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Amanda Cerny: The Power of Influence

2019-06-25 | 🔗

People have been talking about the potential of the internet since its inception. Amanda Cerny has fulfilled some of that vast potential in staggering ways. With more views and viewers than some cable channels this young lady has redefined media in the 21st Century in ways that has changed our future. There are hundreds of millions of people trying to accomplish what she has accomplished and yet only a handful have managed to compete at her level. Listen in as Dr. Phil finds out who she is and how she has come so far in such a short time, and explore her vision for the future.  https://www.drphilintheblanks.com/

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You know everybody wants to do what you ve done, the eye everybody before that in care, a lot of kids. So We even understand cable me ass, an adult reading. Some of those comments is like died, makes you want to cry almost. I can imagine what it does. The children do. You think it's by this become a nurse assist vote the rest of about me probably were ready, and just how did you find out? That was a man to thirty were this listening to and you are gonna love the conversation I have with this smart onto Venereal energetic young woman, your people talk about millennials, like there's some kind of more on for something in this is a perfect example of what you want from the young people the people of this generation
someone there has embraced. Technology has got boundless energy at a real vision for taking all the technology, Maybe you and I Didn'T- have harnessing it for really good purpose. She's, a lot of fun, she's, really small you gonna hear her translate things it. Maybe you don't understand the list up, about a prompt, you're, gonna happen and forty seconds. So how are you yeah. I got back from wiser relaxed. What would you do and why I went? again. I went to the beach and I just said a lot of nothing so yeah for people who don't know what do you do What do you do all the things that you do, because a lot of people don't know how you get? be where you are with thirty five million people that
up every day and check to see what you're doing who you're doing it with everything that involves being a mandatory, Tell me how you decide to do that and how you got from the day. You decide Do that how you got to where your day? For me I wanted to do acting so Larry. You know to do. I need a manager and an agent, and then everybody I met with was like you need a real. So it's like all right. I have to build a real for myself, so I started acting and some of my friends Youtube videos cuz. They did Youtube at the time and then I was like all right. This is cool, but I want to create my own intent to Bay had no idea how that at a I have no idea how to write these groups like I'm, never done it. Before, and then this up called fine came I think those unlike two thousand and twelve Escher I started using not right away and I started
comedy on their just to begin with, and if I look back now, those were so clingy look to watch and repair Uncas got better over tower or will we ever can work and of the first things redo we're not like that we have progressed. I think it's a good sign that I feel that way, but then I was able to better my contacts, hours noticing that was getting like a thousand views and for me at the time, unlike vessel lotta people watching my stuff, so I started making more and more and more, and I did it consistently. I did it every single day. I was making sure that was producing content or doing collaboration with other people. There were doing something similar to me on the platform and while some kind of made at my goal to really grow on that up, because I got it growing. I saw the growth, which was a great incentive for me, and link really exciting, and it became like go almost like a numbers game to cause. You saw different people becoming
one on the platform and then so you were kind of fight for different spots on so you just on Youtube, I was acting in Youtube videos, but it was all you too, on platform yeah bird, the beginning when I first started icon and then vine survive The main line was six seconds it. What do you do for six, as I was tired, coming up like different concepts every day, but you basically trying somebody laughin first thing you did and it was like when bowed people sliding into your on twitter, so his leg, I just Scott Single, but it was in real life and then guys started popping up like with big spoon Biarmia Lake, when a spoon and a lot of those like those like my first one, have every time Oh Adam proved we pursue the, and so they tell somebody- and in somebody sees it, neither do forwarded on or reposted Piazza Del revile that
So a lot of keyboard revised it to their own page, so their entire audience was able to see that vine that they shared on their page and reliable self, worked the ass, because everybody it'll just like relationship for just common situations. You find yourself in, like those always just do the best out of anything just because people are more likely to share or tagged their friends? And I believe this is you. Are this is so me, and it makes them feel like better about their lives but be able to laugh at this wall at some point you heard to decide this is where can you had to be bump and along it? What like? A thousand people watcher five hundred people thousand people, and then there had to be some point at which it jumped up how I would ease?
necessarily immediately went from, like a thousand to two million people watching and just because I was posting every single day, so I was able to see that gradual increase, but that growth did happen over a year's time, so it was like it was pretty fast of how fast but like how quickly it was growing There's something you did Kissimmee TAT people are really interested because you know everybody wants to do what you ve done the eye everybody out before they didn't care. But they do not our vote like hopefully, what's Goin on air. Was there a point where there was something you did where you said this is working where there was a quantum shift. I would say with that gradual growth over mine lank, and just when I was Foley, focusing on comedy like it was almost a difficult process for me to brand myself
into comedy, because one being a pretty girl trying to do comedy. You got a lotta, hey a mine, actually I did and then I just kept on what that cut, bettering my concern and was per the somewhat that and then I started to see the numbers really grow up, because I would read every single comment so at first like see, in like the hate. All I know is like oh, my gosh you're so mean, but it was actually some of it was constructive and I was able to like all right, really just study comedy more get into improv classes. More and just like really focus on that and then acting was always my goal. But then I saw opportunity with us, like you just said, and really just put all my folks so one of the haters say. Why was the big lion and got talent
What an alot of dough kill yourself just like a lot. If I just the worst things somebody could say to you in person, did it bother you at first it dead, like honestly, when I was just doing it on my own and just sitting there at home, reading com, its alone, might get kind of get seal bed and lower respond yeah, and that's when it stopped getting to me, because I noticed every single time. I responded and I was like I'm so sorry like you must have had a hard day like I responded with kindness every time and then that got every single person. I responded to immediately flips and was: I'm so sorry. I had such a hard day. Love you on your biggest swam bubble blonde like you're, crazy, like these people that are just attacking and comments are just like they're, not stable, themselves? So why should I let none- and let me be very people- do say hurtful things: did you ever go and check out,
their profiles and see who they were sometimes and then I better go it's as another reassurance hurry. We all have haters right yeah I get a lot of shut up. You bald, headed hillbilly. Ah, you know stuff hillbilly where they get there. I don't have an English acts that Ed changed over time now, like ie, start to grow, a fan is that a start to grow loyal one to the point where they defend you more than you would ever have to, that's what happens with my wife Robin me: she's got tons of followers, and if somebody comes on it the something mean about her should have to say anything. You like there's this mob. They just gets all up in that per this phase. That is your. What are you doing? Why you say that? That's not true! You don't know her. Where did you come from shadow? Like oh Julia, I'm hurtling imo. Muslim like I don't even listening to her teacher lives.
Did you hit a million people? Was that red letter day. I knows than the first year aside using in within that year. Then I believe in am got video as well. That was like fifteen seconds long and, as I go k, I can do fifteen second videos feature film by four six seconds or do a punch line and set it S. Just as extra seconds were lake amazing what we start like all other of the influencers that were using fine started to do, was do love. Our versions of what a vine was, that was fifteen seconds and then cut down to his six second videoed posted on vine, which I think essentially killed the up so defer the enclosure. When you say you'd, fluid wouldn't you say, you're one of the top ten influencers in a world. I'm it just depends are you define, I guess if it somebody that
through on social media from the beginning, then we are, but if it only to find it, I wouldn't do find it that way I think it's anybody that has an audience its following them that trust our word like those people. They are influencing so essentially urine influence? Are I'm an influenza pejorative? it's her on the internet. That is a very specific vice demographic cried, and these are young people there on the move there, the demo that Answer looking for right, Ray it's like Coca COLA, if they get someone at twelve thirteen eighteen that's worth a whole lot more than if they get somebody at fifty five because they ve got em force. Sixty years as opposed to fifteen year, so that person is worth a lot to a brand if they get em. So that's really vital audience here at
That's where that audience is there on the internet, the other not watch and broadcast television. The way they are on the internet there doing both with really oh represented on the internet cassettes where they're giving their information a lot of kids sound, really even understand, cable, You know that their either have netflix. Are you two Brad are really watch reruns, there's something from shows on Youtube. So so, when you influence what are you doing fluid about, and how do you do it and mine kind of goes? we were now a days like I because I have a following on Facebook. I have the following on Youtube and Instagram. Unsapped tat like when snapshot furs started. I was one of the first one suing Improv snapshot stories for my audience. I just made public stories to help grow my account and now is the top ten, influencer are on the app. So when that came out
doing improv stories that entertain people and then I may instagram. There was more scripted sketches, so I would just to focus on comedy on Instagram a lot and which is what really move the needle for me but now all opposed and between leg some photos from vacation or I'll just posed even Because from Lanka's I'm doing a guess, campaign right now. It's all just post stuff from my like trips, like I did in Turkey or some other. Charity stuff that I do I'll just like just inspire the audiences warm even all do pose how about sustainability and the environment scientists, I I'm kind of ev Where are my platforms, but for what the needle the most comedy banned. If there's a type, a comedy. What is there something That is your lane. Is there a power zone for you let's say the reliable comedy, so it's it's more of friends
if I'm like walking around again something that happened to me. In my every day, I'll just write it down in my notes and find a way to exaggerated or make it comedic nonsense. But where do you get your sense of humor? I hang around of a lot of comedian, so as the youngest and my family is, I always had fun making fun of my sister's, which was the best through. Why do you think people flocked to use opposed somebody else. There's something about you. They're resonates within versus somebody else. I wish I knew Answer to that. I asked myself that every day I'm like why me a lot of the time I think it is consistency. I put a lot of effort into my post that go out in across different platforms, slaughter work. And in the meantime I am doing like the traditional film in tv solve. So it's it's a lot, but I think I was able to
always grow with my audience and never really just stay in the same lame. Just always- and I think my audience really see that and appreciates that and sees it within my content as well. Maybe that's just a forever changing brand growth Do you still have the desire to do acting in other mediums or Are you satisfied to do what you're doing on the internet and in the things that you create yourself, and I satisfied with that no just because I I have to produce everything I have to do everything after right, everything! I am there at a lot of things. So for me it's at amidst my capabilities. Is that an especially for acting I'm not able to give it my very best every single time, and just because I'm focusing on somebody else's acting them directly. Madame like worrying about different elements that are going, and so it's like it's very- is
the same as when I'm on sat with director who's been do like its entire life is solely erecting snow. It's nice so bring up the quality of fuels. Kids, because I have won the Shoah a where their parents either, the internet all the time for all the time and they say I'm gonna be an internet star and I come. So what are you doing this well at his post? A lot I talk to people a lot. It seems to me that I don't have a clue how much works involve because it is a lot of work is hours a day right now. I think a lot of people in a net. Probably they definitely worth more than ninety five, I wake up I'm starting to work, and I don't go to sleep until four, a m a lot of the time, someone that solely just like working on a bunch of different things, no fruit, harmony, poster you put up to do
uninstall grandma do one or two I used to do like three, but it's like working on other things. So I try to balance everything. But then I'll do two on Youtube. I'll. Do one on Facebook and then, on than in some sap That's here and there and in the story, for you both put up eight or ten things occur, oil platforms and then you're also responding to your audience like and make sure that I read all my comments. I M like because I sweat eating comments is what has really helps me to grow to just hearing from your audience directly as lace. That's what everybody now I answer like all like like a lot of them, because it's like timewise? Hence us much more efficient, but over sponsor problem like ten twenty every post just get a gold mine. This is not the same to you to scale through and pick different. Yeah. What do they know when you respond? They get excited
probably shared on their pages and stuff too, but just makes them feel good. At this point you have to be recognised, alot you have been together publicly and I've seen people come up to I recognize you, they see you across the way. What's that, like that good or bad, really cool. I mean it started with vine, like people would recognize me like you're, like girl from vine and only a I'm like yeah, and then now it's like people walk up. All a girl from Instagram or you're, that girl from Santa is like always a girl from something and then it sorry to be leg all you're. The gas girl cause them just that the campaign that they, but everywhere and then someone just come up and say my name correctly, which was really cool liking. Guy racket, had any problem with stalkers no, but I dont want to put words, would hear their
No likely not. I mean I've gotten a ton of weird messages before, but you just kind of ignore them here. The overall I feel, like one people mostly come up to you. They either one is selfie or just to saving. You arches show appreciation winters which is nice with it's a good thing. I don't wanna be suggestive. So, let's move on top and give it hasn't We want to make it a problem. So what do you do with guess what I saw? working with them in spring? Two thousand eighteen and I launched their first athleisure line with them further campaign and that sold out for them, so there are super excited than they did for more campaigns over the summer and then just launched by a global campaign with them for fall. When you murdered, like that with them. Is that something that They do through your channels on your platform and through there let's and campaigns. Is it both ways?
under the other. How does that work for both? So they did their traditional, normal campaigns. These do you like the billboards and magazines and in source and then they do over Digital as well, so they have a huge like there. They love the idea of social media. I mean what brand doesn't now. They do have way. So you do in billboards and in Gore, posters and stuff yeah and in so exciting, for causes the brand that I love since a school and I remember seeing those billboards, as I call it so cool and they gave me the biggest billboard they ve ever done in Europe. So it's like the size of a skyscraper yeah, I was like that's insane really cool, that's gotta be firm yeah! I went inside and I did like a whole bunch of stuff with them to launch the campaign out there. Did you ever think when you so there started doing six. Second, vines that you would wind up with a guy scraper size, billboard in a foreign country. Yes,
No I just I knew I have big goals I haven't really reach Somalia. So for me, it's like I better keep growing in a better keep doing really cool things What are your girls? What are you gonna do? Next, I want do more film in C B, I feel like that's. Why started initially, so that a big focus of mine I signed with icy em for traditional just cut. It still means that agency aspect of it in their great but yeah. I think it's even producing and packaging my own shows with, while I think, that's completely possible now, especially with the No not in so how do you protect your brand, because I have people that do that full time They do nothing but get up in the morning and scrubbed the internet and take down fake click. Bade adds take down fall
the council just a problem every day all day. Does that happened to you, yeah, there's, probably thousands of fake accounts of me on is gone Instagram on everywhere, both for me, I'm like this I'm a guy. I normally pay attention to it like. Let him keep posting my content, whatever it just gets like summit. We even have close Emily followers on real their accounts, and I the verdict Is it really helps nowadays so verified being verified, uninstall, Graham and on Facebook? So it lets people now. This is a legitimate account in the main account. So it's not really as big as an issue as it once was. So me, I don't really pay a lot of attention to it. Do you have anybody that?
uses you as a fake endorsement of something their doing. So I have asked them lawyers that light given that claims on those things than they handle that, unlike I've, just anything you see my name on that nation and pay their get rid of a lake, because that's it that's really influential, I mean it's like if people walk and see my face on, it must be a brand our product that I endorse and I think a screen and I have a lot of influence over my audience. So it's a lot of people. I gotta be careful that we see where they take me or robin and they'll say we have a product or something, and they say this is free and sometimes the elderly. People will click on that and they get their credit card. Number in role them in something that automatic renews us and we ve gotten letters from these people that her
years old, fixed income and these phony pay are hitting their accounts for a hundred and nine dollars a month, and they don't know how to get out, and they don't have a hundred nine dollars a month, Vanessa difference between them aiding and noddy. Then, when you go, come down, they shut down and open up under another name somewhere else- and they just bleed him dry- escape either so many scams out there and, like I feel like that, does happen. The law on Facebook. Ill with the fake accounts, but you know that's why I always put a message out there to just saying if it's a message coming from me, most likely as informing consent or even use, my dm stood talk to friends, the hardly I'll text. You know when you should leave, things that are happening on Facebook right now with him getting hack personal information. Given the people should there be
or security on the internet right now, I think there are always to be everybody's information is either on their feet. Owns like their identities. The their bank accounts everything's, though their definition should be the most secure on the internet and even more so than Europe me now. If people get access to some of those in some of them, information can really ruin your life them. When you see these things- and I ask you this- because Europe so involved in the internet and these platforms do you think there should be more policing of content. It's out there. We see things like revenge porn. We see things like cyber bullying of bending, Capitol Hill, to modify the elementary and secondary Education act, to put money into curriculum to deal with cyber bullying, because kids discount get away from it? Do you think there should be?
more policing of that kind of content, and there is Edwards a yes forces even pass me. I know that's what my question is can I feel like anytime, you give with any social platforms, it's real unless you turn off commenting on said Jane and then can only have lakes and positive. We know a positive act like that that people love draw my two, so they loved the ability to be able to comment on think. That's ever really gonna go away, says a lot of people are self destructive, his as like, naturally so, but I think it is at the huge issue for kids. I mean me ass, an adult reading. Some of those comments is like that makes you want to cry most I can imagine what it does to children. Find a suicides are real thing and especially with kids like allowed times, they don't even go to their parents and want their friends said. Our comments is like their entire world, so yeah
I think it's a lot more about parent supervision on these options stuff, because you can't wait for something there change or to do it so really paying attention to? Your kids are doing, and I know it's difficult cause that, like easing the phone when you're not looking and stuff too, and you can't control what other they're saying, but I think it's like you know, maybe that's part of my job to as an influencer for a younger demographic is being able to talk spreading kindness and how powerful words are, but I think it's yours, on education and even time your kids words are just words. I see so many stories where I think kids have actually been cyber bullied. The desk, when I was growing up bullying, took place at school. Maybe was in the lunchroom, or it was on the bus doc, where the bus, his cane and pick two kids up or behind a jam, and when the kid we're home. They were
away from all other, but now they go home and there still on their computer, They go to the same platforms. Nobody at school goes to end their parents can think. They're back in the room on the computer, doing assignments or homework here and there people back there saying everybody hates you. Why don't you feel yourself near or they can change schools because of the boys, but the bullies go, with them to the next school? Yet so there really twenty four seven. They cannot get away from him and then The problem is not over what the answer is, but they're getting. Bullied, literally to death, high cholesterol affects more than a hundred million Americans and is a major risk factor for heart disease. The number one cause of death in the: U S, while healthy lifestyle choices, can help me these high cholesterol? That's! often not enough status or attack
the medication is proven to be safe and effective in the treatment of high cholesterol. There are multiple status options available, but they're not all the same, if you have- high cholesterol and are experiencing any challenges. With your medication, talk to your doktor, because There may be another one that is more right for you check out, take cholesterol to heart, dot, com, a great educational resource from coliform circles. America ink as with all medications side effects can occur withstand use and your doktor is always the best source for information and answers check out, take cholesterol. Heart dot com and talk to your doktor about finding the right step for you It is something that is an issue and a lot of kids like as goods can be the biggest boys of them all to is not like a lion,
yeah and honestly, like a lot of the comments that I saw, we're just like so aggressive war from children like I'm, like you're, eight years old, honey no that cured, and how do you have a phone like I had to buy my phone where'd you get yours from, but so who just seen that it's like it's a wave for kids that have aggression to just so let it out and which sometimes ok, maybe that's a good thing, but when its towards other people its then you're hurting other people as while. So it's like, I don't know, I think it's something that you know either the schools and parents like, but some people to have the best parenting her the best things at home, so something that should be enforced as while, like you know, make it a part of the the school systems. Also like you get punished the same way. If you were to do it in school, will course, teachers will tell you, will it
friends off campus, so we can't do anything about it. I just throw the flag on that because it may happen off campus, but it's happening by the kids in Yorkshire. It's happening in your socio, Graham, even though its off the school grounds, this is the group that you're in control of your policing and the fact that it happens on the other side of the street doesn't mean you don't have with it the other. One that has the ability, the consecrated and they're not doing it. That's what I had to say. When I went to Washington they they got to change what their due, think about that I've seen a term to Graham girls. Really young, but there bring up really provocative picture here. The statistics are that these girls,
or on the internet an hour before some predator is engaging them somewhere ass cheese. Obviously they think they're talking the fourteen year old boy, but in fact it's a thirty eight euro creep with a windowless van who's trying to get em off the internet. Into the real world where they can take advantage of them. Saigon, slipped away your kitchen social media. Will a scary scary, particularly of kids, bet, if they're putting early provocative pictures up in their fourteen or fifteen, and they don't have the ability to see around corners. I think kids have the knowledge to use the internet, but not the wisdom, yeah. I think. Maybe it's a course in our maybe it'd be able to use an app. You have to go through this lake.
Is like sex. I do you know who, like that's, naturally gonna happen. Social media is naturally gonna happen with good. So will you bring up a good point, because when I went to school with shop, where we learned how to weld, we had to take home where we learn how to cook and all of that and we had to go through sexy Maybe now there needs to be in the curriculum. Some kind of cyber sex education, where you realize what, dangers are and how to recognize you of your being groomed and a chat room or whatever they still column chat rooms on the end, like these lines for direct messages No, I think that's a great idea, though leg you know it's even fur.
I think everybody has had a moment online where they ve been scammed, are almost scam like I've had all my accounts hacked before because illegal, I got an email or was it what's that link for, like everything, just gets hugged out ones and early my gosh, but it's even more serious when is actual little girls getting like having these predators come after them, is discussing I have recently where a girl had been taught into a guy to totally thought he was fourteen years old, he says, my parents their me. They don't beat me ride. They won't give me this won't gimme. That needs a Corsican. That's terrible, I can't believe they to tell her everything she wants to hear. And finally, he talks her into going out the window just go out your window Almah you down by them all and she does and she gets there and the guy. Thirty eight years old as he walks up and she
Oh my god, I thought you were fourteen and he says, though, I'm thirty eight I am totally in love with you, and I know your parents don't love you like. He actually talks her in two staying, they leave and there, on the run for four months She was found alive was astounding, but the story that she tells she to go home after two or three days he- letter, I mean you just abducted that it goes across state lines. Even when she finds out these not fourteen years old, still she's groom doktor into it. We ve gotta edge it had been some way. Some of these pictures they put up are pretty provocative, but then I wouldn't even blame it on the provocative, pitchers, although I care about Sometimes there not even sure just that they're putting up said. Lord,
Yeah they're, starting to tell them what they want to hear their dear saying hi. You know. Yes, your parents, don't love you! I love you! I just tell them what they want to hear and they study they look and see. Water fourteen year olds into right now what video games they plan? What amazingly? They lie mimic all of that, so they sound like a fourteen year old. That's how they learn out. Now, I mean I have to to be education. There is really no other. I don't. I don't see any other true salute two other than just no social media like if it does not there, but then is that we are going to find their kids find a way to use that somehow, whether its them at school using a friend's bone, it's like so, I think education is the best weapon to give somebody. You think parents on track where their kids go on the internet, yeah yeah, the parents? I would essentially
to hear in those stories? I definitely other killed. You would track where they're gone yeah for sure I have no problem see. Is that thing, and you need to give your kids like that freedom and trust them in south to? But it's not, that you dont trust her kids dislike, like you, said, there's predators online. That are more readily available, then even in person. So let me them go to the movies this a lot safer than letting them on social media, sometimes no doubt about. I think it's fortunate that you haven't had somebody you're just really, wouldn't that there? No, I think it's fortunate because you curate what you put out there. You monitor it to respond to certain people and not other people, ass, well, ass, a kid have the knowledge, but not the wisdom. Now you ve got both because you been out there a long time. So that makes a difference, and you put up like three thousand comedy
yeah? I have a lot of content. Like I probably at one point, I was in minute long videos every single day, new videos for a year on instagram- and I was growing up. Over a million man's a month it just because my consent, second consisting content, so so a lot of different ideas So tell me about this new video on demand service called Zeus. I am sorry, bad weather, my best friend Andrew Bachelor, he's known as king batch online. So me in badge and then are funding. Storm power. Who's been doing you two forever, so we all agree so good, fair and we're all work great together, and then we partnered Lemuel Plumber, whose, like, moreover, traditional guy from doing a lot of more real body series and has its own production company, and then we have attacked partners wall to kind of like give it a platform to live on, so we create and created created our own as spot platform.
More. So a lot of influencers have these big ideas that they want to create and just don't know how, and that was something that I found at the beginning when I first started social media like how do I find like a videographer? How do I find an editor? How do I get a big production, or how do I put that altogether? and so what kind of solving a problem for a lot of influencers and saying, ok, in them a lot of creative freedom and control and be like you. We ve grown Europe audience. You proven that you have a creative idea are, let's do it will give you full production and we'll have a platform for it to live on so this is like toys or us yea disease like everything they need yeah. There how's it goin great, really law. The influencers. Are super excited about it and we I even like traditional talons you, a lot of actors are reaching out now because they want their own shows or their own series on the platform, and they all
he said earlier, want to be in this space. Sounds though it's it's really exciting business people that you do you like our lake, it be called who work with them now they're reaching out to work with you. So it's it's great Like I say I weren't, so many young people want to do it. I have no idea how to do it. This is someplace. I go where they actually get the tools, they get the knowledge and they got someplace to put it. Why and its fast. Like a worse, I used to feel mean leg, filming content getting an out and out similar, kind of what we're doing policies, but we have a larger team to do it so low quality in the production value goes way higher than what we're pretty now on our you tube and are our facebook right now and are in I am so you get that quality content, but also its that you don't have to wait a year for it to come out. You'll have to wait two years to shoot at when you talk about content,
approach it differently than other people, because it's not just about how many people click on what you put up. It's really about engagement right. It's about how much people get involved but you can't hear talk about that. I think engagement is everything you can have. I see some people have like fifty. Million follow orders and they get like ten likes on a photo. So homelike are not really tunneling, ten thousand or something proportionately you smoke yeah. It's like ever mean that's tell tales thine of ok the either the followers were bought or are they just haven't been posting and lost like maybe they spiked at one point in their career and just olives, linking a ton of followers. Now that just don't care as much anymore, but a lot of the times has spot followers, but I think you are able to get an audience to engage like that shows are able to get your audience to take action, so I thought
to really important for brands, look out engagement of somebody's audience for even further filming cv like alive. Times are casting influences, Is our actors from social media or they have some sort of social following, so that's why I love act. This nowadays seem okay and into this grow. My social followed I have had led to so many of you will come up to me and say this before and like all start making contact every single day and I'll put you myself if you're a good doctor cause. Why not for anybody just looking somebody's hauling, just don't look at the numbers. Here. I have so many million, but look at how many people are common, seen how many people are a liking, because that really shows how much influence and how good your content is. People can watch it and hate it. So the way you get engagement is by being engaged man, you gotta, be active, be involved personally yeah Fisher.
It. Just as to the experience for the for these are so I've somebody's on there, and they know they have a chance of users Andy you nor actually see their common in their commenting, go to ways. Of course, they're gonna start common Timor age. Just how would you feel people are their information so much on the internet. It seems to me if you have a big body of content and curated in a way that makes it easily accessible for what they want, that that's a big deal, where it makes it easier for them to find what they're looking for you can't make them have too much work, sir, until they want illusion. We try to improve
but all the time last year we put up video content from doktor fill and last year we had one point: eight billion views Nathan on our continent and security, get it much better this year than we did last year and if you're lookin your stuff on teens you're lookin for stuff on anxiety, you're lookin for stuff on marriage. So were curate again. The categories like that were immediately seeing an increasing where we produce we may this year, he like two point: five billion instead of one point: eight billion crazy, it's great by making it easy for people to find what you're looking for yeah I mean it makes sense that people are doing the less, collects the butter and such like. You can make your own little click funnels just to get people to where they need to be.
But otherwise I'll get distracted in the process by something at home or like a pop up for something else, then the military? What's that another just go off in the other direction? so where's all this headed where's it gonna be Five years when I started doktor fill the first text had not been so. There was no instagram, there was no snapchat. None of these things. That now are dominated our lives did not exist because I'm in my seventeen season and think There was evidence of happy about that. Didn't was teenagers. Stuff on the internet they are realised that it never goes away for their put up something stupid and then they go to apply for college the admission committees, gonna pull that they're gonna, Google, their name or if they go look for a job, a charge gonna.
Google, their name and pull up here. They are hanging by their feet from a tree drunk they're going to find. That is so. I have new challenges. Those things weren't there there Where is it going? Where be at five years or ten years? I think she's gonna increase
is even more Europe profitless the problems purchase gonna keep growing. I think issues you know is something that people want like whether you don't wanna, you still consumer, just because issues so like he can't get your eyes off at that. I think it shows it is gonna keep growing. I think it's gonna get their settling gonna, be monopolies that are kind of happening, whether with social, apps and they're kind of clarity is, but it may be that all later better regulation of things- I don't know- but I know of those are a very good thing, but I think it I'll just keep increasing and it seems like a lot of people really like conceiving consuming things that are more in real time. So live contact, or even just
Lotta people use their phone sound just to get out of their own worlds are just and whether or not they know it so is beyond. Video games are huge too. So I just think you send me more and more and more do you think it's by this become a nurse assisted voyeurism exercise yeah, but we probably were ready and just how to view about that. Honestly. I see people put up videos of them brushing their teeth in the morning. Come on. You don't need an audio four brushing your post, something worth looking letter, toothpaste disease in yeah, it's like, I think to be a great thing and a negative thing is all how you use it, and maybe that comes at the education. The more it increases the more we have to educate and use it for good and evil. It's a weapon by its also,
learned a lot on social media like those Youtube videos, some of them are great but know who's to say there is somebody reputable to give you information, but it like a how to videos. I love leg. You know of their actual other. I shouldn't blow your house out by its till he had a wire up. Your foreigners go work, oh you were this. Guy is oh, no, he knows nothing which is a lot of times the case that I'm gonna accounts out there. Then people get stupider and stupid. To get attention on the internet, not now you and what is that there is one guy that it's really really sad and tragic, but he had his girlfriend shoot him with a gun. So he can get more views and I when he had a bullet proof, Fasten penetrated the were yeah zones? it is your life sentence, I think, to recently
you got a really well, to get a lot alike to have somebody future that people do this all it I am like I know, but then again, ok jackass was a thing re where there are just doing the most royal is stuff, but I really feel like those guys enjoyed it lay as the who, like it wasn't so bad. You could see it was like natural for them to do this. Do these sorts of things just because they were like so hypes virus like their own dragon away by so watching at wishes super entertaining cause you're. Just like ah good thing, I'm not doing that. I just made it worse because there's a bigger audience, the old joke in Texas. How do you start a Texas fairytale is like watch this? that's what they used to get drunk and there you go there. There's an these forces. You got a whole lot more people say and what an airline incentivize than I am actually again had an old Buick, any put honest to God put
the jet engine in the truck did it down, got a jet engine from a surplus store and put it hidden, the of an o beauty, and he lit that's out of an they had it on film. It sits there and turns up in turn They said he left the road it about three hundred a more feel fear less than I am now like. I was like Ireland Susie Big enough to put it a block. Bang. My guys out, about these kids that this try to do the bigger trick? they dreaded like you, jump off the roof into the pool. I can imagine I even when I was younger, I was a lot more feel fear less than I am now like. I was like artlessly bungee jumpy must see their sleigh cause. You don't really know the consequences, the cause consequences as much, but now I'm like good, like I'll, just go to the beach sure now chill I shouldn't saving
crash a motorcycle making a video not too long ago, how? I wasn't for the internet, those for James Cordon, you hear that aim shared and they would go and see for ever came to our building and he had us right there like he likes putting people yeah James Guy Display, unlike hidden talents. And so the hidden? What was I used to race motorcar, so they were gonna. Have me, Poland, through the gates of my house and Papa Willie up my driveway which I did and we shot it everything. What fine we headed on feel what he had gone. You didn't because it has been up up up up, we got the film and we in everything or five after the crew laughed down. There was so much set friend, buddies and word is Jack and around and thereby the cap gettin little more stupid and make ass. I
came down in somebody had put a palm tree there that when they are the last time I came up the driveway thirty seconds before when over the handlebars, you look fine, yeah. Well, I don't look fine that day crush my shoulder and broke six ribs, I spent a week, and I say you my gosh. Would you do it again now? That's one trial learning, maybe it's a life lessons, and hopefully you get bless. My lads were years survivor through the old rigour to slower you he'll. When I was in my twenties, you take a bullet and shoulder you shake it off. Your line by Monday value to hang they'll it's a month now is that why the motorcycles are in this room, you're, not history, that's mine, but it wasn't one I crash, but the keys are now buried somewhere on the property, she will tell me where I knew a little girl. She won't tell me where they are see. I gotta Harlay seal
have my motorcycle licence, but I've heard so many stories about motorcycles. My dad used to drive Mama time going on. Everybody I know either knows somebody or has been in an accident. You hate this right now, you're late hour, a yes, the others to join a motorcycle runners have clear to those who will come. I crash GMO driveway That was what I ll do it. You see my driver, it's a long drive and you doing a Willie. That's all some studies stupid as it sounds at you crash in your own right, because it is along the right so that cigarette x, I guess so what's next for you! your next big thing, I'm gonna, make some amazing movies that you're just gonna, love and yeah. Just zoom were film tv, and I also starting a couple- different companies will entrepreneur sight of me, but I was
I'm doing I just screwing brands that aren't of my own being so would you work with some pretty big brands along the way and learned a lot. Nike and beats by dry and Mark Jacobson Airbus off. You ve worked with some really big brand so far, so it's not like you're hurt and for work now and, as I said to be in that decision inside I grab onto everything that comes my way. Nigh Mabel should have stayed the things actually here that you wanted to hear you say: will you ve worked very hard? So you learn that, and this has been great cause. I think lotta people, wonder how you do what you do. I think you ve pulled a curtain back and left lotta young people know there's a lot of work that goes into this is not just a matter of getting on there and say in high,
and now would be. I would have some That would come up to me too, and just be ache you want to do like I want to be. And this on the internet, unlike with wet Lego, why Like what you gonna do it, it's like the same part, isn't the fun part of everything for some people? Ok, it is, but you have to have sort of substance that you're bringing whether you want to make people smile. You want to inspire people, ok leg you have to have something extremely unique, especially nowadays online. There is so much content out there now in so many different profiles, so your about the noise, the ad and that's not doing trapped inside you can't see what the trends are unjust, follow that immediately, you have to do something completely different and really stick out online. So I believe it fine brand. I think you have to be distinct. You have to be well defined and you gotta commit to it. It's like Mcdonald and Palm
There are two distinct brands. Are you not ever gonna walk into Mcdonald's expecting to get a lobster? Nea had ever gonna walk into the palm? Expecting you get a big MAC there completely different and they try to be each other you're very define brands and they're both committed to who they are and that works for me. That's what people I think I have to do is like Doktor Phil you're, not going confused me with anybody else you may help me, but you do know what you're going to give just great first, like you, How do I tell people the truth? As I see it, I'm gonna give him common sense. They don't like it that way, I have a remote now. They, the internet, the birthright at everyone,
and if I got right cannot escape me I've ever where the folks virtue of this, precisely at the thought it if you would like to watch the video of this entire interviewed, please go to doktor feels Youtube Channel unsubscribe, it's free and you will find this interview in a whole lot more.
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