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Heal Your Body And Build Strength In A Sustainable Way

2023-01-10 | 🔗

Do crunches work? Should you warm up prior to working out? Dr. Patrick DeFazio and David Fabrizio join Dr. Phil on his Phil in the Blanks podcast to discuss how you can do simple activities to reduce the risk of injury when playing sports or working out. Listen in to find out how you can build high endurance and perform at a level that is best for you.

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I want to take a pause here- to give you a quick preview of what's airing today on doctor phil, take a listen twenty five year old officer gifts and what down a federal jury found both parents Richardson and ron claiborne, not guilty of Alan gibson's murder. Yet they're spending life in prison, Allen's daughter, believes the right. Two men are behind bars the thought of each parents in toronto family for the first time. These people lie to you had nothing to do with the death. Defying doctor Phil check your local listings and for more on today's tv episode log on to dr phil dot com now back to fill in the blanks just a little bit each day, can make a huge difference by any work and working plan. Stick to something as effective do so do you enjoy now its sustainable way. Welcome back to fill in the blacks, very special
for me, because I've got to very long time. Close friends, these guys are really more family than france. There here for us civic reason. Let me introduce to you somebody you're gonna, enjoy here and from doktor, Patrick deposit pat, was born and raised in niagara falls on the canadian side. the ontario side, a completed these pre mad studies at brok, university and care and received his bachelor science degree from the university of state of new york. He gradually with honors in nineteen. Eighty eight, parker university college of chiropractic in My hometown, Dallas texas, I actually have a honorary doctorate from parker college of chiropractic,
He was a founding father director of athletics and also served on the academic standards committee, he's a supervising doctor for the university of Hell sciences in los angeles, currently resides in los angeles. He plays ice hockey used to. I think he's gonna smartened up probably caught two epochs in head white laughs hikes. He really is experienced in treating sports injuries, which is one of things we're going to talk about today. He's got pace in all the professional sport nfl in age, L, L, b, pga we'll talk. his approach in just a minute, also with is my good friend dave for Fabrizio isa? Physical therapist? His physical therapy is Its best and career started in united states airforce. He graduated commodity. For
cleveland state university with a bachelor of science in physical therapy. He did internships at the top medical facilities in the cleveland area, including the cleveland clinic foundation, and he treats all kinds of populations acute, cardiac, neurological patients, orthopedic sports medicine as well. He was selected as one of the two physical therapist at the great lakes. What was the whole name of that eggs, regional rehab, serbia, the up there and is qualified to teach biomechanics ergonomics and back school. I was really impressed that He's got a thousand hours and athletic training rooms across the country and both college with high school athletics and has a real. diverse and in depth. Understanding of kinesiology- and
abnormal movement pattern. She's a master, weightlifter, certified strength coach through the national strengthen conditioning association, he's devoted to containing education is done. Everything you due to stay with the science or what he's doing so welcome both he I'm glad you guys are sitting dangling today. They hang, you all have gone at this from a scientific standpoint, and I want to talk to you because we're at the time. for the year twenty twenty three and the number one resolution is what everybody wants to the healthy living healthier lie start exercising people say that, but then they don't stick with it. Or they say it and they overdo it and they injure themselves and right now you see people get off the couch. Have heart attacks, chauvelin snow
come spraying. You see people get off the couch and get in the south by colleagues. I pull hamsters rings. They blow out knees. They do all sorts of things like that. Now we ve got pickup which I am a big fan. I think pick a walls, a great thing get people active, but there get off the couch and their blown shoulders and all sorts of things and pick a ball. So I thought is a good time to talk We must do this right. We want activity, we want do right day. Why are people and injured so much. Well, it's funny mentioned pickled pick well, because I've had so many patients over the last few years. I me probably have to but they're they're going into this and in such a fund game that everybody they regard because there's there's limited movements, so people that are really great athletes are still able to do it right and they love it, but the. But the problem is, There has to be a certain level of conditioning going into it so that europe, your ten We are able to absorb the force like I see,
rotate or cuff inflammation from people, because there are basically ah they're going out like crazy with that ball, there's not much weight to the ball and and their straining their shoulders. So I think the key is if you're gonna, if you can, trying it in these activities is a certain amount of mobility. to have flexibility and strengthened hildy so doing rotate her cup stuff in some scandalously pollination work, stuff like that, so that your shoulders better able to withstand that IRAN's will be talking to foreign language, as you say, those words like your butt, those were the major we don't that means and which part well, popular stabilization, so ok or body? Do your scap stabilization thanks for turning in, but What are you, let me make a more tangible. In general, when I rehab shoulder, for example, most people, on a train, particularly the guys they want to train pacts and they want a train biceps. They don't think about anything.
The backside of the the body right. So typically I'll tell people look. Do three back exercises for everyone chest exercise you do to get better balance you up Steer change strong, because your scab July right, they have to have the muscles stabilizing. What my shoulder blue jacket about shoulder? Blades writer? Yes, you shoulda blade! So so you want those muscles firing effectively, the rotator cuff can be really strong, but if you don't have the stability of those those. What are they gonna be there? So should people do, for example, was an rose at different levels like I'm a high row, a row things people don't need to join a gym for this. They can get some tubing or something right. Put it around door. Knob and pull on sports courts are great. You could totally take em. Take him now tell with you. Some actually have a little a little a little piece of fabric that you can throw into the door new closed the door- and you can just you can start to do your rose there were
but rose we're talking and I'm not trying to be condescending. I know a lot of people go to gems and have certain things in their home, but I want to be clear: to people folks can do simple sort of things to really activate muscles that they dont use every day and keep from entering themselves in a way they tear something and wine of having to have said three or become inactive again in you're. Talking about something as simple as rose where they can get a piece of tubing which you can get for ten fifteen twenty box, or something But you can put around a pole or whatever and he's got handles on it, and you can do chest. Rose waste road He told us, like your wrote about right and that activates muscles in your back absolute. Also use that same that sank ass. They typically come with handles, so you can do external rotation an interpretation which are you rhetoric of most was right, so
now you're getting the rotating cough you're doing a little rowing? If I were you They will go on like on you too, to be confirmed million videos, but why steve, reverse flies all these muscles target the back and are exceptional too, to decrease next stress to increase the strength of the of the back in general and to support the shoulder and I'm a big fan, obviously, of chiropractic and a lot of people might think about this from a generation ago, but modern chiropractic is allow different than it was thirty. Forty fifty years ago, you're a big believer in people strengthening their cork, as you say, allowed a back injuries, alot about makes a lot of neck problems and stuff, and what we're talking about keeps people from having those kind of problems. Correct right now, we have an incredible amount of scientific evidence to show the benefit of keeping the bodies
Possibly be aligned is possible, keeping the flexibility in the body and then the strengthening. to combine flexibility with strength. It is more difficult to be injured. The body can then be attuned to perform at an optimum level. Now we ve got the average person say their coach potato or they you known olympic athlete athlete so wherein the spectrum is at individual far. we can be great body, builders rate weightlifter and we can go swim. Ten lapse of forty feet, long pull and our body source heck for the next two or three days, because our muscles, we don't normally use so what I have found his at at what do you want to perform and it's her a little bit of condition. You can do five submit a warm up before you play that activity, we're talking and it took about pickaback. So what does the same as what are some exercise we can do to strengthen and also to increase flexibility, rather Aren't we don't normally perform an arm links
strain and in everyday life. Sorgen do that activity and we put pivot with rotation your mortgage. Prone injury. If there's somebody exercise, as they have said in our wise teasing, something I knew too. You can look at and or simple basic excess as you do day, you have now activated those muscles. They have the memory within them. So when you go to perform that activity such as a pickle ball it's not so strenuous on that arm. That's a strange other, shoulder other joint, less prone to injury, quitting here runs a sustainable clothing, grant either he's exe I did that his shipping company fedex has set a goal of halving carbon neutral operations by twenty forty impressive when it influence are. Tweeted about is recycled, bamboo, tee, shirts Clinton unexpectedly became quite popular. uses fedex to reach new customers around the globe. Lawmaking earth a priority, fedex
now meets next and thing when we do some of these sports activities people listening to us right now, while their walking they're gone out for their morning, walk they get their earbuds in libya, hit podcast fill in the blanks and their plans, while they're walking walking, is something we do every day, it's an activity of daily living. So that's not an issue when they go to play a sport, whether bees softball were tennis or pick a ball or god for whatever you're doing rotations and things there not activities of daily living, so we're doing rotations and extensions and things that we do every day and our body is not accustomed to it are ten in our ligaments and our muscles and staff were asking a body to do things. It doesn't do every day and that's where we ve got to start doing rage, emotion, strength and stuff
So we don't wind up injuring ourselves. Exactly, does five for seven minutes. Do it and you do a warm up that will get you where you are less likely to get injured. Yes, one thing: the studies show that that law people trying to stretch before they do and activity. If you do a static traditional stretch before you do activity, typically your performance, you decrease your muscle performance by thirty percent. Women decrease you're performed with her it decrease your performance, that's what the literature so so so the bottom line is you want to do more things to warm your body up, functional lunch, a squat and things like that arm movements, okay, bliss, unpacked from it, you set a static strict. Let me tell you what I do. I don't have thirty percent to give alright but let's face it, I play tennis everyday. As y'all know. The urban taken care me for twenty years. You ve kept this body runnin for twenty years. Thank you very much
and I dont go down and stretch before I play, I got out of step right under the court I just started getting real, slow and to begin in a mighty me start out on the service line and we gotta get back and forth and rotate in turn and hit like quarter speed, half speed. Take two three three steps, this direction and then I start warm up and then, when I get some heat then I start really stretching my muscles. If I do before that, I get nothing out of it, while even just jumping on the bike. For five or ten minutes before you got out of the court, that sounds like a nice progression. your basically moving into functional movements versus just holding a hamstring stretch but you're moving into it slowly and gradually? Well, what are you saying that takes thirty percent of your performance away, what kind of warm up like thirty percent away, just holding a classic hamstring stretch, with the strap of things like like that, where
do you do a long, sustained calf stretch? What I would say move more into like ankle movements like like I would just put my hands on the wall, for example, and I have my foot in front of me if I slowly glide my body weight forward. You start to feel the ankle start to stretch and the and the tendency to stretch a little bit, so you just preparing them for the movement right. If you take it, you take a cold muscle and turn into a dynamic activity? That's fairly aggressive and you're, not warm enough. You're gonna get her, and particularly, if you ve not been training, your tendons are weak. You don't have joint mobility. Your joint capitals are tight. That's were like patent pat was saying earlier. The mobility inflexibility stuff go hand in hand and if they got the strength to go with it, you're ear incidents of injury will drop brass. You agree with why sanity goodness? No! I agree with saying that he hadn't like what, even though what you're saying specifically related to tennis. Okay, your body is used to a range of emotions. Houben play play over three hundred days a year. Gas
so when you go out there, turning rotating the ball for you, that's ok for purses, never play above they megawatt start hitting. It might not be so effective for them now if they were apps, warm up, go for a walk. Five, seven minutes. Ten minutes ten increase your body metabolism than perform those stretches and performed activity there less prone to injury You don't necessarily have to do that, because your bodies been conditions that activity, as you said, activities daily living. What, you don't normally walking on yourself instead of any sort, lateral moment. Your body issues, the rotation elaborate moment playing tennis, but I mean an end to an amount turn ten degrees, perfume S and I go when he degrees than thirty degrees than forty degrees. And then I look like a cartoon, I'm this rapid it up, but yours in glide. End of this year mean let the joints move latterly in
every direction suited is holding a static stretch. So tell me specifically what people should not do define static stretch? You said: hold hands, string stretch, that's one thing: that's not good! similarly with wood versus telling. Now what to do? What I would tell them to do is slowly squat and slowly get deeper and deeper into your squat. As you warm up, work on some lunges workers, our movements, even arm circles and just slowly make them bigger, so you're you're, you're kind of tuning, your body look as she awakened up the capsule exactly instead of what what are people doing, you said hold a hamstring stretch. Yeah they might just they might they might grab, they might grab the the the ankle and pull the heels of the butt and do a thirty second quad stretch, for example. Okay right I'm just
would discourage that that stuff should come after you finish the activity, I'm not saying you shouldn't stretch I like stretching a lot of people are into to not stretching now and just working on functional mobility, which is fine, but I I still believe in having stretching and mobility work together, but the static, more traditional stretches of holding that hamstring pulling that here to your butt. Do that after the activity will a lot of guys I play with, are guys who have been on tour and they'll stretch for a good while, after we play their lives. at all and then they'll get down in their Y know to their knees and they'll do all kinds of stretches afterwards. When I ask why do this because I'll pay for it later? If I don't So they stretch when they're really the most warm and it's not as painful then ok, so both of you were saying that what
people should do is start before they do their activity. They should start to do things that approximate, what they're going to do when they do the activity like shoulder rotations body turns lunges things like that. instead of what they might consider like: toe touches or hamstring stretches at her static right. Ok, why? What does it take away? Thirty percent a year performance fatigue? That's a good question. I I done a can tire no, I would say that what happens like you were saying about the professional athletes are the tennis, whereas you play they spend this time stretching afterwards. The benefit of that is to help break through get the boy the talks, his release and don't let the acidity build up in the muscle tissue and an active and inactive form so by them stretching in a passive actor form: ok, you're, helping to release a toxins right. So what
is when you stretch a muscle and it's cold. Ok, it's going to not want to be flexible and it recoils agrees calls back. It's not going to give you the flexible if you need. So if you have a static stretch, that's not a functional stretch. I feel personally that that muscle is going to contract and it's not going to be as flexible. It is when it's ready to perform. I still think it'll get some flexibility, but I don't think he's going to perform at a high level. I personally tell my patients before you off once with their backs before you're going to go by re whenever it is, do something at worms if your body, minimum eight and half to thirteen minutes where you're starting to break a little bit of a sweat, really perspire a bit from his dressing, warm golfer breast brisk walk, do biking, dress warm jacket, sweats long, sleeves hat took took on your head ski hat, trick One of the body up, then, do your stretches, what its functional even static, because about is already warm and then play the activity. What its or golf tennis pickle balls were talking about today they are less prone to injury. Just by doing that,
when we first show working together dave you look at em our eyes of my spine and knees and neck and staff in after you threw up, became again said you probably shouldn't be playing every day and then after a while, you said yeah. I think you should, because when I didn't it, really stiffened up fast right yeah. So there is something to be said for keeping moving. Yes, I mean some people really do better if they, you're pound and grind yourself a lot, but people do better if they stay in motion a lot yeah you're here, you're a rare animal. Very rarely can people do tivoli, the same actively five, six days in a row and do ok. I found it I can add a crow on that one, because because
I remember I was really adamant. Looked three days a week just go three days a week other day, just let your body recover which is willing to themselves or they need recuperation, tat writer But but I saw with you because you had so much arthritis in the spine in the knees you did far better with the activity more regularly by the way just to touch on this when you're talking about warm ups and most movement or all movement, I should say- starts from just below your ellie button right. So coarse strengthening is essential to all athletic activity and it can be really good for warming up. The joints of the back and the muscles of the back, so if someone does have an issue like you, sing like even doing some planks or side planks as part of the warm up just to get all those those engaged, so you get the joints moving muscles engage in the world. It s one of things I want to talk about because there are so many of them he's fitness.
Gurus or influencers or whatever on the internet. Now that I see recommending both trish? Why echo staff fitness stuff. That is this contradicted by the science contradicted by kinesiology contradicted by everything I wanted. You guys to talk, some about what are some really solid things that people need to know that they can do better, really grounded in the science that will give them what they need to stay safe and be able to be active, and it really begins with the core alright. So what are some of the best things people can do with the core and do in a way they don't injure themselves, while they're trying to strengthen their core right. Do crunches work
Is that a bad thing or are they pulling on their neck too much when they do that should do it with knees up knees down? What should they be doing? I've seen that the number one razzle ocean for twenty three years to live healthier. Exercise more, get more active, other stolen we're getting her while they're doing it. So, let's talk about corps. Is the best core exercise. I personally my favorite core exercises a dead bug so you're on your back right. They are pulling the ribs down you keep your spine really lengthened, and you basically would really the opposite, armand opposite foot out, so both legs were off. The ground left leg goes out. Right arm goes over the top. and to maintain that without letting the low back go into extension right you're, maintaining that core work. You're gonna, isolate your deep dominoes, your oblique should transverse abdominal, which are really key to stabilization,
and also its a great time when you keep your elbows extended you're, getting good lengthening of your lats and you start to work on some mobility workers willis about. That's her body understands it dead bug, you say and on your back like a dead bug, both legs or off the ground, and you extend opposite leg and opposite are exam Ok, just start with the knees up at ninety degrees like this in the left. Leg would go out with the right arm, hooker and end the right off lightly. Go out with the left arm in the key is what you do? It's your core: don't let your back cave and an arch You have to pull those ribs down and maintaining the deeper back flat. Yes your children in so you activate the deep neck flexures. good for stability in the neck and you're getting a deep core and you you've got some pictures. This will put on the website there so dead bug. How many times I need do it when it comes to core training. I always believe in increasing the time that you can do. The activity
There's a spine institute out out of san francisco when they talk about being able to do dead bug where you progressive to be able to do at five minutes straight. as you want to build. Partial muscles have high endurance, so you have to train them capacity. So, however, you train muscles, they will adapt according to what you impose upon them. And you need to do more than your body wants to do to get adaptation. which strengthens the tissues. so star with maybe twenty to thirty seconds, and then you progressive. Forty, five to a minute to men and a half It matter how many reps you d say squalid wrap slow, controlled, not ballistic? What one of the things. Sure you probably agree with this this this. This idea, witness today has become all about hit. Programmes is high intensity, training and I'm just seeing so many injuries from it, because to do those active Did you have to have a lot of stability and a lot of general strengthen? Most people don't have that to be performing at level? So so? In summary, I would you say you want,
find the level of exercise its appropriate for you. You don't want to go play. For example, I had one lady trying to play pickleball with a guy that was like a world class tennis player, and she told me flirt to cuff trying to keep up with this guy. You know ass. She was doing ass. She was returning the ball baltic. Are you don't greatly skip you it harder, harder, ordered, are and pretty cynthia this matter inflammation of a rotator cup, there's no better family outing than catching a braves game at truest park. I'm Otis you new in game house. Yes, the team games they're all exciting with the braves make sure the littlest fans are the biggest stars. The whole family can enjoy great pregame, postgame entertainment in the battery atlanta appearances from blooper in his new clubhouse kids, only gate, giveaway items on sundays and a ton more tickets for the game this summer are going fast, so grab those seats now braves dot com, slash tickets and get ready to make family memories that last a lifetime this summer at the
and a brain is baseball for the aid. What are those favorite core exercise per? When I look at that? I know back to we're talking about with activity. I? U stiffened up when you didn't perform if zero is no activity and attend is two hours of work or per day as a person it's all there. They can't go to the tender and highly inflame go to the zero, do nothing they're, gonna, stiff and right up. the words the media? Is it between the three and sixty go? between the two and a half, a and foreign, have should work out twenty minutes It's a date and what's the activity I feel somebody should do something every day, minimum and a twenty minutes maximum. Forty minutes, ok for beginners- and you have to do something you like something you enjoy. If it's swimming and a person, I don't want to go to the jump. I don't want to do any activity just do nothing but swim go and swim. they'll get to an hour a day. What already back to or exercise one of the most basic and is
almost impossible to india yourself too, in his activity and it's very mild basic activity lane on your back bending her knees, flexing keeping if he'd flat on the floor, and pretending and imagining your lower back kind of pushing a nail into the floor. I squeeze contract hold for three four five relax squeeze for five relax, This is the most basic exercise, for anyone has never done any core activity it doesn't. It does promote injury unless you far going down. There are trying to get up to that point, but it is the most basic and then you are more advanced as they said and unreserved many many other core activities. So what type of person we talkin about extreme beginner we're talking about pickleball, what can one do that is safe and effective so that's it, I did this aside of twelve and I did a three times there going to be strengthened. The core massively strengthen it, absolutely not, but helping it. Yes, you would be, I mean there are.
apparatus? Machines at the gym people can do depends on what level that they're at so the key I found, as they were saying, is a lot of us training. I have found, promotes the greatest injury and people because their bodies, art in it, and a good enough shape to performance a high level haven't built up to it. It's too aggressive too much too soon, and that's why I see the injuries and psychologically. Let me tell you. Compare yourself to yourself: don't compare yourself to some professional trainer On you, too or instagram, you want to compare yourself to yourself, like what did I do yesterday or the day before there too. What I'm doing today you look at these people that this for a living? It's They do and maybe why they're doing a thousand rare said a year at your job teaching class.
Some school somewhere, you're standing on your feet. You're doing this, you don't have it I am to do what they're doing and soda compare yourself to them is unrealistic. You ve gotta, compare yourself to you Where was I yesterday versus where I am today, and small changes, aggregate too big results across time. That's a key to rehabilitation for exam, you might be able to barely move a leg after surgery and two weeks later you can move it to three inches and free. ex later than that, aggregated and across six months you ve got use of it back in. All changes across time really add up and here's the thing that times gonna pass where the you're doing something about your body getting in better shape or whether you're not whether its losing a half
pound a day or a pound a week. Or whatever. For six months, that six months is, by whether you're doing something you're, not you might as well be making those small changes across time and of its stretching your tendons and ligaments? little bit each day. So you have some flexibility, strengthening your mom so where you have some stability just a little little bit each day across a couple of months. Three months for months can make a huge difference in this key is the time thought. I have found that the number one reason people stop and don't at here their exercise program at the beginning of the year they have maple. I want to lose ten pounds or twenty pounds it. I hardly ever them I hear anyone say I want to get the shape. It's just. I want to lose ten pounds, so they can. They will look in a twenty four hour day, how many people say do have an hour? How many people can say yeah. I have inertia two hours per day in my life now people are just massively run around there, just barely able to get through the day get get the bedding
for the next day, whatever the doing taken care found these children either on jobs, traveling, whatever it is, so they go to the jump in then a lot of time or lose certain things, and so with all the other things in her life or get behind schedule. Since I tried, I don't have the time to go to the gym, while you don't have to go to the gym, you go for a walk for twenty minutes. You can do exercises at home. There's many many exercises you can do yoga at home. You can do yoga video worthy planet, how's your time management working when you get it, in the morning at night, in a planet, work and work. Your plan stick to something as effective. Do something you in why? If you don't like going to the gym, you don't mind doing weights, don't do it you're not going to stick with it you're going to get disappointed, you're going to feel good are you. Gonna get upset with yourself. What is And you can do I like walking gopher twenty minute walk, do not doing on or to our walk to a twenty minute I'll come back, perhaps some basic let us take five to seven minutes. Maybe some two part three upon for upon waits crucial The press is something basic if you stick with you're going to see the small change
right, you said, are gonna aggregate to enlarge change and life. You gonna start feeling better. While I have been doing this very long, I doing it consistently and a three month I did drop five seven pounds and I feel better. I sleep better. I think better. I'm better my relationships and performing better at work, and I'm happier with myself, while metal physical, the spiritual. How we want to go through all here. Is your life start to get uprooted, digestion, everything so fearful, sick with that now. Do you want to increase the level by what you're doing something you want this up in us let a bit more aggressive you under something that's more intense, more time consuming and can each Certain is all you under his walk or carry one to bonn weights and do curls wire walker come home. Do them that point? That's all you do you do. something and you re getting improvement from it, and I found his people get older. The consistency of calves of thereof their programme It is more important than what they're doing how long the doing
just consistency, twenty minutes, thirty minutes core do it enjoyed have fun at now at sustainable. I'm so glad you said that, because I don't want anybody to be intimidated by the task or what they want to do because they're, not an athlete. You dont, have to be an athlete exercise. You don't have to be an athlete to get your body and the best shape that it can be a lot of people athletes and you will go to the track down. The high school and ill cecil by their that ran track at some college or that in here she's whip. It around track and stuff, I'm gonna tell you you ever see me. Run into the neighbourhood shoot Whoever is directly behind me. I guess I'm not jogging escaping somebody's jason. I hate jogging spend more energy doing something
enjoy like playing tennis. I would never do that on a treadmill. I would ever do it on the street. My knees when let me do that, but on a tennis court of put out the energy, the effort because I enjoy doing it. I enjoy the camaraderie, the guy, is that I'm hang and where they enjoy the competition. I enjoy trying to perfect the strokes and hit the ball that sort of thing, but the repetition of just Yet, nor on the road and run down the road is like asking kill me now: wouldn't do it some study say only eight percent of people keep the rest lucian by the middle of february and the white over that is set your environment up to support your goals. So maybe it's a simple is parking in the world. Sparking place you can find instead of the best when you get to work park in the fire area under the parking lot,
you building on that walk back and forth? Maybe you keep a couple: a pound weights. the floorboard your car, so you carry those on the way and change shoes when you get in there. You were player, so you can walk, said you're environment up to support what you want to do and if you figure away that it's easy instead of hard, then you do it. I said last week you can walk in right now to my desk in the house and there's a pair of fifteen pounds on bail sitting on my desk because, while I am reading something I'll get a set, of curls and I'll get a set of try subsidy, southern, while I'm reading a made, I have time to up to the gym, but throughout the day, I'll get in eight sets of fly- is her shoulder noises or that's, like pat sayings talk about the consistency of it all. I think the important thing is people that Duke that are joining gems, make sure the gym
is easily accessible. The inner there's been plenty of Researchers says of the farther the jim is away from you and less likely you gonna be I'll get. There are the same Then I would say is set realistic expectations, don't that change overnight. It's a process, and- and and this is what stock about the consistency of it and which are saying the consistency of it. Well, we will pay off and dividends in time, nutritionally rightly makes certain certain nutritional changes, for example, that six days out of the week you eat really well right. You have your proteins, you have. Your your vegetables little fruits and on there we give. Let yourself binge that one day a cheat day, a cheap meal right that woman. all the difference in the world. As you know, I got that that she days up on Saturday, I wanna stay type to saturday, and the more you do that the more reinforces deposit behaviour, the better six
you're gonna have. Then you start to see the actual changes. Were you. You got increase lean body mass, your body, fats, coming down pats talkin about Alertness right In the end, the energy just Shelly increases and the last thing I would say, is make sure drinking plenty of water. Most of us don't drink nearly enough water and air often sizes drinking water, makes people more alert and and more energy I got an acute of drinking water. Goes, I pay well, you guys go ahead to spill it up put it. Ask where you work whatever it is, where you were spending most your time and leave the while. I don't like the taste, the water, okay, how about some herbal tea pete clarity or put some lemon, and at her can you make some that you drink in the water europe changing the flavor bet. You know he doesn't have to be carbonated. You, yet non sugar drinks, but then suddenly the other chemicals are good for your body, but the keys. This inconsistency, consistency and we could big, in your exercise in your final there's, no changes in your body whatsoever suddenly stay
three weeks for each six weeks and almost in one week you like, haven't, I just lose three parts feeling better, because initially the body sensing stress it's it's hard as holding the wait it's holding. The toxins because it doesn't want to really sad. It says you stress, as it says all while this is good for me in a sad overexertion. Now it can say I can eliminate the top. Within my body. So that's why some with our stick with it and the other They said that they said the joe, how far it is. What's your time commitment have you plan word your plan it's gotta be twice: are people don't do any more than fifteen to twenty minutes? some twenty five. Well. Are you see those people get to the general and then they know about the people there and they talk after time right, so so I would say, is: have I have in your mind what you want to accomplish that day and how long you're going to be there and and and and stay away the cell phone other than just give yourself some music because
yeah. Usually when this ends up happening is they're distracted by texas and they're texting all at the whole session and pretty soon the time's gone and I've accomplished nothing. So I think just having idea what you want accomplish that day, I want to be under thirty five. Forty minutes like that saying as you getting better Maybe there are no longer my hour then, for some people are going to the gym is a social environment. They see other friends, that's that's their community and that's It's something different! You know that we're talking about that's also healthy too, because you have your community, where you associate with other people. So let's say they were to finally get to the german sixty eight early. Thirty, that's their lifestyle, that's what they love, that's great for them. There somewhere but never say someone does nothing versus the olympic athlete word. Is one person fall and is doable sustainable right, an enjoyable and are you feeling good about yourself? There is one thing that I would point to its getting an attitude that you're in control, nobody's making you do this
neither side are. This is twenty twenty three? to be who I am on purpose side. What I'm gonna do is you own, it give you the plan, then there's no than to rebel against, like you say your cheek day, coming up or whatever, if you the plan, who're, you rebelling against there's nobody to fight back All I'm saying is, I want people to say, I'd. Look. If I've made resolution. If I'm gonna get more. However, whatever wanna. Do it in a way that I'm not gonna, hurt myself, I'm not gonna injure myself, because a that makes you an active again and its real hard get started once you get an inert how'd. You get an elephant, wants it, Lays down you! Don't real hard, so I want people to go. at this in a way
their able to succeed like say we talk about pickle, ball kind of sweep of the nation right now my good friend in Dallas tom done and dismal purchase professional pick a ball leagues. and I introduced him to my other good friend, king solomon, who runs tennis channel and brought them to other, so they can start televising all of this kind of stuff. I'm big fan of it, but if people will just go through a few of the things you guys are talking about dinner enjoy a wider parting themselves and in solely well, I can do that. I injure myself. I don't know you injuries, el. Thank you. Don't do it right gotta. Do some things where you into it and because it's fun, nope by eight hours on saturday ease into it and go about it and decide. What's my philosophy, gonna be its different thanks for different folks
I made a decision some time ago with regard to control, I made a decision that if I sit down to eat something- it's not really good eyes donated? May that decision like if some really good ali, this not good, I used to this it out and out aid subsidies Does it was there and then decision it is it really good I ate, and it does not pose. No thanks I'll, take tube It is not really good locally. Tell you what a difference! That's made just decided. I'm only going to eat is really really good. So where is the difference for you? Was it midnight when you say it's made a difference so you're not consuming a calorie she didn't want to, I cannot wasted no want some. This not really good. Try yogurt, Its dryers, like tougher than a donated nikes, I'm good good
so! Do you put something in it's place or you just you know exactly what you like and assert that is kind of well yeah! Ok, I'll! Get it next time! You know it's! Okay, because half the time, I'm really not all that hungry, so I'll eat a little bit and then move on it doesn't take much surprisingly so updating things that are really want. It was a very simple switch to flip as by the huge there. So what's your personal switch, it's the same thing about this exercise and getting active. Do it just do it right? it's your environment up to support it. This just keeps coming the maya in my head as you're talking, I'm sure powell back this up, but because of the covert pandemic, the number of patients I had coming in with neck and back problems from sitting computers all day long television yeah did you seen increases in.
Neck and low back. I I'd I'd, see the ones that were coming in pre k of it. They came in with a different condition that the ones that were you know like had back problems come in non neck problems or more at the computer. There go why? Why are you having? probably, as you will have us before, you are taking better from work. Well, I'm on my bed nets, a flip top in nagoya, different positions and I'm looking down. Ok! Well, You have to set up the ergonomics. You have to set the proper table while I'm at my dining room table or kitchen table, and a chair is not really that good and it's too high or too low and so the The dynamics of the bomb can exert enormous support, so you have to set up that station. I just like what you're saying that and it just it's a safety and you gotta do what you like, but but but but the other thing about it. That, though, is during the pandemic. Allow people were less active, someday I took the opposite direction, also great chance to go hiking and goes for me, but yeah totally, but but but I think a majority of the people were fearful to go out so they became less. act in which, to your point, become active. Go for like your say that think walking is one of the greatest easier things anyone could do now when it's cold outside ok up in the north west,
I'm coming about says, call what he wants it. and you can go to go to the internet and you can do certain activities, whether to yoga class or something fifteen twenty minutes in our text is you can do that are still very, very healthy for you, an enjoyable said it. When he had to do it. In the morning afternoon evening we have children. What's the what's the plan getting outside think people overreact. I would say people in their car alone with a mask on raw and set a real. We were set somebody a light in the car alone with the windows up where in a mask- and she said, person reads the directions on pop tarts come on. You gotta have some common sense of you're out walking in the forest alone with a mask on come on
and actually causes more harm than good, because our brian less action it all right up to the brain and many many factors in that sort. And but you know it's it's it's it's a severe factor. Where are we now? There will be more? I don't know, but take care of yourself is all I'm saying. Is we go into this? I wonder if you guys, I love which all or say on about functional, ready for what you're doing and not blow and yourself out, as you get into these activities where winter time now, but we're gonna be through this in no time and get back out there, and now is a good time if up in the northeast or even in the northwest. Right now and you ve got cabin fever great time to start build in your core great time to start doing some of these functional exercises to get yourself
to get out and for god's sake, don't have a heart attack. Chauvelin snow, that's an intensity we're just not ready for in a in a sports medicine world. This was called specificity of training. So, if I'm going to do it, certain movement ten is basketball. What have you you want to try and incorporate activities at ease that can only towards improving that skill set. The second What I see is, is you have to take in mind adaptation and, I can't say, a number of patients sure you can agree with us that come in and they're doing the same routine? The same number of sets the same waits for years right. So at that point your bodies knock adapt. So if you're going to sleep, increase your walking time. Yet the slowly and is the time you can't keep it at fifteen minutes. Expect that improve. Unless you add here. to it or add, increase cadences blocking faster and you have to you after you have to
have goals in mine of how you're going to progress that activity and that's really key, cindy your body. Something's hurting you dont do the same thing. The next day give yourself a day off rest, your brain do something different. The key ugh I once again it's it's What you think, what you eat, what you do you ve gotta have body movement? Ok at any age, is my any dont want overdo it, you on inflame the areas which are you as you said, if you don't like it, you don't need. It is a partial control and know what you're thinking you're having a plan in your control said bell of your life. And you are the master of how you want to do it now. You do and here's an enjoyable it sustainable in a more effective, and you feel better about yourself as you do in things, and they said it change activities you at times you change, You can modify what you're doing specifically to that activity at your doing. If I want to swim, alot, alright, what a swimming exercise I can do. Is you look
up on the internet, the corner you do whatever you can do to help increase your strength, inflexibility important that activity to higher level and annual a greater form of accomplishment for yourself and you take the time and guys were witnesses many hours a week, span over the years taking care of my boy? My joints, my back, it's big member veto- it is I is busy as I can be, but I'll still take. You know for five hours a week to come, over here with you guys and do the work, now gee I like to use is that if you do In a car every day you gotta get the oil changed every six months right and it just keeps gone but if you're gonna live your life, I drive and it's an indicator for firmer the one car you want around a lap eight times your poland and I need have upon oppression right retire. They feel that they know that it's a finely tuned vehicle, its performance high performance
in order to say that I performance and not have damaged or trauma to that vehicle. It causes accident abiola finish the race at I performs level you have to get that maintenance and support on it. If you do do that with your body performing at a high level at you, do plain overthrew a daisy or your can sustain it and what happens if you can play let us and your injured If you're gonna buy yourself, you're, not happy, you're stressed out, you're frustrated so you do what it takes to get to that level. It's the same thing when I go on states, sometimes I'll plan to be on stage for two hours and things will get layered income. legs, and I'm here for four and a half and you gotta be in shape to do that. Yo. You I'll be mentally sharp, have local endurance and a veto have sleep and hydrogen en masse. tone in all that you can't do it to me just a matter of I gotta, be in
to do what I do. You wouldn't think so because it seems like come sit there and a stool talking to people, but you better be alert and to do that you gotta be in shape. You gotta, be sure. You can't be cause. You can't afford miss things to do Yeah, I gotta take the time to take care of me and I hope everybody will think about. If you're, a parent and you've got kids, you got responsibility. She had take care yourself, so you can take care of others, thus distant, important message in its not selfish, to put yourself at the top of the list because if you let yourself get emotionally bankrupt, if you let yourself gets physically bankrupt, you cheat never body that loves you and it's you love! You! Ve gotta, take carry yourself, so you can take care of everybody else.
Guy slaves. For talking to me today, I walk thank Abraham, important information for people going into twenty twenty three physical. You want to be the best that you can be in twenty three, you gotta do the work. They carry yourself, consistency, yeah, yeah and start small. I guess, if a determined, a walk, three fight three to five times a week, just do it never to walk to movement, you guys live what you preach. I gotta say we ve been working together for twenty years. I've watched you guys practise what we preach. You take care of yourself and me so, I'm glad dave you, clinic is here in l a what's the specific name of it for b ratio, physical therapy, sports medicine and pizzeria. Now, yeah he's right over in century city, and you can find him on the internet and there'll be a link on the website. It's not yeah he's got a great team of great professionals in it is
a high standard to become part of the brazil team. You guys do great work. Pat your practices, fear and allay as well. You ve got to go great team over there. I'm going to put all your links on my website as well. I know you guys are as busy as you can be, but come on you'd take some new people share from time to time. really they're the best of the best. I wouldn't be seeing him and I've been seeing these guys for twenty years and they were on the top of the food chain, when I found them. They certainly have stayed there so highly recommended, you need this kind of work. Then these are the gas to talk too. So that For tuna and listen to what we are saying here and will have a summary of the top things we talked about here, but make twenty three The year you take control your body, you take carry your health and do it in a way that will become lasting. We don't break habits, we replaced
one set of behaviors with a new set of behaviors. talking about a new set of behaviors here, so it can be lasting. Compare yourself to you're, not somebody else. We'll talk soon the.
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