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Stu Feiner and Marlins Man

2017-03-24 | 🔗
Sweet 16 action and the calendar ashes of Xavier trump the Michigan plane crash (2:56 - 11:48). The guys call in to the NFL Competition committee meeting to propose the famous Andy Reid greased up extra point and eliminating Sr on player's nameplates. Roast Haikus read by Tex (11:48 - 18:58). Stu Feiner joins the show to give you Friday night Sweet 16 winners (18:58 - 33:31). Marlins Man joins the show to talk about being on TV during the World Baseball Classic. Segments include Lebron Blames, Kings Stay Kings, Sad QB Carousel, Stay Woke, Hurt or Injured, and Jimbos.
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Let's go, let's not its parent. My stores were part of my two. It is Friday more. Twenty. Fourth, and if you burn a calendar and put the ashes into an earn. You will punch your ticket to the elite. Eight! That's a fact
so Xavier did that they took the mother February because they had a bad February Lahti. One point eighty one one game in February, and so they burned it and now they carried around with them or did they bury it? They know they burned. The calendar the month of February took the ashes put in on a glass around, so you can see the ashes and they have been carry with them ever since and that is why we have one sole Cinderella left in the elite. Eight pact, night of basketball beside the Kansas blow out of producer in the second half their three really Great Games, it came down to the end. Yeah, the Kansas Game was rough. I was telling you this earlier. I haven't had a worse night of gambling. I think in my life I think now I lost more money tonight, then I have in any two days of gambling and my past swamp
I don t right, I'm especially pissed off at Purdue. Yes, sir, do come on. You know, you know what they say, though earlier when I say we can lose. If, if you stop I saw you have double down tomorrow night. I saw that I shall be doing that for those causes which are so the producer Purdue looked awful in the second half, I won't say pretty looked awful, but also Kansas. I mean they. They are the best looking team right now. I've talked a lot of shit about bill self. In his little his belly that he learns on an old is March badness sadness. One thing, though we haven't talked enough shit about bill self, is the fact that his sons of the team yeah real explored that yeah. How much, I guess a sense, pretty good, too yeah, which is co disappointing when every have coaches, son of Steve, Alford, Brace, oh yeah. So so I guess we're we're tracking too, It's like a bill solve Son John Help, son funnel! For yes, that's great, I love it the wonderful good storyline. The other big thing was the ending of the West Virginia game. Yeah, there's a guy
like dribbled and just ran around by himself for about like Creole, ok and then fired up three eyes that none of which it the RIM Ahmad but did hook you draw Druther. No, not you know what I've actually get stay woke. I've got a bill. I've gotta Bob Huggins Conspiracy, theory on that. I think Huggins took his fit bit. And put it on that kid and said: hey my wife's gonna kill me if I don't get my tenth as established as egos run around the perimeter around in a circle. Fifty seconds and just fire up threes and get three as like when you're puppy has assumed, is when there is running up and down the hallway. That's what the last session for refugee look like, I, I don't know she blamed Javan Carter, not because he had a good game, but if you will at the end, the ending possession everyone on As for junior basically said, let's all go through a pic four July
Carter all at the same time, which then led all five defenders. Above the three point line and you've got what you sent me and West Virginia kept that possession going, they would have just walked all the way till they got a safety yeah. I could have drawn up a better play in the sand. With my piss, like yeah, I could have urinated a better play, with axes knows in that house. Perhaps college kids we're talking about an eighteen year old nineteen year old kids, when when the when the coach doesn't have any time out, Slough which argue bear did not these kids, out there they're trying to make a play and all hell breaks loose, and I made I am seeing this through different colored glasses, because I lost a lot of money and onions yeah, I'm on it, like I said, I'm until a little bit your back the other great story. The night was Chris Weber Manner, I has fallen out, does various Weber on whether or not the best knight
a lot of yelling at one moment. I actually got scared. You know when that's when you know announcers really doing their job when you zone out in a game and then all of a sudden you kind of come to like. Why am I getting screamed at so it's cuz, someone blocked at the rim. gotcha foul, and there still fifty minutes left in this game. That was what Chris Weber did. He had a tough night, the other story is the plane crash dozen. When you national championships, we thought maybe it was gonna. Take Michigan all the way turns out. Yeah guess, fishing is not the team of destiny, anymore! Nope. Let's consult our chart the next one. The moves up- Xavier, ok, Xavier Bill Murray, Xavier those busters Filmore with the alleged areas, but don't sleep on organ because remember organ takes on two Michigan team. destiny and organ. Had the big injury, to be right before this tournaments started, which come on that Well, when you lose someone, that's a big
team. A destiny urgently is put necktie nor bad. did your Chris wherever talk about chronology tonight, always out that the Big Poland the big point, and that is a guy named yeah yeah. I say we call the big Prodi. The big screen get big, screened or summary right. That's the foolish of the Pollack threat. It I wouldn't tell, can still tell Pollack jokes. I would tell polished Hawaiian colonelcy. I probably we're he's a big he's, a big boy. I am we have got this Friday. We are the other sweet. Sixteen days will be an amnesty. We're Goin I assume the mecca to watch some basketball part. My take we'll be in attendance. I was saying to you. I don't think my heart can be ripped out unless Wisconsin gets like a twenty point, lead cuz, it's still the sweet. Sixteen right, I think I either have a huge leading blow it or they will advance and that will be the heart rip.
On Sunday and then they'll get a huge laid on Sunday and then lose that right, either waxwork paint either way. Let me die subtle, big cat, I'm just here for the suicide of big Alice, all the big tens last chance to save the season I might a rushed how criminal law should a little bit with the whole big ten is bad, how quickly the world my guess, easy and all that stuff talk talk a lot of shit on the internet streets, but you know what that's my like to do. I'd like to get a little out of myself and when I can't back it up, I just got to lay under my bed and go silent for a little bit, so that was the NCAA today and it's gonna be great tomorrow and can be great. This whole weekend cuz it's awesome, but it may be, I would say bigger news and yet a couple bad We talk about a year ago, right now, a couple inner fell rejects that happen, a weasel our way into the Hen house today
Ro Journalism. That's right. I said it. I said: Rob Journalism was on the cool thrown this week and ass the wind, my hair, absolutely so the NFL did one of their spectacular conference calls. Everybody looks forward to its its calendar. Viewing this one was the key petitions Committee Conference call up where they are Troy Vincent and I I guess Jeff not doing anymore, which, though I feel Jeff Fisher, should have a lifetime of pointless. I always yes, you see. This is a picture Jefferson, elixir, Kenny Roger see, he looks like he's he's Tom Hanks from lost. Not asked whatever that movie is it's one of the morning? What's up movie tidal who cast away? Thank you he's some actual castaway, quick, spoiler yon. Ah here he key gifts, of the island and he doesn't get back with his wife right, not to say I didn't have the good Dick now, but yeah Jeff Fisher let's just say: I'm gonna put it in one of my tickler file a will Fischer Dyson come on. I don't want to do it. Rally dead, yet Jefferson
Jeff Fishers, never gonna die is Caravaggio. If I'm gonna call my shower right now, Jeff Fisher is going to live forever. Ok, if you keep football away from the guy has had, for Poland is life every single day of his life, up until the last few months. If you see what's happening, his body is decaying in front of our eyes. If you think that Jeff Fisher doesn't get a position with League office in the next six months than you, dont know, you're football S, sure he's gonna he's gonna die he's a life. He's gonna die inside the NFL off so backdoors back to what we are talking about. We the best part about the NFL. They have all these rules. They ve been and they ve bandits for media day we went to radio walked right in no problem. Tony Tom saw theyve band us from everything We got the email inviting us to this call.
Critical, not specifically, but somebody our office are office. Manager Brett literally got the email and he just forties. I hey guys towards our partners the conquerors Ollinger invited to it. That's how stupid roderick Adele is. He literally just walk this right to the front doors. I can go geysers glassware, here's my ear, my refrigerators stocked go ahead, go for it. So we sat on the conference call. We listened to them just like drone on about whatever God knows what we don't. Even we were listening. Then they said any work and open up two questions. If you'd like to ask a question, please dial in annual do this whole thing we did it and I Should we play it yeah, let's just play we were on hold, for I don't know what it's like twenty minutes. So this is. This is our question?
to the league offices and basically in entire group of journalists and probably what owners, I don't even know who else is on a lot of people out of important people? Yes, oh hears us with the NFL at our next question is provided Dan CAT from pardon me. Take please proceed good afternoon. men mistakes. Your points were big story this year. Have you guys discuss the possibility of eliminating extra points and having a control centre where greased up any real climbed the goalposts like a double their challenge could be fun. A quick follow up. Can you get rid of the senior suffix on a name plate since it's just convert bragged at the player had sex at one point and it felt kind of family television deal next questioned in our next question for I'd like reef from european accompli for two things, one nailed it to my like real journalist voice,
I need to know that was me when I was there hey guys good afternoon. Hey fills lot of us have been talking about missing extra points and owes good you're very by myself, smooth and I I was shocked at how long it took for them until a cut us off, they actually didn't cut us all know. We had to finish a question that is said. No ok. Next question. I would have thought that liked by the second, the instant new mention greased up any red. We think that would be like a pug, pullin type situation right, take second, the process, the actors kazoo. We may act on release. He needs to hear your thought. It was good. Why and people along Time Award winning listeners know that that's an idea we ve had toss round for while we're ideas guys. My green book has made us rules, guys ideas, guys the Anti Reed Control Centre, where we just go, I have to him trying to kid.
copper, greasy Paul. Instead of wasting time with extra points. It come on. I'm thinking about it right now tomorrow, it would be wonderful, would be wonderful, either way. Roger you have, apart might take problem. This is now the second time in a couple months. We ve embarrassed you. We would like to time. Third, Zambia, yes, Exactly you want some media night. What I was co opening night opening up the nomenclature, correct Roger we would, like extend the invitation to come on pardon my take come on our podcast to discuss we're going to be the bigger man. This situation say: will stop fucking with you and giving you wet willies and stick your head in the toilet, and all you have to do is just come to her studio right, don't forget. Rodger Roger is accessible to the media every single day. That's his! It he's absolutely open himself up. So thank you, Roger. We will take you up on your generous offer, but my take just go to his office? Oh yeah, maybe
it's in the lobby until he comes down our high good, that's good idea. By the way, I think we're probably get off that email us. So if any journalist, south are listening and they get future conference calls and they want a tip us. A tip are in boxes, open our dams are open on part, might take on Twitter feel free to let us keep making a mockery of Roger Godot. That's where I think so. All right before we get to our interviews. We have two interviews. Today we did Stu Feiner he's got picks for you, he's got winning picks, that's how you going to get out of it by the way I just got even picks to had a rough day at the track Friday night you're going to want to listen to it, and we also Marlins man who came on to talk about the world based a classic law, do not allow me on tv, came on the shared talk about morals me yet, but I did.
These types of shows us and my favorites it just weird pardon my take people right and I'm I'm I'm here for that and speaking of weird part might take people we now have. Are the weirdest Am I take person why don't we have had on this actual show its tax? He is our t boy. He gets us tee. It puts the tea and p empty people who fall our so probably know people who don't fall bar stool, a quick in oh, let's, say too little Biographia, Taxis from Texas he's not varies. Bar is had to concussions that we know of in the last two months, but we love em. Attacks, you got some I coups for us. We, Mr Vondra, roast us on the Itunes part. My take subscribe so tax who is barely literate and does not block one upstairs he's Gary the hikers that wasn't it. So. Those actually just me saying that those
his big and also its pretty pre frickin. What that guy future producer never gets? Lake guy needs a haircut without a good one. big care over its another food for p of tea, Hanks illiterate tax eating up. That is a serious question I was asked: do you think of that part of my take boys but its changes birthday now? Thank God. That's over! Ok, yeah p. Do you like two girls, one cup? But this time you are. The cup sat up ass, a great while I go away tax, the viewers into girls, one cup, no offering better radiologists, TAT, radio, one campfire radio. Here we go
thanks for everyone, so the high coups were discontinue the high coups so that no one knows spinning them until he had noticed sex taxis talking to them. I can tell us what you think, while he watches ok, does narrated forces or just tell us your thoughts, inner monologue. It's pretty accurate, o o K Ah, ah, ah he was rejected. Why why I thought it now? I can't be real it s. Our real do
because I was not like our first text goes through, like all the stages of grief, here now is like it not now looks like several times tuna, so NASA We want a really long time holy fuck that hurt my stomach. I was outta sky stuff, you text that was, one of the most viral videos bows like one of the first viral videos in seven year, had sold. So what are your thoughts on two girls? One cup we're done with hikers? That's our real behavioral, it's real de reach or not at all the beginning was coming. Yeah like the first three seconds mean those international just where they started eating the poop but like when they got to into it was bad right, yeah, yeah little so, ok, tax! Thank you for joining us. Appreciate you watching two girls, one cup I had no idea was gonna. Get that weird so that
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Would you want mouth gets a fun fact that we share did. I have were nipples orders the left top left quadrant when stop when now. This is obviously we're talking this do. But I have a question for you: beauty when someone licks one, your nipples doin impulse, feel it yes nice. Yes, they all get hard. He said beautiful eyes: do yes, you ve been hot hot hot hot we ve been following your picks. Can we talk quickly about the Friday night slate? I don't
If I don't want to give an official pick on every single game, but can you maybe give us a lean on each gave we'll have raw meat, listen taller or the bar still pickle? All everybody's been amazing to me. God bless you guys, I'm ready to rock n roll. We bid on an epoch role, I mean it's, not Yahoo and its value. They were real money in the past couple were just having a joke. I've been running your picks. You are huge on one of the greatest backdoor covers with that Oklahoma, state agreements and the game. Amazing animals pretty funny, because I said to my friend I want- should give alone. Fifty eight minutes came into the hotel room, lit up a joint smoke. It read Iraq Rice with Fucking, yet where so dead here and then all of a sudden he said not we're fine and when he hit the three. I picked him up and we jumped around. I said that's can be won shining moment for everything and then he says to me: no, you know
see that replay get it had absolutely. Nothing is only one tiny moment for the alcohol mistake betters like we should have our own, showing that Dutch that shot goes it we put about our shoulders voice were out, but he only people are really made. It was the gamblers Graham and even watch that China shop meant nothing. What we are saying that the tournament everyone has been complaining that the term and hasn't had the buzzer beaters the big upsets, but if you're gamble, it has had the buzzer behind solos ass. I could see in the overall have been hitting a lot. Do you expect that turned to turn around this weekend? Yap Soulier they it'll, tighten up. I think it'll tighten up. I think when teams tighten up when the moors on when more is on the line, normally the under is prevalent and what about the final for when they start play in the in the big domes. Do you believe in like the shooting getting affected
where I know that playing with little girls at absolute tonight is that one of those horrible nightmare is our those above ground. Courts were where they are worthless each hour. Sir, yes, will point of view. I hate that not it's it's, but again the odds makers notice to write. So, unlike comes out, it's already figured it right. You know so you not getting no advantage, not beating the odds maker anytime. I thought I was really a joint. They less up to calculate dated added, stop Kalinov uttered a car, but I don't wanna went away when I bought Learner Carolina you and see minus seven and a half in a public school of the unknown Caroline, I would have the leaned toward North Carolina. Did you so good and so explosive? And you know you put the matter in Israel in their toward him, but that was only in the second half the first have North Carolina Blue demanded the Jim. I would say if North Carolina plays a perfect game there, the best team left in the ensuing twenty eight, and in this case the butler really plays really well the resilience.
The great underdog battle tested the entire you. I would have to take North Carolina in this match up. Ok, the next one up is South Carolina bail, her boilers, minus three and a half. I know you got a lot of thoughts on this because South Carolina cut of the darling anyone be EU beats Ducas darling. Yet I no two ways about it: think South Carolina real, I think, they're, not a fluke, I think they're on emission, and I think that Beller really turns over the whole way too much for my liking. I think when it gets tough, they dont you free, throws well under pressure. They turned over the ball and I think South Carolina can turn them over and I think that I would call for an upset here. I think South Carolina, the bed here also Beller where's Candy s, uniforms which, as we all know in the post season, bet against the team wherein the bright, green and yellow flashy stuff, like that. Do you handicap with that? You know saying like ok, Bowers gonna, where these Candia
Kennedy ass. Well, I don't know builders, not absolutely, but never know it now that, while you re illegal divides elegant, you should start of eating me right now. I've got a stupid or, as I saw him most, my bets is based on the uniforms. That's a fact how many natural Their budgets has organ one: zero yeah. You know the guys with the fact that they were those fluorescent high later unit forms and they got all these different colors and everything and it was like all they look so great you got to do what you got to do it on the field Trotro, but I think the Oregon cheerleaders
home. You know I mean like. Oh, I got used to track the caravan argon you about that the over and I want to go the blow me. I say we are some ten nine at. Hence the Marquis match up of the first two days. There there's only two days, the of the sweet. Sixteen you see a verse Kentucky. This one's gonna be great. They already played this year. So it's a pickle, tell me your side and also what do you take from the game, even though it happened like four months ago in these teams vavasor changed. I really believe that you see allay is locked and loaded to make a run. I believe that they have the superstar. They have these supporting CAS. They have a deep bench and they're pretty much selfless where they don't care where it goes, including their team leader Alonso, isn't every squaws assist, gets a rebound text ball in bounds makes a great place and play, and that's how you see I place Kentucky phenomenal. As we know, Kentucky gets the best Helen always and their extremely hot to beat, and in this time of year, called Harry is X.
Really extremely tough debate he's a great coach archer up until the last minute, the game, and then he just you know, has brain fought, he's fucking, terrific he's horrible. I mean caliber just falls upon. I see that happening here too. I see Kentucky winning Big and when it counts, I see useless somehow someway getting over the hump human and eliminating Kentucky. I would like you can fly You have usually when it. Yes, sir. The points Brennan that start at a hundred, sixty nine, pretty pretty high number got bet down to one. Sixty five and a half hour thing about him: the overall. Ok, your thoughts I would have to see where the money is going on that right now, where is the money going? It's tell me at sixty three percent under right now that people are bending the under it went on this. You like to go against that country. training go over yeah, I'm asking our solely. Why you pick the right to put a pencil to it, but I dont know I did not look at. It also usually has kind of Kennedy s uniforms, so I can only agree with that. That's a classic color scheme is
this is a chargers. Baby blues, yeah, yellow baby Louis Hermes, says those are the nicest uniforms Vienna found. Sir people forget that a hop last game of the night was constant Florida at Mass and square garden. We're all gonna be in attendance. Florida is minus two. Would he have force there? It's a very, very, very hard match up, but ominously than ever with Florida, I think flower is going to prevail here. It's gonna be a war. I think it'll be a low scoring game. I don't think flowers can be able to get off like the normally do from outside. Put it this way forward can hit deathrays in it. The three consistently they can blow a continental Jim Cassettes concert cannot score a ton of points as we know, but they have a prolific offence. They have a really tough scheme. They double down on all your top men. They take you they take away you one two, three four and five better score or revenge, and you better not turn of the bull against whiskey,
I think flower is just going to be a little too much to handle yeah. I'm Adelaide them aboard flower to small number was answered. Does stop people from getting off that otherwise only do yeah. Sorry, I wanted changed. Subject real quick to some MBA talk. There's been a lot going on in the news about player sitting games, I'm curious what, if any strategy or advantage you can take away from like looking at a game, two saturdays from now seeing superstar players that might potentially does that cross your mind at all. On Saturday night there's been a propensity for them to sit players. I have no idea why I have no idea how I don't know if it's a silent rebellion within, don't like so many games on tv, so many back to back since so many teams having to perform
well lateness season. So, on Saturday, night game, you cannot bet that game until six o clock Eastern on saying I two and a half hours before posts, because you have no fucking idea whose playing and they have problems and of Sunday of questionable, really just pull the players, and so in other words, I would not that any Saturday night game late, I would have to bear late after six o clock pretty much of the six o clock. You know who's playing and you see the the line has dictated. What's going on, what about ended. The season MBA betting last month season teams that are coming out of it. Do you stay away from those games altogether? Knowing you dont know what kind of effort you're gonna get out of each tee? No, no, I mean normally the atlas in the line is made based on what the efforts gonna be in addition to the injury ports, whether reports
You motivational fact whether reports big high on the butter is so. In other words, I think that the line is already adjusted for that, but like, for example, Brooklyn nets down the stretcher can be an amazing fuckin bet there, an amazing team, Jeremy, Lin and Healthy right now there- nightmare? They can be anybody. How many hopes I wonder where they eleven they? Evidently I think they have like twelve games. One for the whole put your hand up at the right time. Yet, but right now I don't want to get in the turn of her right now. Right now, the Brooklyn Nets or good bet, so a dog shit and be eighteen, like the nets are going to close strong, a lotta teams. when they say they have a tank to get a great draft pick. She I liked you go against any thing that makes sense anything that is out out there if they say the next agenda, I want to bet on an accessory fuckin night, because the world thinks you're gonna tank they're, not gonna, bet em I'll get value with the line, and that's how I ll do it ok
and you said earlier that year you actually get into any child betting. During the play I play away, thought I it watching in Othello Games without any money or any child games without any money on the line in the play off is already like stressful. For me, as it is not a cab stand that problem has do with it should be stressed. We are losing the ads from, and I know it too, but when you were your folding right now by the now now we're just eaten up. Ok, we're Jesse, I'd like barrier admires, said lad. I would like to see when the cup I have that winning the cup to show their young boom love it. It's a capture. Stew knows it. So what's your strategy forbidding in showing the playoffs reversed slide moves underdog, bedding and a lot of others. Under shells. My play off under a heel kills me and it goes overtime you fuck yeah and embedding undoing generals a nightmare. It's a complete worship, but if you look, but if they put a line up at five five and a half that are really tough number to go under
I got it so uncomfortable the more uncomfortable you all when you make a bad. Probably the bigger percentage is anyone it. So when you have a lock- and you feel great- your dick saw- you can get a blow job before the gaming and have somebody your ass and you're gonna go take a shower one's own time, whether we want of your stuff. I condemn first quarter, twenty five nothin first gaudy a debt shower before you get your ass, he knew well. I may look. I mean the rule of thumb as you. If you can eat it, you don't fuck So I immediately go down smells nice like it either. Yes- and I worry that we gotta here's to quite exotic dies, but what you are new locker grown up, but he's too quickly really want that you do you eat ass on first date,
absolutely hunt us almost say no absurd! That's that's riskier! You got to. Let me I got a bad bad. I never have, but I'm not oppose that they have. The correct answer. Literally gets right, stew, stew, finer dot, com, the legit living legend living Legend. I am, can give us a little like pump up or something you get your motivational speakers.
So maybe we pump up why, as a part of my life, everybody tells you can't do that. You can't do that. Larger plays the role they inquired tat. Everybody knew tat the world by the balls. You ought to do a child of God. There is good. Is everyone plants? There is one area where I could say to yourself told you gonna pocket as all day party all day, because you're, a pot of postal sports cars Dolly web thought TAT by another something completed and I we welcome on our very good friend, long time friend the programme, its largely Marlins man, you know Miss Morland man. He is coming live from the
post, glow of America's huge win in the World Baseball classic great game, but come on a games again We want to know more about you, sitting there and being telecast it to the world. Where was it think was with: I am thought about the Japanese, who were so against USA, the night before screaming for Japan classical next night. They were screaming for USA against Porter Rico. Having american flag joy, the american clothes it was it that amazing transformation. We went to the enemy to the best friend interesting. Why do you think that happened did, and I don't want you to be humble here: did you have a pretty big part in kind of reaching out that olive branch and in converting from the Japanese, I think that they were very surprised how warm in America's warder them many of them came over here, afraid that you as a might be harmful to them, because
Robert do they ve got people forget where they were there and world you soon as inclusive, and they a lot of them I'll me. They were told by their friends. Don't com american set, you blah blah blah might be put in a concentration camp and when he came to United States for the very first time they were shocked at. the traffic in our way, everyone or shark, how nice people, while everybody wants to them- and I think that when they realise that day ass the game after the home, rather didn't drought, the online and ate any when it died in the rain. The next might take indeed, they were more power. Should it for you. I say that many of the USA as well,
I get border weaker interesting now. Did you warn them? There may be some of the US with a baseball stadiums and things like that. Our potential FEMA camps. I read about that on our great Goro, Goro Goro. You do know sorry, ok out what about so. The game was unbelievable World America's first win in the world, baseball classic, but come on, I'm in your Sitten what second third row and while tender people, I was informed that can answer not allow everyday moving around you brought. You brought ten people worthy. Did I monsieur you? Ten people be I'd like that and you too, about the other ones. I did take the random. Did they leave his friends? You guys leaves fronts yeah, we crave Helen, my phrases we arrived, the strangers entered the parties as is so usually year at a game, and it's just you know it's em I'll, be just America, maybe a little people, some people, Toronto. Now,
This is a world baseball classic. Has it hit you yet that you were? Therefore, the game that America one their first we're about baseball classic. But more importantly, you were telecast around the world that Marlins orange I got better for you, people in the stadiums we have decided not to do party do twitter. Why an instant why I was doing that in the game. What about my phone in some areas are Tommy. I do with taking selfies I did they gave up. Is it all I was brought out in the game live around the world people writing to me. While they are in Korea, there were Japan, they were in Germany. They were in the Netherlands thing only we don't even get em I'll, be tv here were watching the game live through. You, that's amazing, so you invented the baseball broadcast from behind home plate. Now, let me ask you this: did you expressed, written consent for major League baseball, or did you just have a kind of in implication of consent,
I knew that I'm gonna come the answer No, I didn't have their can about five thousand data and the same thing doesn't disbarred now: getting at the bar. We know today the earthly, but they would have to basically knocked out thousands of people in the state in doing the same thing, so you are, you are there for the final? Obviously, you got to know some of the porter reconfirmed. How did they take some realism and they like you? There were, but I have to call you It started in Miami. There was a total sour every night and the most crazy, passionate lunatic fans are dominican. Republic hey, don't stop bang in these drums and bringing these dolls and standing and dancing to have as worrying they scream after every pitch in the United States. We call it.
the hour cheer after an hour after in any, but they don't stop it and thought your game for them, and they importer records were section and you are safe here. If you feel like you're kind of watching tv they each year after a good play, they don't you after every striker, every ball, but the right way: the inclusion of Thomas. I wanna go back with her. Second, you guys don't realize how big guy I fired legally just one flag yesterday that said salaries for the boy so I was at my Emmi, whereas in Miami I took up reassurance editor, you very warmly on the field and I are gonna feel to take the picture, but I don't like the back of a flag so on the field I took, the picture is a huge about ten foot by down toward flag that sets out at either for the boys with them. I still augur well about that. That's all of it, I'm so are so. This is obviously before the season starts little little practice for you causes.
Come up. What do you got plant? Anything big, any big, Marlins man stuff, you gonna go get it. I'm gonna go when I walk my way. I grew my beard. It really is me, your honor impostor behind the screen, for example. Next Friday, I go to the game on Saturday at the Florida Derby, on Sunday, Armand Saint Louis, for the opening the SBA, baseball gotta, be Monday. I've been feeling sorry for the many championship and see a basketball game. If I then I gotta go to Orlando for forty four working for seminars and then I started many many many baseball games pretty much every weekend to our feet and are you to make it up to Cleveland at all the ship? Now they could complain about cup on the city, but the Indians had thought like. My last question Because the season starting, you think.
There might be a little make up with fireball guy now european prepared to withdraw always all man. You know why we are here, which is true. I've got a lot of I meet or both listen to me. You guys it Future of America are gonna, be big successes. Never let it go to your head. You cannot always be appreciated for the people and never always remain humble that it's a joke in its very serious to me. Stay humble because that's what this country's about. Yes, No I'll! It's two things. It's stay humble and make sure you, when you're on tv behind at home plate reach, we tat picture sovereign, can say and also make sure that when you are in these visitors are treated like guests. Yes, don't put Mccain's. Aren't you got your point? You raised report inquiry.
no Larry past where there is no replacing luria, but he was up and I felt was up and moved by picking on me. I now of honour in one way to get it was raised, right now, we're gonna barium outside can know I'll outside provable wholly there, where we're way and then we'll get another reader reagents showing Avram after you hurry. just like a giant orange ears are free to the camera roses. Commoner did why, on April fool's day, you should dress up his Walter, that's great, but will be forty Renoir. Strikes worth while the young down me. Yet I'm telling you I want you to know you doing a great thing it spreading around everywhere you on the country Do you guys have become a very positive sports? I don't want it ever go to your heads either I stay ample,
Let us remember who the real heroes are as the first responders and the second responded in the trips and the troops and the teachers and viral writers and police officers and your parents, every day to put right is my dad's birthday. I wish you a happy birthday, Mr Mann, happy birthday. I pay some people with the universe we the per farm. I rode up like this- would get everybody will people ask me: is your mom still the most famous number in your phone party with you guys yeah, that's right there, people since up to your mom, a dry. All right we're going to see this year, I'm sure our paths will cross will at least see you in New York. When you come a few times this year, Marlins man. Thank you! much and safe travelling and will see on our tvs, probably tomorrow night that right,
Alright, let's do some segments first up. We have Lebron blames our good friend and put my take correspondent. Lebron James had a nice quote the other night. He said it ain't about a group, it's about individuals. You ve gotta, be more just do more it ain't about no group, you can't preach toughness, you gotta have it and then what This question individually said personally I had opportunities where it could be better one thing about it: I always bring toughness to the game. I know that for sure, so it some nice little abroad. Games everyone else's and tough, but he brings a tough yeah I'd say my worst. Quality is sometimes I'm so tough that I intimidate my teammates than they become less tough. Yes, that's on me. This is right about the time of the year, wherever bronze starts sub tweeting his teammates talking about them and led to the press, let lectures
is the word sub tweet to include just being passiveaggressive and press conference. Yes, I am I'm sick of trying to figure out what that actually is also to be asked, it is his entire action is sub. Tweet is tired, wife, zero born a sub twits. You merely inherited it. So I mean who knows, maybe all get ever galvanise the troops maybe get a kick out. even love out of a couple instagram pictures till it won't stop trying to fit out start trying to there are fitted in yellow, certainly worked for their march. So far, yes, so I did. I hear that, like TAT, the celtic sir, a Goin back one game out, ok, interesting that the nerd Nate Silver, the nerve and chief. He
as the Celtics actually better chance, a higher percentage of winning the Abuja finals. That's how you know that you're not take. Ninety eight did not gonna be ordinary. How many net? How many rings does need silver have too was saved me great when the NBA finances the senator, spurs first, the Washington wizards after everyone all your said that it was gonna, be the calves and in the warriors for the rubber match. That would actually be great outlay. If you can put like alive, came on staff, curry and the rest of the soft candy Ascalon State, worse watching the files and that they should be in That would be great I'll, be wonderful. I and we also have a little Libra HUN was in the news cosy. He went after Lamar Ball little dad dad action. Lamar was saying that, basically, his sons are in a better spot them, a bronze kids because they don't have to live up to LE bronze expectations. The expectations of lobbying Lebron James kid we all did happen to Michael Jordan, skids. They didn't they weren't the greatest Walter
so everyone's like, while these guys suck? Ah, I don't really understand all of our balls point when he basely walk around just bring a big spotlight on his children at all times for scrutiny will might my favorite part about this was Leubronn said. Okay can talk about me. You can talk about my team. You can talk about all this other stuff, but now it's dad dad yeah endangered add is my new favours phrase right now: oh, we might be fatal dad dad situation with aparan self? They might have to go dad to dad with it. We have dogs. So can we go dad to dad to people? I go dad to die with you all day, but yeah. It was Lebron thinks that having a child has somehow made him like. He know what it's like your life in all your life perspective. Changes when you have a child. Leubronn also thinks he is a free pass to like tell people hey, you don't say that to me, I'm a debt write have we're having a kid is a great excuse yet for a lot of things and then and then look Laval, ball went on
first take tat, I read he's everywhere and yeah. Well, how can we haven't had a my provider, but you when I first take and basically stuff Stephen Psmith into a locker? Listen if you can get the guy who claims that he would have won the Oj Simpson trial to be so dumb, founded that he speechless you're, doing something right here out hot, take Stephen a Smith. He said the lawns: it would be like magic on the Lakers year, one ah. Well I hears here's some have to think about her love. Our ball has never lost in India Championship Lebron James has. While so we don't know. If love or has the clutch gene or not yet that's unproven. So we know if his kids inherited. We do know that, even if Smith doesn't have the clutch gene because he got pantsed on national television
and you have like a while ago, we said that kids were content. Engines yep that, like, if you're, not if you're, not using your kid to like make them go viral and some stunt, then why why do you have children? It's actually become the opposite. Now, like parents are now. An agency s soul of our ball is. Is this the straw that stirs the drink of envy a meteorite none of the Baltic well, yeah yeah, so I actually do love that, and I want to. I want to see what other players dad I want. You can ask- is dead soon. It won't work. Also getting those columns if you draft laws or baliol, also drafting his dad inheriting, yes dad big time problem by the way, I'm affair big ball of grants, it just roles off the tongue. people being, I might be the first here. Ok now, if you're thinking in terms of like internet content right now, we are have the opportunity to be the first person to get the triple be tattoo gives no one's got, that's who you so if you want to get you wanna get a couple headlines, one
see your face on bleach report. Now time shall be on the back. Yet all across back go start working out again, it's good excuse, get a huge tattoo and then you I, the German. We have put one in his ear whole. This one goes out to dance nighter. The Redskins have proposed those in our world. Sorry, the our words have proposed fell by law change that would enable teams to opt out of wearing Thursday Night football color Rush, unities the reason garish uniforms. I want to puke yeah. Mean color rush. Is my favorite part of the enough a week. I think it's yours, too mean today where different colored uniform. How are you I mean? I know it's Thursday. Exactly I've been waiting all day for Thursday night I've been waiting all day for the team to their regular color, but just more more yeah, stronger, very stronger pantalone living right? I could
she danced cider. I questioned his knowledge of what constitutes an offense uniform morbid. He know about that right. Nothing, nothing! Absolutely nothing! I I guess this is like a pr strategy on the Redskins per hour. Words part to deflect from the fact that the rest of that organization is a big diarrhoea filled clown car to get the name and the present press for something else. Yes, and they also suggested that on a kick off if it goes between the uprights than to touch back starts at the twenty I like your yards. I like that. That's actually good rural. I'm schedule is out there and AIDS kind of like a battle cry. You remember where you were when you heard this there's a war on Thursday night football is war on football, but the battle that we need to win right now is Thursday. Football
I want to get rid of it. First, they take your collar rush jerseys. First, they carry on what was a rush. Yet, as I was an eye ass, human eye lighter yeah, exactly second, they came for are extra point commercial kick off commercial Watch Roderick Adele said that he was gonna. Do to that yeah. That's my besides the cholera! That's the second best part of Thursday right. So just just everyone keep for years, are up. You know, like glitches was banned together here, because I there's gonna be a lot of Thursday night football bashing people going to try to get rid of it say the game suck you take away Thursday football you're gonna be miss. You can pry my jaguars titans Thursday night October match for my cold dead hands exactly next up. We have a quick Kubi, sad kubi care. So we're not. We don't organ a name this segment, but it's it's basically an update on all the sad q bees and where they ve been placed. As we know, the bears
Sign Mark Sanchez. So that's nice because MIKE Lenin plus Mark Sanchez, where each equals, but like seventy five, percent of restarting quarterback get their skills, not really AIR Sanchez. gonna be the alpha and I'll offer of YO. That's this situate! Ok, you don't! You ever want to bring in a back up pansy Oliver spin zone. Here we go healthy, quarterback competition. You need that. Ok is listen! Glutton! You want your quarterback Who's never had a secure starting job and probably questions his own ability to always be looking over his shoulder, but pretty easy neck like that pairs. Garlic got a nice situation. Iron sharpens iron, never heard of that one Mark Sanchez and MIKE Glennon and put those two together. Then the sharpest quarterback in the world. John Fox has he's been relieved for like twenty five years, and he does he's been early for over eighteen years, so marked Sanchez, isn't gonna, be trend that hard to impress it yeah true,
I also have Josh Recount jets, thousand signing five million dollar bonus. We went super. Oh you can get actually better odds. Now is further attacks re here I don't I'll ever for taxes that that's an important they hope is agent. Looked very closely at that in since, if I were the jets, I'd worry less about putting in a bonus for winning the survival and more just make Josh Recount jerk off like I will give you a million dollar bonus if you masturbate weekly repay, so that Europe normal he would be Woody Johnson he's. Probably just gonna put that money into a policy statements and sound, but better return and then Johnny Manzella has been rumoured to the saints. Let's get it lunch fit he's back grandchildren, s back he's been low profile raid come back;
and finally calling coptic note. You not even close editing, interesting, interesting, interesting, maybe worry less about helping the needy. Collen worry more about us. Keep a low profile and just not doing drugs cause your once addicted. Maybe maybe I'll stand for the national anthem. Who'd like Johnny, Hence our stance and whose names called and court of law can imagine if you'd come back season started with Johnny on his knee, as the judgment walked up to the bench, protuberant bianti. Ah ha, I stopped before we have jumbos. We have a quick stay woke, Yes, one comes from s p and they had a half time article, the Cox, verse, the wolves rains and a score. I recently met ducks quick way to go viral, throw that cuckoo I'll drop, a cut
drop a hard see how long you have two of its earlier. It really is. What I was thinking about in the thing is: the sea is right. Next to the d on a keyboard, Sir Oh, it's a crime wring its eye. We need data, perfect quantity. Someone needs to use cocaine, a headline in someone's like oh organs, point an imperfect, ok down. They can also go said Oregon Fox. A little too clogs his hot mistreated it is real hot retired or we risk. it all we were. So how is it that we adapt? Apart might take off air Lib, colleagues hundreds with it with ourselves? I guess we're Saint cock too much. Energy you tell my segment. It is a fight, boils down to get back to fall off the wagon and when he started swear when you're in, like six great how good it fell to say like shit out loud. That's how I caught cock cock. We need to go back. I have one more thing: murder injured. Oh God asked Us Syndicate,
be slashed guys finger off today. More is arguably rock mythical he's hockey. Yes, so is arguably Sweden who mrs shift correct basketball player. We have five years right, actually Lebron James would retire because you won't be able to point the finger at his teammates and blame them for this. Let's go to Jim Buzz. Hang you gotta Gmos sought this week. Once again, crap that whip went to a wedding and miss the entire first? We can emerge menace. Also again, don't and long jumbos I'll read them like it's more than four five lines, I quit out everything a hog is an evil thing. It's I all, listen. I life experience like all look at this crazy. That happened life you can send your Jimbo ended in a giff thou. It act jazzy bats. Yes,
filling the pay empty. I turned away my ass back to front. I accidently Gama Shirt press between my back in the toilet paper and afterwards, but the rest the day with my shit on the back of my shirt ass, not on us and sounds like aegis of bad I'd, but coordination. How does that even yeah? That's your your child! Yes, your child. I try to use it as a white guy type of Joe to my black history profess. Oh, he didn't take it well and had to withdraw from the class. Yeah yeah be careful that that's. This is like that. Like the Jack S, warning don't try entities jokes at home, don't circle and telling people as a white guy, I'm getting fake, fake offended. Two black people, don't I thought those employ but I guess we need to put the warning and don't tell your grandmother Congrats on sex under dad's birthday yeah. I think we definitely need a warning war is negligible, says Arbour driver had cut
is in the front seat, my friend and I climbed in the back seat and we immediately ass if he was hurt or injured, she replied he's an amputee. Ah ya, gotta be careful warning. ah thought produce a real school and not a bunch of fuckin nerds and let them to cover this brilliant, Kansas and I'll the dumbest thing ever. That's your general award. Winning listener are IP her on Bay, Ella, well elite. hey do you actually had a very good point and I'm going to give you credit for it. We all bet Purdue and you like. Maybe two minutes in the second half you just like this is the dumbest thing ever. Let Purdue could play Kansas on Droid X. I don't care who's on what side of what team Kansas always beats per. Do in eternal, like if I was twelve years old before understood like lines and favourite and suffer
I can't as one like it, wouldn't I would really produced per do. Let me bring that little SEC absorbed in heated, but that little guy that they bring out and the like is the fifth generation in his family to go to produce. I myself come from a long line of complete morons he's a good guy that I bet on produce good budgetary school. Seventy percent due to see by my fatal flaw, was I didn't realize that I was putting my money on people who will only a ten per? Do yes. So that was my big mistake. To make that want to carry out a low moment is alone on one real watchmen Hank made that very, very astute point that a blind monkey could pick Kansas. Or do you any at work here we are reading from plus five and a half when they're down thirty and Frank masons. It is like seventh shot and aroused so
takes, this text say those targets be hot: yeah takes toothpicks. Today he will be hot. One always finds this level. The M are really We're going to finish up with this Jake Area era. get a fly. Sixty six foot home run fathers home run in the history, of major guys baseball took his spreads pictures yeah. So I don't know you guys know how air works, but it's hot glow, dry heat, The ball carries a great news that is at high and old age and a large areas and areas running far above sea level, so yeah yeah. What makes it carry the air is there ever give us thinner, isn't aired, can't see ersatz noticed there now. Can you get higher up contact? You know that part. What, when you get higher up, your higher up just gets thinner golf, whilst travel
Are there so the baseballs? I was probably like barely over the fence, so nothing to worry about. I swear in Sedona AZ, just as stupid. Little witch hunts that's been going on for a long time. Now I love you, you have great arms cuz, you lift a lot of weights. That's the only thing That's our show will see you on Monday could be really sad, big cap lovey. we can sir. Ah,
bye I'm robs us really not the aptly named rod has applied. Guess we're we're creating a fine smart conversation around reality. Tv games, like survivor in this March survivor game changer these. Finally, here join me week days for episode, Recap, player, interviews and, of course, your feedback. So if you're ready for a game, changing your own survivor experience, Download Rob has applied task that podcast one dot com on podcast one app or subscribe on Itunes
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