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Cedric The Entertainer: Comedy, Life and Being Bold

2019-07-16 | 🔗

Every single one of us has some kind of sense of humor, but only a precious few can make all of us laugh. Cedric The Entertainer is one of those rare people with near-universal appeal who has put together a hugely successful career as a beloved stand-up comedy legend, a Tony Award-winning Broadway star, a popular game show host, a sitcom star, an iconic movie star, and just for good measure he’s been awarded an honorary doctorate. For the last thirty years, he’s been one of our most important and influential public voices. The comedy legend, who stars in and executive produces The Neighborhood and appears in the hit TV comedy The Last O.G., opens up about his life before comedy, including working as an undercover security guard at Sears, his philosophy with hecklers, the Kings of Comedy Tour, and more.

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Does the boat is? Will I ever see my life lead, those do walked, aided took a love were seers was let go over to our like the secret weapon out the Gooch they look of. They would call me down like out these down he's doing what he wished to see. Come yeah me Steve, look at what he did for people, so you talk in America, Jesus colorful suit. You know there are some people that can his walk in a room and cracking up and said recently undertaken is one of them. The only one. It thinks that, because this is one of the busiest guys in television
you- ve got currently starring in executive, producing the neighbourhood which just got renewed again and he is really I'm gonna be around you ve seen Amy in the same man, Steve Harvey show the kings of comedy, proud family, which earned him in Dublin. Cp image award he's about as regular guy as you would ever want to meet. He came up just like the rest of us working hard and putting it together. Nobody gave him a damn thing and he's going to tell you how he became Cedric, the entertainer and what his made him who he is, and Listen! I'm going to stop talking about him, so we can start talk until you're gonna, really like this guy. Here we go. Tell me I gotta know cause. I find this absolutely fascinating. I'll talk to Steve Argue about Israel either,
good friends, you and I both come from, not Hollywood. We both come from the middle part of the country. Did you ever in your wildest dreams? Think you'd be doing. This you know like it as a young as a young guy. You don't because like a game and grew up a saint Louis and you would only see people on television always assume that they were, of course, these rare people that somehow you read you don't even think of them of being from other places round. You would see people on television. You only soon they were highly, was stars and at no no, my lord, You re, like nobody ever gave room some other place and so you never really identify with it until you know, like you, Jordan around for me, like in the early eighties. You start to see the light from
he was the this committee in the late Robin Harrison he was he was from Chicago, and I do that. Any any delivered like he delivered like somebody that you knew is his personality. His that it was more like an uncle like a cousin and that's when I unify with I can. Actually. I can actually do that cuz it was it wasn't about. Being like a big star already so, but you know Ouu known you look like, like most kids just thought, I was going to get a job and I went to college and graduated, and I did I did all those things work for state farm had a corporate job. You know what to go up the corporate ladder and now, as you would think, that will be life, so good worry at state form. I was not very well, you said you, Two hundred and forty you were going to go to fifty eight about the older. They were going to take me to sixty, and I was a young dude man like you, make sixty thousand dollars and I had to make that choice like you know, like
I started doing Kylie literally at the same time, so I kind of get the job and state You don't have to after leg, go through a whole bunch little small jobs. You finally land is you know this kind of job you feel like. Ok, I can This will be it from me and then you know, but my person Our duty was warned as well. That's what people want to be around. It wasn't really. Those good claims, just at our house has stacks of files and because I could, I guess I did night. So I come work just Dragon man, yet you can help do. I want to look like it. It was we are worthy of dragging them leg and that call and people back, maybe we'll keep riddle cars for months so whilst also people's favour, because they they really had a riddle caught in their own cause laid leg. You man, let me give just got what more we invest. I notice and people would try to use me to give cause for prime time like trick.
Here they would have these little small accidents and got a man. I need to get a riddle got you know if you travel than your kid problem of do insurers. We got it shall go with you right the elder best route. Kid you imagine at every stage, in their job, nah now can't now. You know, of course, think so I don't think I'll probably ever would really state. I had always had occurred ambitious mindset with my said. Would my sister mama loses the owls always scheme up a dream is always trying with something you know invent something right something I was always excel sunglasses at the flea market, like any those like us allows like. I was trying to figure it out man. Let's talk about that, because you were voted most popular air most humorous in school, but you said comedy what your phone know. You know, you know. I think, because
because my mother was a school teacher in the district where I wish it was one of those things where you know had to like steel medication. Never really wanna do you know, draw any attention I myself in that way. So I explaining in the lunchroom. That was was a popular kid, but you know you go, you know what they call the dozens of. We should college in. No, where that come from him is Louis you Johnny, while you Jordan, so you go so so we would get out and I, like Blue out, like the secret weapon out de Gooch. They look of day would call me down like oh these down, he's doing running, wait to see He the last argued getting messages from comes second lunch: Mandy down you talking to dress like I had committed Bobo, just jokes, you know, so you just do an improv right there at lunch. Yeah just cataloging. Oleg Lippy was that our feeds in talking to me
EL the whole day. Were you look at someone just Keller rebuff, a whole load. You know swag or you know something happened to them. You know. Remember, do failed out some steps. You you just run in ten minutes not being able to walk. You know that kind of stuff so were you good student. I was, I was a decent student, that's what I would say. I didn't really give focus focus. My last too, here's a high school because my friends were athletes and they were going may stand. It gave me one day. You like the Jew year. New railway ties. We never know outlook I was going know like are women go to college troops as they what you're going to college? no doubt that we will all play a rare guph of these laws. Yeah man. You know that, but they were all like. You know. Student athletes and I didn't I didn't play sports in high school, so
So that's what I realize all I need to give my grades together and cannot give focus. I can go to school. And you did right. Yeah did- and I guess you know so I became you know very good student loan, using you're, my junior senior year, actually thought I was gonna. Go to oh for law. Like girl, you know my thousand girl the order, and I was like history enough, and so my adviser, China advised me that he thought that that would be. You know cause the tools I could use for long. No, and so in that and I loved lol shows any kind of law Things are that there would have been a good thing for me to be a here for you at the South Missouri stay here, where's that Cape Gerardo Missouri, so that's about in thirty miles, south of Saint Louis, ok in Southwest Missouri States, Springfield Springfield the AIR for South EAST South, where earlier than those it
big school South Bend, selfies always had a a good basketball program and in Asia lay state They stay in the Stay international attention! Beware with surprise so you know you you, you know you can hear about that. Shall we it became faint sooner or later on, because russian emboss from there. So you know air based, I know about for Cape Gerardo. For that reason, so when you got out of college at some point you had to make a commitment that you were gone. This comedy for real cause. You gotta be willing to be hungry We will undertake any gig. You can anywhere any time. When did you see to do that oh, I was it was once, once as really discovered. I do like I make people laugh air, and you know I was working. Was this. You know it was that hustle like again like trying to figure out a goal stage every night as much as possible and in them
I think, those around eighty nine are met. The guy he lived in the same condo Complex, my mother, and he the manager at at the comedy club. We need is the one who told me. If I took it serious pass a couple of these, tat they would do. He would put me on their big. Sir. That was the one where the funnybone had twenty two plus above all, I can do the forty four days and so in if you, if you get a view yet I was twenty clubs and a view book. You can go to ease club twice a year so forty four days so debts. When I knew you would it wouldn't be the same as sixty thousand dollars work? It was that choice like do I take this job or I take this opportunity to know. If I can get earned, is then at least obey salary that that's when I took a start, taking assure you work will you be a tear regularly gotta go up. You gotta perform a different nights. You got it
When is not necessarily what they consider your audience, so you know and then they they watch you of course then you couldn't have any bargaining, good so yet have clean said that was like customary back in those days and so and then you had to be able to do timely, canna each They can't time you out in oak, is in there minutes was the amount of time and that's why you're here, comedian along guy you're panic in up to China, trying to do thirty minutes. Thirty minutes this. I got the name in David Gazelle was seeing our homes Our windows people knew how to do those paintings. You don't talk like put a painting up on the wall and he's so tell me about yourself in this. Like anything, Do it every day you for that thirty minutes.
My move and that's how I got the name, so did you get the forty four? I did God you're forty, four and you know, you know, really got a fortunate to because the timing worked out there. That was in the early nineties right in that that there your marriage comedy seeing really started upon around here and so before I even finished those forty four date. I actually went to Dallas and rain in esteem, Harvey right. We knew each other only by name he was. He was already a stand, oblige informing young standards because he was like one of the top tour colleagues out. I had never met him, but then I heard on the radio silence Endows do one of my forty four dates and I was on the radio and what happened was I got two dollars and the club was hidden.
I got bought out by individual and was no longer working into the corporate system, so they told me they had their own opening act and they won't me me and sorry, and we for NATO sorry, you drove all awaited talents to ours but I should like, as our mental get married a month later, nothing like men. No, no, no candle, you know get the live the candle for a week and nothing so narrow. That's when you you know back! You just give super resourceful, mezzo and new girl. From my my church c c: apartment who stayed over there, and then I heard Steve on the radio, and then when he was doing his own comedy night, and I went by Ghana stood around and it just so happens. That's the guy that was the headliner was not doing well and Steve said yeah I heard about you'd use gas disguise thinking up. The road
you man going up it afterwards and also, of course, and I went up and I killed, and so did he say. Well, just come back every night if you can, and if this gave. The does datum. Put you up enough with the money, a pocket and asked what he did. So he gave me two hundred bucks get back home in any book me to be a headliner. A few months later, a wagon paid a thousand dollars. Butterfield, that's money right! that's serious wife, a hotel room of Southwest Airline flight flight. I could boss Steve Harvey man come on man, I cry when I think about it. Yeah I mean Steve. I've been looking at what we do for people, so you talking to me Jesus colorful suit. This was a game, changer a word, girls, you know I was on that on that tour in it at the time there tour worse, you started
Oh Brad, anemic, three hundred dollars for a week or two rapidity and their future move up, it was slots will work to the middle way. You make six. Fifty nine you move to the airlines. Will you make fifteen hundred thousand in so? What Steve gathered Find me as this care learning. As I was able to go around in the country and get other shows like that like he would put the word out. An inn The club in Atlanta will call came in commercial of me, no one in the club and used to call a canal Lovins next thing, you know I was moving around in the country. As you know, one of the top acts in the country. Now you reckon the thousand but yeah for how many shows you do seven to eight shows so used I'd like you you'd start on a Thursday night. You really want to. On Friday to Saturday. In it Sunday is is deepening sums some clubs wouldn't do Thursday lies so you come.
Due to Friday. So how long were you up? Forty five minutes so far, five minutes to an hour so by then set the ever. I build it by that add that build up my job, because I had to do it for due to get ready but the thirty minutes said I'd. Build up. Is extra sire Jug learn into here we're gonna, let those who, if necessary, will I ran into a wall out, pull the old juggle that I've always been fascinated by this. What's your philosophy with hecklers, you know do you get her mother at not any more? I'm not, but you know, you will run into a I'm, not a big fan of you know like like say when I first started. Even in the lunchroom now, what can it? You know you do that you do the new. No Cardiff Joan in order dozens in. So you did. You handle a heckler like that, but when what I was I gonna became professional.
Really like the idea of people coming to see me and sit down and relax. Let me do my show and They also decide bearded. Somehow you think you're funnier than I am and that you they have the right to judge reject inside my show became something I wasn't really a fan of so but I still had a couple of gloomy quick, git bags, but after I wouldn't I wouldn't go back and forth with people no more than three or four times and they'll be like I, this enough human how'd, you get rid of them I mean you know I have one or two good ones that would like just shut it down and then ghetto indian. My MMI one of my final was, I always was saying, look dude. I got one word for you. If you keep Talkin security, so it is Gary, would go take about. There will be no, but I definitely help one time a myth. Is I got into order
we had to fight is do like EU. He came down to the front of the stage and he was park in all its threats you say your smack, my glasses off. My face and don't they would do it and then I jumped off the stage was crazy, and that was the only time that I've ever had that it go that far, You know the whales is over over the top, so how's the crowd respond. When someone like that happens, I mean you know people people love a good car accident man, you know they want to look over. One is not deal, may want to look and they like play not so people get pretty high, male situations unless again You have you having a good show and they feel, like the person is disruptive in. There Are you in and ass the thing about it most hecklers, coming from a drunken stupor, no idea that their. You owe me a rude edges Yelena stuff in May,
think they would their say and is funny in it, but you know the crowd and like it they will both them and let them know they're the ones get out of here. They'll give him her exactly so when you work with Lee Harvey. What's it like to work with him was, to be on the show with him. I know you did kings a comedy before that. What was it like to be on the stage where the you know those it? Then we had a instant connection. You know, like said he used to have several. How many clubs in Dallas area, until you, after after bring me down at first time. He would bring me back quite a bit in then, which has started to have this. Come rather, we will sit around, we can. We can hear one subject matter and Bobo, just a spin off of it and just keep ad the joke I did Joe and that's what is that That was what about great chemistry, Does that also true for it on to the tv show to Steve Harvey Sid So that's it at that.
Really, where we started the jail we had has got a natural. Two men show that can happen like almost avenant, Stella with joy or those mothers brothers, like people look at all the key they got a google. These people ever keys diet right now about smothered this. Others Bradley. You talked about the me. Goes no like a bird yeah. Knit two May comedy was a view that used to be a big thing and so yeah. But when the most famous one famous nights Steve used it, just think as he was like the hull then the embassy of his club and me would bring you down the beach airliner by name yet this he's very long. Winded like issue is, you know, abused. Instead, you tell a story telling tell a great story teller by so he would go back on stage. So laugh you airline, he would go
at stage as the embassy? you do another hour. His pocket Amira one night as there are no now because was my audience like. I did would have killed you both global, say, good night. Possibly things about me. When I leave everything about you, so he was all stays talk while back on stage, so we will base that what you, notably as it makes Europe take. My but it is as though we were back where we started talking. I gotta MIKE do you know it was three in the morning were still stage and we end up doing. Is this job where we, it was one of the famous where we we did two roaches on the wall, and so we had turned out all the lights in the club and then they turn the lights on in and we both just froze and started man what happened? It was just a joke where we, just like you know, became these two roaches if it was
Miller the night when you come in a kitchen? Is L Il Larry's? Here's a big fan of yours? I can t I m sure it was two thousand when you guys did the kings equality yeah that was in there. That was really great time. Was you know nobody had? Actually done again a kind of leg mega I will show whales allowed a big names. Allah one show was the people, are doing arenas, but not at that time, like in a net fashion. And so in this evil. Our new and the old steam Harvey Comedy did sitcom In so doing we would go out and tour only so, and there was a Minos greatly. Those those those those good greater. How many people were in the arena that night, the first time we didn't have to first time we did, it was eleven thousand. We did in Dallas
rose like about eleven thousand Indiana just kept growing up to then me. Let me eventually, I think, Kevin Hard just recently, broker record arise where we add forty, two five million the Georgian down here. I think that Georgia Dome was over. Forty eight is like forty two five in Georgia, dough and and then nothing Kevin. I just recently deal like a hundred thousand grazing over here that, while he is so but don't stand up, you know, like D as they would our music without a ban. You know what These necessarily with songs of your childhood that you do, nor are real. Can she observed you gonna help along this jokes? I've been really want to ask you this. You have watched it so many times, but when you walked out in Georgia Dome and here
silhouetted there yet ready you walk out and there's over forty thousand people out there go in, absolutely nuts, when you come on the stage take me through moment I mean you- know, people ass, often ass, you do your butterflies, or do you still get nervous and What kind of moments is just You know is right there at the beginning of a. U do you feel that anxiety, you, you understand somebody else. It killed all stage. So you so somebody else just performed killed in all jokes worked the crowd, didn't you! Now you worry bout of any Amy joke you ve ever written is go where he just give inside your head, like a man, so Oh you just have to carry out below, for me was always try to relax and No well, what a start nowhere. I want to end in it
we think the middle. I can neither can move around. But if I know like a joke, I want to start with that usually helps you bring thee you know the butterflies or anxiety down like soon as you get there. First, laugh, you lie, I cool, so always picked. Good songs HU? I, like my move, was to pick a song, thereby legalese not on me, if, until a good job after the those butterflies had to go, a pretty fast when you walked out there, because I mean that's about a big hug as you can get from an audience when you walked on that stage, is huge in this one of things you can't you try not to always almost with even greater, even with small crowd. Still to this day, I still colonel egg but I'm in smaller sections like him, I had I known, Pard minimalism is sold and you don't look at the magnitude of it all at once. You know, maybe gale. I once you get rolling and you can hear the laughter then you can can absorbed all thing, but for them
Osborne. I do not like to keep it to their front. Look or a door people in everybody else, no back or just you know, their shadows are: do live available, do crowds! in ten or twelve thousand, but up pick out a group I can make out. Contact will year and if their following me, I know I got em the that's gonna, because they used. I did you study tried, identify with forty thousand people in Europe. People way in the stands. You know you you you you do that, at that point that you have them in the end you gotta give that wave and make sure that they understand you reckon, as live. Are the building? That's different connection mud, but will you when you first talk to him at you. I got to saying use and now you people that I can kind of see. I try to get them to gauge and I will do I too, like a bug out. One sided a room laughin more than the other leaning toward that side
cuz laughter is also contagious, is like was the people's died allowed me anybody, even though it's funny but they'll, hear somebody else. Laugh in they'll start a laugh with emanated just kind of catches all dear, but I stop that. I had to learn to because you you know you would you would go out and always want to fight against. You know the hardest battle, like these people laughing I'm going to go home I the steel wall into just be my head and to move. Rather river zigzag. We all go back here induce raft innovation. I hear back here tell me about barbershop, because that is one of the favourite characters ever seen you play, but it was kind of controversial right yeah. They would do well to some controversy with that. That was a fun. You know. Barbershop was one of those things too. Will you you know your career? I was trying to tell some like some young students is not long ago. Is that
a choices in your career based off. What are they? Is that you really believe in right, because I had an opportunity to do a bigger movie for more money at that? At the same time, the barbershop, the character was somebody that rain and resonating too where'd to me, and so I was like. I just turned down the money to go further than the better idea which may in eventually made What money so does really really blessed, because that care do his job. As you know it It was such a personal cattle story at the time that to go inside the barbershop, to be able to count to tell a story. The way did they want, The door was so specific to the barbershop that you know grew up? Vienna was a part of my life. Is this space where people his head for you don't need, say what they want to say and talk, and he can even had a Europe be politically correct,
the euro. Is you and you had to say and write a word about our role? Be bad note. Talk about. You know what I mean you right, that's what I mean is okay. I got it but give us up so that that kind of that kind, was it so that role in it? I had this idea that I want to look like Frederick Douglass. Oh, I remember a start grow up my air, for that is so I would give my hair braided Numa my wife, since you tell me how to quizlet. So I would twist up we with our grow by here. But then we went down to May school, vacation age daddy's rubber bands in it. You know that had not got in the water. In my hair expanded in the realm of a star pop added no, what we do know what it was scare me because I like it I'll just be dug it when I was wrong with you in a wavelength, your rubber bears a burst in so but
but I remembered that that lead. Surprise everybody when I showed up with that care, do with the hair. Had the whole idea what he sounded like and it was use. One of my favorite rose to Ducas girl, it in oh blackmail, as you say, whatever he wants it, S was. Would you do high cholesterol? affects more than a hundred million Americans and is a major risk factor for heart disease. The number one cause of death in the: U S, while healthy lifestyle choices, can help manage high cholesterol. That's often not enough stands or a type of medication is proven to be safe and effective the treatment of high cholesterol. There are multiple step options available, but right for you check out, take glare high cholesterol and are experiencing any challenges with your medication. Talk to your doktor, big,
as there may be another one that is more right for you check out, take cholesterol to heart, not come again. Right, educational resource from coliform, a suitable America ink. As with all medications, side effects can occur with Staten Use and your doktor is always the best source for information and answers. Check out, take cholesterol to heart, dot, com and talk to your doktor, about finding the right stead and for you, what was the controversy, so the controversy gay mean you know that again as the barber shop in they wanted to. They had a subject matter course in their. Where use it was the Rosa Parks saying about just you know, just shoot sat down in a sad eyes down in the inner mild king being a freak. So all the civil rights people were really oh said that no
we they deal with the writer was trying to do. We really want to do something else, controversial, like characters, and so you know in the end the script it was written in a way that I've got worse. Who were? The writer was trying to do. We really want to do something I was controversial like that, can allay. You know, made people feel a certain way, but it was I thought about it. Script was written a little more distasteful insiders. Did it my way, the same thing that he wants to do and I gotta I had a lot of Bob leeway to improbable Nemo because was cause. Was I start doing character? The directive was like. Hey man? This is incredible. Like I didn't I don't even I had no idea like this was going to happen, so I would improv a lot of my jokes and stuff himself in that in that I've been was a big fight, producers it. Nobody wanted me to say it, nobody wanted it to be. You know people s like now.
The problem with this. I think that this guy, this oh man has seen it all and as basic Golly, say it a man, I'm nicely hello. You known weekly devices that Santa Rosa Plugs then be deserve. Cod You just said other other people sat down before they got beat up and make us especially the me They got beat up to us into jail and he was shrill whistle these people so is like that's. The point is like UK, make somebody go like. Oh, like Jackie Robinson wisdom, We want to play baseball first, those other people that you know that he was the first whenever we all know, but it will not be what I didn't get that that Saint James there was good enough to play. You know. So there was controversy, but it still was a positive thing for you. Right. We love character, Isla Euro yeah. I love that care days. It was one of those things where was cabin, you know, but it was gone away because I was gonna phone calls leg. You know at my house, like jazz Jackson, got out a shop.
Rosa parts, family called. It was an indian like oh? I was going gonna go to Atlanta where one time thing Andrew Young calmly, it was gay, was seriously people wanted they want itself explanation. Males, I would guys is a character in a movie. Is not me hello, you MAC at play here like when they yield cut. I was done with it call me I'll bet. You're calling me a bit crab serves you by the snag seller or what you would do for me. You know but burden, but I think that you know like you, but you know like all kind of controversy. In the time it it makes you newsworthy people, gotta dig two. It allows it like. You get loans that feel like. I was like being.
About. In the end I was empathetic to people you know like in allows. Yes, Bessie RAG, Rosa Parks, family like I was, I was empathetic to do what they would, what they failed. They thought they heard in that, and I had to let them know. Do you didn't hear that leg? Would you didn't year? Was me dear her? I just said something other than what people like casino, plus the context of the story line was other people in the movie work RO in the book flag on eighty four say in that zone was a balancing force in the movie. It will say at all coming here. No show me
it wasn't like your base. Adele s dog, pile her red exactly there were people that we say, and now I know you don't know a shock and abandoned. That's the thing that it is also really the Kurds, eggs and ways to barbershop operates in this, where we were really it. Oh to it. I would this story was trying to say is that its people in his barbershop wid dissenting depict opinions about so many things that you would be surprised to hear that you would be surprise the guys that are lepers in a barbershop dead dead, get everything down of. Do you believe what you'll be I think we all want people, but no we're not in that of the place where you find out. They were not all one one, Canada, Easy GO and group of folks will. I spent my summers in the thriving metropolis of Monday.
Ex's imbue India. Why alone, which had anywhere between two thousand and five thousand people in it? It was small, I don't think they even listed. The number of in their put of these guys name on the side away with these distorted opinions of the barbershop like there were people it hung around and they just talked all day and there buddy had opinions and nodded thing to back them up, but everybody. I had a big gray, that's right, I mean even young kids. We get in there. Listen to these guys talk and we come away with these distorted opinions of the world. Then you go to school and repeat some of that stuff. They look at you like your and say it s like you know like in any body that has the ability to really can allay make their points seem like as legitimate with one or two small facts. You write you. You do you down the street, believe it everywhere. They ever word. Ninny go repeated. Symbolic girl, like a true here, tell me about Bernie MAC. I got to know Bernie
and I did a show memory used to have that Yet the of the show where you sit in this talk to somebody earlier idea that Willie on a show- and I got to talk in and have some good times. You were friend here yeah. Yeah. He was one of the guys and you know when I first started. You knows again it was a few people that would you really known they were very, they were, you know they were more. We call same as they were known already before they would beg naturally favours whereby new do and burning man. Here's a comedian little come about Chicago legendary and I remember uppers- went to go. Do delve calmly jam in New York. He took me the lunch. It was like I heard about you, both with the lunch and users. You know he was no you're lucky. I owe you a solid, don't use ie believed you know in the power of self and he was like really do
Then you know this dream: funny like just free frequently we would do you talk about their like, we call it led gonna handle buys, will neither Bernie at some point. Timing just go. Is this going to be no material? You don't know, what's going to come out, his mouth and he's just go, go and- and it's usually just crazy gif like whatever comes out, but he so legs. This you just freedom it had commanded the words flat. There was a tragic loss. Yeah, you know, and yet, though you know he had a dead dead. Did this he's a lung disease knows what else things that I remember we were trying to do that. Accordion, and I would now you know I was kind of always the guy that try to keep everybody together, and so I called him and he was willing to
Oh love is we're on a bus. He didn't explain it at the time, but then I realized that he knew the oxygen emu to be able to be able to control is breathing couldn't fly the air so that of nine in shortly after that, those really fast and so yeah extremely tragic him. You know, like you said he was a guy that you fell, was released, deal early on in the heights in which he I don't think you know you the success of the tv show in so doing in oceans, movies and ours cannot things steel had quite dead. A boy you got light burning MAC's can be one of the great was They are fighting it along on the kings, a comedy we moments again for me, yeah. I got along with everybody. So I'll was the easiest one, but you know Stephen burning had a little low thing at a time they were that they were. The main was because they just add those both those big personalities
of my deal was always gotta was cut off to herself in do his own. They Indians What was I like? I was like those carry like no powder with everybody in the never was any like being wagon was concerned about the next person and much, and so I think, but though they had their own little river. Only you know what it was well, what were they eventually get it together, but that was the what I meant was a big article in geek you, it was veneer thou islanded out of my wife, You read an article about your own friends. Really because be they may happen, you they didn't know it can have. How is that possible? We still do at all levels here. We use a flower to play together in nearby stock of what has happened. We know that lab. Ok,
anyone you, but that's the everything were becoming. You do a lot of yellow kind of mediation. We and people like that. I think that you know you know with me. I've always even in this business of always tried is day kind in. Oh, I got. The same group of people started where high school with you know they they work. Romania, well grown omen a family unit. I really am I get friend of friends. Would people but I'm proud of friendly with people? Do you still don't have a large group of. Ok, I wanna be paying you with the its group. Nl gonna hang about in crap. You say there is a small group of people. You're close to your wife. Your kids, your manager, yeah you ve known forever, radio Yeltsin's them a fresh me and a hand. Full of people to stay outside of that? Are you kind of a loner in their regard? Yeah?
I would say so is is its is social friendships I can. I can get gain, can gain a friend really easily legwork, while I've always jokes about because labour your vacation need somebody at the bar. I just gotta. Hang it will be debated my friend you know, but but then it's a kind of socially for that moments like I'll make. You like, I feel bad for the Gaza by seldom next year. I would be like, oh year re, we wish we had two tackles the ethical removal listed. You wrote this book and this was a very interesting reading. Maybe, but I had to have some translation while we serve this and what I'm talking about, Is this not audio, and he did not even ask me dimension is work is not why we're talking here, but it Cedric the entertain a grown man, and I have to tell you if you haven't seen this:
look. You need order this book right now and is there an audio version of it? I don't think so. I was Guy Plano doing myself, you ate adieu and audio version and therewith cue to do a glossary. Right? You wouldn't be that all that, but it was the other, is ok, explain, hook up all the others to hook up this. This is the hooker that that's the one where you know whenever you want something for free. This is the idea of You know we would say you know doktor fee, man, you know what I want by your show. You know I saw you driving a Bentley man. You know I want what else you got to hook up on it. Thank you. So this is like the hookup is like. I urge you to use your sources. Did they get to insult me,
So let me do ok. Ok, that makes it says, look Leah! Prior yeah, you got a deal, you gotta know somebody that can do it unless a hook and give it to me give for nothing like what you ve heard. You hook me up with the big they did to you years to get here but the little red. Therefore I always we always water hook up. Man is the easy situation here. He's gonna chapter in this book guys called get your freak on your very candid in this book. You rat yourself out pretty much in here. You talk about the first time you were trying to get the animal, ok, where the girl- and you say your sister walked in and busted the out now. As in the garage eyes, nearly very Roy and Agile Jimmy girls level. Gig arrive story
but a hobby I know you view teenagers, look very private place. You git, you know Lord, how to connect with this guy She was way after the garage day out so back. There were ills bikes there in genoa, bags clause which deal can be a very nice place. You know it bags clothes so your sister walked in my sister came in to get something out of all the times she actually Emily grass. It gets under their wherein it ran a head of yellow, pull up the clothes and Klaus put the foot of the door who or what you say, your second try, your mother came in
You remember the add or remove this will involve out here and go through it with ya got you feel you say your second trial was interrupted when your mother came home and you tried to act like nothing happened, but you had your pants on by all yeah Delhi and was blue The next raw and my mother was very gracious. Singing singing like embarrassed girly things. You just told me to come here for a second would would do what you doin in my house. As there were. No, we test was children. We won t, be Europe S own back Ah, ah, there's need, though you had trouble. You're only reap responses- ah and he s got a mature where did out whenever there was the those oh man, I decided to have really good luck at. It is known as a lot it took a while for me to get my groove right. When you put your pants on backward, you
We were in a hurry, love yell, because you destroyed it. I heard the car pulling up and you just trying to make it happen. Man, you just trying to make sure you look normal when she come in the house That's why I say you guys gallery this book. You said you are: at least you were a nerd and you took the eighteen to go to college and He thought it was easy till you saw the first question without you prepare Judy, show. I thought that I knew what I was doing. I probably a lot like my son is today believed. Wherever this in my aim is knowledge, is, is all the knowledge that I meet? right, so I don't think I was quite prepared for a real s. Eighty question about a train goin in Chicago servers me, my wild. You data Dray, take place,
exactly what we re right. This way they couldn't tell you. I don't be all train personal that you worked as an underclass security guard. Where's that job would easily hours at seers right. Look like a regular person, so you look around in in, like the terrible clothing. You look like a regular guys like this hang out and you will you look for people. What do you do when you friends come in and say hook me up see? That's You couldn't do that, although there is not a job, you do the hook up all because you know they're watching. You bet you to watch yeah they watching me, I did see a dude walk out with a lawn mower one time. They'll just end. It was just so God it was so gangster that I just EL I may like how bow what are you gonna be late as well up and walked about LA more
walk out that door will like it was like nothing, lovely still really Let me just as does the boat is move of a theme. Let those do It took a love were seers was let go of it. He got away with it. They ve loaded. They didn't Baden, stop a mapping idea, though it up. I got fired shortly after like, but I tried act like I did notice it. You know it was pretty ball. I like bonus, but you get away with something like that. You would think You would do that. That was the thing. That's what I was like nobody I'm in out and that's why I think I'm cuz I'm like undercover security. I'm like the second level is accurate. Is the other security guards job. I like to see it either like that dude walked out with their love with you said you were the one they would come get when they had irate black people in the
or because you had me the translator wanted me. I was there that as the what I always gag as follows. Bilingual I spoke regular. Regular english and angry negro, the black black. People would enable a man. Is these threats that they give out there. You know there was scared average person who sober. Like Google, said cuz. He should at the big they use Renewed grown is right. Now, like I used to say about how blood is The honourable is a blow rehabilitated carved out everybody. Black people can get dynamite yeah. Listen to the contacts that we have no weight is brother can go easy way get dynamite. So you he's not blow it up anything. Let me talk to each other, what are they gonna happen? Rather, as I believe you here, you sound like a real threat leg. It's not gonna happen.
So you, though, yeah people will be upset man and all that, and I had a friend in that. Have you been coming to Sears or not cuz? I will get those credit cards to like the little and one of my friends and he would come in and it was we for small things right in May. We usually disguised. I work for me and he wanted a in advance because he had yet is dead at seers, and I wish you a debit seers was going to say we will use getting credit cards. We read like our own. Like six thousand, doubtless this theories ears. Do you have a refrigerator watch indrawn? Where were you get myths seers, were you ran of six thousand miles though, but are there
jewelry and he would just bought a ring but close aegis need. This ran up them number. Over years. I thought it was found that you were too Sears, because I had a job at spheres and I wasn't the ship and department. You people catalogue, orders and they come and pick him up are take him out to their car and I did get fired because I could never get the tickets Let us put the wrong neuron card at home and it had the wrong stuff it. It was a Christmas time and they would come back you mad year. Their daughter wanted doll and she had a blunder and must not come back, be pissed off they I always had my initials on the bottom of it took him. Wake to figure that out- and I didn't have a job- I'd really moved out to Sears because I've been, nor can it. I am doubly route morality. Eyes now was doing well until they put us on skates.
Give you a bad. I look like a newborn dear on a frozen pond. They put Assad's gate. There were cheeseburgers and roll across the highway and took root. Beer float that I don't like that. That's where I was throwing stuff on people's hoods. I got fired their so Two spheres did last very long, so you're what're what you gonna do that you have to explain something to me. He said being careful with your money, but you couldn't resist by a four thousand dollars. You said: there's a difference from Vienna success and a sell out into black community debts. Oh Trudeau, may, like you gotta, could you gotta floss now use post to save, but you have to floss what so zone. So how glossary back of this might seem as you you, you can save,
you success. Were you make a little money yo, but then you gotta show people that you got some money. Other why's that did you would be. You will be selling out if I didn't come in and rock the big rolex, sometimes right. That's why black people always got diamonds and chains, because I got to let you know that I'm not going to throw it in your face run, but you got to know that I got it so in that's, so it s a different like people who don't don't, spend their money and show it off carrying you, know that's kind of cell loutish man we know. Will you now really flaws in Lebanon let her acknowledges Lucy this philosophy, Lazare NET as Daytona it's a rose gold rolex. I guess I don't know which one it is. I think that's the rose gold. What do you got on here? I was. I was admiring this when you came in this is the Shinola see this is a totally different. This is
It looks like this. This is these guys they were out of Detroit and they start making a wise to cling to compete with the other people in this, great watches of Shinola, that's the unknown in the That's a forty four millimeter, though I have a big arms, so I ll a big dollar. Forty four millimetres affordable. It is not yet ready for here this, It is probably though, but does you of this watch is affordable. This is watches rally. Eight other books forget why look good in it? It goes with the tracks tracks. Data interact. So why are you hasten taxi watchwords? I have no idea what it costs, because my wife Bozman put him in my closet. But as a beautiful at what is this is there are as yet, no no that's a little bit more than eight hundred s flowers. They died here in it because he the sleeves rolled up, so you could see it. That's the extra floss. So big is that,
we could easily have asleep rode down. He would never know the watchwords. But will you roll up just enough? Well, this My can look for podcasting. Oh is a sea strategy. I gotta swag to it to may hell yeah, so yet another about a right that I know I see the way they write. Another street Nagano Ferrari would drop tab. Learner said doktor you to allay right. Now well lay. I always like to feel good to drive the businessman, Vienna businessman's Mercedes, simple, I'm a businessman card. I've got a rolls Royce raised its own little book, you you go for it Imagine you. This is exactly what I dug robustly
Twenty two's is very business with white interiors black on the outside, as also to give rear their pull up open the door and air buddies expected. To James or smooth, then in its grandpa. Dr Phil, everybody goes never mind the swag, right there, like it s like once a year. Maybe you save your money right, yeah, yeah, yeah, Beata, financial planner. Do I do it? You know a couple. Gub Gub Gub people been with me for many years: no financial, guys it we try to come up with you know the idea were needed. You the proper investment into saving and in general, my wife's really good that you know she's she's one of those issues. Whilst people we spend. What we need is written in nets them
was. Why we live. Our lives is gonna like you know, not overdo it, but who will. Those extra is. If we want em, you know where it is not necessary. Will you say Oprah doesn't need financial plan or what the old operates? Get seats get Oprah money? How did you get that My way you does all use plans. Do you say it You know like, I would think about saving without I don't know by another jet. So your wife dispense what you need some time so Lorna. Would you spend time with my wife my wife spills. What she's got called cell is the eleventh there's a whole put it. This way. Opera came to our house, she comes over. Have she came last two years ago. She walked through and said. I am not. In large enough and she were hold an
they had her house for two years to redo it Keziah AIDS, you see you see stuff in areas I walked? Is that I'm not live in large enough? I gotta keep up with Robin and turned out the very first time that Robin and Oprah met. This was back I was defend in her up in Amarillo. I've still live in Dallas, then she's fluid. The Dallas with me from Amarillo first time. She Robin met they get in the limo, their pull. It out of my circle drive an opera lanes at the window and yelled at me. We're gonna spend money like it was. Invented last night, at the very time when your wife is pulling away with no rank, and she say a word spend money lackey within it. Last night you get this sick feeling in the light, guy is gonna go D.
He'll be back. It was all the euro like we were doing the house ass now, that's where they can give expensive like the military would do in our house. I would actually have tours that were named after things that had to do like it be like. Also, as you wanna do these you know Oh these italian handcraft agenda, Lears, it. Let me book the chandelier tore out to Serbia like what you hear gives it shall share the least lights pictures. That's where you get up close and personal with the three most expensive words in the english language might as well. By building a house, you think we should put it might as well. They were at Israel, it is well about. Do chandeliers might as well. My as well, you know It is always better looking at it than looking for that rises. Leg had still to it and then, of course, desert
track this dream. They are like yours. I love those ten years there. They look I'll change order. Your change, your radio, ignoring here it costs more than half a year ago, as the one right there at me? I think they sell you the smaller ideas, so they can have change. Or are we going to move this door 6in to cost you three hundred thousand dollars, the ability to love it. You gotta do their own dismay, the house, it dates as it makes the way you can do it the way the Dorias now the lessons. He could explain to me how this book there will be more tests on your own bush when you said that you don't understand racism, that the common denominator between white people and black people is ribs, really barbecue man, I gotta agree with you on that barbecue one of these things. I mean you know. Of course, nuclear tests
skies. Oh you know why I say I get rid of people. Get your they get. The hell you get the region's about it like somebody below a myth is. Is this Missouri? Is that the taxes, but at the core of it that I'd be a grill in me, kidney right, given itself so near? We can all fine com, That's right is in place new somewhere in the middle of their way. By do you know what his hurry us? That's all right, right. There really? Driven elbow alone is not rip off. Your elbows is not right, everybody can bond over really ism is an opportunity where we can just leave it. I'll go right here is a Dane, get our fingers messy. And you know what trotted to get not of your outfit as the old got a real leggum stand in on it, like a girl, all white at Christmas boy seriously. I wasn't
I feel day I had a guy see you I'll go, get some really for, let us it, but he had asked he had. It takes me into the lobby of a bank building as a UK ribs in the lobby of a bite building lived a rib join the lobby of a bank building. I took him to a place where they open and both when they run out a renewed yeah. That's what I did by rights as you probably don't do it. Those when they run out ribs, there's no clock they disclose. Whenever we you pull up new like hell. Let me give you a couple of two yeah get ripped there. Where we out sorry, you wanna go left on close out I too, where we're gonna love are used. Happy and fulfilled in Europe? if, as you say- yes, yes, yes, I see you around, I hardly
mercy you, whether its dinner or drive and her somewhere, that you don't have a smile on your face or just seem at peace. Gammon appeal really bless. You not think that I am at a fine contentment in You know the opportunities that are in front of me. You know- and I feel like really blessed it, of course, to have done so many thee, things that I have in my career book. You no great wife, great kids, you know try to keep it really simple at all, really desired to be the riches order, funniest dude in the business ideas. Allied I While I go up in so I buying a very great concern in an enzyme. You know that does For me, the like just gonna, be in a good mood You know in fine great joy No, I don't I'm never really looking for something that
I feel like I don't laugh, and so they will not feel like people get often upset in one a blue. Mothers and all that kind stuff, and so mean feel really blessed adieu homework for this course. I know you and even our great friends these talked about you so much, but I do hope where can I listened to interviews and stuff and place here. You talk with such admiration about your wife Lorna, whose here today we ve talked her she's off Cameron. I over here. You always talk about her with such great warmth in admiration, which I respect greatly, and you have three children yeah,
but they all good things go well. Yeah yeah. You know we gotta get out a daughter, she's, twenty nine another gotta new grand baby. That's too, we had three areas: she's gotta, grandma radiance. You gotta daughter, no kilos of this, my grand baby. She got to will be three in May June, and so grandeur and then I m are our odors o Lord and I we were assigned Croys eighteen right, he's doin a gap here, so he's been studying all over were all over the world, nor all kinds, cool stuff is actually in London right now steady enacting this guy's great in then this lucky rose. She turned fifteen. The other day and so sings again another Maison key. That we blasting acne got great personalities. They nearly a work.
Our duty, uniquely independent, and so you know this is really a blessing for by his happy thriving Why are you and what you love to do much better can get right happy. Why have liked? And that's right, you know well planned. Thank you for taking the time to come. They're gonna talk to me here with this will work. If you like to watch the video of this entire interview. Please go to doktor feels Youtube Channel unsubscribe, it's free we find this interview in a whole lot more
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