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Titans Coach Mike Vrabel + Brendan Schaub

2018-12-06 | 🔗

Blake Bortles won Thursday Night Football (by being nominated for Walter Payton man of the year).(2:25-5:50) Week 14 preview and picks + is Joe Flacco done or finished and Aaron Rodgers upcoming fuck you tour. (5:51-22:31) Fanatasy Fuccbois. (22:32-25:21) Titans Coach Mike Vrabel joins the show to accept football guy of the week, answer some conspiracy questions, and make fun of us for not being football guys. (30:55-39:06) Former MMA fighter and now Comedian Brendan Schaub joins us in studio to talk about the wild transition from college football to mma to comedy and why we could probably kick his ass. (41:02-1:07:31) Segments include Lebron Blames,(1:09:36-1:11:44) nitpicking Zion (1:11:45-1:14:24) Spotify shaming where we read out loud our top songs of 2018 (1:14:25-1:17:56) and Hanks Grab Bag (1:17:57-1:28:01)

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on today's pardon my take we have football guide the week and afc rookie coach of the year decided week eight of the nfl season by us and us alone it is coach grable from your tennessee titans fun time am and we have a really good interview with brendan schaub we've actually been circling him for a while he is a former ufc fighter former college football player comedian podcaster phone interview with him we probably the first ufc fighter that we've had in studio that we could totally beat up yeah dot like two of us together i think i hear this hey i could be is that yes so once you're here in this that's a joke yeah no but it's not a good liam could be your yes absolutely we also have face boys a weekend preview and hanks grab bag before we get to all of that we have
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welcome part of my take presented by scekic today is friday december seventh and pft we are recording this early because i have to go to chicago for a line radio live show but the most important news of the titans jaguars game has already been released and that is blake bortles nominee for walter payton the the year yeah blake we're back baby fuck you cody kessler we are back so i mean do you even have to play a game like made in years i may decide this is this is more important than the game it is there are some things that you know they they say they mean more to the community nothing complex case the fact that he lives on the beach and just leave his front door lock for anybody come by yes that probably got him elise in the top two for man of the year i also saw a good friend kyle rudolph yeah up in minnesota he was nominated from the minnesota vikings and into the year chris long
and chris so we basically just have the crew of men away so are we one minute here we're the man the man the man with the main man's men of the year yes because we we just shoot out which we make we create man of the year you should probably crash that party at the superbowl and be like hey we're here for our war danny the man behind the man we should get those tapes like the guy with the water pain guy with the cape to wear on a shirt i always go to sit with you i'm more than anyone else yeah because his like nice and gold right it stands out a little bit right you want to do an ash'ari just wanting a guy where few years around on the field yeah i don't know a few years ago you i met men of the century so we so breaking this breaking news monday it's part of my take we have the walter payton man of the year nominee put portals
with me pt is coming back baby it's going to be good to have played back on will tweet out with the wikipedia topic is sunday night sunday night so we can get a reading and yep right after we recorded because we don't want you guys to vandalize a page yes because i could lead to some fake reports from our simply because already in because he was like yeah i asked him if he would come back on he's like yeah i got nothing else to do so he's ready to go i will wake up i love them so much broken roback can win bro there is bro and then i fell perot there anyone yeah it be like him just be gronk him him and ground duking it out every year kill yeah there kill kill guys and kerry kittles yeah all right so let's predict what the score was for the game one thousand three hundred and ten type i don't just thirteen to pay thirty seven yeah i actually know where i'm going to say one thousand seven hundred and thirteen okay to two
hi fi eight interceptions for cody kessler informal all over the yard he threw six pick six is that we're all called back for something that was not related to defenses play it was gross as nasty as gross we do have though week fourteen preview and we need to take a moment and just let that set in that i just said week four so i know we do this every week now but time time why you bother me it's fine because you have remember to seventeen week season is seventeen weeks and then there's playoffs and then week seventeen no one's going to play kambin and then the know what the nfl league year starts what first thing this happened so fast pft yeah it just goes too fast i feel like it was september so i like to do i like to take little snapshots with my eyes on sundays let's do it right now there we go
is a nice snapshot no i do i do as well i like to just like right around the witching hour when it gets to the last month of the season i like to take a moment and just do a really deep breath and i remember no i like to do sometimes i like to watch the live feed on like a fox or cbs and then also like once there's a touchdown i go to the red zone feed so i get to watch the same place twice what else i will type out there if you want to extend your season by just like seconds at a time it adds up none of the course of a season you get more football and yeah that way and i also like to go to the reds on channel little early and get the whole countdown get the clock yeah i get the whole club the other week i switches redzone channel and it was as it turned from a zero one in two zero zero perfect timing damn perfect i'm really good at that i'm also really good like a worm hole to the matrix yeah i'm also really really good i can't believe i haven't discussed this on the show this was like the thing i was best at in the entire world from the time i was twenty years old until the time
like thirty years old eating cornflakes eating cornflakes i had to eat him every day breakfast lunch dinner i was very efficient no it was changing the channel fox to cbs during a commercial break to go to the second game and then switching it back exact he has a place started night again on fox i think that makes you a dad yeah that's like that that is an all time dad flex when you know your dad's like oh man i'm the best that changing the channel right when the commercial i literally was a little things in life that that's along with spooky people would get creeped out and they wouldn't watch games with me because i was so good at it and not because all the food over at my house stockton had tiny screen you're so good at it i was like man we gotta get pft over everyone's is the channel changer exactly should make a movie off of that alright so let's do a week fourteen preview actually pretty next week there's a pretty it's a pretty nice week there's some games that i'm very very interested in and i'm not just talking about the jets bills and josh allen getting his fifth win no he didn't
couples wins but just sounds yeah we're gonna give credit is electric all right let's start with a loser leaves town match up i have one that's for sure and i have a back up go okay my loser leaves town match up is going to be philadelphia yeah i think we've had this as a loser leaves town match up like three weeks well this really played three times as he is truly is unless the eagles win then then the cowboys can be delivered this town next week but this is week that if the cowboys beat the eagles they have basically won the nfc and it will be very hard for them to lose it i i mean i i believe this cowboys team like i can't believe we've not only gone from jason garrett almost getting fired to the cowboys winning these but jason garrett almost getting fired to people are actually talking about the count like don't look out for the cowboys they could be good they could make a run to
super bowl people are actually saying this now if there's anything i know about the cowboys they'll find a way to fuck it all they will find an it'll be hilarious and i will very much enjoy fantastic so my backup loser leaves town was colts texans and that's more for the colts because that six and six logjam at the afc wild card big constipation it's going to be interesting to see if one team the ravens already or seven five so there are the six seed right now so if the colts lose i think they're out and goddamnit please that's when i i used to love watch this game back in the day because the texans would always be so snake bit examples your that play were sage rosenfels did like there the to the double spin around and fumbled the ball i got to the end zone yes and i was always like pete manning verse fill in the blank mad libs for the texans kiat usually first name matt last name was something like scherzer or something like that was yeah something that show that job still in the league yeah still very much very much for the falcons i think
don't ruin it for me is not his do not ruin it i'm going to keep saying that for like i told you i mean then if you want to talk about monday there's another loser leaves town match up there what's monday night seattle minnesota oh yeah that is a big time blues release could also be a are we sure they're good yet three loser leaves town matchups this week told you good week are we sure they're good match up give it to me are we sure they're good i mean you could make the argument for philly dallas on that one it would just make all them yeah game of the week i'll give you mine and you can tell me your thoughts ravens chiefs and here's why it's terrible here's why it's terrible decision why terrible the ravens this is the best team the ravens have played are going to play in a while ok there's seven and five everyone saying this defense is very legit lamar jackson the league hasn't figured him out yet and then on the other side this is the best
fence the chiefs have played in a while so can the chiefs play against a good defense in cold weather in december this is my are we sure there good game i would also call this a tune game for casey oh yeah yeah i went there it's a tune up game for the reasons that you said so that we get to finally put to bed 'cause kansas city's beating a lot of teams should be defenses yeah it will be fun to watch baltimore verse kansas but that's not my rv share their good ok mine's going to be i think i'm going to go into houston okay alright right if using take care of business that's what they say at home yes business they can handle their business then i think they're real super bowl contender if they get a bye i will cut off thank you because it's going to have to happen like if they get by i think they'll go to the super let's talk about i mean we should offer you an opportunity to head you know i do not want to hedge i do not want to hatch but i i will be officially nervous if they get a bite because the whole time i've been like you know what they have to in three games there's no way they're going to win three playoff games i'm fine so
hopefully they lose this game one note about lamar jackson wanted to call her shot within the next couple weeks there will be the the league has caught up to lamar jackson yeah and realize that he can't throw i think it's already happened little bit really he does that he is a little side on things sometimes and people i come on the market yet you can't be thrown like this yeah that's college stuff but i he's i mean he's good i think to better wide receiver than flacco is yes i'm i eat the ravens are gonna have to have a decision make when when flat because like totally healthy i think he is he might be that they've already made the decision i actually want to ask you this it's not yeah yeah hold on okay let me ask it how many more games will joe marco start in his nfl career oh come on how many more games you can me i think joe flacco could be one of those guys who you
like we don't know if he's fully healthy but he kind of is if the reports are that he is and he's lost his job it's been kind of a non story that he's lost his job cuz he's just good for awhile will will it be one of those situations where he just fades into oblivion it's never really gets like is someone gonna sign in guide this is joe flacco steam yes okay did the question i would ask is like it is joe flacco the kind of guy that wants to move with his seven children yeah that's that actually makes a difference like if you have seven kids or i think he's got six now if you get six kids normal people don't want to move you have to like branches fitzpatrick the only person that i know that like willingly travels around but that he's like squeezing blood from a stone because he never got that big contract flacco got
a contract and he's got six little kids that are just a pain in the so good on life needs a mcdonald's yeah exactly so i don't know would you want to move it six kids across country no i wouldn't want to leave my room no if i had six kids yeah i will yeah my man cave yeah i would want to get out of that so so i would say it's more likely flacco loses starting job in retires tires but do you see what i'm saying you do agree with what i'm saying that like these guys who were good at one point borderline elites hum you want a super bowl get to a point in their career
where you just assume someone will say yeah we want him as our starter but every teams like you know well let's just go with the young guy no there in some hope have you ever watched the nfl yeah but joe flacco is what he is yes and there are a lot of teams that will pay him for that ok like i could see joe flacco there probably ten teams i that would want flacco to start for them next year i agree with you but i'm saying should we start to joe flacco how many more games watch you might just yeah no we shouldn't ok he might just get fair you might sign with the our words and just like make the commute from baltimore perfect driving perfect match drive his stupid van down there and go eight and eight for the next three years people forget listen i'm getting little steamed up about joe flacco because of what you said borderline elite people forget he should have beaten that he should have beaten the patriots he beats the shit out of the patriots on the road he should have beat him in the playoffs when his titan dropped the ball his kicker missed a kick they had that game
and they would have another another super bowl and joe flacco still one of the greatest playoff runs of all time i mean of putting that together mean putting that you when who the hell marion yeah in denver it was a hell merry that was just a long throw zoom is actually just a short out for joe flacco yeah yeah he over through it but does that ron was insane he was on a different level that's very true and also that off season is where the phrase back a truck up made its way into the modern day lexicon we should actually do circle this for next summer meryl streep backing up the truck no me or mount rushmore blake do oral history of past contract years man that's good like the guys who do the who absolutely just go insane right before the big paycheck and then obviously never perform at that level again everything's oral history is awesome it's me i would like to think myself as a contract ok top your head john howard joe flacco gilbert arenas yeah
that yeah he did i can just do all dc athletes here this is howard how we're hit the yeah i mean the contractor hell the thing we use a hank david lawson there's a john wall he them i guess it's alright yeah can i place all time yeah yeah that's true thanks a million he's going to get forty five million dollars next year so ridiculous thing right game of the week game of the week can i say it spares yeah i think so i actually almost my negative bears thought started to creep in and i almost did are we sure they're good because i'm worried like i've when you lose the giants you start questioning a lot of things i'm going to stop you right there yeah well mitch probably isn't playing very is playing is that picture full participant in practice i heard different from who i heard okay i ever see that movie trained are different you look to school today did slug me i heard
okay he was a full participant in practice i believe that he will play okay and i am like i said when you lose the giants re lucy linemen eli manning you start questioning a lot of things that you thought were facts and i do think the bears still good but i'm also i'm emotionally fragile right now let's just say that a bad performance on the night we'll we'll have tailspin into like shame eating and a lot of bad things going let me ask you a question much on mcveigh you saw that pressed difference we listed all eleven of the bears starters and then their strengths and accurately that drug from limitless is he an adderall he is
his his mind is ridiculous i mean him and sean payton i feel like they're just both on a personal time yeah in it will be interesting i'm i'm very excited for the rams in cold weather because that's always a fun story line you see them pretty boy you will get to know you will get the the rams brought this many pounds of gear cold weather gear chicago you always love that that little nugget that they give us our the you know what it is it's officially time for giant thermometer season yep there whether gonna well season on sunday night i okay yeah that is the game of the week the other would be the monday night game and i would only say that because it's in seattle and primetime games in seattle los lot of jews and the sea hawks uniforms who looks like climbers puke it's like neon green i love it i love neon anything yet on a uniform all you want to do a quick picks and then we'll do fantasy fuckboys and get to our interviews revenge game of the week danny amendola oh where people just forget about the fact that he plays on the dolphins now
happens in miami just go there and you just the dolphins are six and six there five and one at home probably this game no one here right and no ones no one talks about the dolphins they could definitely get the six seed they just hang around it didn't say it was his revenge game against the patriots his revenge game against being known right it gets notoriety people will now remember that he plays for the dolphins just because we said this pc ie the dolphins are that team you just like ok cool and then we get to week sixteen and they'll be the the graphic that says what needs to and for each team and the dolphins like win in one other team lose yeah it'll be england needs to invade boston again and an axe foxboro yeah and then remove them from the afc simmons often called they they just won't go away alright picks real quick do it okay
a my let's start with the over i got new in the miami forty seven i the over in that big time nice weather i got the panthers browns over forty seven panthers by the way do you been done changed but this is really if you lose this maybe just trade maybe cut cam newton kind of straight up cut it do you think any other teams want came noon if they cut him probably not probably not i don't he has won a superbowl hope he is not so that you're over that's why over let's go under i got at cinci chargers taking the under that just 'cause i don't think since he's going to be able to score interesting alright i'm going to go bucs saints and i know that sounds crazy fifty six i feel like the box screwed me on over unders recently and also the same some grass remember that's grass that's real grass in your view down underdog the week baltimore same leri
seven six it was you got seven six and a half in diameter yeah i mean better i think seven i like it at six and half i love it at seven takes seven maybe sprinkle the money long little sprinkle little sprinkle here and you read was a candy asked last week and after they beat the raiders on the road he gave a big pat on the back it says i love you guys great win hold your heads high that's football team we just beat andy i think that it was too sir do for what i don't think that it was it say that you should do for love and that's a good football team i will we do the pittsburgh radio show and that i did it this morning you do it we do it off weeks and they said that mike tomlin after the game something about they were doing a smoke and mirrors defense they ran out of smoke i mean it is a problem on the smoke is laid on bills not there yet now you're just you had no smoke no marty this brian yes tough for the smoke lower gear plus he's not walking through that door my favorite of the week is going to to be i'll take
oh no you did you did your dog right i did my under the digital argyle taking the bears underdog i think plus three that it feels like that line should be six and i don't know why it's three therefore i love it at three my favorite week i'm taking the bills minus three one slash two ok i am taking the washington r words oh boy three inches at home i'm ryan sanchez trade really glad really glad they didn't sign capper nick because he didn't fit the style of mark sanchez will know you're happy they didn't sign capper nick because capper nick would never work in an offense built for alex smith that's very true never ever absolutely not absolutely thank you talk about you know you never have been back about yeah ever home i think what's your pick i'm gonna go with the the rat line of the week and take the falcons five gross i you are
after it's a gross thing to bet on the on or against the packers on or against the falcons at this point in the season well packers minus five seems like such a wrapped i agree but i feel like aaron rodgers is going to try to ball out so we can say mike mccarthy was the problem absolutely that's that is exactly going to play the best game in the offseason
the packers my phone call alright let's do face boys if you want to start your words of his many male live i'm here to talk to you guys because of finishing fourth street is on he is august i'm a give you all the windows were both with my stock i'm starting danny with him okay that's right danny willett at his face the team has to win any needs a little bit of help i got up to forty percent for him to make the playoffs usually my mind is a hundred percent there's no quick naked plus at the baseball you have to be a ball ball to you which is coming right up i hope he keeps the gold key though that's right right i'm slowly that's right george hw bush's service dog we need to drink yeah it's a mad dog just sits around the system what's that kills you it takes way all your headlights pretty well my sleep that's right holy smokes is got rid of but just right for hanukkah that's right police not be dot biz despite sanchez is your and what the words good tell you to break a leg the only cast you want to be is a cat the high school musical right great it's delicious my daughter is cool tracy best kick in the nation rosa what this weekend whole get a call nintendo sixty four a new video game system for the part so the soldier and the soldier stolen good by nintendo this has been one of and it's fashionable what will become a man city all right you just went out of my eyes what's up guys it's burning shelley might stop view the world to make yourself relatable on we gotta do to get everyone to love you as head out a little such a go i'm not going to say to this guy but he's a rose interceptions all the time any loss tonight any socks and i hate them and even when the walter payton man of the year award this call you will kind of name is that you sound like you should get a rodeo for eighty it's overall the boys holiday season home loan one whole below to tell me your favorite hey i got a question for you yeah is home alone christmas movie yeah we always have that to pay hot dogs soon oh my god i'm so not looking for to die hards christmas movie debate what a stupid stupid thing yes who's gonna start it michael yeah i was gonna say true in ghost
like that he's got some strong know he was going to happen is trey is going to remind mike before she'll be like mike asked me during this remember asking me out if die hard tcl yeah i've been waiting all that yeah yes throw me now you buy got this i got this okay is do you think is a person america more excited to see the lock homes movie with will ferrell and john c reilly the trigger is not enough for like a couple maybe like a year and a half after it comes out is he more excited for that or more excited for when we earl comes into espn studios as ron burgundy for the 17th time yeah did you see he's doing a podcast is ron burgundy i'm ron burgundy yeah i remember will ferrell is doing a podcast as ron burgundy and grey windows already subscribed to can't wait he's ready to roll
my guess is brought to you by trey wingo who single handedly funded that's what that's what trees yeah that's what she is doing with his new contract and he has been he's ron burke your podcasts just so we can listen most guys when they get rich they go to weird sex parties and take awesome drugs tree window when he gets rich he has will ferrell do a ron burgundy podcast hey next up maybe we maybe were talking prequel yes menton war the story the story behind the story of robert do they do the prequel yeah what no good closer wondering is equal only to see single ideal was a pretty good you're prequel where where it comes like when he's a student journalist like on the college station and and hi jinks who gets into their damn and and he gets yeah he were so maybe a frat with let's say fun this one will say and they're all wilson and it's it's a crazy and then it just goes into old school too that would be cool i like
and he becomes let's do one of those yes did you know that ron burgundy's character becomes frank the tank before he becomes ron burgundy yes absolutely all right let's do our interviews we first up have coach mike for able before we get to that another add another pic from larralde the goldfish pft what game is going to pick right now we're going to do tell you what let's do denver san francisco denver san francisco we have our fur the twenty three in me now through december twenty fifth the twenty three in me dna kits are on sale twenty three in me helps you understand what your dna can tell you about you and your family story it's name for the twenty three pairs of chromosomes that make up our dna twenty three and meet dna kit is the perfect gift for everyone on
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okay we now welcome on football guy of the week and have fan interference of interference by me was just a straight vote it is coach mike vrabel of your tennessee titans he also is the afc rookie coach of the year named by us eight weeks into the season coach rabal so first off how how big you i'm super bowls but how big is football guy the week award i'd say this is right there uhm i'm not sure what i get but but i'm hopeful to be able to put in my office if we if we get something that would be great i'll put it up here around the office send you something yeah we'll send you some from the pile yes so you won the award because of the video of you warming up with your defensive line and also may be hurting yourself a little bit what explain that warm up and did you hurt your shoulder at all so i think it does you know sometimes we can repair and
he looks a little bit what i meant watson technique some guys like to go for the game and then and are just trying to your available for anybody that wants to direct not to be working a couple guys uh no it's fine that's just uh i would say a lot of years of wear and tear and i think i'll be fine i'm probable for the game ok that works are there guys that you take it easy on 'cause you know that they don't want that smoke from you uh no i don't think so i think what they try to do is they tried it it's turning out crap i mean you could get back maybe whatever i'm gonna set during the week or at practice and that's usually the case that they know as long as we're trying to get after the other guy hit him harder than trying to hit me i'm ok
well you've been actually hovering around football guy the week award recently so you do the wind sprints before games to what's that why are you trying to be an over achiever looking for a workout in and something to do before the game so just try to do something to get off my house in little bit did you do this for her dominated business yeah right right you got nominated for that you got nominated also for your quote the crowd and it feels like the crime that never sleeps is that true her it just doesn't taking thursday's thanksgiving christmas they are so well so i get will's beat me kleenex save in nyc saving you one week the tyler trent the great story from purdue kid who's battling cancer who basically beat to state your alma mater yep so you
that's some stiff competition but it's good that you finally got off the snide here and and one one because you like i said you been circle we are trying to get a reputation like you were getting close to getting close but he finally closed out this week so we're to do this on friday so huge congrats you just beat the jacksonville jaguars and the overmatched the vastly overmatched match cody kessler the incompetent cody kessler but looking back on how last night's game how do you how do think it went for yes i hope that it went as well as we prepared and you know these games aren't easy you know every week in nfl is a challenge and uh the records don't mean anything it's a division opponent and that's just kind of how it goes uhm i have a little conspiracy theory i want to bring up with hank actually brought this to our attention a couple weeks ago against the jets you twelve guys on the field and they accepted the penalty did you that was that on purpose
you could stop the clock i'll never know okay that sounds interesting what's your what's your thought i said well based how quickly you answered i would say absolutely that was on purpose can work poker face little bit coach i didn't bit coach i when it happened okay here's the other conspiracy theory will throw by you there's been talk that bill belichick this coaching tree has not been as free for as some others so this year he said i'm going to have matt patricia in my crable win a game against me so that everyone be like wow these coaches are awesome help them win three super bowl championships so at least it yeah that's true that's true one it was one regular season yeah that's true i also want to get your thoughts on your good friend coach urban meyer retire
from ohio said i know that you guys were very very close how burned up for you about that i mean i think that the guy had a phenomenal career you want a bunch championships there is one and i learned a lot from him in two years i felt like i need move on to the nfl and certainly staying in touch with him and he should be allowed states in a better place because what was your record against michigan not very good oh oh i did not mean to that up but meyer seven l gets well no you should count your coaching record to write better than the five hundred okay all right but it was only good we need to the crossover boys took it took advantage of the the wolverine comes with free cell yeah
kids always had a good christmas ok ok ok i want to get your thoughts on a team that you played a couple weeks ago the texans your old team that you coach for they look pretty you don't think i don't know if you're aware of this but big cat has an appendage on the line he asked to cut off the tip of if they win the superbowl how worried should big cat b about that team rather plan well there's a plan for and then the defense is doing a good job we we can do a good enough job again so we could keep my did to connect on a right now so the other point well there's a lot of football left you got this coach speak down last question for me are we bigger football guys in you because when i texted you and i said hey can you hop on for five ten minutes you said i'm finishing up red zone and i was like that's ok we're going to be working all hours of the night so we're technically working while you're not right now eating oh i don't think they don't even look at you and think football guys anybody that's why
combines pitiful performance that you guys put out that it's embarrassing to anyone that would show my tape yeah when we're feeling bad ourselves general usually call that up on the internet was using archive that will watch what you guys actually look like doing that i'm glad we come in i think i've bought junk folder with uh with a torn achilles you guys were it was it was pitiful well it means that i'm i'm part of you know the titans organization organization i'm helping you anytime you feeling down i i'm i'm there to pick you up you should get a ring they went yeah i get a ring my last question how many guys on your team right now do you think that you could beat up for probably not enough
great answered great answer all coach were thank you so much for giving us ten minutes congratulate some football guy the week at the end of the year we we do a football guy the year award and i'm going to say it right now you'll be in the running you you've got some strong performances out there well i can send you my address let me know what you gonna send me i can we can have interest to you okay whatever it's actually just assign jockstrap for mean pft so great yeah what you need it can be sent to some a small package it will very inexpensive alright yeah alright well good luck and but but not good luck you already won that interview with coach reva was brought to you guys by mvmt
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i know him from his podcast fighter in the kid he announced his boxing sees former ufc fighter he also is a comedian he's got some big events coming up especially san diego january nineteenth correct sir go to t f a t hey dot com fighter in the kid dot com now you know that we've met you right when what the t blame it on that okay trauma we've met you we act in a way yes we we spent a night pretty close to you are very fun mayweather mcgregor yes we're listening right next i think we're in front of you billy pepper the guy who killed all the in saving private ryan he was sitting next to us all wow remember yeah yeah okay yes we okay who's a fun night what else do you think that that what what was your biggest takeaway from that night like is it mcgregor he's obviously blown up and become this huge megastar do you think you'll ever
begin in boxing in boxing now unless it's like some sad story thirty years from now but no none box and fight again the oc yeah i'm sure what did you think about that whole spectacle like were you excited going into it or were you looking at it like a sideshow kind of i was super excited i think the thing was cool i i think you know cut color did pretty damn well for for being in there with a guy who's basically you know when the best if not the best of all time so i thought was a cool experience yeah everyone made money yeah we had fun talking about it was i think it's were sick we like how awesome great men's big ticket time for yeah i don't know how you like how much you know about gambling but we actually lost money yeah so what are you bet on conor yeah we bought tracksuit really wrapped up in that yeah that kind of we'll just get you they got there on i mean i remember being in in the in the stands for that and looking around you were there it was a i was there it was like damn this is a lot of really good hair yeah in the same room
yeah you guys have good here it was a fun moment because it was like alright you know sometimes people like hey do you consider celebrity now we're just podcasters but then to be like ok you're at berry peppers level who i don't think he's been in anything since saving private ryan is like that so i'll take that it's saving private ryan but i'll take that as dylan heart right oh we might have a jail or so we'll see yeah and you're so i guess this is you that you're on our level or that were on like which way does that i don't i don't think i'm a celebrity now now i think i think we're on the city list d c less yeah down like there's some benefits but no one's gonna roll out the red carpet right yeah you you will get stopped on the street but there's not cameras all over so all right so you're not insured for you started in football then you went to usc now you're doing comedy which of those three possession professions is the hardest they're all dead for
the scariest i would say is fighting but the fun this is by far doing stand up so not even calls just like not even now for pretty awesome football at least least jeff turn it pretty easy to get yes you have ten other guys you can rely on it's like not just all on you almost at blame no he said yeah i offense yeah to the ends colorado sucks that what's now i'm are there now when when we when i was there they were damn good where what i'll do it what is they have good every year we play in the big twelve championship was the brass is still a big to
yeah well that's we played like texas when they had vince young play against we play against adrian peterson at oklahoma good years yeah i was about to say the way you phrase that definitely didn't win a big twelve rear wheel ostavi to chance it still with jeremy bloom on those teams yeah he was on the squad he's a great lunch for pretty boy from he is he is he has it all men you know now he's a millionaire megamillion tycoon he's freaking yeah for what some app he's silicon valley lost his venice that's not fair tommy hilfiger model good looking dude olympian whose on the cover espn or something like that awhile ago that stop airplane nfl yeah that's not fair that kind of on the eagles that doesn't really count yeah it doesn't really matter we don't count that it depends really fun proof so what came first i was wondering this with ufc fighters what came first the fighting or the tattoos tattoo
how many did they did you thought you guys might like to requirement will not like the nba yeah i assume most ufc fighters they get tattoos to try to be more intimate to look tough yeah like to get to know you think they will neck tattoo there's no turning back given that that too it's all down over the next ten what kind of respect move if you put a note out to our face that too it's like there's no turning back i'm going to i'm gonna have a up weird career i'm not gonna work at a desk for the rest you also might not financially very smart with your money right four oh one k bad things what a second he's right like if you get a face that too it's like you're not the full back isn't deloitte here you're going to be fighting and probably get your face you know caved in and you have no problem with that so that's a minute it's a bad
yeah yeah yeah face tattoo neck tattoo for hand tattoo my first well i kind of like the knuckle tattoos but you can only do four letter words on you guys to get face tattoos or neck that two cats one hundred and twenty three letter one after the super bowl we're in we're in a profession that we absolutely could do you guys could do this my first job out of college was selling cars used cars for like two months and my coworker that came in at the same time as me he had a neck tattoo right on the front game he just said money and i was the guy that you want to buy you that our money braz playing cards with people by no you once told a couple cars i would buy cars to real idiots yeah i wouldn't want money baby all right so you go from football to ufc yeah and you were on ultimate fighter which was one of my favorite shows i think that all the fighter doesn't i think maybe does get enough credit in the mma world i'm a very casual i love big you know sporting events so big payperview i'll always by okay but the ultimate
got me into the ufc and i think that was the case for a lot of people to people yeah yeah like it really kind of exploded it because it's like these guys it's a reality show it's also what was it like in like that reality cooker and trying to make it it's not very realistic it's like hype gotten dammit vers it will not be number is not realistic as far as the real life of a five okay because yeah sorry you're living with him he's gonna tell me reality tv now don't know with all that that happened there was real but it's like you live in this house with sixteen other dudes you know and and and you can't leave in there's no phone there's no books there's nothing and then you're fighting once every week once every two weeks like that's not the real life of use right so rich stressful misery there's tv's i know that too right i don't put a world don't books someone well you guys would read anyway well site will how do it was like four games nope so so what do you do that well you just said
it's a drama because you're right like there's nothing new but talk to just to get each other's nerves that's a good point so even my boy just red hat is bible they took that really yeah they mess around just respectful liane they give you papers can run your journals only made like fake trading like cards and stuff and they got rid of those they don't mess around the arrays imprison it presently can have cards or do you like a little weirded out when you first got there all the cameras around like you're trying to act natural but you know they're in your face a little bit and you know that everything is going to be broadcast out there yeah i was uncomfortable probably for like the first week and then just forget about him when you watch like oh dang i did that on camera like just forget about it and start talking shit and when you when you watch back where you like am i really liked is that what i sound like i was a dick there where you like uncomfortable with some things that happen again i think i read a lot of people the wrong way because like oh he's cocky because kimbo slice walks in the first sound bites me and that was a big deal for everyone i go fuck this guy and never like you said that kimbo slice with this guy and that you're psycho am i yeah yes
you said you ever since i every punch to do double out is scared to commercialize hell yeah well i mean he went dead and i'm still scared of yes great guy great guy yeah he's a legend he's a levels were like that was internet one point know what your problem walking mostly to find out that he was a good friend of mine to pathway really your own yeah a good friend but at the time i he was just a stand up fight and i was really get on the ground so it would be a good fight for me at the time god but anyway so when he came on the show i went that guy the fans ago he's cocky so what i watch it again that's a heightened sense of who you are because you're in in a house full of due to you out of to get a contract the a c so that's not really you right right that's not really you know who you are that's for making that transition from football to it when you decided to become an mma fighter what was it about the sport you're like okay i'd rather get in the ring and punch to
lack of options yeah that was options living with my brother hey now i was teaching the cardio kick boxing and slang in the supplements door to door like personality talking about what's up what's up bro yes can you need junk science guys so you could sells on anything whatever you want whatever those are our balance one can get knocked over with have you seen those commercials yep
i got one right now see see look at our yeah dude the t the gives you diarrhea and then like i lost ten pounds it works yeah i was flying in a supplement called hard nutrition which eventually turning up yeah which are not yours yeah that sounds right you'll take yeah which eventually turned into muscle farm hello yeah yeah you don't come with it now is it you're really saying it or was it the pyramid schemes not really saying a door to door be like have you tried this for a limited time only fourteen nine because they also see like the person pop up on facebook and they're like hey i've been so on this and i now i have a car and all this and no no plans the scheme i was actually door door pursue happiness will smith's out most pressing it yeah that is depressing we're not going toward like did you play for years to come around like i did it's not about that here's the thing that i need you to buy this yeah yeah so is when you're like when you're making that transition is there a part of you that was ever like hey it's not going to happen i
ares didn't if you're sick you're just in general your city of there there's no plan i just it just kind of happened from as training i was pretty good for that it and then body mind summit for golden gloves is like what he's like yeah it's next weekend end up winning that that's should you gift yeah if somebody gave them tell you go crying to say i i interview into a box and german yeah you see like a fighting pit bull in anyway so then i i one that and then just kind of took off from the next thing i knew i had four fights and then the ufc calls the cable engines reality show and then i just my contract the of seeing the thing months after them find fifteen guys in the world and then i'm like what the hell am i doing i don't like doing this this is so intense so that's how it ended you're just like i don't really like doing this into my fighting i linked up with brian cole who's my partner and finding the kid comic comedian and we started with the podcast and it started gained legs and things
so it happened from there i'm like now i'd much rather be a silly asked with my friend and then freaking get punched in the face yeah just let me towards comedy easiest game of would you rather ever so now you have the tattoos in the cauliflower ear put your podcast not make it often it will try comma try doing some time with that cali flowers well had to follow fricking david tell the other night i mean how far years it's intimidating i know that's not good for comedy though bro it's better than cauliflower true cuz i need you just so your comedy career is it would like would you rather go into the octagon and face getting your kicked or get in front of you know however many people or you're selling out well like fifty people you do your clubs fifty s yeah yeah yeah doing that i stand all day i love stand up his stand ups that that that's my past man absolutely love it yeah yeah that's that's not bad once i get up there i'm i'm at home in yeah yeah i was never at home in the city of austin first
we stepped on a stage you felt good like looking out at the audience no nerves nothing and even as friends on stage with bryan county goes because band there's a lot people out there man you should be nervous i'm like i'm not man we got through it back he's like dude here we go yeah what do you think that playing playing in front of people in football or ufc like that's i mean a lot of people have fear of that they do get up their natural yeah i've been knocked them and were in front of millions of people with that helps you get over it or you know as a kid my heroes were comedians jim carrey adam sandler like i've always one b do this some yeah i got here venture but it took some to get through it yeah so the cauliflower i just had an idea does anybody do cosmetic surgery to give you a call great question sir thank you check it out so i was doing a show on e s to work for you i do like the pre and post award shows for them but this is before i was working for that so i did all these auditions for them and they call me my my heating connor forget skulls migos it is a big shell right and he goes dude
i got some good news on my gas here we gonna be making bank baby and so you didn't get the show my cock yes but we got something else for you have you seen botched i'm like yeah goes they want to fix your ears for free office because like oh hell no i ain't doing that or not i can't like my where i come from my people them and make community it's like a badge of honor that's what i was saying it wasn't so much like does anybody get rid of it it's more other is our surgery option for posers out there that want to start off our to give yourself call flowers will kids who grow up poor in like the favelas in brazil and stuff like in other parts of the the world you know doing to six and seven it shows a sign of money in the status of those kids will take phone books and pliers and put on their ears and crank on it to give them songs of guys will do that do that or not for me personally have made will i
we could just open up a cauliflower your shop excellent punch people on the right yeah yeah steve steve try doing did you see him try known how he'd chuck lidell take a golf ball on is there here awesome in the air like do that into it how does on the stephen would already have called yeah just by happenstance yeah people like come you know jump out from from behind a wall just like from the jackass yeah right can raise would you you mentioned chuckled a we had him on the show last week before the fight before the fight what you think he was very confident was he was very confident but the fight was ugly and i think there's something wrong with my with my service yeah like babe rtv slo here let's fix this yeah that was bad it was bad i didn't realize i mean i guess i probably should have eight years off as well now you should not because listen i'm i'm balls deep in the sport this is what i do man and i thought he was good to go right because his team said he was good and the commission letter commission right there andy foster of california which is the toughest commission to pass and i've had to go through that testing if they say
to go you guys cosa this project well i'm assuming he's good to go then when he she up when he's walking out they got into the yeah right walking the kids like maybe just warming up here then we got on like dan this is it he's in trouble everyone should be ashamed of yes what type of testing goes into that to make sure that a fighters is sound what do they make you do stretches are located your back work should have here but they they did like the neurological tests they do the ekg eazy e jeez they do they do a cat scan you know but they do they do all that man but that's not enough whatever they're doing it's not work you can to get himself no you see the eye test on that one that's what i'm saying is i don't like my mom but now yeah working the case my my bike number sold for one for even the way in i washed away and afterwards when i saw you know saw the fight and like the other way you can kind of tell he's king steph he doesn't look like he's like comfortable it was was bad everyone should be ashamed i had the fight up to because again yeah we did to people whose work complicit do we have a month and i don't mean
i'm not as of yet need to buy this still leaves skin how we all right okay so your way you're more but i got i got your so i am i got the money well i guess they told me he was ready to go yeah what what what was a term dick honey addict i like that i mean i don't know to me is a mystery yeah thank you yeah what can we talk about on the show a lot is can help dana white has been overseeing the ufc especially like the last year year and a half okay there's been a lot of like w w e style antics of going on recently and he's got a straddling that fits because on one hand it's really good for business when you have a bunch of making money from it a publicity but on the other he actually seems genuinely pist off when guys do it and he'll he'll suspend guys who say that they can't fight what goes through his mind like he play both sides of it because i don't think he really knows which side he wants to come down totally on
yeah i mean i think you hit on the the head there i think you do he doesn't know he runs it kind of with his emotions which you really can't run a huge business like that like a boys club and now that they see all the wme i think there's going to be some changes but he's done a lot of good he's done more you know good then he has harm you know as far as so to the e s p n the big sale w me for four billion so he it it's hard to argue but thats into the current plan that under with this paper view model it is it's not work and it is too many fight so yeah they're getting to make some changes after i actually think he knows exactly what he's doing and he's just the world's greatest actor when he says he's disappointed in it could be breeze disappointed in carter he's not he's a promoter now he promoted when they threw those dollies he's like this yeah but then it comes out he's like this is so disappointing i don't know if we can ever let him fight again he knows exactly he knows what he's doing he's a smart guy when it comes that's tough man but the other thing is is you built up contractor so big now he's
i don't know if he has ownership in the company right but there's something going on that's pretty fishy there so you know you you build him up so big he's gotten bigger than the ufc people tune in to come across yeah and and i think the biggest problem the ufc has from a cat like i said i'm a casual fan i know die hard fans they love the sport i do enjoy the sport but i for me it's the turnover is so severe a guy can only be at the top and have you know be the champion for what feels like a short period of time because there's always there's parody there's guys coming up so you don't get those champions that you're like for a long time that got right if you asked anyone randomly on the street like conor mcgregor the bike yeah he's he's u f c chip corrected about right now yeah you're right so it feels like i don't know you can but you don't invest in the right it is also like almost a blessing and a curse because it fun to watch because anyone can win any fight and the so many ways to lose that right things different in boxing right so many ways to lose but also like you know vince mcmahon is where do you see
you if you watch what wwe has done the us i've been there the plan to to a tee so if they make a move plan on the oc making the same move them going digital them haven't ufc fight pass wb's way had as they've had this for years so yeah this week man day off they thought he was going to die he goes i would never buy it for your reason he i can't control who's champion you guys switch him out too fast here we can control for who had big star malcolm for what they're worth we can't control that right so you're saying dana white at some point will blow himself up in a limousine ever i'm a freak out and do steroids and get all ten yeah run is the cajun blouse quotes doing stories was from a pencil geek to if a shirt off anyways probably so pist you can't grow hair so that donald trump can't shave his head yeah yeah i'll be the next thing out there really good really good what show rogan like good guy smart guy yeah yeah smoke dmt with him yes and yes yes and yes really yes was like
though the weed out you know you know so there's like i'm not a big we die i bit cbd oil which is in a psychoactive i use every day use it for my son but use it on yeah because he had a epileptic seizures in edge out we got rid of am so i'm all about cbd i can't say it enough ok but it's non psychoactive so he doesn't get high but you know there's we'd like i don't know if you guys are weed smokers so there's like your casual weed smoker sure good time joe rogan has hd in marijuana so when i get to students things like take a hint of this i'm like oh god make 'cause you're going down the rabbit hole great 'cause he's not getting your bulshit weed from venice beach he's getting his the highest strain in the world some doctor created in the lab and you're going to fucking pluto on this thing yeah so like we're doing it podcast last week on saturday i took one hit and i was talking about
that guy got trapped who tried to convince in those islanders to to yeah the survival humm yeah call it satan island it was like i was so high man yeah is it not sentinel island like say an island the thing i just saw life where you stand on that are you are you like pissed off at the guy was it his fault for going there are you know yeah don't murder i i think you know he also was you have to be a little crazy in the head too i think you're looking at yeah you know it's a mental health they had to murder i didn't realize is that was the second time you went there yeah first time you went in because they shot through the bible yeah all be back yeah this time they won't and how about his missionary group goes we did we he was in part of our group right nobody was doing whatever you want they had to kill he brought like a bible because he had he would approach as you were killed that no they sneeze game over right tried right what is the price if i were him i would brought something really cool like just a playboy but hey check this out or did i tried
phone shown cool ship yeah exactly but the bible didn't speak english gameboy play captain play candy crush nothing wrong easy on it now dude come on twitter so joe rogan when you do a podcast with him or you just like holy shit this is going to be this is going to be experience 'cause he not any more because we we do one pretty regular least once a month sometimes twice a month so before maybe in a just a buddy so i don't look at it that way i think a lot of people do 'cause it'll be the biggest show in the world yeah it is i don't you should see his freaking complex it's it's insane where is it it's it's in the valley in california does where they do the porn they just do i think they've moved out of there got it yeah decentralize that is that where you there when alex jones did his thing i was not there when out jones did his thing i was real tripped over three hours of just alex jones yeah i don't i don't get in that stuff you get you get you down them you know no not really but i mean you don't have a problem i enjoy laughing
alex jones a lot i agree i think you brings up good discussion board for us to laugh at the laughing i don't entertain that we need more data which is having problems turning dude i can't i can't even in pearland about check out un resolution sixty two subset four right we're going to see key question promo code take you get ten dollars off you can go you probably actually go to your comedy on january if you go you can you buy it on seek maybe i'm not sure look it up if you can't maybe so it will get it cycles theater yeah promo code take check it out alright so the question you're a comedian like you said tell us a joke a man one funny many the last one all wow that's the question i thought you were scared on so much that i can't okay he said yes so there you go go see british up january nineteenth in san diego ten dollars off promo code take boom that's easy
home yeah now you have to sell us on the comedy show like telling is a joke whether there's no really jokes man i don't do like knock knock jokes you know that's not really my thing is no hook line and that's our favorite thing to say the committee just like make me laugh go ahead and it's right by the war so it may yeah you want to right now yeah and that's okay yeah i'm not i i like you guys to new before the fan before about some guy who sat next to you for an entire night your life you know that with that night was person with me so i don't remember a lot of things must be that mike rapport free that now yeah okay guys we also were very drunk that night because we like idiots we walked in and they're like last call at eight thirty like i get wrong closes out not them and then we walked in there were like we thought there's last call on the woman just left us like it's fake three four and you can stupid yes a good yeah i can drink beer guy outside just have you guys been back since yeah compliance for what event of the we went back for us on the twelve so the captain stanley cup yeah we will
that's pretty nice once once or twice a year yeah all right were some big pants yeah as it is the whole thing all right size i do have one last question for this you do it when are we going to start seeing like a u f c teams at the collegiate level and high school level cheese man i mean they're worried about cte in football so i don't know if you're going to see it at the high school level probably not actually it's easy it's in olympics do you think that stories coming coming like like concussions in the in the ufc no my god yeah it's a matter of yeah there's it started i feel like i haven't heard a lot about it you know the reason for that you know that the there's a lot of those guys who i won't say names lot of fame's guide you grew up watching who are doing well now they seem get arrested or you know not doing well but it's it's just a matter of time right i mean it's happened in boxing so it's definitely going to happen in your one hundred percent yeah it's common that's bad maybe maybe ajit mma but no head strikes i just
be cool like watch that i think just a lot of people just body they have e sports now for college kids are killing it yeah you do e sports don't do you know i was a test the way i do you think i don't know i could tell we've had actually a lot of ufc guys in here we had to know core mason that snake guy had steep pay me just right now we had what was the other guy's name that said the seat yeah no i don't think if anybody else in that's not chuck liddell it's the other randy couture oh that's right here yeah all all three of those guys could have kicked our i think we kick your you see a kid we have to also add a i want to really jump on you i mean you small no no he's not sit on you look like the scrappy tells me he's going to work out scrappy work out pretty closely due out arms and chest just where muscles yep kelly johnson
i got a six oh you could do anything look at you put those up damn how much are those yeah well do your those are bad at so those those andre agassi was andre agassi a little load up their basics on man i'm going to judge you right now for that but i'm going to forgive you can do anything you like the glass at most versatile shoe in america how dare you yeah you can go you can go running you can lift weights you can target you can push it here yet chicks in those you can do all that you can breast feed your baby's dance club and get like a huge box of rice you can do a lot of stuff in a sixers mowed the lawn just everywhere modelon exactly but dad jeans on british shop thank you so much is he's actually been long overdue i think we've been circling green man yeah so you're welcome back anytime next time will smoke some dmt with let's do it may keep kicking ash you guys you gotta bring it though
well i gotta bring you pregnant drugs we want i'm going to be the mule you bring the draw draw them put in my ask joe just get put in my asp in doubt that will be the topic get into yeah 'cause clearly you can't tell jokes so you'll just tell us about putting drugs in and that's a job that's a joke there you go printing shop was brought to you guys by blue apron an while we're doing this at his leg another pic he is what we're going to do do bears so he's going to do bears rams as we're talking some blue apron goodies the holidays are fast approaching meal prep is the last thing you want to play it what if cooking delicious hold meals with although he took the rams took the rams it's too bad well guess what delicious quick meals can be easy with blue apron there new ww freestyle plan features chef design recipes every week i'm pretty sure that means weight watchers
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it just reminds me giada de laurentiis when i a result and tasteful cleavage yep love giada love blue apron they make a better way to cook easy peter do they take all the chores out of meal prep they give you create mouth watering options that fit your taste and you can get your first three meals for free that's right for free at blue ape dot com partin pardon i would want you to do that she would want you to get the result to blueapron dot com slash pardon okay let's do some segments first up we have a lebron blames this came the other night lebron is getting old and i think he's going to start blaming he's going to start dropping those hints like hey i'm old guys so heat weeded man i'm washed i went bed at eight hundred and thirty last night woke up at seven hundred and thirty am man what i literally slept for eleven hours missed my company express holiday party in everything sheesh
i added the sheesh so lebron only shity boss 'cause he missed his company's holiday party although it was his company the lakers or is his company i think that was like lebron corp lebron courses like one of those athletes that were neighborhood company after himself how does it work how does lebron not show up to lebron corp yeah it's a good question i think what happened here was he had something else i don't want to accused lebron in short as much in passing out drinking too much and passing out but this definitely sounds like something i would do if i drank too much didn't go somewhere and had friends mad at me for not sure i'd tweet something i'd be like oh damn i totally fell asleep make sure that my location was turned off on my tweet when i sent that so they wouldn't know i was like out on catalina island yes sending that yes he i also love how lebron response to his own tweet in the middle of his tweet man i'm one i went to bed at eight hundred and thirty last night woke up at seven hundred and thirty am someone from the crowd man what that's actually celebrando
great he's great drug hey hey don't say that i'm walking i'm a father of three and i'm washed but yeah so this is very fishy because what father of three sleep for eleven and one slash two hours good point pft well if you drug your kids why if you just get all your kids drunk though we sleep the hangover spacious they're just like a big punch bowl filled with pinot noir the lebron though is definitely going to start dropping these hints to pre excuse not winning another title he's old he needs help where are decent indoor up there i think i like two games out of first is lebron need twelve step program we call that like they used to call it red flag steps traveling back in the day that's why i watch college speaking of college we have a new segment hank it's called nitpicking zion williamson ok you ready for it
so as i am i get a you has not lost yet everyone tells me that's not true even though they have not lost that they lost defeated what happened to gain they beat him no they beat him not lost a bid on the los juegos undefeated and zion he missed two dunks last night against the hartford hawks which i didn't know real yeah it's hard hartford baskar same size up in hartford it was but hartford to dunks that he hank doesn't have explosiveness anymore now that he's got the dunk so hard at the ball smashes off the rim it comes out or it sounds like it's a him problem or he's got the unlimited meal plan in college little freshman fifteen situation i thought about him actually so yeah he's great at defense or whatever he blocks shots that school is the highest but when you block a shot and the ball goes into the crowd that's a turnover
he might as well be just now but on the whole shelves will be turning the ball over hank why is he catch the balls instead of blocking bill russell he said that used to keep the ball and bounce my dad taught me that yeah he's the highest vertical leap in duke history maybe he should so high that it was higher like you know while he was higher than bobby hurley and christian laettner no way so his heads in the clouds were saying maybe you should stay grounded interesting i think giant well now i want the polls to draft him but until that happens i'm going to nitpick him two dunks he missed missed two dunks i don't i've never missed two dogs in my life ever i always finish all the ducks i attempt knock except that one time i did one of the rebel the i tried to talk and i tried it on so i don't even get to the rim said yeah i'm not not at not known for my i still i still having this done you've still missed one hundred percent less you are dunks john williams just be fifty percent so my forty jazz ok get started you know i'm excited for the design
simpson vince young shirt off at a club picture where he looks pretty fat yep the eddie lacy bad angle designs are fat put there's our friends in one shining podcast titus and tate they have a hole like is fat and just the fact that questions last means that he is in that rape zone to get a bad angle picture and everyone says blue man discussed that also vernon carey just committed he was the number two player in the country he just committed to duke so i guess coach k just basically given up on science yeah he's a guy got to get somebody else and so he's he's already looking to next year look into these are you regarding for next year's that yes he's really sent us this off that hey we also we also didn't get you prepared for this we're going to do a quick spotify shaming 'cause it's the end of the year sapulpa spotify ok we're going to talk about our top music choices and
everyone is talking about it online everyone is tweeting the picture i love this year end spotify thing and what what about myself as i in twenty eighteen listen to a lot of taylor swift an ariana grande oh delicate taylor swift that was played many many times on my spotify i so i listen to a lot of mike posner and then pretended that i was too cool to know anything about mike posner during his halftime performers during the thanksgiving alert put all my but all my lessons are too i took a pill in ibiza ok you you should actually try to bear it in what is a jammed you know i've listened that ok so is there two years ago yeah yeah i remember caleb put me on that song three years ago and i was already six months late yes i was three years in the peas i thought that affected on maybe you're doing it because a vici yes probably one that's right because you're in full to show of each i was cool yeah i've always done it as something to do
i'm leaving out nearly i just blew oh i had one million dollars in this will be nice for any further accusations of narcissism papa oh my list too yeah that's nice i also had lumineers and wilco which like yeah you depressed dude cox bar i listen to a lot of box bar nicer actually nice mix might already judged by artist goes tisto travis scott you martin garrick's lady gaga and bradley cooper sicko mode guy it was star gazing young thug i knelt in john mac miller we young thug and elton john yeah sars banger really together they added together that finally damn the the crew the collab we've all been waiting for mac miller r i p a v g r a p y g three hundred and eleven
all your all your gvrd high nine yes folks that alesis sicko mode to i was a lot of sickle motor listen a lot of drake the that one song i listen to some brothers osborne in there at some zero not kiki the other one you know which one i'm talking about nice for what yeah that's what the buy one the one this is not a lot to listen i've my drink listening is whatever's number one on radio i will listen to and everyone's like damn you like drake well i like the it's i'm looking through my list right now i have a very weird eclectic mix on here ok i wouldn't try
if i've found this like do you have any random industry no stained but i but i did have the song rock fest remember that one yes i'd i think was ten foot crutch yeah that was such a shitty song i had so my ari i listen to a lot of songs ironically i find but then i eventually as you like them yeah that's basically our lives my life yeah i no tears left to cry was my arianna grande number one song that's great hello again real soon are you okay yeah that song it's like a start slow and then you know i take it you wanted to take it upon it you're right yeah it's a it's a happy so no tears left to get me to have this done dude yeah i think you just don't you're good you ever heard of green lawn i moved on from you are a you cried over no i didn't i just have nothing left i'm all out of liquor thank you thank you thank you next big cat alright let's before we get to hanks grab bag emergency who
back of the week this is i can't tell if the sad story or a happy story i'll let you decide pft mike mccarthy has until lambeau field on wednesday and spoke to the team with the blessing of my mark murphy brian group good accounts as had good new consumer goods i enjoy for his passion for the game and his love for the players was clearly evident philbin said he did a great job he walked into his old team that he just got fired two days later it was like hey guys remember me and he should change it pick back to the falcons 'cause mike mccarthy was was coaching up team this week that's right maybe maybe that's what they needed on this team is still hear a voice from the past like mccarthy took him to a superbowl they needed that like voice of authority to come in yeah i was thinking about it it has the most depressing place in the world to get fired green bay wisconsin because deers know to go
there's nowhere to go you live in green bay it's december everyone notices you at the supermarket everyone notices you getting gas it's not like and fired in new york you're getting fired in chicago really like you are like it hey there's the fire guy on sunday what is he going to do it let's go to the store for pizza and it's going to be close yeah that's right very shifty he probably he can't he probably will there's nothing there's absolutely no where else you can go you can go bowling no bowling alleys probably closed down it's the saddest part i just think of mike mccarthy waking up and just being like what do i do i'll just say i love joe philbin yeah i love him as an interim coach just 'cause he looks like an interim coach and i love him as interim coach because well i love them as a head coach because joe philbin getting fired gave us dan mccarthy
no day camp camp yeah then he's the ultimate interim was right joe held in black uniforms joe philbin's just like an interim head coach that happened to be a head coach for like six years yeah he is he was in miami nobody really noticed and joe philbin is also number one on the marc trestman rule just let get let other regular fans look at home and just will tell you nope don't do that my favorite way to so i went to his you know not to his face but my favorite way tones cried to his face yeah his actual face i'm not try also to space no five his face yeah right yeah i always like to describe joe philbin as being a guy that looks like he would get mad that is daughter for not filling out the warranty on a vibrator yes exactly that's perfectly to sum it up to sum it up you know these things break come on from what i need you to make an investment in yourself it's just five dollars a year yeah hank grab bag let's finish it up and we'll see you guys on monday with blake bortles a pm to get
please tell us when your last sneeze was an rate it on a scale of one to ten last one being awful and ten being incredible last night and it was a solid three solid yeah solitary so bad yeah okay usually that's not adjective before no so it was a bangor of a three it was just so it's it's hard core of a three as you can get perfect three yeah i had one two days ago that was like probably four and a half what are you hank i want a couple weeks ago on this show is like a ten you gotta sneeze fit on the show you did i like sneezing fit yeah they're great although the sneezing fit that leads to a cold like that the trigger you know when you when you get a cold and it's all you can all like it back to like one sneezing fit two days for like i just haven't been able to clear my nose since oh wait i'm sick and you know what the issue so i find that the quality of my sneeze is directly proportional to the people around me so if by myself
oh you let loose i let it loose is always a tent is get scared of sneezes no he doesn't but i was going to say you never see aug have a bad sneeze yeah because they don't give a in their q they'll sneeze right in your face and they don't think it's gross you know like come on just be cocky me with your snot but no i can actually grab still snow and she sneezes yeah oct you can explain what happened between you guys and dude perfect good question yes they are morons stole ours store hole while britain border yeah so we came out with this thing called pro suite and it was wondering youngstown right right we came out with it and then it turned out we want to get grooving one everyone responded to like are these the dude perfect guys or like what we invented this in and turns out someone else invented it no but seriously i just we were just sick of them because we're assholes and cynics and eventually if someone gets in a popular or like that but seriously but those guys
i mean it's ridiculous they make so much fucking money off nothing it's twenty million dollars and you don't always know jake you're free to you it takes sometimes all that it's all that yeah it's all day for their they read the helicopter all day to throw through a basketball hoop that's not socially or economically are reasonable i also think it's very weird that they started this when they were in college who has it full days to devote to in their calendars just like throwing a nerf football through a basketball hoop some sixty yards away in the middle of a golf course yahoo does that in college writers infinity other things you should be doing in college also the real reason is we thought the guy with the ginger beard he was bossing everyone around he does not see the real reading like this guy him where's he get off yeah we're is we actually put ourselves in the bodies of the twins are like this is bull man i'd be pissed off if i was one of those twins yeah the men go to like dad camp one time or no no man camp today i watch your show yeah i hear
i hate those guys and watch every every single pointed out to be honest here he especially simple cat as a girl football but am i qualified to football guys guy shirt love you guys yes definitely actually continue let every guy i know you like you love football guys find that really really attractive you got gotta click right basically dude yep it's horn easy you get horni as hell when you see a girl be like football they say football that's actually that's that's for play for many men i've will for you guys just as easy to win in rock paper scissors if you try to lose not true not true ok will try to lose well if that's not going to prove anything no we're both trying to lose i will try to look i'm going to try to win i'm going to try to lose ok well better three i'm going to lose rock paper scissors shoot
rock paper scissors shoot rock paper scissors shoot i wasn't trying that i really wasn't i was trying to win i did not think about what i was going to throw at all i was trying really hard to win that's fucking wild scientifically proven that's just kind of that took me off i guess that's a new strategy not trying to win but is that trying to win fade yourself and rock paper scissors is a pretzel cracker now copperhead no no nice try trailer so it's a pretzel i hate when people do this but my brain a pretzel right now you you can't put my brain and cracker okay it is a pretzel pretzel and cracker or not the same thing a soft pretzel
cracker two totally different things yeah no but let us not to raise your sorry about us are hard like i know what you're talking about but it's not a crack what makes a cracker cracker is it because the cracks well well not just well last one with big hat traveling around the country with a rod did you ever get to meet jlo yes and she was not happy with us but she's very nice very very yeah she we were filming at her house and i was like let's just get her natural reaction when she comes in and turns out if do walk in your house and there's cameras everywhere you're probably not going to be happy she was like what the hell is going on but then as soon as she realized it was uh she's like oh what's up guys but yeah she is she's a very nice woman she's very hi beautiful
smells very nice go on and talented beyond measure disney nice has a really hard decently nice house yeah no it j lows very you think it's like a star of jails caliber like i don't want to give the time of day to any of these people she is not like that she's very very nice i just want to say and tyson at the end here cardi b newfound single be what's up come on the podcast to discuss put the pussy on pft oh wait that people really extremely unfortunate about for cardi b no no no she does not have a prenuptial agreement with offset in migos rapper stands to make fifty million dollars in the voice of cardi b wait wait a gold digger so so getting the pussy set on you quad goals pussy on offset offset is yeah i'm still say that she is he she but she doesn't get half of so basically like
new york laws clear that any asset that is acquired or developed during a marriage own fifty percent by each spouse and cardi b's entire brand was developed during her marriage offset whoa but offset was already his brand was already developed before cardi b so he doesn't have to give her fifty percent of his ship because it was already like created something tells something tells me that offsets not going to like send lawyers after cardi b how much money did fifty mil yeah but hold on hey how much money would offset make when the pussey got put on him well actually fifty million no we answered no no that's a good point when he got to push put on quite a bees made offset more valuable right i was so upset what he could put together until she said that she put the on right so she really created a lot of his brain her post in arm on her pussey her pussey created off where is new york law stand on how much a pushy gets for putting getting yeah could already be like my pussy in my in cardi b or two separate entities so pushy asked to pay for it
listen you can turn my inside out doesn't have any money up yeah exactly i'm poor seriously cardi if you're listening this come on the podcast to discuss suck suck big time's up cardi bi will see you guys monday
yes working away i don't know what to say i'll say it anyway today's another day to find him shine
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