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Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bama Natty + Billy vs Jose Canseco Is Officially On

2021-01-12 | 🔗
Alabama wins another National Title and we break down Saban being the unassailable GOAT.(2:25-17:45) Billy Vs Jose Canseco is officially set for Rough and Rowdy February 5th. (18:50-26:37) Hot Seat Cool Throne and Doug Pederson is fired. (28:01-42:34) Stone Cold Steve Austin joins the show to talk about his TV Show being back for season 2, Vince McMahon and how we’re basically best friends now.(43:44-1:05:00) We finish with guys on chicks (1:08:12-1:16:38)
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happy birthday happy have inherited earth. There. Are you happy happy happy birthday, happy birthday, Billy Football early are young you coming now we knew Billy. You didn't think we are worth the Monti report of my take good. How you didn't think we knew my nose, my birthday, I gotcha something yeah go look Billy! I know how many of us, I know how much you like gains. So I That's you a hundred dollars worth of meat. It's been Sidney. Rudy Ehrlichman meal is like a little girl, looks a little We're. Don't hang on now now two hundred dollars worth of me. There we go. There you go Billy. However, we have a big announcement for Billy. Come up at a minimum rates are above the national champions, really have to say, I'm open your presence of the might come on come on. Oh look at that. Can't do not chicken tune, the tuna, the land Eve sticks. Oh my god, you are true.
laboratory, Retriever, so happy Is this the exact same thing when I open up? I thought I had a measure that my part Box for Stella. She has the same exact reaction or had are they Billy? We got. The billion Africa have in a minute was sought shall we don't? Can you put the Baghdad seriously Baghdad, the Alabama crimson tide of one another national championship? Nick saving is the greatest coach of all time on a sale, seven national titles. Six with Alabama one with Alice. You can. We say in any sport and saving is the best coach to ever coach. Anything it's getting their man and he's not slow down like the craziest part is he's gotta be seventy next year and he just one another national title so that there he's got the best recruiting class in the history of recruiting classes. Already, it's crazy is the number one recruiting class in the history of recruiting classes, let alone Alabama. He has now one six titles at album and fourteen years, if
Nick saving walked into your living room at any point the last fourteen years he could say too to you and your family. You will win a national title. If you come Alabama any truth in it. true it, you can look at it. Oh nine, eleven twelve in seventeen twenty. Even if you always stayed for three years, you are guaranteed to win title. That's fucking insane. I think that the biggest problem for coach saving is when, as you gonna get bored because he can Keep this going silly eyes. Have you never gets bored, then I think you would get mad at himself. If he started get bored and black Nicky I to get back to work, I he's gonna he's gonna, keep doing it the biggest It's like the more effective we talked about the butter, the new butterfly fact, the more effect if West Virginia had one that Fiesta bowl against Oklahoma when they beaten by, like twenty points back in two thousand eight. Nick Save and wanted to go to West Virginia to be their head coach. I think
I would love to see an excessive and, at some point go finish, career at Virginia just like, maybe Once you turn seventy five get they get the into the run for saving. Have him brain couple, titles to the mountaineer he's not go slow down, and so the create the craziest stats are the next seven had so he's now, like we set you if you boy He walked into a living room in the last fourteen year. She could actually guarantee that you would, when national time you went album and it became he, he is now one six national titles at Alabama, five different Let's of coordinators, three different defensive coordinators. That's crazy! He's basis is turn over his staff. every single year to turn over his strength and conditioning Coachee had forever this year. They got about better divided. it was insane and then the Two thousand. Seventeen recruiting class is gonna, be football porn for like ever because they, So, depending on how this draft goes, there will the ten guys that we drafted the top fifty picks right now
they had so to a went in the first round, gender quills. Iraq's Jerry Judy in safer Mckinney when the second round those last year, this there'll, be MAC Jones, Devonshire Smith, now jeers, Alex leather wouldn't Dylan Moses. Those will be like for second rounders ten guys in one recruiting class our goal. To be first Second Rounders there, three Heisman finalists, that's fucking insane like it. about how inside for recruiting class. It is to have ten guys are drafted in the top. Fifty the NFL draft from one recruiting class and top of all this you'll love this pft. So all those guys, it's gonna, end up being somewhere around seven. Eight nine first rounders. They also in that recruiting class got Thomas Fletcher long snapper for or your starter, not one bad
I love that's what we ve been over. This illegal drive. Him drive data, no checks, gonna drive that guy down into a slot receivers next Gunnar, that's the saving them down to the details. All these guys. All these insane prospects, these gap, and we also have a long snapper who didn't who played bore straight years and it missus single snow It's incredible editor run that he's gone on is not, but it is its. It's starting to make college football little bit boring. If you don't appreciate, greatness us as a pike asked, I think one then you can always say about us as we we respect great. I still, I still don't they I mean I guess it would change it. My views range. If I were a fan of Ohio state. Or Clemson or even even Ohio State, like Ohio State, not guided point where they are the album of the MID West. Yes, words like they're, always they're gonna be dominant and they ve got the programme set up to a point where it there I'm going to have any really down near stay down here, for them is like
Maybe they lose the big ten loss of producer. I with the one of those weird he asked ass, daddy. I guess worse it that's as bad as is gonna get there, but Alabama is like so far above I don't know. What's going on behind the scenes are frankly I don't care what I If you can reach a point where you're able to get away with cheating for us, as an exception has been dominant in the SSC like good for you That's it! That's all! That's actually more impressive in winning all those things. If you can just continually d, all the incidentally investigate whatever it is and saving might I was about say he might not be been. The rules are cheating at all, but I am not going to say that, but it's just all impressive. What he's done down there and raised credits Alice you for being the combo breaker their yeah yeah. It's crazy because he's done it with defence he's done it with all fancy, basically change the entire like that I represent the kick six game when they were running our appeals against me, couldn't stop it. There. Was that moment where he even said, like
is this? How we want football to be in areas like Yahoo is member breakfast but try to change the rules and next day CO signed, wouldn't saving also like if these rules don't change, which they won't we'll just beat them with office. So he's completely changed. How he's molded Alabama it's it's inside there's nothing really else. You can say, besides he's the best ever and yet I dont know I don't know what else like the the Bear Bryant, so I was looking up last night. I was reading more about their branches cause. I don't mean he was a coach before we were born. You died before we are. But he might be the ultimate football guy. Cuz realises so bear Brian. Also, six national titles next and broke his record last night He said in his last game, you, the liberty, bowl, verse, Illinois, they won and the, the reporter asked him he was retiring. He said what are you gonna do and he said, are probably just croaking a week. He died for weeks. Let yet
ass, the ultimate I'd once you laugh, he literally died for weeks later. I have to he out his own diagnosis by three weeks yeah. I remember reading about that. We in our Bruce Arians book that he wrote because research is used to be young assistant, forbear Briny said, like coach said he was pretty, would always say like and probably die once I stopped coaching and there I think there is an element of football guys where's like yeah. That's how I wanna go yeah. It's like you, leave your out on the field put so my back to point of like, has Alabama kind of ruined trouble. I really don't think. Unless you worried a SEC West fan, I would get it cuz like that's, gotta be frustrating, but college football for everyone, except maybe six teams is not really ever about national titles, and once you realize that you enjoy wait for what it is about, the stadiums. It's about the tailgating, it's about traditions, about rivalries like that's what it's about spout winning mailbox. So it's ok like if I get it. If Europe comes in Van or Europe
Alice you or you ll, see like fuck how we could be Burma? for everyone else. Ninety percent of college football- I am No, I don't have any less fun watching Alabama when the title every year, for my college, want, or I didn't like the second half, I really enjoyed the first area. Windows Anti was going off and then this video that that was the most dominant Agora ball, since like portals and two thousand eighty, yes, I guess was elite. Shit like it was unfair to fifteen. Maybe three cheating member, I think I think Gregg Kittle did at a couple years ago pretty much in and they just throw the bottom at all they can have, but that wasn't due to an injury that was just due to being fair. As like he's too, so we'll just haven't blocked, as I have already written kiddos pro like I'm, I'm sick of catching balls let me hit somebody but it was insane the shit they were doing the first off and then second avenue it You run out ways to start talking about the game. Select curb Streton, Christine or just kind of resorting to fact like it is
great to see excellence, and at that point I was like you know what You guys write. It is it's great to see ya and they had their center come in. For the last snap, which was awesome, who tore his ACL in the SEC Championship Game number, sixty nine jail in water was out there lotta hammering on twitter. Joe and want a you out there like will. Maybe he wants to be if we wanted to the angler, but like it. We know you anyway, it pay for watching him run and then the the clip that war will live on in this national title is poor. Tough borderland I back Verhofstadt, who I like: send to a person trying to drive their car with a boot on it. That's how he looked when he was running trying to our divine too he Smith, in space someone actually set on Twitter, which is perfectly put, he actually tried to change his run
style halfway through to see. If something else would work in it worked even less so what he did it was. It was what it was like watching that clip enforce Gump when force is playing at the universe. You now them and try to run now in the movie. They obviously made him look really fast, but it was the same exact, running style and tough. mistaken to himself. Well, I'm not able catch up to the sky. So maybe, if I just stopped the ground harbour with my feet, I'll get faster and outside it was. I thought I was gonna, be de came a calf to point out where he was able to chase around but it was you should never have a guy named tough guarding waters in November. Just so baffling. I guess you don't really know what to do because divorced. You actually look like he was floating causes. That is a good and that fast and like Then we don't have to talk about energy heiresses, incredible as well. They have so many weapons. Do you thanks for the debate now is what crazy. To say Last year's Alice, you team, was dubbed the greatest culpable You have all time and now
most able, maybe it's- this year's Alabama team Anderson join the fact that we had backed back years, where you can actually make that clear. Yeah. because I think the Lasher Zealous Eugene was incredible. And then Alabama probably gets the slight trump. I do I am here, two thousand seventeen. You see how our pig lashers else, you team, but I understand the argument that Alabama played in Assisi only schedule urine undefeated I mean they were both really great teams and and the Alabama. It was a member Alabama unless you, when they played with the ninety six game, yeah a while back, lay off both teams, completely change. Who they are currently the only way to sixteen and twenty one? Another only raise any me that this can change, because you can sit there and you can yell at clouds and you can fight. against the wind, but it's not going back to the way that it was. It's never got. The only way that it goes back is if they say I defence is allowed to use twelve guys on third downright that's it, which might happen one day who knows if this she keeps up but we're not
our point, we're going to get a lot of points. I won't accept the over last night. It was. It was a hat what world can you sit there in bed? over seventy four and a half points, and then If tat be like this is awesome on good. This is awesome and it will be too worse news for anyone who is against Alabama, is so Nick even his legacy gonna be seventy. Who knows so saying he could, for seven years. There is a world we're dabble Sweeney, goes home and and and takes over from exhibit afterwards. That's not the craziest thought. Out there. He pointed Alabama he's from Alabama like I would say it's probably a low chance right now, but who the fuck no Could you imagine if that They go save into Sweeney, now I would do. If I were to save- and I would say I will make you my head coach and waiting for you.
Come here and be be my office of coordinator for five years, and then, after that, I'm retiring. The programmes Eurasia now be, I think, swinging would think about our disease. A king clubs- and I actually don't think you'll do it put. It is it's one of those weird things were right now you sit like if, if I had to go gun to head I'd, say he's not going to go to Alabama in ten years, but you never know what ten years looks like in you know. If he gets pulled back there as I had wanted to go dominated Alabama, we got to see something last night after the game that I never thought. I would see. Nick saving crew Nick Sabin was crying? I don't know if you is upset because he was the hungry, neither Romeo cream pie. If you dress was mad because he wishes that he was practicing instead playing a game. I don't know why he you he was. Really emotional after the game, and I didn't think that it could happen. I dont think that he had tears. I knew we always said like after next seven was national championship here. He off one time and that's it That is an omen of pleasure
he's got. A little man he's pack. It filled with K. Why Gillian his pocket pops? Tucker, open Gigi keeps in there all your long as reminder of his great goal then after the game, when eyes starts, lacked it. It was like he didn't he you know what to do with himself, he was like a very emotional and overcome yeah yeah It was so Alabama. Job It does feel good that, like there the clear winner and it was a weird year- and there is all this sleep without playing out a conference. Could we get a real? Yes, this is a real winner, so there's some finality. I think Georgia could beat him yeah, maybe text today, an outdoor Jane. I am sure I would like to solar Dame actually often considered, held them too. I think their lowest total all you they should. Actually they should definitely let Notre Dame plague and so how state and just have a high state wax it. Should I little but beget weight we're all saying, like the college seasons over, how many people out there have forgotten.
we get Fc S football like a month, yet rigid entirety, eyes and of spring football. We got Deion centres, We got a tray lances, not playing out so Jane. You has a shot this year when the natty, We get it. We are second footballs team. It's true! It's coming soon! In February I'm excited for DE honest, we gotta go down to a game. Thou, be awesome. get your bigness one gets or bigness. Let me do this. Add real, quick. You know who you don't mess with Liam Neeson do. Does it? particular set of skills that you do not to be on the receiving end of her it's gonna, be in a new movie called the marksmen and Kathi Roll. You love to see him any pleasing, no joke straight shooting, bad ass rancher, who makes he promised to save the life of a boy being by drug cartel assassins. This sounds like the greatest movie ever leave. Liam warns them he's an Ex marine up. The shuttle listened they should have. I would say right now: they should listen, he's an Ex marine, begged them to leave the boy alone.
They're gonna! Listen! You think this ends up with a group hug check out the X, men, rated Peachy thirteen. Only in theatre January, fifteenth on Cyprus movie. Liam these movies always always I like the fact that leaves and always reminds them he's like hey I'm a minute. If you fair warning any, have one chance to apologize for someone to kill, everybody that you love. nobody ever takes more pay. Never listen. Ok are big announcement February. West Virginia Billy Football is fighting hose Can Seiko is official, let's go Billy, it is a fish. Although the contract has been signed is official. It is a vision, so the backstory, as I said, I would fight Jose like two years ago, I don't even remember why and for some reason, in the middle of December, Jose just popped up on Twitter was like big cats, ducking
two years later, as at what ok, two years, older, a father, I'm fatter? I dont want to fight you, but I do have Billy Football, whose my champion large game of Thrones Europa champion to that end. Well for the children. Always yeah no clear eyes. Not. I am not against the viper yeah. Ok, I still don't know shit about that. Knowing why don't I get Energy Billy you're gonna Arcos. They can say, go on. I know a guy bore him. Osmond Lauren, so ok, very girls. They work earlier of the hunter you're gonna fight, an old bloated worm, he's always shrivelled up like a fucking, a resident left out in the sun to launch this guy Oh, I socket that icon, due to a very good chance. He dies in the ring like art, Ardour VON. Do you want to oh Jack, I'm in the ring of grape, I would
man slot. I went from an honorary, ok, that's fair, so he would have for the record. I have no intent to kill him right evades whatever happens in the ring hides in that excited, you know his ass, you so part nine train, I've been Loki, been training like for a long time been telling us thing that you tweet about his your training. You ve got a bag full of me. You're gonna get some gains on their you going away and he's gonna have to us That's your mass on lean and mean right now, you're excited you and you know what you are fighting for my honour and ersatz. It erodes if you lose trickled down. I have no honour laughed. I know rights on. I am honoured with I'm. So excited. Ok, now, wait threatened by our in our dot com. We have had on this. I dont know February. Fifth, it is possible to play ball There goes you just want to say it, but they are still. There were two five to one now: Billy quit Quick Q and a before we get going with the fight prep.
There's rumours on the street that you are going to make yourself a weapon I made myself a lethal weapon. Ok, so that's confirmed without the intend to kill the bats. How is how you gonna? Try with that's confirmed. Are you going to travel She hasn't Donovan travel as a weapon. Yeah came across the airline wake. We know you're a weapon, open, trap, Billy, wait you get down there too, weapon if you're like yeah, you, like Megatrend, Mega Tron, turned into a gun, so you may, if you just heard of it into transformer, you can weapon eyes yourself and then once you get the location so high boom your gun again, the feds I'm a lethal weapon everywhere. Yeah, like I'm so excited hour. I have possibility layer once you got announced in its official where you a little bit like oh shit. This is actually happening. I was because I was like oh my honour. This is really gonna happen, so basically, you know
we first discuss it when the tweet first surfaced as like doing my laundry on it. It was Saturday as there is no bad thing. It's Saturday. Obviously, China get all my stuff dynamic day off, yellow that weren't originated make em. Where I sat side, it is the day when Billy dissolve as well that we suddenly rival whole other like school. Early training work is real acts as legislator. We actually call of duty hours you log weeks. It's the only thing I can do in my Frida runway x can't leave railway, so Yes, I do how much or didn't kidnap you write. Well, you can leave I know I know I know but like a but like I, the day get lost last after you do I Now today, unlike suddenly, my phone start blowing up and of course like
my mind goes like two worst case scenario. I, oh my god like something really bad is really got cancelled. Yeah like something terrible war like yeah when our well that case, I don't know like. the vigour rumours gap there by the regime like you're. Someone saw me buying vague and stuff. Ah, but then it's like ocean, like hundred K, Jose, can like let's why? Yes, now, like the basic! Firstly, I did wishes enough Atta box, for three straight minutes. to see. If I had the condition I wandered area raise my death,
Shelly we're gonna have to get you training, whether chickens, change your lives, ranch running the edge. I've been doing work for Rocky yeah, so I've been on the site. You are a weapon you're in the prime of your I mean in meeting this morning early football and as it has a big fuckin fraud and not only see a fraud but he's I trust or the pod little bit. Try a tweet. A people turn be clever. Yes, even Jose. That's tweeting by the way that has little cock wanna be steps on Evan European currencies comments. No! No! I honour is already on the no. There died there. My comments now own them he's got a little little thing. Steel, it'll, cock boy, Evan, Alex it's way to people on DM people, be like Yahoo Z? actually really think. So he can come report s view pay twenty thousand dollars. Her belly you're, going to take down their highly every you gonna, yet a little wreak havoc going to send them back to where they live. Now this was even have a permanent strategies. Are you worried at all that it might be argued that shows up yeah, but I'll be both opening idea. He was the one who did less steroids. That's. Why is now? No, I wasn't. I gauzy did more
more steroids, iris the care it's all deadweight. Now I look at I am here. I got moves yourselves as you are positive energy, weapon eyes: Billy Football, everyone, gas, em up. We're gonna, do it once You know, if I be opposing can say, go any loses fight, I'll, see how you can even show his face and publicly and silently literally wiping him off the face of the earth raw whenever any over me, I'm so excited, and then it's so if you, if you're yourself, hey like I really like Billy Football, like he's annoying whatever you may see we get knocked out to know you you're right for my honour, say from for me my dignity, some height I think if you can't get behind Billy Football in this fight against Jose can take over no side. I think you were in a word winning listen to the hours fact we get averring it bring, bring the troops together verbally, wait, save us for parlour verbal mean me
a the of knives going to my back, protecting them from big cat, whose also protecting era- yeah how we gonna get you set up of the parlour Hank Linwood, you think about that anyway. I don't know, combat illegal. You has no platforms for Billy, I D platform Jose deep level Mozart. You are deeply plotting about Billy, then those onto Jake Paul
That is not the illegal as your. Secondly, there I saw his bill. Your mouth is what we ve been telling you like. Once you get some tape out their arms now fighter. You now you're Jade thought. First domino Jose, that's Jake Paul and now probably retire Conor guy kicks hotter than like. I said I respect Emmett, I'm Dyin James. I'm no obvious here too, like we're scapegoats for everybody here, unlike the IRA cheek, then Lope take on the forerunners yeah she yet again. The whole paupers Zackie author yakking, take low Logan's, actually, probably more importantly, orange, because Jake's bigger yeah chicks, pretty talk, no Logan's. no Jake's like six through I'd fuck up late anyway, February. Fifth, bearing kill hired gun pomp It lets you hot sequel, droned for do that: Jack Pocket, the mega millions of power ball. Jackpots are now worth over half a billion each. That's! Where Jack, I'll get lottery outcomes in Jack Pocket lets. You play official state lottery games right on your phone by power mega millions cash for life pick ten plus other deal.
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rights mega millions are powerful jackpot for free, using code bar stool at Jack, pocket, dot, com, hots, equal terms, think my heart's, you have a few. The first one is carry Irving and NBA in general. I don't know by the sun. Shone so happened Thursday night, but he'd not plague and seventy six hours, he didn't tell anyone. Why wasn't playing Steve NASH like I have no idea? Why not playing? I haven't heard from such tough luck. You know just in general, yeah he's getting very well acquainted with carry Irving very quickly and then now he's being investigated, because there's pictures and video servicing of him partying while he was away from the teams or his father's birthday answer this percentage is over there So I am actually I'm Team Korea Matter. Everyone may never little different than like just random stripper party right James Harden was supporting his his girlfriend is applies now. Alfredston Dwayne Haskins had a Strip party at his house ass sure. So we didn't go out for you about Korea, I, like Katrina. Ever since I saw the video of him,
cleansing the arena with sage one round I got at you, How can you not route for that? How can you not possibly be on the side of an NBA game that why look at what the other was a reasonable says, in other words the reactors from because it's it's a native American Rachel, precarious part native american right. So those pragmatic view for what verges whatever. is. He was ass. He part yes, carry worn turnover, yeah, another their related, the hither yes, there first cousin very closely but yeah I like carry Irving. I like it when he does weird shit like this What we are doing is not showing up yet, I guess the same thing as to an asshole I'm by whenever. I would never like it on my team, but I'm gonna carry in the minutes the nerves heart I as a dozen route for the nets, its a cool, interesting story and, like eight LE carriages, do every wants. Like he's made a ton of money, he can come and go as you want if you're now van this probably socks and his party very frustrating
and the the NBA is imposing a new rule. So I guess around like a bunch of outbreaks united to do handshakes before the game. Hockey would never have to do a fist Bob and then like what turn to your side of the court and then After you come out of the game, you have to put a mask on in less you get like a one minute cool down period in it. The cold seed or the cool thrown, as it should be. No nice, where you get to sit by herself in a chair that swore feet away from your teammates, Lebron James in two thousand and eighteen, but wait. There's still playing is so play on. Yeah and it all their input in other they're, they're kind of like they just need to conduct suck it up and accept that there's gonna be like their China. put in protocols discern argonauts they're, trying to say that you're not allowed to go anywhere except your house after gave. So how are you bubble it again right?
I mean that's, it seems I guess, only logical solution, but they're not gonna. Get there. They're not gonna, go to level down at an early, but they're gonna have to add an item. It should say of unacceptable. We earn free, throws ketchup, Oh that's when you were a kid brother. What is easier teammates? What is new gonna do when, whenever the raft blows whistle for literally anything, are they gonna be able to huddle up his voice? Now now sad mother, hot, see, choose Claypole the loss of the Brown he said on ensuring lies at its bad lost, Browns, when I was at a loss for the broadest clapped against chiefs, so there has waned said it again. is. He said it last week ass? You do. You also Julius outright Round groundwater Seville, tossing ships to help Africa or the game right right, tradespeople after the game after they lost, sets a bad off the branch of a clap. So who cares? Oh, my god, what and then say me, walk and said that they're not gonna problem with browns,
DAS Amy walking is getting on their own. They should talk to Irving, still just lost right to shut up right, crazy, I called throne is too fond Thomas. Ah, that was mine, so he this is the guy. He had a shit tunnel Bitcoin did ya that holds sway. Thousand bitcoin pity for got the password of it and so was the abbot three more. He has gone through more gas as you more guess. He has ten. You have ten gases on your passwords. He used eight of them, Annie as twenty two hundred and twenty million dollars in Bitcoin just sitting there any was like. I just sit up at night trying to think about my passwords and I just idle have it, so you would think that would be put upon the hot seat, but I prefer the cool thrown, because this is basically the greatest game show ever invented tat. You get unguarded out high, where you're out, so where does it go if he doesn't get right? It's just goes to the internet self Soongs year. Al Gore gets it yeah, it's
We should the night that I forgot my passport. You gotta get up and take a walk, I want. I forgot my passer. My computer took up, got up, took a walking backbone and had it you didn't have stakes. I mean everyone's thought. I in my mind that I had covered there were some states. If our him, I would, I would try every drug but either way you gonna like take ass it or mushroom? How to try to unlock attack that portion of your mind you, because, whatever you do you try to celebrate and worked out what he'll your ego yet very: go ego death and then go back in time and watch yourself into the password. I just hope that one these networks are configured away to turn. This new game show because it's an electric concepts. Yeah It also sounds like a great lake wrong come yet a day I bet either It sounds like a game show like idea like a schoolgirl that he needs ends up like Somehow, knowing the password now. Would he be allowed to dash outrider? Could he could he hedge out of this? Is there anyone that could like by his last two gases from her
four thousand. You would never like how'd you get like you, you just go he's got a ballpark yeah you enjoyed either have to guess or maybe like some day in the future. You can like that That's internet real estate. Those bitcoin see. I have no idea, Bitcoin works, but have you you deposited Bitcoin into wallet at some point. You should in theory, be able to get your two hundred twenty million dollars back. I don't pick one works every time I bit Cuentos down, as haven't oyster, so did by some last week. Despite the peak, I'm heavily smart invested heavily ledge leverage in the current was bitcoin, though the craziest thing about Bitcoin? Is you just hold it? and hold. I was no podcast right, but it understand any of it like the whole point of the guys Ridge Lochlann to spend money in it, do cool shit bitcoin you're goin to us in the next ten years. It's gonna be the only currency that exists. There's gonna be at least a few people who die in their like Durban beyond their death bed
and they're going be worth a hundred million dollars being spent spending of it, but I like, but I was right. Is it possible just get money for Bitcoin our Gimme hides illegal? If I've got like six bitcoins, it's hard to local, can I just? Can I get money where you bad, but large. You can lose ABS mall. Now I want to turn my if either a million dollars with a big coin, and I want to go the storm by a cherry coax euro. No, I couldn't do that now. excellent, actually pretty you transfer some of it till like a cash app account, and then you can liquefied easier. The who ban is actually accepting because for sweatshirts sweaters I like that points Halla? If we create grit coin and then too did everyone else. Every Oliver listened to make a wallet, and then you know it. Has that over us right, but
and we made our march you'll. Wake buys with big, ok and then it would raise in value because of all of us for our own. So my much we think my Grignon wines are just photo shops of coins would Danny would have like all start on them, but are only available. If I tweet them, somebody that's how their authenticated. So I there's a centralized authentication process. The blockchain is dead, you need a little more crypto some guy crypto script as well as large changes fascinates. You can put blockchain in front of anything and it goes up- and I remember that, like two years ago there was an ice t company that decided call themselves like blockchain tee and their stock would apply thousand percent- that's business, real, Basically, we should do blockchain voting thou. Eliza. First, let me say that further points out, there seems like a you. What do you got? My heart seat is tamper Bay, Manhattan. tamper Bay buccaneers, because Tom Brady tweeted out of Photoshop yesterday
for somebody said to him online that every Future Tom Brady game should be played on history, channel and Ambrose Photoshop that he put out was him and drew breeze both. looking very old, but but looking very old and very, very different ways Tom Brady looks like he's Kenny Rogers, bodyguard, like any Rogers on P, while he's still alive, and then drew breeze, looks like a guidance counselor and he's a very bald he's. Gotta fucked up Tom Brady in this Photoshop gave. Drew breeze net cancer he's got like skin cancer on his neck. He just looks pulled out of shape. And it's can be bulletin material for the saints and corner right now drew breeze, quote tweet and said this is good. exclamation point, which is the most passiveaggressive thing ever votes, accurate, yeah forgeries. What were wise, Tipp obey, not some because is Baltimore material for the neurons Saint got it. I think they like, I Tom Brady definitely went out of his way to make himself look good in May,
drew breeze. Look really really really really bad in this. I don't like it. I don't like it for Tom Brady. I think Tom Brady Gun to online and last couple years. Ok, it's gonna be unexcited black. Very their my cool throne was gonna, be the bitcoin. Guy too instead I'll just do my cool throne, is made sunfilled because as the Philadelphia Eagle sided with Nate Sunfilled overdone Peter Yes, oh my heart, my cool throne was gonna, be dug Petersen because he's actually free of fill. it would seem like he hated coaching, their yeah this well he's, he said he got sick of being total one zero time which is a pretty big part of, employee and the hot seat is Carson once is now I assume that they will keep Carson once I. It feels, like I mean that wasn't that that's pretty much the main point of it was like the get me wrong got fired for he rested, offer new Sutphin rationally.
And then we need to keep Carson whence answers. Forty quarterback, let's give another shot, although Carson whence he would start. to become like as my new favorite game, to play mentally in the Unifil. is it just close your eyes and imagine this quarterback with Cow Shanahan Cigar man? Ok, Carson when I am Newton could not just in fields Europe's ragged Kelly with caution and talk about pressure that, like your coach, gets fired now, you're, probably going to start again also d, I mean a statue: First, we up his first born Philadelphia history, but the fact that were three years removed interpreters in ethnic falls in hunger. There that's wild yeah, I mean listen data. Joe PA statue? They might take these guys down for different reasons and for reasons up bill. You got us equal terms. Yes, hot see Jack Easter by all these Easter, be how do you know he's just say what our railways wrote
Andrew Johnson. and the Audrey Hopkins World Bang on the Houston Texas. first thing to shown: watch you stand its ground, they get traded. Everyone just Pylians, saying that use interactions are terrible organization? So how do you, Baroness Ashton, Watson? the cash in hand there? Why do She wasn't digits. Tweet like. Andrei speaks listen about. I know that when I was younger Hopkins about Andrew Johnson, Andrea, eventually everyone everyone here like Texans organization, I dont know. did the Sharm wasn't evidence. like he asked to sit? yes to sit, if you want to actually get trade here, There must be a real threat that he would not play for to work. I honestly think that if he, if he sat text these funds will be like we understand. I don't think he has it in him. Now I really don't. That's. Agencies wants to play football and its.
You'll be ashamed to say you know he should do like you know repetitive need surgery like anyone did before the sir. I rely on gravid aught tat. What I really want is for the dolphins to trade three into a for the Texas, to be the biggest cock trade of all time create their own gay. You pick that had we been holding it ass, it is usually was like ransom under traffic. What would you would if it was like? Will trade you this pick back and. but we have to hire bill. O Brien, o o Nick Sabin might do that yeah. These latest aim is for rather by Think Dijon Watson, his thing is like he wasn't part the process. for hiring a general manager head coach when they told him that he would be at risk Funny watching the press conference that they gave when their explaining like how the process and folded, because they just for further to define Watson by his number these gaps. for now, for was a very intimate part of this process,
When we bring in India Cassandra, they gave everybody a name and then there, like they just always referred to start quarterback, that's as number four! That's why you're gonna feels like Tsar totally the same, but Aaron Rodgers member helmet of alleged Lee was mad before was hired without his say. And eventually easily gal unlucky playing, I feel like shall mosses can a key point I don't know you seems mad dijon we'll now, if you want to come to a functional franchise eels washing for Fourteen We know how to run an organization body quota will have you. That's ok, Jake, giving out seats Potsey cannons, because the piano just came out with a new team, the candle across the absolute waters no longer than you, kids, on the block, cannons cannons Althea boss, tits. Now you can like that Canada, there were the most popular animal am allowed Cecily, just a merger boss and we merged.
yeah merged with colleagues. I think this is. I should probably like a huge moment in the Cross histories, like when the air is very, very nobody like Rihanna Canada. While the exacting xenophobia, Ethel merging Yes. Now we're just gonna have to refer to the championship. Pre merger is really rounding. So exactly the water dogs, not winning over long she's cool, yet is cool, thrown the masters allowing limited fans in April hell, yeah normalcy as usual, like limited fence, still right, yeah, yes, others do. Are they doing comment or cheese? That's the only thing I care about. These areas are gonna, be back home. I Let's get to Sancho, see Boston for do that. Will you get up fifty one of us? favorite advertises back roman swipes, you guys know roman swipes. these guys, have tried different ways to last longer bed but thinking about baseball doesn't always work. Why, when I think of
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ok. We now welcome on a very, very special guess, it's actually amateur say you're good friend. Can we say that your good friend it stone, cold, Steve, Austin, we're friends right, absolutely hell? Yes, okay I love that because I did to give you the shirt off my back, I wish you were in studio right now, but we have to over zoom. So don't call me here, he's gone. His second season of his talk, show common out January, Eleventh Straight Steve, Austin, listen what that real quick? So I was looking at the guest list you Steve, oh and he got Brett Farm is part of a great guest list. Now for people didn't watch its The first reason is essentially a coup. More bad ass version of Jerry Seinfeld Comedian in cars. Getting coffee, you're hanging out with people all day. Tell us real quick. reform is come back.
Did you get a sensitive? Can play football still? Oh, I get a sense of Mr Prodi football. He threw me one but I love is coming back. You'd have as go mad, but Now it was great God, Burma, seven anguish, Would you guys do out there? You did you go hunting? I know you like to spend a lot of time. The woods We did something that could be construed as hunting related. I guess he HANS. Just like myself. I do so. Where are those are gonna actually grown up in the south and beer from us? while down so it was really girl. Good Atwater had I gotta be I've watched his own career. I'm gonna go down and hang out. You know where you come from. I forgot men lay back guy sale? Davy is spread far not for our pledges. Just a guy he's very humble, do and tried to think what that means. When you say we did something that could be construed as hunting, I could mean a high. A whole lot of shit thirsty could be by you.
in the vain up and you know using something Ok, do you try to use such great t? Try to show a squirrel with football? Did you you sit on a moose you can let us start. You wouldn't know most that Airbus seven days visit, my girl, people. Ask you even when your hosting a talk show in your interviewing them, Has anybody ever been like sir? We you placed on me now. has never happened. You have told us very low demagogues done a gardener now where's somewhere gave some want to start on account agreed floor they get hurt my ass some severe best placed to give us daughter the old place, ghost utters a damn ring yet or pool pools, donors are always fun
yeah, but you do you not under the full impact the waters and slow you down here. You know that had the same man, but you not deliver the full impact of this region catch in rotten and underneath that job. When was the last time you gave like a true stunner what was the last time, India in in a deep you may, a little out of practice could sounds like like you lose. Is that something you loose or you just like riding a bite? You can stun you could roll out of bed and starts done in people. No doggerel out about starts down to the last. That's one of the things that you don't forget I am glad that you can lose your timing of lumber ring roster. replied she might be our butts stunner men, I did that somebody dive is just like a satellite. U yours you another advisory, don't forget! You have like a mental list that you keep when you see people alike either on the news or just I go on television that you keep unused you like its own site with that guy. I want to stand up
person I was done, although shows a major element, the about that was stone, go wrestling related and also their legged people. I can give us daughter. Do because you know it's me. sickly- I guess you could shoot weather, I'm never shot with it, but you know is award move yeah, so You had Stephen on the people to be there like Panchen Lama, younger brothers, donor out, arrogant, survive. If someone's, maybe we managed rather countrymen a job. Yes, yes, so when yet steeple on did you guys compare injuries? Is I would say you too might be the most injured people on earth combined? We did I don't need your last many guys been through the rigour. Just like I have Ellie. Probably even more so Then I broke my teeth and stuff like that. So slightly watching that guy, you know four bag in the JAG ass the days and hours there making another movie.
but back in the day. You know that was that that show was a thing was gotta run along the timeline of we were really hot. after all these years later sit there talk that guy. After watching him do all of the courage He's a highly intelligent human being and very well spoken, and you never thought it watched back then but what a cool guy is, what a smart guy and a smart shelf Margaret I agree we like being a know in our mid thirties. Ah, I would say where the last generation that has our feet on the ground and a sense of normal seekers we weren't raised by the internet we raised by Jack Ass in the a tutor so like come on. We don't know Facebook stunning peaches norm of enormous throwing our selves off buildings and yet pushing money for in a shop and garden into like a cat s. How we were rests united around it. I'd jinx, at what have you would have you learned doing this talk show, because this is something that's been like a different career path,
before you try something new, and by all accounts it I've seen it's been a real. success like people like danced on coal is actually really good at not fighting people but interviewing them. Also, I was, a transition processor was there a moment when you're like okay, this is easier than I thought, be no, it's not easy, but I thought it would be because it was all a work in progress. But again You know like I was downward. Mauritania, diet, working in the business pro wrestling, you know you can learn how to work in the rain. I got to cut promos. You learn how to deal with people and then by gas business. You not do that, for you know, damn research years, all your inner being pay people on your enemies, conversations with them. So now son, you someone out there aghast and you you collectivism problem. So you don't start that you combined over gotta help facilitate the conversation, but when you restart nobody's gonna, try and I'm gonna walk into bubble, gum and juggle at the same time. So the loud everybody's, going on on the show to work in progress, but after get no she's. What at us,
and when the really good and ratings and now she's a do. I really know what the shows all about it at my guest and a little bit me havin, fun assured stores, it's got measure would repetition, but if we get season three we don't its along the velvet, because it is covered thing if we really great getting Have we really great to be able to get back to work? And yes, yes, absolutely so Four people were listening right now, the first time we had stone cold on when he was in studio. It was about an hour interview. That's when I and Boyd out asked all my fanned by questions now we're just friends. I don't. If I asked you, though, What was the matter? Is that boy? Vince has ever been with you behind the scenes. What was, though, the like me, contentious moment between Steve, Austin and invincible man behind the scenes in what what cause that
You know, I don't think there ever was that time. Now I wasn't there in a building, one I know showed at Lana yeah, so it wasn't face to face on purely was mad as a horde it, but I was on an airplane ring and bloody marriage at back to San Antonio. So I I can bring it up, but I can't speak to it on early on snow culture. I started getting hot, so automatic. The two biggest things back in the day. Worse still go. An undertaker or should I say the undertakers, don't so areas Let us together in a match, because we are the two biggest things going at the time, and so You take her was a baby face. I was gonna turn baby face and I figured I forgot about this match, I think, was in a garden I just gotta stay than he'll promo, just to try to elicit get some heat, and I went back to them. Dressing room after the interview, It's called me aside is almost like a learning lives and our partners.
Let me underline, ardently Burgos got dang estate, he goes well. where you goin yeah, because I've figured you gotta have this back in our midst. Eight nineties? you gotta have a good god. Gotta have a bad guy and if you ve got a good guy, I'm gonna be the bad guys shop That was a learning lessons and not even a stern talking too, but that would have been one of those moments. Yeah yeah. I mean that's, that's a fascinates me just because man, through the years. I think his eye for the story and the talent is what has made it all work and end like knowing its famous line like I know what you want more than you know what you want and that's that, really true right, like that, and I assume that you got to that point too. Were you knew the fans wanted before they knew what they wanted yeah, and there are sometimes you know when we would disagree on finishes where there is a new stage overseas of one man stop. France might want. As far as the Finnish went in I disagreed
and we had a conversation and maybe someday got change, but I agreed you know. Ninety nine percent with me the direction that that thence always went, but there were times or we disagree, but but even the smallest God ever work with an eye. Mr Ehler. Everybody I've learned more working with them. Man than I have anywhere my life, including you. Don't that damn your five years college is a smart, smart guy, yeah, I think less time you wrong. We talked about a lot, the beer stuff at the time that you went swimming in the ring, which was for my money. That's the best moment wrestling history when you're swimming in like an inch and a half a beer. That was wonderful when Fraid Vince, big man down with the bureau, is from the beer truck another time moment. But I, if I'm looking back in my own mind about the best wasting beers? I've ever had? I'm not talk about like different types of beer, but you know I fear that hits different when think about. Like a certain moment in your life. Is there a beer that except to you as the best. feasting beer that you ve ever slant
Now the best tasting beer, I've ever slam was probably Danner and Tab, a couple years back at the robbery. What was one thousand episodes are raw reviewed in whatever it was a girl. I drank my own beer. Broken collaborate on television in Florida was the best tasting but urged kind of that moment that you're talkin about women got day almost a celebratory beer, because I've been through much what been through. So much was right. After What are you two occasions once after working with the rock and fairly and Russell, maybe fifteen. and I was not there. The Boers I forgot my best and walked to the ring in a t, shirt that sucked ass those barriers after beating him was light, yeah, I'm right, and then another one was in the buried alive match against the undertaker they want me to run that Bacco and I refuse to because I think I thought I would The damage to Gaza thing was
there was one thing I can learn to drive on live tv and your fashion. and I've been going through some gotta stomach virus. For about three, almost four. We lost about the tubes team paths gone into that match. I've noticed noticeably slimmer than I was an go to that match. I was sick as a dog still and I get it through the match turn up some carbon top ribcage during a match. And then goes on those bears that was like. Yeah I got through it but drink a nose. Beers was most people think that I've ever dead, because my gut wasn't ready for those two moment. The first thing you have yeah, it's like you Eve, sick for two weeks like bursting out back, is the other area, while your burying undertaker alive and that's why you're, let's get you gotta put your body through yet it yes, if you're ready for her performance, you had best way do that just slam into beers wants, and what's this buzz about. You may be coming back in the ring fur,
maybe another match. As I see it, I see the buzz you wanna talk about it I will see a buzz. I feel I feel the balance, now, while I dont know because. I just got finish talking about it, a while back arbitrary or somebody said I would look at bargain back match and ya. I am not. I could see tat. Like I do say I ate Logan BAR rematch, I'm not looking for another match. That was a rumour weather. You started out or someone else, but I can t right here in camera? That I'll, never Russell another match my life? Why? Our now I say never say never I'll say it I'm never really know. Yet, though I got I got that a long time ago, and I got the russian bug out about social, but that was a long process. Not talk about that extensively. A project I've been working on, but I love the browsers. I love watching the business. I love watching the current talent, or
ouch legends, go back and haven't one more run at it, but not me. so a hundred million dollars one match, thought the sweet. So that's interesting what you just said that it took you while to get it out of your system. How long was it from the last time that you are wrestling like consistently how many years and it take for you to fully be like you know what I dont really miss it. I know you ve done appearances and you been involved and you stayed in the limelight somewhat but like how long was it before you're, like you know what I don't need to be back at physically in the ring going through a twenty minute match, it took me a couple years to get over that when I was a hard bill as law, because I was a guy that Burma blood based now that the injury that I had at all summer slamming eighty seven- the next fusion got back and ring Medica more years, but I just started add up and those got like do you need dodge Although I made the decision the hardest decision, other men, in my life
let me alone, while a couple years to come to grips with that decision. And and deal with it and move on rain. I was I was looking up some pictures of old school stone, cold wet, which should we call Mr Called staring restaurants. Wilfred you, girls, garbage stays de la that's all you see I was. I was looking about him. You oughta garbage uncle, just out of default or habit Atlanta, ok, ok! Mr Mr Steve, I was looking up these pictures of old school stone cold. I found when back when you had hair, This is an awesome picture, will get Bulgaria so its grey, so the blonde hair that was, I combed over to the site as you holding the. United States? I heavyweight built right here I work here, but that would have to be W w yeah. yeah. I was U W W days at what point? Did you decide like? Ok, Time is time to shape the head ended you feel a difference. in yourself, like India, character, stone cold. When you, from having here
so having no hair at all. Well I will go over job our strategy to reinvent Steve whilst and that in the gas market also I try to do that. Crystal and then I ended up yonder, Japan, term attraction I'm gonna, get fired, run after this, during a rehabilitation of that injury, that's one aside. Let it grew out again and I was drawn out it was about- have what a bullet halfway scruffy started at easy, Debbie ROD S, I gotta get long again. That's when I got the car convention this, but the third time we were taught- and he presented me with the ringmaster idea- At any time, you go to New York that baby s back in the day they watched gonna change things around, and so it looks like you'd, better repackaged shit. Three bag job in industry, the business support. just come out our awhile back. Bruce wool is heard that Buzz Erika yeah sure
That's who are that look, Gazprom bows inspired by Bruce what direction and so you know that that look. was not a good look. Maybe the buzzer got no goatee. Ah Egypt you say it was not money owed muddy. Yes, and so me and gold dust in roads were traveling gather back in the day, and we will work in Pittsburgh. Melanie arena and I looked myself in a mirror. Do this? You don't look like crap, I just got a razor started. Shame my head does do what you do it more of it I said it looks like trash anyway undertaken at often just showed Miller with border got about a collect. You know because you couldn't really see less a gamer came in. and it was a deeper login and that's what I started mess with that go tease out really. You question what what we are both at her off, I started growing that go to you, that's what
I started fellow, like somebody yeah, that's when I started feeling like a stone cold and the rain master I never had any. identity, you're gonna feel that MR character to try to make decisions. not knowing who and what that was supposed to be in there. I am look like Hollywood blondes boots, emerald, green trunks are switching the black. You know the day they might have brought me in his ring master, but they didn't have that grand plans for me and that's when I decided after six months I gotta take matters in about a week, Do we talk about this last time, but the bald look always made it when you bled you bled and people that that always showed out. So I see you not so this my last question you're done rustling. So because you're done wrestling, we could do a hypothetical. If you were two Russell one more match and you could pay any wrestler dead or alive any year from their career, to have but one match against and also
pick your year what year Stone Cold, Steve Austin. Would you pick match it up for us? That's a good question, Why too tough question because aggressor, so many great people that I have so much respect for you know Undertaker came out. Outsmart came up. Passengers, rubbish girl, sashes and we always talk about, is measured. Bruise Brody, wrapped up a little bit I wrote a use commander Sport Torreon banner, Dallas Texas. I was in college right before I got in the business and I'll go down and see him. This beat the snot out of people and all just love the way stand: used, walk out to the ring and Japan and swindle shames. They didn't care, so Razor Brody would be really. My left list obviously be in prime stone, cold brawling years. Youse Donald Robber, because, as the only way of stone, Golgotha bash up with the power,
or size and spray, and while man tactics of Abruzzo Brody, browser Brody's face like the amount that what he put into wrestling, the amount of like he did on his forehead and just hoof, through the rooms are broadly walked to the doors of the say manner in Orlando, whatever the hell is that and there's geyser bigger than him down now, but there was something about Brody the way he was built on the satellite. Assuming that look man a guy have money right now over another. You can bet another brought in bringing back into twenty twenty one and be a basic Nile. I love you, I love an answer. Mit got other stuff, you gotta, do you have other shows you gonna go on, but everyone check out stone Cold straight up soon Boston generally Eleventh USA, line oppose was watching the promo this morning. Great lineup of gas, also we are friends,
I really do want to say this, but I did actually appear. I was I was interviewed for your documentary. That's coming up idle nice things to say. Obviously what else would I say they probably cut everything I said just because I was always like dude call was so awesome you probably don't I'm there? What's your favorite memory and you or do you remember me in this area there is ok cool doing too much of a fan boy thanks anyway, I'm excited yeah? I guess you actually achieve low by that yeah. so that should be great, but are awesome Nobody, man really appreciate it and friend to friends. You now great heavy on immigration, you guys stays Dave and one day, you'll get a chance to do this again it s planet, I wouldn't know drink review. You gonna get their impact on the floor. I will open a sell it, Ann, Arbor, Reggie gas. At my blog to show this is our second season. I really enjoyed your desk. The star
segment of whereby I'm in my life is wars. A job goes ya. Gotta get. You got the internet today lashed to work with the people in a market where them you gotta get aid to get out, the Libyan haven't damn it you're someone stories and raise L. What themselves I'm almost no goal. His master Do you remember me yeah? Thank you. I think so called we'll talk you. I remember John NASH, what eyes area. stone. Cold was brought in by three she loved reach year. Part my take, they are the this relator and dealt eight teach see products, although all the time extra formulate by biochemist and their made in the USA with USA Grown hemp, three cheese, the eight is a fairly legal version of tat. She is much more functional alternative to marijuana. I just three key to family. Member yesterday, That's what I do know I'd give out gifts. I give the gift of relaxation
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done war zone got three kills I never to Hell. Yes, I think it that game still learning need help. Nick if you're out their help me With my war zone habits, his Billy, is no good at teaching bill? You were the worst wars on teammate of all time. There are three key duck. I'm a recast even said that your communication skills are severely lacking. When did you He told me he texted me he was hopefully we can get. Somebody was leadership next time, Why do I say truth? You don't talk and wars on, but when I take my eye yet more kills as a single person in war zone. When I take it, Reed she. then we do as a team when I'm playing with bellicose during a trash lobby. I'm not a trash lobbying trash lobby who lobby socks billing, OSHA, Billy, I'm a you know what skills base matchmaking really show you actually like playing Billy. I am going to ban you from war zone. You should be Any frozen. Can psycho,
that's the wars, anything about! I dont boxing ring anyway, It's three she's great it'll make better video games there. I just said it go to three: you got com. three c h: I'd outcome, shop for delta, eight babes, dummies, tinctures and oils. your own homemade edibles out. There is proper good, pardon at check out this promo code. Pardon at three she'd come get fibres off your order. They don't have to give you just count as they know that the project is good enough people going to buy it. give you a little bit off making, Did you get in the door and you try because they know that even we back? That is a fact. I love Treaty, three she'd come he's promo code pardon, ok, what's wrap it up with guys on checks, you got a big Friday show getting ready for odd vision around. I love division around so much. I fuckin loves official around I'm so excited for division around I'm. So you recalled Super divisional round, because I do I think that there should be supervised, really think every cloud mainly by off now.
Just so that we have more football and it just so seen, games in the first weekend so Jeanne teams get by who had eight teams, get a double part about speaking about, we have a say, seventeen week long play off and then after us after seventeen weeks, you go based, unlike the group play yeah, and then those teams advance. You know but all the teams advance but they re did. They were already in the play. Yeah! No, I let us one trying to get more football per hour, divisional around we can. I pay guys on checks boys get once again mainly handsome Hank thanks reading my question a couple months ago about whether functional athleticism is more important than being Jack the same way for new claims of functional athleticism, took your advice and minister in his own combine he's my impressed with his punt pass. Kick competition results of a hundred thirty two yards is a hundred there are two yards irreplaceable number four punt outbursts, Annabelle number four upon task
and should it be brag about it? Now, as forty that's, what forty yards per That's it you one hundred thirty, two, not cassettes. Probably I would imagine not that far lucky break. It already are feasible. Thirty and unworthy of the already hard affinity yard pass for before is not that good. Why it is now. I think you could beat it. Oh million per cent. Ok, thirty, five, the Arctic yeah exactly thirty five yard pot, and and seventy yard yeah that's easy, the imo, I do love this guy, because the the Some about like lose. Your functional athleticism overnight in yours, don't even realise a cause, you're not using it every day and then like. As you know, so you, basically the year is great athlete. Maybe point a ball and in college
stop using it and one day you wake up and you gotta fight Jose could take real action. I haven't yeah ziggurat can happen with that's why you start training when the first inkling of it happens. So it day one today, you run over back in elementary school and we'd. Have presidential fitness does this? do those, but just for adults aren't we every age, but it gets like easier. You do the saint onto the flux arm hang onto the pull up here. Visitors, you get older, just like getting off the ground, Can you install a car, see men under five nelse? Do that's actually the heart yet from saying you have to get presidential under five minute yeah? Can you walk up to flights of stairs and then have sex? No I also know you have to be an eight years ago. Won't leave waits stairs, and say assent. No, no. dear be empty fellows I wanted it. My boyfriend family. They talked about how much they hate tattoos little? Did they know? I just gone one the day before I'm gonna, each of them in a few weeks and months, I too was easily visible in a bathing suit. Should I break use them or wait till vacation surprised them
depends on what the tattoo is maker if it's angel wings, then I think everybody ever everyone appreciates like a giant set of angel wings on the back of a girl. I think you actually should just tell them the actual truth. Cuz, that's a funny story, be like member the other night. When you were saying how much you hate tattoos. Will I actually got one twenty four hours before hand haha and then hope that works, maybe do maybe thrown Spongebob, laugh just like a icebreaker. Hello, my favorite boys, sorry free lost dad, can be of tea, maybe routines about back next year, probably not for Indefinite Ireland. Should I be self confident on my boyfriend jerking off near hours after I gave him a blow. Job I gave him a blow job in the morning on a Saturday and when I left his house, and met up with a few hours later. He mentioned he jerked off before he took a shower. Oh wow, that's that's a compliment. He's just his memory hold the blow job and he's
like I can't wait to rub out while thinking about this Bragger yap of, like just being like I've, come twice no. I mean I remember. I first time my first time I was at one point I was thinking. I can't wait Frank off to this later. This is perfect for this bank back guys. Think like that. What's up childcare and big Dick Billy, my boyfriend and I have been waiting for a week and we have not had sex yet only kissed, he jerks in front of me. It makes me clean it up with the paper towel. I asked him: why don't you come on my back and he says because its nasty do you can I was now to have you asked. I only lead to clean up guys on checks. It's gotta be less sex and more like actual functional like what you guys think we gotta how we gonna help them out one or two, but it's about chicks checks is now along guys, guys on czech eyes on ships, but also how we can help everyone out our Here's one then Hey guys and Billy
Recently. I moved there with my boyfriend and one day when in his laptop, to shut her recipe and saw that one of my coworkers Instagram was pulled up there we go. I thought nothing of it at the time, but on separate occasions I was on the computer again and saw that not only my coworker had an only fans, but am I boyfriend was subscribe, haven't brought it up at all. What should I do? supporting women in small business. You re up yet appraisals I got aren't. I can't believe actually, as it only phantom grosses nicely what he said. I think you should do it in front of both of them. just be oh ass. You have only fans, because I know that our Billy Subscribe put subscribes to it right in front of what tat would She was very in then filming senator I've read so many stories about girls with only fans recently that I feel like sixty. percent of women between the ages of twenty and forty haven't. Only fence areas have accurate. If it is, flash deters or horny
You found a way to pay all the horn resounding. You found a market weakness that you're exploiting pillar has won. What only found its laws for my feet. Those different Billy can potentially when more money this month and he's probably ever had it is life at once. I would say: that's what I'd will streams and us back roughen rowdy. I feel it might be rich. baby. I was by the end of February. I could be very we will now what's gonna happen to the poor, lays magic many frogs he's gonna have in his barn. Oh my god. I mean I wouldn't want to be how yours tri state error. You know damning Goliath. Fraga might get a huge aquariums. We sick Billy is the drill tweet. Like someone help me with my finances. Grants six thousand dollars on dollars. Are you from there? I last one dollar that why Ireland S gown hi guys but my boyfriend is training for a boxing match
and he doesn't know whether to abstain from jerking off, or you jerk, Sometimes daily Thyssen Fury said: oh, what does he do? You know, of course, types of yes, I'm down. There also bear your ban from war zone and pornography We didn't mention Billy, that's you are threatening to let Frank loose to possibly date, Jose his daughter yeah, if I been whose ay I will introduce Frank to his daughter, yeah. You guys know where he had seen old francs series is Roger you with Frank. I would introduce writers of my own. I would advise car wash that's the whole thing. If I win, I will use the money to buy Jose Carla aim. I keep his name on the car wash and make them still come inside. I rests on a salary
Where are you going to a hearing upon him by paying him money for is business? You then, by employing to pay him down on this guy I've analysis, you're, gonna cash Jose out and then give him a stipe. I failed. I can't wait to see how lilies things is winnings. that's our shows we have on Friday. I do our version broke on Billy Bill. I get it before. He said getting my hundred eighty seven, eight thirty five, if you lose, is what you had to bring certain. I said thirteen hours at the idea have fifty thought them. Let me guess, but wall what Third, fifty a month, woe guessing fifty bearers showers right female.
Bugs don't have vaginal opening, so males must stand them in the avenue of notices, searches, dome time all the time. No it's!
It is becoming clear that some are becoming familiar to you. I can't.
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