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2017-05-30 | 🔗
The NBA Finals still aren't here so everyone is losing their mind (1:59 - 5:18) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne (5:18 - 14:50). Former Indiana Basketball Coach joins the show to talk about coaching, Grit, getting fired at IU, being a brother in law to Jim Harbaugh, the alleged live bats incident, CreanTea, and Big Cat taking pictures of his face when he coaches (14:50 - 59:40). Segments include the return of Guy's on Chicks, Protect the Shield, Bad Visual for Lamelo Ball and put one in Buster Posey's earhole
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On today's part of my take, we have a great interview with Coach Tom Crean. He visit us in Van, he would head. We sat with him for over half hour. It was one of the most fun interviews. We've done. We also have hot, see, cool, thrown and we're bringing back guys on checks. Answer all of your checks. Questions out there tell you how you should feel because were guys- and we know how everyone should feel before we get to the show, though I want to quickly talk to you about eighteen, birdies, dot com golf is all some in the free eighteen, birdies app makes it even better. Eighteen birdies is the most complete golf apps out there. It tracks all your stats and is packed with tools to improve your game like a powerful gps. To always know exact is since is to the green us. Eighteen birdies is giving you big prizes every month,
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piling into a smelly van with two other guys and matriculate ing your way through the rust belt grit is what separates the winners from the losers in life. I'm John Kuhn, and welcome to grip me
my take it is Wednesday, May thirty first or is it June first? How many days are and make quick, Hank thirty one. It's Wednesday May thirty first Amber April, just yep special apple, so back to back days, you get us back to back days as we're entering our 30s here. I feel that we need a longer refractory period. I need time. Take a nap you just sandwich and then I'll be good to go again when I was going to lead this show with before I had the brain fart of whether or not may has thirty or thirty one days, the NBA finals still aren't here. So let's talk about last night's, no game who's, better Lebron or Michael Jordan. Woo good question who you got who's peak, was higher, who had more peaks, who peak twice, who had more help yeah on esteem. Interesting would rather make more finals or when more finals, Michael Jordan ever beat Steve Kerr interesting yeah. That's basically, all that we're talking about waiting for the NBA finals to get here, Pft
you you're on the record as saying the cabs in seven. Yes, captain seven, I'm going to respect I'm going out on the limb just because if I'm one of many people who are right, nobody gives a shit. But if I'm the only one who's right, then people pay attention. That's how you make the tape I think the warriors are going to. I think it's going to be a bloodbath. I think it's going to be the most forgettable postseason we've ever had yeah it's going to be a bloodbath and forgettable because the games are being played at one thousand o'clock at night. Oh kids can't watch. I pray that your right big cat, but it's one of those ones where I'm such a sucker- that the fact that I'm so confident that's going to be a bloodbath, almost guarantees. That is now Do you think that I just think I think Kevin Durant is taking this personally, because he takes everything personally just take everything personally, 'cause he's a little bit back bitch, but I think Kevin Durant is going to be the Mvp. This series I think, he's going to play even if not better than Lebron all series, let's embrace debate,
do the golden state warriors: have the collection of the worst facial hair in any team John Force. That's not even a debate, I would say. Yes, sorry, sorry to end the show early here, but yes they do because they have dream mons. What is dream on half he's got that followed. A little go see yeah he's got Kevin. Durant has the worst coach he of all, maybe of all time, Klay Thompson. Has the video game like when you're, like? Oh all, take facial hair number six. Yes, any of that and then staff. I don't even say I usually on some weird soldier right, join us mouth. Kevin Durant looks like a wizard with like a degenerative disease. That's just wasting away at his bones. I would that go to your head at the one that like hangs down to his nipples, he actually would be look normal with the Wizards Cape in a big staff because got that hot shoe. That may be going now. We know why he's going back home next year to DC connect the dots connect, the dots alright, so the NBA finals will get here soon enough by Friday show will be able to talk about him breaking down we're going to take every show
through the final. So you get all the updated stuff. Don't you worry? Oh because we don't have a lot to talk about, let's go right into hot seat, cool throne and then we're going to do Tom Crean's interview, which is great behavior now positioning as well. I shouldn't have said that we don't have a lot of good stuff, you should say, but we've got so much good so much. That's all we gotta dive right into it. Ok, so we're going to dive right into hot seat, cool throne, Pfft Hank wants you go ahead. Are you ok if they will go with alright? My hot sees the world. Oh N, Korea is developing nukes and my theories once breaking away breaking NEWS N Korea's developing nuclear weapons for the first time in the last twenty years, so my uh
always thought once one nuclear bomb goes in the air, then all the other countries and worlds are going to let them off and then the whole world going to blow up what was the ozone layer to get depleted their Hank just invented mutually assured destruction, so we're all going to die together. Yeah, that's fair, good job bank. We should move to Nebraska, so you know how we talked yesterday about R Bitcoin idea called like worldwide strategy solutions. Corporation Rj, Cenergy, fun fact about N Korea. Is their entire country basically used to be a part of my take scheme throughout the entire 90s? They would they would fill out. They would get insurance policies from like these big companies over in German and be like hey. Can you ensure our diamond factory and the peep? I'll be like yeah. Ok will insure it for like three hundred million dollars and then N Korea would be like. Oh, the diamond factory all burned down here all our official documents I like when they wouldn't let Germany in to inspect it, and so Germany, like ok, we owe you three hundred million dollars in those those shares their economy. Where was mister port
in the nineties probably intriguing Milano cookies for reckless. Let's get let's get some eyes on him, maybe that maybe he was the general counsel for the for the country of North Korea. Hey cool thrown all Michael phone is freeze pops. I hope nothing literally, nothing better in the summer than just like going. If you have a full box, will my could probably like thirty in a row? Okay, don't have calories either yeah. I rank your colors proof purple number one bad choice, I'm with choice, orange number, two. Okay, I can deal with that Red Green red blue. Wait is red, flavor, blue yeah. This is some good podcast who's, good, fuck, yellow fuck, you a fuck, yellow and then they should do a mystery one. It's just like just ice, just all the it's all right! Well good job! This is the. We definitely started Mount Rushmore season last. You know this time. No! It's because the NBA finals take are taking like ten days to get here. It's ridiculous. There you have to
okay, my hot seat is the a f c north, and my reason, why is because the Browns hired Ryan Grigson so widely out two slick, Dick Brian? I like what how we we like to have fun with right, but here here's the thing Ryan is not going to be the general manager of the browns he's just like a scout that turn, but he's still the guy that shows up dressed up. Like he's the big swing, indican hallway, even though he's like fifth on the totem pole, yes he's going to he's gonna, be walking in there wearing like a three piece suit with little pocket watch that he has hang out, but I'm I'm very excited to see how Ryan Grigson can up the browns even more. It will be absent a great challenge for that. Guy, yes, will you I mean we had the theory right who's. There was your theory that he treated the Trent Richardson Trade was basically right, Greg sins God Golden Parachute like hey when this all goes south of me in Indianapolis, you're gonna, give me a job right and the browns like yeah sure we got your back, will probably run the pics too, but we got your back exactly and then my cool throne is Josh Brown from the giants for
take from the giants because the Mara family, super relatable came out and they said well you'll recall here in some trouble with the law. Yes, the Mara family came out and said the only subject that we've ever gotten letters from our fans saying that they would boycott the team about is if we sign Colin Capper Nick, oh Josh Brown knows where that line is, and he hasn't crossed it. Yet he hasn't taken a knee. So he is good to go Lawrence Taylor, no problem yeah. I liked it. The giants are taking this new approach where they're listening to the fans, every decision that's because the novel- it's like the there's just this once there's one arena team out there yeah it does this yeah, and I I want to find out who it is. We can get more on board with them with their head coach that calls the plays is basically controlled by all their fans doing twitter polls- yes, yes, and they they've run the ball, like maybe two times a game in the past, about fifty channels that I, let's basically playing Madden my hot seat, o v,
did you see this report? I did see it. There's nothing. Report you're making to Brian Mcclellan was asked about trading ov. He basically said no, but then he finished. It was saying. Maybe at some point, if there's a legitimate hockey deal that came available, but I don't know that that's where we're at right now: I just think he got a history here, he's a big part of this franchise. It will continue to be going forward. That sounds like a here's. What's going to happen, the washing capitals are, our fans were entering. Territory and where it's Ray Bourque all over again, so I'm destined over. Next five years to see events can win a Stanley CUP with a different one and for me to like cry during and be like, I'm so glad like applaud him right, like I'm glad he. Finally, banner his share rises manner, yeah, so we're out I'm watching the cooking coming directly at me and my my eyes are getting wide, but I'm okay with it. It's
I do think I am of the the the mindset to the capitals in the over. You should just be like a you know: hey, maybe this thing isn't working out anymore. Maybe it's just you know we love each other. Maybe our sex is just too good a regular season. Saxes too good. So we got a split up got to bring the thunder on the anniversary. Everybody knows that so yeah we're getting Stanley cocked, yes, you're getting Stanley cocked. My cool throne is our friend Rick Reilly, so we were worried. I was worried, especially because Rick does this thing where, whenever there's big news, he waits about twenty four to forty eight hours for his big Rick, Reilly Tweet, and he blasted yesterday, when, when the news about Tiger came out, he tweeted almost instantly a little scared because it wasn't as a stuff. It wasn't as it wasn't as fast ball. It was like a you know. He eighty miles an hour, maybe with no movement. I was expecting at least a dentist reference yeah, so he then came back with the fire as Rick Reilly's wanted. You slept on it. He he would. He be,
I mean stormed it. He had a couple. Do you know he? I could imagine Rick Reilly like following up his and throwing away the drafts in in in the in the waste bin dot com. So I just go it's like that's, not that's all clinics yeah, and so we came out with this tiger and cars go together like Weiner and phones, that's so good. That is so good. The only thing that would have made it better is if, instead of phones, he had put blackberries yeah, his research he's a good four to five. Well, like you years behind the times very far very far in the past, but this this was good Rick when you, when you can relate what happened yesterday, because you never could be to current. So whatever happened yesterday to something happened like four years ago, that's the This stuff, I bet Rick Riley, was like one of those guys that used to mail and our fax jokes to Johnny, Carson
I bet he would send the jokes to Jay Leno yeah in like two thousand five about the Monica Lewinsky scandal. If you like, this is a fantastic, I'm, not all yeah right, yeah, this more to relax people Tiger was just on pills that night not booze. It's not like those can be a problem. No one is that's a good joke. Little sarcasm their phone ringing yeah. I'm I'm glad to hear that he's doing. Okay, though, that that risk yeah, the yeah yeah we don't care about that, Rick is Rick, is okay Rick. You still got it home all right. Do you think that Rick drafts these jokes just on a bunch of checks that he hasn't deposit? Yet for me, as being I was like hey I'm, I I still getting paid seven million dollars next year for him with sweet life for doing that. One hit about how there's like twenty five Tom Brady's in Boston. I don't I don't hate the fact that Rick Reilly is a multi millionaire because of all the material he gave me when I was taking a shit
through my adolescence to read. I love her. Only the back of sports illustrated yes, it's it's a well the Wikipedia or sports illustrated. Is that what you just read the back, and then you know don't this guy goes on a marathon with his dad every year, I'm gonna! Stop you right there. You also read that the the quick hitters at the beginning member faces in the crowd. Yes, we're just pictures, and this week signed the block with lesser do. Are they still do not on for two weeks on the apocalypse is on us new segment? This is it's funny that we can all relate to this. It was basically like the first five pages of of the sports illustrated and then the last July in the pit yeah, and that was it. That was that, every time, alright, let's Tom Time, interview first, I wanted to talk to you guys about seek, seek, has a great deal for all of our listeners out there. If you want to go to an NBA finals, game, or you want to go to a Stanley CUP final game you can you seek, can get ten dollars off your ticket price? You can also do it for
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sketchy. The party city parking lot stress this yeah. I hang out, though, the Barnes and Noble here yes and the Starbucks right down the way in the c b s and get everything you need all right. This is where I hang so. This is great week. This interviews actually gonna be playing on Wednesday, one great weeks technically over, but it is a great week extra bone episode and let's start there So you came up you our coaching. You don't want to a MAC school coach in some of the smaller schools. What does grit mean to you as a coach? Well, awhile? back. I was read a book by a guy named John Elliott, right the book called overachievement and he said that cop it's comes from the perception of your own potential, and I- and I think with grit I think grit is- is the ability to keep your confidence all when your potential is not Being mad or when the result is not being met in a particular time in
if a particular moment like a game right when things aren't going well, can you can you to play without being distracted without letting doubts without letting the doubters get in and knock you off your game, and I used to think the grit was more image. That grit was more of a it's a mindset. You almost have a picture of great right, because it's such a tough word but great doesn't have side. It doesn't have obey press number, it doesn't have a vertical jump number I mean it's, it's really more about focus and concentration and and sacrifices such a hard term in this n h for people. But it's your billeted sacrifice. Your own ego are your own desires and Dick stay locked into. What's going to help your team win, that's really interesting. I think you're, the first person, that's kind of put it that way in terms of
quit being an overall mindset and the ability to kind of hold on to your your own perception yourself. How do you teach a guy in college basketball? How do you instill that in a recruit a player to be able to kind of keep their eye on that ball. We don't what's funny it in talking to different people, older coaches, when I was first starting which it was almost like? The one thing that you had to fruit for that you really couldn't train and- and it was almost like- wait a minute- it's mental tough, Yes, that's what great as to me, I mean you've got to be make somebody mentally tougher and I've heard a couple of great phrases. At TIM, Corbin from Vanderbilt Baseball coach of the great baseball card spoke to our team one time at Indiana and he said mental toughness having a short memory. And then Jim Harbaugh, you know you guys were just with He'S- got a great view of mental toughness. Mental toughness is get ahead. Stay at you know how You stay ahead once you've got the head and a mental toughness and to me you can build
and a great example for me. You know known were a great week here that I that I had it Indiana the was Christian Watford Chris Wofford was a was a skilled guy, maybe more now nice guy, when he was in high school well raised, played on a lot of different Aau teams. Saw himself really is a score wanted to be a shooter, wanted the game the pretty, but he turned into a guy that had tremendous blue collar and again, and how do you get there? You get there by being demanding you get there by not letting up in practice. You get there by being hard, but loving and and people want to call it tough love they. No, if you love him or not right- and I mean it's kids really learn, because, because the that you push them beyond what they think they can do right, they go from
can that you're against them to knowing that your level and anybody can say what they want. I mean my own son knows I love him, but he doesn't like to be pushed sometimes very nose at the end of the day. I love them and you have to just get to that point. So you've got to be more discipline, and demanding and have real perseverance and trying to help somebody not only get better, not only get tougher but develop a real high level winning mindset. How do I impact the came when it's not going well? For me, that's great, so so that was it. What you did. What you said to start off is interesting, because you said you know the confidence when the results aren't there and your you know coaching at Indiana, specially the first three years. You guys didn't have the results exactly. How did you keep everyone locked in to that?
Overall, hey we're building something here when you're putting in you know a ten win season in your finishing lot like. How do you keep everyone on message? And you know you know saying I'm gonna buy into what you're selling me. Even though, aren't winning right now! Well, your own doubts come in. They really do your own. You have to fight off your own doubts so really the first three years yet they'll build feel in me right because I thought I was a tough minded coach. We had tough teams at Marquette. You know we were we had blue collar guys and you come in here and you think that you're going to be Blue Collar. It's like when I became a head coach at Marquette. Eighteen years ago I was come Michigan State I work for Thomas had worked for Ralph Willard at Western Kentucky and pit. I was hell to a very high standard as a coach. Why, over those coaching jobs, I want to hold ties to a standard. Specially is other coaches. I didn't really know how to do that.
I knew what I had in me and I was trying to get everybody to be. The same way doesn't work that way, and I think it was like that when we got here to Indiana, you can't let you can't let doubts come. They were very, very few people that we are surrounded by. That could say: hey that's how you get through this or you're going to be okay, nobody been through it right now. The fans had as much to do with helping us is anything those three because they never gave up, but I think it you had to understand that the players might not like it. They may not be buying into it all the time, but if they you even a little bit, there's a great chance. It's going to take off even more and they're, going to be better off down the road, whether it's winning games or whether it's in their life and and and we knew we couldn't build the program I'm giving in. But if we gave in then we're going to be in worse shape than we could have ever possibly been in,
and we just stayed really strong with practice great coaching staff that stayed on top of one another in the sense of not letting each other get down, and we could go back and look at my practice. Plans at Marquette versus my practice plans. The first three years at Indiana and they weren't very different nine- how to build it up the way they would build. Marquette. What you mentioned Tom is you lived at Tom Izzo's house for a bit twice paid rent. Has he you could rent absolutely John? What did now? Did you offer to pay rent or did he? There was? No, you pay all were made to pay right now, how they don't we're living there, Jim Boylen who's, Fred, Hoiberg's top assistant with the bulls now a while? No no absolutely into. I will tell you you get him out at some point. We had not yet no you're getting it his mother still mad at me for only having a mattress and keeping all my stuff in a box. That's a football guy right there. How does a little yeah is his voice ever not horse, yeah,
yeah Todd what like in the morning one week in June? Well, it's it's got think is, I think his vocal cords are pearly. Damage like mine are, but you know there were times it wasn't, but no, he he charged German. I two hundred dollars which at the time I mean it, he thought was a bargain that right and it was unbelievable because we had the says to the kitchen to the house, not the garage, he two car garage and he was going to put his car in the two car garage. So none of us said that, but it was also fact we lived with him in one house that he bought another house, and so we moved- and we were there and I was only there for nine ten months, but I loved that's awesome. I want to touch on this real quick, so we are we're sitting in the back of any would head in Bloomington Indiana, I'm a lot of it will probably want to know what your plans are for the next year. I don't know how much of that you can talk about right now, but are you looking to get back into coaching or you're looking to try other things? Well, I want to coach. I bet I will
coach. I want to go to a championship capacity type program and we built one up at Marquette. The hold up here was incredible. You know sense of what had it what it had to be calm. The one thing I think I I think I've shown myself some grip mice off, because the one thing with with what happened to us with having the job taken from us, like that, I mean I've, never let it get in in and take my nerve or create doubt that can't do at the highest level in I want to do that again, but at the same time I think it's The old Carol Dweck Mindset book, which applies to everybody. You either have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. She's a Stanford professor. She the book years ago about mindsets. I'd like to the governor have a set. If you ever growth mindset, you're not only trying to get better when you have to you're trying to get back every day and that's what I've tried to do with this with learning, we had some
in situations to learn, but I would think this year it it's very likely going to be television and I feel like I can go in there and learn a lot. I think it's I never looked at television or media or radio or anything other than it. A very hard task to be very good at like anything else is, and I've not been prize that all by getting behind the scenes and seeing the level of work and preparation and time that go into it, and I mean it. It took time to get this band to look like this yeah that happened today. Yeah then he would listen if, if tell about Non Danny, what had for my brother in law right now, I'm Tony! If, if, if television doesn't work out this year, you have a job offer at pardon. My take a weekly call. Basketball analysts will pay you. The is two two hundred dollars a month. If we write in any way, if you'd like okay and what about, as far as the t,
it's good that you guys may teach you go drive further straight straight straight caught whatever you want, we'll make all you got. We can talk through that. We can talk through that. You hinted that I, like the podcast idea, yeah you touched on this a second ago, but you said you know it kind of sounds like you. You feel like you're treated unfairly by Indiana, I think, a lot of people out. There probably agree you kind of brought that program back from the brink a little bit. Are you in touch with anybody at Indiana. Have you have you gotten back with them? Have you said your piece is now now I have now? No, I heard from too many people inside of that area, but as far like my staff players, things of that nature, they've been great, you know, what's really been interesting, is in its been over two months now. Just a great people have been bands supporters, you could you as you go through it. You learn
greatest thing you can have. Is the ability to trust your instincts? It takes time to get there. We didn't always trust our instincts in this deal, and- and I have no regrets, in the sense of nine years of being with the players that we were with being with the coaches, the staff there's a lot great people in Indiana. I've tried get that across to my family. You know the the campus didn't do this to us. The english apartment didn't do this right house. The baseball coach is the other. She didn't do that. You know one and we're not going to let any this the finest in any way other than we're going to move forward from it. So what helps forward is how great the fans have and- and they just put on leave- and you realize you have a lot good friends and you have a lot of people that care about you. Even when you know you haven't been as good a friend to them as you could be, but in all honesty that the per
so that you might see in the store you see in the restaurant or at the airport. That's a star. It's like incredibly invigorating, because that you know, ultimately, that's what you think Indiana is Indiana Basketball. It's not an makes a lot of money. We put a lot of people in the gym. Indiana is a really unique state and it's been great to be here and, and so I'm trying to get better with all of that in the end, but again, there's when I looked there's not a lot of surprises and stuff that we dealt with, and all I'm going to do right now is make sure that I am much smarter and and how I view things moving for wait when you say you didn't trust your instincts is, that include, are not getting rid of the clown pants. The warm up pants you guys where no, those are cool enough. In fact they are cool. Candy stripes are cool. No! No! No! And you know what I I I don't know what it is this past year, but that was the number one selling
collegiate licensed item, because people knew they were going to probably be gotten rid of some right. Barman bailout, oh yeah, I don't know they're cool you now it is a little. It is a little different. You know, you know where they got their start. The candy stripes got their start. There were swimming. Can now that that I'd be a little tough yeah. I can imagine the candy striped Speedo, no yeah what they were right. That's how God yeah with big cats, imagining one right now, I'm trying to think about yeah. I don't know, I I believe no yeah, I don't is the one that brought the candy stripes in, but now you see more and more sports where the candy stripes and it's it's not the same, watching the baseball team where the candy stripe shorts and that type of stuff, so the candy stripes, are meant for for Indiana right. They are cool. I never wore a pair myself, but they are cool. Yes,
you I, I read a quote from your Wikipedia page: they were big Wikipedia guys. We read a lot of that, never got what I always check. I never happy it's better than any book you've ever read, but can't you go in there like change, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, but so the quote from from your Wikipedia page was at sea. It was when you played at Mount pleasant. You said that your coach called you his biggest tool on the team, because I guess you could do it. You can do all your very versatile see. That's why I never read a book because somebody made that so when I was not a very good player, what will it and I think I think you know that? Well, that's probably on the wheel- could Pedia pages I've never read well. So I guess is the point of this: was he he was saying that you know you were. You were versatile, you weren't, maybe the best ever right, one thing, but you were okay at everything I was just going to ask you who the biggest biggest tool you've ever coach was now we're down to find it
find tool for anything, I think, is to get you got in a fight in the biggest multi tool, who who is the most well rounded bass, but you have like a challenge: yeah yeah, okay, multi, talented man. As a nice, you walk right over that trap. I like yeah yeah, I'm not. I can't use that to a multi, talented multi, versatile guy was also the best player. It was wait. I mean Wayne Wade has got an ability to rebound the ball. He was our leading assist guy the what he didn't shoot. A ton of threes in college, but he was, he could defend it really to fend off the ball. I've had two guys: deflections are huge, huge number yep for us. You charge him all absolutely always say that he charged yeah the only thing that we do differently from that from that they're, not that I others might do is like if you get a stop you're on the court for thirty five second violation. Three second violation: you get a deflection like we have a shot clock violation, and if you I charge, you give you two alright, but
I wasn't charging when I had wait. I wasn't chart it like that and when we had Victor Depauw wasn't charting the the the violation both of those guys average twelve point two deflections for us, that's true, yeah, it's incredible and, and so like the case away arm really. What's is the best guys with the most person guys because they made everybody else better, and I think the thing about a guy like Dwyane Wade, the thing about a kid like Victor Jerome, Mcneil, Wes Matthews were like this for us at Marquette. Those guys you have to score and they didn't have to be making shots. They have their presence felt in a big way sitting here talking about grit, those some gritty guys. Do you think you coaching Dwayne Wade? What were you about the yeah? I was just curious since you coached when Wade how how much credit should we give you what percentage of Lebron James First two championships you go, do you with with white? Well, I don't think
if you get too much for Lebron Wade, Kenneth Kerr hearing him well, the thing about the way in it and and Dwayne is never taken nearly enough credit for how much you put help put together that hold right with the brain, you have any. You still talk to doing absolutely. Did you have any sense that that was going on when it was in real time? I knew they were close. yeah me before he signed yet restore yeah before you. Well, Miami yeah to a degree I knew that was something they talked about right yeah, but to the point of like your pen to paper and things like that. No not like that, but knowing that they were really close in and What one thing I love like: I coached with the World University Games back at Marquette and Chris Paul was on our team now they're, incredible friends, right like go on vacation together, France, it's fun when you can get people run other success. People! That's why we're talking off camera about other sports, but
great Lebron is his own man right yeah. Do you get the invite for the banana boat parties? Now nobody had a ball, but I wanted Wayne's wedding all right now, since the county had to it. We we spent time TWAIN was up here during the Indiana series. Are the first? that they want. He was coming off a tough game and Indiana really tough game, and I think they were down to one in that series and he came up here and spent the afternoon in most of the night. We the card to get him, and I took him back really late that night, and that was in and a great example to me of how important communication is with everybody on your team coach player. No matter what and no how successful you are, no matter how much you've made murder how many accolades you have? Okay, you can lose, you can have about of of losing self confidence, and it's don't important. You surround yourself with people that can help you get it back. That's one great joins greatest right.
He's got incredible gift of honesty, he's re, so he doesn't try to mask what he's now, when he's not there and he's in in in always knows how to get back to center, and I think, when I watch broad like twice says this about Lebron Dwayne is very smart. Probably smart player we're sitting a couple years ago was actually the last year they were in they were in Indianapolis and we're sitting in a restaurant and I've gone up to see him and they would have team dinners and we just sit there. can about different coaching things and, and TWAIN said I'm smart is, I know, I'm smart, I'm not even in the same ballpark. Is this guy and his point Lebron in the sense how Smarty is on the court, and things like that. So for him to say Something like that me know when the level of basketball intelligence at Duane has Lebron Center in very, very unique place for his mindset. That was that was the first compliment ever given to Lebron James on pardon my take
I'm. Ok, I'm a big fan right. I don't pretend, though I know we're going to Know- I'm like that, but I mean I'm a big fan. We were talking before we got in the Van about the cross port and how you like to learn from other coaches. Sure you seems to me like a football guy, and you seem to me like someone who's, you know uses the football mentality of motivation is that is that right Well, I don't know if it's much the motivation, I think I think you can't. If you don't have fire in you can't fake fire right. If you don't have passion in you can't fake it right, you can fake enthusiasm once in awhile, and you can fake enerji once in awhile, but you can't fake real passion. it's like sympathy every they can fake sympathy. Everybody can say. Oh you know, hope, you're, ok and give me a call if you need something where are they at three hundred in the morning? Right, that's empathy. You can't fake empathy. Well, I think it's the same with with
with coaching and so like I like to be around people that have incredible passion, football a lot of people there like that. But I've learned over a period of time, baseball soccer hockey, there's a reason. People are really really good at what they do. There's different skill sets there's different mindsets. difference, intelligence levels, but then there's very few that are really really good. That are We committed to be in Compet and don't have a passion to get there, and I love it when you get across the aisle of other sports and learn from that. We've got a free and I'm not sure if I don't think he ever played for you, but he knew a lot of guys that did he brought up a story, one time that you wanted to motivate your team by getting a live, bat somewhere, and you went looking for bat and nobody could find one for you. What was that about now? Did you talk to Jim about this? No gym J?
it seems the back. I no well Jim had the bad idea absolutely. Oh! This is a great eyes, James idea. This is great. We lost to Michigan on a Wednesday night. Lost player. Verdell DOW Jones in the game got hurt were practice it on Thursday, okay, John and Jim are here for the Superbowl. Ok, they come in. They had both lauste in the AFC Nfc Championships and they come to our practice and it's a Thursday were play. Purdue, on Saturday night. The super bowl is Sunday, so we got to the house, probably Tuesday. He did take a shit for till Friday, like he be. He be cool in this van right now right, but but he was on the couch when he came to practice. John came in a day later, so I had those to talk to our team and they were unbelievable and long story short with Jim
He starts saying you gotta play like vampire bats. He said you gotta go into Purdue like vampire bats. and and he got everybody jacked up. So it is true. We look what we have to do to bring bad now. We know he couldn't handle it ourselves. A new right there, like a bat trainer right like Batman, we're going to have somebody with a falconer. Glove exceeded, how like just a finger that was willing to pay right like I'd pay for it. So there's no question we checked into it. What we found was some plastic vampire bats, so we bought about a dozen other, an I think, cap, one of 'em when were cleaned out my boxes. I think I still have one in my garage. Oh, my god, unceremonious clean out of the office right. I found one of those vampire bat plastic bats, but we brought the that's it, and and
in my pre game speech I just start throwing around a lot yeah and we had a play on our on our team. Will never forget it. We won the game we're coming in after the game. We played well against Purdue, Danny Morse at the one that told you know Dan. What is running through the the the title of Mackey Arena going, we're part of bats were vampire bats. The whole team is going crazy, so Jim and John get tremendous credit. We wanna credible run at that. Well, the fact we will have a great run and the vampire bats. They were the re the fact that the bad idea was Jim Harbaugh's is just, although I well, I'm not gonna, give him credit for getting a live back right, right, yeah, you're, dry, Amfar, bat mantra. Yes, we just yet so question so you obviously mentioned Jim and John, and this is You are the grid, IAS Man on earth because you decided to marry into the Harbaugh family and have Jim and John ' 's brother in laws.
Do you realize how dangerous that was when you did it, they made it easy child made a real easy. I know it's a gym yeah. What about the? What you did want to cross was Jackie right right. Three guys that I was supposed to be afraid to Jack. I was afraid to Jackie because, like Joan Joan is the only daughter right like and Jody is Johnny's got Harbaugh. Toughness is she's, got Harbaugh competitiveness she's the best looking Harbaugh, but I mean she She's got all that right, and so John was great. Jim sized it up but I was cool with that right. Jim was a size up guy. Does that mean you knew Jim was sizing you up right. You know you like challenging your arm wrestling matches. All now. Didn't do that. Now I mean how comfortable you in the interview with him, when you were you comfortable from the moment you walked in about five ten I'd say: we've got sized up yeah, I don't little that's what a gym is great strength. Yeah he's sizes, you well that's. Why he's such a great recruiter and evaluator, because he doesn't. We could say
this guys great. This guy is the number one ranked player in the country. This guys us he's not going, What we say is going on what he see just like you'd say he can't play. He can't do this he's not going what we say he's going to what he sees and that's what he is in a size up? So what what are the family? Like you know, holidays like with the Harbaugh's is. Are you guys just managing you guys? Just you know, plan all in the. Back in Jim taken too seriously. I'm on that happen, I'm glad someone, yes, a bad habit that happened in driveway basketball, but that you last time I played when what would happen there who won? Are you not lose you? Don't you can? You can be JM but you're not going to be Jim before day is over okay. So, like you might win a game or two, but whether you leave I mean he he he would he would he would haul your car before you were able to leave a game if he didn't win the game, Jim has to win and that's what makes him great right. So Jim is going to
in that game. Yeah right he's going to win that battle. My you he's gonna win the series yeah, you know he's like a jewel battle, but he's when, in the war a three game series knows five games, there's no seven game series yeah the only one that can really deal with him on that is John yeah John- can deal with that. Yet and that's but but I read about these dudes it he works with and and then we'll play pick up basketball with him at lunch time, we're going to play racquetball with him or Hambal. Good luck right, because because you're just far, for him, but I'll tell you what, in all honesty- and I saw this is stanford- I think he's doing it at Michigan, but I definitely thought it Stamford. You only gym the stand, for I thought San Diego Diego right when he was coaching in one AA when Jim took over effort. Basically, he was recruiting to academics and his personality right. He wasn't recruiting to winning. It was an incredible academic school. I think they'd won five games
three years or some I don't know some crazy number right three year going, and we see one game a year with with with Jim, and it just worked out to be that way and it was amazing watching the difference of attitude in the difference of confidence in those guys after year and you can see it happening at Michigan. I think you'd be hard pressed to find many people in San Francisco. They didn't think they got back plan for him. Look how that is turned out, since he hasn't been there, I mean probably the dumbest move in organizations ever made, maybe but Indiana Basketball. They would. Let me tell you this being with Jim, and being with John and the stuff they deal with, especially with what Jim dealt with in San Francisco. That help me that help me understand like when you've got guys that not only you we have our. We have our were family right and and and they're on believable to me, there's never been a time Devon felt like the average read me his family. You know once you get in it and but
when you got somebody that had that lived experience, no different level, different sport, but it's the same thing and and it reaffirms that you need to be around people in your leadership. You know that assume that you have of leadership that have lived that response ability to like you, gotta go to Sheridan our city to have any type of successful team. Well, you gotta share adversity, sometimes your families and your coaching staff things like that to help your team get to and one thing that I've really gotten from them, there's very few things that I could go to them on, that they haven't lived and hopefully they would say the same about me- you know that we've all been able to help each other, not just with XO's or how you reach this guy or how you reach that guy. But when you are delete dealing with the difficulties of your profession and- somebody can say hey. I had this happen. We got through. Yes, we got through that. You can do and that's awesome, that's unbelievable advance.
One thing we talked to Jim about was the last time that he got into a fight, which I guess was back in it was three thousand nine hundred and thirty nine in a bennigan's. I read that today I didn't know about the bed against yeah's been against type restaurants, so it could be Tgi Friday's. So it could be anything with IHOP you don't. like me as a fighter, I'm I don't want to cast aspersions on you, but I was wondering when the last time you were involved in either wrestling you don't let me out of this van when we're done with this we're going to find out. If you stay long enough, you technically works. First bounty people inside there's an abduction, go ahead finish your finish. This thing I was wondering when the last time you were in a fight. Last time I was in a fight elementary school. I was a match in my neighborhood yeah, probably in hammer where maybe answer yeah yeah nine yeah, I'm gonna some verbal wars, yeah, you know been close, but last time I was in a fight. I don't know about the better. You know I knew that the situation and Jim Kelly
situation called amount. You know about that, but the Bennigan's was news to me yeah the gyms are Renaissance man delivered a baby calf. The I saw that we saw that we saw, I think about that, deliver in the calf and the Khakis crazy. Did you ever get to a point where you, like, I mean you obviously aren't going to fight an opposing coach, but you're like I really really hate this go. We've been no Sonos, absolutely absolutely, and I think What you realize the one thing I never appreciated, and I really tried to make sure that I didn't do this. I never wanted to start anything like I never wanted to start on the on it on the court on the sideline and so like I, really had a real quick trigger. If somebody started yelling down at us and I've grown out of that I've grown, I mean I've grown up a lot and that AIR
I never wanted to. I was never trying to coach somebody else's team and and the one thing I never wanted to do, and I struggled with this early because I was so young Marquette man I walk into a league bob this is in the league. Denny Crum's in the league, Denny Crum gets reply by Rick Patino John Calla Perry's in the League Bobby Lutes Seth Greenberg. I mean it was a high high level league and so, like you, get it's built in your mind that the officials going to give them more respect or they're going to give them more calls than you and when you're young you try to fight for that. But it really doesn't. I think, that's a myth right right, I really do. I think I think all your doing is hurting yourself even more so early on. I would struggle with that a little bit, but the only thing that got me if somebody was trying to coach my team for me, okay by yelling down and
How would that be you, I'm not saying you're famous for but sometimes the blow by hand shady that's that yeah. I don't think that's fair. Now. All that is a big time now. Have I had some yeah absolutely. Are they two way streets right? Absolutely an it! Be I'm kind of easy right to pick on me. I give Seth Davis Credit for that. He started that one those I love him, but he started that. Here's what you gotta do when, if, if you're away streets, not a sale, they are but here's it's got to do little p r. What we're we're big on pier one, a one and scans owns with this, so If you're going to be in television television next year, you gotta pick a guy start, the whole he's a blow by handshake guy and then it gets then you're no longer the blow by handshake guy. You pay it forward yeah. it skips get it going on someone else. Yeah I've never respected the coaches that try to get you off. There said okay, bye, bye
something that they're doing a stick it on somebody else. I'm not sure I could do that, but you know what we could do it for you little character, guys you text me, you, like hey. I notice coach go blow by Stan. I think, like, like Jim said, with the handshake deal towards. I think I've outgrown that yeah, but I'm try to be careful with that. I've had my mistake, so no question about that. I own my mistakes and I got over the fact that it was it was being looked at like it was a one way street right to win right, but you know what you use charted in the back of your mind and you say you can't wait to get that win right. She can give that firm, solid, handshake grab. The gray. Have the shoulder, grab the elbow and say yes, coach. He played really hard. I like that. I like that the coaching profession is so hard and so competitive I know how hard it is for me to come off that you know when the game is over and and the one I quit trying to do.
Because I didn't want people doing it to me as read the mind of that. Other coach yeah we're going through so much on our minds right in, like I don't know what the uh coach is happy about I'm happy about just like they don't know when I'm happier on how well that's that's just got to work through that. Actually, is it fair point because we we deal with it and you know the world we live in, where we're on video a lot we're doing. Podcasts you having a bad day. People pick one thing out and say: hey, you know you you're an or this, like you, don't know what's going on, so I I'm a do a better job of not putting by hand shakes on people yeah. I think the the two things that are that you that you really always want to try to have in in in positions of leadership is understand. chain of command and under and try to understand. The person across the table from you doesn't mean you're going to agree, doesn't mean you're going to get it but like it's like sympathy Empathy. Some people can sit there and you can talk to your blue in the face
and they have no desire whatsoever to change their mind or come to a give and take or come to a mutual agreement. I don't want to be that guy right, like I want to be the person that can sit across listen like I miss right. Now, too, much like I miss being with the other coaches, not just my own coaches. I can see that I missed being with those other sports right. Like I miss. I missed that I miss helping him with the recruiting. I miss having conversations about this that and the other thing, because it was just me being basketball, coach in Indiana or their coach in this non revenue. Sport know we were all in it together and I missed that part of it like that's something I really look forward to in the next job is continue get to know those coaches that much better assistant coaches on those staffs in in the uh people in the athletic department, not just the people that you deal with, but the other people, because, like the one thing I've taken from these meetings, whether it's been a football meeting or a bass, football meeting or a tv meeting
best organizations you're not getting that table. Okay, unless you are prepared, Lsu, organized and you're, not on success and less you have a mute. We respect for listening to one another and like I love that and like that's the thing that I miss, I think talking about handshakes we moved into that. But it's the same thing. Back the other person on the other side. Don't try to figure out what they're thinking just just move forward, scale one to ten. What would you say Danny? What are Vanny Woodhead? The level of organization is I think you guys know where everything in I did help you kind of thing that my all right there. That is where you think you think I mean like if I was if I was if this, but bad was up for sale right and I was stepping in here to take a look at it, you can get really distracted by all the clothes right you can get distracted by the bags because you have
hum, condone it sitting up there. I would say these guys are cool. Ok, I'm buying this van. That would that would sell it to me not to mention how many bands do you run around that have a camera in the middle of it. Yes, I would be concerned about the screen internet, hello, concern about the speaker, stereo system. It's not it's not the best, but the Dunkin' donuts. This is all class right here. Yes, I have. I have a confession for you I knew there was going to be some trick to this. I should say I should've got my teacher. My t shirt before I got here just brutal honesty. This is this is no trick. It's a confession, and I hope that you don't. I hope you take it as a sign of respect. I have a slight obsession with taking pictures of two people, faces when I see them on the tv you in about one hundred thousand and Joe Buck. Okay,
but I like nowhere till went to school where Indiana yeah there we go he's he's been on this show twice. So I want I want to show you some of the pictures I took of your face, and I do this thing where I take it like at a weird angle. So your head looks bigger like a big gigant or head like a big brain so I'm going to show you and you're going to rate them for me. Do take it off my way is going to be ready, I'm a showing for one to ten each one. Ok, that's pretty good at it. I would I would like you to have it. You send it to me later. Ok I wanted to so what do you think one to ten? As far as for coolness yeah, I've never seen one like that, I'm going to get out at nine point. Five! Ok, wait! It gets, but look at the little hand. I don't like you don't like that. One now, what's great the little hand, that's one of my best ones. That was good.
I look like I look like Danny Terrio. You really. Why and I have never worn a pants suit and a shirt, and I don't know what you know, what it was like: one of the Bahamas: tournaments the beginning of season, you're wearing a golf shirt and yeah yeah yeah, I'm telling you have to isn't alive, okay, how about one that was recently mouthpieces nice, yet the mouth? No, that is brutal, looks like I'm wearing lipstick and my head looks it looks. It looks like a half moon, there's a loss, the what yeah that's a good little lecture, the hair in the eye. I like this one, I think the way cool I can see the glasses and I like the fact I look very official with the microphone. Yes, so I'm going to go up to A7. Ok, that one is that yeah model. Four is a little bit lighter back then that was that was one of the best nights of my life when Wisconsin beat Kentucky now like that, that's a good pet, like that, you know it was so cool about that is
the next night we were sitting in the seats right right next to Roy William Seats and Roy had given you know the story. No Roy had given his seats to Bo Ryan, okay and kept one open for his life Father, and we were literally, we were sitting next to Bos, old, high school coach and the empty seat that was left there for his father and we actually took a picture of it took a picture of his old coach and I tried I framed wrote some things and sent it to BO 'cause BO is one those guys that the respect for him as a coach so hard to beat right. As you know- right for us he was hard to beat, but but he's such a great coach, and I knew my first memory of BO was this in ninety three: they used to be other unless there's. If you want a league championship, they had it, they had a luncheon for you at the final four and beau had one championship at Platteville. He was the keynote speaker and he was the
with his dad and I'll, never forget how cool that was to be watching him talk about his dad there and it was just it was by happenstance that were sitting there in those seats next to them, but that that is I like that picture so, and so just so, you know when you're on tv next year just know I'm gonna be somewhere taking a picture of your face. Obviously my my my stress level is now owned by, but it doesn't. This is comforting to know that, like you know it's it's in your car, you know somebody that can rip you soul, good, such a cool guy. There you go, you see like I would be. If I had my old feeling like, I think you were just doing yeah you give me a blow by handshake, I'm out about hitch in the back of the head there. We got it, but a lot of fighters. Yeah right,
like really really impressed with your creator. Joe Buck is the other one I have. I have about a million Joe Buck, big head pictures, so hey by the way that final, four, that championship game would you agree with my assessment that coach k to the rest at halftime and basically bullied them into calling a completely different. Second half, therefore, was constant, technically, not gonna, say I'm not going to say it with coach K. I would just say this that I think Wisconsin had three: before team files in the whole first half and in the second half duke, was in the bonus like four minutes. No, it was about thirteen. It was about seven minutes in, but you know what in all honesty, what Duke did went back to watch that game at least twice, but what you say: ok how did they get that MIKE really went into a complete we're going to drive the ball game yeah. No, it would put a lot of pressure on the whistle and what because so great at what? What do is so great at for years, and one thing that he's been phenomenal at two things when you with many
but when it comes to the bonus, they have an incredible record when they were getting into the bonus at the twelve minute mark of each app. That was something we tried to adapt and he was very very adamant about how quick they could get in the bonus once the fifteen file was there. So like you knew once they had the mode going for them to get filed and that and that second half greatest a matter, so that's if you sold so they beat coach K, teaches that once I get to five they're gonna push any one thing: that's a big thing with the staff. I think it's a big thing that that that once it's at five team files in the end you could in and folding in the game, you could see it when they could say kept driving, Grayson Allen, degreasing, although it was the Grayson Allen coming out party. It really was he drove if he doesn't get in the bonus that quick, it's a different game, but you have to ask the referees why it was so much why it was less of a physical game in the first half. The second half, but with all due respect, Duke really
drove the second that and from a coaches point that they, rewarded for your rewarded for the drives, and it made a huge difference and I'm sure MIKE made the adjustment in second half of like ok. How are we going
to the bone. I like I, like my version better. He went well, you gotta slip. The major also were in Wisconsin yeah, that's a great idea, yeah, and I want to check that yeah yeah, that's what should happen after missing things. The the last thing we want to bring up with you. It kind of ties into big cat taking pictures of the face we. Actually we came up with a product that license your face earlier this year. Yes, we should plus just why, should we don't get our employees? There are a lot of white, so I signed the contract. Every is gonna, be a percentage basis. Remember I'm unemployed! Everything. Is I'm not going? I'm pro bono, everything! Okay, no problem! Just us we're ideas, so the idea is cold cream t like a set of green tea, and it's like you know, you seem like Paul Newman's. Are you getting so for this with his face on it? It's your face. It's probably that picture that we did when I won best, what the best one with him, yeah yeah yeah. I don't believe you
when I'm writing. I believe that I believe it would be the goofy belittle anyone the little okay. We will do the little hand okay, but we reserve the right to that one or the mouth piece price would change based on the picture. Okay, that's fine, and if this man were negotiating, I'm a business answers it's green tea, but just as green tea on it and you sell it will give away the first shipment for free get everybody hooked on it. Well, yeah we've tried to the other part, we're gonna, put we're, put just a hello, a little bit of steroids and get a little bit untraceable. They won't be traceable. What we well really fast is so yeah we got to may be testing to go to in the milk right yeah and I think the milk is passing the test. Yeah I got to do is read, the bottles are being, and Jim is now just Brittany, Ehelp?
Okay? I know this right so he's a part of the whole product testing. Yes right so hey I have has Jim got you on to drinking more. All. Absolutely will not me my son yeah, all my son, absolutely we we get the shipment okay, so we don't do credit to the ship. You, milk yeah, but I can't do the steroid know what I also want to know. Okay, I don't know for steroids wink. You know it's only a teen. We are kind of sounds like green tea and then check. This is the best part, the theme song the jingle music for the commercial is a c d Seattle into users, Cree En Tate Don Omar good to see okay fight, how what we gotta talk, price point: okay, we gotta talk, distribution, three! Ninety nine! Can here's what all comes three hundred ninety nine dollars, we'll Dunkin donuts, maybe now I'll.
If you can get it, if you can get it position all, and then we could have done, you don't put the steroids and it's not on our Starbucks, but I'm not yeah. You know Duncan known now think alike. Were big cats going to charges three hundred nine and it's like the big Baller brand yeah. He is yeah those of our soldiers of all. No, we have an option in play, I mean it was mesmerizing watching plays. I schooner and I don't know his coach, but his coach had had a break it was. It would make the Paul Westhead Break. at Loyola Marymount really look like it was the Princeton offense that fast break was on I'd, never seen somebody do this consistently. He would put two guys deep. Every time not only free throws, but one guy would cheat out, but every free there were two guys on the other corner. Really two more baseball passes, then then then hail Marys in a season in the NFL. It was incredible.
You could see early on that. He had something special about him, but I don't know him. We didn't recruit him, then I reserve judgment and any that other than that he is one of the most prolific passers and has incredible vision, and I don't think, there's very many- is it would come across in a period of time like that, alright coach Tom Crean, we really appreciate it we're gonna we'd love to have you back in the in the fall when, if you're, if you're doing some tv stuff there, we go yeah sure right there. That is your part of the family, we're taking off the Harbach plan, one by one you're like a mini harbaugh. You've got to get you've got to get. This is beautiful, you've got to get done, you've got to get your, be on its own yeah. It yeah. Yes, so thank you very much. This was this was so much fun. Hi George, I I'm said ever since he had been looking forward to it and then watch out but what maybe look down, maybe put your chin down when you're on tv, because you know that I'm working with well. I think that that we now, I think what I've noticed like I think I
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Latest, given what is guys on checks guys on checks is where girls have questions about their bodies at the need to God answer yeah because, as guys were kind of experts on the check body correct all right, no one loves chicks bodies more than us. That's what I always say we, how do you guys feel about receiving unsolicited nudes like if I'm into a guy, and I'm not sure how he's feeling about me? How will he feel if I randomly snapped in the nude? Well, so my self esteem is to the point where, if I receive a nude from a girl, I'm like she just must at this must be like her standard. Welcome greeting this isn't like an auto reply, yeah and then, when you're, just gonna get a dick back right news for newts as those of the the code of the streets. In all honesty, I'd, probably just I do it's encourage. It is yeah! Okay for you and your on this. If you're like talk, Caitlyn hailed quite know, a nude can go a long way. Remember my
cuban created that entire stupid app cyber dust just so that people wouldn't get his nudes, so just be careful, don't screw John Cyber dots and they can get screen out on all time, move to develop your own app just yell at your news, don't put millions of dollars into an app just so that people can screen shot your news we're on to Cuba. I bet Anthony Weiner wishes. He had that on his black bearing to screen sorry the police. Why is it a crime when girls don't shave their legs? Wouldn't do can have a hairy Bush and it's cool good question. Well, it's it's a matter of keeping the right parts. Warm yeah based on evolution. So is guys you gotta have it. You know that when it gets cold outside looks really small, yep and then that's not attractive. The guy ends up not getting laid. So it's like a dressing around the sat, yeah evolutionarily speaking hi guys needed big pushes to make their dicks look bigger right like it work. When you get a stake in there's garnish around there. You need that garnish. We need the garnish for the stake it for you to want to eat the steak right. I don't know if you've seen a lot of recently but they're, not great looking solo yeah, so you need a lot of just
Also shaving. Your legs was actually a sign of being rich in olden times, because not everyone had shaving cream. So you should actually take that as a compliment you're so rich, you can shave your legs wow wow. You must be real fancy. You shave your legs, keep it up, hey guys. I was wondering, what's your take on girls, asking guys out oh Will the Sadie Hawkins question? Do it yeah absolutely do it. This is similar to our when we had a female.
text in and ask about you know what do you talk to with guys at a bar? You just go up and say: hey, I'm a female and I'd like to talk to you. Yes, so easy for the most part, that's gonna work. Also, I don't know if you can tell from the segment but guys really like being asked off by girls. So if you just come on be okay, we go out, we like well. Actually, let me explain to you why I will go out with you yeah and you get this, have a treat and listen to the guy. Explain to you! Why he's attracted you look at girls much more likely to get that like a big. If a guy ask a girl- and she says no, it's kind of like all right on the next one. I feel like a girl ask a guy out. She's could get more devastated easily We are saying fragile, hun you can't. Ok, one hundred fragile are ok. So here's what you do is you say Sup? the universal, let's fuck or just send a nude yeah soccer, and we could solve a lot of problems, make sure you showing off how wealthy you are with your legs: shaved, hey, PMT, special
Krycek. I think this ridge, six asking me all of this Richard once to us. You must have a Hamptons house. I was really into it, but I think she's got a lot of money. Hey PMT, especially you Pft Winky face. So my question is: how are twins made when I think we discussed yeah we've actually been through this a few times arm tie it well, big cat thinks the sperm tie. I think it's when you have sex real twice like real fast right back to back. You select one pretty come. You can actually now. Ok, now we're talking about it. You know how see twins you're like okay, that's the pre come to an end. That's the real! Come to him. You can tell like yours once when it's always a little bit stronger and better. Looking, you know more gregarious, the other ones come to about the identical twins. Do you still can tell
if you could still tell there's one one identical twins is a beta he's now for two and a yeah just had a slip. It was just a little fluid slipped, the beginning. That's what that kid, as which won the Morris twins is, is the better Marcus, marquees marquees? Okay, I mean look Blake Griffin and hit no less. He didn't have it. When you tell me the Lopez, twins, yeah Lopez, yeah,. Robin Robin. Is the Bay Alpha, how much thought to guys put into working tweet? Do you know my about twins that they've kissed at one yeah? Do you greet when is kissed at one point? Yes, ok. Thank you have to yes, I mean you have to see what it's like to kiss yourself this. So all each wins out there listening. We know, we know you've guessed and guess what what View his kissed, a beta, pre cum, twin jigs, up, what's worse, being the beta twin or being the alpha twin, but knowing in the back of your mind that you've kissed your beta twin,
I could see you were twenty. Listen this podcast. Would you bring it up to your twin counterpart? Well, you'd, probably be like hey, listen. They know they're on to us that time, yeah yeah! I don't talk about the beta like. Would you tell your always? Yes she's the beta yeah? Well, you know you would still like it's in your gut weather at all for beta, like have you complained on Twitter to Clay Travis Boom, your beta, how much talk to guys put into working towards milestones in relationship ie, defining the relationship. The first I love you moving in together, etc. Zero, where you just go with the flow and waiting for the girl to bring up these questions, zero, defining milestones, so here's the milestones for a guy the first time. that you have sex the first time he had sober sex or some meds over sex and those are big and then meeting your parents? Yes, that's about it yeah and then, if you have a scary brother, yeah yeah
if Jim Harbaugh's, your your future brother right to fight that you got into whether or not you were able to defeat her scary Tom Crean remembers the time Jim Harbaugh locked him in their driveway and made him play to two twenty one. You know the first nineteen game series. Jim Harbaugh is like you, member bill and TED's excellent venture to yeah we're death kept playing them yeah. That's it, for this was the best two out of three yes, three on a final chance. Hank knows about it. I see the first one. That's a show doctor strange things are afoot, love it. What are your thought on dudes trying to finesse the morning sex after one night stand, I don't think that there's a whole lot of finessing going on is basically you gonna poke your roll over and you have a and then it's either happen. It either happens or it does show you shot. You guys knock on the door and the edge you need someone open to find out pretty quickly whether or not you should be in that bed for another five to ten minutes or whether you should just be on your way out the door. Yes, it's it's very apparent, hey guys dying to know your answer for this. What do you guys think about re on his new? Look hot or not
Good question is hot topic. This is very hot. On this okay, I thought about this a little bit so Riana. I guess somebody took an unflattering picture yeah, I wouldn't know I've. Never I've never had another and have to say me myself, but it's so if you think of it. Back in the day when men were caveman, we used to go out hunting. That was your job right yeah, so so women weren't going out there hunting. Nowadays, the new hunting for guys is sitting behind computers and blogging about stuff. So that's how we go out and we protect our families would provide for them. As a man who treats his body like a temple and sits behind a computer all day, it's actually my right to judge your looks that's how you go out hunting you go out hunting!
You know to make fun of me right. You know that I'm I'm the I'm the chief I'm on the head and head of the tribe, and so when you're, trying to if you, if you want us to take Rheon, is picture out of the eco system. That's basically like committing a mass extinction on all the buffalo in the plains. Yes, and now we can't go out there provide for families yeah so have summers. I think the real story here is about the plight of the sports bloggers. Yes, not about Rhea. We are being unfairly and just gonna throw the south there. I've taken nothing but bad pictures for quite some time now. So on the on the flip side, I know what you're going to re re. It's happens it. You know what, though it does you just keep taking pictures and eventually it's like hey, I'm gonna look different as somebody with a not great body. Should I be the first to be able to comment on other people's natural bodies yeah, so fat, it's like a it's like Eddie Lacy, showing up overweight. They cant like run. It might be a little chubby right now, which is one of the sexiest woman alive and she's gonna cut come
back in the prime form, so that's where we land we need to the internet as internet terse as men of the internet. We need to create a contract for riana that if she doesn't get under a certain amount of weight, she doesn't get a bonus or sh yeah. If she doesn't get under a certain amount of weight, then the men of the internet will stop tour. Yeah, don't mail, a strike kill, make us still make us use our power for a hot hot. You know what the power of the purse the boycott and there we go. We should make a movie about the man caught yeah. Alright, let's quickly rap up with a couple segments protect the shield for the NHL who have arrested the predators fan, who threw a catfish onto the ice in game one. This is
classic NHL, you gotta make sure you any fun arsenal. Is it's pits? It's the city of Pittsburgh. That's actually gather prosecutor yeah. The part of the city of Pittsburgh is prosecuting him for disorderly conduct, possessing instruments of crime and disrupting meetings in perception. It sounds like you just described to reporters off season right. They basically out there just getting the flex on Joey Porter had assaulted that police officer using a catfish and pulled out of his crotch, then he would still be black correct. The this guy should walk free simply because he vacuum sealed the catfish and put it in his pants. He really prepared for that. Technically he had sex with that, catfish were being a little. Sex is a little sex. Is it wasn't a lot of sex? Maybe he thought it was that fish that exists in the Amazon River that likes to swim up your urethra, oh yeah, and he was just trying to give it a good home. Is that real? Oh yeah? Oh it's real sure! Oh yeah! That's I don't trust! That's why I've never gone to the Amazon River. I've been there. They haven't I've been today
So we have a bad visual. One thing I wrote down. I wanted to get around to this I'm sick of in in hockey, all the super teams being created. You don't see this in other sports, like basketball, you got guys like Phil Kessel, changing teams. He got filled, Forsberg that just they get traded to form, so you don't have any teams just grow up the old fashion way together? True, that's why what's the NBA com, we have a bad visual for Lamar Mellow is a mill about. Is it lamella? I I want to be on the record as saying that, because Lavar Ball is that type of asshole that named all his kids l, something I can switch and choose. I can go like it's like an erector set like I wanted to call him Lavoro there. I think that's fair as as a white guy
Labella you aren't allowed to do that. Livello, it's uncomfortable! When you miss pronounce the ups misgender their names, Velo Ball, Levar! Oh, what is it Navarro? Bowman Lomello ball bad visual. He took like a million shots, missed 'em, all ball hog. I actually feel bad for the kid. Because he's you know it's tough to be born into a big baller family and live up to that big baller status basket was just being a hater. The best in your lane does ask you need to just yeah. I need to just chill out stay in your lane. Yeah it was. It was a bad visual, but that's all it is. I've always wondered why why I her parents would ever let their kids play on a team. That's coached by Levar Bowl, because the offense is very clearly going to be like Lumia. I was going to shoot five hundred times and then your son is going to get rebounds when you can and kick it out right. So about that life, no hell! No! I guess my kids are just haters. Yeah sure sure shoot, shooter shoot big Baller brand. By the way, shooters shoot is a great.
as for doing anything up, yeah, hey, hey! She took my shop, sure sure sure history favors, the bold we have finally last segment up. One is your whole for Buster Posey who, during the big, yes Harper Brawl, didn't have his man's back and just stood. They're kind hanging out Yachty would have gone just want to throw that out there buster Posey. I actually I have no problem with this because he he gets injured all the time. So it's like probably want to stay off so you're saying ever since he shattered his ankle. He's afraid of we will contact so they made a rule for him, but still they made a little rule for place for money, not love with the game yeah. I just want buster to change his last name, 'cause, it's too similar to only I always get a mixed up. I think everybody out there. No we're not we're talking about
buster, also nobody's talking about nobody's talking about the fact that buster only didn't get in that fight either. Yes, that's what you need to. He needs to change its name to only and just keep keep get everyone confused. I would love for correction to be on one side and then only to be on the other, and then the the dispute is just solved via a boxing match between the two of them bare knuckle that we have. That would be quite visual, quite a good visual. All right, that's our show. We will see you on Friday. We have Vince, will fork and NBA Finals Game one. So I'm very excited I'll. Just I'll say this about Vince, the way he says one particular word hand makes your mouth water. Yes, so we'll see you on Friday, we're also going to release a few clips from the Tom Crean Interview, so be on. Look lookout for that download the barstool sports app and we'll see you Friday, love you guys!
a medical, I'm gonna call.