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NBA Finals Game 1 recap, are the Cavaliers dead? Is Kevin Durant the new GOAT? Is Mike Brown the luckiest man on earth? (2:21 - 11:08) In honor of the Scripps Spelling Bee, the first annual Pardon My Take TELLING Bee with Hank (11:08 - 17:12)). PR 101 with Mr Met (17:12 - 20:54). Houston Texans Nose Tackle Vince Wilfork joins the show to talk ribs, football, and whether or not he's retired (20:54 - 33:56). A special segment with TeaBoy Tex talking about the Eric LeGrand fundraiser on Sunday in New Jersey. Segments include Sabermetrics with Hugh Freeze, Mayweather vs Mcgregor update, Explain it to Hank Nasa firing a rocket into the Sun, Bad Visual for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Shoe Roast for the new Curry 4's, Panic Button for the Cubs, and Jimbos of the week.
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on today's part of my take we have nba finals game one recap we have all of our knee jerk reactions that you want to hear we also have vince wilfork houston tech since vince wilfork on the show to talk about ribs ribs some other fun stuff we do jimbos of the week it's going to be a great show and b or we start the show i wanted to quickly throw this out for all you dads or guys that have dads or girls that have dad's omaha steak has the best gift for father's day it is the best feel like i actually can't believe it i was reading this sad i can't believe how much they're offering we tell you about a real quick for forty nine ninety nine you can get the limited time father's day package when you go to omahasteaks dot com and enter pardon that's part and just that in here i'm a i'm listen off you ready for this to tender
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on father's day get that's got to be a mistake that was so much meat no it's not pft forty nine ninety nine point in that promo code pardon at all mom's stakes dot com and get it for your dad do right now once they start pardon pardon welcome to part of my it is friday june second are you ready
for my hot hot hot take from game one of the nba finals hit me the torch then passed it is kevin durant's league oh yeah who's man's is the nba yeah it's kevin durant's mad at all he said he ok d it is your league now your league yeah that was that was a clinic but as we always say on the show the series as a start until somebody wins an away game yes all right now the series hasn't started yet i we put the spends on on the cubs to it was basically yet still won on the road yeah so that it's as simple as that the cavs need to steal one on the road and they're not going to do by playing the diff so they played today well although i will say the the warriors are playing a very dangerous game of live by the wide open slam dunk tied by the wide open land on the actually miss the tunnel laps this it was
very clear from the beginning that the cab strategy was well there's two strategies one is play zero transition defense and two don't let warriors beat you with threes instead just play a defense and let him get to the bucket whenever they want it almost worked for the first quarter which was first quarter and the warriors like we said i think they missed like ten layups in the first half but other than that it was a destruction and it felt at least to me that it wasn't take that wasn't like a fluke destruction or that was one team is a lot better than the others in my same right by say
it almost worked for almost the first order this philosophers core but what i found i went yeah yeah cause reader so i thought the person ever i've done accounts plus three in the first court yeah i mean clearly dellavedova's the missing piece they they need even to stop on the team that can check somebody and they don't have so duran have thirty eight eight eight our staff i had like twenty eight he was he got he caught fire for a while basically the entire calves team besides lebron and kyree sucked at well kevin durant's rebounding was good he had twenty one rebounds which is because of the warriors missed shots lebron though and now i don't i'm going to do it but like that like a listless kind of twenty eight points for him and he i think you have like fifteen rebounds i know this whole thing the mj lebron debate we're going to actually give a little spin that in a second that was not best player in the world night for lebron james he had an
right that's okay 'cause he passed the torch i still think cavs will you know what cabs in five now how about that ok i just dropped it down one i don't know what this is one of those things i got i'm not even trying to go over the top here i don't know how you can defend the warriors how do you do you it you hope that they miss more shots in the mist tonight you just need to rates get hurt again yeah they have to shoot under thirty seven percent as a team yeah and if they do then you can be yeah and if zaza hits like like six wide open labs to start the game i think they just call it after the call the entire series after the first quarter here's what you do you double team everyone
except for size i knew just leaves us alone because he doesn't want to shoot the ball he'll have a wide open lay up you'd like no i'm coach says i'm not supposed to shoot but that's what they were doing that's what it was out of the way rolling off him and he would he was surprised and that's why he was like usually someone at least tries to defend it around and each he'd passed to a covered man and and pass up an open yeah have you ever you probably played on some pretty shitty teams in your day like back in elementary middle school yeah and it's one of those things where there's always a guy on the team the coach is like don't trouble to let one guy usually i was like six feet five and second grade and walks with all the grace of like a newborn deer and then there's a guy that's like hey man you really get a rebounding we love you rebounding you're so get a rebound don't ever shoot yeah passable and that's as a by the way speaking of rebounding tristan thompson four rebounds tonight did you also hear that chloe kardashian's going around saying she's pregnant with
baby so kardashian curse remains undefeated is interesting thompson himself a rebound yes so that's i mean oh and then i i'm sure i'll be proven wrong 'cause i'm always proven wrong when i get like when i get super amped up about thinking i know how things work in the sports world but i we don't know how the calves can win more than one game and that's like basically just at home with you know the words like i will let you have run fifty point game yeah yeah the other thing i didn't like was the confetti we need to talk about gray confetti uses we always talk but like storming the court when it's appropriate for kids to do that let's talk about draw confetti after a game one win at home especially california is in a drought can't have stuff rain
yes little bit problematic yeah we we have to protect this earth i don't know if you know but something happened we've sold out of our hands tag of paris yeah we pulled in paris we were inside we're in we're for medicine and on and then we're like okay all you know don't want to come back here home home home home gym excuse maybe she will let you believe yeah that that was part might take talking topical paul to get you a hand towel i had what is one other big winner of the night the biggest winner of the night tell me if you can right around the okay the most ridiculous story the fact that he is getting paid by both teams and then got to blow out the team that fired him how about well i had a big conspiracy going into tonight that unfortunately i'm not going to be able to use but i think as you actually thought the cavs are gonna win a game yeah well i think that maybe mark jackson nancy kerrigan steve kerr because he's naturally who are
who are the warriors going to call if steve can't coach he thought he was going to get that call waiting for it yeah he was sitting by the phone and then he said no we're just going to elevate my brains in schitt yeah damn it i just ruined this guys back for nothing remember mike brown yeah he's in coaching in the finals against lebron james with v which is already clear done before yes when he was coach all the time with the far superior team and getting a little double dip wet the beak from both sides let's system coach we have a couple more things you want to get you before you get to vince wilfork if you want or the finals tickets probably be cheap in cleveland when they're down thirty but they'll be even cheaper if you go to seek download their app seek has the best app for finding tickets online all you can do there's two taps in your inside the stadium and they also do everything they have concerts comedy theater tickets everything i can think of c cashew covered you want to get a little baseball and maybe some sun you seek and
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that was like warriors ask when they go on those three boo cocky's that we've talked about game to the just taking shots face came out in the third period and just cocky that rainy day and it was over like i think they scored four goals in five minutes yeah less than that it was ever to get the thing was that there i think everybody in the penguins is using steroids i just i'm gonna put it out there i don't want i think that's the only explanation there really good in game sevens when the other teams always super tired just some put it out there cheaters all i feel like pittsburgh fans also gonna probably like this is not gonna be big bands fifth right they're gonna start saying that is a yes three in hockey in two and four point will be the most pittsburgh thing of all time just count the count the cities titles as one we got one we got i love the same colors a pitch part i think every city should do that we got to for the fall now that's what pittsburgh accent was pretty good two four to tom today was also important day in sports television because
scripps national spelling bee yes took place and kings takings during revell yes he hit us with a fun fact this is the most obvious you think of all time he said the rebel by the way just sit just a refresher he does not fill out a bracket for the nc double a turn are the spelling bee the most can thing in the world that you can do fill out a bracket is not fill it out but he handicaps caps the spelling bee in pics three winners and he's been right like six years in a row he's like they've always come from group of three winters either way this is what he hit us with for the the time in the last thirteen years the spelling bee winner or co winner has worn glasses you think the great job darn
do you how come they don't let home school kids in the ncaa tournament maybe then darren would start paying attention yeah but it gives us an excuse you something i've been wanting to do this for years actually instead of spelling bee you guys know i'm not a big speller i'm more about telling yep we have the first annual national telling be part of my take national telling be absolutely and hank is going to be the only competitor yes and so what we're gonna do is we're going to spell out a word hank hank has a has a little face a confidence right now because he knows he can't lose and then hang hester prynne now it's hey cast to try to pronounce the word that we spell for him i know hank i don't know if you watch the spelling bee but rules are somewhere you can ask his country of origin
you can ask why didn't get that ready but ok well just just make it up i don't know why they always make it at one guy the guy with the glasses like it's english it's english so you say latin or english so you can ask that you can ask a definition and then you can install for awhile and like look at your parents in the audience and see if they're going to mouth the words to you yeah ok you want to go first i'll go first all right ok the first word actually why don't you go first i want to make sure that i'm actually spelling words first word hank i'm going to sell it fast ok see go well o n e l colonel there we go oh wow yeah buddy that was a good one you pause i thought you were going to be they're going to maybe get tylenol cold and i say that out loud in my brain every time i read it you know when i was going to speak it there we go one trickiest words hank is currently in first place mine competition of one first one is eunuch phuc
it's going to retaliate super tuner pfts oprah born right fuck these rules are strict alright hang next one year ago pft will have both last ones here two for two l e i c e s t e r l e i c e s t e r lyster like actually lester lasting so here close i'm going to give you that one year three for three years the last one ok eight wait sorry before you go people forget five thousand one eight eighty five could you use that in a sentence please well you do wow look i'm going to just into my calculator and hey isn't this funny eighty thousand and eighty five loops you got here we go that was the first telling be
that you actually lost that guy went really well because you actually became the loser in that which is great is i knew there was no chance in hell hank would be able to pronounce eunuch spelling yes so damn it it really blew that one there's always next year hey speaking of things people blue let's do a quick pr one hundred and one for mister met and the mets organization that was uh big story on wednesday night mister met gave the finger to a fan and basically the most mets thing ever like when i saw that i just immediately thought of frank fleming in kfc and i'm just like this is this is that's when your mascot is getting suspended you're in trouble yes yeah out of other people made this point but the first thing i
out of when i saw it was how do you know which one is mister metz middle finger has four fingers he's got four yeah but then i was like well which one does he wear the ring on 'cause he's married to mrs met who's lowkey thick whose word on the street is been cooking him left and right the other mascots well that's why i say let the mets phuc yeah i mean there
if they are human if you cut them do they not believe we are sex positive podcast zero of mascots wanna are you shaming mrs well i didn't i selling sex positive i hope that when she's like the philadelphia with the maniac of filled out what's at the the fanatic down that it yes but i yeah i hope that they're keeping their costumes on at least yes back to safe sex yes furries first yes yeah expositor is matt no shaming if if the ring goes on the finger that he used to flip people off and it's not really flipping the bird right true so let's get investigate let's get some forensic analysis of that video fox news actually was blowing it out which was hilarious okay blurted out so for the kids at home i either a pr one hundred and one for them i think they just need to why isn't mister met wearing a baseball glove make him happy baseball glove on one hand and then just tape a baseball in the other he can't give anyone or you could just for one day only
every fan is allowed to flip off mister met and he has to just take it and get pictures taken of fans flipping him off yes or just keep whoever whoever was in the mister met costume and flipped off the fan just make him as punishment be a mets fan oh ok yeah i like it that would work too that would be pretty hard punishment he hasn't yeah i mean his punishment is already having to tell well that he's the mets mascot right which is not good right although in new york i feel like you walk and if you're mister matt but then again we marry everybody knows that you're married and we get back to the whole you're getting cucked openly with all the other mascots so that's a tough look to play what's the mets own fault you can't have uh put out like a relationship with your mascots and not expect the the woman to be
ogle here's one way out of it we're coming up on my favorite day of the year the year where the mets hey bobby behalf is million dollars yeah i just have mr mat deliver a huge oversize novelty jack to be near or in bernie made off involved too yeah have made all the actual of guy yeah yeah made off was a guy that was he was investing quotation marks the wilpons money right yeah so have him and mr met delivered the massive check to bobby benia and then the check ounces and made off goes back to jail and me and but he doesn't know who mr mat is because you wearing a mask and you're scot free you're off the hook or final final thing with the mets could do just take way mr mets pants like the cubs don't have are they have a mascot without any pants and then just everyone will photoshop dicks on two hundred am and that
no one's going to remember the middle finger if mister metrics walking around with a huge hog that's great fun i like it that is great fun you just very keep burying the thing you were most worried about yeah just keep doing things that are more and more embarrassing to your franchise though before we get to vince wilfork the grit week video yes that is coming out on saturday make sure you i'm on the barstool sports app make sure you're following us pardon my take on twitter and instagram maybe release in early tomorrow mon we watched it and it was i got so i got goose bumps just it you know it it made me miss vinnie so much so my and made me miss tornado chasing there's an extended tornado chase there and i'm telling you i'm a full on at for tomato chases now yes i said out loud i just miss fanny and everyone just kind of gave a little like
so make sure you get ready for that download that barstool sports app it's it's a really good video and it's a fun video and thank you again for everyone all the award winning leicester's who met us out at the city's we're in we had an awesome week i'm i'm sorry for great week two thousand eighteen i'm thinking about it already we might just have to drink milk straight from a cow with jim harp i think we might just hang out with jim harbaugh long week i think maybe i greens yeah greens maybe i should just start drinking a gallon of milk everyday starting now and then great week two thousand and eight and jim harbaugh can milk my breasts i would have to open up it don't we i mean i'm just thinking out loud here i mean yeah it's horrible wants to be consistent the most na stuff for him to drink would be human milk big cats press yeah all let's i do the vince wilfork interview before we that's all i wanted to quickly say it's summer hey what what we do in the summer start the season right regarding we dharti
the only way to darty is with miller lite the original light beer brewed more taste while still being less filling ninety x calories that's what i'm saying ninety six calories that is nothing you can have a nice summer darty and not have to worry about those calories but you get that great taste with miller lite dieting inb queuing there's no way you're cutting out any of those activities this summer but that's why you should reach for the miller lite the original great tasting light beer that doesn't compromise on taste pft you always say when a darty turns into an rd what do you do still drinking milk ninety six calories make sure you get that miller lite do it now and now here is vince wilfork and by the way the song that you're going to hear at the end of today's part of my take is from elle in mexico you might remember him from some of the other wraps that he's done for us
and it's a great week rap and it's awesome so we're not ending the show with take on me today but it's i think a very very worthy placement we now welcome on vince wilfork houston texan for new england patriots super bowl winner he is here bring us the petition to make ribs america's food let's talk about that real quick with kingsford you teamed up with them we are going to stand with ribs and make ribs the american is it that just that easy we just eat ribs remember day does a weed is going on because one thing that they wouldn't we know what is is you know what is kind of barbecue when it's time for holidays and stuff when people talk about barbecueing is people like to cook ribs you know it's nothing like cooking ribs are going somewhere to a rib shack and eating some good ribs so that's why
you need people to sign in at kingsford dot com and sign in to sign a petition so we can get this thing situated so we can you know ribs can be the nash no food of america just the way the way that you say the word ribs makes me hungry can you just say ribs one time really you got there is off on that now do you the famous hard rock scene where you were cooking some ribs and dancing do you dance every time you cook ribs yeah i dance about cooking when i eat there we go they can answer that that's let does let you know i'm happy wow i'm happy doing those things then you know when we made the commercial will be shot the commercial it was so much fun and the only thing they rolled the cameras they say vince just be you you cooking then and you just be you and we had a good time i can see how to great full day of filming everybody was happy
but we would all laughing i probably ate the most ribs i ever ate in a long time that day how many that how many ribs can you takedown one city man let me tell you that day i had a lease two slabs the whole day a that's like an entire day for axolotl right let's get to the first question in this one i think a lot of people are going to be asking you can now break the news on part of my take because i know that's exactly where you've always wanted to break it are you officially retired well i'm i'm i'm what what i'm doing right now is i'm taking time and and figure out what i want to do on because i want to be a hundred percent sure of the decision that i make and i'm in no rush to do that i'm not retire
and i'm not i'm i'm not retire right now and i'm not saying i'm going to retire is just one of those days where everything is still up in the air okay i'm in no rush to doing so thanking news you're not retarded today no nobody's going to dictate my future but me you you break down breaking news value wait vince welterweight vince wilfork is like the check on facebook who of the guy won't commit to a relationship so he just has its complicated up there and he's just sitting around saying that right going it's going to be whenever we had trust me everybody found find out it's saying second i send hit on my twitter yeah oh also breaking news breaking news vince wilfork will tell everyone on twitter i'm a break i'm a breaking news my way okay real quick are way real quick idea i've got for you if you do choose to retire i don't know if you're a hockey fan are you ever saw
about playing goalie you're pretty light on your feet you're pretty flexible i feel like you would fill out those pads nicely nah i'm good i can i scape ok well not with that attitude you can't yeah i said i said i don't have no interest in all right who's faster you tom brady me was it even close no okay who did you ever accidentally fall on tom brady in practice and like i might just i might be the like if i were hello tom brady and price i woulda had a career out of been fired right away you think belichick would have cut you that day i absolutely did tom brady i've always heard that he does the e calls everyone babe did he call you babe lot are you sure sure babe ok what would what would it cook out of tom brady's house look like what would he be he wouldn't be smoking ribs right now com braided
you're gonna be grill is a vegetable long all on the grill yes some artichoke heart us yeah yeah yeah some are hook ups unsalted are show carts tom brady's grill everyone come out he's barbecuing a real treat when my weather plays over the last couple years was when they put you in at fullback they gave jj the boy but they put you in you were full back i like option to a tight end position did you ever asked to get a carry mel you know it early in my career when i was in new england always wanted to but you know we worked on that package probably for a whole two months and then it didn't do nothing the rewards are yeah that's the plate in turn out well but i'd like to in theory i like the idea of you playing full back i just wish i could see more of that year i would be a hell of a full back i think jj is just not in the lead running back i think that's a problem well i think we we should have done we should have done a different a lot of things off with that their formation we could have through
ball we could have done a lot of stuff man give you a jump package yeah yeah like the don go jump pass i would like to see you get in a car passing time at all that we could have had all of that but no i guess their imagination that that big what would be your touchdown dance i'm sure you've thought about it and planned it out i won't dance i wouldn't dance come on so you'd answer cooking ribs but you wouldn't dance with a touchdown i wouldn't dance with a touchdown you just hand the ball the ref little barry sanders i'm not handing the ball to the ref i would give it to alignment so he can slam and then i'll take it okay that's fair what's up loud so we are we actually had a coach for april on on the show super bowl week and he's a friend of ours is it here that you guys were teammates and now he's kind of your boss will you ever like hey come on man like shut up mike i know you as my our coach rabal no because i always respect even when
play with rare always result i looked at him almost as a coach because of he was so smart right will been i mean hands down the smartest defensive player ever played with so i've always learned stuff from him and he's very good at teaching so come when i came to houston that was one of the reasons i came down here because of labeling because of romeo crennel uh i came to houston in with the organization and rick smith and then neighbors and stuff like that and felt the home they made me feel like i was at home with them so i never had an issue with very well we always see things through the same set of eyes because you know he was taught the same way i was taught in contact me and we can have a conversation and nobody else get what the hell we talk about but self ourselves but he's a great coach easy he's going to help he's going to be head coach soon though i agree with that
call mike vrabel smartest defensive player to ever play with i actually thought that was going to be brian cushing that's a shocker now would you consider defense a line to be the gradius position in football our yeah yeah just because it would you say it when once you get to the nfl pretty much everybody but that position is equipped with a lot of strength a lot of athleticism is the only is the biggest difference the effort that you put forth on every play between the the average even sulaimon in the very good ones i mean everybody have a different skill set i'm me sometime you you have you know i played eleven years i was a nose tackle in the nfl but then you have you know you have different hey do one shade to are three technique are gonna be built a little different but it's a skill set
so everybody is not going to be always the strongest he's not going to be always the kick is it's hard to find one person that have all the attributes of that and when you do that that's the special person you know so but at this level everybody is good that's one thing you have to understand that at the nfl level you got this is the best of the best you can get tired in nfl so everybody that this level is is a good athlete and you got to respect that you played in new england for ten years how many times did you see bill belichick eleven years did you i'm did you see bill belichick smile all the time really yeah so we've we talked to coach ray bro he was saying that bill belichick's actually really funny guy i don't i don't i still
know what that means is the funny because he's always so serious that he cracks like one or two jokes and then it runs like ha ha ha like nervously laughing because they they have to laugh at it or he's actually vote no he's funny and he and do what do you do that's one thing that people don't understand about belichick is he so down or if he's such a you know good dude and and the is players level on me because he know how to you know how to turn it key he get you to get right and they also know how to back off and have fun you know as one thing that always notice and we always had we we always have fun in practice i always have fun in practice and i remember we used to do this thing every friday is you know friday be odd cool down day in a light practice
and we we always keep the ball off and we'll have you know the team we all cover to kick like a kick off the in every day like me and you know i go to b s alma make the tackle he's out you're not going to miss so every day we were a bit like some type of food a sophomore push out so in a bank will bet some if i make the track on that in that tradition carried on throughout you know the dates they probably still do it now but that was just a side of bill just understanding them and have a qualities teammates or even if it was something conditioning wise we always have fun doing it so he made a form but at the same time make it tough for you to but it's it there's a reason that that he's one of the great he is the greatest coach of all time because he he can relate to his players on what day of the week would you guys practice how you're gonna cheat that weekend boost your money yeah well what is she to
okay you're not going to answer that one that's fair that's a that do you know where the bodies are buried that's that's smart man did i what what about when it comes to you you like to eat i like to eat any casey likes to eat i don't know if you saw the news but he just got a bonus for coming in under certain weight that did that ever happen with you in your career where it's like go from yep get some money do what you gotta do to get reminder so you gotta make way to get your money get your money so so would you have that clause as well in your contract they had to be a certain way before i did before and i got my money i got paid and then would you do with that with that money we just go straight to the buffet the same by to do it joe money you get your weekly check but what after to make that way in are you just like ok now i can go eat whatever i want i don't know as you probably have another one coming up okay all right i am always up yeah if i if we're
on you at the excuse cedar lined up at the combine right now what would you run in the forty nothing cuz i won't run it just no more running no problem so so how does that work i mean you've been in the nfl for so long you're you're respected veteran are there sometime kobe drills yours like you know what i'm sorry coach i'm not running this yeah absolutely okay i like that that's when you know you've made it two thousand and one miami hurricanes they've been said they were probably the most talented roster of all time in college football can you tell us who the best player on that team was being up close and personal with them are probably every three okay there we go
well thank you so much much really appreciate it ever go check out kingsford i stand with ribs we're going to it's actually just stand with ribs the hashtag we're going to make ribs america's national food vince thank you watch bessel lucky luck and we look forward to you announcing whether you're retired or or not on your twitter right thank you very much bass all that interview was brought to you by denny's denny's has always been a place where america can come and get their favorite breakfast lunch and dinner dishes serving our guests whatever they want whenever they crave it now a denny's on demand we've taken that same always open philosophy that synonymous with our restaurants and applied it to online ordering free access to a craveable diner fair whenever our guests want it thanks to a new plot warm guess have a quick and easy way to place a mobile or online order for takeout or delivery of their favorite menu items all day everyday if having
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if you free twenty five dollars to try just for registering and a two hundred percent bonus on your first deposit use promo code take two hundred promo code take two hundred about design all right let's do some segments first stop before we get to our usual segments we of our friend actually arty boy pmt boy if you know him his name is tax and he's here to actually tell us about a great thing that's going on in new jersey on sunday your friend tax clue grand who everyone probably knows from ruckers football he got paralyzed what when we was at like ten years ago i want to october two thousand and ten against army at metal ok so he's recruited as a shadow man then yes he was a shadow man yep yep chopping wood so what do we have going on on sunday alright so we got the walk to believe it it's a fundraiser benefits the christopher and dana reeve foundation
which is an organization that helps basically it puts money towards research towards spinal cord injuries and all that kind of stuff and in there you know we got a break a record this year because the record right now is nine two thousand and there at six five thousand so if we can break that then i will do anything to break that record i don't promise anything no no i mean i think our absolute certainty boys don't do that don't do that about this tax will you sign a lifetime extension on your t boy contract if we break the record i absolutely okay so what we would do people have to do give us a call to action what people ought to do to get involved so they just have to go to our store fire shirts all the proceeds go to the foundation and will break
talking record was so that's comes at my expense of what's the store they have was the morals or store right yeah something like that yeah so the barstool sports store were selling eighty erekle grand sure that all the profits go to the reese foundation the tax mention so you can do right now it's a really cool shirts saturdays are for believing in the e l obviously or are highlighted there for eric with grant so make sure you go do that we will treat it from the pardon my take twitter you can fall text after hip hop what else and if you want to come the last time you can register is one thousand am eastern time tomorrow or today today on friday friday if you're listening to this before one thousand am there's still time to register but if check it out if you didn't have time to register by sure absolutely i'll be there i'll be walking my azov there we go now
don't don't don't want the whole thing off to get it the one good part about you as you have a decent sl limit that tacky i also wanted to this is with is a perfect time we wanted to tell you something big about your t boy contract we've had some in colonel discussions the pardon my take team and we want to tell you some really big news you think do you know what i'm about to say i mean i know what i said i said like a minute yeah forget that do you know what i'm about to say you've been you've been you've been a really good t boy so what do you think you can release me huh nope we're going to promote you your t guy now so
boy a four k tv guide now are you guys originally you were low t yeah low t boy yeah i'm in your t boy now you're taught now your manager status heaters also change text what changes you are now in charge of all the other two boys in this office yes we don't have any yet but when we do get some they'll be working directly beneath you and if you keep working hard maybe someday you'll be a tea man i don't want to yeah you say that now but yeah i know you're like yeah i can imagine a world where i would be t man in all my dreams would be fulfilled but you keep working hard and you're going to be t man someday and you're still going to be fat everyday alright thank you thanks for doing that was great doctor hip heart song by that shirt seriously eric le grand great great foundation let's do it let's get everyone behind fuckings break this record saturdays are for believing yes yes thank you text we appreciate it art guy
all right let's do some more segments first up we have let's see who a little sabermetrics from hugh freeze coach hugh freeze that's right from ole miss yeah so last year he made some headlines in the off season because he held a funeral for himself a fake funeral for non off how that work out for him but i'm pretty good right now see they had that one good first half i think against fsu yeah so those nice them in mississippi state probably just beat up on each other nobody outside the state really cared about that game yeah huge huge game so anyway coach hugh freeze wrote everyone likes top five lists i don't who like stuff i'm mount rushmore guy yeah okay so here is one for you it was actually for you top five list of everything you are entitled to and what the world owes you ready for this one two three four
or five he just left the mall blank you're not entitled to anything saber media sabermetrics the world owes you nothing not well no they owe you a list at least an appropriately numbered list to five they are you that much and if you ran into aa coach then you're entitled to a buyout yeah if you suck at your job and get fired but not the case that's not entitlement with kids patriots not entirely if you're a coach and you suck and then you get
fifty million dollars like charlie weis that's not tied when you earn that money that you didn't know you could actually listen to each one of truck like kansas owes charlie weis this notre dame strongly wise this unpaid she's still galloway traditional plan yeah so you know the the the the hospital that screwed up his lap band surgery ozium that soon charlie which has a list goes for everton his parents some all it this is his paired owes him a lifetime supply of food by the way the he got this from coach jimmy dykes who is espn analyst and women's basketball coach of the the arkansas razorbacks who actually listed everything the world owes you analysts went to ten so when you freeze kind of cut and cut it short here with all the things that were out doing half the work of a woman in getting paid all the money for it and there it is that's sad very sad very sad neck we have a shoe roast for the steph curry force so under
number basically said stuff curry threes maybe not selling so well going to use the big stage the nba finals to show us the stuff curry force not that bad but there aren't really that i'm looking for the first time ok here's hanks hanks instant reaction to the stuff curry force hank oh now not not bad it's ok they'll stay woke for everyone out there the first three stuff curry's intentionally bad so this one is not that great but compared to the other stuff curry shoes it's not that bad yeah so at least the basketball probably going to sell a lot of now full disclosure we're recording this before the game started before it tipped off we're doing this one segment beforehand and i just want to say if after curry has a shity job shooting tonight if he has a shitty game
because the shoes it's also built an excuse yeah for if they lose tonight so i think that's a good idea i also like the idea of using a game as a soft launch for something so it's not like the under armor tweeted out a picture and said hey everybody what do you think of the new shoes it's more something that people got to discover for themselves earning because what we've we've found out with under armor when they release the steph curry shoes they always release him in these weird pictures that then get roasted nonstop give us some action shots and be like oh wow step curry's ankles are actually really fucking skinny yeah they're really even noticing that there really ten because his shoes never covered him up before and hit them from the sun right so what i think they should have done and this is a free tip to any shoe designer out there just put have crying jordan be the design on the outside of your shoes that way people can't crying jordan your shoe when it comes out and sucks by the way crying jordan's done is none yeah it's actually like a remarkable because you can now crying jordan is point now where you can spot the narc you're like
just did a crying jordan he's a fucking loser like sack guy does not understand the internet it was in a years time it went from being the funniest thing yeah to now if you do it you look at you say this ask spent like ten minutes while shopping michael jordan's hi right on to the logo of the cleveland cavaliers what a door and and it just proves the theory with the internet just ride the wave if you just ride the waves the waves eventually gonna come to the shore yes you don't have to worry about it member all those people like crying jordan's not funny anymore crying jordan i don't like crying jordan blah blah blah the ten reasons i hate crying jordan reed is crying jordan's you know attacking the masculinity of men in like you know culture that wasn't actually that was an actual take yeah like men what men can't cry anymore like you were just talking having fun on the internet either way just let
right it's a war was dot memes don't die like a supernova they die like a red dwarf kind of fade out and eventually the earth gets of all gets sucked into him and everybody dies speaking which let's go right to that explains to hank nasa has come out it's another also humans versus the sun nasa's come out there shooting a rocket into the sun i don't really understand what's going actually no i do understand what's going on nasa trying to keep us off the aliens well pretty clear because if you're sitting in nasa like we're sitting here like hey which would rather have have nasa do find the aliens or fire like a roman candle into the sun which we know rt is really hot like all we we found out now it's gonna come back with all these stats and stuff like the sun turns out very hot how do we
alright will burnout in billions of years is most important thing to earth here's the thing firing a rocket into the sun is the most metal ship of all time it is so fucking cool so the rocket ships going to get really close to the sun the sun is going to be really hot and then you know that jet fuel burns at a really hot temperature too and so we're just basically going to measure how close you can learn a lot about something not that hot how you can learn a lot about something by knowing how how close you can get to the sun until it explodes yes that's bad apps do you agree with maine the aliens should be the priority it is but it makes you think like huh but no daily and still are the priority because we talked about this nasa is playing cards extremely correctly in saying okay if we if we cease to entertain donald trump for like fifteen minutes he's going to pull our funding so we're only going to focus on we we might have found aliens again and
we're going to hate donald can we get five billion dollars to send a rocket into the sun and let's come back that is also hit stay woke stay woke they're saying it's the sun so they can be like actually i'm still hot it burnt so no one's gonna think about where that probe is really in deep space i don't know the l ocean golf while because so little me wow now my bought mind is blown you just tell dot eight donald we're gonna fire this rocket into the sun and we're going to attach the password to hillary clinton's twitter account deleted into the sun there you go down the bike sought check signed the check right away your tweets on that rocket yeah it is put rick reilly street fire into the sun he just got fired michael fire fire crying and into the sun forever all right we have a quick panic button i'm not gonna do it cubs are not going to touch it you're not going to push the panic button because central sucks with the record i think we're like
five twenty six how many games behind the reds are no not the red deer dear friends first i'm going to do i just i want to put this on there just to tell people the panic button is not being priced well they are pushing the panic button because mark sanchez got hurt i'm a little i'm a little nervous that the cubs forgotten how to hit an pitch two very important parts based on those are two of no there there like it to average skills in baseball yeah i was number one in the panic button out of the drawer and it's sitting on the desk yeah i'm looking right you're not gonna put all right to know i'm not even that far i just wanna make sure it's that i walked into the room that the panic button resides and looked away from it just like i poke my head in an then i close the door was like haha no no no but just thinking about it i'm not this is me not alright thank you stop thinking about it okay hank who do you think thanks less about a thing big cat
panic button me about michael sam thank you i think that's about it that's right just send thinking about it right now i'm thinking about the panic button now you're thinking about michael sam so are you i can see it nope i was totally all mayweather make mcgregor update this one comes from dana white who somehow the mayweather mcgregor fight or fight hypothetical fight has now become houma dana white versus oscar de la hoya fight which i actually wouldn't mind seeing like sure little under credit card yeah oscar de la hoya actually said that boxing would like possibly do exist with this fight i actually kind of agree with him is that crazy well what's next you're just going to let like if you let a guy fight another guy
you just gonna start letting animals fight guys and will know if they fight right if they have a fight if they have a boxing fight anne mcrae all it's it's basically all risk no reward for the for the sport of boxing because if mcgregor wins then it's like okay mma fighters are not only better mma fighters are better boxers and they cut themselves and if the bar in a floyd mayweather wins like we'll know shitty wins boxing's really hard so they need they right they need mayweather to win white also said he thinks that there's a seventy four at seventy five percent now
what's going to happen if you remember last time we're at fifty percent churn right loss or what just after this cat the cat got half way there yeah and then to seventy five and put the capital but then you hear so cats but the cats true owner would want the cat to stay intact and go to the other person's own the cats true owner was john wayne gacy you're actually a serial killer and then you shoot the cat with a narrow yeah i know there every law can can never kill the cat because zero won't reach it bill just go halfway there check and also the cat is in love with its cat mother yeah yes i went in there too little little cat yeah it's the oedipal strode angers law cat razor all right let's do a quick what do we have what do i have next oh bad visual bad visual for
jaguars the jaguars according to google their team website is listed as satire yeah thanks so it's got that will flag that comes up yeah they just i think i'm just i'm right i'm impressed that the guy's a google been watching a lot of film like that's that's pretty cool i don't think they were football got is actually a good thing for the jaguars right like it's just we're just okay sometimes satire is a really good way to get points across so thank you give jerking off in the pool on that thursday night game just a prank the jeans they were parity yeah all the trouble drafting blaine gabbert just the price yeah so it all works it all kind of makes sense the jacksonville jaguars might be the funniest thing to ever occur in professional sports if this is been a long time yeah well we've all been owned it's like a wes anderson movie so you don't really appreciate a wes anderson movie yeah and like that
that's the jaguars are saying to him by the end you'll you'll just look at it the right way it's just a diorama radians on right exactly bill murray i mean he's doing quirky stuff but if you really understand what he's doing it's next level would have shot con rips his mustache off and he's bill murray there would be hilarious like yeah he's wearing little beanie that's where we go jags we just got we just put out your next five place for you but the only sunset terribly portals because he's from the last plate glass these are i also think we should change in honor of tom green we should change the name to the walk club yes absolutely the fact someone treated me that the fact that we keep leaks did not go with local pedia that's where the biggest mess probably a branding histories so lame all right let's finish off our week with jimbo
yes everyone if you are listening to this you got maybe if you have a commuter something and you got you need to spend some more times on the pods we have a ton of podcasts out there download k f c radio i think they have bill burr interview coming up download zero aug thirty download spittin chiclets download mix tape its mba or four play for golf you can download all of those and you can also get him at the barstool sports app do that right now also stay tuned we're going to have a podcast a new podcast coming out soon it's just going to be me and big cat debating lebron and mj so make sure to download that one yes hank jimbos this again jimbos is slowly turning into just people listening to the show and then fucking up because of things they heard on the show however that's okay they called you teacher asked us the other day if we listen to any podcast a friend of mine said he listened to part of my take i asked him to suck my dick he ask
you suck his dick and now neither of us can walk at graduation okay well we don't say that anymore i said that we don't say that anymore and it's actually become funnier because anytime we see award winning listeners in the wild they just come up to us and say i want to but i'm not gonna say it 'cause we don't say anymore which is in only funnier than screaming suck my dick to a stranger yes so let's just keep that alright this one is on too good to be true but he attached a picture so i'm giving him credit for it ok pardon my taken stock inspired me to go storm chasing because it's gritty chase the store for about twenty minutes before tree fell on my car now it's totaled in the most upsetting part is i didn't even catch a storm and you have a picture there is let me say it is a real as that's definitely a tree all that was in a pontiac and we did your favor this is this is our charles barkley were not role model you know what that church that car that car looks like walter white's car for breaking bad when he kept getting the wind
build muscle on over and over again so think of your car is just a sequel to breaking bad yeah good thing we're just a prank truly guess what dude tell your insurance adjuster this one it was just a prank i was walking past a restaurant and they're playing electric avenue on the speakers outside so i decided to sit down and eat so i time to sit down to eat well these two people in line so i decided to sit down and eat and got food poisoning thanks a lot guys ok so i'm a little bit confused why that made you hungry isn't like the pavlov dog thing where you hear like tomorrow like maybe it might go laminating yeah you have to eat just the sound of big cats voice probably plays it when he makes breakfast here's the thing it's like it's like a double pavlov's dog because he knows that the sound of the song means that your voice is coming which means the eighth which means that you ate which means that he's going to get hungry hearing your voice which means diarrhea yeah and all makes sense circle of life
i want to send a snapchat to all the girls in my top friends and accidentally created a group with them in it and said that there the girls have been sending snaps to each other in that group roasting me all week i don't know how any of this works i also the snapchat so around i thought instagram kill it i and it's also a jimbo slash you might be in for a massage as law nor how many girls on this thing that little pro tip for everyone out there if you get a call if you have a friends that are girls and they start stalking you probably going to fuck that same time right if you're the only thing that those girls have in common yeah hi and guess what they have to do it they're good they're scientifically required to yeah that's actually not about tips your little experiment get five
your closest girlfriends who don't know each other put him on a group chat and just say hey babe and then works ha ha i didn't mean to say that all of you yeah and then kinda and just when it's an addict let nature take its course let it all happen we do it's work to this the us but you guys are playing yeah i like that my friends convinced me i ship myself when i passed out drunk by putting an uncased sausage in my pants they told my girlfriend and she thinks it's real oh wait there they convince you that you just shot out of a hole on cases all his office yeah that's not really okay i mean george brett did put chilly down our pants generally i can't judge a judge friends just need to lessen creativity and just break it up and maybe little mass yeah i'm actually don't put a full sausage on how would you convince your girlfriend that you didn't get your pants uh i ship my pants like you think that would shift look at this should dogs i'd convince her that it was her
she should on me while we were asleep and she'd be really really embarrassed girls don't poop like this is scientifically impossible and go to a hospital and have see a doctor and then you can threaten to tell her friends she pooped the bed one time and just kind of hold that over for awhile she's love then you threaten you tell her friends in the snapchat and now you have like a little poop three so may that he did you did you clean up the bed after you put in ha ha i didn't mean to send that to everybody so you get a little poop three so and then you don't have to take your trip to berlin next summer armen love to play with fun fact i went to cvs to buy condoms to there could be a discount if i had a card there so i gave them my very religious mother's number they sent seat straight to her email got a call half an hour later from her threatening to disown me so your mom doesn't want you to wrap it up your mom wants you like that to rago
houses jimbo like hey man i was i was gonna go have some sacks then my mom found out jimbo here's the thing don't try to save money on condoms there are a lot of stuff that i buy second hand and i try to get on the cheap condom usually best to pay full price yeah go yeah it's it's like buying a suit if you buy a cheap suit going to get worn out and you're going to be like damn i really should not cheap so we got the indochino yeah should have gotten the indochino because you don't want to be stuck with a cheap suit slash a child oh better question talk what kind of condoms were they because that can get really dicey if you were buying like you know some of the weird stuff out there goat skin yeah george lived yeah hot real old lottery now sir magnums then your mom would it just hit your be like hey that's bullshit i used to change diapers speaking speaking of used excuse the last one guys been dudes i was at
confraternities formal couple weekends ago and accidentally drank too much and for some reason i thought a good idea to compare dick sizes so some of the guys classic i proceeded to run around with my pants around my ankles yelling my dick's big my dick is definitely not big and all the girls there sought locker room talk who hasn't done that i like how the emails started so i actually got drunk at my fraternity social yes yeah that's that's as far as i understand that's what you do at our first mistake for some strange reason yeah you want to intentionally get drunk at that thing not access it is actually sad if you actually if you like i'm just gonna have a couple right okay guys guess what i got an exam tomorrow i'm just gonna take it easy and then boom you're showing your deck to and yeah yeah i've already had about four four locos and it's gonna take a rest and i've got easier pro tip out there just i would sure you're decked anyone ever under no circumstances 'cause they even get made fun even when you're having sex right go through a sheet
yeah always use the sheet i have a quick gym can jack kenjac who helps out with the show told my twin who is incredibly jacked in a muscle freak and instagram model so gym to me for spending the last five years getting increasingly fatter and making it super depressing when i see this guy who is awesome also he all his you said you're better right okay but he wrote a pretty good list last you could pose i i you know blogger first of all that was not a book he wrote instagram caption that's the difference that's pretty much the micro blogging isn't note michael michael bugging is tweeting so that was not a micro blog i don't know what the caption is graham is but yeah bobcat
own my life how many pages city on that instagram post he's got like probably a lot six hundred thousand followers not fade out wow what do they call me one of the common differences between like when he posted picture verse when you post a picture well everyone now is posting and being like you buff cat which is kind of funny i always got not saying you should do it but you know go ahead but yeah i got owned by cat what do you do so you can check my low l your gym but was just the last five years of your life yes pretty much yeah maybe in realizing that cold realization on a random tuesday night on twitter years but here's a here's the thing though if buff cat shot himself tomorrow he would go into a depressed spiral and probably never get out of the like i can't believe i shot my pants if you did it tomorrow you're used to it yeah you spent the last couple years get you into a different kind of training thing right been doing right you've been doing a pals and kind of psychological training is a train hard enough yeah if you don't your parents your train our good point that's very point all right that's our show
we will see you on monday we're going to tape after game two of the nba finals were hoping i'm going to i'm going to say it because i want to put i want to put the heat on him we have i reach out to our old good friend dan haren we want him back on and he said that he probably can come on a monday so hopefully monday show will be within her an nba finals and some baseball stuff with dan will see you then love you guys
vanny woodhead coming straight out of style revenant begging to eat the fuck out some minds
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