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Woody Paige, Mt Flushmore Of Life's Small Victories With Brian Koppelman

2020-04-29 | 🔗
Jameis is a Saint and Baseball is trying its best to come back (2:29 - 13:28). Hot Seat/Cool throne including aliens and we need documentary help (13:28 - 29:01). ESPN's Around the Horn Woody Paige joins the show to talk about his career, voting for TO in the Hall of Fame, his chalkboard, and winning at Around the Horn (29:01 - 60:15). Segments include the Mt Flushmore of life's greatest small victories with Brian Koppelman (60:15 - 84:05), bad visual Alex Smith and Guys on Chicks.
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Today's pardon my take. We have a woody page legend of the game around the horn. We talk to about sports Some memories dominating being Brett, far revolve around the horn with the most winds and most losses we have hot see. Culture and then probably the most uplifting Mount Rushmore we ve ever done. We have our guest, a recurring guess, brine compliment on. You know him. Billions rounders and Do the mouth, Rushmore of Life's small victories so all were inspired coming out of this Mount Rushmore. It felt good, be happy again, so, actually listening that before Do all that, though pardon my take is brought to you by the cash at medals. At the easiest place to send money to your friends, it's the safest, can send money without ever having to look somewhat in the face. You do it on your phone, It is the number one app for social distancing. It is the number one app for Sid I love because cash. I've always has our back and it's a number an app for giving out free some,
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I beg your pardon. I wasn't part of my rising downloader right now, useful partial ten dollars bringing ten dollars the S peace yea today is Wednesday April twenty ninth And it is official to northern saints now have two hall of fame: quarterbacks drew breeze and future health. M Hill Jesus James Winston the Jason whence Winston
Jason Winston James Winston assigned a one year deal with him today. He had had any other offers Pierre. He did. He had offers to be starter and for more money in a lot of places. It don't exist in better cities. The new Orleans has like a three four three of things. It definitely didn't it's like how poor, how ridiculous of alike- and I threw out there and have people believe it, Guess what dream is? No one believed this law. I mean I would honestly sympathise with them. If you think I want to go chill how New Orleans four year make these are, however, much you know. You're paid not have to work and live in the best, and just live in the best in the world. How about it actually is a genius move by hand because your breeze, you have to think ok, your breeze, maybe this year's as last year. Maybe he's got two more years. If you can gracious yourselves Sean Paden in what they have going on there like it's actually a very smart thing to do to be the guy in waiting and you ve made a lot of money already cause. You were first round traffic with the fifth year option being picked up: and now you get to be learning for
drew breeze and Sean Paden, and He can maybe even be like hey dude, like the law, backers of the ones in the middle well yeah, I mean that the big spends, or maybe they hired him, so he could place. Our team and work on the head the line backers and the quarterback harassed, as you have gets remsen kitchens and calls for a change. I would love to see the film study, though, of light drew breeze, be like I where'd you throw here and induce like right. There ray we're alive backers know there were not do That, like John explained to him how the positions were he's a guy just throw the boardroom, that's it. So I looked up some stats on o j monsieur okay, so they're all humbly. This is why I'm actually optimistic about Jamieson New Orleans, his grass verse turf split you ready for this. On grasses, how board we are a grass at twenty two touchdowns, twenty seven interceptions on turf alike, in touchdowns, three interceptions: why his passer rating is. Almost its thirty five points,
higher so on turf than it is in grass. Do he played out since the Falcons reserve third turf games net, the general rule for turn, first grass law and also the falcons that he'd veterans terrible what what was the others and I'm not here to get into diet, was actually gave breaking down the surrounding. Why found a statute that fit my narrative for James Winston some gonna run with that? I'm a look up the other cheerfully This could be hilarious if it was just a worse defence. Probably yeah probably was, but the fact is Jamieson likes turf. He don't like rats, so. This is gonna, be so, despite all real things and he loves domes. I gotta staff for you of James Whitson, three zero tonnes and zero interceptions this year. He still will be second all time at the age of twenty seven four tonnes interceptions, only the Damn Marino. Thank you. She was ass. One thing that we know about about champagne and when he looks at quarterbacks he has visions of what he wants. The role to be all the time- it's not like other quarterback, coaches and I go I want this guy to be a service serviceable back
because no system, this guy's be my emergency? No that's a harsh on pay and thinks he has actual define rules for his different quarterbacks right take. Some hill was the guy that they bring him during games and Bridgewater was the guy that they bring in as the actual backup if drew breeze went down with James Winston I dont know what that role is going to be, as you gonna be the Teddy Bridgewater from last year. Aren't you gonna, be it could be. The quarterback saves guy could James seems like a guy that you could put in and a fourth quarter. If you want to make things interesting it gets away with save it just socks that we might not get James. Is the start of next year that the total comet of the league has taken a hit by the way he scored dirty discord. Thirty points against alliance, ok like weak fourteen, ok, so that might have been a help was part of it the grass verse JANUS it can play who plays on schedule in dumps. Yet thirty. Seventeen that that definitely help died. He went he had for touchdowns foreigner fatigue,
so eleven touchdown, three interceptions I'd. So we had the James NEWS We have new baseball news weight. Was this oh genus with completed ten career passes the saints players Teresa Mills waited seven like these stat centres will suggest, be mean James, so I mean says it doesn't seem he's supposed to play for the true mean gems or mean to taste. That's true. I guess well gives never played for the saints bs. Yes, both he s, both its it will mean who's being mean all around, The other news we have is the baseball is trying. Feels like it might come back early July's what's been said. Their king for them in that, and what I think we ve talked about. But I love this idea that they're gonna restructure how the divisions are which is great, because if this season is going to be weird, make it really fucking where need to get to the point where we are debating the desert. You hit a rule already,
because we agree what happened. Some alarm of of of teams from leagues and each division, so the east you ve, got Yankees he's match Red Sox Orioles, these fillies, for everyone in the east, except for Atlanta. Yes, everything that central, yes, which actually make sense. If you look at a map, doesn't yeah. In Vienna is, is, is farther than people real is farther west than people realize it Father West in Pittsburgh, yes, I want to say yes to syringes soul, but please we're doing some map exercises here again. This is what we have folks We're doing some map exercises Atlanta is much much: much farther west, then Pittsburgh. Ok, much I used many much ass. It lay is in line, is further Wesson Detroit People realise how far West Lynne is. I think I think most. I think, if you think about a map, people for
at the South Carolina Candid Box. Linda out there. That's why the Seahawks variable be the falcons in the playoffs couple years ago I was in tat forever to correct. It is central to turn off its central. It's not it's not central. To put it that's why a linen Nashville should actually be playing in football more often of three hours away from each other, so it makes sense that land is in the central. And then you have the West team. So I like it because you get the Mets medicine, the Yankees playing all your long. Yet the cubs, the whites, explain all your long, it, the dodgers in whoever else's nl. I died my advisers and the giant yea as really suffragist, I love that they're, just the angels are. There Oh yeah Sandia goes round to close enough. I say the loss angels, the LOS Angeles angels of Anaheim. Still
maybe the most ridiculous. We do that we did. We. There is like sparkle quiz that this was before corona virus started, and it was you had five minutes or madman like eight minutes to name every single franchise in all, for me your sports, and I miss it- couple of the canadian hockey teams but the only other american team I missed, was the last angels ain't you got to Florida Panthers. Yes, thanks say because we had never even right while they re guy like everything else, is easy and that I just forgot the angels existed even when they said to me. I think he's real. Their team Ok, if it wasn't for businesses, the coyotes would be a tough I interminable yeah. I forgot the wood, a peg jets. Me he had enough either way. Thus, neither here nor there baseball, curtly Bessie, I think I think baseball is coming back. It's gonna, be I kind of like how these divisions are broken down to be asked whether you like theirs. There's really no need to have an american and national League. If, unless you have to like Britain, I do a whole hundred sixty two hundred bucks game.
Game season, but like with this, our problem within this actually couple teams gain their asses kicked in the east. The divisions overall, look pretty competitive, This is the whole point of like the sports coming back, I'm still sceptical, but if they do embrace how weird this is in brick like give the be, comes back and they play a finals in August Dots, the season until Christmas and run it from Christlike run a shortened season. The other way around two like embrace. How weird it is, how different everything is and make it different to like. Be so disappointing, if they did a shore, baseball season and nothing was different. They just cut maybe like all in early player, something yes why? Why does I do a lot more than one in Japan is a hundred gives? I dont need to see the cubs for the pirates nineteen times I wanna see weird should happen what, if what, if baseball came back in, Heaven forbid the very first
happened was home, run derby, increasing, yellow, wins it. I think it doesn't count Radio asterisks doesn't count diaspora plus a magic. They wrote a virus effort on our part, geometrically never compete at home and during his back, gets hurt and then goes, and then he corona virus happen and then he gets busted for whatever has been doing and never makes Macy also gaming, and you can make an argument that our asses derail his career. He did size contract that sir, problems. Nine hundred at unhappy, although you gonna, make the also came to be in the amendment that spoke, and he would do that us by that's bullshit specially after I just said that he didn't do steroids. I know for a fact: he changes stay I grew up as a matter of fact, wooded Aaron Rodgers say when, when Braun gotTa he's doing I ain't, your love he said that he would donate how much money they know so. You're, tired, he retired superpower, tire of Christian, yellow, ever gets cartoon steroids boom,
man. I can take an insurance plan on that. No doubt be great. Lloyds of London hook me I mean, if major baseball knows what they're doing they will find a way to make that happen just to boost the ratings gets home under vs are hot sequel thrown hots equal terms brought. By our friends but light seltzer, try it for yourself. It see why great tasting butler sensors, putting every other hard seltzer on the hot seat. Thank you too, but light seltzer I was doing it some on Saturday, I'm having one right now: carbon lights black jury, I wish I'd really one when I called Dj College DJ touchy, why that was my. We want actuary, please black around. For their good blackberries, problematic areas does matter any any Bob Light Seltzer goodbye yeah, the main mango, while, oh all right this sort of, for my sake and
We ve got by thyself, therefore, by the blood alcohol content point one eight men, This is actually you know what polite seltzer you should from now on thoughts, Cool drone should last for as long as it takes us all to finish a polite seltzer, that's not bad plan, and it's like. I would like the Zenith Robin Native American Drill, not India, drawn and want em with we just all chug or one of us just sites ago really really long. I therefore- and I was surprised I gotta Know- maybe they just don't that's like something I always like had this image of like tat, was like a high school drill that, like all war over the years I feel like prefer. Teams are not doing those runs anymore Dennis Robin back in shape. I think modem. Nora, was in high school end up, not being draws a professional athletes to LA o, o o o o o Jim Boil still ass, a coach sleeping, still do you ha, he I'll think even shall. I also regret this because they're like we're not coming to practice or and suicides.
Yeah, I mean I'd. I thought more people going to comment on that. I was a little surprised to adjust. It was interesting to me I liked it browsing, I feel like people, then we are not doing that. That's like a high school like freshman year football I enjoyed how Michael Jordan was saying that he figured out the hack to the indian Run, which was just have the first person up front. Go slower again. Did we all figures? but I think in the nineties an ordinary when Ali welcoming think about it. They just some of those weeds. There were lifting The whole areas to see those if you want to know what those heavier where I know it's always as forty five pounds and there have real. You can't tell me if, when their rusted yellow in their mental, their mental, if you want to look at a hilarious picture of a workout look at Tom Kite, the old professor, golfer. Thank you won. A! U S open, I know, is a major champion. Look at some! his work out pictures where he's wearing his basically wearing a deeper, on a nautilus, cable machine, it is, Working like Babe Ruth Maybe it's work now and would just be laying down and somewhat throw medicine bore his stomach. Somebody tweet the Tom Kite work out, video or pictures to me.
They are of one of my favorite series picture. I hate your hot see, culture on all my hostages, us why committed drink this, but let us nope american. Unless we started, you now include Gus Fashion when this quarantine started, we said hey every Friday to keep us motivated, give us on a dual review, a documentary movie I think we made it what two weeks three ex her we forgot last week I brought it up. Like what should we do for Friday? In and out I'll make it well, I make it right. We can't do this right. Hold on hold on we not only didn't do it. Last week put we talked about it for we did the show and just forgot to say correct, and in this regard, what we're gonna do this week and it was like wallets already Tuesday liking I dont want. Can I watch anything by Friday? Some are hostages us, but without being, said we need we ve got up we're gonna rain. It back in get back on track, which needs good
Please all went ass, yet documentaries that we can watch pointed advance for next brought it yet on Friday, and so, preferably under two hours in length, where I was saying, maybe exit through the gift shop, the bank's documentary that can be pretty good, something to do with hard knocks. Tell us tell us tell us what to do this Friday. We have some special plant next Friday, we got you on who throne is burning man, it's back on its own. Yeah sure to already acting on Twitter for sending this, but there he sent me a noisy article and that this was a headline burning. An ipod cast burning man. Is noise? Is a organization of work man is going virtual and so are the orgies hell. Yeah so burning man, it's good, so we're going wait so we're gonna sit our houses, listen to music and jack off. Learn what else I be Jack off. So it's cool. Zoom, Jane, such ok, yeah
That's my now read article I just read course: why wouldn't mind then I will do a virtual orgy sounds like the worst type of worthy. I don't know like. BC reality orgy at least one year. And you can just gonna shut your laptop and orgy like are, if you like. I did this machine orgy we'd like like hardware You know what I take that back. An orgy sounds like a lot of Persia. There's a lot worse. Doesn't std orgy yeah, oh there's a lot of red flags ago. If you to an orgy yeah, there are no longer targeted parked in cats. Awkward. If you have to leave, and you ok can somebody with a currently I mean I'd ever name. I don't know it is a real thing. Now they are things like I'm. Twenty six wingers Jill, don't think. Like that's one of the things words like. It still doesn't really. I think that they gonna key west key yo. You change your mind pretty quickly. What what onwards IRAN orgies is? What happens? I would come
so fast legal debate, revocable Faye they can after I what do you do, I'm so glad to see where you sit there just talk about Lego. Ok, I feel like it's. It's gonna keep going! It's like a wedding reception where I'm sure there's a buffeted, there's assign seeding, you sit down, your neighbour that sort of thing and then an m c gets up and he is Ok, let's get to start than he brings out like a ringer and then the ringer in him get started than everyone else. Just gonna goes out on the source. In that analogy, I'd be the guy with I would have the Thai around my head on the first song. Sweating my shirt nimby like up I'm the yeah I get belt off and do the limbo to early ass, a deception grab my winner, and that would be the limbo stating that you, like, I can't get over small, was that it does hazy, Hudson a haughty. My heart is Lena Has it my heartsease rikiu Hazel, so
last time you ve seen Rick new eyes injured, he might been doing. College football, half time show or post game show playing his guitar and seeing some song they wrote about football. Well guess what he's got some company, because Gary Patterson is putting out an album, so gay Patterson. The coach, a tissue has spent the last couple weeks, recording an album of sir. Sort he's being very tight lipped about exactly what type of music it is who co writing it with, but got fifteen songs of material he's got eyes at best right, although he's the shirt changer changer, I thought was a sky to he, EU the vestry, sweats and he'll change should have to yeah. So am I I'm excited to see? What's going? I hope that this starts a trend. I'd like to see more college football coaches get into releasing. What is in this? Isn't this away to get through recruiting loopholes like if you wrote a song specifically for five star recruit? Why is that
Blake, put your hand in the dirt. You think that's not I'd love to see in in my purple at beats out all the text, messaging rules and stuff and phone call. Yes, you write a love song about about five stark, whereby every year from but I got lay no taxes that I will to see MIKE Leech record some socks? Syria has already right. Yeah although the Adam he strikes. There's a guy who doesn't play, insurances has tambourine and he plays that he brings it out Where are you going to happen first set? He could also he could be a harmonica guy if he had not ass. I could see him he's play a lot of interest. Intromits he's tried. Every instrument he's got yeah he's got a study filled with like a trumpet. Two types of saxophone of pays. Oboe may probably has several harps yup that he's purchase after watching over the rings or some shit. You say I am really looking forward to Gary Patterson, some common out. My cool, throw is the circle of life for full backs so James Devlin- walked away from the game
very sad and angel gets its neck role and, as Belgium gave him high praise, any gave Brady pretty much yeah retires as a patriot good for him. You never see anymore players are really take pride in the team that their way around for so long and as he d parts, the Raven Scott, who I believe to be the next James. Evelyn. In the draft. So not only there, but it any vital go in and take James. Evans by the Ross or I think can be great New England, but the rate it's got a guy from Canada. They remember Kinshasa, State they're, the ones I had to turn over plank, which will the western over excited. They got merely Hodge become a factor back. He six four tall runs a four point. Four eight forty two thirty pounds and then put up thirty five wraps who on the bench, I am unable to say his name because he's a fallback and you'll you'll, find out his name soon enough tell it's the circle of life. It contain
the bull in the ring of life for all for the full back position. Ok, my hot seats as all of us again because you oppose exist, and Tom Delong was the guy you up what the fuck he's been dude he's been beaten, this drum for whose right ten fifteen years, he was absolutely right, which is crazy, but the gathers writing songs about aliens in like jacking. A dog. We now have a percent logical about his alien to whole on DC. Give credit for that, because, if you're, if you don't think that aliens exists, you're fucking, more Well, is it like that seems like such an obvious thing. I guess he's more passionate about it, but I would the people who were like oh yeah, there's no aliens there there, the idiots, will you know I blame is Elon Musk, so him and Tom Delong, like switch personalities at some point ten years ago, where Tom I started working with this technology to track down extraterrestrial life and death and then Elon Musk tried to bang stars and make a buck
sixty nine for twenty jokes on twitter. So, like I would blame you're Ilan must I would blame or coppice a little bit from like one. He too, because he doubted Tom. I submit to sell those videos that it's real There are the only real yeah so why kid. The aliens come down fixes spoken mess. Maybe the aliens did this to us. Think about that time. If I may, cool throne is graphic visual visualization. So I feel like this is one of a very interested in, the industries that are getting a boom from corona virus. So I actually think both ties are getting boom because every time I turn on CNN there's all four and weirdo doctor and a doctor who tries to address. For tv. What do they do where bow tie. The people who are making the the gifts of like you don't like those spread across a virus, the charts
it's gotta, be off the charge them right now. No point intend neighed silver is behind that it's insane. Every day I see a fucking visualization, of some shit that I dont even understand as all these, like repercussions about the economy and death. And all these things and I'm thinking there, some guy who's you're a fucking kill off so you're and then ass, the nerves that are behind some one someone is benefiting our I would like to interview anyone whose industry- has just and I'm not talking about like. Oh, I work for healthcare. Come I'm selling a shitload of ventilators people need iron lungs. I'm telling method the subtle ones that we don't they dont meet the I right away. People were like, oh that guy he's a crushing it right that pornography, companies yeah absolutely key Will it there they're bulletproof the recession. In our provide, say they actually do better research corrects so spanks earth. They count. Almost more hurricanes almost makes the
the companies- I would say like you know, your seamless is obviously your zoomed. Those are too obvious to obvious the ones that are flying under the radar. Here's one electric companies electric. But he's good one hard candy companies, because people are dying in funeral homes need their hard candied its gross Werner's. Now there some a funeral home companies yeah funeral is behind this year. How building a funeral snow? None so forget, brings no, but you still have to send a body somewhere right. Someone has to go and in and eat the hard candy. I don't agree: why dont would it? Why? Don't you agree without he's right? There aren't funerals, so you can have having virtual funerals They are not hard. Canada without Cameron brings our own hard, Katie's Georgie, it's what they would have wanted. Grandma loved workers yeah, other workers is getting passed down inherited
nobly more than people going on buying it private comes on the watch this of the subtle the subtle places the cracks look inside the credit of the rocks. That's how will find out how this thing happened, divorce, it turn really benefiting yeah. But like do you think people well? Why did you bring that? I wasn't talking about that guy, ok! Well, I will a girl that girl- maybe he made it, was Jane. Remember the news came out a while ago that J, unplugged or boobs because he was so good at sucking the milk out gravy. He just maybe to get a job and she started leaking. I'm just trying to think there's got to be other places, I'll think I'll make a list places that we don't think about that are just have it there they're fucking stacking, right: central american Ping, pong leagues. Yes, true, Nicaragua Soccer indignant, upon triggered ping pong Thursday night, six p m,
The rivalry renewed speck on p, reverse Hank, seven game so where maybe we were assured that doesn't church I don't own, ensures that noise. Unless I'm going to comment and it's gonna get in your heart into listen. The shirt last time was a bad choice for the athletic event are aware that we were going out with dial too dark shirt dark our later, when I really wonder is where all the words that Hank can't see the ball in its coming at him, when Henry they filled with Asia. White answer a few kid did sad. You know how you could do it every item. What everyone when everyone is it a gentleman's gave yeah well, you broke your paddle. I think it is scandalous game when everyone appear to you ever advantage, you think you can get to the heart of my takes matter. Let's get our interview. We got woody page before do that, Kiev to you that a word for before Woody Pitch, yes forgets. What do you talk to guys about one, eight hundred flowers, this one person in life and wants you to picture them one person's always been corner. It's your mom from
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abilities can be limited, so hurrying order before Friday before Friday, gay. Limited delivery windows. You need to lock in your own early. Don't put this off order today from the official floors of mothers Day, one eight hundred flowers, dot com you can order thirty tulips for thirty nine, ninety nine at one in her flowers, I come click. That radio icon in a promo code, p m t, that's one hundred flowers, dotcom promo code, P, M He now would you page K. We now welcome on very special guests. You know M from around the horn or the fact that he has been a big job, journalist for a very very long time, you see it all? It is page. He also has a podcast called on mutable NGO. Listen to right now, what woody think so much for joining us. This is, as consumers of sports and sports media, our entire life. This is, an honour, because you are a true big J journalists.
And also very funny guy from around the horn. So thank you for joining us. Well, I fear you guys for quite a while in We were compatriots for couple of days, yeah figures like thirty minutes Csp into I am. You may have remembered why? Yes, I know you're good. I actually want to start their because You know you have seen it all. You it'll writing for newspapers, doing tv and now Podcasting v the evolution of sports media, you have literally just lived through all of it is there. Anything that surprise you at this point when it comes to wear sports media has come from and where it is now. Do you think that work? Boys in shouldn't be trusted or you know what? What exactly do you see our place in sports media and where you ve come from I'm very very excited about. What's going on sportsmen, he had not given what we're going through now, but
when I was a kid journalists to my twenties and I'll very good story. It was it you can see my hotel and they have a baby eighty and he asked me to do the endless job. Just before went on here they hand, me this thing. Quit my ear. The slowly point by point, I ask you about the sinner magic. Pictures of the Indiana Pacers of Memphis pros. I hear God talking to me. And I turned around The current understand what God the same Gunnar was saying. You got one minute that govern commercial Nobody ever told me about it. I deported I am looking around for whose talking to me finally, they ran out talking. They said you're nuts was
respond to us was that when I speak to college journalists, Classes always tell him there. In five years. The job. You're gonna have don't exist because podcast didn't exist, radio talk shows barely existed. When I was a kid he's been didn't exist it so what do you guys are doing and what the other people are doing in the world of sport right now, for five years, and you know this now is better roads who now what's going to be the next step in terms of sorts because we're seeing what I was talking about just forward on there. The idea is, to write a column for the sporting news. Tat was the biggest thing in a country along with sports stated in sport magazine and sporting news barely exist. If it does any
sport. Magazines gone out of business and sports illustrated this just got out this, so I could dream of ever being on tv. I want us to do abatement, although there He's going up, did he dream of being in the dna and he gave me a great cold. I think, which is true I couldn't dream to the end of the dirt road, so I think this when you talk about what's going on sports media now we have no idea what will happen because you guys could have existed five six years ago, you know we were very much of a product of the aid that we cannot came up and we did not go about this traditional way. Like a lot people in this field right now, I've I get the feeling like admit- and maybe you can correct me on this- but when we're coming out of college, it must have been extremely difficult to get your feet on the ground are getting in getting that first job because you are so limited. You have to be affiliated with a newspaper. Or a radio station noted the on the prospects for you
Sportswriter seem like they were extremely limited compared to now I think I was very very lucky in no, will ever asked me the story, but I worked all through college fur coat radio station the college tv station I was editor of the Daily newspaper, the Europe to say and when I got out of school, my thought was that I was going to go to Vietnam and die cuz. That's what were dealing with there and I was a kid the Vietnam WAR. Drafted and I hope the so I will give you a job in New Jersey, hear something that'll be- and I would to be get my physical and I fail. And so I don't quite know what is based gonna do I thought about teaching school went to the newspaper and methods, and I said I'd like a job and again
well we don't have a job if you were to go to school ass. If you were to see this at all, The other day would like to talk to you he's on the board of governors of jealousy, I will do his office so you want to see as a desert. He said. I got a second picture performance, said that some guy get out get out of a job. That's her, just crazy, he pulled it John away on drafter got allows go to Johnny, always story for you guys or not happy the journal away like all border that, yes, I will say that worry. I think we are happy that he likes talk. Quarterbacks because it gives us something a joke about all the time. Why also, I think we as we break broken, is forty guide. Ok, I don't forget, Look I broke ass, long ass. The words we go through all of you the Brok outside of four years quarterback, nay Riley. Neil.
I'll Vanderbilt six, I love it. Pervert he's got a guy, you go. Where do you think now you obviously cover John as a player and now as a front office guy? Why It is the vile in Denver right now in terms, the job he's doing because it feels like he might be teetering a little bit with the fan base when he took over in the two thousand and eleven I have a baby within actual your day before they introduced it. When I said John, what's gonna happen, if you don't do well, if its executive job, because you are a guy that they put a statue of in the airport in home, What happens if you do a terrible job and he said I thought about it for a minute, Well, you might want to think about it because a lot of work Marino became, like general measure. The dolphins were about three days.
Yeah yeah in a lot of other TED Williams play Old, Matt mail. In I mean you, sir. You seen a right now with Phil Jackson. You know obviously he's the best cultural time put II was really bad with the Knicks yeah I'll be John Williams. I'll go out. The way that it could be bad while the last couple of years, was almost ruination totally, but someone I'm an erosion. But their way of his staff? in December, because of the who job you don't drafted, He saved himself when they won the super bowl. Fifty, but they haven't. You know they have a pistol drop the last four years, and so I think that, it was having an event. People wanted invite our time there was a constant topic of discussion. Really continued up until the dream coherence, the attitude where's, your drew LA may save John always job, and I
splendor, like pointed Justice, Johnny away, probably saved daybreak. Job in nineteen eighty three and it could be that the drill does it. So that's why I think John was so in his draft in drafting it people there will help drew out. Turn that will help job no one, and I think that you lock is gonna, be a very good quarterback. I saw some pretty good stuff out of his rookie year. That made me say: ok, Skype has something to whom a golden of that. Moxie where I think actually can be the next guy Denver by there's also can like a double edged sword with what they do in this draft, because this off season. They ve got him so many weapons on offence that if he so much as takes a step back or regresses at all, he Can I in an interesting situation going into next year, where it's like he might be the guy unless he totally goes out turn and you the gay bacon
turban right now drew lots. Future coming into on five games, but very successful was more like swagger. I've got to know him is swagger, which is the term this body over used, but he's gotta get out. Our confidence and he's got a stronger is good Johnny Awake, I wore play impressively downstairs this last year. But how who was that they weren't going anywhere the teams they weren't. They were beating Detroit you're being Chiefs raiders, they weren't really being teams ever good. So again they did. The idea was to surrounding then they drafted. Three. Why receivers and added to more were receivers drafted, free agents, they added a decent interesting thing, I have read the brilliancy five guys
combine or obeys were in force, so when you think about them chasing and copying the cancer chiefs. They are doing their best to get into position last night gains to Kansas City. We can't cities bubble become its dominant. As those words generosity when they met with you yet that's the only way you're going to see West with Kansas City in an no LAS Vegas in now lots angels, all three of those other teams have to chase, began synergies In all events, I think the chief said the best draft of the border yeah. I did Who is that so who talk about around the horn, real quick you are The winning IST and losing est. Around the worn paneless of all time You are also the longest tenured, your basely Brett Farm around the horn. You throw them
such Genzaburo interceptions his? is there a certain level of like you actually do to win these arguments and Is there a rival that you, like man, I wish you'd go back against this person, cause they really they re. Put it on you guys competitive. Now I dont see high wherever I get well he's behind you he's behind their computer. That's about everyone thought is that when you, has taught and do your part gas you're compared it yeah you to win argument? Why you get it if you're talking about the Washington Football Club or so the Patriots Chicago don't, you want to win the argument. I don't does anybody on the show and I've been doing it for eighteen years now, since the pressure everybody wants to win, people say well, it must be fixed, his love it. You know,
We know you know. If you win random other people, don't know you got thirty seven. To talk about where we watch it I dont even think about what I'm going to talk about. I just worked out but every day the concept is, I mean and I think everyone, Sarah Spain, from Chicago to college, of Dallas implies the boy Why was the wind shock us your compelled? It's, so it's not six, we don't know who's going to win Tony and I know she's going to win until the a second and. So from that nature but I laugh when you said that, because people say gas, you ve lost more than anybody. I think there's a famous like about Babe Ruth striking out yeah desires lives so So, are you gonna keep going so that your your win number becomes untouchable and you have the true street like wreck in sports. The can never be you some of that the beyond.
A show for, eighteen more years and you're still going you our breath, farm you'll economic, he drew a touchstone passes. Open known. Could catch me to speak the truth about knows me: I spoke to know we go away like some years ago. Never thought about the words I have a trophy debts. The Governor Colorado, gave me the fell apart. What he did to me, Six hundred all around her What makes it just like your show? It's fine. It's not the most difficult thing my hands are solved. The road, the other by lies in the log house blogging Can I sign a new contract or they didn't make a big deal out of it. I signed a new contract at the end of the year to go, for two more years I've never said this publicly or even probably, but I suspect the two more
oh god, you're, like Tom Brady Refugees on two more years. If you like, it can do this year and then and then walk offer to the sunset. I mean your record would be insurmountable at that point. If you continue on the path that you ve been on, Actually you liked. Ricky Anderson was solid basis. No one's ever Georgia Reggie Anderson and I have a letter, Tom Brady in a sentence put me and Rickey. I'm set a year. I decided last night coming up with the different plans for what's going on the crowd of ours last night I shot myself oh wait. Fifty three days ago, after a long walk every day you people of finger of health, last night I was a boy. Do you did something that when you touched the light socket, you know get shot? have you wondered why that's never been
So when you walk round your house that you had something to get shot nobody's gonna happen. Why is an invention and are you? What are you talking about just baby proofing, your own heart? Where do you talk about the light switch or the actual sockets? Stick my finger suck right right or what I told you. I don't where's your lot lay up or something as many as you probably have blushes carpets around your entire house. You wear nice wool, socks and you're just walking around just getting the friction company. No, I think you just invented having a better electrician install Europe lives because I've never gone up to a lamp and touched it until I can damage a shock myself on that lamp. So, I'm the only one
yeah. I think you might be yeah. We only want to show whose one six hundred and twenty times last autumn, a chunk of Oda yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, that's it! I noticed that you do have your trademark chalkboard. In the background behind you, they haven't We show my first questions before he tell us. What's on that, one who comes up As for you, I do all the way we wrote a book. I will promote anything you guys. I came out a book about two or three years ago, with the two thousand and the courts and he won't be. Ask asked me how to go about it. I was in New York with the with a guy's name. I forget It is about network, and I was there Hope is a first taken, the shoulder Stingray Baxter. Now and I was doing so called green job- yeah yeah worse the hours up
I was a judge with day. Dream job in so a bunch of shows there, and head in the background was like this bookcase that nothing in it and well well said the boats and stuff, and I said to my associate as we need to come up with something. What do you think of it ass? It will remain a blackboard outbid before January out two years at them, and so we up in a true story- utilities I got a call from boys personally experienced get rid of them. Like all the viewers police it now the bridge to be it's not a is beyond ok was. It strikes at the a week later. He got me back and he said what the fuck boy like all the rivers bodies, it know the rules to be his beard, wants it oh yeah. Sometimes Zanzibar came up who I I,
certain of our right of bar napkins and the next day I'll, look at the border napkins and I go. There is awful and most of all I mean I've gotta forward. Here the woman said, sir. What torture will search for Paul is now national policy. You I like it: He has a feller, that's good, he's got a bit of a news to innovate in terms of the but so woody always plenty fasten your privacy like we set the top had been. This in sports for so long so You are also part of the profile Hall of Fame Selection Committee, which we David Baker, the Superbowl so who, in your mind, is the girl his quarterback that you ve ever seen in some can with uncovered? I think this, There is a legitimate or on best quarterback back whilst I and I felt like for years and years it was your white hair
because I bought it for further of all. I think what you gotta forcing rebels- and you went out for all- What more do you want? temperature really never go the attention. For being a part of it. Stickers That was a dynasty. I thought he should have done more attention for it, but people always doc. There must be dawn ended. He did. He was the result of. What a great deviants ahead and other players Franco Harrison almost one seems pretty Reddy's the best in terms of what he is accomplished. Everything there is any doubt about that Joe Joe Montana, imagine but Jonah away. Johnny Unitas John United. I didn't think there ever baby by good Job United
I still think he was in the conversation yeah. I would put him in the top two paragraphs. If I were going to do it, but- I have a debate with myself Hagen, who I know very well, because I covered Archie his father and we both which Can I I'm a new Peyton from winning was a little kid. I have a very big story here, one ever yet we locked up was the best rebel quarterback. So when you ask about enemy. There's never been here. Totally, we created the position with the. I said to him once people said well, hurry up. It's no here hurry up and weight of its, and you know that in my region guy wherever they talk down days, one diamonds and how difficult it is. It is it of its border workers it. How difficult is for you to get a place in the pain he said he
don't play the moment, the last blades that's what was the he wants as much time as you can add to absorb it. So he said while the previous play is going on. I'm coming up with two place together. He's gonna Jews. And so I don't deserve better, mental quarterbacks rebook quarterback, Thirdly, there is ever been a quarter back. There was creative, John away, reform german away I like to also live in regard to their creative. And told me said he copy his game. After pains, Father Archie People worry, don't remember, Archie other than being associated with sons and human horrible. I was well worth genes that ever exist. Yet that's did you for tee o on the floor. Sprout door, Are you saying that. No
There is a wide marker for the new giants, who said don't put me in a holiday, your budget all draw as stupid, or try to do something, and I said a lot of drugs, Don't put me ever be put in we bodily where and how forget about all those statements. Here's the deal If J Simpson came up today, you didn't get in he gave a rounded the senior committee you know: uproar. TAT was the way the wrong four baseball, with a baseball thing. Baseball indifferent baseball rules include that you're all feel he rose. Very bonds does accounts in football. It's what happens between the lines:
baseball's got the character clause, but still couldn't you just be loyal, odious I'm sorry, I'm just gonna now had vote. Foreman hope that nobody else does either sure I'll give you an example of rigour came up. Who was, I think, the greatest partner up to this period of time, people voted against right now, cuz, there's a pretty bad and that's no pun intended use pretty bad guy for punter. I mean he had a poor attitude, so I think guys look at that because it's a secret ballot like what's going on now Well, we're all of your balance are reveal it's a secret ballot. My boy survival they didn't like when they were playing Nobody held against waivers vs year when was born
yeah. He was so sir. You are, as we said earlier, big time, capital J you ve been around for, while we always joke round show about route, four storylines. Would you rather would you rather right about dinner Broncos team? There through season. That is eleven in five, but they have bridge sixteen points, a game, they have a pretty self defence, They want a lot of really close ones, but they're, pretty boring or write about, a team that you know what gets into barbers, let you say right now: team. That has TIM Tito come back. Somehow the average thirty points per game, but they go foreign twelve well oh who were my peers? Bob rise in oil prices will you ask them for what they perform, will always take the palms and go People were report. Stories. We don't. I
Oh I've been averted. You pass through Eu Masters over clout, yeah I got those most one, truthfully, Iraq is a very bad? so are you there why It's a lot easier. You know this. It's a lot easier to be critical, there's, don't you, then it was more flexible. About how bad the bears work? this year. But how will they work? Maybe I'd like them to be good, but yet you're absolutely right when their team gets really bad. I always say that the no man's land in the middle, where they're like mediocre, is just painful because then you don't you can't get excited for being Team or get excited bash a really bad team. So do you Have you ever in your career cheer? in the press box. Yes, Oh she's test, shame Jeanne nurse nine. Seventy does will give us.
As it is quite obvious, Europe demonstrate they are demanding was the quarterback I that was my first college gained from it They sent me to the Tennessee always get to the bottom of it, in Tunisia, poured down. Go goal. The one horrible Hobbes got through to the corner. We recall was The receiver falls out. This way goes on earth. He felt his way. He calls on about. I grew up in a response in Jackson. Mississippi the Mississippi has its issues with people I got up and privilege and scrutiny. Today and I got danger and I said my down and I started that's when you stopped in the fan Oh so you haven't done it since wow
not even brought about. An obvious one, twitter and sat watching of while no one, I didn't tell him: that's horrible, that's the truth and people down We believe that guy have you ever pulled a youngster aside, a young journalists aside and told them hey. Don't let me catch you clapping in the press box again now appear like that. I got one last question for you woody. Thank you for joining us by the way I'm going listen to his podcast on mutable, who is the most interesting athlete you have ever covered. Called the great omber. The most fun I have is going to Olympics and I've been there fourteen to fifteen, and if you were able to see where here I've got it.
They form a loving, but Albert Tumblr was astir for ITALY, and you want to go back. Your daddy bore came in and you didn't speaking words and so on. People how'd you sobering. Last night he said I was. To water good morning I remember this guy he's a good looking guy, so I all this guy. He's got a problem with somebody. What brings you want another gold medal and the first I ask: The question arises to celebrate last night: well, his agent did situation in Zaire oh, I had in parliament in the back. At the work out what it was not the poorer for years. Earlier someone,
from the toy women journalists got up and said I speak attire that's not what about what? Ok, worthy reserves are well western state of the whole family. Six women Moreover, I was empty. What was that I love it. During Lisbon serving removed why who join I've been writing. It is wise to him I go about, became friends over the years and prayed blackjack gathered all How much more do take often have to be friends their air? Did he sculled, you. If you made the wrong move on the blackjack table, a black jack he go to it a thirty, I bet problem for dollars. He bent four thousand years getting wide aids holy shit,
and he ran out of money is about twenty five does not bear any. Nobody said John, Google is more money and I turned around Charles. He was be rescinded jointly these refugee women But by women I'm celebrate Babylon Jack Odin. He said you really don't want by That's that's great. I was that casino in Monte Carlo one time. I swear to God: Red it was either read or black, where the two colors hit night in Times euro no bullshit, there's something up that casino. There is no reviewing the original down there, yet the real and accepted it felt a little low class because they let me in I was acting, everybody would be around me like wearing Actually, those like it was a bond movie and I worry sorts looking like- yellow strung out Joe Dirt, and then I guess you're gonna.
Social disappointing, it's very clear, not birds for an actual, but you're right. It's like you, What do you think? You're gonna be a James bond atmosphere and instead you go me and Michael Jordan and jobs market. I will woody thank you, this been so much fun. We really appreciate it and- you're, welcome back any time would love to have you back on. So thank you very, very large areas or measure, but more interested in They know my yes, Hegel, gonna shocked, he's booked we're Birmingham rebels. Friends is always more reserved for the guys. There were a high, yes as long as he can do at any time. Yeah I'm gonna go ahead of schedule and winds good for you, woody other. In our Europe
Do you was alone everyone? That's how I go by each one of you guys were just ask yeah. What we'll do it? Thank you so much woody in TAT interview. Woody paid was brought to you by dude wipes this. Brought to you by the dude brand, the dude dude wipes are back to save our asses from toilet paper. Again this time the brand new dude wiper one thousand a day attachment You'd wiped fearless and right now might want get one of those on the way to us. Just in case Christian Yellow has to participate in the home derby. The you'd wiper thousand is a lean, mean poop, destroying machine that cleans referred, and eliminates odor. All at this time D. Send toilet paper to do my job use dual action, nozzle for targeted but spray, rushing wash to get it refreshing. Custom clean with our Eddie approve installation start sprang in three simple steps: remove
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Thank you for joining us. Are we do you want to give one little like here's. What you should do. In four who dies yeah everybody dies it's right, even in the first five minutes, there's an explosion, killing the entire cast and it's really incredible. No one's ever seen anything like it and we have to restart the whole thing. Listen they get there. At this year's. All I'm asking you sometime during the seven episodes, go watch the pilot of this. I will I'm gonna, a great fan of you know, but I'm running a whole programme out at USC and it's a lot of work, but I will get to it I'll. Tell you One thing that is a very underrated part of the show is the soundtrack that goes the show and that's our guy Brian hand, selects all the songs. I've actually heard that they have to say sponsorships into the show. Whether did you actors doing product placement justice. You can afford the licences for the songs Yang Day David. I like this. It will agree David. I obsess music fans and, and yet the
A short time does a really cool thing, which is any product placement stuff, instead of them taking it to like defrayed budgetary costs, which are a lot of places, would just be like Hey we want you guys to have the character drinking whatever they never say it, but if we the character. Do something like that, and then we say to a brand hey. You know If you read today's the character- and you know You work summing up every dollar that we get to spend on the show how we want, and it's always from so like Rita Leds, Applin Song last year, an end. It's up and Sancho expensive, but we were able to work it out that way an and so that's how we roll on it. It says it's a really cool that normally companies don't do when it we're we're very like that they let us they. Let us do that and and get the songs that with that we wanted yet my lot right before we get to the Mount flush more, it's my rushmore we're outta my version of an actual amount, Rushmore, that's right before we get into that
I have been reading stuff. That says that takes us back through history and says when there was when we have The plague bubonic plague over in Europe, should that's when she spear road, not only King Lear, but also Macbeth. So what famous work. Are you cranking out right now that we're gonna talk about a thousand years? It was like it. Acts. They send, you guys were, I said, had come on for a few minutes to bullshit tonight as it that's it. I think that's Shakespeare, Rounders Africa, rounders too, is in in the works. You won't. You know I was thinking. I actually do. The two you guys would be a really good warm and my very kind of you that would who I mean it would work in a way, if you think about, and we get sell all of our own ads and you can make yeah I'd. Ask our drivers Glenn Poker Dead, pick Can we use the money we just by drink paint play that as the only sound argument we make them public debts? How oh here's the deal will do your rounders too,
any money we win while playing poker. Rounders too, we get to keep. And you have me winning the world's here's, a poker at the end. So we play did you gotta get a light? Does I think I've? Never. I do not think the story. I have been told, maybe once somewhere, but when we and to promote the movie. We it was Matt and Edward and Levine, and and And me, and we went to Vegas the World Series Poker and someone who organised within it, a charity poker tournament, and the movie studio put up ten thousand dollars to the charity. The movie Albanians casino. I guess, put up ten grand, whoever one this little like eight person poker turnips and two or the guys who played in it were like the technical advisers on rounders, and they were these half way. Eyes guys. The kind of guy who in Vegas they were wearing hawaiian shirts, the whole time-
and I M one of them came back from interaction with a vague Call girl stripper and I remember saying this insane- saying that a good eye he oh yeah. I just I spent the lovely half hour with you know: Teresa, and we said being innocent young and they really older than me said, did you use protection and he said nah. She was clean and we said how do you know what he said I smelled or ass, when I was doing a dog Moser, that's the kind of undressing, that's the kind of guy we're dealing with. So we play charity poker tournament in that guy, like has cheated to win Wednesday winds and the head of the movie studio Lip SAM thousand dollar chip an end like make sure that this gets to charity, the charity and air is like will, of course, sir, and
later that night we saw him. Take it and put it on like a rat yeah. The never gay table at just try to roll into a hole. And we were very young and end in a certain way. Now, a shockingly sort of naive to certain aspects of the way things work. That's great! I want you to say that we, like you, guys anyone double it and then you give that have to charity. I knew get our own again wrangle w and the next thing you know your own Vegas. I where do the Mount Rushmore? So this idea- came from your phenomenon, that is, everyone tweeting, you, their coffee, mugs every single morning an tag Roy. What is the royal? I just decide the first, coffee in the morning is so special. Like thirty, I needed its its own name like it. You're nothing brings like when you figure were you wake up and need that first cover caught on really like it? It's just changes. Everything and I decided just for my own Corky site, just name the re out for myself,
about it, I'm Ipod, guess sometimes and Then occasionally we just we a picture me with coffee, but never thinking it was anything that would Johnny Musa Hashtag in the beginning, Buddy of mine was like dude. It's my friend Tom Crash Are you a real life, an internet, for he said he p the picture of seventy said. I think it would really connect us all if, like its, were, also separated because of covert. If, if He could share this coffee together, like we're having coffee together in the morning, I loved it and so I did. I tell people haste sharing your your pictures so always always to do strategic. It. Then another guy who actually runs poker site, let's Bradley, he said you should make mugs with your picture again give your favorite charity and a third do this guy Crystal Master, said Gregory Sylvester said I'll design of any designer and he said does hilarious, design, Macneil absurd in a crowd at an addendum all the money goes to the food Banking York. You can go to the re, I'll, be Kate. I come and get the official.
But even if you don't get the official mug the ideas that an end that in the morning it's great and and I had no idea what I'm a new scene. It, like hundreds of people, started sending their managers themselves? It's not right, it's great, because it is true. The first cup of coffee is debates. All I look forward to it is the best. So this is the map, Rushmore of Life's lit victories like that first cup of coffee in the morning, now you're our guests, so you can start so to snake drafts a you'll go than Pfc than I get to then I'll swing back pfc than you get two until we get for ever and its of cardio small victories, actual Mount Rushmore because the royal, so if you want to pictorial, you can take the railways number one, which is a great one. But you can't you re safe, want to do. I will say this getting over seven minutes of cardio. In ok. I just good goodwill during this decide whether it is when you want to tap out. Usually if you get it hasn't everyone's we'll get past that seventy eight minutes of cardio during
thing I think you can call it a win. You can say you did cardio that day. Yes, good first were good for for my first one? I'm gonna go with the first time used inside and feel that blast of air conditioning super hot day, yes like we're down in Miami for the Austro game a couple years ago, and it was about ninety nine percent humidity but use open that door and it just a few like Heaven just hand wash it over. You that's a good. First pick all right, I'm going to go with my first pick, which actually is kind of off of the music discussion When you have the perfect song come on whether I'll be in the car or when you're, walking and feel like you're in a movie, and it's like that. Everyone knows that perfect song, you dont, get it often it's usually once a week once a month if you're lucky, but when that power fix song hits for your mood for the weather for everything and it just feels like you are in the middle of your own movie. Now
better than that now inside. At that moment, there's another moment that are found music, because I thought about this too, have you ever listened to a song for the first time and for maybe, after, like forty five seconds are emitted into it, you know that you're gonna go back and listen this along another hundred tired out is that good? Yes, that's a great feeling, knowing yet you're about to wear out a song that you haven't worn out. Yes, that is a very good one are my second pic is going to be way You wear a comfortable sweatshirt for the first time would be its first wash and you never want to take it off all, sometimes not wash sweatshirt for a couple weeks cause it's like you just have to die. That softness it fits right, It hasn't shrunk at all. You got the strings perfectly, You know when you lose a string and those in the hoodie yeah gets the Erika you know, gets all screwed up and maybe the elastic on on the bottom get screwed up, but that first, where of a sweatshirt, you feel like you? Could you could come
the world when you're wearing a fresh new perfectly fitting sweat. That's a huge one for me as a guy was beg for because I was but that's a a huge one. The rights watch her it's like almost like up its again visibility. Cloak you're like I can conquer the world. No one can fuck with me in this beautiful new sweatshirt and then you wash it and it's got yeah. It's gotta becomes a part of you. If you were like five or six times wrote that washing and yet the little fuzzy's on your arm. I love those yeah yeah your second pick, my second pic is gonna, be one You come home from a vacation. You ve been gone for a week. Maybe we can have two weeks and your dogs easy for the first time, because you feel like the best person will no matter what kind of shit he moves. You pulled on that vacation, come home, you walk in the door and your dog just treat you like your superstar. In its time to come down for that feeling. I actually believe it when he thinks I'm a super sigh agree. Agri could pick. I pray you, to now I get one is the first, either baseball or football
can you get to have when it turns into a warm weather in, and throwing like a view. When you throw the first spiral of the year, and you actually like your shoulders and you can actually just like let it go not talking to you guys it's roll out of footballs necessarily, but for me that feel of like being out there and just reminds me why I fucking loves words and why I've loved can acting in that way. My whole life and in that that when I was a kid, my dad would always have a catch with me, and even if came only from work like I might. My pop was really cool about sports. In that way and like I did the same with my son and I'll say that, like just when you asked the question I looked crossed and I see a football and like went out the other day was windy and we start throwing and that for billing of you know gone for, make out and out and catching it when you in rhythm and then spend
drawing it, and that's a pretty magical kind. A moment it connects you too, who you were a kid and who you are now. You know others always like signs that you need to see a doctor like if you have something wrong with your, like all, do something you're wrong. I need to go check it out. There is a sign of. Are you still alive when someone's throwing a baseball or football in your vicinity? And you? I guess you have to say Yellowthroat here. If you know tat all learn, you're just debt you're dead inside your your debt- Not so awesome. I could agree with whom I can agree with you more and then my second one splintered around the up. It is: is that feeling guys both have facial ere. You know feeling, when you successfully carb around the mustache goatee without taking off accidently ass, the I don t wish
I don't know my visual yours so bad. If, if I live management, something good, it's totally, I love it. When there is a move that moment, you know you could easily just slide the thing and then you got a shave yourself clean or you get like a little too high on one end, and then he got a little through just ruins the whole thing: it's a very precarious situation. It is so you wait right. You don't really fun with it for a while and you let the thing growing, but then, when We finally have to deal with it and you kind of pull it off success, believe me, I've thought about puts a little bit a pipe and your staff yeah through its good point, IP cemetery. For me, my third he's gonna, be when you, when you enter a stadium and you walking around the concourse. And you see that little sliver of grass for the first time through the cement wall, you know that like little tiny debt as you're going out your seat, that feel de, I feel that in my stomach every time I do it never loses his magic ever yup. That's great one, absolute! First time you see the uniforms, the grass nothing better,
My last to my Third one is going to be when you get the perfect bite pizza and what I mean by that is its got some cross. But it also has some tomato sauce and she's left right before you get full cross. So it's the transition bite and if you can time it perfectly if you can at your it's like a long jumper, getting his steps correctly. If you can get that step correctly and you get that perfect bite, a pizza beautiful. You bring up a good point because you have to take this to place before they had to think ahead. Right proportion yeah, you gotta, be see. I am bored like a chest born been like. I am getting this loss. I gotta make sure I leave a little bit near this might be the case. Just I've ever fell to another human I'd. I'd like the rights that is so huge. That is so deep to me. I knew, as I got one My last pic is going to be. It is more of a vote so it's everyone
the Golden our, but I'm talking specifically of fall golden our so the sun is setting and you get that smell of either burnt leaves or a fire off in the distance a fire not have not actual fire, that's like uncontrollable, but that that Beautiful son is setting crisp air me mixed with a little bit of burnt Liese. Would that right there? If You could bottle that up. You'd be a billionaire, that's it, ice inspiration, usually also when I'm losing every back, not just looking at my phone, not actual yeah joining the moment puts his ill Alai reminds me a football yeah. That's a football smell right right that, like especially if you ve been like cooped up all day watching for Paul. You, like you, know what I'm gonna go outside and take a little bit of a walk in, and you get that you catch that in its basically gives you just new life's body, need to sell a candle that has its own just footpath get a candle, yes, My last one is gonna, be when you, when you pull
a cool ranch to Rio from the packet, and it has the exact right amount of seasoning on it and I'm talkin like not completely overloaded, but just a thick coating on either side, so you don't know even which side you want to put tongue down. Her tongue up just like deeper pricked red, always such a nice little tree. Yes, that's a good long, that's and what are your last one brain? My last one is very clear to me, fur, and I love the ones that you guys just did my last one is when you decide it's time for a good fell as we watch and you and you sit down a watch it and that opening song rags too rich comes in, but watch it from their rights up until the end of the air. France heist that first fifty minutes a good fellow, for me, as total, Mount Rushmore right up until effort made me and I did the right thing and it gives a mighty polly and die
to me. It is a fact of that one, because I had a similar one in my honourable mentions of when you sit down on the couch and you catch the beginning of a great. We watch a movie like just starting organically. Good fellows is definitely on that list. Words like your crews and fine aiding the watch boom, good fellows is: is just starting air like art There goes my next two hours, yes what other we do. Quick honourable mentions, the other one I had on. There was the first week: of new sneakers when you feel, like you, be an athlete when you have that tightness. Do it in a little bouts in it, the second half of the first week after you're done breakin in all the rough, but that bats that bounce, where you like, I could see totally see how I could be a marathon runner or like Dunk, a basketball us from that little bounce, and then it goes away like oh, I am a flat footed fuck, but that little moment is great. I had if you're, in financially dire straits.
Maybe you're a young kid comin out of college and you're on a date to nice meal. The server brings back your credit card and it was not declined and you have that's great. You had that moment of I'm not totally serve. This is gonna work or not, and when comes back in your clear. You probably only have like five hours left a limit or whatever, You know you went right up to that edge, but it said great feeling of relief. Yes, do do either of you guys know how to drive a stick stiff car. Very poorly? Wouldn't I not a driving you wouldn't want to ride with me were addressing because the moment indistinct happy end up a distinctive car when you complete a perfect downshift from third the second going into a corner, and you fuckin nail it so use celebrate right just a moment of nailing that thing and accelerating into a corner. You feel, like you feel like you're, a rock star gas rate, great one there's also in driving in you
city when you hit all the green lights and you like raises are forgiven without ever I mean don't once a year on year. I'll get it because I drive on Sundays because you can part for free. So we'll leave like one or two in the morning and I can hit it. I legit like a so, you never have to hit the gas battle it. You can go the entire like half of Manhattan without having to talk the outbreak pedal and it's the best feeling. I have one honourable mention that goes with your pizza thing in your Doritos thing, and it's this. It's really good one! For me, it's when you Yet whatever your favorite soda is at. If you get to an old pizza placed the still has a soda fountain with the perfect. Mix here ass in through the back door as it can never be, replicated, can or bought out now, and you just know it's just now. Yes, exam Firstly, the way you like it or not, you carbonated, maybe just the right amount of combination, which is the right amount of this. To see Europe and again,
it's a kind of the only happens a couple times a year that it's just perfectly mailed and you just feel like. Ok, this if this could be my dad's Romeo, yet lies a pizza And that's it that's a shawshank beer. It is all too should be our roof tat. I would put that right up with having the perfect order. Fries signify that comes out you perfectly crosbie, enliven or denied in there just exactly salty. Yes, you re only wringing our data that that lost its way. Found a fabulous. What they opened. The Basque rose forever. The rationale that is actually making me feel better. Yet does what about about Russia would about when you're, like, maybe almost running late for an and you get your elevator and the elevators at your floor already right or similar, the when you're running late and the train shows up the minute you get down on the platform is crazy, amaze accessories, about flipping over an egg and not breaking the opening up. You up yet
a great a cop. I agree with your great cultural, though I'd say this to work required. Maybe makes it Quite exactly the thing we're talking yeah, which moment at serendipity right, that requires a little bit of training, because things are just like Amazing moment. The only other one I had was when you access when, We are just about to reply all on an email wit when you're not supposed to any catch yourself. That shit is a d magic. Yes, that's like dodging a train engines like holy fuck. I could just my whole old gotta come down, but I caught my the last second, the addressed because you know like- is the adrenaline russian, the relief in the same you get adrenaline cortisol some allowance out and the perfect way logging into website that you have been to unlike five or six years and nail in the bag, we're on the verge of dry up. That's such a good feeling these latter, that's a young man's game right man's game! Nailing! That's what she said joke
Michael Scott. You are getting it perfectest. What just walk off. I this fantastic, we got go wherever we Brian. Thank you. So much tuna. In two billion Sunday night, like it said nine today has the plan. Let me tell the plan tat is so the lad. I look. I loved last dance avenues that episode. I can't wait port, but here's. Or commercial and last night, and so on to do is dvr. Last that's watch billions. But also, if you don't want to do that, billions because available at twelve o one Saturday night when it becomes Lundy, merit You can watch it all day Sunday, ready and then do last chance or just tape. Last. That's why billions and roll into the two episodes you wanna do commercials hate guy. You guys are awesome. Thanks for having me on to talk about this stuff, I feel better to yeah loved this. I'm going go chase. It's like repeats yeah animals LA tomorrow morning with the royal royalty mornin. Yes, I beg you Brian appreciate cement by fellas
I will wrap up here. We have pad visual Alex Smith leg. Four How are you asking like how yes being guided before Zhao? How does he still have his leg, its nuts, the it is? It's a terrifying reminder of what can happen to really anyone. If you break your leg, is lots of people think broken Lego? Not a big deal exercise horse resources over that you haven't, Alex Smith broke his isabel compound fracture and got super infected. He had like twenty surgeries or something I'm probably making that number up on those two thousand four hundred and twenty four surgeries to clean it all out from it that okay, it looks like if you left a gusher out in the sun for eight hours. It was bad Ah, what is right? Is he yeah, I think so, Maybe not, though, like me mentally. I don't think I've ever over, that spend zone if you're
in our words player and you get injured. You dont have to hang out with Bruce Alan. All the time is he's gonna now visit you in hospital, Hey. I have to hang out that big bag. He also yet Alex Smith get better always better. Maybe He's also got a lot of money. Yes, that's good! and he's probably is regarded as one of the most solid dude in the Unifil is do is solid. Dude is so great cavern guest, recurring guest and he's gonna go somewhere in front office. Make a lot of money for locked on all our protection. O nice, ok, Joe better quarterback by hanging out next to yeah. Absolutely Hank guys on checks. Hello, gentlemen. What up sup My boyfriend is constantly spreading his legs out and rapidly shaking his body to court. On quote on This is boss, act from his legs up, is this normal yup, You could just like pinch. It do you. John twirl. That's absolutely normal! I dont know if it's
voting where you live right now, it shouldn't be normal, like if he's doing the winter. Maybe not so normal inside a house? You you don't know what type of environment she keeps true. We add the arm. I think I feel like that's one of life's biggest rivalries is women. Not understanding that we like to touch our testicles The time is not always for pleasure. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's too, for where it can be both business and love. It's all. It's a lot of times just been like yep there. Still there are a lot of times you just after you have to make sure that its hanging independently As for your own good, too he's gonna stay fertile soil, soon to be thicker cat and tik Tok huh, I'm actually our a diet. Thank you very much. I was bored listening to some of the episodes of panty on my flight home the other day you comma there. I was bored. Comma listening to some of the Oji episodes. There's no calm here, fuck! A notice pay. If you didn't say love you guys, the end of any of them.
You remember the exact moment he fell in love with us aid of you. Oh I've always been in love, but I want to hear you guys say: first law was less I've been burned before Jake Marsh, when the first love you guys, I remember, I think the first episode you can't buy yourself in your like in your early twenties I'd. Imagine He's gonna Canada yeah but eventually I just said that I love you. I just I can hold it anymore and I just I was about to burst. Our people don't see how you is a really have tea at last rates when he says that every single episode, when we finish no I'm just right- I want appealing it from the side of my life. He is furiously masturbates, while I love you got it speaking of masturbation. How many jerk hours per day is acceptable during self quarantine. Depends on your situation. Their lot effect they go into that yeah not yet. We are, judging by yourself in your like in your early twenties I'd, imagine it's become discuss. Act when it is our sovereignty early thirties world. What to do
Probably only pray dont have as much t bro. The whole manic awaits. You lose your tea I would say that guy's lost all his tea, its socks, if you're, twenty three and your ceiling doesn't have stalactites coming from a yet then you ve got some Loki issues moment get cleaned up. When are you guys going to do another part of my big I've? Never! Never! Never! every definitely never IDA. Hey boys especially spiral hams jockey. I can But notice on the cover of sports illustrated coach dogs wearing wedding ring. How does miss Hollywood Doug's feel about the latest? Coaching move well, but the Doug storyline has this. Family has been left in Toledo, so there too stops behind. So how does MRS Hollywood doubtful about the lids coating news? What's all the latest coaching news like her how to how should choose in Toledo, surgeon, Ivan Hollywood, ducks she's she's central Heil, but we are saying: is that
Separates work from home, he's out just strictly working on the west side of the family. When I get a head coaching job, I will a you along and not a moment sooner and whoops. I got another. Oh see, John and guess what she's got a very important job to she's the head coach of the household? Yes, so he doesn't want interfere with that. Yes, exactly yeah, that's the store, but he had dot dogs been rumoured to be? Was I Jennifer innocent? I think some hot hot people out? No, I That's gonna probably have a heart attack soon. Our last we, oh, my god, I'm so embarrassed. I tripped and fell my boyfriend licked, my ass. Well, I was on the ground crying yup. I dont know how to bring it up because it was kind of odd. What do I do with reality and your dog that solves sounds like a short tripped and fell and dog licked, her boyfriend, she tripped and rode, and my boy, I tried to tell my boyfriend less my ass, ok
which I don't understand what the embarrassment as I don't want to bring up because was kind of odd. I you're dating your dog. That's the embarrassment, your dog, let your ass and you ve been calling your dog your boyfriend cause. You have quarantine. Brain tat could be it. Fuck, your dog. Also, Just whatever hatless he's really hot, whatever weird sexual things happened during this quarantine situation, just forget about it. The second pillar is over we're all going through our own thing. Right now, I judgments. Yeah, I agree. Waldron thing you gonna, Koko's hair? Eventually recent one another week, matters of PIG Bennett, I'm not, I cut my hair until like I can go to the club type deal. Would you like big Venza. She's Beardsley throws underpass junior only altered thing, you're going, natural nice I don't mean that I don't know, I don't know I was this too. I do think about like because it,
fund be like all the first time they went out together, it's gonna be like the most amazing than ever. But it's also somebody had always like it It makes me excited to think about in the next me you'd like to press, because I'm like I don't see that happening like in June. I don't really think it happened in July like when is that cuz? If it foretell gives every football tell you. This is follow me, the greatest thing ever. Do you think that when we get back, but I dont like I don't I don't I would. If we go out. I say that allowed on Rwanda and the podcasting about no but as I said aloud just doesn't seem most would if we go out and we hit the bars and we're like you know what I can speed at home. That's enough! you don't think that's gonna happen. It will be some nostalgia. Yeah, absolutely google Billig our methods of working from home, yeah absolute there's going to be like I wish now, but I'm talking to argue that it goes out. Aren't I like here, our jobs are fun, so it's like that will be differently. Put someone who is working and ninety five haven't be able to work remotely from home has been probably awesome. Yeah You're saying things I've been saying
I don't really understand how life, can a return until there's vaccine. But we ll make the fucking black. That's my point. Get on the make the vaccine train with react just make
fucking that'll do with lobbyists.
Its pardon, my take presented by bar stool sports.
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