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The Bears Are Back, Lindsey Vonn, CFB With Tom Fornelli + Week 14 Preview

2019-12-06 | 🔗

The Bears are officially back. Mitch Trubisky played the game of his life and the Cowboys are dead. Recapping Thursday night football (2:27 - 14:46). NFL Week 14 preview, it's officially "Just How Good Are They?" Weekend. Picks and breakdowns of all the important games (14:46 - 34:39). Fantasy Fuccbois (34:39 - 38:21). CFB Writer Tom Fornelli joins the show to break down Championship Saturday, who will make it into the Playoffs, why Utah gets disrespect, and his lock of the week (38:21 - 66:21). Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn joins the show to talk about her new documentary and post ski life (66:21 - 80:17). Segments include Fyre Fest of the Week, trouble in paradise, Explain it to Hank the Mets new owner, kings stay kings Stephen A Smith and FAQ's 

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At today's pardon my take. We have a two fur, our good friend Tom Fanelli, to talk about the college. What championships Saturday huh A play offs are going to shake out, maybe a lock a little luck block for you. We also have Lindsey VON Olympic Gold medals Skeer. On the next chapter of her life. We have a full NFL weak fourteen preview. We have fire fast, we fancy fuck boys, it's a full on Friday, Asia. What are you worry, sank ass of a pic for Laredo, O Raw gives ahead. Low Ral, though I can hint would be limits our lab measters, particularly amongst the bills, rooms, I put my take, is brought to you by cash app cash out of simple sweet. You send in save money and now it's.
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it isn't Indiana Jones at an indian jobs, movie sakes raiders snared, it's ok! Let's go! Let's not nitrate. Wasn't part of my download right now you horse to ten hours, three ten dollars s peace yea today is fry yea December six and the bears
congratulations. I was so happy years watching big kept watch. This game is very exciting for me because you lighting up like a Christmas tree like a beautiful Frazier fur, ah so much pain and eggs from this season. Finally, the tube thousand eighteen bears have entered. The chat that was mixture risky is playing with confidence that Detroit, I'm Tellin you- and I know we all too totals it's. It's a cowboys. Their defence thanks to Mitch is an can I go so far as to look into the future barometer say about here and now, when he's playing with confidence different guy. Even is Interception was good because he pending at the want yeah and we got the ball right back and then scored. He is confident Is decisionmaking met Nagy it's a chicken and egg met navies play calling has been phenomenal in the last two games. The defences fought flying around field came Hickses coming back next week, I'm starting to get,
It means I'm happy for once that I am We let myself fall for the bears. I've for this game. You guys heard me all week. I was talking about it. I was like I love the bears hunters and I love the bears on Thursday night. I think they're gonna win. I think that it's going to be you know. The packers next week is can be the biggest game the season and they didn't let it out. Sometimes it's good to let your garden will but eight anything. It behoves yourself emotionally what's the while the universal give you will treat. So I was glad to see it and I must admit I was invest as well. I bet on the bears and the fact that the cowboys lost
Four nominally increases the Redskins chances of winning the enough see no real. Seventy nine from I think, point five percent, two point nine percent so were still in the EU. We are in the hunt officially, I wonder what the pears percentages, because it was tightly percent going into this, gain full disclosure. I just made the from enormously. The bears now have a seventy five percent chance of making the playoffs that's right, and if the EU is now a combined fifteen for thirty three, why were you know I d joint each other up? Yes, it's a tough division. All those entered divisional games. They leave. Banged up in next week, and you lose some teams that you shouldn't okay, now before we should on the cowboys cuz, they deserve to be shit on a lot. Let me just talk for like one more minute about how awesome that bears. When was because Mitch I mean come on Nineteen thousand jerseys the helmets Nike. Ninety haven't Camry, not so not so funny. Now guys, that's the craziness that we needed. No, he he looks confident. He looks healthy and an ominous
I know we were gonna make a joke will now you have to know now it's another year Mitch, I'm ok with that! He's football young, late, Bloomer, that's true! He late believable you're actually read an interesting stat. Today, it was sent to me by Professor Chuck, it seems very made our saviour title, but Lamar Jackson is probably going to be the VP right. Joe borough is likely to be the Heisman. This, I think, would be first year that the Heisman winner would be older than the Unifil Envy p o and was, after all, we're talking about Lamar's and he's nfl young to cotton. Yeah permits is very and if a young, he only through what like played thirteen games in college yeah, so is basically. This is what some of those even count. This is rookie year right now yeah and he looks good. He feels confident that first pick was a terrible pick and mix of old, Pre lions Mitch would probably have that derail him into a phantom injury. That Matt Nagy has to bench him and throw him under the bus. Maybe that was the change. Maybe was Matt Nagy Bench,
with no injury that lit a spark actual peace prize. Many tries to take like credit for that. Kay em that hip injury that I lied to you about it was alive. I think that what we can give met Nagy credit for is. He gave Mister Bisbee one extra series of rest with has made all the different right, your written collar young, in enthusiasm for recovery. He recover from that injury because he had that once the rest and his hip looks great, it'll spend zone about its I shall pass. Is one rushed to the last two gave his his interceptions? You can do like spends on those, because I think, I just thought sticky ball. I think he throws a very careful guy, just what I so we're just touch on passes just like stuck in his receivers chest age tonight and it worked on same way for the different yeah, but he's I'm happy form because I think there's any one on the internet.
Who get shit on more than MR risky right now in terms of sports right leg, he has gotten dragged and I've done. A lot of the drag. My hand is up. I've said many times when he's bad, I'm Tellin, you he's bad, but to see him happy to see his teammates hogging him, I feel good for a bigger, say. Thank you get. Someone else I actually think you might be this season. this season. I think he's been shit on more than any other player yeah, I'm going through the list. I would say that CAM Newton, when he wears an outfit after a loss, but it still isn't like it's still isn't like what mission has gotten cuz he's gotten it from Mitch's in that rare thing where it's not only fans of other team shooting on them, but analysts should on them to it's because of the whole graphic that you can pull up with crown whatever it's always going to be that. But the bears are back next week, Green Bay, I congratulate the flip side. Thank you. The flip side, the cowboys our dumpster fire or a joke have quit look like they don't want to be out there. They score early in the game, dig
thirteen play. Dr start the game, and I was like ok, we're fucked and they Recently, I actually jokingly tweeted that that was saved by the bears to make the cowboys use all their good place? Little did. I know that was actually true. They used all their good plays in the thirteen play. Dr start the game and they sought for the rest of the game and somehow as bad as they are too. The first place. It actually reminds me a little bit of a Bears office, the way that they ran yeah, so they they came out swinging than they did absolutely nothing. From that point on, I don't like Jerry Jones, I don't like shots of Jerry Jones outside of his stadium in Dallas? It doesn't look, actual, when he's in like a visiting teams owner sweet and they put open doors, usually no glass there. He doesn't have his glasses cleaning boy next, whom ready to discuss off his lenses at a moment's notice. I like seeing him in his native hour. I would like to see Jerry Jones watch every game from his pocket
Dallas yeah. They have alive feed that but yeah. He looks really upset eyes. Knocker far Jason during to season well here. So this is oh to rock bottom, as you can get because using image well, yeah I mean the bears made the bears often look, there was the best game? The bears often played all season, the defence, but you can tell especially lay in the NFL season when guys you don't want to tackle anymore. that I think so. I did business decision. A main tractor seats will gets weaken Preview Dirk Henry does that to basically everybody plays so I'll creates a very weird situation where if they were in any other division, I think the jury Jones would fire Jason Garrett by now, but because they're still first place and still control grown destiny, you can't fire but this is as rock bottom as it gets for a team that can still go to the player. It's funny because I think that the cowboys, I think, a third
ass. If they could win the division, if they go six intent, which is what I am hoping for, if it's not going to be the Redskins and sneaked away in. I don't think, that's possible. I think it. I think it is. I think, if they beat that, what's the record right now, they're, six and seven and they were still where the Eagles serve the Eagles beat the cowboys. They would be, six hundred and seventy know what I don't know how the Tiber breakers work. But the eagles or the cowboys could make I don't want them good if they both it up at six and ten I think it certainly impossible to make a place. Six and ten is not. I don't know, Ass works, Riyadh and why this sounds rather a new division, another that you gotta be get a bit who you play the piano. I did that to my brain now, not we'll get off that without delays here would be cool to see that grass or Charlie yeah- I guess- wouldn't you wouldn't know yeah yeah Definitely they, I guess, if the cowboys and if the Eagles beat the cowboys and then they get
six winds and they all both lose out. Yeah now are we as a nation gonna talk about treatments hoodie? That is where I dont like casual Troy leave. These guys are really taken the job and Joe Bach we're talking to you too. I thought I was crazy. He is really there really kind of out late in the season there weren't sweaters, the whole herd. Is you don't? Even like he's gonna head, you mix tape. You know it's funny at those ago fashioned like easy seasons. Well, it's it's! It's funny that you say that Hake, because I am of the mindset like when you see a sport centre anchor in a full suit to banker with four cares and you're a lawyer. And then you get the reverse were troika. When shows up two thirds in life upon a hood, I have some class man like this is disrespectful I'll why that that is in our brains but yeah. He looks like a slump. Albinos with I'm shocked every time, shocked. Everytime I tune into Fox NFL Sunday and trade.
EC men and Jimmy Johnson are actually wearing shorts yeah. I always expect I've never seen it before, but for some reason, whenever they cut back to the studio, I always assume at some point. The boys are just can be shortlist, just wrestling each other encouragement. If he's gonna be they have his chest, painted it's it's. I guess they get a past because they still have to travel and do a game on Sunday. So Thursday night is like me, you know hey casual shirts, casual Thursday night. It's like casual Friday, kind of thing, they're doing color rush right now, and then they got to hop on a plane, and I think there was, I think, their game. This week is chiefs patriots, but yeah it's come on. Troy, but better than that, I speak in a cheese patriots. Let's do are weakened preview throughout a couple picks that war definitely win and wood but would bet GM bet. Mgm is pm, tease home for speed. Spending this year, in addition to special new users, offers just
For eight years every week, bedroom GM prices imbues special bets for us. Every week they ve got the following. Every week in the lobby under Barston specials, they ve got my can't lose parlay. She'll get you in a second pieties. I'm time feasible. Special of over three have fewer rules in either the Sunday or Monday Night Football game at minus three hundred she's been hitting so much there, the change the to manage to fifty plus this week there introducing the genus one and one of over one and a half tvs and one and a half interceptions which has two of the last three weeks and was price there, plus forty cents for seventy five last week? That's a great one. I love that James was an hatrack turned over the one. You can download the app deposit and check out all these lines from anywhere, but you need to be located in New Jersey to place your brats ever knows where a duck podcasting people forget how great duck was in college. Duck finishes: FC s career with the record for completions, one thousand three
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The other girl I gotta take so much better than I do that you ready for my kit, loose parlay, which might have lost last week. Here I have the box at the boxer spicy. I think the box or very spicy. I also think they match up perfectly with the court's, because the books have the best Rushdie in the NFL. Some taken them straight, like minus three new it put this money like best Rushdie in Vienna, fell the courts. Having too, I hope, is playing they're kind of a mass their spiralling a little bit. I have backers against its gives, that I have the Vikings against alliance. Ok, now really it's just the box well at listen I'll put my head up my kids, This parlay does not do well. Most weeks, usually one or maybe even two of these teams lose. And it will be a real shame if the package, the Vikings lost, I think,
That's nice, so you're like emotionally heads. I respect I e all right here. If I put, let me give you a teams, I need to lose for the bears to get back in the play off race, for them to actually lose lemme, give you really, namely let me give you a little bit of a teaspoon. While the Vikings might lose ass, the other Detroit Lions yeah, we all slaughter will you said it not make us little revenge game, yet all use had literally run down. He was hurt, my slaughters, yet it is loaded, revenge and also Maybe this is kind of like that. Buffalo bills gave it gets Minnesota barrier where they were favoured by sixteen and they lost. I'm listen, cocky, minister, offence. I don't understand you. I had a couple of my mentions be like
her cousins, so much better the match fight, not the new Mitch, not the new Mitch and the Vikings. What in the vikings history has told them that they should be confident her cousins not contravene the bears ever cousins, football old hat, and yet he is no room for improvement on a real shame if the Vikings Packers lost one issue on somebody on the Vikings apologize this week. I forget who away so they policies are back in again, no Xavier Rosea, Xavier roads, apologize silver sire for sucking. We are workers when he says acts like a year and a half, sadly gate they ve apologize to much. I'm sorry but I'll, say it. The vikings apologise to my ear close to Canada, salubrious doing the story all the time. Us that's my can't lose parlay. I'm I'm sorry guys for the bears pack Let's talk about some gives. I actually have dubbed this p of T working title pending your approval. It's the just
good. Are they weak, ok, cause? There's no loser leaves tat, always leave town is the just. How good are they weekend? I think this week in week, fourteen is going to be fast. I think there are some really good games and we're gonna walk away on Sunday night, be unlike ok, this team ready to roll this team me. Some questions so we'll start ah Ravens bills, That's a just: how good are they, because if the Ravens role the Ravens Aryan like holy FUCK. No one can stop him. And if the bills win now the bill, are not only very, very legit, but look, don't look now they will be playing for the AFC East when they played the patriots in a couple. Can I just put this out here- and we have not discussed this yet, but if the bills get a home playoff game, do you want to go to it yeah? shared well and as long as it's not the same day as the bears on planet earth
no action or we may, when the initial north yeah you'll be fine. I would I would love Giles in my heart is now would grow, love go to play a game in Buffalo. New York has in say without be crazy. This is one of those games words. I don't want to go any talk about right as being Gallia. We don't nobody's gonna wanna, take tailgate from any like diehard bills fan I want to watch the game next to a trash. Can fire yet a tv and just keep like sloping. Chile a mad, and I went to write an entire column on that one bills, fence stomach, yellow, shitless gassway will be there. This is like it happens, five times ear, but this is the biggest game in Buffalo bills, his history this week, and so I think that they can slow the ravens out. I don't think that they're gonna beat the Ravens well p of tee. What we have here is two teams, the practice against mobile quarterbacks. It's very true huh as very true the pills defence practice. Josh Alan problem
only now Lamar Jackson is obviously a lot more shifty and alive You know that after the Josh Island but Josh I I shall move. So there are little used to it and same with the ravens. Their use to you know practicing against mobile quarterback. Could we have an under because everyone knows everyone's moves. Actually I'm taking the under yeah, like that. I like that I, the other two next, the next. Just how good are the game? Forty, there's going to the saints foreigners about a gauntlet of schedule, but this is a game but if they go in there and when I think they're back to that. Ok, though the best him the end of sea and of the saints went, I think the saints or what of those weird teams. I put the Seahawks in that this group were schedule or saw the record- is very, very good, but you can still Depending on how you look at home, you're like her there's some things that you see me.
little off. That might not be shown up like in the third week in January, and the forty nine hours did a weird thing where they didn't go home this week. I love a practice in Florida, which I dont like that's, not that close to New Orleans sag Filipino. If you're the they practice in at floor to state practice and tell ass. He then I can I get she had, but these I stay on the EAST coast and practiced in the complainant. Domes on really caution is doing. I think you did you travel just didn't want to fly back, yeah yeah! I get that across the country. Success body clock your body, clock inside your lucky. Sorry, I am actually gonna go the saints Alice Worthington. I dont think that the Niners I love the Niners here I love love, love than I don't like designers and adopt the uniforms are not dome uniform. I love love, love and also will always think. Like when the saints are playing against the forty Niners at home, I think about that one hit the drew breeze took like five years ago, where look like his neck popped out. Yeah yeah stretch, arms, yes, Stretch, Armstrongs gum
yeah. I know I I I love the forty hours in this case. I think that I think we match up perfectly since the next. Just how good are the game she should Patriots Hank? this is my emotionally I'm just going to go all in all the way in on the patriots they're, either going to blow this game out. If I'm going to start to emotionally prepare myself for maybe at this point in the season, but if they win the patriots all the way back, repeat what have what has to happen for Tom Brady Historic, gaining majority high, and it is right- and I see this angle, what do you say what Will the whole story lied about Tom Brady, not having confidence in his wide receivers? Are you by now because I he gave them quite a warm up speech. We didn't talk, but that actually on the shoulder the pop up speech that he gave him on the sidelines where he spent like, through
Second, you seem like mine is like the rustle Wilson like stop here, but he was just like on the benches saying it's no one in particular right, but it doesn't trust what receivers, what I'm getting at, with the exception of which you know just cause. I don't trust what are serious and genuine lesser wearing numbers in the eighties. It's one of those things. Oh, it's like you, gotta hit rock bottom afore inclined, though, all the way back up all the patriots receivers know that their fuckin up and that they're gonna go extra hard to make sure they do it. They gotta do too, when those games felt so apparent how badly they just need a wicked good tight, and I mean the bears night A competent tightened in everything looks different. Do you think that check, told his son to learn from the media and to talk exactly like him to get the storylines all talking about how he sounds exactly like his dad. Instead of talking about actual on the fields of Peru. Put that audio- and this is Steve Bela check answering questions and we have closed the human brain- really thought about how Corliss Cordless Justice
I think I think that that's what's versa, so we're trying to stifle asked about the George you your memory of your first for culture when he first report shows that as you know, to cover memories. Anyone between them? it was actually, happy that we put this in the podcast, because, if you it's a video you like. Ok, this doesn't work. This guy looks like dressed up p oh it's nothing likely home, he so put, but his voice, the cadence everything it's crazy yeah, it's not! I actually. I would be surprised if his, I was. I had just grab and provide little distraction forest. Just like doing oppression because it did sound like so that a rookie would do during training camp when they have like impression day and like the talent show where somebody gets up there, and in this case he looks like he's
an immediate and ponder that stands up and from the media and just starts to an impression that goes into a spot on it was gone. I love is an accident like no, you grow up in certain parts of the country. You talk like everybody around you, like you, just group, King Film, with his dad. So he just talking You like, without the best part when vanilla, can you tell us one of the? U no memory shattered dad had that little smiling locked himself he's economic development with, but with with me my dad, that's what it's like you think I just imagine like Bill and Steve sitting in a room just like pounding running beers out laughing at like when we know Stephen asking these questions is: don't get many information, how high they and they also talk super normally and reject their voice and everything I would imagine, obey these. They never say like. I love you to each other. They just complement each other place
I loved this. I love this design. You use you down and we love that. I love what you did with the safety here and help over here like that was great. I any like yeah. I love that you love that doesn't this they like catch others eyes for second, they know they shake it off. We like back to the place. No, I think they know they know their sandy just know that they won't say: thou grow if he saw the other Bilbil can build ourselves documentary the two bills, your time, each other and at the end there I do want to tell him that you love him and he's looked edge, say we say without saying it yeah. We know we say we certainly know I last I just how good are they game? Seahawks ramps Seahawks rams The sea hawks this Yorkshire, weird team, to statistically, I think, they're, like barely, I think, you're barely pie.
Positive in terms of point differential and they're tentative, I'm kind of like if you get if you're going to lose, but you might as well just get blown out yeah, but they know what they been winning every game by only a couple points. It feels like that. Can't remember that I'm sure I'll get corrected here. It's it's late, but it doesn't feel like they blow it. On a teams out either plus thirty. So point of view has not and the services of, whereas plus one sixty six funds tat the Ellie chargers have a positive point of virtual ire. Mary told me that that is crazy. Yet I mean this: the Thee Seahawks don't blow teamed up if they their last July, like six games. They won by seven eight three, six, seven like that, for the damn beaten, the team by they beat the car all twenty seven to ten and weak for national autonomy. Even the team. By more than than a score soberly like this. I think that I think the stocks are gonna win
You think they're rams are opposite, so here's Sean Mcgaughey raise offences against the Seahawks the last four times they ve played twenty nine point its thirty three points. Thirty six point: forty two points the Rams, for whatever reason it is, can figure out how to how to attack p carols defence. So I think that the rams this is one of those the Rams it is more the sea or on a short week. I think that the right Jobs are going to show out and when this game- and I love the of the Wit- the way that I think they would win. This game is, if P Carol falls in the trap that he falls into like four or five times year, where it gets obsessed with establishing the run ages. Trice run the ball for three point: three yards preparing for the entire game and doesn't let rustles throw he's been letting Russ wasn't throat.
More and more recently, but it feels like he's do for those games. Galleries like no one will respect me if we don't establish the running, also the d c hawks. Ah, I think, maybe they're centres out, I dont know I someone on their office avant keys out and its whenever I see an interior orphans of Lyman out against errand on all my that's a province. Convening that's gonna, be an issue, so cigarettes. Now, unless do some picks hake, you want to start want you do your favorite and your underdog and then we'll do the total sold go to tools to favorites patriots. Emotionally. All in my underdog, Is the lions slaughtered revenge quickly? What will be your reaction if the patriots lose like were how pet expense, okay and how they lose? If they look like they have the last four weeks, then that's why I hope emotionally start to get. preparations made to be. Let down in the plant richer living willing testament for the for the place. What does it look like? Making preparation
it's for losing the playoffs I'd start making explicit the excuse, train, you start like figuring out what the times are in when they're going to come in at ten it roll into town, Excetera Excetera. Look for any loopholes and out so you can can cling onto exclaimed for what's excuse number one gonna be. How can you blame Roderick Adele is what I'm asking? How can you blame the NFL for the Patriots demise, the season if they go down that road, while back that they know they have so many like convicted criminals that are still play and they ostracised gotta go in Tonia grounds for no saying comments and soften instagram back at that can play a part. I think those yeah. That's all internal branded was just Instagram. Can you have just its grim comments? Nicky, though disk I feel like the pigeon when this game, not only because it just the patriots win, these type, a games in Fox whirl in December, whenever one's country like down on autumn, but Patrick homes he hasn't been path. Homes recently do you know, tell
guess how many years Patrick Mahomes homes is thrown for in last two games that lot so four hundred ninety Oh, I can't count I can add, but it's less than that, because his hundred seventy five yards against raiders hundred eighty two yards against chart eurasian. I sit on this game. Now resumed it and get a ball that a chance, I'm say, and we have the USA patrimony not changing the rules in the last war. There often are not saying it's his fall, but thank you know like that's. What he's been thinking vice rights since till up until its age is one of the things the programmes hasn't looked they want. This would forty points last weekend's radiation, Aithra hundred seventy five yards and had one touched out, but I'm saying, if I may read, I'm not even playing my defence with ten men on the field, Cosette think you can stop him with ten and you eliminate the position of the deepest Lyman lining up offsets, dairy cow I'd say you had your favorite in your underdog pity. You too you familiar and my favorite is the patriots
the current my three and I actually agree that this feels like a game that the patriots they win. They grind out. I just everything we know football fans. When people are saying the patriots are done up in December in Fox Brow, it seems like this always happy and for some reason I think, of Patrick homes as being a warm weather quarterback, even though he played in loving, which is not necessarily warm and Kansas City, which is now recall, which had also very cold. For some reason, just like I think is because he is so good that in time a greek quarterback
like those for a shitload of yards. Am I going just California boycott yeah Kelly's, laugh Kelly Boy, Mahomet isn't gonna be able to handle the winter weather and Fox poorer soviets, patriots minus three at home. I've got my dog is your words wash Norway plus Twelve and a half aim at Green Bay. Rubio run the ball on the Packers, that's right they might. Even when this game I would love it and then so that's my underdog. My favours the box. I think the boxer gonna finish me do, I think, I think James is getting a franchise tat. I do. I hope so. I really do. I think the box there can be won Those teams and corner right now and we want those teams of finnish is strong and the next year of one says: look out for the box Hank you're over in your under, over and switch it to the Rams Seahawks after those stats you just provided. Those are good stats right and the under is the ravens. I hope that the bills can you don't make them look human, Ok, that's good under
that is down under is I actually have the exact same. So that's a problem for US everything is everything is abrupt, so my free air yapping entails rousing problems. My alliances where these Iraq's rams- that's probably that's an issue, everything's opera and was the first one. We all the first game. We talked about that. We all agreed on the under the brochures that those problems is a problem. We can pay folks its initial weekend where this is a classic, do like weak Fourteen fifteen. Every year you lose everything and you have to dial back the How old is a Christmas presents? Maybe people are getting you know the Xbox one this year, you know we're actually do or just putting all this on film and on tape so that we can tweeted out next week. With how wrong we weren't gonna drive a lot of engagement, yeah of how much we blew it. No there's always this is. I know it so well. Feast week is a land mine and then this this next couple we
still be one wing where everyone will lose. Not just us everyone will lose every bat and thereby you won't believe it. Every single team had thirty percent of the money or less record setting weaken, forbade yeah right. Then everyone sitting there like ok. Now I gotta by what for Christmas, my actual under is the Panthers Falcons. My bonus under was the Ravens bill who the triple triple lightning bolt: Panthers Panthers Falcons papers, fired coach, poor, fired coach, yeah a clip lake men is the official he's ahead official. Not yet. I sat in work on Monday based heading one on under some own one in his last one on what is less ways on a bad streaks. Oakley plague. Men get your act together, stop all the score! I do like I'll run Rivera. You got a technically got fired, but he spent the weak based.
Like dank when spends every week, they let him give a press conference easy. There. He's been hang around the facility and then he's one of these big guy where you you talk about when the media and you have to say great coach, even better human beer, and he everyone is like you'll have a lot of suitors. Ok cool we amend were were not there yet, but ok yeah. He was very bizarre. He came. He basically gay the boy a speech on why you should be hired. Yeah, they alone, so it whose great so, I guess, maybe that would be the new norm. I would like the did they do that with Might Mccarthy when they fire and they brought him back to give like a pep talk to the fillets he I could see run over being invited back is like assistant to the assistant to the head coach this year. Might Mccarthy might be the new coach in Cleveland right no way was peepers go Pieper. School had an all time. Oh, it was Panthers he's like Tapir Pittsburgh, guy,
you know, also the Pittsburgh guy every well, every single coach, wherever everyone, the NFL, either Pittsburgh our eastern or higher, but also MIKE Mccarthy yeah. I remember bedroom GM is the home. Four p m t this for policies and if your new user, you place your first bet on the Steelers money line, fifty dollars for every duck tv on Sunday,
will you gotta make sure to use postcode pfc when you sign up, I flits do some fancy plot poisoned before? What's up boy did Polly Positano my Mally my whole lot on its drunk dialing, strong, drunk dialing, rocked eyelid Zack, that spite of perfectly Tom HOLLAND drunk out this need to get that might have been brought back to the answer you so the outlets weakening you think about it? Do it always works out in your favour? I know what you're talking about master. Will you haven't couple cocktail that thing, though you actually couple overtime capacities up. My little is mad. The pump numbers all these aid everywhere, poxy between all these little stabs and make me do math. My ended bought me a headache all day, and I just hate it rightly. Mass socks number is just a word for subway that care tat. They might sleeper it's these Bela check. I had amazement start up, then we talked about a report, so I put him on my sleep book segment and went to sleep.
Thank you. Probably those populist mightiest boil permissible obstinate this week. Rugby savage! U S! Rugby seven steed would want to know we're tied for number one in the entire world. After one game of disease and the ages PC world Series, Girgis Teddy Bear it stopped of pocket irish Peat bog inside the Irish National team good to try to touch more daddy Archibald danger. I I'm sitting paint Bob. That's right, page Bobo's taken his seat. Sharon's loves to take which carries from we have just had a really good came last week, so LA paid Bobby. You are such a big sewed on Sunday afternoon, baby drink my sleep of its potential piss boy out shifted asleep. For going after my Green Bergen by great Bergs Bob MIKE's owed, so she's great Bob Shanty she took care, will re captain say we address bar injuries. I you ve piss me off shock. Ever give you another kiddies, arbiter, Kitty stone you pistol last week on the sovereignty of debt with a pipeline. If you keep talking about, my group would like that. We understand the thought site Adam all right. What's up its Larry Linguine, my stardom is Navy Army uniforms to relieve their release, as happened in aiming for homes the coolest uniformed every single year, eighty locally to pocket, no, really support at a bad down to take up a unique background, so disavowed organised set of it don't got. Leave that stupid got leave to carve rent Gregg Ghetto Camp blocked with shit he's like a best blocking faded worked our Father of black dog. He also had a tweet. I was up for twenty four hours and had one like here or retweet. One lying like like either even need a rat before it is like a sleeper is abroad. James he's just walking around walk all over the world bronchial give a factory took a huge off right, Jane, you put me to live laughed the bronze man. Now that broke the record by the way the bronze travel, which whistle areas broker accord to nor most embarrassing moment on the best. What we said that I would say,
that's very drowsy when he showed his penis. I would say when he's gonna quit on the calves like fifteen different times, losing his spurs winning cramp hours. They want a west slept with his mom when he scored eight points. An MBA final game with Dallas locked author court before the warriors Game ended a density at a broken hand. When that, when that lady called my bitch, we sat at the end of the bench and just look at all the team as they want to trade and then did even trade most of them and when he went three and six in the NBA fight, when he had that airline yup, you all thanks. All these things are aimed at taking guide, for it was a very, very, very, very funny, but it broke the record for the amount of people saying this is why don't watch the NBA anymore, his shirts? I really that's why you don't want you because he travelled for one second James. Aren't there was more bridges. Yeah I mean I, I cannot stay people are like this is why a watch, the NBA
because we're still do watched a and b or if you got it for other reasons, decide just why I watched college, but they don't travel in college passport, airborne, three exactly how they just these. These score. Forty points you know that the over under four Virginia produced by the way a hundred was electric to watch. So Are you had Papa, but it was so much I saw the under a hundred, and I was considering taking the under because to me, that's just as exhilarating is arguing that under those awesome Keziah like every three fell, a million points Cato so easy to keep track of. What are you talking about my hatred for man? Did you see the bronze Instagram post that he put up where he like? He was saying I people make fun of me because I'm showing love and enjoy for my team, because in the fourth could I gave you walked onto the court with issues ask gives issues. Where is he like thrown about a kid like the camera man through George Bush, whatever I don't know exactly how he gave the shoes to the fan, but he
on the court chulas jumping round celebrating his team, he wrote in his Grand posts, saying oh, I'm sorry! I guess it's bad for me to be supported my teammates and then he ended it by saying live, laugh lover, lover. He jacked up everyone's girlfriends ay. I am instant messenger profile from ninety. Ninety nine would boards that you're putting your kitchen from target you up. I can't live level of awe one lasting before we get to our views. Your man, greeny, he's was he's what slackers, because he showed strength and not attacking adding up. It takes more strength to not who, after someone that just insulted Romania's eight that thing he me like. All he had to say was that he had just do one of two things one he could have been like. That's true,
we offensive in outline my mother's. A great woman and watch shifty be a worse and then be like just kidding or do the my mom died last year. An A shifty cry like ha, not tissues, live just getting actually know about his mom. I don't care that we on the it's what you handle the hurry window is. Are you too said, MRS Green Burgers, a saint? It's it's! How you handle that yeah? It's how you handle that, so he illnesses and disappointing greeny when shifter, but I mean burns, you you're driving anything, and I waited NGO. Yes, can be disappointed and knew exactly with what you expect. Avrigny grimly would have Greeny had responded like keep moms name off your lips from a smack at other yeah like you would incur without our I would have been cool with anything like Shaftesbury the bottom of the alphabet beta scale, and he just outward you on your own- show it's over. He greening
stand up to shift. The beauty of my green Burg is that he is an unapologetic beta and that's why I love him so very deeply, like you don't get that until it is someone who's like homage to a chef, these two I'm a dork. I did a show with Jack and I was a nurse, and that was my role. It's gonna be a little in the way he's he's fresh meat now everyone's gonna take now is shifting made it ok, several good. We taken their shots of Greece or Green, has to do next week on get up. As he's gotta go the biggest on the show and Parchments Ehrlich attack em, who happy like Marcus Spears yeah, he suggests or he is more homework spears, a fat ass or all he could do it just shut down or lofty wants to say in zones. No Darrell S AEGIS, yells. Really, Latvia hurt him. I have a guy as a loud voice. I feel bad form because I know it's of an affliction. We some of us have a legacy for bad because I know I watch him. Sometimes I'm like he can't control the
the volume of his voice. I have that same year says a piggy blinders Erika us all that, the the her nip sort was it nazi hipster catch, the Richard Spencer, that's not what he is now, I'm just saying that style of hair it's like the more aggressive macro, more yeah, Mack Lamar, with an iron cross tattoo on her shoulder. Yes, so either way dinner last key dude. I feel your pain I am. We should have like support group for guys who can control the volume of the voice cause, I'm the same voice, a modular. Yes, now we are talking about what's happening or money, oh, like we should address this. Well, we we'll talk about on Sunday before two preview Monday s new eyes. Yes, Eliza back, maybe it's fish. I think he's back. It's not official. Are you should be back right, I'll, be realised the reactionary got in there like now we have to do right. I need to be fully official to let my head,
really fall into it, but this is just Archie being Archie yeah I bought a broadly pulled some strings, but here we ve- probably he probably twist approach- can shamrock Junior jobs ankle in the parking lot? I'll, be shocked if EF before she actually got his hands dirty Eli Manning is now more than ever the Forrest Gump of the NFL. He just keeps showing up the problem like historical moments. I am very sad to see him through. Like four touchdowns, I'm excited see the giants. Gonna want it. I know it's mathematically impossible for the giants make the playoffs but the winner. The enough seized, should do the right thing and give their spot to the giants If you lie started, the problem is he's a hundred and sixteen hundred sixty. Mr, so therefore more games left if he wins this game on Monday, they have to do the right thing and never plan again. If we lose this game, they have play you I manning until he gets back over five hundred, even if that means five more years. Yeah.
That's really what it comes down to it. I mean yes, please, five more years, Vila manning you how many fake game warden close it? that allows won't be able to peddle he just world Eli. Just who are our she just wants to get just a couple. More games closer to art, banning being in the NFL. We can't have what does it was the old there? There's always gotta, be a snow and stark, and when a third winter fell, it's gotta be a manning in the ETA. Would you think, Eli Movies, when he returns to everyone when patriots either like he's either gonna be a culture? Is gonna go on tv? Do something media? What's Eli attained, going to walk around like streets with his mouth open? I think he's gonna see sports sport back up like owners of them. I could see him just like sitting on his couch and staring at the dvd screen saver for a few weeks. You know he's not do much he's he's gonna hang out or hang out. You know one of those things that I would imagine it. You know.
drives. You probably drivers, kids to school every day and then go and maybe force like a few people to play. Receiver formally throws the ball around and convinced. Himself, he soon the NFL yeah. I think what as made Eli Manning so great, is what we struggle with. Sometimes whenever we have some, we show that has practised meditation. We try to figure out how to do it. I think you are managed just as naturally always meditating yeah there's nothing in his in his mind, brains, empty Eli manages he always is where he is right in that moment, and he doesn't think anything else, so he's fine. Here we find it will be great. Ok, let's get to our interests. We have Tom finale and Lindsey VON before we do all that, though, shivers regal. I feel like this. They changes on me, but I'm in a
or through leading blended scotch whisky, Shivers Regal has launched a special new blend, shivers thirteen Manchester United Special Edition in honour of the teams. Thirteen per merely title wins under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson, the thirteen year old Scotch our select. Air selectively finished in american rights casks to magnify the sweet, delicate notes of the unrivalled shivers how style resulting in an exceptionally smooth scotch with notes of sweet and juicy orange citrus creamy milk chocolate in a dusting of cinnamon shifts thirteen Manchester United Special Edition is the first thirteen year old got to be released by shifts regal shifts. Exclusively in the. U S is available on shelves. This fall. We got some. I love it. It's wishes, there's nothing better than a great scotch in
the holiday season December. Give it as a gift for what is right up then drink. It all give it as a gift and drink it. All yourself, Chivas Regal, is the world's first luxury whisky, renowned for its benchmark, quality and taste style substance and exclusivity. Chivas Regal believes that blended is better in life and in scotch. Okay. Here is our good friend Tom Fornelli, ok we're our joint by our very good friend, he covers college football equal. Four it for CBS sports. He has a podcast called cover three podcast. He is unfortunate. White socks fan sorry about Zack Wheeler? It is Tom, Fanelli Tom, it is being shipped Saturday and Friday so low start with. You know what, let's start with, Friday night came and it will be a bigger. I shall hear what
scored, is Utah have to win by for them to get into the college football play off, and do you think you tat will even when I will think that Unita has to do anything special to convince the committee, because if If we look at how they ve been ranked the entire season, it like they're right ahead of both and Baylor right now. So I think, as long as you talk, winds in Georgia loses their going to get before spot, because I've heard the argument like well. If Oklahoma its failure that add to their razumihin Thou, moved them ahead of you top O Connor was our beaten, paler, that's already odd Oklahoma resume. Why would beating twice pushed them ahead? you talk, who would at this point, have added a win over Ino or again to its resonates too. I think that you will all have to do the whether it's ugly, pretty it's a twenty point, When the three point, when I think is,
your deluded Utah wind. You taught me to be in the college of ballplayer. Ok, quick counterpoint to that one Utah the best team that they have beaten and lets say that they beat organs that will obviously be their best win, but the best he may have beaten is in five they beaten a bunch of seventy five teams, the best game or team they played. Besides organ was U s c and they lost that game and then, on top of all that, you can t only if I'm way off but I always just assume brands matter. Whether they should or they shouldn't People are used to Oklahoma wait. You Riley. The brand of Oklahoma is bigger than the brand of Utah, and that will push them. just a little bit over the edge, even though it not fair, Could you tell us whether we, like you, said right now without the organ when the best went on their schedule is, like you know, Arizona state? Why can one of those who would have pick your preference, but there still ranked ahead of alcohol,
babe or even though Oklahoma Paler have better resonates, because the fact is Utah has been, and is this one? if you listen to what Rob modes said week in week out, what he said about you talk is that it is a complete tee. If we look at how they break everybody they a ranking. The quota quote complete deems the teams are good operative. We and good defensively, and you talk not just undefeated. Maybe it has played anybody, but its kicking the shit out of everybody its play and it's not like it's a woogie thing, whether given by like twenty one, the seventeen therapy in came by forty five, thirty five, forty six, twenty eight thirty point every single week and I think that's been more impressive to the committee- that Opel Home a kind of art and around and you know losing- became to stay down the road beating. I was state by appoint struggling to get by t, see you struggling to get by no bail are having to make that huge. Come back, and I think that's what the committee is looking at, you power. They you see when they say this teams been dominant,
All season long was Oklahoma kind of messes around and gets sloppy with. The ball gets itself in trouble. Now ask what you were saying about the brand. That is something we do need to consider it, because I do think there is some truth to it. I don't think it's the city. Like without my bomb and get up every morning thing. Nobody wants to see you to play off. I don't buy that were second, but if Oklahoma beat bail outs, you talk, you know winds pretty convincingly against Oregon, and then they push Oklahoma up over Utah after having Utah ahead of Oklahoma City them. It will be very difficult for them to pretend that the brand doesn't have something to do with it because it clearly, like you, said Oklahoma as far as you the brand and the national recognition in the star power has a whole lot more than Utah, because while you talk is a very good team, I would wager that just about every casual college football fan the people were tuning in you for the couch poplar, mostly
I don't know anybody you toss PETE, they dont know Tyler Huntley, they don't know that. Might they don't know the names of it? They don't know cow, weeding out, so that a relatively unknown in that factor, but I do think that, based on what we see from the did he so far they do like you taught. I think you tat will If it be thought Again- and I should say you did also asked me- if I think you tallow- beat organ- I think it will, but I'm not convinced of it because organ you know it lost territory state a few weeks ago and killed its way. Our hopes with organs been a very if a itself, it has a very good deepest justin. Herbert, I think, is overhead the little bit his draft prospect, but as far as a college quarterback owes, you know, he's a cop college quarterback, so that makes them dangerous. I think, or we can win the game. I think it's gotta be kind of a close game. I do think you tell him, more often than not love, so I think it could be lost. Gory takes its was be windy and fair declare on Friday night. So you ties six ass point favoured, so it sounds like you think in Oregon. Do they Gordon's cover? I do.
I like the under an organ to cover, just because I like that, it's what I am thinking. This is gonna, be like a twenty seven, twenty four twenty four twenty one kind of game where it's not floppy an ugly, but the two defences are the best unit bomb appealed for both sides, and I think that without over sixty minutes, I gotta be asked of the time when you said that some people out there don't want to see you tat. I think I dont want a seat on the plants. I think most people why I am one of those people hand up like I'd, enjoy, seeing teams that I recognise and teams that you like open a homo. And the college football player. That is, I'm gonna watch that game old timer, I'm not to be every single time. Find me pissed off if Oklahoma makes it to the championship game if Utah made it to the college football championship. Like your view, ship would obviously be way way down, but I'm just done that I see a loaded onto the scene before and I'm like. Oh yeah, I'm gonna watch that team play so Give me one thing like, as as a casual college football fan, what can I say aid to make myself
sound knowledgeable about you tossed him. They are living in our theories. If they are a very funny there there, good team. I know they don't have the brand recognition, but they are very good. Tyler Huntley. If you know it's, it's a very strange feeling his earth like IQ like Joe Borough, is running away with the higher than campaign and with the Heisman trophy race, and there are a lot of
other due to probably deserve to be in New York, and I think Tyler hardly as somebody who definitely deserves to be there. If you look at his numbers- and you compare them two guys like borough into a ingested field whose numbers are right there with all of them he's had a very good season and then Zack MOSS is probably the most underrated running back in the country. In fact, the only game that they lost against USC Moss got hurt during that game. Any missed it in that kind of, notably the impact of their office in that played a role, so there is a very good chance, but that must never gets her neck aim. Utah's undefeated right now I and now also just shouts Cottingham, whose might be the most underrated coach in college, for we probably would make any, I would say primate, top by top five list of coaches and in college football, which would probably surprise lotta people put it he's up. There is, he's right is one of the best cut is probably the top coach that hasn't wanna title in most countries have
a title because they all its basely Sabin Endeavour AID Tom. I could help you notice. You answered three questions about you talk and you didn't saving that Clemson. So I will give you thirty seconds to respect Clemson on their show were big respect. Clemson here, I'm sorry, I hope they're both that thing it if he is. I hope he can forgive me because you know, as a member of the national media I hate Clemson. I hope they lose. I do let them in the play off. I think that their very very bad and the eight you fear the worst converts ever and yeah cosmic tax that had we wait, wait hold on. If clumsy loses this still in. I owe you pursue yeah. I read that, What currency do have made that give it with a credible I mean I get, dabble have no other cards the play. I've been thing all your long clubs, the biggest opponent, will be border because the rest of the aisy start there is nobody in the OECD that can compete with Clemson
the all that they had all year with as long as they didn't get bored and screw up against somebody. They were going to the conference and they're going to get into play off and they could win the national title, given the fact that their at number three has nothing to do with anybody thinking. Clubs instincts are the ABC, Cease thinks it's just that their undefeated and there are two other undefeated deeds were taken the crap out of everybody but have a better resume because they played other rank team? So that's you quickly, club. the three, but the reason Alice you beds, are really pissed off about Ohio State going you number one in the reason that being number one is so important, because if your number two you have to play climate in the sub, my final and nobody wants to play Clemson in Aceh. My final, because that really fucking God yup, let saw its maker. Let's make a hypothetical here: will we will jump to conclusions that Alice you winds and wool, really kind of suspend all our belief, say: Ohio State beats Wisconsin, which we know what happened
Let go Yorick conceded that who gets once you know if we, if Wisconsin winds, its iron, sharpens iron, economic who actually out with is going to do whatever is best to get those boys from Columbus, ready for the play off. What who gets one seat If both teams, when I think Ohio state- they keep on the one side and less Alice you. This really completely balls out and destroys Georgia with is a possibility, but I think that you know it's whether you think it's a conspiracy that the college above my office. propping up the big ten team, though it has the chance to give up our staple everyone flattered, but the fact is if we were in the bees yet error right now, the one and two teams would be Ohio State at one in L, a Youtube that were all the computers. The Ohio state is well, it's not just some conspiracy to prop up the big kind, because a house dates been a very good team and, as we have seen as we discussed with the Utah thing, the committee is doing a good job.
Binding both resume and the I passed em. If you watched Ohio State this year, they ve been the most dominant theme in the country. Aside from Clemson Alice. You has been a great team Alice. You have had a great feast, but elegy was had close call. The Auburn gay was a close call. It was in a close game, gets Texas Attack the theme it has gone, a long has proven to be pretty mediocre and that its hurt ls use over already may, which contributed to them falling to number two. So if you look at them defensively, they ve shown some weaknesses and spots, although I think a lot of it is also if you look at the raw numbers, Judge Lsu's defense off that I think that's misguided, something because, with their offense being able to score so quickly, and so often the defense is just on the field a lot more often, Look at more of the advanced metrics to the rate metric jealousies, deep, it isn't a leak like we seem continent, Ohio State, but it's still a pretty good deep as one of the better ones the country. But it's just the combination of the two
he said again. They look at Ohio State and they see a more complete team, because their closest game was that eleven point win over Penn State, which is a top ten team. But it's important to remember that head of Penn State seventeen points, came directly off of Ohio State heard overs in their own territory. Serpents. They had two short field than in four plays and had to go thirty yards to get ten point so that made that game look a lot closer than it was in reality, as we saw you when I heard shaped our sharpened iron earlier, the season Ohio State be Wisconsin, thirty and rain. The rain fast city were fast. He hated you couldn't get any traction with
let her thought came down. Its has Mercer said whether not the roofs coming close on Saturday. I dont ask, and I thank them. It is eight out of check into that. It's tough, watching I mean was constant, is what they are and that's a very good team. But then you see how state like yeah, that's a different level like Jimmy's in Jos. Ecstasy knows Qana goes out, you know, that's that's really what the story is when those two teams match up there and that's just really been the story for the big ten monsieur took. You could make a very strong argued that from top to bottom, the big time is the topic conference in the country, the eyes and end the the raking show that the committee feel the same way. It's just oh hi, o state is miles above everybody else. In the conference. Much like Ohio State Cleansing in L, a huge are pretty much now the head of most other teams in the country and that's why? I think it's funny because we sit here,
we're having the debate over whose could be than ever for team of the truth of the matter. Is it's not really get a matter because you ever gets that number four spot? a very much a longshot even get to the title game, let alone when two of those games and right of actual piled, though it's kind of just like arguing for no reason, but that's always the best wreathed argue. Oh yeah, that's a lot of fun. I recall you yeah you. You mentioned some but the Texas, given that that's actually like really interested me, because when I watch that game, Dallas, Texas, game text did look like a good team and I think that they were a good team at the time and sometimes team just start to suck halfway through their that she's gonna nature sports the texts isn't very good right now, but I still think there were good when they played. Does a committee take now into account at all they just like. Well, they finished up with a shitty record and they looked very unimpressive in the last couple game so that loss going to mean less they're supposed to or they claim to. I don't know if that's the case that, if they actually doing it because taxes,
It suffer a lot of injuries, particularly on defence during the season that kind of this kind derailed, there's either from the office, was it's funny because your they, they re aside their office of coordinator last weekend, Becky he's going to another role at all. I get is too expensive to fire, but it's it's oddly. If ironic, because taxes is often, if you look at others, that is actually better this year than it was last year. So I'd feel, like somebody said, had a role because in the secondary they had a lot of injuries, tat or land. It was a very good diva coordinator was fired because it is again head tend to roll he's, killed, beginning an urgent quickly. I think that, yet to your point, Texas is with a better teen. Instead, amber than it definitely was in November, and the committee probably should consider that I just you know recently. Bias is a hell of a thing, so I don't know if they actually are yeah. It's crazy. That allows states non conference. Cincinnati. One is bigger than Alice use Non Conference Texas when eight so
The bears are back on. Retain this half time, Solomon Ass. One more question seek question: promo code take He had ten dollars off. Give us when we wake up on Sunday morning, the final four and then also maybe give the ate up. Who else a Tom Fanelli Lock for that can bet on Saturday, because you are a sharp so give us both those things like up for people like that. Don't worry, I love the under, and Thou hast state was causing game Ok, there were there's this guy. I guess it's on foreign alleys, lock rate. I don't want no ok, our time today to Hake Lockwood locked it by the way. That's gonna pick, there's gonna be people who don't, I think, the Tom Fanelli. Henry Lockwood rivalry is one of my favorite rivalries and all sports, and there are still so many people that don't understand it and we'll get pissed off like when you guys ruled
suddenly do something on Twitter ever go. I put the fuck you like when Tom stole Hanks awesome tweeted by adding a throne, saying tat. He had built a picnic efforts. We are definitely take a filter, If it is true, I so final foreign, then lock in the week my final poor or higher state it would Alice. You are eligible to be closed at three in the night tat will be at fort. Where do you think they beat organ, and I don't think it matters where the big taught how to get my lack of the week? I agree with Hake. I really liked you already read and say that I was you know, I'm a big time guy Yak Iraq on every week about it simply because, like just
the old got Baghdad, IRAN that gave last week and he can't ride exactly as they pop it could be, and then we ve got endorphins words. The boys could check. How did you know just call me little beget include career gave, gets Ohio State Jonathan tailors damaging two point: seven yards precariously. I did. I did grammars relief like Obviously, I shall be very surprised because God gets more than fourteen points. I do think the under the very smart bladed. Okay, it s the last week, and I want to follow up on and f C S. Honor your big s. Yes, tat: do you think tat? Jamie has a chance to Kennedy, turned back to hands, timing gets revenge and two thousand seventeen loss to India S you in the final known up, here- I am its India S use tat term to lose again. I am only one last thing: one last billboard, ok Clemson loses use. I'll lose Georgia lose, is ok.
Paler play thirteen. Ten game is better we'll get HANS and winds. Fifty nine do nothing to the badgers. In that they tell you gotta, know Skype and yes, and then, when we consequences national title, you can You can have a parade in champagne. I will give you that I'll give you that help me would it be if a team that lost the Eleanor College Football boy, I will now enable Yellow Mig Lovey Smith, pretty much national champ, hey we're watching we're watching mixture risky point competent football, so crazier things have happened here. Come the pics, the young officer is I'm not gonna, reforms that have, as I Tom they saw so much everywhere, go follow Tom Twitter at Tom Fanelli he's the best he's got picks o O Patterson court. Oh ok,
Let us just lies: just grab live and thriving is fifty yards path for the bears. I Tom thinks so much man better love. Love you, Tom, that interview with Hank and Tom Finale was brought to you by super. If you're a college athletic director, maybe it Arkansas and yours, dick of relying on flight aware and just love notes from lane. Given find your next higher. Maybe God is a progressive, zip recruiter is the best way to take on the challenge of hiring. There is one point: is that you can go or hiring a simple, fast and smart. Growing businesses connect to qualified candidates and that's Zapruder, here's example others coming. Old, quotable, cofounder, CO, founder Gretchen, Hibner IX, here. How challenging hiring can be after unsuccessfully searching for new game artist to grow with her, education, tech company, but then she switched is it. She saw an immediate difference and you can't
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tea and now Lindsey. Do however, something completely different. Maybe now welcome on former olympian Linsey Yvonne. You know her she's been price we actually would you say, you're, the most famous winter Olympian in America about You may as well most successfully carried him, but she on your Harding's, pretty famous, not address now not forget. Reviewing rating is very high. The like everyone knows, Lindsey VON. I always feel weird introducing people words like you know who this is its lives, Yvonne thanks. I mean, I hope you can. Why am I now do you have? documentary coming out on HBO tomorrow night- and it goes-
You know you just retired what a year ago on February, who can aligning lesson here? How weird is it that you have like like having that transition when his eyes gleaming everyday? It's weird, and hence also where to say. Like former scare you know like former on it's it's like past tense is really bizarre, but its banana. It's it's been a rough go like the especially the first month, two months It was really having a hard time like finding my way, and I even though you know what's coming and still someone's different than you expected in such an everyone had advice, and some of which was like really concerning their like. While skies are doing nothing, That's not how I wanna do it at all roll and some people are like you know, you'll be depressed for a long time, but you'll get over it and like what, but it it's.
Aren't you know, I'm figuring out. It's at slaves lot different now, but it's good Euro have necromancer. Rather you enjoyed not being called all the time you have to go up, a trade one colds work for another now, I'm watching Piquet by hockey and I'm in an indoor freezer. Basically I did so. I was outdoors freezing mass often know I'm indoors. Recent Massa, Israel odds, are moved dog to yes, as coastal region Lucy during studio with us, Lucy is prime, more famous and I am humbly followed his enemy, the smell of several thousand forties out. Do you just have a twitter capture? No, I mean I could do a twitter and in our internal monologue you know me. I would be funny I dont want judge, but doo doo, doo doo. The thing where you speak for loose,
on the agenda? I do know the ideal, because it's like funny is not funny. It's! Oh ok! I got all Knocker judge among Roger it up and grieve money. Then you can tell me neighbourhood Mary with me, if it's funny or not, like mom, loves to like put my belly, which the handle loser. Well, now it's a so I changed it. It was bond dogs night. Now it soon VON Dogs, casino, peek, a heading out as you underscore Yup fond dogs. Do they all sure how gray out there all I was gonna. Do everybody loves Lucy? But you know I'd didn't want to exclude, my other two dogs. You know that would be surreal issues only guy, like twelve thousand dollars cash assures the instrumental. While I mean technical issues in a commercial like she's kind of a big deal, my dog large verified. Is there any all your dogs behind right? I don't know if it's not. Verified so doing it
No, we were not verified. How many days leave we re has twenty eight thousand eyes ground? Yes, but I doubt whether he's got like seventy four thousand, but it's because you that You talk in their voice. Well, I don't know, I don't know. Leroy does itself faintly Roy breaks news. If you're not yet everyone even want to train your dog brig news we could probably, but that up a couple- grand yes weren't just now, gotta ear to the ground and finding another cheesy detail so await. Dear other dogs, cats jealousy Lucy gets all the shot ass. He asked, as I was saying before I was looking through my tweets times. I've met you, U Dotted LEO, whose brindle who looks exactly like my adopted dogs, Stella and in writing. We made my India I was one of them up, yeah! That's that's stellar! Right there on the royal q. Why just backs the painting looks just like yeah, it's pretty good.
It would be a good couple, so the documentary can you walk through? Why you did it? What people are gonna see different side of you? Why I originally thought it would be in a kind of a great way to close my career and have the swan song where a break the rocker Allenby all like happy and great, and then three days and a shooting I tore might also had a big crash. Basically was trying to figure out how to salvage anything from the season. So It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, to say the least, like I'm crying in a solid portion of it, and then it also cut goes through my family's history and how you know how much they sacrifice and what it was like for them. So it's a definitely a unique perspective and some like
a lot that I haven't ever shared before world, but also a lot in the hospital that was pretty crazy in some the procedures we dead and it's a little it's a little gory at times, but here we have suitable referrals. You had a good lawyer, There's some stuff in there. I can tell you: how can we neared reach? If you had me injuries. I've had one two three, four, five, six such what sir is my knees. Holy shit is yell twice oh my god, to ease the owls Anthea Minister, seventy times bunch of lake or this copy cleanups, my elsie our reconstruction. Do you feel that, like pain, delay, yeah I mean if I'm standing for a long period of time my knees get like if I'm sitting, I have
our time standing up interest through the raft or did they do the other kind of surgery, so the first the first surgery may sell, is replaced with my hamstring, which re ruptured, and then it was placed my Patel attendant, it's weird, it's a weird dynamic, because when you think about other sports, the hockey football you see guys get hit so hard. So you know, like oh they're, probably having trouble waking up on Monday morning. Where is skiing just as taxing but people do it as their. You know, free time, fun, hobby and then out there having just insane crashes and any injuries, it's it's crazy, yeah! I'm! it's a little all different. You know you're weekend, straw right, but you know we had this analogy or body Miller had his knowledge were imagine risks
for us, skiing ski racing is if you're driving a car going any five miles an hour just jump out of it does what it feels like to us. No thank you yeah. I'm smart enough to not do than a lycra suit, with suitably no patting have those moments when you're crash and we're like all fuck. The address is gonna sock. Yeah cause it a lot. Some will scratch go for a while. Yet you know like when your crashing, you like I'd, try at a key, my body in a position where it's not gonna, be a bad thing. If I see an object coming that I'm gonna hit, I tried to elect move my body to avoid it, but
Sometimes you just so screwed we give every skeer that we have on the spot gas thirty seconds to bash no borders sword, you wanna go ahead and just gonna rip intimately with awe. Now I want you throw it, but they saw likes donors who think that their cooler than scares, which urged it looks like it's escape board, but it's not re so many things I want to say by way of your blog or utmost. Now, my only my only grape is that I wish I didn't stop like in the middle of the trail you know or like underneath a normal or something and then in a way.
Run over them or, like you know, it's dangerous right, really dangerous small game in their own legal off to the site, so we don't hate each other right and also a one year, except that can only see caught on. The one side suggests be content where you are the elders: Durham Ex Games like reduce vulcans, always originally it's a good friend of mine radio can know the Falklands once radio debate there. Could you tell the difference if I put you at the top of the mountain in Colorado and then at the top of the mountain in Austria, could you be able to elect okay? This is european. Almost likelier wisdom between your plaza, so it's, it's difference. Lower altitude and Europe is generally all much lower out through the West West go skiing, sell the snow is kind of in between what close in east coast. If, if you all, and what ghost it's more dry like much drier
see Colorado Utah. Rada is what you call a colorado. Audio is what the locals call it gotta RADA yeah, I do but how to ride you ever spades Ivan RADA, some landowners, I've, never eleven RADA, Radovan I live in Veil Colorado would know you live in Morocco would say I have one last question: would you say you're an adrenaline junkie hundred percent, I like absolutely I as well as an issue. Actually it's a problem, you, oh it is, yeah. I mean what am I going to do now like there's only so we speeding tickets. One can get where's your phone, your voice, The phone here. Do you have a case on it? Yeah take over it. That's adrenaline, I just know unnecessary. Rarely, given second, how I could drivers, Ireland will even you want You would not as brag but yet take off the case, your phone drawing on every single day, issues like oh shit, I could drop it any
and if you don't, but then you gonna have to. If you do drop, em break it you're going to have to go away. Liath apostolic though he just I go. My old foreigner Josh aims. I was just smashed to like pits and I just heard smash it s not here. That's why we're not gonna. Do it all about giving you maybe cutting your finger on? The glass is fine, but I agree with you that if you do break it and you have your weight in line at the apples, for that is the least adrenaline thing that yeah exactly so, it's like the reward is not high, for they are not have real adrenaline junkie it's like the jump out of an airplane. That's what I like to do you ve, never done that? No you're not really need. I M all right. What do you mean tell him he's got jump out needs. I don't want to die. You dont people die jumble of airports. We have had here have died, Giuliano people died, doing everything, that's true. Actually it's a very valid point: yeah, revocation your phone. You never jumped out very plain you're, not sure adrenaline, joking,
I saw my sharks and ice skater. Eighty from now, I think I trump you can you? Can you overdose on a genuine? Have you ever and then just stop sweating? No, in other words, you Prince Andrew General yeah and he goes down a journal ba who is fighting and I the Falcon on war and he got shot at and then he said that he stopped sweating. For like ten years I mean I would love to stops, ring YAP. Assuming I gotta do just go fight in the Falcon islands. Roy your phone at a wall in the villages are not. Matters is literally a Haider at ion. Yes on their bring assume with a really good question, so you live in Colorado. Ratko brought Europe in the thin air. All the time when you get down at sea level with us pleads. Are you just like too high off oxygen overtime, desirous of so much easier? Suki know what I mean. Because my house and veils at almost ten thousand feet and I get headaches, unlike my eyes- are always dry and link
actually is not. That fund delivered that altitude. So I will say it's it's like really nice to live at sea, How do you envisage Jersey is really hard to big shit in Colorado because you have to follow those special instructional, it's a little bit more difficult, but it's not that bad. I always I never actually look at the time. I just I put my hand the oven and see. What's out of cheaper, bout, adrenaline, Jerry Data- just stand United writing at a proven myself, ass, art, Linsey VON. Thank you so much check out or new documentary on HBO, even watch everything undermine Somalia. It's coming out tomorrow, November, twenty seven, six, six. Sixth, I know the date today. I was good high on the agenda on demand anytime, you want. Thank you. Thank you. So much appreciated that interviewed, Linsey VON was brought. You buy CD empty. The holiday season is in full swing. That means the next few months or can be full of shopping, travel, socializing and most importantly, sports sports
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huge savings when he's promo code take a check out and if you're still looking for the perfect gift to give that special someone keep an eye out for a fool. Week a flash sales by following see beady MD on Instagram to receive the latest updates. But if you your see video little sooner once again, that sea beady, empty dot com, promo code take for twenty five percent off your purchase of high quality, see oil products from sea. He D Md will arrive. At your doorstep, surely see beady empty, don't worry about it Ok, let's see great tagline. Let is just order about dorimont, honestly that I would by any product, did you said the charter? We gotta? It's got yes Papa refined and we can't everything's chill. I left you. Some segments wrap up the week next week. By the way we have one of the biggest interviews you ever done. Well, teaser was as broad a human body.
I would say our biggest interview better than it ever could have went to yeah yeah what I wish you good is good. The only area has underlined in a day was really exceed my expectation, always rehiring into the only thing I would once more time pursues. Now much point are far from the weak Hank. You got this man yeah. I actually have on this week. So obviously I don't live at the office. I to commute the office every day and on the other we now you don't. The other day I got into my train subway platform. I stepped in a puddle in my sock, got soaking wet and then after waiting for like three or four minutes, my whole train to just so I got the train's a coming. The station shut down whatever, so I had to walk like two blocks in the cold, get on a different train
and then two blocks to block than I had Marie. I had to walk like three blocks to get to the office as opposed to a zero. So that's a net till so I've blocks that you had to increase. It was probably like twenty minutes adjust it sucks. does not the able to get on time. I will say, having a wet foot will ruin your day when what is is worse than sprang, an angle which is worse than a break. I would rather I'd rather have my foot chopped off then have missed be wet all that and he s so yeah commuting to work. My five us, although wet socks shadow, came Arcos drink book, I he had me do my ten hang overtures one of them was. There was a time in my life, where I read that if you or what socks to bed it would hydrate your body through your feet. Does I work did not
That sounds like one of those things is here at the bottom of an article on Yahoo. Like it's, it's an illustration. Here's one cure for for the comical: let's put an onion inside your socks over the other tips, Paquette. What I want to give away all of em cause you should go by the parcel sport store, but one of em I had I convince myself. I read another thing where, if you banana drink in it I'm twenty ounce, diet, coke and and have to add, will right before you go to bed you'll be completely find when you wake up also did work that in work I like to elect PD light. The thing is you guys picking a chicken juice once you just start chasing age, and you can't reverse time. and that's what runs a path I mean the best cure for hangovers. Just not stop dragging yeah, that's true that was ever of yet there you're the doc. I pity, what's your firefox, my firefox the week is something I just experienced today on my way into the office. I was I had negatives on that oh travelling to the officer
so anyone my new fire fast is just leaving the airport is leading airport. The Guardia was so pack today I got off. The plane was already delayed by probably for hours the gaff the plane was stranded outside the Gaza project? No took private yet to come beer, and then we flew back commercial, is by the way I'm flew a private jet. In your comments about travel, I'm revenue are ruined when it comes to travelling from now. On. Every time I go to an airport, I'm just could be saying facts. The person next me about how I'm commercial is different in certain circumstances than a private jets. If we were flying private eye, we won't have to about this line for security, yeah really and suffer D. I remember when I flew my first project like Sonya yeah, I'm so, but I was straight allegory of two hours to get. And it actually looked like a fire fast. There are ten set up there. Huh people. Everyone is waiting for about an hour and a half to ours. There were yelling at each other. There were fights direct assaulting, lift drivers,
we're taking too long to pick them up we probably grand total of three and a half hours to get an airport to the office as part my takes which is in turn, Jake helpfully pointed out, I could have made it to the office. Fast refined walked, yeah, that's socks, there's nothin! Worse unreliable! I mean the murder minutiae, yeah look, what are you going to her products? Will, God is hell on the moral of the story? Just don't have a job, yet don't go anywhere. My firefox now bear with me He's gonna sound like it's been a good week for me, but hold on yeah ready to bears one. The bulls. Are you game winning streak the Blackhawks one, the Cubs finally cut that scumbag Addison Russell Whiskey beat Minnesota they're gonna beat Ohio state things going too well for me, my sports world, so my fire. First is the other she's gonna drop in- is gonna drop heart. You think it's! It's!
a state- that's the big. I would say that there's a chance like that, the link between the barriers in the bears- I might not one another football game near. No the beer ever there, his fall apart, but you know you feel a little too good. It's like this is and how it supposed to be. That's how like the last two years of my life has been with Washington DC sports. Bright big was react, and has a wizard said: Esben Killin yeah, exactly know that I hear you because you always you're, not you still exhausted around you're. Looking over her shoulder like weight is is ashen culture about like pop out and say ha just a joke yank. How do you deal with is how do you deal with continued success by teams without feeling like it's gonna or your flinching? Wondering always is gonna end? Yes,
sometimes bids you gotta, you gotta believe I think you just have to become a huge ass or to anyone that hates on your team. Ok and then that's how you will you continue? The success rate was like when you're in a city of champion, Dickens all come back to the fact that, like this, the sport being basin, Boston means at the team is going to overcome obstacles magic as as someone who has a football team that is probably gonna, go deep in the plants as well. I, too, am afraid of meeting the Ravens insuperable yeah. I mean likewise, I'm afraid that I think the one team that can take the Redskins down plants is probably the barest sit. Cmu disappears the ravens or scary scary teams. I let's we got a couple, other segments will do some ethic used to wrap up first up speaking up The czech trouble in Paradise, Tom Kern, wrote an article today talking about this being possibly more than likely more likely than not we're probable than that, probably not Tom Brady's last year in new.
When he said that essentially the team not been able to reach a contract with him. He is an unrestricted free agent and also has in his contract. He can't be franchise tagged. First, I'm right yeah, so Hank thoughts. My thoughts are like Tom, Colonel APA sometimes does like the Florio thing where he plays semantics. He knows what he's doing It puts these articles out there because I think in his heart of heart he doesn't actually believe in you don't think easily, but Hank member he sold his house. He did he soldiers at one of as many house is probably aware. Here's my question to you follow question. I would agree with you that this feels like a yearly thing now. I will say one thing, though: if Tom is gonna go somewhere, it's gonna, be it's gonna, be based around the TB. Twelve cause he's, there's been a lot more promotion this year with England, he between him Guerreros thing in their opening up these different,
What stage have the most relaxed incest laws? What's states have them have after restrictions as losers possible, but the only way out of ages. I immediately held my business okay, so is that exactly do that today? So what would be the worst team for him to go to for you personally cults I know I did someone. They fcc alert to not even legal the dolphins anywhere, where you have to see him twice. He almost what's the weirdest jersey could be the weirdest. I was actually thing about this here today, because somebody just put to take out there were If you want to Dallas would have him in Josh, Mcdaniel, how's clear and I I closed my eyes. I tried to picture Tom Brady in Dallas Cowboys uniform, and I couldn't do that. I think the vice on Photoshop Vikings is good one, the cardinals Cardinal, I could see him rocketed Cardoso, my Box box. grow thou, be so weird
It will be very, very weird if that happens, speaking of hot takes, shut out Florio because ease. that's what he had to be worried. You said just a random Thought popped in my head, Andrew It might be the starting quarterback for the LAS Vegas Raiders and twenty twenty eight years ago, based on nothing, but I just wanted to put a really. She admitted that he just made it up in his own brain ghost directly from his brain he's got a direct line to his twitter. He also stir crazy right out often Andrew Luck in Vegas. I I don't know crisper would have a field day with the luck be a lady of yeah that shit Might Florio's is the definition of a beautiful. My! Never us you just can't be sitting still for more than two seconds. Otherwise he's gonna have a guy come out of retirement and play for a team that moving cities to LAS Vegas yeah but, as he proved on the show with along the true in that kind of linking that sad point creates could point I
explain to Hank Hake? You want to of the Mets new ownership explained to you Yes, so it seems I don't know, it just seems, like all met, spent four years news near cell team cell team till team and then Porto wanting soft on the rug- and it was just like snap- yes, gold and everything is as cured. Child yeah got that's how ass through Guy Stephen Con, who seems like what's the big lot bawler of all time out, they sell the team, though, isn't it is like it's free money? Well, I think the well ponds. They lost a lot of money in the Meda thing and it seems like no one likes him Oh, the weird part is They got like a sweetheart deal where they get to pretend to be owners for the next five years. That haven't seems like pay any the built kind of like us with a New Zealand breaker, yeah, ok, yeah exactly so but this guy Stephen Cone, he has
is on on the record of having the biggest vine of all time by the SSC, and I'm not talking about football conference. He's got like these comp. Sounds all over the place. Words like, like Georgia, our more shit yeah, I don't know exactly details, but I think he can't like a livelier illegal trade anymore. So he just bought a baseball team and in I think, is the richest baseball owner and am Albina easing billion dollars richer than the learner. These sixteen billion dollar that were ok, yeah, pretty pretty big. I mean you would probably think that someone who's not allowed to execute bad trades is probably good for the match: right, the elderly and soil and start low that yes, yet eyes. What does it saw that it generates? Really? What is new is that new ownership saw its fresh blood, its fresh blood and building, and I think that any time that you have a shitty owner for really really long time. You will literally take any one else in the world, but that same shitty on he's he's four times. Wealth is, is TED Learner,
oh he's very worthy. I was actually looking up because I was just curious what Tom Rickets, like, obviously to Google, who the fuck knows Tom This is just shy of a bill. Stephen corn has sixteen bill. The fact that he owns various compounds across the nation yeah to me seems like he's a cool guy would not in a hot, nothing to hide he's got. I was looking through research, his houses, and he has like it seems like he s house, on every block in New York City yeah, two stashed away, what you what's the shark on your house, a compound boy at Greenwich, identical level of quite large, and he, I guess, he's I spend a ton of money. I don't know I always assume with owners, like owners, really really rich owners, they by teams- and they say there has been a of money money and then they spend its money. And then, if the team doesn't window like we, why am I doing this? Because there are always somewhat a businessman who
like losing money right? So if the Mets don't performers, you like fuck this right, it also just becomes like a nice toy four billion or to have at some point like later on. Their life like I want, stay involved in a business of some sort but I also just really like sports and Portugal. Someone's gonna get a guy three billion dollar toy right and play within fuck around right, so ill? How many people in the world do you think I could buy immediately baseball franchise some Edam alive how many people it's just doing my my twitter does arise. Of everyone on twitter these days, Gilaks bill gates a billion dollars, saint guillotined, to the match. Those people realise that, like none of these rich rich guys that when when it says, are net worth its, not liquid, like bill gates doesn't have twenty billion dollars, some cash, if bill gates, wanted to get all this cash when he just like destroy them, would Ottoman right exactly so. We tax them all for taxing the super survey or oh yeah, but
If we wanted to tax them everything they had, they would destroy the economy about so, but tax but the weird thing by bill gates, if he wanted to see he's reach a point in life where everything that he owns is so valuable that there's nobody that's able to buy what he owns yeah, is like one is we're paradoxes, you're, so rich that you're not rich anymore, right you yeah right. You can't even you can't even converse with regular human, be right. You can't sell what you have, because no one's able to even afford it. Do you think he buys like fifty dollar bill cartons, jaws if bill gates and where velcro shoes I'll be shocked when bill gates does all day Where did he's not arriving on Amazon like if he's not working? Is he just I know he goes. I he hangs out, but Bud Selig get their Barbara. That issue That's killing new compounds building new compound compound life. Look, I can't imagine bill gates, waking
I will get also is: doesn't leave money first, kids like most fucked up, are you think bill? Would it be hilarious if bill gates, like woke up and drink coffee, me and then sat on the toilet, just like trolling people on Twitter with a bird our account Dhabi grace. I hope he does. He get it. I d probably eyes like a social movie. That would be the most stars are just like us, like the people that are like Steve Jobs, greater than bill gates. He anxiously. I actually yeah right because at the end of the day is over. You end up bill gates right, so we probably does get a little pleasure from just like sitting on the pot Nino, maybe go on private modem in firing abusers. You think he's into really deport. I don't know, but like it's funny to think about the basic human necessities, like he still shit,
by drawing on twitter and looking upon the things that we need to live. There is more that unites us than divides us. You probably just has like Excel spreadsheet that he pulls up every morning to see how many lives he saved in Africa, with his like malaria campaigns like diggings worldwide. So what yes, a while he's taking a shit, he just reminded of how is basically superhero right. He saved like a hundred thousand lives deaths precisely that must be a pretty good geo sash after you look at like. Oh, I saved a hundred thousand people's lives. Yeah I've earned. I've earned the right to rub. This went out to Tiana Trotwood could for me good for me haven t. I woods. I would honestly think of bill gates is like he's. Morlock, EVA Adams, like big tits, gonna guy, you think of atoms, he's got ease. Definitely is India like like quoth he he's searching thirty's. Ex quadruple these. I lay I like EVA items, but she's almost like a little to top heavy. Ok, let's not
it's a shame. Dissent is very topical. As Prague, Harry Person, myself and probably can't drive, Hurrah will get in the way of her hands, reaching the steering wheel, just rivalry with her feet. Top happiness is a problem. I o one last one before do ethic use kings. They kings, Stephen Smith, losing his radio show for Stephen. I smell he got replaced by himself. He got replaced by himself thank ye, they're doing reruns of Stephen a Smith from what he said that morning. Yes, every broadcast either so they mate date, they take em I'll, take him off his radio show but putting a radio host in his slot, who Wilfers militate. Just in and out of Stephen a Smith clips a mistake. He saw it the radio holes like- and this is what Stephen I had to say this morning about the why James Taking issues are running on the core finesse. Let's kick, it was so his radio show is giving the ten million radio show. How much is it takes about. He lives on tv
also his radio show and run paid for both it's incredible. I mean when I read that article o this guy has at all so Stevie Psmith we'd go kings, they kings, I epic use, would before quick, shout out, I tweeted this put wife fast is going on in Chicago on Friday night we ve been associated with them for a long time. They have a great charity. It's a huge concert of Bourbon Street: you can buy tickets still Weis Festa COM, it all the proceeds go to child cancer, adolescent cancer. So do it great cause a pin the tweet, if you want to check it out some guys Carl chuck me so they were. They were teammates with him. I so it's great cause. We've been talking about it forever, but go check it out. Please great concert Friday night. Do it? Do it? Hank ethic use Ah, yes are measured in fantasy fuck boys, but we asked people to send because ever was us. There, like Spotify,
of how many hours and minutes and someday listened, and it was just paradox. I was doing all this mental math in my head. I is not number right how many hours, or in a week Hank how many hours are in twenty three thousand minutes. Sixty minute wait. This on our sway twenty three hundred for forty. It's like four I that this does my hope point as I going to like dimensions. Have everyone is treating it as a way to second, was this person a thing for seven hundred our? I think they just make those up you. I was it was crazy, but for epic use, what does Epicure even stand for frequently asked questions? How we're gonna vacancies if you read it, I want nothing else, one. What is, as you said, for it stands for fuck and queen with. Everyone knows that
oh by the way, spigot spot, if I think I'm involved in like a spot. If I wore right now with somebody who has access to my account, that's had it for less, like probably for five years Aceh. Somebody wrote an article about this too, but I mean through someone in El Salvador has my login after I haven't bother to switch from us for years. So it shows me when I listen to its like a lot of what I was stupid than half of them are bands and I've never heard of the play like salsa. These sorts of passive war is patently easily when it yeah just says, cheating ass. We put every now and again I listened to what the other I listen to it and its happy music like to itself. After having a great time, my my top bans were were like fish queens Zone age, but I for two years in a row I had already on the ground, is top song. So shall I catch on nice? I her new. Album is awesome. Continuity stairs fucking two years old racism, she's Chris is actually going to single out you're, really when she saw awesome
what's, the service industry employs no longer on the clock or is out of uniform, etc. At what point is it ok to front the terrible customer than normal social setting out how much of a pain in the ass they are. I don't think so. I didn't know you do it. You can do it all the time out of you or me out a uniform in the same building. I think it's still tough. You just run the risk, if ok so in life, Everyone knows the people or a pain in the ass when it comes to service staff, like it just sock? do you ever knows at one guy. You probably have one friend or front, a friend. If you go out to dinner, you go, there always complain, bear seeing in its terrible, don't be that guy, but the problem is that guy Also the guy was no problem saying I won't talk your manager and take in elevating the issue, so
but their one and the same. That person is one seen there, also probably the present their homeowners association and like email you, when you leave your lawnmower out in front of your house for more than two hours. Here's what you have to do k if you're a server fear in the service industry and there's a problem customer where you're going to want to do is confront them in civilian attire. So yes, now we're year form but find out where they work. Yeah and go into their work. Can figure out something they're doing wrong and then get mad at them and paid for two that says yes, so yeah, I would say, just be tread lightly, because that does feel like a situation where you will get fired a hundred times out of a hundred yeah, I mean really the moral is like if you're being paid to be there, then you can then that person has to take all the shit that they get right. So just if you find them when there on the clock they have to take it, or else you can escalated to their manager and maybe did to me Andrews can talk right. I hate employees. This person says
listen for a hundred fifty hours this year, usually warm taking morning shit, which I guess, if you like half an hour, good day. I'm morning times. Sometimes If all sleep tickle map all up, do you guys ship for showering or you cycles and do it after I shit when I have to shit. He was saying. I would I say, something all non promotional. Yet so brave, do you guys shit before showering or are always egos who do it after shower? No? Never after I'm gonna try to before, but not just shit where I have to shit if you should, after even get back in the shower, that's crazy Dallas, stick with you for the rest of the day like that that something If you especially of your wet, come on now. Also my more is timed out so, like everything is based on when I get out of the shower, the time. So I know when I have to leave at all kind of backs up to the ship, if I get out of the shower and then I have to shit my entire mornings round, yet I am not clear to you that you guys wild yard for this person,
listen for twelve hours on Spotify, which twelve thousand hours, which can be true thing. They mean minutes there followed quest. Was half Stella Leroy met. Yes, multiple tabs boyfriend girlfriend yeah turf their funding. There came an xbox, the threat, All this person says they listen at work, but I'm the assistant of the ceo for the company. He also doesn't have a door, so I play the sadistic game where I tried as hard as possible, not to laugh. I've been told my pmt time facial expressions holding after a legendary. Says he listened for eight hundred minutes of that guy. Outside of any sort of reunion setting. Is it ever not? Do she to wear a class ringer sports championship ring of any level to have rain and social than well? If you are taxation Amber Notre Dame you have to do it, so he can never know that you went to those universes, our future, hiring an Underwood. Harvard, though, if you The Superbowl in which
you played significant minutes. I think you have to wear that almost every time you go out because people whom you disappoint, if you don't wear or on the flip side, if you want a super born you at zero to do with it. Also afterward every time. Yes, in fact that there is one do that I sat next to four, I think, like three or four different, washing capitals games and he, this big NBA files ring on and at the fourth game, ass. Maybe what? What's that from using OZ a referee back in the ninety ninety eight files? Anywheres it all the time, love if you're, an official fur first Superbowl or age, which observers? Yes, where all the all the time some vat commentator in drug cat. I listen to thirty. Nine three thirty, nine hundred and fifty two hours a year and motioned the bus. Again, it's gotta be minutes are you guys go into bench during every Instituto interview now Well, we still have the veteran so yeah,
probably not we're gonna do rooms with Phd during his fire festival, but yeah it'll be in I'm so excited sure I can guarantee. Could you comment told me I was gonna, be here last week this week? Yes, yeah, we're gonna, do it today and then spread make get back, even care. At this point, I think it's actually colleague the Jimmy Kimmel Matt Damon Joke and the the pretending we're gonna get a bench press. The plates just came in today must be super expensive to ship waits dear shall to mobile heaviest thing possible, there's nothing heavier than waits there it customize? Amazing bench press it ass, we gotta get Joe Biden here so much he puts up his eyes will start pleading wonders. Why is push up Jack Man last one Are you guys worried about this year's homer derby? Yet now now can I hope why is so far away,
do the shows to the temperatures, pictures and home under Jesus Christ. Like that's, I can't even think about come on, don't ask stupid questions. But there were not future guy. I think we dodge the one bullet that were really gonna have to worry about last year. That was, if I was gonna put, my tongue inside begets bottle. It was gonna, be in the year of our Lord two thousand. Ninety Krishna Ouch Easy doesn't have it ain't? No chance now impurities right, then he needs, up from the centre field. When the with are the ratio in all things are the left field her or anyone? I need to see video of his eyes before I can confirm the US. I that's our show will see every on Monday football, embrace it not lack of her for the cover alive. You are right now so further artwork on Mondays, rehired handed awesome snow, one for when there's a snow game, but there's no snow and the forecasts for this week. Go away. I would get snowman made out of football. What if it's not going north snow theme we're gonna use after when it's a snowy, we
ok. We should do. We should have a b the bracket causes. The final fours force come for college football, and it could be me Phd Leroy installer in each the spots without propose that there should be footballs items and put a fundamental
that I will be like the championship. Winner gets a football, that's not correct.
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