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Trailblazers CJ McCollum And Mt Rushmore Of Worst Mondays

2018-07-08 | 🔗

We're back from Vacation and recapping all the things we missed. Lebron to LA, Paul George has been brainwashed, Boogie ruined the NBA by making the Warriors the favorite to win the title, (2:12 - 9:19) and we still have World Cup fever (9:19 - 16:43). Mt Rushmore of worst Mondays to go back to work and a bonus Mt Rushmore of Darren Rovell's 40 rules for turning 40 (16:43 - 36:25). Who's back of the week including Jay Z getting roasted (36:25 - 41:52). Portland Trailblazer CJ McCollum joins the show to talk about NBA free agency, what its like always being in trade rumors, being an NBA player from the Patriot League, and how we have to stop calling Kevin Durant a baby back bitch (41:52 - 77:28). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers to the Croatian player that dissed Russia, trouble in paradise for Dwight Howard's relationship with every NBA team, Stay Classy Phil Mickelson, and Hank hot in the streets for Bieber getting engaged. 

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on today's pardon my take we are back from vacation we have cj mccollum from the portland trail blazers hopefully he still on the trail blazers he thinks he's going to get traded at any moment trailblazer for life trailblazer for life we also have an update of everything we missed so lebron to la world cup boogie cousins all that in the mount rushmore of worse mondays of the year or days you have to go back to work before we get to all that you know the cash app is our favorite app it's our favorite finance app it is the number one finance app rated by us you can pay people back buy and sell bitcoin get boost discounts with your cash card it links directly to your bank account it is super easy it's what all the kids are using these days and we are kids were millennials so make sure you download the app get your cash card and select your boost for discounts at your favorite places like chick fil a and shake shack and keep tweeting us your cat
jack is we are still giving away free money every single episode two a lucky award winning who do we give it to this past episode justin gustafson justin gustafson she's justin gustafson okay great so that's super easy just download the cash app to cash tag at part
my take just tweet right at it and we will pick a lucky award winning listener every single episode to get free cat okay let's go well my today is monday july ninth pft seven nine jeff fisher day yahoo a nice
sb nation and all those for bleacher report and all those fuckers are going to kill that joke haitian those guys don't hire anyone get now i pft what's like the city yes la bron city of angels is going to help because lebron james really screwed us over we take one week of vacation every two one slash two three years in his defense we did take the vacation on the first date of nba free agency so we missed a few things but we had a good vacation hope you had a good vacation over july fourth welcome x part of my take we have cj jim on today but before we do that we need to mount rushmore's and we're also going to basic catch up on everything we miss let's start there lebron to the lakers with a terrible team as
currently constructed let's just let's give credit where credit is due and breaking the story lebron to the lakers was first not not reported by part my take correct all of our predictions about where he was not going to go in it up being true so a lot of credits us for being first in in as far as lebron's free agency decisions it was by far the most anticlimactic because i think everyone sort of knew he was going to lakers there was that one moment where the the philly met with lebron's so see it so we met with ben affleck from good will hunting they met with us they met with lebron junior yeah yeah he just like they basically met with a couple guys you knew lebron and the they're like hey listen he's not going to philly but we you here's your welsh tweet to say that you met with him and then he went and clutch sports with a k by the way that's do you think they were got that no i think
decay because you see you see usually they spell clutch with a c i get that and so they're kind of the wild card once they look at their like you i wish we need something different yeah but so they they they would do a per its release and that was it and lebron's going to be a laker and now kobe is silently stewing and he's going to pretend to like this but you know he hates it yeah but who was the first person to report that clutch sports had issue that release i think was what would work well this is how the sword retreated at this is how the world ends not with a bang but with the world's tweet yes one interesting thing i saw that when you went to miami promised seven championships and we have to leave and he promised to bring a championship home had said anything about going later swell magic johnson did something good with getting lebron and then immediately followed it up with like the weirdest they got rondo they got lance stephenson they got your mcgee they basically they basically just got a bunch of people that don't fit
who lebron whatsoever well on the court and also just like a bunch of people that are gonna piss lebron james off the most yes i'm actually i'm very excited about this fit i am psyched for lebron to be a laker it does into jeopardy his attempt at getting ten finals losses because he's already you're not going to make the finals i actually have a little stay well could i think lebron this is gonna be a year because i don't i'd now i'm thinking twice not going to go to the lakers this season he they're gonna wait it out because pop is like right hook this quiet has been literally dodging us never port that he he he left the building when the spurs went to check on him in new york so i think they're going to wait a year they're just going to ride it out and then lebron is do his first year where he fakes an injury pretty much broken hand tanks and then comes back saves it all up that's why they sign lance stephenson that's why they signed right like basically he just stack the team with a bunch of guys who aren't really going to do anything and lebron can sit out for your
is that first conversation go with lance once they like see each other locked room as lance can be like or rondo i think lance is which is such as well as your clothes on yeah just away that's a that's a sure if if it's not your opponent doing it to you the surefire way to get a guy turned on to write in his hospital hot blow out put your put your earphones right up against your ear real quick yeah the run no one is wild because they like all right so we have one point guard you can't shoot and let's just get another one you can't shoot that ever get sag off of and make lebron's life miserable and also lebron has lead his team in assess every year he's played like they don't need to assess from it right we need shooters and they got none of them so i got runner is going to get so many garbage assist to lebron is going to be amazing yes by going to average like twenty to assist in their aug all gonna be off like seventeen foot jumpers so i do i mention it but seriously how mad you think copious i think
he's probably a little upset he's do the thing where he's like saying it's great to have a super star back in the city again will end now there and i don't know if you guys saw but the lists that were saying like past lakers of all time just guys who play the lakers at some point and kobe is like a what hi cell one list where it was like lebron magic will named karl malone shaq like kobe was the nineteen s lincoln edged awesome so the just got a mob mentality like he's going to show up every game i feel like sit sideline maybe even sit up i would be shot just him and and jack nicholson sitting side like kobe is probably going to what here's my prediction kobe will wear his jersey to a game yeah some point his own jersey yeah i mean there is that that that second max that they have so kobe kobe might be looking looking to shop so if they don't get if they don't get kawaii which are i'm assuming that they don't because he's known conservative yeah support on par my take and he's not going to go out to la la land with all the the loony tunes out there so who are the
i get with that second max no one right now i just honest don't i mean i think lebron literally was like i'm going to go to la and because it's la and it's because i'm lebron someone will eventually come maybe not the first year i mean that's the best part about this whole entire thing lebron to la is that he signed a three year deal with an option for a fourth basically the biggest fuck you to cleveland and dan gilbert because he would know commit to cleveland he's like yeah you know what i'm going to commit to magic and jeanie buss who i've never met you want to build but jeanie buss to her credit i mean she has a direct and phil jackson is this a time when coming back so if you wouldn't come back this year but maybe once they add another another piece or two and lebron gets his one year of a fake injury out of the way yeah that is a prime phil jackson move to swoop in on an already established really good team once lebron keeps luke walton out of the huddle for the first time sometime in like mid january yeah tie loose
came on so he's gonna give luke walton advice on how to coach brown okay so don't say anything ever yeah yeah let him punch all the white boards because then you ought to drop place i'm gonna have one to begin with i love it did their assembling a super team of lebron james and all the worst fits with lebron j yeah the other fallout is the fact that like the way the cavs this you're gonna be so funny like j r smith i think is still on him like tristan thompson like all these guys who played in four straight fundamentals playing without lebron ten funny just having kevin love scene it's gotta be other news george brain washed by russell westbrook so i don't know what's going on there that was that was another weird turn the biggest party in history of oklahoma city for yes yeah that that actually was a genius move by russ good night of free agency being like hey i threw a huge party with you for you yeah so you gotta come and don't make this by signing with the lake yeah i also traveled back to use like what came from his vacation in hawaii so it's like i'm coming back i'm coming down why you and i are a p mellow all right p mellow
although he's going to heal land somewhere he'll probably go to the rocket he's going to be peace oh my god if carmelo anthony goes to the rockets that is going to be the least defensive most often is a team of all time all right so so i want to talk about that because the other news that got everyone upset was because and so the warriors and everyone got upset because the warriors went from the favorites to win the nba title to still the favorite c n b out all i'm at this point with the warriors any addition that they make probably deke this is our chances are you having another title i don't because it's like they're perfect team so it no matter who you add if there's always like a small chance of it up the chemistry and so yeah i mean book he's a good player out here here's why it makes them worse ready here's my take fair play points between
he yeah and dream on double double that's going to be a bad bad fair play team as fifa rules go like they're gonna be subtracting a lot of points the technical fouls it's gonna be great because dream on it's like a it's like an old it's like a getting a puppy when you have an old dog in the old dog has to teach you how to like act normal three months gonna have to teach book boogie how not to get out of control yeah i'm gonna be hilarious to walk three months at that stage is clear he's gonna be like a grubby older dogs like i got no time for puppies this puppy you keep looking my checkout clerk at this point out of my way puppy so everyone flipped out i've on
see like don't understand why everyone flipped out because we cousins is is good player yeah he's a good player but he's also got an achilles injury and he's also like you said like a foot and kind of a bad locker room guy and so i don't understand how in the worst we're gonna win the title yeah so to then be like oh it's all over i could see boogie hating kd i could see that their relationship blown up a little bit yeah maybe so i actually i have a hot take i think the rockets leading a reza go and some i'm making it michael carter williams or come on anthony's has more of an impact on the title them boogie cousins i think if carmelo goes the rockets that's going to be bad that's going to be bad for them they're going to practice with more than one ball is going to be great yeah they're going to new offense where they actually play with multiple balls out of time hello thinks that he can still hoodie melo season is on its way he's going to he's going to get it going let's see we also are we lending any credence to the fact that lebron james goes to a team in a
with legalized marijuana may be interesting just wanted to smoke it up by the way i cannot fucking stand this bullshit like lebron is the anti kevin durant 'cause he went to the lakers with no one on it many people are saying that person i'm brian windhorst like trust me on that global god that huge winner of the week is brian windhorst school who said it he gets to live in a in a town with like a decent climate for yeah yeah he's he's a winner's edit it we're going ninety five percent humidity of miami doesn't have to deal with the water that catches on fire in cleveland no do that's an actual story line this going to be going like lebron had the balls to go to a team with no one yeah i want to
is it like a documentary crew fall around when horse like a fish out of water hollywood windy now he did miami he knows he can do it he's he's a chameleon he just because he has to be you know fall fall lebron yeah but the west coast time delayed games that's gonna play havoc with his narcolepsy actually if will bronze thinking about doing a bunch of movies a batman robin reboot with lebron and win horse would be who's dynamite whose batman it's good question asking questions what i mean windhorst probably has a longer career ahead of him right yeah point yes definitely yeah all right we also soccer world cup fever has been amazing yeah i what do i mean brazil out neymar flopped is slow
heart out flapped his little wiener off i i'm gonna it i'm gonna miss name or we had a lot of fun talking about his flock to think the staff before third quarter final game was he had spent fourteen minutes on the ground over one was unbelievable we're just kept on rolling for every look like he was on fire yeah most guys only lay down for about two or three minutes and then it's over yes and yeah he's talking premature there you go but i'm miss name mark i really am like those roles were so funny where he would get he got stepped on the sidelines when you stationary yeah and not moving somehow the the laws of physics don't apply to him when he gets filed because he was lying still on the ground on the sidelines a guy stepped on him someone accidentally and then he acted like he got hit and then rolled rolled rolled well and he's such a good actor that every time it happened you're like oh shit great actually hurt this time and then they do the slow mo replay and he's grabbing his neck when someone like brush
up against his shin patton cutting going to miss that so much so france belgium england croatia england has been and watching the english celebrations where they basically just it's just an entire bar of like pasty white dudes who just throw beers on each other every time they score has been my favorite part of the world cup it looks like the patriots celebrations yeah no it's great right back yeah thanks as yes here's a here's a good great great tweet from harry maguire he scored a goal he scored that header he said this now this we was from twenty sixteen all right so about two years ago he was just spent four hours putting together a flat fucking desk lamp i will see vengeance on the nation of sweden in this life or the next i got got it
that's a really shitty version to take it he got it yeah it is a very particular set of skills i which is getting mad at i kia yeah actually it's not a particular says everyone has that yes that is the most relatable thing ever yeah seventeen times you're mad at i keep watching that game it was i was a little bit surprised because i'm i'm a sweet and stand we all know that i'm big zoltan guy yeah we all know that yeah we everyone knows it i thought this weed was gonna be really good it turns out that when they play against good teams you realize that they're just a bunch of like six foot two hundred the pound guys they can't run or control the ball yeah or score our school ria de yeah or even try to score yeah there was a time they were like well we word we just content on playing defense they looked really really bad yeah well suite is known for their neutrality and russia the russian corey should game was maybe game to match of the tournament yeah actually reporter will call up it matched the tournament right now the drama i'm going to miss the world cup so much it's it's
it's over next sunday but did you guys know this you ready for this you hear about this the next world cups during football season no that's not true yes it is the next world cup is next year when the us women's national team is ok the next world cup is during football season how stupid is that 'cause they put in the fucking desert you watch your mouth about guitar cutter but dude what does it have to do with it because it's too hot in the summer so we're going to do it in the literally they change everything back to and everything get to use their hands in this world cup because in the middle of november are going to be too hot on the cooler fuck cares during football and actually you know what i'm calling it right now it's going to be it's going to be the fall of sports it's going to be non stop sports all the time but come on i mean i love soccer but if you make me choose between football and soccer it's a no brainer so this is you fucked up fifa your now
my shit list now you are your bridge too far right now slave labor the blatant corruption the bribes i could look past that going up against football you check to see if you're out on my on my book how's it going to affect the nfl ratings well ray will there be an nfl then probably not not as we know it just flagpole to mike vick playing flag football by the way if you watch now he's playing in a leak it's awesome he's the greatest flag football quarterback of all time this is not fucking i can't even imagine is the greatest thing ever alright let's do our mount rushmore's so before we do that lisa hundred hundred thirty dollars off at lisa dot com slash bar stools the deepest discount they've ever offered one pictures donated for every ten sold in one tree planting for every order received we all sleep on lisa and after some research we learn that men and women think about sleep differently men use words like recharge and optimized they want to be efficient and effective while women use
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he had a lot of mount rushmore's over july fourth and i think we got everyone you know when you get three mount rushmore is today it's hard so we're going to we never toilet yeah we spoiled it so we're going to do two mount rushmore is today the first one is going to be worst days to go back to work so worst mondays slash days to go back to work point of order i also included days to go back to school and yes ok alright cool who wants to start i'll start ok why don't you start hank once you start you go first npft than me then the back through there alright we got this guys first monday after the super bowl okay yeah i think i was probably can suggest number one tell you also during that week we see we advocated change the law for the last yes for my great great pick okay thank what's worse going back to work
the day after you win a super bowl or the day after you lose the super bowl the day after you lose yeah for sure i would say so i would say so did that happen recently yeah last my first one is going to be five one of my first one going to be i'm going to go with day after fourth lie especially it at a at the fourth of july happens to have two occurred in the middle of the week nothing is were then going back to work on like a wednesday yep and knowing that you have three more days one of which is going to be consumed by a hang over that would like explode the crickets brain so yeah i'm i'm doing that one that's a good one all right my first pick is going to be the monday after the opening round of march madness that is a worry really tough pill to swallow when you get up and you're like i've just been watching college back
well for four days straight and then you look you look on your phone you like is there game on right now nope there's not a game on they need to i've always said they need to like stagger it to to ease us off when we're doing right now they need to do that with march madness my second one will be let's see i'm going to go with the monday after thanksgiving so that one's tough too when you drink eat what time the football uhhuh you're almost at the at christmas you like all right we got but you know how like that that you know like when you get into december you can kind of coast but like that first monday after like the first week after thanksgiving you still kind of have to try but you forget sometimes actually every year thanksgiving is on november twenty eight so that's always in december when you go back so you might be in coast mode that i'm going to disagree with you on that one because there's so many people that are out of the office on that day that it's not
it's like yours it's not saying the friday i'm saying yeah yeah i'm so in the monday yeah there are a lot of time to get people out and if you're like trying to communicate with somebody at another office there on the way if people are not awful at monday some people take that money all that's that's a while to some people to that model no one takes up monday off okay have december coming up you have christmas coming up so that monday when you actually have to go back to work after four days of just eating do you know drinking everything in probably to deal with traffic our flights when you coming back on sunday that day socks okay here here's one this is especially true for school but it also counts for a job just whenever you have a really really really bad zit that is a bad day going to work yeah no that's all you're thinking about do you still have that happen yeah occasionally some but i'm saying like remember those days specially in high school and you just know it's going to be everyone is going to be looking at my zia that's a tough one double bonus if you have a cold sore that's probably if it's a real pretty tough day it's relatable my next
and will be just the first day of school for middle schoolers and high schoolers it's good for college just party but get the summer reading you hadn't read you have to figure out how to cram woo i actually think the first day it's like the second day is really bad the first day you got that tan you got your new clothes you look at hot and checking everyone out like this nice to be back it's a second data throughout fat over the summer the monday after the first week of school yeah that's when the work is good yeah the first actual day is kind of fun and you realize you have the full year head yeah the second day of school when you show up and you like what we're doing work today we were doing this yeah like wait you need to let me ease in so my second one will be the monday first monday when it's snowing and you think you're going to have like worker school called off but you still have to go in cats bad yeah yeah alright my third one is going to be i'm going to go with the tuesday after your team loses a late monday night football game that's stuff and have stayed up until like one hundred am and huge
your stinking of shame and probably also alcohol that's a bad one alright i'll go similar to the monday night football that second monday in january when you look as you know they always do the national championship game on that first monday and that second monday when you're like wait what with so now i got to watch like pit play fucking syracuse or something on it like six at at night that sucks because monday football is the same here for everybody's monday in the fall especially for gamblers yeah in that first money like i don't have anything to look forward to on monday night till football comes back that's and then my last one is going to be the monday or day after the christmas office party when you're just like what i do and i say what i do how drunk was on everyone's gossiping people come in late that sucks i i had on my in the monday in high school after you did something embarrassing at a party because everyone's here's a here's what it is everyone
is like two days to come up with a nickname for you at that point based on prepare their roasts of you so everyone's bring their a material on that monday morning although might never chat and everything it might it might already go go pats you know i mean i like you get it out of the millennium s yeah are essential aspect i know but that's what i was going to have but there's just too similar so i'm going to call an audible i'm going to say the first monday of spring break the year after you graduated from call so you got so you're not on spring break got it but all your friends that might still be in college you're still like kind of connected with the college scene you're at work and you realize oh i don't have an entire week off of work every every march so when spring break's going on when spring break's going on and you've just entered the workforce got it offer my last one i will go with the monday after the first beach sunday of the summer so
usually pretty responsible whatever and then it's sunday it's super hot you will go to the beach have a couple of beers that turns into you know couple of dinner beers and you're drunk and then the next day you're like sunburn happen often right yeah jumping off summertime is definitely the like i could just drink all sunday and and deal with this month yeah i mean it is generally accepted that if the weather is nice you should be getting drunk yeah one that we missed the first monday after the kentucky derby big fight nba playoffs weekend which is like the fur that's busy the first week in the summer yeah unofficially what about are the monday when there's a u s open all day playoff going on well not tell us because we're bloggers yes awesome yeah that's like that's that's great that's a but remember like when tiger woods doing that playoff media everyone was at work and they were like trying to the boss button got used a lot that day yeah big time big time alright so we're going to put those out pardon my tap pardon my take vote for it tell us what we missed
i'm sure we missed some monday's i'm happy that none of us fell into the trap of saying the for the tuesday after labor day because that actually is the best day of the year because that means all footballs back yes and you get that thursday will get that the tuesday after labor day you have the thursday night football then then saturday college someday then double monday night that's the fucking best that's like literally my favorite day of the year when it's like i have the whole whole entire sandwich in front of me right about flashing back to like high school let's say that you were on the football team you losta big game or you did something really bad in the game on friday night and then you have to go in on monday you have any do you have any kind of like injure something that makes everyone feel like well i guess bad yeah what
texting scars that wish that would be better but i'm saying like if you lost a big game or some field coupon yeah hypothetically would be really bad that would be really bad really bad alright let's do our second mount rushmore this one is a little special because while we were out we missed ravel's 40th birthday which is he aging like benjamin button do 'cause i was shocked last year when he was on the forty under forty list yes and he also is total total ravel move he had like a week long birthday every fucking night birthday we birthday week birthday well i'm going to eat this 'cause it's my birthday ravelli eat so much shit but he doesn't even eat it eat
he doesn't eat it for fun you know it well to tell everyone about as an honorary millennial you don't actually have to eat something to eat something as long as you order it and then you take a picture of that counts is reading so revell decided that he was going to impart forty rules of living from forty years on earth by darren revell because everyone needs advice from darren here's how to be more like turn revell yeah that i mean yes sign me up yeah so where it is our mount rushmore of his forty forty rules of living from forty years our this marriage for his worst ones well yeah i guess it can go both ways your mileage may vary you are a first you go first august second okay and hagel third all right my first one is if you have to pay interest on something you can't afford it so i mean i guess nobody should own a house yeah that's so and sojourner bell wants to make everyone homeless yeah and he also had like a few before that it was like something about leasing
always lisa car instead of buying it oh shit my bad do you were going to do that one i want to start my bad you can still do it will act shocked do it locked no we did your result by saying that did he just say that the us government can't afford to do anything nine is a us alright stroll insolvent yes art my if my first darren ravel forty tip under for turning forty is he basically did an instagram like the the laugh while no one dance like no ones watching so he say cry no matter who is watching that's not a good tip it's not like if a girl
time press is watching don't just our crime will know unless you're cry gathering which as you learn as israel's super high if you're if you have no reason to cry if you're crying at work because your boss to meet you i think that's a bad reason that's a bad time to clear like there's there's definitely times when i'm not cry shaming people but there's different times and you should not crichton all my first one would be i don't fear death it's a waste of time because that just made me think that like at some point rebels life he was like sitting is room terrified of them after like two years like we all like you know like this was yeah also like from an evolutionary standpoint there's a reason why we fear death yeah because it's bad right i want to be around to fuck more and she creates it will keep you alive longer fear death so technically if you're fearing death it just means that you're super horny right
jennifer l why don't you put your money where your mouth is a star just doing like those stupid wing suits that dudes do all state sponsored by red bull token loser all right text my second one is play scratch offs and some lotto at least gonna fun just to play more what you got to take place at a fifty don't take chances are gonna win money right it's like spring you actually have thought about it's about you know put a lot of have fun is actually when running for someone who pretends he's like a econ major you know he'd you diversify your portfolio by playing the lottery the fifty fifty in the scratch on this very true also a portion of your money playing a lot of go to schools true it is down hate school children in learning this is her really hard questions and we need answers to all right let's see i'm going to go with basr rated sore bath salts haha i guess so i mean pass are not underrated i think there are very properly rated you sit in your own filth that's why chau
exist jacuzzis are awesome math just sitting in like still water kind of gross basalts also that just seems like a lot of work i'm okay with an occasional bath like once a year back yeah yeah but just being like that i think bass are very properly rated now you know it is properly rated is sitting down in a shower because that's awesome yeah or shower beer or showered that's what we call a man he is sitting in a shower yes alright you have two pft ok i'm going go with there's nothing better than eating things out of the container it's like what is that so true so what the yeah here's a here's a list of things that are objectively better than eating things out of a container drinking things out of the container coming much better no that's a good one too yeah coming into a container yeah and then leaving it in the fridge yeah that's actually better
the container in the trash yes exactly yes yes coming yeah eating the whole tire pine dependent ben and jerry's and coming into that being told now that you just said you you ate an entire pint of ben and jerry's out of a container yeah so then i came in any any payment coming in it was better let's i'm going to go with invest in comfortable underwear and a good mattress because as we know on the show yes lisa and me undies are not a big investment are very very cheap and they're great so you'll actually have to break the bank to be comfortable okay i'm gonna go to my next one is going to be spent time with five good friends instead of looking to please twenty rebels just basically be in like i do he doesn't have a lot of friends no he's pretending that this is great advice like hey guys limit your friend group because you'll just have more fun spending time with just yourself
he's like yeah i went to a really awkward time where i had like twenty great friends and they were all like hey darren shut up come hang out with us here's a good life tip instead of having five good friends just make one great imaginary friend that will be that will get you a long way in life guys it derek can you come hang out with all twenty of us and tell us why our choice of blue moon is actually not a great beer and yeah you never in your life had twenty friends ravel never next one is 'cause he ordered those pizzas with anchovies on northwestern dorms were lit your life is never busy to not have time for mini golf if you play mini golf more than like ten times a year like mini golf is fun on vacation but do you realize after like ten holds that enough but yeah if you're not within fifteen miles of a beach you shouldn't be playing mini golf right you basically play mini golf when you pass it on a highway near like i'm play
golf and seven years there play once there is hanging out next to the whole is telling everybody's tips on him like the little chris now this is windmill hole you want to hit it like in between the slots also you play mini golf just so that you can get the ice cream after like that's really that's really just working for the ice cream or at 19th hole where you can hit it and win a free game of mini golf you only play mini golf to potentially win a free game of mini golf playing mini golf course of your life all right in the my last one is back up your photos because the fappening happen that's actually that yeah and that's really how to please stay clear the cloud yeah all right i'll go with my last one this is tough i'll go with that
medium rare it is the only way to order steak well that's true i actually agree with that i actually disagree because if you go through a bad like a chain steak place you sometimes wanna go medium because you never try you can't really trust and also medium rare plus exists for a reason i you don't do that yes it does me number plus it does for you if you if it said medium rare plus is only where we'd order steak also if you never order steak rare gets delicious right exactly so this is is just like factually not but no change it depending on the restaurant you go to like if you go to a shitty restaurant sometimes go medium if you go to a really high end i'll go rare i just say medium rare every time it's like a reflex for pubs dog plus so i get one more right there so many good ones to choose from here i think i'm going to go with kiss everyone who makes you happy everyday so
product is that's a lot of kissing that's a lot of guessing that's maybe in some cultures maybe rebels italian i don't know but in this culture i think could be kind of weird if i just kissed everybody maybe happy yeah do you don't yeah that's a lot and it's a lot fell kissing like that's the thing you have to remember here this is rebels i think for villages laying down the groundwork like hey i'm gonna start kissing people out now yeah something i'm going to do there's also a few that are on there that are just so like when you they're not terrible it's not terrible advice but then you realize it's revell giving it and you're like no that's the worst advice like when he said become obsessed with one part of history learn every detail yes i'm a gatorade yeah and that's the dumbest of myself who would ever we don't need a book on gator alright dude who would ever become obsessed with one part history so much that would simply dumps true you know who was obsessed with so one part of history was hitler what part he obsessed with like 19th century germany and how great it was
so if you're if you know anything if you know so much about one part history that you're forced to tell these sorts of boring stories yes your co workers yes and there's a problem hand up big time big time problem they also just ripped off like a bunch of sappy like hallmark cards never go to bed without making up with a love one they have to sing no matter how bad your voice is someone with a bad voice i can tell you that is going to piss a lot of people really bad advice is really bad invite the last one i saw that was interesting was be good at five impressions choi will provide is amazing five impressions do they prevail has that's not his family members yeah we gotta figure this out we get it a month ago i feel like ravel does like a lame one thousand nine hundred and twenty style gangster massey i bet he does that when he does that he yeah he like some kind of broadway show tuning guy
hey yeah yeah right shop ko tech guy here to tell you about women line it was the original flavor and they changed the formula steve martin routine from when he was a kid yeah he probably does something like super like alan greenspan or something like that super boring about like economic slow you know he definitely does a trump but his trump is just like it's just saying whatever he's going to say like hey check out these new bright did your oriel has quadruple stuff now very very fake news and then he ends at all every every single time we ended with you're fired every single time no matter what it doesn't have to be anything he probably does like all the commissioners to vote alexy doesn't fucking killer goodell yeah he does a great impression of every single big brands marketing firm that symbol press release to repeat or does bill bella check where does mumbles and thinks it's hilarious every yeah snap phase had a shot now shot a shot glamour shot
all right let's do our who's back let's get to cj mccollum so mccollum so50 starts off who's back okay my my back of the week we're only doing one this week right yeah we don't want we slam them out rushmore every week it's who's back this is who's became i who's back of the week is markelle fultz is back because drew hanlen nba skills coach and consultant he tweeted out sixers fans dot dot dot get excited and he's been work false oh so you can actually shoot were just a few short hours from seeing a grainy like is a prueter style gym video of colts making like exactly one three pointer yeah shooting one free throw it doesn't it's not an airball wow markel faults so excited their first pick might actually be back so now they have two first picks actually going into next year yeah kevin
it is my fault all right hank oh my who's back of the week is cigarettes so new study came out of twenty thousand americans and it revealed that young people are a lot more likely to report being lonely than senior citizens and it turns out that low yes as the same effect on morality as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day on morality like before the holiday okay out okay yep make it even more dangerous than obesity cell sites if you're lonely to smoke a bunch of cigarettes and you actually be healthier well that's also that's doubly true because then you get going out your front hang out with all the smokers that are outside true make new friends there sure you talk to all the cool guys just quit smoking yeah my back is all of us because don't know if you saw but jay z got dragged online for his little jet ski photo those new one right i like missed all that i will top one day i was like oh that was that happened yesterday we have a new meme yeah but it just proves that like the uh
that comes for everyone in kind of elevates everyone else like jay z has all these millions he's one of the best rappers of all time but he can still get clowned like everyone's dad and he got fucking roasted i mean he looked ridiculous you can't jet ski with a helmet full shirt operatives like a patrick ewing shirt underneath his life us today of goggles on the hood of goggles and i dreamt that i thought i i also i understand you're saying because i also for one moment thought he might had like biker gloves the project is a so yeah he got up jz who that's pretty bad but it makes us look good because i would never wear a helmet i would yeah never will yeah if i'm going jet skiing i'm definitely not going to wear anymore like safety apparatus the necessary like right what you do when you're on a jet ski you put on the life fast if like the person that's lenny the jet ski hands you one yeah and then you on clip that sucker the first generously be pulled me tight so it's gonna get bumpy around things happen you know it's pretty good set
yep i've missed girls actually never been on a jet ski so but it seems cool it seems really cool alright let's let's go to cj mccollum we have a great interview with cj mccullum came in right before we went on break an really cool guy sat with us for like forty five minutes before we get to that if you're visited barstool sports a calm you know that it's the center of our online presence it reflects who we are and what we do and we use wordpress dot com because it gives us the freedom and flexibility to share our voice make your site your own when you build it on wordpress dot com you don't need to do the coding or design wordpress provides all the tools you need to get your site up and running their customer support team is there twenty four slash seven help that's monday through friday and weekends wordpress offers powerful e commerce options ranging from a simple and effective by button to a complete online store plans start just four dollars a month and include a custom domain so you can get your site name exactly the way you want it when you're ready
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mr chipotle lime chicken fajitas with sauteed mushrooms and sweet sweet peppers we've got barbecue vegetable bread with swiss cheese and a customer favorite a swiss are sweet chili beef and vegetable stir fry with garlic price check out this week's man you get your first three meals for free at blue apron dot com slash pardon that's blue apron dot com slash part and get your first three meals for free blue apron a better way to cook alright here is cj mccollum we now welcome on cj mccollum from the portland trail blazers are he has podcast it is called pull up pod so you squatting on our corner here where you know you're basketball player who decided he's going to podcast we can get into that because i got a tweet it's outrageous we need to ranking these we gassed journalists with descriptions of their strengths weaknesses and ability to make up sources what are we just i orders i can do for you
is rank us like your honor not ten that's very problematic i think we reverse the roles a little bit people get uncomfortable you know i say said holmes whatever analyze bring would you recommend now how would you say we are obvious you guys are doing a terrific job you guys a number one on the charts and i appreciate graphite behind you guys so that kind of shows you guys are really what are we to us is just from looking at us i say my weight it's a struggle with it you can say that i've got stupid here yeah i don't i don't really know what your weaknesses are right now i have i need more time to kind of analyze the situation that i have to go back in this to a lot of previous podcast you know where where consistency waiting until you get out of her locker room to talk on us that's actually big time journalist moves you so your exam is this considered locker room yeah yeah locker room yeah we'll get into that but i would say my biggest weakness is a journalist is that often times i become best friends with guys i interview so then they give me their number and we text all the time after this talk about them when we said okay after that
then after after it's all over were such close friends that we will never talk about you yeah on the show and then you give us court side tickets when the blazers come in plano your and scoops other xp yeah i know that but that's like when lebron's visiting or do you want us to bash you or not i mean we are pay for play journalists what do they say any publicity is good publicity so it's exactly guys you're going to talk about me talk loud and clear so they can get my name right it's spelled it right ok
i saw you are going toe to toe with stephen a smith and max kellerman was that like that was fun i missed even a some years back he actually is very very good friends one of my mentors gary howard whose the i graduate used to be the editor in chief of sporting news so scene is very loud he's knowledgeable and controversial so i knew he was gonna come at me and and try to get me to say some crazy on national television but i i help my composure pretty well and i think everybody has a right to their own opinion as as that you can't get mad if somebody thinks certain things about your game or things that you're not a fit or that you could be a better fit somewhere else you have to respect it and as i've always been some people like my game the way my game i don't really care then i write my checks and did you did you prepare for your debating if stephen a smith you know how like presidents they'll have somebody stand in for their opponent did you have like i don't know like is a pit bull with his neck being squeezing of ice that you were practicing debating against no i was going through to the car wash essentially i was on a lot of morning shows on radio one on espn lotus in life it's was sports center and i was kind of just walking all across that huge campus and just trying to make it on time to each site segment did you go to capture yeah yes good times jinx yeah they have really good some movies turkey burgers that man car to die for yeah they had talked yeah well the fries right before i cut out cut out back and switched over sweet potato fries mmhm
i got me some level fries emerson station do you out what's your diet like during the season you have to clean all season long or do you give yourself a cheat day by a pretty clean i say eighty five eighty percent clean ship does a good job of mixing of shot the shift b of jim the show jeff being following grandma shift i think you should be kitchen ss and i will be a chef be kitchen kitchen assassins yeah actually go to might go to my instagram and you'll be able to find it cigna instagrams mine three d mccollum case you got wondering okay not his i wasn't but now i am that's actually a great name yeah three g mccollum but he he does a great job mixing things up and cooking healthier versions of things i like and i'm twenty two one day is no dairy so far i had a little bit of butter in my lobster all day but i cut it out in a food sensitivity test an my body wasn't responding well the dairy it was causing inflammation in my body was raising my allergies and my sinus is and i just felt like change was needed and i feel great you know what you can do if your allergic to dairy you can just drink paint if you drink
white paint that's what surnames taught us blame tank is that it is better than all the military okay they're all milk on the tent cities yeah yeah that's right stephen a smith used to drink and i want those duties as i reset true thank you just refused to work out to that to serve way i'm looking for my now chef be kitchen says kitchen assassin is all one word as a great question let me check it out in i sat anybody get mad followers off this yeah yeah i mean that is gonna change it oh wow yes underscore b underscore p x okay i like kitchen assassin will be better kitchen says do you want me to from us about how to be a journalist absolutely please give me tips on how to become number two
okay in sports mac and will sprinkle men here's one when you say here's a good question before you ask a question then use rt trick to thinking it's good question so heres good question how bad of a teammate is evan turner evan turner is one of the best team i ever had my life you guys need to have one pocket is one of the funniest individuals i've ever come in contact okay because we've heard we he mark titus is a friend of ours used play with evan turner said not so much so but that's a little journalist tip you say here's a good question did you know that seriously i think they just fuck with each other i think they're good friends in a million team so you like to like i like to do the whole well well he says one of the dover individuals on this or what happened with the car that just like randomly went into his pool i was crazy like the practice that day too truck drivers brakes went out when he was turning eighty living on that kinda gonna go up the mountain so to speak and they there was no guard or anything like that and he just went
often right into eighties pull a cleaner is only like on a foot of water in there but it was just such a i don't know why i was just such a funny evan turner story to have that randomly happen and it almost if only his house he it would've been destroyed got so lucky yeah the pool and also there were no people said that the pool right out of in the driver could have drowned got trapped because they had the the water cover on the good guy trapped in a knee from underneath the truck go to improv imagine if his house got destroyed and he would have to sell a lemon and when i got traded halfway through the season like always i
sucks though he made it there to season so far you don't go there to start knocking on wood i i've kind of a series best ball question for you it playing out in the western conference obviously everybody talks about golden state's going into every single every single season they do yeah that's what we do first time i heard a name in i like we are doing there so long do you in there so you think where you don't eat you won't even say their name yeah listing ivan were yeah like or who were that i've ever heard of kevin kevin durant and listed now yeah how many burgers you have none i told you look at my tweets matt whatever i say whatever i think i say for the most part i try to other cars too much because it looks bad and his kids follow me curse words are terrible the awful they are the well honestly people get mad because i tweet you know as a fan sometimes like i'm a fan of bass was i'll be watching the game not to my thoughts in a game or as a look out and i felt like such a such and such a such a number like look at you hating them like how my
peter i'm friends with these guys i'm not a hater i got no injury my like i always say since he was a chubby kid at michigan state so like i'm not a hater like i'm friends with these dudes i would take a shot with all of 'em for the most part yeah so you're saying that this twitter kind of just found 3j mccollom four two thousand and sixty nine who tweet it at someone saying just because he has a podcast doesn't mean he isn't working out find a new slant that's not you did i say that know someone well i don't know did you was it about me just because a podcast as me is not working now yeah exact that you're the always you though no i wasn't me i just made a modestly when a few dollars yeah that's still another journalist track if you can't find a tweet that's incriminating just make one up i was like us some might take and take my size i'd like see so so i actually i saw that story what i think is actually a couple days ago when you said something about how you you know i'm not putting every single work out on instagram doesn't mean you're not working out right i tend to disagree i would like to see more box jumps and
motion but how annoying is that when you just are in the off season and you're trying to enjoy yourself and fans are chirping you being like what are you gonna get back in the gym knowing you're probably in the gym everyday exactly i mean it's a part of life that was sometimes it's frustrating because it's like that like the saying goes like a teacher does it tweet going to work today all right he's student take visa teaching my kids you know i mean a doctor's not like operating operate minutes able like i always do it's it's a slippery slope but a lot of fans want to see that they want to see the progressions they want to see what you're working on some people are fans in general and just want to still work from you so encouraging for them the only see you know the pictures of you on yachts and which a belly out in
you enjoy concerts or drinking milk well you can't drink milk on a fashion shows or just relaxing and eating food and looking like you're having fun because you're supposed be miserable after you lose i guess just staying in a cave that's true everyone that doesn't win an nba championship should not should not travel outside their state and you should never put you shouldn't post instagram unless you're working out and you can only workout twenty three hours a day you only get one hour to your yes it sure does leave a slave a little four nights so that's that's to start your playbook yeah that's true how how ms role with all that said how long it take you to get over the sweep this year because that one kind of came out of nowhere yeah that i heard that one hurt member gonna kgb's area twenty one to face time with him he seen me sitting out of the house in the thai food drinks and why watching the game you say to my head south where you're pressing right
hayes i come on man you got it you got to get out of the dark may i see like you sit in the basement you still down he's like he's basically got to you know move for understand you know what you could have done better how you can get better going forward and you know enjoy your summer man i think from that day on i i took a couple days probably a week or two to where i was disappointed thinking about it watching the film and you kind of flush it figure out ways to improve rewatch the film later on in man up look yourself in the mirror and figure out for one did you play as hard as you could yes did you do everything in your power from a from a study fiesta point again you sleep to even write to getting your raps yes and i did all those things so you live with the result and the results are we got swept now have to figure out how to get better after how to take the things i did to another level be more efficient continues down of course stay healthy continue to figure out ways empower my teammates and live with the results again whatever at whatever happens upcoming season you can live with as long as you you did all you could i've wondered for awhile that you know players that are at your level right now you know what you're capable of going out drop
a forty fifty points in night if you feel like it what do you work on in the off season to actually improve the work on a new move yeah like do you do you know the has jumbo the idea that has a jumbo i like girls they're real basketball had like me i like to have the jumbo but you gotta has the off the jumbo on our own thank you bye to shoot no gotcha into your own fate jimbo hazy then you're eligible hesi okay you're all of that so filet i got to get the full my game is actually just travel little pass the ball because everyone realized i just traveled and then just kind of stand out of the way and then into player you're a good cutter good better maybe the first few possess
i get tired of your space are you then i'm a spacer yeah what do you do at your level to like actually improve your game like it is there a move that your guys are at a different skill set that you work on that's a great question i thank you i think quick question thank you very much that's not always true yeah when somebody complements your question you take the time to and then your co host doubles the comp yeah okay so you're saying excellent question if he's great question basically you you watch a lot of film figure out you know stress weaknesses what you're good at what you're not so good at and you continue to build on your strengths and then you work on the weaknesses and i think for me sixteen work on my body was when the big points of emphasis from a balanced and point stress standpoint core a lot and that'll help the lateral quickness that'll help but continue to tighten things up often silly and defensively so i've i've been spend sometime i am you d b c is where all the people brought a lot of those guys there trainers are for they have biomechanics kind of study your body figure out some of the deficiencies in in your movements and joints and ligaments and all that stuff so started there and just kind of tighten the body back up before you get back on the court in progress to going through moves at least they were gonna move katina tighten up your stuff i do consistently shooting dribbling passing and then you you take the the movements that you've done in the weight room in in that in to the court so the slides figure out how to get in and out of your cuts coming off screens figure out how to chase better because like you said before that
in the in the west coast conference who seems to be in the finals every year how they got a lot of guys who run off screens so you got to be able to chase tie avoid avoid screens and be in shape enough to steal scoring offense which is very very hard doing this league so that's the next step is continue to get better on both sides of the ball and it all starts with your overall body what about a hook shot maybe like a baby i do have a baby if you take the graham out i posted something a couple days ago and the last shot is a euro okay off the jimmy hey has he is it out rather strong foot right hand the whole okay so hey is also has he hey yeah hey hey hey hey i got your this you going down the street walking when we leave here and you gonna treat you see ago hey cross her cross cross road cross overhead she think that ryan say hello we tell you we just work on your game how many times how many angles have you broken in your career in the nba in full career high school like growing up
everything i've shanghai i'm sure in the patriot league you probably broke a lot of angles of tweaked a lot of angles lot across so a couple of days and they jumped and i didn't shoot it so that makes him look pretty pretty stupid but you're also a foot injury survivor and i just want to point out bubble or producer is coming back from a pretty substantial potency i've seen in a lot of other people are like people talk to the ankle brace but i don't want to comment on you got any any words of wisdom for him or hypothetically anybody else that set up for dinner how did you get hurt well car yeah yeah i got hit by a car oh you had to cross the street yeah no it was that casual he texted us after he got hit by cars like hey guys so it was a friday areas like hey guys sorry like friday night he's like hey snow it was early though is like three hundred o'clock in the afternoon is like hey guys sorry i can't help work tonight because i just got hit by a car so apology
stocks i'm sorry to hear them and you gotta be careful those crosswalks but i think that the foot injuries the worse it really i'm not a dog bite dot dot a peasant where you give it and yeah but the of those your hands your hands pretty important yeah i don't i like the little dogs yeah that's like my dog yeah miss with big though i'm just saying like what if you get a dog bite your hand what you gonna do be bill shoot now yeah she did awesome and never takes what if it's like a lot of blood and you also didn't get a shot or medication so gullible infected what kind of dog it was like a little like fifteen pound dog a little fifteen pounds i wanted a much desired that well it goes right through the finger right yeah sharp teeth why did fracture my index finger in four different places all so that's that's not explicit went on and just hey hey what we saw yeah i would say you head into
no i didn't do it depends because i said i would be able to get my full motion back and that's important finger wanna finger that touches the ball that's why i'm not in the nba i broke my finger when i was a sophomore in high school put pins in it so this joint right here it doesn't straighten out there you go so that's probably why you can't pay that's why that's why my shooting form looks like odell beckum on bath salts figure doesn't need to be straight though it can be slightly bent so maybe not throw that out through what what's it like i mean you're the only one who's ever been drafted in lee high why did you get recruited anywhere else or was it lightly i was lightly with buy a few other schools bowling green was on to but for the university of furman acker recruited me heavily i wanted to go to akron actually but they had no scholarships left and that's when shaka was on staff at akron he used to train me when i was younger but they gave a scholarship physique marshall he was the top fifty center in the country
and uh yeah he stole my scholarship miambo ohio or is recruiting we didn't offer me so that's crazy 'cause you were i mean we just have the nba draft like all these guys you know a lot of them especially in the lottery if you were a lottery pick were stars from high school you know from from like sophomores in high school on and you basically have to take the path that not no one has literally no one is ever taken from lee high to the nba draft the path less traveled yeah it is interesting how you made that progression because you were a lottery pick you you got to the nba and and obviously like when you first entered the league the level of competition is gonna be night and day compared to what you were going up against the patriot league right yeah absolutely how the how did how did you manage that transition well i don't really belong in the patriot league so the transition easier for me now this is what it is i was a little bit ahead of my tree it just has a hey cross them up i'm out of there but now i think
it's just about how hard you work honestly the confidence you have yourself like you guys believe before this pocket the loss that we could be number one even when no one else believed it and that's kind of how i've always been that was my mentality it was i was going to go out be me i'm gonna go out has he in in shooting jumbo's and if i didn't make my didn't make it but i was just going to do everything in my power to put myself in a position to go out my way was there like a holy moment when you get to the nba and and the players are also much bigger and so much more athletic yeah you try to go up into the normal lay out that you do in the page really can somebody goes and grabs it oh yeah these guys can jump a little bit higher in the paint and then what i'm accustomed to but with size that man just the travel the lifestyle is a lot you have to adjust to playing thirty games versus eighty two it's a lot in your body goes through some different changes so going into the nba you have been rumored for some trade stuff what does that look you're just a few what is that like just dealing with that day today being like any moment i could get the call from my uh
and being like hey you been treated it's stressful at times but then you realize like i always say you work you work hard everyday you control the controllables put your time in get the treatment you're supposed to get try to play well in big games being be as consistent as possible and live with the results and always say it's it's nice to be wanted you can look at it two ways like why so wiser always trade rumors or i'm doing something right if there's trade rumors about teams actually wanted me if no one wants you that's a potential problem means you're not doing everything right or you just very very expensive and i can't afford you and the multi billion dollar business everybody can be afforded i just tried to play as hard as i can in and block it out but it's it's impossible literally bleacher report app comes to your phone you like oh it's me again you have it works you should delete the bleacher report app right now actually do you have to go he's deleting it ok that's one less subscription bleacher report suck it do you hertz on google alerts for yourself i do not have google earth for myself but friends teammates group chats they say
can meet rates that work trades that go through or potential rumor trades clock or moms moms will call me to be like have you seen this so they're on data they're like hey hey what do you think about this and i'm like that i don't really out of it suppose you could trade it for five years yeah dad like i'm trying to read this stuff he'll laugh it off but they live in ohio so there's any cass rumour of the news paper comes out there they want you home dell they'll bring it up like you see this exact annoying do you wish your friends didn't do that i think it's funny because a lot of times i'm unaware and they'll be like what's the truth that is and i like there's no truth to that or i have no idea like i do no you have to ask such a such like i don't know but i think it's funny because they're invested in my career so they want they want me to be in the best best position possible well i ask that because i'm trying to figure out where we fit in your group of friends right now so like do you need a yes man
need someone to like where it will want us you know yeah yeah i forgot all guys we could do we will sign up for a lot of guys are always needed yeah so we don't need a yes man yeah you're right don't they know no you're right you're looking great right you're absolutely right you don't yeah i know you're always right vacation recommendation guy okay guy a sure so we're just going to be whatever that what's that book book folders father's go to sandals in jamaica or what's it called the isn't too that's why we also need good restaurant recommendations in the city go to vegas guy fiere eases up time square portland there's other donut place donuts yeah i no actually i was going to say i went there but i waited i saw the line in the night is really
i was like fuck that was like trying to get to club have top pot up there is that just yet hot pot not sure about weed oh right actually i actually don't know it's when i broke because it was saying the substance yes it is if i legal in oregon do you watch portlandia i have been on portland and one humble brag i was hurt my rookie year and since i was hurt i got to be more scenes 'cause i wasn't practicing like i'm hurt but hey we need an extra perfect how true is that show pretty accurate it's got a lot of accurate settings and jeans in its a good show is very funny is very funny very funny i have a serious question is very weird it keep it wikipedia keep portland they invented that slow keep austin weird you grew nine inches in two years when you were in high school this is according to wikipedia so first of all that's she said how do you do that interesting
normal a lot of prayer so prayer ok 'cause i stretching before i went to sleep with crucial my dad actually graduate high school at five hundred and seventy six three now so i was just praying god don't let me graduate high school at five seven at least let me get the six foot yeah if you graduate high school five seven you might end up in the patriot league my ended up ads i tt was it seems that i see yeah yeah you might be hosting a podcast right now yeah exactly yeah being one of us me it'll be an extra i'm actually five nine and a half three quarters five hundred and ten i'm basically five load not really is he lying he's like i'm five eleven five so again going back to the journalism aspect i think you're doing a good thing by all these media appearances you get your name out there but a little tip if you ever want to be asked back somewhere steal something like bill walton was just on the jump he stole a framed picture of
bill russell they have to ask him back so if you take something then not from here no no stop looking right now no no no stop looking around why do we do the other way why don't you give us your wallet and then you have to come back and you have to come back and get it will how would i be able to i hate for things well just just hit everybody that has issues got a client yeah you got to live in oregon in through it is the app on your phone or something i need my wallet but what i can leave you is cash a pull up pasta scratching oh ok that's fair right one freeport pod subscription this year you hit your career high fifty points against the bolts in january were you in the zone i think i was in his own think i was locked in it was a back to back i was pretty tired slept in a little bit i think i went to sleep till like four hundred am that night it was one of those nights at where you just looking up stuff online
watching netflix trying to pass time next thing you know looking up stuff online online all the time guys yeah just looking up stuff online next thing you know the first war is over i had twenty plus i'm like oh this is gonna be a good night then i could you feel it though could you feel like the basket yeah once
once i had the first couple shots the basket continue to open up and the form was chris i didn't really feel like i was tired much that's all and coach coaches let let me rock players get get feed me call in place for me and and kind empower me to keep going to keep score the xmi coatings are you going to fifty and i was like i don't know hey like not if that fifty burger you maddie we met at the game was over because you were like in a once in a lifetime type his own i didn't play hopeful for yeah you'll put three quarters messed up do you think i wasn't sure of him at fifteen three is like yeah so i'm looking give fifty in the game well i'm a lot of pride care but it the into records a special that means you're you're like a certified killer like me clay dame colby certified killers kobe he should be i mean kobe would never have taken himself out of the fourth quarter even like coach i'm going for no one else is getting going to score forty fourth either
there is an ass tricks though because the bulls are tanking i don't think there's an answer by because when i have kids i can say i scored fifty in three slash four against the tanking against a tanking team not going but i think the checkbox chicago bulls all the team jordan play for you and jordan was guarding me you'll be like it all campaign was on that team this is before campaign got a new team he he goes it will close in an hour just kinda lingers all the time but fifty is fifty i don't care if you do it yourself at your church to charge league or the community center what about on xbox is even tougher on sbs it is s tough you got to be a real actually it's not that tough if you if you have the levels down to place you put you play two k okay usually do you play as yourself yeah all right we usually do random or up at the blazes of the spires or whatever player i wanna play with at that time these birds you like the spurs nothing wrong with this we never trade
after this is never trade it myself to this for you what was the last thing i think that i've never treated myself anywhere i enjoy playing the game but a lot of times we do random random means you get three random selections and if you go to the third random you have to keep the team right so let's say you get two teams you don't want to play with i won't name you gave some teams you want to play with on 2k the pacers and the warriors 'cause i don't like super teams are bad ok so let's say you get them you hit the random again whatever you land third team that's your team ok so let's play that game will display the random game team game sons are you hitting it again or you can also go back to it well yeah you can go back sons so let's say we hit the random again yes are you hitting the random again i guess oh pistons the random one more time alright jazz taking jazz ok see you by calling to the jazz
big i'm talking about too crazy i like that like interesting like how you did the linked have you ever put yourself in the trade machine on espn no that's it yeah yes that's a looking that's after you look up stuff online late at night then you go to the trade shows that has the late at night well you did you said you didn't sleep let's talk about this particular incident where it was a back to back we landed late i had to research in the mornings yeah i got a research later for that of a plan to get a plan your vacations in advance for all these are great research what makes me the most warning sometimes yeah those already know that i got it i gotta zero volf yeah do you play any other games are you gamer now
not really i've played uno before and uno jenga that wasn't what i was couple times she's ok i was talking like do you wanna do you wanna squad up on call of duty with me i've never played call of duty before ok that's enough i'm not very good at this time in fifa i could play i could play in fifa mario xbox that it would matter what do you have controller control have a ps3 but ps3 oh is that you need a new car what is it for now yeah force out how long ago did four come out five years ago so maybe i have a ps4 the problem is not at my house at the rental property i don't really use it home we're so we what do you mean the rental house running a house and then i bought when i left it at that yes i was written two house when did you buy a house sure that's you sure that's a good idea listen guys agree
this is in the market is doing extremely well the value of the property the value of the property has already risen i actually bought the house can you hear me a two years i think i really looking up some cash yeah but it's i don't think you're supposed to buy a house if you're constantly trade block if you're supposed to just live in a house just rumors minutes five years in may i just don't don't believe the rumors i don't live in a hotel also do you have a five oh one c three i can we can set something up yeah what is that and this does actually allowing me to get a tax write off okay if i do decide to give you some money we can start your foundation for you sure it could be those guys here's an idea it can support struggling journalists out there it can be called the cj my column foundation yeah i column yeah and then your first big break as a journalist is in five years when we embezzle all your money and then you can write about it players tribune these two podcasters took
he for millions of dollars yet inside story of a blog swindle season blocks window yeah well you know i got good account they will they will never let you guys when the money from me okay we can talk we can talk our way through it listen we we took we we had people pay what ten thousand dollars for a gold fish yeah so ten a philadelphia is a ponzi scheme so we don't really do know how to get away from you guys do know it yeah alright would sign we'll we'll wrap this up i have the c key question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off any c keepers one go see the the blazers hard to get tickets to the to motor that motor yeah motor yeah it is it's packed house okay all right yeah i mean the fence do look like they're pretty much in there pretty into it that's one of the best they will be shirts yeah they will tee shirts all right you are from canton yes sir two zero who i like that
how do you think the browns are going to do this year excellent we're going to be very very good this year compared to what we were last year i'll see what i did there more with zero wins last year i'm i'm calling it right now six to eight wins sixty eight wins we may be able to get may be able to nineteen seventy sneaking as a wild card we have josh gordon we have great draft picks we have taylor who's going to be the quarterback for now until bakers ready to take over the throne i actually heard today that he's not but ok lakers baker is going to be going to start no no i heard that baker is like very impressive tie rod and he's gotta say that yeah bakers when the job i don't care who wins the job as long as they throw the ball to josh gordon drivers landry arts jars tied in to for you to make it will take ten given what i know it's usually four yards when you need six genocide and now we do we have a tight in from last year that we drafted another tight in from miami okay two years ago he's very good weekly draft the running back from georgia
we already have carlos i saw the call is hi how's your out which owns one why would i do that we are you know they want you to do with the football team yeah but yeah it's still don't do that i mean do not route for michigan too i don't really care i grew up in miami hurricanes fan saran wagon you know first i was i was shocked okay yeah fast yes full time for sure i had the visor in every when i played you do the tape up stuff on the visor that take the visor i had the back flow in a play quarterbacks as i did you wrong now no scott probably could have maybe gotten a scholarship so we could ask her for sure yeah i stopped playing because i wasn't trying to go across the middle day movie from quarterback to receiver i'm not going across the middle ctct is you don't need that that's a business decision you made a smart
i won't be able to play market alright one last let's do one last random hornets what about you either random again or uk yeah 2k hornets i want to add this to my bug hornets hornet i like kimba but i would i would hit a random just in case i can go back to this pc wizards arctic the wizards just go run with wow okay there's only one video games he give the daily one they are but that you're right very very very good via fax and they'll hate each other doesn't come across an electronically do you you think you're the missing piece to maybe like have a real chill out on the war's not hate each other on when the wizard i'm talking about the video game you play with them on the video game you got auto brad you kp you got a lot of good player
yeah i noticed a john wall shots fired now john i'm a big jam off i was just with john in miami were at the same place so you'll play for the wizards if they trade john wall first is what you're saying that makes sense yeah i'm happy in portland like i say i bought a house i want to live in their house as long as possible now you trying to get me to move to the east coast dot ready your worst you worse than the bar who is katie column blog boy oh yeah shopping a blog we call kd baby back bitch and people correct that we do oh yeah it's very super when he hates us he hates blog boys i think is mutual love honestly i think he is just came through i think katie would have fun if you have his number can you call him right now i have his number ok give me a call it's a good idea for me to call him while i'm talking to barstool why 'cause i'm going to say he's a baby back bitch yeah you're right you're right on that point that's just such a hard this is the hardest warlock boy is very demeaning glow boys is
it's like a fun fun let what we're from when you say the b word is used things get out of hand okay in a hurry okay so that is the word yeah he's just a baby we will take up we are supposed to yeah i know we started it we are we're we i listen i actually the nice do you okay i'd love to have a long time we mean it would never come only to keep this respect and like that i got to be nice talk about a two time champ katie was he i've i've totally switch i don't think your baby back but yeah now is that your baby yeah people who say that you're b b b you're actually big baller brand good job he shot big baller brand yes shot out of the south leaning anything is possible who who also shot now my snapchat cjm shot my big about to start politically the brownish out to cleveland browns you're going to win a game this year we're going to at least six games
let's win my love to bet on football yeah i think so i am i don't i'm not sure this okay so you give us your money will bet on football i can't i can't agree to that okay over the air waves okay a wink wink wink wink all right when we can pushups all right there we go let's get fit cj thank you so much appreciate you everyone subscribe pull up pod this is been fun you now recurrent guess so anytime we want you on you have to come on that's fine long as you guys continue to show my podcast love not careful you shouted out every single once a year i'm not gonna say i'm not gonna say the team name that you don't want me to say anymore the podcast also i'm gonna say i'm gonna say this right now because you you have told us that kevin durant's not that bad of a guy in that we got started really nice guy may okay despite all stop saying be that i appreciate that okay because he's a nice do he'll desert between let's just a just a regular
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the smartest way to hire all right let's get to some segments before do that breaking news the lebron king oval l eight mural has already been defaced yeah so awesome to put a bounty on it dude it's a his they said they they they said if if someone goes to this mural interfaces will pay you three hundred bucks and some of that the someone hurt no will kobe did it code we've you need three hundred bucks just you know i'm sure the lakers will sign you to like one of the one year one day when you retire tend to sail retire as a later yeah right he says we don't want you three and six lee fraud no kidding great job bought the embrace debate was a kobe was a skip bayless true true skip all men it's gonna be so pissed off that lebrons in his hometown eee i'm going to love what skip's going to be doing with lebron this time this is
i mean there's a good chance that lebron beats up skip bayless at some point this year yeah someone some maverick carter you like you just got to say that if if someone could do some for lebron is valid yeah yeah ours of course said in an skip bayless is bad he thoughts and prayers we have thoughts and prayers for the croatian guy who basically went after all of russia this is name i'd say his name don my god she vida okay all my gosh tom got that's a badass name that's a badass name he what do you say you say glory to ukraine yeah after so that's that's like a rallying cry it's an anti russian thing to say because remember russia annexed people people don't remember it but the annex you you cry during the sochi olympics so he glory to ukraine in an interview i think like right after match here gets interesting is fifa in their bylaws say that
player should make an overtly political statement to the media what's your work klay travis york the punishment is yes stick to sports stay out of politics boy yeah so his punishment is according to fifa says that he should be suspended for two games so we'll see fifa we now we know there are not many it let me know this about before they stick to the books they do everything above board yes i'm sure they'll follow their own law and and suspend demagogue vita i wasn't yet demagogue i i think he wants to be suspended like i wouldn't would be in russia i would want to get the fuck out get the out of russia right now dude you idiot that's a dude with a man bun too with dude with a member of the guys like well they had that one dude that looks like willem to photo and they they're all itches itches get it to riley joke jock itch
i get it yeah yeah that's nice so if i were him i would probably steer clear of like picking up any strange objects like that depends lacing like all the mints in that hotel with polonium yes be be very careful be very careful art we have a trouble in paradise and this is a whole area story the war as before they sign boogie cousins apparently vote bid on whether to sign dwight howard and they all were like not like a frat they were like you we like it is right june yeah he did not get an invite to the former smoker so trouble in paradise dwight howard in the entire nba because where rare you see a guy with this much talent who will go to the hall of fame is basically like teams are now mom
we don't want him even for the league minimum we don't want him anywhere near our team this is terrable toy howard get away i would say that he slept with a lot of people's girlfriends but that would require dwight howard to be not corny enough to have sex with women yes and i don't think that that's happening i think this is like twelve cases atomic it's i retract my last chance yeah maybe maybe just don't want all those kids around all the kids go fucking annoying spin zone right there this is just one step closer to dwight howard's like perfect in of his career and that just dominating in china like quite our going to china where everyone loves them i don't know if it from but he'll tell himself everyone he played on the rockets for a little bit yeah so they love them now man yeah right so but dwight howard will go to china and be like yeah everyone loves me no one has told me to fuck off in english so and he'll just dominate and be like oh dwight howard put up forty and twenty cool and
ill just stay there forever that's probably don't have that i can seem going the big three two yeah and just out of the big three no well actually i could totally see ice cube you'd like nope the building of all but i still like not i don't want them anywhere near external serves only will be god damn independent that's right that's what you frat guys color right is just yeah he's is going to basically be standing at a court with a basketball be michael anyone play with me i'll play rugby that's what you do when you can't join a frat to yeah sing songs in the song yep pay the pay those dvd good rugby player no you wouldn't you wouldn't buy talk just for line outs i don't know guys are so uncultured right yeah we speaking which we were in the middle of a tournament that no one cares about the no i care about the world cup in middle of rugby tournament don't about no
well i don't know there's no there's not yeah i remember here's our internationals are going on right now internationals are always gone the tables will always if there are we are we currently playing eleven v eleven seven v seven or four for you for this little cup sevens coming up yeah wow we might even finish fourth that would be huge therefore third or fourth let's do it home right we have a stay classy for phil mickelson so phil has ordered himself on a penalty to show that he is good guy phil titles the penalty was he t triple a little grass before he shot which is golfing with he's stepped in front of a shot and it's so perfect because he'd have to do this on oh yeah completely intentional it's like this happens in movies all the time where some guy fucks up where is trying to win a girl and he like hires his buddy to fake mugger and then he steps in to prove that he's all tough that's what phil did but the golf equivalent of that is like
calmly matting down a couple blades of grass with your donjoy yes stepping in the wrong place and being like that's two shots damn then phil is also the phil vs tiger one v one is going to be awesome i don't give a fuck all these people like it's mayweather pacquiao it's ten years too late it would've been cool if it was two thousand and seven i who not want to watch yeah it's cool now yeah the same people that are saying that it definitely gonna watch yeah and the only thing i ask for is we just need that we need them to be miked up and i like go ahead put on a delay i don't care but i just need them to be might i would also like them hit their shots at the exact same time that would be great too i mean they can't because are you when i'm ready once a lefty right just like an alternate face off and having a shot that's yet we should absolutely have that that's what makes golf and they play the best ball the whole time and so let me just to it yes we keep shooting in a mere against each other until they pot this is just you know what is the day our
rebel feel versed tiger a mini golf here's a promise if you think that tiger woods is gonna be able to stare at a at a pair to its like that the whole time i'm not trying to old you don't know tiger he's got it you have to wear chastity but yeah those become sick what should i do like the third or fourth holes you see yeah you see all right let's actually that would be great if feel like got in tiger's head by wearing a sports bra on this not for sure half way through the tournament it's a hot hot us men cheat a little over years as sports brought the accidentally spills water older sure you can kind of see through white sports bra with a white shirt and take is like she does is damn it was he stay focused tiger all right let's finish up the show hank hot in the streets peco by the way we have we're going to be in dc for the all star game and we are going to be at the inaugural game at audi field for
dc united we've got so much of a world cup fever we're going to a soccer game see wayne rooney pretty excited soul any good to see you there the wayne rooney ever won a world cup nope yep yeah one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven cents right yeah it's great it's coming it's coming home what it is that my way did england create soccer they used to it yeah ok it is yeah they did they just some native americans i mean chances are like one of their colonies that they were looking over invented and then one of the soldiers came back it was like hey i killed this guy but before it killed him he showed me that you can kick a ball and here's this bagutti that's worth three billion dollars let's have a good soul all of his spices go ahead hank out in the street justin bieber pft's favorite musical artist got engaged this weekend to hailey baldwin why is my favorite i don't always
yeah you always talk about it so much we don't let you talk about him on the shelf ever so my question is who is hailey baldwin she is stephen baldwin's daughter she had wins brother so she's one of the shitty baldwin's son she's got her spring of the shitty baldwin scott she's a supermodel basically because she was like best friends with the generous growing up so she got all that publicity she got the kardashian should i got that card that she got yeah should best friends with kendall kylie okay is she a suit issue worthy supermodel yes she's super model like like you know like the rich kid who got into harvard even though because dad and grandfather went there i mean it's both like she definitely like a little obviously she's got some coaches i should hold i thought he was dating selena no
he he was home he was dating selena they broke up we start hooking up with her can you believe this guy ok no hey thanks comma take me once they went to couples therapy and then basically haley was the reason they got they broke out a couple of therapy as bieber was like yeah i kind of like this girl hailey baldwin selena freaked out it was like fuck couples therapy we're done bro celine is engaged to who to pete davidson that's right yeah i don't know i mean nope that's not true ariana grande yeah damn it i think i did that last week on the shock i was so close one super interesting with the p davidson thing is that he made a joke about the terror in london when are gone far are on the ground it was performing and so now the the arianna grande hive hates pete davidson all men are they like the may have yes oooh i love
i love her by the way don't come after me i was laughing at you because i was like you're such an idiot ariana earth selena gomez engaged to pete davidson well here's a question to his bieber have any tattoos of hailey baldwin on her on a million tattoos so probably but it just don't make news 'cause it wasn't like in pete davidson's also kind of weird guy yeah and hailey baldwin not the baldwin daughter that got yelled at by alec baldwin on the phone saying you're a little pig little pig yeah your little pig which do you even know yeah wow that was two thousand and seven that's how long we've been around a few old we were when the baldwin daughters were famous for getting yelled at by their abusive father can you get me to do when it's your own daughter yeah does that count as me too i don't know i mean that yeah it was backspace what do you want his face yeah woody what what's his face would you know his name of course he would he not worry herald see alan what do you yeah and we're
kitten off i just like as it sucks it's it's getting old because i really try and like i know some of these things but like hailey baldwin i really didn't know who she was yeah i need i whatever wikipedia after that because i was expecting to be like some famous actress or like she hasn't a netflix movie that was awesome like nope she's just stephen bought the shitty baldwin's daughter service check on instagram it's a little it's a little more visually appealing so we usually also hosted drop the mike shows yeah okay so we kind of like a coworker yeah i'm a bad friend when you say she's a supermodel does she actually make money off modeling yes or she just because like she takes pictures now she does like calvin klein lines to gretchen not part of the thought for us you know okay she's the guys in the i think her in like the jenners have a nickname for each other like the d twins or sisters whatever they are bell in gigi bell
the gigi kendall kylie haley we that's the click wait is this nice the brat pack is she a minimes dog they have a name for it i forgot what it is no that's now it's another haley that's a different haley multiple haley girl and what's up with hey what's up with the kid who had his weiner on the nirvana album what city is this
that's our show love you love you guys on a key i'm gonna kiss all you guys because you make me happy everyday little piggies hi my
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