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Charles Barkley Rebounds Off The Court

2019-03-12 | 🔗

Anyone who can be called both "Sir Charles" and "The Round Mound Of Rebound" has got to be an interesting person. Charles Barkley is serious and regal and joyous and athletic and always funny whether he's trash-talking NBA Legends on the basketball court or offering indispensable insight into the game while hosting his television talk show.  The one thing Sir Charles has in abundance, aside from talent and numerous NBA records, is personality. He is one of the country's most watchable television stars and most beloved voices. There is no one who doesn't stop and listen when Sir Charles speaks. Fearless, transparent, wise beyond his years, spot-on insights, and a weary honesty that captivates are just some of the qualities and characteristics this giant possesses. Here on Phil In The Blanks, we are going to give The Man a platform to express himself so we may get to know him better than ever and enjoy all those things he can't bring forward on television. There is so much fun to have and so little time! For more information: https://www.drphilintheblanks.com

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Will be greater rebels. And your country, but he had made up his mind to our partners, not go make my olympic taint period. There was no plan b, one among coaches. If you get ten rebounds o my son, you gonna be an mba. My best known, we must specify so have you stay true to their state? You D. Never talk about tax, I M glad to pay taxes lad. If you don't want a vulgar, onawandah phone call, nobody knows that we are also phone call, that's that's all. That's not good you guys, I guess in every sport there are two or three people that actually pop out and define the sport and Charles BAR It is one of those people I mean. There's Michael Jordan. Shack made is always just a few people that their personality just kind of pops out and Charles
he is one of those people. They call him the round mound of rebound a mean. This guy is one of the top five rebounds in the history of the sport. But more than anything I don't I think he's got an edit button. This guy will say anything and I have to admit I'll watch basketball game just to hear him at the brakes and at half time he is absolutely hilarious but at the same time he's very insightful about the game. He says What you and I are thinking, but he is I'll. Have a nice guy he's really, to be around I had to sit down with the amended Lana. I thank you Are we getting enjoy it gonna learn some things. I had a good time, I am proud to call him friend so want to stop talking bout even start talking until even just about sixty seconds.
I want you all the time on year, how's it goin. If you like you in a low my job firstborn, I'm gonna watch two games anyway, so they go Hey, I wonder, is so I'm gonna pay too wise it and I love the guys I worked with, but it is in a tough his day that when you retire, you don't have anything to do and to get paid to watch basketball. Just come a kiss me all scottish YO, basically because they do not allow these guys, I must say we're down, but we don't have like great degrees and also our play named EVA sixteen years I've been out of the workforce was taken. Years, so my options are what I'm gonna do when I retire are very limited. I don't want to coach. I don't want to go to work every single day right, so broadcasters the best job ever. Would you ever coach? Did it ever occur to you to coach? No. I won't occur to me because I'm they all got get out MILAN. What I mean by that is,
I don't know how great these guys want to be here. Cuz. I think the money has got so astronomical. You got guys making twenty thirty forty million dollars and we joke around all. I'm so all I remember we were walking around a locker room when a guy at first made a million dollars a year. And now to ever salaries, six million, but I'm not sure how great these guys want to be an probably one negative when you been good, is something you can a whole air about it to the same standard. I would go crazy argument and probably finally, my player, that's why won't coach here my friend David Foster always is good. Is the enemy a great and these people get they make a bunch of money, and I think it takes the incentive away is like you got it made you.
We have to be great viewed. It didn't used to be like that when I play today will give you our six, your idea of four hundred and fifty million dollars owing to your day over six hundred thousands of your key plan. Also it is fostering at times, but you see players who, like I got my money, I'm just gonna kill us, probably most first, they even I'm just been a studio. You can see gas will get money just pack it in what you make your rookie year. Do you remember my first contract? It was four years two million dollars. I think my this year, I made about four hundred thousand four hundred tell year and what would it? today. What did it? Whether rookies Poland make to our fifty May in Algeria and ask you in Estonia? That's like on your rickety, then you get two deals worth probably a hundred to two hundred billion two hundred fitted to hunt.
And you're gonna get to mortals yeah, but listen I'll, begrudging gasket. I made more doktor J, in beer resonates Gaza, much better players in me, but sometimes I say the numbers on like this guy just got five years: a hundred and twenty five million dollars. That's good! you can get it hell. Yes, good words that actually this because I am- you- may have been ass this before, but I won't ask questions it. People can really take something away from cause. I'm curious what you're theory is about this, because I mean your list. It is one of the fifty. Greatest players to ever play the game? In history I mean you're, one of only four or five players to have scored what
the twenty thousand italian foreign tenth twenty thousand points, twelve thousand rebounds four thousand assist, and you are not one of the five most physically gifted players to ever play the game. I mean there are taller player there are faster players. There are more muscular more physically gifted players: you're, not one of the most five best specimens, never play the game, but yet you're in the top five to ever play the game. How did you make that happen? Well, Mamma. I didn't like being poor like basketball, nobody like now so you earlier about
I'm the one going to get a degree in engineering or anything like that, but he's not love sports. It can change your life or it changed my life. You know I grew up in the projects with a single mom, but basketball save me got me out of that environment, so once you start haven't success. You know you by your Mama House, you how's your grandmother Hauser Year, like man, but you have to keep working behind but I love sports because it just change the entire dynamic of my life. I one just some kid in a country grew up poor, and that was my life. It is only because at a ball- and once you start haven't excess like when I want to ask you, I'm like ok now I gotta get to call it this time. I'm not thinking of my plan, We must be realistic, I'm thinkin, ok, I'm gonna die for free and then, when I got to the NBA Moody's, guys gonna pay me to play basketball run. Had I'm like
stay in here. As long as I can you find the anomaly. It is a great living. Sports are great living me. Football is dangerous, but it's still a great living because you got guys who, like I said, what would they be doing cuz if you've already asked me this question, I always said: I'm not going to get no bogus answer I have no idea what I would be doing if it weren't for basketball- and I go sit here and act like I was a great student, but basketball means a lot to make it a change. The dynamic of my life and activities gives out a time not just go and pro regional stress, almost education, because he had a chance to do with. You
want to do if you get a free education, because some people walking around here who are in debt and you'll be dead or a long time? Is a system perfect not even close to perfect but to go to cause for free? I think is a really big deal you because you're not debt load. When you come out of this, I would not have gone to college. You vote would not a full right scholarship, our football scholarship and I got hurt at all, but I mean I didn't get killed and it put me in Kali this in the wise up, I guarantee you I wouldn't gone.
And so I did go and then I went on and got graduate school and then went on and got a doctor's to earn here. I am today, but would have done it without sport, but ass the thing out Teddy Junkie, us first of all, I was ever kick a play. Prospect is the greatest Livin ever is autumn, but is unrealistic. Less than one percent of all players, gonna go onto the NBA Anna fail of major league baseball and, as one element please take advantage that free education. But did you talk to yourself a lot? I mean when you're young, because it actually single mother your inner projects, year role, models, people you looked up to were not now degree this role models and link among other criminals. I played basketball very angry at the beginning. I was angry at my dad. I was, Miss Ms Gomes, Ms Gomes is my spanish teacher and I flung Spanish did I flung spanish River. I'm trying to figure out into this David?
Why was I take a Spanish and in Alabama I tell myself that all the time I joke, but so I flunked spanish and I didn't get to graduate and I stood next door at the baseball stadium on the top wrong by my and I watched the entire graduation and I cried a mercenary the like an hour. We only had like Lilla one hundred people graduate. I was so distraught and everytime. I just a basketball
Madam, I dare not being there and my dad Astley flew across the country to see me read it. He was not really in my life, but he flew from California to Alabama semi gradually and I've lost my spanish exam and adding great. He was furious at our late for you to get to walk, decided, not get to walk, but I stood there unlike an hour and a half and just what everybody graduate, and I cried the whole time and then I made up my mind at night and we'll get all these people back. It was until I got older and real ass. You know it you, ok social athlete. What happened remembered it isn't. A hair was spit in New Jersey right. You did not spent on right you're a girl of her, but I did not that she was not your target. She was not. It won't know bottles of my talk and I would just to put it on my part, but dad night footwear got suspended which should exist. But I was sitting in a hotel that night- and I just me- you gotta, calm down, because if you play on the edge It doesn't matter when you don't go over it and acid
As you know, what I forgive my dad, he wasn't there regrow pour it sought, but I gotta play basketball for me. They suddenly ass. If you know it is asked it my fault, I flung Spanish is really not MRS Gomes spot. I flung big SAM and, from that point of my whole basketball life change as I just want to be a great player and have successful myself but go into,
That's not what I go in college. I was trying to prove. I was trying to stick it to everybody. I wasn't mature enough to realize that stuff that happened in my life was my fault and after the spit incident in New Jersey, I had to sit in that hotel room in cement. What is wrong with you and that to me that I said was a turning point in my career. Really it was because I was like you can't play basketball angry you play to be successful and you play for the love. You ain't trying to stick it to people, because at some point you got to realize. If you don't be successful this ticket,
yeah baby. Look, you seven must arm success for me and the people around me not to say the member. Will you let me graduate. He had asked for you, Miss Go Mass and it lacks a you learned is tat. When you get older, my Astley Miss Gomes, you not to reason, must spend as you just just with teaching class, but that was a turning point for me in life to be honest with you, but I went out and play you're from midnight on really did not, but so you're standing there was nobody graduate break in your heart as you didn't, but you didn't blame yourself, then you blamed her the. How did you get through spanish? You eventually graduated cause. You went already, I want I want to summer school. We know that that was dramatic, not Marty. Yet I was dramatic, did you think people were making fun of you are wrong I thought that they were accepted Ali Baba. They call me too big dummy now, you know, gives a crew, but
and as I say when I play, I was late- trying to get em all back a euro kittens look in this domain, not gone graduate like so I want to someone's going. I want to call it out like a more make already. People regret make fun of me, and it was that it was a really say unto casualty, you don't you, you have to grow up and mature and, like you say, no man was amiss Gomes. It doesn't matter what Mary wonder I get a move on. Would you say to yourself about him not be in there and he was a scaling where he said. If I was a better kid, he would have stayed. No, I would just magazine wooden Eric of my mom was a maid and my grandmother who worked in a meat pack and factory, and they work like dogs. And how did you explain yourself that he wasn't there? He wasn't there, Did you explain it? Oh I mean my mom to you to me. I will just make us like it images just one, a great environment.
We never had anything, no matter. Call me when your mom's made and your grandmother work late, and you got three boys not a lot of stuff to go around and we were in the projects and then, when I start getting older and in high school like it, but when I was able to send me monetary, never send it and I'll be sit. Mailbox Lake Charles Relax is not coming. I don't know he said he's going to send me. Some money never send any money to my resentment kept building and until it just like, I was just angry. All the time like I was just like you see, you watch me on tv now. You watch me in ecology watch beyond the pros. This is your loss and I'm, like you know what whatever happened to him. My mom that's between them, but I ain't going to play basketball at sticking to him anymore and she alive. Yes,
although my bet he's never been a father for me, but we are a coup by the time we reconcile. I was too old to need a fire. I mean it in a negative way. Could I think, we'd in Prague it really back to go out. I was like mad late twenties, but we a coup was cordial. I wish him nothing, but the best. Do you talk to him. I talked to lemme LISA a couple days a week, just to make in order to feel you know when you start lose people. Is a reality check. My when I lost my mother does no more mother's day. And when I do lose, my father there won't be any more fathers day and ass. We had a couple. My my really close friends say to me, like you, may need to reconcile which dead. That's why they, like you know when.
Gone they're gone and I really took that the hard I was in my late twenties when one of my friends said he should be home and my dad died. I don't have any more father's day and have to your dad and you ain't at peace. You gonna regret it and I was a valuable you're. My dad was an alcoholic and a meal you mean you come home and he kicks. The wind those out of the house in tears. The Vienna Hood off Roseate after window- and I was forty when he died and by that time I'd gone to school or football scholarship I've got the doctor's degree. I had a wife and a son. I was successful in and he died when I was forty two, and in forty two years, not one time did he ever see.
Hey I'm proud of you now, one time before two years. Did I ever hear him say I'm proud of you now. The man you became I'm proud of what you become least are achieved. And when they are gone there go there, and that was probably frustrating thing for me because one idea it runs out. My dad, I don't think he ever said. He was proud of me and my success problematic, Congo's, like parable geography. My frame aside, I felt like I was like, showed a showed all ass like so then I broke it off with him again. Did he hasn't got sick and I see oh, my I don't! U, my dad, you don't want I'm ever gonna have we got to come to some type, a resolution, but I want to make it made a show pony, but like say we have reconciled and I think we had a good place. Sometimes you gotta give yourself what you wish. You could give
somebody else I mean you got to look yourself in the mirror, and maybe your dad didn't say it, but you got to look yourself in the mirror and say good man. I have a good father. I am a good husband. I don't need to hear from you I'll say it to myself. You gotta give it to yourselves sometime. Well, I think the main thing it helped me with his would my daughter, Christiana she's, amazing. She went to villain of on the grand just graduated from Colombia, Rascal she's especial care, and I really she's thirty gb. Thirty it made a fifteenth and I really am in a town. I was around here profit to the point of annoyance, like hey don't you dare loves you right. You know if you need anything, I'm here I don't want her to ever like man was that with my dad will be good for all. You know used you travel lad, we're gone a lot, but it in a time I was with her eyes. Like hey, you dare loves. You he's proud of you like us in our text at least once a week. Now, just
listen you're, the best thing that ever happened to me and my life and I'm really proud of the woman. You have a com because I never got that. Oh, yes, make sure she has now want her to know I'm proud of what she's accomplished. So she never went through everything you went through not. She grew up what a great mom and light first Vahid. Oh it s a really and we D b S house, let it be known as probably tough as dynamic at his whole, being famous key, is over you. Dance, like yourself in an mba since nineteen. Eighty four and I've seen so many horror stories. What two guys Are you go to the ups and downs? We sit around and top all the town bout. What do you give your kids like? What do you give them? Can you and then, as it is, is a great debate? Do you give em too much you give em too little. You know it's interesting. My grandmother's is the greatest employers in my life.
It is person ever she call me want to seize. It saw that really need to talk to you as a grant. You can talk to me about it. He says you need to get your daughter car as a granite. You can get me a cartel graduated high school she's. Just you, your life is different than ours. We were poor, she's, a we scrap together and got U r o used car when you graduate from high school and she's a Christiana goes to a very good school he's, a good kid air about ass at a school probably got a car, so that's probably correct ass. I was gonna. Wait. She graduated high school, like you d ever misuse. Is you We have to understand that we're not liked at anymore, so I had to start thinking like this. Is? U not poor went on welfare? poor way. Yes, and in a result you had to take a bastard. I got all the time I want to give you kids. Do you worry given to make this a very fine line I don't know the Lando Ass, he cares.
At a time like we want do you have a fountain. I remember when I found TAT Lake I got a servant there, but you see because, like article I was in the same boat as me, and then I got friends in other sports will sit around with my NFL friends. Like your man, I got some issues with my kids. I don't know what to do and I'm going to get home, and I can't give you an answer. But that's like the great debate know we are successful, we make a ton of money that, I can say, is no right or wrong answer either. That's the thing that scary I've had guys who are so strict with their kids. They don't give them anything and the kids and then about people get it gives too much and give becomes a pain. I mean, have you seen by trying to figure out, which is the right way and you gotta
a child. The hell it right cause over indulgence is a form of child abuse, because you can cheat them out of the opportunity to observe themselves achieve thing whom, if you give it to him than they don't get see themselves earnest overcome that achieve that you cheat them out of that. So they don't get to learn about themselves that they could do that. If you give it to him, you cheat him out of there. Well, you know when we first met, as your question wherein vegas- and I said what do you say: money don't saw money problems and you explain to me you can't hey you're way out money trouble and that's probably the biggest mistake that made in my entire life in our prodigal May dollars. I gave to France, who I shouldn't have cause you get out. You want your friends to like you, but just given people money you just well when you become an enabler, but it eventually all
is ruins your relationship because of you guess somebody five hundred thousand dollars First time you tear them. No, they hate you. You bought a five hour. Thousand dollar enemies who gets what it was. Were you told me that I was already into it deep who, just like all the players like audible, like your Mama family? They drive me crazy, free ends, a drive me crazy. And I had to learn a verifiable viable. Not learned do word, no, you lose. Our friends at not feel bad about it. Could he always Jimmy but deep down everybody I wanna be liked, but you can't Will I had a family member call me pissed off one time said you gotta have main dodge where the car sittin in your garage and they're getting to turn my lights off the. How can you do that and my question was: do you have a job?
and they said no, I don't have a job, I said. Well, let me tell you he your job is getting a job. If you don't have a job, your job should be working as hard as you would be work and if you had a just so if you don't have a job, don't call me about how much money I sit in a garage if your work and eighty hours a week and you need a little help to get by then call me buddy, you're, not a girl watching tv. Don't call me about how much money you don't they love has been your money them on any of you give the re less money than so many problems. Is they didn't get there from lack of money? They got there, for I can bad choices and spend money in IRAN, places spin and money that they need for things they need. It doesn't matter what you need. It matters. What you can afford it doesn't matter what you need a needed this code. Will you can't afford that coat? So it doesn't.
What you need is what s which you can afford that I wished. That's all the two people told me you and grant heels bomb JANET whose at our talk to you, I swear some time would cabin and in his wife- and I are time I see, materializes, give a big her ass, a museum branches, Sab four hundred million dollars. Why our steel, workin, she's just get up here. Let me talk to you is this: is my number one advise them I'll tell you? Don't you start taking care? Your family is a ruin. You're alive gonna ruin your relationship and every time I say I got and I said you know what I wish. I had a listen to you sooner and Dr Phil, because it did come back to bite me cuz it your family since you have you, don't keep em on apparel for ever, thereby my dad used to say we are now he said, you'd better make a little profit off you, friends,
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because there may be another one, that is more right for you check out, take who s role to heart, dot, com, a great edge occasional resource from coliform circles, America ink with all medications. Side effects can occur, with Staten Use and your doktor is always the best source for information and answers check out. Take color. Throughout a heart, dot com and talk to your doktor about. Ending the right stand for you when boy! Your family friends always want money that, first and foremost, dastard number one reason: but also out of free time. You got you gotta, drink and proud of drug problem and money. It s like that, but I will say Charles, was your normal day like an MBA, well opinion something praxis, ten something practice at eleven.
Practice labs an hour and a half, maybe two if you're playing bad, but you don't go crazy, cuz! You plan for games a week right and then I'm off for the day, but like what do you mean? That's what? First we have a game practice on the last like thirty, but if you don't have a game, operative must done by noon every day and you got a guy who got unlimited income because you're didn, two hundred dollars dollar a day prevail, peeling think about tat. We get to it ass, they produce you can get a point: alcohol and drug for two hundred hours a day, and I say if you got any bad habits and then I got a piggy back on it. I told you when you retire, you don't have a job. I mean there are very few tv jobs is stopped. Stop. Now you got twenty four hours a day. To do absolutely nothing and of you drink too much do drugs. Is a perfect
form. It's a long way to fall is a long way too far, but people s collar alien effect, how great you are any omit birdies. They drop your initial and its war world Good luck, good lived on with you, as our more you got lucky it wanted to. Television is only a couple tv job, but but arrested a guy's. Nomadic houses so you are in your mid thirties, most timely early thirties. They don't say hey. We really appreciate you. We thank you for everything. Good luck here and you, like. I don't have a job. I don't have an education. I don't know what to do given.
We were a budget we gotta play to states, and next year we got a new guy got a new guy he's in your luck. Ear and DAS has somebody's guys really struggle when they retire. A really struggle. I look at it even in winter, in league is like you got young guys Your testosterone flow into their veins. They got too much money to Monday. I know they're not really a socialized because their young they met in the world. Yet what could pass did we go wrong here in is, is like a candy store of bad stuff like If you want alcohol, you can get it you all girls, You can get it, drugs you can get. It is like a perfect storm because in about a who got money dare come in
yeah, there's somebody out there somewhere out there trying to get your money here and aben. I tear gas, your man, I was watching my ties of documentary other data for it the one- and he said some very interesting before he says he noted the thing that worries me. The most is this cameras like a drug. He says you can fall in love with it. It can take over your life and I mean obviously, a day later down a lab. Somebody says it's intoxicating to be unfair, Cameron AIR body a door in you and make out as money I like it, I already he had as issues, but this is not as easy. It sounds easy. The influence of a blessing number one want to make that clear. But, like is not, is like men. Wait. You guys got out as money, honest free time. You play basketball, you you and every state man is the last. I can go wrong and then you get
Ten year old kid now, you gotta make an five million dollars aimed want to cause for six months. The well we asked what the causes for like three months does want to a burglar seekers about a one undone thing they go to class but like the first three months in Ankara by the time they get their report cause a cloak grazed the second decisions over and they don't care the metal. Ain't gonna, learn anything in three months so near here and then you're out. So I mean that's to me that scary and the league doesn't do enough. I know they have things. Valuable, but they dont do enough to prepare these guys will thus another issue, because your family friends don't want you to grow up and mature hell. No, they there, like, ah there full of shit they want you to change where your homeboys, where your family, your friends, we know what's best for you with translated, we need your money.
We don't want you to learn how to handle money. Where'd. You learn how to save money. We don't want people around. We want the people who you grew up wit, who you trust and is, as is amazing, how it works. They are selling. Now I want you to grow up, they don't want you to mature pregnant. You just stick with us. We got, Imani money we can handle. This is never in a cycle. We should do something about that someday. You and I should do somethin talk to these play when they come in our love, or do they mean get together, put together a curriculum or somethin in this? Do a wooden volunteer, do it through all the incoming players or existing players and tell them the truth. With that, that's the thing is tat people we get it. I mean you'll, be on his shoulder. Tell him! I hate you gotta, say money: money gets a lousy for there s life. Then you get your homeboys in families.
Through those guys we got, this will be papers were no question. Love would NBA dust of like that, but the Bugsy declares gas. So many people play known him, though he asked attained, is dangerous. We'd, be pretty good. On our end of the rope, Dalia no question say: I've got this theory, it have of told j- and I myself have talked about this. I had this theory that in like the seventies and eighties basketball was kind of. I don't know it wasn't Marquis sport in America. The way it became people come along that change the game they give it personality and Armenia works. Great players, then, because there were many, were fabulous players, but it's like golf when Tiger plays the writings go through the roof when he doesn't play the ratings are flat. You ve gotta, have people come
on that have personality that give the game spark. You were that layer any ba. You were there player. You gave it personality, you made people talk about it, you may people laugh about it. You were controversial. You were polarizing in a positive way and gave the game sparkle. Well, you know is interesting. He was so a lot of work. I will table role model thing in a minute, while I was watching you sure one day and this guy was called me and you were going at a pretty good ISIS and I will explain what I meant so the two most important people in NBA history or magic, Johnson, Larry Bird, because if you have to go back before those guys it was, black League oughta, guys doing drugs. Nobody cared right. The average salary I think, with David got to the bay, was two hundred thousand dollars
yeah in magic and bird came along like Jack and Arnold. In golf, they were just like the two most important golfers from a financial standpoint than Tiger came along and that's how Michael Jordan so Madigan Bird saved, NBA and Michael took it to another level. Fainter
I would ask- and on a who are amazing, entire just ticket to the roof, but we need personalities, respected, Marilla, Bron, Jane. I really likes to have currying. I love wrestle. Russia was workin, the greek freak and all these guys does always so many great players and we love, show their personalities because the fans, the fans who, on a most important aspect of this they picked their favorite player and a rather die with him and asked what you need. I got me so many wonderful people in my life was like a u my favorite playwrights ever that does really nice. You know you go out again, Michael. You got all these guys who made the league what it is today. What made you so that spoken, win in your life? Did you get out of you said anger drove you early,
and you ve said this EU been quoted as saying you. Gotta platform you'll take a position where others. While what made you decide to speak your mind, take positions and be outspoken. I learn that halfway through my rookie year, because I remembered a moment it happen. You know
like I'm trying to learn a lesson that everybody out. You know what I said earlier, but I want to be like them just like you know, I'm just so looking and bless, and I thank God in LA blah, blah decisions call man and next day like hey, we don't you Talkin by God on tv anymore, I'm like what do you mean what we got a bunch of car from some agnostic get some eight this, unlike what we can talk about, got so does my first one and then you know it doesn't matter what you say. You can't make everybody happy. He'll know that was a tough as part for me, as I am of the key from a small town in Alabama nobody's ever hated o me before, and Anna Storage is pan attention like. Oh it doesn't matter what you say: half the people go like it and happy people going to dislike it. So I made it on mine, that's okay! I've got to be able to look myself in the mirror, and always preface is. I said that don't mean I'm right all the time, but I'm going to try to speak my truth and my rightness
Somebody want me to say something else. I can do not my answer and I hope people agree with me or I like it, but we have do my rookie year realise, like many, does amount of what you say. Have these people go like it to have? I'm gonna hate you we might as well say what you like as well say what you believe and Ivan that point I'll. Let you know what I did my truth. I'm tell you what I think of you asked me a question and evil. What's that amount is really like hey. You know, and I agree with everything you say, but I believe you come from a place, a piece. Like you, ain't just sand stuff, just give click bait as non, I'm all right. I don't think I'm ran out of time, but I will try to be fair to you and honest with you. I think, is really important being television to tell the truth earlier, because there is, body in Montana Main South dakota-
never gonna meet me more than likely, and I want them to say that guy's going to be answer me he's not just trying to get my attention, and that means a great deal to me. Yeah, I got this belief if you're, not honest people know India that mean they play do they want you to know that as well? I agree that alley that he does believe that you made the commercial for Nike. I'm not a role model. Did you believe that I did miss? Probably, even to this day prodded thing I'm most proud of cuz. It always does a debate so,
what did Nike. I think it was eighty nine I say I want to make this commercial and, like you, freakin nuts, as it's ok, so we're gonna start a debate about the role model thing. Ices is you gonna get killed us? I can help it, I'm a big boy. This is well. What do you want me to commercial asses? I noticed something: ok I'll have a speaking minority schools and lobbies, goose, segregated- and I says when I go to a white school always say, though, how many I wanna play an mba only like to seven percent. As what would you do want to be a doctor lawyer, an engineer teacher problem, policemen, and I got k and I go to the potentially blast coup. I saw how many I wanna play sports an MBA. It was pretty much a hundred percent. Then I realized these kids, a brain wise. The think they can also be successful to have legs at an attainment. Add a deal
a three year window I was wandering, will not set a pay attention washed his ear Who was a who around me- and I, like these black instinct, economically successful, two outlets, another time and he's? Why cares they won't be doctors. Lawyers engineers now says I want. Is black here to take like that? Any just gave me a platform and immediate with what they do I will tell you what you meant to say he doesn't know under what I meant to say, and I was just trying to start a debate and a thing by making Nike was like you. I can't believe this. I take ninety percent of the letters we get apposite I suppose you are not allowed to gummy Pasok, my miserable positive, I'm not trying to short my responsibility are being a role model. I'm trying to stop. A debate and then I can see exactly what I mean to say and even on a mask about that question today, as it can explain. I wouldn't run to like you our role models, but
young black kids thinking, they can't do things other than play sports and be unattainable. Till I got a kind of got my point across but about say no heat, part of about taken. No heat pot abandoned this thing happening platform. You should be able to talk about anything and sometimes has gone beyond. Popular, you know like it started a baby s like here. In Atlanta gay people love me, because when NBA was imma, go to Charlotte Foot, also again, as I can't go Charlotte it we not. Discriminate against gay people. A lot of my Our friends, We got mood, move the all star game and calm down, Charles as a non another disease, star moment in the NBA we got to stand up for these gay people. We can't have a special weapons on Aaliyah Blakley. We got a big and tall formal discrimination right and we move the all star game and the people here who they don't like me, and you really.
Nicholas. It's is the right thing to do and I it, but I won't remember I'm sometime, I say some stuff down a laugh. You don't agree with, but always try whatever platform our guy I'm always try to do the right thing, where you surprise, with the captain it. Her shoes Nike. I was surprised because I want to know: the agenda is gonna, make a gap I want to know what the agenda is: an exit, make. I don't want them
just trying to make money, I want them to do the right thing. So I put in phone calls and Nike acetate. Are we just trying to make money on a segment or are we trying to do the right thing, and I have no faith in Nike duty. Carlos take blackboard deadly, been black balls and it is unfortunate, is really unfortunate, but legacy my biggest, but Mackey was your manner. We tried to do the right thing. Do you think he pick the right way to Take a stand. No, I do not think you stand for the anthem, my personal opinion and thought he did it around, where I think everybody should stand for the anthem date is really answer. As about the whole debate, this dude and whilst or call and people named. There was actually only about twenty five guys kneel and until president transport all in God's name which you once you start calling guy named all bets are off now, there's them in their new idea, so tat he went to.
The wrong way? I think is worth a great debate and I think that you have to do is what else thing I don't think cops Arthur just trying to kill black people. Think doesnt carved out there who are scared to death, as it comes got the hard job in a whirl, and I don't want them. I hear kill an unarmed black man, but is such a so We need to talk about this important and significant, and I dont know right or wrong answer, but to get back to your point about kneeling during the anthem or just sitting, there is just not the right way to do it. Personally. My concern about it is the military. Yes, because I hate sending a message to the military or around the world we all support the military. That's my concern and our agree in you know one thing that
I worked with the wounded warriors wanna chaired, is at a try to give a lot of money away, and I gave me about the wounded warriors and when you go and see what these guys sacrifice no arms, no legs disfigured, and you like now my we gotta stay of an anthem. When I have been a visit, these hospitals to see these guys and Guenaud lose body parts. Your life is never to Saint Rice change change for ever and we treat our virtues worse, here too anyplace mob, you being from Alabama, you'll, know what I'm talking about some of these guys. You get the ay and benefits, but Some of them are in rural areas where they got a drive to our aim to get somewhere and get the help that they need data. Money to drive some of em litter.
They can't ride to out because of their their problems there, their losses. There infirmities make where they can't drive two hours to get there. It's a travesty! The way we treat our vets here travel with the greatest country in the world and we treat our this awful. I hate that you think trumps gonna get in each you know that I am so sick and tired of this crowd every day. I don't talk bad about the President. I'm not affair at present, but I don't talk, bear beginning to present a United States, but let me say this here: I am so sick and tired of every day is talked about. The women
in talking about pan women into lake you job is a presence, take care to peep. That's what your job is. If they impeach him, I don't even know how that I have effect on like everyday people. I'm just tired of every single day, something being treated like your job is to make us the best country in the world would you we are your job is to make sure we don't have government shutdowns Hawaii six, a minute. Religious than ever talk about autumn Bridges day. We got like seven hundred bridges in his country. That's the are minor, yeah fallen forty and unlike come on man The stuff we got. The worst public school system in a whirl, and that's what I want to present to work on. Somebody's kill, you know we talked about earlier. We gotta do something about it. Do the lungs. May we got some of He has gone beyond debt, their whole life. And I don't want to hear about store, we Daniels I've heard about
a dollar maritime. I heard some about Russia I want to hear about Russia anymore. I really don't like you mad. Do your job that you're one of the first things I always try to teach people that are in controversy. Is you don't have to react every time some takes a polecats- yes, you don't have to rehearse of yet more powerful man in the world. The internet rig because some Betty and hold said something you don't have to get on your tweet, the middle, and I are you sleeping. I may sleep deprived people make bad to see us Now somebody bracer anonymous Eleven a world does no social media here and I do For that reason, you just sit at all want Betty in our system bout me and I'm gonna be up we're about what He's gonna say our jam in Arkansas, like people don't take shots at you when you're successful, but I refuse,
do any social media, but I'm smart enough. Nor have I became president. I wouldn't worry about every single, like an exit. We all live in a moment, but I don't remember my history where we have to talk about something. Every single dated is due tweets like I just wanna day off. Yet, wouldn't it be nice if one day, We didn't talk about it. Yes, you know just drop in on these. Are these these generals Everett nothing the amount of people who have quit this administration? it's gotta, some gotta be goin out a meanness like rats off a ship. He acts like your man. Don't ever do people want these jobs? Don't you think I mean they say the NFL stands for not for. Why are we here?
What else does rather for like three day this is like a cat. It can't be good for the contract. Is I'm one, those guys hey? Listen, I'm an independent, I'm, not a Democrat Republican. I have leaned toward voting democratic as I think it gives poor people a better chance of being successful. That's right! about democratic, because I'm not going to sit here and I'll be disingenuous. If I act like whoever the president was going to have a huge effect upon my life, made me about. Well, not that not since eighty four, but I've been success closest one thousand nine hundred and eighty four making a lot of money. Whoever in the White House is not going to like make me homeless. Unless taxes to be a hundred percent. Smoky argue right. I'm ok work it out. You know one of my matters. I learn another complain about taxes. One of my mentor bill, Russell he's like a father to me and he ask me one day and he says job market as your servants, a rustle? What's goin on issues,
you grab in Alabama right. Yes, sir, he says if you got a public school as it. Yes, sir, he's. Ok, Is it a Bali's ever coming enable time, MRS O Toole somebody s pay taxes, NATO's teachers and cops now you money. You don't want to pay taxes as much no, no, no! No! No! You shut the hell up I don't want to see your fat black errs on television. Talking about you, taxes in a more people made money before You were born Bay taxes, both schools in Cobb's and day like that now so you load it. You don't complain about tax as Mr Russell I will never complain about my tax again and, as we are also talk to you, The honourable man he's a Oh, be astray. Shooter, each other's hey be blessed to make out. Money now complain about and taxes, so
stay true to their state. You d never talk about tax, as I am glad to pay taxes. If you don't want to follow up on call, nobody knows that we are also phone call. That's that's all! That's not good! What he calls cause you and you something something wrong is not gonna, be a no he's. Honourable man, are you worried about young people today versus when you were a teenager would about things that people did stoop when they're, like all of these things, it kids her into today. Does it? Where are you versus what you were doing when you were a teen, I think we got the same things they just god more of it like a baby, we're getting drugs- you not rather tricky subject for me because I got a younger brother who died because of that. So always worry at a time like I'm worried about Jas Gordon, because
I tell people it's like a bad movie is like a movie. You know I was going to end, but my brother died when he was forty he didn't have to down. It was forty. I can talk about prince. I can talk about Michael Jackson like, Drugs is always been bananas. I was gonna, be there. I just worry about young kids, because I say the internet is a beautiful thing on a dangerous thing: and social media has given every about an opinion to a fault and what s the thing I try to tell people you a truth. Is your true that don't make you write me, but they went. But people take when they say something always say on tv. If you pay a closer to us is in my opinion of ours, I was out of my goal, would be to give every endless on television set it, because sometimes we call it. Yes, pay a diseased. The ghastly like that pitcher sucks that quarterback south, unlike you mean in your opinion, not that you actually pitched or played quarterback, but we
pay you to give your opinion, but it is just your opinion, but the whole social media aspect of has changed and you see guys if you pay attention to you see recently. All these young kids have said stuff You know what they were, teenagers making last it, but don't tweets, are coming back to buy them. You sought out of a national championship game the kid at Nova say some stuff. Not that great Pitcherful Milwaukee brewers. Like that's, why I Heisman trophy. The house will draw everyone and I don't. A lot to put those bad thoughts and aids are, might bring my my best moments. They had to go. Look but what I care to say that ninety one a trophy to bring it up the next day they were there. Here. We want a national champions of over last year like right as he's getting the best player in a tournament
who wrote these tweets? Will you were fourteen? Oh my? Oh, my God will judge people. Therefore, Dana stupid now seriously. I think that is check and share is, is, I think, a surgical shit and I'm sorry. I just don't think that's right, but you know when I started my show, I'm in the seventeen Seas and now the first tweed had not been seen there weren't text and am now doing stories with you. People saying you got to be careful what you write down cuz when you apply for college under the Oceans committee, and I want to go look at your social media and if they got a picture of you drunk with add or all of these kind of things at a drunken party, they're going to say. Ok, we want either for a job application, going to search the internet- and I know that's the way you know centres and did you see the gap with us? A cargo bears proposes girlfriend out the game a couple weeks ago here and there
came out she a rude artist of about black people was he was like a teenager and seed merit. Black guy, I don't even know how to store like cuz. I was talking to a couple, my friends in Chicago to your manager. You see this stuff coming out of like what's going on, I guess it was girl was a teenager and she was going off on black people and saying all these negative things about black people, and now it comes out when she's married his brother people sitting in wait, they do their ill Kevin heart. They pull out of the less Oscars now and Anna a sort of thing with him and Ellen to argue with Alan, and he gets it ass to say, hey, you know what my bad that's the biggest problem whatsoever is. I think they can get those words out here.
Like I, don't, have handlers like people telling me they're, like hey Mister Barclay. What's up is this you? I might yeah it's me. You called me what about your sister? I don't have no sister. What about your secretary? I don't have no secretary that I can tell you know just like can, but these guys they got all these handlers and bill. I let's try to handle this not know just get out of here say my bad. This is all over me. I really really screwed up just the way it is, but most celebrities are so afraid to say that now they try to manage, it fell Spinnet yeah, but if you, see that's out of you own it for media. They just don't keep it going it s what I do, but I think that public always gave you a second chance reaches own. It has in where do you go with the story after that
you don't know where to go like my bad asked, rude up and is over, but no but everybody multiple to spin on it and no one thing I like about your shoe, is you always talk about the importance of having a mom and dad in a pitcher? Even if you got a divorce, you need a feeble, may a male figure they need to be in those people lives. You put the kids interests ahead of your own body, people dont know they dug people don't but, and I always used to say It's not funny like people take it you and next day, when I'm on my man, crusted apparently, and we always talk about being a right fighter, and I use it all the time, because so many people out there who
I want to be a right fighter and when you say it on your show, you like do you wanna be right. You want to solve the problem because I try not to be a right fighter, but we can I disagree, but some people they just want to be right. Evil one everybody world, know they're wrong and that that that help me just in life in general, you have some of the hardest headed guess that I have bitter right fighters like that they may not get it but everybody at home. Yes, some of the most hard headed guest are the best teaching to cause they may not get whereby at home does. Oh, my god that sounds like me. I'll, never say that here, and so at least everybody at home gets it Gazelle get ten. Thirty letters. It go my god it sounded. Like me at my daughter must hear that coming out of my mouth I'll, never say that again in you know when you have dad song when they say stuff to their dead daughters and tell my stupid and
In the heat of the moment, things like that best of matters it takes a thousand out boys to erase one you're, stupid and worthless, makes a thousand Attaboy Teresa to erase I, like you, say I really tries hard. Our. I think my daughter is a good person. I really tried hard to make her good person honor to be a spoiled brat at an overdue. It adds that demanded excellence in school. Did she passed Spanish? but always tell her. You d, be a pretty good causes drop out here. You may do you junior year did wasted your and our love. These kids to stay at school for two to three years is a big difference between taken a kid after three months them right and ran a school for two or three years: maturity, emotional development, an just fill about physically physically. I mean what are usually that to me as to mean obviously the metal,
of melted butter. Physicality is a really problem. I mean you gotTa Lizzy. I you see somebody less Ghana, kids out there sometime, you like Yama you in the wrong place right now. We're talking about basketball. Is James harden the best one on one. Plainly: Gretna, yes, but I've sent for the last two years and guinea. We argue with me because I said Michael was their Coolby Jaws, Durban Monarchy, a king guy like that, but the red, the best one clear today. Is the waiter rules have changed? You can't touch anybody he's the best one on one player and he is flat out on Garbo in today's game. It's amazing to me a great defenders covering when all of a sudden he's got preparation. Is this thereby observer? There's no great defender could stop a great office, a player now, no matter a great you, artificer you're, not gonna, stop you can stop Michael Jordan. I mean There was the peasant beaten to death,
don't they would call me you're, not gonna. Stop call me, no matter how great you are defensively, and I say now a ruse of chains in it's gonna like you can't stop wire receivers. And Anna fail. The Dave change room it off actually saying thank an MBA now, because the office you play your nose worries go on, then you can't check and get you cannot, and so James is the best one on one player and again today. Would you like the game better or worse today, of your plan? It will you rule The easier I'd be a better by air he'll, be hanging on you less s eyes and make this joke. Are we pay the pistols? Bab was used always come, the wife and kids before the game and said hey just in case. I don't make it out of here tonight. I love you. Could those guys it had been. The hell are you I mean, I'm a horn and then those guys they would just John Sally. I mean when you play too bad boys, a sofa when you go back and look at that Doctor
Maritime and air debt is killing people positively. But when you play debate boy, you just like hey Honey, just in case something- and I M just in case- I don't make it out today. That's how physical, let me in They were probably colonel, say that about yellow tuna but see they were trying to hurt people here they allow me, those God they were trying to hurt people, you don't ever try to hurt anybody, know what those? What rules Baghdad just grab people around here about what rules you said Bobby night changed your view. Would it take to be great carbonized, not a nice man? No he's a great coach. I respect him as a coach, our respective a graduate players, which is the most important thing. I tell all these causes coaches, but I didn't like him as a person.
I thought he was a bully that be fair for me to say: I'm not going to get on here and lots of guys are great coach. I told her admirers coaching in the graduating players, but I did not like him at all. As a person, he was just a bully yeah and he to forget in white during the trial I didn't gain weight and I should have made the team number one. I just didn't like me that Polly was a vain above made a most like I was never go, make the tea does go. Back in LE? Why this crazy? Just like me both creation, everybody who ever who was their say it out a second best placed to Michael Jordan. I mean how do you represent Country and leave you at home in a but this same guy. Now eight people don't want by he sent me John Stock, the one I went home just dogma Carmen let me three then just cut me and also you got a minute.
Randal Alberta, Indiana, so air about as late as the way this, but he just didn't like me, and it bother me for a long time has like when I went there will be greater represent a country, but he had made up his mind. Twelve part was not go. Egg mile limping taint period, for you think that was just a foregone bias on his poor, no question would it had to be. I was a second best planter out the market. John. If you go back and look at the time, I defy you defined ten people in a country that would disagree with that. At the time there were no talking to some degree. George raveling was there are one or two coaches ADA like toss in. I go make the team and I'm late. Why plan for it a good night? You not go make the thing, so it was a foregone conclusion that you were gonna pick me takes maturity to get past that live with it at the time. I was probably not mature enough.
But I proved my point because once I got done with that, everybody knew I could play the people were not sure. If I was tall enough to play in the NBA that what position is he going to play so I kind of got I kind of got what I wanted out of the experience. We start like a hundred players, and I made it down to the final sixteen and at that point people like ok, twelve bartered can play in the NBA So I got what I want about a day experience twenty three thousand points, twelve thousand rebound four thousand, your boy, you know worked our good for me, but rather tee what that you know what you ve grown up in the projects I got. Couple thousand people in my little home town, man. Sometimes I sit arouse. I can't believe my life
I'm so lucky and blessed, and I'm not just saying that the snuggle up to you like when you were growing up in this environment you living in the projects and now fifty five years later, I might man Fatima pretty amazing life. I may is amazing if you hadn't gone basketball, what would you've done with your life? I don't even know be honest with you I want to gain a fake answer. I have desirable idea. There was no plan b where, because I have success as a freshman, without Let s see a rebounded, but three years and one of my coat, you say you know, and you get ten rebounds a night, brilliant India right now. I think of prowess sever, a gas. I was in ten rebounds again right. He says if you get ten rebounds and I saw you, don't be an idiot
That's going to be my specialty, I'm going to get me at least ten rebounds and night till after I did in my freshman year. I like, okay, my only regret about college was. I was not mature enough to lose weight sooner cuz I played at three hundred lb in college until Moses, Malone who's, probably the most influential person in my NBA career. He made me lose fifty what he did make me. He asking why I wasn't get the plate and the truth. As long as you follow, you lazy, and I said what he's just your fat in your lazy he's a, but you only lazy, cuz, you're fat and he says you can't play a three hundred pounds and MBA Charles you can do it in college, but you can't play. Did good player, the two and a half of staff mammals live in the same building and that's why I call him dad. He says you wanna get in shape I'll help. You remember me before practice, every day after product,
so I was at that point I was about to ninety five somewhere in there he's just let's just lose ten lb. I got a two hundred and eighty five now so you can work harder, he's let's get to seventy five, but now I'm starting to get the play. Then we get to twenty six thousand and fifty nine. Starting and then I get to two hundred and fifty five. Now I'm really playing well, I get to two hundred and forty, but I don't have any energy. Australia says: okay, now we know what your weight is. So I played my entire career at two hundred and fifty five but Moses when he got me that weight off. For me, my college clothes was a good coach, but he didn't have that he couldn't get the weight off me. I didn't work hard enough. I was having success as part of my biggest problem rather than being, can play most gotta wait offer me: how do you do it learn to words on for railways, joke around
a number one, you have to change it. I'm gonna work out, but so much here you gotta change a diet. Man, it was. He Jesse met when may everyday before brags about to practise thrill. That was also bayonets, and if that is a gift, but in order that dusted difference between this generation, and my generation, my generation, listen to the auto player. Let it taught me how to say my money. It taught me how to address you teddy junkies today they like Gill, I'll, be the old man get off my law. Trying to tell me how Ben Mama, I'm bout I want you might do not try to tell you. I'm gonna take, that movie ends, you can be won eighty percent of fools and will be like what I am my money? What My money, like do I've, see I've been ABC. Ninety, eighty four I see out his movie is like our you just analogy: one of my favorite movies? Is the perfect storm? George clone?
a marble. Wahlberg drown every time like ever am I wasn't move on my dear gonna make it go like this: donkey s. Will you see? I am I mad you guys cars and you got up I see an unreal did you go out every night, it is We go badly drown. You gonna, throw yesterday Marbre him quota, drown. It'd noted. They didn't get saved now, but I tell you: kids, like my ughi another example, one arm because I tell them. I am trying to be a pain like above six cars. Susan Dark, like your man, why you got six cars you're going to drive one at a time and take all those cars back for the first ones to pick one and take the rest of them back and he sent me down as a child. It's not the fact that you can't afford six cars.
Is a fact, like all these cars cause over a hundred thousand dollars, five hundred thousand dollars in two years five year, seven years, don't be worth millions of dollars. Money you may now got. Alas, you the rest of your life. He says you can always some cars now, but will you need that money one is over, and that is the lesson I tried it, but these young kids demanded a dating wages. Oh Jesus! That's why I say we are hey, you're out some way to get their attention has Emmett Smith, a good friend of mine. He Grannie is, and we ve been friends for a long time, and I have used the example of a view and Emmett, because eighty percent
I travelled fall out, then is people I knew and Emmett who are contributing society do and philanthropic work may have an impact and stuff like that, both a dollar successful, I mean that's. What can be done? Yes, he's not what's being done, but that's what can be done, but this legacy we younger, don't listen to Oda, guys like we did. They were more than a lot and Bobby Johns Andrew Tony said something to me like this. Do I have heard you hang on? Listen. If you were ok, Will you tell somebody young Gaza Data like Yama? Let let me thou this, my favorite, let me live, Let me alone can lead. You live Adele Robin I would color the lead. You say to evaluate together, I hope she's at all,
the air is over with general, say hello materials worldly. Are you doing here? I am. I am doing a good job on a par gassed, wonderful know, his aged easy donors park ass. We gotta keep your lives. You accustomed to, colleagues that what is good, but this is obviously uses. Vegas everything is good. I can tell them anything it's great how many grown babies you got now. I think that's it at all, Burma. Could you didn't send back home when you're done with him? That's true, but it is hard to do that. But you are right. There came no shilling pictures. We ve been able to good turn back. We have got to make a thin. Yes, we do
yes, we do tell people he's let new decide whether the hidden or not on some big mats and I'm thinkin wholly guys. I was shocked when I get back We only gone. We have one time. I thought they were they all three of us doing, Vertigo what happy New year, you will see a whole. Even forty. Two years is amazing yeah! That's what you have done in the same boat as me. What I mean by that is laid down. You sit back and I can't believe this shit
you mean you already of different platform, but it just the same like you like. I can't believe how bless and amazing my wife is a challenge and sometimes shake myself, because I mean life is good and I sometimes wonder what I do to deserve it, but other than work hard. You can't be successful without working hard, and nobody gave me what you know. I've worked hard and I keep working hard and I'm really proud of what we do we're in season, I'm really proud of you should be taken. You man, my pleasure,
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