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Wisconsin's Ethan Happ, CBB With Fran Fraschilla, And Zion Is Back

2019-03-14 | 🔗

Cleaning up NFL Free Agency. Kevin White goes to the Cardinals, Blake Bortles cut, and the Giants continue to make more sense (2:08-13:22). Zion Williamson is back (we taped early would be a real shame if he got hurt again) and we do the bracket of horniest dudes (13:23-25:24) Wisconsin Basketball Star Ethan Happ joins the show to talk about March Madness, fixing his free throw woes, and does Brad Davison practice charges in practice (28:19-47:54). ESPN's Fran Fraschilla joins the show to give you some dark horse March Madness picks, what to expect from the Big 12 tournament, and whether or not Zion made the right decision (49:23-1:13:59). Segments include Kings Stay Kings for James Dolan,(1:14:47-1:16:49) It's Louisiana who cares, (1:16:50-1:18:49) high idea that will revolutionize car services and FAQ's (1:18:50-1:31:58) 

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on today's party might my take we have wisconsin star either tap on the show we fix his free throws he talks about the tournament coming up his career playing badgers his wet post moves in his soon to be wet free throws we also have friend for sheila who breaks down some dark horses for march madness some of the conference tourney play that you're going to watch this weekend some real good college basketball content and we have the qs some nfl free agency we have to clean up and a couple other things for the people out there before we get to all that it's time to talk about the cash card from the cash app that number one finance app in the app store for reason the cash card is the most powerful debit card in the
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subscribe to the youtube channel hot seat tmz for not getting their hands in that footage before we did before we did today is friday a march 15th a month for tax day and boys that's really this time yeah that's real this time why i do an extension but boys k white no longer bear that's really oh yeah yeah oh yeah it's big big time well bear for life there for life rookie for life going it was about to have his breakout year he's reportedly going to sign with the cardinals which will only help josh rosen stat lines he finished his bear three or four years how many receptions do you think he had pft thirteen you are so wrong yet twenty five damn that's pretty clearly off so yeah we were cleaning up nfl free agency all the in's and outs the moves
and that one struck me also blake bortles obviously struck us that's true i want to throw a flag real quick on kevin white to arizona i don't like it for one reason i don't like when two wide receivers on the same team have the same haircut it's very confusing they
but i think has cut his hair ok good good then i love it great signing by cliff kingsberry and also rookie of the year you got rookie inner articles or for real yeah josh rosen or maybe kyler murray throwing a rookie connection yes roses absolutely he should be eligible for rookie of the year next year it would be hilarious if kevin white just became like an absolute stud it would be great to go from the seventh pick to two thousand four hundred and twenty five receptions in four years that's hard to do you would hate it you would absolutely hate it i would love it yeah you still just rooting for former players to do well yeah i want him to i want him to actually win rookie of the year one of these years if i was a brand new coach in the nfl i would have no problem diving head first into just getting all former first round wide receiver picks that didn't pan out one is going to be good right right i mean it's the dumb brain theory that we have with free like free agency in front office if we ran a front office we basically look around and be like ok they were first round pick up boom done and just
as many first round picks as possible that way people can be like wow look at this team with all these first round pick yeah they call that the matt millen philosophy so actually you get you get kevin white fat mike will remember him yep from usc malcolm kelly just yeah just basically it up on these guys that are very very town for allen what is out there yeah he is sure i'm picky is yet one of them's going to pan out one of them it will pan out so the other news we had the saddest we of all time the jacksonville jaguars have caught blake bortles we talked a little bit about it on wednesday 'cause we knew it was going to happen but seeing the tweets it hurt me story very like in a deep way it did staying because like it's real at that point very real it's real it's like i'm after if you have a relative that passes away there is that like you know two three day period where it's easy your in denial for it yeah and then you go to the service and you're like wow this is real yep that's why jewish funerals they have you actually put do
you know that as you know this is real right that's how i felt last night to blake you know he was too beautiful of a bird to his wing clip like that i just wanted out his free i just want to note that we are making a list hank you made a list right of all the people that made jokes yeah uncle chaps your number one on the list buddy he was made lot of jokes nick foles curse on you also big news came out earlier today you see what john elway had to say about joe flacco yeah so john elway when asked about his brand new stud quarterback thirty four year old joe flacco said he's entering his prime excited to have him so i think i always figured it out so he's learned from his mistakes he's getting all these tall quarterbacks that aren't very good but the problem is he's drafting them yes or he said such a terrible record in the draft that he's figured
but the problem is that there were two young so now it's just going to be signing old guys that are six foot five in two hundred and twenty pounds he also doubled down on his theory that he would never draft kyler murray because he can't play under center and joe flacco can play under center john elway has not watched football in the last ten years i'm convinced of it literally everyone runs shotgun and he somehow has missed that entire way van is i guess if your bra this fan you want to feel good you can probably spends on yourself into being like well with vic fangio and a tall quarterback under center we are zigging when everyone else is sagging sagging on the zig if you have the number one overall defense next year and that's of course in terms of yards allowed then i can probably win nine to ten games joe flacco under center just handed the ball off the shelf le coast he does not stink he's entering his prime did you see adam sweet today the one it really got me going i'm sure you probably saw it i
and i did see him though adam shafter season just interrupting people on live television that was fun to our friend scott van pelt you mind if i take this call right now on in your face and then tweet on air but it was a tweet today so today he was talking about going to clemson's pro day or he didn't go but there are numerous scouts that went there and do you know who their offensive assistant is he was former quarterback from a first round pick lost to the jp losman was a quarterback that was sling the ball around and looks good doing it that the scouts asked him if he would consider come back to the nfl first round pick theory and he said no i bet you john elway yeah i would absolutely considered jp lost without a doubt without a doubt level i mean he threw a pass i think was two thousand eleven that's okay he's fresh yeah he's got he he is ready to go we also had another after in the new york
what the hell are you doing so they traded odell beckham on tuesday night everyone said ok great they are committing to losing which actually went through this there i actually think it nfl you can't really actively tank in like oh you can't say before the season we are trying to lose because it's such a hard league to stay and for the players and if the players know that it's like all going to fall apart very quickly well either that or since all the players are very very talented at that level some you know some teams obviously have more skill talent things like that if you give
players a little bit of motivation by having everybody in the media saying that they're tanking yeah they'll up the tank and they'll end up going six in ten or so right nine right but i i think like if they dropped when haskins and they still start eli manning that's gonna be a problem because the like what what happens the nfl is if you see that your team isn't playing the best players it falls apart very quickly so i feel like they've got a man is going to get another coach he's gonna get bob pat shurmur fired and he sign golden tate which is not only he's old i think gold is very good player he's feisty he's feisty he's old he's redundant in the talent they have costs money he cost to pick and now they're trying to win again yeah and well is there such a thing coach killing general manager 'cause i think gettleman mites that's what he's doing he's a coach killer the machine is a coach killer what i see them i don't see them going for dwayne haskins i feel like in gelman's
and that would that would undermine less confidence in himself i want to do that when we do that i feel like this will be your situation and while it might be wilder landing spot okay we'll groom the next quarter later in the second round maybe yeah you're going to want to get but he's going to draft like a free safe or or a wide receiver in the first or you don't get him and really should do draft kyle shurmur from vanderbilt
dot schirmer son that would be not now yes awesome if you lie manning had to deal aren't you would just be himself the office of court in that point you know you wanna play this way you can go sit my boy he i think that archie probably cycled take is that you need you need to have you i have weapons yet is statistically best year last year yeah get my get my boy another large yard looks when i would be bought all man so that's nfl free agency i think it's all kind of we we obviously it's winding down yeah we miss levy on bell to the just we all news going the jets real quick i want to throw this out there ha ha clinton dix yes i'm the one year with the bears yes never said a bad word about him as first reported by who who my dog your dick
to breaking in my dog is yeah i i mean we were all right on eric berry i got a we are yeah they're they're having conversations right now got it yeah so leroy was first on the ha ha clinton dix news put embrace debate pft thinks that espn will some day credit leroy i do that's no check i'm going to keep this going to credit us i'm gonna keep this going until somebody now doesn't have to be it espn but it has to know if it had to be it to the pond water yeah that will never happen no never i'm gonna i'm gonna say either foxsports counts espn
nfl network or nbc what happens if he's wrong though one of the four what do you mean what is wrong he's not wrong ok but the dog into it so confusing tell when earthquakes are coming i think they can predict this eric berry to the brown this is a slippery slope where it's like when you watch a game with your dad he predicts every plane gets every play wrong and then ones right he's like i should be an announcer ok well that's what's going to happen here i'm going to predict everything heroes got it and then he's going to get one right here like where's my credit now he's got a good nose on his cell count this news i mean right now he is one one slash two or two yeah yeah for two that's pretty good that is pretty good so that's a hell of a betting person yeah if you get you into the major league baseball no one's ever done before also the other news teddy bridgewater is returning to the saints so re scratch that off as a landing spot for blake he spurred or he spurned the dolphins which is kind of a repeat of what happened on this day in nfl history back in two thousand six yeah when drew brees signed with the saints i like to play a little fun game about the dolphin
you ready for this one yes it's just called name three dolphins mmhm okay is still want the say yes okay done they're going to cut him but i'll give you that one yeah can't wait not on the team anymore is he i would assume he is i think he is yeah he is the titans on ties of yesterday i got one more in me i just don't know no i think i can do it yeah i'll see where you have your computer in front i'm not looking kenyan drake ok he's reading the ross no i'm not he's reading the dolphin now all i got is tannehill and kenyan drake so far who's their kicker feel like we should know their kicker hank you got any dolphins in you ronnie brown ronnie brown he could tell that works yes picking up and by the way if we're talking about breaking news i breaking news update on the blake bortle situation where he's going to actually spoke with him late last night and i said where you going and he said no clue ok is close to any ne
no to be over one of be more the panthers than anything yeah and see that's what it sounds like to me yeah breaking his phone right now read that text lawyers go well actually no i got the same text so don't alright so let that is free agency so far we have college basketball it is upset that he didn't get the tax yeah it actually was blake saying where he's going but we're not going to be down there with college basketball were in the thick of march madness conference championship week the moments where you're just there's like fifty six games today and the most import news that's coming out of college basque get to some more with frame for sale on ethan happ but zion williamson is now healthy wearing kyrie fours no more paul george marcus smart
and hang kairys never had a devastating knee injury never hank you look like you have a little pep in your step and your back honey where i've never been worried there was never a single point where i was worried and i'm kind of continued to not be worth now do you think would you be a little bit worried the fact that it's coming back before the tournament it gives him what how many games do they play in the acc twenty four so yes you know i think they would only have to win three races saturday night would be the championships or three games that's three opportunities for him to re injure his knee yes this is basketball self football it's not any of these other sports like basketball play need to play that it's true you are right it is not any of these other sports i like that quote that hank just basketball players need to play basketball it is not any of these other sport you don't know but it was all done at all it will braun that's what all these players even it's it's you have to play i've heard it is dumb it sounds dumb saying it out loud but you got to play is
almost confucius like in its simplicity yeah and i've heard i other people have said that i hardly lake say it i've i've heard you say it i heard charles barkley say it to basketball players play basket basketball basketball football football we say that all the time that's true the standard is a standard can't change it all i mean big cat knows better than his life all his life and if you're not bowling then you're not yet rupaul's lifestyle do you think he is better cardio because he wears that polo shirt with a button all the way up to the top it restricts his air so he acts like he has to get more out of the oxygen that he does get in i feel like that look doesn't work for anyone who's borderline chunk yeah it looks like you're just suffocating all the time like whenever i have to put on a tie i almost killed myself because it's like i'm suffocating i feel like i feel like when he realizes that if he put the button
he would have had to wear undershirt and he would look like a noob wanted to get point i don't know i feel like the second button on zions polo is still pretty tight yeah that thing is tight it's a major skinny neck guy move if i were injured i would just wear the jersey full uniform tequila spikes couldn't even wear polo shirt pulling just had to wear just just crop tops yeah pushups whole jameis winston remember that time when he got suspended and he just showed up in full pads and they're like dude you're suspended i got a new segment alert are you no i'm not well at all why would i be worried because of two quizzes championship by what was it twenty example digits not happening and not with an indian town so do not no no i'm just not at all no new segment alert ask me march it's called
i'm going to show pft a funny drawing where he can't look at it and we're going to both laughed it's actually from our very talented someone who works with us trick draws at trig draws very funny twitter account so this is a picture you sent me that's pretty good right we're going to make a sure to that one do quizzes that's pretty good so that was really show pft a picture and don't let him watch look at it and probably you want you want to look at it i'm saying it will extend this segment a little longer here we go good right i bet they danced omen great reading well use did you see oh so you mad mad mad not mad at you bet you mad alright because it's also college basketball we alluded to this on wednesday we just threw this idea out there it's going to be brackets isn't everyone's doing a bracket everyone's making fake
gets of things also shout out for the win for doing a podcast bracket and leaving us out of it that was actually a smart move by then yeah i don't give a hoot to dominate honestly i don't give a shit right like people i appreciate everyone defending our honor but they had to keep us out because it would have been like you know a wolf in the hen house kind of such du kan this year's i don't know also shot out check out jeff flow from lights came a barstool yeah and by the way subscribe to the podcast if you like film or movies if you don't even if you don't just subscribed to it yeah just do it for me ok my guys he out a sixty four team bracket of the best fast foods less fast casual restaurants in america so we like twenty thousand votes on so go vote ok i'm pretty good all right so here's our bracket we talked about it
we're just gonna throw this out their time on wednesday it's the the sweet sweet what we call it the sweet the skate sixteen get sixteen the horn is due to the world we're going to do something fun so ptr going to see the names hank you just give us a one through four seating and we're going to pay attention should a high seed be worth more 'cause if you have more seed you're hor near right that would be too could you know what let's actually do something a little different than that let's go no seeds and the winner of this bracket is the first person to come on the show ok come on not that way no you see me on the show where they just send a video of them like jerking off to get that would also their phone that would also be the winner of this bracket gets an honorary membership to the rain city jacks perfect so if you know any of these people on the list some of them are dead so you can probably say whatever for that if you know any of these people on the list and you want to get him on the show if they could on the show they will win the student life well some of them
that but some of them are dead that's gone we can talk we don't talk to death yeah we can talk to we we are long over due to talk to and all right so we're going to go down the list number one with sixty untim sixteen guys rick pitino easy come on the show very easy but actually come on please do next one next one bill clinton sony only person to get impeached for being too horny yeah i actually think we have a chance of getting bill clinton on the show once hillary says she's running again and then they have to ingratiate themselves to millennials while your vote they were going to your pussy how about how about tiger woods very yes and on the show but quite although he's i think he's doing better i think he's doing better with this morning he is but i mean he had an all time run like a dynasty of hornyness for about one thousand and fifteen years yes that tiger book i didn't finish it but i read some of it you were the only one that didn't finish yeah ray allen
yeah so that's self explanatory i'm getting there i want you about no my dick not telling no but i'm getting there when you think about my tongue where your and switching back and forth from my due to my tongue okay well yeah anthony weiner hello areas that is last names weiner and he is the hornets guy he might win just be by being anthony weiner because you just think about like the time he sucks did with like his kid in in like bed next door or like in adding in the bed he's gotten caught sexting i think like a bakers dozen times yeah like seriously he got he got in trouble for it he went to prison and then he also got caught later sexting even after all that you can't sucks okay next up next up brent musburger uncle brent so we all remember that the national championship game old school wine i'll write one of our best presidents ben franklin died of syphilis
rushmore in her mid states press right can you dive prevented herpes i think yes he patient zero for herpes tide a kite to his dick in fluid in a thunder storms exactly next up mike to rico oh yeah i'm just assuming with mike he just seems like a hornig i throw that out there just seems like he's all horned owl like that one ok we have some extra some extras how 'bout phil rivers with he ten kids that he has very honey although i'm going to throw flag on myself here i don't even know if that's horni i think that's just definitely it's just yeah it's just sufficient i don't think that he's a fish and i think that he has weak sperm but he just fuchs enough ok just a theory i'll double up on that antonio cromartie as well 'cause they're kind of in the same bracket ok should they be a tag team do it could be attacked in the chargers fourteen kids between the two of them next up henry the eighth time warner guy throughout his head got married eight times seven wait
otherwise henry the eighth he got married a lot i don't know the exact sabermetrics on how much he was married but he also died of syphilis and he's damn it ears and he's also dead is dead he died of being horning yes that's right there i think to get him to the skeet sixteen yes easilly marv albert let's throw marv albert out there and i'll do another one the dude from american pie fuct up i miss is name jason biggs x so those movies were basically like chasing six gets his dick stuck in different things yes well it's just a pie all right wrapping up with it we have three left strom out there seattle slew to racehorse yep if you look at the lineage he is sired something like two dozen kentucky derby competitors yeah in the lab like twenty twenty five twenty five yeah right life were all right my last one is tristan thompson who is continually getting caught cheating then re cheating and cheating again also like you know
like hey remember this but i can't remember the dwight howard just doesn't play basketball one remember when tristan thompson just had that like like this may be a sex vine not even a sex it like sex instagram story come out remember that feel like we don't talk about instagram stories that's where rick pitino's wheelhouse is yeah there also now that i'm thinking about a canadian basketball player also very very very yeah yeah he's like every song he's warning he's got his own basketball slowly yeah i did i'm going to feel like i was thinking like god forbid those problematic that would be awkward for the raptors i'd say some yeah i say i think he probably has swelled since that clock how awkward like like always flame out in the playoffs and never won anything of note awkward or like you can't really get more awkward than that it depends
how what comes out true true that's very true true i'm going back to the animal well for the last one here pan panda panda okay so he he single handedly is his way out of extinction the giant panda species so pandas are notoriously not corny animals they have trouble mating in captivity not pan pan something like fifteen or twenty percent of pandas alive right now in zoos are his that is great yeah that is bad analysts and also if you look at the whole this pictures of pan pan of which there are many yep he's always got the sly little grin on his face he's got a hell of a freeze yeah yeah big time okay so all right that's our bracket that we didn't put any seeds on or write down vote is that it is at sixteen vote yeah will make a bracket one of 'em on the shell let's get we will even talk to pan pan i would love to talk to pan pans handler he might be dead pan pan yeah got a big smile or sweep science how could you do you think around before and uh
yeah we're so close you know i can check what about till come at the the whale with the droopy no even get his fed up no he had like do you like invented blue whales are we that's just not true it is always like not like evil is the first use was the first evil whale and then he had like twenty five whale kids where will the bad attitude and then that just like he started evil wales also his name was till i come perfect little talk about that do you think this summer will be the summer that we can ironically bring harm probably back it's coming not only wasn't it is right like we can soon be like hey remember 'cause the internet moves so fast what do you mean by ironic be like yeah
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ok we now welcome on a very special guest to my heart it is the one of six players all time to have two thousand points one thousand rebounds four hundred assists in college basketball he is the star of wisconsin badgers it's ethan happ ethan thank you for joining us and thank you for being a good basketball player i appreciate it thanks for having me out yeah anybody ever thank you for being good at basketball before if you like good way to start number yeah that's pretty rare but yeah it's been done like a few times okay so let's let's us start with where we're at right now the badgers obviously you're about to play in the when this airs you guys will be playing in the big ten tournament in chicago back in the term print this year after last year
you're seeing your your are you kind of try to enjoy everything i know you did the minnesota thing where you shift the crowd are you trying to enjoy everything and take it all in are you trying to go for like the ethan hap revenge tore war first i got a curfew it blue this is in the crowd is more thank you guys for taking part in all this is the home crowd in minnesota for but right right but yeah i would say it's a little bit of both uh you know you you what time in and over the years you've had so many people help you along the way so you just want to enjoy the last couple seconds of it really but at the same time being a sitting at home and not being able to play in it at all last year definitely you want some revenge on that too yeah it was definitely a weird experience because it was the first time that you know it but it was the first time in twenty years so it was weird to not see the badgers in the tournament what would you say toughest place to play in the big ten toughest place to play probably michigan state
that kind of out there kind of on top of you at the court or michigan michigan the fans are i don't know what it is about their student student section but there ruthless like they'll talk about my mom will talk about acne will talk about whatever it is just trying to get into my skin and stuff so those are probably two tubs play supply football playoff the acne gas fuckedup everybody's got acne income michigan right like they're probably saying that and there's probably someone like right there left or right that has like yeah it's like damage has doubled on the acne stuff how many how many post moves would you say that you have a i mean i would say i have like or like solid ones like gotos and then they're just all in provisions off of those four so like depending on if i'm getting double teamed or what the defender actually going to me then then i just kind of improvised from there
i'd say like a solid like four go to so do do you ever think like like forty fifty year so you would have been the greatest basketball player of all time uh i never think that but i get treated give me all the time and say that i would have been like an mba here's running if i was going back there absolutely it is great is a throw back in it i mean the poor good post move the way you're able to take guys down in the post is unbelievable because like you said you improvise you for go to is but the improv improvising off of those four go to use when you just add things on you guys you get you somehow gleich break ankles in the post yeah it's it i grew up on being a garden kind of had a real big growth spurt in high school so i kind of take that mentality end of the post i
their break a in the photo but yet it's something similar to that work the guys don't really know what i'm doing down there just 'cause i have so many options being able to my left or right hand do you have do you have a hook shot i know that that guy up in michigan's been working on that this year is kind of bringing it back is that something you're trying to incorporate like like like a real exactly yeah sky hook now i mean maybe i'll have to try and get that prepared for the next level but right now it's just a little jump hook the sky hook that's credit to him that takes a lot of practice and then a lot of guts to pull off a lot of competition do you ever stop during a game and think big cats probably gambling on me right now no and i told myself when i got when i came on your wouldn't talk about covering spreads or anything just so i don't get caught up in the fbi scandals true good plan but but yeah i never think about think about
i probably have thought about him watching us yeah still never forget that video of the fourth yeah which city was at a yeah yeah you won't talk about that game for florida game at madison square garden i don't recall that one who do not really but we yeah who took the loss worse me or the locker room i yeah i mean i would say it's probably close to a wall there's probably will you know i know how big a fan you are for us and everything like that and you know both both sides we thought we had the game in the bag or at least we're going overtime or something we definitely didn't think we were going to lose right down there yeah it wisconsin basketball so funny because it's like in his football too but i love rooting for you guys and you guys have given me and my friends so many like joyous moments but also there's been a lot of heartbreak in it's you know it's a territory but we're always underdogs do you ever do you ever
find when you're like playing in a tournament game or maybe a preseason game game in the in the fall a team will it will look past you guys because maybe you don't all duncan you aren't you know a ton of nba talent obviously you're going to be in the nba but the whole roster doesn't do teams look past you guys because you don't have that flash i don't really think that happens to me just because they know how i mean it sounds wisconsin but like how sound we are and how many how many times over and over again throughout the years that we showed up in between you have way more athleticism and you know that can we run faster whatever it is like the villain the villanova here you know that was one of the best teams in college basketball coming back off of that um loser image of north carolina i know we beat them up it
they say your team the year before so my freshman sophomore year those are two examples yeah where you know we we didn't have a more athletic team or faster team those guys but we're just more finally found out of town i your teammates with probably my favorite college basketball player right now and it's brad davison has he given you any tips on how to take charge is now he he he and we we love you know we love then he loves his like his grittiness that he likes to take charge a lot but but it's gotten to the point where here you almost have to lay off from trying to take him because the refs the coaches you know complain about him all the time better coaches and then they talk to the refs about it and then he's less likely to get a charge more likely to get
block now yeah i'll print out kind of work that's going on for that has kind of flipped on its head compared to what it was last year does he take charges in practice yeah yeah he does he's not just not just when the lights are on time because he he takes hearts in practice too love it do you ever during a game like look up the scoreboard and be like damn we only scored this many points there have been times yeah especially in the first half yeah the ohio state game on sunday was like four nothing with like eight minutes into the game right yeah but the important part is that it's forty true we might not be scoring but hopefully times are not they're not scoring either so that's kind of how we play good point so i have an idea i wanted to address this here you are very athletic big man you've got a good shot you've had some choose from the free throw line
this year an i have a suggestion for how to fix it it's called the pink rip have you heard of this not here okay so it's called the pimp grip and it's very effective way of shooting free throws suitable underhanded with two hands super easy to master the ball hits the rim very very softly so get a lot of friendly rules in there i invented it again it's called the grip that's the name of it it's not called anything else it's pretty cool okay i tell you what i got i appreciate you trying to help and i i can announce that i've been struggling there's been a lot of rainy days but i do see some sunshine comment i just got a stick through since i've been doing and maybe i'll save pimp grip for after i'm done playing professionally does it whether you because like i know i read like greg gard says that you practice all the time and i know the type of guy you are it's not like a lack of effort practice it's just for some reason the free
please don't go in does it is it something like really sticks in your crawl like really bothers you yeah i'm i would say it's pretty demoralizing at times when especially like you said now you know i put in a lot of work it's not for lack of effort i almost wish it was that way there would be an easier solution to fix it but you you feel really good going in the game and then you miss one or two and then it kind of spirals downhill from there but those are things come definitely actively trying to fix mentally and physically uh but yeah i would say it does kinda eat at me a little bit ok i got an idea for you so i've obviously i probably have not helped in that case you did have the structure you missed eleven in a row and it was a fantastic streak but i probably shouldn't even mention it so i'm going to reverse it i'm going to be all positive all the time on your free throws and i need you to when it's the free throw line just saying your head wet right
you shoot just go wet and it just like it will change everything if you just say your wet it doesn't really matter if you make it or not you just mentally thinking you know i'm wet right now right right okay oh so you're going to be going to use power positive iti yeah i'll mild it yeah right before i get the ball wet if you see me do it on camera then you gotta give me a shout out on the next podcast absolutely will i swear to god if you think in this if you get off the line you're like yo big cat thinks i'm always wet from free throws like you will and i'm going to be tweeting it too and when you get to the free throw line in the big ten tournament would be like yo even happen it's a new ethan happ like we've started over we started fresh you know it's crazy you probably you actually will not miss another free throw for the rest of the season is that wild it's pretty well known that we can get that fixed right here in the pocket yes i think about that for a second you missed your cue i've already missed your last free throw of the year that's crazy
going to put that in the rearview but yeah now that europe encrypt your one hundred percent as far as i'm concerned saying wet at the free throw line i'm ready for this like it is just 'cause i think the crazy thing is like you don't you see some guys shoot from the free throw line and it's clear that their mechanics are off or you know there or basically putting their foot over the line the bron james not going to name names but you have like the fundamentally sound shot so i think it's just a total mental thing your wet alright that sounds like a plan this i'll i'll get it done in the next game against whoever we play that first round i mean i single handedly made alex hornibrook heisman buzz out of nowhere now that was just because he was the talent level on that with a t shirt and then the talent level same with part houston and everyone has been everyone knows his heisman campaign so we can i feel like this is just like a believe it achieve its situation i think you're ready you are ready to deliver this again i don't mean to knock you but you know those those things actually didn't come to fruition
so yet but they almost did hornibrook still has another year but there are numerous people talking about yeah that's right he transferred to the florida state right it's fine i didn't say where he was going to i think it happened just saves gonna workout were all about positive thinking so he's definitely going to win this that's the eternal optimism of wisconsin athletics yes like things things will be ok yeah this is our year serious question for for people who follow badger basketball what you obviously bridge the gap between bo ryan and greg gard what's the biggest between the two guys are they basically just is greg gard of paul ryan are there a lot of things that are very similar been down there like some of the things that they use those scold us in film uhm but i don't really know i mean it was tough 'cause i
he was with coach ryan for like a year and a half and he only coaster like half a year so i guess i can't really point out like us you know stark differences in the two of them they both share like similar values and obviously the same offense and things like that yeah taking a quick straw poll here do you have a passport i do ok the most routine so passport just like off the top of your head uh no do 'cause we we just went to new zealand australia last summer oh very cool was it like a passport day thing where everyone had to make sure to get the pictures taken that i don't know i had mine for a long time
terrible quite knows you have a question i'm convinced that to ask why you're asking he's got a theory that makes no sense i just think that there's a passport to wrong now i've heard from other nba players that there is passport day for some players e it's yeah forget that even happened do you ever have you ever ever make a pass that's too good a past you good yeah like when you pass someone it's like i wasn't expecting it 'cause it was 'cause you're an unbelievable passer from the post too i actually this actually happened last game uhm i passed it to kobe king and he like out of the post i threw it like with my left hand and it went like right to shop pocket and then he shot an airball but and i went up to allow like do you want me to put it like somewhere else is there somewhere else that you want me to put the ball other than like right where so he he i mean some people actually do like to catch
off their body and then move it in their shop pocket to get like a rhythm yeah but i guess that's one example of that maybe yeah no it happens to me all time where someone will pass and i just missed the lamp 'cause i was like i wasn't expecting you to ever pass yet pass kind of his job i've uh seen some of your tweets about your stats you kind of share the you kind of see the game the same way i do yeah on the floor and a lot of similarities definitely i don't i only have one post move though and it's just to go cross the post and kind of like just throw it up at the rim and then try to get the rebound and put it back in first never shotgun at least you get a rebound this year for the nba draft but then you came back can you walk me through how that process went 'cause i'm actually curious about about kind of thought process between you okay well i guess some of the mock drafts had you going pretty high and then
and come back to school like you didn't hire an agent is that correct correct yeah so so basically you like you put your name in uh just like you send a letter the the commissioner saying that you want to be able to bowl and then you have a certain date i can't remember it was that you have to pull it out or you're like for sure the new draft some basically i just wanted to go see what feedback i'll get from teams and if they would be willing to take me i'm higher up then like it was originally scouted for me to be taken so i would've worked out for like eighteen um talked with some of their gm's and had a scouting apartments and we basically came to the conclusion me my family that would be better to come back for one more year and
a little bit better and then and then try it again next year it's interesting because if i were prospekt i would also be thinking like teams being honest with me because there's a lot of smoke there's a lot of like things that get by different general managers to kind of like you know depending on where each team is going to be picked over which team is picking so it was just a matter of like ok they give you kind of an honest draft assessment and you're like i think i can go back do better and get picked higher next year yeah for that's how that's how it went for me i think with more i guess high profile like first round picks you know they might get lied to more but for me it was pretty straightforward like we would see picking late second round uhm and then you might have to spend some time in the g league so like hearing that kind of stuff you know why why would you want to come back for another year and in another wisconsin get you a three point shot and then you'll be like the perfect nba player you just get
how old is reese threes the pimp group is that for three point shots no just high likelihood it gets just free experience john again it's not called granny style it's just freaking my last question what is your favorite bar in madison that's tough i mean i don't drink during season i so it's more of a summer time thing for maine i also heard that it's tough to do by the way to get a lifetime ban from karaoke kid yes i did launch yeah wow i just want to know i actually want to know how that came about i refuse to get a great day yeah i just refused and i went limp and i didn't i went limp except for the mic and held the mic as hard as possible and then out yeah pretty much and then i a probably have not been anymore but i he'd go in a year after and they're like you can't come in
whoa this is real head up there yeah i couldn't believe it okay okay that's awesome that's awesome cool but yeah that definitely did happen is it even still there madison has changed a lot so the years since i've been in college but so so what was your favorite part non season i think our whole team we usually go to wl kinda like it popped up like last year or something like that and that's kind of been the spot to meet up i have like a a patio upstairs so like in the summertime when it's warm out they are different that's yeah maybe maybe next time you're in town for both both here than we can see what a karaoke kids assuming you back in there i'd like to see big cat make his triumphant return to try to get back in there i think they'd let me back in now i think i could get some pull to get in there what's the song now i don't care i used to do my move used to be just do tequila that or you just say tequila
but i've done uh was i think i was singing night ranger was a sister christian christian mode around for karaoke but yes yeah great tune absolutely alright well we'll see you in minneapolis were going to be the final four and you will be too because you're not going to miss a free throw in the badgers are going to go on a historic run alright man that sounds good to me thanks ethan appreciate good luck this weekend take care thank you that interview with ethan happ was brought to you guys by bud light you know her favorite beers it's bud light and just in time for conference tourney week for all twenty one and over award winning listeners out there throughout the rest of college basketball season bud light wants to hook up the award winning listeners with some sweet swag so you can look your best when cheering on your teams for march madness all you have to do is tweet at part of my taken at bud light pictures of you drinking some sweet sweet bud lights and we're gonna like some lucky aws and send you pmt an and bud light swag bags it's easy
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different okay we now welcome on france for sure he is can we still call you coach i just called you coach and i feel like that made i like it hello it makes me makes me feel good about myself give me a little self esteem okay great so coach we got caught on the line it is we're getting into the conference tournament week we have march madness coming next weekend and we figured you'd be a perfect person to talk to about the upcoming march madness now let's start at your you know the place that you do most of your work the big twelve the first time in ever the kansas didn't win the big twelve will we he can't just kinda rebound here and can they be a threat in march or is it this is just not kids this year no it's a it's a it's a well there's certainly capable when in the big twelve big because there at home there in kansas city and it's an unbelievable venue i think it's the best postseason
college conference tournament because you always know it's kansas city is always sprint center pretty before a lot of the school stands to get here but more most years bill self will tell you privately like look we want to win the regular season the it's not as big a deal because we usually have to get ready for the ncaa's nc that and that they're always trying to make the long run but after lose the regular season this year for the first time in fourteen years i have a they'll be a little more you know let's just say they they they certainly i think like to make up for what they didn't get accomplished so i i think they'll have a little more choose here and we'll see it happens because this league so balance this year six seven teams literally were in this race probably until the final two weeks a butt so i'm actually see how kansas you know reacts to not winning the title for the first time
thirteen years is an amazing run but it's over yeah they'll be fired up for sure now they were pretty good at home this year the kind of ran into some trouble on the road is it did it are they too young what what was the issue there was a difference between the team when they're playing outside their home then you are in they had a lot of cd sure they really did they they they were nine and know when they lost a big guy also bookie then the guy that was off to a great start with general vehicle bill self i don't even honestly think he was sure he wanted it back for his senior year but he did take him back uh was on fire early and then you know gotten the coaches doghouse and that was it you he took a quote unquote leave of absence played it right you know they they get the open the door like you know theoretically hey we may bring them back but they announced this week they were not bring back in quite quite honestly as much as he was a good player
chemistry was not the same with him around and there actually started four freshmen right now but don't feel bad 'cause there's for mcdonald's all americans also so it's it's a talented team but they i don't have the cohesiveness i think that case state of texas tech app going into going into this tournament this week so we're taking this on a wednesday it's actually the day after st mary's kind of shock and saga there were fourteen point underdogs in a winning by fourteen and you said after the game it's just much mental as it is physical so with that said coaches around the country do you think do the best at getting there guys ready on a mental perspective well you don't want it as used to basically talk about going into the big the ncaa tournament and you know you're going to have a lot of guys a lot of people listen to the podcast filling out brackets things of that nature
anytime you use anytime there's a push you always got a lean to a coach who's had success in the tournament and doesn't necessarily have to mean winning at all because tom izzo's only got one national championship but he's been to the final forty six the time so when i when i look this time of year and i look for teams that are well coached particularly for you know for the aa tournament right off the bat you think of you think of guys like is and and certainly on the line now was taking his michigan team to the final four few times and going the tournament obviously jay wright who's had great success here recently these are guys calipari you can't discount calipari because because keep kentucky team as young as it is is starting to really really play well it seems like ten years ago that they got beat by one hundred to start this he's against duke in the in the champions classic so you know uh
i like to look in my bracket towards coaches who i comfortable can get their team because when you break down the ncaa tournament it's three weekends and it's and you got you're basically in a four team tournament each of those weekend so your goal is a coach with a team a team that can go far is can i get my team with two games this weekend and then going to next weekend and try to win two more and all of a sudden in the final four so i think i think experience of the tournament does matter in one of my favorite things about margin in the entire seating process is some of the conference homers out there they get very up in arms about their conference and and we're looking at what could be a whole larry situation it the acc got three number one seeds can you walk me through the doomsday scenario that would lead to the acc getting three one seeds in the rest of the country losing their minds yeah i know
it would be it would be it would be hilarious because you know you have a situation this year we have seven or eight really good teams teams that can all by for number one seeds but hey i saw last night that that was one of the first of all is one of the coolest things i've seen i don't know about you but i have never seen in in my long you history around he gave a college basketball team that could lose by forty eight early in the year come back in and beat another team yeah especially the number one team in the country so there's going to be a lot of consternation both good and bad about gonzaga and weather actually do deserve a number one seed right now because now just mind blowing last night at you know to watch that game in every time good zack a missile lay up or easy chippy i said to myself this is this is going to happen up there or about three nights a year guys where you
over your head and no matter what you do the ball goes in the basket and there's three nights a year where you play as bad as you possibly can play the rest of the season who is who your team really is but last night st mary's even brandy bennett said he said he said we're not going to see kids agha play this poorly for the rest of the year but to your point the fact that gonzaga is no longer or please no more no longer looking like it's invincible and the fact that michigan state's been banged up and that michigan state just beat michigan and tennessee struggled a little bit here losing the kentucky and lsu so it definitely opens the door because i think duke's going to be given up a pass if zion comes back you know for the for the couple of losses to carolina carolina is playing great and then of course virginia
only two losses are to duke so it's almost like a round robin here in the acc and i think they all may get rewarded depending on how deep they go in the acc tournament yeah so sticking with the acc do you think science is going to come back to park when things aren't going to come back and do you think he should come back are you where do you kind of land on the one and done in the future college basketball in that respect well well first of all cat who is the first guy in november december to say that this kid was going to make a billion dollars playing basketball i've never seen anything like him the closest thing i can remember to zion is when shaq played at lsu and now in terms of how good a player is but just a cartoon character nature of this kid's physical dominance and acted that like jackie plays plays with a smile on his face i mean the one thing the one thing about this kid you love is he just looks like he enjoys playing you know when you when you think
do you think it's somebody like you know chi irving in the fact that you know he never seems happy or satisfied this kids the total opposite and i think i think from coach a standpoint over the last couple weeks there is no way he could wrist playing him too early based on what kids futures like i don't care how many how much coach k wants to win the national championship the kid that literally is going to make a billion dollars playing hoops so i like the idea that they were very conservative with him i think he's a to get back on the court i do think we'll see him play because i don't think they're going among court unless they absolutely no he's close to one hundred percent the worst thing coach k do is have see this kid suffer another injury and by the way i was also i think one of the first people to say the night of the the sneaker blowout that at nike's gotta sign this
yep yeah i don't make good on it this is a bill no brainer for nike i don't know how you guys feel about it but i think he's going to sign up to seventy five to one hundred million dollar deal because eight they always so i put the disk is going to sell sneakers yeah yes and but it but if you're zion on the on the other hand would you want to sign with a company that had the shoe blow out on you yeah yeah because i think how did to me like i i wear all i wear whatever free ok i don't know about you same yeah actually i'm looking at my body right i didn't pay for a single thing that i'm wearing right now exactly so what nike to me like when i saw the blow out my first reaction was are about you i didn't say myself when it happened oh my god nike makes a shity shoe 'cause they've been selling you know billions of pairs of shoes for the last thirty years i thought oh my god this kid is such a force force of nature he just blew
out a pair of nikes on national tv right and to be to me so that that's going to be an incredible pr marketing campaign for this guy the only guy that could ever blow out a pair of nikes yeah i guarantee you when he's in the nba they're gonna double stitched those bad boys yeah you know any also do you you're right he has all leveraging now because like you can't let him go anywhere else he has to sign with like you make hi and she you so that he can be like what they had to make a shoe that could fit my power exactly science i got the name already mount zion on all that i loved it ever since but i think errors i you know obviously just as well so i do think we'll see him play i do think he let's play and listen you
you can't put a minute you can't come back hermetically sealed this guy until june twenty yeah that's absurd true true no it's not football and you know it's that it would be different if it's doable going to be an idea which they don't plan yes sir but this is a is because a lot of steak and by the way this kid has benefited for being a duke i get the whole idea of paying players and will let those kids right to the nba at high school and i'm in favor of that forget the one and done but the fact that he chose do 'cause he had to go to college he picked the school that you know i mean let's face it nike duke coach k nba at all you know lebron kobe because it does get how does guys feel about coach k coach him the olympic team this was a he made a great marketing decision initially just to go to duke and i think it's going to pay off the next four months i agree now if he doesn't play in the tournament do you see duke advancing past the elite eight no no i
phone i think there i think they got me i think this kid is this kid so dominant guys that if the it was fair and it may still happen but i would vote for and i do have a naismith vote i would vote for him for national player of the year that's a given i go freshman of the year that's really a given and i would vote and for the national defensive player of the year because the guy blocks he rebounds he steals the ball he's he's breathtaking when i when i saw him in november in in annapolis and he blocked the shot and he threw a seventy five foot bounce pass your teammate for teammate for a layup i mean it each my by the way that's why when they played army and yell this year in december i was still tune into do not it's r j barrett yeah i want to see silence yeah they were
let's watch another guy who's been must watch who maybe the casual fans don't know about but as a fan of team that's tanking and trying to get a high draft pick i've been following along jamaran can you tell people could have you covered the draft as well can you tell people what type of game he has and how he's going to translate to the nba i will i love and i think he's the second best player in the draft and i and i noticed that the draft the bad guys are starting to catch on this kid is unique because he say it the right way is trey young with more athleticism i mean way more you know trays a nice player having a good rookie year doing some really things you know knocking down forty footers this kid has the athleticism of you know the young john wall a young russell westbrook amazing athlete but the other thing he does
i think better than both of those guys is he's a he's an incredible passer they could the kid really sees the court he control it with both hands in the nba can't put your hands on anybody i think he's electric i think he's one of in a draft i think he's one of us very very few handful of guys maybe three or four that can be an nba all star and i think he has a chance to be really i think i think he's got all star written all over him and the highlights the dunks the passes i so when you put him around nba players is just going to wow people in my opinion i'd be shocked if he doesn't go to any listening is and i was you know again i love design i was i was right there at the beginning of november on the scientist number one bandwagon 'cause i don't know if you guys remember rj barrett the consensus number one pick in the draft right all last summer yeah changed and now i push rj down so maybe three four pajama ran i
is a he's another guy that's must watch tv and fortunately in the tournament mystic the belmont yes that would have been dealt a selective you wasn't turning jumper at also has already perfected the art of like to chris paul paul pierce being able to run into guys and get a foul he does that very well he's like a thirty year old vet in the nba where you can get contact wherever on the floor yeah i like and i hope you see him in somebody's interviews but he's also got a great personalities confident cocky i wouldn't say overly cocky but i i think this i think he's going to i i mean as a knicks fan i was kinda hoping for his eye on porzingis connection you know and i did happen and now it now it's just a crapshoot as to what happens you know to get the lottery so screwed up now the worst team in the league only has a fourteen percent chance again the number one pick yeah and after rose to go there is no no disrespect to rj but after those two guys
i think there's a little bit of a dip okay all back on draft yeah go ahead got to ask you something i'll be thinking i don't want to get this so you fixed ethan happ free throws yeah so we just finished taping with him right now a minute ago and he is he is coming on for friday show it's going to be you and ethan hat and we mentally changed his free throws so he's he's not going to pft offered the pimp grip which is underhand granny shot but his re brand i think it's too late in the season to change that we just had a mental breakdown of just saying the word wet every time that he takes shot and it will met 'cause i think it's a mental thing you know you can tell me i mean you watch obviously all the college basketball for him it's a guy who is not it's not like is bouquet from camp from kansas where the ball comes
in a weird angle and you just know it's going to miss ethan happ is somewhat fundamentally sound on it it just doesn't go in i think it is mental because i've been around that kit for years and you know summer camps and things like that and i would like we had about the under armour all american camp as a counselor that was the before his junior year you might remember this cat when they were saying he's up in madison hey he's working on his three point shooting yup yeah i was like that that's not happening but i by the way i'm i'm huge fan i'm a huge fan of that kit that kid is one of the best players in big ten in the last twenty five years there's no doubt what he's accomplished is unbelievable now 'cause i the reason i want to know if you fix the free throw if you have i'm calling my and brent musburger who i work with you years our friend album vegas yeah yeah so if we if brent knows about the ethan hat fix i think i think all of a sudden
you know the the money is going to swing yeah you don't do you know what i'm saying is is a big difference like the end of the game changes drastically if your best player i hit free throws let's test it out in the big ten tournament let's see how it goes and then we will see if i did truly fixes free throws i promise you that if i eat makes ok i'm going to put a number on this yep if he makes over fifty five percent who i would say six thousand five hundred and sixty five i'm gonna put myself to a higher standard sixty five alright ok so if he makes sixty five percent i am going to go on twitter and give you some credit for the pics yes and i think i think would go with that too but he's i mean he's an unbelievable kid he really is an i hope i hope he can fix it i actually think there's a way i mean the the
he has four hundred and fifty guys there's gotta be somebody who could he does so many things besides shoot yep it's got to be a team that i think he can make i really do i is going to make it to be good enough i think so too were talking before you hopped on the line here about what the optimal level of wisconsin athletics is in my opinion for me it's perfect wisconsin season for them to be just good enough to break big cats heart do you think that was because is good enough to do some psychological damage to my good friend dan yes i think i think there i think they can get to a sweet sixteen and i think it i hate to say this 'cause it's just everything opposite of what i just said i just hope doesn't come down to their up there up for with a minute ago now in ethan happ gets fouled or fixes fixes fixed well actually
extendable fine ok actually that would be the best way to break his heart it would kill the really fast way is to have your theory on how to fix some crash and burn oh yeah work work for like two two or three games and then at the crunch time moment have it fall apart that's not going to happen not going to happen like although although think about how i think about how you celebrate let's go let's put the shoe on the other foot there down one with one point four to go oh yeah how about this in the sweet sixteen and they're playing texas tech ok a3 versus six or something like that and anything ethan ethan goes through line and banks two free throws and not
are you celebrating cat that you're taking credit yeah for the three topics i wouldn't take credit and now we don't know we don't do that yeah it is we don't demand crack and i'm getting charge the parcel still i'm getting excited all right so our last quite a my last question i need a dark horse team from you a team that people are talking about not you know we're talking virginia u n c right talkie do call those teams we all know one team that you have seen all year long you're like this team if they put it all together they can make a deep deep run in march ok so we can't count texas tech right because they wanted to have good yeah two goodbye because about a month ago they had lost three in a row and i would have said dugdale get it straightened out so i'm going to i'm going to discount texas tech the kansas state from the league i cover because i know those teams well okay so well in a team okay there's two teams one
they've been good all year but no one ever talks about him and they got to the elite eight last year in s florida state because they got like fifteen guys i mean and they got like seven guys over seventy it's amazing you know and and last year they they caused a lot like they they cause a lot of trouble in the tournament you know they got the they were they wound up losing about this they want five thousand eight hundred and fifty four in a in a game to go to the final four they returned all their key guys and all he did this year up in a great league is gone how about this ready for this twenty five and six yep they went twenty five and six and no ones talking about and their lengthier the longest team i've ever seen they just bothered the hell out of everyone are you lensky or strength guy uh thank god there are some five seven so i yeah i would love to have been a wink guy you know i would i would have loved
well i would love to know what it would've been like to be six nine with like a seven five wingspan so but as okay i think i'd rather take the line i think it does more damage so that's that's one team i'm gonna throw out use it but we know they're really good because they're twenty nine it two yep so on another team a sneaky team i like and they've had they've their upson ups and downs in conference play is maryland ok and uh and i like them is because they have a terrific point guard and they have a developing young big guy in the fernando who's going to end up in the lottery people don't know that yet 'cause i think i think our guys at espn have him 27th he's going it up in a lottery and the reason like maryland is because they've played in a great league they've had it had their ups and downs they still one twenty two games and they're going to
breathe a sigh of relief when they go into the nca tournament play someone other than michigan michigan state or purdue it's a great name too yeah yeah and i always like the team that finishes third or fourth behind like the dukes in the carolinas and the kansas is in the and the michigan and michigan state because those teams have played at a high level all year and in some cases they're fighting to get into the tournament and once they're in a go go we want to see michigan state the rest of the time yeah no that's a good point that's a very good point do you have any other questions i know i think that's it it musters a mid major that i need to be on the look out for well yeah that's good one i mean you got well the cinderella pick if everybody's brackets is definitely going to be waffled absolutely terriers yeah they're ranked yeah yeah so that's what i mean they're not really a cinderella the relevance only losses this year our ready for this let's see i think i got mississippi state cans
oklahoma carolina four yeah i really so you know we jamaran people going to have them in their bracket wofford obvious the buffaloes in regardless the in regardless if you want to speak if get in if they get in yeah it's a sneaky mid major would be utah state just beat nevada couple weeks ago that's what i had that fight no in the locker room after the game yep and cheeky good team good coach water shooters and a good young big men yeah i like them they're they they a good team and that that's going to be a good mountain west final if it's about a verse utah state again coach thank you so much we'll have you back on for draft i'm excited for that allow other hope we will see you maybe at the final four if you're there yeah if you
if i see you guys make sure you come and say hi a what a what a pleasure to be talking a little hoops with you guys yeah a long overdue thanks so much coach that's friend for show thanks so much interview with fran was brought to you by kite are you tired they always dying or losing your extra pods will worry no more you need kite it's a new portable vape charger in pod case that's compatible with dual whether you ready for an all day tailgate or an all night party kate will make sure that you're always charged up it gives your vape up to three full charges in kite holds three additional pods you're always ready on the for a limited time get your kite for fifty percent off at kite dot com no code required just visit key t e c h a r g e r dot com fifty per an off kate products are not associated with nor sponsored by jewel labs incorporated
ok let's get to some segments first up we have king's taking so james dolan back in the news still in the news a video was released that he kicked someone out of his own concert you know this was two years ago so he might have been a changed man oh wait no he just got caught doing it at msg last week yeah he was at it was one of his own concerts this was at the pilgrimage music festival in chattanooga tennessee you guys were probably all there and yeah who do who wasn't so his band was performing believe the call jd in the straight shots yep great name place because you i think yeah because with the buffoon i don't forget what it is though he is a buffoon if playing because if something hilarious whatever he does and somebody in the crowd of literally a dozen people had a sign quit your day job sell the knicks and then he's doing saw that and he said don't that's a little negative i'm going to invite you to leave so he's positive
odds only positive i yeah this is ronnie does it it's cool when james dolan doesn't it's losers stop for an owner he loves getting owned in public she loves owning himself he loves yeah he's a king of a cell phone i don't understand at point is james dolan like hey we're bring signs to my concerts like maybe i should sell the two yeah
i have to say how should you would be to be in a band of james dolan we probably pays you a load of money so yabu sweet he pays you to be at james on if you would like to pay pft to be in your band on me to just hang out backstage yeah james will do it in a sack i will play i would play guitar in your band and i'll do it for half of whatever you're paying the guy now yes scab and heal after all your job think i actually think he's really funny guy yeah that's right you were saying i was i was saying that off there and he gets a bad rap right for the moves that his management team makes on the next yeah like phil jackson even even show up is all he was he did even scout he was basically just member that picture of him on the on the so on the bus yeah usually such an idiot he was sexting jeanie buss the whole time and james was like hey i want to build a winner new york is a championship city yeah also i was a thomas who would have known that he would have been a bad idea to get higher again and again after you fired and again home all right we have next up who cares it's louisiana we we debuted this segment last week when our coach
of louisiana or lsu basketball team will wade was caught up in a scandal because he was wiretapped and basically implied that he was going to give you gave a really good offer to one of his recruits and he has he was suspended for the last game of the season and he has since released a statement on iphone notes at that said basically legally binding i want to come back and coach admitting that he was wrong in anyway just saying sir my time i'm ready to come back hey member everyone forgot about sean miller would do the same for me well he wasn't even saying that he wasn't guilty he was not denying that he was guilty yeah so he was just like they got me but listen time's up time's
we want me to do i sat out a game i went to spring break right had a good time slap on the wrist get me back on the court yeah let let the kids play some ball let's get a go and so will wears louisiana yeah again what is louisiana it's again okay i would be more shocked if the lsu basketball coach wasn't cheating i saw blue chips yeah that mean they did they got a john deere basketball oh yeah just basketball yeah and i actually don't think it you know what i'm going to say i'm a disagree pft 'cause i feel like the whole that you like we want everyone to be friends that's cuz you want to go back to baton rouge everything is good we've we've conducted our investigation pmc and here is the entire result of it it's a one pager yep it says who cares louisiana yeah it built wait their second page it says alternate title if we
is in who cares okay so the her help you can go either way that's actually a that is a hell of a course for a country song writer who cares it's louisiana yeah it's louisiana who can who cares right there that's it do we have i had a higher idea i want to throw out there hit me sports talk uber okay okay we i show your doll i saw your ears perk up dogs the outlook of i'm doing raj door opening i'm doing the head so yeah like when a dog c something's not server so you match with someone you want to debate with in your uber so it's like if you're an m j guy you're like i want to really go at it with the lebron guide there's a lebron car huh end i think we go a spin off to we could take it too personal podcast tubers where your uber drivers actually a podcast host because everyone has a podcast now and
you can just go sit in and and just like mid stream just listen to his podcast were you just talking i like that so it's almost like a live concert but spike but you're joining in the middle of the show correct and if you're just taking like a four block ride you might you get stuck with that yeah that's fine talk about me undies full skip ahead those ads no you can't ask for what you think i like that idea a lot because there's not enough to beat the son of healthy face to face com base in america these days everything is behind screen screen something something cathartic about just screaming in a to face and have him yelling back at you that you're wrong why not why is klay therapy yeah why not go even further than just sports we could have certain cars certain uber and lyft cars where the driver is a trump impersonator and if you really want to say sir resign sir you can just get in the back of the car just reply to all his verbal tweets i like that that would be a can you imagine how much money skip bayless would make as an uber driver who was driving around la like you could like search
the out of that just so you're going to regret icing over pool uber black uber skip uber skip and he could short name his price yeah he could say like five hundred dollars for a fifteen minute ride yeah i would pay it in you can do it even with like you don't have to debate him you can be like hey skip i just wanna hear you talk about how aaron rodgers stinks go ahead take me to my destination absolutely i think this has some some like just have the uber drivers have themes that they can either debate or talked like no once in you in you also naturally will have the switch so you can be like i don't want any speak any language being got going back and forth i want to play
silence yeah i mean that you could do uber silent cards that should be standard run an uber but now but if you offer that standard you need to have the upgrade of we can debate yeah i like that maybe let's bring some bikes into the equation so get bill walton on a bicycle perfect get online service like everything yeah you basically it's a therapy podcast debate show inside your uber and you get to select it every time you get in the car i handsome horse drawn cab ride with stephen a smith and there with your beautiful talking about the knicks talking about how do we not put him in the morning that's how we started by stephen a smith were changed we're changing the world it's that's the name so he is the horn again stephen a smith horn all tourny team ok yeah it's not even a bracket anymore we need to starting five from the the sas sas sixteen we get no one has screwed up bracket worse than what we just did with that part back it in all kinds of ways we screwed up three different
do we have any other segments for efcc i think that's it now just i had thoughts and prayers to us but we covered it for blake bortles i mean thoughts and prayers to lebron lockwood ok we're not doing that as i know what so so you say you're going to kill it no dawson thoughts and prayers never going to really want to kill you should just be more curious about things hey pft look at this alternate one that we had in that great hey you're actually going to love it you're going to love it the shirts were going to make all proceeds will be donated to me in big cat yeah and also in the tuna fish we gotta buy you a lot of tuna fish all right hank let's go with the fa qs what's your guys favorite store at the mall that's auntie auntie auntie anne's for sure right hot i was a big hot topic guy back in high school 'cause i had all the bands that i liked i like a good foot locker
it lids lids always you know just look at a few hats i never buy anything but just looking around remember yeah i am a little mall new york city in the malls other moles yeah there's more where others one up here on like thirty third thank yeah there's mold i've i don't being in a mall i think when we're in an apple us our hotel was attached to a mall as indianapolis does every structure us be attached to a mall and i just walk through it a couple times farmers just enjoying mall life it is kind of sweet i'm trying to think what store is to go to the door cd stores like sam yeah we don't hate don't do this with a big back into stop stop stop stop build a bear stop gnc the funny thing about going into a gnc in a mall is the employees are always shocked that you're in their store 'cause nobody goes in i once went into a gnc and i was like hey i wanted to lose weight and gain muscle and the guy goes yet
oh you're going to want to take these round black things and lift them fifteen times and put him down and then do that set three times and i was like so you try to my weightlifting he's like yeah i was like alright fun fuck and i just left it's like just shame me out or whatever it was going to be the best part about shopping is at a gnc is when you're checking out there ok do you want to gnc card for three hundred dollars and you save five percent on your powder absolutely on your way powder yeah all right next up hank why is liam called bubba or are they different people who they are different people bubble and liam are two different cool we hired bubba to give liam a hand after bubbles were hot one week when they big bubba wallace an bubba watson yeah both one something and so we're like bubbles are back so we need to hire a guy also bubba liam got hit by a car bubba did not so that's good let you kind of just fix
yeah i am died when he got hit by that name dialing i had my car in the fall but he thought he died but then he came back he was just very sick and howard mandel yelled at him and took over his job from that point on the good news is both liam and baba don't find any of this funny i like it when she gets your bubble mike i don't know why we put a mike in front of them there's michael there are new studio when we get our new studio there will be a mike for both of us we can talk more lover hey can maybe talk less what if you guys are in high school and really trying to go for impress someone what would be the best way to probably close to a girl or getting a from postal two really thirty four i was more of a sadie hawkins got no but if i got a let me get in that i mean it do probably get probably well the guys from part might take to shout to do it on instagram not only a terrible idea that i'd probably get bubba to do it to
have you shout out to prom pose alton or i feel like prom pose will set up up i feel like writing on cars is big back in high school just write on a car yeah the did in order when i see that you you're doing this your checking out saying i think it's trying to guess how old are the guys that all faqs how old are the people right in like washable marker on people's cars anymore now in doing my older brother and like his like that i probably just take take doesn't know anything about roman i would do it best way to swoon make a woman swoon it's just write your name in capital letters across the windshield so she has to spend twenty minutes wiping up before school i would morse code dab my prom pose so i just do a series of dabs until she figured it out yet what favorite city to travel to four content a like new orleans i like austin youngstown yeah
i mean we always get a good content in la la we do well in indianapolis when we have the calm mind i think any i think it's not the city it's more like what's going on but yeah somewhere in ohio seems to be somewhere in like that stretch between pittsburgh and and like indianapolis somewhere in the rust belt you often ask athletes about a time they have been in the zone when is the time that you have been in the zone during an interview great question that is a very good question i think probably have different person rd in right i get in the zone a lot during interviews when big cats asking questions and i'm just sitting back and i'm like yeah i'm feeling this i'm nailing this so there's definitely don't get into security interview yeah we get in the zone in podcasts like we'll walk out of the room like that was fucking awesome we definitely get in the zone i don't have a
time it's like next time here's why dude next time we're in the zone i will stop it and say i'm in the zone can i give you an example yeah so i think you got in the zone the first time we had nick right on the show but it was just screaming at him yeah you're just yelling at him in a battleground on a tanking team yeah he's on taking teen let's get nick right back on now yeah we yeah we we are sure going to the one of a cation because he knew that the problem is not to make the playoffs and he hasn't come back he's actually back for awhile it's kinda like when bill o'reilly went on that vacation from fox news when he thought he knew he was going to get fired yes yes very relatable to right now we should get nick right on the start of the nba playoffs yes and only talk about lebron what needs turtle did each of you identify with a flying up michelangelo raphael no no my my dad once got me what's the orange one that's my michelangelo like stuffed doll and i was like you fucking idiot
michael michael angelo is by far the coolest one wasn't rafael was the nerd though no he was not there yet this i hear you giant forks raphael is cool but root that's in this lyrics he had giant forks in michelangelo was a space cadet who like pizza rafael was the bad boy who april had a crush on it was very clear you don't know your ninja size if you don't think rafael rafael was the one who would always get them in trouble 'cause he was such a badass no michelangelo would get them in trouble my favorite one is this paper wanted to fuch michelangelo he just pulled in just wanted collier the turtle just wanted to know if everyone back rafael was the one who was like an yes he was now a little just one pizza your pizza part yeah that's socks with a shy guy saying it doesn't feel wanted to party what i'm saying is what a giraffe fail was the one he was like the the guy who kind of sh dish the straw that started the drinking on big time that's the whole flick
you can you can name all their how they acted and that's exactly what it was my goodness party dude yeah it's in the so i know the failed school route does anybody remember what donatello leonardo we're in the song teenage mutant ninja turtles teenage mutant ninja turtles and a half so to repel they're the world's most fearsome fighting teenage mutant ninja their heroes at a half shell and their greens mutant needs to win the evil strattera tasks these internal voice don't kind of black teenage mutant ninja stir the bridge leading donatello does machines yes that's all those machines michelangelo leonardo is cool but rude oh yeah it's rafael rafael is cool but rude the song ends with michelangelo very clearly the best back i gotta find this now is going to drive me crazy remix that would we have some new ones shout out to a slow lewis
michelangelo is a party dude is he's a space cadet cadet's party did what is it leonardo leads donatello does machines yes rafael that's cool but crude crude michelangelo is a party dude happy we got alright last one since it took up so much time with that one what is the difference between a boneless wing and a chicken nugget whoa well like a buffalo sauce longer swing comes with the sauce already on it will do they take the bone out of the way which it's the fun factor not even wings know their chicken nuggets yeah fuqu oh i would say everyone monday well
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