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The Caps Are Stanley Cup Champions, Dan Haren and Belmont Picks With Randy Moss

2018-06-08 | 🔗

The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions. PFT went to Game 5 and we recorded the show immediately after the game with his thoughts from Vegas (2:27 - 10:27). Ovi raising the Cup, TJ Oshie talking about his father, and all the moments from a historic night (10:27 - 16:08). NBA Finals talk and Kevin Durant had the scowl of the Century. Julian Edelman got popped for PED's but he's our friend so we don't believe it (16:08 - 23:22). One of our oldest recurring guests, Dan Haren, joins the show to talk baseball, Hank's theory about the seams being raised being true, and the time he tried to impress Kobe into shooting around with him at the gym (23:22 - 51:16). Randy Moss joins the show to give us his Belmont Picks and tell us who you should be betting on as Justify tries to win the Triple Crown (51:16 - 61:16). Segments include Stay Woke, Uhhh Ya Think for Nick Saban, and listener Roasts. 

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today's pardon my take the washington capitals are your stanley cup champions yes i said that it is real the capitals one the stanley cup we have dan hair a good friend dan heron recurring guest and we all oh have rennie moss given you some pigs for the belmont on sunday maybe a triple crown while i before we do that though you're gonna want the cash because you're going win money betting on the belmont and needs to put it so if you haven't heard we switch to the cash app it's the number one ranked app in i did so much do the most with your money whether you want to pay people back buy and sell bitcoin deposit your paycheck reign the app or order free custom cash cards spent anywhere you like and now ash card is more powerful than ever with cash obsolete as feature cash boost the cash its boost programme let you get instant discounts every time you swipe your card right now
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download the cash up yet doubled the cash now i gotta be bobby's gets money double the cash you two might windsor money every single episode let's go let's not if pardon my two percent is friday eight p m t your washington capitals are stanley cup champions i am
then we can observe i am personally assent now i'm not i mean tonight one of those nights where i'm never going to forget where i was i'm never going to forget how it felt it was a feeling unlike i've ever felt in my entire life when you when you watch it seemed like the capitals that has those struggled over the years to get over like so many hopes i got kate upton boob amount of hops it is it's all more satisfying when you finally do something and i'll tell you what like the moment that have edge can grab the cup and he just i'm going to back it up the moment he sprinted off the bench and just looked like he was nutting crying screaming laughing all at the same time
that is life affirming i don't mean to get all serious i'm getting too serious right now and i'll probably going to listen back to this podcast in like a year and be like while i was really hurt but i'll tell you what it was awesome and it felt great and i i i can't even i'm running out of adjectives to describe it the only reason you're going to feel like it was lame is because the couch probably gonna win again next year and you're gonna get were used to this right that dynasty has already begun all i can do is hope that washington sports fans won't turn into philly sports fans away that philly sports fans turn into boston sportsmen's your boy got eats poop first you got inside out who so so it was actually a good idea to make me eat poop after the penguins went because i'll be ass with after sailing up why would i every poop like we already one yeah i had to keep them logo and so i kept them all go in and i regret nothing so the watching on tv we
a couple moments you probably didn't get saving it late what you just describes seeing a championship in person like that's that's every sports fans dream look unbelievable there are so many caps fence in the stadium how was that which was like forty percent of his forty percent down on the lower level especially in one side it was probably fifty fifty in the year in itself is probably more like seventy thirty i'll say there's like vegas fans are awesome their great that i ran into only like couple dozen assholes weight with you you said that wrong long suffering vegas vance sorry on suffering vegas fans fans for life they waited for this moment for literally dozens of weeks and yet a few formally harcars out don't but there they were a bunch ended the ones our men dc even their group of people so anyway
one thing that i notice from everybody i talk to was that they all agreed like we can take this for granted because even those are first year like were you not guaranteed to get back this moment anytime soon so vegas fans answer awesome the arena was cool shit the the entertainment it was like being a rave it was like being at a re that a hockey game and it was it was very a very very cool there mascots like walking around through the stands out as you said but after overscored his goal he just happened to be right next to me like their night the guy that that thank wishes the foes and summons tragic gazing poisoned arrows and yet the guy who's gonna demand like a ten year fourteen million dollar contract when he gets too big for his breeches next year yes a future rag nor was i was walking up and down the isles and use next mondovi overscored is his goal and i clapped him on the shoulder and i was like let's go where we really think we think buddy and he was like shut up you fool
you stated character i think i think i tweeted out the video so you should watch it it's it's pretty fucking dollars so that the whole arena was amazing the atmosphere outside was really cool before the game so honestly i can't think of a better city to win the championship in and then go to your hotel room and recorded pie cast yeah i was on my way back i was like no big deal i just have to record a podcast nor the ladys were like yeah so so washing on tv couple moments that were like stuck out for casino obviously only twenty thousand people got to go the game emeralds watch on tv avi getting the cop was one of those very special moments you dont be caps van like we are to know like how much it meant to him how much
like that over his and we all made our jokes always eating a lot of shit but he is an all time great player so for him to have that moment that's like that that kind of gives you hope like as a sports fan like that's what that's what it's all worth it you didn't see because you're probably walking out the arena tj oshie talking about his dad was maybe like i mean i start to get tier i start a well up and don't take my man card but that was like when you tweet like sports i love sports like tj oshie talk about his dad is battling with alzheimer's and
he's gonna remembered this moment i dad why doesn't he doesn't remember a lot of stuff these days he remembers enough words i what is here and i am aware that this one was sick wear them forever guarantee that that you used on what the life of every moment that that was the war those special special moments it you can only get through sports and just a cap spans the deep the shots dc were insane like the city the amount of people the masses of people there were watching the game outside was incredible and i like you said long
suffering but a long long time so congrats dc however night health dude for fucking series closing out the series on the road for air max i didn't realize until that little habit gary batten centred on the might tenaya that's that's pretty crazy what it is like just like it just thinking about the run there they were just we're talking about their strength the whole time like the debt is its it to break in and have a curse but to break something you know the all the bad jude you and everything they had to be able to do it on the road to do it the way they did just a fucking hell voting yes a really really good team and you know there were down
going into the third period and of course i was nervous khazar down by goal and i didn't want the serious go six games because you i've seen obviously the cap's blown love three one leads don't let that detract from the fact that the glance it worries blue through only in the nba false but i was a little bit nervous going to the third period but i knew that you know we had a special team that that was different from all the other capitals seems that we see in the past and guys were not there are thrown the body round ds p had a hell of a plot against poverty or the files that goal that scored was was incredible that's that the goal that you score when you're playing for your team it's not just for herself only looted bigger and going back to what you said about oh she got in again i'm gonna look back on this book pfc or such a fucking nerd without one line up too but we all playing for your teammates that line you're doubling and have looked back definite deference say it but is also a kind of true
but wait when oh she was talk nasdaq as i did see that video like we all have connections of people in a lot of times it takes ports to be able to open up eliza communication if you will let you otherwise one and that is i can just a reminder that yes sometimes for all the shit that sports brings into a lot of times we take sports too seriously it can be a very very cool thing in one of the best thing so again like i am running out of great things to say about tonight is just too many positive things are going on at once in my brain is like you need to make fun of something ok so let's do that because that was all well said anne congrats ghana minutes
progress you guys to oh thank you so yet that's good segwarides let's look yeah pike hasn't champions the cubs the cap's disappeared adsense that's it now jack that's it so let's let's make some jokes and with let's start with the greatest joke that's ever been taught about three months ago march madness when i texted hankering said hey you know be funny joke is if we put in a hundred box on the cap's to understand that but fifteen to one that might be my greatest joke excellent yoke excellent had work that you have to wait and wait for the pay off of it but it is good that that was one hundred percent a joke when we did that to you know just gonna needle you and guess the joke one though the joke was and ask as we heard one fifteen hundred bucks an hour so i was never needed by it i was glad to have people that were at least kind of in my corner even if not really it's it
it was ok don't we were we were i have a staff are you ready for this the biggest golden nights hell the season they never lost for games in a row imagine dragons get on the ice they then lose for games i told you i told you there was a man yikes they need to exercise those demons and i think the only way that they can do that is by writing a song with us yeah or jan reynolds needs to eat candy one of them just soak for a while i soak it out at all in what else we got i mean that you're going to you're going to go out after this you're going to party it up maybe even see the cop you think you're in a season top tonight i'm going to try the captain i will see what happens has gathered up a phone calls and has there been word that the cap is staying in vegas tonight or now
i'm waiting on confirmation that right now ok yeah i mean there's i don't really know what what advice as someone who's wanna stanley cup before in this blog world what advice would you get fifty for his next forty eight to send me to our oh yeah ok let's go cock as i've spend a little time of the cup the biggest advice is you want to never like when you're with you find your self in a spot where your rolling around with the cup you never want to be within ten feet of the cup but you never want to be farther than twenty feet away from the cup causing you'll get left behind at the party beat i want to be like so close there was like who the fuck is this guy theirs nice buffer zone where you feel people look at you like i think he's part of the team situation going on but i don't think i was going to think i'm part o you be surprised if you could you gruyere out your city crosbie play off beard the outer boiled people
i finally will be like hey this guy might be part of the team look at his fatal hair is like a girl he didn't dress for the for the finals buddy ease stephanie part of a team good good point yet also if your closer than ten feet to the cup you're gonna accidently photo bomb every one that takes a picture of the cup and then you end up like hockey cylinder men yeah which actually kind of fun that's not a bad thing also the cup goes to bed people don't realize couples tibet around eleven midnight every night maybe not tonight but the guy with the weird hair he just takes a cup home like at midnight parties over for the cop in the weird lighthouse right yeah the weird should happen
yeah that's when it gets good what else we got i mean how old would i be after you give your dog in my thoughts you give yours cuz everyone's here yours i'm happy for you genuinely happy for you though and i'm also happy the way that it happened for you because like beating the penguins really meant something going to eat you got to go to game seven in tampa you got to go to fucking game five and see the cup in the building tonight i guess so helpful run and i don't really know how you gonna top it i don't know what you mean you priority poop proud that's the only way that this night could get better is affected horseshit i'll be honest with you but you know your europe's the right to the stars i kind of like china ricky williams i didn't really believe in astrology and so this year but beating beating the penguins away that we did in that over time and then like you said we were we're there actually start with columbus we're down zero to columbus and we came back and then we beat the penguins then we
we're at game seven in temper and then got two witnesses stanley cup in las vegas it doesn't get any better than this is sports fan so i guess i just gotta pick the serious team in football and start rooting for them plume brought up since the browser i strike a browser then wait it does get better than that phd because guess what we don't have to read a fucking book at it i still tougher on sunday night we don't have to read a book and we also get some cocktails named after us
ah that's a nice little hare the dog year for this taffir texted me not to brag texted me like thirty minutes ago his hey buddy you wanna get breakfast tomorrow as i john i don't know what time you think i'm gonna be eating breakfast but it's probably not could be before one p m i am shocked that the intention billy hey pfc how do you like your eggs is assumed so congrats everyone washing dc congrats all caps vance i think we should before we get the interviews we should quickly talk about the cleaving cavaliers being d e a d dead dead dead dead dead kevin turann with the scowl of the century killed the calves and its now i think we actually have to bring up it might be back to torch passing caesar yeah i think torch goes
directly the cabin durrant you can't i don't see i should make the argument that it's the bronze league anymore i i don't know why but i was watching kevin any was shooting from like forty feet is basically pulling up from like the equator and just nailing shots all day and it just piss me off that his he didn't go with the slim reaper yes m further to what are the dreadful it wind yeah i just at the time i was like he should be called the widow maker the widow maker felt like a good nickname for durrant i don't know why like i don't think he's ever killed a guy but he he ripped heart out the entire see cleveland and i wouldn't be surprised if if cleveland just came out later total leg and in the next him yeah it's gonna be tough for them about
kevin around your ear ass a summary bert that was a slim reaper night he went any took but he didn't like we just talked about captain how great sports are with oceana novi in all this stuff the other side of how great sports are is when a player reaches at higher level and you can watch him rip the hearts out of not only the opposing team but all the fans and it's like while that is a bad man and how that scowl he put on his like a dog snarl he looked like you wanna bite someone in that moment and i think you want to buy stuff casteth been injured and is no longer stuff team but yeah the calves leubronn i mean help last but that's three max i have a quick embrace debate for you we ve given kevin's around a lot of shit for for a ring chasing switching teams should we be giving more shit to stuff curry for allowing kevin durant onto a same never allow another man to take your ranks
yeah don't live another man more your long i i actually he's the beta yet that's true although the best part of how to govern the rent and warriors thing is if stuff comes out and scores like thirty five points in game for in a win all the worse fans are going to be going even crazier stuff can be doing is wiggle and thereby staff team steps team kevin ran they will never love you like they love stuff that's got lip that data that actually is a nice consolation prize for anyone who hated calendar rant making that move is the fact that deep down he knows that they will never love him like they love stephan claim yet so i mean
do we see a possible world were carrying brom unite together katy had given himself now a nice cushion alcohol can leave yes art is overdue and he s an already be to allow the font yes with two m yeah what our friend troll weathers actually made the point that if your superstar you should just invite other superstars your team for this exact reason liked when when the broad went to to miami it was still dwayne wait like the fan still love dwayne way that
beargguy so you basically if your if you are sitting on a team right now you're like giannis come on over or you know lebron come to philly because guess what philly will love joel embiid more than a little of lebron and lebron will take all the heat if things go south so it's actually a perfect no one has a better in sports than steph curry right now yes you're absolutely right i think ya hit the nail on the head and then lebron is i think he's probably going to stay in the east i don't think he's going back to we'll get into reporting where he's not gonna go a little bit later in the show but i dont see a world where the braun goes out to the west well you know clay and staff korean dream on are still on that worse him i think you might be a little drunk or because you do not just want to stand the cup but you just accidently said level and i think and i think we should prime
that should leave went on a pretty good effort i m actually not drunk it pains me to not be drunk right now you get us honeys after that later yeah good gooding the bars don't don't close to two o clock we learn that may whether macgregor yeah credit to me for not getting drunk
i think that we have actually given me enough credit for that yet true that's true yet credit to you forgetting to go to the game and not get credit like hero hour before we get to dance heron and rainy moss we need to quickly address joint gentlemen so as big jays who are in a we respect the journalism game more than anything i think our official statement on joint gentlemen is he's really cool guy so we're not gonna say anything bad about yeah i mean the last time i checked in the united states of america you're innocent until proven guilty so as a big journalists my stance on it is to tell other big journalists to back off my front yeah exactly and i've played on call duty with joy gentlemen multiple times are fought many wars with him and i never noticed her sir i never noticed any you know performance that
who is out of the ordinary usually his his kills his kills to death ratio was pretty consistent throughout no big spikes so from where i'm sitting probably didn't do it well that's a fair point because if he had been on peds his is quick twitch thumbs probably would have gotten a little faster and you'd see more focus that sort of thing if it was adder also the eye i say all signs point towards a false positives point big big time j by us that's the esa and those nice although hank should we can we just should be thrown out there
what the other states why won't tb twice what tv twelve is the other two good possibility or that he actually like drank from rob drunk ask is water bottle they had left over party drugs in or whatever but stay war came to my inbox today this is from listener atlanta whose tuned into jim rome and age of rome collar said that he thinks that this was set up by bill bela check to get back at tom brady since settlement is such good friends of them it does give belgic ammo theoretically in the tv twelve working out players jesse's yeah well says also our friend coolly coolly mic throughout the fear that when you talk about each of you also have to say
to an element played with west walker west walker played with paint manning paint manning's wife to date she h yeah alright oros leads to that this definitely opens up a big door for braxton barriers to step in and for announcers to actually call him juliet woman yes exactly i let's get sort of you so
pft's in vegas is going to be so are you going to dc i haven't decided what my plans are for the weekend yet so maybe okay i'm going to chicago and if you want to watch lebron go three and six in the finals i'm going to be a parlay chicago doing a little watch party on friday night so come out we're giving away tickets at hubbard into cubs tickets and you might go to dc i'll be in chicago will be back on sunday all the game we back together we can talk a little bit more about the caps and i think we have another old time friend recurring gas old time friend is going to be on the show but let's kick it to our interviews with dan haren and randy moss all right before we get to dan haren i want to talk to you guys about birddogs shorts they're the best listen we endorse things but this is a special endorsement because i actually they sent us a bunch of shorts and i've been wearing them ever since i got him there the most comfortable shorts that you could ever own perfect stylish for the summer but you also have the comfort a bird dogs you can also swimming them silky soft inner liner and here's a fun fact for you mark cuban actually passed on bird dog
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type p m t into the search bar and add fathers day package to your cart don't wait this offer and soon go to omaha stakes dot com take p m t into the search bar and grab your dad and fire up the girl i areas dan hair i we now well bond one of our favour recurring guess hasn't been on a long time we tease did on ones is episode it is pitching guru whisperer pitching ninja ninja dan hairless start there and what are what your official title right now because i know you you obviously have the diabetics with the fourth best europe in all major leagues all thanks to you
so are you a pitching ninja guru or whisper strategists ah ok was admin that's that's my official title ok sprouts not i wouldn't go i wouldn't say danger does someone have that the fishing industry as well as in the don't you gifts gifts for i do not know how to make just now are you one of those guys who doesn't know how to work excel in all that stuff seizures have someone else do it for you and your tome hey punch this and yeah ok like that we were we would all this two years ago it was all about gas but what is it about them apart from me eyes i have the right reports every day and i dont know how to fight so it is really time consuming
and i dont know how to work fell so every time i have an issue i have the call tech support okay so beata yet i mean that's fair so are there actually was a really good article written about you in the arizona central and i tell you after then you said i'm not saying that because it gives me second haven't embarrassment when someone write something about me so i'm gonna do you a favor and read it to you so you said a quote i thought i'd be called a help even if one person who may be struggled in their preparation in the past and it was holding back i thought it would be really good to be a part of helping someone along with their career even if it's just a little bit little things can really turned someone's career round i want to be part of something i felt like i had something to offer so with that said who
career did you turn around who did who like what credit would you like to take here on this podcast with our treacherous come on i can't do that through the habit i take credit for being one of the first five or so guest on the spot just making you guys who yards o s own so like you know do do people's evelyn do people still if it also analyse not easily it's actually just ain't none we cancel the challenges we want to talk to you i'll get so so i want to take credit cosette that you you might be more humble than marlins man and that entire article you basically the whole time you like i dont want credit i dont want credit meanwhile i changed everything for the diamond backs and revived everyone's career first of all there is no more humble person than the violence but dont even put me in the same breath as it were
what he did what he does for baseball i mean for the support and for the troops you can't measure that but i don't know either its uncomfortable it fiercely uncomfortable you can credit just because i see the guys in the club aroused and i dont want and it's gonna want and i think that i i think they're doing well because it may just its encompasses uncomfortable because i was a player and now i'm kind of like front office a little bit and i knew how players always resented up as being around and thinking that they mattered so i have with that article i want to make sure probably people that i didn't matter yes actually thought those interesting part of the said what when your player you didn't like guys walking around taking credit that warrant part of the team that happen in a lotta teams and allow clubhouses yeah i mean i think that you you get twenty five guys
how about you see all these nerds walking around all day and now i am one of those that so i i it's a slippery slope that i have to deal with one around with the team and i guess i'm not gonna take credit rating the creatures but i say that the officials have been grateful that investors i feel comfortable this year that i was last year disclosure so hypothetically if we had a general manager like a real boy genius on honour podcast maybe theo epstein and we talked to him do you think the durability the descent in i don't owe me the cubs clubhouse me ok why you have the on maybe they play a little less hard that year and maybe not win the world series again that's a tough one and this cannot yet you're the only really well liked by the prayers you know he gets out there and is always in the club ourselves to meet the guy's off the field a little bit like issues it is like one of the few cool guys to deal with that i doubt whether the player
super personable if if we're looking at the job that you've done you're not going to take any credit for it but here's here's a little trick i'm going to pull on you what would your pictures about you if we asked them at the present will you ask outfit you know they're all gonna say the right things that i want to say anything bad about about me i'm sure if you will listen to the podcast so channels acta not no deadline as ethnic duck but now i don't know i don't know what the person i mean i think that i heard mr harangued round the guys i met in i don't act like one of them i got players something i think they're i do my best to to be well like logistics
ok so so you are you crushing my dreams my dream in life is too for some team to be like hey big cats like kind of you know he's a guy's guy he can just hang out the guy's he can be basically the club house like thing show oh yeah the glue the things way for our personalities do you think i would actually work and saw in some like alternate rio we were able to kill a tire him did just hang out this is a pretty abstract operate without gone back where you have anything to do with professional they thought i run off and crushing your hopes and dreams but out because you're here they job i have allowed for you maybe can take us in the office when a few more games this year you pay in colorado alot right people
goodbye manner the theory ok would not always with a crowd of course can play out and read and here's a little piece of advice that you can pass on the altitude up there it's a factor so i tell your pictures to keep the balls down in the zone about that one that gives the upper i'll make sure about the law are advanced meeting it was just like us from a brighter sort of europe that we all make sure i mentioned the regime that
we should keep the ball downcast pfc said wearing what do you do does it mean actually here zone is the second highest altitude and major missile what do you do to combat that like what is the antidote to high altitude and trying to not let the ball just fly out of the yard every single it that all we have accumulated assure us and cholera behave yourself it off by smart move by become their first my first year with a view that where the lack we're lasting pitcher and there was no way to go but we went up and then this year we are the human or so i'm sure numbers will still be probably pretty good i dont know what we have in store for next year but i have one left my deal so we gotta figure some company for next year to make it easier and i gotta get yes you do what what is the human or explain that take a cigar february is it yeah basically
i think it gives the baseball in his room minister in temperature with certain whiteness do it again you think how many beers for the for those balls and recent human organs pawkins nice assumed nations where they help yeah i'm a guy just i don't know of it and make them drag a little more like some little heavier or i don't i don't know what it does this proposal you drag everywhere ptarth hank had an interesting stay walk a couple months ago i would ask your opinion on it we are of the opinion that italy baseball's doctored the balls to increase the spin rate on pitches to make the pitches cooled watching gifts have you is that the schemes have been re schemes have been re elsewhere so they can catch more air let's let the listeners another big cap put me on this question yesterday
did we example i would today i was sitting at lunch today but i should you not i was sitting at lunch delay and i saw an article in a figure was the athletic that they trusted baseball's and the biggest differs between based whilst remedy is this your last year and say two thousand thirteen or fourteen was this things were nine percent bigger is right it is actually right the way their wound there they go into detail i did read the article but the way they are well they show pictures and there things are absolutely that isn't hank can't he hank doesn't know what an obi july in but he can spot seize on a baseball being nine percent that's a fragile i want some of that i've lennox subscription money because they clearly wouldn t indeed this after hank got everyone woke on it like the hague led him to the two to the article there yeah i don't know shit i'm a proud about accepts wherever who
while i am to actually get the email be money now before the ninety nine i got a i got i were who is a lot i'll go said i dont know if it's like it's a monthly thing but others domini subscription they're just renewed monthly i dont know i checked my bag they were lhasa yeah actually able if you could every now and then go the pod gas tap itunes interests be like resume downloading part my take even though you don't listen the i have a question for you about pitchers that nibble so you darwish not to name names but certain pitchers we'll see that they have good stuff but they won't
go after banners and they'll nibble what is like explain to me how that happens for a pitcher and how you fix them but it is a precious don't trust bertha so they never out of strikes on and it takes a little bit about to throw to just say screwed up the throw strike year rather than trying to kill you know nevada quarters maybe walker too and i was wondering i find myself i would i played was that i didn't want him and he got a lot of time you said puck another central right down the middle and see what happens then a lot of times it worked out would you have thrown at anthony rizzo after he slid and homecoming question nodded without sheep it all but now i dont their driver i don't think i would join him he's tonight we're going to get a big teddy bear i threw it someone else
does want i live together was bent didn't actually did that factor into your decision on whether or not to go after guy if if you knew that he was like a good guy from word of mouth yeah i think maybe it does will you know you play hard i didn t tell the chiefs light at all but here i mean if you have past history with someone and stop you you're somewhere like how to find them i dont think i'd be less likely to him a progressive sheep or something what about like how does it work though the enemy did you throw a guy's do you remember a time when in your career that you threw it a guy because of a hard slide or pooping a home run or anything like that so how does that work like this the manager tell you or is that just unwritten rules known as to say anything hey this guy did this i'm throwing him next inning i would say early on it was either manager or older teammates for me i know there was time
what are the other guy and i was told that hit somebody by either like a veteran player or culture something now hit him and they would find it would have done so and they would they were deaf but always pick up the fine well school and then i think i got older i took it upon myself to work out a legal robbing it again or our disapproval out just lawyer and what if you miss that would have you missed an opportunity if you didn't like the pirates for example the pit the pitcher could have easily thrown away so that next bat pigs like i think was three oh and if there open basis scares me wouldn't would guys come you like on europe in your clubhouse after bill i came and you really guy you gotta stepping up in those situations i think yes for sure i they river played it really good if you tell the media that they're gonna hit you than it looks with super obvious that if they do have used up i think he played that really well
that's tarzan little chest my if i reserve when was the last time you went to like a and amusement park or a minor league baseball game you saw that cage set up we can throw at three hour gun at the writer gun but why do i did some trying at a fairer more occur at the ceremony appear i didn't they were you knock over three bottles were the bob did you do it i didn't know that i want my son
you don't like it the first shot first low enough about that carnival barker their priorities so bad at his job his job is to just get like anybody innocent per day here did not back it was ass you like did you do it you like man maybe i still got it like any powers three then hit the return again here in the days when i was there when i want my wife and kids they just expect me they're not over all these years i was so much pressure because my wife just takes a free like other given our proposal about the putting things over so yeah i'll go out of pressure i'm searching not the brutal really brought my stuff like i played off cool but inside i was to pursue perhaps we had we had a real hot debate going on in the office stand like you'd away and on about the records of the boston red sox in the new york yankees now this is this is pretty advance sabre metric stuff so try to follow along the red sox
first place at the time of was is wednesday afternoon recording this day record of forty two nineteen the yankees a record of thirty nine and eighteen which record is actually better because now i know you're probably gonna say the red sox but the yankees they have them possibility of finishing with fewer than nineteen winds and the red sox don't so really which one is better while he was an eighteen lost begun again not ass a lot i get a lot of browsers favour metaphorically speaking i would just say the highest winning percentage so whatever do the yankees ever higher bankers don't know the red sox are up by point zero zero five percent but they have not done that big extra loss that the yankees or have so i don't know the ocean
this is great i just after the event rigged sound you know it is ass if you don't hate losing his eyes you should have confidence in your little statutes how much do you put your com for many linux monolithic know they're not occur there should be adopted under the getaway got we go away you open it'll just crashed why you're not gonna be an exact i never said i was gonna be an executive i think you misunderstand the role that i would play i would literally just eat one of yet you wanna help cover guy or aren't you weren't during that with the carbon you moved out here for you i know that it was my fault i'm terribly had you had your dream job you you you took the creature you moved to new york says he held out all doubt on the cub and now you and now you have declared that i do not get it
i would remind you that you you had your job you had your chance you saw that i just wanna sit i just want to sit on the bench and chew sunflower seeds and every now and then be like hey joe maybe pinched someone like me once every like month and that's it a job or you can just be the guy that gives joe man in his weird ideas like a magician but you can kind of stepping up a notch sitting on the better so far it is one of the things i miss most about being badly they spoke not at that my home and my kids her running rapid through the house intention apart and i just you guys on the bench just too accommodating season he's just so damn peaceful why don't you do it you should just do not say anything like just show up one day with
uniform on on the diamond backs bench and just don't say i bet you you wouldn't get kicked off we ever coach with a diver that they would robbie hammock and quality control coach will i get you the creed breton of the direct and there i like you ve done a little too much little too much work for me is there like twenty percent but i like your job quality control maybe that's maybe they ve got maybe that's your top quality control of the upper urging that maybe that's your agenda would support a control he just sit there and make sure substance or under can do everything he actually i don't want it but he does more that i see that he actually got a lot was defective shut up i'm just gonna oh i'm sorry doesn't mean i'm asking like then i get that job there i mean he he run spring training actually set out as out of up to be a bad thing
the morning in doing excel spreadsheet another see my mind quality control is the managers turns you every now and then like you good and like a good look at because you can for yourself you check and make sure that hot dogs are still good out of his pocket or good through the last one to give her the feel personally yes sir joshua are we like to ask you for predictions are you like bound by some stupid code of honour that you can't say who's gonna win the world series i probably bound by a code of honour and we can do so i gather that you predicted the cubs indians correctly a good so i'll be the diamond back into their backs rosa but even knowing that the eggs have a better record right now yeah but do they no they ve were less you were lawyers up here it's too late now it's impossible for the red sox to finish this
then with low you were then but i'd teen when that here as we also bring it back down to earth for somethin you understand that you are the biggest kobe stan i now says a lot about you as a mean oh your personality in and what you stand for morally put your life give us the reason why kobe as the goat and it's not andrea leubronn you're wrong died of do you like your server i dont be copiously go i'm told me bogged sir he thinks he's so smart that's it that's what really vote as you think he's really smart yes and no one else budget out of his i've met him several times and every time i met him the act like you the first time i met him and this is what i would like pretty good at facebook yet it i can't i can't run it into an places and it was like he had never seen you before an hour so i'm not a glimpse of the mobile mentality just pretend you dont knowing anyway
his name we're at the german army he was shooting cross shooting other bass work when i walked in on shooting and then he closed the curtain so i can see is this after you're tired this is accurate retired yeah and you know i was like i was sure what i'll shoot a little she learned much anymore but i was like shooting really well at the time and i was thinking like if maybe he peeped over and i dream like six three little you'd want a baby horse so that that was like in my mind and then he just the gate the the curtain that i can have you i loved i love copies little espn thing he does like the inside look with coolby where he just like art so here's the situation the others three guys here and then a fourth guy comes over me that's when you square up and to take your shot like
i'd so powers open in the low posed no one's within ten feet of him this is where our mental rise up and take my shop vessel and i love you may hey this is this is why just they should know that all of us today my play about it i just do it don't act like i just came up with a good solution to your inability to create spreadsheets you should stealing from the asteroids yeah i know it's in your blood wake up oh yeah yeah they teach tat day one stealing is if not stealing you're not trying cardinal way hum i weren't were wrap it up this the key question if you go to a dime backs game and see how good den herons pitching staff is reaching all credit to the inherent you could read an article in the arizona central where he said that it was all credit to him you can use seek put improbable take any get ten dollars off so the question through this kind of a serious question that ass was on monday you get
lotta guys who they get picked unlike anything and learn a second pitcher third pitch how long does it take for a guy to learn a second third pitch did they can then use in immediately baseball other visitor due to the theory of turn did yeah it took me a few years to ask i came out to call it an outdoor past wars were an anchor boy took me out they re four years of china to occur to grow occurs up i'm here take it take time and the figures you got a practice it out on the mounds bo others already you're not drawing your round
usually so ethics i would say at least several years to really master appear if you can do it anymore i tried to change up level whenever cuba what one has not public unlike what was raising my thought that my personal turning your change with the two thousand and two but the reason i don't know something about away like you turn your restaurant changed it you have to turn like the ball over and i was just everybody that did you return through knockabout surrounded in between and drug allows nebuchadnezzar give return through uneasiness if it takes a lot of touch i never had dug out of touch greatly businesses does he see through we saw again here ok always last last question is clean cursor donner finished neither come on your cursor
but i work berlin facility that year you specify that never canada is you work too hard i mean that's not your back and talk i hope that you can be back i d inherent always great talk you this was fun we appreciate you come back on and are a good luck to dine backs hopefully see in the world series without yet dan aaron was brought to you by me undies i'm wearing meundies right now hank you were me on this yeah yeah you are yep you've definitely heard us talk about me i need you know the fun comfy undies that feel as good as they look to those you haven't tried them a listen up you can get an incredible there were sent to your door with me undies meaning no more hunting around for the perfect pair at crowded store and eventually settling for good enough mandates
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randy moss another something completely different right we now welcome on rainy moss he is our horse expert you can see him on nbc nbc sports all weekend he is going to be part of the belmont coverage triple crown i fell asleep there were will get to the horses that we want to bet on but am i wrong to not feel as much buzz about this because we had american pharaoh not too long ago
you're probably right you're probably right i mean when american feral one in twenty fifteen redundant thirty seven years and you nod and upset it before on year i think i told you guys i regret a soup bowles for enough on their work and the olympic games of sports events i've never heard crowd reaction that long at that level it was just unbelievable i mean here crowds that day and you hear noise that loud but not sustained for five strict minutes without faded it was incredible and now it is three years later i know some people are gonna be can have been there done that by its still obviously one of the most difficult achievements in all sports it's still in our history on lying x it still gonna be big yeah i mean that's dead
me talking on thursday night i think on saturday i will get the juices flowing and be excited for its more just the fact that it what it did american pharaoh did feel so special because it had been so long but that's probably unfair to just five because he's undefeated and by everything we seen he is every bit of a horse as american pharaoh's s fair to say so above everything that will find out because in the end preakness he was quite as good as he wasn't looking secretary
and the more molly when our grasses a little bit in the second like the trip around and after three weeks later the belmont it's not a good omen if he can bounce back in the belmont is with as many races as he said in a short period of time then he deserves to be mentioned in the same category as american pharaoh affirmed jealously when all yoda triple wonders whether as they say you neo could show that the proof will be in the putting if he can pull the south answer so ah the for people who aren't familiar the belmont is a long long race how does justify you know how does how's his make up work for racing going to be so long that longest race you know of his life
the wrong longest race in the triple crown it be if you can feel it too when you watch it how much longer it is in the attack in germany in the printing is a make up for its perfect is a big loves guiding loss pedigree since no problem if this were a situation where he was well rest then you would think a mile and a half with yes be right in israel has not get out apart but the eu is the question is how much gasped as yet but in the tank rightly he began his career on february the eighteenth its due to the first horse in its favour james oliver papers furred force in more than a century to win the consecutively who didn't run at all is a two euro nor did this campaign started his career miss edgeworth so yet that maiden race that he had an allowance race then he had to say and needed urban in rapid fire order in then he added run good understanding her beauty and get points
the inner kentucky derby so he's had a lot of braces sandwiched into a pretty short period of time and it will look at the end of the previous like energy level might be a little bit low he really needed at wire come up when it did in the brief as he was looking for the wire now he's got a bounced back and fine or energy with only three weeks to recuperate from the previous and now have in her on a mile and a half ok see how much he's got what did the tanks the required so everything you're saying leads me to believe you have a view have a pic other than justify and just i was gonna do justified some exotics but let's hear the horse that you like we know
what do the exact after if you wanna bet justify bliss here let's hear the horse you like or the horses you like to beat justify and steal this belmont i still think you should put justify any exotic he's a good or he's the best horse but given the circumstance and even the past history of developments take them in the way we see cleaners tackle it i think to best horses to be betting on in this belmont our offer in venus herself now and that is why i say that canada last eighteen years belmont has been won by horses that ran on security we get skip the preakness and waited for the belmont to be rested ticket that five regressed in between horses ran in the preakness and came back into belmont early one for thirty two since the last twelve years they never american pharaoh mean it pays nowadays skipped brightness and otho sources fit that profile there are forces i think in the way
saturday that ran the dirty skipped brightness but those two i think are the best is part of a tourist between them on a coffer to little more than being our also but yeah those or to abortion you definitely want to put in your daughter and half burg's getting a lot a buzz so his odds will probably go down by the time the re starts what give us give us the rainy my special give us the closer the long shot we can throwing those are exotics to get that ticket price up there so we were so let's say we're gonna throw maybe ah you know half burg just
by and then one other fer a trifecta that could pass some good money if if a horse finishes strong late you wanna bomber last year in belmont that scenario i just gave you write derby skip preakness run belmont they ran one two three four women lesters belmont stakes guy there's another horse and near the fits a profile that's can probably be twenty two one with his name is free drop billy didn't single act sloppy tracking consecutive lobby at all ah he finished third moved up disqualification before then apple grassdale got low trouble in the stretcher on his head ex susan lot of his races should be able to handle might have without any problem that he's got a good shot to be parted would save a super factor advocates lou i like that free drop billy okay so rob
ok so so if we did that half borodino rose so just vine free drop billy that's a nice little card the other horses that we should circle or take a look at on race day about while ok yeah oh yes yes police yeah yeah lovelier tomorrow to run the air from five to six eastern and there is already there i could give you guys are worth less than one that raise called red cardinal tourist called belmont goal of its two miles woof you think that you take the belmont along raise the takes forever hurrying this this one of the ultra marathon right and as a horse for europe oh by the queen bread and owned by her majesty the queen of england
worse his name is call to mind the in my indeed call to mind number one in the belmont goal cup tomorrow and with prices gonna be through human dignity which is about a horse if you wanna hook that went up in some exotic another horse that came that is coming from europe is a call to mind and you'll be a big bryce you'll be fifteen one probably it is famous prince of erin a r r a and is number three so that one in three called upon i like better but prince of erin when you look at last three races in eight and i think that's why he's gonna be a bigger much bigger price don't let that fool you do might bring outsource ok we can make some money on friday i like that i last question grunt house
the horse grown cowskin tight end grant cascade site in you said it has is going to be there on saturday yet does grown caskey the horse have any shot whatsoever could you know people will bet on it because they love betting on our snaps it's funny i the idea of making the bench with any names but i get another i did a radio to encourage the guy told me that he had just did an interview next vetoed or strain upon the belmont before exceed i told him that he loved gone caspian the bellman i can't i we talk of his reign orient aid as it even know what to expect that the worst never run in his country's never under as already it's tough competition is like he's been gone up against in our class a pitching and i've gotta yeah has gotta go against the anxious so they had no idea what to expect big nice good looking horse i don't think he has much of a chance
but i will probably better it because like i told you i mean i'm i've done brain i listed all the horse and aims at like just go fast ultimate lock all those names you know you won't bet this don't don't be don't be a coward bet this horse like all those names would work for me are war we do have you her outfit picked out you re to go did nothing not don't re peak as people be watching you i did i that before they didn't you well yeah i guess i'm gonna call i've actually got a photograph of what might become say ok the unsafe perfection ok i'm sick this europe they come right perfect i check him out rainy moss he is our good friend on nbc nbc sports you can win them on friday and saturday randy thank you so much but taught you play football season yom recurring death i see now always always thanks so much rain it i'll be ready i
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segments you have a staywoke force pft yeah this is actually sent to me by listener and i'm kicking ourselves for not coming up with a couple days ago is from blisters sam hudson okay so they were taught about how lebron james is wherein there shorts right unless converts when you get old man he stood up and said oh he s wearing shorts that's weird and i think hank said that he was wearing knickerbockers right the oak classic shorts how do how did we not figure out the bronze telling us all that he's going to the next i'll tell you how because it's friday and i am official reporting lebron james will not be going to new york knicks ok boom right back oh you re singing the order your thinking if that was a big red herring that georgia exactly design it or you off the trace yeah i've gone poor
i'm basically were playing jangle with lebron james free agency and i just keep taking the most risky pieces i've taken off the trailblazers in the next watch here this week what about what was forty nine points higher like today doesn't love the mecca he does he loves the mecca but as a visitor not as a home player it's not a great place to be a father through now so next off the board whoo hoo are you have this week i'm gonna go that about a limb to i'm gonna report that lebron james will not be returning to the miami heat that's a good one do you take it sounds back to south beach it's not gonna happen dwayne which too busy guinness but whole cleaned out to learn to be able to be a good running made down there ok art so nix and heat off the board hank when he got
we also take the subjects of the poor to really because now that now the settlement stories come out like the boston sports me it doesn't need a story just talk about hang onto for like a month they had annulment story so you can officially take leubronn out of the cell that's right that's the most boston answer of all time saying that the world's best atley won't do something because the meat then boston is doing something else can handle it get in my life yeah i do i'd there was a room was not a rumour today about like no stephen s phasing lenny smet hill he would be interested in having a meeting because he thought he says about a british yea say about routine put i do think eight would be so funny just the aspect of him going to boston
inquiry being second banana again just like right away immediately like leubronn just keeps following carry around indian like this my team to say for the record carry if that happens if lebron james encroaches under turf a second time and makes you second fiddle open invite to join the new zealand breakers of even the most up and coming team your homeland hemisphere yet you're new homeland your homeland was simply that still surely league same thing one and the same it's like it's like new york new jersey like that situation exactly it s yeah and new zealand or is just as someone from australia that merit a sheep instead of woman right exactly i we haven't oh you think before we get to roast this comes from mark burnett reporter down now obama he said nick saving said he takes bad in the lake during summer with ivory soap because it floats said miss terry hates it miss terry
his wife that's a very southern thing you don't actually call any women by their name just their name you have to put a miss before it's very like it's very proper that way or you just scum sweetie or sweet cheeks as a very southern thing i think we chicks works i think you gotta call miss terry you dont collar oh miss terry that big mistake igor oh missus turn though lady terror or your sweet t you i like that we do in clinics pointed to the listeners who may not know in theory what ivory sofas just so far and a soap and assaulted preventive so called ivory unconfined at a convenience like irish spring so why don't you like it there was some type of leonardo elephants no he's bathing he thought that's a mean ok i can see how you could you could you can land i measure basket is an elephant it's true i think she's upset that nick saving is bathing in the lake
we addressed the issue here because if you bathing lake your your immediately getting dirty again but i kind of i think i'm on nick save inside here bathing in awake is actually a lot of fun and you i know you do get caught dirty but if you'd like you get out fast we do like the instagram video of a prospect in awesome some three hundred fifty pound hawaiian who can jump out of a poor clean out of a poor if you do that of then you actually getting very clean i'm surprised that dick saving it doesnt have like terry about an or another former ass you see coach that he's made his intern just like retrieving the soap that he drops to the bomb the lake and bringing back up to him for like every limb of his body only you justice bribed what puts jones in turn ship is he actually has to walk around with the soap on his wrist and so
he's so it's attached to his rest at all times in tax havens i guess it floats i know it's actually test dear interns rest so close is that the name of a movie sure yeah pretty shirt so float sure i'd hate you and you rose let's do it gale the snail and bill ponderosa hosts their own sports version of ira and the deuce iron the deuce caught show i mean i would listen i or the deuce irony aside that a great way to wake up in the morning i ruined the deuce people forget we actually did have a little error in addition us in the first episode with all the sound effects o pigs the fort horn again if you like to add reads about the most random brands and the planet was ports are rolling within this part causes for you
excuse you not the most random ads in the planning built by chocolate milk lisa match this me on don't forget to invest in rich uncles its cash lap catch up straight gosh app is actually os neural awesome so egg on your face we were given you five dollars and download the cash app and you won't get it unless you're caps ban could be fifty is going to send everyone five dollars from the catch up first i think it selfish that you keep guaranteeing that meanwhile yours stumbling on a windfall you're not gonna share with anybody we ve been over system we ve been over lies is best when you're a hundred feet buried in in the ground someone takes like one grand grain of sand awful off of your grave you still got a lot to go so i think it's just
the sad i think are losers expected more from you dare not man oh no i just got a lotta people voting no they did not expect more from the heat put its they actually they probably this is exceeded expectations the fact weaving disgust me giving away any gambling winnings knowing how little i win i dont think i was ever really discussed it was mentioned on my and our turn a shame you into it but the other thing is you can't shame a guide that has no ethics we well know you can't shame a guy who has a career you know minus ten billion units in gambling that's what you can't change anonymous media personality who can do one improve in her large son with permanent asked reflux obsess overlap on between erected dysfunction adds produce society be twelve twitter avatar ok embraced barely defiling twelve months
yeah you did earlier yet for embrace too big a restful pierre tease one impression is that an austrian accent or my green burke austrian dirt forgetting about canada first the exit network you're canadian aki gee i know it's me it's the canadian general manager of economics now we ve got a number a tremendous talents coming to the farm system we're going to do chip amount of town though once they get good so the u s can continue their tremendous trophy runt yes yes i think he's my greensburg assignment mike burke yeah how's it just all my green work a modest shock the fat one hasn't tried to milk one of the head hippies for nipples who oh and the show is produced by some guy who was the boner ability of a nine year old in the reading ability of a nine year old nana mom and ammonia it was an empty what is your enemy spy not amis any ammo any aid and an enemy we anime
a any ammo any you just got roasted by cowboy be adopted the wreckage make up a word fuck you would be the first time fucking openly and honestly the option for the urgent thing is concerned the person wrote the word in the middle of a sense in all lowercase with no piazza between i gotta go i don't understand why paying what would expect me to know that give us one back you fought for it hey listen you didn't die easy ok in daisy breed and estonia there are bound to die on second notes and died from the east infection can you kept on going to the object and not the o b g g wyatt second to erect basketball player in pay and sexual capitals fan breakdown sports and pop culture while shaming their producer for having eighty which she doesn't have between bring blackboards enemies they managed to mark
jeff fisher more effectively than his actual age so did you write that one now am i have added one no somewhere i mean all that sounded awesome to me yeah i'm a pan sexual fuck yeah i fuck everything broke i spend my days in obeying the pr firm for jeff fisher you think that's what where's the shape spot spot the shape no shame no shame in again they seem like they have sex but never admitted that's the nicest thing said about me but never letting it bothers me like they're lying about everything that wasn't that's the best rose remembered ass they awoke suppress rose you never got they see that's exe i'm on a level with the guys i've had sex hand up oh sure big of me to admit i have had sex wait ok i made that way funnier my mind than i thought
i thought he was saying that they seem like we have sex together each other that's funny like i'm not gonna line of men who make a very we'd make very cute couple that's forty we will again they seem like they have sex together but they won't just come on a bit it's an anxious press report a top heavy nincompoop and a can of soup with a ponytail make jokes about their producer having worked out this function that are actually giving him erect out its function no they are not then i think about a too much definitely true or not you have that that might have been meanest one i've heard about fifty calling you can't soup canada ponytail is the worst part b you have been wearing that capture lie you're looking like an ace can tomorrow soup i want i want to address the allegations about my tits popping out in this captured the watchman drives shrunk
my partner colleagues that if it had as it bad washer i'm not going out again i'm gonna go to different building because it's gotta be the wash awash drier knowledge shrunk you put your wash and are so big that it takes up all the floor space you have been able to any pushups and last two years right and it's expensive i can't buy anything said professor yeah exactly so if that fuckin washroom it will wonder what this last question that was prompted by the discord twitter handle earlier today speaking of soup windows a cup become a bull oh when the handles gone now i've i've had a cup without a handle before i've got me right but i'm sure that's gonna be cups right now but i do have love handle yeah no i think it's when you take the handle off because those are i know what you're talking about the little like i've the solar cup i guess in a restaurant they give you those little catches a soccer ball was always will
can also become a glass without handle i think would not necessarily born ok i'm doing my answer over i think it's when it's when its wider than it is long when it becomes a showed once it showed a possible i would it becomes a bowl when you smoke weed out of it that's so like an apple can be a bowl a can of coke can be a bowl ever make a bowl out of a snorkel if we're doing lights big ever make a fool out of an aquarium a vacuum cleaner blowtorch how many of our listeners you think have watch half baked the might depress me we should do that i've actually i've thought about that before about like movies we grew up watching that may be might school but outside or demo we could just just take all the funding folks from those yes and just pretend like we're then he then people will think that were way phony than we are like we did invent the gentleman sweep yet sure we would at university raise german colleagues that i all that's our show we'll see
everyone on monday and as i always say life is like a box of chocolates
and as i always say that is to say today is to fight shy of becoming a lovely girl said it is better to be safe and sound its pardon my take presented by bar stool sports
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