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Tim Meadows and Stingray Steve 09/30/16

2016-09-29 | 🔗
The guys talk about the upcoming Football weekend and whether or not Ryan Tannehill sucks (he does) (2:42 - 13:10). Tim Meadows joins the show to talk SNL, his new show Son of Zorn, and an Office table reading (13:10 - 39:32). Stingray Steve joins to talk about CFB and his call of the week (39:32 - 44:51). Segments include "Thoughts and Prayers" for the entire Browns organization, "Trouble In Paradise", "Spinzone", "Hurt or Injured", "Stay Woke", "Sorry Not Sorry" for Curt Schilling and "Jimbo's".
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the trafficking socon draftkings dot com eligibility restrictions may apply see website for details let's go welcome to part of my take is friday september thirtieth tgif guys love it d g may i
app made it through another one all man thank you in the football weekend is here it is good it's actually going to be a good college football we can give him a great college football weekend and we had a little starts the college football weekend when the miami dolphins played wide receiver quarterback yeah that was nice yeah they can continue to do that was right you know what i think next year is the year that ryan tannehill is really going to make that leap yep they need to give him a couple more extensions really show they have faith in him and then eventually blossom by leave you mean not fumble every single game right yeah that and and and be able to throw the ball above his lyman yeah that he i i own a fish stat here sabermetrics ryan ryan tannehill animal said ryan leaf there gets more passes blocked at the line of scrimmage than anyone besides drew brees 'cause he she he's in and russell wilson people forget short to maybe ten hills to do more jump passes
well he did that and it got blocked today too so maybe not but i think we can all agree that ryan tannehill sucks yes he will not take now i'm going to give him a few weeks give me a couple more years before a jury still out on tannehill yeah that's his nickname ryan juries out jury still out and help but someone who doesn't suck our friend recurring guest rocket refuel spokesman aj green he is in abs beast he's very good yeah he's just carving up that that dolphins that vaunted dolphin secondary with me go grimes thinking about i know no micrograms not on that team and our yeah yeah he is he's on top of that that's right because there's nobody that i can name the most famous person on the dolphin secondary last year was miko grimes his wife but color rush yeah it's nice it was the visit coral jersey
is the official name of it was the pantone on that oh man darren ravel had gave me that pantone number because i noticed right away that i i do love the tennessee volunteers uniforms i think they're very very hot there very sharp looking as the dad would say you know what it reminded me of it was like if you had chugged phanta and milk if you want milk boys and oj crew pulling ideas and the juice crew and then you puked it out that was their color uniform and you don't want that coming downhill lunch coming soon to a larries gambling goldfish pics which you can find by the way on at part by take twitter and at pardon my take instagram if you're not following that you're missing out on some awesome stuff we're doing every week we're going to chug some fan to and what was the other thing milk milk ok great that'll be great the official pantone for the tennessee volunteers one hundred and fifty one dolphins one hundred and seventy two c
there's a different size totally different pretty big difference yeah yeah if you wear the shirt people going to now uhhuh if you try to bring a we cast off insured up into a knoxville tail gate you better think twice people are gonna look at you sideways yank country while also because they're drunk and their hacks yeah yeah i think we yank country if you had to guess what marlins men oranges would that's more of a i feel like that's a one 20s oh no you're going too low i think it's somewhere you don't know your pants on sixty five i think you need to go back to pantone school big college football weekend like we said yes is louisville clemson is the acc back ah i think the he's back generally acc is back the sec is dead and continues to be dead who got let club i think i'm going to go louisville love katrina love oh yeah i feel like katrina is a good guy he's got the whole faith of the program behind him he's not going anywhere oh man after they
do they go undefeated and they beat houston to stick around for the long term he's not going to texas or lsu next year i'd love to get a miked up of dat bow and petry no standing in the middle of the field you know when they do that coaches you know before the game like how your guys how your guys spit and hands on the pants and then i'd like to get that i hands down your pants definitely offer petry now yeah i feel like it that's a god a god but god does not get he's got guy he's a but it sure he's definitely scratching the button but that's just out of habit he's also going to wear some weird sure or something for routing purposes and then he's gonna do the you know the dougy after big football guide that build it it dying so relatable so ugly the duggy right the bernie yeah the class of twenty eleven will be flocking did almost didn't notice that dabo he did he did football guy moved last week which was he had everybody put one of
all in chips into a bucket because we're all in here how about the houston coach tom herman who those big name he's going to he's gonna get a big time job somewhere but he kisses all's players before the game i love that yeah love them you we don't set enough i love you guys love yes yeah i guess that's a football guy moved its love but it's not like it's men love like any at the end the daily i'm either kissing your arm punching right i don't i don't want sounds i don't want to talk about feelings but if like you're gonna hit by a train i would jump from the train for you that's ma'am i would take the train yeah i'll take the punishment myself as an and dot that you're yeah i mean we don't like let's not talk about our fears or future or anything like that our personal feelings let's just skip right to kiss and let's just skip right to kissing and saving each other man love yeah that's it right there quickly i want to talk a little baseball actually i want to talk a little soccer yeah the cubs in the pirates one one tie tonight king got suspended 'cause weather and that was talking soccer
draw so the cubs are going to have a one in there in the hanks right so it's true it is a draw on the pitch let's talk about baseball real quickly we he actually are going maybe get a little ahead of ourselves or i should say i'm getting a little my head ahead of myself we're booking our flights to go to chicago for nlcs game run into no chance this backfires at a low chance good news is if that falls through bears jaguars are playing and that will not get cancelled and that's going to be a barn burner that is quite the constantly will there be any wins between those two teams i'm hoping that two hundred and fifteen for both teams and i'm going to tailgate either way i
on the tail gate in a port a potty in a port a potty or dumpster yeah you know that's been our dream for your now because remember we're going to do the and five bears verse own five line we don't even work together this was not even about like a work trip for no one of us this was just like hey you want to go to the city's football game you can imagine and just like sit in a dumpster and your bad fit really well yeah this is just drink let's get ourselves stupid drunk in a dumpster in detroit for no real reason yeah not on so i was like yeah absolutely yeah we're in but then then ball team doing one a couple games so baseball the red sox hanks red sox yep clinched on a walk off home run by the yankees in their face there it was oh by the way hank yeah so no drinking in new york but the bronx doesn't count syracuse doesn't count i had on time the office doesn't weekends don't count had and i have an announcement kind us service yeah hold on hold on i'm off the wagon of being on the wagon
i said ok so hank's got a little like three day beard stubble hangover chain going on right now yeah i've been drinking so that's not really surprising breath give me a i'm glad you admitted it not even drinking well just like i did like two weeks i think i think you said you're going to do all the way till christmas i said thanksgiving congrats in two weeks yeah i mean yeah except for a couple of nights sprinkled in here and then you didn't even make it through each meal one day when the guy who killed bin laden this is a guide on other xterra clinchers i mean i think i wrote this all down when i first at its air cleaners clinchers in upstate new york yeah brought guy that killed him on tuesdays tuesdays just been like a long day at the office yeah connie when you had a real rough day at work
since saturday yeah i'm on home plate next mets games without moments so i think was it a little weird celebrating off of a when your rival i had to walk off no i actually the i i kind of thought of slayers i want to actually be the the podcast of celebrations 'cause i'm a big celebration guy i hate how you're so cool no but when you're sitting here drinking right in my face mister cripple stand up for yourself bro like don't let don't let another team celebrate on your own diamond oh i hate put one in his rib cage happens every fall the anti celebrate when people come out of the woodwork and they're like wow you shouldn't celebrate if you cleanse you shouldn't celebrate if you win the one game wild card game fuck that man life's too short celebrate well guess what if there weren't anti celebration people the celebrations wouldn't be that much sweet so that's all i'm saying well i just think that everyone should celebrate drink bud light and not sponsored go back to france that and spray champagne in each others face
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check it out alright let's kick it to our two interviews for friday we have tim meadows which was a fun interesting interview and we also did an office recreation which i mean now that it's our second time doing it i think we're kind of pro actors no you're not say anything yeah we're definitely pro actors and every time that we have somebody who is even tangentially tangentially related to the to the office we're going to do and we're going to do full episode and then we also have stingray steve who has two calls this week i don't know we're going to airbow but he's got to evil alright we now welcome on a very special guest tim meadows of snl fame and also the new show some is orn on fox it is we're probably going to run this after the debut but you gotta check it out some days what time on sunday so check it out
yeah if we're on every sunday how does this thing work you get a closer look there okay when you guys get better mike's first well that's that's a great question who's interviewing who here well i'm going to interview you in a second we come on a sunday night sunday nights eight thirty on fox okay here the show where troy aikman says state soon except on the west coast for size or yes okay so hop up you know behind the score yeah occasionally pop up okay i like you have a little cartoon i don't know i haven't seen a little lower third thing yet where we are but i know it's coming not to sidetrack us already but already just throwing this out there i love like thanksgiving time and then christmas time when they put like the lights around the score and then the only leaves yeah and the snow has like that so that's like that yeah that's nice okay cool all right you in case you don't know it's a holiday that's right are you a sports guy i'm
like i love basketball nba a lot more and i think that's the thing that followed the most i like football i like basketball i like baseball what other sport sounds like your sports guy i guess a sports guy i'm not a stats guy though you know i hope you we were super metrics guys super metrics wow so we're like advanced stats yeah so so the version books ships are there no no you can say whatever you want we're not guys either wikipedia gas yeah so okay so you you really just know basic stuff but you know a lot of advance basic stuff yes is actually the best way to put a put our knowledge and its order teams you have teams from detroit so yeah i i yeah it's okay is a good book or coming back
things that's like at eight i think everyone from detroit has to say the lines are talking about your wikipedia page says that you throughout the first pitch at a cubs game is that true yes this are nice you know have you ever done that the cat actually have his rights for judge found it backfired on yes where we did a big fundraiser for cancer and i was the biggest fundraiser side against a router i'm not working i sir i throw the first pitch last year at wrigley so that backfired right now how did you do did you get it across to play i did okay i did okay you know i could have been better i didn't do any warm up so because bush didn't do warm ups for after the nine eleven when he threw out the first pitch you just why donald there is that's a famous story he's like i don't want to warm up so i figure if he doesn't i can't yeah is your hero i'm i wouldn't say that just first pitch right exactly exactly first pitch hall of fame for sure and you also did you sing the national anthem no or not
i said the h the other okay take me out to ballgame and they had the words on a piece of paper for you just a laminated yeah you have been you know just because you didn't know the words to a hundred and some year olds all right well you be surprised how often that get screwed up there yeah yeah i'll see osborne really butchered that when he did it so we expect it happens it happens i but i obviously loved us and all right let still do love us and i'll read the book sorry listen to the auto audio book i don't need this be verify that there is that there is a bunch of stories about how hard it is to get worn to crack and how good it felt when you did make him laugh was that like was that basically your main goal every week and how often what was your hitting you know what was your adding average my batting average with lauren was probably in baseball
i'm a baseball batting and yeah that's banning rare baseball yeah i probably would say i was in that three hundred area okay yeah all favor yeah they pretty well he like a lot of myself okay and i got i mean i got him to laugh like got a role like nice go far as and and that's the ones that you really are products of it was not like cloud nine when you did that yeah it was like when i got him to laugh and in this other guy jim downey when you got those guys to laugh at something jim downey with good cheer up he would just be he would go he would be doing like this is facing because you don't want to like laugh out loud so when you get those guys to laugh it was really it was huge it was huge so you didn't have to audition for long did he just kind of he came out to second city is that right yes i performer he came out i was performing at second city with farley and a bunch of other people day pass kweisi who plays the father or the
it's been on v eight plays her husband he was in a cast bob odenkirk was in a cast but don't come came out to see farley rigidly because farley was is really good and everybody knew he was gonna be a star you know because he was just he was like a just a force and so i did but i was his good i was good friends with him and so we would improvise all the time i would just have a basic idea and then i would tell farley in and we would improvise he did it was no idea he didn't like he can make anything like he was always game do stuff did you know that lauren was there to kind of check it out value what you for us now no i think he was really there it just from he was really there just for farley and i think because had a big cast of snl over the time but i think what he
open was i was just in so many scenes were farley that laura couldn't help but notice scotty pippen yeah who's to who's the the black kid with farley sitting in what for those jokes bring him down i'm going to talk to him so i was a big fan of your own hey thank you now a lot of times you hear about like general hammond getting you know a phone call from president cleaner something like that right did oj ever reach out to you thank god no he did not i had heard through sources that he liked the sketches no that's good that he thought i was it was he thought i was funny and try to exact phrase that's when you know that you've made it yeah one o j checks are when the guy to your lampooning and also saying that you think he's guilty when he goes yeah that's funny yeah it's really good that's yeah it's not
it wasn't my head yeah i was i wasn't happy to hear that what did you think about cuba gooding junior i thought he was great yeah yeah i feel i respect the fact that he did not pick up a single weight to prepare for his role yeah his he didn't know it even cut his hair like not really he just got a letter he showed up one day and he was like i was to this yeah yeah is great but on that suit he was like now my throat hurts but i'm just going to carry this out through the host do the whole shoot what were some of the characters or sketches that you came up with that never saw the light of day that you thought should have made it onto the show we're thinking we steal them yeah well i had one that i'd like a lot that was weird but it was it was carl it was caught something i want to say li ion i think it was leon the sin tour in
it's chores was it a centaur so it a guy who is half whores and it was like an arrow did like an after school special you know like from 70s and it was he was like a centauri was half horse and half man it was me but he was in a school and he was dealing with his new body growing up he was like you know sucks that i got you know this horse body down but in the coach and the team whose chris for the school was christopher walken and he was really trying to get liana run track with yes eyes go right that was the thing but it was such and not only was i had thought of it was because i saw a sin tore it like on a movie thing like late at night like a j in an argonaut sort of movie or something you know we're like that sort of start weird stop animation thing it's so my original idea was that it will be like that you know but
they didn't do a lot of short films and people that did it sort of it was their thing so i didn't i want to go here this thing where it could be sort of weird so i wrote it like a sketch and that was my mistake because i had to be centaur suit and there i could not move around and stuff yeah is it was me i was sure listen i have sunglasses and a bald head and i was like in like this teenager teenage sons are yeah okay were taken at their word we're still that we're gonna give you credit though we'll give you will toss you able you have to be or who did this yeah well you if you want more my opinion you'll go with the weird jason argonauts sort of style yeah okay how about we stop motion but like real people yeah claymation
stop motion people okay just what is a genre that i've what i've cleaned my hands at his ideas whatever yeah it's up to you okay all right and we'll do it all nude whatever what about hey this is i'm sure you get this question all the time but were i'm very interested in always okay the parties when you had a good show overs bad show they were i didn't i didn't go till i went to a few parties i went to but i wasn't like a regular at the parties really hi because after you have been on the show for why now sometimes there was nights where i didn't feel like i don't have anything to celebrate and i don't feel like watching other p celebrate their success so i will go home and time after i i was on the show i was married and my wife would want me to come home should be like well you know i need to go to a party come home right inside go yeah right and coming home we do we do man caught on that
yeah yeah what was i what were the parties i could do they go to old all our the wind chill usually about five probably and it was always like lorne would set something up or would it would it be on this show yeah somebody in office what would read they'd reached a restaurant or bar or something around somewhere around the city and then yeah it's like any party when you start doing that for our shows three times a week just after every single podcast that might be too much then he won't let me drink before the show so i can check after the show this was true well i'm just only use scarcity is more value true if you have one party it's going to be hip and finally if you have a party like it's like having christmas everyday right also hanukkah yeah sounds great is that have electronic of ages a hunting eating ice cream every day yeah like i do yeah so one of the challenges i'm sure that you had was writing for athletes on the show what who
the most challenging person to make funny challenge how do you know i had a challenge right because i bring for athletes too so you speak about yourself and transferring it to it yes absolutely projecting my own weaknesses assuming you had the same difficulty i did i was really good with athletes i don't know what your problem is no i am what athletes do we when i was on the show we have a lot was the guy who used to dance in the end zone yeah exactly he was on the show once i know that one doesn't credit wow okay a lot of guys dance in the end zone yeah see how good he is wow um so yeah dion sanders was on uh oh michael jordan was great how was oh and he did the stuart smalley he did stuart smalley how was he he was really great he was one of those guys suited like you know he's like
i'm a little bit older than him but he was one of those guys that you just like wow this i've been watching this guy forever you know and he's like he's the best dude in the world at what he does well yeah i haven't played against michael jordan that's because i can play golf i play okay what do you what issue i can only my average i like what i should on the base yeah well i know you would be like high 80s i guess i'm pretty good i'm really having a great day it'll be like mid 80s ok i'm like one hundred and ten so that's not bad yeah pretty good it's a lie i am one tent that is i don't care but i don't yeah anytime you can i stop it's norman so yeah any eight strokes the max you get on a whole new so eight that one rules as seen yeah is the money you got
say restaurants in a matter i don't do that yeah this is usually like i'm sure you get people that you know when they see you they have like a line that said there had that they scream at you from across the room yeah what's the one that you get the most hey ladies man i mean that's what people say they don't say people people scream lines from the movie across the but a lot of people will say doing it in the butt was something that made them laugh a lot i love ladies guy by the way i thought the movie was great we're we are both early thirties so like that was right in the sweet spot yeah when you start ice figure out what for what funny was yeah and our school run tomatoes let's just say that so i don't i don't yeah this is the no if you were not is a cop is a combination of what people in the press think so yeah
i'll rotten tomatoes you gotta do is green the wheel with the press cinema gift basket i should do that more were journalist so that's kind of what you do if like if you sent us something you'd be like oh my god ten meadows is like the greatest guy ever so when you got in your wallet right now your journalist yeah so what are you going to cash on you i've got a little bit of cash on right well if you want us to mention some his own again but you guys are journalist seriously we say we are as a joke to journalists actually the ladies man was the first movie i ever get kicked out of all is going well i was i was your young because you're going to see what out of bad well yeah i'd i'd reputation around the town after that okay when you bought tickets to go in yeah well i had i had a shoulder top ticket
yeah i grabbed in eighteen or nineteen oh you did you put let me get some now it has otherwise your own money i had somebody buying for me so technically he owes me some residuals well no as long as you pay to get in as fine yeah i don't owe you anything this is your page listen this is your problem right here so if you just put fork over little cash on the table the restless interview go whole lot better for you threat what is there a lot either way this is this is g when did you first time we've had a guest in the studios were only two weeks in this office yeah and i think we just realize that we're just going to try to yeah hold everyone ransom for i should say that on errors oh no i mean it's stupid a prank there's cameras everywhere prank i don't feel safe he's right if you say yes you will say if you say this ahead of time and we acknowledge that were kidnapping you then it's not really kid this is 'cause you knew it was going to happen
so actually anybody after me they should they you can kidnap them because you've already said you gonna kidnap a stoplight it has come to our office if you we might have a little legal problem here i might have to do a little jail time but once for clear of that growing pains yeah it's fine think we can i think we just found a new revenue streams i love it just kidnapping hey you want this interview to go one of two ways buddy what's in your wall you know what kidnapping is a great fundraiser for a lot of different groups out there and i think we should kind of explore it could be like hey you knew you were going to get robbed when came in here right so give me the money off of table yeah we do little improv and i know you've obviously got improv background i'm the king of improv yeah yeah can you think improv absolutely so hank can you help us out here hanks our producer is our it
my take is in probably do it all the time so this is hank yes i about you sir so how could you give us a prompt i need an indoor location a profession where you don't wear uniforms and a former us president indoor location basketball gym what was the other to a profession where you don't wear uniforms blogger okay and a former united states president andrew jackson all right and that was part of my take does improv could thank you know the elderly get right now he did come up with those on yeah he's good he's really good afternoon we did we didn't know it wintel we're gonna do that song yeah but now you part of improv is that you create a scene no no no that was improper use he confessed old school yeah that's also actually he improved yeah he is sam prof yeah yeah and you didn't do anything no no no well i improved those prompts
yes yeah yeah yeah you are here and i am proud we improv the idea to put our producer on the spot in front of you your browser does questions two hours ago yeah yeah yeah that means you thought of them and they wrote them down everything i mean rob at some point you know think about that for second jesus is entire career was improv if you put it that way let the bibles and profit sharing my lord and savior sports pot sports and comedy big jack are all right we actually do have three final questions no these improv today or view from yesterday no these are real the the we do with everyone okay number one do you wash your apples yes i do why because i'm not sure they've been washed before i don't trust that they've been washed isn't just like nature's rain falling apple's get a free yeah but look what they've been since they've been in a rainy been in a truck and somebody's car i don't know if the been the
ground and somebody you will turn on you paranoid guy i'm not picky apple i would say i'm i'm a little paranoid i think everybody should be okay i don't know what i mean they're really out to get you yeah well okay were you your dirty apples and see when you get the stereo or some weird disease called me well in a lot of younger men systems then who then you you're washing everything the best way to beat it is to get a little touch of it vaccines anti vax are yoouuu aren't you is that one of the questions or is this an officer with football and now this is in for yeah it is mi a vaccine you
so we are back we vaccinated our kids we waited until they got older so we didn't do it when they when they were born so a friend of mine was very very adamant about us not getting it done jenny mccarthy you can just say your name my friend not all my friends are famous just most awesome alright last question question when i ask that you don't have to answer but i'm gonna ask anyway ok it's actually just we do a c with us yes it's from the office you run i was in this yeah yeah i think you can play the role of christian yeah i think i can all right this page one yes in order to that's actually good called me today because i don't please tell me how to bring my assistant who is usually plus my pages yes you don't you don't memorize your lines it is in order we did we have do memory actually had david wallace on the show what's his name andy andy do you know him you have warframe
friends he's with office scene with him too so this is backwards you got this in the wrong order arm no this is right you sure yeah no the case put this together completely wrong what is the francine first yeah what's the first page i thought we could start by going okay okay this first page yep second page i will my baby back baby back on their page which is the third page okay so when we did this with andy i did it as michael and i did as prison mike doing the reading i think you're just going to do i'm a regular my your choice okay chiles mike i'm gonna be a i'll be jan okay i thought we could start by going over the needs of the county right well like i wanna county is not been immune to the slow economic growth over the past five years so for us the name of the game is
this budget reduction awesome awesome what i think we should share an awesome blossom what do you say they are awesome want to want to christian sure okay it's done megan may we have an awesome blossom please extra awesome now it's done so i heard if you have a very very funny joke the other day want to hear it question you don't have to listen to this don't know it's ok i like jokes ok so one just one joke okay well if it's just going to be one i'll think of a different joke on a let's see choo choo choo trip to first guys well i'm an astronaut so i drive a saturn and the second guy as well i'm a pimp so i drive a cheap escort and the third guy says i got you both beat i'm a proctor so i drive a brown pro
i almost had also blosser coming out of my nose excuse me could have i could tonic please did somebody say baby back ribs from i don't think christian has time for that i have time i want my baby back baby back
baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back chili's baby back baby baby backroom back baby back barbecue sauce next saying so after watching my mom go through so much pain i decided to keep that promise that i made to her and take care of her who well this brings us to jan truth or dare tell us about your divorce oh no michael michael please no really oh so you're not going to play she's not playing it's not fair she's not playing the game we've been fighting for awhile check please he didn't want kids but i knew that going into it but he also knew that i did i guess i thought he would change his mind he thought that i would change mine you didn't i was stupid no no no
no you are not stupid gold was stupid right that's right you know you know you were really brave you you put your arms out there and you slit your wrists it's true you see a world this is my blood is red just like yours so love me right down the street uh huh kenneth road born and raised spent my whole life right here in lackawanna county and i did not intend on moving i know this place i know how the hospitals we have i know how many schools we have it's home you know i know the challenges this counties up against here's the thing about these discount suppliers they don't care they come in they undercut everything and they run us out of business and then once were all gone they jack up the prices hey no it's
that is terrible it you know what it really is our i don't i don't know i i guess i could give you guys your our business but you have to meet me halfway okay because they're expecting me to make cuts well corporates gonna go ballistic but i you think we could jam scenes wow thank you not only are we big j journalists but we're also big actors and i think we kind of showed her chops on the table what do you think lauren would have said listening to that i think he would have hired me to the three of us if it was like an audition and then i think you would ask you to the crime in the okay and then we would talk about my future okay and then that would be it at probably the last time you never hear from sounds to me like the further persecution of white males
whatever i don't have it we talk about xorn at all yeah let's do it let's do it so i actually wrote down this question i'm he is so sordid the first ever show yes that is a cartoon is the main character of a sitcom that's true that is absolutely true did you run out of money and you need to just do a cartoon instead of an actor we know we actually had too much me we came in under budget ok if you really want to know so you went to the cgi route yes i like it i am yeah we did it as cheaply as i think they possibly could do it but yeah it was like really hard and you know it was like acting on it was like hard because it's like you know when you're acting with nothing a
ross from you can write a little bit different so we didn't have a sort of like what i did in here yeah acting when you guys very nice yeah a couple of no no use like you're nothing there wasn't like a fat fat guy in like a cg i see widespread guy i don't know usually he feels like he likes guys who feels more at home i gotta have jobs on around you just in fat guys whenever you imagine like the suits with the light bulbs on it he's doing all the motions well we had a tall guy doing that he did do that yeah so you were ok yeah it's big guy yeah he's a big ok so overweight not off away no what's your obsession what do you push me know that guy probably two hundred i don't know it's not that much yeah kinda exaggerate how big was ok yeah i'm just estimating how much he mentioned i had never been with him
when when you were shaking zornes hand assorted preview the guy only badge two hundred that was the guy that was only benching two hundred any hurt your hand yes but my character you see doesn't bench what i can build what do you bet that's a classic bench about one hundred and seventy million what do you weigh about one hundred and seventy man ok i can bench me that website i can't bench main that's all you have to do a little overweight as long as you can make your body go up and down and you'll be just fine yeah alright so and then larry david's wife from curb enthusiasm cheryl hines yeah she has a name yeah yeah her name is larry david's wife from cheryl hines is also in the show i love her who also by the way
you get i love cheryl hines david's wife and yeah it is yes yeah she's wonderful who else in the show johnny pemberton i was also on the show and i'm artemis head down me i wanna make sure i said a name right now it's i'm pretty sure that sir i mouse for less is that artemis from always sunny no well yeah it is it is yes boom done look at main put that one together she bleaches her asshole did i say does she okay let me in on great i've been watching i can get her on the phone probably no i yeah i mean we're will sorry a little improv all right we're looking forward to it we're excited and i thank you so much for coming in really appreciate it thank you yeah this is fun
another something completely different it is friday so that means we have our special guests join us he joins us every friday stingray steve steve let's start from your win against umass how feeling coming off that out really good other than the fact that we gave up so many points on day fans are but our offense looked okay but like i said the defense of course definitely needs a tweak our we're definitely young expect surely on the back half of the day pants and that is the issue right now ok big news around the sec is at les miles got the axe an cochos taken over what are your thoughts about coach oh ah
i think he's alright i've always liked coach joe like specially when he was at southern cal you know who knows if he debate new ucla that last game there who knows ellis you may not have him right now so i think he's a great coach do not think you're actually going to see a lot of stuff a lot of different stuff from la she you when they take the field saturday night against missouri i agree do you think he's going to eat any grass in in memoriam for les miles odin die no no i know i don't think i mean coach show is a little bit off the wall but the way he talks and what not but as far as you know do in the eating grass stuff like les miles did not what i don't think so not at all i think he's more likely to eat glass
like just take a bigger bite out of it like it used to be our bollywood up wow boys that's right yeah i'm steve lets you quickly talk we sought to yesterday how you doing we saw you had maybe an anxiety attack are you feeling okay i'm doing a lot better yeah that was uh choose day and yeah i'm doing a lot better i just i have those from time to time they just happen for no reason but i'm all good right now i'm i'm good okay i like to be like to be in the routing rowdy staying right now there we go yeah you got a lot of people out here that that care about you so we want to make sure that you're doing okay thank you ma'am are all right what called you have force this week all over no issue of the one that alternately got less miles and all the
oh did jordan hare that was an awesome awesome game ok here we go alright let's do it alright there's a flag on the play now let's check the flag here we go here comes the call illegal shift against the offense now the clock was not running so there is a five yard penalty an one untimed down for l
if you will be given wow ok so there's one second on the clock so now edling has to run up to the run up to the line of scrimmage and spike the bar or take the snap really really quick because otherwise they're not going to get it off alright addling under center here he goes did he get the ball off edling running to the right firing in the back of the end zone for a dj chark touchdown lsu he caught it in the back of the end zone but guys guys let's check the replay because i don't think he got it off let's look at the replay no he did not he did not now let's see here comes the official the previous play is under further review wow can you imagine right now if lsu does not get this that might
call fend for la shoot here comes the cold after further review daisy cornerback in center did not get to snap ball game over okay and look you go smiles on he is all excitement and look at the display your all on the la she put yours the nail in the coffin for les miles which you just drove through his fart woo that was good that was my hair standing up right now i was wondering how you're going to finish it and you did not disappoint all right good man i know i asked you last week if we could do some sort of historical recreation any chance we can get you to do this a prueter film this week oh do what now this is
from the merry there's a printer film force this week are we gonna still hold off on the historical stuff i'm i'm a hold off on that just right now okay all right we'll sting right we really appreciate you got a bye week this week right yes some hot were up we're getting ready for auburn this week as a matter of fact ok nice nice well best of luck and we're all thinking about you we were excited for the rest of the season i think mississippi state is going to get a couple of big wins we'll see you next week alright guys that interview was brought to you by simplysafe dot com on yourself almost all the way to work or maybe you're out with your family and friends and you get that nagging feeling did i close that window that i lock that door to be honest i don't know if my home is locked up right now but i'm not worried about it because we
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now simply safe p m t dot com protect your love ones for us all right adam morrison would do it he would okay little shout will throw back there throwback that's the up so that put us on the map yeah for sure did when everyone thought i morrison was gearing up for the pop apocalypse isn't that was great and then cow wiltord in trouble for doing it and then he went out the next night and he actually had a good game the rest of his team did not but now he's not even is even in the nba did you get drafted way to follow up with her guests i think i draft in the second round which doesn't count alright let's do some segments i actually don't think you got drafted there we go way to follow up with our guests let's do some segments we got a pr one hundred and one yeah for an entire franchise this time oh and they need it yeah this ones going
the cleveland browns i've had a rough couple days here just today josh gordon he was set to come back from his four game suspension and he said you know what i need to do is best for me i need to check into rehab and so he's not going to be playing for the browns at least for the foreseeable future okay kind of a rough deal for them yep and then earlier this week yes there we had alex teeny teeny teeny alex taney alex taint from the tennessee titans he's a third string quarterback he's actually the practice great practice string quarterback which is a third string yep to me that's a model he refused to get signed by the browns to maybe be the second string for the browns so now we know the second string for the browns is below the third string for the titans exchange rate yeah and it makes sense because charlie whitehurst as the second string for the browns i actually it can i just i'll call like to a prior is the wild cat slash yeah order back
yeah absolutely kill himself on the field yeah he's got a little matt jones at him yes are you got a like that right i don't know what to do if you're the browns like it there this is pretty much the bottom of the but they talk about rock bottom and tightens when somebody's like threatening to stay on their own team instead of going to be on the fifty three man roster on your team that's pretty bad especially when it's adam c but this calls for a prank war okay so the browns need to prank the titans just a prank they need to do some sort of prank like if that's offer them throw prior and you'll be like hey we'll trade you troll prior for a seventh round pick and then the tides are like hell yeah and then they go psych they just him with a public site i was thinking more like just like take a and the top tech of the toilets are project a project we have even better but just him with a psych or prank i disagree with you when you say that this is
our rock bottom for the browns because you forget the browns i just didn't have an nfl team for a few years there the team just got up moved and then once you will write their face and also had the best coach in the history of football fired him first so i feel like they've been lower i don't know if this is better than having no nfl team okay like having a titans player be like no i'd rather stay
yeah and get coached up by mike mularkey that's true maybe the brown that way maybe the brown should fire hue jackson yeah i'm in nashville is a fun city so maybe that's maybe just got a drinking problem maybe it's just really enjoying the bachelorette parties that are there every we discussed the winners and losers every night what i'm saying is nashville and austin are two cities that are just made up entirely of traveling bands of bachelor and bachelorette parties can i get woke for a minute hit me ok this actually started with twitter friend sexual jumanji was a great follow out on twitter good writer to oh yeah he is so he just threw this out there and it got me a little thinking here he said is there conspiracy that josh gordon is being paid by the nfl to pretend he'd is running is life so they can keep illegal okay pretty woke i mean well stu we know anyone else been addicted to weed we talk about we hear them yeah whatever we eat is that we're just going to rehab for i think so the wacky back together with the wheat so i am
not to compare it i mean i i don't know why we eat is still legal in america but it seems like it might be because of the big tobacco companies trying to trying to keep the the market with the cigarettes and all the cha you really think that big tobacco is like their scale obviously ever heard of obvious you think chris you know lawyers like take away their market member one big tobacco did a bunch of you know studies to show that cigarettes didn't harm their bodies yeah you know ofsted that the nfl lot of peer review studies to say the concussions weren't that for health yellow yellow journalism i'm just saying yeah why would the nfl ever endorse a product that makes their players have memory loss be sensitive to light forgetful hi have memory loss over talking
oh okay yeah yeah i think we just got to work i just want to quickly get another little woke the tebow home run did not happen that we all know we can agree on and also i see this tattoo flying around twitter the holy cow broken world series champions for the cubs that's not real so no one would get a tattoo like that it's so stupid there's a goat on it no cubs fan will get a goat on it and it's like this really gross two thousand and sixteen so i'm well that is well what's the most viral thing you can do right now is get a cubs tattoo saying they would they're gonna win the champ what let's start getting some fake tattoos yeah like well ahead of a okay let's get some detroit lions seattle champion tattoos how bout how bout that i'm just saying i've been accused of being too woke recently but i have just you know pop the bubble on three stories that are trending on the on twitter and on the internet that people are all pumped about so everything is up for by the by the way tim tivo i think he's just a viral ad i think
just a viral i love that point you made it so it fits in with everything that it does how else can you see the chemistry yes jimmy jimmy kimmel has hired tim tebo from the time tim tebo was in ninth grade just to do pranks just to pay would it be funny if this guy who can't even throw won the heisman and national championship just a prank and then went on tv talked about like how he was aborted but he like told his mom through her body hate i'm going be somebody how about this in ok you could play in the nfl but he really can't so then he went just circumcise bunch of kids in philippines just a prank yeah and then you would yard yeah and he had a foot he had a baseball into the sun just a prank prank prank i'm all right hurt or injured who we got ah butler university is bulldog mascot on butler blue the third oh no ok he's ok ok buddy torres acl so he's only
for two weeks but one of those weeks is homecoming week so on we better against butler heavily weight is on for two weeks yeah and derrick rose out for how long six years okay what's going on there i don't know but maybe we should start taking ligaments from both bugs and then putting them back in humans can you imagine how many like the the herd of bulldogs robert griffin would have on his property if you could you if you could harvest batteries candles all over again that's right yeah mike vick maybe he was just a little ahead of the game yeah maybe that's why he got suspended by the nfl is kerr okay i excel didn't want players to know that so yeah they would to take away from this is bad against but we're obviously you habitable dogs out yep any time a mascot goes down any time a team changes a uniformed something cool like a bright color new helmets the mat helmets any time a player dies family member dies got a bit
that way so you're saying to bet on butler even though they don't know they don't know if you know if he's hurt know if blue died you bet on butler because he's just injured and out for two weeks you bet against butler since when are we repairing dogs acl is by the way like isn't that supposed to be just a euthanasia right there no shut up that got hank actually cut that part that's fucked ok if a horse did it yeah well you shoot the horse so here's another question why can't the butler bulldog play on a torn acl
this is too fat only does is just stand on the sidelines right yeah he's not moving around he does the lateral agility he looks cute he's also on twitter so if you wanted to call him comment on twitter i would be mad about it and see if we can get the but what hurt i got out trouble in paradise yeah we got big trouble in paradise guys mike and mike might be splitting up no no so sports all right in my takes sports illustrated's richard deitsch reported today that espn is considering giving mike greenberg his
don't show in the morning like like the scott van pelt sports center but just mike in the morning so finally a show for a northwestern grad yeah absolutely that's what i'm really looking forward to the white underserved sports journalists from chicago we need to have an entire site dedicated around this can you just imagine four hours of greening what's going to happen to mike and mike's wives though their best france everyone knows they talk about it a lot 'cause they always they're always getting nagged by those pesky wives you know would be great actually if it was mike and then his wife and then might go licks wife but no go lick and it was just the two wives nagging nagging nagging nerd mike yeah yeah that would be must listen radio i just solved and then you throw them michael looking my goal of junior together yeah my concern that we find mike in one psychic mike mikes and son mike and mike golic june mike in the goal the goal x okay all right
and then so if it's just green in here is a great name for the show you ready for this guy mike and mike but the second mike is mic so it's just mike talking condominium it's pretty good why they pay you the big bucks yeah the auto though is going to be electric i need i need the soft this week is takes from mike greenberg every single morning yep do you like to hear about the jets northwestern in do you like to be told that you should be playing tennis and wearing sweaters without minute without even an athlete telling them you're a it actually just might be really depressing to have a guy just making fun of how an athletic he is for four hours with that like you need that you go the clowns goal if you've got money right so when he's doing it mike's being self deprecating right i'm self like arms i'm such a nerd now should be one long suicide this is gonna be like i was not good at sports in high school everybody knows that i haven't i'm pathetic i spent the years from fourteen eighteen inside of a locker yeah i would just i dated a tube sock for three
here's is depressing and now projects and the gel for a lighter note the jets and the jets lost again last week we have a sorry not sorry this one is great our boy curt schilling who is not her boy but he is someone's boy can chilling wrote for the train accident in hoboken today i'm hoping to be wrong but given a train ran at high beat it into the station i'm going to say stereo terrorism if i'm wrong cool so here's the thing about kurt kurt is like the you know how woke we are about everything hurts like that except just for terrorism so like if anything bad happens at this paper gets thrown onto his neighbors doorstep i hate to say it but it's tears brightly in its own think so you're just a liberal countered yeah exactly and so then obviously wasn't terrorism i don't know of no and to kurt but took to his blog yeah and thank god that curt schilling has a blue
god 'cause it's great and the internets not a scary enough place already curt schilling has a block so so he wrote so i don't feel the need reply to all the ignorance being displayed that's the start of his five hundred word blog post by the way which is a response to everybody else calling him an idiot i don't feel the need to respond to it which unfortunately i feel like doing far too often except for now i'm not doing it now if anyone took the tweet regarding my thoughts on the train wreck being a potential terrorist act as cool if i'm wrong in a way that trivializes pain and or suffering you're a douche so there you go and then he ended the whole thing i think calling people a dick head so that was nice it was nice of her to get on there and say
you know what sorry not sorry yeah i'm going to jump i'm going to jump to terrorism i jump to terrorism i was wrong but you're the douche that's when you imagine if he didn't get beat to terrorism like if somebody else beat him to that take it would be awful for the brand welcome to come on the show and talk about how everything can be linked terrorism we're always here we finally have before we get to jimbo's got a little spin zone for you dez bryant i don't know if you but he missed he missed his mri by like one slash two hour and it was all a big to do and it turns out that he missed it jason garrett said dez bryant missed it because he feared a serious injury in with avoiding bad news he's an emotional person and didn't handle it the right way i love that ignorance is bliss yeah just you know if the doctor doesn't tell you hurt your not hurt officially if they police don't find body you're not dead right it's like saying
it's like saying if you don't go to the doctor for over a decade is hypothetically speaking of course you're not obese and you're not in danger of health or heart disease yeah hey i haven't been diagnosed in the cavity in over seven years your teeth are great how crazy that i mean to tell you that that your brussels great you don't have gingivitis thank you people are talking about in the office she is an awesome okay it could get yes i would like to know i would also say as somebody who has a severe injury just like dez i put it off for a couple days yeah if you're a guy guys don't go we don't go to the doc you know what guys do they walk with a limp for a few years and they die early you know what i i have another beer yeah you know just right crack an extra beat my chest hurts guess what either tom's then have a heart attack when you're forty five who cares you do yeah come on all women live so long yeah i guess what rather live fast die young that's right that you want to live so it's
as you and then a bunch of women tell me to turn the tv off yeah you want thanks you the old ball and chain snagging you when you're eighty five years old i'd rather die at sixty it's like hey nana i don't need to go to my fifth grand kids graduation already saw four of them we are you married to your graham grandmother in this norman old the old people they call the other person nana sometimes when the kids around no i you're definitely married you you just married your grandmother in this no i when you're like seven not understanding do she's still alive and i read to her you're not understanding this either way i i support as bryant i think if you it's if you don't get the std test you don't have an std it's nice it's nice sometimes they just hate
that a you know who never well you know never missed a doctor's appointment is tony romo and look at her he is yeah maybe we made her that's his problem is he so he would run to the doctor at halftime even run off the field and go to the x rays trainers yahoo i'm hurt yeah i'm tony please take a look at my back please tell yeah of course you think like you take ninety nine percent of nfl players and they go get an mri they're going to come back with an injury so okay tony maybe you need to chill out on the doctor's appointment yeah maybe be a little more emotional like dez bryant and don't handle things the right way so never go to the doctor yep shouted as bright i speaking shut out shut up to danny award winning listener danny who is getting married this weekend hank just totally shut him out i'm shutting him out alright
stanley eight that was a nice shout out good luck with the sex yeah also shout out to us we look pretty good today i do i don't know why you that's very old sweatshirt that you're rocking around that so whatever it's a mac championship it's a relic to collect heirloom i think i think you're sure it's older yeah yeah you're you're wearing a shirt this is awful radio let's just move on hey ann now our newest segment which is guys explain what we're wearing is roasting until the shirt and hank is at hoodie or sweater tony it's you know what i love about this year old navy called they want their shirts back you know what i about this show and this is going to get real real for a minute is that every now and then we do slip into like the things that annoy us about like radio what we usually catch ourselves like hey let's all
talk about what we're wearing in what we eat today in like wait hold on stop i actually just had shake shack for lunch i didn't get any shake shack i'd watch it for hank got it nice and that was shake shack alright hang go with the gym bos ah walked home from the bar by myself on fifty cent beer night saw dude getting physical with his much law roger girlfriend across the street told the guy did chill out man he walked across the street and i realized he was tiny i laughed at him and then realized he pulled a straight edge razor on me in knife me in the face three stooges later and now i have a huge nike symbol on my cheek hashtag just do it ok ok so stay woke on this one okay because this is the classic thing that white people are famous for doing like they like to say this black person drop me he and then they i don't think it's i i know i'm just saying you just made it but that you hear about this all the time
is say like a black person jump me carved carved the letter b into my forehead for black power and people make this up all the time so like maybe this dude works for reebok okay and he went into work on mondays i got jumped over the weekend this dude carved push into my forehead can you believe this assholes over nike and then the whole companies are gay let's get him okay that was one way to look at that i was just gonna say it's not really a gym but when you're helping a woman who's in need and sorry about the face stabbing but also kind of cool because you got a scar now yeah you probably like omar from the wire you just said a moment where i don't even know where you went i'm not afraid to go there clearly clearly telling you that dude where do you send that from oregon twit twitter
a friend and i were in his car at a gas station he was making the argument that gas cars could run on diesel to prove his point he filled his car with diesel instead of gas and ruined attention ok i hope this guy doesn't listen this show because we don't need award winning listeners that are this dumb no offense no offense but wow that i don't even know that's not a jimbo like that's not a specific jimbo that's a life jimbo that you just never learned common sense yeah slayer says it's obviously the first time this guys never done it right i would hope i hope this wasn't the same i don't know that's but that's day number one stuff that you get when you start driving a diesel car have you guys ever siphon gasoline before no i'd like to i have turns out guess really sucks a drink we not supposed
follow yeah i know that that's that's right i don't tell you about after i just told this guy he's dumb for putting diesel in israel on let it but i've safe in diesel before gas okay they're different passwords these listen gas well you can't put gas in your body can put diesel and yeah for real didn't you can you not just let jumble i don't believe this is hooked up with a guy last week and woke up still drunk the next morning at his house we thought it would be a good idea to jump in cool because it was so hot out then is and you're coming over so i rushed out of there without my shoes on i left in there and he hasn't text me since and i don't have his number i hate it when that happens yeah the worst can't stand that awful what what kind of shoes thinking this right i'm it must be some nice it's my shoes nielsen heels some stilettos was it really the only two kinds what is your office
yes come on man yeah you can be a gentleman you're making us look bad at the very least you put him out in the drive way and then you just kind of let her come back and pick them up right or just kind of throw them yeah early throw my top of the trash and bring the trash out to the street be thrown away and then you text her back and you're like oh sorry i didn't see him so i must have just not worn shoes or or you start a closet full of all your conquests and it's like a little trophy room little buckhead's name to the ceiling yeah like you did with the broad great bars and stuff like hey guys look at this look what i begged last week seven point buck out internet my company had a last day of work last week so she send an email to the whole company thanking everyone for that i'm here she was hot respond back and gave her my number and said let's keep in touch but i hate
while also now known throughout all the company as a full time employee who tried to lay game on intern girl over the company email that's tough you know what that's one of those things where it's like probably everybody else in the company thought about doing the same thing you're the only one to have the balls to do it yeah that's tough though i think he's got a merrier yeah people can make fun of that then you are faking it so we are we can make fun of love that's a good point it's like women for love it's like when that teacher back in nineteen ninety five or whatever slept with that thirteen year old in the end up getting married yeah yeah so now she's not a pervert anymore right she's talking about joey buttafuoco no no it was the it was like that merry kill turner was a name okay joey buttafuoco all time joy buttafuoco slept with mary kay laterna is that true yeah oh no i don't know probably and this is our high episode speed home from work and need to take a big shit cut their gas stay
to skip a red light in an suv backed into me was so shocked i shit my pants had to speak with the police gas station owner and driver of the suv with a huge dookie in my pay ok so we we all know that i've had an accident or two from time to time by the way i love how you blame dipp yes i was as i pull think merit knows i pay is in thai food like like people don't drink ipas everyday no but the combo
of ipas in thai food right now everybody knows that it makes you shit yourself you can't do that thank you you shit yourself when you sneeze i did last time we do a quick explained to him what bless you means yeah it's somebody back to life right it's when you're fucking your soul goes out of your nose when you're sneezing honestly your heart stops when you sneeze yeah so people are saying god bless your souls going back in and you're still alive also some people think that the sneeze sounds like speaking in tongues so it's like the devil coming out of it by saying god bless you bring them back to heaven back to this guy we explained that really well to hank back to this guy the fear poop though i'm not a fan of the fear poop i just like you know there's there's a there's a certain shocked poop yeah shock poop in his fear poop is a fear slash shock poop i just you know there's certain levels and is a gentleman
game poop in your pants i think we can all agree it happens from time to time but when you started to fear and shock poop i mean don't be a check that's like an old man's thing i think is the shock poop yeah so i'm more of a shock pierre baby yeah baby shock p is fine right all little pr penis yeah you just be little people it's cool you know people like keep it in the front yard walked in the office gym in my boss had just gotten out of the shower got him full and bloated out nice dick boss everyone got real quiet and looked at him he told me we would discuss with hr on monday so what's coupon bad bad form on your bosses part yeah so i guarantee he's like he's cool with it he had to say that in front of people just like put on airs there's not a man in america that you could say like nice
too well he will take that hold on it could be a sarcastic one hey nice dick babies really self self conscious yeah i think what he needs to do is write a letter to his boss telling him that he was seriously impressed with his penis yeah i think he needs to hit on his boss right because if he if he does that and then he gets in trouble with hr it's just discrimination right right it's two thousand and sixteen men don't you can't we're going to fire him 'cause he thought his bosses dick look cool you can't do that that you can't do that i just said that out loud and it doesn't sound like you do that so if he's got a bad dick then it's one thing right if you have any making fits all mangled and like twisted and looking at his small and looking like the other direction and your nice dick dick boss that i don't think you can get out of this but if it's decent i don't think there's anything as a good dick though like when you get down
they're all pretty shitty are all weird yeah so explain nature just aren't very good so just just pretend that you were hitting on that's all you do yeah i ate some extra doctors this morning and went to my chemistry lab class i ended up having some bad gas that smells like rotten eggs and the professor came by and told us to leave the lab temporarily because you figured it was a chemical leak i'd had the nerve to tell her i was the one bringing the heat and the entire class an independent the lab cancelled and has to come back on a different day i love that i'm in your hero start doing that more often yeah get one of your classmates to write a letter to the student newspaper because you're going to be going to be a celebrity on campus that's a ballsy move to start farting in class it's also a ball z move for are you supposed to do for a teacher to come by and walk out i don't know did you fart all the time when is the last time coming from unless you with a girl what situation would you get ama ball z guy i mean if it's
i don't think most guys are like like i'll fart on a plane i'll find it and i'll be you ever that's actually a really really want cheap thrill little life back here with cheap throw get on an elevator ground floor like a big big big building start farting known that you're probably getting that elevator little cheap drill that's wild so i did that the other day on an elevator that was going down and i got all the way to the bottom so it reached the lobby but it's still stunk real bad and i just walked away knowing that the next people get in there with coffee with it i can that's that's kind of a thrill to have people get on while you're still in there yeah that's that's real man that's pretty good that's adrenaline i'm going to adrenaline junkie and that's what i do that should be in the x games so i don't know maybe get up next time but i don't even know how this is a jimbo because no one thinks you fart 'ed and you got class cancelled so like you said your hero one time i had a weed cookie and i
parted so bad in my house and it smelled like weed my mom thought i was smoke into my bathroom oh my god was that the second worst thing you've done in your house next to the time you took the naked snapchat me know parents that was a great thing is my bathroom in my parents' house in january was home for winter break i was out with a couple of my buddies and left my ipad unlocked i leave it on because i don't use very often sync up to my sync up my phone watt i don't use it very often synced up to my phone i cloud account i came back from a night out with my mom waiting up for me ipad in hand discover the obscenities that were going on at university she pulled me out of school maybe drive twenty hours round trip to pack up all my belongings go to a community called first semester speak with a therapist for three months about the addiction i had
and maybe now attend university that's three hours away but it's in state my entire college career choice had been altered 'cause i didn't put a four digit password on my ipad mini ok so your mom fucking box number one this is really kind of a jumbo the week because it sounds like this took some time to develop some of your life yeah hi jim the last three years of your life a bit jimbo yeah yeah yeah well you're all life because you have your mom that's true like you mom has been your mom your whole life and it sounds like she's kind of a wet blanket yeah so i guess that's a jimbo i mean i've said i think i said it on the show many times stay off the cloud kids nothing good can happen on the claw two things would allow does not your friend two things we don't like on the show yeah the sun in the cloud in the cloud okay yep blue skies i do not explain thank you how come clouds that are like dark like if you actual we're talking a real close yeah now are like us you got it you got a dark cloud full reign yeah if you were to fall through it yeah people say
you want do what who's has ever said that who said that and how may you're not you all right they say that to how may people falling through like storm clouds well that's i mean it's a theoretical i don't like also if you fell through i want water just like you know i mean i think of it like a balloon if you pop that they would just want to yeah just releases so that that would happen that's what a class kind of you know it doesn't what happens this but we just had stingray on the phone you could've asked can you save this for stinger i just popped into my head as we talked about the cloud that made my head hurt hank don't do that again let's work ok alright that's a show are gymnos oh yeah origin was i broke my foot walking so there you go yeah i'd say that's that's jimbo and then having you just walk around the office looking for sympathy
time that's like a company wide jimbo for hiring you i don't know what i'm supposed to do with my foot by the way yeah maybe tell me what to do yes stop first of all where your crushes been hopping all day it's a lot easier to get around by hot ok but yeah it's a lot easier to get around by hopping 'cause i have to carry all your shit when i'm using crutches i can't carry anything anyways by the way here's what i'm going to do i'm going to put going to pimp out my crotch is alright i'm going to put a cup holder on there gonna be sweet with some spinners i'm going to put like a subwoofer in there gonna be like exhibit got ahold of my crutches could be nice maybe just don't break your foot walking thanks my jimbo i'm going back to the well is i make fun of my co host for having a series disability surgeon boat yeah your brain is a disability my jimbos on i went back to i went back to the world and i bet on the bearskin never again ok never you know how there's like the never trump people never bears start it now hashtag
never bears my jimbo is i fucked up uploading wednesdays episode and i had to come back to the office at three hundred in the morning and fix it and when i walked in the guy was clean he ran when the door opened he was like staring at me like you thought i was a robber and was about to kill me so i basically came in and there was a guy like holding a giant stick if that had been how you died that would have been one hell of a and what will you know what what a socks and this is more for you and i pft what's up the absence still only been half uploaders yeah i'd be really rough for us really rough so could meet and for all the we're winning this reactor design hank takes flight one thing half an episode thanks died deficit so you know how we were saying like if a mascot dies like that on that team if hank died imagine how much better today show would have been because it would be doing it for hank yeah true it would have been unbelievable so thanks for fucking up today show i think about that would be ashamed of something
when do you hang alright that's our show monday we have an awesome show we have three minutes vikings on the show we have blair walsh we have harrison smith and we have cow rude off and they were all great interviews with him in person when we're in minnesota were going to air all three of those and then wednesday we have another great guest that we're not going to say right now 'cause we want to make sure we get to exit interview done with him and it's a big week for it may take and we don't trust you guys to not scare this person off yeah exactly so it's a big week part might take make sure you subscribe and leaver view i want to get those reviews up i just love seeing the reviews i can't even see him you know i can you don't you can see the new reviews and but i love just the number so do for us
it's part
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