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West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen 12/09/16

2016-12-09 | 🔗
Thursday Night Football recap and what a cold bundled up Andy Reid means for our happiness (2:32 - 7:14). Week 14 NFL Picks and Heisman preview (7:14 - 14:55). West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen joins the show to talk football, his hair, and how many Red Bull's he drinks in a single day (14:55 - 29:53). Segments include Stay Classy, Kings Stay Kings, PR 101, Stay Woke, Respect The Biz, and Jimbos of the week. Bonus - flipping a water bottle on to a table game.
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twenty dollars after you make your first ticket purchase seek let's go for its part by sport welcome supported my take is friday december ninth t j f and the chiefs are legit the chiefs are
yet it was a game well let's subject area i want to go back to that occurred in one and he decides to sort the zone from like the twenty line jack del rio he's your friend who got on ahead and i was like normal don't worry guys i am still up i'm still up and then yeah working it sees lost all his money yeah he is ballsy when he doesn't really need to be balls you sometimes he was thrown deep on a lot of first and second downs and then you do like check downs and chicken shit plays and third yeah i don't know if this says as much about the raiders as it does about the chiefs i think that alex smith i think he's a cold weather quarterback that's number one dare car not nautical the quarterback yeah known fact he's called whether choker he played that fresno state kali boy you can't trust you can't trust the soft colleague boys zero car soft the answer is yes lot always will pinky was holding lot over there
a car and bp not not after tonight not that going around amateur absolutely so that's over alex smith is he's better in the cold war i want to say is bad the cold it's like he scott he's kind of shitty just in general and it gets cold outside its the great equalizer gives everyone should it's like you smell really what it's called either that two yeah there's that which is important and it's like when you play its really fast team you grow the grass out the up to slow down because doesn't also slow you down it just close them down so it's cold it makes all the quarterback equally shitty and then the rest the team can be good i like that theories of the chiefs hold now first pillar in the area of sea west the raiders bump i think they're like the fifth sea life comes out fast at this today the raiders would
i have it away again yeah yeah stuff but shutters they need that home view advantage a beautiful oaken cost sharing the raiders though those cholera jerseys were their sick all white why not erase all away all the colors thereby all cholera persons of colors yes it was a good game i mean it was kind of a slob became the second quarter was great the chief scored all their touched on in the second quarter but larry hit larry achieves minus three larry we do our weekly larry picks if you want to check out the video this week we happen when an award one august alright it yeah well we want to do we or do we get there loki that we can make a big deal out of it s not our style apple picks the top twelve podcast of two thousand and sixteen and we were the only sports pike ass to make the top twelve swear that world champions of being in the top twelve
right that was arbitrarily so thank you to all of our word winning listeners you we literally could have done it without you mother won t talking in the microphones to no one can have what i would do anyway but yeah not to take away from what they feel better to talk to a lot more people but anyway check out larry's picks video on the bar still sports up larry is what it all he is for for weak fourteen he is in sixty fifth place out of eighteen hundred people it's pretty great eighteen hundred hand carries i love this one on one is out of the in the goldfish is in first place for this week died for first for these while one in the goldfish division dep any sixty fifth out of eighteen hundred in the humans division netscape's so with that lets you are and i fell picks can i just say before we do it feel like a walk week us you just don't know what's gonna happen weak fourteen is one of those weeks where it's like you never really know it's gonna go ever i users stairwell weak fourteen i am yeah i write
into the trap a trap myself and weak fourteen i get the wheat fourteen mindset in that is pretty difficult for me i'm tryin overcome that this week i've got i'm taking the rams and the rams or can remind me of one of those old celtics teams before they got really good when they had you know that glue guys don't seem like an hour back comes in our backs motivating the guys like fisher just reminds me a lot of the old celtics i've got the rams i've got the titans who i've got the brockett ship the texans all your oh you're doing that yeah i'm gonna do that i didn't want to but then i thought why actually take the other side and i said no so i took an i took texans another way the fc south it is heating up the texans have the courts the jaguars the bangles and the titans laughed so guy they went to maybe then just quickly the courts have the texans the
kings the raiders and the jaguars laughed so we also maybe two and why are you so i wanted to take the falcons but are you sure that you're not totally sold on the falcons yet i'm not so sure that date or make me reconsider being not sold on them right they congrats mov we already scrap if wary promote scratch they could be the three seed or the foreseen but then they could be the succeed then there couple snares i ran through where they could end up as a fifth seed firms i stayed away from him i did take i took the fence i took the bears your bears very nice of you to do and then the giants of up to five pace is vital i had a lot of i loved teams i went back and for you by the way we're all within like a point of each other on the thing to o k hangs on to hate you ought to go quickly i ever get the brands archie three bringing the promised land ah steelers yeah jaguars yeah eagles cowboys and the backers
ok i'm taking the ravens i'm taking the giants take in the forty niners that's can be a great game jefferson nine or similar giving orders that one and if those back up the skins and the dolphins you're i'd like to see in their fell i'd like to see at the end of every season the worst team trade coaches with the best team and see what happens next year i like that alone the quick corky little rule change i add my green burglary there i won't talk about one thing that we discussed actually two things we discuss during the game the first is there was player on the chiefs who is wearing yellow glove legal that should absolutely be lily ever it looks too much like apparently flag but also got me thinking that if your bills fan maybe not a dildo a next time maybe just make your own only flag at home and throw it on to feel
can you imagine how long would take jerome burger to figure out that that was it was literally a false flags brain freeze yeah yeah yeah anytime anyone's wearing any kind of yellow cleats yell gloves my stupid brain just come of stops i can't figure it out every place where waiting for the flag looking for the flag dogwood forget how small that one would you i wasn't aware that i also anytime any red is like cold and bundled up he just so funny it's it's great tv and he was gone mad to so his face was turning round yes he was a big red ball he he also there's been a lot of talk about any red having like the best coaching season of his of his career and so when that happens and red make sure it pours little cold water on that you also challenge within like to mention the game started that's this thing would not move by have it any other way if i'm annie red why not just so
strip away all your challenge responsible i give your flag physically to somebody else and then make them and then and then you ll say ok i'm gonna come to you and begged during the game throw this flag no matter how much i beg you have to say no even if i say i'm going to say this exact thing to you right you still saner right get an actual detective on as i'd like to be your challenge where any reading me great art so the only other store we have for this weekend you can fall by the way on the sports action app is well we're going to be throwing out a couple pics on saturday and sunday we put in the chiefs tonight so if you following us you probably would the oil or ashura this weekend was the heisman the big casement loved i was a bit i'm a bit of anyway listeners show i'm really into the weeds on college football so thousand finalist are you ready
i think i can name laughed out my head you want i want to pull my dissatisfaction me here i want to say i think it's lamar jackson yet dijon watson yet baker mayfield didi westbrook and there's one more an omelet yet it you're forgetting it's gonna give me a sack get getting gimme a minute i have to put a definitive guy there so that it so they can stay clear of the notes just quarterbacks running magazine pepper saw yet real programme could call so we got it together as a team we got it what it is eggs just will not support an ad hoc you know that's why you're the best producing the busy up nice more and so my greensburg dumb rule i think the hyaenas colossus lustre for small just shut out no you notice no west coast guys could sportswriter go to sleep mccaffrey creating persecution chris chris mccaffrey
just make the heisman the first five picks neanderthal draft on cigarette garcon set of pending the best college by give us the best the guys who did me the drafts better graph right now good rule but better rule cigarette also instead of bringing the best college by give us the best the guys the draft is better off right now good rule but better rule whoever wins heisman should be eligible for drafting matter what if there are you gonna take it maybe just an invite you logical no you have to win ok i've got a lot i got a lot so if you're an underclass man who says now so johnny football job degenerates i wanted to do something freshman freshets yes his life would have been a train wreck even earlier yeah he would have been probably all the draft by the browser yes and probably also flamed out after yeah yeah ok i like that role would we got anything else let's get so let's get the interview with the west west virginia coach dana horse and great interview would you a couple ads and then we'll go to that
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movement watches dotcom envy empty watches dotcom slash pardon movement watch stay calm slash pardon joint moving fifteen percent off we now welcome on a very special guests west virginia head coach had football coach dana whole person first off first question nice and easy he just signed a five year extension i saw some numbers just like what eighteen million whatever can we get can we get a couple blocks what you got in your wallet to give me some money again until january for genuine every me over me up in a few worse will several back on that i'd so thats undersecretary do joe it's just give me some of your money you're rich guy can we have some money now well we will workshop and so i want actually talk quickly about college football players i fired off which we and i knew people in your office
what we saw it i was saying jokingly that the big twelve comic gets shunned this time a year what's asleep that besides in eighteen play off the thirteenth game at that's important oklahoma did a good job lasher snake in their way and a thorough clamored would add a good chance to get in there this year they were they won their last nine games right but if they could have won their last nine games and then played an championship game high pipe another high profile game i think i think matters those guys at play thirteen games in they get hot they have an opportunity to build a move up so that in the big transfix that next year at this time will be will be appointed championship area i'm i'm always a big fan of co champions like they had a couple years ago like any time you get a coach happen it gets buzz going around the program and around the conference
like many of you have co or like a triumvirate like a three jamnia worry check is wanting you better get it into funding were i bet that didn't work we are already well it's worth two years ago at what i guess as well beller and tissue day at a day the motto is one true champion but then there occurred champion so that that that hurt the big twelve get nosegays anew the player but once again has been fixed so we are guess or guess or coaches this question time herman or tom herman just get hard at texas he kisses players have you seen the videos him just mucianus yeah i am i gotta say i'm doing it all wrong have you ever kiss you got your holler now never done that tom's grateful balk oh jesus let us cast our aim is that he's he's pretty level i guess i gotta get guy good friend good football coach i've known him for a long time has done a great job of work in his way up i respect those guys that were you know have places like
southwest taxes and rice and i was state and then it goes the ohio state then it goes to houston and then it goes to taxes so he's he's worked his way up i respect that and you know you did nothing nothing was just given to him he's earned everything he's got speaking your career and where you bet as a coach do you still get a christmas card from case keen in britain sweden now do you do when you made them a lot of money do there's no other there's no there's no ten dollar bills and yeah they should be giving a little more than ten dollars but you d ever looked back and i come i made these guys and if a quarter like i'm a wizard now there wasn't anything i dead about it i gave him an opportunity to play on the case kingdoms he still hangs on still gonna be asian vienna like for a long time he was on recruited and when i went to houston you know he just used ie just played his tail off for five thousand hours for three straight years goes in the unifil
didn't get drafted not supposed to be there and then he just keeps hanging on brandon weeden's pretty much the same way i'm he was a baseball guy first round draft pick yankees then i got opel mistaken put him in position had some good players around us and does well and in new unfortunately get drafted by the browns but then i'll do it's your career had it but you didn't quite work out that ngos goes to the cowboys and in the texans and he's going to do so more bizarre parts about being a coach to me must be the fact that a sounds you get everybody in town thinking they can do your job better than you can answer go into this he's in there was a lot of talk you overcame opening a new contract which is great but how how strange as it is ever gets you hearing people like publicly call for your job done by their main and i dont pay attention to them
could also not even i accepted anger changes i follow you guys on twitter you guys do a great job you're always very politically correct which i appreciate it i told you i follow you guys get i don't pay attention anybody else you got you got blocked out it's it's it's hard firm it's hard for families it's not hard for coach you never take a peak because work out of into somewhere way where were you know you can easily find someone saying that you know this show stinks i beg you give us a missing that big cats thinks you're right i'm leaving i act as a real out of those jean pierre thinks a genius so we'll let him keep could go with that but you never ever let it like us you know like in a little you can't like i said amend coaches and players they they can block that stuff out pretty easy
a family members that's that that's a little duffer emails that there is a lot our quarterback schuyler howard a lot of stuff has been in the media about the fans not supporting him he's getting food and he makes jokes about it a lot doesn't effect schuyler and affects its family raises mom and effects as brothers and affects you know guys that can't go out there and do anything on that i can control some things on game day where i go out there and i just coach harden during throughout the course of the week i just keep my head down and and go and tires do the same thing but families is pretty tough let's asked a question that everyone wants answer to how many rebels you like day where it varies can be anywhere from zero to perhaps a lie died and other even days were now i'm loudly i'm having one right now you're sick you're having one whether you don't have a rebel mean did what's the most upwards of twelve
that's it throughout the course of a game of aims are more important than others do good geo sugar freer you the answers for you i'm a fitness guy i try not to have to try not to have a lot of calories we do have a red ball guy on the sidelines designated like has to keep the you had both now i've gotten trouble for that really well because the logos and when i go on work coke school and i drank lots of colleagues iran's shouted out only in my bedroom i drink a lot of that stuff by renowned in somebody both their renown and so i may have won but pretty much put it in a greater aid gap and off i've gotta go how many hours of film you watch a week the others are not in a time of the day to do as much as i need correct answer why we have so far we have you no we're not
on the same level as light as like next saving is down at alabama we have all these ex coaches is basically interns that sit there and they watch video right he's problem cheating but i do not cheating because those guys can do that second its legal and it's a good idea we just wait wait we don't have as much help as some of the other people do out there but how do you stop your sunday you come in after a game and yet you want to get the previous game over and you want to put it to bed and put it to rest and then you want to move on towards the next on its why comment on monday mornings not not a real early morning guy but i get home late sunday night come in real early on for my standards primarily on monday which is about eight o clock and then you just stuck there so far
about sixteen hours on monday you got to cram everything in so because once that's over and the next day hits you got to be prepared to be able to do what you practice what you got to do on saturdays and then it's all about preparation and everything after that but tat the aids it's easier to have guys at all they do is watch video all day long as i can actually coach they watch very all day long and then when you go into that meeting on monday morning they tell you everything you do you know i like that your hair we talked about it before it's it's fabulous you got the though path bald guy flow you said you don't care you said you don't care that it's like you look like a mad scientist sometimes simon like going bigger and mc crack and what do you do use you truly don't care dont care alex hamon cares yes he's my chief of staff worries about
my image way more than i worry about my amazing i read suppress clippings he reads the press carapaces he'd he has an idea what everybody say anywhere it and make sure that things are being portrayed the right way i don't care i just get up and go to work had downing off we go as long as my country's rock in the mullet your hairs on the cool thrown erase everyone's he's deflecting alot of that for me right yeah i certainly appreciate that i didn't think mike had it done them i really didn't but that i've known obviously no mic for a long time and worked work for him for a year at oklahoma state this is a little bit off the cuff forum is usually not controversy online rights as well as the eyelids work in these burn lotta games is raised i am in thrall just an idea one day big game sharply to pay andrews
throw it went on i mean that's a little my game right like while i would have to care and or right ok and like we just talked about began its i'd just don't care we asked this little flaw in that and that plan right there oh i wrote down all verloc i can remember the question we all did all clock ever talk about is nerd son now is my question the main oliver's had a lot of discussions about a lot of things they live in has been he's been to my office a lot you know he stopped in and i recruited andrew back out when he was a sophomore at stratford high school he's in taxes i was that taxes tat and i go in there and i watch one practice and am i our goal is a sophomore and high school of like disguise can be a really good footballer so i ask if he's got any interest in texas tack and that was an immediate no and that was the end of the recruitment
he was a great great guy looks at such as interest academe ec standards of excess tech and hacking where mixed were pretty important why i guess he ended up and stanford he said and done well for himself not oliver's is a great ambassador for college football donor great japanese ion lot he's our hurry goofy but there it was virginia so dear football guy in your at a university with when the great basketball minds file huggins which relations how'd you berlin has great he coach organs is awesome i he kind of took me under his wing when i first got west region that's it you're home in place today yeah well yeah yeah he's he's thanks because it is our great person amnesia west virginia guy grew up there you go to school there you know you
it kind of showed me the ropes is his great friend of mine is a unbelievable basketball coach i pick his brain on on a lot of different things and he's been really good to me you've been very gracious with your time so let's wrap it up with the final three questions first one do you wash your apples i don't eat apples it is actually the first he turned around and you yeah you a candy ass ok i just i'd boys man's apples then the non they travel its second last question whose most famous person your cellphone well it's it's u big o ariel sharon's flatter second reforms certain most famous man i don't know i dont really go through my phone very often
who was very idea whose most whimsical alex's phone well other than you yeah i don't know alex's you're famous most famous person in your phone you can't you can't have of ex player right so it's gotta be theirs gabby somebody over the top its famous interesting be leech oh yeah let's la oh my god what you might call makes a listener actual here here ears here's the problem with this here is a problem with that car combat called migrant and the problem with calling mike is and i'll be on the phone for an hour that's ok we have all the time in the world's we're we're gonna face time a morocco i've got a christmas show them your outlook that problem with being wholly calls the camera we're still sleeping is for
granted that what is praised prying outrage hey wee wee wee aid so that was actually my last question my last question was coarse them ass you don't dance roma sentiment was how we're does michael each he's now his he's brilliant he knows he thinks he knows everything about everything the matter as he knows a little bit about everything ok jack walter reed eyes now he's he's an interesting guys very nocturnal stay up all night long watches documentary after documentary reads books and doesn't sleep very much is really a smart guy brilliant person one of my dear friends and he's get apparent writ am i just making europe giving you charlie voice trailed wisely does not follow you have you met charlie whispered i haven't now he is the green parent and key west here would you we just after the gay westward twelve years
what would strongly one thousand what's it would you like a bathing suit the add on encroaching circles you guys talk about charley wade is like the godfather byles yes like while in this guy he's gonna like you believe lucky you nuclear plants are you working to charlie clause into the contractor youth pay me for that nobody lucky i dana thank you so much do we got to get to morgantown going to come on man you guys are always welcome to just bring it bring your rv and just park in my driveway and you can hang out there the whole time want our you ve heard the bathroom is broken and there's a person green
it's like everyone else i don't think you want that you can you just leave it on the straightening stay in the guest perfect thank you guys pressure so go to to before the interview that interview was brought to you by draft kings dot com this sunday drafting star com has a huge contest coming up with over a hundred thousand dollars in total prizes being given out
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are your share of over a hundred thousand dollars and total prizes this weekend only a draft kings dotcom drafting our come eligible restrictions may apply see website for detail go to drafting stocks right now put in that promo code beget ok look get to some segments we gotta pact patch show endless start with something that i think everyone has an opinion on especially hank the rare hank segment opinion leubronn flipping the water bottle with the calves in a blow our game in madison square garden a little stay classy free leubronn first of all i just want to jump in and say this is not a heavy you at the garden now you can do this spectacle and you can do this in any other stadium yet but you do that an amnesty makko basque mac of basque while everybody should your privilege to play there listen listen man i don't i want to go to
our ear but when the guard when the next good there's nothing like the guard that's right in the end the good for like twenty years but when they are good nothing william is a better place for absolutely my initial reaction sorry to cut you off and i know you're passionate but my initial reaction was lebron can't hit a shot in the fourth quarter the point so i mean how may tries to get like three forty almost stopped again yes some great job run disrespecting phil jackson like that when he's show knew nothing but respect great wonders when they when they don't get complacent they wanted when more than old joke around plain the fourth quarter of you when you in one championship and also its all fun and games ray frozen ponies i just realized that this is leubronn is disney he's like but he if there's a meme on the internet he's gonna do it in like the most disney lame move ever you know like anna can challenge really did manic chill way white ass like he he just makes everything so fucking lane what you're saying that he knew that the cameras random when using just a little bit about
so actually leubronn if we listening maybe do her on bathing had finally kill yes yes he holds great power it goes leubronn does it then mike mike does it then step so were officially done with what about thing also i noticed it carries team now he was going to hit it oh yeah interesting nice so that's it as eagle i did not notice the herd or injured this is actually a pre emptive one archie threes back this sunday starting for the rounds yet so weren't you heard her injured knowing that get her adds a tree i cannot prejudge can i just make one one rule here for her injured the arduous three we can't uses feelings khazar like always her ok i'm gonna go injured i think i think he dislocates the pelvis is the big one just like the said the sailor s quick
what does the rumour and last year the battle of ohio these teams really don't like each other probably i'm i'm thinking that pelvis just twists i'm going with the sprained ankle monday am our i broke it ok our ginerous mercedes because griffin likes a little bit a drama right so he's gonna make you wait if it's as if it's a dislocated pelvis you can diagnosed sat on tv righty in rapport be like you know the browns initial thoughts words sprained ankle archie three going for an hour i now worry that he might be althea turn that i would be dead the mri results came back turns out he's dead if he wins a game is he got the biggest moment threescore absolutely vs seismic yes who cares waiting we came with the brown camp here when it again with the browns is definitely they then yes awaits last came the seas and if you want the last came a season the brons were windless going into it that is the
i guess momentarily threescore he has to be the income at starter if he does it give miss subway sponsorship back that's right if he's one game winning streak going into twenty seventeen okay we have it little bit sabre metrics for out there friend of the programme recurring guess her circle guy embassies and cynical guide dan hand he got hired by arizona diamond backs as a pitching strategies for all your nerd way to go down which we never had it on the shelf was not just pitching strategy right is also analytics oh he's doing some minor analytics quicksilver since then you start clocking she's in kilometers per hour form you five it's fine returning it is otherwise you like ninety three and ninety four for gone by kilometers it's like a hundred i'm thirty two hundred thirty five you can break it down a little bit more to swallow freed up there we hope
we were obviously jogging we hoped and can still come on the show he is a friend of the programme and an inner circle guy but i want given credit because the diamond backs had the thirtieth rank pitching in two thousand and sixteen and a five or ninety array out of control smart move for him to join that team has basically he can just go and farc and above all their better who is the worst brave no he's done back so there were the worst year thirty teams i was forget it i'm eighteen zero baseball big madonna but i'm not a big baseball we art i looked thirty one is based but we're like that things third
the experts are holding back thirty thirty times but how there's forties division and there's four others five and some in their final essentials yes no more the even more alders that's what they did there are now three will cut all that so aside from thirtieth thirtieth team so basically they can't get worse he can just go pick his nose fart listen a part of my take and ville by just the law of averages get a little bit better here you know it's like of as did the law of average whereas hours were the its he basely walked into a burning house and no one had water and he has a little in our city cup hearing all help a light while you're hero yet good for danny put himself in a position where he set up for success which is important so as long as they don't finish last place by as much next end even if you do we learned this from our good
jeff fisher yonah rebuilt the den maybe try to convince the diamond back to think about moving that india and then they can't far he's got still the discovery of a redone backs venza yeah i like electric ammo jesus i like their ninth jersey that they were on the road i like stronger as is the gray i will always jerseys that's classes move by the way when but when you're not so an outer stadium energy might not be good mergers glue den burg make your pictures where the the jackets while they bat yeah not just whether on base seem where i grew up the play i want to see them wearing like alternate jacket steer put congratulations sudan we are proud of him i won't say
we wish to credit for but we kept him in the public eye is first year and retired we definitely raised his profile on and you know what he said on our show he came out retirement honour show he let everybody no the door was open yellow genuine what the big little badges sense and the check up to new york and mine we'll just take a little taste me fifteen percent standstill ended she entered in pr want one actually appear wanna one the jaguars have done themselves i don't love you saw while the jaguar stink bricks this is where you think the jaguars think bought worry jaguars fans because brodie general holding a huge jaguars official sponsored tale gate before the game next week on jaguars back now i think that they are so he is for everybody out there like me i had to look up who wrote agenda what big cats said hey
spurted jitters hosting italian you weren't at yale aren't pig in the reality in our vision see in our own dozens of echo that sounds awesome and nodded and smiled and said i i did a private google there should be a german word for like a secret google that you pull on somebody of a work on that but so my understanding is he is a carnation the hell outta the owl on a beach pogo com on ok yeah this is one say like you you're not early two thousands reality television no i was lodged fact as watching prosperous shows like a normal kit and colleagues slammer what's his name my papa karl papa carpets ass in the host who is basically the guinea pig fur the cartel yes he wants his jenner started with brody realise the reality tv thing was a thing gay men kim and then decide at the sex tat and then you should thank us because you think brodie jenner because he gave us a carnations thank you brody i really appreciate
okay i think that the jaguars around to some goods or tapping into like a younger audience younger crowd building that future for when they eventually they're going to need more younger kids when they move over to england and there i need to show that fan base one on have bill murray short kids love bill murray these things but i see i actually think that jaguars are hitting there like perfect demo right here they need to just keep bringing back people who were about like ten fifteen years passer prime maybe david gerard can like host all these targets we stay with the early two thousands reality out why we have spent surprise where spencer heidi is mighty the efforts they have fought swimmer that german whither he called them the year but we had eight years well why not we should have very true he only a good jaguars host them as you say this right out kim kardashian wearing his shirt that on the back says yeah but but with duties boom
i kissed her actions like i think that jaguars about either adi lesters maybe the arm awfully reflective isle of new york i have any pollard view like she'd be a good jaguars sat on all who get how did you know her name because i loved her shoe that show was until we get get past from the real world yes away back yes so maybe haven't still somebody things about gay people get get fired up like that placing jack's observe or a here's a free trick if you ever work a minor celebrities show up at some there you don't just give him an award ok we're given your word or just open enfranchising jacksonville yeah probably just block there it's almost it's almost like they just naturally like a zombie apocalypse and washed up
quality television stars just come start walking towards jack so it is as though they end up in a jaguar still causes on the way to tamper bay whether that's their final destination for their run out of my throat they gonna spa spaceship that's actually strip club it's like heavens gave you can have your kenny eleven is really really hope that you didn't even get knots guinean evan you don't care can you now families lad man i was his but i was too busy plan sport you like this kenyan evan play report ever through the candidates their true the greatest challenge guys and then they got suspended for life from the challenge because they may have raped one of the girls with a toothbrush while she was sleeping just classic of guys thats lighter and slacker and makes it isn't that right way to go get it over the other i got news i had from our guy blake portals who we know because of the show here
the mince words he talked about his interceptions end quote was someone asked how we can throw less interceptions he said try to throw it to my team and not there's you know that was one of those where the tipps that we gave him in the question dodging segment it was like to the question very literally we talked about this exact thing we can pull the tape so we welcome pretty much blake's like we're like the trail conquests feebly right now we're the pr department the jaguar so maybe we can get tiffany pollard and perfect so that was allotted jaguar start by the jag off here almost did some method for second blacked out next we have a king they kings you have something for yes this hot off the presses the breaking new can we get breaking news cow a dedicated bilbil check signed a wide receiver so stay king hassan griff wayland in a shocking move
its reach the point where i can i'm gonna go to vegas and put a hundred dollars on belgic drafting christian mccaffrey lecture and i'm gonna be the easiest way that ever government the nice thing about the pigeon getting underway receivers you can compare to all the other patriot white voters it's really ok so we know that bilbil check page the media i think that he just sign white receivers and running backs just confused chris cows worth so i m sitting in answers have to take another fifteen cent after the first down or touch down to just like makes how did they get the guy's name right that's actually great theory i and i mean if you watch chris gansworth call a patriot schemes are usually does get pretty confused yeah and first down by wes while her oh it's organ all this argue hogan examined all the stadium and all i can say that we also have a king stay king i mean it has been the week just jeff fisher he is the king he somehow blamed
last five years of sucking on two draft pics this is what he said i look at this as being myerst its ability to win loss record we need to do a better job from personnel standpoint we ve had some unfortunate things take place with some high picks in stedman bailey and trade may and those kind of things you don't anticipate but we're moving forward while ok stake king say king you know what i've now i'm anti formation mason to you ruin their fishers otherwise good name jan fischer would have been in the soup role if it wasn't flattery ice and pick yes and whose who made those pics well isn't that wasn't fisher was no less need andrea fisher together collaboration right ok lab job you can't put more than forty nine percent of the blame on either one right certainly not rises outcast back and forth to georgia here that they kind of hate each other now oh man i wouldn't be shocked yeah yeah
that's again that's one of those things where that's by design is another play by jeff fisher here it's always you gotta get the gm fired because if the gm gets fired it was his fault sharp regattas about trade that was with ryan grigson i was going to say it reminds me of last year at the end of the year where he had grigson and you had pagano hating each other and then they went into that meeting with our say and cried and made up and cried the cry for wonder they arrive team we call so that's a great that's it it's a really strong move if you can make up in front of your boss was somebody they have to give another year will see how it works now that you guys like you are right we all cried you cry together you got at least give it a chance many times words socially acceptable to cry is at the end of hooters are users is due at the end of users what's on your mind and then there's a chicken brass and then with
somebody that you hate it work when you're both trying to save jobs or if you ever think about your dog dying yeah i omit ground than just randomly search your crowd you yon not one has a yawning like tears why pick some eu talk about knowledge you hate o hank what it is you ve got you're scared of your dreams and so yawning makes you think of sleeping while you're yawning something wrong with your subconscious you ever hear the saying only boring people get bored after that have any respect the actually i actually gaza when i come when i am so much i love you on a resolution bullying hank recover respect the biz donald trump yes so down trump he's respecting the military this week he is going to the army navy game you're gonna game i am i'll be there i m very excited and so he is going to be in attendance is no switch sides that he's sitting on at half time which should make things
eight for all the other fans they're dealing with his security i'm sure they'll be really happy about that was just one of those things where he's playing both sides and you got to take your hat off we know that trump's a big college football guy we also now he's not a big draft guy if you know i'm saying i am hates the draft doesn't like it hates it hates rather go to college draft i ah but wait you so in baltimore saves me trip to feelings have always wanted to go to baltimore four are not baltimore vows wonder though the army navy game the draft though this just keep out of my head the draft is fully this year is that going to be the loudest blue of all time when roger godot walks out i feel like fillies lost said recently oh let's do that lesson fillies diagonally lasted a large measure of thieves haven't you a boot anyone is hurt their spine recent lena every i i make fun of philadelphia offence it's less its fewer and fewer them acts
we're getting mad at you and more of them being like hey you know that's not really or city has always been eating shit you guys i'm been donate is not really suited her souls you use us yeah i agree fully gone soft losses edge it might have to start throwing rocks the opposing team next sunday for me to get some respect back for art gig fucking visor off petersen said one with would figure on oh man old school philly peers and already have been dead thing what yeah hedgerow industry has ruined down julia have freedom avenue went to work on that i think is pretty good thing in these words yea i finally we have only yours they woke and you have said work amazon ceo jeff bees us ever heard of him just had a conference call with his investors rights any other little thing they can put your house named alexa where you can be like a alexa put on
a city or hey lacks a change a channel for me lazy he said in a letter to investors accept maybe amazon's most love invention yet with over two hundred fifty thousand marriage proposal from customers and counting stay walk on this job pieces just old everybody that is listening every conversation that you have in your house and keeping track of it you know what though i don't feel bad for anyone out there who puts willingly puts a robot in their living room and then comply means when the robot start to take over like that and that you keep in your pocket yeah that things like i was a robot no silly different like i shoulda hake is not only a small device that's electronic and has hearing and australia on artificial intelligence features i dont trust robots our trust us elects a bitch get a room onward would be worth yet will be that i don't have a rumour so hooker maria siri
are you serious he ever you syria dvd unable siri everything about ya thermostat yeah yet a robot inhabited ah anderson if anyone wants to complain about a robot amazon taking other information and tat picture them don't fucking put a robot they can talk in your house it so that's it france's that talks to yeah of course as china once the robots get feelings them are all fucked gmos dingoes actually good jim was this week so shot you guys our second week at a new job leaving work reception to ask me i'm walking out oh you know safely of his party having because i wasn't invited you probably think you have bad smell spend zone at secretary feels really sorry for you and you can explain that if you control the secretary in an off
as you can control the world absolutely that's definitely hitler said that a collar the gatekeeper here and so a wrong was a secretary yes exact oh good job look how she had a piano marrying him recall i found it marketing instead picture of my managers daughter i showed it to a coworker any double click it we ve had something like this before it it's not like he doesn't know that he's got a hot dog think that he follows his hot dotterine its grim know what if they're dinners i only want to your workers like my picture instagram that worse but it's all so so there's the friend zone but then there is like the manager poss employee thing where you also don't want to be in his friends are you one of them know that you're shark yeah because sharks
when in the business where sharks e nice guys finish last so as all the other guys aren't hitting on his daughter and he's like those are bathers you're enough you cock a guy you're probably get a promotion daughter come daughter cut the shit out of me what was this person donald trump and was a vodka because if you do clicked on iraq is then you ve got something mutual to talk about you ok how daughter i know next thing you know you're the producers apprentice people forget that our president elect has daughter cocked himself i'll jarring over morgan at a pretty vicious stomach ache last friday night as this the jimbo arising out of the power big cats i we should all just are walking around with jews on her hands good point now realises even in the top fifty grosses things and the podcast but in my we can state that image of that was just enough to pull me over the top and i speak out all over my drivers had window and down the side of my car even worse accomplice right behind me pull me over suspicion i was drunk driving during his feel test
threw up to more times and i think you just tell bathroom let me go so thanks so this is a great story if it's true but i've got alarm bells going ok i got the stuff happens you do so bright as in your puking during this right i'll give you one puke i think you may cute to the jews hands thing because as a little over the line is go home fault but there's might be almost but there's nothing that sell your stomach quicker than talking to a competent skates gay people what's wrong with that comment my girlfriend larry too isn't sixty fifth place of eighteen hundred she responded wait how do they have enough to take care of eighteen hundred goldfish oh that's too well checks don't get gambling are so spends on i think we should start a gambling goldfish a gambling exclusive a goldfish exclusive gambling contest next year yet another goldfish i am sure we can here we ve kept while i've for like
four months now keep one thousand eight hundred alive for at least a day no that's not a bad idea because at some point one of the goldfish is going to separate itself and so you're gonna know which one to decide within which ones to ferret so if ever really shitty goldfish you can fade them and look at games that contradict the really good one and know what games to pick yes also we're gonna have to have an open conversation with all of our word winning listeners and larry stockholders on what to do with larry wants a seasons over because guesswork guys it's a lot have to feed goldfish everyday it's like i sometimes forget it just might just have to flush of wild euro five hours per hundred ten dollars for a ticket to the big tension if each of game i blacked out walk out of stating after entering and woke up image
into random cars in the parking lot at half time how much did you pay the thing a hundred times or there's your jimbo we haven't got tickets for twenty bushes and seek out a tribes twenty nine dollars they're pretty good seats either really gets right behind the wish constant fence with jason dusky pictures those guys classic here we may be was that guy baby was a guy that only those residing author balconies ago submitting on off a balcony onto other fans throughout the whole game and then the cops came and took him away any somehow they talked his way out of it yet back in turn owes you it wasn't movies is just vegetable spencer my dad torres knee on thanksgiving morning i got drunk and repeatedly ass with views heard or injured five we had dinner he had enough and yelled it's not funny which then prompted me to ask him if he was a baby back bitch a pretty sure i ruined thanks mom you now you ruined thanksgiving but you gave a good jimbo yeah and
it's what you earned the admiration of you're to favour picassos right and if we're entrust tree right now we're all gonna be honest with each other dad can it be that bitch for his knee open what is i mean where we'll conway's haggard eyes i learn it s great or we will lose our offer to kiss her telling his with a guy who seven this jimbo go to your dad right now i'll give you a second was all pga fleck move by my walked your dad ok now put your phone on speaker hey dad you will be there bitch will you all you will fit you you'll you'll need her is your will enable workers one maria gives all they got the turkey sucked anyways i went to my companies christmas party prior to arriving from my friends i play games where consumed two forty ounces of steel reserves among other drinks when he arrived straight to dance floor after wild dancing i feel some grandma shoulder thinking it's free
i turn around and give them a punch in the stomach naturally turns out as the companies present his wife who wanted to dare to me the bonobo yeah ok well it sounds lake your boss might be involved in the war christmas some somehow if they don't think this example behaviour howdy holiday party should be like international waters i dont i want to go until one of your ward went winning listeners what they need to do with their life but i'm going to do it right now i think you might need some therapy if your initial reaction to anyone walk up behind you is to punch him in the snow especially in the same spot it tells us who argue i think you're miller you misreading it it was like a bro punch it of china get one of those either as a bro if you're swinging on somebody's either cuz you hate them are you love them and it sounds like it was done out of love we beat the shit out of each other cuz we love each other all right this is never cry never gif
great ere i was stone taking a piss while trying to find a good sign on my phone my photos over the toilet in asia pissing drama phone into the toilet my case covered so my phone except the speakers in the headphones jack i don't have insurance sort of a stone desperate panic i started sucks to suck the piss water out of the speakers and headphone jack my phone works fine because i was stoned i forgot to brush my teeth and went back to my room kiss my girlfriend like nothing happened ok i'm going go and say that the real jimbo here is your girlfriend for dating we know that as you dropped your fallen toilet actually password you pick it up and settled i will this kid i would go out
definitely pull it out any would also have a lot to do is like are there any pictures on i found that i really want to save axiom or take my back my answer because i did i was about to say he's a cloud hanky as i say it i would if i was like young and didn't have money out probably grab it and start second the piss but then i remembered not like six days ago i was had my hand in a piss filled toilet trunk clog it out of my free will thus yeah but there's no cameras rolling so unfortunately i'm still pissed guy you know i still fuck with this makes sense all ellison supper iran iraq logger hotel toilet collapsed on call yourself we hand no no i just leave that are you why it's pretty embarrassing because i've done that saving the majority of hotels i go to within the first five whence it being there are clog it at some point you just get really tired of having to call the front desk bouquet i just checked in an metallic caught while no
i would never even considered and that is not what the shit's with toilet paper he's gonna now put her hand use products this is a bizarre admission by big kara that's fine hey i thought it was tell the truth mundus its focus rather odd gmos i just did mine by telling him that ip address major man out of critically weak actually account is lived large and dillinger myself when on a run it's doing great the foot the for injury that somehow healed pretty quickly hank thomas i can never happened yes almost never happened almost like it only happened to get a little butter sympathy from everyone almost almost like a lost i hate you i offer my keys to my apartment this morning so long to get back oh yeah i got into neuber last night and i am currently selected over poor
and i didn't know about it until i was maybe seven eight minutes into the ride and there we pull over and firm hotel and he's like waiting for somebody am agreed on my by places i would like fifty minutes where his honor pickin someone else arpanet sinking feeling they get there is certainly the worst feeling in the world this is like it is now i want to do an interview there's like how the other half lives i've never i've never even far about hotel cycle but i do propose when i leave here good night just a little thrill some but once i left it to em just finished the show and i walked out and see someone in the windows i walked to the other side and i opened the door and like that there's a girl like that down on this other guy in the guise of what the fuck are you doing like with like about a punch me that is over he didn't know it lifeline ogre he was he was but he was about to kill we'd like do we need cars that are painted a certain color for yeah what's yet get win win you get into that car you're like
so you use uber too i joy the awkward silence like trying to see if these they'd broom conversation also it's like an elevator i've seen of porno snow that a porno could break out i just love averages like i said earlier trade that's our show we will see on monday we have we projects along we had coach holders and obviously great interview he came by so we did him but we have come on coming monday let me guess
if you made it this far you made a firm bonus segment fulsome bottles like leubronn live on the podcast look you here we go
the item is closed now almost caused cause you're sure scene it either ah
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