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World Series Champion Anthony Rizzo

2017-03-22 | 🔗
Housekeeping to start the show as the guys are officially banned from getting credentialed at any NCAA games, have developed an online feud with Mark Cuban, and have picked up a couple new addictions (2:59 - 13:27). NBA players sitting out nationally televised games (13:27 - 18:24). Hot seat, cool throne (18:24 - 27:21) . Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo joins the show to talk about winning the World Series, the famous rain delay locker room speech, are Theo/Jed stalking him, and what goes through his mind when he jumps into the stands for foul ball catches (27:19 - 48:09). Segments include the debut of Fun Police, As a white guy, Locker room talk about the coach that put his dick in a hot dog bun and an emergency football guy of the week for Jim Harbaugh making his own crunchy peanut butter.
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today let's go let's not hurry mighty welcome a part of my take it is wednesday march twenty second and we are officially banned from the unseen belay where's this makes it would in effect the dog shown and now the and see two way has kept us out
i guess i just never let us into their clicking said that and see to it yeah yeah guess no that's an old guy move here so we have a big show for you we are a lot of stuff we gonna cover we have an awesome interview with anthony rizzo serious champion not sure if you hurt them probably have and we have a bunch of other stuff we're gonna get you but before we get to that it's your little house cleaning little part of my take house cleaning the things that are going on in our world and number one is i just got this email and the incidents has directed everyone who is running the programme at amnesty to deny us our credential request with bad boys of the agency to a network are in i am not ashamed to admit it then a woman brown college kids anymore it's fine that afraid that you know little cock welcoming and shows the kids how to do the bad boy way next thing you know you ve gotta corrupted
there also might be a theory floating around there that we mention gambling too much which i remember last time and time again i don't think that we have discussed at all maybe off the air like a year off the record segment in the locker room so we don't talk again yes so we are banned from getting credentials for the game will be at the game i think peggy closely innocuous fifteen are gonna game on friday i wasn't there were two huge game florida versus is minister yeah minnesota right working for it we also have a little radio war cooking up his watch miles while we you said you'd want to conquer duke lost it would be nice invite will we actually have not really so you ve already respect the garden that much is israeli forgotten respect or so are other news is we're in radio war with pretty influential guy mark
cuban also ever heard of him he got old again online he's get each has been walking he's actually the new peter king it in his mouth into the trap someone's been gone are the human race like ass he used to be woke he was the weakest of the of the old owners oh he's become everything that he used to hate he's gonna do left and right yes so you remember the bleacher port tough a couple weeks ago we off we offer him to come on the podcast to clears name then yesterday we're great job by us like extending that all branch and in turn help him outcome on our part garcia if would you care to discuss so today he he felt for the old click all which i can't i can't imagine many people left on earth the dollar understand the cliff because the onion but here's mark cuban and the court was larry's click all said mark cuban said you can't pay for anything with a library card but you can buy books with a credit card
and yet people wonder why libraries are obsolete and he replied le ella while never said that i love libraries hate credit cards so i emailed him and i said hey mark saw got owned online again would you care to come on our pockets to discuss and he replied do you really think this tactic is working that's what he said there are clearly as we have done canton outright exactly so we're in a radio war with more cuban i would you click also done is just if the quote had been its liking library it's like netflix for books cuban would be like you i probably said that its oh yeah yeah pressures and sounds like some medicine on our new age yeah right exact comes a revolutionary mean a wacko means sack or talking about how that's the netflix for books either right let's zalm i'm not saying tell q then should should come up my take but is still dodging us yeah you know what's going on is clickhole is disrupting mark cuban so is is click hall the new cuban movement watch yes then impatiently
we also have big news did you have a u news as well right yeah my my news is i'm phone deep down wormhole of gretta gretta energy america sweethearts yeah yeah so gretta is posing lebanon's grimm's usually pictures of her with griffin are just heard whatever her her own thing flora state and then archie three without fail comments on every single instagram post and there was one of gretta holding a dolphin in this poor energy through was the dolphin thought that it was the star but you're the real star the show baby oh my god and there's one with her holding flowers and be like those flowers don't have anything on you my dear dear not as fly as you so robber griffin bobby griffin is get himself in his like an eight is like an eighth greater the first relationship that's what this is like well obviously spins own this is actually great russell wilson
because in taking the here on our three opened his mouth people remember o russ wilson isn't it its goober quarterback out at and since gretta is still relatively young this kind of stuff is puppy love is cool with her for ya but is gonna get old real eventually it's gonna be ok ravages chill out with the with the hallmark greeting card messages so i'm gonna try to seduce gretta on instagram oh i'm certain tweak mister i e g cooking robert and sliding in there and just make an even more cheesy comment than griffin social come over bad boy team i like that i like that and we also have o speaking that you ve gotten deepened the instagram for archie three i've relapsed i want to just be honest with everyone it spent over a year but it happened i watched my first dickie periscope the other night and i'm back deep into it yesterday he basically gave me a full torvus house while talking about the kentucky wildcats last night i watched him
is it dinner with his friends and he has a wisconsin gave can touch the u n c and can as possible national champions tom wise wrong while he was just videotaping the salt shaker and how schwab so i'm deepened i know what i want to i think i'm gonna play out you guys programme to intervene at some point as has also been hit the live let me know dickie vigo live button so i get alerts every time he goes lima periscope so on this summer watch you're gonna be deepened archie three trying to steal his girlfriend i'm gonna be deep into watching one eye dick take pictures of his like
and weird shit on his table ways out to breakfast the advice that where was he d less i was a hooters no you said you just stay council came remember what chain or the phrase which the schwab yeah stumped schwab yea and i'm so glad that those to hang out they just toby i ran a sly on why but didn't even listen to each other is lobbying like the ninety ninety two a blue devils average five assist per turnover in the ditch is the stages all suburbia has basically it back and forth all time problem ruby amish gets rose out there how schwab dick vital at a nice stake house there is a lot of catch up on the table la to catch up on the table the imaginary in the lucky pierre and between those two in the bedroom badge being the catch up on the table you get used to night they get spanked i would you have real there is talk about the nba big big to do it
as i guess leubronn blames is upset that everyone's complaining that he sitting and adam silver even gotten voice then was like hey owners be mindful that we just signed a huge tv contracts in every saturday night when we're trying to promote these games all the best players are sitting fair fair thing to say but abroad said that it was actually not an issue and published did it but now that he's doing it everyone's upset yeah yeah i'm the most probably off person in this entire ordeal has got to be positive he was gained by on this for years yes and then we will start copyrights like at one point patent office job when we re was a puppy and i bring leroy in every day and nobody say anything cuz at this really cute dog and always complain about and then one day when my co workers was like i'm bringing my cat into the into the office as i live in my cubicle would mean than ever both like ok no more pets in the off right that's what's goin on here would pop does it it's ok when all these new
age guys try to copy pop a you guys were yea war that brings me to another point in an disguise these players or so uncomfortable that their discourse i'll games because her coach tells them to do so if it were me you'd have to strap me to the bench keep me out of that game can i get real game can i get million can i get real for a second i actually want to point the finger back at the fans and media for this one because it's one thing that all the feds media do is they count ranks guys we'll have a certain amount of rings you're not elite we know there is a way of eight every one at that if these guys are sitting out because they're trying to win rings i mean that their literally try to put themselves in the best position to win the day
that we judge their entire worth on and then were upset there sitting in the middle of march yes a silver he sent an email is awaited yeah thinks only male cleared all right i've been with seed yak othello clear everything right up hey guys if you could please stop doing this they be great pleasure there you are putting away i actually i have no problem with players sitting i know a kind of socks when you try to build up a big you know saturnine primetime game and all this stuff and you get hence coming in their like the little kid stands there with the seismic i travelled ten thousand miles to see lebron james is like come on kid shut on acts of my favorite is a sports dad that says hey i travelled five hundred miles i spent five five hundred bucks on tickets for me
hid and all he wanted to see tonight was his brow whose career visa rules that liberal solid bronze team who want to see careering true undertaking that away from me and i am of absurd but i think they could obviously learn a lot from marlins men in this situation while his man doesn't take off the world baseball classic nope he shows up every night there forever but not because a him not to get eyes on him it's too you see dries everybody you see violence van tweet the picture and then he he retreated than tweet a picture somebody took a picture of him you it wasn't even a good picture just him and he could see marlins ban on the back and he retreated then was like look at how great this picture is great photo of
himself it was like a beer in the foreground and then like his name in the background i for i mean it's a lot of this is sitting there like damn i got that one taken those picture those stupid trees i love the ants latins reference we everybody we if you ever need a photography reference islam certainly one one that anybody knows i'm trying to think of it for no direct and i don't know any of the gnome it's all intellectual francis i join with us i liked have seventy smith injector himself into this of course it it gets you i won't do you hear from sea based on this might be upset if he did yeah he's mad that lebron james is not going to work so steve ace with the guy who's whose face gets hell imported onto the set of take every day is mad rightfully so that lebron james is not attending work the suez ok i like her and then the other news in the nba is that the warriors are pissed off at the thunder for
i'd be accommodating and often not celebrating kevin durrant enough the eyes return to oklahoma city ass real raven steelers type stuff goin on here real bad boy did move over bad boy pistons because the warriors really evil stuff have the warrior to become the most hated like franchise in all sports right now i really do and it's it's so we're because last year's everyone went crazy men when they would like to threesome people while we were thy mind we have about the head out not not to brag bought this show was the first to be like hey guys the word can be really fucking annoying soon and turns out we were exactly right but sending an email to the thunder and sang why didn't you guys celebrate kevin durant's enough come on three really weird to remove its i hate everything about the warriors now i'm sorry i really do
but to flip the script amount to start likened the worst your stuff like that so cute itself carried us whose mired i love riley corrected she's so funny by when last night were two nights ago when the warriors did play the thunder in oklahoma city stuff curry got a little little brouhaha will pushing match i liked it though because they ran out thanks to talk about cars with such a blow out that they just basically spent an entire quarter talk about how the warriors are playing better because kevin rents is now sitting on the bench and travelling with the team do we call that i think we also recognise that you know back you gotta get swagger back the draft was very slump it over there you can see there's no fight that i would like to see more than westbrook against curry because the rustle westbrook a bundle of energy and staff curious like bjornstam grocer from forty feet and act like that's tough and i really
i really think that it would be like watching tat as against which the little bird twitty bird task is sometimes on the show we like owed so far down the hot takes spot where we just don't even realize we are like the worst bands of the forward so tough from shootin these three points no arms after a motto my daughter riley as look we do this cross up oh our across a guy over and shot a threed is phased makes it staff should wear riley's pacified during game s gonna find paint one time brow trotted try to finish the rack that's right if they took away the twenty to fifty foot shot and staff curry would probably only average like twenty two points again let's do are those hot ass hot on the warriors get discuss on the shark it's hot better pay me back i hate clay thompson to i hate claimed more than i hate staff curlers an arc people get out clay doesn't like people smoke wheat i closed little goatee little the parts of his goats either
around his mouth yup that's the worst part agreed agreed who else she ate his hair cut to hate asserted erika duval whatever eligible kerr kind of annoying now casino occurred you know that we have with her curls everywhere the fact that he looks like a nazi will know what happens with clearer now is anything he does everyone's like look at his genius he's so smart and they showed that clip of him being like stuff you're not shooting well but look at the plus minus they're playing its next is like stuff girl could stand in the corner and pick his ass and he'd have a plus thirty eight against the next and steve closely look at how much your infected
achieving we're not shooting well and then they spent an entire quarter saying how steve caused the greatest coachman and they're moving too don't forget thou either leaving the door open abandoning oakland fur for the tec hub of san francisco me mark zuckerberg sentence court side now get em we're gonna invent an app to improve the pic unroll yeah there have over the gruber bar and all that just like owes its over rose i invented a new up it's over four point since this is a real live what would you think about free agency is goober firm scoring yes so like kevin durrant he's he's like lift perfect this is a real rabbit hold hate like that we got that out now we don't have any fans that are fans of the warriors and also fans so thanks for on subscribing maybe we subscribe sometime you but if you live in oklahoma city we just tripled our audience yes area all four of them now let's do hot sequel thrown hate you are sorry ok
those bad radio hank once you start hardly had soared noise you credentials media he's turning shortly on the fortieth bertha okay so they are therefore noise youth he i turned forty her boss turning forty yeah i like the david somehow stretched his youth to his forty if there's a big difference between pulling like nineteen year old girls pictures off instagram as thirty nine year old and doing as a forty year old yeah it becomes a little bit creepy in that in that overnight that just shows how he's warped everyone's brain worries like i'm turned forty guys finally an adult rent a car i almost hope dave goes like full teenager on his birth i i mean every single day of his life i think he can go you can go harder routine ok yeah maybe some backwards hats maybe oh i would love to see dave like died one part of his hair purple
but you oh do the half chechen while yet have shifted who'd you cool throng amicable throne is the flute ok so i took two paragraphs songs of come out mask off and addressing some portland about food very fluid heavy so slow into the nerves glory from the yankees flout lists really know what those songs are echoed by flute now is that any relates amigos ass big ass a person oh shit lemme myself in a little bit of a corner here i was gonna say yes but sounds like looking your face bad radios meant looking at hanks base right now i'm gonna say me goes is a band i actually do a pretty good meagre impression gossip hand to group you got here gus skirts nice attaching person upload rotating ourselves here you're cool throughout my heart is the credential media ok so everybody saw the news yesterday that
africa from one of the mexican networks he got arrested or no he's wanted he's a fugitive from the law big news he was the one that broke into the patriots lock room stole tom brady's jersey apparently this was like this was like his ammo he did this before with tom brady's other jersey and he did it with von miller's its he was deeply do some weird section with that allegedly cause riddle alleged but i feel like when you start stealing all that stuff and you're not selling it if you selling it ok discuss got my soul side when he was hanging onto it hanging onto it i dont know if you want that yours you back your tumblr sea like an orthodox jewish person so maybe you are cutting a hole in the tom brady jersey than having sex through yeah that's what i'm thinking but none nonetheless this puts the credentials media squarely in process of the unifil sat i would go as far as to say that the initial has a credentials media problem yes what's the unconventional epidemic of their credentials media people violating the law
did you see i love the clip of all the texas police officers they head like a whole press conference there is about twenty five on this just shows came the wrong state that's art ass veto for you that guy used to be in charge in austin ok back he's a big tat is texas guy did not realise that he really stupid being like we solve this big crime of a jersey having stolen well there's a lot of other crime going on night and trust me he does not realise that at the outset i would like to make a splash of countries blush guy issue is put some like bales of cocaine out just to really make that's why we found tabriz jersey and all the others marijuana marijuana drugs you know shotguns all the other stuff we got it we got it off yet and
cool throne is rogue journalism like us like ourselves so enough ones getting hot like credential people than the other gettin cool i think that you're gonna see big uptake in in media coming is pulling their credentials media guys and turning them robe so that bad boy panache us up i saw my hot seat fact ice and guys you forgot that where last forever so i was telling you this before the show i saw this could be seventy degrees in new york on saturday and i actually audibly was like because that means i don't have to wear a t shirt i've worn a sweatshirt for about forty five days in a row
i sat on this one to say hey up my head up i forgot about the whole season changing in that it was getting hot again i'm just gonna stay cool nice nice nice forty degrees for us picked as a flat arthur myself i was kind of falling into that trap to fortunate having done so cycle recently one target burn those cows once regional scope thrice gonna have a six back before you know my cool thrown dwayne we its penis and anyone who thought maybe it was small so if you guys saw this butter gabrielle in wade's wife we're way you're saying it people that thought his penis was smaller on the highest penis is on the cook roger his penis has been cleared it is a large penis etana caprio union she's had that she loved lazo balls game and twitter all replied you want his dick too and she were clyde she quote prudence had no my current penises patient is stellar
how do you know how do you like dwayne with consent he replies had talk the talk and he had lived so noble hank brings up a good point she said that occur penis situation was stellar did not named wind wave and then dwayne dwayne assumed went in there and he capitalized he plans while so but that still my point still stands the buzz in the world in the internet streets is dwayne wade nice dick yeah i gotta maginnis pissing region randal off right yeah he's not gonna i'd i'd take that back he's busy planning that office party everybody's invited to accept a reality rice hollered and tat s how i it's our hearts equal thrown let's go who are interview with any rizzo we were down in phoenix we kept the first like forty five seconds in when the audio wasn't working just cause it's funny because rizzo himself he ordered hank that's good that when like one
it's just not ass the door yelling and hank it's it's even the guy were interviewing elio hank recover that an audio gets better about after forty five seconds in
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dot com that's rich uncles dot com or call them at eight five five rich uncle small we're here lie which chicago cubs first baseman anthony rizzo i actually we were supposed to have you and kris bryant but chris big lead us i had a perfect setup i was going to say we're here lie with the ear levy best eyes on the team whose prime and also ok present yes your etc so there's my first question you ever get intimidated by the fact that you have the rizzo company together in his eyes
again there i've got is so that every christmas baby lhasa command rebecca ok ok brand new question for you at the end the world series why didn't you hand about the official like you ve been there before you should have been expecting to win that and acted like professional the shower cubs have never been there before in a hundred years and at the end of any game no one in baseball hands about the official maybe should start me that's a cool new tradition is which is like being so what official what i handed to the first base official not a baseball games will do at what point in that ending were you like i'm gonna pocket this ball i get it or was it just instant while raw
see and i had a whole thing go and cause he caught the ds ball i caught annul cs balls were hey if we catch this last bobby at all three we could run off into the sunset i saw three events are like armand play out right he's already eyes outweigh out so but right away i was like that's us as a historical rate and the but you gave it up you should have sold it now offers for i did i got a nice offered mid parade what was their colours what was it did anyone like actually formerly hit you up like what what's what were the people from my barclays or whatever their revolt derivation it today wherever it troubled like hears what does that ball actually is worth i i've heard the estimates but i was offered a nice amount money for mid parade and really i gave the boy my brother and said god this with your life in his ear i know your brother he definitely i want fuck with him i would not i would not i the famous game seven speech from jason heyward slash maybe you won't said that locker while i mean that says rwanda homerun gets here we go out there for the nice somehow chapman gets us through the ninth which you know and all reality one that were there momentum i thought we're done right let's hear much everyone to have you watch it on tv now have a relaunch it solves
i hate to do this but they showed like a close up of the dog out and i thank you i care a real say next year but it was definitely not the most competent looking dug out now fashion i mean i i was on video as well and i was almost dead dissociated the highlights of big cat watching you thought was already led how's eyes what anyone gets through its mean interrupted i mean you he is our home run in your case this is real like the go black cat knew no oh three gap that you just that i was thinking what is going on charming digs deepen gets sir knight and then where it's our false energy in a dynamic work or push him but it's not where we were before we go into the way room we all come together to emotional and area guys cryin jason may winners
no impute nokia hooker and actual sent over we're just say let's go we we had the advantages forest pitching magics why we had a deeper pan we already blue through their their big horses yup so we got out there in which they were to do this was joe port himself like a little glass red one no john wasn't in those usually rice players only joe chosen his office does just the guys and then we're really right after that meeting was i wrote we're back on and do you think the cubs won that game if the rain delay never happens i would say yes and no i think get if that nice was was really big for us and them not waiting in the knife once we got back and dug out we knew we had the match ups where we
one i'm coney island through a lot of pitches miller was out of the game so we had not their big horses but other balkan so pretty good right we cotonou was more in our favour geek has it dawned on you yet that you know the old saying like you never have to buy a beer again in chicago has it dawned on you that not only that's true but like if all else fails you can open up you know like a car dealership skokie and ten years and probably make a pretty good living where the ring everyday you re like you'd use as used cardio showed how i'd try on your ring in that close nobody the real question there is like you are now part of history and a huge moment as that has that kind of said it
it has an i figure will more when i'm dumpling ray and be able to look back we still talk about it you know what we did and we bring it up it's amazing it's amazing what we did for the city for what's been coming for every players particles uniform but they were downplaying maybe like i'd be dynasty data when again we advise everyone says iran you don't want right when you guys we're down three one what was the general mood was it was like ever a moment of i don't want a desperation but a moment of where you thought maybe it was all lost did you ever like express that's any buyer did i just can't sharp focus you know what it's we win hard for thirty minutes we lose heart thirty minutes after game three we it was down thirty minutes but right away i brought believe rossi said something in the club ass i wouldn't talk to a shrink coach and you know too
go you survive amounts were down three o and you can tell the kind of that had in that direction and we just we also know and that's not we're not going down with this i actually i was a game for and then i had to go back to new york is my boss made me sit on facebook live so i miss the only when it really that's ok i'm not mad i'm not mad judy yoga rarely ok good we're bunting humane card not gonna do that you love to crowd the plate do you think that's like a mental edge on pitchers mental as far as what like like from you you get very close i don't think there's any one who gets closer than you do i think that is an issue that is that is only a playing with them or you doing it because that is where you liked to hit from i want that ball inside says i gonna play in a thorough that's kind of what i want her not yet so are you ever like sick of getting a meagre
the most leave i kick it to magna's i'm on the plate right but you know what a guy does hit you it is not likely to go back in their gangs who knows you hang you save the hay twice in a game it's right i've always one of this how it how do you tell the difference between whether an arrogant being intentionally and if it's just an action i would save nine or ten times an accident but you pretty much no one is now yeah if you like stare down the picture before it is a fast falling behind their junior back like the far sighted we're back i mean it just all dependent situation but most of the time you know if it's a good idea if it was your own or one due to the arms ever tell you got it back up hard now take the care they can't rate dissipate catcher setoc shit out of that like like in the ballot boxes is usually like banter going like locker himself between you two i've had a catch her one catcher
two years ago save anything i can name names what you could probably go to the research and think of the catch and it said it ok but billina is miladi not i was now in the developing countries is not looking out is a greater except at that time that he talks to you never know what have has anyone be our joe told you that you gotta stop jumping into the crowd to catch my boss i was at that game when you went on the top and i was i literally was screaming no no no no no gas because i was like that i might mylife flash react before my eyes i m sure yours we didn't cause you're crazy no they don't they don't say anything you know it i think in the play off they told me i couldn't go up on the wall anymore which outside what is going on what that's part of it and i feel like a job on alone robert break the first phase we couldn't so so that mean that when you have that moment you just like i don't even care i'm just gonna go as far as i can exist by its eyes luigi we age
those place outside his junior going into the where i stand so it's like one day i'm gonna just run and jump up and began to unite us all heart attack he obeyed the fans everywhere about catch me they know they got your russia and on the first baseline it you gotta know what you have to count ok gazetted over the ball you just go hungry of as the first couple rose like a baseball iq test yet than happens are you gonna like sitting in an exit rowan an airplane you should get that same speech i agree we were talking to theo unjust consarn about the five year plan and how integral yours is your father this is your five has its your successors so he did the five year plan in five years and you are obvious you're the first building block to the five year plan and he actually said two thousand fourteen when you got in that fight with the reds that was like kind of a galvanizing moment do you was that like kind of instinct or was that just your euro stereotypical hot italian temper i need all
carlos passing on four november we plan our fifth game for days of a double header day game is hot dash rather we shall do right up are behind you could say it took us as each other at a brass kamba wrigley chapman gets through saves every time you can just it was clockwork ran their bedrooms so we just it was one those things were couple borlsovers head he looked in our dug out you just stand of your guys grand after we don t want to make bigger deal that they also game we kind of swash right away the media that's a media say you can say you look in my eyes and say the media the big deal if it did was it awkward at all when chapman got traded non aus awesome i am it was you know as a team europe we're all in we get off to the best art enfranchise issue i think we owe race the first half and you know you feel like as a team someplace
i the team you're all and and you we know our front off zol and as well and ownership and let them go going out and doing that just certified everything turn down here in arizona at spring training what's your favorite part about being here is it the old drivers everywhere or the methods that you see at gas station you know i live in south florida in the winter time so i got a lot of old people do last night please yourself this is this is this just west lord this is beautiful though this whether you can't beat it it's it's really is it's nice to stay away from the crazy sarkozy lit i really believe that there is the desert affecting us unless he asked desire the absolute so from south florida your dolphins van is this the year the rhine ten i'll put it all together
i've wore his knees i beheld the answer is yes that every year actually areas they re happier next year he's got altogether now an extension of this year well was i mean i believe to be ready for the star bottle into the ok this is the area in a put altogether yoga around our into takes a little bit of time but as long as number twelve is another vision its enemy really can you explain what's going on with you here what's the which the shape up together it's it's my it's easy for the second and third z my last name i let you from your tips by the way you did little little throw back to the late idea you know we're shaven ahead i had it longer throw you know and saint actually writings eighty right then did some crazy little like
oh no back on the up a couple of guys and her team at its height confident bobby said are you died his hair to be plundered and more so i tried to saint a word of it now what started an end lebron james would you think about our hobby statue was ever like i gave really you really need there is your shrink hush said oh yes he's a nice i've heard some crazy stories about the strength go to see what's it all about eyes a legend he's the he's really one of the heart beats the team he just brings energy everyday especially in the dog days where you dragon he's he's always fond he's always there and always gets you ready to play and he knows every individual and how to get i'm ready what is the strike coach was he think about when joe brings a magician in that's keys valuable gets like just use impact do just bench guys i don't need a magician that's gonna he gets he's been doing this for eighteen plus years ok lobbies
he's seen every guy come in and out and what they need to get ready so he's off workers people gather cells craziness game yes george i think we're the spring training edges i know you like steep yes loose but like spring training loose that's gonna be really looser yeah we haven't had the we lasher that bears the cubby where's command oh yeah we'll get tars with mine yes that's creep mommy bossy roll down a ferrari that he bought with his platform on a view as ever you guys ever just sit down you like maybe jos just into some really weird shit like this is just weird mimes he likes looking elusive that's the name of the game it's true that's true have you ever thought that the o and gender stocking you because they drafted you in boston then went to san diego they traded again for you to come the massive discussion the everything that i have something on them who oh how i doubt points as a good boy you ever you never like hey man
just chill out like no you know what they they drafted me they gave me opportunities in a big prospect come out of high school and when i got traded it was kind of emotional cuz with the red sox i was sick with them write dave really took care of all my bills which is so big and then when they go over to jed going to go to chicago is like alright well i'm over here down in the dumps i just hit like under a hundred jesus and they called it was as amazing and that was peace one how do you get out of a slump like that i've got my own slump buster recipe that i use
about that off the record what do you do when you're hitting like a hundred and you need to step up for that year was just i just knew the season and oversight i knew i could do it is just more i don't know what happened and every now you just go to experiences you know i'd everyone knows i get here and that's what i want is reprehensible little kid so it's not i've overnight in someone else's this very area like that's what a good leader does de luxe blame the o is on the record with us shore birds his favorite drafting doesn't hurt your feelings i was six around or sophia was like her yet
six rather dubious means he did a better job for a central point of the world series jabbing them that's that should be his paper trail i think that a lot of people criticise were from out of high school and swaying if it would play but they do such a good job and i can't even tell you him or or copyright bright morale mauro yeah marine habitats knocking on the doors are alike busy everyone on the red sox now too he's got that all team to so dear season i think you told me this once you you lose like twenty five pounds to seize right known eyes again oh you gave birth a shower of an emotional stress either yes so how do you do that because everyone knows the ivory i've a major theory that has been working for me after a good game i reward myself with dessert and then after bag aim i sulk and deserve and you ve had a lot of it and you also ok so every game so we
if as long as you don't play what if you need a lawyer you do not deserve baby i'll get away i don't have to decide on pine and obscene running like one for four with a single and have just like an ok game dog will go ahead a day gives doktor were yet dessert that's a deserted that's a cookie right there maybe you know your eye that's probably say about our just like your cookies on the edge one cook yeah how much this point first base are you kidding me is the best you likely for yeah especially at sea or had to run like five feet up i'm so scared i dropped a ball every time you got thrown me don't how scared of job and about the last ass suddenly ass magic is chris bright was quickly smiling in your face the anti slipped and above saddled and got a guy and no speed running down line re other chris where local probably dumber than you if you had dropped because you smile and i could goon when he threw the boy
if that wholesale india here's a good question i'm a football guy why do you have to wear like especial met on first basically we think are better than anybody else question can you guess about with normal gloves i agree i don't understand it i really donors but it works at what they gonna do huh how about talking to guys who get on first base is that like do what you say what you're go too if you know the guy and then what you go too if you don't know the guy for another guy has somehow prize his family girlfriend wife whatever is how he is usually gets i was tom nice hit nice about come on it's you know it's it's ransacked you gave me i'd see they're doing what we are trying to do right so you gotta respect the are ok and then if you don't know the guy hey what's that's it they said you ever stays out depends
some guys like hell stay names yachting not at seattle really rare rarely rarely ever guys in the divisions replay him so much and we now but she's just gaza i dislike who's your favorite seem to be in wise at the cardinals because they're they're just there had been the tablet a vision since i've been a division and they ve always wanted a vision so even two years ago they want him here in the wall car but there that's the kind of the standard that they set and we want to continue to overtake them dodgy defence they call themselves super classy but i mean you know you know better you know what they say they do have good friends do racist they they packed a park in every time in mid august you don't get a lot of stadiums at her slam pact there have jobs have you have you got in the tax from dexter yet being like i made a huge mistake no way our key turned on money come on it's maybe just a little like maybe justice
hey is emerging i definitely deaf we face some alot now stand alone it's different without him he's one of my best friends on the teams rate it'll be fun planning it's ok let's i think we will wrap it up with one final game we play with me everyone skirmishers called we read mean tweets so you know the jimmy chemo one maybe we we found mean tweets on their freedom to you so borders one this one is what a day on these keys gives you more date from march night so this march yeah this one's from tat yet from today chris brian it's from at chris brian is the best part of brazil it's not even close
and he wrote hey anthony it's it's the middle of its ninety degrees e he considered is ninety degrees in arizona ensuring long sleeved shirt what the fuck do you not have good biceps cancer man and i wanna gaily while others are not bert chris brian is the best part of ethics of brazil colleagues got these areas there is a better job that bomb aware that that i started when he's three hours then here's here's better when this one is from my classes fans in baseball sixty nine says rizzo more like jizo burn we think that alan i like tat so bad ass pretty get yeah oh do i shall give you thirty one forty one more ok this one is from at i love anthony result not for twenty sixty nine and he just simply said hey
anthony i hate italian people and you get a stupid z in your head and you gotta stupid z in your head and when you frosted chips we all thought you were stupid that's kind master i agree on this that i see online can be so mean that whenever an idea sepia never say evasively there like cyber boys right exactly you know you got cerebral is after all not bullshit i as a result we appreciate it thanks for guaranteeing that the company when other world series thanks i left you some segments we also just reminder we have cash warmer interview coming pry next week i love housework registrars say that right now best he is he is the best i i don't i don't want put rizzo down cause i was a good entitlements as also the best results that ireland's abbess like dogs cubs like dogs everyone's thirteen out of ten very good boy yeah that all the best suits of segments first up
the brand new segment which i think would be hit called fun police back haven't you much haven't you must have no work it's bad boys too much fun police goes out to robert read from the chicago tribune he wrote a column upset alert way wait wait robber red isn't the shoe bomber now their land issue bomber right columns out some huge richard some robber read you think of the atlanta bomber richer now not think about jewel and time i've got a gun on the airplane leather shoes on i dont know how to save what that's why can't we shoes and airports anymore true people forget that fund whilst activity as a pretext so i can wear shoes i want also actually you're the most likely prison did the next terror to stop this are taken away
upset alert it's time to dump march madness office pools this is like the best fun police could ever start with he starts by workplace budding pools which flourish during college vessels march man is competition and are perceived as a harmless where boosting employ morale should be dumped on the ash heap of business history we found it we found the way the sky in the world he wants everyone to stop doing brackets come march because its gambling and people can addicted to gambling it also makes people feel like their left out when they don't wanna be it so this guy obviously didn't get invited to a bracket and serious matter got that answer is nobody else should be doing no no that's the best part he then goes and to give a little anecdote for the people when i start working many years ago my department formed a fantasy baseball league which was led by one of the top bosses by choice i wasn't part of it
group so was i already got around again rob yeah you got invited buddy sure thing by choice i wasn't part of a group but a small band of folks gathered in conference room for weeks picking tee that's just a flat out y know fitness apace partly to six weeks to pick the teams drill beer and trash talking their rivals players choices he then said that his boss was part of it so he felt like he was left out yet you know shit like you get invited to a fancy based polly you do it by your boss yeah you don't have to even be good at it or be that interested you just do it this guy basically like i'm socially awkward and i dont know how to just be a person in an office so i want no one to be able to allocate now i've i've gotta turn into a truth or on this because he said they spent eight weeks to i think
think what was actually going on was they don't want to hang out with richard red and so they were just a k we ve got another draft redraft everywhere which out oh it's it's three p m on a wednesday we had no or weekly raft we're gonna go drink beers away from you actually robert red he didn't even realize it but he was working at one point with the guys who invented traffic's daily fantasy wow look at that history yeah also he should make the point that the entire offices addicted caffeine so let's get rid of the coffee maker too i am actually can astonishing discuss parliament like it's a big tat if you were to make a bracket of things that waste time at work i don't think i don't think their march bandits would be higher than a seventy so number once it is if you get pregnant right right that's a huge time suck bigtime number two is iq parents die number thirty liking euro bowel syndrome yeah that guy's i was gonna use the bathroom europe today yet never wore the smokers
this reality we know what you're doing and we just keep kicking them away from the building laboratory for a while just to smoke a cigarette hunger again it hunger yanking lunch bunch office romances bang in the copy room yeah i hear that happens a lot i dont think robert re gallery offers for that how come a bite voice i was not engaging in sexual activity with any of my other co workers even though as proposition choice many times by using mutually exclusive decision for me to not sleep with my hot boss i dont go for ever going to be able to stop this fund police because that the march madness in brackets that is america and this guy wants it all to stun i bet you discuss related dare marvell somehow hayden hey no off birth they parties either you are just some of us don't have a sweet to say some words cake is discriminatory man next up we have as like i this one goes out to calling capron nick he
is doing all kinds of good deeds trouble back in the nfl what's up with that yes he flew like sixty tonnes of food to somalia which it if you think if you won't take it to its logical conclusion which we always do he is putting piracy right because has some that at last i mean those kids are gonna grow up and become pirate man those guys got busted by the way it's never that old commercial that these throughout their red after nine eleven when they break if you buy a dime bag a weed you're actually supporting ok yeah that's a believer so not only that i brought this up in the main be m yesterday though but he's so donating money to meals on wheels and dave show no evidence that that's my improve those elderly people's taskforce so he's kathryn is money way young age red flag all these athletes now i d spent money on all the selfish stuff like cars close watch is food for
african starving children yes like gimme a break is turned into a trophy it also makes you think that there are a lot of other unemployed quarterbacks out there and you know we're not we're not throwing them pity parties and saying hey is prey are blackballed because he's heterosexual is jay cutler blackballed cuz he doesn't vaccinate his children let me ask you this when was the last time jenny mccarthy was in playboy i can remember not so she said she doesn't vaccinate or children wow interesting makes a gym carry hasn't a good movie in fifteen years since it will eliminate the mask says he went a little bit crazy and started not vaccinating his kids interested very interests all this same colored calling complex you're not the only one has been blackball seems wise jeff fish are not a coach anymore i did like anti mustache vice man don't
that's not soon tourism that like really balmy like iran ready bioenergy other showed i really brought down i did like the we had a headline a song websites it was like is j cutler being blackball because he voted for donald trump that if you want to get all the clicks on the way just throw j cutler doll trumpet the same one boom is mike mccarthy being blackboard from winning superboss because he sucks coaching interests not to think about that his eyes or to close together till they are i hate is for i know you that's fair i'm not gonna stop a man from hating irrational heating someone else's face i've tom green is therefore reason we have a put what is your whole this one you asked for somehow this the floor is yours my why i want to put women have he buys zero ok you better believe that he's gonna get one zero soon
you see me was like celebrating as he was tagging the other day yes and then you sliding into third based any he shifted his body around till i go around another man you know go around another man's tag go behind his back getting to third base give it to something tebow's tebow's neverbend say what you want about tim tebow but he wouldn't show boat when he was getting their base for the give it to me i wanted all thy love all
coffee hate i also think that people have have gotten so irrationally mad like the cubs and cubs fans before they even did anything like truly annoying like islands as pill summons written a book i know about like hoo hoo hoo made a movie or something that then i went all way overboard for i'm fine with that needs europe because i do the same thing with warriors the hate comes now before people get annoying nuts how early it you have to do is find in today's sports clyde i you have to start hating somebody before you actually start hating right you have to be like those annoying cubs fans yet for they even do anything annoying cause you know eventually we will get annoying just like the warriors like dan those fuckin warriors we did the exact same thing some totally fine with it i just want i just want you to know out there listening your hate is not fully just five yet well as american when i see somebody who's good at their job that i can
oh that they know that their good at their job i hate that as somebody who is not good at my job yes says there is a real and we have an understanding of our understanding of what we find that i've i understand what comes with the territory yeah you have to pretend that you suck if p if you want people and tat you get right we buy by as by the way you know what that's he's gonna definitely bother alot of baseball pierce he's one of those guys i mean yeah exactly you're not flashy yeah little flash well though brace operate as its it with his hair and you know what you mean he does it to upping fathers because i don't try to put me into some racial corner no i didn't bring oppressed by china ratio dimension hobby buys is heavy buys it does he have a race should
talk about how you were races earlier today i was never racist route as move on every guy got obvious we ve locker and talk this might be my favorite locker room talk of all time high school football coach knows these names coach starkey yeah he's half ass it's the best thing you said a little cook out with his team patent he was many the grill go get some hot dogs did the old penises hot dog bonn trick turned around and said you think this is a big dog take a look at this and showed is hot his ps in a hot dog bonn i we joke about locker him talk this is a hilarious it's a classic bit it is a very fine line and for those of you
at their that have never play football and don't get it on a football guys guys like me you my went turner radio off right now that just one guy get triggered united snowflake warning blizzard warning eureka there's a very fine line between football leadership and pedophilia and you want to make here's the thing you want to coach who could pull out his penis at any given time but actually doesn't pilates been writing given to write you want that edge i my high school coach this is true he use ie as creative sharking cause you can use a hot dog bun but he used with how does jog all the time he got fired for four dating a high school senior he's what rattled correlated no not correlated off just ages guy stuff right you'll get it if you never strapped on a push or pay it is true though i know there's gonna be i am sure shark he's getting a ton a backlash and probably feel if you take your penis sound from a bunch cage probably deserves some backlash let's just say that but every
does know the friend that's dislike he's the penis trick and we we have one of those friends will call it definitely made up name sharky like he's at call me shark and then call me sharky hey lenny what's up and cigars and from my take we're going to see if he ever put your dick in a hot dog bun credible the team little bit by having to look at your dick that looks like a winner airport diccon hot dog one lenny you there breathing let me do you think that his dick was flashing i then we'll talk you
so how is it you know you and we want you to suck or do we want you we want you suck architects let me now seems a little ornery today as good luck i think lenny lives as life ten seconds behind his brain so it took him oh how they catch up to a year ago that but it is nice to have a banter right exactly never answerer initial question open commerce can assume monies put his taking we do things in a hot dog such a little story i really can't sub laughing about it because here too great line
it's not that is not the first time coach shark he has put his dick in a hot dog now you have that trick like its everyone everyone knows the guy you can do like magic trick oars really good at darts and then there's a guy who puts his dick in a hot dog bonnie time is at a barbecue that's also not a trick tat you wipe out for the first time in live action practice that went before the mere here at home any do the turnaround cosette would be anything more embarrassing than like slow we turning around to your high school football team trying to make a dick hot dog joke and your dick slides out and just stand there with a bun in your dicks that's it's got to be in the bun by the way a little pr101 for sharky next time you do it the way to keep
the trouble here it's got pool of mustard relish on diplomacy relish hundred deck them it's not dress not dig yeah technology yet no cataract of bad trend is that i'm no catch up that such a cargo guy areas exactly those washington bia no catch up we ve spins own for the soccer player little update so if you remember on monday we talked about the soccer player who thanked his wife and his girlfriend is put in his post presser what did he say to spend zone his spend zone is that he calls his daughter his girlfriend are you actually talking to grow from the hotel i am surprised after he let slip out yankees everyone else's woe mandate now understands on my diary girlfriends called there there boyfriends daddy all the time right go both ways right wraith problem here that's an unbelievable spends i'm actually mad that we didn't come up here that's why after every game philip rivers is like lacked
mass six girlfriends at home seven boy for hay ya a party you're going to have to work on your philpott repression and i wasn't good ok you that's why alone here where's the bolo tie from texas exactly as fourteen children let's authorities router you did i gotcha last up we have a little honorary football guy it's not for i like how we say this every time itself for policies in but we have to bring this up and we do that every part gasket verges so another upon but m harbour did have a geek hugh was just like the nice little in depth article bottom yet who wrote it it was written by clay skipper oh who what else is he will see and i think clay skipper did an interview with is a sports pie cast loud garcia too
look where are you off to look it up i think we ve just search clay skipper g q part my taking i live on simply either way we got a couple nugget jimmy but has to be the best interview ever because every time he gets interviewed it's like hey you wanna hear about this psycho thing i did when i was a kid and it's always knew it always awesome yeah you can you can ask him about any noun just any any noun whatsoever and he'll tell you crazy story about when he was a kid he's go overboard with that now yes so here's what we got from this one he said he used to when they didn't have crunchy peanut butter back in the day he used to buy peanut butter and by peanuts and combine them so he created crunchy peanut butter how did you know that because he key neath jim harbours a guy
use like look at this creamy peanut peanut butter so fucking soft and it's not rugged that grit i will get my own peanuts and throw them in there i used to go take honey as a kid and i go and i trap some bees and then put the bees inside the honey so i chomp on them get there nature flavour epithets jim arba in innovator i it's unbelievable that he like in in his classes tomorrow because he just thought it was normal he's like oh probably every kid in america does this they just that they wake up in the morning they play you know off the wall with themselves for a million hours they drink seven gallons of whole milk and running sprints up and down the stairs to the roads freeze up and down the stairs they beat up their little brother or bigger big brother in right big brother and then they put a bunch of peanuts in their creamy peanut butter and eat seventeen peanut butter and jellies i'm shocked at his parents are still alive i'm shocked that they didn't have a stroke at the age of like forty two unbelievable and then we also got the another little nugget he works
khakis he does everything i'm would go check on that the heap he does everything in this case i think that jim harbours a kind of guy that when you have sex he just unzip the fly keeps the top by models and yeah keeps everything you don't know what the cube situations like i'm gonna take that back his pupil probably so long they come out the people go fordable amazon exactly jim harbour a guy that doesn't have time to change out of his khakis to work out is not a guy that shapes his ball now that's a fact oh yeah he said he goes to church he said catches
so great game day church dinner the movie is working out in them you can do it all and he also sorry he's a big pockets kai like they ve got pockets to put your penzance scripts need chewing gum these legal jim our boys is a six year only they he's like while these khakis i liked them because they got deep pockets and put my cherry bombs i can put my by gameboy keep it for my little firecrackers i got em all in there it's great yeah no marble is just the best i any goes running in his khakis too i would love to see him just on the treadmill disregard those things pleads just catch in the sweat and funds send a superior someone someone has due in the michigan facility please get us a picture how about working out of his khakis that's all we don't ask for much from you we don't ask for anything except for two subscribers subscribe leave review will leave review wouldn't you rose and fell
are my take on twitter and instagram apart might take antennas to harbor a picture that's literally all we've ever asked of you to sit so that's our shower if you want to just photoshop to her about picture that be okay that works the only vincent palmas national palm day
but you said paul miles holland pop poor poem so leave us a poem in you know what was too high coos yes i was guys but say that but you didn't i said at first so believer view at par my take five star view whatever we want to do when i could tell you consular haiku vice their hiking freedom on friday for you as our show will see them stool sports
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