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Triple H, Nats Win, And Big Ben's Elbow Cast

2019-10-02 | 🔗

Natitude is back. The Nationals stun the Brewers in the 8th inning to start the MLB playoffs (2:29 - 12:49). Big Ben's cast stole the show for Monday Night Football (12:49 - 17:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and all time Coach O story (17:30 - 31:52). Triple H joins the show to talk about his wrestling career, causing all of America's youth to get suspended from middle school, his favorite matches, and working with his father in law Vince McMahon (31:52 - 87:14). Segments include sabermetrics, breaking news about kirk cousins, pmt sports biz moments, and guys on chicks. 

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on today's party my take we have triple h the game we went up to w w e headquarters we sat across the room from vincent man we felt his presence and we interviewed pull h we also play off baseball policies and baseball game one wild card nl unreal ending came one sixty three came one sixty three we have hot see cool throne and of course because it is wednesday guys on chicks part my takes brought by the cap shut the cash i was most powerfully descend spend and save your the cash app is number one finance app in the app store and what you might not know is he can also put cash app in your wallet with the cash card it's the only debit card that offers instant rewards and comes packed with premium features even a credit card can offer like boosts you can get ten of your entire perched adored ashen even save every time you shop and whole foods or target plus more of your
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is wednesday october second an attitude is back gratitude is back in a big way this is a milestone for washing sports the nationals for post season series win of all time on very excited eleven more we're just gonna levin more a and off for people who are not watching if you are you're birstall gold dot com slash p m t go downloader right now he ever tee is full kit weaker i'm one i'm a good i'm half get where i wish you had gone baseball will i don't own baseball pants and got it i don't know i don't know i think any time somebody buys an adult male buys a pair of baseball pants they should be put on no violet so we'll just have bubble by him for you yet bobby can buy i like mrs flights anyway i want the other he can't have mental spikes i'll have a bill i'll have a stirrup socks the whole nine yards i'm excited i'm excited i can't help it be excited yucas it's it's a big deal in washington to win a play officers trent gresham yikes so
that is the aim of your go to not in a good way basically a little we play like what your father taught right away don't let the bog by you get in front of that ball it was a routine single josh haider was not good he did not have it i have a staff for you should tell you how stupid baseball is real quick i have a staff for you ok don't bother lie he hath and the umpire was awful all night and so i bought a lot well ok in defence of the birds tat i do not want to do and i will a macro stick to the bird i'm school say congratulations on getting to play one extra game in the cubs that was great if you guys i do think that the ball might have hit that guy's bath first i will tell you so that that's one that people will argue and have fun arguing it because nothing can change but that's the beauty of sports but baseball is the dough sport in the world just hate her face sixty six left in hitters this year he gave up a single till one of them
he had allowed two signals in the same appearances may twenty seven and then that happened it awesome and everywhere and everyone enjoyed it and before the game i was worried about though i was very very patterns i was extremely no different fancy now you say yet again in ruins and clear transparent or different packers owners are different from the water response cato kalen is brewers fan doubt that he owns assure the pack what i'm getting at how much you gonna go to a twitter account go here he went off can tonight big time before the game i very very nervous because the nationals mender accidently shaved his play off beard before the playoffs even starting point which was a big big no no the plants haven't started that was the posts sees the post season was the same thing the post posts season is what we're going into next suppliers or when you get your ass kicked by the dodgers ok what's the difference between postcolonial play often alone modern probably the beard when he has a scraggly beard that's where's the playoffs we are he accidently trimmed his his
he will know guard on it happened all this before we begin ourselves a little a shave a hair cut you actually the guards slip off the clipper fruit flies out and boom you take off a stretch a landing strip so we're aid i think i'm beginning to think team of destiny the other that's ok prove me wrong i think the dodgers ok that's actually compelling point rules have to go all the way the west coast after you know chugging a bunch champagne in the locker room right now but as they always say but how do i save this one i'm absolutely go savour mac shares or by the way speaking the dodgers mixtures or had a little of his own like many kirsch ya goin with not looking good the first couple adding that he saved them he settled down what i mean is crazy this is if your birth fan
oh you get lower than that because that is a truly a game that was like snatched from the jaws of victory whenever the fuckin saying they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory correct that that was that game was over i i don't know you should uphold hater there may be many was wild put fuck that is that's brutal brutalize nets that is like we said that is a t ball level like or that you make yeah admitted i haven't watched a lotta haters pitching but he came anyhow he just looks like a guy that can't find the strikes are well single wild dude cater cato count said haider has lost five games he's pitched at brewers and blew the game we want and blew the game in colorado where he wouldn't had to play wildcard the worst counts
you make more gaston gaffer on film set that's good that's would double on tottered doyle don't manage next year everyone knew haider would choke except you even hate or knew he'd choke promoting cato let's not say things we can't take that former guess the show by the way i always thought council obviously the all capsules when i'm your council you blew it palmer s only three nineteen pitches i think you may throw led him throw more haters face before he came in said defeat indirect diarrhoea goodbye twitter you suck the walk he perverse now cato came in and said defeat in diarrhea and weird caps i gotta pee went back and forth their stand back and forth cato i thought you would be gotta would stand up for your friends you ve changed man ah i get em are going to be like
you know a sour loser because the cubs didn't do anything in the central this year and they fumbled down the stretch of knocker sick to bruce fans but i will point out the fact that christian yellowish would not have made that are and right felt definitely not absolute ass much scope for that our point that out and we overcame alot of adversity in the game to this was tweeted out i think in the fourth inning when we were trailing this is from brad the guy's fucking name is brad todd that's actually so that's chat that is social that's very chats hopefully admittedly that's chat that chad fucking avert and he says to do tomorrow i'm gonna see i'm with which our duty to verges to verges on my role came back with cans of hard seltzer at a play off game mind you washington's baseball and based deserves all the ridicule it gets brad todd yeah right laws classics classic granted move record a tweet that out red todd who
yeso playoff baseballs here it takes forever but i mean it was an exciting game what are you going to say it was and shout out to all the people who bet the over cuz you thought secondly at a chance and i've never seen someone happier to get tagged out in a run town always part is so poor you so pumped the thing about betting on on baseball that's how they get it is the one and a half run line i go that's basically just a wind no it's actually it's too runs well in and the bird and the national really had no business winning the game so winning by at a home run that didn't go over that i thought rocky tonight laughing in my face at a home run that didn't go over that i thought was going over new excited to see me and misery which i get i mean i enjoy having big cat on the show after devastating play off lost i think more than any one more than it was more than most and hank was kind rubbing my face lobby but then hank turn it around texting marlins man for me in telling him to turn his visor at the nationals dug out
and everything turned around after the in haste offence i think it's gonna take it takes at least one game adjustment to get used to now tattooed pfc latitude pierre we like when we came out of wherever we were in the end it was already to nothing you look like you want to cry out light weight
came only horner and we do we do live streaming all the time here and i came around the corner and you wearing your full well you're full kit and those leaders that olaf's lie that always a home run and you basically drop to your knees and had your hand on your head over like no but i was laughing at me i thought you were like over exaggerating like do exactly got a new do gave me that you gave me the big cat destined in turn around and gave me the like don't you ever fuckin smiling and what the fuck is wrong with you know like oh it's gonna take we are now transition to an attitude phd season like it took a game we weren't ready for we didn't know you all sharpened a full jerk here's a fact nobody in the world has been an that's fan for as long as i have untied tied time have alone with two million people well no actually i such workers who are their regional washing senator fence that's not the nasty little detects it yet know they were research so are the remoter bands and ex post facto stalemate there's someone in montreal was wearing assures rogers right now who's over the moon alain another two yeah he's just so so happy negative sounds like a beautiful frenchwoman so so how is it not better than each he's all right and then tomorrow night we get the resources are right
toilet bull and now i know i resent obiang hours hey there's gonna be raised vance headwaters i mean maybe thirdly gregg like that even now dickie vague ale be upset he'll do periscope thou be great one i dare to take part as ain't time tamper bay lose anything a lot of people dive stress it actually does happen not happened and i'll be waiting for the aids because i want our friend douse braden to being the mix and go and have to pay the actress outspread and by the way on the show on friday all right let's get to the restless show we have to at least address big ben on monday night football in a full cast and then half time when mason rudolf looked pretty good through on this
when he got or injured is the game went along while he was talking induce not plugged in walkie talkie it why was either plugged into nobody or i was just plugged into his is mad an xbox lobby so we could here's friend socking i dont know what it was but yeah he injured himself by being more injured and it comes out this link when first of all where does where does benches get that sling at half time does he try to go to the train room there ok been you not playing or is locker like a bat cave of medical devices that he opens up takes a deep breath he's all right mr byrne i think he probably ass doctors like hey doc my arm is hurting he's been it's in a cast he's gave up my arms hurting like i take these two child put on this sling i mean a sling actually pretty comfortable sahara for your eyes away than ever on to begin with the gases so fucking funny mason rude off not bad i can tell you
tell the rising tide of stealer fans being like why not because you know the revision leader right now is to into and the bangles who is it is that it are we don t i looked at who they were done here you who their backers that's right you're bump rightfully yo eight your bump yeah it's right finally i looked up his stature just google them popped up on the main google search he six three and a hundred eighty five pounds i want you they're gonna game thrill suggs could floss with them that's how that's how narrow he is andy dalton like i feel bad i guess it's a nice guy with adam on the show put i think we're done here i think it's it's time to just be done because in the bengals or herbal they did him no snowed like service by basically letting him get smoked every single play and the play calling it felt like him
and the bangles had like four passes and world like wishes run it three times and you see if this work they'll signatory sean mcveigh exact daily adds that byways zack taylor vic fan geo fifteen june for good looking cliff kings very embrace flores all have zero is interesting for new coaches all have zero when suddenly gets perhaps they got to appreciate that about the other ones though that's like that all sir i like you have on your autograph sexual i go way to do it i would for zack like bright floris tax it last night i give thanks man cause he's gettin hotter for all of us but they have like a pact one of those like when all the teenagers get pregnant at the same time when their movie about that mine was like the opposite britain is just lose your virginity a pregnancy pact were the sperm hitting the egg later getting all have a package is never win a football game yeah i won't talk real quick about just the of the entire state
of big ban on the sidelines and how he looked how he appeared because he looked healthier on the guidelines then he looks during game yes like he was moving i think he gets healthier the more he gets injured if that makes sense because he had some spoke in his step he was very demonstrative you jogging back and forth i like big i like big been injured on the sidelines better then i like him in again yes i agree three a bit bicknell you'll take he was having more fun doing that like it like it was alive version of playing matted form we yet we need to have like when big ben retires just make him stand on the sidelines in a big cast in a house that just gets bigger as the as this week's go on cue magic how bad the inside of his castles like big bends arm set smells like tiger woods golf clubs i'm surprised you didn't have people just start signing it
on this i am ruined whereon huddle around legislation would ask in a little too much hope here just bottle up his arm sweat and use it to like i keep dear away from people's crops yannick drop it on the fence posada what if the brief the steelers beat the ravens this weekend watch out and when the terrible towers really breaking out never since the sellers are going to go to the plan to words for you i have seen with football as we up yup backing whose back thank god that steelers won so that we can have a semi relevant game between the two were suck your own for i when ben goes into the hall of fame he's got a giant neck raison on the bust just put how they but with a neck brace have to beat a fit around bends neck you'd have to be like a twin size matters to i hope they do old school big ben long hair on the boss who enters the flaw in the fedora yeah the big booker ban is i call the when he looked like he slipped back his hair off so good ah so that was money i football let's do some hot see cool
wanna get to triple h hake huts equal throw my hot seat is dame willard guy so he recently when we talk about the sole every like we ve talked about the show lotteries we want the job done podcast and thereafter amount about wrappers and at the guy with owed not the vice president know they said he basically this was time are shackled said the only reason he was popular is because he was shot themes athlete not because he was a good wrapper which shack took great offence to because it's true because it's true but obviously you know he took offence to it which led to him dropping and this track i had a low a couple bars such as anti candidate and bp kennedy you are not one lyrically i'm very behind finals and bp every p candidate you are not one not role as from gaza drake like south pretty devastate
i am he burned also did so dangerous sat there and took it like drake or to come back on and he came back to me really did he clapped back he clapped back of the district of his own the problem it was ok but the problem was that shacks distract when harder and check has the power of inside the nba kenny chalk too all season long go at dame willard and deployed in portland not a big market i feel like this is one of those things were will it it's gonna regret it because he's gonna be gap like checks in vienna shit all you although that can turn on shack because when kenny and charles go at shack it's the funniest thing every becomes a big puddle just sits there injures levu why beans will mean to me is there a way to do without doing like a distract because i think incorporating a fold a full song can opens you up
lotta criticism maybe the beats not as good as it could be maybe wrapping voices as great as your lyrics are like what about disposed to slam poetry decide now go and see jamie coms broadcast as fuckin podcast and you like snap poetry take try and respond there is no hurry you'll never be westbrook never beast of curry oh where were you all american express our visa talkin like your bron you ain't even trevor rita ok so setting that others were actually incur american experience was that's that's he's trying too hard to rhyme he wrote a reason and the music i need something that rhymes with a real yeah ok i what you're cool throne i took a pill in a visa microphones gooch men yeah he cited endorsement deals gucci that seems like it should happen a while ago i know is that not the reason for his name to begin with he and invent goods
well now he does that was he would talk about it a lot but finally after all these years many people than clamouring for it that's a pity deal it is which is like yeah we got so many years of free publicity that's a given growth iceman heisman award right now is what do you do it like you it's already happened we ve already gotten all the free publicity out of this at a gucci move out gucci mane brightest osmond change changes name it was these men and then he wanted to win i had him you look like what what he wanted to win the heisman trophy when he was in college so we choose the pronunciation of his name to thighs men from these men eddie stilled in one hour being i'm dead i'm dead seriously it pretty much the exact same thing the gucci may going through now works or to work forgive me as you decide what you argue on the highest bright his leg now to kill someone ok all right so about even still it was self defense we gotta go
get rid of new ever to europeans during my hot cedars romance yeah because a utah woman was attacked by a bison joy months eyes in its by cindy bison is a team is fuller team here so she was attacked by bison on a date and turns out just months after her date went to that pork and he had gone attack by bison so he went he decides to go back to the park this time with a date and then she got attacked got it so those are his first they got killed no he was attacked personally the first time and then he decided he would take a date there a couple months later and then she got attacked you see the reasoning like lightning those rights twice simply twice a buys and doesn't attack the same guy twice me i don't know he problem brought her long as protection against advice was wearing girl why don t we by non is classed as well as a blade of grass stuff but poor hey
i did i did note that in the story they kept referring to the guy as her date so she kept calling him her date not her boyfriend which very clearly means that there are no longer night and day would have been they would have been if she hadn't gotten gourd first date getting buys and attacked is probably not great for the for the rest of the relationship is also just god saying maybe this relationship is meant to be if nature is attacking you or don't live in north dakota are you there's buys everywhere you by the way are you two huge come back for bison cause i thought they were extinct yeah i did so in their back and come up for me my other hot seat is brands because caliph well you just allowed college athletes to make money after likenesses by allowing student athletes get endorsements and some media watchdogs out there are very concerned about how this is going to affect brands here here's a good test to see if its good or bad for students
start making money after likeness if it's good that mean most people agree with it ersite if if it's a good if it's i think that means everyone's like i don't know if it's a good thing that means were well got leave and dan dockets are all about that's a ps3 horse like of the brand for groups reversal i don't know what our who's paying were well where he's so opposed to this when the biggest argument against like letting key make money off their like this is that it will make it unfair and this same six to eight watch football teams win the national title which is no different than it is right that happens the exact same way right now and then some people are saying that lebron james endorse it and then he got out in front of it because his son is about to be college athlete so he wants is something one that's not it that's now what's happening he wants to play
to get plate paid so they're more likely to stay stand college the elite players it don't come to the nba and compete against sam that was really happy i all thousand if you're in high school right now in your fuss our crude like you should be staying back as much yes yak scaling back don't go who keep failing like wherever that person is in the class of whatever the last year's like two thousand twenty two like that's that's terrible i really dont understand how anyone could argue against us i don't i don't make it makes no sense cut so here's the argument can allow me a little satellite got cat if we allow come these two pay athletes then you'll get alibi a boosters that pay a shitload of money to players to come to their school that don't actually do real jobs in this crate
the situation that i just made up in my head with georgia to georgia would probably do at once in the u s c might by houses first do not least its greater because under these like weird arguments that the people opposed to this make it's like these fictitious car dealers in alabama are going to give millions and millions and millions of dollars every single year two five star recruits like i think we can let like free market way that out in order just be a bad investment and in just business giving eighteen frauds millions of dollars a year after year and so florida strand respond to an floored is putting their own bill out there to try to compete just for recruits it's just for recruiting purposes because right now we're looking at is actually nightmare if its california that's the only state that can do it because they re release incidentally
a poor little be all should he packed twelve teams are left to play with the socks petrol fund would be back lira scott figure out a way to fuck this up hill scheme some of its did you see j bilious took little shot at mark titus he was like does it doesn't matter matter if your lebron james or mark titus or somewhere in between j last i checked our friend mark titus is a better such vast welfare lebron james he's played more minutes he's got more rebounds he models he's not been drafted in the first round more often witnessed between years of college which will find a four went to a final for the want of big ten the list goes on from our titles yes come as far as i'm concerned he's college basketball royalty marked out his is a better college basketball player than lebron james you and i are the same exact level college basketball player as lebron james sets a fact facts michael throne is neurology who because government jews completion rate right now is sixty nine point four twenty retire souls ass just quit
he's an inner at all i mean there's a good chance robbed from cows you just aside to play for the jackson said when he sees us but we're not for sixty nine jokes on people were not but it does make sense because permission to make a rick i would jump yeah he's beaten the broncos and he's been the titans so is pretty good at the king teams that suck who ok to point to five percent above the two great fake last night actually think garden she was just invented by the internet to give us content it's unbelievable it really is ok my hot seat is hank appear to use patriots because yeah yeah bilbil check i wish that bilbil check said before a gaming against the redskins this weekend all three q pretty good talking about it redskins and said it's a very well designed often very well balanced the redskins offense is twentieth what's al three cuba
was taught to game plan against three different quarterbacks that suck for different reasons belch i was also quoted last week a saying he does not care about numbers are stats just says we looked at in the film that's over losers but i just love the ongoing bilbao check trying to find a way to compliment terrible teams to get his team motivate it is good it is i don't you think you re undue thinks he's got you ve got case came who socks because he socks you ve got caught mccoy who sucks because he's coming off of leg injury that was mismanaged and then you ve got twin haskins who sucks because he should be playing rain correct so which one of those pick your poison bilbil which are not a sock i are cool throw my cool throne is our football heroes because we had multiple stories today we had a piece about cocoa in the atlantic where they took what about him shock cutting red bulls how before every single game he punches himself quote he gets her
you get your hands up be ready to fight be ready to take a look in the face and every single saturday is pre game speech he punches himself in the face hard a shit yeah and we ve seen it we ve seen him free he set your jaw at such short years just sit you just one of those existential questions like could is coach o strong enough to break his own iron draw no i i'll bet you're saying is weak know your job is so short yeah but then you're saying there's arms are weak know its jaws to show his job would beat his arms and arm wrestling there actually tight i think he knocked out to think i was also struck him he doctors zone tooth and the other football legend that we have is the story of any red who once ate a forty at stake in nineteen minutes that's printing press that's pretty impressive where was the time does this at one of those restaurants as crimes quarter and they both ordered a giant forty out steak and
and the waitress said if you eat this thing in under an hour you get your picture on the wall the chefs hat and all that say no more in any eighty to ninety minutes he had he he had forty one minute's despair say less ma am i i think they're probably a forty out stake is a unit of time measurement friend red zika ass about how much somber gallery time out we had two porterhouse has left us probably wise so bad at managing the clock he just thinks of everything in terms of how much how much time we take me to eat this thing a media let's run our skirt stake often see we have forty seconds left home gesture that foreign perfect goddammit sore football euros are intact and he loved these stories like now gets worse interview a triple age it was an awesome interview we went up to debbie w e headquarters sober we do that football fans are you too
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blood for an extended evidently network so this is the same time sludge is shifting overrun gonna two hours lie ok nice so it but obviously increases the view ability yeah because he arose from the network which is very limited subscriber based too you say you will say at ready or ninety million people were so i wanted actually started with the interview with your nicknames through the years and i want you to rank them can you rank them triple h we have the game we have terrorizing which were by far the worst year reginald regimental lately depends on how you depends on how you look at the terrorizing what is either the best location spell rising in a cool like without its audit yet so there's little story that is well ok tell it well equality when so i started training very shortly after i started training kowalski was going to have me do the first show was actually something that didn't happen was a tory was going to
take everybody on the south america that never materialised he needed names and stuff for the car and i just started the guy that even had a life match yet and so he said there are put your name on there but what you are you name to be an absolute really thought about it in our transport something in he said i'm gonna call you the terrorism and i was it's a terrorize you're like it's terrible yes and not being done to me just sounded like the browser or the crusher like so seventies wrestler an i can't i just have a name like a first name in a last name any got william typical quality vision group said was a view of the person in a lesson in great and he took a magic marker in july in the middle of the terror rising rise here and is it not you have two names terror rising legal right and so then it came back it was spelled
stuff came back which was never use but then when i had my first match that's where the use of the just kind of stuck with me when i went to w w they were i exaggerate terrorism is wrestling named dynamic as an aim kowalski those training mad a word about it we're gonna repackage anyways in you know you have a whole new gimmick when he had started with us and that weekend i went home and my dark madge aired on saturday night television fur on turner on anti bs weekend my dark madge which wasn't supposed ever see the light of day was on the air and listed me out is terrorizing i called him that monday was a what why would that was on it that you're going to repackage me and that's the best answer i ever got from bischoff he said dad we're about it known what does he shows anyway they re before a gene is so what's number one for me
yeah the game i think i'd just because it was so wanted came fence candidate it like kings rebel sazen king king i said in a promo shrivel assassin was j r o he aegis would call me that commentary all time the game was just something that came up and in promoting did with j r where and it was at the time when you know we would just kind of moving into the attitude arab or lee entrenched in the attitude era i was when a triple age by then because i didn't want to change from hunters humbly and as he attitude air came i wanted to keep the value of what that was but clearly the name wasn't the best right and everybody call me triple age backstage so that's what we went with the game was a promo were as i was gonna cutting a break out promo j r backstage i said you know you you guys everybody here is they put into positions that they don't deserve you talk about
success here you gotta be a student of the game omby that man you wanna talk about that fact that i am the game bad ass yeah yes i am at the end that that week when i came out on tv there were a lot assigns to oblige the game all its steppin as soon as i saw it i was like oh my that resonated so am i just started going myself that old time and stock and then with a motor headstrong and then yeah so that was you know slightly down the line from there there was appear at a time when they wanted to get me some new entrants music from my time stuff which was a great song but they wanted to to shift an dumb do something more based on on me and in the point that i was in my career the specific sound i wanted and they kept trying to make the music it to me wasn't really working it wasn't i wasn't rough it was in drawn up and didn't feel just guttural one
speaking to kevin dunn one day and they play me a bunch of cuts on my god i don't like it it's just not what i want and he said what what is it give me an example of something you want i said i wanted to sound like motorhead like that just raw greedy feel and that voice and he said well what are we to see if they can do it what does i didn't know that was an option yeah and they call them and i have never met lamb at that time they but the song i loved it then i met them and then he and i became really really close france for years here let me seems like a cool guy like you just pick up the phone and be like yeah i will do triple ages interim music so here's the thing to his he wasn't a fan and he told me this story after today at an earlier i give him they were like berlin or something and or hamburg i think it was an lemon in and try to do this on a couple of times in he hated the dew cut that they had sent over
this others a version of the song they record he hated it so he wrote it and rewrote all the lyrics but before he did that he tried to do a cut of any was like i don't know what try to get out of this guy we're gonna know anything about him so they sent them pictures in a video he said he watch the videos made in some match bulletin and everything in it he watched the video sites the pictures and said i can i can do this guy and went in cut it in one take and now they sent it over to me and i was like i love it that's her man perfect resolute and then of course than they did otherwise it is looking at things from elsewhere than they did a line in the sand furred evolution and then i'm here britain is on for me as well called them privilege that then recorded then i track with them on hammered their album called serial killer where they sink our voices together and spoken track that's awesome and then
interesting story of the right before short his passing the last album they put out at sympathy for the devil autumn had heroes by boeing we want a document to doing those i wanted him to do a cover album we were gonna split it we were gonna take the digital and they were gonna take the the m the vital and we met with lemon in elliot staple centre after show and we talked about it and one of music i suggested maybe the limb you maybe you could even to a rapture shall i mean his eyes bogged down any would like ok rap out pay good money that was i to motor had song with a rap over he didn't want to do it heroes use aren't you do we made a list of songs than they did someone and we pick some sympathy for the devil was one that i suggest because i could just picture his voice doing an or imagine and here i want to do it
then they recorded it but he left out a whole verse because he said what i call the music limits awesome but like ie left out oversees too long i want to do the whole song ensued the songs to damn long it it's not the song if you don't do the whole thing everybody knows it's all you gotta do the whole thing he's whatever she went back in the studio on they finish recording it but it is also an they they use it for commercials that's in those are two my favorite songs they ve done actually say that cover album was intentional and that they would we were gonna do a whole album of it and then in the end we have one of the last interviews he did he i did it with korea graves and myself went to the rain and in an interview with let me his is not on before you best egg is he of what i had seen him the time before that i think he knew lagging coming to a close and
you talked about us do native you and even contract you discover album so it is kind of one of the inner room and dark and unrecorded so what are we gonna did in korea graves came to two gonna like being moderator ask questions and all that stuff and he told me that day that they were going to put it on that they they were coming out with a new album and they were going to put it on there because he just he wanted to go stuff out he was actually mad because i think heroes didn't make the album i think they are an hour later one on one of the two sides to make the album and he was the day that we are the rainbow he was still really mad at todd their manager because todd confederate army album and toddlers transit initially so much room right on the vital
but like i can't make more room of shiloh cut out right yeah yeah it's no bottom but it is really really cool and naval really close friend of mine one other nick nickname i wanna get to shop all of us here that you had so you were french canadian aristocrat you have actually was supposed to be a french aristocrat so that there's a transition of the booking aim in w w what i'm there and the mass you know everything's all over the place there and flared hours taking the bookings i get a call one day when they are really doing that much with many i got a call from a one day and he says we need you to come to cnn and shoot these interviews in a month that's a good sign permit me you have to do any of you that's good now get there and i see them in their life we like your last name lubeck so we're gonna go that unlike the very common last namely
viewed from the northeast or whatever and gives very unique we want you to do that so go in the other room and cut promos on alex right in french and i'm whew like big any french whatsoever but you last name yet actually already said what youth but your last name is rich and like i know but i don't like any association to that any at all they will go any other woman cut from most of the french accent then because that's what you're gonna be your enemy john point like oh my god i'd like went the other room and there as one interview that that lives out there somewhere that is me do unlike the worst inspector kaluza protein of acts and trying to do this french accent on alex right and yet be a friend guy and show them and then i when i left i did the interviews and rise walk and i said so what is the character liquid you want me to do in their life you figure it out that your two years ago
gotta be french so yes i just went home was like one would get me the absolute most possible heat i could yet and i just went with aristocrat a warlike lace to bow down like a hip waiter boots in and adds the maiden was like his them indeed i could possibly think getting in vienna gotta you'd reaction right in once that got a reaction regal i'm gonna go and we're gonna put you guys together easily this aristocrat tag team this was because the blue bludgeon they are they were taking sherry martell was with harlem me she was gonna tat take they were taking cheery martell from harlem heat and putting her with us and sherry and i actually went and anna i went with her she asked me to go with her she came with me to help me find these boots and i went with her to help get some dresses like they were doing like the big marie antoinette yeah marie antoinette dresses and she started yet amber
my contract was up and i ended up leaving so never came to be tapped could have been the aristocrats the headlights arms echoing the craziest part about your careers that fourteen you knew you wanna be a wrestler and then you just became one at right i mean you make me most people what language that simple or when i was fourteen i want to be a wrestler and i just thought that like stone cold stunning all my friends would get me you actually you're like hey i'm going to lift weights and become a wrestler and i mean it's crazy though to know that did you know that luria fourteen you like this is what i want to do and i wanna get there anyway i can pretty much link that was in my head yes like that's the thing like your europe sometimes people say about me oh we came my body building background income about my body billing background i competed in a couple of shows as a teenager because it help motivate me to train but the goal was never oh i'm gonna be a pro bodybuilder reward anything else the goal was i went to the gym at fourteen to try to get bigger
because i all the guys i looked out on tv that were wrestlers were big and huge in muscular and strong and me that's where you needed to be so ok so i gotta i gotta get there just systematically went at it and then as i got bigger and you know got later prove problematic round my twenty twenty years old or something like that i realized i don't i get to try to find a way to get trained which was not easy at the time right was able to get whilst these information started training with him and you know that that is one of the things that for me when i went to gwawl skeezer first time there's a lot of guys in the other world hundred fifty pounds in little and you know they're just in their plane ressler and stuff in my blog at me when you said little bit her they would wear sunglasses in area around and they were like humorously written there dazzles got it but
kowalski zombie walk in the door and was like this kid coming in here is like two hundred and sixty i think i was like two hundred and sixty two hundred and seventy of the time and he was like yeah so i'm going to work with you so he would let other guys is gathering do whatever they do anyone in pay attention when i would come there he would gathering with me and spend a lot of time me and perry saturn also he spent a lot of time with parents crazy to look now because i know you can you open the whole facility in orlando where you training wrestlers and everything in your like i started i would assume killer kowalski is jim was not state of the art at the time probably like rundown warehouse reasons a run down warehouse no heat of hardly any he'd know i see and we we were learning in a boxing ring so boxing ring has no give two it's it's gotten it had an a mental pole and i ibm in the center all that held the ring stiff so it had no give but i didn't know the difference i thought that's absolute madness
my back hurts everyday yeah this is brutal right by the beds which what it was so i you know that's how i learned the rest of the first time i didn't wrestle in a real wrestling ring like a you know one that we would use which people guess i get trampling is not as some give due though i didn't wrestle mortals until the first time i went to a show and the first time i went to a show and worked in the ring that was an actual ring i was like oh my god this is like sick bobbing on my bed yet re parity of lead to concrete that i've been landing on since i've been draining i'd i didn't know the difference it's crazy diverse think about how you know like your career spanning from that moment nino being going on i beaming killer qual skis jim in a warehouse and i have a whole facility or land yeah and you know that's what people ask me when we first built it what would quality said see he would say we a bunch of us if you like you know his his version of if you did something wrong it a bag with plastic
egg with not died in the top of it and he had phone books in it from one where was walls am or wherever we were that the town that the schools in and if you did stuff wrong he'd call you over any would hit you in the head with a bad feeling about that i know well i'll tell you did a writer you just told me i wouldn't you know most times you never saw gamma ray tried you somethin like daniel jim where you just cut the heat was orlando so probably cut the icy off yeah to forget legal they make phone books it yeah tran electrode iphones yes he would always do this thing to wear like you know when you first learn in your work your elbows all time your berkshire sex was swell abysses gauge the big huge to give up val kilmer her then he the area a huge one right left so you get when you first start you get those a lot and their pagan you know leave him alone they drain on their fate fade on their own or you can
get them drained or whatever kowalski would just either take the phone book he would tell you put your hand binder had all like disappear elbowing and then either whack it with the phone book or just push you like he would say stem too from that wall and have you stand like this many get behind you and shove use already good in the wall so you smash your elbow into the break in public passing over human rights would pop not pop out but like pop internally yeah right you know i mean drain the fluid and feel wonderful the area after area he's busy doktor so pfc and i are both thirty four attitude era guys do you i do feel any responsibility for having like an entire generation go around and say socket too gathered so gina when right around the hall of fame time john i would we are all talking about that in saying how
just think of the time that was is and you know specially for us is in a week it just start organically but when women started jonas boobs and like the whole thing and arenas and right around that time this video surfaced of these kids die about being suspended from school freelance like it and it was like god like i do know now with dad with kids and unlike sport it's what i was pretty awesome every middle school in america had some kid they control overtones device principle the socket yes a cultural and yes you know you know in on the flip side of that it was every monday and some as football was happening you seem guys do the same thing and innovate score touchdown or they'd sacked quarterback and get up in dismay ran up and yet the whole thing and yeah really was when you think about that time frame rock put words in the dictionary we put
you know mannerisms in an sayings and and phrases in an almost attitude austin you know who didn't want to be the guides done in their boss of living among ethnic and beer and over is you know unconscious body s so do you still every now and then like maybe after like a good jim session likeness quick suck it in as every now and then the trust me this there are a lot of people on a daily basis ass without i would like to do oh yeah yeah so are we one time by it was a bad mistake that we made we try to come up with a greeting for a peculiar to say hi to us and we fuck no lenny dykes for at the time and when he told us sucks dick and we said okay our podcast greedy is tell us sucker dick
when you see us so we have now a bunch people that come up to us and say what's up here to suck my dick like in a friendly voice loud imagine that you have people that come up tune give you the decks yes it's way what the hell i dont think acts may not all that all the time more people will ask to do the crowds job or do whatever it is in yes sometimes it's funny thing too because now unfortunately as we get older like a lot of people that
still doing that stuff where there were in that error or now like you guys like they're in their late thirties yachting and may god kid so their kids there and now all of a sudden the dead forgets like he's with his kid and eu like taken we do the suck it and we had a thing and he's a regular lets you enemy first met hagen can we ended i saw you treated me i had socket aid but like super inappropriate have met them your kids like i know i did its view but like a advocates a father now i am an hour i will teach my child to suck it we're book i'm sure i'll explain this to my internet quarters what is the oral history of the socket who came up with it so it's funny thing like that the text of a lot of it was rooted in there was a group backstage called the click writer and so it was the group of guys we're together myself sean walkman scott all kevin national and it became willing altogether makes it
is really about our passion for the business railroad down a road together in sex old travelled in the same cars and all we did was talk about the business and like even scott all who would get in the car every night and go look guys can we do not talk about the business for one car right let's not talk about the business but did you know chris tides show it there s a memory retard whether this is all right so it was based on that we used to all that this thing came from scots auditor whilst i gather turkish whatever mafia fang they go too sweet whatever they call it now which i hate it was never to sweden became thing but anyway yet that became are things that we would all flash it on tv lay it was our little insight or thing of leg you were altogether aid and do all the stuff in the second they came from when fans would be giving you crap receive your bad guy it wasn't the attitude area and weak
say negative things flip people love you couldn't get on em too much annually you guys go where you need to do is focused not so much here or down in here but like right about that became this kind of our thing and then it just maurice when when when they left and we started doing the stuff with the ex we kind of sean and i got a more fit into being a lot more aggressive then you know it went from being aggressive to being cool and that's when you know sean got injured and laughed and kid came back in and all that in sort of just morphine its own thing a lot of that stuff just happened organically it wasn't like we all we need is a catchphrase right it was a meme honestly even with china for doing the eggs half the stuff we did was based on
just making each other laugh and not given a crap like i'm gonna go out there and do whatever comes to my mind to get me the most he and i don't give a crap yeah where it goes and you know we're gettin in every week when we are coming back then was guys you're gonna get us kicked off the i swear to god i'm on a far you do it again next week before them the eu and but then rating started to go so of sudden me was gonna get here do the thing you re in our aim so when it works its good and and it was getting a reaction so what was your relationship i mean obviously evinces now your father law coworker all these things will your relationship with vince like back then and like the evolution of it and did you ever whispered in his ear i kick your ass i don't have the whisper uniting albinos invents was really jerry knows ok you went back next week if i can get heat in this bromide just got the other guy not so
my relation i was always fascinated with the behind the scenes of the business not just the not just the entering stuff like i like tat but like the planning of it like i was fascinated with thoughts is almost like penal being an actor writing the movies is cool do and how do you create the dialogue in the inner workings and how all this stuff fit together not just for myself either but for like for everybody and as the ex evolved wish on an i got to spend more time around vince because of the people that i was around he would start to my ass in my opinion a lot of things you i would notice that he would say what would you think about that if there was one time what we all want to go to a meeting together and i was leaving as i was like the kind of the new guy right anna i was gonna walk out he was like
i know you're already in this you come in here and sit down to you got good ideas and so he just started to ask you know my opinion a lot and we started to talk a lot about the time that we were kind of getting into the upward swing of the attitude era that one of the writers of the show vince russo and the guy that was riding along with him left i'd worked with them a lot and i knew the dynamic and contrary to popular belief he'll out of ideas they were all filtered through vince and other people that made them great rank as they were just ideas and thoughts in all its in soap when he left i went to vince cuz it was like in the middle of nowhere went to go to wcw in the middle of the war good choice by the way and events in an eye today i know those guys left i know now you kind of doing this by yourself so i'm going home yet beyond
like i had four days off its adam beyond for four days that much going on up you need the bomb ideas over somebody or something i don't know that's worth anything to you but i'm strown it out if you need it i'm trying to do all this stuff debate shelf camp easy he was a guy really appreciate that any left went home like today later as set out my phone rang music agents newer yoga the minutes about some things of you and i was like oh yeah sure you know and that kind of started it and then he came to me a tv i would like to start coming to production meetings you known as i think that's cool one is an ogre has come to the production meetings and you know one of those things where like as a talent you have to be the building it like say one o clock production meetings at like nine or ten so but look he's offered but to me so like i'm leaving the town the night before i'm driving
whether anybody wants you in not get there get not yet ready early in and go into the to the meeting didn't you know for a lot of people that was he was he in the meetings and other stuff but for me it was more like ask him i let you come do but i think you're gonna get up at eight and under this nine o clock production meeting so free so i started doing that and any kind of get in the production meetings in he and i then dead this devas gonna close bond relationship bay on creative now was i didn't even i'd never amidst ever their point engine running shoes in college so terrible i just thought i'd never even met her wasn't until the right one time that we did the the marriage angle i dont even know then like we just gotta did this wedding angle was a pitch get out of a story like that that vince rousseau had kind of dropped when he laughed and no new where we're supposed to go and then that's
we gotta men started working together but at that point in i had a totally different working in a relationship with vincent and short of a kind of a growing created collaboration between the two of us and its carried over for you know all the way through two shea never gets else comes now you know i think i should gain obviously as a added a big role in the company yeah that time and then you'll things worked out the way didn't he did his own stuff and jane my get along great yeah you know could contrary to what you read sometimes we get along great yeah you know keep my head down do much why always to always find funny cause we hero like although behind the scenes stuff in its competitive business and alighted saying this about you and shame but like you hear about other rustlers and it is a competitive business in while you guys are all kind of tolerance rope here also competing with each other for that shine that spot
anyone who is in media even our company like that same thing were look you're gonna wanna you wanna got his throat even those in the saint oil not you know you and i are actually seen but other people only wanted their throats you know i think that that is one of the unique things about the business like you can exist without the other person sometimes people read into that too much i'll go back in the day the attitude error like we all got along the way so i didn't get along iraq is that kind of as this odd dynamic in there but like everybody wanted to be the guy everybody wanted to be in that spot it didn't matter who in that locker room it was if we were someplace i might be needed along with this person at all i know in the ring together were magic but but out
i did it we don't see i'd i we might argue and a lot of things but if somebody else comes along and messes with that person that's my brother right right right i will defend that to the death so you use see that kind of as this a dynamic in there but like everybody but to be the guy everybody wanted to be in that spot and it was cheaper competitive and an that's what reads the best stuff in the business trust me when when i could go out there and got a promo austin was in the bag jump into the bits and let me have their own at one again shows i and you know when we d matches we all wanted to be the thing that the big shine on the on the card that night in and that's that only when the business gets the best i think use that today i don't know that it's as prevalent today because i think it's it and i don't mean this is enough
and i want to tell you the old guy gone the millennials but they just handle it differently right then we were verbally arguing about it and go at it not physically but like the man it was obvious yet there was some issues right in that was who's kind of handle different you got a problem with somebody unlock when you walked up to him and we're like bathe that ain't gonna fly and if they problem with it sometimes it did go to blows and then or whatever and but then out person would almost become your closest friend because now you ve fought over something new to have that weird guy bond ray we're right leg yet hunched somebody in the face they put you in the face and afterwards you're closer than before and looking hundreds in workers rights vince but yeah you know in emits a funny thing too in our business john and i live above this all the time i've
the closer you are to somebody the stiffer you were with him in the ring a just like i did john i have said before like i i think i punched him harder than i had ever punch in my life in the ring right just in an match you not always it's like i can hit my yeah he knows they laugh about and i like i just almost knocked amount of like rain has anyone in particular that when a little bit harder at you then you would think that they'll get somebody else i don't think so you know you know i was always one of those guys i liked the physical side of the business like i like the contact and i like the i didn't i like working with its certain geyser are smooth and you know like even argue sean as an exit we'll shonkin word we don't feel em origin can work where fifty should definitely feel it i like to ensure that workers john would come at me and i would go at him and it was physical and it was grass i liked being
will the feel what i was selling then necessarily always like guys were too easy to work with or to light to work with because i felt like it i don't know it just value was right right you invited craves contact at which a marble tom i guess so an end so that was always the magic port to me so i never really he thought about it sometimes when in all its evil you're asking a bold was this guy overly physical with you i have five back on guys for like jesus is a battering man if you like i take a couple more these does a couple of these might be accidental but then then if i am not an accident yeah then you got him like a model i'm not saying i'm a tough guy like you got a light em up and go okay we did to ways of doing this rag i'm not gonna just be a doormat here so i'm ok do it the other way but i'm gonna you're gonna get that side of it to write and usually vanities is do you
look back at some of the looks you had in the past and we like every one of em like i like which ones i mean oh my god i say the leather the leather candle thou ones pretty bad we get at the time the abbe we really do i always any pan out feedbacks play yet whether kangaroo for you say the fanny packs plated acres rocks brought it back a little bit little views you go you have been go where we think look we all add horrible hair not sold out my cousin her i just got lazy to be summertime get hot yeah but like there's a lot of stuff that you look at over the years and you think like one of those moments in there i got bored went blackened went to college for little bit o my god i was i think you're right you know i just even get tired of doing the same thing i suppose like a band made ten albums and then you do want album words like experimental totally outside the box you bored with your own crap leo and you start doing different stuff or you don't for me
there are times in the business especially where their stuff that people you'll look at sir looks and moments like there's parts when i look at the pictures mice from a good use could be more out of shape in this and then i have to think about the patron unlike like you know like i had an injury that i couldn't get it the period why war that everybody always goes like what was the weird bikers short phase that you went through why are these black biker short every guy has well it wasn't though so what happened was i tore my growing i was will champion a drama growing working with goldberg like pop my actor of an like without on these were like some kind of precious short yeah but like tech shortly nfl guys where they get took link for people to get them on me because you have to stretch them out and they stick to u inside loose job was that put an anthropologist short saga trust me as your jonah's them a lot of things we here but
when although short i can hardly walk with the short on i can give you a match but i couldn't i couldn't even like laid out a bench or anything does the you know everything core rights where anything that would activate my core pull on migrant i like it was an immense lee painful and take forever to heal so hope here whole a time where i'm like one we're like these we bikers yards with my trunks over it and then on top of that i might completely like fat attache been like just like i will give them a period when like oh god terrible but i'm not gonna you about how many surgeries you have you been through so many injury quite a few garlicky do you have a list of what like all the i mean i know you tore your quad straight off any spanish that match i did that twice you trachea got smashed girls like stop breathing a man you would you just have a pain threshold is inhuman adrenaline is a magical thing
you know look i look back at some of that stuff now and this is a kind of stuff that i say like i afternoon tell talent like i'm upset the match ray and then o brien and i almost one time others historical data brain and i were almost getting in a fight that guerrilla position where randy orton whose usually the most hot headed person unlike room in some level what does apart because i stopped daniels match any because he was injured in genoa no stop imagining was trying to tell she wasn't it but his arm was hanging and i could see it he was telling me was fine and i called the match he came up he was livid and was yelling at me about how i finished imagine detached redman you right is it to yours i'm like dude i fish imagine that went quietly don't tell me anything that i know the better now that's just my job you know when but we got to eat it but you know i've been in the moment like people ask me up on the quad thing
because you're in the wars jericho with torn caught i tore it we did some stuff i went to the form of how much longer the match was but jericho asked me like are you hurt my yea said how bad on my bed and he said what do you stream this to you guys and wags what do you want to do he was near the table so what do you want to do cuz he knew we were going to walls of jericho you know who's my leg and i said fuck it chris just do it anna immediately regretted the decision when it was your balls you hurt me ass i was begging somebody for gonna get me out i think but it's just one of those things are noise of his grist to the web the words it journal adam up but it never dawned on me like oh i should probably tell her every stop it a war same i did i did the same thing with my the quad adieu my pack in saudi in in the middle east with take her and cane were like i was now
saddam picture the i was i was duenna upside down but the cornish on i used this stuff when we were young where sean will go upside down on the corner and then i'd take a bump over and i was trying to protect him in the corner i don't want to crush him and i just dug to deep on the tab open as soon as i went over some i picked her up we are the floor and i told sean and he was like oh my god what are we going to do and he was going to go tell the rest stop the match how's it going to second will only take inventory for a minute and came a dog came over now it's a different world radials make the call so he came to so what you do i told much where my back he said let me but these poor things uneasy adenoids off and i was a guy now and then he said you are call it and i said so let me ask what what happens if if what's worse it can happen so it's already torn he said this i can be pleasant but he said if you keep your shoulder in the socket like then
i'm close to your body so i was like all right so i said i keep going and he said i'll stay at ringside so then i just told shauna said good to go i'm going to fight left handed and i just get too if you want to imagine trying to keep arm at my side can even put to a table later the horse i learned that i mean tragedy has run through its ample trying to keep my army as i was afraid when i had to table my arm would go out in my alarm and come out of this august for somebody who knows is only in a ring that you don't feel painter if you're out dune yard work you hate yourself look with a hammer something under from role in her chair on my genitals right now just to general you'll sent i don't feel it damn that's crazy that is crazy i have a couple apologies and need for you you ready yeah ok you fucked over xbox when you gave you turned on him and you gave me
mc man the european championship isn't even a real championship apologize police i'm not gonna bulges without one kid did not want to hold the european championship the first political hurtle now want to know if anyone corporate and all that's news happy for meeting the european thought at the time the coveted european here the funniest again if you wanted it ok up before after he took a shit in a cup the universe the time these pension for that income is a dixie copper just a glass whatever's around whatever hamstringing catering at the time he took a shit in a cup and then put in sables bag is it's a rumour rumour allegedly allegedly diamond that i've heard many stories about so many guys do and so much stuff back stays as it is absolutely bogus it becomes as urban leginn that has just been
tap into this ridiculous stuff like that none of them ever happen ever i've heard a million stories where but then i have also heard the guys tell it and then like the guys in the business telling it unlike what you'd start to read this stuff it's out their believe that that's what happens as i was there and that didn't happen re all economic causes boy was that it was a does it block back yet i what about when you paid were key she d run over stone cold yeah that's fucked up it was i do all jean i do feel over that ok they're a double like it wasn't bad expensive and it was effective that was when you came out in like to n basically had the whole crowd you soon ears like vessels we like on the bad guy i'm the guy that you're looking for life when you the booze verse the cheers i mean the booze have to feel the way we do it i do have a period of time and that in the beginning of the attitude air with was shot and i were we add some riots and even when there are seven i will talk about it every
now and then of like does she was just becoming a character the business it when we did the mc man humbly stuff and we only legitimate place serious he i remember one time where we were just getting down the show and we were walking up to the top of the stage and a base i just saw the corner my baseball coming out of the upper deck and it went like shrank by are you not i mean and like you would have killed one of us here you know that's the kind of stuff like there was a lot of forget all the time then and was still kind of a want area of people by in the things in an all that but we had some gentlemen he but i loved it yeah i had like the best compliment that people are actually mad at you cause they think it's one hundred percent real which it is ya i loved it in and then would try to carry it over sometimes apologise for that now anybody that i find it back in the day because i would try to carry it over these sometimes
this what you doing the attitude are you like you go to the airport if i was nice to a kid that came over in like a consciously asked me for an autograph i wasn't sure and i signed it was almost like they were disappointed like right jerk sets down here in the past about like just basically just shitting on a kitten madison square garden because he had to do the letter you gotta get on the elevator rake in them i had to do it yet and that it should i was kind of the matter and they all things are a little bit more free will and back then so you you could go to the airport and be but to be just like why is used is digging through about matters coming along with it the only place i tried not to do that was at home you know just because i didn't you know people were new houses of the light gray area right yet it your neighbors yes yes i got one last question it is seeking question put in promo code take you get ten hours off seeking for
go to reveal what any of that seek you want to go to doubly doesn't match yeah maybe we can get in and out of all roma could take our ever go the what described the perfect match liked what goes into a pervert match in which match in your career is closest to that man soap with perfect matches to me it is a difficult thing to say because i dont believe that like i'm i'm a big believer in all of the stuff tat we do is just stunts the story is what gets people raining there's that dumb my angelo statement of like people don't member what you say that no member you do they member i you make them feel i believe that's what's true and our businesses the emotion of what you do i think she was talking about how she was again emotion amity right so that the perfect matched to me as something that just build screw out n
you are engaged in the whole time and by the end but you're almost like emotionally drained an end it's not about oh my god when he did the one that i can't believe they did that double flying with them a junior you don't mean that those things to me guard sure that did the moments that's the really cool dinosaur but if the stuff worry is garbage all those other things don't mean any there and that's why some guys get over and some guys don't i was taught very early one other first things that i learned from kowalski was make them look at you and i didn't understand what he said when he was first saying it won t he explained to me said the last thing you want to do when you leave and arenas have them go hey that one match was pretty good and have them the guy with em go which one and you know the one would they did this thing and in the thing happen what you want
the goal is you know awesome kill equality that right and the match was awesome but you know what match was autumn that coils key match that's man what that costs can match resolve the chart then then you have them right then you have to build something that connects with them and stage with otherwise it was the transformer movie and you're the one robot look cool yeah right like that explosion yeah yeah special fact was ass yeah so what is the best storyline that you ve ever been involved in the most compelling storyline who i think at various points in time some of this stuff i've done with sean because it was so believable e real because we were so close as friends and i think you could see that and then the ability for us too to transfer but but know each other's mannerisms and in everything and they also the openness furred
me too do horrible things and then attempted to get it back on me you know that the the business is the magic when you are trying in storytelling process i've always approach it as a heel of like i'm trying to out sell the other it's not about the moves i do i'm trying to outsell him so if i'm bad guy when i'm when i'm getting the beating their guy up he's too should be trying to outsell me gets so much sympathy and so much you know going in that people feel terrible and want to see him hopefully combat can be the shit out of me on the flip side of that when it's time for him to get angry and fight you gotta have that fire that intensity but on the flip that now my turn to outsell everything aegis did for me entered to to give that back and then some when you approach things in that way especially if because you either
leaving the other talent or you like that the town to enjoy working without other town when you approach it in that way man it's magic yeah but not its top it and always yet approach that we saw some of my stuff was john but the truth is i've been fortunate in my career i came in a time that when i first walked in the doors of the devil february i had a plus guys with a massive amount of experience to learn and grow from from scott all too brett i'd get ring with bread a lot to sean two nash just does everybody can then even guys that were comic restlessly the bushwhackers but when they had twenty plus thirty years of experience in you will learn from being in the ring with them all these different things so you you grew from that and then when it got to be the time when i could could launch myself
i was in the ring it are you look that era and its illusion of as to the business right like austin rock sean foley taker kane i mean just just the issue of of everybody in the business i can look at points in time of my career and say look i love the stuff i did with foley i love the stuff i did with taker what i did was sean rock austin like the show many eyes it i got a man for me say like one thing was the best or one thing was my favorite it almost takes away i feel like from all those things a gazelle contributed to it in there all for me that's the best part of my speaking that do you ever get mad when you see like with your watching sports in their like greatest teams of all time and they don't list you in stone cold the
two manpower to absolutely sure it's kind of bullshit the aims you guys were absent stop an end it was only cut short by my injury and we know that that was gonna be a big run forever yeah i was gonna be a big run an end we're a lot of fun doing it and maybe you guys were bad ass he was it that an ex park and kane i love the size of that that was a colossal michaelis cannibal we go where we re a jewish decay right exactly are you talk about this to the people on the storytelling like that's the thing i think for me that's the man the duke of what we do annex t ride like so the talent are young and hungry and they really want to do it we're trying to teach them all these components bout selling in the emotion but when you break down what that show is it's about the storytelling and i think the storytelling gets to be more succinct and more more direct and
simpler sometimes but because of that big it's almost more reliable to people that are the more passionate fans of what we do because we don't have to cater to the casual fans is much i think that's magic of it talk about being the alternatives were not when i just a estancia were not michael bay movies where we're gonna just go out there and and and put on stop fast or give you these action sequences that are crazy but when you leave the theatre you forget all about it when you leave irina again yet know we're gonna give you stuff that resonates and sticks with every week now as a professional segwarides ass great and powerful and also in reality i'd buy your proud of them arrows more you describe wrestling the more to be it sounds exactly like first take on a european when it was skip against even a smith go and head to head it's like that that
exactly what they ve taken they ve stripped all the physicality added out of interest put two guys at a desk promo class we offer them actually gone at it thank you it has been a dream mine also i thought you killed mccoy when you threw him through the cell young went through the ring there's a moment where i was sure to is that set up now that one thou one was so look the one with taker was partially tat meant and partially matzoh was both a break slowly used was a fall through it broke completely and he just went straight through and take her legit thought oh my god i'm is killed him right and then you know tat about pain tolerance fully gets up and keeps going right you know crazy over the top taken out of his nose and the nothing right but in an hour in an hour on the cell match that was that was a little bit it was it was laid out in the land that i did think he was at that time as i go up there it is
also big cat would make a tremendous referee like i was saying this earlier but but like how people like he believes everything that happens in front of obtaining or ever looking pull me out you have my legs i didn't see i know you're lumber epa of talent right this guy he look like a rat me someone so looking step were you know i'll be in orlando on every week now right for nxt because there's another professional segway right back out to our weekly show them shoot out of full sail university but that means performance centre come down will give you a trial was do i'm in may and i would be a great roughly body i honestly have you guys been up i know who i actually one of our fellow workers robbie foxtrot idea these you tore my got with them as much as you can come to the show and go back stage and at school and but that's that it's like this right i guess the different would be to me it's gone backstage
the bureau metallica van gogh backstage in an at the show that's cool but if you had the opportunity to go to the recording studio and sit in on line them jamming in sessions at all that like that's a different environment the performance centres the guts of what we do seven rings in their when their cookin when everybody's in there and strengthened editions gone and all the stuff is happening it's crazy like the energy and there it is it a store of you if your fan out we do and like the art form of it in and that the kennedy inside of it man it's it's it's unbelievable experience three miles down the road from from full sail so like you you want to come to show one of the chosen let us now you can interview some people are due snap while you ask how ya and we have we have all the set up to do everything you need and in no way the content lab there we can shoot whatever
you can't do it we don't have one of those you can do it and since my brave woman centre itself but yeah anytime you want to come down and then be a part of a new common show that night but i have to work out of us but you do have to run and get up and down live they can't do you can't they used to be an old school referee they used to stand up with is a debate about this we also brocklebridge michael haze thinks it's not but where you stand up and count with his foot yeah was a horse he was too lazy to get up and down are all on the false finishes so you would only get down and count the actual have my initial but on the false finishes he would just stand up governance pick this i will check out annex c usa network wednesday night when this air you will beyond so everyone watch it is can we asthma to lose this show if if you're if your fan of what we do like this is the deep dive
on smack down or or for normal shows with some of the best in the world but the general entertainment chosen away and in and they have to put a lot of things in their belt a bell there's no product like annex iii and we will show that everyone's a love love it veritable h thank you so much inclusion negotiation thanks man one that interview with triple age was brought you buy in filled the grind the nfl season is heating up and all the intense drama is gonna play out over the next six months in the new doctors on epics its nfl the ground toasted by our friend rich eyes and and produced by nfl films it is every wednesday night at nine p m only on epics this week we got jerry rice going to arizona to talk about breaking records with larry fitzgerald then clinton portas it brought sweeps himself is on the road with adrian petersen and the redskins in new york as daniel jones makes his home game debut will the redskins be able to overcome the giants you'll have to tuna whence they find out
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as you know is it was it was called back it was upon what do you know it's a stake though in what in what way the fact that you could be responsible for killing time well sort i know i know i'm not i'm not even lydia that's if you less route nothin i just back to life though we now young i know i know but you just i'm just telling you ok being careful bigger careful what you wish to speak here ok we want one game serious today life is just a bunch of one game series stacked into into type of your shouted so if we happen to be time i think he would want to go out that way by the being defeated by a franchise to such a proud tradition of policies and excellence as the washing national we are on tommy watch its october
filled the dodgers are going to like the odds are that they're gonna go the words here it is again i'm at home he watches on a more concern that tommy hasn't said anything about how he's gonna die if they lose that tells me that that he might not be internet will know he's easy i wait till thursday for the pomp of speech and he might be overlooking the knights who knows so well we will first what we gotta wait cannot like anything that's your morrow to tell him the gnats one and then will assess ok lovely doesn't is a green day wake him up when as a result of this it is officially tommy watch season i have a signatory until you about but i just saw the story ok or long national nightmares over yes her cousins upon guys to adam feelin who were not drawing on the ball more deep on sunday so such bit so so virgin kurt cousins chad adam feelin chat chatham
dylan dial so someone just stagnated me to reminded me of the time the cur cousins that agenda reveal and basically miss the throw from three yards away yet that actually that actually wanted is how to throws he has are you have seen metrics pfc yes sabre metric so this happened over the weekend a miami dolphins vendor overcharged attendee the dolphins game by seven hundred dollars forbear so he'd he swiped his card or did like a cash app type transaction on the go ahead for two beers he charged him seven and the rest of the guys but they saw it was obviously on purpose disease like there's no one at this game i need to get my money to make my not yet the vendor was like i'm not gonna sell this much beer actually you should really be selling more beer to dolphins fans right should be drinking a shit load if you're still out of i am dolphins gave dolphins the dervish do like one dollar beer night i think you're right i think that team should charge
as the worst teammates yeah like stock market prices of your team is going to go if your team is above five hundred you can double the price of their below five hundred you have to have it yet their own sixteen then you should just load up the t shirt can we truly yeah just shoot spikes ulcers of people tat i am not a math guy but times it by no lesser winning percentage adam okay i m gonna drive gotta figure out how many games above five hundred they are that's the percentage your u have to charge although much math and then below to minus dollar plus years just to their own gear ok that's for the bank actually flag the transaction this is a great opportunity by the way because there are a lot of people have been too will not a lot but there are at least a dozen people that have into dolphins game in the last week you can just say oh yeah that a hundred dollars spent on beer that must have been fake too yes and alert your bank and tell them that yeah i was another came weight so actually to go back to that that that is perfect one dollar fur list
oh every game you're above or below five hundred is one dollar blacker red so if you go if the dolphins go owen fifteen and their last home game they pay you for beer yeah moreover you like four dollars dollars of beers twelve dollars or yellow pay three dollars forbear yet and morocco it has to come out like a table girl in vegas should the beer with sparkling on top of it in your hand i like that i don't they do they also i'm pretty sure every bank in america has something in their algorithms that flags if you spend more than like fifty dollars on concessions at any miami sporting event because nobody stays game long enough together like this are you sure maybe they're like hey this this transaction happened a ten thirty at night which no way wait a second this this hot dog and ice cream was not sold in the second quarter if what then into i can investigate the forty panthers member them yeah i'm sizzling like a weird want to throw out every now and then like the fort
heather's are french us yeah where they still are yet floor deprives yes ten minutes exit visa from duchess darling jake patches a world where we learn that the biggest while we ve ever had full pay think about the floor panthers ok the old they had luongo ok that's all i know we also have what's your name the pop star she got hit by a twice when she was a kid is season technically for our ana miranda aka silver julia southern reporter that's right they have to be could you visible more like of our forgettable franchise woe you're right i don't think so it land thrashers but they don't best i'm saying ones it actually executive still anita still exists the order panthers what i mean to put in perspective the closest i'm getting the nfl is the tennessee titans yemen but that's not that's even like everyone knows where i titans exist woe for panthers world that's
crazy man i mean the razor and a fucking play off gave at the plant first the coyotes maybe now because the coyotes biz yeah and i'll derogatory at scumbag put forward a panthers woe were that would about baseball which the baseball equipped it's probably the rays put their like decent so not even the race a yeah it's the the panthers and they mostly relevant data sharing your eyes in industry sports have to be have to be the need a logo yeah you're right i think they absolutely do or they use the beer thick skin away beer pay everyone to drink beer i like that
ok we speaking of our darling jake pompey sports biz minute good morning missus jake more plants eu sports he's minute then i'll be policies in here and what better way to start things off that with its twenty ninth wildcard games brewers nath last night while the rays days go added this evening and the standards of cards are usually find two jokers these commonly act as the wild card in many car thieves but the joker didn't appearances sometime around the issue sixties that's won the game of euchre was extremely popular this weekend mr castro cargo bears head to london to take on the raiders bears became extinct in the uk and the early medieval period sometime around fifty two hundred years ago but in the nineteenth century gentlemen youth their greece to help here boldness this substance was made by boiling their fat and mixing it with rose leaves and vanilla so help disguise the smelt bush that altogether and walla hopefully the hare continue to come tat group that's your fiancee sports basement it mr patten mr comments or back do you think's jake very cool very cool jake very cool
artless finish up guys on chicks hick are read the other one than i thought was a god because you get a lot of these and it always confused meeks i feel like this is what happened but i could be wrong subdued goods is it a verge move to you my dick so it could be a girl a lot at the outset the gap in any girl kpmg boys are super horns pessimism we were until my boyfriend i wonder sucker dry in his response was now hand is the witching hour is it even worth it to try and get some on sundays anymore book i don't think a guy well deserved fuck him dry definite this is a million was girls and i want to suck you drive a guy says i want you to secondly i think that there are things that i she's earls never like i'm so horny i want to make you come yeah i don't even know the answer i mean no sex and one itching our no not no fly zone also
because you she was probably really to the witching hour to i think that crosses spectrums of gender that's true even women there like especially women sometimes there are like no i gotta watch philip rivers he's down a score although with the witching hour this past week was an exciting so maybe was what's a boy specially chaunt cat this weekend my best this weekend my best friend is getting married i decide to check out some of my future brother in law's guy relatives to see if i'd be happy drunkenly ending up having a one night stand with one of them is this a good idea and do i look like a whore in ruin my reputation with my new in law so you don't shame now this is exactly what every this is the only way that people ever had sex before online dating was they would just hook up somebody at a wedding and let me give you a little tipp you actually this is actually your presence is it his sister her sister no it's her best friend nora
my best friend is getting their our best for his otherwise you kind of bulgaria's year will thus i thought that italy was i mean no judgment put this is actually this can be considered your wedding gift because you now i'll give the boy i didn't groom something to talk about so they can be can you believe world sullen so hooked up with your cousin like that's that's invaluable so you have to do it and then just like that was our wedding gift to give you gossip and protests the next morning at the branch take separate elevators down no maybe date for a while and then just give me more gossip then have a really messy break up and it will our get married and then that is the ultimate give he has ted tell a couple we met at your wedding and rational romantic that we ended up get we had to do it here my boyfriend of one year's fun but very street edge every time i try to sexton he just says
god or something like that ver how do i get him to sex to me back you might be better off not because it sounds like this is that's go to move is getting hot in some guys are just really awful at sexting and which is completely turn you off so just accept the fact that he's not he's not a wordsmith not dating billy shakespeare he also might have just been ruined by like anti wiener text messages going in a viral and shit like that like where you see some super horny dude in his sexting goes viral in your like don't ever want to be caught in that situation what was that you poohpooh that you said na i don't think you know if you're if a guy is a sex ter they're not gonna get curbed off by the internet oh this guy got caught like these all your line if he's like he does no visa sex her or not i just don't i
i feel like you either are you not ok what's your sex game like you don't know i'm just the way on this mr or made it seem like now you get a fire back with some stuff oh yeah me you're so hot yeah you got a saddle that's hot ass hot is like to do the the whole down and an emphasised emphasise emphasise repeatedly unhurt most s ha that's that's like thrusting maybe maybe he sang in the paris helping voice that's why this year's misunderstanding it s hot support in the bad boys recently it till i get banned recently my boyfriend started openly admitting when he is headed to jerk off cause i'm not always in the mood and is trying to make me feel bad should i be concerned that might be what he's doing their power move seems like
jerking off a jerk it often seems like that would be something you'd uses cover for something worse though like where every time you say i'm gonna go jerk off real quick he's going to the bathroom and crushing appliance suit offence norton taxing his other family yeah he's doing math he's got a second family that lives in your bathroom and he's feeding them aircraft from the table hey guys the toilet lit up and check so my boyfriend and i have been dating for a few years now and i always seem to be the one planning dates or things to do since he's not much of a planner or romancer how do i get him to sometimes plan things or be romantic without me nagging him about it it's tough planning is the word so we're not
i do ok so here actually know from experience here is the best way to do it when he does plan something or does something romantic just oh early over we thank him like beauty that was so so nice thank you so much and then youth hope that his cave man brain a light bulb will go off like a doll was pretty nice to meet you that once that's really all you are or just like name drop that your friend even if it happens black oh my friend from work her boyfriend the most romantic thing ever blah blah blah blah blah blah this guy navy yeah he's listening prototype dude you don't even have to do the plans you you have to talk about plants have you talk about plans enough that will be a not like me
okay we should do something this weekend flashboard friday or saturday you're sitting on the couch watching notre dame bowling green but you said you were going to do something that's almost a plan i like that idea a lot and here's what you could do to his you could make a plan and say hey i've got this great afternoon planned out but it's your job to plan out dinner afterwards so that way he's included he's part of it but he's so can on the hot seat he has to do something in the great afternoon planes watching urim boeing great yeah yeah there go
in view of its pardon my take presented by bar stool sports
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