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2017-04-05 | 🔗
Tony Romo has "retired" and we remember his career as the most fun twitter meltdown quarterback (2:52 - 10:38). Emergency Mount Rushmore in honor of Romo naming the best quarterbacks who won exactly 2 playoff games (10:38 - 14:10). National Championship recap + Hot Seat/Cool Throne (14:10 - 27:38). Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein joins the show to talk about breaking 2 curses, how he tries to build a team, what his favorite trade was, and mean tweets (27:38 - 61:56). Segments include PR 101, Radio Wars, Stay Woke and Stay Classy for Jim Nantz not giving away a National Championship Necktie.
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weeks, menu and get your first three meals free with free shipping by going to blue apron dot com, slash pardon, that's apron, dot com, slash pardon, let's go part of it is Wednesday April. Fifth and Tony Romo cannot hurt you cowboys fans anymore. I'd, I'd love this stage that were already jumping into a tony Romo, because we're already at legacy talk yeah and here's I'll give you right now, Tony Romo's legacy you don't have to
anything else. He is the fun quarterback to hate of all time that says, Yes, what it is. He broke your heart if you're a cowboys fan, but for everybody else. So if you know, if you're not a Duke Yankees curse fan not talking to you, but everyone else. He was the find quarterback to watch fail, we also are little bias because in full disclosure, Tony Romo had a press conference. A conference call press conference with CBS and we call. Then we had our questions ready to go and we sat there for an hour and twenty minutes while they didn't. Let us ask a question: I think we got. We got CBS Cbs is arshit list, and so is Tony Romo. So our questions were going to be mostly about his hat, his blue hat than the free Pizza Hut hat that he wears everywhere with Jason Garrett, by the way, weird
coach, quarterback, friendship of all time using Kerr and Tony Romo. They were together a lot yeah and I think it was just because they were so boring that nobody else want to hang out with yeah. Well jeez. What intelligence? Where are you he's he's a real firecracker right exactly so Tony Romo retiring, I'm the I'm using a quotes right now, retiring too. Who go into the broadcast booth is kind of the biggest news story. This week. I don't think he's. I think, he's going to play another snap. I think you're, probably right, he didn't close the door on it or ask him several times and by we I mean Northwest fellow northwestern graduates on the conference, CALL asked him like no chance you're coming back and he ninety nine percent sure, which I did the math on those sabermetrics and the way I see it, that means okay. So if the Broncos are six and two in October, back for tenderly it is this. Is I'm actually excited because all the young kids out there who maybe were a little too young for Brett Farr. Now you get to
live the whole thing. The ref is Brett Farr of coming back. We actually should get bus cook should hire, should be Tony Romo's agent. Now, just so, he can fly his private plane around. Wherever Tony Romo is like Tony's on Tony's always practicing with some high school kids, I I don't think bus cook should fly anywhere. I think that add water should continue to fly down to Mississippi on a helicopter every now and again, and then leave with like half of the scoop yeah of Brett Farb was a great guy kind of in the in similar vein to Tony Romo, because you loved watching him play when he was kind of in dealing with pain because he like go out and you throw like five touchdowns, the broken leg yeah. But the bright was smart. He always got a concussion when he got injured, so it that's like nature's pain, medicine, right Romo on the also the the pain lessened, hey medicine was also hit the pain that was those humans form of nature's payment right right, but but Romo when he got hurt, he just got hurt. Yes, so is kind of a. It was a different story watching the to the play. What is more, fun to watch Tony Romo get emotionally injured, yes, every single year and and so we're gonna relive it for all those kids out there. This is gonna, be brought farm. Two point: oh minus small!
their penises and some crocs and it'll be fun. You saying that Tony Romas, penises, smaller and, I don't know, know minus a smaller penises. Thank you. We fact check that. Just got the bigger dog yeah, so he's not going to be. I don't think it would be very good in the broadcast. Hot, take. Tony Romo is not, as this is the classic media, loving the guy who smiled a lot. That is backwards hat, who certain questions and was general generally likable, because you know what he was: never threatening right, never threatening to win a Superbowl. That's right! He's been in America's friends on right past ten years. That's what it is like Tony Roma's, a guy that I casual football fan. You know yeah, we'll we'll! Let him take us out to a nice steak dinner maybe go to a movie or something like that and then we're coming home and were texting Tom Brady you up yeah, give me that booty exactly did he get hit with the fappening or was that just know that I don't
no Tony Romo there. No nudes know know know, know, know news, but there's still time, I'm sure there's some sexting that he could do Jessica. Simpson, probably the fallout has any. Told Phil Simms yet I imagine this is like
Seinfeld episode. One Kramer had to tell Raquel Welch yeah. If they told Phil Simms. Would he understand what was going on? Well looks like. I still got a job. I think I'm gonna Miss Phil Simms, because Phil Simms got into that Phil Simms for I'd, say the last. You know like two years ago, Phil Simms was bad and I don't listen this bad. Then he got into that punch, drunk laughably, Blatt, bad stage, where you would listen to a broadcast for the football for Jim Nance and for what stupid, Phil Simms would say and when it was it when it was Phil Simms and might carry on the same broadcast. That was I'm doing the italian chef kissing the fingers thing out. It was perfect. Two dogs there, each other. In a matter of that, I love this yeah, just Phil Simms in my care, with the only two people that I've ever seen that could look at something and then describe something entirely different happen right. Well, I think he stepped out of bounds and, like that was a field goal so century up right right or like the super super slow moshling that he clearly didn't step out of bounds as Phil Simms saying you did, who okay, I can't wait for the very first time. Tony Romo has to say whether or not something to catch on the field and then Lamb joke using Jim will be like he does catch it yeah. I do
I guess, he's gonna run home either way his legacy for me as it. The Tony Romo legacy for cowboys fans and the Tony row Romo legacy for the nation. The Tony Romo legacy for the nation is the greatest. Twitter moments of all time whenever Tony Romo melted down at any point in a game, it was
yes so nice on toward Tony Romo interception. Twitter was the best twitter. If you were around in like two thousand thirteen, the real heyday yeah back in, like in the traditional days of tony road, locking up five people standing for five people from the other team yeah. It's it's like! Third insects and he's on the opponents, like twenty two yard line and they're down by four, and then he just does pick six. It was incredible. Someone tweeted me that he has the best fourth quarter, passer rating, which I saw that too it said it. I saw some Stafford said that he's actually all time leader in fourth quarter. Comebacks. That's that's fake news! So I I don't want to know that that's true, even if it is because my narrative, frankly is superior. Well here is a narrative, that's kind of fake everyone considers Tony Romo like this unbelievable player. How many, how many playoff wins all time to to to to show a guy my p my interest a little bit, wanted to do. An emergency Mount Rushmore is not Mount Rushmore season going. Do emergency Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks that have
and exactly two playoff games in their career. You want to start I'll start go for it. Ok number one MIKE Vick, two playoff winds but kind of more than two because he beat he beat the Packers in Lambeau, which apparently you weren't supposed to do until MIKE Vick came on the set. That's like an away goal in soccer. That counts is double right. Exactly those stupid. Do you know way for all champions on aggregate MIKE Vick is beating Tony yeah. My next up is is Jake Plummer, He went to an AFC championship. Game could handball player to great great, with the play action pass. Remember how wide Jake Plummer used to run, which play action, pass: plumbers, bootlegs where it looked like he was running a four by four hundred relay and they were seriously the best 1M Shanahan was calling those form and then you'd be so tired by the time that he threw the ball yeah people are like why can't Jake play into the fourth quarter? Well, because he's running about one thousand, six hundred meters per drive, yes,
express when people forget he actually went to a Superbowl, even though we had very little to do with that and bonus. There still was some excitement. Rex Grossman couldn't do basically anything well, except when he went back when he when he reached back and through that deep ball. That was exciting. You knew you were dealing with either catastrophe unless something crazy yeah. Is it a suspenseful moments and then my final one is Dante: Culpepper Dante, cold, pepper, gave hope to all fat guys everywhere that if you have a rocket arm and a little swag that that his celebration, it really bad radio Dante, Culpepper I just threw a td and then you roll, it also helps that Randy MOSS or two yeah it it. It does help to have the the greatest writer C Rawl time catching balls. For you I'll say this: if I'm the dolls,
Yes, I still take Dante Culpepper. Yes, because you know how much money the saints of page drew. Brees he's been a fucking cap nightmare over the last time. Well, doctor cobras also one of those guys that if you're like docked in Culpeper sniffing to come back and be like, I would kick the tires yeah. It's him. An Byron. Leftwich was never good body guy. He just could throw him in forever. It would just bring him in and just be like, hey throw it as far as you can write five times for me cool I just sit there like. That was also is awesome. Alright PFD you go. This is Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks that one exactly two playoff games games no it's it's emergency rush such a program or doesn't retire every day, although soon will be said that he does yeah which come back and then numbers every day, yeah yeah
so mine, I had MIKE Vick too. I think I'm probably all had MIKE yeah I'd agree for a lot of the same reasons you did was that was that game against Minnesota, where he made the two guys run into each other that well no, my head. I count that as a playoff great moment, yeah it's a signature moment. So I'm going to count that Joe name it was in the playoffs. No, I'm pretty sure it wasn't. The plastic shoes who fact check number to Joe Namath, yeah Joe name. It's only won two playoff games, that's a wild stat and people also don't talk a lot about the fact that he guaranteed that Superbowl. Yes, you, he was the guy that came at the pool at the pool at planning cool with Brent Musburger yeah. That was playoffs. It only Minnesota game it minutes go to Atlanta. You are thinking of the end of the playmakers season where they had the guy. That was clearly supposed to be MIKE Vick man. He won in week sixteen and then that took them into the playoffs. What an awesome show that was amazing. Yeah My number three is Alex Smith.
The Stormin Norman. Now his book is not finished yet, but it seems, like Alex Smith, might be destined to lose one playoff game for the next six years. Yes, I agree, so I'm just going to count him as having two playoff wins. I like that, without even looking at it, I'm going to guess that they are against the Texans and will go with bengals nope it was the regular season. Thank you. I knew that. Okay. Well, thanks listing your client typed in MIKE Vick playoff like yes and the video showed up. Okay, I knew there was a regular night, Shyamalan yeah, producing the show. Okay, okay. My fourth is Frank right meet a moment for that, Joe, because a good one, I didn't write that one down. My fourth was Frank, Reich okay and bill. Polian called him the best backup quarterback of all time, so he's doing double duty, like you had Rex Grossman on this one, also in your backup, quarterback Matt Rush Right Frankreich, he twelve playoff games, including the
biggest playoff, come back full time. True, also, the only Reich that can win on the road in January. I was about to say: do you picked it because of his name, but the the the the the biggest playoff come back is definitely that that does to be in the Mount Rushmore Hank all right, I got sick, obviously yeah Madden, two thousand, or did you have Jake the snake plumber? I did they weren't listening nope call. For obvious reasons. Okay, so Alex also, I listen the list and rich Garcia because his younger Jeff, Garcia, Jeff, Christy, okay, is not in Mount Rushmore season. For a second, I thought that Rich Garcia was like some lesser known guy on the patriots in the eighties. So that's out of Jeff Garcia's wife is like my first crush yes and really yeah. Yes, you like limit okay, yeah yeah Hank, was in the cooking before cooking was cool.
That's notice. Turning a wasn't much I got one to my room was not arm. Tony room was going to come back and win a wild card game yeah with the Texans pretty shocking for all the accolades Tony Romo's been like everyone slopping over his career. He won two playoff games Lotus Joe Namath. I think people forget. You know people forget the only one to play: Outkast, ok, good job, alright. Actually, I think the best analogy I can make to Tony Romo is he's he's the Gerald Ford of quarterbacks he's a nice enough guy and love to watch him. Just like run his crotch into thanks yes? Yes, I am. I agree what we have do we want to talk about the National Championship Game, I'm just I'm not angry anymore. I was I we were on text art x chain and I was like actually
or to punch someone because the restaurant, it's what you also had exactly yeah, but that actually had nothing to do, because I was text me when the dog was up. It was just they ruin the game. The RAF's ruin the game and I can't stand when they do that, especially because Russell's, the worst of all the sports- and I mean everyone- watch our games like that sucked I I mean I had you in see not to brag and the game was a little better information. You feel dirty, I feel dirty. I felt pretty good help, thirty that they filed out the the best player on the court for basically two non false and I feel dirty when my previous three bats had lost yeah. So I was okay with winning a sense. I was fine with it and what we can determine from this is length does not beat size. Big ascend, I'm
I have to eat my hat or eat my column as a journalist would do row Williams, not so bad three national titles in fifteen years, yeah, I'm good, I'm I had a process is okay, I'm going to I'm not gonna put. When is your whole, but I'm gonna do a brush back on Roy Williams because he said damn. I don't know if you heard that last night after the game, he let the let the words slip out. So the dad gum yank sees that gum, fellers, Kamal Filters. Roy he's get a little loose with it. Now all right? Let's do. Oh, you rollback the bathroom Bill North Carolina over Sanders, potty language flying everywhere, yeah, let's actually got in two thousand, and ninety is going to say that nineteen predictions two or two thousand and eighteen national title Bracketology. I sent two thousand and nineteen two thousand and nineteen okay I'm going to go with Kansas, I'm going to go with Duke Oracle file for going to Kentucky and this court champion. Then I'm going to go with Georgetown, okay, Patrick Ewing. Patrick Ewing, Georgetown back yeah, I'm
go with whatever team Comp Tom Crean's, coaching 'cause. He beat North Carolina Uconn Women's team, then Would you start if Tom Green coached women's basketball at a great he can't kiss in this place on the lips, and I want to well he can it's a player or coach, Tyler, Summitt situate. She I like sending a state Oh okay! I got decent class this year, great class into you, super relatable. Let's do our hot seat cool throne, because it is Wednesday who wants to On this I'll start, my hot seat is the award winning listeners who yeah maybe not worth winning listeners come summer, but I would put out the but we'd, says thanks. We get sixty nine retweets by three hundred o'clock will release the in the guest for today Show the award winning listeners fell apart. Had it like seventy five retweets couldn't get it down, it was amazing to watch. We were watching, live and just refreshing just. Could
get it together couldn't get enough people to run retweet that thing it was fantastic to watch my social experiment. I think a lot of people just didn't know. It was one of two things. People either didn't know that you could run retweet you retweet or people want it to be one of the sixty nine people that retweeted it right so they're just being stubborn, in which case I think stubborn stubbornness isn't that one of the seven deadly sins, so you guys can enjoy hell yeah. It was worth it, but my cool, is also the award winning listeners who twist raised fifty thousand dollars in one thousand and ten hours that so we should actually talk about that for a little bit here. That was absolutely incredible. I was blown away we all internally thought were going to get it probably take two days three days. The fact that we got it in literally ten hours. Fifty thousand dollars is unbelievable. Guys have the clutch in it's a testament to how loyal our listeners are and how,
how much they love charity and honestly giving to check yes, I I just want to also assure everybody that all precautions are being taken with this money. Nothing bad happening to would be a real shame. The real shame if somebody were to take all that money and now go live in the West Indies version of three months. Yeah we're actually talking about like. If we just took this fifty thousand dollars and went to Mexico, is it going to probably we have to stop at Atlantic City on the land? You can you need a lot of beer in Mexico get thirsty, so we make it to Pennsylvania, get about three weeks, maybe a fifty thousand offers, but knows it. To be honest, the the charity money's being taken care of yeah. It might be. You know a couple weeks before we present Jj with the check yeah, but I think what will what will end up doing is sending him the money sings foundation as soon as it reaches our account. Yes sending it out, and then we present Jj with a very, very large oversized checked.
He won't know largest novelty check. You've ever seen, yeah we're we're do where we're working out exactly date, so everyone just be patient. We're gonna try to get it done as soon as possible. My guess, but like uh. An estimate here is probably within the next month. So just expect it then, and, like you said, we're going to be doing a lot of content around it. So get excited it's going to be awesome and thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, an for those who didn't donate hope you feel, hope. You feel good about yourself. Enjoy the free content that you're going to be getting jerks all who's, your hot sequel drop, my hot seat is hold music. I can't stand hold music. I saw a little background lost my card briefly. My credit card a couple weeks ago got it back. It was compromised. Two cats. My car get a new one. So what is that to all the stuff I had on auto pay, because I don't I don't pay any bills, I'm too I'm the I'm, the guy. Of course that's was it that we can all write checks. How we keep your money in the mattress yeah exactly so
All my auto pay stuff has been coming back delinquent, so I've had to call a lot of utilities and what I've noticed. It's all the same song that they have on their hold music. You want to hear it and actually working an impression of it goes to touch it. It was great every single holding song of all time. I want to actually come up with, like a rap beat out of it. Ok then put some bars down to next time. You and hold you got. You can flow with it yeah so make you turn a negative into a positive. That autopay thing is: that's that's brutal I've gone through that. I I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Is it one of those things? Are you just hate it because the whole music like if you set a song as your alarm clock, we have to say that it was a size. Hot lines is never a pilot yeah. If, if I was calling like a sex number every time, I hear that hold music, I would get a. I love that it's like dog but now, every time I hear it, it's just more money. I have to pay. So I hate it, we should call Hank, actually tell it I'm thinking about this.
If our buddy Lenny is also hard times, he should just be the hold music. Just do some locker room talk he's just sitting there taking calls all day. You guys should have this your money. Let me load six hundred dollars on your mother, who is this cool trunk Michael thrown, is hooky. Ok, it's hooky see yeah baseball starts up you have all these day games out there it's nice weather you've got spring break coming up to people just That's false! No, it's not it's, not false. All New York have spring break next week. Bro, do you mean like high schools and stuff got it yeah? So all I'm saying is: is commitments are on the hot thrown hot seat is on the cool throne there's no there's no better feeling than watching baseball during the day yeah on your couch. Just because you I did not to go to work that night or skipping school and go into a game with your dad. I just say best yeah excuse me heck wow. You want apologize for that nope,
now just sent his talk about a personal experience. Have you personal starting out? She loves. Is that where your dad did a really nice thing for Intel have some because Hanks dad, then I would watch ice cream afterwards. Yeah it's a great time, because that have a good relationship don't be mad about that. Have a great relationship with my hot seat is people who, like both hockey and basketball case, is a really bad couple months. Here you hey if your side, if you treat about an NBA game, the sake on Bro and vice versa, your dream about hockey, hey the cats, are planned. So yeah pick a side. Stick with that side, you can not possibly as a human being with a brain like two things at one time. No, absolutely it's a war, be careful, and then my cool throne college kids be because during the national championship Lebron said that it was so bad. He was going to watch and then took it back.
And he said he will watch the rest because he doesn't want to cheat the kids and the kids yeah. So guess what college kids Lebron watch that National championship game for you? That's right when he was eighteen years old, he was a kid too right yeah. I know he was actually he was here. The professionalism and child is Mitch yeah. He was and still is, a mantra he and not anymore yeah. One one thing dawned on me the other day about the NCAA if you're Lebron, James and you're so great I've. Given all this money to charity, why don't you go to college and earn money for the NCAA? It's a nonprofit for years? True, so I guess you don't like charity as much as we thought you did. Lebron though, like you, that could have been a more Lebron tweet to be like you know what I will watch for the kids.
Axel Braun. We were worried for a second that you wouldn't be watching this game. I was hoping for an instagram update of him turning his tv off and then saying you know what the right thing to do would be to turn this television here, like his wife, like Lebron, put that back on you gotta watch it for the kids like fine for the kids, that's like what Lebron thinks about in his brain. His brain is so fuckedup. Mine is just I do everything for the troops yeah. So guy go rub one out for the troops for America; they want for us so that we might write jerk off to jerk off to whatever I want. Whenever I want right right Let's go to our interview. We interviewed I have seen so you're, probably saying ice. I saw couple Saint Louis folks, mad because we've had a couple, I think yeah we, if you could figure out by now we went down to Phoenix. We were able to get some access to the cup
and we interviewed SH warmer result and now for the obscene was great interview and here's a here's, a little throw out there to everyone any franchise out there that wants to give us access will come, we will come and they will come again. That's a promise where we will come wherever you tell us right exactly you doesn't matter. No, you don't want one we'd have to clean up after yeah in your hair. Fine will come yeah, so just throw are out there. So if you, if you and if you are an award winning listener who has access, to a franchise, a player or anything. Our dms, a rope Look! It up, we will interview anyone anywhere anytime, but that's just that's not true. We will interview many people, yeah, that's true anywhere yeah, there's some some people we want for us all right. So let's do that the web's TJ before I get to the interview. I want to talk to you guys quickly about Draftkings COM. The stage is set for the first golf major, two thousand and seventeen. It all begins this Thursday.
They in Augusta, Georgia to celebrate draftkings dot com is hosting a free, free, fantasy golf contest with one hundred thousand dollars in total prizes up for grabs. What do you live and breathe golf or looking looking to try new fantasy sport? One week Fantasy golf draft kings is for you just pick six, First, it's for the tournament tees off Thursday morning then sit back and follow. The action live rack up those points and you can win if you outscore your competition. Remember. The tournament starts this Thursday morning, so hurry to draftkings dot com right now right. This second pause, the podcast go to draftkings dot com, get free entry in the one hundred thousand dollars contest for golf first major with promo code, big cat, that's code, big cat to play for free for your share of one hundred thousand dollars in total prizes. This Thursday only draftkings dot com eligibility restrictions may apply, see draftkings dot com for details
call Saul is back folks. You can follow Jimmy Mcgill's evolution from a small time attorney to breaking bad Saul Goodman on better call Saul. The series takes place roughly five years before the Saul Goodman meets Walter White Saul is Jimmy Mcgill Jimmy is more or less a law. Abiding small time attorney hustling to champion is underdog. Clients build his practice and somehow make a name for himself and it's coming back Monday April tenth, at ten nine central, only on AMC season, three also sees the return of Gus Fring. You remember the chicken man makes, just check, makes delicious meth best character. I love Gus. Fring he's! back you're going to get to see MIKE Armentrout MIKE Armentrout, squared off against all the bad guys he's, really fun dude to root for it's coming back Monday April, tenth, that's ten, nine central on AMC right! We are here in Arizona with the Wonderboy, the
Wonder we wondered the genius the goat. Can we call you? The goat among I myself think: okay, the goat. If you can recognize that voice, it is the apps team, curse, breaker, again genius master of Sabermetrics and what else did go? Billy beans, boss master of my dad. She kissed her nerd. A nerd spreadsheet. Haver skinny jewish kids, yeah you're doing oh, you hit a home run off Ryan Dempster Indiana, still still going Google and still have the ball hasn't landed. Yet you do in the Yale Commencement Speech yep you ready for that. I that I will prepare for on like this. Okay, all right so seal up, seeing on the show this is a huge get for us. We appreciate you sitting down. That's my first question. I even wrote it down. Are you still drunk no it it. The bender officially came to an end how long it last for
It was. It was a good month that yeah we had a my wife, threw a big party for us towards the end of January. So I guess it was technically is about three months that that was the end of it. Okay and then you get the holidays. So those are the accounts, like everybody was on for the holidays right exactly so all that so the now the real question is: is it like? Where do you go from? Where do you you've done? you have literally done all anyone like like myself, I get complacent. I get complacent after, like one good podcast, do you have trouble like getting up again? Like you know, I I broke to curse, when when you do not now I mean we won one world, sir, isn't a hundred a year, so I think it is yeah, but a lot of motivation. Do it again and I'll. Just show up to this beautiful place for work, and if we don't win I'll blame Jed, and if we do, I'll, take all the credit right off in the sun coming off all this success. How much of it is trying to replicate what you've done for the last couple years and how much of it is trying to like re, evaluate and find some
Nothing new that, like a new edge that you can do. That was a serious question. When do a couple of you mean you mean you mean coming off the world series. This is how we roll into security here just going through it in Boston. I think if you, if you just expect everyone to show up and have the same great chemistry it's going to change anyway, so our approach this year is a spin. The open and talk about the things that help make us a great team. Last year, the connectedness in our club, Everyone kind of buying into the team concept put in the team's interest before their own, so we've been talking about that and and that asking everyone to off back into that same concept, so we can kind of again be part of something bigger than ourselves. What's the what's on the White Board for the big need, because last year was relief pitching and it was you know, obviously the Chapman Deal at the trade deadline. What is this year's we gotta get this we got to be. You know always present a
this need, I think that'll reveal itself during the course of the season yeah, the after life, which you already have that now we want, we feel pretty good about where, at that you know you can never have enough starting pitching depth and if, if a guy or to go down, we're definitely gonna be on the look out for for legit starter too. We just start by Well, I want to know is what was the transaction that you're most proud of some of the most proud of over the last couple years like where you've really pulled one over on another manager will win. You trade cut somebody whatever we, what trade cut trade got somebody yeah, okay! well. You don't want it to be that way. I mean honestly, if you yeah, I don't know, I mean you know the there, the filament for area and stroke. One was pretty good just because we, you know stroke, he was kind of a throw.
And that he's ended up being a real, important setup guide for us. Not we didn't see Jake blossoming like he did. I mean we thought he had a chance to start. We thought his floor was a pretty good reliever and he went out and had the most dominant season. Or so that one that one was kind of a best case scenario and then Hendricks that was kind of a cool transaction, because we, you know, shows how smart we are. Trying to trade downstairs for Randall Delgado the whole time and we were kind of heartbroken with that one fell apart, and then we had a last minute deal come together with the Rangers and there's a whole group of prospects. We kind of just lower mid level, guys that we had great about the same and the reason we chose Hendrix's, because we had be done, some digging and a guy. We trusted who'd who'd coach them before it's at a this guy has the best make up of we've ever been around he's really smart. He works really hard, as you need the absolute most out of his ability to just take this dude if they're, all the same so we took
and for that sure enough, you know it's not is all you know is not as arms strained right. That's got him. Where is it's his head and his ability to make adjustments and continue to grow as a pitcher? So it's cool to see that one little piece information, the fifty you know, take a friend frost, does any of the guys there in this. I are so how much of I mean that that's interesting, because he obviously you're well known for the numbers and sabermetrics, and you know the revolution in baseball numbers, but at the obviously sounds like Kyle Hendricks was something not on the stat sheet yeah. Definitely not. We we we put a lot of emphasis on make up and what makes guys tech that the numbers thing we we we put a lot of time energy into getting the right kind of doubt and analyzing it, but it's totally different industry than it was fifteen years ago. Fifteen years ago, when I was first starting, you could just just by looking at something simple like valuing
Base percentage instead of batting average. My first year in Boston, we needed to add some cheap hitters. We got David Ortiz for one point: twenty five million Bill Miller for like two million dollars, Kevin Malare was on his way, Japan. There were so many obvious inefficiencies in the market. You could kind of use numbers to just do some serious damage now, fifteen years later, everyone has ridiculous amounts of information. Everyone is looking at the same numbers: everyone's hiring, these smart kids from the Ivy League schools to with advanced math degrees, to like dice up the number so As a result, it's the landscape is super flat. It's really hard to get an advantage of just the number, so the art there on a thing about that is it's kind of swung. The pendulum back, where I think the biggest competitor advantage now is actually understanding players as human beings. What makes in tech, getting the right kind of guys, building the right kind of chemistry and then treat them the right way so that you know the the team can can take off. We still dig deep for numbers, we do all this neuroscience stuff and you
to just dig incredibly deep to find something that there are twenty nine teams. Don't already have so you're saying you might bring David Axion back, as I was saying, I don't think he's the next market inefficiency. No, Alright, we like the guys we had also in the draft, because you know with the way you've built the cubs you basically only drafted hitters and people. There were many times where the media, the fan, said like where the hell is the starting pitching in to come from and that kind of fell into place. Is that like something where you consciously were like right? If we draft hitters and everyone else keeps drafting these high school pictures, that are going to blow up their arms will be ahead of it. We didn't really care what everyone else was going to do, but we made a conscious choice. We felt like in a big market, every building you probably only have one chance to get it right and we knew if we drafted a bunch of guys who blew out their arms. You know we're going to ask for five more.
Right people are going to wait around so the best bets in the first round our position players. They return on average about twice as much value as pictures and, if we're going to put our resources, whether there's a high first round pick or like a big trade, we got Addison Russell Rizzo. We wanted to do it with position. Players build big nucleus of young, talented position, players who have really high character as well and build around them
and we knew because that would have to kind of figure out the pitching year to year and we're still vulnerable little bit Deborah's because of that, but it helped hitting on area the hitting on Hendrix signing Leicester and the other benefit of a building around position. Players is that they impact kind of the identity of your organization and chemistry of your club marks on the field every day, if you draft a starting pitcher in the first round best cases on the field once out of every five days. This is easier for position: players like Brian Rizzo and sharper and all these gassed up town to find it your identity, raising corn by being right but be on the field. Every day you mentioned fifteen years ago, the games a little bit different in terms of what it is it that you do. Were you pissed off at Billy Bean for having him right, Moneyball like it was like a movie give away secret. He didn't enter it in right money. Jesus waited for somebody else to write the book about now. He he first it was Michael Lewis who wrote the book he opened. He opened up the is you yeah. I know I know it. I know we didn't write it, but
you just kinda, and he gave away all this yeah. I think he was just doing what I'm doing right now. He's actually started out as like a magazine article, so use is cooperating with the writer doing a magazine piece that I kind of got a life of its own, but you know that well, yes, they were going Yeah we're not putting software will wikipedia several syllables at time. You guys interact that book, but it was interesting that happened. Money bought came out. You know it hit the New York Times our lesson, who reads: bestsellers like rich dudes, on their yachts, who as one baseball team, so they all read the book. Then they started looking,
Other GM says you know what the hell are we doing right. This is what opens down there. I'm success that really did. It was an example of the media kind of change. In the way the game is operates because they start asking questions and went for maybe five teams having stat guys or staff departments to now thirty in in the span of just a few years and ramping interesting v during the five year plan. Was there ever a moment where rickets is like this isn't working a moment internally, where you're like this isn't working yeah, it's like. If you did it almost would I know you obviously know I think the day you were hired was five years later. Was I think, the day that the Cubs clinched to the Winspear? Yes, the Dodgers, so yes, those
a five year plan that was truly a five year plan and it worked seamlessly, but was there ever more like this isn't gonna work? This is all falling apart there. There are some moments right before. When was it, I guess it was right before we drafted Bryant when so like a year and a half, and so when it felt like we're at the bottom of a well yeah where the hell are. We gonna get sixty eight impact players that you need. You know we barely have one and there's only one draft per year. So at one first round pick for years, one trade deadline, we're kind of running out of assets at the Big league level that we could spend. So there are, some moments were like we better get lucky with this is going to actually do that, we're going to start feeling the heat, but then a lot of things clicked all all. At the same time. Actually, in fourteen we had to spend member when Rizzo
at the top in the store and a couple of orgasm is. I went over and try to get around to read. Yes, and I was kind of like a galvanizing moment. The big league level and right before that we had drafted through Arbor Bryant, was like hidden bombs every night in the minor leagues yeah that was starting to blossom. We traded for Addison Russell July fourth of that year. So a lot of good things started to happen within a few weeks band and we kind of finished strong, After that incident Cincinnati. Eighty thousand four yeah like it was it was like five. So there and buy us came up. We kick the cardinals we played August the cardinal points there is in Saint Louis at their and then in that I was a reporter wrote yeah. He created momentum, so instead of being real conservative again in that off season, because we were quite there said, you know what the young guys are getting here, which has to be good and then all of a sudden, Joe Maddon became available. We signed Jon Lester, we traded for Dexter, Fowler and everything kind of came together quicker than we imagined. Did you make Jed
fire, Ricky renteria- we did it together, but he did. He did get the shitty assignment of having to go out while I went to meet with Joe Jett had to fly out and talk to Ricky in person, so you did because we couldn't. We couldn't both be there right same time, right n jet had a personal relationship with Ricky right existing from the San Diego day. So we thought that out Kevin you go siding come on through hey use of you as gone. I doing a Nicholas, exclude universe, your listener, in down there a coaching job with team, Israel and now they're undefeated and he's regretting his place in jewish history Oracle on passed him by yeah. You you were, you were talking about the World baseball classic thriller. How do you feel about having players and it's got kind of like the W b c? You know you get nervous when you're starting pitchers are out there, maybe
wrapping it up a little bit earlier than they normally would, but we weren't hit hard by it this year, hobbies kind of the only guy and he showed up in great shape, ready to go. So do you. So this is some like dumb fan stuff that we get in our heads Hobby obviously, was that one too yeah? Well, I request a smart stuff too, but a hobby was obviously the one guy who is from the hundred years so before and and will sink into and will signature see? Do you ever do you ever look like we got to get rid of this guy because he's not our guy. I don't want hobby to have like the walk off home run in the World Series like Jim Hendry really actually deserves. I We we weren't good enough to think that way. We were now. I I actually like, if that was like he's good trade hobby, because he's not it's nice guy now, if we were, if we were kind of role in and and talented young players is that maybe we could have been wicked, selfish and write, something like that, but not as bad karma. Okay, if you start thinking that right, that's fair, that's
All rights are planned. The seed now in a show yeah yeah, nothing like the source right now, where people were talking about how unbelievable hobby and and Wilson were and how they weren't your draft picks, yeah and first one to thank Jim Hendry and his crew for finding those guys. There. We go class act right here on the job we go based on those dark thoughts in your head, so they'll start creeping taking over the rest, your brain soon, I'm wondering like about your process. You watch every game during the regular season, yeah just about so of the did you want home games, I'm probably there for seventy five of them and then maybe miss half a dozen. If I'm out scouting for the draft or seeing a minor league team or something and I don't travel on the road nearly as much as I used to when I was first starting out as a GM. I thought I had to be there all the time, but honestly, it's kind of I wash you know when you're traveling the road you're not doing much to check in and the trainer we make sure someone goes we to divide up the road games between the five of us and then that gives you more of
opportunity to get stuff done back home. Obviously, watch every game on tv get mad that Joe Buck is so clearly biased against the Cubs. I don't know I don't end up watching the playoff games on tv. So I heard people were passed that M for their many every fan base by thinks exact, Saint Louis. It's true yeah, I think he's biased against yeah. What's it like in the box of Digits, it's just you and and your guys, watching every game most of the time. It's fun. It's just a bunch of you know guys, has fried somewhat similar to the locker room, your office little longer in soccer, not not trump in locker room, locker, normal no most of times relax and fun, and were you know, kind of joking around each other, and we have like competitive eating contests this random stuff here in their flying around. But then, when things are going poorly, it's it's a bit of a mess dead. In particular, it's like nine innings of pain, watching the game with him,
when things are going well, as you complain, or what does he do? Yes, yeah he's a stupid girl throwing his phone around like complaining, but now it's good we have all traditions like when we need runs this one kid Scott Harris, I think We make him start eating like cake and loaves of bread and hot sauce and stuff. I could be like we had some kids at the lunch table in high school that we did that. So we didn't really like him, though we just kind of made him eat for owner attainment, but if Scott ever wants to stop doing that, I could. I could definitely just be that guy look like you been generating. Some runs over there if you run so I'm actually, the best offense in the league could say that he was a key contributor lesser exactly when you who's your who's, the your favorite draft pick. The answer to this. By the way, 'cause, you told me was off the record now. That's why we're pretty proud of the Schwarber pick just because he was I'm not going to lie to you because he said it like right next to Rizzo to that Walmart Rizzo stands before he became good. It was
just go. He was seen by the industry is a second round guy passed because of his body, his body and maybe some defensive limitations, but we were just so convicted about the bat and know we thought he was one of the best young hitters, we've ever seen and then The person could be. I just felt like we wanted him to be one of those guys like like Anthony and like Brian right in the middle of what we're doing for a long time. Do you are? You were all about his defense. You that's over blown, no, I think it's over, but on a call, I think, will be averaged out there left. You know he p boxes, two balls, against the Mets. When I will never arm was watching right. I write things. He's brutal saw actually price, surprise some people who haven't seen him play since then see. It sounds a lot smarter coming from you, because I kept on saying that it was like he. He went from college as a catcher catcher in the minor leagues to playing the Nlcs in the left field that in like twelve months and then he obviously had those two balls I was like. Well, you can't win
former locked I'll try to prove that run this year. I think we shocked when he came back for what sir we actually broke. That news by the way. Did you really six months before we had a week after chores we get, we got features a so we had a guy named James Andrew has a Phd in like information sciences on the show Dr James Andrews, and we ask them if you ever come back to world Series like yeah, probably so your account as breaking the news that we well. I was six when we have a number of his inner city, people in wheelchairs or not little alternative fat. Okay? Well, it's real factor. We shall I was shocked. Yeah I mean you are to the doctors. All along were saying it's twelve months, legit rehab and eight months at the quickest before you can do anything even baseball related and Yeah, that's done the hell out of me and then and then you know that play into games actually right here is he played in two games over there in the fall the egg and then in that bad, a kid over there. He just sat there and track two thousand baseball's a day to get his timing down. Second, I came back and we didn't you know we don't know how you do it and that
that body punched out, but he was right on everything and then I thought of that bass are incredible: the whole world there is yeah locked, and so after that game seven was a legendary game. Did you feel more of a sense of relief or was it like short? How long did it take it out to like it is a? It was a combo. You know I I felt to brown, maybe it's kind of weird I I don't feel happy right after when I kind of need to see everyone else enjoying enjoying and celebrate, and then it kind of rubs off on me relief, it makes you a sociopath. It does. I know, like I know, they're Reno. I need to seize waiting on a file happy or sad. Okay were had. I think the the relief was more immediate because I hate letting people down right. So I all I get is gonna be brutal. If I come here to Chicago, obviously, is to try to win a world series five to leave Sunday without having one right all. You know off my friggin tail between my legs. My head ill be brutal. I don't want to do that some day.
Now. So maybe you don't want to be here the rest of my life, who knows a lot, so it was great relief and then tons of and then you know the game was so tense. I got drunk in like a minute and a half after the game I was watching the whole game all my mother yeah, I I don't. I was like my house super tense. All my muscles were kinda locked and you realize it watching the game like this and then the way the ups and downs of the game when we. Finally, one is like a bottle of champagne and a beer and I said, and that's when I drop that F bomb on TV is always great, always a big fan of that yeah you, I think you know you guys are like well. You can get away with stuff right after this that I, like tiny moon. What is the biggest difference between the Boston and Chicago media? That's a great question: that's nice! That's a nice trick where you do, to think about it, yeah I'm not to get. What can I say, greed can I say, give yourself some time. I just give you more time. I think the Chicago meter actually little little bit more itself like in in Boston. There may be out to
it's a little more competitive, they're out to get a scoop throughout, define the story they all. You know it's really competitive, not saying it's not that way at here in Chicago, but they seem to be a little bit more, like laid back and less of the story develop instead of maybe going as you wait for Jay Mariotti leave time before you came to Chicago you too. We never. We never crossed paths, scared of him. I I don't know enough about him. I I probably for the best yeah. That actually is, is. Are you you've accomplished? You know a lot of great stuff you've. Obviously, when the two world Series would you ever consider a jump to the NFL now come on now? I think it's insulting, even though like why talk about it seriously, you could go in and take over a team and have success. I don't think so. I think it's insulting to the people who grind their whole. They're all career also got doubting footballer in football. Unbelievable challenge, don't like, though he'd be a great some, not something you'd be interested in. I mean your challenge.
It would be a great challenge. That's a quote lot of people. A lot of people are saying. Video is not up to the challenge to win a super bowl with. I think it would take me ten years to get up to speed and that I wouldn't do anything where I'm not useful for the first ten years. I think the browns would take a ten year plan. What about the bulls can fix a bowl. So no, I don't don't know anything about basketball. So your your Ellery supporter. How would you fix the dnc that I was? I was going to occur, but bomb it was funny, but well Obama got a call that the d and- the one you guys saw that we're at the White yeah, I don't know well. I just saw some poll numbers the other day where you know Trump spot be Larry's like forty percent right now and bunch of liberals. Like me all relish that, and then it came out that the popularity of the democratic- position right now is like thirty huntress yeah. So I guess it's all relative. The only party yeah they have they have couple two years ago or just under two years to get it right for the mid term election all figured out. You could fix that. I did receive a refuge. How would you fix it? Yeah
look: it was the first. What are the first numbers that you would look at? I have no idea. You know that I've I've met David seen this before, who is helping run a bomb is foundation now who is their big pollster during during the Obama Kerr presidential elections? And it's amazing how believe how great the data is that they use now predictive it is, and those guys are, are incredibly smart. So I'm sure they've got a all please have to hire some really good posters, and yet the polls were great and twenty, so that obviously didn't go for you. You have a bomb us cell phone number. No, I I only men in that one day at the White House really yeah, I'm in before hungry guy there's and his wife were both incredibly warm and generous with our whole team. Even even Republicans had a great day all right. Let's do some fun questions, because we did too many serious questions you,
obviously famously went and had thanksgiving with Curt Schilling to try to get him to sign with the Red Sox. Did you know he was crazy, then, but did you try any memes now he's he's always been. Unique yeah, but that's yeah. That's simple! Matic way to put us in the best. The best story from that trip was well too good stories. One is so we were negotiating back and forth had fired. His agent were he's representing himself were negotiating a contract extension back and forth, 'cause we're only going that's a mismatch. We're only going to be yeah. That's what I thought. So I thought I thought done pretty well negotiation, then we reach a deal, we're happy with it and we go back to print it out in this little home office, and so we using his computer, printer to print in there is on his desk is a is a well worn dog, eared copy of the
negotiating is yeah. That's what he was doing every time he was pretending or the bathroom is running back and see that the stuff like Michael Scott, Shittu, not and then the other good story is so we did have Thanksgiving dinner at their house and Shonda. His wife was very nice to invite us and she cooked for us, and then I'm sure was totally unrelated to the food, but Jenn is dead and me and Jed got like really sick. So we raced back to the hotel and we're actually is the next morning we're checking out jet is so sick. He starts throwing up all around the hotel. Suite, like God, is like eight piles, throw up and were late for the airport out, so I had just had like I had like maybe two hundred dollars on me in twenty, so I didn't know what to do we're late. So I just go around each throw up either like a twenty dollar bill, the FED, the coral for them to hate yeah? I was just there and we got Jed a mass on to the plane we at home, but we got. We got showing signs as good as you were talking,
earlier about how you're now starting to look more towards you know the make up of a player as opposed to just numbers behind so so is that way of saying that you're thinking about bringing Tebow on board- I don't think God decides about the other yeah. Well, it's not gone into a double play, but he that drove in a run so that how would you evaluate that's pretty good right yeah? I guess he's got better place is loaded, no outs. He knew that he just need to get the ball in play. We were actually wanted. One of two teams that didn't go to his to his try out loud 'cause. I think you know there are so many, so many good players grinding their asses off an independent leagues and you know have made it their whole life's work to try to get a shot in pro ball that we felt you know. Maybe, instead, we actually sent the scout to independently all star game. Maybe try to find a kid who's been working for years to deserve a shot. She knows how to play baseball, yeah but more power to it. The clutch gene sabermetric
please define the clutch gene. That's a long time debate. You know it can't you can't you can't you can't you can't. You can't prove that it exists by the numbers because guys I've tried but I know search for the clutch I know intuitively, like there are guys I one up in the big spots and it's not just the best hitters other guys who just keep their heart, be low and kind of drive in those moments that are backing away. Do you see? it is it. Is it 'cause? It's funny that you say that, because there are definitely some people out there who just look at the and they're convinced that there's no, so, you are what you are and, like you know, the sample size and everything, but I agree with you: there's clearly I think if you watch enough sports, you get convinced that, like you can kind of tell who's who's scared and wants
that big moment over with and just get out of the play without it coming down on them? Who actually wants? The ball wants to take the big shot once the ball hit two home of the big situation, as think you can tell can't prove it, but you watch enough sports and you probably have yeah, you know, speak speaking of which do you think the Cubs won the world series of that rain really doesn't happen because they speak of rattled every yeah. The shots to the dog out now it did not look like most comments again, something you can't prove, but I doubt we win without. First of all, if you blow a lead late in any game, it's hard to then come back and win it's hard to win on the road in extra innings in any game, and we were, I mean you can't get more extreme than what happened to us. We're three run lead for out. No one on base for us away from one in the first world, sir, is a hundred years in the game's got away from us like that in in a fashion that really you know, take everybody off, and so the guys were Shell shocked as we all were and that rain delay I was lucky actually was cutting through the clubhouse 'cause. I had to go meet with the commissioner about the the radar and how
Randall I would be, and I caught a little glimpse of our players meeting and it was awesome like, instead of usually during a rain Ok, guys, let's go to their lockers check, their phones change your jersey. There was wrapped up in their own stuff. Our players had the instinct led by Hayward to come together, and I think that, coming together they rallied each other. They said: hey Chappie, we're going to pick you up we're going to go out and we won three games are the best team in baseball we're going to win this thing right here. No one can take this away from us. It doesn't matter what just schwarber you're leading off like get let's go right here and then ten minutes later they went out and did it so obviously from a narrative standpoint- and I saw it I buy it like. I don't think we win the world series without that, but you can't prove it. Are you happy that Hayward was the one that gave the speech so that your contractor gave him, doesn't look bad
I was happy for Jason yeah because he had he had well happy for all of us, because maybe we don't win the world series without that, if, if you don't perform in the first year of your, your contract is a tendency to like detach yourself from the team. Good guys get embarrassed when they have right huge salaries and they're not performing, and then I can create kind of a death spiral where gets away from them and they start kind of hiding- and I say themselves it's hard to recover from that Jason, even though, obviously he didn't have the year. The bat that he wanted, or any of us expected to is undying credit like you stayed right in the middle of the mix all year long. He never backed away from the struggles he you never stop being vocal. He never stopped being a pro, pro and his team is like war ship them for that. So that's what put him in a position to call a meeting like that 'cause, usually when the guy who's at two hundred and thirty tries to call a meeting right, doesn't go over that right when he did it, they were all there in a minute. So- and you know the look- he's worked so hard at fixing his swing and he's having some really good swings here in camp. So I wouldn't sleep
There were going forward. The free agent death spiral spiral. You mentioned, that's basically the Washington Redskins roster for the last twenty five years, fifty million dollars a year Do you join the Redskins as a gm yeah? I don't know anything a football. I have a hard enough time in hundred million dollars a year to write now pulled contract. Now I know you're anymore now. I know that it would, if I were to- another job, it'll, be because you know, as Simpson, there's some real meaning to it. For me at something, I can do well. It doesn't want to work for dancing. Yeah yeah. I've heard I've heard. That's interesting! Ok, alright, you want to tweet so yeah. We do we do it. You know the Jimmy Kimmel read Mean tweets yeah, so we read mean tweets to our guests. Ok, so we gotta couple here, the first one Is fun, is written by Portnoy? No, no. These are real real on this. No, I mean real mean Portnoy to a note on it. If we just found a month or the first one is from at Jed Hoyer is actually the real genius four two thousand and sixty nine he said paid.
I I know you really good, but the fact that you wear MAO Jim Sunglasses makes you kind of a douche bag and they look so stupid on your face. That's good I do have a really like narrow face and it's hard to find that supporting sunglasses. Send me some better sunglasses on it's crazy. They knew you were Maui Jim or sitting right here. This one is from B ball fan six thousand nine hundred and sixty nine theo. You look like if four Gump walked into a teleporter with Malcolm in the Middle wow. I don't know that aren't okay, the show yeah, I don't know. I don't even know what that means, but yeah, okay and then I'm not you're, not gonna. Get me on looks alone. That's not a big part of my game last one. The last one is from at Jed horror, underscore it just making it, and we know you read so we want you to submit right now you, wrote the greatest great mystery. No new wrote it. I think I think I think it's pretty genius, but I'm not sure I don't know dad.
Come on then the next day it was better when we won the world series that one right neither hand towel and just submit it just go ahead a bit. No ok figure it out I'll. Tell that here's another one theo. Do you your spreadsheets, all right! So that was our mean tweets. We swear. Those are real, treats everyone go, look up and find them all right, I'll wrap it up. I had three other oceans, the first. What do you guys use use mark apple is like a a joke when you're feeling down my just like about the app how you just throw his name up there. Back I went member member Astrid was Asher's, took yeah notes that a crisp reviews as a reminder to to not get too full of ourselves because all come with us said you know if that draft goes different or they they take Brian. Maybe we take a pounding yeah. You going to take your laughing at us? We're going to take him if they took mine, I'm not going to say ok,
different opinions in the room on that one. Ok, can you bring Sammy back to give the power? That's? Actually your next big which gets any social value. Us I mean that one okay yeah he did you see the interview did where he said he put Chicago on the map right after I was instantly. Given the circumstances. I was an interesting move, yeah! No, I think I think Tom is hand on that. One guess he's you know: got the relation right, so we'll see what happens? I don't we many Merece aim to coach for Senate agree right out for a couple years. So
it's never say never, but I think there's some things have to happen. Okay, that's not involved that one okay, everyone in the media for some reason, one Steve Bartman to come through our. Why it? Why do they? Why do you? Why do you guys think it's stupid? I think it's too, because I think the guys life's already been ruined and leave me alone. Why are you trying to do it? No, I I I agree with you that he should have the right to complete disarray. Is it just me up to him whatever he wants to do it bothers me when people like we have to find Steve Bartman like putting rates, remains on the wants to come back and and be public, that's fine! I I I have a feeling he doesn't need. You know, judging by the last decade of him, not releasing any statement or anything. But it always bothered me when people yeah we got bring about yeah. I did it these are flying to Chicago to take the job, but I watched on the flight that catching Hell documentary, I think, is ESPN or somebody and I obviously knew the story about I and realized like how now
yeah. It was that all these ugly ugly us here he is the right disappear forever. If that's what he wants or if you want to come back and and kind of get some sort of redemption, he deserves at two. So whatever you want to do all right last question and we need your full honesty on this one yeah all right, yeah, Elle, nerd, Sabermetrics, computer geek. This is my epitaph tomorrow morning you can wake up and be a couple alpha guys like us, real sports, like guys guys not only guy that hides behind his mom space, not a guy. We put it, we give you know swirlies too, you trade, you trade, lives less right to be
while the office working for not to be a sports car you're, not right, yeah. That's why I've gone to the top rated for twenty five years right to get the approval of real sports guy. Yes, I would definitely we got a close yeah, I'm getting you to something in the NFL to give you an edge it out to us and we'll meet you in or are going to keep my head down to keep working hard, bring you guys beers when you need me someday I'll, be let in I mean it's kind of it's some points like you, you know you do all your stats and stuff. It's like man. I wish I was just like a sports guy that has hot takes. You can just go by the I. I ball test, your at ma'am Theo Epstein, the greatest of all time. I can say it I'll fix it my greatest nerd, the one that is just nervous and eve, and no matter how how many great things you do. You can never be us duly noted that interview was brought to you by Bet DS, Sci Major League back the mass
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didn't hire yeah, so they hired Ray Rice and then they got I guess some back to it, which I didn't really see weird. Why that? Why that happened and then they said actually. No. He just came to speak to the kids and he's not an official part of our program right now, but you might be like give guidance every now and again, so he was definitely going to be salt. And affiliated with the team but My first question is: why didn't the New Jersey team think of this like ahead of time? Yeah? That's a weird one: yeah! That's like weird! No one's like hey, hey that Ray Rice guy. Maybe that one looks so good yeah. I I've two suggestions, luckily, for them we're here to help with their pr department. My first suggestion is that they should just say he's doing. Community service, like You can't say this guy can't fulfill his community service.
Location, you know he's just there to help. So all they have to do is just not pay him. Yep Hiram, don't pay him saved me service and maybe I'll can slip him some money here right just a little under the table. I think my second is say that you were going to hire Oj Simpson We got out of jail, but guess what that was. You know we have standards, so we can't do that. So we're we're doing ray rice. Instead right were rehabilitating people Aaron Hernandez Meme has a standing offer from us. Have you ever gets out of jail, but for right now we're just gonna go through right, yeah! That's what it also did. I hear you say earlier that the Broncos making a comeback, the Ford Bronco. Yes, no brainer. If your forward to hire OJ to be spokesperson for the Ford Bronco, I mean that's, you have to yeah I'm going to the new Broncos. They don't look so great. I wish they would just make old broncos. Why don't they do that? Why is that am I'm like yeah. I just said I'm just sitting here yeah. Well, they don't make the same types of like illegal there's, a lot that went into an old
Bronco that was probably not exactly street friendlier. Okay, your little triggered climate change, guy huh yeah. I see what okay here's, what you get the engineers from orders get get. There's. Also your all your. I would call you a snow flake, but there is no more snow, those guys from Volkswagen come in. They monkey around with the gas pedals and they fix it. Surpasses missions yeah hello. Next up we have radio wars, this one's troubling because much like guy the old you know know what no country that has a Mcdonald's is ever attacked. Another country with a Mcdonald's. We have some work yeah Let you know that I can classes blew him I'll rephrase it no country that has taco bells have ever started a war with country that has Taco Bell's fact. That sounds no! prove me wrong career. Are you saying that talk about causes worse thank now, because that would be problematic noon to sing it's everywhere, no put them in concert. Yeah, we've we've never attacked another country with a dollar I
Actually, I think that might be false now it could be false now, but it was true when I first while yeah in like the late 90s. It was true for sure, but I'm going to keep saying until I die right. We've attacked some people Yes, so be so much like that we have a recurring guest fight and Kaminski, Dan Dockage we're not going to take sides, even though we side with Frank Kaminsky in this we're not going to take sides, but they got into a big fight about paying NCAA athletes on Twitter, where most fights start
and it was neither of them really kind of one, but I don't really know where every anyone, land yeah, usually there's a clear winner in the situate. If you get to the internet fight this public for everybody, usually you can count on coming out some pretty good after right, but so what was Kaminski's point is basically pay players, yeah. Well, no yeah, yes, yeah use, basically saying I want you know my like this made a lot of money which seems pretty reasonable. I I I'm not fully in the pay the players and make it a free agent process, because I don't understand people who want to free agent process, don't realize that we'll just basically take away college athletics as we know it because only be like twenty five schools. It can pay players and paid for them, but I do think that a player should be able to profit off their own likeness in some for former fashion. That's kind of
anti biblical. Isn't it yeah, thou shalt worship? No! Other likeness but mine yeah, well the interesting here's. The problem is it's it's one of those arguments where, like it seems like everyone's on one extreme and no one, just in the middle being like hey. Maybe we should try to pay them a little. I don't know money in a blind trust yeah, I kind of the plant master they get out of college right now, actually in in Frank's case, I don't think that he really has much ground to stand on, because the pictures that he took after he graduated he was on that tank yeah. Those made him a lot of money right, Jc Penney that totally made up for four years that he spent guides. I do want to point out one problematic to. Ten docket, she said Frank, was talking about how he was working, is Azov in college, for the institution making money and he said doctor by working your azov off. Please we had no restrictions on hours. You wouldn't know working your asses off at hit if it hit you in the nose, so
little time machine, because the internet never forgets Dan Dokich September 25th, two thousand and fourteen love ' this Kaminski guy, no hyper? high school just worked hard, whoops ok, and he also said something about knowing your asks. If it hits you in the nose yeah, I think most people most people love the smell of their own farts. They can tell the difference. I think he wouldn't know the smell of his asked if it was on his nose. I think that's just PTSD from being coached by Bob Knight, probably probably put his Assen Damn doctors just knows how many times in that locker room their asses on all kinds of crazy right. Exactly you have a stay woke which I'm excited for. I didn't tell either one of you about this. Ok, I feel pretty confident interviewing Phil Mickelson today, at the masters, getting getting ready for the big tourney He asked him about the Lpga scandal. Okay, where Lexie was elected, Thompson yep. She got reported for moving her ball like an inch when she was marketing. Phil said.
He has seen a number of guys on tour who are loose with how they mark the ball, and it's intentional and that practice needs to stop so kind of justifying the guy that called in stay woke, I think filmic, called in this rules violation ahead of the masters to make sure everybody was on their game, oh geez, and so he could actually have this quote out in the media. Wow yeah well Also- Maybe he was just making this quote to get the headlines that he paid two million dollars to his bookie last year, push down a little bit on the Google search results. Okay, that's that's pretty good. Also stay woke, Phil Mickelson might actually play on the Lpga he's got he's got the sets these cataract yells, your nice rack, like the most photos thanks great rack, yeah, the guy I like a guy with a nice rack, Phil Mickelson. He does it for me, a home real quick. I have a emergency king, ST kings. I forgot about this one done
the baker can stay kings, dusty I'm up names and press conferences help. I think you called Bryce Harper Rolls of Rolls Royce Early Central yeah racy, or something like that for you for, like a year, Bruce Harper yeah, like the Mvp called I'm just bowser or something yep. Yesterday he came out and he said he called Adam Lind Jeremy Lin. That's a pretty good one. That is a good one. So just keep an eye on dusty he's good for about three or four hundred and one safe though that's a smart, clubhouse tactic, known safe, 'cause Darcy, doesn't know your name you're, not safe until he knows you're exactly right. Alright! Last up, we have a state classy this one Those two gymnasts I know everyone was wondering national championship who's. Getting the than tie turns out. He didn't give one out. Because we know of that. We know of because He said it was always meant to be a private moment and he didn't want give the kids that you know. If
give it to someone. If you want that kid to have to go to the locker room and start answering questions about Jim Dance, that's really classes, so that was really nice of him. So he's going to he's going to mail, his tie, as always, when he's got that man like gas, is going to go to the post office right with a package of his tie find out. The players home address. Can we just imagine the ornate packaging that Jim Dance is going to but his tie is going to be a cigar box. Yes, we know that it's not Court of Cigar Box, no actual scars and old newspapers as the the the the packing material Williams Sonoma Catalog yeah as the packaging v. I just want to say that your manse personifies class because he didn't want to make the national championship about him. So he told everyone that he didn't want to make the national championship about him. That's how you do it folks. He just let everyone know you weren't doing it, because you didn't want anyone talking about you. As you tell the press, I will school of there. I hope that he tells the kid not to say that he got the tie and then
like two days later, Jim answers, like I told the kid not to say you got that I so you guys can't know who it is really come on Jim you're like. Why do you have to ruin this? I know we kind of ruined it because we made it a whole story last year, but don't be this baby who takes his time goes home. Just give the fuckin' tie out. Give it out will have some fun with it. I hate when Belinda guys do like you guys ruined it. For me was supposed to be a personal moment where I gave them an article of my clothing, so they could remember me in my importance forever. It would be nice if Jim Nantz rant locker room before the players got in there and then hung it up himself in that players locker what a feeling it on the door and then no you could you could ever go head. Yeah rose like dad got sick. I think two people are bumping uglies in there all right. That's our show, we'll see a Friday we're going to talk some masters. Uh. We should have another big guest and it will be a huge week. Jj Watt Theo Epstein, Adam Morrison, and
huge guests, Friday X, factor on Friday, so we'll see you then love you guys.
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