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Topher Grace, Jared Goff With Some Emergency News, Mt Rushmore Of Ages

2019-08-16 | 🔗

Mike Glennon is a starting quarterback and Kyler Murray is a BUST. We get our preseason overreaction practice in. Todd Gurley got a cat and Conor McGregor punched an old guy. (2:48-16:39)Fyre Fest of the Week and an emergency breaking Moos from LA Rams starting Quarterback Jared Goff. (16:40-29:12) Mt Rushmore of ages. (29:13-42:05) Actor Topher Grace joins the show to talk about his career, That 70's Show, his recent run of great movies, and Black Mirror. (44:20-1:22:25) Segments include Drunk Idea - Aaron Rodgers, (1:25:05-1:26:21) Brian Cashman is a weirdo,(1:26:22-1:27:57) Uhh ya think Brooks Koepka could beat up Bryson DeChambeau,(1:27:58-1:29:50) PR 101 Ohio State, Hank breaks the news that Bryce Harper hit a walk off grand slam and Big Cat pouted,(1:29:50-1:31:51) and License to Jill with Jilly Football. (1:31:52-1:48:58)

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On today's part. In my take we have to for grace in studio the guy who a jury duty all that time ago, that seventies show black mere black claims that I watched Lachlan's right liked it. Yes, really alright! So we get we. When we talk in the interview, I he I didn't see like any of the things he'd been into him very good him. Playing David Duke was like kind of a good kind of chilly. Yes, so interesting combo with him he's a fan, so it was a fun fun interview. We also have fire first, the week Mount Rushmore ages and some license to Jill Jill for Julie. Football has finally come back home she's gone for a month and she just showed up
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for the animals and be a lover down. The cash out today enter code bar stool to get some money, save some animals. Okay, let's go welcome to part of my tape presented by the cash out, go download it right now and use code bar stool, five dollars for free five dollars. The Aspca today is:
It's Friday August 16th MIKE Glennon is starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders MIKE Glennon looks good, but now, whatever divorces, big cat, because we haven't seen Nate Peterman True, is yet to get in so we're watching the games on we're going to get a little treat for ourselves buried in the second half of the show. The Nate Peterman Factor is coming out, but yeah Glennon, look good Derek Carr, look good either Murray. Look Kyler Murray, looked pretty bad wow free free! You know what, though, I'm spin zone Color Murray three for eight hundred and twelve yards. Guess what the quarterback that you replaced that great stat line for him, Josh Rosen. That is perfect, just hear you. The torch has been passed, so we're ready to declare after this first half, maybe color Mirza bust. After after watching this, the question has to be. Is, he may be too tall 'cause. He was a lot better when he was fifty nine now he
yeah. Now it's five ten ten five t turns out more around their community. I did notice that Cliff Kingsbury standing next to him a lot on the sidelines. I think that's just a selfish play by cliff to try to look tall. Yeah, look swaggy first tender profile pic my favorite part about pre season is: it is pre season for our knee jerk reactions because I'm getting, I feel like I'm getting back in the flow. I I said Michael, it was the worst quarterback ever lie I like last up to Now I'm wondering if MIKE Glennon is the future for the Oakland Raiders or if the bear should trade forum an color Murray is an absolute bus and the Falcons. I don't like their offensive line boom. I said it. Jets are going jets! Look great! There's! All my hot takes home or jets have an awesome color scheme this year. They look good kind of organische yeah anytime, a team plays with that color green. It takes half a second off their forty times. That's just a fact. I didn't make that up. Oh in the packers stink and Aaron Rodgers in metal floor, don't like each other. Ok also
thank you so much so enraging play night. That's right! Yeah in trouble in Paradise. You sat out with stiff back here interesting because he claims he's been carrying the team the last six years. Yes, but it wait what you Who is Glennon drafted Izzy? Is he getting the secure bop all share? I feel like to six year bump. I don't, and the seven year itch are two sides of the same std coin. I think my future Michael was drafted in two thousand and thirteen some do the math. Six. But then it's like two thousand, but then is it the two thousand and eight counts as one, but there was no year three thousand and forty fifteen one thousand six hundred and seventeen. This is the is this spaniard inch for him good thing? I've got texture bump car seven year itch like linen yes yeah we're just going to overreact to all of the Preseason Games Preseason Week, two starting to look like some of the plate. You know like
starter stand for more than just yeah a series. It feels like football. It's like creeping back slowly creeping I did notice watching the Bengals are words game that every single Bengals quarterback looks like Andy Dalton when they're on the field. Yes, he's just been there so long, and I think the Red Hair Orange helmet thing kind of tributes to a little bit yeah, it doesn't matter. If you're a white quarterback, that's out there, you look like any. Don't it's like the giants wide receivers, I always think every single one of them is still a Monte. Tumor, yeah and plaques will burst two. You have two kinds: they have a tall, guys plaxco if they have like a six foot, one guy who is Turner. I agree with that. So yeah preseason week, two, I don't know the only other NFL news we had was Todd. Gurley got a cat. Finally, finally, Fuckin' Todd so finally took the time to text into the cash app reached out to the Spca got a little fucking cat cute cat by the way it is, but I
that's working and there's like a little voice for the cat too. That's cute, but I will say that acquiring a cat is the first step towards retirement you: don't get a cat and less you're thinking about retiring second cat is use retired. Absolutely because they, like I got all this time and I need another cat. I got to tell her cat converse it with third cat you're. Never getting married in your school live with cats, you're just a cat person in your community that live shot guys so with Todd Gurley getting a cat the most. Miss person who is going to get a cat but has yet to get it now is Henry Lockwood well, no, I don't have to get it all together with him in his word. Much like I would have been if Duke had lost bet which I made, which they want but did seeing. They won the championship. They did not look before the elite, eight, but they did lose in the they did did seeing tied with that cat, just like the biggest smile on his face that make you feel. Like you know what I could picture myself. I I was ready to get a cat trust me. I like. I have accepted it if it. If I had
I bet in LAS, I would have got a cat. I'm a man of my word, my man of honor. All I'm saying is the world guys waiting for Todd Gurley to get it? at and now that that's happened, the world is waiting for Lebron Lockwood yep. We need Lebron Ronnie Brown. Would you feed Lebron Taco Tuesday? No, would you let Lebron get an instant, is Taco day in the Lockwood household. Taco Tuesday has been cancelled, it yeah. You can't do that. You cannot do that. Lebron when he was actually the stalker Tuesday. This week it was, it was offensive. It's it's too much. I can't watch it. I have. I had to delete Instagram so yeah, that's basically, what's going on on, and the NFL front. That's it! The other thing I notice was. I always love the preseason announcing cruise because they're always from
teams yeah, so you get like interest, so we are usually does a game and they're always wearing the team, polo shirts and they're. Looking like they're, like the like, a catering team for the the owners funeral or something yes they're out for like a golf outing or something yeah, they're ready to go boogers out there. I too hope good evening, Peter more Gonna get some eighty Peterman man, also training camps, fights or big time back in all the NFL. This is right. When teams are ready to go because they they they, you know either camps about to break more just broke. How long will current gassed friend of the program? We have his back, no matter what he took a helmet off and it's sort of bashing someone so and that's rare so, but we we told with the helmet yeah. We think that That's what yeah that anyone else that is the Kyle Long hat trick right this wrong, but Kyle Dude that probably looks really it did yeah it and then MIKE got into the middle of a fight. I think against the Patriots so MIKE for was
obviously just trying to instigate a fight, so he could get in there and break it up. I mean we've told this story, but when we saw coach Rabal at the combine two years ago, he came to us and he slapped my back so hard that I think I swallowed my own so I think he just like when he gets to the facility every morning he's just coming up to guys and like let's go and just smack him guys he's the human body's grants Allentown is my upgrade. It is yeah, it he's always rocking that that sweater vest thing, which makes it look even more jacked than he is yeah he's into it. I think he just one. He was challenging bill Belichick to step in and break up the fight to trying to do just like in the in alpha off kids, who didn't know about that would kill MIKE Rabal might yes, okay, MIKE, like a master, lock piece, the Sensei on MIKE Free verse, bill, Belichick, steel cage match, Adams on Bill Belichick side. He has a knife
go see. Ernie Adams poisons very bills food before who wins, Ernie onions with a knife. You know what Bill Belichick's type of guy. That has like one move that he like hit your neck and you just die yeah for the kill bill, yeah yeah. You know I figure point or whatever it is he's the old Kung, FU master that can still catch a fly with chopsticks and the young guy. That's all jacked up can't do it. I yeah! I would agree with that. I also think that if Ernie Adams was involved, he would know about a food allergy that might very well didn't even know that he had yet true a like shake his hand with some peanut dust on it. Here's is made yeah yeah yeah, that's true, okay, so that I would be a match. Bring back celebrity deathmatch. Yes, please all right before we get you all know, we have to talk a little. We actually two more things you gonna do before we get to our fire fast. Our first thought the person, because since nine actually saw like. I actually feel bad for Boogie Cousins Stores ACL. He is the flip side
of we always love when a guy bets on himself he's the flip side of that, because not only did he take a one year contract with the warriors they didn't want to ring. He then takes another one year contract with the Lakers tears ACL. He could have probably made a ton of money if he doesn't tears Achilles with the pelicans yeah two years. So that sucks it does suck it. It's tough, because book is a pretty likeable guy yeah. I like him, like he plays with a lot of passions, got a big asset a bad times, but that's why I like it. Okay at at two yeah, I I'm trying to figure out a way. Maybe you guys can help me out with this. It's got to be Lebron's fault. Somehow got a truck, I'm trying to think how it poss It could be Lebron's fault. Maybe it's all the chalk that he throws around. Maybe it create a slippery floor environment. That's true, were they on the same for yeah, to assume that they were have to practice, but issues movie. I don't think even shows up to practice. Oh so maybe ok, so Boogie not having a good competition against him made him
let his guard down at that point. Did you guys see two that Lebron needs a body double for the basketball scenes in space jam really show his dick because we definitely need to do that. People forget Lebron, showed his dick, the whole country, not as impressive as one might think. The good news, though so, like nine times bigger than mine, is good news. Small picture back! Oh that's, true shut out to me and all the other small, Dick guys, but dad bods and small dicks it's our decade? Why? What do you mean? Why vice this? if I said yeah come on generation Z declared small, some writer, with a small dick advice, determined to write a thinkpiece about. Why small dicks are actually that's all you need, though, it's a unique look at a less distance for the sperm to travel. Big dicks are such a show off move like you get hurt all kinds of things that go wrong. Yeah you people with big dicks die earlier yeah. You can get him trapped in like the end of an escalator. You trip on itself. When you go fishing, you could get it caught by accident. You could you could be in porn and just get paid a lot of money. Yeah
be in porn. Not actually is actually a lot of money is point this is you know you? Could you could break your head? You could break your hand by getting too many high five, some people in the locker room, exactly sucks yeah, you could you you? If you have a big dick, you have to be the big dick joke. Guy, that's a lot of pressure yeah! I was a lot of pressure, so the Good NEWS, the silver lining bookies injury roster spot from Mellow yep roster spot for MILAN. This point I think Melo Probably the same size is boogie, so You don't you don't play him in center yeah, you could, you could touch center stretch, but what about Gilbert Arenas, no ones tossed that name out. I know he lives in Lai, wonder why no one stop snowing, really thought about agent zero in awhile, but seriously mellow mellow. Come on do it now: let's fucking, do it do it for the people? the other news. We had Conor Mcgregor punched, a guy, but not in an octagon. Again it was an old guy. He was probably like seventy years old, he didn't want to drink Conor, Mcgregor's, whiskey, so
Mcgregor went into this bar, I presume, is in Ireland feels like an irish move and he put down a car yeah breaking into bars near total irish Move Pub and he put down a cup in front of like five people to give them a shot of whiskey. The old man pushed away, he put another cup in front of the old man, pushed it away again and then Connor him with a left hook and the dude just chewed it and just sat there and kept going on with his Connors got no power, no power anymore, no power! This good advertising for proper twelve, though, because like if you don't drink this whiskey, Conor Mcgregor might knock you out. You might show up and punch you in the face, that's as good an excuse as any to drink proper, twelve. Actually, if they want, if Conor wants to get out of this, they just need to make that a viral ad. He just goes around to bars and punches
you don't look. It was all part we were filming in at yeah. Sorry, we forgot to get a release from this guy. Yeah are bad. Every time you go into a bar in new order. Jamison you're putting your life in jeopardy, that's actually a good strat or maybe maybe he could spin it like the guy called him Chris, and that's that's like saying, word in Ireland, yeah and so you're allowed to fight somebody after that. The crazy part about Conor Mcgregor, I feel like everything, every bad news that comes out about him happened three months ago, so this happened in April. Comma, Gregor must be like when you got on your schedule, Connor. Well, this video is probably gonna come out. This news is going to come out. I did this back in October, so that's got to come out. Yeah he's got a calendar of scandals that that are going to like make depressed you're, not the only much easier Johnson think about this right. Now. The next Conor Mcgregor story that breaks that's a scandal has already happened. Yeah, it's probably happening right now, is because that's that'll, do it Amber scandal? Connor, don't do it, I'm trying to help you out right now, if you're listening go home, stay by yourself, yeah
he's got he's, got a full schedule ahead of him for sure Connor. I don't know I I don't know what he's up to just like if he fighting somebody if he's not actively engage, in a boxing match or the lead up boxing match in that noise that you hear right now. Here we go is another fire truck and pizza that these windows will be fixed by win by today today, guess what they didn't get fixed. You know what I'm going to do, I'm going to fucking, I'm so mad, I'm going to give PETE one hundred Madden Codes, all business PETE ocean? Ask actually saw, saw somebody tweeted today today, but didn't have a message. It was just at all business PETE just do that message at all: yes at all business, PETE, tweet or just leave at press enter a bunch of times and write one letter, yeah yeah
this fucking timeline? Yeah yeah yeah, like just dot, dot, dot, dot all the way down. So he can't yes do that. We will retweet that if you do that, yes, it was my trying to yeah. It was if Conor Mcgregor doesn't have a real fight that he's training for, if he's not going to box, somebody he's not going to have UFC fight, he just he can't go out places because he's got all that aggression they asked to get out. He just needs to stay home put in a padded cell, stay home and just chill out make sure the guards check on him all the time. All the time, all the time, all right, let's get to our fire fast before we do that bars to goal dot com, Slash p m T, Barstow goal dot com, slash p into you, can watch every single interview. We do every single episode. We do. You can watch it right now on bars to goal dot com, slash, pmt fire fast of the week.
Hank start go head, Hank, okay, so as I've talked about in so of my past firefest, I moved a couple weeks ago before I moved, I dropped off a huge bag of laundry at the laundromat down the street from my house, and I haven't got around to picking it up yet. But it's got you know it's my a list of of clothes like my and I've been in my new apartment like just put together outfits like folk. I need to get that that bag, that big bag, Yesterday I had sometimes like nine o'clock the place I thought closed. Eleven sounds like bucket got on. The train probably took me forty five minutes. I got there. I the hours of operation for this laundromat. Are Sunday Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday, eleven to eleven. And on Wednesday is open, eleven till seven p pm. And it took ten solid, just like I've wasted like two hours. For no reason, and now it's like I'm not going to go back this weekend, probably not I'm going to go next week. Hopefully, but it's like that that I get close, it could just be gone.
At what point you just get to keep it. It's getting closer two one slash two weeks: yeah they got, they got started auctioning that stuff off. I feel like it's. There is right now. Yes, they absolutely have. It was anything really great that you need yeah It's like it's like expensive clothes! No, but I mean you know. I mean they got you where the five shirts every single day, yeah woo, you know, I just said you did not expensive wow. That was really I'm just saying you know: ham doesn't matter, but expenses about clothes. You like her shirts that Hank at some colleges that he's never been to you could've just said that could do a lot of colleges well I'm sure you have a you, have a very random assortment of cultures. I've been to a random assortment of college. Yes, you have which is like you been everywhere man. So what's the solution? You're, just gonna, I think you need to I mean, probably now week. Maybe, but it's like realistically going to spend two hours on the weekend to take the train back to Brooklyn, whatever, like maybe can you just hire somebody to have little go get it
so one sided Hanks someone get his clothes, get the. Silicon Valley to go over there and be like hey, I'm Hank Lockwood, you have my clothes. Do it come on someone someone help you out the fire festival? We call. This is kind of like like feel like it's kind of basic complaining about this, but there's been no snack this office what's been going on with ATLAS. Is there upstairs they're hoarding him upstairs? Really the business people yeah, damn sometimes If there's no snacks one day like our next day, it's going to be stacked and every single day this week up in like what the fuc so. What's going on, it's upstairs they've got like a little squirrels nest up there that they hide them under Bach. Damn we need more snacks, breaking news, breaking the curse. Just got a text got a text from from Jared. We have to call call right now with with calm right now. This breaking news brought
buy chocolate milk for real cover that tastes real good. What's up, okay, have some breaking news. We have our so Ola Rams insider the best reporter in the building. It is Jerrod golf Jerrod. What did Blake do boy it does hurt shave shave mode, not just not just cut. How short is it? It's it's! It's like baby. Because right now, hey my God, what he looks like he looks like a young Jason. No. I, like that's a great spin zone. That's a great look for him! What the transporter think he was getting a little hard time from something out yesterday and took it upon himself to get rid of it
love that show he's like he's like. If the transporter didn't actually drive his own car yeah, I just had automatic going for what now Jared, how much great you look great. Okay, I'm sure he looks he listen. We give me a hard time. We love Blake. He always looks great he's a great looking guy. But how much do you I think that promo on, whenever your game was Saturday night played into it where he had to do a ball flipping promo Without a hat on, and everyone was like who you know, I won't. I won't speak for Blake there, but there's been there's been some around the building almost every day about it and now did he give you a warning or did you do in the building or do you show up one day um? Well, she sent us a picture last night, just bawled home. I can't we have to see that you're gonna have to tell
the picture they are going to have to text that I feel I feel like I shouldn't be doing this. This should be. This could be like. I feel, like I've been coerced into this. Like should be breaking this news. He'll send you the picture, I'm sure, well alright, so we should explain the reason why we're talking to Jerry and not Blake Blake is on currently on a plane to Hawaii for the rams. Preseason game, I texted Blake. He responded on the plane and he just respond. The Joe Rogan GIF, when I said Blake question Mark and it was just the Joe Rogan gift with his shaved head. I mean this is the biggest news. I think that's ever happened yet huge enough on this. Well, I'm glad to be the one breaking up, but I I think, a boy because a lot more information on this- and I would but he does look like your. Okay, ok, do you know what he did with his her duty? Donate it to locks of love was not much still yeah. You know, I don't know how much that would
he didn't know what he could have donated? Somebody like me, who's face bald, I'm a great facial hair. You put down here on your cheek, so it'll look good yeah again it might not it's really not much. Okay, but still. This is a huge NEWS! I we were gonna, try to get Blake on maybe early next week because he's on the plane, but I would you say ' zero to ten? How would you rate him now as a as a good looking dude? Either it turned out that ball got right now, yeah, you said the b word to so. Is it it's official like you think, he's gonna pick at any point coming up again. This is the big news for me to be the one breaking. I don't want to put any words in his mouth 'cause. It can still grow back, but he is. He is down to a downed thread right now. Ok, is he going to grow the stubble 'cause? That's a good luck with the stubble and then the shaved head yeah. It looks great, I'm telling you. It looks really good. Oh man, it damn alright! Well how's camp, Well? I guess we should ask you. One question cancel great.
It sounds sounds the sounds great. Did you watch self on hard knocks now now? Well, member Jerd hasn't had luck on hard knocks. So that's yes, son thing I'm not too I'm not too fond of hard knocks post, traumatic, sunrise, disorder, oh right here, thanks so much breaking news from our error, la RAM insider appreciate it man thanks Jerrod, no problem, guys alright yeah. Ok, that was some crazy breaking news. I bet blade, look! awesome I mean you have to get a glow up if you're going to Hawaii in the first place, I'm happy for him legitimately happy for you know what be comfortable in your own skin Blake, yes, and there's been a long time coming, It really has. So I can Hopefully we get him on next week will do maybe a wikipedia of baldness. Yep and just figured this love. That is a new! Well he's embraced it as cover
because he he went home. He came home. Yes, our pft. What's your fire fast, my for my five first of the week is the fact that it is fantasy football season and that means that I am stuck in quite the text thread of everybody else. In my league. Oh yeah, and not only are, is everybody just like replying with small little jokes, but they're also huge on the emphasizing things the laughing at things. Those extra buttons, ok serve no extra purpose and I fucking hate those extra buns because they fill up my phone notifications, and I would rather be using a Samsung Galaxy on an airplane then have to look at one more of those fucking things. Alright. So, let's, let's let's talk about these notifications because I think everyone does am or everyone's in a text group that has people doing the haha the heart? Yes, exclamation point I agree with you there annoying they also do serve a purpose when you just don't want to say anything
yeah. If you're on a group text, someone send a picture and you're like. I don't want to say anything, but I want everyone to know that I've acknowledged this and I'm not being rude I'll, throw the exclamation I'll throw heart. They're great, a person, that's using them and they're awful for everybody else, especially if it's on a group thread it right. I will yeah it's it's tough. It's draining my battery. It's it's buzzing, my pocket apps. Lee Non stop with him. I don't. I don't want the person who invented that should die, but the person that we already did a person that invented it should have to go, live in Brazil for the rest of the ok got it got it did it when it. When did that come up. That's new though, but Steve Jobs, probably probably invented it from his layer and Brasilia. It's yeah! It's something! That's the rainforest! It was in his brain for really long time. My other far fetched that week is Leroy has diarrhea. Oh shit, yeah, I had is not always making it all the way outside so that sucks. I had a similar situation on Saturday night,
you had diarrhea. No him make my son slept through the night for the first time ever, of course, Stella had diarrhea. I was up. Everything that night yeah. She knew it was perfect. It was the part of the world collided. It was the perfect night style was like. I need some attention at this point, so I'm just going to crap on the floor. Yeah that'll make that come out. It is such a sock yeah. It's always tough. When your dogs got this, which I actually think spends on for Leroy, he got a scoop wrong earlier this week, he's doing that to try to deflect from the fact that you know. You missed a scoop of because you can't be mad at somebody here was the old he's, excuse literally sick to his stomach, forgetting something wrong. Exactly yeah. That's that's great dog he's committed art. My fire fast is. I lost the AFC Championship Game in my Madden franchise socks sucks
all right, the cashier eagles of matter I got drafted by the Broncos John Elway, love to my size and all right lost to the browns who had a home playoff game if he shaved their fourteen into okay, I usually reset, but I played so poorly. I was disgusted with myself. I didn't reset the console. I just ate that LOS, knowing that the second year will be even sweeter when I hit that I'm going to demand a trade first, but wherever I land I'm going to win super bowl with that time, that feature you get on like the local sports talk, radio man and then you complain about something yeah. He demanded trade yeah so nice to simulate I'm having to do that. How many many quarters do you do for that? Six really yeah and I should say the first round. I did reset the the Xbox twice when I was down to the colts could lose the calls are strapped. No, you can't no apps
had a cheaper way to this. You have to give something to build on right. When you, you learn more from a loss than you do, for a win right and so you'll be you'll, be great. Next season, I you know just put put in the work. This offices- yeah you it with the world- has not heard the last of quite take Tanis, as my guys, okay yeah might want to change that. Well, I mean it's pretty good. Named Clyde tickets with a k, some would beg to differ. By the way Landry Jones was in the news this week. In a later Jones is such a sick, quarterback name. He he is. He is he's. He's accept all right got him in cold Mccoy when those two were planned against each other in college. It's like that. Those are two quarterback yeah I agree all right. Let's do our Mount Rushmore before we do that it's football season. That means it's NFL Sunday
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use promo code, barstool, nineteen promo code, barstool nineteen check out save fifteen percent. Ok, let's do our Mount Rushmore were doing Mount Rushmore of Ages who's on first I am. This is big cat yeah and then I'm second right, yep, okay, cool you ready, yeah, okay, I'll start with twenty one. Twenty one you can drink everyone's excited. I want a fake id in college, but when you turn twenty one, that first time you walk in the bar and you're like yep. That's really me. There's no thrill like that. It's pretty sick yeah! I, like twenty one, I'm going to Eighteen, who is eight? in your graduating from high school yeah. You probably have a fake id or at the very least you have somebody in your friend group that has a fake id correct and I would actually say that buying alcohol under age is more thrilling than buying out. Call Wendy shoulder tapping, doesn't know they would hold on hold it just hits divine when you're under twenty one. I I agree with you the first
can fill when you're. Actually, twenty one is like thrilling to walk around and just buy should be like. Yes, like you want people to card. You know that feeling when you're like Yo Carby. Do it ask me: ok care me counterpoint when you're eighteen, you still have turning twenty one to look forward. True, that's still an exciting thing in your future. Thank you got two: I'm going to go with nineteen for the first one probably been through year college or like drinking, glad you're having fun with your friends your comfortable. It's not like you know, freshman year, awkwardness or whatever winning the World CUP for France and you can go as hard as you want a new games for the Celtic yeah and if you fuc up like anyone, can nineteen and they're still like you can have a second chance yeah. You can follow him, though he's nineteen, so it's like we can get past that. So it's like you basically have a get out jail. Free card: what age would you say you can fuc up and be like? Well he's still a kid. I think that start with two hundred and thirty four
ok, I mean I use that all the time. It's like I'm just a little bored, baby birthday boy like hey, I'm just a kid. I haven't learned, probably the worst age I think blink. One hundred and eighty two got it right: twenty three yeah our college or but you should've had a job for like a year and a half right. You can't use youth as an excuse anymore. It's true all right, Hank, your second age, twelve oh you're, young or body in your mind, are still pure. All you care about is like sports you're, not worried about girls or drama. You don't really know. What's going on in the world, you just care about like the sport you play in logs you I mean you came all girls, but it's not like I don't know you know I can loan you. Well, I'm not sure. If you have to you know get like, I did, I think I did say anything about that. I actually had this written down to because it's also the year that you're, the oldest kid a little weak. Yes, that's that's that's That was actually a year when I was twelve for whatever reason like the the cut off was in September and then whatever reason when I was twelve, they move the cut off back to may so I had a year. When thirteen on the
diamond, and I was like the same size dimensions as well. You fucker it was the greatest show my life straight. That's there's like three perfect games like forty two runs and then my dating almont by fucking dad will, let me play summer league like go to or because he said it was unfair watt. Otherwise you would wonder little league world. Probably you should have told us this. When your dad was here yeah I mean I just saw it on the farm. I just I still I'm still bitter about. I am to him like that, and I'm I'm also first time I'll, show you my tea pitcher to layers. I'm worry six feet tall and all like with your in and read yeah worst age. Thirty four, when I found out that Hank could have gone Williams, yet she's come on. Hank Fox opened so sick all right. Also when you're twelve. You don't know that you're short, yet you still think like hey, I'm kind of average size. Maybe my growth spurts coming yeah, not It's very late. Everybody will say it's relatable, my next I'm going to eight hundred and eight when you're, a
You love cartoons yeah on all the time. There's a special channel that you can just turn to watch cartoons. You think you know everything about every sport that you're watching everything's exciting when you're, eight, okay, every single little thing that you see is new. It's fun! You have zero responsibility, yup and I mean zero responsibility. You can still get away with putting yourself if you have to every now and again and once you it's not a big deal. If you like that when you're right well, no, actually, I think that's yeah. I actually agree with Hank, I don't think improves over here I mean it's right when kids start remembering not intentionally get a nickname. That was forever. You still think that you can't poop yourself from like six to twenty two. Only put myself at least one point: six yeah, of course, but I'm saying once maybe like third grade yeah once you get, where kids can remember and give nicknames, you can't risk recess, kicks yourself, yeah, that's Pft,
I like. I was there for you. I like the way, I'm not saying I put myself, I'm so you're. Definitely not if you had put yourself on the playground, you you underneath the monkey bars yeah, because we This class, alright I'll go with twenty five peak strength, that is the human body is it your peak strength? You are a couple years out of college, but you're still young, that's scientifically accurate scientific fact. We were twenty five. That's why Byu always wins games they stink, but they're, all twenty! I can't answer Mandir items because there were mayors, God. Forty five is is your? Is your peak strength and you're a few years, Hank! Look it up I trust you swear to God. A few years out of college. You probably have a little bit of a secure income but you're also young enough, where you're like can still be a fuckhead all the time. So a little bit of half brain situation. You can run
each house. Yes, I am a man, a car, a car and the car that huge dental verbal as usual with all right I'll go for my third I'll go with ten, because it's awesome when you can do both hands. It's like ten, I'm this man and this man I'm driving his five? That's you did you also just feel like that's a big moment when you go from nine to ten yeah like all right cool, I two candles on the cake. Yes, I know that you can. You can start you know. Usually you can maybe go on the ten foot hoop that kind of stuff you kind of graduate to like playing some real sports like organized little. What do you call? Little league becomes real. All those things are fun, but you still have that youthful. You know energy and people when you're nine Hank the ice on You ever think about when you're, like you did as coach pitch. Looking back, and eleven are no one thousand one hundred and twelve slowly put like ten is right when you're starting to get serious, the kids are pinching. Kids are pitching your tent. When you think about being a little kid like beat little kid is basically just
Could you just walk around and everything is cool imagination exactly yeah it's even better when you're eight yeah, but when you're ten, that is the first case you get in life at looking down on people, probably right exactly no training wheels, you might be going to a camp, maybe probably not sleep away camp, but maybe, if you're kind of bad assets. You know, if you prove you can handle it right, do your chores. You cannot cry for a week straight right. You still believe in Santa by the way is real. Santa is real for kids are in the car yeah you're right in that good spot right, pft, your last one, my last one, I'm going to go with I'm going. Seventy good one getting nice and old, but like it's right at that point, when the APR heads or whatever, I think that six thousand five hundred and sixty five yeah. So, actually, I'm going to go back to sixty five thanks Hank my hand, of the peace yet so yeah when you're sixty five, you get the retirement benefits hitting you. Golden age of your life, hopefully retired, and your first taste of just like not giving a fuck anymore.
Okay, kids might be out of the house. Okay, yeah, pretty good no golf all day yeah, you don't like golf, but I would if I was sixty five, you think you're smart, I think I'm going to have to. I think those are the rules are going to be lonely. If I don't play golf on sixty five, I'm probably not going to get to sixty five, but that's fine. Thank you are less to last two, I will go with twenty three, which is the worst. According to our office and us yeah, but I don't think so. Okay, great go off and I'm going to go for four Ok! What is the last year, it's the last year before you're stuck going to school. Every single day or life you're just playing all day everyday though no, but it is a horse through the monotony of waking up five days a week and having to deal with teachers, and you know structured classrooms. It's not great for everyone feel like school year, for all you have to do is play play, games, watch, teletubbies and just chill get snow
yeah yeah, it's great yeah. I agree with that. I think that that is your last year of complete and total freedom in your life is under four correct Peterman. By the way just got nice first down pick horsey dispute invite me to your last pick my last is going to be so you took I'm going thirty four. Oh, I feel pretty good right now. Our age, everything is great. Everything is good when you're thirty four for Maine, ok, except for the minor missteps like at your dog having diarrhea, yes, that doesn't my weekly fire sauce and you lose money gambling on sports and then there's like six months, where there's no football on tv and you get upset about that. Besides, that, being thirty four is fucking awesome, it is awesome
Ok, my last picture. Twenty three, like your independent, like you probably had to move home or still on twenty three, like that, you still on those people move, move home after college and then there, but you don't have any money. Then you can go out on your own, but that's you're fun! It's like you're living on your own you're, experiencing life in a new way. Yeah also take first taste of adulthood, Hank you're. Twenty three experience is vastly different. No I'm trying to talk from the most of the normal, like people that I'm picking up after college persons perspective my last pic I'm going to go with one hundred, because if you get to one hundred people flocking like think you walk on water and you think you're Jesus they're like this is addable! You are one hundred years old. Everyone throws you sucking parties, probably in your local newspaper guy, turns one hundred and men don't usually turn one hundred yeah, especially tall guys like myself, so one hundred would be pretty I might have to be one hundred anyway and you could like if you're one hundred people will just
everything. You say no matter what yeah yeah it's a joke because yeah like we got it, we got he's alive. Yeah right, you should. We should start a podcast with somebody, that's a hundred, because everybody would have to laugh right. Single word, sir, is the. If you've been around, someone is a hundred everyone's, just in all that they're alive and they're. Just this is so sick, but you're still here and like all my God, what was it like a hundred years ago yeah, I remember the Titanic, the but you're the the gas that you have all these, like nice secrets and stories like hey, what what's the trick to learning to be a hundred yeah, and then you always get that one old person on the news it's like bourbon and yeah. I know I had a vodka every day. That's like a week's worth of content for the lowest rate that you can go viral and a hundred for just exist. Yeah! That's pretty strange! Opening your mouth and probably someone wipe your. You can shoot yourself yeah all the time. Are we don't to walk everywhere? Somebody pushes you around. Do we miss any? I was gonna throw in Jurassic age, but I thought that was cheating yeah. I you know, I about doing something like the bronze age yeah, but that was GI.
I actually think thirty is awesome too, because you become young again the ice. You dread twenty nine, When you turn thirty you're, like you know what it's not that bad. I was the same way when I was twenty nine. I spend my whole year being like I'm almost thirty, almost old by the time I got there. I was like this isn't so bad yeah there in your young again, because people were thirty, eight are old and now you're thirty, like I'm, never going to get there by the way mid thirties does start until you're, thirty five we're still in our early 30s start early 30s for us yeah Hank. Oh, are you two thousand five hundred and twenty six? Oh, that's why you were upset because you missed your peak physically. No, I haven't. I don't know physical because he was a real one. Yeah you to play in the world yeah you you, you just walk right past her physical peak. Now you do anything last year that was impressive, physically, while
I fight the year before so like I had to take some time off. Yes, those twenty four, so Madge. If you fought when you're twenty five, you could've gone all the way I know yeah a champion are any others I mean. I don't know. Twenty seven is pretty sweet too, although that's actually, when you start to get like next year, Hanks areas quarter, life crisis can be awesome to watch yeah. What do you do when you get your quarter? Life crisis start a fantasy football podcast yeah, yeah yeah. You should do that Hank. You should hear you fancy football factory. That's a good wow that you just comparing Hank Luck with Hammer Hammer and Hank would be his co, so Rone Rone, Rone Rone, that's a great idea! Ok, So we get credit for that idea. Yes, you guys can be executive producers and that podcast happened to. I have to be an executive producers. My totaling, more maybe like the vice, can I put the football team. Yes, no young had flood for was at just get everyone excited about fancy. Is it for you, like you, like, hey Lavion, Bell in the third round
oh yeah. No, I can't audio brown is six round sleeper. Like you get everyone just super fucking horned up from great I'm great at getting people lubricating, then Dashley, disappointing them, yeah I'll, be head grip. I've always wanted. I always wondered what the fuck that guy, that boy, that boy and grip? What do they do? I was just assume so the lighting lighting ship, but it's not the actual you hold. I see it very literally they're just gripping, so I think you put sandbags on camera stands. I think that's exactly right. That's exactly right! Right Let's go to to for grace before we do that. A word from our sponsor bud light. You guys know it. It's the best beer out there, some I'm only got a couple weeks left, but it is not still, and that means it's a bad bad day to be a bud light. It's time to break out your favorite hawaiian shirt and stock, the cooler with some crisp refreshing bud lights. Not only is it summertime? It's also Mount Rushmore Season or Mount Rushmore. Summertime beers include bud light bud light lime in orange, both pre brewed with real citrus peels.
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I've. If you really do sound effect, if you trust me, if you trust talking to MIKE you don't have to, but some people I forget, and they go over here. Otherwise, I gotta podcast now yeah. There are professionals, you're here right here right here, her thing could a guy like you, I'm looking at your hair right now. This is, let's start. This is ok! You look. I can swear on this Mother Fucker pitch could take it down a notch. Damn fuck you like hell right, dude it's great, we got we got this. You see Israel Medicare. She is kind of like once you know young, like this. The guests that you hearing right now is to overturn. It is either had to listen did you know him from those seventy show from a million movies to let's not talk about me or see in this and he just went right. We just raw dogged it in there before like. What's going on, we didn't even know the intervals into the most gorgeous heads there. That's true! It's a shame that were in podcasting. By the way. I need to thank you before we really get going, because you got me out of jury duty.
So I dropped it today, yeah. I know I dropped your name yesterday. I was in jury duty and they were going to pick me for the thing and I said, can I talk to you personally and I explained my job and I explained I had Topher grace coming and the guys who the look. No, the lawyer said he should he should. I think you said I stop listening, but he's like he should have been in the new spider man or something. So I don't know your lawyer yeah and I was in my. I got me out of jury duty once I went into you know you get like the area get held in the: U called jail cell. I was like you're you're, like maybe I'm gonna, be on a jury today right. I think it probably sixty people, they gonna whittle it down. It is yes, so I was in that room and they brought out this guy. Who is there on murder and also man? I'm not working right now, this be kind of cool to get like a murder trial and like it's a good research. Maybe forty bucks a day, forty bucks a day lunch yet so the guy comes out- and I know it's like you know innocent until proven guilty.
This guy is guilty, no matter what you do just tell from looking at him. It really big guilty. Looking guy they said everyone stand up. Do you swear to you know: a judge him or whatever? And you know yeah. I said sure that you know and then, as we sat down, he looked at me a wink. He went like big fan and I was like, oh my god, I can't be honest, yeah matches now you think he's innocent, because he's only here actually voted him guilty and then from the jury box. I was like it was. It wasn't me yeah,
yeah, don't help me down after yeah. Well so you're to for grace murderers or your number, one fans. Would you say or how does that work? I gotta love, love, love, love, love, one out of one murder is that you've met have been a big fan of yours. Yes, not true, not true story, funny story. It is impossible to be to like completely. You know you do have to go in there and say: ok, I'm not going to judge anything. I was sitting in front of two lawyers and one of those was this like smooth talking italian guy in a white suit, and I was like I'm gonna believe whatever he says, he's selling it by using a used car sales was like this. Guy is awesome, so
I don't know how anyone has a jury that I think you do it more like yeah, like american Idol or the voice, or something like that where it's like. Who do you like the most? Yes, not terms of presentation, you? Actually everybody should just sit around in the jury, pool spazzing yeah and then you turn around yeah yeah yeah, perfect this poor innocent. We always talk on the show like if you're going to be a lawyer, you have to have some look in the court room. You have to have a look like yeah. The white linen suit, that's one! Looking a cowboy hat! If I see a lawyer talking as a cowboy hat, I'm like that. Guy knows what he's talking about like a little sailor, outfit with Little John T, so you're saying that the sailor cap and you think a little bit, so I could get suit with a ball going to forget that no hell, no hell, no right, so it is to for grace. We did a terrible job being wealthy people who don't know how the fuck I'm out here. I am allergic to sports, ok
Hey? Don't even watch them, I'm I mean I'm dissing it full any. I mean it's not surprise. Anyone we've had here is on the show of yeah okay. But someone told me about your show and then I listen to it, and I said I want to do it, your celebrity of user wait. So you listen to it. Even though you don't like sports, that's how yeah! Well, I mean they tell me about it and I have a friend who said it's really great he's like when you die her friend Brad Pitt. No, it's it, that may actually producer of my podcasts, and he said that if you're going to cast that's the one to go on steel or tricks, yeah shut up. Yes, I'm just kinda here, taking notes in note number one when you have a guest on that might be more famous than you start out by negging him. So my first question to you is: what's it like having the most lax, Bro name of all time, lax, Bro, yeah lacrosse guy to for grace? what's up, tells a tale. So here is go to boarding school in New England. Yeah
do you have for that yeah? I wanted to what kind of lawyer was that's a close. That's the closest be in sports. I am is my nickname yeah, that's right, yeah success. If you were Chris, 'cause that is you're, definitely not know. The only thing that is made me successful is my nickname. I'm positive. I mean Yet not he does not do the acting. You think it was a tongue in cheek question, but I'm telling you Topher grace is different than Chris Grace. That's just a different. Yeah it's a different way. I went to boarding school in New Hampshire actually want to want to want to mess. Sincere and die and the first day the best girl in school said you should go, so. If I can buy Chris grace my whole life and I thought was a little bit yeah you know I wanted to go by Christopher Nolan, would call me Chris. I think I was joking around like oh, maybe I should go, buy it over and then just you're on the school said? This is a great. She said. If you go by to offer okay yeah dont, miss it and then
boom, your careers born. Do you send any like residual checks? Yeah she get a little taste of that she's, my wife, Well, you run a presidential days. I love that. I wrote this down. You run a procedurals. What's that residual check on that seventies show look like I mean zero talks. You know Oh look great! It's actually. What allows me in all honesty to do like some of the projects I've been doing lately. You know make a lot of money on because there are it like this spike movie. I did yeah that you know it when it when it came out. Everyone so excited about it when you're starting to make a film like that, it's hard for them they even get the money to make that movie. So truly, I'm like more grateful This is grateful to get that show. I never acted before that show. It was a weird thing. Someone saw me to play at that boarding school, but I really yeah that's my first like audition but
So I thought I like. I hit the lottery, but now I realize I really hit the lottery 'cause. I you know everyone that show. We don't do anything unless we're you know
but I'm doing a black near right now, just because I love it right because I don't think about you know what I'm getting paid or anything. Yes, I did have that as a flex. I saw that I was reading some stuff. He said I have. I have enough money for the seventy shows to do whatever I like. I said it like that. I think a guy who is writing the article did a headline I'll pull up the quote, but since I have so many log you money rubber, you everyone, we read the headlines yeah. If this does not say that you guys factor, I mean there's no for grace. I've got you money as I got up and yourself in the you don't ever want more. You can't tell me I known in the on the way and that's why don't you guys- and this is my show now- new format- yeah, I'm more of a kind of a morning chat show for, does know sports talk about where our games yeah yeah, all right, so so that's, seventy shows. Can we talk about? That's every show is in knowing that's that's my first car. No, no! No! Knowing when people talk about that seven, you know I love it. I it was like imagine if You I'd only been in one or two high school plays and then
at: U S c, to go to college and the girl who did the sets her. Parents were producers, and you know I knew them is Lindsey's mom and dad, and they said you know would you want to come. Try out for the show- and I thought my god like. Could you if I just went to an audition and got a television show and I got. It was very scary 'cause. I have no idea what I was doing, but it was an amazing ride to be on something that you love is your first thing and to do it with a group of amazing people is like I still have talked about it. Yeah yeah, it's very cool to watch a group of actors, kind of grow together on a show, that's like that. It kind of brings in the audience at home a little bit. You feel like you're part of that You are here the way as are growing up, so that was in that was set in what nineteen seventy six that right, seven thousand six hundred and seventy six. So I did the math that would be like if somebody were to make a show right now it would be the one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine show like the millennium show, which makes
All those shared my mind is going to explode when I'm trying to think it started in seventy six and we did it in ninety eight. Then it would be too oh it be closer think about when it's twenty twenty or twenty two. When it would be. The same distance, remember thinking the 70s were so crazy and these Bell bottoms sounds really think about one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight right one year. It would be like that nine hundred and eleven show in like three years, which would be a decidedly different approach to make Sicard pass hard pass, yeah that one I I want to get in real, quick to black lands, because I thought that was one of the also the seventies yeah, one of the best movies that I've seen in a long time in theaters is such yeah. It was really good. I haven't seen yet is very strong
trying we're trying to make you yeah. We can't we can't like I feel like I can give you a compliment and then he has to shut it down. I'm never seen the movie yeah, for it was good and I thought was interesting because it showed like two very different forms of racism. At the same time, who would like some of the the hillbillies that were like to the clan guys and then there was you who was playing the polished racist I know it's more prevalent today, David Duke yeah. I think the movie was like how America has been, which is the first half of the movies, really focused on kind of that classic take on racism and then the second half. What kind of what David do did to America's what he does to that film, which is when he got on the scene. He made it more palatable yeah and spike did an amazing job of can't yet showing what kind of the conventional ideas and then with the kind of what grew into the present day version.
So when you were playing David, Duke just like in all time. Slimy guy was that those things where you leave the set at the end of the day, and you just feel bad about yourself like what you been doing all day. 'cause like it'll, be item. To be tough to separate the role from like okay. Now, I'm off the clock, I can stop being an asshole. Look, I'm not normally one of the people who, like brings it home with them like I'm, not a method actor. There are actors, I've worked with where they are like in through the whole time and and they're there really fraught with the I've never had that Ashton Kutcher got time? Method is still the same guy he might've method. Like, but mostly it's I'm not like like I don't come home and bring it home with me, but that the first time. I think, as we shot all the clan stuff in one week and you know in the film it's spread out, you'll see when you, yes, I'm excited but excited to watch that part to watch that part. Yes,
he brought this home with them. It was a. It was messed up. I mean it's really. If you go to that, much trouble like we did to really re, create that kind of stuff and and search was heavy yeah. You know 'cause, it's just thinking about stuff. You want to think about and you're, also watching the news. Today I mean at the time it was, I guess, Trump's first year in office and it you're seeing how what happened in that time directly affected. I mean literally, we started Charlottesville was happening, so it was really. The whole thing was really heavy, but spikes the rest of the time once that was really fun 'cause. He and the movie has some have some levity to it. Yeah there were times that's a big time movie where you watching the theaters, and there are some times when you want to laugh because it's funny and you like look,
like. Is it ok to laugh, as I could say that when we went to like we had the premier in Brooklyn- and it was amazing, he's like the king of Brooklyn and you couldn't hear certain lines to people are laughing over other lines and then we went and showed it at the academy in LOS Angelus. Does the academy awards and like it all white audience, and he said at the beginning, I was this way this guy. So smart goes. It's ok to laugh, guys, you're right right. People like it's, ok to laugh, it's a comedy and they will, but still they were like. It's still a bit yeah you're wiggling around in your seat and those in those parts, but it was. I thought it's really really good, I'm very excited now those are great promo pf. Now. Can we talk about a movie that I don't like that you were in the interstellar interstellar traffic? What's up with other camera filters in traffic, it's like well. Actually I actually love traveling movies, dinner. Theater path you want to do is traffic. Now I love. I love traffic. Just how come scenes in Mexico, it's like dark, yellow and then in the United States. It's like
doors, red white and blue. That movie all that stuff goes well there's yellow in Mexico. No, that's the red part. Did you have playing that role or you just like yeah get to talk fast, all the time for ten year old. You don't know was I when I got the wrong person. Boarding school. That I was I when I got there. On seventy show. I thought it started to become a hit at that point. I was. I was like two years in I was like oh I can I still feel that way about playing David do occur. I kind of play like a Jack Dorsey type of character in Black America was like. I think I can do the key I've amassed enough good will, that's were sit com dot. You know anything about like Richie Cunningham or you know Chandler you. You know it's like it's to see these people's bad guys so to play him. It really challenges the audience is, and that was because I I out for seven shown as the first one traffic that I said cut my hair short for, and I didn't even like people in noise in it like
like I was at the golden globes and people were saying like good job, the rest of the cast and when I like, I was in the film and I was at first I was bombed and I realize I know this is good to have kind of two separate. Yes still, you know I love doing black klansman and I just did a comedy Jon Stewart's directing, and it's much more of a comedy and I'd love that that's interesting, that you think that, like the people are so attached to that, seventy show that you can play awful characters. Awful people and people will not. Hold it against you the same way. Well, I worked with RON Howard once and I was like this guy he's the great and he is the greatest greatest human in the nicest guy, but also like you know he was Opie. He was rich cunning and you know, like I race, like he's in with you. He walks in the room. You give them so much like all. This must be a nice guy and he really messes with the audience in a fun way when especially plaintiff into yeah. People are like how I feel
about this. So what about interstellar? What about it? then I didn't like it on the second watching you liked it. The first yeah did. I did exactly what I got was like that you know one side, so you're good. Now, all right! So don't once again, no the we're good! That's in don't talk, don't watch it the second time what happened in the second? I don't know, I thought it was kind of cheesy. I I just I somehow, but I love Chris for known as I love the Christopher Nolan Batman's, but the direct sum of that I don't know, but don't watch the second time you find explain to two idiots. What exactly is cons or cans or whatever the funk? You call it. Ok, I didn't know until I went. Ok, just first time is given scans. One hundred one can can one hundred and one like a can of Coca COLA, yeah. I would be relatable to these asked. Are you guys know can't yeah call it a little bit more? I came down the road now the light yeah yeah yeah yeah. I think that kind of guy go yeah god I didn't. I never been. I thought it was
like really hoity toity I'd kind of? see people over there. I'd say what is the big deal and then, if you ever gonna can try to be leads of a movie that receive received that well. Okay, good! Is it it was the unbelievable. It was what I thought Polly was going to be like when I was a kid and I went to planet Hollywood or like Disney World or something I was like. Oh Hollywood, probably so much fun and you learn. Oddly, it's a real grind. You job and then I went over there. I thought no, this is it it's like palm trees and tuxedos you're out on someone's yacht and that film, so you know that film is coming out. It was very quiet like no one even knows was playing David Duke in it was really a secret and the when they showed it. It got a ten minute standing ovation at the end, which is um like a one minute. Standing ovation is like obnoxious right and a ten minute like people are throwing
those is the best part of the standing ovations. There's a camera on you at the end of the film. So you watch this film with you know two thousand people and then up on the big screen. They have a camera on you, so boom you see like Spike Lee's face it's in the room, you're in and everyone's cheering and throwing like bouquets, and then it went over to John David Washington people are on their feet. Applauding the camera went to me and he plows kind of died down. It's kind of quiet and it went over to like Laura Harrier preening again. I was like okay. I think it is. I did a good job, but it might be because I did a bad you can't. You can't give a standing ovation David, do no matter what else we all yeah. So I don't know how to respond to it, but I kind of I thought that to me was my favorite I bought the poster of of the can can You know two thousand eighteen yeah when I got the name, so it is not kind it is can't go to school is what everyone thinks. It is because it's one of those mysterious things to people watch movies, people who you know enjoy media. You just think like all
people go to France, the, can Tuxedo LEO pulls up on his yacht with like twenty girls they lightly kiss each other on the cheek and their and boom get made and by the way I think it is the game I think have flops, they get booed over there that really yeah. Well, that was so scary was showing the film they said. Sometimes you people are booing just sit through it. I was, This is gonna, be with a love cinema, so they are really there they're, not there for some commercial reason they're there, because they want to see the movie. Sorry, how do you get tickets to be in the audience that Khan can That was that's the only way I knew how to just be in a movie. I was lucky. I was there only two american films out here and I happened to be in both of them. Just so weird I shot him a year and a half apart, but I happen to me both of them, so I got like a but if you had only known me, then yeah so really the tip is to be in two movies at Cannes. When you If you can try to swing a guys, try to be in the only two american film. Hang out yeah. You have never been to the south of France. I highly recommend it damn
I think it could be really bad. There's also a real hustler uh in a Vegas enerji, going on at the same time or people trying to get their films financed. So it really runs the gamut. I think, there's like I mean this year. The ticket would have been once upon a time in Hollywood. That was the like one kind of emerges as the one I'm sure I'll? Never have that experience I mean. If you talk to me, I read interviews with Steven Spielberg and he said like premiering ETA. Can he still like his favorite experience. You can't imagine what it's like trying to get an airbnb in. Can that week it's like you're, basically you have to stay in Switzerland and make the commute down. We should go sometime. Yeah, let's go let's be Let me something from what I can tell the tone of the show. It is perfect, so we are
and I thought what kind of movie do you think we can make to get into? Can we've got some ideas, but I don't know if they're, like art house enough my talks he does like what is all your own docking hit me with these ideas, go porter, I'm calling right now she was voted dogs, but it seems like a bee to all the. Have you give me all your first question? Do you know Adam Sandler? Have you ever worked Adams Adam, and I are dying for something you we said it. Okay, okay could have to do with dogs. That would be great okay, it's call owner dogs in and out of me, it's about this dog that always has a and love it got he's like the leader of a sled dogs in the at large. Ask your question: yeah! Are you any further? Have we seen it before? No, no. We have okay, this coming up for any signs. It's like a mix between Debbie does Dallas and snow dogs and Rudolph Goody Goody, yeah. Well, before I go any further, let me just say: the dogs are voiced by Zac Efron he's attached to aggression from Lucy at our I heard. Is that Yeah, I got ice. Cube is loosely attached that Adam Sandler is what we're hoping for.
Kevin James, Chris Farley, Chris Rob Schneider, Rob Schneider. All voices does spade a spade voice. The and the it gets lost in the woods. Yes in the phone, and the only way that you can get back is by following the trail of his little red, lipstick That's guided them out there in the snow so it's like. I got a motion at the end there he call came around at first. It was funny and then it got so much running with the dog at laws. It's a whole thing about don't boner, shame and all that stuff right. Kids will learn from this guys. I am, funny at one hundred percent yeah. This is why you did that 70s show is so that you can do this sugar daddy. I got another one for you ever see that Movie Roma yeah. I didn't so but someone told me that it started as the guy's life starts, that right So? I was thinking we just make a movie where it starts where it's like three, two one action. It goes through the whole person's life and then come back around he's like three two one action. So it's a never ending movie.
Maybe I don't get that that didn't make sense either first time I did. This is very confusing anyway, I'm confused, we don't actually in the person is born, so it starts. It starts out with an old guy going three hundred and twenty one action, and then it goes to a baby, and then I got here long. I got it yet. No, it starts with the guy being. Three two one action, one action and then it's a baby and then it's the baby growing up to be a human, a being a grown adult and the growing becomes a director and at the end of the movie he's like. Ok, all the things that happened in this movie led me to this moment. Three hundred and twenty one action boom back to a baby, but it's in there is an actor baby, though it's the same baby, it just keeps going loop. Loop loop does make sense. So, if he's a director, what if it was a movie inside a movie inside movie, he's literally he's born and he lives, and then he get to the end and he's like it now, I'm at a point where I wanted to do the movie of my life, so
starts, although I got it, I got it. I am having a green monsoon right now and I'm going to top your idea and make it look way better. This is LISA Lavery. Okay, it's really will cut it from the podcast. So if you missed the whole thing just sleep just it was wash over. You, ok, a guy. He three one action baby grows up to be a director. He says three, two one action that baby grows up to be a director. Then he three hundred and twenty one action. So it's another one at the end had another: that's what you did, yeah sure you cut your story off short, that's true! I wanted more so that way, or you know what I mean I was going to pitch three, but I feel like I don't know if people recently you know, but the whole point between three hundred and self indulgent at that point. But the whole point of it is it's like an eight hour movie and then we jack up the price for popcorn, so we make the mall the movie money that we make is actually through the popcorn back door, it got
a bad idea. I am in no way touching it's terrible love, boner dog yeah, it's fun, fun! Arnie want. You, I'm gonna dog, it's no, I'm yeah, listen! I've! I play the by help with the bone or on the floor for for the bone. I've heard that you are getting really to remixing movies, that we call but remixes I don't know we don't got it. I I have to answer all these questions about it now, but it started as I gave bad. It's on a film I was producing in I think, because I as an actor you're. Never in editing yeah ends, you don't know you're going like what took you so long and they're like we just shot the whole thing they want to. You know, but what to and then, when I went in any, I realize only God this such a process that I I bought an avid editing machine online. And I learned how to come in the only way to cope with it is to get you know, I I I I cut something out of atonement. If you member that film It was really short. It was like my idea that Keira Knightley yeah, so in order to get enough footage to to,
make a movie out of a ton of footage. I took that New star wars, the one that Natalie Portman's in the those three star wars movies and I cut him into one. I mean this is the nerdy. Have ever it's literally like sure, not a sports guy you've gone viral, I'm adding, seems to atonement yeah. That is yeah, I'm not a sports guy. I don't know how to unwind, and it is nothing to do with Michael. I don't want anything I'm in. Really is relax am to AZ kind of shift in the it's like get going in the garage and doing what working or something and it- and it does teach you a little bit about the job, because it's like Wanna director takes an acting class to be better. Actor something you learn a little bit, but mostly I just let you know you look at like the hobbit, I did the hobbit and that should Unfilmed, you guys watch the Hobbit yeah. It should be one film right, yeah the hobbit that was no a seller. The right yeah, I was gonna, say game of Thrones
your is that thing called breaking bad the director with the never the movie that movie what it's great title. Easy buys much popcorn! Well, you are you. Are you the director? I can get that that I can get anything you know I don't like to read. I would be bad ending anything I mean I just really like doing it as a as a I mean it's, not it's really nerdy and it is as nerdy as it sounds, and it's because honestly did to make the you know correlation to sports world. We have a guy in this office who breaks down film in the middle of football film in the middle of summer. Like yeah thats, if you're a sports fan, you probably have similar hobbies with that's an sat or yeah we're going to get me into it on a deeper level writings out of I only do stuff that I'm kind of a fan of, and I just want to like to play around with it and have my own control over it. It's really fun. You should remix every single NIC cage movie together, you know, I'm thinking of doing is,
too boring! No, no, not used to. It will be all these seventies films together. So, like all the president's men, the parallax view, and- and I know yet trying Small all one dope 70s film, which would be kind of cool that seventy yeah! That's the reason I won't do is give people, that's where all my god yeah. I will do it for that reason. Yeah if we get out in front of it. I'm so glad when I play do not do that. So I do not don't show the never ending movie part two yeah yeah. I don't know the thing here we come. Can your movie should be, don't make the job you want to make here? It is yeah that yeah may I shouldn't do it just do all kinds, eighties, movies, yeah What was it like working on set with people that were hooking up like your co stars that you knew what you were looking up? The warrants you didn't. Do your research Pft Iraq's? I refuse to believe that I have. I think that you guys were sworn to secrecy and you've done a hell of a job.
I actually have any swears to secrecy in nineteen. Ninety nine, because you have and then get married and have kids in twenty. Sixteen everyone makes weird. Everyone makes weird packs. When you're seventeen I've seen american pie, I've seen a lot of teen movies. You have to make a pack when you're a senior in high school. I think that you guys made a pack. Let's Tell anyone yeah because like when me and big cat made out that one time it totally like ruin things with Hank the whole day. Chemicals for like at least a week and a half. So, like I took out a little something's going on here, someone someone wrote an article that said what really happened behind the scenes of that 70s show. Do you. Should I read the different paragraphs. You know don't even comment on trying to promote alright. First, one love love far from first sight. It actually talks about them not being lovers, and then it goes down and down. Leo's disappearance, Eric's Buddy Topher Grace supposedly hated the rest of the cast. That's just what I just read: randomly It's not true! I love that we get! I love them. I mean the thing
I think people think sometimes is because I was new. I mean so like I remember the first take of the pilot. They don't just had an audition, so that was the first time ever acted like bring it. Shot in a resume to the audition. I said: ok, what is that accident? It's like a picture of you, so we know who you are. I said: ok, so my resume was like Suncoast, video and Dunkin' donuts and shit, and the picture was me and my friends at six I mean they were like one of the roller coaster. Pictures. No, that's taking a shower. You gotta be great yeah. So I like the first episode, the directores said like Great job on that first take. But you know you weren't thoards. Any of the cameras like I was so green. Like. That was the only direction not like be more this way. Or that way is you gotta face the cameras, so they can see I mean that's like a very like minimal, like low level direction. I was so messed up the first couple years that you know a lot of the cast was
more fun and we kind of go out more and I was just trying to like I'm not even date, anyone the first couple of years. I was so trying to do a good job on the show. So I think This will save you not as close to them, and it really makes me sad because they're they're all still great, for you know I have this podcast and yeah. You know Wilmer. Just came on it and we have a blast, the others, but so miffed ms busted mess best vines deal. I I just hate it because they well. That's a song. I just said you know, you know you have made your friends from high school and you know I love him, but yeah, that's I peeked in high school. I love my highschool frosted black mirror so you're in an episode of black mirror. What made you want to do the show? First of all, do you like black mirror yes yeah. I love how you watch anything man. You know you haven't watched black mirror. I do love it watch. A lot of sports. Alright louder in a black mirror is a great show in the fact that it is very unsettling to watch, but I always want to watch the next one is so unsettling for me. I don't watch it fair enough.
This one will be very unsettling feeling, so I actually have like a list of shows that I just know that I'll get to. I just binge Dolla stranger things like I knew I'd get to all three season yeah it took me. I watch game of thrones the whole thing well month before. Well, don't I will watch mark where it's definitely on my list of shows he'd seen that seven show yeah, of course. So what was the to the four people in New York that right now. There are four guys in LA and it was very bad He knows knows Vance. It turns on my journal. Phoebe yeah, yeah yeah. As always up the thought is smarter than it really was. Okay saloon was flip. It so me on black near oh well, yeah! You should definitely sell you on it season. Five I know it's like for anyone. Who's watched it it's this guy.
They Brooker writes every episode and he's like a modern day. Rod. Serling he's! Really. I don't know if your watch twilight. Yes, also a good show. Yes, you have a watch while its own. You know it's late to get on it, and this is like a similar. That's anthology like that, and it's about technology and p have the same debates. They have with Twilight Zone which is which one is the you know you're doing well when people are debating which one is the best one where all kind of different some of them are some of my favorite episodes, television, some of them really. Take me a couple hours to get over yeah. There are some of the really very just go to like level yeah, but they're, very, very good. I think my favorite was the guy that fought to pick those pretty had not spoiler. I'm sorry, spoiler, ALERT, Miller yeah. You can tell me anything. He fucked a pig at the end, that's fuckedup! It has to do with technology yeah. The pig is actually a hologram. So do you normally funk pigs to me? It's uh
now. If it feels right, I do want to talk with podcast. So what you do podcasts here we found common ground. We have podcast. We've heard it I'm not even going to ask if you heard my podcasts there's no way they haven't even seen black mirror to start game of thrones with the name of black mirror episode is because otherwise I won't know which one is called smithereen smothering got and it's great I really really really proud. I am going to watch mother in yes. Alright can't wait to hear what you guys think we're not overview. Yeah will review it, but I have a podcast which, which is it to say, with black klansman. I didn't call the hot stone which is a bola and then doing black mirror. I've been doing a lot of really just heavy stuff and I went and did an apheresis podcasts, which is a great podcast, and I and her producer took me Luncheons and said I want to do your podcast, I don't your podcasts hi, I'm podcast in my life is really boring, and I said no
come up with a with a kind of a thing. Do on it and his format, which I think is great. Is that every week we want a different adventure, so I have in a friend like I had in Wilmer Valderrama the other day, and we that was, we brought in The guest never knows what's going to happen here on the greatest biggest trailer announcer the world. We learn to announce trailers or we had Becomings Cummings did a lie. Detector tests, Levi and we got married a couple. We got our team to be me so every week, it's some. So it's great it's great for me because I don't have to that's cool. Would you guys have to do with me? Like is terrible you? what a boring guy. You know you could hear about this guys life, and so this we get to talk for a little bit and then we got screwed. Everyone has a podcast like we make the joke that we're just to do stacks of the podcast, because literally ever has one, but to do something, that's totally different. Well, I honestly sitting here you guys are I I mean I really mean this. You guys are so entertaining and how you do it. When I started listening to thing, I some people have that gift like I don't have that gift to just like open up the universe.
Simple out something funny and whatever, and you guys just hours You know I mean this is very sincere show, but you guys are very funny that way and like I do have that, but I'm really glad he came up with. I think I love going with these people on these adventures and it said I'm a dad. So it's like I get out of the house once a week same you could take us to our down to what just releases like into the alaskan wilderness for the package. Sled dogs. You can come along and then we'll email you a lot. I change order. What you guys came intervention. I would do it if you like a live action. Version of the Lion King example, except it'll, come out before the animated, but I can't know what the adventure is going to be, but I bet it would be something to put you guys in a really bad position. I was like really, let's move on. I I do not respect my body in the least I will put it through a human. We minor adventure, you on your show too, would you mind. Venture us, and then we make you watch a big ten basketball game.
You would love it. Oh, my god, you come on my show and will watch entire yeah. Give him something we're just thinking the worst. By the way I am like. The only redeeming quality I have about sports is that I admit it like any. That's true, like I hate when people aren't into sports, but they're kind of like watching a game and trying to come on a little bit of defense. Yeah right. That's all they don't know what the fox going up in spawns like that we've had. He is he's like sports, but he was standing next to us at an Lsu game on the sideline and he would just like lean over occasionally and be like you. Gotta get off the field on third down you guys trying to stab lish the run. He replied. I don't know that means that you guys do and you went no, that's not right, yeah! Well, it's just like it's basic pitch thing to say: yeah, it's like you know they want stuff yeah! You saying it up front was good because we do have some people who come on. Sometimes we like uh. So what team are you referring to? The Yankees and the Mets were like? That's not true. You, like you, know new Yorkers, so all right,
Ask questions. See key question put in promo code to get ten dollars off to go, see some sports c. Maybe we'll do that. We will go to a game together. Putting people put into that would be. What do you have anything specific on your writer? That's cool that you can tell us about it, It's not on my rider. This is just a piece of advice for me. Actors remember, come up in the game is day one pick someone on the crew slap the shit out of really hard. Because what that does yeah and for no reason right, yeah go like what was that you say: you're fired yeah, get out of here, then everyone's on edge that whole production, like I like that. I think that's what David O Russell did right you well, you could even hire somebody and just like pay them to be the guy. Your job is to get slapped yeah one by me. That would be basically to slap. Someone else. Yeah Rob Schneider would be great at that. Yes, so you don't have any specific when you're in your trailer to for grace. Doesn't
oh have this. You know you got to make one or two choices. I really saying about that. Black lands movie like I was a local higher on that meaning they were into me playing. Going to hire someone out in New York, and I love grip, so much and really want to do things that were really meant. Something to me that I said no, no I'll pay for my plane ticket to new and I'll, so you either kind of in at camp where your Essentially, losing money doing things you really care about, or or your I don't other world I really don't have, is to get in in a syndicated sitcom and they get rich enough to have enough money to fly yourself to jobs and take other people's job and also in pencil voice. Come out you with litigation in terms of slapping them. I'm not a lawyer, so one army of lawyers to intimidate them deal with your neck injury to for yeah it's over. That's what I do when I say when I slap them. I say I'm to for yeah that like makes the slap even worse right right, I'm not Chris, I'm not Christopher, I'm to for you just got slapped by dude named to for
That's how bad your life is right. Now I love it. I love it Thank you so much. Thank you. I got like six. Things are going watch now starting with season one of black mirror black will know that. Seventy show that I watch that and then black mirror well in the thing with black twilight zone should fight. So you can just pick and choose you don't have to walk. You can watch my first, probably not going order done smithereen, I'm going to watch tonight. Awesome. Thank you man, so why? But you knew that I had a feeling you were going to watch it. Alright, I just want to make sure we're on the same wavelength. I think this is we crushed look forward to going on your podcast. Thank you look for having you on my podcast. Not you right. That interview with Sophia Grace was brought to you by proper cloth. Finding a dress, shirt that fits is hard. Colors are too tight. The sleeves are too long. Something is always not right. Well, ordering a cup Fit shirt has never been easier thanks to proper cloth at propercloth dot com. You can easily create a custom shirt size in seconds by just
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I wish I had to take charge here right now, because this is gonna be a huge moment here also would hit my over. That's true, which I need badly, because I have not done well. Otherwise he is yeah. He just needed a change of scenery. You need to get out west. He learned under the tutelage of of Jon Gruden, the other qb wish for Nathan. No, no. And I'll. Go update that one thing people don't talk about enough with Nate Peterman is how crisp those handoffs are. Yes, just please give us how to do it yeah all right? First segment, we have drunk idea, Aaron Rodgers. He wants to slash the beer prices at Lambeau Field, so people louder. Now I'll just say this pft,
I want your take button. It's a sad sad day when the packers need to find gimmicks to be louder. Just that are just gonna say it out. Loud all sat also said the for the packers fans to find gimmicks to get drunk. Yes, satellite. That is a part of the culture and the ice yikes. I mean Miranda. If you have to ask the Green Bay fans to be louder, maybe just move the whole whole lot. Franchise touchdown readers hand off hand off Peterman, that's yeah! Well, just because your class from eight pm and remove the whole frank yeah move franchise get out of there. He could also just slash beer prices by just drinking half a beer like he does. When he's court that's true. That's a really easy way to save money on beers. Just never finish a full one. They should just give away free beer. Why not for, like a play, game. What's the stop him yeah, just let everyone gets well. Actually, if you give away free beer than people would just pass out, but you to a point
yeah how about free beer every time, Aaron Rodgers an Matt Lafleur, give each other like a glance that says that they don't like each other again. They'd pass out pass out, yes blackouts Next up we have, I don't. Even we didn't have a segment for this, but Brian Cashman got pulled over. He did yeah and so L lawyer he is the king of the end. I think it was an affair ' or was involved in something yeah that remember that video of him rock, climbing or climbing a building or something Brian It does something weird every couple years, just to remind you that he's around, because otherwise he's just bend the Yankees GM forever at his name is cash man. Cashman Right is quite in that name to like you. For the ASTM he's GM right. I saw him they they pull their guns on because it was his car. He had a car that he found that was stolen, and then he went like vigilante on it tried to cut its a very we.
Situation that now, so I'm saying cash and get some weird situation that does fire self in a strange place after their guns pulled on him. He was compliant when it happened, but it was kind of scary watching body cameras, but as far as like jailbird uniforms go, he could have run his pinstripes didn't hear it is ready for that's true. That's a good point! Yeah this. I remembered incorrectly Yankees Gm Cashman scales down building in Connecticut what that happened. Text he scaled down a building because he was like. I don't know. If he was, climbing or so yeah? I think rock climbing a choose rock climbing on the side of a building, yeah When building was this that you can rock climb, I don't know, but he's a weirdo washing no, but he he, He is Spiderman. He did it five times with uh. Okay. He wore reindeer antlers on top of a week of spiked hair. Why eat? Okay cash is weird he is. This is
It's called Brian Cashman, weirdo, big time, weirdo yeah all right! Next up we have a you, think: Bryson Kimbo said that outburst kept. It could kick his yeah. You think push it with your little newsie hat. Thanks for letting us know, scientists, Lake Capco would punch him in his face so hard that his hat would spin around like he was in a cartoon and make a slide was he gave his skull and yeah fuck. You not watch that's rich person, just Chamblee get outta here, dude He quit all ram Scranton PA. Shop get the out of here. I hope that Brooks kept a beach is asked. Yeah me doesn't cost been missing, really all I'll hold Bryce into shambles hands behind his back while Brooks just kicks. Is that how bout I hold Blake kept his hands behind his back and he still kicks Bryson's out, probably gonna happen. All right there's a man Mark Davis, looking so sweet. Look at that
I'll that moose knuckles is so the shadows on that thing. That looks like the elephant graveyard that the lion king is allowed to go into. How can a man have all that swag said his Watch you ask for the rest of the smart. How can one person have all that's windows off by the way? some of the rest of us. That was actually the headline I he's on the to do. You see the Joe Sks kiss he he he smoked some some fan last. Like through the netting Casanova like some, some dude was like hey, there's Joe S, he's a famous sump honey, go, get a picture with them and he she went, walked up and he just smooch the fuck out. It was like the joke, in the vampire's. Yes, I think you're all out too much credit that that the dad was like ticket. I bet you he was it's walked over was talking to them and she's a clean. Take pictures, you know he's probably like you wanna, take a picture with country Joe like. Let me see that she like money, is it I don't think he was summoned over. I think he was just over the lunch and want to give my big weird neck. Flap a little smooches moved, I'm a smooch, a holic, that's Joe West,
I'm doing the bullfrog thing with their horn Ian just expanding my neck skin back and forth. Find irresistible baby. Are you worried about the cubs price prices to walk off grand slam? Wait what the fuck? yeah. Whenever I saw converted to walk off grand slam, you got him in the middle of this little streaks. I thought you saw that already they were up five. Nothing he's sorry, sorry for breaking that news. Oh, my god, I'm sorry Hank had to break the news to He hates it hey case, delivering bad news like that to you what the fuck is real reaction. You Dar's awesome tonight too, you know even worse than his dogs named Wrigley, and he did that to you, fuck yeah, double doing comes is so bad on the road they're. So bad on the wrist six runs in the ninth nice. Okay, this is this is go.
Next segment: oh yeah, PR one hundred and one Ohio state, I'm bummed out, because I like the cubs ever do this started to show you thought it was over. Now it's five, nothing we started to show when I was a fat Hank really killed. The show right, one, Ohio state. How tried to do the trademark. The walk you covered up for urban Meyer, yeah, Shane, yeah, just trade market trademark. Word. Sorry Shane! shame, shame, shame I actually had an idea about this. Tell me that you think this would work so text is, should just trademarked the phrase horns down and cushion horns down that way. When everybody does it, they can actually Suman said crying about it. Whatever I think it's a good idea for you. Thanks a hacking are going to finish the show by ourselves before we get to license to Jill Hankewich
C trademark. Yes, good, just a Grunt Ellis, you should trademark grunting and Neck Cse stat tab suck that Tiger Dick all my god. He that fucking ball to this moon Jesus Christ tiger penises, just anytime, ca, tigers, Dick. If it's in the wild if it's in the book of his memoirs talk about Perkins when you're talking walk, he ran around the bases, so fast we could just do ice is Okay, we're going to wrap up this week's pardon my take with our friend our intern Our podcast mom she's back from a vacation that puts hanks to shame. Fuck knows where you went. Chile football you just literally
after one day didn't see it for a month and pops right back up out of nowhere. Where'd you go well. I can tell you that okay great, so how was it at least he tells that marvelous. The best thing you did on your vacation. I learned how to use a gravity bong yeah. If you do that without us, I'd be so matter, I did use it. I just learned how to learn. If she were to try to use it, you will Ok, so you haven't been on girl in like four weeks, so you must have something you're disappointed in with us, but yes, a little disappointed and obviously not right. You never do that ever be mad. Nope were perfect, but I'm a little disappointed in your flip flopping, with
anti Vax, yeah yeah. I was yeah Tony. It's I back down now, except my child. You made the right decision. Are you sure? Absolutely absolutely? I would never let my kids play with your kids. It will. I know what it in your kids, are like fucking forty jail. I let my kids play with your kids, my kids, six weeks old, Listen! The science is yeah. What I'm I'm just I'm disappointed big cat as well, because if you go to pick a side you have to stick to it. You know you can't trust somebody that waffles, no matter which way the wind's blowing. I was always an Anti Baxter and then I had a kid and I was like ha ha ha. Let the rubber meets the road. I I downtown. Can I fax and yeah okay, but I'm also a little bit disappointed in what kind of example you setting for your son when I succumbing to pay, pressure- yeah, that's true, I mean you know. I'm sign. Grant is little very little that you got it. You got to keep it steady, yeah
yeah you're right it was it was it tough 'cause. I've actually heard that it's tough watching your kid get vaccinated for the first. Now he was he's chill baby. Yes, I, like literally, he cried for, like maybe twenty seconds. Then he was back to his normally just fucking, chill baby broadkill he's he's, hangs out yeah. I love that positive vibes. Only good yeah I'd say it didn't, hurt him not be fine, yeah right. So that's what you're not mad at this point in with Maine what about Pft anything? How could I? I've been greatly everything great Jill. I heard this new the entire time that she was gone. I was like she's listening. I need to be on my music cues yeah. We clean the place up by the way right when we found out that you were coming back with Koshet gotta tidy up in here. I also notice that Jill's not mad disappointed. It was just from the last episode so makes me think. Maybe you didn't listen to anything except the last episode, but I did. I did post them on my twitter,
you re tweeted, I did not give them more exposure. I gave you when I was white appointed in okay and one was the disgusting. I don't know if I can look at him again. The snickers with me Nikki Bella what about the cockroach legs in stickers what you don't remember that no now I forget every show immediately afterwards we talk. This is really great week. Those along time ago, yeah Chris, how even gone someone brought up snickers and they did was be like you know, there was a cockroach in a snicker yeah and then we looked it up and talked about it. Oh I see I forget every show immediately after we say it, Jill's memories that are that and then there was Miss Granny bone over here, yeah another one that I can't I was on the boat on that about okay fan cool. She she agreed not tell you where I was over. No, I didn't go there. No, so there was a couple things that I put on
Twitter, okay. So I also heard that you learn some new words. Yes, I did. Yes, I we tell him to us. Okay, yep, I playing a game is called telestrations. Aft dark in the it's a game. It's a game for you can play many players and I learned from my eighteen and twenty one year, old, niece and nephew Golden our uh huh yeah, very nice ever heard of it before it gets really done it you've never heard of it done it. Have I done it, I don't know that for sure everyone's gotten piano, sometimes okay and the other word taint. Yeah. I told him someone who's got one big cat got a juicy one yeah. I have a juicy as true Also yeah
that blew my mind. Ok then I have a state or you know, 'cause, that's not what it's not in the dictionary. What did you call it. Just know that I did maybe maybe the grundle, maybe maybe man's land, don't have it we're going steamer, that's new that's similar to golden shower. Who is poop will never poop girls that guy that wanted her to poop again, girl this was early this summer, never mind, never mind. Ok, yeah! We just don't remember anything you by the way. Did you guys know this blippy guy? Who is a you tuber for children he's the same guy? Who did the Harlem shake where he shat in his friends asshole.
I did not know that it be alright. I figured that was appropriate for this discussion. You said that, like we had any idea, awesome video, if you guys ever seen that Harlem shake video, no I mean, let's watch it shifting into somebody else, is Asol going to find it and we're going to watch it live that poops gotta be really confused. So I finally made freedom. Oh no, I'm back here again it's one of the funniest videos. I think I've ever watched, but he This turns out, like six years later, he makes videos for little kids, which is weird right. That's right! That is a very strange career path form! Yes, I would think so. We can cut this. Well, you just you just milkshake duck blippy for me. Yes, big fan. Okay, here we go. This is an ad rushes. Is this guy russian? No, the only remnants of the video like they just they.
What's a russian site, oh yeah, I have seen that yeah. I've seen it starts out normal enough I do in my bathroom all for those for renters like out of the frying pan into the fire. All right, I don't know how we got. Wanna. Do some license in jail? oh yeah, that guys makes Youtube for that. We get there. We went from taint to Gooch to golden shower woman, shall connected Dahmer Cleveland Steamer. You can connect the dots, ok, ok,
What do we got for license to Jill today? Well, I have a lot of questions. Yes, ok, hi, Jill E. I just finished, moving my grandma out of her house and while moving her, I realized she was a giant hoarder. Do all people over sixty have a hoarding problem? Well, yeah yeah Who knows if it's good something is going to come back in style, right yep, you don't want people stealing from yep yep, and you think I'm going to save all of this. For my children right yeah, they don't want. Anything I don't know if my phd at the heart to give it up right, my relatives might want seventy jumpsuits, rather just laying around I'm a hoarder, yeah big fat, big time Warner, there's nothing wrong with her. I have a new now that starting it's in it's, it's like it's not mature. Yet when people would just collect random stuff, they're called hoarders, but when they collect dollars that are called rich? Oh
it's the exact same thing now read of it? While I wish this person luck, trying to clean out grandma's house yeah, yeah as long as our no dead cats, in that that's always a ball when you're watching hoarders is like a nice light, show sometimes like well that guy's got a lot of old newspapers like oh here's, a cat skilton from seventeen years ago. Yeah that creeps me out. The tip is to die before people have to clean up your mess. Is that way you don't feel guilty about it? That's what I'm planning to do? Ok, good good plan, alright, here's another one. How can I break this stigma and revolutionize my dorms atmosphere? I don't know that I can answer this, yeah, it depends on. I don't know what kind of a dorm eleven searching. Maybe a trip chamber we yeah as things up a little bit. Is that co, Ed one field trip chamber guys? Probably what senior year college and there's no chance. He graduated from his freshman year. He dropped out dude.
He said. You know what I'm going to my mind. Trip chamber guy definitely did one year and then he got an apartment in the same college, town but yeah. I am school anymore and shoulder on drugs yeah. I don't know him yep. He's, probably the guy that about the gravity. Probably the coolest guy we've ever met, who haven't we haven't, met you spice is up in your dorm room like make it a little bit different, go out Posters Boondock saints, get the Belushi poster. S poster with two girls kissing the pink Floyd, with the backs of all the ladies in it, and I think you'll be good to go, stand out a little bit. Ok, maybe an aerial of your colleges, football stadium. So, yes to really make it artsy! Ok, I didn't live in a dorm, so that's ok, here mystery, so
from where you go where you went to college. None of this makes sense. Ok, ok! Next, let's see Sup Chill chill and the boys now that summer is winding down. What are you looking for to most this fall besides football, okay, football, that's bowl! She is there anything else. Midsize football tell me you tell me: what are you looking forward to I like as soon as it's September, the date whether needs to go down like a colder and come Saturday you'll find the Michigan bar. Let's go that's football! That's okay! We should talk about the bar that outside when you go into a bar, you sit there and you cheer on
Go blue, the Wolverines, ok yeah! I, like that's what I like to do and then you go outside and it's beautiful out. Yep leaves are changing. So that's why there is nothing better than that. Like fall Saturday afternoon, where you maybe watch your team play the two hundred and thirty or three hundred and thirty kick off, and then you still got a little bit of light, I also like soup season to season right around the corner. That's yeah, yeah best season as well cover up my with some bass. I wish best would come back and hello there this week. Yeah do you rate him back? We love bass in about so you you, like soup. I'm really loves very glad to hear that. Do you like pumpkin spice latte, is you can now to that too? You know you don't like! No pun! Is my life, a sling, I'm like a rock in uggs this season we come. Basically, we should have yeah how PS cells Aum. I like it. Yes,
isn't dsl. So that's what I do. Okay, all right! Next, one! Okay, do you have any advice and how to take a seemingly an excuse, leave of absence from work and still keep your job, nothing happened. Skews me. Is that personal? No! No! No, I mean I'm just you know no, absolutely directed at me. No well. How would you do it can't be sick? for a long time. You could be you got mono. Mono is a good excuse? I like Mono. I also like saying that you got sprayed by a skunk. Oh you say: I use that in college. One time you exam week, I said I got spray. A skunk and nobody will ever question you on that. But did they give you, like? You know, oh no, the metal suits, I just failed, but but I felt less bad about not going to class that day.
Ever. Thought of. I actually, I did say like hey. I can't come, can't take the test. I have to go to Walmart and buy a lot of tomato soup and the shower in the forms all that I made up entirely about it and they bought it. But then I just never took the test so yeah. That's the part that I forgot about is rescheduling there is that Yes can't get free advice, anybody use it never be questioned, and what about you? uhm. I just got some breaking news that I gotta share. We're going to actually you already know it when you've already listened to it, but I lost my train of thought. Okay, breaking news but we're gonna. I got a scene in the other part of the show. Okay, because yeah I have to call someone I want to know who would I want but it is now yeah. I want to know what is that? Why can't we cut this. 'cause we're going to do very continue. This show yeah, but then by this point, though, I've already heard it anyway, who cares Blake Buzz his hair oh really, the way if you're just tax me took it down, I don't know, but I'm yeah,
man, end of an era yeah we're going to have to call him he picked it oh, he said they're playing tonight. No, no he's not! He finally gave into the bald life he went buzz. Oh my god yeah. So I mean this is big news. So. I guess you got to the point where we heard it, but we'll talk about it at the beginning we already talked about it right place, going to be showing that shaved bulb driving a Tesla right. He's going to look like the ultimate libertarian I apologize, I apologize. That's huge yeah. He just needs, He needs a vast yeah and maybe some cargo pants in EAST Jeff. Bezos, yes, some small, like a very narrow, rectangular sunglasses and then he's over the war. You should take a selfie of himself in his car and have that be as twitter, avatar. Yes, So sorry Jill? I lost my train of thought, but that's pretty big news. Yeah! That's pretty big news!
Ok, one more last one um, ok, subdial, there's a duffel bag with five million dollars the catch is. If you accept the money, there will be a snail, that's life. Life's mission is to touch you. It will always know where you are and if it touches you, you die, do you take the money or no it's a normal snail, not anything crazy. What do you do? What do you do? Take the money, stop on the snail. If, if I touch it you're dead, you're down in my shoes, sure thing I would be scared or salt on by foot by three million dollars with the sole port on the snail. You have two million dollars leftover or take just a container and put it over. The snail
tracking the smell. What that was like one thing you don't know. Where was that's the thing it started out in a separate place? Well, I still want the money Okay, I'd still want the money would like your in your snail's pace goes really slow, yeah, but you're in your beautiful pool. Then you get out of it and what's there's just the scale just on the ground stepped on it did now. I take them take the money all right, I would have the fast. I want nothing to do with this now I would let the money, be it be in your head yeah all day, all the time you just be constantly being one You can kill it. Give you the kill it yes, but if you can't kill it, can you put, you could kill it different ways? Yes, but you have to like it. You have to see before it's right and there's many snails, there's different.
As I know, right you're familiar with him is a snail we've seen a few yeah, I'm going to respect the snail yeah, not worth it bad, Juju Juju, don't kill a snail, alright Julie Thank you appreciate it don't go. Leaving I mean you're you're going to go on vacation again The internships coming on Annette Summer's over almost will we'll talk about that next week. Okay, alright. Thank you. Thanks, Joe
Love you guys
impaired driving cost lives, drunk driving cost lives, costs more. Tattoo it can wreck families. Nitze is using no big deal they're telling you you It's no big deal to drive drunk. Well guess what you're told drive sober, you get pulled over and listen up because they're starting a brand new campaign that has just begun and it's running through Sept second cops across the USA are going to be increased enforcement on impaired drivers everywhere, I'm talking everywhere so Listen it's! If you feel different, you drive different. Do I covers more than just alcohol covers drugs as well. If you drive there, you could get a DUI, never drive high, I get a dui. You can't trust yourself. If you've been drinking, if you drink, don't drive, If you drink, don't ride on a motorcycle ride sober get pulled over. It's a once. You guys to get home safe, enjoy yourselves, have a great. Especially over Labor Day weekend, throw back a few pops if you want, but don't get. And the wheel of a car
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