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Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright

2017-02-28 | 🔗
It is officially the Capitals year after their big trade (2:57 - 5:15). NHL talk, Franchise tag season in the NFL and Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (5:15 - 16:44). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:44 - 24:20). Villanova Head Basketball Coach Jay Wright joins the show to talk about last years Championship run, coaching styles, Big East Bias, and whether or not he would take Big Cat as a recruit (24:20 - 48:44). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for Boogie Cousins, Mike and Mike Fair Play, Cam Newton could learn a thing about sportsmanship, Uhhh Ya Think, Thoughts and Prayers, Tebow Watch, Sabermetrics and a late breaking Mooos from Hank.
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some exclusions apply gotta haines right now twenty five to forty five percent off using promo code fresh take let's go let's not welcome the part am i to wednesday march first and it is caps year you're absolutely right
and here's the other thing it's march first which means it is the quarter year anniversary for part my two yes so our first episode was on february twenty nine two thousand sixteen leap here there is no corny night this year so first quarter earnings have come in very good first quarter boys little round of applause for you and me award winning listeners for supporting us it's crazy that it a year ago that we taped are
first episode you in my living room in texas yup in my actual house yes i used to have a how in your home and yeah that first show was pretty bad no the first i was good the second shows words by force or minor luck we were like these are all the fun things we're gonna do and everyone ever some reason the only thing people listen to was they're gonna do caught weaken airport of airport of you still come still coming still come on just one week just way guess what you ve been doing it for the last quarter of the year you're part of a quality listener the shell yes it's been colt ear for us here but to jump actually regional point it is also now officially the cap's year to go in for everyone's talking about it there articles all over the placing its caps your vision today said everybody say is our europe are you have time to do something is our year this is my favorite the team that is going for it they make that trade and listen go for it so they treated obviously for cabin shot and kirk if you're going
if your behaviour the washing capitals you can't get over the hump you can't win the big one what better thing to do they go get a saint louis blues that's great power vowing paid over the anthea exactly i when i first saw this trade come through i thought awesome this is gonna be great this is the missing piece and then the more i look at it it's like the capitals they ve never had a bad experiences with a really good attack and defence meant that may be scored a lotta goals was excellent power play in defence of liability that's never come back to bite us in the ass in the past so on even more rationally confident now yeah i think this is a good move this was basically the capitals gm being like ok so we got brooks orbic he's probably attractive someone's head off with his stick in the middle the playoffs unita has suspended the inactive astern right so here's are brooks or pic is going to do something dumb and try to mall someone insurance yes
convince me why this is the way he's a better version of my green he's no this is a good trade you this is a good for me now it is a good deal for capitals they needed a little bit more fire power to beat the penguins and and i like it i would have liked to see a couple swedes unita i need resources needs more swedes on the team everytime i think swedes i think of the steam brothers and then i think of everyone says sitting sisters and i think of everyone who gets mad about that yeah well
you cannot riman i'm glad that we didn't get any more russians on the data care when with right now you need one russian and everybody knows that it can help to the other thing going on here i shall i once got mumps so they're just kiss him everyone yet how two months get spread think kissing allotted just like french kissing oh you know it so it's a wild that has the mumps writing so calling you right now it's coming mumps slump closer headline i like this it is very in a channel for this to happen you know like the nfl or the nba would have herpes but me and it shall burgess kissing mac kissing yet the nba has herpes virtues deplores kissed each other in the court is your love each other not going back in the day when they're like the bad boy pistons right kissed anybody rang the short i'm lakers we had so much as a very hockey disease i dude i it was us i'm crosbie the had at last year i hear that big fit blown up because they know that he was just ugly the answer that was probably a girl i'm in many diagnosis shows people were faced bald or ugly i would
oh i can dig i grow plenty facial here i just have two diaper the other thing we have gone on we're franchise taxis and love franchise taxis and who's gonna give franchise tag cousin yeah you got for franchise tag it's funny because it's one of two ways is one that what you think a franchise tat because you know that you like the team its financial decision they know they have to do this business accused persons or incorrect cousins case it's just a big sign that says do we know her cousins is good you know we don't get up rose pill summits we knew not now and we will never know how things are cousins will perpetually b is he gonna yes is the best quarterback that sucks right currently be used to be roma yeah
then it was ended all now it's kirk i say mount stafford is the king of that he's in the sucker conversation for sure that suffered such so he was so good at sucking that he got him he's snuck in the vp conversation that you through that's how couriers socket take em overcame noon who cut absolutely no yes absolutely what's the correct so which one about her cousins but he knows how to lose with clouds guy that's insane i hope is a much regional knowing her cousins is a winner hoppa here much but newton is he's a better better he's a better loser think cameroon that aids is better we're talking real football terms came newton is far superior point oclock her cause well so what's goin on washington is it's it's the equivalent of two pair of staying together for the kids they don't really love each other
and now she has being that there has been no the kids dan snyder oh i think the answer the fence everyone i'm just i'm with you take away my toy no the fans who are clearly divided and they don't know if they want want him or not tat is the fanciful yeah sure that's why mommy and daddy don't love each other aim or the other franchise tag notice notable ones j p p libya bell did he get french us yes said he gets it had occasion to go with that al sean jeffrey did not get an answer is tat which guess what he paid did that he was gonna win the superbowl next year trial so that actually might come true now there's not could we on the left you want a guy who is very very good and will miss eight games because he tweets hamstring and treat his other hamstringing his rehab outshone jeffrey is now available and end so there's always like a big pity party that goes on when a plague its tag because the whole injury thing like if they do get hurt therefore for the rest career base rate is when you deal with clear cut
everybody's like you gonna take your head off for this gag intact twice in a row getting what forty million dollars guaranteed thirty six here's the thing about her cousins he is he's such a rube he's probably the most wholesome ignorant person to ever get paid forty million dollars in two years usually in order yet that kind of money have to be kind of cut throat kurt cousins if you live in her cousins neighbourhood and you are selling like cut co knives or if your girl scout cook he salesperson go to this house today wrapping paper yes go to his house immediately all you have to do is just where like michigan state golf shirt and be ok got knives can cut through this kind of soda here and he'll be ok i'll take for his twenty million dollar yes thank you that pleased yes come back this is my wife she's very pretty here i've a fun fact for you if i shant does go kittens get signed by another team
you ready for the list of bears players on the roster that were drafted before two thousand thirteen get i was the fullest oh that's how you run a franchise my friends young measure all your draft picks fail miserably young team they don't have any bad habits the jesus christ what it does so far also the news resident old white i yoyo clouds bill point he actually just does exist for this reason he exists european basically trots him out every now and then and there like hey knowledge really talk football right now let's throw bill point out there for him to make a hot take and get it get trimming again so bill poland for some reason said that he doesn't think tito or any more should be in the hall of fame now this is for we
so after the voting and this was a hop on thing putting your bill point it takes a while for for news to travel to wherever bobo points brain lives he is now saint paul to them don't deserve to be in the hall of fame and he did the old unfortunately i think they will be in unfortunately so our bed he is he's a character and he doesn't like their character he is if you think about what bill poland is famous for he drafted paint manning great job he's basically i was getting draft rightly that's number one the second thing that is famous for is i guess draft bruce psmith so like he built he drafted so many players in it i will seek lags you're pretty you have added none of them had the clutch jean use like the reverse punish these the guide invented punished squares if that i found out how to find with the clutching wasn't never draft that guy that's how the appalling wasn't terms a building team chemist i actually think is unfair for ready maastricht lumped enmity oh by the way i think there are two different
i observe like little room ass uranium mosses more like i just don't want to try all the time and he admitted it he literally emitted like he tells you he's doctrine of its i play when i wanna play tee o like the malicious i'm make everything about me and rip this locker report meal right so ready mortality than to you and also not as big of a problem in my in my estimation you know you gotta give credit to pull in he knows that you can have what an asshole wide receiver energy we clean cut guys yeah that's why draft marvin hairs exactly we have next we have bachelor talk for guys don't watch the bachelor so just a reminder if you do watch battery want to listen to more of it you can listen to the podcast coming up roses with barston trent and bar stool chief and kaliko they do a great job but we don't watch the bachelor we never
were keeping up to date with it thou so that you guys know what's goin on water cooler talkin gymnasium arrest the ladys yeah their knowledge of the matter and maybe have suckers onto your girlfriend about for once ok aragon i'd so let loose i'd show former bachelor next ex ante dortmund showed up in grill nick on whether noughties rate of fall in love that's in movie you bring the axe back nobody's ex has good things to say about that's tough that's like in real life would be the axe sexually like you know what's going on just thinking about you put in front of you come on that's dirty you up yes i'm standing right here here
the villain of the season korean who we ve talked much about finally got you look so she finally got sent home and nick called her kiddo as he consoled her who were unknown major major more than cried do actually here that's tough too because she didn't they make out will as far as i know and all i know is whatever trent has email thus current was the bad betrayed and so she was she had that you know thing going and if you know one thing about reality television the bad bitch can sometimes get a spin off not when they're called kiddo on the way out the to torpedo completely trash
her brand reggie hidell terrible terrible sex we weren't you gotta go out spitten like new york yeah labour love actually it was poverty and hunger and his party you please get that right you after if current head had like cried and yelled in aid actually got into a fight then that spin offs are like go and make out with nick and like you know have one passionate kiss like you know i'm crease was at the girl that said that she had the platinum vision i saw somebody on twitter say something about that we go hunting yes oh can put all relevant could use a kid all know she might actually have met all the janitor says bab look for current chafed chief said regret in the toilet finally before they had it into the fantasy sweet raven toll neck that are ex boyfriend never gave her an orgasm that's just orgasms exist for checks out the old g spot she said it is clear that the hey hey you know the loch ness monster in and sat watching the g spot others there's a female orgasm even located right nobody knows coming i find the orgasm come on the sheet come on that's that
also like the way did her did her ex boyfriend have orgasms yeah so what's the big deal yet so that other sex work yeah exactly mission accomplished he came it's our bachelor talk over wide it ok you got for i feel that what we were totally caught up can't wait for the finale whenever that is so if you want to talk about bachelor with your coworkers going to throw some of those statuary throughout their for young women can have orgasms incur in no more no longer can do a spin off as the bad that ship let's do hot seat cool thrown before we get to are awesome interview with j right villain over head coach hank are you gonna start sure ok pay if you want to go ok my hot seat is anyone who ever achieves any level of internet fame
so our boy gary from chicago gary was he was fronts and are at the oscars and then of course somebody had to dig up dirt on his past and and just ruin gary forever but even though all he did jerry got tricked into walking onto camera and on about that you think you woke to the fact that now i've been staged yet probably sign or lisa you're about to go on camera i think he suddenly after the fiddle just let people just walk into the oscars about time their walk into the oscars about all that does like than the pay as you go very soon repeats delivery guy was real on island yeah she did the oscar yes you ordered pizza for everybody at the oscars but i actually feel bad for gary because under normal circumstances i think ok you have to be a real idiots id go onto camera with this past and become a viral you know sensation bulgaria
in jail for twenty years he has no idea how the internet will very probably didn't have the internet race so hours like oh that's fine nosing go away i am remind me to never do anything online because people just look into my past correctly down one of my favorite things on the internet as one like a high school kid all tweet something that gets like thirty thousand reed weeds and then all their front oh my god you're so famous your payment live where we have made it just start smoking weed and driving around in a cadillac i'll be turtle right said a little less at here is never do anything online ever i call a throne is parenting ok there is a bill that was passed in north carolina where kids parents can up them out of having concussions so if they see like a kid get taken the sidelined in the trainers started do the whole like concussion protocol the pair can be like hey you're a terminal
until pussy arson and back in our game jim trudell just moved north carolina that's right finally prompt just made make made amerika great eight football tough again here you have about whether at a kid has a concussion that's a private matter of family matters nobody's business it'll be i keep your government doktor obamacare death panel hands off my son i'm gonna be the one to tell whether or not he sing double is this actually pass i think was past oh my god you know what you know it though them spends on here probably just like six more years of outside the lines got i yet they probably gave bodily arrays accident while bob you're gonna have a lot of talk about now the only trouble i see with this law is it implies that concussions do actually exist so problematic very problematic studies still out there were certainly taking all the necessary precautions and looking at things right and they will do a study and will have a panel review that
fuck it ahead of us and that we have talked up and up with the little doktor sit as far away as reaction yeah as possible cause that's where we want them to be able to spot designer concussion yet the doctors are behind the office and coordinators with their deep spick and the doctors make sure the doctors dont know at all how the person normally and also we don't want a baseline here also make sure that the doctors or total cox yeah exactly but they get to be in that i mean that little commercial strategy sidelined doctors or balls family yes adeline doctors i would say there on the mouth rushmore cox yes i go to school me cold but i don't think he's really go book sit for doing get him and get him in his helmet hank ready alma heartiness boobs how guy marty grow i thought we were going to get some boobs there's still the internet though so what's
spend zone you can look at boobs anytime you want i thought i'd say name brow now the same you saw sounds like a guys never seen a real boob in his life was seen plenty of online boobs yeah well not the same exactly we're not we're not denying the fact we have a porn addiction yeah we're denying the fact that i've ever touched the females blue light my boots three dimensional yet we like to feel them winded this charter winded the exchange rate of beads for boobs come into play what seems to me like i just like eighteen hundred weren't exchange counterfeiting whenever girls gone mildest are right around the louisiana purchase ok girls come while member that shit i wasn't creed nine ever while i broke it was creeping up on what is what was girl or we do not do you not know a girls you you don't know i mean i've heard urban misspelling i'd never like had the ok so never lose your girls yea while tv i was it was basically peter at an important before peeping tom porn existed it was casting couch but they would go to live
they would go to the campuses they get everyone really drunk there be like montage of chicks just flashing and then there would be a good start and then the girls dad's would be watching sports and are late night and they see commercial for girls gone why we with their daughter in the commercial so weak so hank now now really then our rowan and then the guy you know it was a big political which on he got thrown in jail for like a dozen years who raped yeah he's not a good guy but take it actually wasn't sport centre it was on ie is what we used to watch back in the day when you couldn't watch porn cuz you were you know we couldn't buy porn the internet wasn't really hot in the street so you can watch brooke burke i've gone why was a guy wildness something like it while wild ireland yeah she was hot it would always be in like a bikini and then you intend to read to you then you'd watch howard stern used to do his show simulcast and they would blur out the
that's but there would always have like porn stars toppling i'll show you knew there yet say goodbye ok now gained the gist of how this shit works and then no you girls gonna loudly on you're leaving one out there there was also cops and if you do no good for european that's he hurried stopped then there would be like now you're his leg pixelate or whatever that what i said and then girls go while would run their commercials late night annie and you'd be like oh fuck could you imagine if i at that age as duct i probably circuit what i'm doing right now here we go out girls gone wild founder joe francis is currently living in mexico is on one may so thanks for not pretty well formed the but if you just stop tape a bunch of inebriated and under age girls the law does not like that and he got to go mexico never come back real good got the more you know the other minor my cool throne is black tartarus oh yes that any citizen the up and this is the season for an ex like two weeks she'll be they'll be a lot of flip flop and between the seventh
the ones one through threes reason ok so i liked i liked your point that you gonna say that no good you tweet out the other day but how joe leonardi whether full soon ties very just just to break down the brush all and already has never take there's no one has ever taken anything more serious in their life than jovan already takes getting the bracket which at the end of the day when you break it down he's really picking about seven teams as ever all the converse tournaments all the large bids that we know there it's like you know it say marries in or you know is dayton it s basically and in his bracket algae proves if you put ology at the end of anything that can be taken seriously as your science like draft ology analysing to ah hank i'm actually do my cool thrown first cause if it dovetails off that blonde recipes
love the blind razumihin when they just throw out well his our pete there are p eyes thirty five but they loss fourteen games so interrupt oats wait you're saying that seem bs xavier holy shit yeah exactly so and then my hot seat similar to this because it is now officially march hot seat mba so if you watch the college in actually vice versa so we get the old college basketball verse mba wars going college basketball drama guys try like the college game to catch you guys put right like they care about their team mba well it's more talented you know leubronn much better product much better products yeah yeah they don't just shoot a bunch of three with a line all in there and follow bunch also hot seat
the foul five thousand college and one gets mad about that hey including myself i hate that i think it's the dumbest thing i let's do speaking a college boswell j right defending national championship villain over wildcats he is their head coach any has a book out and we had him in the office a great interview with they right let's do that march ban is up next and betty s eye we having a million dollar bracket contest for oliver losers completing a perfect bracket is closed impossible so there also adding guaranteed prices for best overall march man is bracket performances over listen get a free entry into the betty s eye badness contest betty aside in case you missed it they ve got over twenty years and business there are top rated business on most sports book review sites they get great mobile product it's easy use from anywhere they live in game wagering you can make plays through our entire games and events even bet the oscars life which you should have done like we did great cost
services available twenty four slash seven three hundred and sixty five and they built their reputation on fast pay out of winnings and they're going to give you twenty five bucks just to try for regice to one percent bowser first deposits well here's what you do is promo code take that's tee the e two hundred take to hunt betty s welcome on head coach of over defending national champions any also is an author has new book out today february twenty eight so this air on wednesday so yesterday is book came out it's called attitude develop a winning mindset on and off the court it is j right coach thank you for joining us great through if you guys tat i made my first as my first on sale day interview occasionally a man for love it so before we get into all that the basketball stuff let's talk quickly about your book i was be a couple the excerpts i sauce that there was a line that said stay hungry stay humble so i wanted to find out how
hungary should i stay you you gotta always be hungry look at it you guys hanging out here not turn to your food put you gotta haven't grey success and in so you wanna you want to stay hungry keep getting better keep come up all the wild stuff you do other all the wild room it is thought you come up with the edison just keep wanting to get better quality and at which scares me yeah i had to stay humble my technique is to just go around telling everybody how humbled i am by everything that is a good way to read every when something you say with some good had amnesty to say the am humbled yeah i'm so humbled by winning this national champions works right when you declared the best it's something that it makes you humbler will for us after we want it or not since you did what in the locker room we always pray after the game got her hands together we all said like let's let's make sure this isn't that the best thing you do in your life like this this is a great accomplished
hell yeah we're gonna we're gonna celebrate we are celebrating but after this make sure that we use what we learned on this journey to help us do other great things enlighten rather people so we're trying to do that next year retry did you actually celebrate after the national judge it because i saw you when you walked off the court you hadn't cracked smollett exhibit school about international trade was it ever ours is better nick save did you recruit right after you get on the phone i now are you mad that you had to spend an extra weak playing basketball instead of recruiting the hill now now you know i'm not that i i actually out we were talking earlier
of the two sons they just graduated college my daughter riley's a senior high school my my white here we so we on the core we get we do a family hug on the court we all get out there that there was a great celebration for me we all just get arm in arm in a huddle and then i'm afterwards we will back to it cracked open some bottles of wine with our friends in our family and just chilled and kept drink why not kept saying can you believe the duchess happened can you believe that duchess happen i've always wondered about like tonight after you in an actual j budget because you have to get up at like five o clock six hundred in the morning and do all the morning shows ryan do all the interviews how much coffee do you have to chug bother you that like i did you just have the worst hangover all time definitely literally we were up maybe till i take four in the morning cuz you get back so late by the time
the game what started like nine o clock it was late then you're the court for forty five minutes and then then you do all the media after that but about but atomic at the hotel might have been like one thirty then everybody's in the hotel so that place is mobbed and yet you do all that it was probably later than for five had say five o clock we probably get to bed and then i've got up like six thirty and your pounding coffee at then you do that all morning and then you get back philly and you hadn't really that we had been in like four weeks biggest tournament three weeks then they're ready to party exhort what we thought we was a party year we thought ok we're done then go back unrest that we had a whole another day not complaining doing our water here last question about the book what does the audio book coming out for guys you don't read well it's it's out
it's out today like you that this is a book but all red light were not really i got it that's how i agree that that's that's how i read her wikipedia outlook yet do we look a pity on the book yet are less than whether someone on which there is really no real down that already as exactly when i do mean when i'm recruiting wrote a book in their its awesome perfect do we got you can get it you do the audio for it did you i did i did the intro for the audio and then my my shirt in the third the idea that the regular night that's it that's over fanaticism tough work i want in that day in the studio to do it again and didn't have my glasses a home and the directives in my ear i know a thing like this duty illiterate and i said yeah man i'm sorry i'm not to spend it on my glasses this rooms darken but it was you do you read me and his gang your ear say no that's that's not you know he's repeating what that's accomplishment
that was accomplishment and you look at it like a man has got really think some dahmer i let's talk about ask bought i am the living embodiment of a villain over haider reformed really yes sir oh you guys obviously you of the three right by the three die by the three we'll get better though does she know so that was my quite thou comma questioning of my question so i been out together fifteen i said this team if they can't shoot can it make anywhere and you are right aren't true and everyone come in a vote of fans there very passionate mad at me last year i thought that the team the difference was you guys had multiple different ways to win in i saw it in your tourney run so oh i was a lady came against kansas you got shot off exact right so is has been a conscious change in the way you ve coach like hey
we had all these years where if we get we if we just have one cold game or out and that's how hard the terminus yeah it will first shooting the three became a big part of getting us to a certain level as you know some telling you play on the road with there's a lot of things that that can happen even the way games officiate like you and i was amazed me play game at home i need a team by twenty five then you gonna to you put that same team anyone by two it just games or fish it differently whether you like it or not the one thing that can't be effected as the three points you know of your team its drive and above all the basket time you played homey might get some calls you gonna road you don't get those calls your debt which feels counter intuitive because it i've always been of the mindset that if you can get into the wayne
we get to the ram you're gonna that that will never go away but what you're saying is and i actually now that i'm thinking about it because the roughing is kind of bad you know it's not say it it would have been anything you just don't know on the road at a big goes through other than that i never thought of it that way russia we we found overtime if that happened if you as members a piggy the obese with just there just bloodbath tackling each other and and and you would see certain teams even when you play better against it at your place they might shoot fifteen thousand you go are place to thirty five so that was partner we said like we we cannot rely on this style by we gotta get shooters so we got shooters got us to another level and then
in the end say tournament it only takes one game will you not make an o shall write to an irregular season and i know you guys day the stuff you do if you look at it john be lines teams when use it was for genuine always shoetrees you'd have one or two games year on a regular season were there going to four thirty and they lose to some too you say look how they live all the other games a they'd make their theories we can i went with that but then we we said we gotta be able to have balance when those shots are coming in and it's the last game at a year right and in and we start to help our inside gave it a bit more i do think we the better bounds zat kansas game last year an old villain exactly exact well yeah an a villain of team that we shoot three zero yes and over team before that the old biggie right that's what the game was like like a rock fight rang out we just nobody can make sure just killing each other right but now we have the bounds so with a big
turn may come up followed immediately by the inevitably term it you mentioned it before its gruelling month or so basketball do get the team prevented does routine change at all from the biggest compared to going into the elimination rapidly and similar you know that that's the that's the big issue that you when you get get a level of success that you know you go into and say torment that's a big issue to tackle because for instance this week we played saturday and we play next saturday against georgetown when you look at that it to begin seeing you say man at that socks and a week at the end of the season guys don't want to be practicing for the season four week but we're so banged up right now our goal is to get our guys fresh physically mentally this week we took sunday off monday we did what we call a flush day we go there no time at all about getting you physically and mentally refreshed and how do you mentally refresh
we we take we do yoga mankind eyes guy so i do fatty flushed is sunday in monday morning generally here as i can upload ways were night as a different for the magic but in an in also talking them on sunday and tuesday about mentally refreshing on monday but don't talk to them on monday no basketball no meeting silent treatment leggum yeah i like it and in its bid but it's all about knowing that we're going to his four week run and we got to get these guys fresh at this end of the year okay do you think there's a spice i don't think so anymore i think they're u to be ok now answer that real do you think there's biggest by happen that way but the biggest eyes and in terms of
inter i think there's a gash annul yeah there's in there and i'm i we get positivity no i think you guys get forgotten now because of a shift because the kinetic kid and sarah and all these teams are all scattered now i think people and it's kind of a mishmash of a conference at this point we know geographically i think sometimes the biggest gets forgotten i'd say i'm old schools when you say biggest by right ousting about now i'm not talking about a bit much used to get right that's all point is the new big east does give writhing the old biggest obviously was the pre eminent there you know we definitely sunburnt one you're gonna levin teams and writings d write that they in the mountains where either the kind the biggest conference championship masses gregor was a big deal but do you think now with the new big east you guys come and get passed over a little bit i think we do not get the publicity we did in the old biggest however i think college basket and called out flicks have totally changed so
this new big east is not the old dickies there will never be another all babies but all the other it is a different tuna the issue she's not the old nineteen league tobacco road is indifferent pig twelve different pack twelve different so big ten got teams in new jersey right erased so the its death we don't we do not get the hype we used to but it's the best thing i think in called basketball the best legal calls carlsbad those other leak that i think are football leagues right and we are a pure basketball now that i know that syracuse no longer at it you can say this jim hime kind of a chicken for running that sound right speaking about it we all men are now lambda imitate what does he do goes out and get big long athletic guys any it's almost cheap
yes you put your big long guys on that court and it's not just the zone then he implored than that he implements its those guys when they put their arms out from sideline the sideline you can't get martin that's babies has a poster came work we need that exactly right is actually looks for peter got it and what about you how have you ever get enough we have again like her argument jim calhoun king user i get spicy guy he alone i loved him kind and so when he when when he when i came into the legal head coach i was the youngster and he was the man and he everybody else competing for me the key was he wasn't it ought to be anybody friend you know but he looked to me like this young dude he's never gonna beat me any the good guys i'm a hang out him i'll talk to him i'm not worried about right one year we
beat them their number one we beat them at the welsh farmers have this was after a few years later we had to go at connecticut to play them and there's a rule in the big east you stand for the national anthem across from each other and then you the two teams come together shake hands when we came the other shake hands took his team off the court and they walked to an hour guys restated out there with their heads extended hockey go to now is at best jimmy i was pissed me out really pissed since we made a bright ass they did duty you know i love about him he's a killer he wants to meet you at eighteen does aid does a fake it has a fake like he's your boy at any real he'll be legitimate hang you talking about east you know all the time he wants to beecher s that's a bottomless loved we play this game with everybody it's called a member that
i just want to say remember that that flute girl that was crying when you guys lost in the tournament a couple years ago i just hear jeff did you did you ever apologize to her when i showed up the next day on campus come in the office there was media everywhere i thought what the hell may we were out were lost where they are here to do and i walked by them and said hello to couple but it was very obvious they were not there for me someone in the mouse unlike what were they alternative their heerd interview the flu girl she was a star ass she became a lot about our she was our second remember that member when alan raise i got booked up all member that i try not to mention that one of them roses the admiral i've ever seen in my life and i saw it yes it was right in front of our bench you know he has a certain type we found out about this
if you look like his eyes caught a bold and a certain type of russia it's called the roget caldwell medical turn here what are you can those eyes can actually papa forget it that's what happened i don't actually does it have a bad time what we have to talk about your suitcase because you are the bean o best dress coach indochina on off i'm taken from you i don't know what that means from uk honest though other times in here like i wish i could just let it go and dress like jumpsuit ughi bear hell yeah give up on life as i said is all time i think we should coaches should coach in sweatsuit yan because jerseys see when why not you you as you can see how you needs is you need to be at the forefront is not here to talk is cheap right here is his what it is that tradition that there's a guy at c c o my name that home and back in the fifties he started then frank maguire
saint john and those guys we're like though they were the pre eminent coaches and they dress sharp but they sat on the bench and never moved right we're all over the place now and when you sit in a hollow gaza sweat non you in there on your suit in its great but i just gotta like in one i want to be respectful of the tradition of that's a tradition i would like hug you bear to start a move in and get some rule made any and say where we have towards what so yes and i would love it did it legislated and i await the choice it out of my head array right that's great i like that now that would bring up a man card that egg rule to get myself i had i one other quick basketball question and this one always interests me villain over does staying where you guys run like a two to one grass but its super soft are you basically the that the other dumb so these kids like are going to freak out when they see oppress even though it's not really oppressor
i know that you know that i know there is it there's a basketball determined i'll do that would probably match what you just said ratio its its correct you terminology is a little difficult to take a little rough around the as required but that it is basically the point right i don't want to argue that watch it in your like do not really pressing for the other team is kind of moving faster than they should have a little bit more you know out of rhythm exact and it's taken time off to shock clodagh nine other thinking about the press yard you god that's my games you wouldn't want me to put that thing may itself there aren t if anyone does their job do you have another one i was gonna have you yeah ok yeah white one more game we like to play people's god j k so you get you get to say something bigger actually kind of getting but you can really said what mba team would you like a coach kidding
the knicks hours punctually right to the eggs and lasting squared early madison square garden but we're kidding of course collateral oh yeah yeah yeah really just a joke you write to the net erected they heard him here first and it might take i want a worse place to say something about it i shall down figured about having too much funding or you have someone else is one where you going south asia we will also be softened the opposite fashion malta please when you guys quotas are put it up now make sure was j k jackass all another evil works will our ward winning a properly will treat it put they also jake the head they don't worry i can but the problem is all your listeners like my sons who live and die by you guys they get it but when that gets out the people were like six seven years old they dont get it and it gets real that's why the rector right does not want to coach they mba thank but if he were
it's a coach i want you to quickly give me if you are a crew you're you're looking at my game i must tell you my strengths and weaknesses assigned me a star on the five star gimmick tell me you would take me a villain over re strengths hard false moving screens fighting through screens i've never i'll never let anyone put a pick on fight rights readily the i'm exceptional boxing out rebounding communication in like when i'm getting attired in like someone get my man i am i right there's a guy i know this guy locker room joke some guys guy leap it loose that's you need that rate for the weaknesses dribbling shooting
shooting when someone gives me like a really good pass and i'm not expecting it like a layup i'll miss those laps every single move without the ball i always forget to do that anytime i play with a shirt that the sleeves are a little too you know that guy you can't you can show your gay and then finally i remember his drink enough water that is also what you said you take me you you should get you should get that you should you should print that man because that is every guy on the on my fraternity team at bucknell that i coached they were called the enigmas so i we couldn't play you know if your on the varsity team you couldn't play near also might fraternity was sigma chi so we had all those guys and they had a team called the enigmas and i was the coach and those guys still take credit to this day for me being a code that i could deal with them and they were all yes just another scream at all of em like you'll do just cause you're tired don't point to someone
i'll go now you gotta let your man can do us on one other thing you're pretty good at is holding people back in a fight yeah so he's the man it is alarming that fight then home and holding back i'm really good holding teammates back ever somebody dont suitable on the sidelines as having i make sure you don't get technical so you take us i would take you i'll take your honor fraternity because it is about red list that is working out you will hold i know that is our greatest corruption of the game have on you you get to the end of the game you got you gonna fall you don't wanna have one you're starker emil jill ransoms got four files you don't want to have a foul of i've minus five free false five i don't know about five years ago you gotta you could have played but they ve instituted the flagrant foul rule now and the impact you would not be able to do it in a way that you wouldn't get a flagrant fao am really hurt us or possibly the opponent what will that's that would help us at different
i already have been held all big issue would have been even if not you not like it's why rodman those guys can play a final question we do this every one it's called headline grab boy so we're gonna try to get a headline grab caribbean they're gonna mr the interrogator back where i should get a bury your nix headlight grass baby you guys defending national champions will back to back in a guarantee it logres you know no bounds no guarantee but it is it is it there's a there is a concern when you start to season that you don't even get to the torment to defend your back to back and i i don't know were you you know that into factual research i know so you do what you don't have to europe to look back i don't know if that's happened anybody but is a little fear and a big gaily shit we might not even get their site i'm happy right now they know we're gonna get there with a chance and then when it starts to torment
up guaranteed guarantee j right thank you so much everyone go check out his book attitude or can you give us like maybe change our mind wash our brains out real quick was little flushed and what about your attitude yeah but you just think think about all the crazy stuff you guys do every day and people get propagate pissed at you could you say things that get everybody worked up in trouble at the end of the day the matter how bad you feel about it which are now better just why should allow and go into the next day i get wall i control today is not a matter of bodies at me but i control beam positive and gone out and creating new rumours and
more people travel today i can do it the great attitude ok i loved i'm ready to go dear i take you so much real appreciate best luck we are on some of these up guy i'm down open i reiterate my wisconsin badger stinks so it'll be are not going to be all right don't lie in another shouted gonna behind don't lie to me you are you're not leak must all opting out the last three weeks that they played and how bad it it's but when they get to torment they have played in a tough league in a place like this can make an effective aren't i appreciate that put my second team be villain over you back to back guarantee generator i come on future new york knicks head coach pleasure its occupies book attitude that's nice guys guys you guys scary geysers their desire to change and uncertainty in the country right now when it comes to retirement portfolio in life savings you don't want it all sitting in the stock market you want to diversify
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it let's do some segments first up we have trouble in paradise this was quick this was quickly and four buggies standards bogey cousins traded to new orleans pelicans pelicans are point three with him on the team he was seen drunk with panties and his mouth at a martyr our party hooker and he's but the next day because it goes eighteen technical dear so treasure that it as off to a bad start with the exception of the drunk with panties your mouth thing i feel like that when in rome yeah when in rome you do that rex ryan a robbery coach for entire your basically that exact same i actually don't blame for the technical file that was well i do blame him in that his reputation proceeds himself where he is such
like a hot head on the court that he's gonna get these tik tok technical files but really didn't do anything like it was one of those ones were as like words giving its you unwrapped if you get traded you you're tackling the child should be wipe clean notice should stay with the other team yogi japan muzzle somebody but let yielded it have you shouldn't come without without baggage yeah yeah already getting started eating for mike mike family in a warm up next up have mike mike learning choices because you're already eating in primary senator michael is fair play let me ask you a question is this is this is a good question fear what what did you mike mike fair play for would you run a marathon without stretching no why would i eat my good air play without eating before because it a run a marathon you know anything so today on mike mike they were discussing for about an hour and with every single guess that they brought ended revamp the conversation with them what would you do instead of having to run marathon how'd you
ok we're gonna do it today i have nutter butters guy humor for you as it does not but yeah and then i have don't haven't not button fredo's chile cheese ships so actually really get off everything oh i know let's get a gun welcome back to the mike and mike subway progressive pennzoil like they were discussing what would you rather do run a marathon or have tax ma moved far more ah why don't have sex i married all well how will probably run marathon every mountain got a hot dog in a piece of cheese my wife and i don't sleep with each other grey hurried married people don't have sex anyway welcome back to the one eight hundred flowers inbox today we're talking about marathons would you rather what c span for twelve hours all right a marathon let me doctor i want
twenty six jobs avail brought on earth i'll sunday though i've heard a marathon do days rose mike mike in the morning tuna next time will be talking about michael i do in marathons and not sleeping with our wives guys we're married or little clarification noted there's an fredo trilogies do not match flavour pilot was they go together like marriage and saxon ok there is a lack of my verify your tons of i dont have sex i marry jokes either fly i'm sure you were flying sure that's subaru it'll they want to let everyone no out their next up we have you you introduce wanted cam newton yes we haven't done the segment along time it's who could cam newton learn a lot from about had a loser dignity so today we're going to russia there is a russian league hockey game and
they call energy that's the name of the team i guess they name their hockey teams after oil companies utter everyone normal oil people forget that vladimir putin is just a glorified gas pauper that's right so on because energy they one eleven to nine but here's the thing all twenty of the it was our score during the game were own goals is mother situations where both team to china lose to get a better seed in the play come on we're so i guess they really try not to play its boons tankers forget putin is like the best hockey player history the world's he put a didn't want to run into him and then the opening round those snipe dangle snipe that's that's that's a little highlight bad radio highlight of what a mere prudence game he goes taped to table for sure next up we haven't oh you think would you got there a court
the two a study and personality and social psychology bolton people who have sex more often are happier than people who don't so you think no do so now married people as what yours angle that is i love when they do this actually disagree with this not having that's kind of rules yeah you have to are you about doing anything i've dies again sounds like someone who's never touch really is basically sand work here's the thing if you dont have sex there's more time to think about sex listen man people spent so much time on sex listen man i gotta die away in the guy tree you'll get sir an cave fucking checks is awesome that's down the guy tree sweet take up we have thoughts and prayers to adrian petersen who got caught by the vikings thoughts and prayers i actually think
peterson's career is he's gonna end up somewhere right yet cut by the viking yeah so he's did the viking make him go get his own branch to cut himself ass they are i could kill you for second adrian petersen is not for the nfl done seventy he's not you think he's gonna be on a teams are you gonna be aren t but his game is he can't he can't pass block he doesn't care all that often he doesn't run the ball out of shock on like this isn't the nfl for our assent as whole games chop no i'm saying that is just teams don't run like offices that are it an interim pearson strikes here here's what's gonna happen he's gonna get attach some whereas a change apace back and they're gonna put him in
many guy get eleven carers is crazy though because i don't think that adrian petersen is goin he's gonna end up somewhere i'm admitting that but i don't think he's going to have like some crazy numbers or light resurgence i think it's pretty much a career for him and it's insane to think that huh i was one of the most dominant unlike electrifying running backs and then it came out that he hid his kid with a switch yeah i mean i think you still gonna be good actually i don't think he's gonna be is that can be the guy is only whose man is so you do realize you doesn't run the bar of chocolate whenever team run shaka he can learn how to take a hand off areas at thirty two it's not like your asking him to like learn quantum physics instead of recently running ourselves prowling about the guy you just get it while you're standing still time other guy who got sick cause he had much a shrimp because he's here larger to shellfish and i'm gonna defend against that europe is delicious
i know a guy is i know a guy that is allergic to shellfish that brings neptune with them and will still go to restaurant either shrimp and instead of using his dog that each chocolate and get sick that guy's going learn how to changes his yes ok here's all you do you say hey adrian instead of doing something before you get the ball just don't do anything then when you have the ball that means now it's time arose that so that's right next up we have people watch tv watches back and i am so happy the boat empty bow is at the mats training camp nine hormones and batting practice is at an all time record for home runs inviting broken batting private never that step before i like how people like the media is complicit in attempting by watched day want tim team over his wit where the media the i know we are isaac laplante i know were complicit as well but i saw it was being spun and some have said i to empty both in practice hero
no sorry someone said to empty bow it's only batting practice so don't read too much into it but scouts definitely used it to evaluate players going deep in batting practice shows the strength is there because that was really what we are worried about i was you both stray i was concerned that he wasn't a good enough athlete right out his arms were big enough that was my one concerning ought hatching a ball hitting occur but all playing defence running all that stuff you i'm not worried about right the guy can hit a backdoor slighter as good as anybody but can he go deep that's the question it else and say how many attempts that he'd like any pictures so i could see he hit or hormones in five pitches oak i walk in there we go i could still everybody says relevant havoc inefficient empty about like staying out like for four hours taken banning practice until i get my right it's not gonna until i get my now why are they doing undisputed from live from madcap odor
i care about her skip yeah they should i was worried what are they doing i would like to see skip bales embedded as rapporteur but not for the mets just like just tagging along with about he's wearing apparel for tee by sharing a hotel room would table drawing a bath form timidly but watch is great i i can't wind to watch him like face anyone who can throw anything and just strike out forgot you gotta go to some of the mets like this i think to other affiliates or here in new york nor in the area we gotta go some people games yeah we should go to a table game and they're not people and then what it was i will have to provide you that that man is following you looks like he's having a heart attack knows just he's just really tired matters i just like to set we have do we have that clipping we actually were we we were planning in houston to try to find him turbo and fake that i was having a heart attack and p after you will put will will pose this group on twitter fall apart might take on twitter and
the gradual process that we were all set to do it people never showed up to get them get going we're gonna get tebow he's gonna revise gonna save your damn revive me from my fake heart attack and then carmen white me and i'll get a real heart attack like three three weeks later when there's no time to be i dont think it your heart attacks gonna be related to your fake art i think you're just gonna start right now but that's karma say that that's why i'm in i saw is so that later on with some bad happens to me the carbon karma was i was on my desk such sabre metrics what's the sabre just got minnesota yes quick update at the viking stadium we talked about this earlier they get a brand new state is pretty sweet but it's also killing birds at an unheard of rate they ve had in eleven games they had sixty dead birds that flew into the glass wall and die
and then here's it at his anything did fourteen stunned birds who which i don't know like that i don't know i don't wanna concussed bird dear so it surely to tell if the birds deaths are linked to damage that they receive from fine head first into the glass but the vikings are gonna study in the air force can look into the turning to figure it out you know it's a nice pierre wanna one would be is next winter when it gets really cold let all the homeless people minnesota stay inside the stated that be great if they did or not that was fake sorry some real asshole just put that just invented that fat before we go we have some breaking moves from hank did i hear breaking news items shimerda people forget that but as you guys know dream on green paul pierce when going at it during the game the other day dream on as you can hear me like talking shit saying this ain't going to be no farewell toilet no one can take it easy on you
pollution back at him and then dream on came over the top today and said people tend to forget that he was struggling to get to the players he was on the trade bloc every year than all the sun reallocate you showed up let's not forget that people do forget that the celtics were bad for a long time and then they one when they got to get lost i'm an error in the plow sell their eyes in the hunt parima green is as is really make it a case he wants every one in the world to hate him he's not he's well on his way there i think even people in san francisco covered her aunts gonna camel driver you again in front of the possibility because role some red it very much i would i would love to see dream on green on the teams that pierce had and lead them now that's how you debate hank our boys learning right in front of our eyes in there somewhere to dream on four pope who would you take redraft but they're coming i'll get at the exact same time o end of the year nineteen seventy redraft oysters no three point one know nobody
elbow jumpers all the night through good point good point although dream i would be a centre i tell you d be huge magadan autumn he would so suppose heart valves would not get flagrant valse went out and back when the embryo is filled with guys interesting entering auguries overstepped does now does not tough enough how can we just pit slap that guy michigan exactly over the summer and he'll stab you before you get stab killer estate ah i that is our show we will you're friday up before we go we actually want to say a quick thank you an earnest thank you to all the award winning listeners without you guys none of this has would have been possible rudiments talking to microphones like crazy people to ourselves what we do for the majority of every day talk to each other like crazy people but serious honestly from the bottom of our heart it's been a year or quarter year if you actually know how calendars work and we thank you and we all i want to give just a quick note because we love you guys and we consider
guys family we wanted to say we're sorry for the passing of award winning listener jonathan albert i know all his friends and family still less in show where things are you guys and we appreciate everything you guys have done force and with that we will see you on friday lead in real close guess lena real replaced not turn your speed down to half on your ipod i love you
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