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Zac Efron + RJ Hampton, The Newest New Zealand Breaker

2019-05-28 | 🔗

The Bruins won SCF Game 1 if anyone was still wondering how Tuesday's episode ended (2:27 - 5:39). 5 Star recruit RJ Hampton picked the New Zealand Breakers (the team we own) over all the other colleges and we're now big time recruiters (5:39 -  12:54). The Lakers are a dumpster fire and Kobe is getting dinner with ghosts (12:54 - 18:10). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (18:10 - 32:18). Zac Efron joins the show and we have a wide ranging conversation about Hollywood, his career, growing up a Giants fan, and how he should star in Boner Dogs (32:18 - 77:27). 5 Star Recruit RJ Hampton joined Big Cat on radio to talk about his decision to sign with the New Zealand Breakers (77:27 - 89:36). Segments include bachelorette talk for guys that dont watch the bachelorette, just stop talking Giants, Locker Room talk for Will Muschamp, and guys on chicks. 

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on today's pardon my take zac efron yes zac efron on today's part of my take very very excited for you all to hear this interview we went to zack's house we take the her taste test review with him that's coming out on his youtube channel on thursday we had an sometime he listens to the show we could not believe it we got lost in his eyes it was incredible we so have even more incredible well maybe equally is incredible news we signed rj hampton were better recruiters and coach cal we yeah we hank we went in the collective ownership team that is hank pft big cat of the new zealand breakers we signed rj hampton we have him on for a few minutes he came by the studio he was actually on radio with us so rj hampton zac effron you cannot get a bigger show than this and before we get to all of that a quick word from our friends a cash app
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29th the boston bruins one game one hundred and forty two we wanted to update everyone because i know we stopped after the first period last night so there it is if you've been waiting on pins and needles to find out who won the first game of the stanley cup final there it is possible runs forty two over the saint louis blues the saint louis blues pft have still yet to win and a stanley cup game in the history there which is very interesting congratulations back to hank that's it's a big win it proves once again two to nothing is the most dangerous lead in hockey and also in soccer i'm told i'm going to look to rehash that one during the women's world cup but yeah boston news a ship pumping we already got the gift of the playoffs the dude with the with his helmet off skating across the ice to level that other dude on the other team yes tori crusoe have two daughters violet old fashioned yeah good old fashioned slobber knocker yeah it was a donnybrook out there one of those ones were just
it's become men in front of our eyes because like up it should be a good series though a very competitive game should be i think what give me that look for hanks give me a look right now let's series over i think the blues it will make you sears i think will be a competitive series okay let's update the the boston misery power rankings right now the biggest problem that boston sports fans have is that we're not giving them enough credit for their four to victory in game one of the stanley cup final so that's tough bottom purse you act we will we just up it so yeah there you go everyone who's listening and reliving the game through our podcast i know you probably were like what the fuck it ended up first period nope we're back to back to back days the rare back to back pardon my takes shocker how many hung over a w elves are by far the most streets i've ever gotten we're just people being like yo you describe my exact situation i got too drunk this weekend fell asleep may
the game and was re watching with you guys so if you are if you're even more drunk than the drunk guys probably the worst day yeah this is worse than yesterday yeah yeah the guys who do the delayed a hang over now you're fully caught yeah so what we were talking directly to the twenty three to twenty seven year old listeners on yesterday's show today we're talking to you thirty to thirty four year old listeners that get the two day the forty eight hour delayed onset hangover because your old were updating you the bruins ended up winning so that is the news in hockey we have because of back to back show days we don't have a ton of new news but we do have the well we have two as of news we have rj hampton let's start there we've rj hampton five star recruit deciding between an we alluded to this on yesterday show deciding between kansas duke i think kentucky i think memphis was in the mix and maybe texas tech he says fuck
all that college stuff i'm going to the new zealand breakers the new zealand breakers by who owns them oh yeah we just write us we own the new zealand breakers i think it's safe to say that we cook the ship out of coach cal coach k and bill of all in one fell swoop we made a damn strong offer big cat damn strong offer an so strong pft so strong that he signed actually thirty days ago and we didn't even know exactly yeah that's that's what i thought there was going to be a longer negotiation he was like yeah that's that's more than a fair offer i dare we say that the the landscape of emma's athletics in the united states shifted by the winds of pardon my take i think that it's probably right about time that we should start having that conversation well i'm happy brought that up because jeff goodman do a little debbie downer turd in the punch bowl tweet where he was like
good for him for deciding to go to new zealand and make money and forgo his amateur status but outside of a few nba execs this won't help his brand now first of all only cares about nba execs because he wants his literal goal is to just be in the nba said he does not care about being a college athlete and two guess what jeff goodman his brand is going to be fine because we're going to be the number one rj hampton podcast on planet earth i think you're forgetting something big cat and that's only three out of thirty nba execs have the internet zero a lot of them won't be able to watch his highlights and stay posted what is up to also hey was john goodman i'm really looking forward to your series on hbo coming out soon that looks awesome have you ever watched a little movie trilogy called the lord of the rings that was in new zealand people seem to pay attention to that
so it looks like checkmate also just think about like i mean it's it's ridiculous i think you could make that argument twenty years ago but now look at all the international stars that are in in you know the nba luka doncic you can tell me that look good on church was like a household name leading up to draft but that's just false people who are tuned into basketball definitely knew who he was but if you ask the casual fan a lot of them didn't know he was and he becomes the best in the class and it's like that just kind of happened in terms of visibility and branding he got everyone everyone in the nba circles knew who he was that's all that really matters and the branding comes after so good job rg hampton we just stick it to the man and we have on the shelf yeah great job rj and it's not like in the executives well maybe they do maybe they're affected by like very selective short term memory loss they've been in tune with this kid for the last three years they actually you know what right recruiting in india starting probably starts in sixth grade by now so
they have been paying attention to this kid for a long time they're not going to forget about him because he's actually playing in the future he's traveling to the future to play in news and so i think he'll be just fine i'm very happy with the with the strategy in the package that we were able to offer in terms of compensation even though he is taking a pay cut going to new zealand instead of duke but that's something we could offer him a little bit more off the court then do could so i'm very i i have there's one thing that i'm worried about though what i get carried away with stuff and you know that about me so when when i got a little taste of breaking news i kind of i took that a little bit some would say a little bit overboard someone say not far enough overboard even though i have you talking about devoted to my are you talking about the account you created with a dog were you tweet out fake news all time then delete it when it's wrong some would say that that's not over so we could say that that's taking over board i would disagree but i i i'm worry that i'm going to take this
for board and just make a bunch of offers to a lot of people to come play for my team that i really have no decision making powers over so i mean if t yeah listen were already one step ahead because hank and i had a discussion today and we are going to hit the aau circuit and hit hard we're going to get new zealand breakers jumpsuits were going to sit next to coach k we're just going to show up to every event and be like hey have you thought about new zealand and just make this a fucking role in the streets for five star recruits i'm glad that you guys are on the exact same wavelength that i because i was about to unveil a marketing plan that's very similar to that i'm obviously the aau circuit we need to hit that hard we need to make new zealand the destination the only destination for middle school high school
athletes to go to also let's make a couple more splashes let's let's let's put some offers out there i know there was a rumor about mellow earlier this week to the breakers we need we need mellow ball yeah i know ball we we need it let's let's make hootie mellow an offer and just create a custom jersey only for him that has a hoodie on the back of it so like hoodie melo you have the invitation i'd like to get i mean fuck it let's invite like skip bayless down there skip bayless if you want to improve on your one point four ports points per game there's in place that will have you and that's new zealand let's let's make an offer to the otter from the san diego zoo that can dunk that chunk yeah chalk little otter low she come and can't get hotter let's let's really go overboard with it until we realize that we've really done something bad into we face repercussions but until that point i'm all in on this recruitment stuff yeah i love it i
we are going to be the best recruiters in the world we kind of already are because we got five star recruit just without even knowing it like i said he signed thirty days ago so we didn't even we didn't lose any sleep recruiting rj hampton that's how good we are recruiting but yeah i'm all in on getting dirty with the recruiting we the mellow thing that you brought up i don't want to give away all the rj hampton interview but just tunein because there's actually a very good explanation for why karma play anthony to the new zealand breakers became a real rumor and that was told by our co owner matt walsh who is also in the room when we talked to rj but either way huge day for us we got we got our guy where the recruiters hate hate coach cal n n k say hello to back yeah you're in for water hurt mantis no recruiter saved this is your point yeah and i can't wait for us to go on kentucky sports radio next week june sixth anyone who wants to tune in and we're just going to fucking just do
a whole song and dance about how we're petr recruiter we didn't know what our our our angle would be to to be on kentucky sports radio this year would you do it we love doing it every single year but now our angle just fell in our lap with rg him it got headed to of to us and what we need to do is we need to get framed rj hampton jerseys and lean them against the wall behind us for every interview that we do it is so so how great we are in the in the saran wrap okay we got talk about one other news story before we get to hot tea cool thrown also by the way if you want to watch our interview with zac efron barstool gold slash pm to go sign up right now you can watch the whole show the lakers the lakers are a dump fire more so than we even imagined there was a huge story that dropped on tuesday morning helaire story i loved it really because every no single person was safe he
after every one and it was good reporting but it was rob pelinka telling stories about kobe bryant having dinners with ghost heath ledger magic johnson being like a psycho where it's magic in irvine in irvine's an asshole jeanie buss thinking jeanie buss is like your crazy aunt that gets way too into holistic sshit where she she keeps thinking that it's fate everything is fate so it's like everything is fate will figure it out lebron carter sorry rich paul doing oh i didn't know you were here an interrupting a meeting or a lunch with maverick carter an adam silver to bitch about luke walton luke walton basically being like the sympathetic figure in all this the whole thing was a massive what was your favorite part i mean that launch was pretty awesome the oops oh my god this is such a coincidence that i'm having lunch right next to my business partner
who's having lunch with adam silver but as well just go talk to him and by the way what does he think that adam silver is going to do what's adam silver's reaction to like an associate of one of the star players complaining about his coach like is adam silver like he's gone good is god yes i got him maybe he was just tony dungy too you never know in those circumstances with it with this tells me is that this is a classic like rats on a sinking ship scenario with the lakers 'cause it you're right nobody was spared everybody got like a little taste of of some vengeance for somebody else so everyone inside that front office is talking and it yes rats on the ship except they're not throwing other rats overboard they're just throwing them under buses that are driving by on the top of the ocean going next next door i i like the lunchtime story and i was obviously a big fan of rob pelinka setting up a meeting with a guy that had been dead for at least six months steve lego cs ledger now there a couple theories that i have about that one is
is a classic classic strategy for anybody that's ever been in sales and you have to meet and into the month quota for how many meetings you set so you just go in like you put fake names in there you like put your buddies name you like oh yeah i scheduled a meeting i had a sales meeting with this guy he's like oh yeah i set up a meeting on the last day of the month with heath ledger river phoenix and paul walker so i'm going to need that bonus there also i wouldn't put it past kobe to actually have a meeting with a ghost to figure out how locked in he is so like we're laughing at rob pelinka right now but rob pelinka might be telling the truth he just leaving out the part that it was a ghost and not actually heath ledger yeah i think kobe can talk to dead people i'm not disputing that part of it may be a more early theories that rob pelinka just set up a meeting with jack nicholson and it was like they played the joker to the same person might as well
this guy there also not to make light of mental health which i never would do but the fact that they had like a documented stat about the panic attacks that happened was was kind of ridiculous like what is going on here with like yeah like four people had panic attacks because of magic johnson how mean he is jesus christ what is going on and the only person actually who who can't 'cause i'll clean here is lebron 'cause libre fun huh let's rich paul in maverick carter do yet interesting that we have all these inside sources oh another just great one little tidbit the fact that they let i didn't even realize this happened when it was happening 'cause i'm i'm not like paying attention to lakers day today but they had to is caldwell pope playing during his while he was in jail so he had to go back to jail for twenty five days because he had a dui and he broke his parole and he is a clutch
sports guy so this was before they got lebron they were courting lebron and he literally leave jail play in the home games go back to jail and miss the away games and they're like what other fucking team would do this oh yeah they were trying to get lebron james so they're going to do whatever they can for clutch sports clients yeah i have a small problem with everybody like going after palinka for lying to the rock because that video that came out during the lakers genius talks which is apparently normal thing that they do where they just have successful people talk to the team and so the link it was telling the story in front of rock i don't have a problem with that like bringing the rock into it because everybody lies to the rock when you're around the rock right he is such an alpha that you have to lie you have to make up stories about everybody turns into billy hamilton when there in front of the rock that's just how it goes yes i actually that's all my hot seat
so why don't we just segue there 'cause i have the rock on my hot seat hank once you start and then i'll tease once you start going to tease the rock you just might say well you know it's ruined a good segue 50s the rock is on my hot soon in later with the rock on the hot seat my the domino's tracker have you guys ever ordered a pizza online on domino's and has a tracker of like your food getting ready to the oven itself delivery yup tighter door yep some big j journalists independent journalists went in did some research it was like stalking would put in order and follow the restaurant paul the driver and make sure that tracker was up to date no way and it's not no he foiled it he foil domino's in anything was that the noid to the noid do this the noise are you not familiar with the board you got you got to be kidding you guys aren't familiar with annoyed i'm
not familiar with annoyed annoyed was domino's mascot back in the 80s and 90s and you had to avoid him if you wanted to get your pizza it was a big thing look up the noise i'm sure i'm sure i remember the noid but i've there's only so many things that your brain can hold onto and i think the noid got the cut while ago yeah the noid looked oh yeah rebecca annoyed he looks like a rabbit with botulism yeah looked almost like stretch armstrong combined with a rabbit yeah so this dude it's dude put the order in the restaurant followed it all is going on in the restaurant and then followed the driver to his house so not creepy at all he got to the bottom of it turns out it was is false and tough day to be domino's about ethics in pizza delivery hankin it's not creepy at all it's not creepy right what you're cool thrown my cool throne is lebron james junior his instagram
game everyone knows the join instagram like he had that one day that initial splash that one gets his dad post a picture of them got into followers he followed up the next day and i thought the it was fake but everyone seems to tell me that it's real of him just like i don't know doing an impression no one's been able to really like find the impression was of if it was anything but he's kind of talking crazy talking a little reckless for fourteen year old got people going and it just it boo engagement got more followers and just it's a good two a stretch phil bron james junior and scream yeah so was that not it wasn't him right or was but it was fake everyone talk to set it i got it when i initially saw hard it was uh date who blogged it ok he said he did like three hours of research said it was real concern is that it
and then everyone the internet i typed in lebron james junior fake and there wasn't any proof that it was fake you've done your research i'm going to agree with you i'm always really i'm going to lexisnexis this real quick and get to the bottom of it but that sounds i mean it's good enough for maine so wait when you say that he was talking all kinds of reckless what was he saying he was doing like an impression talking about these hoes ain't loyal like these like it was weird it was free no talking reckless for fourteen year old you know that's something you know dad to dad he's probably going to have a sit down with him ok big brownie junior like here pull up pull glass of wine vino i don't want people to judge you have my name but also like you have my name so try not to be so reckless online yeah right yeah you keep your name out of my mouth write your name in my name through the same so you need to make sure your name is better than my name that's right yeah don't leave your name better than i found it yes exactly
but it is great you know you got to do with your data like talking getting mad at you a little bit but it's great followers great for engagement yeah i mean this is this is also like if you give fourteen year old who is already kind of a weirdly a celebrity in his own right and instagram it's going to probably happen like this like this this is how it goes down yeah so i don't really know like what else it's i'm pretty sure i'm pretty sure one of mj sons had a dick pic that he deleted i think marcus jordan put out a dick pic by accident like back in the day should happens when you have when you're famous son a fail son is a real thing oh for spring for a reason yeah yeah what's the saying it's like the first one builds it the second one creates it maintain maintain the third one destroys it yes i can't wait for brownie the third ronnie the third is going to be terrible at basketball all right pft what do you got
so my hot seat is faces of death because rex chapman's famous blocker which twitter account got suspended today word on the street is that it was because he posted a video i've got a motorcycle get into an accident and dying the guy actually died in it so twitter twitter looks down on snuff films you can all the nazis that you want on there but the second that you show in action of a guy dying boom suspended so it was it was inevitable that this would happen till rex and i and i'd be lying if i said that there wasn't like a little bit of a market opportunity that i saw because nobody else is posting blocker charge true so we could just take over that that could be our brain we could check this out ready for this one so hot in the streets blocker char and it's a picture of that bottleneck on mount everest
that's good have a blocker charging it's a picture of rex chapman suspended twitter account it's been done i looked into that was my first thought i was just thinking for everest because above eight thousand meters is the death zone so it's definitely a block 'cause that's like the restricted area that's gods restricted area that high up on the mountain well you know what the mount everest picture is starting to become it's starting to become people like posting it like i will die i on like kevin white hill i will die down thinking kevin white's going to be a good player in the nfl and it's just a picture of the mount everest of people that actually did die it's kind of a fun little internet thing that we've done we just real death and make jokes about it yet and also a point where it's like hey this mountain that is like one of the last like untouched places by man now has a traffic jam cool this clock in society is trash let's all just like end it now that was it it was it reminded me of that did you ever read
book into thin air it came out like fifteen years ago i saw basically basically about this exact same thing where it's like everest has become so such a commodity right now it's so easy to climb it if you have enough money you can pay for a guide that going to get bottlenecks and people are just like dying because they can't move that you can't your body can't exist above a certain altitude and so we learned our lesson for about fifteen years and then we forgot it again yes that's nice cool trunk mat okay my other hot seat is fiji u cas usa rugby is going to win this weekend when the entire thing anyways my cool throne is fifa fifa is the cool throne because you may have noticed a couple maybe like a week ago there was a big ticket food for the women's world cup where they were not seating people together so if you bought a group of tickets if you bought like four tickets for you and your family it turns out that they were just basically scattered all over the stadium like
people was trying to do with the nfl commercials for football is family really having just have everybody sitting next to each other wearing different jerseys but our people complained and it's it's been a big black eye for fifa so they have assured us and i will take fifa's word for this that they're looking into correcting the orders right now if there's one organization out there that knows how to handle their shit it's fifa this is like one hundred on their list right now of things to take care of right behind building stadiums like vaginas using slave labor so i think it assumes they figured that one out they'll figure out how to redistribute the tickets around the stadium so i have full confidence in fifa to turn this around yeah they've got hands full they gotta do they gotta figure out how to air condition in the desert for two thousand and twenty two two thousand and twenty two oh yeah two thousand and twenty two that's a lot of btus it's going be a long time from now
alright my hot seat alluded to it that ease the rock i'm putting rock the rock on my hot seat because i'm sick of him posting his cheat meals being like look how relatable this is guys every i don't know if you notice this but like every month rock will post a huge pancake or something and be like damn look as cheap meal about to devour it being like point out there you know what it's like to eat like shit yeah rock we like shit every fucking day you're not cool because you do you eat a big pancake once every thirty months or thirty days and you can deadlift one thousand pounds and you spend your life in a fucking jim i don't like when he tries to do that it pisses me off ok yeah i mean the rock does have some pretty crazy cheap meals though he goes back and forth his poster either him working out in like a really really sweaty submit wall jim a cheat meal or
or like a picture of his mom flying on his private jet talking about like what a great life he has that he can do this for his mom he's really big on that just like keeping things in perspective i just i just don't like like when he's like oh yeah you guys know what it's like to have a cheat meal like this no rock i actually do not know what it's like to eat like shit while i have a six pack and be like don't worry tomorrow i'll still have a six pack so no i don't know what it's like what's crazy is that rocks cheat meals are so big eating one of those would actually be a workout for me yes yeah i think i would burn more calories eating one of his like five hundred bacon slice gravy is cake meals that he does then i would consume by eating it i don't know how the math works out on that but i'm pretty confident stay woke i don't even think he eats it and i like that wrote it out there he takes a picture of it that's how the rock makes everybody else in worse shape than him yeah i get every one convinced that you have to have a giant cheat meal and so they all
see what he does to get his body but he just throws in the trash yeah all right cool thrown brands because sports illustrated was bought by a company called authentic brands group i don't know anything about him but that's a falcon fire name it's just there is really good it tells you everything you need to know like what they do brands how do they do it authentically yeah it's a group of which when you have a company that's that's basically called like real shit not fake then i'm like yeah no those guys have their act together yeah just like for a minute there you're like wait who bought him oh it's the authentic brands guys they'll keep it one hundred hunnit i do i do like how they look at one hundred i do like heather looking into establishing a line of like medical clinics yeah i was so sure branded medical clinics i like that got
i've gotta get that like that drip down from the fair no stock people are all about medical community now well it's that and also just if you put sports on anything guys are more likely to go see a doctor so as like fifty years ago there were dudes just walking around with tears or abdominal wall until we started calling sports hernias right that every guys every guys like oh i gotta sportster now you gotta go to the doctor get that checked out for my sports injury i mean it's genius when you think about it they're like who's been crushing it lately sports clips ok what about sports doctors boom i had an idea a couple years ago about a sports funeral home yeah oh that's good too but i like the sports doctors because you can show up and they'll be like hey you have the same thing as derrick rose but maybe you'll be back sooner than him yeah example test of your manhood alright we gotta get to our interviews we got zac efron we got rj hampton after him before we do that zach
awesome time with him we have a burger taste test review coming out on thursday on his channel on his youtube channel it's hilarious hank and i watched it it's fucking ridiculous so a quick shout out because one of the guys acts lives with put us onto this tequila in this otros tequila it's so how to cuba we've been drinking it since you got to check it out no soldiers tequila so is a fun time burger taste tester you know soldiers to kill a check him out our awesome time we zach you're going to love this interview so before we get to zach we have a letter that was written to hank that i'm going to read out loud are you ready hank yes this is brought to you by our friends at bud light have penned a letter to our boy hank dear hank it's your friends at bud light suck
we felt so bad after we bullied you on twitter the other day over your frequent vacationing habits so bad in fact that we bought this ad read to serve it as official apology our boss it was a pretty expensive apology but we said that hank in the aws deserve to hear it plus there are no free ads and we didn't know how else to get ahold of you but more than just our apology we want to express that here bud light we vacationing as much as you do so much so that we are sending hundreds of bud light drinkers on a summer cruise getaway to key west all people have to do is poke there bud light summer photos using the hashtag real enough to get away that's hashtag real enough to get away and hashtag bud light contest for their chance to win we hope forgive us and maybe even join us down in key west to try our new bud light lemon tea who that sounds good perfect for
her vacation we're confident that bubble can produce the podcast just fine until your return and will even send him some bud light lemon tea to barstool hq three so he can pretend that he's on vacation to love you the bud light team ps hank you probably thought this letter was over but we are actually going to send you on a one week vacation to florida thanks to the bud light team for real no shared hank that's unreal you mother you deserve a fucking vacation just because what bullied by bud light that's actually yes i'm reading it right now thank you bud light i'm just kidding thank you for qa still going on vacation those mean alright here zac efron those fuckedup okay we're here we're in the van
in la where in so cal we're with our friend zac efron in a van in a van down by the river but as zac efron who needs no introduction bowl introduce him anyway he's a heartthrob he's an actor for a large truck comes first thing well i really started as a heart heart throb so we'll start with that but before we get to all of all that you are also the most rand and in starstruck award winning listener apart of my take that i have ever heard and i think same with ups when we heard that you actually listen to show i was like are you fucking serious so that doesn't happen often so that's pretty cool i think it does happen more often no it doesn't it's not yeah usually really i don't know it's like backup offensive lineman yeah will be like hey man big fan of awesome
i okay i mean i see what you're okay try really short stop that will yeah i was you know love the show we're glad that yeah yeah yeah you you guys keep it super real and so i that's why i like to listen to you like you can one on all the yeah so i just don't there's so much faith in the industry like the the only thing that really we have left is the truth yeah the more people tell it like you guys do and don't bring things out in the open i just think it's so much more fun if i had a world to live in to confront yeah and take it head on when you look way right there your eyes are sick thanks
yeah you got a very pretty hazel yet hazel green car garage yours or i i just trying to get your own eyes in your life you beautiful lips pft just look at yourself yeah exactly so we've hung out with zach for a little bit now we did a burger taste test review that goes right back into his new youtube channel so we've spent some time with you we want to quickly do like the career arc i know it might bore some people do i'll be super quick and i'll make it actually enter i'll tell you whatever you want to do it yeah starters heartthrob yes did definitely for sure was that a mindfuck you have no idea it was like yeah every one around me unless there's a lot to say have basically like one day i walked out of a very cheap bought mine i mean an apartment like upstairs in the valley and like there is a camera guy a foot
rossi and he just started taking pictures of me and i was in my sandals walking across the street we on casting couch what is going on i was i i high school musical okay we showed that i did so like i think this tv movie films like tv movie and i was very i was a little bit shy of it so i didn't tell anyone the night before it came out uh one of my friends like hey go on youtube or's going on sorry that's going can't go on the music charts and i'm like itunes and all that music charts and my name was on them and i was like what the hell is going on right and then seven to seventeen fox it's mind think were eighteen maybe eighteen or so no yes yes seventeen and then after that at the forward they were about two weeks where was kind of interesting they were do the following and then after that yeah it's it's interesting you're like i feel kind of cool i can't deny there was that moment of like hey i'm famous or i mean there there's that that feeling of self satisfaction that fades so
fast and you at least for me the most the important thing from that point forward has then that i learned this lesson just keep head down move forward in this city it's it's hollywood's very very hard it's hard to navigate as a teenager growing up you're surrounded by every chain it's to get out and take a short cut and that's why i like i like in it to sports and athletes because when i meet and talk with athletes at the gym like pro athlete right like i'll be you know hi cheese love the guys that did the columbine came in and train at the same gym i was at i talked to them and i see a little bit of what i that what i just called like that magic that curiosity yep that
yeah yeah yeah yeah look you know we have the it's also in here it's also in the way you guys talk yeah okay clearly cancer did you get that you get good at losing the the tale like losing the paparazzi yeah i'm just like laughing how many stories i get that yeah on on this was right between if that so twitter wasn't really out yet nine like an instagram was really out yet so we're in the era of like in between okay and people were starting to join twitter and starting to join instagram but i was kind of just not into it i don't like i don't like phones really right really phone guy like only electron i like you know you like to be that you have to be outdoors sure sure so my come in there good yet i like to just like me i just it's like to chill yeah i'm really lucky in love your seeds i was i very much learned how to act host that movie so there was like run like him right yeah it was a rocket ship to fame which i would say fame is not something that is i
something i really cherish i think the money is important in the money is necessary because it helps you protect yourself those around you it helps you foster more creative ideas to help things down not like that but but fame in and of itself i never not deserving of fame i felt performances deserve recognition when they're good and they can be ripped apart when they're bad mind get ripped apart no matter what but i don't fuck i like to choose interesting different weird stuff that's really the only power we have yeah i don't think that anybody i don't agree with people who aspire to be famous i think that that leads people stare all sorts of trouble it is locked up if that's an unfortunately it's just that people know you yeah exactly yeah unfortunately unfortunately a lot of la draws a lot of people that want to be known and for we even i admit it from moment when you're young
you have that moment when you think men wouldn't it be cool to be like famous and rich right and now i like having been a part of both of those things to whatever extent i have been i think thank the most important lesson is like what nipsey hussle says in his songs he's like says first you get the first you get the money then you get a benches then you know then you either a set back okay then you get first get the money then you get the respect they need you get a pre release in madden do mad and then you make it differ everyone else then you then you tell the truth about rap music right now who are the guys that we love exit bone thugs okay well my father was he did it they were the original guys to do it they told the truth about what they we're actually doing yeah so perspective is in whole another interesting yes my perspective on this town is completely it's changed i know things about things
nobody should ever want to know about so what what what player and and also might want to know right yeah i'm bye bye gross i meant like yeah your foot yeah yes i do really want yeah all those stories what can't tell yeah what point in your career did you kind of not fall out of love of like the whole fame and everything but kind of fall out of love that you i mean like hey this is do the second album it may be so vain i was really like it was good that terrible hair cut yeah really that yes so that was that was at the present time girls love that yeah i know it was tried but really what was every day there would be cars lined up and down the street and i would just get out of my car and the caravan of them would follow so i so one day i just literally put a hat on like i said i went and i met with leo dicaprio
his name was it that was i'm i don't even mind job no no i want i'm very proud you could probably you drop no i i'm not even drop i'm picking it back up leo gave me some advice okay he was like look dude like you know because i showed up at his house and he looked at the security in so many proper answers like i've never seen them any paparazzi this is going to change and he was right eventually i kept my head down don't let it get to me i started covering up more and finally i realized that the reason they were taking pictures 'cause i was giving them the photos and that was a part of maine you you seem really aims yeah right right kind of attention yeah then when i really didn't want it all i had to do is just not do it right now i don't really like jazz up and i got a premier like just like i don't really give a
talk right i'm like i every to mandate in phase you why i feel like i'm almost yeah yeah yeah i like to hear those so what is what's the story with the hairs like adams for art alexakis from everclear type thing i like it if it's good right now you are like this is very so college if you were years yeah yeah through through very so have you ever left the the little bubble of southern california no i'm a central california okay so north of santa barbara like like arroyo grande san luis obispo how far away from here is that three three hours of drive the speed limit through and have you ever lived outside of the state of california what what so this is another question what insinuates live what what what i'd say more than two months then i've lived in canada filming a movie yeah i would let a lot of play if thats tomb if two months that i've been to your apartment a new york
canada georgia okay so you've been out there your boss so you're at yeah you're a okay a lot you're opposed if you're pressed it for four months where move man i did a month on the isle of man what was that for is for a movie called me and me and orson welles who ok i've seen that actually the downs downs that was actually a good film richard linklater what about mike and dave need wedding that was definitely her boss die a relay that movie yes because it's our boss but to actually really liked we did like a tiger motion for n as the camera is the okay so is so is that also is a ring that way i thank the anna kendrick followed on fault me so fast she did yes can you tell us right now just be like hey what was up with that she followed me on a tuesday night and then unfollowed me by like wednesday at like eight hundred am i did notice
and what well i talked yeah 'cause i was very starstruck i love anna kendrick so just be like hey did you hey that guy big cat did you mean to unfollow am be it would be really helpful for me yeah right now yeah yeah he's usually out of all me so fast man hurt so bad because i am a huge anna kendrick there's a right it i'm i'm with big cat why did you why june fallen yes yes there are deserving cool with you guys yeah she's the best she really is she really is so i love mike and dave need wedding dates not only not only because
it's peter chernin joint but then we went to it and i was like fuck it i've actually you know this little fun facts that gets shot speed of sharing yes for making some cool movies yes sharpie return all right let's let's get back on track because the one thing i do like about you is you like we stepped in your house and within like five seconds were in a deep conversation so we've gone through the beginning of the karere you're at a point now you just finished you know all the promo and everything for your new movie ted bundy netflix it was awesome but you also said like you are at a point now in your career you will pick the things the only you want to do how liberating is that like how does that feel awesome be like hey i can just do what i want to do which is really the only power that you have is an actor is to say yes or no or no to a movie because i
apply my self to movies that are good and i want to make the best movies that you that men women all of us in i believe the key ingredients of those are like sincerity love honesty also mixed in with a king bad action and and really cool exciting visual effects but there's got to be on our youths killing like a hundred people stand out i was shown week last night actually and that is off of the less the less your lead character talks it's a great way to turn the like sliced lonely doesn't talk that much yet but when it does it means there's important yeah exactly i agree it means so so what kind of movies are you trying to get into these days i'm not trying to you in the eye i kinda just wait until i meet with the director and we see eye to eye and go a i if it usually when i'm either directing the first thing is you're very different than i thought you would be and i go thank you
oh no i really mean that you're really different it's not going to be an asshole it's almost ten for ten right because i just it's part of it's part of the territory that comes with being a very good looking no i think it with me at this certain time or being good looking at maybe a seth rogan tell you to several goes told mistreat up first on that and i was like oh seth and i was so nervous and i was at a party at the hollywood some chat was like he teen maybe an i saw seth rogen makes like my hero and that is a good actor not only is the funding is a good act right like i love seth rogen right an icy says he's my hero i've i just started acting and i'd like walked up there when i was like excuse me at this one of these parties i don't want to be there i had to go do a red carpet i was just getting drunk by my for the bar yeah just sitting like miserable and
i saw seth rogen pass and i was like shit and i took a shot i remembered i walked up and i was like excuse maine kwikset stop rogen and he turned around and he looked at me and was like also zach how's it going right it was like yeah i was like he goes it turns to leave and he was like wait wait can i talk to you for a sack and he's like fuq ok yeah man what's up what's going on i'm like i just wanted tell you i think you're fantastic man like as a writer as a producer and as an actor i think that you make things funny by your sincerity and you're a good actor and i appreciate that and thank you for keeping that alive in movies and then he literally there was like a ten second pause and stuff goes god damn it i was like what
fuck it i just i fucking i just wanted to hate you you fucking you represent literally everything right then i fucking hate and and now really nice to like fuck that jesus is god can you be an asshole you're supposed to be anasol you can't do all those things and be nice fuck goddamnit and i was like jesus and and i was like i would you know what was going on i was like i think you for i i'm just like loving thanks for nothing i'm gonna ask wh yeah it's huge companies that weird because i feel like you probably run into that a lot where people people judge you before they meet you all time that's better light yeah i've been reading characters it's based on the opposite way that people get to me to me you you you guys you meet first with a sincere talk right right people true
and that's why i think i agree you gravitate towards people because you didn't the authenticity i like to think that that authenticity is inside my performances because i'm really going to different places and that's where my on the off the disney in my in my work the method it to sir is it not fully matthei y hope right you know the serial killer daniel like daniel didn't don't going fully method can be like no i'm not knocking actors ago for right at the it's just not practical like like it's i've done it for stuff before it i you the last like three to like for my cat did need wedding dates or like got a really need to date know that when i was math okay but you did talk about the recent movie the ted bundy movie i can i forget the full name where and
well evil and vile i watch it was all six shockingly evil are extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile okay so you talked about having to you meditate to get out of the ted bundy character yeah like that are a deep man not to get out of the characters i get clapped claims on you it's like shed like that i'm sure it's pretty dark vibe stuff to play a serial killer the movie only portrays him as the world side it it and the way that others saw him so he was seen as a likable guy a more everyday dude which is how he was able to wow the world with meeting so many murders we don't know we still don't know right and rest in peace to his victims and you know we made the movie in their honor and their memory but yeah
he pulled the wool over everyone's eyes until the point where he fired his own he escaped jail twice was murdering people consistently if the if the estimates could be in the s we have now and the entire time he's playing his own defense defense on a public trial on tv it was the first time i cameron was letting inside a actual courtroom courtroom yeah yeah it was it was it was good and in the end judge calvert actually said that yes to them you can see that real ted bundy yeah sitting there and the guy says you know what you're you're you're a nice guy you're seem like a bright young man i would love to have you practice under me you chose a different path it's heartbreaking son you had everything you know that really happened right that was ted he was it was crazy so the moral of the story for me
who is to i didn't want to do what everybody wanted me to do for the last ten to twelve years which is switch it up go dark instead i did every other thing i tried it like learn the game first so i like laid my board out in like set and i practiced on different movies i did it punch a couple of independent films i only wanted to work with directors who knew what they were doing so i can learn how to act and i learned about acting and work with burr steers on seventeen again and we do another movie called charlie st cloud a senior yeah using all the awesome cool thanks we own all of them on vhs rushing around and dvd i love you guys yeah yeah yeah yeah forget laser yeah i don't have it got media yup don't forget please get the tv hard copy all right the hard copies we give thanks yeah do not stream will stream networks are yep stream stream to do stream source yeah give us one product that we should buy
zac out on cd drive you to gather your subscribes active role yeah actually actually did a burger yeah that's with you we did we did i'm not like epic in today's trial last when over half well it's also a little bit also i mean like you guys are always talking about burgers and yeah what's the best food we like and yeah i am food are you guys i love food to know your plant based yeah but still on food i said plant i say plant based not vegan what does that what's the difference being means i will never touch anything with an animal product but like i have rainbows on these are these are leather you can wear it a burger so what does that mean like all of these of meat if i'm going or if i'm at the wednesday night sushi thing and i haven't eaten all have fit stuff like that i just don't eat heavy amounts of protein just got hot thing all right how do you stay jack
do you know about intermittent fasting yeah right as i was awful i don't know is other but no it's the easiest thing in the world okay what is played to me just each for longer in the morning an a little bit longer before bed right what's my hours so like you have twelve hours at that you should not throughout the day like it during the during during your nighttime sleep cycle say you have your dinner and your dinner ends at seven hundred pm you should not anything in your body except water not intel but then after that you gotta do like a full day full disaster full day of fasting on like one day a week or or once every time but the yeah yeah yeah i would i would do is add fast and then on the eight hours i could eat i go
downtown yes every jesse but so yeah i don't know yeah yeah don't do you have like six thousand calories in like six hours now and also on yeah and on and on and on on your on your she did have it but like if you guys if you guys can make more of your more of your meals inside the the unit health like you see you guys get thai food like every night if you can if you can make that start with the something simple if you can make one of your meals a day a salad
always wanted one i know many other days alexander dude i hate him too yeah it's disgusting it that the who likes that do like some no one no one then you know what you know what i don't need you i honestly i don't even like the taste it's an acquired taste do you think that like you guys they ripped yet do you think beer taste good i had a guy yeah i think i love it now because we're wired right right now if i can i i'm i'm i love the a lot of things that you have to try if the trainings for a little while like okay how long is it gonna take me to do this whole interment fasting thing to be shredded look i want to look at exactly how many days how are you going if you come if you come and spend the summer out here in cali how but i i could show you guys what's your what's your read into summer yes six pack in a summer of training yeah at what do you trade at all you take a look at it here's your palette yeah look at the article mesomorph what's more what's more impressive having a deep belly button or six pack oh yeah
this belly button belly button yeah i always put is big second no yeah now it's back that's that's yeah that's how you can find it on the okay on on on this question i could feel the bottom of my balls on the question does that thing stopped no you literally tickle the bottom of my balls why is it always gets wet throughout the day yeah no it does get wet throughout the day is this little lint you know i store stuff in there yeah it gets a little wet have what's the weirdest thing you pulled out of there i could put i could probably a decent amount of change in there i mean honestly that real answer is probably zac efron's finger yeah that's true that's exactly the answer there it is a story about washed out later yeah i heard a story that you got the bonds home run ball who yeah from charlie sheen who i did yeah how did that workout
so be it so basically my first publicist that i worked with out here he's still a dear friend of mine was charlie sheen's old publicist so it's a full time job charlie found out that i was a fan for my birthday one day he gave me a very bonds autographed baseball okay he did and that you just gave it to me right and i could i was like i can't accept this like no way i can accept it and i refuse to take it and then i was like okay i'm gonna hang on to it and then i called everyone like guys it's been six months i've got barry bonds well i think this is a legit gift and then about six months later i got a call from somebody saying like he's do you still have that barry bonds
after the baseball you mean and it wasn't just anyone it was one that was hidden in the back it was like the 70s fifth seventy was the record breaking ok saw like size is no joke ok so this was worth millions of dollars i knew charlie was going to want it back so i kept it exactly where i put it uh and sure enough one he called and was like hey man i you know i think i ok i totally understand i totally get it really yeah i knew it was coming out like i never i never took anything off it i did tell a couple people that i owned it for awhile and i did i did for about a year and a half or so yeah but i have met barry bonds and this was i think it was before i got that ball and he signed a ball for me too and i have a coffee mug with me and barry bonds like a picture of yeah yeah yeah you have a whole autograph collection though
i haven't my baseball autographed my gsx super far that's all yeah i'd like to i'd like all the same schedule and jeff ten like i'll send of all yeah i have is an free i think we got instagram dylan i waited for lincecum for dead dylan might have got i think killing his axe brother my little brother yeah yeah that's the baker i want to hear a good story this is dusty baker for you yeah you can hardly doesn't end with him like just letting pictures die and then pull pictures and just doing really up losing but now it is actually a good a good thing that they well it it's it's it shows a little bit about him i was a kid like you know i i i know no plans to be an actor i thought it was going to be a doctor i'm just trying to get good grades in school and stuff like i don't know what i want it to be but i love baseball and we would drive for half hours
sleeping our sleeping bags on my dad's friend's couch to catch doubleheaders and if the giants made the playoffs we would drive down in like it was just me and my little brother my dad we were just go scout tickets like we wouldn't get it going if it was any more like fifteen dollars but we would get down early and we would get the foul balls and we haven't signed this all balls and i got a lot of the giants meet dusty baker so we met a baker i was we i was waiting outside of like the spot where they all drive out right and there's a gaggle of like other autograph collectors
man i've now come to see the other side of why adult male autograph collectors of the weird yeah right like a forty year old with a suitcase yeah it is i see him all the time they're they're they mean well it is an awkward inter thing that like you know they're gonna slick salad or something yeah right like you right but i do like you do with a kid you do like the person's eyes dusty baker pulls out on this chart like a big chopper any cruise by any sees me any goes excuse me zac efron no excuse me excuse me like me me dusty baker mister dusty baker can you come over it and he's like i have to go church i'll be back in one hour if you're here in one hour i will sign you i'll send autograph also not right for you i was like okay our way right i will did i saw it ran into all those other a bunch of other players
and we're getting ready to leave for the last kids waiting in the parking lot of the sun's going down in san francisco on the search sitting side walk it was very it like in the movie mid nineties where yeah yeah like i'm out front like yeah you know and and dusty baker came back and he said he liked my blonde hair 'cause i had spiky blonde hair and he and which comes back to the very end of the story yeah signed balls for my brother myself and my dad who are like lifelong giants fans and then the that was it was just pretty awesome that he went all the way he went to church and they came back or just do a bar that's something i will be right back yeah that's the perfect messy but he was gone for and he was gone for an hour and he came all the way back to to do that and he was it's the same like you can go home and change or anything right he like he literally ran out to make it to church with his family and then he came back
that's the purpose of the basic story too because it's like he is the nicest guy and by all accounts everyone loves him but man would an idiot like coded just signed your ball right then and there if like maybe ten seconds never hadn't come back yeah well the problem is there with the there were a lot of okay and it is the only one like this the only reason that he stop is because i want to turn this it i was like please mr this is bigger any any he looked at the did he was like if you're here in one hour i'm actually a cool so it was really very cool senior fan of the saints which i think they those fans are they love the falcon sport they're like crazy and there also is to know how to have a good time and you know sean payton i know yeah i do not jumping we don't too yeah he's done a shot is our body read it yeah we you give us some wine a lot is it drink up boys drink up boys really concerned ok yes yes yeah he's looking good man you lost some weight he crossfit so
who is i was movie called the lucky one and i had a cheese right what i bought it five times i thanks for not saying when you think about it but but during that period i was i i just hit my own funny bone nice i'm really good reflexes i was sitting on the couch and this is back when i was like eight hundred and ten years yeah she's resting again another reason i fall in love too zach i love you man your vibe like we just it just goes everywhere i fucking love it and this is like i don't know you when you're like i do want to be hollywood famous like it's genuine because that's from all of our conversations we had in the last three hours not including on including this podcast it's like yeah you're just you're just do you are you
the chill forget all right is there is you are we talking about when we say if you don't you will not be coming back when you were doing a movie you're doing a movie in new orleans we all went to celebrate for the wrap party to we get we were burberry bourbon street on on like i mean i like sugar area around those blue beads like it was like friday nights this is saturday morning couch eleven am years and years ago and it was a coded front where to get into my apartment so only me only i need the code and only the cleaner near the code so sorry my the guy who is living with me who is also my producing partner
new the coat so i heard the code you put in i heard the door you know but i'm laying on the couch with i don't really care if you like or how many times my boxers names came back but i hear them step in my and if my friend and i hear like click clack click clack only are you wearing tap dance shoes and mike this our heels and they're walking towards me and the couch is blocking someone walking from the side and they're about to see me basically up naked so i grabbed a blanket and threw it over man i suddenly feel like excuse me and she screamed told you it was like are you doing in my house she goes i was told we could look at this house it was i mean i'm like what do i don't know what the fuck you're talking about lady i'm naked and she's like i'm sorry we were told that you we could view the house between uh you know two or eleven and four anytime
and i'm like i i don't know when she goes well maybe you know my husband this is sean payton looked at the front door i'm wrapped in a blanket and his wife is two feet for me like like right next to the where the bedrooms are in right right and he's just walking from here and he goes hey son they use that yeah dick van like immediately we and like we merely because we can get friends i was on the metal yeah for so it'll be a she i was in my underwear trying to hold like blank it together yeah with his wife two feet away from me and shaking incredible in new orleans and then we went next door to emeralds and we ate the whole man you yeah yeah yeah and i'm a scenes of life also got to go to their practice field krishan vitamin practice field and i had got to throw the phone or with drew brees
it was fine that's not what i want to throw a throw the football with it with a couple cool pro quarterback portals we can make that happen i was not aware knock off i know i would love i would love to this hard to catch sometimes are because they write your face yeah oh yeah we got a few maplin yeah this seems just alan he'll take your head yeah pat my homes probably also take your head off i think any of them could probably yeah we don't want it then again my has pretty big nose he meant was that was an actor it was an actor joe oh you're getting a big head i'm kidding i don't know i am very small very good looking don't be yourself up about it do you ever get sick of i'm just telling you that you're very good looking yeah yeah no i'm not i am all i'm right this this guys only the cheese to share in the world but like i yeah i'd
evaluate a lot less than i used to and every chance i have to demonstrate how little appearance matters for the rest of my life i will job on it like this that's that's where my you tube space band and ventures out in the world and sort of creative space like the world world full of very different people and we need lots of different kinds of entertainment and i think entertainment just like sports is i mean it's it is our history it is it's what is we are it it it it cannot can't history can be written the movies that all the stories for generations learn about how much you guys weren't winston churchill from fuckin' dunk
we've got the groove wall from that's all done we moved the whole thing no that was perfect some kind of was like they're not tom hardy distilled the other one running out of fuel no not through we thought of dunkirk yeah i'm thinking of the one that's about our finest hour is that it was darker start darkest hour darkest hour i learned a lot about church yes ok but darkest hour if you then and watch if you watch darkest hour then you watch dunkirk then dunkirk pigs and birds megabits appear that makes sense yes
what's the millions on the overhead the channel was a remote you killed my poor why do you why do not called a little loud how did we plan a war with our soldiers head so just over there he's bleeding from his head joy this oil is loose piece of oil hey i'm from one direction i shoot rifles oh yeah that's good that's good that's how i feel when i'm in exactly this has been awesome we got one less well i got one last thing we gotta do yeah it's not we usually do the c key question we put in promo code can you get ten dollars off this is the scekic movie pitch so you said
earlier in this podcast if you can look into a director's eyes and feel the movie they're trying to like make urine yeah i yeah i'm yeah yes so so that that was something i said but i'm older dogs yeah so look into our i'm loaded up yeah yeah very rare dogs all right i'll start okay by the way the in icing isn't like you have to stare into my you but you said in the i we're very looks like i okay okay okay okay older dogs okay hello here's how yeah okay yes it's i did arrive you know the the iditarod the so the you know running around in a alaska snow dogs hyde bar hold on rush at the bottom of the crash
alright so ok button when i think about it owner dog with my colleague dft take it from here i could i could help you right in my colleague was trying to say and trying to the point he was trying to get across is the dog has a bone her and the dog has a boner yeah and so they all it's a packet sled dogs right they go out and they all make fun of this one folder dogs he's got a boner yeah and nothing you can always go to bulldog he's flashing little dog dish that aren't red and so they get las wilderness right super loss and the only way they can get back is older dog follows the trail of his owner to get back home like a little brother get this here's the here's the best part it lights up no yeah well yes okay yeah want to be creative yeah yeah we'll definitely put that in the grip zack so
i'm i just am sensing rudolph potential vibe okay yeah something like that yes but here's the best part is of dogs are played by kevin hart other voices it could animated either what your call i love him and more cyber one more shopping cart jack blacks make sure that we give the voice of the barn and read it read it kevin hart got there by will ferrell adam sandler david spade brock james the rob schneider rock actually plays if you can cast that movie just call it boner dogs and you win ok but then you can do anything yeah i'll be in it i'll go we gave you were going to give you the voice of the boner it's like it's it's being john malkovich being john malkovich except when you hey i found a way to crawl
the people's minds and give the voters i got okay i got it this is your passion project this is your many in late but first you've got to make up man the bone or dogs okay then yeah i think lee i'm in the back and white i'm gonna get dogs like all of their eye peas and stuff yeah and we're gonna turn dogs into something room okay we yeah we actually let's let's turn it into a short so that's a huge yeah really write it but don't call the bone or short yeah well they don't there's going to be very large yeah does it is a short time to be like super low got to be i think talk about how i'm like tom cruise guys i'm like i'm like five nine but i look like maybe six foot on the look success through sam yeah yeah hi how you don't drive a motorcycle of what tom cruise such as a driver so yet to yes i was like what i what i have t no tom cruise than teaching what do you teach yet he there are some
tom cruise taught me more than most people motorcycles no he taught me like how to be a bad tom cruise sure i do think that tom cruise is as far as like movie stars he's my favorite of like the movie star movie stars like as opposed to at the he's if he okay let me put that put that another way is is ease my ease but he does the movie star as an actor the best he's the leader real movie star like he's jj abrams every time always he's tom brady's like that tom brady and we were talking about earlier like the the golden age of being famous and movie stars he's part of that era this era he is now like this yeah this new this new era with billion about as we have for you we on you place like you to your freedoms of speech odds act after on yeah with youtube subscribe zac efron was you to dot com slash actor from sure you're yeah
yeah if you search com slash efron dogs and then subscribe that's the way you think it's all yeah we talk talk someone to make that and steal that from us no damage no they're not because only i would before kind of someone meeting for boaters got us i think a ro can we say that your attached i do show that would actually attack usually tech workers say you're in we're so you lose not you've been you had a conversation about no not not alive no not into you guys me my agents tomorrow morning so you guys will come in okay we're pitch to ca yeah yeah at the office at three that are yep and then then we'll pitch it get it fully set up at a studio or netflix don't and then if i can get ahold of the rock he will be a big sign he would be yeah we'll have to discuss it i would rather be in a little higher than the rock so i'm going to say no to the rock ok
that's really it's really hard that's called art of the deal let's see losses but what we'll throw the rock in my final last last question having heard good yeah i did in contract see i'm skin color but also ms call or just be like hey she i mean there's got to be is explanation actually there was i will i will i will say this distance you now a no she didn't kendrick there's there's no way that she why would you unfollow you shouldn't make sense right get to the bottom of it makes no sense and it seems like zach with the first please pick up anna that was such a fucking what was that see that's that's that's why my like my phone
i was one of my phone stick tap to imagine yeah yeah it probably is i don't suppose then that's why i always think it's run like twenty times she has a voicemail come on anna get up and she has a speaker playing the sound of the yeah well you'll just tell me if she text you back before we you stop it gives like who's dead no it's actually just a cat call him a you know what i'm going to end with this we actually were trying to we have a good friend bill walton we're trying to interview him today or this week i feel like you are the spirit of bill walton i guess this has been a conversation that is unlike any other interview
we've done this week or pretty much ever since but in our own everywhere gets deep is funny i forgot what it meant i love you i love you guys thanks so much out of nice yeah yeah i love it your eyes are so sick yeah both you guys then on your way cooler personally so i have been in there your silver online place the amber thanks for coming in your yes very all right telling me we should get back together sometime and do another reenactment dunkerque does yeah well you know we should if we watch it for five minutes we'll get the commission in into a navy it's all the civilians going to war all right around is the let's do that please just tell
dude i'm going to i'm going to keep on machines or early riser we do this interview with trying to get an account early riser so i have tomorrow also follow me on instagram read i'll follow you on instagram right now that interview with zach efron was brought to you by me undies there are two types of dudes in the world podcasters and really attractive movie stars that hang out in the backs of vans with podcasters actually the two types are those that go through the gate and those that go over the fence well after years of research and countless experiments with seasoned underwear scientists me undies now has an option for both with their new boxer briefs with a fly it took awhile but now men and women from both sides of the aisle can enjoy the world's softest undies mirrors are the world's softest underwear there so softap they make bob ross's voice sound like gilbert godfried i'm actually going to switch that around they make gilbert godfrey's voice sound like bob ross communities uses
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he made his decision this morning five star recruit top ten projected nba draft for the twenty twenty draft rj hampton who decided to say he's not going to college he's got to play for the new zealand breakers who rj this is breaking news to you i'm part owner of the team so the question on your boss for one year i'm not actually you know maybe force yeah my first thing is your bosses do whatever you want where players first team yeah so you do whatever you want don't worry about it if you ever get a problem do you just text maine and i'll solve it but yeah it's big news it's users 'cause you are the first college player who you know five star recruit who basically just did this who could have gone anywhere there's been guys have gone overseas but it's mostly been academic reasons what was like the decision process
did you say like this is actually a real thing i'm going to go play in new zealand i think when my parents brought it up to me an happy brought it up to me and we just kind of talked about it throughout the season i really make it decision while i was in my high school season this year but after that i really took a hard look at it looked at all the pros and cons and that's what i'm saying what i wanted to do so when you did the pros and cons list what was what was part of the cons because i mean the pros obviously you're getting you're going to get paid right away you get to work out all the time you don't have to go to class you can basically focus on basketball what were some of the cons that you went through i mean maybe killer clowns were like missing out on that college experience the college life and then kind of just like moving far away from home but that was really it i felt like there was way more the work on yeah yeah and we also i should should know that we have a good friend full owner not partial owner of the new zealand breakers matt walsh in here also former teammate of mine so
matt when this all went down like what at what point do they hit you up and was like hey this could actually happen well i didn't believe it until we have that signature okay which was one about a month ago yeah yeah she has kept this a secret for a month yeah it yeah you've yeah i thought oh yes i was interested only story real quick matt won't lose you saw the like carmelo anthony to the breakers yeah that was like obviously of precursor where matt was maybe trying to figure out who maybe the leak was in the in the organization so that was false it was misinformation yeah yeah it's false information that right matt mackall angelo true yeah you don't need the headphones you can just leave i had to identify the week and we're still
i'm still working through that yeah that's you use the microphone headphones before matt no it's happening over the parts it again now what was the problem come over and basically i put it out on our group whatsapp that everyone asked about the big global news is going to be so i put a picture of hello pretty carmelo out ten minutes later it was all over new zealand media we've got a big leak out of the organization we've got it yes so we're working through i'm fine i knew the rj news yesterday and i was not a leak no you say pretty good i was on a barstool chat over there to hit twelve say it on the labor like on our part my take today were like we just want to flex it we know that you know
so look for a big big information coming at eight hundred and thirty like wait what ok must we get up so i think all things considered we did pretty good job kia contained a degree so rj the i saw the quote you had it was very interesting you basically were like i wasn't my goal is never been to be a college basketball player you just wanted to be a pro and i think that honesty is crazy right now because most people they do the well i'm going to play college and then i'm going to throw so at no point i mean where you at a point like i do want to go to college or there's certain college i'm liking more than the other so yeah for sure i mean i don't really get this out this brought up to me until like a couple months ago like i said but all throughout school and high school development school like i just i mean i like to go i like college and let's watch and it's really basketball but ultimately mind my dream was never to to play college basketball that was not my main goal is always to play in the nba that's the i mean
i love that i think that's everyone's every writer is mangle not a lot of people say not like i said yeah they won't come out right and just say i do not my goal was never to play with college basketball is there anybody who's like footsteps that you're following is there anybody who is like they did this so i can do this or does it feel like you're kind of blazing at your own path for other people to maybe follow in your footsteps i think i'm kind of trying to be a trend setter here because like like you said that's not academic reason because i kind of went to any school i wanted to but let's go flat i wanted to i wanted to really start a trend and just i mean set a bar because you don't have to go to college to get to the nba all the european players overseas don't do that luca never went to call
he was the one that is right yeah it is all right but one thing jeff goodman tweeted out that he's a good luck to rg hampton overseas so make a lot of money in there are pros to this move unlimited time to work on his game however his brand would have benefited in college let's face it few besides some mba exacts will truly pay attention to what he's doing this year so what do you what do you think about that i mean he's basically saying that you won't have like this i mean right because there's two things about this tweet that i don't really understand one is who cares besides the nba execs those are the guys who tried press in two this is part of our pitch going forward that i wanted to tell you about matt you are actually going to get a lot of twitter buzz and social media buzz through our ownership
yeah but we're gonna talk about you a lot because i mean would like he's when i said with like the media and like the branding over here i mean most people don't know look until three months before the draft right we'll pick was the top five yeah it probably is it is number five i picked these or five so i mean yeah that's my point and what do you think about that that we're going to do our own branding there's no question i mean i told rj barstools most powerful brand yeah in in this world one thousand eight hundred and forty four year olds and it's fun if you google the breakers you get obama lebron mellow now rg hanson so it's not like we're not we're not lacking digits yeah and rick patino for eleven okay repeating coming hiring you know offers
the table you know sending off for standing offer for witness it so your whole family to move in with you they are and what i would assume that part of the reason why you you pick the breakers in this league is because of the english thing right of course yeah because i think that's obviously a big selling point is that if guys want to do this for a year they don't have to learn a whole new language in a in the cultures obviously different but that's easy place to live it's basically i was telling his mom and dad it's basically like being on vacation for seven months now what about what about spiders and snakes though because i've heard that there are huge spiders and snakes in new zealand does that well i mean i used to like people thinking from dallas buyers live like product forty five minutes outside of dallas like kind of oklahoma and we used to live on like five acres and there's all spiders and snakes so you're prepared to your ready already jumped and i had to jump in here there are no poisonous spiders or snakes in new zealand in australia australia there are no predators there are no creditors there no credit based in new zealand wait a shitload of sheep
she's here she can go she could i ask you what about worshiping people worship computer ram you got suffocated by sheep that wouldn't be fun no that would not be fun everything do you want to break some hearts what school would you have gone too number offered you the most would you guys you go from being sears i what was the address again bill self i apologize i mean here's what i don't understand it i mean if you have you been getting a lot of shit i would much what i mean honestly i've really been like reading that much i just protects my friends back in so good i don't i mean yeah do not most of everyone most of the stuff i've seen has been good and i tell my comments only people i could follow right so that's very smart yeah i mean i i there have i've i've seen some angry fans but it's like what the key you're making a decision for yourself enough for the
it's a it's actually especially in today's day and age when everyone is all about player empowerment except for the empowerment goes against their specific team and then like what the like well but you you're cool with guys getting paid and i this is going to be one of those things where you know it's obviously piece by piece but the nc double is gonna have start having real conversations if if five star whether because some going abroad yeah i mean but like in in a couple years the run into real be over anyway so to discuss that you were going straight to the nba right yeah yeah yeah come on you it came to the breakers yeah i'm excited man i'm excited i mean i don't know how many games and built what time of the games on middle of the night a middle of the night i'm
watch all the games a terrible well i'm having a kid so i'm gonna watch all the games i'll be i'll be okay i'll be up all night watching get what out what's the big thing that you're gonna work on your game like you you always going to say that when you go into a new situation like what's the what's the thing that rj half is going to add to his game probably just like full court defense like just locking somebody down labor it's you know the whole game yeah blogs mud on the whole game are you know where the short shorts i noticed you weren't sure sure can you listen to some leagues like have a van really you can wear is sure to short as you were why is coming back i saw some you're a youth like highlights you got short jaylen brown yeah yeah i don't know i mean trendsetters the new ways is little really with your shorts all along anyway never seen out i all right well rj congradulations getting in this awesome okay we say how what do you report how much you get paid can i do that no
okay all right we want more or less than k i should actually get off their i probably less i should but rj very excited for you man welcome to the breakers family thank you if you have any problems hit me up because i'm the i'm like good cop bad cop like if if dad says no you can come to i now mom anyway you come to me if you ever need anything i'm part owner so congratulations again thank you yeah yeah that interview with rj was brought to you by roman swipes most guys have tried different ways to last longer but thinking about baseball doesn't always work the folks at rome an online men's health company are changing the game with roman swipes the secret to longer lasting sex roman swipes are technically proven way to last longer in bed their affective they're easy to use and fast acting but don't require a prescription roaming can she
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i was here with you guys so i didn't want to bash or not that i ever do watch the bachelor at at our bodies us for those of us that didn't including myself because i didn't watch on tv yeah cam wouldn't stop interrupting people on the group date doctor luke basecamp oh it's bachelorette so there's multiple dudes correct got it luke p doesn't realize hannah likes other guys and hannah had to yell at him to stop being so cocky low because a cocky guy like luke is a cocky guy named if you see a loop there's a chance that he's probably a bit of a punk connor s had a one on one with hannah but she was sick so it was at her apartment and when he left he posted notes around the room for her saying nice things that's creepy that's that's that's did from momento right there and that doesn't end well for anybody involved phil cal camp tried and a pity rosen told a story about how one time he was told he needed a leg amputation
didn't actually need one and then his grandma died and then he had to rehome his ten month old puppy that's like when hey dude yeah that's like one marlins been almost got in a plane crash 'cause he had turbulence at one time as much as i do pick one sob story and stick to it right now you're all over the place like okay the grandma the you almost had to have your leg cut off that spot when you throwing up a ten month old puppy it's just too much right now pick one three really own it also i would just hold it on the fact that beat having to get your leg amputated just through your your mindset yeah that's bad that's also and then mike called not saying it was b s and hannah sent him home who the him is i don't know but that is kind of mysterious i'm guessing him is cam to this is just to recap now we're getting like people do know who him was but we don't yeah what do you mean you you tell me it was tightly can you read my friends again it appears all that and then
had to rehome this ten month old puppy mike called him out saying it was bs and hannah sent him home i actually don't know it could be cam or mike it camp sounds like a loud mouth i say it was cam i think it was mike mike is the last sentence where him get sent home but why it might get sent home because he called out okay all right yeah yeah she called out a guy for just having to re home a puppy mike hates dogs okay got it yeah i was can can't no i think we might states maybe he just hates it responsible dog owners it's going to be so frustrated with people actually watch the show they're like we fucking know what it is it's just someone wrote a sentence that doesn't match up classic us right now sorry watchers yeah at it again right now luke sounds like the obvious winner in this group ah yeah he's got a little bad and came got sent home kim got sent home ok colder the sentence wasn't great but that's ok yeah we move
uh we have a just stop talking new york giants pfc i don't know if you saw pat shurmur is comparing daniel jones and eli manning with each there again which stop doing that giant stop stop like i'm like hey these guys are so much alike because that's not what anyone wants to hear right now i don't think and then he said there very common their approach but they're very far under the covers yeah so i think pat shurmur definitely fuck both of 'em yeah and i can't imagine either of them was fiery under the covers but i'll be i bet eli manning's good in bed you think so yeah i mean yeah he's got a mouth sucking he's got a mouth for then yeah and he's self sacks all the time so he's always happen in the into the the fart sack i i would be shocked if you are manning had a strong two game
he probably actually is a pretty good french kisser his mouth is just stays open at all times yeah well i'll put it this way he fox really good once every seven years yeah exactly you had a locker room talk for will must champ yeah oh billy must champ the gamecocks coach they asked him what he thought about all this who's been in the oklahoma drill and his response it was i have no idea what the oklahoma drill is south carolina has cockrell drill i love it i love it true as seen on fucking machines dot com and spins on earth sorry spoiler alert that actually just is the oklahoma drill because what is like if you and the oklahoma drill can't they just rename it i like well no it's not the oklahoma drill it's the cocktail is the cocktail i hadn't thought of that but that's a really good that's a good spin zone out of it i also wouldn't be surprised if will must champ doesn't
totally understand that that could be a double entendre no definitely not definitely not when he hot when he got hired there it never dawned on him that like he can't just throw on the word cock left and right being like everyone will figure it out dude 'cause you're the game 'cause he just had like a bunch of old playbooks and practice left over from spurrier that we're like very obviously double entendre names from the old the old ball coach and will do is just like clueless about it also i know this will probably piss off our south carolina listeners and i do love charleston i love the state of south carolina kretek creek place to visit but i can't stand when south carolina people refer to themselves as usc that's the worst you're not you at usc is in california i'm sorry it's just that
itself and i do like will must champ is one of those coaches that you need a few guys like him in college football to really spice it up because they literally have no idea that anything exists outside of college football will must champ speaks english like a non native speaker understands english so he doesn't understand any sort of local isms if you told him like there's more than one way to skin a cat he be like no that's not that's not true it is just with your dad's hunting knife that's it that's the only way yeah he also yeah i mean he's got that like confused wet dog look on him at all times where he's always sweating and always in a little slight state of confusion yeah he yeah he looks like the perfect mix between jay gruden and deuce gruden yeah yes all right hank guys on chicks guys my boyfriend and i took a break in december now he's in a relationship with another girl but we still face and every night and have a closer meaningful relationship and they do he says he loves me more but for some
stays in the relationship should i keep waiting for him or finally move on please help yeah yikes we keep waiting sounds like he's he's going to leave or any day now he's definitely not telling the other girl that he loves her the most that seats he deftly love you the most of you saying it on face time when he really horni late at night i'll put it this you need to get access to his phone and see what name your save this phone as i guarantee it's not yours no it's like phillip yeah grandma okay i have a roommate you have that's like you're not super super close with right right and you also need to make sure that you tell give it all to me don't don't let him jerk you around like this is bullshit like put up or shut let's yeah guys love ultimatums just be like either fuck me or stop face timing me yeah and then he'll definitely commit to you after that yes hey pft big cat and hanky
so my roommate's best friend is living in our apartment while he waits for his lease the same guy who was all over me at the bar one night my boyfriend is also staying with us but he saw the other guy grabbing and holding on to me at the bar do you think my boy it is wrong for wanting to fight the guy in wanting to quote unquote break every one of his fingers in half i think he's done for being so aggressive but he says it's just grit what do you think i mean he is in the right to want to pulverize this guy's face man stuff yeah it's once once he stops wanting to murder somebody that's when you have a problem that's why he's cheating on you that's when you have low to yeah if if your man hasn't got in a fight over you in the last six weeks he's probably gotten and girl pregnant wait so wait so the guy who was who wants to fight his living with them now that's awkward damn that's really going to poison them that something bad is going to happen i don't know just make sure that they put some go pros around the
around the house that way when they do fight you can at least go viral also what if this dude just is secretly in love with the other guy that's true like damn i want to fight him so bad you can't watch though yeah we fight that's what happens happens guys sometimes you just want to fight somebody so so hard so end up loving up yeah next boys i've been talking this guy for awhile but there's one little thing that bothers me when he gets drunk he gets obsessed telling people he's irish where is the flag around his neck flaunts around his guinness and tells everyone has huge balls but a tiny cock like i guess most irish people do or so he says the worst part is i asked was i asked as he was talking to his dad one day and it turns out he's not even irish one percent what should i do
take away his drop kick murphys albums this guy definitely is like when conor mcgregor gets a fight he's doing the when one of us goes to war we all go to war and all a portion i don't know i actually think this is kind of funny quirk i mean if he was one hundred percent irish would be annoying but the fact that he zero percent irish is kind of funny listen we're all from pangia anyway so it's not like he's not not irish right i'm so once it sounds like this dude is just he's gotten really into irish culture he needs a lot of lucky charms listen to a lot of flogging molly it's a phase so grow out of it yeah let him let him be let him be alright last one sub boys almost every time i mention i'm going to shower my fiance request to take a poop first as if suddenly within ten to fifteen minutes i'm using our only bathroom disaster may strike and therefore he needs to preemptively emptied his bowels just in case there enough except that it's meant
that since we've lived together a probably taken seventy five percent of my showers surrounded by his ship cloud am i doomed to stinky showers for the rest of my life help do this guys a psycho just get a bigger pillow get too bad degree yeah i think i think this guys just smart this is how guys are wired if we're on a road trip and we gas station we don't know when the next gas stations going to be we're going to fill up the tank with gas 'cause you don't want to run out he's just being prepared what would you rather take a shower after he's pooped or take a shower while pooping because that's those are the only two choices i'd rather him take the poop at scott boras office to be honest sometimes it's not an option and you know it sure thing about that is passed pft would have probably done that and i'm turning over a new leaf because i've realized it's not always socially acceptable to poop in other people's places to visit and so this is personal growth for me and i'll thank you to to applaud me for instead of shaming me
yeah this you need another bathroom or this relationship is over like this will not last through the wedding you can't do it that's that's not sustainable to have to take a poop shower all the time it's not your poop i don't why don't you do it to him every time he has to take a shower just unloaded right before he gets in there yeah you know every time you take a shower and he's gotta poop you just gotta say ok but i gotta poop first and just have to poop on
oh yeah leave the seat warm form alright will see everyone on friday love you guys
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