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UFC Legend George St Pierre, NFL Week 16 Preview, And Otter Talk

2018-12-20 | 🔗

NFL Week 16 preview. Josh Gordon suspended, Bob Wylie broke his ankle, and Nathan Peterman is back. (2:08-25:37) Will Duke ever lose a game this year plus Ed Ed and Eddy read the worst fantasy losses.(25:38-31:29) UFC Legend George St Pierre joins the show to tell an unreal story about being bullied as a kid, what the future looks like for him, and whether or not he could take Big Cat and PFT in a fight. (34:42-58:18) Segments include Otter This World, (1:02:30-1:12:20) Well that makes sense for Urban Meyer,(1:12:211:13:40) Comeback Season for Rick Pitino, (1:13:41-1:16:28)Thoughts and Prayers MbAppe, (1:16:29-1:19:32) and FAQ (1:19:33-1:26:29).

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On today's pardon my take, we have a week. Sixteen NFL preview. We got a lot of stories we got to get through and we have the goat. Some maze called the goat, George, Saint Pierre UFC, Legend all time, you accent and an unbelievable, sorry that he told us that You definitely want to listen to very, very cool, going to be a movie someday guarantee that and what are you doing doing? Hanks grab bag at the end makes grab bag at the end before we get to all that, we got to do pics Larries picks. You already know we're going to do some ads. Larries pics ready, Pft yeah. Let's do it. Ok, you already know the cash app is a number one app in finance, but did you realize you can get the most powerful debit card in the world with the cash app scaler is going to do Minnesota Detroit? Ok, alright, the cash card comes with boots feature. You can't get anywhere else because cash app invented it just select a boost in your cash app.
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award winning lesser download the cash out from the apps store or Google play store in order, your free cash card today and get still okay, let's go. What would a part of my teeth presented by Seatgeek today? Is it's Friday December 21st. The shortest day of
that's right. Well, it's actually perfectly normal size yeah. It is it's the shortest day of the year almost like I was actually I'm just like. I'm really excited this is like yeah, but you know what it's a major case of Sun blue Balls, because you've do you think that, like December twenty second heads and all of a sudden like Paradise again? You know we actually have like two more months where it gets dark at three hundred and thirty. Yes, pretty much, and I was actually I was taken aback by the fact that it's December 21st, I didn't realize it till. I read it off my phone, because what I was going to start to show with is Duke is still undefeated. And they win against Texas Tech at Madison Square Garden. No one's going to be Duke this year. No, there are a wagon they're sign, williamsons blocking shots with his face, sick yeah, very rebound. He rebounds with tenacity. He foul
with even more tenacity, yeah and dont coach K losing his touch. That seems like a a questionable decision to leave his eye on in the first half when he picked up two quick. What's yes, it absolutely did interesting, very interesting and that that charge file yeah he took at to to fall out. That was a hilarious follicle, because the guy was very clearly just shuffling farm. I feel like if, if a player has four files, the ref is going to make that charge call nine times, outta, ten, well, college refs, just love calling charges yeah, they love, love, love, calling charges. And finally, dickie v is like on the on our like level being like: hey guys, the five fouls suck in college basketball and went Dickie v gets around to it. I mean dickie v. This is the guy who still passes out postcards with his facebook link on it.
So he's behind the times he's gotten there he's saying the five files are bullshit. Well, guess what it is fix it it is it yeah. It is bullshit. It makes the game way less enjoyable to to see a star player gets about the first half after like ten minutes. Yes, the year you're right college wraps love calling those charges. The only thing they love more is calling the and one because each guy- that's like you, know, higher yeah as an umpiring baseball. That figures out his like signature strikes recall. Yes, they get to the hop in the spike. The little that I would like a lot of fun yeah. I would. I would like to be a raft. You know what we've already established that remark. I think want to be a rough in in twenty nineteen. New new new source Monday on Monday. I'll have to tune in on Monday Monday to find out what sport I want to suck and reference. Little teaser we're gonna, have a gravity bong in two thousand nineteen. So there's one of our new year's resolution all right. Let's talk football, because that was enough college basketball. We want one last thing about Yankee v. One thing I love about watching come to do games, especially early in the season he only
about Duke also watching him discover that there are good players on the other team in the middle of games is so fun will do Paramin, dickie v is also the king of statement losses like the Texas Tech score for last six minutes of the game. Yes away. It was like you know what they're gonna go back to Lubbock really proud of themselves. Okay, sure I guess, but not really. They've got a couple future NBA guys probably, but to give you didn't bother to do- is research about four and been in the game like wild this disc to the diaper date for dandy AB this to cure play baby. He t Pierre. We should actually go to one of those zero gravity places and had a bong in one of those or so zero zero gravity. Bong cancel it out. Zero point: zero, zero, yeah, that's a good point! You're now, regular grass. Yeah. Now, you're back in, I will figure out on Mondays. Are new years resolution show? So we go high wall if you smoke pot space, yeah right, exactly you're, already high numbers of space simulator. Okay, I If you go to one of those regard. Kissinger I'd like a stuck in one of those are just probably jerk off I'm going to be just
all that so that's awkward, That's fine! So the big NEWS of the day Josh Gordon It now is he officially suspended there were there was a report that said that there was a report that said that he was going to be suspended indefinitely. I don't know if they've updated that yet, but it came out almost at the same time as his statement saying that he was going to take a break to focus on his mental health treatment. Yes, so the whole situation is obviously, sadly with Josh. Gordon has been, you know, fighting his demons, his entire life. If you read anything about him, he's didn't, have you know an easy upbringing? He's been suspended, a bond she's had a lot of this. You know second third chances for chance, but doesn't really matter? You just hope he gets better on a football. Because we are talking about football, the patriots it's a big loss for them and we had our producer Hank Lockwood, with the tweet of the day that was, has since been deleted. I likened it to a kid asking like: where did the
dog go after it got put down he's like, but but but but can Josh come back, here, Hank still in denial. Hang let me ask you point blank well, the way it was presented it was like Josh is taking a break like once. He catches his breath. It'll come back like that Tony Romo, Jason witten vacation to Cabo for such a cute sweet. It was just like put put put put his Josh. Can it still be here he still going touch on a great race. Still you know this is the feature. No that's it is it hey. Do you have an all time spends on? You got a late on everyone because it's clearly a ask for the patriots on the field and, like we said we hope Josh Gordon gets better because he's an unbelievable talent and just as a human being hope he gets better. But you have a spin zone that I feel like this is like you've just grab We need to master spin zone class so go ahead. I mean Siberia spin zone as much as just a fact. Patriots are
Obviously I went down in the MID One says: they're old, that once they lost Josh, Gordon Buckley, they had that everyone saying that so it's basically they'd have to dig deep worry about. Coaching and we're about fundamentals, which is where they have the advantage multi over every other team, so losing Josh Gordon, knowing that Gronk might not be healthy. It's like alright. Everyone has to focus extra and then execute in the playoffs, which is in the as everyone knows, it's those one or two plays my name of insurance, so hang out once again spin zone. Is that sometimes having worst players makes you more talented? Yes, I have sewers players have to max. I, actually I don't disagree with nineteen eighty, where American, all you have to Nick Foles. You have to focus on the small things. Yeah real small things, yeah. No, I I who doesn't want what you said it when you dropped it on us. I was like you know what that actually, that doesn't sound that crazy, so wait! Hank! Let's, let's ask this: is this now supplanting? I forget what the old one was, but is this now the the feature on the dvd when it when the season gets turned around. When you guys win the super bowl. Is this a turning point moment? It used to be the Miami miracle. That's right to Miami miracle, know that
do you do. You will still start with the Miami miracle? Okay, I will be only getting you know what Hank, with the patriots lose I'm going to make you a dvd. I may have somebody added together DVD, simulating that the Patriots won the Superbowl and that all this stuff happened just so you can continue. Living in your. Do you know what it is? You know you take your little brain I just want. I want you to be happy x. Right, probably be the Miami miracle, but it'll be like someone zooming in on Josh, Gordon and some coming up and being like we'll get him next week, and then I'm yeah, that's actually a foreshadow. Of course. The thing is, though, everyone down the page or something like the patriots season is done. No in any of the NFL teams would want to play the patriots in the playoffs, so it's almost more fun to root for the patriots. Now, then, when everyone is like rooting for them to lose because everyone. Things are season done already, but you know it's a you guys got bored by winning by being really really talented and better than everybody. Yeah
like this is the last challenge to for coach bill check before he retires after the season. So is he needs to win a Superbowl with, should your players and an old Tom Brady and half of Rob Gronkowski. So the question is now Josh Gordon. Was he like I don't think he was in you. Can you can look at it and be like that was a failure in terms, is time at the patriots right eleven weeks he got pretty good. Obviously then well, but overall I mean I feel, like I don't know it's kind of. Maybe it's inconclusive. He was fun inconclusive test yeah from Josh Gordon Scheme, is better like he's leaving the team better than that we found it. Ok sounds like there. He goes like a nice visitor at a campsite. Yeah take note.
Only photographs leave only footprints. That's Josh Gordon's time with the patriots and shut out our good friend Bill Simmons, who tweet it out like this is the darkest week in the history of the New England. Patriots get can argue that internet internet, that's ok,. But no that's fine! I was in the summer that wasn't something without it didn't count as being on the team. Can I ask you just point blank cake panic button? How are you pressing it? No, I actually took it off more because after that so delusional, I love it. I this is what I love his take. Is not that crazy? It's not it. Isn't it's not insane hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. If you're on the team, you wanna stack patriots team, like oh we're, stacked with the fucking patriots. If you lose your best the best players like I got a focus I gotta go when I got to execute every route. Yeah yes was built it going. This is going to bring somebody in off the streets, probably in a probably be like amazing, probably great yeah, yeah Calvin Johnson yeah,
or or pay shifter will tweet out that they're actually looking at bringing in Bosch Borden and it's Josh, Gordon with the spawning yeah thanks, Josh Gordon Tom Brady, I'm greater years that was yeah. Those are wild times. Those are wild times seriously, though, like I don't know how waivers claims work, I think, with Calvin Johnson I don't think he'd be subjected to. Let's get this started on some yeah. Let's get their standard still out there. I really think Calvin Johnson could still play Let's talk about the real big news, though, from from the NFL Bob Wiley broke his ankle at practice, you did now. They didn't say how he broke it. Well, I'm assuming he just shuffled like laterally moved. He got a support card and in agility ladder here. Are you got it stepping out the Maserati yeah that that's really is actually death trap for for about what it's a whole areas that a man his size gets in a car that small yeah, but it
yes, so he he fractures, ankle surgery went well and we're all wishing him a speedy recovery. This is a quote from the browns he's questionable at best for the game on Sunday, listen Bob. While he will be out this, Maybe there will be out they should. They should make a booger mobile him, a scooter, a scooter, a forklift axis now wait for him since we're on the topic of championship. Dvd's will Bob Wiley trying to shuffle laterally and then breaking his ankle, be the start of the Browns championship. I mean, if we're being honest, this has a major team of destiny vibe to it. Yes, it's because this is how it all turned around. Yes, it does at his little ankle or is big ankle. His cackle, a snap like a little wishbone I would they wished on the correct side. Yeah I'd. Imagine Bob Wiley when he went down was just like just get the gun and shoot me like a horse. Yeah get you know, get the k, bring the tarp out on the practice field, your meal in the shower curtain. Out you get you don't know one watch this just to me. I can't do my job anymore. It's like no bob, it's okay, man, it's, but it's probably just a little
sprained ankle, you're gonna be fine. He turned like some rap music on to the speakers and he tried or sprint away from the speakers as trying get away thought Halle well and do you think Bob? What by Wiley. Doesn't rob while he's a players coach, he he'll, listen to whatever the guys, I'm pretty sure, there's a clip from hard knocks him being like this is new music. It now he's a players coach he's ready for it he's down with it. We also have, before we get to our picks in our games of the week. The other big news, Nathan Peterman back with the raiders, and if there is a God, the Oakland Raiders start Nathan Peterman on Christmas. That would be the best present. I don't time when it. I don't think you even dress, because the is practice squad. Yeah he's practice squad, but I mean Auburn stung crazier hole on Gruden like no one wants to watch the raiders play the Broncos on Christmas Eve. Everyone in the world needs a distraction on Christmas. Eve. Give us need Peter in out there on like four days of learning, the the entire play- and let us have it- I like his
leasing for bringing men was. He was very impressed with them in the grueling quarterback film review. If you read the quote, I have learned to quote the course for like he knows how to look people in the eye and call plays in the huddle there we go. That is all that you need at this level to succeed. Yes, indeed, you forget drew Brees against them. As little half dog pissing squat, he told Nathan Peterman the guys in the eyes he's trying to go quarterback in the future. That's Derek Carr you're, on notice, he's on big time notice, at least with Nathan, Peterman you're, going to get some you're going to get some action either way. I actually think that John Spin zone yeah, you don't need a pass rush if your quarterback is throwing pick sixes, true that is, are always on always on offense. All time off, yes, balk at your your time of possession. Would they think Peterman is going to be off the charts. I feel like Jon Gruden at this point is just trying to make it as difficult as possible from self, so he could be like on the grace coach of all time, get rid of all my good players bringing need to
Peterman move the team maybe play a weird season and in like a college stadium, win a Superbowl and, what's going be funny funny is, is he's I think, he's actually trying to take a little bit. Gonna have nine first round draft, so you think watching watching Jon Gruden work. These draft picks make phone calls. He was actually a robbery. Just gonna fleece, J yeah, that is my guest, we'll in a row. Hey brother people forget that the Khalil Mack Trade next year, the bears swap the one in the two of the bears are decent again and the raiders are bad again. It was like a swap. Thanks, I truly believe that, if you, if you kind of take advantage of your little brother, that should be in the rules, you should be allowed to do that and be like go yell at mom. If you're upset yeah, you can't take, you can't take a brothers quarrel to Roger Goodell. True this is solved MRS G, that's true all right. Let's do our loser leaves town game a week, PICS loser, leaves town match up. I have one that I feel confident
that. You may you don't have this, but I'm very excited for this game not excited for this game, I'm excited to see how this game goes. Yeah mine is a cowboys, verse box who and here's why the cowboys they are see it were riding high off of the. I think four game winning streak whatever it may have been and they go. Indianapolis they score zero points it get shut out. Everyone gets a little like okay, the cowboys are not what we thought they were if the cowboys are Jim it NFC contender. They beat the box in this game by twenty plus a plus okay, James Winston. They they they bury James winced and they do not let him off the the mat and the cowboys. This is a are. We sure there are no sorry I said they always should have cut my bad this. My are, we sure, they're, good game. Okay, I fucked yeah. Sorry, sorry
no, I get are we should. I guess I was a little confused. Yeah looks to be in yeah. That's that's! Not at all. That's right! The cowboys lead a horse and a good up, and indeed that's what courses do right. Yes, so yeah they they put up zero points against any apple. That's tough to do in a dome, yes, sir, to but spends on for the cowboys Ezekiel play it already- has negative one fumbles this week. Yes, because the NFL overturned his last month, he said. Actually it wasn't a full get more tomorrow. That will get some more of that and it's more easy update. So do your! Are we sure they're good? That's why we should there be sure they're good is! This is going to be weird to hear Seattle and Kansas City. I feel like Kansas City is not been the Kansas City that we've seen at the start of the season. Ok, defense looks like trash not pursued a yet but just trash. Now Seattle also has a trash defense and those are two teams that are kind of
Phrenic yeah Seattle. I see I trust Seattle's defense at home. That's a team where it's like they're, just a different. You always yeah, I'm going to believe that until I see otherwise, but if Seattle gets housed in their own house, then that's going to be an issue for them. I love the over in that game. By the way, oh yeah, so loser leaves town loser leaves town match up. You go first, washing Tennessee, pretty sim pretty simple. The loser of that game is, I believe, eliminated okay, probably okay, I'm not doing my I know you're good enough, but yeah Washington's definitely done if they lose. Tennessee I would assume, is done so yeah. It literally is a loser leaves town game. I have no idea how the Washington Redskins are still in the playoffs wild. It's. Why
here's a cool. Let me ask you this yeah forward thinking scenario: Josh Johnson, usfl, superstar, one one, John Johnson: he wins this game. He wins next week against the eagles. Yes, the red skins make the playoffs yes colt. Mccoy is back because it was just the fibula we don't, which is the cook bone yeah in your like you, don't either Fabula really but it'll be healed by then do you go back to cold or do you ride J right? She Roger. I think you got a right out right, Jj for always work, yep, yep, all right. My loser leaves town game and follow me here. Texans it Eagles, okay, eagles, have so very much wishful thinking. No, no, no text! The eagles have to win this game to to make the playoffs. I think they have to win out. I'm pretty sure And this is going to be obviously a tough game. They have Chris Long front of the program. Occuring guests created a shrine to Nick Foles in his locker. Did you see that did?
yeah and there were some eagles fans saying this is so disrespectful to our franchise. Quarterback Carson, Wentz dudes hurt yeah. He's not he's not he's not back. This was getting in bed. She got hurt, yeah little different and then the Texans. I firmly believe that if the Texans make get a by, they will probably go to the Superbowl if they don't. No, so this is a loser, leaves town game for them. This is it because if they win this game, they will get the by. I think they have a as I can't remember, who they're playing last week of the season, but if they win this game they will get to buy yeah they're playing the jaguars at home last week of the season, jaguars team. That's completely give Kessler yeah, so the though the Texans exactly can win two games. Texans can win channel. They can win three games in two of them being on the road. I think you're talking yourself into it. I think that they can win three games. Ok, two hundred am on the road. It depends on where we're talking about New England, yeah
and yes do. They're gonna put on the varsity jackets, possibly San Diego role during kick those nerds San, Diego yeah. Well, if they're playing soccer stadium yeah, I think they could beat the chargers and and San Diego on Hank. I mean they could. I think the I think it's wide open in there see. I think there I think, all the play. We have wide open, playoffs we've had in a long time have we had anybody else close to the Texans die in the last week, After losing some memo. I don't know it is they need they need. Another super fancy hide any Paul wall to overdose. On no don't say that don't say that he's a friend program game of the week. It's easy for me, it's a Saturday night game, I'm so excited for this game. Ravens at chargers, the chargers, if they in and then the chiefs lose they could be in the one seed and the rave. You're fighting for their playoff hopes defense. There's a very good offense can Lamar Jackson do it on the prime time stage. Those are
Can he sure can you can be sure can't get it when you get a young quarterback like that? That's running the ball at the time they get. I think eighty eight weeks until the film cuts to the blueprint as the phone got yeah, the film God's figure them out yeah. That's probably- and I think he's a he's pushing that right now. I think he's gonna win this game. I feel like this is also a a big time trick play game for, for John Harbaugh he's going to have to throw throw the kitchen sink. If you will, I have that one well not going throw anything yet he's running yeah he's gonna, he's gonna run there either kitchen sink for yards at a time is going to open up the the cold Foss on the kitchen sink and let it run for awhile right exactly our list. Some pics, so I already gave you my over chiefs and Seahawks. I think in my game of the week oh yeah give it to me Pittsburgh New Orleans, who yeah surprised you didn't go with that. One! Ok, here's why you fun game! Here's where I didn't go with that, because I think the saints are going to kill Steelers, ok, I do not. I don't know Jim Jim
alright just give you my reading. Ok, alright, the Steelers coming off game that they never ever win against. The patriots feeling very good have a little bit of breathing room. I think they still need to. I all the exact playoff scenario, but they have a little breathing room. The saints there's a lot of saint? So maybe not so good they're, not looking as great the last few weeks there at home they're going to kill the Steelers. Ok, my common verse, Sean Payton, Nuff said right. That's it that's a mismatch. It's a mess right there. MIKE Tom and says things that don't make sense on pain, does things that don't make sense correct as a man of action. Yes with with Peyton, though there's gonna be some, I think Peyton is gonna, be pissed off at his own players. Going to this game, specially Camp Jordan, yeah you see what Camp Jordan said about rock bands in Bolton bored and to see. I don't know that big Ben Reid's, though so I don't know if he listen, listen board material works for him yeah, so it cam Jordan said that he doesn't think big Ben's a hall of famer right and that he would put Eli Manning in the Hall of Fame ahead of him. Maybe well, ok, now that I think about it. Camp Jordan lives in New Orleans. He
if we get our genes yeah all the time, cheese, Haiti's basically coaching that came, you won't want to say a good word about a boy yeah, let's, let's, let's, let's get this knowing that I think, he's a good boy that was a wild take to have my our band. I you know what I think. I'm convinced, though okay I mean you are a band, It have the lowest quarterback rating of all time in a super bowl victory. That's true! Hines Ward had that touch down into one another yeah, it's one one all you know times Ward right so give us your pics, although he I have my over. I gave you and I'll give and my my over is the same okay city. So I'll take the safety for how thick the saints minus six is. My favorite okay, my favorite is going to be. I'm gonna take Chicago for half his nurse about that. No, no, that to do they got this Chicago, you don't know, listen, I'm being serious Chicago. Their defense is incredible, dark house and had
The office is no match for look that they're better than the eighty five bears candy far right seriously. I looked at some numbers this week. This it. Yes, the okay, I don't know which number is aware of it. At some point, I looked at what here's something that resembled. A number tell me before you do that: okay, what I found was this team is statistically better in every single defense of category. Then the night so who's tweet. Did you read? No, I didn't This is all my looked it up. Yeah you did. I went on pro football reference. Ok yeah! This is the best defensive team that Chicago is ever seen. They're going to steamroll forty. Niners no match whatsoever no match and bears are get going in the plains in home, playoff games when the city yeah. Well, we already have one. So I said some place else: arms laughed at some spread. Okay, the rams still gonna lose another game. I have the ravens is my underdog plus four lock that up. I like that and then My under is going to be
you go with your underdog. My under dog is going to be Arizona, fourteen and five fourteen and a half against the rams at All- and this is this- is one of those pics warm absolute faith. I self I do I love, I love the rams and look around. No, we don't listen if you're this confident about anything in life, you're wrong about it. Okay, you have I have some doubt in your mind that right now I have no doubt that the rams recovered. So I did that last week with the cardinals and it was the worst pick I've ever made. I was like how can a four hundred and nineteen in the falcons be favored by thirteen points yeah? Well, it makes no sense. It's the cardinals yeah. It is my under is going to be very easy bills. Patriots under forty, four and a half bills have a very good defense. I thank bill. Bill. Belichick will probably run the ball run. The ball run. The ball tried to just get away with a win which they should win and that's an under my on there is going to be all of your fantasy football matchups this weekend, because last week was the week that Fantasy football died. Apparently yeah. Nobody scored any points at all yeah, it was
like every game at the under. If you, if there were live, spreads that you could bet on the access to Whatsapp for mine, which, by the way I don't know if image It's really, but in the final yes, so can you tell us the match up real quickly is actually a perfect. You know what let's get right into one of jungle. We get a cut. Would you buy? Do you get a cut? I don't know you do we? Are you guys part owners? Yeah are? You we're moral, smaller one and one for all right. I think you know what I'll give it to Bubba I'll split it with Bubba. Ok, that's fair! That's fine! Alright! Let's do it Ed and Eddy breeding the fantasy football worst beats. We've listened people wanted to hear it worse beats of the year
But, let's start editing, Eddie Pfc want you talking about. I'm not totally. You read, you read tell me about your match up. Well we're not both that tell me about your match, I'm coach, Pitino, I'm overseas and how you feeling it how you feeling means of Greece, women. They got a lot of her long, hair, sticky situation over the last Sookie Sookie Sauce spilled. Some of my girl cucumber dressing match her rice pilaf. So I got patima homes playing quarterback he's a good guy in Seattle is a friend of mine. Yes, Seattle, Seattle going up there tossing the dead dead fish run. I don't care if you're dead, Please get some action for me if you're dead fish are still not yeah control high crime to it. That's right! That's right! I don't I don't like it. I don't like So so I got Patty Mahomes he got James Winston Kimmy get out about forget about it. Forget about all right! Hey at no and Eddie give us the force will be to the year. This guy was
ninety one point, two to ninety one with all players, don't accept Jared Goff for my team, the decides the bed and throw for pics with no touch watch game. My point, your golf, not an good guys stand up guys might take about that. Okay, yeah! I don't give a about your face. You know what I care. I care about. Your golf swing all right. Next, one Steve lost a hundred. Fifty nine point. Nine. Two hundred fifty nine point: eight one Matt Ryan taking Neil for ninety yards. You know idiots hi teams of the week her own. I guess they're like the decimal system. I like doing the small fractions here right now. It makes you look like it's a lot higher than isn't restricted time with us. Well, yes, there we go. Thirteen point. Forty looks a lot better. You know yeah! I don't write that up. There you go five mixing. You know you run that up to sixteen your stallion years down, the house done alright, give us one more guy lost on Justin Tucker's, first career, missed point. After all, you trusted a kick of one he's, a long, easy issue that you trusted the guy close you too much yeah. You can't do that. Sometimes I stayed up got you you're, not a man, trust somebody too much and they come back in the yes, and you know you don't you have see coming out just an unfortunate situation that it bothers
more, but this is probably one of the worst one. I give it to a source one. This one's got to be worse than all the other ones, though I had been the winner all week until today, and the Monday night came out seven hundred and fifteen to one hundred and thirteen for the wind to go to the championship game against one see missionary, then the fraud people over took over at the NFL O'Fallon one Slash three day. Four days later took Zeke's fumble from so far came back two points and made the final score. One hundred and sixteen two hundred you know they made the final score
In fifteen point nine two hundred and fifteen point nine, with the tiebreaker being set by the commissioner, who was conveniently the higher said. Oh fog is all I have to say about that. I am never in favor of somebody vacating victory. If you tried it, if you win something, you know what that wind stays up forever. I don't care. If you take down a bit, I don't care what you do with specially designed to in this guy knows this: guy knows you want that yeah you did that yard work they're, never going to take that away from moral victory. You can have that tattoo forever. Oh, I hate this important issue. That's why you're going to make me pay for something I have to abort later alright, so that was Ed and Eddy. We gave the people what they wanted. They wanted to hear it that seriously. Actually sucks, though like normally, I don't give a fuck. Losing on the Zeke thing
I told you about that the other day and you guys don't care. I do call yeah. We didn't. I do kind of like Kristen as our fantasy analysts yeah right, just bring it down. If we should do a stress and Tucker, we should do a separate podcast, where it's just like fifteen minutes of fantasy advice from Rick and Ed EDD and Eddy people would definitely love that Hank put like some nice mandolin italian news, two thousand and nineteen right after we, the gravity bong will do that zero gravity bong. Yeah well, should you free will do fantasy basketball? What everyone looking yeah, I love that I think that's the most one of the more relatable things that everyone in the world has had at one point in their life been like: I'm gonna do fantasy basketball and then they do it. For a week like this fucking sucks, I was in a fantasy baseball league for about five minutes of the draft,
It is to be spoken before no, no okay. I I backed out after the draft head start. I it was like. I got one pecan and I was like this sucks yeah. This is not for me. I tried fancy by I'm sold. I tried the last time I tried his best white drive to Jack wow. This probably why else oh yeah, the Phd basketball player ever again, yours or higher sounds alright. Let's get to our interview, we have George Saint Pierre UFC, GOAT, awesome interview, awesome accent, awesome story, like you, said a tease of the beginning. He tells a story that will one hundred percent be a movie someday and there's a lot of fun to talk to him before we get to that a quick word from our sponsor and another pic from Larry the Goldfish Pft. What game are we going to do for this? One? I think we're going to go with will go with
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Ok. I don't know about that. Greatest of all time. George saint Pierre, you can obviously recognize him from the voice from the axe. I'm going to say grace full time. Twenty, six and two all time in the UFC. You avenger two losses. So your greatest of all time, you're here today with a new write the oh, my God, TIM Tam Tech. It is Tam recovery is a health and wellness brand that is focused on modern recovery. I like this, you got it. Are you doing it? I like this line. No one owns recover all all right. So what do you use that as a weapon? As is the? What do you show? It shows? This is one of those situations where you buy something on Instagram yeah, of course, and like I use it that jiggling around and use it, and it's your ripped abs. Let like look at my recovery, so so that this this is like a power massage. Is that the best power my size on the market? Okay, I
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all right, so do it? George. Thank you for joining us want to talk about some other things here, your career, what you got in the future, let's start with the elephant in the room. Are you going to fight Conor, Mcgregor or you're, going to be a coward and not do it well Where is the best for money? Fight, yes, he's the one that sells is the biggest draw in the sport, and you are as well like that it would be a world two worlds. Colliding, I'm a big draw, I'm not as big as corner. I gotta be honest corner is the biggest draw right, the biggest of all time in the sport. You know it. Try. Kerr is for money fight. I of money. I don't read interested by money at like it's always good to have money, but more if I could have stopped fighting. Time ago, yeah an money. That's not what drives me nowadays. More legacy is when I fight someone is because I want to want to have what yes, ok, so who's the guy right. Now that Habib there's a lot
good guys. I either adept add a add a few a few months ago, then look like is going to out right now, and an. But the thing is: if, if I go back and as a things of land, I'm in the I'm in at this point in my life and I'm dead, I have to decide. Is they? Do I really want to go with go? Do this again or not, let's face it is not the same, but when you right then you don't have that much vision, that's ones! The danger is you're right I not be satisfy. You always have to find yourself new motivation. That's why so with a five fight. I need to have someone in front of me that I want what he has right and it's hard to find nowadays, and I don't feel that I want go back to do? Another like I did before like another run, to a title with nine title, defense and and fight some young up and Comer, and at that I don't know really much would they are, and everybody is dangerous in the sport and is more to lose than to win. Some get
take. Maybe the the play the time with family see with We want to do this where I'm at and then take the right decision. That's a really on the score everyday on is about yeah yeah, and I'm thirty seven about that. I don't need to fight. I fight because the competitor inside of me always want and that that time that I I feel like I want to fight the most is when I train after training. I feel good, I feel call them strong and I feel like I'm better than that. I was twenty five years old, but then I go back I wake up in the morning, or I I talked to my I'm with my my family and I'm like. Do I really want to do this again? I'm all right back into that circle, because it is a story, called things have changed a little bit, and I don't know I don't know so you interesting point that you don't need to fight. You want to fight. If there's something in front of you, that's like this is worth fighting for. Do you think that's what
You scared Dana White in that respect, 'cause. He really doesn't he can't control you when you don't need to fight that he doesn't like it because he doesn't control me right date and that's the same thing with uh. And if you look at company that they have employed the upload, he doesn't want to lose his job because they need need their job to survive. I don't need them. I can I've I've! I'm I don't need to fight, has been a long time and then then they need to fight and then need to fight and come back for my if I win Michael Bisping, the reason why I did it because I will add the motivation to do it and and need to find motivation, but Michael Bisping? I did it because it was something different than I never done before. I true major criticizes in my career. I never about weight class. I will add a nav. I don't have any drama going. I was not dramatic I was very cerebral guy, very people. Yet I never finished my I'll put it. I was. I got a lot of fight added decision when you know like Mayweather did- and I had these true-
Joker criticizes. So might my motivation was to answer, does criticizes and all all in once and I did it. I know I was very happy and everything, but that performance I tried to put on some weight. It got me sick got into that knows what it ulcer colitis. I hello, this old thing with that time restricted in it and and and and fasting now, I'm better at fat. So L t okay, so you contracted AIDS is a disease or it's not a disease. That is it's a it's. A condition is good because it's group greatly by genetic and I get my my family we have is- is to read of adding a digestive problem and everybody has different like some is hard problem. Some is that diabetes me my family is. Is I I if I see the a abit made that tests and I see is
ed digestive problems. Yet I rest yeah you had was what, when it became, I had not already that's. Okay, if I talk area so what and when I fought when I trained for two for that fight, it was it in that high have your weight class. I tried to put on some weight, try to force myself to eat protein, in protein shake after training this that plus all the stress and maybe a gene, component got me sick and then after I finally got me. Sick and for everybody is listening to have like problem with that I'll ulcer, colitis, grown and stuff. Like that, the oh yeah. I got rid of all my symptoms. Of course I took some medication. We took so long time and it's not easy. I get it get real with it. Get rid of that sometime with time restricted eating an intermittent fasting. That's the way to do it, man and people. They know
about it because I like to sell you the bill and everything, because it's and then this easier, it's an industry yeah. This is not the it's not a hard. It's not easy to get rid of it, but I did it and that's they. They that's a key to do right. Okay, so so what you're talking about your fighting style? Second, your! How you're very cerebral, though you weren't, always get your, not a guy's gonna, stand up and knock somebody out with a punch to the jaw. At the end, it depend one fighting up against a right to be the perfect nemesis two mile point: if that guy is a wrestler and you like to grapple, I don't want to grapple because that's is comfort zone. So I want to take him out of his comfort zone. I want to, I want to take him, take the fight where the HUD's and armor to my favor? It's all about a dicey fight, it's all about, but yeah yeah, it's like the art of war by Sun Tzu. We have as a fighter We have the illusion of control, especially when I was younger. I wanted to be the most the strongest man in the world. That was my thing and then, as I grow,
they become smarter. With more stress I realize is no such thing. Yeah everybody can beat everybody at any given day in hi. I have that there is a touch and I've I've hides yeah. How many times you see a fight there was a guy was five a writ he's, winning that and then out of out of nowhere boom, get drop and we see upset all the time, and this can happen at any moment. Time every it. It's a it's a question of odds set up. So when I, when I fight a guy, I idolize him, and I see where is his comfort zone and want to fight him. I try to be as perfect and then as as I guess, and take him out of his comfort zone. That's why it's hard to be champion, but it's much harder to do state champion, because when your champion you up there everybody's been study in your game for long long time, If you have the title for many years right like I did so
Kevin you appointed. When you win a fight, then you prepare for now and next challenge. You only see that guy, you study that guy for maybe a few months but hear me been watching you for many years right. So you had a lot more time to download your data. Then you you did so in the event they which is on his side. That's why it's harder to stay champion then too big! check, and then you don't see a lot of guys staying champion long time now, yeah and and when they are to be. They don't change our style that much because they think I'm champion I'm good at what I do. Let's work out my strings, instead of trying to reinvent themselves a little bit, there is a saying in it in English, you say you don't break what is not broken. But yes, if you find out again in the fight game, you have to break it in order to fix it, but that's why I need to reinvent himself yeah you're, the most important part of your career was losing to Matt Serra right. Yes, will you analyze us real quick? You said you analyzed yeah. I tried to analyze everything the best I can I'm not well there.
There. You go that way. You know it all download you seem very creative and very well rounded. Then we would take this one day. More and more time went well rounded. I get it well, rounded, yes in all areas, so so I wanted. I want to go, I'm not going to say anything back into cash it out of me. I want to go back real, quick to you're talking about when you were growing up you like the almost like Hollywood movie. No, it's! Okay! Don't worry, I'm I'm scared of you, so you don't have to apologize to me. You have the Hollywood movie of like you became a fighter because you were bullied as a kid. Yes right did you ever go back and kick the shit out of that kid? The bowling you I I saw once I saw one guy that bully me and it is crazy,
Is this the truth telling you the truth? It was a guy at a used to beat me in the bus. Whenever I remember I got bullied, but a lot of people and humiliated and insulted by it. Many people, but one guy particular, was beating the hell out of me in the bus and he's a cool. Kid. He was older than me cool kid. They sat down in the back of the bus right did that are not very popular there in the front of the bus like I was so. You said it's the same in Canada in America. Yes, yes, in technical language of coolness, it's a universal thing right, so you say: sold me and everything beat me up in the bus and when I go on my dad used to it used to seem is a what does this car? What what is this thing you have in your face? Your read, read, read this and stuff outside that thing, and he got mad at me is, and I things that it doesn't go well in school. What happened to you? for once in my life I wrapped I had a did. It was a mistake at that. Might as a look as I got in the in the basket, beat me up.
Stronger than me is older than me. I can't it's just better than me. I had. I don't have the upper end, but I've got a man and he did- Every that should not have done. You went to see the that if they get old, so you went to see that that, and you told me that you want- is that that in the? U tell C said a, can you tell your son to stop beating up my son, the last problem at school? You need to focus on school, so the next morning. What do you It happened. Yeah, here's your heart! I I I again. I came in the buses in front everybody's eye. Your rap done daddy. Let's all go our the! What I did. I wrote to the guy who tried to punch him. I get beat up. I get about that lease. I I are you sure that that I'm a proud person and what happened is my daddy. I'm. He told me something that that stick to me he said when he went to see the kids. He said, that is, for
There was drinking and probably beating the shit out of his son. So the way this guy was related to me was the same way that he learned from his dad. So I was just a collateral damage from the situation. He was in so one time, I'm driving many years after in Montreal in my car and I come in a corner store, and I see the same. Gotta beat me up in the bus. And I see him- and you saw me man- he was begging for money- is in the street and when I was young, it was a cold day was a tall guy, strong guy. But these you wasn't a raise in a bad, the client they see him and as if see me- and I know that you recognize me- and you know who I am- and you know that now I can be that out of him. So I said to him as a way for Miss again in because he's easy begging for money.
So I go park. My car and I see in his idea is afraid that something is every, don't know what I'm doing so. I come down. I say so what the hell is wrong with you. What are you doing in the appear go man. Things doesn't go, do well as Ich. I need help here, and I said, as I said I said, the man I said, you're, the guy, that everybody look up to growing up and you were like You write the model I wanted to be you. Is that what you doing here? Man is it. Where is your pride? You you, you you. What would you you, better than this man, I give him everything I had in my pocket and like fifty dollars or a hundred dollar item. As a you get, Here I don't want to see you there and, and then after I laugh and people. When I tell us every day, light why you didn't beat them up. I I didn't feel like beat him as seeing it in there. I I got shot so what it is. I am. I give him the money and very interestingly, like a few months after
when I go, I go to my parents house to have their every every Friday. It's like a thing in my family, my sister. So so, when I go to my parents house a few months after I went to my and and my mom says, hey you know showed showed up yesterday to see like that guy, I don't want to see him yeah. He said that guy show up and he came in. He said you talked to him in the street. Now he has a job and you want to say thank you to you because you inspire, but I really and it feels so good yeah, that's that's one of the get a dolly and got him back. Yeah yeah, it's a it's a it's! It's a true story did. Can I tell you how you have to because they were big Hollywood guys. You know, we know what movies we do. All the stuff we need to do is you need to hire him so
When you tell the story to go and that guy he's right there- and it's like you- know one of your guys right there- I was actually going to say: that's the one fight that you have in avenged. Yet, though, so, if you want to sell a big fight, you get you clean this guy up again with a trainer him, or did you hire me to shoot out of you for don't forget that I did see something 'cause then you could do that, but you must be sparring partner and he's my driver now yeah, you could take out your aggression. People ask me so that you don't have a good record as a professional martial artist like I beat everybody that have fight I've lost, but I've have revenged violence and I beat everybody that fat butt in the street people. They say you you must be in the street must have a good record in the street. Losing record well yeah. This is where I grew up. Like I said, I got beat up a lot that I get bullied at O'Hare.
I had a hard time back in the yeah yeah and you're fighting style, at least at times when it would be almost suffocating, you be fighting somebody and there will be no clear real into the fight, but you could I'm sure you could feel that there was a moment in all those fights where your opponent lost his will to fight yeah. Just do you make a sound? Does the guy make a sound when he just gives up, or how do you know? I know by his body language, and is I I see is eyes I could like it. See. See too, is I now when you were in sunglasses, that out as it's that I try I'm trying to do is I would do I yeah you see through someone's eyes, you see that, eventually you can break a fighter physically by not came out or tap him out or you can break a fighter mentally by, for example, everybody saw the fight, we can be been Conor Mcgregor, Vs Conor broke mentally into that fight. Yeah eight
and if you didn't gave up physically, but he gave up man, he looked like he wasn't there. So that's why I believe I want point. That's what happened so when you fight a guy and you break Mantley, sometimes he doesn't fight to win anymore. If I do not lose to not get finished, I meant that. That's some people as an easy way out than others. Some will will try to fight until to not to not win, but did they will fight to not get finish, and some will just take the exit and take their way out or get knocked out yeah, you know give give up. You know what I mean. It depends what situation and it's. Or do you know you're in a I game, it's a brutal sport. You get punched in the face. It's at. You know what I mean. I when I there, I took that weight I took Matt SAT, I felt much sorrow, not me down. I knew I was done. I was getting beat up. I tap and I I yeah Why am I going to get there get brain damage and I, like today I lost you got me. I knew I was going to last anyway. I'll stand up from that fight
fight and other data agony and there's nothing wrong with it yeah I know it's. A peoples are over the top to strike with the or you tap is no Rome of Staffing yeah. It's a sport. We're we're not going there to die it's a sport. It may be your best man today well, for then add that they see if you're still the best at it. I guess everybody can beat everybody any Raven drew counterpoint. I saw a bumper sticker that said, Jesus didn't tap. What? What is your comments on that? Well, I don't know I don't know what to say did not you did get right. Yeah you give us back may get out, but when you, when you
you know what yeah yeah yeah so who delivers that you'll give up is your buddy that will give us yeah right outside by writer. I give out that my buddy give a much more l t and up we're here with the UFC Goat George, St Pierre. He is, has is TIM Tam recovery massage or you get a thirty minute, massage in five minutes check it out at TIM, TIM Dot, tack, art, I've. Two final questions I got to ask you the first one to quote The only things that excite you in the world, the three things exciting in world women, dinosaurs in the violence of the UFC Octagon. Yes, up with you wanted to fuck dinosaurs, e that's you know now you need to be open minded about everything, but I'm not that bad. But what sucks when the quote like? What's you know, you use big dinosaur yeah? I love find out that
g people doesn't know that yeah. He said they were gonna tell a lie: anthology! That's just yeah! Let's say it! What idea of instinct organism do you think that it yeah? We were talking about this last week on the show like someone just made up all dinosaurs noise? We don't know what their noses were way down yeah, but but do we an estimate with dead. There remained that we have, but that it's all it's not accurate it. We, we know very little. I think the hawk like Geese, what if they had over one of their own french canadian accent, let let let let me let me there's something I will ask you a question yeah, which animal is more real tyrannosaurs Nowaday, and that's
everybody. That's the answer that everybody yes at chicken. I don't! Actually. I don't actually believe that I just knew you that's true fishing soon stricken yeah people most people, they believe, like it will say Crocodile Komodo dragon. Yes, I'm sorry saying that they might have had feathers 'cause. We said that on the show they might have a tattoo rex. T Rex is a bigger item. Also the bigger you are normally the less need to preserve your eat. You they're dead, they're, less you print! You need to preserve your eight so that maybe you don't have as much fettered in a smaller but it, but some we know that some dinosaurs as fighter a lot of them went out under so many like Kerry fact dies. Dinette died on this, I think, is. I know some of the dinosaurs I was talking about here: okay, they're, all sorts of the fact that I and my last question when we fight jungle of India and man- I I I
I'm just glad that I have a few, but I am real now that I I I find him in in in the movie. Kick by sorry beat me out. I know I fought him in Montreal man yeah, good cakes I gotta say about that is a real deal. Yeah his leg is like rubber until you kind of look similar, so I always felt like let these guys fight an I actually watch a Youtube video of a kid just playing a video game. It was just you verse him you lost, I did. I did yeah, I I gotta tell you add you know, as a martial art is growing up. I always add many bag, many idle and add that chance in my life to get eat up wise by Steven Seagal yeah. I got beat up by Van Dam and I got choked out by Chuck. Norris met, Chuck Norris and each of the baddest man told me that I had yeah man. That's that's like everything I mean everything I need yeah, I like it. I can die happy now. I have one last question for you. You have probably the best traps in the history of the fight drives
Trav muscles yeah. How do you throw like me and Hank were trying to get? Would you say boulders for soldiers? I do too, how do man I add to it. Is that it's a is that side to it is it is it is. It is a lot of it is genetic. Is that what your body is built? You know I'm bill, maybe without a track. I'm not! That thing I don't I was just always wanted to have a big chess. I remember I wasn't in school and I school I spent my summer adventurous saying I don't have that. Yes, I did all my friend of chess item of that, but you I don't have diarrhea, right! You got to do that the neck muscles, so not everyone gets everything that I got that neck, but I don't have that chess chess is over we're going to get we're going to put some some dumb bells by the toilet, and then we can do shrugs while we poop. Do you think about that? You like that
well, I don't know if it's the best way to work. It work this out, hey. This is iranian soldiers all right, George! Thank you! So much that's a different take on it. Everyone check it out. The TIM Tam, let's see, I'm a do it on my wife who is actually does how much is it how much it costs from one seven hundred dollars to our knowledge chance to dot tended bar with it. It's a five minute. Massage power Sandra thirty minutes actually feels unbelievable, I'm giving it the seal of approval right now I mean I got so much. Thank you appreciate champ, like people Champ, hey, we'll go! Do whatever you like you that should That interview was awesome. Pl was brought to you by Burst e eliquids. You know where big vape guys and we thought you should hear the message our friends over at Bursae liquid have, for you are award winning
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a gift stay wrapped up by stocking up with Trojan condoms. If you're going to be ho ho hoeing around, I just toss that one and I made that one up. You got it wrapped it up. It's not even question. We all know when you're out there getting slayed, there's nothing that gets you on the naughty list faster than wearing a Trojan condom if you want Sixty percent of people who plan on having casual sex when you're at home this holiday season. By the way the Forty percent of you who the survey and said that you weren't just come on just have some faith in yourself. Pump it up, two hundred percent shoot for the moon. If you land short you'll, get a hand job or whatever in my into the best condoms on the market. If you were like me, and you appreciate being prepared here or a few stocking stuffer effects. Sixty three percent of all hookups last year were completely spontaneous. Nearly
thirty percent of people who had last minute sex had to run for a condom. That's the worst part is making the kind of run we have to like run down to the one convenience store. That's open a wait! It's not open because it's holiday hours now I got to go like two blocks away to find another one, that's open, and then you have to do the thing where you buy like a bag of potato chips and pretend that you're not there just to get condoms. You don't want to have to go through that experience, stock up ahead of time Trojan condoms when I'm getting all hot and heavy. The last thing I want to do is run out in the cold to get a condom, so don't be an idiot stay warm, stay safe, no one then pregnancies this holiday season. That's a pack while making guys we're all in this together no unintended estes if you're trying to get one then sure I guess go for it, but that's lame, be safe, Look on Trojan condoms, ok, let's get to some segments before we do that we have to do one last laree picking Pft. What was the game that Larry picked for the finale of barstool sports advisors tune in one thousand am Sunday morning, Larry actually picked the Seahawk.
Okay, okay yeah, the hawks. You scared, we don't know who we pick. We don't know who picked you have to tune in to the partial sports advisors. It's the last layer pick your he's ten five. Okay, he said in file on that is five and then hands better than Larry to be want your help right now, one inch of Larry pick Texans Eagles always starts segments. Okay, all right! Let's do this, let's start with he. This is a new segment. I don't know how often we will use it, but it is new to this show right now hit the new segment sound. Okay, thank you. It is called. Otter this world otter. This world out of this world were odd. Hers yeah, I think we're only going to use it when an otter dies, yes or name is uttered. I order gets fat shamed on the internet. Lottery had both at the same time, news yeah, general, so Ann, the famous dunking otter that you've probably used a million times on gifts, probably not a million times whatever he died. That's a disgrace, which you just did
but you just did was like saying it was like saying, uh in John Mccain's obituary that he ice cream that he crashed three planes. Ok, yeah! You did not highlight the best part of this otters life. This otter could dunk basketballs and he was famous because he suck his own dick, that's right, Marilyn, Manson of Otters. Yes, I forgot about so give credit to that talk about burying the lead. Well, I'm not really into that. Secondly, BC ality right on himself yeah. It would be Bc Ality. If you suck your dick that either. Would you mentality does beat your your beast to him, though? No, but if you don't, if I don't conceive, he just did it just sit Can we rebrand BC just calling beast mode? It sounds alot cool. Yeah, I don't know if we need to make peace, you already know we we do. Okay, you ever seen this yeah. It was a long way so yeah. Basically this honor he lives in Oregon is a life he dunked he sucked his own dick. What right and then he died wow and then he died yeah.
I honestly hope this otter doesn't go to Heaven because he lived an entire life of Heaven. Have yeah like oh I'm done sucking my dick might as well go dunk yeah. I can't do either of those things which would you rather do for me, it's a no brainer junk, it's literally no Brandywood, don't yeah, I would dunk. I actually don't think I'd want. I don't think so. Either I mean God bless all you girls out there that try. I mean, I don't know how you do it. You would try. Once now my hair will. I was saying to dunk you try once I can almost on you, for The brevity to this is a very sad situation. The other night I talked on the nine one of them. When I was I thought everyone knows Pft the goatee dunker listen, we were. We were high, as in LOS Angeles and the hoop
it's running every lies at the hoop was nine feet tall, but I dunked tennis ball and I was like fuck yeah. I knew I could do it and then I think Hank was like this soup is like a foot short. Now is also the time that we went to. We went into the hot tub after and there were like people having a really good time in the hot tub, and we all sat on different corners and essentially did a full show over their heads yeah they laughed and we're like. Oh shit, we just did like a bunch of weird hypotheticals in their face. That's are bad. All right, so the other auto news out or fat coming online, so this comes from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. All I thought it was. I thought it was the same order. No, no because the order was fatty died, yeah! Ok, that would have been today, flat honor. Had you to the list of otter, fat, shamers, soap, Monterey Bay, aquarium to to picture of their honor Abby and said: Abby is a thick girl what an absolute unit she chunk look size of this lady? Oh all, caps,
God she come in another internet, ism, yeah, ok, let's say each chunk is going to make it into my everyday life. Yes, you, John Chalk. I'm a big time shot his health, so the best part about this is the moderate Bay Aquarium Twitter account. Yeah. They realized their mistake pretty quickly, but they, but there's no mistake, will know, but here's the thing they thought they could cover it up with a couple follow up tweets and then they got like We buried even more so they followed it up right away with body Paul. This policy positive positivity yeah, but it's a paw yeah. I know I get it hi tag, then they said seriously, though Abby is looking fit for one of the toughest jobs in the world. Raising stranded sea otter, pop she's, one of six resident females, the train, orphaned, otters in the necessary skills to survive. Second kidnapper, then yeah. There's a deals are animals that don't belong to raise yes, she's from takedowns insane. I don't there's a lot more to this sea otter than meets the eye. So nice. Try, though,
view like seriously, though guy she's, actually in great shape. Like you look at all, it's okay to have a thick otter right like I do you want to like a skinny little water walk around and you get all sorts of animal well, great, be like hey. I don't think they're feeding it enough herring, that's like whenever I'm like trying to like I'm not that. Well, I'm tall. Like six note all yeah, I'm chunk, and then they said, work hard, nom harder. That was the other follow up. It's been a day pass and people still buried the Monterey Bay Aquarium are these people by the way. Will bearing the monitor people being like YO. How could you fat shame that otter? Well otters fat? Well, here's the thing! I don't think it was about fat, shaming, and so I went pretty far down this rabbit hole here. Should I read the apology first yeah, here's your generous, it's ridiculous. Well, I'm I'm saying: do you? What do we want to get the PA? I got a theory. I will like the people should hear this apology, hey everyone it's for for its for tweets, hey every
one is come to our attention that some of the references in this tweet are problematic and insensitive. We're posting here in the thread so that people who have engaged at the street will join us in our learning moment. If our tweet alienated you yeah. Are there otters reading this? No, it's not about the otter! Ok! Please know that we are deeply sorry that we offer our sincerest apologies. If you follow our feed, we often reference popular memes to talk about the ocean. In this case, the means used had connotations we were unaware of. Until now they were unaware of what chunk meant. Okay,
circular. Several terms. Referenced originated from all okay. Now now, on the problematical yep, now I was trying to warn for her take killer several times. I've tried originated from african american vernacular English and specifically referenced black women's bodies using them in a sea. Otter mean without that background, makes insinuations we never intended. We need to better. Our mission is to inspire, can conservation of the ocean we're thankful for your support, as we try to advance that mission on social media. We're also thankful for those of you they're out. There point out our blind spots and how we can improve thanks. Everyone Pft your thoughts, so I'm just saying lesson learned here: if you're going to tweet about your outer best to stick to something safe like how it can suck its own dick and not very, not like wade into the team department, where you're talking about sheet chunk
I I don't like okay hand up may maybe same. Maybe these people that are complaining are correct. Maybe this is something that is taken very seriously in the african american community. I don't know I'm not I as a white guy. I just think it was funny to say that the otter was thick. It's an honor Yeah, it's not in order for them to be fair, Asada and to be fair, it was a thick otter. It was uh. If you're going to stand there and tell me that this order was in shape that this otter was like doing Crossfit and in doing for marathons. No, this otter spend a lot of time on his couch. This otter, eight! of margarine disorders, been telling everyone two thousand and nineteen is going to be the year. The core. Even though that's a completely hollow promise yeah absolutely that kind of ship, this otter is, if you look at the Bmi, the Beaver Mass instead, Beaver Mass. You got it, you got it. It had had a thick beaver on it. I'll say that very thick looked like that thing was in heat all the time. This this is maybe my favorite, like controversy to the
eighteen, even though it ended it we're right at the buzzer, but having someone have to tweet for those of you reading this and being like we're. So sorry, we offended people by calling an otter. She chunk either way is over there like some Texans. Oh ok, this isn't an otter. That's in the gay community. That's like a small bear right like a bear. Cub sure I think that's what an otter is we're getting into deeper Turk. So that's, I mean. I don't know if that offended the auto community out there yeah reminds me of another dead, very controversial animal. Actually does it. You know what it does. We should, because if it's a thick otter it they should just referred to as bear yeah. If, if you got a fat otter out there, it's let's be honest, it's really a bear always also. I thought to what they're on the thick owner yeah, I thought he was on was a when he dies, though.
Then learn them. We will r, I p MAX Fisher. I think they share to my office yeah. We want to memorialize the dick sucking on it like a dog. We could that should be. The new NBA logo is just that auto, sucking its own dick, while at dunks. How many people do you think, will wear a shirt with daughter sucking its own dick on it. I would at least a couple yeah anecdotally, I'd, say half of this room. So fifty percent of the population in America will wear an autor sucking its own dick t shirt and if you don't it's only because you're afraid of being problematic towards beasty, ality, yeah or beast mode, poor Abbey, just say beast mode on yeah pieces, I can hear on Dick in Duncan Poor Abbey she's just getting dragged or it could be like one of those Wu Tang Roll CALL, T shirts, where it's swimming and sucking your own dick and done
all right into the heart is the end bottom yeah. Are you still there Monterey Bay Aquarium? Your ownership list should never have body shamed, Abby the Otter. I would say that this is my second favorite problematic internet controversy. The year I still like the the racism watchdog. Yeah take your time off, right for self care. Yeah too many wolfs yeah. We got tired of Wolf said in the order of teacher all about self care. Abby come on Eddie is the odd Abby The fat one were literally were like and Eddie were like a dizzy otter because we're getting our streams across so many hundreds go around eddies the dead one Abby is the fat, one Abby is still alive and probably not because you cholesterol should have a massive heart attack any day. Now that was way too long to spend out of this world are new segment hit the new segment sound hanging all right. Next up, we have a well that makes sense. This is urban Meyer he's not going
he's actually staying connected to the Ohio state student body, and he doing it by teaching a class next year and the class you ready for it and Pft. What are the classes in reporting structure phone? learning how to use the phone. Thank you that's when things get harsher and Fisher Price, my first phone. Yes, no! It is our urban Meyer's, gonna teach a class in character and leadership that makes sense, makes perfect sense, character and leadership is old, saying that it goes those who can do Yes, those who cannot teach which that's perfect for urban mine was made for urban Meyer. By the way. I don't believe that I love teachers yeah. I do too, but urban Meyer, a teacher character and- is his whole game plan this year was literally pass or fail. So this makes sense that you can turn no
you did it meme, putting soundtrack that one I want talking. Yes, just give me like some like. I wanted the last it turn into applause. Oh yeah, you want the whole thing, got it. Alright, you want the monologue, laugh plus exactly yeah. Alright, we have come back season and this is for our good friend Rick Pitino. He is back he's all the way back here is ready to. I don't think he officially has signed it right he's in talks too, a grease basketball team. Grecian he's greek. To be going to Greece going Greek I don't know it says the Vet Rick's, you know, has agreed in principle to a deal to coach, hey what you read the name. I thought it was just like a fraternity think that he was going great yeah he's he's always in a rush. Rick would have a great time. Yes, you, it would have a great time, hazing people Toga Party yeah. This is gonna, be great because
did you know back in anyway is what we need it. Also, it's a little sad I'll say it's a little sad because Rick did. The whole thing was like. I don't really want to coach anymore, which really was code for want to coach really really badly, but no one will hire me and then literally known, which I do not understand how like delete pick any random team that doesn't have any basketball, culture, just hire Rick Pitino and sell tickets. Well, I mean we gave the opportunity that we do. It's the breakers yeah, the New Zealand breakers yeah, I own very sad but yeah so he's going to Greece, that's going to be an interesting fit for yes, Sir Paneth N Icos path, my It is literally the land real question. White, creamy substances, real question, Panda, Michael's, verse, the breakers, who wins breakers yeah for real yeah, definitely sounds pretty much yeah They pretty much beat the sun city. You saw that yeah. He was years younger that if he said that yeah I pretty much, we decide it's absolutely. The break LOS yeah met new. We
Crush plate. Make us. Why do you think he decided Greece instead of like a croatian team or one of the more, not Baltic but yeah yeah? The ball? so yeah. All the cabins in like the country of greek and economic disaster, yeah country of Greek is in a very, very there's better dealing with austerity over in Greek yeah yeah no, but I think I think actually Hank is, is kind of right around it. Lang, Rick Pitino's, going to place where there's a lot of backroom dealing, and she, the handshake deals and no one pays their taxes pretty good place. You can we check and see what the extradition treaty with the United States is in Greek. Moon Rick is just go in there and do they wear, Adidas or Nike. Isn't Greeks, I'm well they're about to start. When you do that, a lot of Adidas shoes yeah right good, I I they need to figure out a way to broadcast these games like I need to see Rick Patino. Yes, I will, if it's so, it's probably like eight.
Or is ahead of schedule so sure he's going to finish, Browser wild guest, and I think it's around ten. I think it's eighty nine right around the new year bro wish we had a guy. We call about time zones and Fuckyou thoughts and prayers for Bape, Bape. He has turned twenty years old, so he's no longer. Nineteen. And that this this shatters my entire world, it's one of those things where we joke, but when you say this guys! Twenty! It's not that impressive yeah! It's really not! That impressive, how old is your boy, Jaylen Hank, twenty one well that's what these prices last yeah he's going to die like Tatum, yes, ten, twenty okay thank you. You know Asking you jerk put in Bay pay
the birthday no longer nineteen, no longer the nineteen year old female. Now, just a twenty year old, as Lebron says old hat now, he's a mentor. Yeah yeah he's a veteran yeah, the veteran Bob Baer yeah. By the time next World CUP comes or as we twenty three easily. Please wait to tell me nobody likes you when you're twenty three and I think that's exactly what you got to be nice bro yes easilly, I'm here to freeze yourself at any age and time, good question, I would say I'd say fourteen. Oh, I don't know about that. I'd say like twenty four peaked athletically at fourteen yeah I'd say like two thousand four hundred and twenty four gauge, but yeah twenty five. 'cause. You can rent a beach house in the car yeah five, the age where you don't have you have not gotten old enough to realize life is meaningless, but you're, not young enough to be dreading what life is going to look you're in that sweet spot right out of college where you're like okay? This is
that bad. I got a little money in my pocket. Yeah, it's ok and you can. You can do pretty much anything impulsively that will not have an effect on the rest of your life right exactly. You can still make mistakes. You can still Fa Cup and Essentia Lee haven't come to that realization that, like we're all on this stupid rock spinning in the earth and everyone's gonna die like we said the other day, you you you're, born retiree, you die with diarrhea is very all meaningless. Very, very true. Yeah not to get sad about it in This is all brothers on tennis team, oh okay, okay anywhere near is good. He's older. Say no, probably not we'll throw this out here. As you may know, these other hick ups to guy connects, I actually have a cure for the alright talking through ninth overall pick in the twenty thirteen D league draft, so damn well, I stand corrected it's G league. It is chilly
that check, yeah well, NBA Game, NBA Development League. It is the jeans that you like what the G stand for Gatorade. No, it's a skater. If there was a Gilbert or something it's Gatorade, Gatorade is it? What is it read? It stands for, go! Look it up. Ok, I'm gonna! Look it up right! Now! It's a race! Google racing Yes, Gatorade, I was right, but it's the gatorade in the title sponsor of the D league yeah, but is the NBA G League Wikipedia, says deleted. You say facet of this gene. It sounds like she, the the movie within months yeah, but Affleck little weird, our are eyebrows facial hair. Yes,
great title, hey, I grew full facial hair above my nose. My browser, I got, I be six. How long does it take for you guys to come up with the two minute drill we said like an hour. Glass is two minutes about an hour. So this good question Sunday's, usually look like all always show up around four. We debate on what we're going it's either chinese wings or pizza every single week without fail, sometimes shake shack. We debate that for about an hour, we watch games. We complain about our bets, then we sit down and pft and I usually will sit down and one of us would like. Oh wait hold on. I gotta ship and they're. Like oh wait, fuck I want to throw a dip, real, quick and then. Procrastinate a little longer and then around seven hundred o'clock will start it'll take a spot hour and a half yeah or more recently, we've had like an interview at seven hundred o'clock, and then we go do that and we're like. We will do it during the game and we get back and it's halftime of the Sunday night. Football
We should probably start we also. We also do this new thing where we, so hard, sometimes we're. We started this new thing where we force ourselves to sit at a desk when we do it. Yes, we think that we're more we're we were sharper when we're sitting at a desk. Listen, you know it's a little. It's actually true to the man didn't mind set of getting into. We feel like we're at work. We go. We make our beds we really desk right in front of the tv is where the recliners are in just sit at that desk, and then we put the food on the desk yeah, but that's about it so it's good time we should actually sell you know they sell. Like ESPN experience, we should sell the experience. People watch us procrastinate on Sundays were pretty good at it were professional Crafton, Ater's yeah. Maybe coming soon just hope you like chinese food or pizza or wings random question, but when you guys end interviews in the podcast, you just say: ok, thanks do you actually talk with them more and talk about how the interviews went or yeah. I know we talk all about you. The person that asked
question really k that asshole is there going to eat this shit right up. We talk a lot of shit about ' no, we usually just like, hang up if it's, if they're doing like a press junket or something will be like ok thanks and they will say, hey thanks. That was great man and then we wait for them. So we make sure that they're totally hung up and disconnected before we say anything will our will pretend it yes, acts and I'll be like like just about this far away from MIKE about it. I don't see those also that's great. And then the person will be like YO, I'm still on the book. Oh shit dude. My bad well like yeah, that what we were saying was real that was great and then, if so in person guest usually will just like pick the one or two questions that they clearly didn't want to answer all the way and then re ask it like when Brian Erlacher was in and after I was like hey come on, do you like really fucking hate, Cedric, Benson right and he's like yeah? That's about it. All right last question: can you explain the dev nest? Oh, not really they
leader to half of our history. So for this we have for somebody out there that might not be like a life long school, yes, okay to dev nest is okay, so the deafness is back in the day when it was only about eight of us working at Barstow whole. We were big on band the, AIDS instead of surgery, if I could put it that way. So we had a gaping hole in our arm. That was our technology, instead of being like hey, we should probably get this stitched up. Maybe like go under the knife like hey, let's just like a tiny little band aid on it and hopefully will fix so we hired these guys. I don't really know if it was their fault completely, because there ok, but it wasn't there's a couple guys that we hired that were very good. Maybe the leader wasn't the greatest that will say it that way and they base Lee revamp the whole site and it broke everything. Oh, it so throw in this one. This is my favorite Dave story. He we
it worked on it for a year and right before they launched it. He went on vacation in the Bahamas the day that we launched a new one and was like what the fuck. Dude, we just re launched whole set. Of course it's going to break, and so that was a great moment in the history of our company and that's. Why basically impossible to find any old blog pre, two thousand and fourteen yeah pretty much everything just got deleted. So well, you know, maybe they just fade. I just realized that the other day I was looking up some of my old blogs on kissing Suzy Kolber on Uproxx can't find him yeah. They just like deleted all of 'em. It's, not what I wanted to do and maybe a lawyer out there can help me figure I want to take all my old blogs and then just like put them together in a book and then make money off some yeah. That's already done! Yes, you know, I'm saying if we do that with us, how are you getting ready to it's a second that too also just get.
Get money off of other peoples. But how would this pft? But if it was like in a book, it's like. Oh shots, good book, but how about this before you have to scroll like what? If we do this, what if we take pardon my take and make it an audio book, but it's just the episodes all in one audio book and you gotta put on tape. Yeah book on tape book on a set now we're double and you know, make some money. You know what we what we have like one of those giant booklets that look like trading card books. It's just filled with cassettes, it probably take what at least six or seven audio cassettes to fit every episode that we've done right. Yes, probably more yeah, but yeah. Just a giant book filled with those I like it now in our brains Can alright, so here's the deal we have Christmas coming up. And we are not abandoning you just yet. We will have, who episode on Monday ready to go. We love you very much? In recap, we we we we we debated like hey. Will anyone listen? Well, guess what you have to listen, because we're coming in the whole office is leaving
we're going to be here Sunday night doing the show, ready to go and then on Wednesday or Thursday. When Thursday we're going to drop our year end episode that is going to have all of our best with some new interviews: random intermittent brand new content, a week, seventeen preview, and then we will be. Until January, second will be back on January. First, in studio, you have an up so January. Second, so you have to go one Monday without us right. One of the you can you guys can do this. You do, I believe in you were just going out to the store for milk and cigarettes again, we'll be right back put put put put: put, does this mean Josh, Josh Josh Josh is going to be. Is it gonna be bad 'cause? I need to watch my team win. Another super bowl 'cause, I don't have an extra spending now is taking a break like when you take a break. When you take a break, you come back factor fiction. I haven't had enough work to your break. We're not suspended wasn't. Yes, I will make you a championship dvd, no matter what
and we will have a little parade for you. Alright, let me let me ask you this. If I said I'm going to take a break, would you expect me to come back yeah? Well, yeah. I don't know you take like seven of am a year, so yeah, exactly oh man, I thought you'd he's just taking a vacation. That truly knows how is presented. Buddy, take vacations little entitled presented to me alright. Well, we'll see
yeah we'll see you guys on Monday love, you guys
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