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Tom Herman Rub & Tugs, CFB W/ Tom Fornelli, And NFL With Robert Klemko

2018-11-12 | 🔗

NFL Week 10 Recap and fastest 2 minutes (2:21 - 8;09). The underdogs were barking on Sunday, the Jets are a mess, Tom Brady is relatable, the Rams bounce back, and the Saints continue to be a wagon (8:08 - 24:18). Football Guy of the Week including Zach Smith going after Tom Herman on twitter and the invention of "ok. cool. hook em" (24:18 - 34:19). Who's back of the week (34:19 - 42:57). CBS CFB writer Tom Fornelli joins the show to talk about the College Football playoffs, who can beat Bama, and why Oklahoma's defense is laughably bad (42:57 - 61:21). Sports Illustrated NFL writer Robert Klemko joins the show to talk about Week 11, Dez Bryant, and the rookie QBs of 2018 (61:21 - 81:36). Segments include Jimmy Butler was traded lets talk about it, Stay Me70, Shoot your Shot Jared Goff, Stay Classy Redskins Social Media, and a wild Monday Reading about Northwestern Football being bad because they're good. 

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On today's party might take. We have NFL week ten or recap fastest two minutes. We also have our good friends Tom Fanelli, talking college football. Can anyone beat Bam who's in the playoffs and Robert Clump go with the whole areas, Dez Bryant story talking more nfl. We also have football guy the week a packed football guy of the week. Okay, hokum a and we have a Monday reading, which should be. Let's just say: it's interesting in northwestern people are nerds and weirdos. Before we get to all so the cash app you already know. The cash app is number one finance app on the app store. What you might not know is that you can also put cash app in your wallet with cash card. It's the only debit card that offers instant rewards and comes packed with premium features. Not even a credit card can offer like boosts, listen if you're in college and don't take advantage of boost. What are you doing? Save up to ten percent instantly at home?
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right now too? She cast. I got part of my take a get your cash card ready to roll okay, let's go well date is Monday November. Twelfth week ten,
We start in Cleveland where the dog pound had their chubbies out Nick. That is now there Carlos Hyde is gone. The browns made an impact substitution, putting the Falcons defense in shovel trouble, Nick Chubb, the space telescope also had a ninety two yard touchdown, which made the falcons see stars. You could find the browns in the Chubb part of full, a dub after that win and Atlanta on the express train to the offseason chopper chopper chopper chop. two two point, forty eight falcon. Sixteen. If your trouble ask for more than four hours, please seek medical attention immediately. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. Only days more discussed are done. So it's not a diary and Charlie is a fifty burger and that's exactly what to say. It's popped up in the queen city, sound the sides traded up back.
Those like toddlers as baby Shark Ingram to talk dirty, who ran for one hundred and forty yards and Alvin Simon Theodore Kamera, entered two scores. The mango season seems Lostwood, Marvin, Lewis and Clark leading the expedition and come back futile without raging crane and a touching tribute to his four. our teammate Sean Lee does Brian got hurt before he could even see the field for the New Orleans Saints surgical, marching fifty one peg was fourteen psalms brides NASH Vegas, where the student became the teacher as MIKE a sock free bowl prove one. Man's meat is another man's poison, starting former patriots, local bottler in Dion Lewis, the Patriots got their Sony Playstation Michelle Back what Tom Brady look like. He was playing with a broken controller. You always make your little brother play with marker, Mariota real trial in the Titans were the lone survivor in this week salute to service match up as a titans top the patriots three thousand four hundred and ten psalms,
That's why they play the Games football in Indianapolis, where Andrew Cluck cluck three thousand something town, the Jaguars throats and Erica Bron Bron swam through the runs on three times like it was Jimmer sites, goblet of cabernet search. The game came down. This is our final drive when we're Song Green Party, Poland, Doctor Jill Stein, taking valuable points away from the state of Florida portals and Andrew Luck. It was a battle of Wika, Pedia, Verse Box and although the jaguars were the better team citation needed, the books won the day and Indianapolis pulled in Tom Herman and got a happy ending. Ok, cool look up, quotes twenty nine jaguars twenty six arrowhead, where John
just keep Rosen Rosen, Rosen yeah lost the game of limp biscuit and Patrick Mahones made the cardinals secondary, eat his chocolate starfish it still asking season boom. It's always asks eating season tied. You don't have to tell me about Tyreek Henry Hill in his true rat self, ordered video surveillance on his teammates serving egg noodles and ketchup to Steve Welch's like a real schnook, the chief, it's well at Bergen, Kareem Hunt and fish club with their capital fat Anthony, twenty six cardinals fourteen
drop off in the windy city. In a battle of the NFC N and here's to you, Alan Robinson, Trappiste loves you more than you will know, throw throw throw it. Where have you gone golden Tate by Pro Matt Stafford turns his lonely eyes to you. Sack sack, sack, bears Kicker Cody Parkey hit the pipe more than Michael Irvin. Is prime, with a pair of survived now you? Yes, you listening to this right now, set up in your seat and show map Patricia some respect. Past thirty, four lines: twenty two standing on the corner, Jameis Winston Tampa FL such a fine sight to see it's a running back, Milo driving like a brand new four and his name is APHA.
LA where Tom Elizabeth Hurley scored for the thirteenth street straight week, and I asked all his fantasy owners two one if you hold baby Johann Sebastian, Janikowski was back back back back back. Put the Seahawks offense was parole when they need it. The most Sean Mcfate, Cosa Jewel of a game is a millennial, took down the baby boomer in a battle of the generations. Speaking of boomer, there was a thirty six year age gap between these coaches and thirty. Six years ago, are young boomer was on the sidelines in San Francisco for the catch. That's neither here nor there, but always worth mentioning rip. Thirty, six seahawks thirty one, and we finish in Oakland, where Jon Gruden Raiders continued to sputter. We have Jon Gruden, head coach of the Oakland Raiders Forest comment on his teams: wolves his room, raiders, head coach at burning man, tell you what man say,
It's tough to win out there. You know, there's certain call me Chuck e cheese man, because I play a lot of games. You end up with a bunch of season tickets that are worthless. Ok, so I'm telling you my phone is ringing off the hook. I got a bunch of dead guys that are just dying to play here. Man, I call my phone Miss Cleo 'cause. It's getting calls from a bunch of dead guys. You know that Derek Carr Man, he he's a guy that reminds me a lot of myself 'cause after one or two good years he's worse than his brother, two men, you know that's what I'm talking about. I've got five first round picks to tell you what maybe I'll use him get a pass, rusher a wide receiver. Something like that thanks John that was. I was greeted Swiss he's canadian Canadian John was a little Chicago in there too yeah slip it in their faces. Some swirsky is there are a week eleven in the books. The theme of week eleven was the
dogs were barking and Vegas, one all their money back good thoughts and prayers. Today, because I was very worried about LAS Vegas after the last two weeks with a lost money yeah, so we had the Brown's win as seven point underdogs the Titans beat the patriots as seven point underdogs and then to top it all off the cowboys which I think we all said, we're done dead fire jet fighter jet Jason Garrett. Don't extend DAK Prescott. You got little seven year olds, riding in saying Jason Garrett in quotation marks, they go to Philadelphia and shocked the Superbowl defend a chance which actually, can I ask you a question. Let's start here at what point, when the Superbowl defending Champs play so shity, can we stop calling on the Superbowl defending Champs? I think
I think they're the defending champs until they're mathematically illuminated. Ok, I think that's the official rules they're playing later publish like offensively. They look boring. I don't know what it is that that's so different from last year. I also have not seen the eagles defense get pushed around like there. I know they have a ton of injuries. I know they're missing a lot of guys, but the cow offense, hasn't looked that good in two years and Vander Esch Good yeah, Cris Collinsworth noted himself. Several times we talk right still can deal with that with the the neck roll. The cowboy collar thing got going on that yep. Does that run at least color? Or do you just give that to Jalen Brown. I don't know that was like his reward. He gave him like his old, like color that he
we're back in the 1980s. I think he was also wearing it with little camouflage on it, which really made it not fair salute to service. The new stack that we're going to hear a lot about is that Van dress played high school football in seventy seven, so you're going to get sick of that one pretty soon 'cause, I'm sure the cowboys will be flexed into nine more prime time games also also just the cowboys I like, whenever they talk about Vander, Esch being great the shock and amazement that Jerry Jones made a good draft pick their like this guy. Like he's on the. yeah! Can you believe this like? Did he they? They drafted this guy? It's it's crazy! Yeah! The eagles looked like dog trash. They look really really bad yeah. I don't! I don't know I th. I think it's time to say this is the Red skins division. I I agree. I mean I I thought eagles would win. Tonight will be a race but the eagles having that showing they have to now based
to run the table, it would seem like yeah, you know, maybe one or two more. The margin for error for the eagles are is very slim yeah. Well, I you know what I liked about this game is before it started. There was a fight down on the field yep and that always favors the underdog was in my hands. I think it was a couple I think was like two coaches got yet to coach is getting in on it. So we had that was the night game, but I think the so so the the dogs were barking like we said the Browns Break Baker. Mayfield saying I woke up, this morning feeling dangerous and that's a quarterback as a franchise quarterback. That's all time, you know what that is. That's like a tagline from Liam Neeson Movie, yes yeah! I will this morning feeling dangerous. Yeah yeah, like my kid got taken my bought my football that take yeah, I'm gonna find acres, but they I like Baker. He always liked it. It's concerning to me that he recognized that he woke up feeling dangers, because I I feel like bigger, just gets out of bed he's like in a natural state of like I'm dangerous yeah. He probably just looking noticed Howard's twitter feed before and there's like an hour. He consulted
burn book yeah this game and use it? If you have your all in a lot of trouble, it's so that in in the titans, were the other shocker absolutely dominate the patriots. Hank Hank, worried yeah. So are you worried? Where is your status on the panic button? I'm not worried. I think it's actually a nice move Bill Bella check he's now, one in four against former players: coaches and the first signs Playdom so just trying to get rid of the stigma that, like teachers coaches, are bad after the culture play for the patriots always trying to help out as got Scott. Okay, so is it a nice move, our our? This is just a master class and motivation and like letting his players not get complacent yeah, throwing this one losing this one intentionally. So the the one thing I mentioned you before the show sort of like I was in the papers are to be fine. They have these. bosses every now and then, but the home field advantage is now in jeopardy because they have to go play at Spitzberg and the Chiefs, the Chiefs and Rams play on it? I the chiefs, just don't lose yeah, so I can't wait for
game. Yes, next Monday night is going to be so many super mile high, I kind of want to go to Mexico City. For that I don't know. If I clock is ticking, I don't know if my passport, but I would love to go to which is a. We would burn a call like this salty margaritas, a great yeah, Margarita yeah, the other, the I've I am facing Jerd, though, in that game? Okay, the other. The other thing I noticed noticed from the Patriots Game, Tom Brady, is so relatable. Whenever he tries to run yeah
him falling over. It's like that guy is, is the best quarterback of all time and superior athlete, and then, when he runs like hey, that's me, you can't, I don't know exactly like that. You just falling all over. You can't have it all he's got literally everything else, yeah that you would ever want run, except the ability to take like three steps with the ball. It's like, if you were to get a first down on that if he was like, if you was a slightly below average runner. Yes, I think a baby deer that that was just born every time we get is ridiculous. The other stories you have the saints continue to roll yeah. They have won nine straight, they lost sorry each street, the fact they lost week, one to the Box. That's one! You just going to circle in like how did that happen? Yeah! It's like not even possible 'cause they're going to put. I think they have to go play in Tampa Bay, soon and they'll win by like four scores, was the that was the start of fits magic yeah. So is the initial break out of Herpes, which always burns the most yes? And so that's what got that's we got to say. The trouble I did here I think was Matt has is one the Hasselbeck's on countdown when he was talking about the game. He said that watch out big.
is this could be trouble for the saints because they are playing off a short week because they play the afternoon game pass on it. Just like I told yes, like you know like I got that three hours, as you seem times on, though that's true, I think about you know, I think no, no, not the Cincinnati Ohio is they don't have clocks yeah, so the the thing times are tough. They just look at where the clouds are now is to in this. This was the battle of who that verse two day, and so I'm trying to figure out which one is grammatically, correct, more dramatic, because I don't think either one is but who one day who dat say is closest, who dat is there going to beat them saints who they say they gonna beat them Bengals everyone who is everyone, says the Bengals. I think I read a stat where they've given up five hundred yards offense three games in a row, so I think it's just. I think I think the Bengals are correct, then, because there are a lot of people that are saying that they're going to be alot, and so you have to determine who
thanks. Those is the one saying it now. Yes, it's whoever's on the schedule now, yes yeah, so you you mentioned, fits magic. We got to talk about that. Came real, quick. The red skins coming I have a bad loss to the falcons, go down to Tampa Bay and an insane like statistical game. The box at five hundred yards in three points and Fitz MAGIC was doing all the fits thanks. Yes, it throwing it forwards. Ten yards down the field, fumbling everywhere running where he had like a clear lane to get a first down, but then like no, you know what I maybe I can get a helicopter touched I don't know it's five yards I lost yet for some guy, that's supposed to be really really smart he's definitely very good at math. He is. He has a hard time with geometry. Sometimes in the open field like find either when he's like trying to run in a straight line, there's one point where he had a first down
and he just decided to like off to the left and take the hypotenuse route yet which he ended up getting tackled on or when he's like trying to throw the ends up going like six going forwards in the open field that was like. That would been tried to do last year. What he did to Fitzpatrick yeah except he ended up just on the fourth floor. He has like he has a late stage. Brett Farr brain where he's just every play, is always a life. No matter where you are on the field, you can throw down field, yes, and no, that's just not how it works. Here's another fun stat Alex Smith, the quarterback of the our words he is thrown for exactly a hundred and seventy eight yards in three of his last four games. Wow been standing, I'm not sure if that's correct yes, that sounds I mean, look it up, but we'll have our our stats part. I do have a file. You want to stay out of the day right now, because RON, the Redskins yeah, let's have a so we we lost the chiefs coin, flip they finally lost a coin flip that twelve in a row, but the best streak. Now that no one's talking about is the red skins.
the red skins in all their games. There has not been a single the change yeah, which is incredible. That is not every time they've won, they've they've either been title or winning the entire game. Every time they lost to the admin tighter losing yeah, literally whoever scores first. Those next point wins yeah. For every time you yeah we'll backs point two yeah yeah, it's like just with the next one. When you get to the field, if you score first the game's over, I wonder what that is like there's something about its crazy or just the momentum team. I guess yeah, they don't play what they played great with a lead and they don't play well from behind yeah. So that's it me too ha ha the other staff of the day I had the dolphins, seven rushing touchdown in the last two years, Todd Gurley has twenty five: that's incredible It really is like thirteen in a row right. Yes, in weeks in a row, the last one to do. It was l t in like two thousand five. I had a moment this team that you're not to break that's crazy big year for me, so people still talk about that year. I mean, I think I
doing the legal till I win the league. Nobody cares very fancy game come on man. Did I win the league? Here's another stat. I got the time of everyone. I got this dm to me. Browns are undefeated. I games flying teams this year they haven't lost, can steer. Horns Yahoo fly okay, so I'm not talking bird teams, because that would be one thing. Yes, some of the jack I'm some of the day, the jets, the Falcons and the Ravens okay, so who else they have on their schedule? I don't I don't know it. So, let's look what exactly some of these to the play, the ravens again, they play the ravens again. Okay, I will be a win win. They played the that's it so they just put the ravens for a four wins for the browns. That's a that's a big victory yeah. That is a big victory. Can we talk about the bears real quick to Mitch? Mitch was awesome and I actually less about the best. I think the bears are playing well, although we still need to be like a really good team for me to get all my like.
This could actually happen. This team could win a playoff game. They pretty much beat the pager stuff, but they they need to be. They need to be one white very. Does something that football game gets. A bike is going to be the biggest test and where it's like, okay, can they can they at home, be a really good team, then, and then, and then I will save myself. This team can win a playoff game, but the lions number the start of the season we said Matt Patricia lost locker room Everyone is and then they went. They want a couple games like no, you were wrong. I think he actually has and it's a disaster and we're getting the columns again saying Matt, Patricia only is bad, but he looks like yeah and yeah. There's some real mean one just had yeah, that's what you get like you, that's what happens when you told journalists to set up? Yes, if you don't call back people forget, the pen is mightier than the sword right so like they could actually kill you a million times over. Just by writing one call, but it's one of those things where, if you get on the wrong side of the media, and then you also happen to be the guy who looks like he's coming off a bender every single Sunday, it's not
he's, got a mix of bender an like anime bro to his look to his ascetic. Like I'm speaking of swords, I wouldn't be surprised, Patricia had just like a wall of Catan is and not just like a bunch of sorts. You don't want to play magic. The gathering gets mapped Richard Hell own. You know you don't feel back forced your hill. I don't really think of what we. What was the that force you all to death card yeah? I don't know I never cerpen laws, what tracking blue eyes white dragon allows. You maintainer, not sure. I think I did that I'd. He's gonna get us. I didn't play magic. The gathering, I did cool jock stuff like collected trading cards yeah exactly now. That was a lot cooler, KEN Griffey junior rookie card that everyone is like it's the most valuable card ever and then found out that they produce seven million in the upper deck one yeah everyone who had like three of those were going to fucking retire on that card. Pretty sure everybody in our generation has like six books of baseball cards somewhere at their parents house, it's like ok, Murphy and we've got in the back of our heads. Like those stories you hear like. Oh, my dad had a bunch of like tie,
cards that ended up being worth five hundred thousand. He did yeah in my fear, like I, don't have a retirement plan, but I do know that there are some trading cards somewhere in my dad shed some somewhere out there. I got like a RON, Gant rookie Card yeah, it's probably going to pay for for my children college. I got the Terry Pendleton Card where it's just as asked running down the first base, yet he was there. He was standing before think. What's new is absolutely yeah, he was the he would he invented. So what other games you want to touch on? I mean the rams they they. Basically, I was like a big comeback game, because I was lost to the saints they've got a lot going on in LA and the beat a Seahawks team. That was when the Seahawks get desk, they are very, very dangerous yeah that was a desperate seahawks. Here's how you can rank the desperation of a seahawks team going into any given game. You look, on the sidelines and you see how many pieces of gum he has a mouth yep if it's just one piece that probably means that they're playing the cardinals at home yeah and if you looks like Danny Smith, the special teams coordinator from the the Steelers we like a dozen
and it's not just like the movement of his jaws well and it's not like good gum. It's like double bubble. Yes and he's got like ten pieces in there. He just cranking that thing away, and you know you're in front of people you're in for a knife fight once he gets over ten pieces of gum, yeah he's slapping people on the back, he's chopping that gum that is the day PETE Carroll, I forgot. We do have stock one other. We got talk about the bills, jets yeah, so the bills jets the jets need to fire Todd Bowles. Disagree. They lossed forty one to ten is just looking at Barclay. Here's the thing, here's the thing it was Josh Mccown. We talked about Josh going into this weekend and we said, that, since it's no nut November he's going to have an advantage. The reality is no November just levels, the playing field for everybody that everyone has changed. My camera hasn't been nothing yes, yeah. They got called for a triple holding, which I've never seen before a triple holding on one play. Just a group hug yeah, just three guys holding that was I mean
You have to admit that was probably the most embarrassing losses they've had in awhile. Well, this happens with this bills team. I don't like. The same thing happened to the Vikings yeah. They show up every now. Here we go. The jets are as good as the Vikings. That's true actually know they lost by more points, so they were so yeah. I think the Vikings lost seven seven or something yeah. I don't I don't know. What's up with this bill seem like, like you said, Matt Barkley, don't change the subject here. Tumbles gonna topples not getting out to give his not can fire. He does. He does not know he's not. I remain faithful this. I thought I would you know I blame on SAM Donald. Ok, I blame it. On hill, on you, gotta be tougher, he's a so cal bro. He doesn't have. Great? He doesn't have the determination every little boo boo it's a big deal for him, so he you know what he left. He let his teammates down yet by not playing ok, so the jets. I think I think in the first quarter it was something like they had one yard in the first. It was insane to watch that game and just see how fucking bad they were and, like we said, the bills. Offense is not very good and
Mccoy was running everywhere and Matt Barkley, who is also Matt. Barkley, was even a week until Sunday yeah. What do you say a Berkeley was doing. I don't just hang out in southern California, but I bet he was camping. He seems, like maybe can't this was like the Matt Barkley did because not only did he win that game, but the bears beat the lions for the first time since Matt Barkley beat the lines with the bears and Mark Trust and try to save his job. It was like Matt Barkley was rolled again from an end. Also people forget that was oh, no Jimmy Clausen, never mind. I get them confused, yeah Give me Clawson was the guy that that that Todd Mcshay and wine. Why am I blanking on the other, the talk, hybrid, okay, okay per said he would retire. If you mean costume, wasn't like a pro bowler, that's right, yeah he's not following through on, though, is not if, if Matt Barkley walked in this room right now, would you recognize him He I'll probably call you the cost of the yeah yeah. I don't think I'd recognize him yeah. If he was sitting in our office and you guys and now he's going to be there, you would not be able to pick them out of like men.
probably looks at Barclays, definitely looks good in shorts. Guy yeah, Matt Barkley looks like your the guy that your ex girlfriend in high school star to date right and he's like the hand that guys will we better yeah and got you very probably dunk yeah. This sucks all right. Let's do our football guy that we should do our football guy the week. Let's go, we got to talk about the biggest story. That's going on right now, so I'm going to lead up to that I'll. Do the First, three: before that, the first one we have MIKE Leach, let's put in the audio of MIKE Leach, leeches Post game interview. We did control the ball.
there we go and much of the country. Can you describe what he is meant to this station? I recruited him. I don't recall and then he's got more most. This is this is the way thank you, so so MIKE Leach getting a mustache put on his face and then being asked questions about my his quarterback having a mustache and be like. Well, my whole team. More guys have mustache yeah want to give any credits, all the other guys getting like actually mad about mustache yeah. I would be surprised if nobody else on the team as a mustache and MIKE Leach, just like got mad at being asked that question is. Is it give credit to the rest of my team too? Yeah he's just been watching too many pirate movie yeah. Okay, all
I've mustaches and peg legs yeah talking about so you're. The quarterback is Gardner Menchu, the second Uhhuh which it we hear that name in that. That name might as well just be like a neon sign, be like this. Guy has a mustache yeah, that's most mustache name that I've heard any has full on mustache swagger yeah. I got tied hands where you just where you get a guy with the right, mustache and you're like Doc. I was born to have a mustache and gives him extra powers. Your MIKE, which reminds me of, is like a hard teacher that you might have had like a heart as Jim coach they might have had in high school and at the time super intimidating, but then you go Back- and you see him like ten fifteen years later, and you realize just a Teddy Bear Granny sold any around with you now right he's a cool got yet know it at the end of work before you graduate. He pulled your side he's like you know. I love you. Yeah he's a
It was. It was awesome if, if you ever need someone to buy beer right right, if you wanna, hang out yeah I'll get your job all right. Your recommendation, anytime yeah. I love you guys, yeah after after busting, your balls for for four straight years. Next up we have Sean Payton who before or the Bengals Saints Game, there was a fire alarm going off in the locker room and he just straight up smashed and smashed the fire alarm that you actually saw a picture of a smash fire alarm sitting there. That is as football guys. It gets being like talk that, if there's an emergency, someone else will find it for me yeah. He just grabbed the and and beat the out of it yeah- and I I totally relate to this because usually, if there's a fire alarm I'd, I just prefer not to read right? You just kind of sit there. I'm like listen, I'm pretty nimble. I think I can get out if I'm right, if there's yeah, like there's, probably a test a test, these right yeah exactly test. Next up, we have MIKE Gundy who has
his name his. So he I think his son is a grown kid. Like he's high school core, I I's corporate in his name is Conor yeah got a gun. They said he didn't travel with the team to go to the games, use stand back, a son gunners high school football, which they won, your honor Gundy Gunner gun. The is wonderful, and I thank you. Can you imagine the ask? A king's guard would have gotten if he wasn't a quarterback, all my God, Conor Gundy, that is the coolest kid I've ever heard, would have got her was like. I want to be a magic, the gathering guy, no, no, no, not at all. Then then son change, your name, that's like when you like not like you give it. You know what I did that happen. I bet Gundy has like more than one son and then he just like waited to watch them develop yeah, whichever the superior athlete was. He gave them the name. Ghana, yeah you're gone and you're, going to be a little boy. You're gonna be Stephen, with a ph your job off G, o, F, yeah, exactly and then last up the story that
We have to talk about Tom. Herman is nominee; oh no. Sorry we did is that the third yeah, that's the third. The fourth is Tom and is nominated football guy of the week, and I don't think he even realized how this came about, but Zach Smith, who everyone remembers was dismissed from Ohio state. Pretty big scumbag allegedly ever going to like tried for just use jacuzzi a word case so either way alleged it could user the whole thing with urban Meyer. He decided tonight was the night to come out and basically go after Tom Herman on Twitter and say that Tom Herman cheated wife, one of these tweets, will read one of these tweets. He said: hey Brett, Mcmurphy reports I witnessed Tom Herman cheat on his wife several times once in an asian, massage parlor parlor, just texted him that I'm done protecting him him going to be on
now or not lmao. That kind of hurt your argument by the way, if you do the the the the laughing my off yep at the end of like I'm drop a bomb shells on twitter. He was doing that a lot. He was young like Laul lmao. He was doing all that stuff. He was on the screen, shot that he posted was just ridiculous yeah of the text message yeah. So here's the text message. This is why I've Tom Herman is now nominated for football guy of the week and several coach. To reach out to me to expose you because, as they said, who is he to condemn you when he was, he wasn't living right and they were so right, send hey Courtney, more money, bitch, I'm going to share everything all caps about you, including all the pictures I've taken of the shit you did so tell Randall and all your cronies, to stop because I'm ready to expose the fucking, cowardly bich you are and Tom Herman just replied: ok cool hook him with a hook emoji,
I like his eat. Now, Tom Herman, your world is about to come down on you, I'm going to expose you for cheating, on your wife and all these infidelities and all this shit on Twitter and Tom Herman. Just like you know what Hookim did. Do you think that he is that's like an auto fill thing where every time you take somebody ends with how come yeah that with horns. Yes, I think so too. Absolutely so hokum is back. Who has your back? After going? You know we had the whole Hookham thing with Donna with Coach Dana and then, like his hookah. A penalty should have horns down now Tom Herman in a that, anyone should be like hold holy fuck I'm scared. Shittless of this he's just like you know what let's just drop a off also he's definitely implicating himself in all these activities. Like he's like, I was there, so I think when I was there with you Kim yeah, and also if you witness, like you, witnessed him, get jerked off in an asian, massage part. Real talk like it's a piece of shit, move on his part to be like I'm, going to take all the stuff that my ex wife heard from your wife and
finance yes and then put that out in the public to embarrass her. Yes, that's pretty up yeah, but you urban Meyer's, probably like you saw the screen shot. He was like wait what it? What is that we, well first. I thought he tried to delete it. He was like why did delete someone else's tweet? Why is this email in, like blue bubbles? Don't get it? I can't understand any of this phone is where you say hey. I was going to say I liked how, in the Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Game there was fan just doing down a hallway and school is a life. Is a lifestyle down there? Here's the thing, Texas! You need to realize that the more they complain about people doing horns down the more it's going to happen all the time, yeah yeah. I know it's absolutely true and now horns. You know hokum and Tom Herman. I mean this. Is I don't know what you can respond to this? Do you just ok. This is a crazy guy. I'm never going to even address this or or do you think someone is going to ask him at a press conference he's going to be like yeah? I did go to a rub and tug with Zach Smith
yeah, so I don't know yet just ended with a hook up yeah, I don't know. What's going, somebody is definitely going to ask about it. I'm sure the University of Texas is going to have like a high, our p r response to it. Yes, well credit to Tom Herman, because he made a whole areas response. You can now be drop on people when they give you really bad this yeah, just okay, cool hokum, yep, gonna do man, which is the that sounds like a bed. He was hanging out with Mcconaughey when we, when you got this tax and he's like reading all these tax become his like, hey man, what's going on like why why you also bummed out on me- and he just had it- is once the guys out sick is no problem? Okay, okay, cool Hookham, Hook, command. Welcome, he's a he's, a weird one: where these hi hi hi, a coach Tom Herman, you still running from the truth, cool cool, be getting my life ruined on some bullshit, but don't want me to expose you send one more person to meet me to hide your shit. I'm done protecting you pitch your bad human, okay, dude Hookem interest
very interesting. I guess well, it sounds like from this perspective Tom Herman's been like having visitors like pass messages to the coach Smith. I I don't know what it's like that would shock me. I mean this whole thing. Is it's our thank God I want to say it is K, is listen all roads lead to urban Meyer on this yeah question for recruits. Would you go play for a coach to cheat on his wife eventually in frequency he shouldn't was sought, as far is really hammered home, this asian thing how soon yeah I'd, Most kids probably would go play for that coach, hey. If it was like of program hey seventeen year old, jock kid that is being recruited. Your coaches is so famous for being a good head coach, that he's getting hand jobs all the time and having sex with a lot of hot women. Yeah. Do I bet you don't
play for him yet, but you don't want to come play at USC yeah how about Notre Dame now? That's, okay! We we don't do that yeah, okay! So so what you want to come over to our b Y? U and and we'll have a real good time yeah either way. He I, our friend Dan Dockets, has him now booked for Tuesday, one Pm Hernandez Smith Smith: yeah, that's this guy platform. I actually think dockage is the guy who could probably like he won't he'll go after him, so it'll be an interesting view all right. I wish you Jackson's interviews that he was doing were like half as entertained and half a scorched earth is a huge Jackson. Come on man he's a he's been undisputed he's been on first take he's taking pictures MIKE Silver yeah, drunk and a and a bar sangria pictures. Yet just hanging out it's you Jackson, Hue Jackson actually thinks that if he's just nice enough to the media, someone give me shop. I want yeah. I want to see what he Jackson has to say about like what kind of Escort Services Todd Haley was using. Let's get that down to the it's great to yeah Todd Haley would not understand. Ok, cool hook, him he's I'll, come fight,
right now, I'm a bit fucky fucky, Fiesta, Fuckin' bar and I'm not there right now, but yeah. I'm there right now meet you. He fuck it. I'm going to run you over in my Camaro, I'm going to I'm going to fucking over and smash your mailbox and then run away? Alright, let's do our who's back of the week Hank. Once you start, who's back have a few oh, whose back first, his back is breaking bad yeah so in typical Hollywood fashion, can't come up with any original ideas for movies. Ok, there now in works and developing a breaking bad movie, it's going to be awesome so who's in it is it like the whole gang Walter White. I think it's Jesse right. It's just following Jesse: they don't know all the details. I'll those rumors that water is going to be in that there's rumors, that is going to be looking a continuation of better call Saul, but there's not any find
details. I would like to see like a gritty, Jesse Pinkman Origin story like him back in high school in Walton Whites class. I like that. I like that. I like that my other who's back is Jimmer for debt. Ok, Mormon Don drop. Seventy five in China, nice. I like that. That is, I mean it's always Jimmer time. I always he was the original stuff curry. You can put him out there. I just like Jim or can get buckets. You can't play even a lick of defense at the NBA level, but man can you get back all so great name. It's always so funny when, like the NBA, where they don't play defense really anymore, I mean you saw Lebron Lebron really tried to kick the ball out of someone's head yeah. He was, he was playing such hard. Defense use, vending rules, regular season, Lebron, regular season West Coast Lebron is trying at at a hilariously awful level on defense, he's trying to check it out if he knows nobody's watching no ones watching, but the fact that, like the NBA
they such little defense and I don't want to sound like other college basketball. College basketball is not the same level whatever they don't play deep the NBA and Jim are still is considered like a horrendous defensive liability. Yes, that's something else yeah they can find a spot for him, but he's he can still pull up from forty feet. Yeah yeah make it rain, gets wet, watch out he'll get on the shot. I don't know about that. Yeah, okay, That is, why would why did you want? Another shot? Do square seventy, two, seven thousand five hundred and seventy five. Why would you want another shot, just dominate in China? which one do you think is making China couple mill. That's a big league in China! Ok, yeah yeah, that's that's pretty good life, so yeah and also you don't pay taxes yeah. That's we do well. If you don't, you know what I mean you're, also let's use twitter right. You have to use what we both like the Chinese, one that only let you tweak out good stuff about the chinese government. Speaking we've, I got called we've all the other day, which I had asked Liam is, I guess,
it's like a guy who tries to pretend he's a anime guy. You know the meme like here at Patricia. Have this yeah yeah, you know the little guy here have this. You know it's mine, I guess that's an anime thing, and so I did it. People like you, try to be a. We bow. You were, and I got really. I got really upset and I actually am of like you know what one of the calling the online right now yeah you are appropriating nerd culture, you're, fake, gamer girl. It is lyrics. That's my first. My first instinct is to just text problem be like YO. The kids are making fun again. Well, he always he always knows yeah. My who's back in the week is wings. Chicken wings are back this week, relatable, okay, more space and more specifics and throwing all know, listen more specifically, Wingstop wait! Awhile is already, I know their sponsor, but I'm, but the New Orleans saints every single Thursday since I've been on this winning streak they go to. Where
stop as a team, the eat, a load, they should go to buckle wildly should not on a one on one but but they're eating a lot of wings every Thursday night, which is basically our lives. What we do yep is every Thursday from Buffalo and we've been on a great winning streak to that's true, because he was so sick, a winning of getting full rate, Hank yeah yeah. What else you got? That's it I'm just on one! Does it? Okay, I get to one is a Michael Barty Terrible takes so my Lombardi last year said: Doug Peterson was the worst coach in the NFL. Then he went and won a Superbowl, so I'm hoping that this turns into a yearly thing where Michael Barty bashes someone and then they go on to win. Well, because he said about Mitch, Trubisky, no, I'm not buying Mitchell Trubisky Lombardi said on the podcast. You couldn't get me to buy Mitchell Trubisky. If you had him on discount rack at Filene's basement, there's no chance, there's no chance. You can throw the ball and bounce half the time. I mean it's a joke. So thank you, Mikael Marty. I think that's
good thing right: yeah, his kiss of death gives life yeah exactly limits when out and see and scorch the lines and then my other, whose back is just Bobby Petrino, jokes, yes, so Louisville Louisville is I they didn't fire Pitino an patrino, because now I feel like Louisville it's going to be fun anymore? What happened? Was they went from the Horn Iest Campus in America now, just like a really boring, yeah they're going to hire like some preacher to take his place and it's going to be lame like you're not going to win a national title in football, you know obviously basketball you did, but it got vacated. You could be something and being the guys is kind of a cool brand. It is absolutely cool brand right, just flies in the face of what Smith was saying about, like no one's going to want to play for you right people wanted to play for between, because, like this dude slays right, this too gets on motorcycle yeah, so Lamar Jackson, he basically got bug journal fired by being so good when he was in college. I read
active coach kills yeah yeah, I mean essentially is right and what we'll talk a little bit more about this with with Clint GO, but I want the tree no to go to the ravens, get reunited and then to play against the Steelers twice a year and share motorcycle tips with big Ben. That would be something so yeah patrino and then that one that one picture was so funny the bottom line, I'm sure tape the show obviously earlier 'cause. I think they played Friday night yeah, but just the bottom line of him him in his Weekly show Sunday Morning show in Louisville, and then the bottom line says Bobby Petrino fired because he got another job yeah big time job, maybe not big time, but he'll get another job yeah I mean he wins football games or has one football profit Savannah for Nick Saban, I yeah. Maybe I'm down there. I got look at it. I going to look into his coaching tree. That's the thing whenever it gets fired, he's looking at his coaching tree,
over at the top will hire I'm sure, there's a buyout involved. Where he's going to be getting paid a lot of money for the next several years he got. I think he got fourteen million dollars, which is good for body patrino, because he remembered did not get the buyout in Arkansas because they basically were able to void his contract for being too horny yeah. That was the cause. That's remarkable two horni you Fuchs someone in the office. You don't get your contract, that's the Anthony Weiner treatment, yeah, pretty much sorry, no winner, two thousand and twenty as the dream ticket yeah and let's get Pacino in there somewhere, yeah, I'm sugar it out he'll, be there campaign manage yes all right, get to our interviews. First up we're going to do Tom Fornelli some college football before we get to that I want to talk to you guys quickly about Starbucks today show is brought to you by our good friend Starbucks. Everyone knows this is a pro true. podcast, because our friends, zero blog
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a great great out, video sears. It is a very, very, very well just check it out, check it out. Okay, we now welcome on our good friend Tom. For now you can find him on Twitter at Tom. For now you can also find him on CBS sports. Where he's writing about college football every single day, also giving out picks I have turned around so now's the time to get in on what they haven't turned around Hanks Maddy, let's get start there Tom, I'm not mad at you, thanks value because it wasn't your fault, I'm mad at old, Miss didn't coverage. Trivia Williams is fault who all he had. He pulled like the opposite of talk early last week. All he had to do was go down get first down. To end the game of that so be read. Fifty yards for a touchdown to get rid of the cover yep and those happen everything week. So I want to start with the top the top four, because everyone everyone always likes to talk about. The teams are in the playoffs right now, if you had to guess, if you had to predict
of those four teams not making it which one would it be Notre Dame I think that even over Michigan yeah 'cause? I miss you. Gotta play Ohio State, yeah yeah, and I honestly think that I mean if committee head is full druthers? It would probably rank Michigan ahead of Notre Dame right now, because I honestly think Michigan, even though it losts you Notre Dame, he started the year is better than Notre Dame at least playing better and I understand that Notre Dame upgraded for Brandon Wimbush to Ian Book and the offense is approved since the I texture Williams back but I think Michigan. Just overall special teams, defense and offense has been a better team than Notre Dame that way got touchdown better, but I think they're slightly better and I think if you look at Notre Dame, I don't think any of us are going to be surprised if they lose to Syracuse Stadium next weekend, because that's an office, It's really really playing well and just Notre Dame's defense is kind of flipping in the recent weeks beyond
I agree with that. That's my upset special this week. I love Dino, ok, so so we should talk about that game. Real quick! I think we can officially say that's not a trap game, though, because everyone has been talking about it as a trap game for the last month. It's not a trap. If everyone knows trap game answer, keys is good also on a neutral site. I don't think a neutral site game can be a trap game because you have to prepare for it. Like it's a weird like it's a it's a difference, stadium, yeah, thank you stadium. So are so you do you think, nor am I actually tend to agree with you there do you think that Ohio State has any chance to be ' Michigan. In a couple of weeks in Columbus I saw the early line was Michigan minus three one, slash two, which I think is a shocker to anyone who falls college football not now, but at the beginning of this If you told me, Ohio state would be a dog at home against Michigan. That would be kind of crazy yeah. I think I say we have a realistic shot of beating Michigan, simply because, for the same reason Ohio State Beat,
it stayed up Saturday. If you look at their problems on defense, where they give up a lot of big plays, you know they got torn apart by Purdue. They got torn up a little bit by Nebraska to spread offenses that move quick and try to spread your out and follow through two through the air. Michigan is not really an offense built like that. It's very much. You know your typical Jim Harbaugh friends, or they just want to run it. You run it. You run it you and then, once the models try to beat you with play action, which is something say, Patterson stud tremendous job with this year, but I think that stylistically, Ohio State's defense matches up much better with Michigan's and it does with produce. So as far as that's concerned, I think that the I have somewhat of an advantage there that they don't have against teams like Purdue. That being said, Ohio State cannot run the ball right now to see if it. white, so I think it would really struggle to move the ball against Michigan depressed because it's the best defense, the country, so yes, Ohio State, would have a chance to beat Michigan. I don't,
so that I would pick them too, and I think I understand if they are three one slash point dog, although it's strange for that to be the case at home, I understand it not probably lean towards Michigan and, if your northwestern, who would you rather play in the big ten championship game, Ohio, state, yeah, yeah it just because they have bought it, Michigan really doesn't have like an obvious. What you can expose now, the because say Patterson, you know that was always the problem. Last year, so hard by the quarterback was just average at best shape patterns. Him is much better than average, and that is something that you know Northwestern really can't compete with. If you look at if the person versus Shea Patterson, I don't think it's. What's your account. Do you think so? I I watch that entire house, the Michigan State Game yesterday and obviously doing Haskins is very, very talented, but there are sometimes where he looks like he's just uncomfortable, and it's not even that he's getting a rush. It's just like something about where he
Please throws it doesn't look fully fluent. Have you seen that recently yeah? I, I think that they're kind of not really using it correctly. To be honest with you, I feel like they're part of passing game, goes there having a draw the short path, but you know article route in short, when it's in his accuracy on those routes. Isn't that great, I feel like he's much word that Cardale Jones Road, where, if you get a growing doubt the old, I think he's more at home or at least more comfortable with, like you know, vertical rocks and then in the city I I think part of it too, is the way that they use. That run game is if the way that Ohio state runs, the ball they're still doing like read: options like Jt Bear. It was back there when the defense has absolutely no respect for Dwayne Haskins ability to run, nor should they yet they don't go to more power, sets and more power running, and I feel like being in a situation where he's just not.
The ball is kind of affecting his play overall. Okay. So I like this because this is the the take that are Meyer, great recruiter, but he's not that great of a coach, I think, he's a very good coach, but I I do think that often we ride date calling to place the baby urban is. You know Lord a good little bit over that because it's just with their come people doing. I do think they are. They are not making adjustments that they should make to their personnel. I mean if this is the office they want to run, they should probably have Tate Martell playing quarterback because I think he's a better fit for it yeah. You saw a little bit of it on this on Saturday. Now, on the other side of the coin you get a guy is not a great recruiter, but an awesome head coach MIKE Leach and the cougars I'm looking at the. there's right now. I think they could beat Notre Dame.
I don't know. If the guy I think they belong in the car. I don't think that that would be outclassed if they were in the. If they were in the college football playoff, I think maybe our class to get the Alabama clubs, but I I in Georgia and your girl. Well, your just got some old. You can expose on the right now with Washington State Defense be able to withstand the address we have to that. Often I doubt but I agree with you in that. I think Washington state would hang with Notre Dame better than it would any of those other real cloud contenders. It's just in the PAC twelve. This year is now very good. How there's lots on state in Washington State is taking full advantage of it more power to him for doing it. Gardner Minshew is what, if you know he's got the clutch gene, especially in the fourth quarter. He is the guy that you want with the ball. You know he's the fuck you give me the ball. Let's go in the game should be that you want it's just the first half the games I feel like washing.
Data time struggles to find its rhythm and, if you're doing that, against a team like Alabama, Clemson you'll be down thirty, that's the that's the Vince young strategy. Just like I thought the first half and go the fuck over the staff yeah alright. So I'm doing this thing where I'm trying to talk myself into someone beating alabama- and I want you to assess my take from my take away from you. Series game against Mississippi State. I watch most of that game and I was I was like you know. What, if Mississippi State had a halfway decent like offense, they could have been this game, especially with how the first half ended, where they should have scored a touchdown in and the you know James Shadow, James Carville. He knows how it's how it's gone. The rest came out for a, but it might just talking myself into it, because I don't want to see Alabama win again or is there a legitimate like chance, because I saw Mississippi State evil? I lost my twenty fourth, the kind of hung around and I feel like once in for Michigan. Could both give Alabama game? Well,
get Alabama. You not you, don't just have to have an office. You have to have an offensive, not one dimensional like that. That's the problem we saw last week with Lsu and that we saw you on Saturday with Mississippi State. They can't throw the ball either of those teams could throw the ball and if you just run it at Alabama, you're not going to go anywhere and that's the problem So I think that what we've seen in recent years, when Alabama has lost, they lost the Johnny Football in the Aggies. They lost the Hugh freeze, his old mistypes. They lose the teams that could spread you out and throw on you and then I haven't really run into anybody like that. I feel like claims in is a team that can do that to that. So yes, if they play clubs in the title game again, I think one thing can be, Alabama, but I don't know that it will, because I feel like really the only way
Right, the Alabama losing a game this year. Is it to a get hurt seriously in half in this time, and we saw that a little bit against Mississippi State is jail, heard you've been dealing with an injury either he wasn't available at two games to Whitney is been bothering him for a few weeks you got kind of banged up against the state after you took a hit, he came out of the game. Mac Jones have to come into play, quarterback and what's back Jones, came in Alabama off and couldn't do anything because, with the city state's defense did not respected the bill. You know his growing ability, so they just eat the run and they completely slowed it down. So it will. Last you a gets her. In jail and it hurt, I think I'll be able to pull the devils. Are back yeah, that's tough! I also love. I love doing the the thing you just did, which which I like to say to like all right. Well, if you can just find a really mobile quarterback, you can beat Alabama struggles with spread offenses like well. They only lost like three games the last ten years or whatever the fuck. It is yeah
it's a little slow. That is, if all come to similar team. So so it's like that. That's the formula the office have to do that and hope that they have an awful day: yeah yeah I'm John, I gotta ask you: are you paying any attention to this breaking story? Right now of Jack Smith, the former Ohio State Assistant and Tom Herman I was, I was made aware of this story at the ripe for we came on it. So it's very interesting it it's been a while, since we had a Sexsmith meltdown, it's always come to the back, not on Twitter, having a meltdown so we'll dig into it a little bit but yeah it's it's it's kind of. I mean they had a war boy, so Tom Herman yeah. Why you wrapped your former
Then you were there with them yeah I use it when he said I witness Tom Herman cheat on his wife several times once at an asian massage parlor like at that obviously implies that you are also in so what it. What is witness mean there? Yes, at a that's an interesting, you might implicate yourself in some weird yeah Zacks met, they will section yeah, that's true Tom. I have I I I I texted you this take before you, you hopped on, but Oklahoma sticks in. If they somehow sneak into the college football playoff, I will be absolutely furious because there Defense is so bad and they can't like they just play every every single game. I they haven't even blown teams out like old, old school Oklahoma. It's it's ridiculous. Watching them play their office is great. The defense is yeah, do you like they can't make it in right? Tell me tell me: there's order in this world there's a part of me that
view in that I'm sort of hoping they don't get in because I know whoever they play is going to be so in the that defense. That defense is just too bad. here they were able to hang with George, and that was a very surprising game, but that was Baker Mayfield having a fantastic first half and then things kind of wants, George adjusted things without hill, but that defense is awful and last years defense was bad. But last year, in the big twelve Oklahoma's defense allowed. Twenty eight point. Eight points for gifts so far this year in the conference play their allowing thirty four points, they're pretty much, giving up a touchdown, more per game against big twelve teams, and they were the last year, the defenses. awful and it's just it's it's fun to watch, because it's kind of like a video game but at the same time it also gets kinda boring because you know every single drives going to end in a touchdown, but nobody,
going to win a national title playing defense that poorly. So as far as that is concerned, it's like I would rather see Oklahoma, not just because well, there's one pm we know doesn't have a chance right. That's exactly how I feel- and I obviously want West Virginia to make it if a big twelve representative makes it. But what if you had if you had to say right now, big twelve or it looks like if Notre Dame on the table, it's going to be their big, twelve team or big ten team is left out. Would you say that it's going to be a big twelve team yeah? Probably because I feel like it probably depends a little bit the on who the he are? If Michigan wins out and it you know, Ohio State and then it beats northwestern in the big ten title and it's sitting there at twelve and one it's only Lausd is a seven point losses on the road against an undefeated Notre Dame. I see no way in hell that they get left out in top floor doubt if it ends up being Ohio, state beats Michigan, then maybe
you have. You have more of an argument between them in Oklahoma them in West Virginia whoever it is that point because Ohio State lost is just a bad loss, especially after what we suffer do do against Minnesota Saturday, so the big twelve. I think you should root for Ohio state if you want to have a realistic shot at getting and whether you're Ocal over West Virginia okay. That's what we'll do that work for them? If, if I you see out front to table re talking dynasty, is it too soon? Yeah yeah they are American Athletic Conference died. Yeah. Everyone will get a second banner up there, I'm so sick of that stuff. I'm not! I am I I. I don't think I'll ever tire that I wanna talk to real quick time about my my passion, which is our full backs in college football. So I don't I've down the the top three the watch list for fullback of the year, because they don't have an award so we're giving them an award this year, the guys that I have right now. You tell me if I'm missing out on anybody. Okay, these are my final four K. I've got not
Carter from Lsu I've got been Mason at Michigan. I've got calling glass, beer. I don't know if that's how you pronounce his last name, but that's how it's spelled at, am and then I've got George Aston at Pitt, so you tell me if you were to rank those right now. Where would the fall? Oh, a clear number one get me to do that. Let me if the Aggie kid and then the other then pick domain yeah you don't even know them Tom, you don't you learned. Yes, I did if it I, when they were running all over Virginia tech. Open anything to me is clearly yes back in college right now. It just destroys dude and he's the most
back full back to it's actually a great award to because Pft like I what I watch in real time as the pic I got nominated yesterday on your twitter account, so you can just use it for you, a guy, and he will probably get that. If you show me one good stat line or one good picture in picture is then that's all thanks. I mean it wasn't obviously been, I think, is the number one a run in these yeah he's he's. Awesome is actually like a really really good player. So I'm until he's dethrone, I think he's the finalists. For I don't know if we're gonna call like to the had on a hat trick the highest highs man, an trophy. I don't know we'll figure it out figure it out. Yeah, alright yeah go ahead. Tom 'cause! I was going to make up somebody to see if Pft knew it. Oh yeah, you would've gotten really well what about? What about Aaron Jones from Alabama? How you gonna leave him off your list even just system full back. My last question Tom, the
U S c trojans they're running out of PETE Carroll lackeys to hire so who the hell they can hire. Assuming the fire clay clay, I help which I use they will write. I think at this point yeah, I I think Klay Help is on borrowed time. I don't know if it's an odd position, because, honestly, I feel like we gold fired, but we know and there one hundred percent going to go after Brohm and if they get Brahma find USC 'cause. I think there's, I think, Brownwood more like the producer will go, but I do for you ask the I think about the show did and if I go after pampers because I think that he runs an exciting. Often you know in la you have to sell excitement. You know what I mean like there's a reason the Lakers are Showtime or they're, always going for all that kind of stuff. You have to excite the area to get them interested and I think that's an office that could do it, and I just think Fabrice is a good coach. Now Will he want to coach in an area where he's not all familiar with? I don't know it's it's an interesting situation and I'm not really sure there's an obvious candidate for you
right now. I think they would go after Chris Peterson, but I don't think he's gonna leave Washington at this point. So it's it's a strange situation to be in The obvious choice is always the. I am pretty sure the hiring process at? U s c forever has just been okay, who worked for PETE Carroll when he was here? U s c, let's hire that guy. So maybe they just start at the top again it just bring back PETE Carroll. They bring back. Thank you. I mean I mean, I'm sure he actually, I predicted the link given will have one more goal: rounded up, either a power five or an NFL team, we're not norm. Chow, who yeah get nor norm up to yeah what about Steve Sark, because he got Julio in the end zone, so he must be on the right side of stuff they give you know they haven't laid off at this year. We gave Clark so much crap for the way that that team played last year to the point that went office. He a good job yeah they they did. Do that thing today, where they did like four straight fades in the end zone. Yeah can't you just can't help himself, so I could have a chance to do five.
Yeah your doctor, once our Jeff Fisher, the those are my two hot names to watch out for us. Also. I had one last question: Rio yeah. I still reacting back the leather jacket jacket. My last last question was how you want to talk about how awesome it should risk is real, quick. All my God is in the amazing he's. the haters of which there are many, are eating a lot of code, including MIKE Lombardi, who said that he I think MIKE Lombardi quote was it was very, very hot: I'm going to pull it up real quick, he said there. He wouldn't. I'm not buying mixture bisky, there's, no chance, there's no chance. He can throw the ball and bounce at the time. I mean it's a joke and he said he. even by money discount rack at Filene's basement. So my party off all all day, all updated that Aaron Rodgers walks to the line this year. Yeah, if you did get, beat up yeah so today, already well
all Right Tom. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. Maybe we'll talk to before bowl season as well and and again go follow Tom, that Tom for Nelly on Twitter he's got his picks are hot again, they're guaranteed not to lose so there was a. There was a rough patch, but the pick six is back. I would say yes, yes, exactly all right Tom thanks! Thank God. that interview with Tom Fornelli was brought to you by Mugsy Jeans, Mugsy Jeans, at the most comfortable mens jeans ever made. You've heard the name from us before these jeans are literally is comfortable with sweat, pants, I'm wearing them right now. They feel so comfortable. Everyone always like hey big cat, you wearing are your jeans on your couch know where my mom's jeans and they feel like sweatpants Mugsy's was buy, still lose a tired of being uncomfortable in his jeans. He spent five years working with industry, totally redesigned in perfect jeans for the common man monkeys made from high tech materials like synthetic silk and a bunch of other technical stuff?
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a beer on us in a pair of the most comfortable men's jeans ever made by heading to Mugsy Jeans, dot com using code, p m t. Okay here is Robert Klein Co. Another something they did different. Okay. We now welcome on our friend Robert Clemco from sports illustrated talking. nfl. I want to start Robert with the biggest game of the week, the biggest shocker of the week, the jets thing ask their asses kicked by the bills. What do do from here was that was bizarre. You know to go into a game with Matt Kerr Barkley and I think it's what their fourth starting quarterback this year yep and I think Lissan Mccoy a just have as his first. Like actual you know, real good game of the season. I mean it was a bizarre at but it wasn't the only bizarre game of the week, but I you know, I think, the jets new that go.
Into this season. They are in a rebuilding year and they were expecting some to take some else like this. You know, I think that they were probably bigger. Shockers in the NFL. I agree not that shocking, I'm so after the game, the it's a players all said to a man. This isn't on Todd Bowles. So I to point out that it's not on Todd Bowles, he still top time coaching. The fire put. This should not be fired so whose fault was it for the jets it? So we've illuminated Todd Bowles: is this. Are we putting some account? I you know, I think it's on the fans. Yes, nice, probably that's fair! That's there is a fireman at probably just had a little bit too much up I met them going into this, got a little cocky and- and I think the bill self- that energy yeah well the my in a football game to start the season. That would do that, but you're right there were some minor. There were some should not shocking, because it is that it fills every week. But are you know week to week league where one team looks bad and look good, but Vegas won a bunch
today and the Titans in the browns covering is touchdown dogs. I think we're definitely shock, and would you make from the the Titans patriots game? You know I. It was awhile to me that the way Did the titans were able to control the clock, and you know you don't see. Teams kind of have seven eight minute drives against patriots. Defense is like it doesn't matter. If they have, you know the ten guys you never heard and Patrick Chung there usually able to stop the run and and they didn't do it this week and the office actually look creative this week, like last week against Dallas and a few weeks before that they kind of got stuck in a little like classic titans exotic smash mouth, they went back to their old ways a little bit but the off. look really good and I liked what would Frabel did he basically pulled his nuts out and said I'm going to run your exact play and I'm going to do better to do Belichick like I don't know if you saw the like hug after the game, but Belichick actually looked happy for variable. I think
we'll take loves all those guys that move on, because look people say that Bella check is selfish and they're, probably right, because he knows that guys like MIKE Raible having success is great for his legacy. It Michael Raible wins the super bowl. That's just good for Belichick yeah. Well, unless spell check still in the league, then obviously it's not, but I I degree the most for the most part and unless you're like Eric Mangini, your Josh Regales, I feel like double check, because the guys who leave a well too early and he holds resentment towards those guys, but guys who either variable never was a coach under him or guys who it's time for them to go. spread their wings- he probably still has you know you know a fondness for them. I think there's probably a little bit of a father like kind of sentiment towards those guys, leave a little bit too early. Like you know,
I'm never gonna. Let you beat me in anything, but I would like for you to succeed once I'm too old to play you and pick up basketball. Yes, yes, that's a good point and I look at that point help I'll, see the biggest surprise out of the NFC this weekend? There are which Washington going down in Tampa Bay. Now I'm kidding, I wanna talk about the bears a little bit because big cats over here trying to flex about him said a word about Mitch. Is Mitch, look pretty good. The defense looked awesome. Are they? Is it fair to say that the bears are in that like second behind the saints in the in the rams in the NFC. That like could make some noise. I think they're, one of those teams that, like wonder about making the playoffs and making a run like the colts feel like one of those teams that if they could just get two things going right and and and make a run that they could make the playoffs and and and and upset somebody did you see the play were Khalil Mack stress he will let you, through the tight end of side, just like you get out here. Yeah
expresses the tackle and then and then just jump on the quarterback back yeah I mean he's insane- is actually very smart for Matt. Need you to to sit him for two weeks where they got wins. I feel like former bears. Coaches were just been like. No, we we have to keep, there, because I'm worried about my job at all times but yeah. I I agree with you. The bears. Are there not a finished product, but they have that like they could probably beat anyone on any given Sunday. They could also lose to anyone on any given Sunday, especially if you look at me now losing to Brock. Osweiler still happen this year. So right right. Who do you have so we we? You just talked about the bears in the cold. Who do you have another team like that, where you could see them Putting some wind scatters I feel like this- is right around that time of year, where maybe a team comes out, comes not nowhere but starts putting together hi, six wins in your like wow. Did these guys look good, and maybe we had yeah I'll, throw them out the beginning of the season? It's hard to put the chargers in that category, but I'm going to because everybody discounted them when Hunter Henry went down at am when both so without.
for a long time, but they just keep stacking up wins with like a running back at the number one receiver them out, yeah and- and I think that you know, given the right set of circumstances, they could be a hot she's seen in the playoffs. I could see that being ordered a crazy while the card week upset, I think so too. I think you touched on something that would be important to be able to beat the Chiefs and that's both if he's back, and he's able to kind of like keep the homes the popular they put some pressure on him. That's going to be a big help, but the question is: is he ever going to come back yeah? I mean I have no idea they that that whole families little bit suspect in terms of their the game right US flag. I, like I like that, put that in the draft draft notes for Nick Bosa has Joey Bosa dad the New Archie Manning good question good question. Speaking of the draft, you obviously spent time with all of the quarterbacks were drafted in the first round this past year. Who do you think is
the best year so far and who do you think is- is maybe dealing not not struggling with the NFL in general, but but having a tough time in may be shocking you with how they're how they're doing with their rookie season yeah. You know I'm gonna give it to my got. Bigger may feel I mean you, you guys a friend as well, I think, and- and I I talked to him, the most pre draft and I just feel like, given how bad that offense of line is the way that he stood in their taken? Some of these hits and made plays, and and obviously this week, what was the seventeen for twenty three three touchdowns, I think did conformance is that he's put up with all the turmoil inside the organization have been kind of crazy. the one that really disappoints. I think just probably Josh Rosen and he's also one of the guys. You know, in addition to Baker well. They got the most criticism before the draft for off field stuff, for I guess just attitude type stuff, but you know it's tough because I think that's just kind of a crappy situation on offense
in Arizona and and any one of these guys, given you know, uh No skill position players around them. Some uninspired playcalling, could look as bad as Josh. Rosen looks right now, yeah. What about SAM Darnold? I mean that one that one is baffling to me just because he obviously look great to start he's tearable since he's injured, but I'm wondering if the injury is really an injury or they're trying to sit him down and be like hey man, you need to. We need to get this right before we get you back out there. You know I have such a hard time condemning a quote back for like a rookie performance. I just I'm- I was so changed by you- know watching Peyton Manning's rookie year as a kid resource, thirty three packs and just thinking this guy's, the hugest, but the ever, and I just I I hate to try has gotten a rookie year, okay, but the trash and was a line. We like that's what we do just like a little.
What was that answer come on? Thank you, Lysistrata. His forehead is shoot. Just yeah: what's the deal with your guys, your your boy, Josh Alley, what you guys just cannot shamans fun. His team won a game to watch your problem. Jack Josh, Charles Team beats St Donald's team. That's a win! Yeah Josh Allen is such a presence in that film room that he got up He got Matt Barkley up to speed in no time yeah. So how about I don't see that actually came into the office there. I said how about the bills when you game with Matt Cassel and then becomes like? No you mean Barker is yeah. Should your if it's the sheer back up Matt Court about actually one of the school, also Josh Alan beat out need to determine for jobs. People forget that good point. Good point. Might my favorite joke on Twitter is is, and I guess it's not a joke, but all these people who say well the bill for making con Caplets collusion case for him. I'm not sure that that's how collusion works.
His law right right, right, yeah, if you have partly if you have like one wildly in like, like shity franchise, making consistently poor decisions. I don't think that makes a collusion case yeah. But if it's consistent, every Sunday yeah, yeah. No, I mean it's. It is the case against the Buffalo Bills and John Mcdermott trotting out even determined. He maybe maybe that's the case. You need to try to summon Thurman. Have a brain is all the bills the producers of the NFL except play. Yes, yeah the figure out how to make money, while I will try to needed another term for separate. So if I want to talk about the central quick, because the saints are wagon, they should pump the let's say fifty one to fourteen. I heard that expression yeah. It was to start watching more hockey. Ryan Whitney you talk about it. So I don't know how you can outscore the saints,
How do you slow down, if you put together defense? How do you try to slow down that office now that they're, you know they are without their secondary weapon? Does Bryant so maybe that'll take some with other cells. I don't know interior pressure. You know Jr Breeze, trying to find passing lanes with the center Anna guards as in his face that that's that's, how teams have beaten them in the past. I do have a funny Dez Bryant I don't. I don't know if you guys ever heard this one. I do like funny stories to tell it to me. Ok, I was in Dallas and I went down there to talk to Greg Hardy and he had just got there and he looking around actually just kind of blew me off. This isn't I'm standing in the locker room, just kind of observing and thinking about how I'm gonna justify. You know the hotel room in the flight down to Dallas and Dez Bryant comes out and he sees Jean Jacques Taylor, the guy at the key work for ESPN Dallas at the time, and he says to John Jock
You know what the F was that column, all about and Jack had called him immature or something and then Devon ST steps in between them. They start arguing an jazz, go Ann and John Jocko's Devin. What nobody talking to you get outta here and then dead, screams out John Jock just called Devon and inward, and he starts he starts screaming at the top of his lungs. Ok, like three or four times everybody's stunned, every player in there every reporter. Just watching this like no. He didn't say that what's wrong with you and then guess, storms out
So I tweet I pulled out my phone. I tweet Dez Bryant in a confrontation with a reporter who wrote an article about our column, saying that he was immature. Gas comes out back into the locker room, forty five seconds later, and he says who the fuck is. Robert Klimko he's been on his phone refreshing, a search for Dez Bryant. To see what people are saying about what he just did on Twitter? And I said- and I said, I'm Robert Klimko any steps up to Maine and it's like right in my face and he's like. If you go tell it tell the whole thing straight: Zsa called cold definite, and I said he didn't say that, though, like we were all here and he starts screaming at me, then he separated and then he goes rich fix. This just starts: yelling Ricks, rich fix the ship for Richdale,
couple that they're coming your guide and then these these Dallas radio, guys ended up, putting that on a tee shirt. Dez screaming with like spittle flying out of his mouth, saying rich fix this ship yeah, so it that actually makes perfect sense to because Dez Bryant is so active on twitter and I feel like is always useful. Just going off on people so make sense. If you just took their name search yeah, it's got like rabbit ears on yeah. I think more guys than you think name search themselves. Like, after media appearances are after games or whatever we just sir just tweeting people's names right after they get done with the media, try to get their attention yeah who's, a soccer player that we know does that, oddly right out of the air Michael Brecker Bradley, does that make sense? Michael probably spy listens right now you suck due to okay, but my last question to see key question put in promo code. Take you get ten dollars off Seatgeek Purchase expo sing to me the levy bell situation, because I cannot figure it out. You know I hear that
good good quarterback money next year. I don't know how that works. Yeah, what the hell I I I I wish. I could explain it to you, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I I miss good your does anybody else. Here's my understanding is that there's like a loophole in the Cba, where, if a player doesn't play for a full year doesn't sign his franchise tender. Then the next year, I have the option to either transition tag for or God they have to pay him the average of the top five salaries in the NFL, which all happen to be quarterbacks. Are you just reading Pft yeah he's yeah, you know that's. I read an article earlier this week and that's what I remember from it. So I probably am just like reading verbatim what Florida wrote, but that's my what's it what's to say: do you know the sentiment in the Pittsburgh locker room in like the organization to even want him back? You know there was started meeting a few weeks ago, when young guys kind of complained about him
as I guess they got the impression from him that he was coming back and then he didn't and he didn't explain himself. But you know I think that the probably a handful of guys there that understand his motives and and yeah? Get your money or or you know, protect yourself or whatever, but I I don't think you've got a lot of fans on the office line. That's tough! When you're running back, you probably want the offense of line to like you want those guy, yeah I mean I, I kind of see it from their perspective a little bit in that You know if you have a a stud running back behind you and you're you're, often sulaimon. It does make you look better too so like it could affect your future earnings. If you know the guy that your block fords and doing so well- but that's not the case this, is Conor is a monster, a story. I've always wanted to write guys that played with Michael Vick secretly hated. because he was running around so much that people stop falling all around their legs because the place we're going on too long- and there were several careers that were cut short
or indeed or guys, got like bad grades and had bad tape and didn't get the money they should've got because they played too long with Michael Vick. it's kind of like Russell Wilson like Russell Wilson. The offensive line for the Seattle has never been great, but I think they get some. just criticism, because Russell Wilson has a tendency to leave clean pocket instead of stepping up he'll step out that kind of stuff. It makes everyone look kind of a little bit worse and he's never like a first read hi like he's right, never thrown it like Tom Brady. Like one point, ninety two seconds like as soon as it hits his hand, so guys are going to look worse law confirm for sure yeah. Yeah. I got one last thing I want to bring up my guy Joe Flacco is he's, hurt, possibly injured. I heard some rumblings, and this is through just a random person that dm me that he might be song for the year, so first reporting that here on party out there, but it's probably not true so
they go. Do you think that they're they're going to go to Lamar off of the Bye week and second part of that question Do you see Harbaugh sticking around after this year? I think they do go to Lamar after the by. I think they finish strong and I think Harbaugh is going to be the coach there for another year. I think that they are one of the like one thousand and twelve organizations that, like it really will give a coach a long leash, especially one that has had success and won the Superbowl, and I'm just I I would put money on Hardball being there for awhile I mean they do seem like that. They almost like the Steelers. You know the new age dealers anywhere right right, and I actually like that. I think that's the way to go, because when you've keep firing, people it just becomes or a revolving door and you just and that kinda weird hey Scape, where you just have a different coach every two years. Let me toss this out for you, okay, so yeah! let's say Lamar, he shows some promise at the end this year things don't go.
it's, for whatever reason he goes to green bag, which I think we reported he's going to do, that right, back cat, who I want to bring over Myers gonna. Go to my words. Are Margot heart, okay, RSA's are Margosa Green Bay, MIKE Mccarthy, the Browns Bob, Stoops coaches, Ohio, state, okay, got it, but, let's just say, Harbaugh's what I don't want to wait. Let me just say it: let me just fix that published Ohio state. Okay, thanks for telling a horrible verse Harlow! That's you know, house that would be amazing. They just probably just kill each other. Someone will die Bobby Petrino coach, the reverse, get the I'm back together. Did he just get fired today? Today I mean he's been always he's been pretty much fired all year and he has to coach wearing the neck, brace that he wore in that press conference. I have to admit I don't uh. Watch college football. I admire I've admired you guys for awhile, because you have energy for so much football. Yes, but I I guess I I get sick of it and I have to go. Do something just non slip.
I'll related on a Saturday morning what's wrong with you, you see, you don't want. I I mean I'm like on our like forty five. Now watching straight football since Friday night never felt more like if the thing that bothers me is is when I see them, get hurt and I think about how much money they've made for the institution with really any appropriate remuneration yeah you think too much man Do you like that's a problem? Just let it go, don't think as much as that. Like that's too much think yeah you just gotta, stop thinking. I just turn off my brain and watch football. I'm gonna work on that. Alright well Robert. Thank you so much. We appreciate it hopefully see soon and good luck for the rest of season. Thank you guys that interview was brought you guys by Wordpress when we needed website. We had a vision. We chose wordpress dot com because there were no limits were free to. Create the ultimate online hub. That's truly ours, with room to grow as we empire you. Can
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any other time something bad happens. Well, that's just what Jesus wanted me to do. This is the day that Jesus made for me. She just wanted me to just get jerked off in an asian, massage parlor. They look cool hook up good luck, debating that yeah exactly you can check You can't argue with that. One! Ok, let's do segments. We have first up I do I'm we aren't even naming. This is just the Jimmy Butler trade saga Jimmy Butler has finally been traded. Yet for like a king's ransom right, it was just like all sorts of high picks and well known top quality talent like a couple of young prospects right. Well, he got, he did get traded for Robert Covington and Iris are in Covington was a starter, was not young guy? Ok, I researched played well last year, Jimmy Butler Fuct over the timber Wolf make no mistake about it. He fucked him over, like he basically doing what he did give them zero leverage, and he I don't know if you read the he had, he had like the he had an interview after the game.
On Friday night. I think it was where he basically was like yeah. I shouldn't be playing this much this many minutes and I'm going to sit out when I want to sit out. I don't give a and and the Timberwolves like okay. Well now we're screwed. So this whole thing fell apart. Trade him to Sixers, and now we have two story lines that we have to bring out there, that if the you're gonna hear a lot about yes, I I have a hypothesis about Jimmy Butler, okay, I think he's an by yeah. Well, I yeah- I was a friend of many years, but my my theory about him is he's like a vaccine, okay, okay. So if you can handle a little bit of Jimmy Butler in your team system, then he's going to turn. All the players on your team into like these hard nose, kind of dykehead, guys that'll, be hyper competitive and if they can handle, am still waiting to see that happen to cat yeah. So it's still waiting on that one. They couldn't handle it. Yes, there. Ok, he was too much there. Minnesota nice up on the Timberwolves can handle that. If you have, a compromised immune system and you get a vaccine and you
Jimmy Butler would maybe your team isn't the most mentally tough who it just breaks down. It just gives you all the twelve Good NEWS, the Sixers. Definitely mentally tough. They got the guy who's, afraid to shoot threes and the guy who's afraid to shoot period. Yes, great so the storylines that we're going to see. Obviously you have to say big three: are they big Simmons Embiid in Butler yeah. There's three tell you. I have a big three gotta have a big three. Also this, I think, by Jimmy Butler, going away from the Timberwolves. The timberwolves now have big three Karl Anthony sounds and Wiggins Derrick rose addition by subtraction, yes, yeah who's Vance. We also have the has. The power shifted to the east. is east tougher than the West
I like that people are saying that it's going to top four in the e are better than that over in the window, that the e is top heavy. These days like Donald Trump's, Dick yes and the narrows significantly after those first fourteen. Ok, the w has a more consistent shaft yeah. So that's the other one and then the who's, the team to beat in the e now Hank. You think it's still the Celtics Yeah I actually know technically it's the Cavs castration Thompson. They are. These are covered and learn their learning all sorts of lessons. Yes, so you think it is the Cavs, but it is too early to say now. Peace is going to be very extreme because Yanis is of absolute beast. The the box look awesome Oh rosters, look grable. The Celtics obviously have a ton of talent, and now the Sixers have their big three. I'm still, I don't know I could see,
going very poorly for the seventy Sixers CEO yeah. I lose it. It absolutely is a boom or bust move on their part. It's just a small. We still in the process. It's done. This is the final play of the process. How? How can you be sure will because that, like the whole thing is just get as many draft picks tank tank take drafted and in the trade for big chip? this is it and they in the every reports, they're planning on planning on re signing Jimmy Butler, which good luck with that. Who knows what the more Denver decides what Jimmy Butler is good too. Okay, it is gonna, be about it. No matter what so you it's gonna, be a painstaking process to re sign Jimmy, but here here's the litmus test for whether or not the process is over. Not if you bring
Carmelo Anthony on your team. The process is over. Okay, that's you've, you've expanded! You have a limit process, so that's that's passed, you've, you're, starting to undo the process, got it where he's like the last year, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, you're you're, stretching across the tent down yes you're, stretching produce over then yeah yeah, okay. Well, so that's that's actually perfect. For annexing. We have stay mellow Carmelo Anthony. is done with the Rockets after fifteen games or whatever. It may be Dwyane Wade is too late. Run is tweeting that the Rockets are trying to make him the fall guy which I don't really know what that means. He's like what what was the exact quarters like you know what the real problem is on. He said trying to make my guy come only through the fall guy. How many on Just stop that's easy way out, instead of addressing what the real problem is, that a
Chris Paul. I don't know these brands, so maybe James harden. I was actually thinking about the banana boat like they might have it all figured out there with the banana boat like hockey, guys they get an Uber's and they get videotape talking shit to each other. You can't put a gopro on a banana boat in like videotape with their cells other, but you forgot one little piece: you can put Lebron's Instagram stories after a couple of bottles of wine. That's very true! So he's always I still am so excited for, like I'd, say two thousand and twenty three when all these guys are still in the league and they're like. Could they make a super team Melo Lebron. Paul Dwayne Wade, all of them getting together in a way that wild heart, it is good yeah, it's lugs Woohoo has a terrible movie. Technology now travel to yeah a great movie are the Adam Sandler movie? How does this say? Osco helps I'm sure yes, Nikki Funny Movie, okay, but krona is grounds for yeah, maybe that
So maybe that's. Actually. The browns final play here's. What he's going to movie inside of a season with Adam Sandler on the team? He does that, but in any like late stage, Adam Sandler movie, you have to have like the setting somewhere very tropical, so you getting paid to go on a vacation for once, so maybe Lebron gets six your franchise in Hawaii, yes and signs him Dwyane Wade. Chris Paul Well, Adam Sandler Evan, far Rob Lowe Rob Rob Lowe, Rob Schneider, Rob Schneider, definitely well. He doesn't have the basketball hoop Schneider coach Rob Schneider, just curls up into a ball, and then they shoot him. Kate, Upton's, a coach. What's the other name? What's a Brooklyn Roddick? Is that pronounce married the antibiotic Brooklyn Brooklyn Decker is like the assistant coach. All the coaches just have big breast 'cause, that's Adam Sandlers, well, and also in France. The GM big nips for tipping its for tip. Alright, so we gotta,
someone write this down will pitch to them: okay, something something to think about kyree after the Celtics lost. The trail blazers tonight said right now. it would be nice if we had someone that was a fifteen year vet fourteen year, Vet that could kind of help us race along the regular season and understand it's a long marathon rather than just a full on sprint. Oh, my god or the door might be open, wow, so mellow I don't know it sounds like Dwyane Wade's trying to get him on the heat. I don't know where he's gonna end up, but wherever he ends up, it's going to be sad like no one has met the thing that sucks about this is that I like laughing about mellow and he's very funny to to make fun of the you know who the mellow- and you know this is the season. They comes back in his stomach. Look like a bag of doughnuts and all that stuff. But what's gonna end up happening, is he's going to keep hanging on and keep doing this and it's going to ruin his legacy because he actually was an unbelievable basketball player and like Syracuse, Melon Nuggets Melo and like being an unbelievable score, it's all going to
except he still has the gold medals, never forget, yeah, whatever team he goes to they should do. You know how teams are doing their alternate jerseys. I have the cities on him yeah. They should just where the team USA Jerseys out, and then you put it all, and then you got where forty yeah you'd be good to go hey. Do you want to no absolutely alone there's a summer but I want member the summer months, when I wanna Melihat dog, how you're saying I still contest that that he would have. He would be the perfect piece for that bulls. Team viewer been Jabbar par He would have been the perfect. He was still had some prime in he did. it was before you sign along the long term, deal with the next time he asked her was like four years ago five years ago. No, he was still here is ok in his first couple. Ok, he has to go to the Lakers. How funny would be would be the perfect addition for that, like comedy mismatch team, so good, so good, ok, next up, we have a shoot your shot. This is for our friend Jerrod Golf. The rams, currently have a audible called Halle Berry. So would have been nice to know for them to tell us. Yeah would've been nice to know good point Hank, so he
he said Halle Berry and there was a video on Twitter and Halle. Berry said: excuse Maine, an Jerry, Goff, responded, Halle, berry, berry and said it's. My favorite play ever nice nice shared now you do you not how it very is she's timeless. Yes, well, I hope so because your office, like twenty two yeah and she dated Chris Webby who's like level random, no name rapper, no Chris Webby- is that his real name, that's his rap name. Ok, who is. Chris Webber has a rapper named after now, there's a guy named Chris Webby, who pretty much known rapper she's a so it just no. What's his deal, why Chris Webby out What, if was like, I hope he was like- does have Asher Roth Sammy Adams, Chris Webby. May Yes, I'm using your saying white guys using the fab five of Asherah sure that makes sense. Now that definitely makes sense. My point is that she does.
I like the highest standard for dating people, so our guides all wow. That's a Chris! Well, never thought! I never thought I'd see the day were Chris Webber gets roasted on this podcast. So wait. Are you saying that there's a you're saying, there's a chance, yeah sure God, when I shall also have high standards, he's the quarterback of the LOS Angeles Rams and hot as yeah? That's what you're sure of band true yeah and he puts out forest fires yeah, so that really really burned a lot of bridges with that step and get out of that hole. One minute there Chris. Why he's never coming on the podcast? Your golf never come on back on the podcast Halle. Berry was a shot across. It wasn't on a charger and all its I'm pulling for my boy well, you're, like what you're saying to me is that a joke of a rapper and disgusting human so yeah pretty much. Yes, I guess you could say that she also she was married to David Justice. Two for awhile right using could ask you thinking of LISA left Eye Lopez. No, those are under eyes. That's really burned his soul into the whole thing. That was just in Atlanta
there's a lot of Atlanta Sports sports stuff. Yeah, that's right! We people forget David just saw the podcast like remember. We had I interview to myself at the card showing one three part of my to and it brought up Halle Halle Berry in it got very awkward. It was just me on a mission yeah yeah, because yeah that was a bad that was, that was tough, aha home look. last up the four we have our Monday reading. We have stay classy, red skin social media, so you have to use my What what the Redskins sweet, because I they've deleted yeah. So there was a ob there's, a video of cutter, the coach of the Tampa Bay buccaneers. For now I don't while we're recording this is Rachel. This much. I don't know if you have the time to listen to, it will be the same, but he was like throw out, candy to all the reporters for Halloween, just try to fatten them up and and make them right, good things about him because he's obviously you know he needs to look out for his job. The red skins,
took that video and the edited it and instead of candy, they just had little else that he was just tossing, that's awesome, and so they tweeted that out, and then I I have it right here so Rick Stroud said Redskins skins fish, will account posted this doctored video from last week when Dirk Cutter, passed out. Candy left for him to the media, stay classy Redskins, I'm happy! he made it clear that it was doctor is doctor. This is not what it was. He actually was throwing yells at all. These tiny els with that well to be fair, Washington got that video from prison, Paul Pfau Wars or spend it up. Yes, but what date he spelled out, not at our work. They just they took the video they put it out there so yeah it was. It was doctored, footage all stay classy god we can't have any fun anymore. Also rich NFL Stroud. This guy isn't real, no he's very real busy covering Box NFL for Tampa Times and host of the sports day. Tampa pot obey apart K.
His picture is like off centered. His twitter name NFL Stroud. This guy is, That's how you know. Somebody's is legit like NFL writer, if they put NFL before their name, yeah, wow, okay, last Tucker, oh yeah, true, true, that's official! This is official as it gets alright. Last up, we have our Monday reading and this one is a doozy folks. I hope you're sitting down if you're, not sitting down, sit, sit down right, but also set up with correct posture. Yeah, please set up with correct posture, so this is from the New York Times. Opinion the title of it is. I miss Northwestern Football's losing tradition so just buckle up but because I think at this sounds like it was probably written by like arrival school of NW. No, no, it turns out it wasn't. Ok, let's dive into it. So the name,
The person who wrote this is Carmel Mccoubrey, that's karma, caramel karma! Did you get to the part where crime dies? Hello, hello, all you'll, get to it all the won't. I won't. I saw you on our side of sick right right, so this is up like cooking up with this guy and, if you're only thirty dollars. I I knew I I got so you've got to Furia fears a though he never did the what he never hooked up with. You said Felix in yeah and they almost pushed only Tony and a helicopter. No, that's true, actually plane, propeller yeah, that's true! All right! Here we go the football team in my alma mater Northwestern is having a pretty good season once that would have thrilled me now, this makes me uneasy. She goes in, and she talks about her first games, how they sucked back in, like you know when she was a student in nineteen eighty two and how they have
We turned it all around and gets to today present day and she talks about how she she for the the student paper and all this stuff, and should they also used to yell. It will pick up right here. and the students in the northwestern student sections Ucl. That's alright ok you're, going to work for us one day, very cool obnoxious and classes. Yes, but satisfying. So she still satisfied with him still satisfied. So then she
She does this whole thing by the way is that is that true they're, like a bunch of people from northwestern or other people's bosses? So I don't know I just felt like they were all journalists who have bossy, yeah, right yeah, who pays if deadlines you get yelled at more than anyone, you're going to intern for us one day and get us coffee and then we'll beat will complain to you because you got us medium rose is a dark yeah, so she so she's like basically says that writers are sought for a really long time, but we were smarter than everyone and it made us feel good, really cool cool sentiment, so we pick up at present day and she's talking about how they used to be bad and- and that was all right. That was okay because nobody went to northwestern for its football prowess. I don't recall ever meeting a fellow student who regretted taking a pass in Ohio state because the football there was better if a few of our players got jobs in NFL. That was alright right in okay, too, I don't do people
choose colleges solely because football in general. No, I don't think that I don't think anyone I think that use while on a wide variety of groups, you were cruising right. Yeah put she's basically saying I never met a student was like oh yeah. I was thinking about going Ohio State, but I I you know I decided to go to northwestern, even though the football team's sock yeah. That's not a like people that want to go north western, probably wouldn't be the ones that would be drawn to Ohio State and- and you know what that's all right on a hundred. That's right! Okay, you don't know how to drink anyone. So it's been disconcerting in recent years to see Northwestern, be competitive in the big ten and regularly appear in bowl games right now, as a times noted with bemusement last week. It leads its division.
With a five in one conference, records she's, Piston she's mad at Northwestern's winning. I also like how she's such a capital j that she cited her source. Her source was the New York Times that Northwestern was leading the division right that wasn't just the fact that was reported by the New York Times ever heard of its five and one yeah we fact checked. Yes, the school has invested plenty of the team. A couple of months ago, an indoor practice facility on prime Lakefront property opened a part of a two hundred and seventy dollars. Two hundred and seventy million dollar complex at northwestern hopes will lure recruits in render practices more efficient. It is a stick facility, awesome series like insanely, nice and make the team more competitive in a conference that has a lucrative television deal so sounds like they're just going to make more money and it's going to okay, it's a common for non athletes, to complain about too many resources being devoted to athletics, but colleges should spend money on sports for a lively campus. It approach students, health, wow, ok, so
Well, we I think we agree. Yeah sounds like she's, making it we're good, oh wait and there's the problem. Football is not. so yeah that was she did she drop that she did. She did a little like put out her hand. Okay, here we go okay, just getting you know what Paul's not health is, but it it was healthy when you're getting your kicked. Yes, when you, when you're, really getting your brain mass- yes, it's actually the exact opposite. It's probably safer! Now that you have people that can actually hit other players that you can control the clock. Yeah yeah, it's probably doing better for your for your team, okay. So it's been much more disconcerting to my alma mater success and it's being invested in sport comes as we are being reminded everyday. The price football players pay Informatik brain injury, the rash of chronic dramatic. I I read that word among NFL players and co in Philippines and sample
Among NFL players has gotten the most attention, but college players are hurt too. Some colleges, like Dartmouth, they're, trying to ways to reduce these injuries by limiting tackling in practice and taking other measures, but they remain out wires. You're talking about the tackling, don't talk about the robot yeah, we got a tackling robot news of northwestern triumphs now just serves as a reminder that there are real young man behind those winds whose brains are being battered just now. Just now you realize that these people are real people. Football players have just now become real people, because you have a moral conscience that you can't figure out, because her friends are talking to her about northwestern football, more frequent. They were real people when we were losing yeah, but now that they're winning there people underneath those helmets I want to wow. Cats to win less, so they won't play as much so so, ok, so cheap easy they're going to play in Indiana they're going to play a bowl game. This is the problem. That's the issue! Phuc! Ok! I got it right. It's also
making way, but is that a little bit classes server to say that? Maybe are some kid that went to a state school that maybe didn't have right of a future, as you might have. If you go to northwestern that person should take your place, yeah Bowl game, they should play more games down at Ohio State where we don't need their brains because they're going to work it work for us, so will tell him what technically our brains, are more valuable for them too, so that we can ensure that they have good jobs later. The dumber they are is better for me because I can just keep them. Suppress is better for them forever. Yeah 'cause, they don't know. How do you press they like being suppressed this fucking woman? Alright, it's also making me increasingly uncomfortable giving to my old school up. We gotta donation problem here. When I donate, Nowadays, I make sure to earmark my gift, so it won't be applied to the football team in some way, but I'm If I'm still making myself complicit, This is why he has lost your credit agent. This is overthinking. Something way too much. Ok,
But I'm wondering if I'm still making myself complicit by note donating at all to a university that is willing to risk it, students, health and happiness for air of television revenue, the wild, let's play Iowa on Saturday Saturday, a victory will put them aside. Closer to the big ten championship game after the regular season? I'll root for to play safe and lose How are things with northwestern starts? Talking win games I didn't take quite yet this happens sure we love him, he's a football guy. We have friends on that team. We love Alex Spanos the strength conditioning coach, but their alumni. when they're writing shit like this You are you're dangerous to society. You know it's funny. If you put this in front of greenie and had green read this, he would get very comfortable more themselves because he be like I see I
I even watch next week- yeah- hey, I I don't know yeah. We could use this to just really drive a wedge in northwestern fan. Yeah Revell would just have well, no, not knowing what he's he's a real robot. He doesn't have any concerns just without someone, social security number. Yes, yeah, that's the totally fine. All this yeah yeah. Listen! If you're going to think this, if I don't go to the extent to like think that your team being good is problematic. Then maybe just college sports aren't right for you, maybe sports in general. Maybe just like doing I don't know doing anything else. Yeah is it in orbit. If you are struggling this much with watching sports, it's just they're, not for you not for everyone. I would actually respect this take if she wrote it when they were bad. Yes, right, yeah, but the reason why it all falls apart is because she's she's complaining that now that they're good I'm beginning to realize that it's an issue, these people are real yeah, my god
eight so Northwestern Congrats on winning the big ten West Pafford show that she's an awesome in a bit. You know what it was. You probably saw it would soon Alex Spanos yeah. She probably saw Alex Spanos on the sidelines and that's a guy that, if she saw like in the northwestern campus building should probably just dial nine one I was gonna say she probably called the cops on him honestly, like there's a man, This is nice and large muscles and he doesn't have a jacket on is twenty degrees in Iowa City he's not supposed to be here. Someone else. Someone called the police Young Minister wrap this man he's got he's got rabies. I believe it's a lie, I believe he's homeless, possibly Italian, get him off my campus, italian or Greek. You can't tell from the hair he's yeah he's it's bad southern eastern European and I don't want to generalize, but I you know this guy doesn't look like he belongs here, all my God congressional as well, sir. All right, we're going to see you guys Wednesday. We have a huge huge guess. Take them are well future Future Hall of Famer. If everything goes right, it will
he will be in the hall of Fame in like thirty years, but big, big guest, big big guess, love you guys.