur shah who are taken kirschau no doubt yeah but your friends with them yeah so ok what if we're journalists remember so take that out let's imagine that you hated kirschau who would you take now who are the other two what if you hated ok what if all three of them were like your mortal enemies oh god i don't know i mean i think every other is i'm a little bit worried i'm a little worried about the way he's throwing the ball seems a little while but i mean he'll get jacked up for the yeah i mean
cereal throw the ball well but yeah i'm going to wait a little bit up and down for him ok so so those are my two cubs questions that i want to ask is obviously you have a pretty intimate knowledge of the team one is the area to control do you think that's thing that i should be worried about do you think it's something that if he's more jacked up it could get first because he's you over thinking in overthrowing did you did you watch last the any wednesday bill simmons at eighty eight tips for cubs fans i was thinking of it it's pretty good actually will definitely better no but seriously doubt it i did a ringer podcast to the baseball when i felt so guilty you jerk wow sleeping around with the enemy see i knew that's why i hit up anderson to see if you want to come on the show 'cause i knew that you were trying to yes i also did you know that was a dick move by you
i thought you know what you didn't respond either 'cause i called you out you didn't respond i did i didn't find your respond to me now you didn't yes so you might want to check tape on that 'cause i got the receipts an i said that we were trying to get some inside info so that big cat could know exactly what was going on behind the scenes with the dodgers so check the tape on that but as far as area goes can you explain to as big cat eloquently put it idiots out there i'm one of them can you look for with arianna to know if he's like going to be dialed in early on in the game of his control is going to be there what is or something to technically that's been different but i miss her no i don't spending mechanically i mean he just he seems he's kind of spread his seems to me phases fastball around a little more than usual i mean his stuff is so nasty where you know he's going to get guys to swing i think was
guys have been a little bit more patient often this year and it's led to him getting it's more like two and we want accounts and then he ends up blocking guys so i may just like i so with bumgarner he's you know he's going to be girl from guys are chasing so maybe another to playoffs and you know hopefully guys are chasing after his death little more 'cause i do want to see the cubs move on moving on from arrieta kyle hendricks obviously had an unbelievable season the playoffs are different beasts everyone knows he doesn't throw you know super hard stuff should i be worried at all about that no he will do he's going to do really well i mean i think the he was strong really good last year i mean and then he just seems like he's got a little better he's added a little bit to his arsenal seems like kitchen a little
more up in the past boys cutting and stuff but he's going to be good i like that they're throwing him at home too 'cause you definitely want to windows search two games yup and i'll be there drunk yelling so they'll get a little boost from me not to bring yeah move on from just the cubs talk playoffs in general we wanted to talk to you from a pictures stand point an from you know the october standpoint how much does it suck pitching in cold weather uh it's a little harder to get loose in two thousand and six i pitched in detroit and i think it was snowing during the series i presented a person ok i was actually the last time i pitched in the playoffs but i mean it's it's just better together is once once you're once you select and stuff it doesn't it doesn't really matter not not at all and
in the playoffs you don't have your normal rotation you don't you're not necessarily like set to go on different days and starting pitcher you can get called in at anytime especially like elimination game so how does that affect your preparation like do you take fewer naps in the dugout dugout or the bullpen or what that's pretty serious that question started off really serious another let's pull it off a little bit but that was that was his changeup are those twelve six change up yeah jeez yeah i mean we have started going into the bowl tonight you would know if you're available on that particular day i mean i would think like lackey for example he's probably available for you guys tomorrow or whenever that game is good and so he'll be ready but now there the for hendrickson and they'll do the a normal amount of maps during the what about what about guys pitching on short rest 'cause that's something that i think fan
don't fully understand the toll it takes and you know is it is it mental is it physical i obviously it's both but like which you know can guys is it just a guy to guy situation where like massive bumgarner can pitch on two to two or three days but some guys really do need their full rest like whoa talk to me talking about how that works with the pictures well i'm gonna get more so sore than others so some guys bounce back easier than others so i think so you know the struggle you guys are gonna be some certain specific guys will be easier to bounce back like bumgarner obviously seems like he can throw all the time but you know for some guys that you get pretty sore after and the physical part of it is going be hard to bounce back in that many days 'cause you know the day after you pitch you you feel pretty shity the next day you start feeling better an already by that time if you're going on short rest you only have one more day to get right before you had to pitch so i think it's more it's more physical and then
you're just worried about having to pitch while you're sore and you're probably going to there faster but so you know meant you're going to be worrying about that i think i got it has anybody ever turn a beer at you no i've had batteries thrown at me though and the dodgers stadium who what size aa wasn't a little ones this is a while ago on the cardinals and i was in dodger stadium in the playoffs and i was warming up people that's why they were they weren't warranty battery yeah i would think that if you're going to bring a battery to throw you gotta go nine volt or d at least right you would think yeah yeah dodges fat daughter stands on the smartest thing
what about the now i always wanted this because i consider but pft and i are both in the same boat here we should be like clubhouse guys for hire keep it loose in the clubhouse in the postseason other less jokes are there less like pranks are people like in the guy who's always funny is he now serious and everyone's like tense all the time or how's it usually or to two regular season it's a little bit more serious yeah people take it more serious but uh nomad and was keeping it real i think dempster came in the in the clubhouse last year during the playoffs and gave us a little pump up speedy's baby millar was in there trying to rally us down from thirty when we're done with the mets last year but that didn't work but it's a little more since i mean guys are a little more upside i think but i mean no no it's not that much different than season
we had on earlier in the year and you gave us your predictions which we don't really remember what they are have a change what were my predictions you are you had the cubs n the indians indians yeah the cubs and indians now i would say cubs red sox now oh that would be an amazing series uh i'm personally hoping for that just so that i can see the interoffice dynamics here between big cat and press it would be just amazing who do you have in the dodgers national series i had the dodgers ok even though even though kirsha chris i know he's fine he said what he said what one really that it not i'm not professional nails on the dodgers
other times he lost he lost in that period he lost in that series christian art show dressed he gave up a homer in six innings he was like in one hundred pitches too so that's true what about what about david price 'cause he's another guy who's got that he's got that moniker as you know the guy who screws up in october i think he will be alright of course i will go on i think yeah i understand that yeah that price the the pretty loaded i think i think the red sox are looking pretty good so do you not believe in that like to that some guys just can't can't hack it in october even if they're great during the regular season i houston i believe in that and then watching bumgarner he's he's been pretty amazing so it just seems like take it to another level i mean i don't think i don't think that like every kershaw gets a bad rap like he should be in the close to the body i mean i don't know so i think it's more one start hi i'm looking forward to him
throwing a few good games here is it supposed to be today i'm looking forward to it being cut doctors in the next round it that would be awesome talk to addison russell and he was just amazing he was really opening up the kimono forest and told us all the secrets of the clubhouse but he said nobody believes in curses when you were on cubs was earning any whispers of curses now i have no whispers system this is the russell interview it wasn't good people around is he going on before what's the order today is it is it gonna be addison russell's independence stingray in the main yeah you do we don't know if you're you know what it's october again we don't know when we're going to bring in you can put you can put stingray ahead of me that's fine i don't know ok yeah maybe maybe we'll have a twelve stingray start will have addison set up put some guys on on the on the basis and then you'll come in and clean it up so this is the have you telling me that i'm i'm last year those are closer
i i could see his interview being a little weird though he's kind of a weird guy yeah yeah what about ghosts we talked about it to addison about ghosts how many guys this in an average clubhouse this is an old journalist trick by the way 'cause you know they always like do interviews and they're like how many percentage of people that do steroids in major league baseball and you threw out a random server percentage of people in major league baseball that believe in ghosts huh that's a good one uh i would it's probably higher than normal we have a couple hotels that we stay at the i think there's one in milwaukee with this sampa yeah the pfister milwaukee and then the renaissance venoy in in tampa both haunted hotels you believe in that but i don't believe in ghost start up will you believe that their haunted no guys say that yeah ok but yeah those so i think the top get
going when you get into those cities and you're going to those hotels and guys get freaked out so i would say it's pretty high percentage that guys think that some of the remaining teams that are left here which one has the least amount of a home field advantage well i would say probably texas maybe i don't know so i would agree that's another gymnastic is to get will talk shit about fans and then those fans respond even with david justice did that he did it with his own team yeah which was actually a great move on his part yeah that stadium in texas really sucks i don't like it what what do you like it's just i just don't like i don't know i don't like to set up yeah i mean the fans always saying i don't know it was it wasn't the toughest place to fish but maybe maybe it's different i still don't know give us odds on another adore bautista fight very very low
there's no one through its nose will be stupid enough throwing at guys and stuff during during these games no way what sure go to move during a brawl uh man i don't know but i always was a guy that talked a lot of shit before before the brawl it happens so like whenever one like kind of goes out in his talk a lot of crap i would just be airing it out 'cause you know mother effing everybody and then like when the fighting actually happened i oshit i'd like that away that's ok yeah i'm not i'm not really a fighter i mean yeah ok so we like to talk about how woke you are on the show and i was reading your wikipedia page as i do to prep for an interview and this was the last sentence on there so you tell me if this is true or not it says you perform slant poetry under the name woke god is that true not true
oh so i think in award winning listener or you i'm not sure which one somebody was setting us up for that one now as someone who's been is it being too woke wouldn't someone who does slam poetry under woke god say they don't do it you not conspiracy guys alright no i'm not sure that's just connected how you could ok yeah no i think what's happened is we've given away our tips of how we do research for interviews so when we preview a guest our list just go and screw up the wikipedia so that we we ourselves over and say things that we don't know that that aren't true well listeners are award winning so i wouldn't put that past you know that you're like a you're an underrated like secret hit with award winning listeners like every every time it's like who's the favorite guess there's a dan haren like undercurrent and that is aj green
agent on their own i wondered what's the mount rushmore of of worst part of my take yes i don't know we check out it's you will no doubt it's aj green it's assn russell stacey king and traffic those are really the only three that stand out yeah landon didn't really look at it yellen anatomy and the best way marlins man is at camp pull that was incredible rather spend marlins man i'll let you know got like over one million downloads that episode when we went to the ballpark with him that was that was that was really yeah he's making those hats for us somewhere in the orient as we speak yeah the orient but yeah he's on the mount rushmore and what a beautiful mount rushmore yeah it is beautiful right dan hopefully come back maybe for the second round if you're not too busy doing a ringer podcast or something i got one more question did you end up going to see both thing yeah
yeah there's a picture of then yeah i yeah i saw i saw was it like i will we have the same agent so yeah i mean i can't really say anything better that is great so yeah so it he was a great baseball player i'm obligated to say it was good yeah she's he's to be he's got to be about two hundred accounts that dude is just shredded i mean it looks well he looks weird and basically it's obvious that big he looks good in shorts that's what they say that's half the battle yeah great legs alright dad we really do appreciate it and please come back if you aren't doing if you're not too busy watching like old any given wednesdays and ringer podcasts and whatnot maybe they get they send you a fruit basket for watching any given wednesday like one of the twenty people that watch that show every wednesday no way that's good shut up ok
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and get more into the sabermetrics came recently don't know if you know this but in the playoffs last year they started tracking assist this and assisted rebounds hockey move and all sorts of stuff yeah it was dealing from hockey got wild but this year the suns are turning the sabermetrics game on their head earl watson the head coach you could have did you know that was watson earl earl the pearl says that they're going to start tracking players high fives also so stealing from hockey exactly yes so the coach we have a high five stat i'm being honest with you this is true so we want to keep track of how many high fives we get per game to each other so i love it because if you just look at the stats teams at a really really good and have a lot of good plays they high five more teams that sucks so naturally the more crabs you give the better you are what is what is account for a butt tap i don't know i think that's
that's the next generation of sabermetrics fit no is like i'm a germaphobe i want to touch your hand but slap it's like we're friends were friends yeah you don't want to anybody slaps no just one special okay out place that's like if if you go away yeah if you go to a financial planner and you're like hey how can i get more rich and he's like well good rich uncles all my rich clients they own jet skis so you should buy a bunch of jet skis so and then he butt taps and then he bought taxi under yeah yeah so i like this i mean slap on the app it can't get any worse right get it go out and get there yeah no i like this by the suns because what this is you got to corner the market when you're bad and guess what if there tracking high fives are going to lead the league in high thoughts to the suns just bring back the high five yeah as a guy who's team won the two thousand sixteen summer league any victory counts okay i like it so hey just pick something and be great at it yeah exactly ok
i would be great at saying ok ok let's who uh sorry not sorry this one came on wednesday right during the mets and giants wild card game madison bumgarner shoutout you're not human this was from an astros minor leaguer heat we did my name is my little bit redundant to say astros minor leaguer yeah brooks marlow that's nice fake name hey let's just name our kid like two dogs brooks marlow two labradors i was going to say it like a third liner on canadian minor league team slash two labradors brooke brooks marlow said no lady let's to be on espn talking during a baseball game especially mendoza sorry i'm going to i'm correct your real quick on that he didn't say especially he said specially
yes you're right so you're totally different yes specially specially character limits count he did put the period there though so he probably had word tossed it talked about so he's just an idiot yep but which is also redundant or brook smart so minor leaguer for the houston astros isn't it yeah but he did say sorry so it was like sorry not sorry but actually sorry so i apologize sorry but he apologized for it right so what's the big deal right exactly why is everyone up and also let's examine this point here like ok men we don't we don't such beauty pageants women shouldn't be talking about sports no exactly fair's fair fair is fair you stay on your side of the lawn almost stay on my side yeah exactly an segway as a white guy as a white guy joe buck has come out and said that he was addicted to her plant surgery and all losses career he said that he felt the pressure to look young
we have a full head of hair on tv an as a white guy like myself i think that's fuckedup the pressure that we put on our mail announcers to look good for the camera
always be looking good always someone be the presentable guy like you know it it gets old sometime is it really to it well you kick it old so don't say that you're not allowed to get all those right place you yeah another young white guy yeah right that's probably your son he's got nice teeth yeah right or your son might be related to loan that went to some you still get replaced by some right yeah i must be nice though to be able to afford a hair transplantation yes that's one of my squad goals for myself and my here yeah that's when you know you've made it when you're like i'm i'm addicted to hear plants i've got a diamond addiction is so gonna have to fill budget more rolls royce yeah but yeah shots joe buck who is a recurring guest we hope to have mom again some time because he was a great cast sounded like he's just got an addictive personality too because when he was talking about his love life sound like he was addicted to sex two nine six six who the dissects the
here here here problem here because we did her plastic to put in her plants in your head was that what is that airplane to her place like home alright we also love a thoughts and prayers this one's actually serious let's get serious guys thoughts and prayers to mike the tiger lsu's mascot has cancer they're going to let him live or another year month or two and then they're going to euthanize am it was probably this picture i've ever seen watching mike the tiger be like well then do a cat scan is that upon no i didn't it's very number one if that wasn't no wasn't let's get serious ok let's get serious i actually met mike a couple times so you did so it could have been you could've been main but mike is he's a sweetheart he's a really good guy new enclosure that he's been living in since like two thousand and seven is awesome
like we were talking about like three hundred square feet no it's about one hundred times bigger than my apartment ok so like three hundred and fifty square feet yeah classic new york joke that yeah there you go but you guys wouldn't get it you're not new yorkers but seriously mike's place is awesome it's like in he has his own zoo that he lives in it's like the kid from blank remember that movie blank check back in today yeah remember his house yeah you had to go kart yeah also weird creepy what about blank check was it was a ten year old and then like that thirty year old chick wanted to bang him for awhile well and also like his parents were just like hey arcade just lives in a house by himself now yeah so mike the tiger thoughts and prayers yeah ok the real tragedy here is that we won't be able to gamble on mike's illness is brutal the hurricane do you want to take you on to you here for second yeah that's on me i said on monday show in the tiger woods who's back of the week i said the hurricanes are back
said but i was talking to you yeah so just our thoughts and prayers are actually with people are award winning listeners in florida on the east coast being affected by and everybody but i need to take some responsibility because i invited this i i've i up i took butler and i echo before that's on the other way around but yeah ryan gomes is two hundred and sixty five pounds in high cool i'll get that can't take everyone i feel like a fork rd butler or not bad there are hundreds of thousands of people that immediately turn podcast off when we start doing the jim calhoun but no i think there's actually more that are like this is awesome i love jim calhoun so back to mike the tiger and hurricanes lsu's game at florida was cancelled cocho is now i'm going to get the troops rallied up for week two of the cocho madness we were talking yeah
got to do a scrimmage right i think coach i was going to have them play against the hurricane i think he's going to have a might be in gainesville right now yeah it's been like you guys were taking her on the hurricane into that went over yonder you're you're our goal was to the hurricane was bad guy hell son you still son you feel the wind against friends you got to run and then he's going to get everyone i actually think he's going to have a practice is going to scrimmage full pad scrimmage on saturday doesn't stop him until at least three starters are injured and out for the year i was going to say the first team either the office or the defense to have all their players bleeding yes wins yes exactly so what we got now doner finished yeah the nfl the nfl i think the nfl might be done so there sir just taking full disclosure
we recorded this before the thursday night football game but i guarantee it's going to suck yeah it is because full disclosure they only do it the color i sure not even doing a call residue and half black and white yes black is every color yeah and then white is the absence of come non color yeah so it's like you know what's weird why am i even tuning in if i'm not seeing a person dressed up like super hero right this is mike greenberg mike greenberg did predict this he said we played five foot fall in twenty years so little early but like the nfl is done and maybe finished so i think that the fl in order to stop this they need to double down on their punishment to get celebration their suspensions for marijuana smoking yep and talking to like i'm sick of seeing players shoot bone arrows into the sky yeah my favorite penalty of the week was terrelle pryor just got fined like twenty thousand dollars
because he did the lebron celebration after score touchdown and that's illegal and you can't do that so twenty thousand dollars breaking news cochos going to the magnisi state game to watch his son's plans yeah ok ok he's going to get into that game somehow like actually play here's something that the nfl could do to get some buzz going roger goodell should lessen ray rice is suspension by one game oh so just cut it in half yep one game it retroactively it was one game suspension i don't he served it yet yeah i think so also just let oj simpson back in the league if if you let oj play at running back for one game and just get destroyed i get in the past year what have we learned i don't i don't give a shit as americans what it is if it's about oj simpson an it's on tv we will watch we will watch so bring oj back they patched him run bring the juice back it let the juice loose there we go then it's back also
yeah unless tip i'm get make a point to go but you know you can have be altering porn or just have stephen a smith call when the players cornball brother and then that way you also increase ratings on first take yeah so it's one of those i got the the bird that stands on top of the hippo symbiotic relationship yeah and eats the off his years and yeah yeah just just get his big white on roger goodell's your and that was the grossest two seconds of part might take this week let's do some jimbos all right hank hold on sorry yeah the love goes on long after the thrill of living is gong hello we add tools on now you have to the thrill of living is gone
do do do do do do do do do two different in new bern do do do do do do little ditty about jack and diane two young lovers lane america's heartland jet going be a football star diane said she did not take that far as those that was suggestive the implications of that let's you daughter listen to that song alright spent the past
it is focusing on getting weed for the hurricane now i have now i have blood but all the grocery stores and the so i have no snacks i'm stuck in my house soon can't smoke out snacks brawl you need those cheetos all rios to read those girls i like how this dude was pretending that procuring weed was a full time job like he couldn't have been also going to the store and buying shit while he was all you have to it was just texting people also two oak danny's going to chime in here for a second no stone nose hurricanes coming in two weeks that's way too much planning for a stoner that's there's no way to these two days still too much planning first owner i agree that's like you wake up and you're like oh no yeah you wake up and you're like doors have been blown off you like should i need my buddy i'm well i'm all cash bro so i had the bar last week and then one guy wasn't getting any female attention
so we decided to steal all their purses and put them all in a shoulder to force them to talking to him before they left that sounds they all got super piston threatened to pursue theft right away thank yeah no way that's just more of a you think wait so a jimbo is that he's a dick to a bunch of chicks and stole their purses and then the checks got mad that's such a chick thing oh man just stop stealing don't be such a wet blanket like chicks you're still not a chill these days are not cool i could steal your purse is just a joke she thinks she's so cool when she's doing that but you know it's just really annoying yeah so just let the guys be the guys and then just have sex with us later some more some more fat more washed up the big cat at thirty three i'm back in school to change careers and in class on tuesday i spilled my entire cup of coffee over three tables but mainly myself spent the rest of the day as the old guy with what looked like pee pants
well first of all you're's pass and that's ok there are lots of spaces out there second of all i don't just just embrace your spaz itude first of all i do appreciate that shot at me i know i say i'm washed all the time you are but he said is more uses slop here and he fatter let me know i'm fatter just that is more washed us all okay i take that back you spilled coffee all over yourself yeah listen i'm a washed up you i'm being i've said this many times i'm over the hill i'm fat i'm gross i got i got i got i got nothing really great left to do but at least not a spaz that's pills things and at least you're not in college right at least at least right after trying to learn anything right trying to be better i got a quick solution for this guy maybe try cocaine no it's like cleaner here's here's a solution man you say you're washed well guess what
wash being truly washed means that don't you know that you're never going to learn anything new in life and so that was your first mistake trying to on you're washed okay so here's the thing if that washed your absolute right that you should not be out there trying to learn any new facts will you should spend the rest of your life doing is making sure other people know how much you know about the facts you already know right and that's how you get ahead in life and you eventually retire with a lot of money right so just take your strength stops promise you're spreading your mind too thin right now just focus what you have did bill bella check throw the ball seventy times is jacobi brisket no didn't go back to build i'll check try to go coach basketball after he won three super bowls no no exactly so also just better hand eye coordination like i've never done that and cocaine and cocaine alright lady jimbo he the house chicken house clean up your
well straight in my head before work the other morning i clamp down on my earlobe with four hundred degrees of heat ripping off a layer of skin and caused stream throbbing pain hate it when that happens turn into a giant scab and i have been able to sleep on my left side since our pft you have women's hair i do what it's not like when you try to straighten it it sucks is the worst because the strain it and then you step outside in the humidity and it just freezes right up again help i actually did straight my her one time a man car do whatever you want we will have a i wish everybody could see the look hank just gave me when we put you in my oh man if quantum tree but if guantanamo was still open weed fuckin' put you there that's how big of a man card violation this is whatever i straighten it shut out one time and while it is true that after it was lit was for it was for halloween last year if you have to know what was your cost kid rock ok alright
all right so you took we took your man card become a more alpha male that's right okay that's fair so you can take my man card but now kid rock now come in with the god card yes so now i'm kid rock come from the deep detroit city that's right sorry i hate it when that happens when you burn yourself for the straightening tool thing i don't know i've i've i mean i burned myself every time i try to make a pizza i burned myself so i know how it feels thanks all right i think is a canadian guy visiting my buddy at his university he got so drunk that he paid the cover feed the same bar five times because he kept walking out and coming back in and fifty dollars and cover fee alone in canada like one thousand dollars right yeah also i this guy's definitely from canada because that's just that's very polite thing to do so thank you for keeping small business going yeah i bet that bouncer then went and paid for everyone's tim hortons and now there's still a line around the block of people paying it forward
i sent the email to my fairly attractive boss that said i know you're extremely busty so let me know if there's anything i can do for you clearly meaning to say busy needless to say she put me on blast with our whole team oman ok so last week we had the guy who told his boss had a sweet dick was a little less sexual harass me than this one i think the t nine correction is that what is yeah it to ninety nine the type of site your type of she's worked yeah it's got a lot of legs that's close knit boston but busy is very close it's it's a little you're writing something off we have a typo so i think that that's no harm no foul on this is that likes roding is a large sum you're like you i've been something you say what you think instead of what you mean the type that's exactly which reading as well as well i think what you're thinking about is freud yep strutting yours that is one where you're trying to murder cat got it either you're you sometimes you're both
simultaneously a murderer and not in a normal person to also this guy i want not porn to know that are afternoon rolls around your boss walks in your office and she's like hey i know you meant to write busy but you wrote busty and then two to and then she's like anything you a hand on yeah do you do got this delivery of a big sausage pizza you say that to her yeah we're assuming that you work in a pizza restaurant papa john's hey shut up to that guy great memory pizza hut but yeah this pizza hut goes i fired everyone now i gotta manage this whole damn pizza hut by myself at some of my favorite dream of all time i tried to work out the perfect line to ask out a girl i was flirting with by asking my bros for advice they came the good way to fix by the way let me interrupt you chicks love lines they love it of a preset pick up line from ground
they come as a enough to break the ice hey you got any reasons why how about a date i don't get it erasing data in the same family it's just really bad pick up line anyway they came with a good way to phrase it but i copy and pasted it and send it to her with a quotation marks on it so he said terror the quote why that's a rodger russell wilson same thing it was on valentine's day i was like how do i profess my love into google and many what is that yep i your why are you doing this why are you doing this to yourself like where you use your head roll out is that is that normal do people ask each other out over text yeah how would you do it hank text us want to go out i will text my one i would align text me like one of your french yes texas thank i would not texas no i want to go okay now they will
hm you if you do sometime let's get and maybe seven hours later when you're drunk you up and then and then you send your deck you take some drunk and then you text in the next morning i'm so sorry and then you continue conversation with big cat brings up a great point here you can't ever get accused of plagiarism if you just send a picture of your dick so should have gone with a dick pic girls love dick pics all let's do our gym big cat okay i heard hank's feelings on sunday night and he got really mad at me that was actually going to be a pledge images i made make angry yeah i've never seen hank that angry besides the mornings the best part about hank is you guys are understood okay so how does that matter you know run hank is and is why i love nicki he thinks he's hiding his anger towards me but i know when he's angry and you know what i we were in the wrong and i up
to come back a couple one hundred dollars so hank apologies again we have no problem with you not doing your laundry you dirty mother my jimbo is actually on monday when i was getting ready to come into the office i'm on crutches and i am going out to the cabin to pick me up i stepped in dog with my crutch and then i had to get into the cabin i didn't know that my crush was filled with shit and so we're driving and it's like a twenty minute drive 'cause it's rush hour and i'm just sticking up the cab with all the in the cab drivers looking over shoulder i mean the whole time and there's really not you can do it you're headset person right now hank i don't know why so we should be jim looks like can't think of one you're the best known better than you babe right that's a show for this week we can make sure you follow us on part of my take at pardon my take on twitter app pardon my take on instagram subscribe on itunes
make sure you tell everyone to subscribe on itunes we've also had some really good videos come out this week peter king exit interview and are larry's pics you can check them out on the eve brand new barstool sports app which will notify you every time we have a new video so you download it you put on the notification for either myself hank or pft anytime we write anything which will mostly be the videos it will notify you have it right on your phone also one just give a shout out to all the mom listers we've got out there i would like to see more of the mom listeners roasting us yeah i i wanna see roast from your mom yeah index to that yeah let's to all right so next friday we're gonna get roasted by your mom and to end teller i said so yeah yeah that's how you get it right that is the week we'll see you next week we got a big week we're going to chicago on thursday we're going to eat a of buffalo wings i know you are oh yeah yeah i know you are and i am
sharks a week from tomorrow yeah exactly alright we'll see you guys on the flip side also there so so okay so sports
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