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It's A Family Affair: Jordan McGraw And Morgan Stewart McGraw Kick Off The New Season Of Phil In The Blanks


Dr. Phil opens his brand-new season in a personal way, hosting son Jordan and daughter in-law Morgan for the first time. Father and son talk about where their relationship has been and where it’s going, the newly married couple’s first child, the joys of parenting, their similarities, and differences, growing up with fame, and share reflections on the incredible journey the McGraw family has taken over the last thirty years. Then, in a very special moment, Jordan makes an exciting announcement regarding his future. Download and listen to this memorable episode and PHIL in the Blanks in Dr. Phil’s life as a father and a family man. 


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When I came back so back, then well, that's all you. It is listening to is called her and it is by none other than Jordan Mcgraw. Booze myself.
You gonna afford me a shameless plug here I mean to hear that song download it and others by Jordan. You can go to Spotify, just search, Jordan grown and click follow you can have a whole playlist if your song- actually afford me a shameless plug because it, Eighteen years ago, my own show and five years on open before that, ask yourself how often you have seen or heard from jordan- and the answer is gonna, be very often today will probably go find out. Why cause I'm gonna ask why? And he also has a huge announcement that particularly relevant to all of us that have been pinned up in quarantine during this pandemic, and I'm going to confess he probably even wouldn't be here today, but he has a new wife, Morgan Stewart and I think, she'd kind of drag him in here by the air he's got a smile on his face right now, he's not too upset about it,
They also have a new baby row and she's cute as a button so. This is a really special feeling of life for me, because the guest ourselves special- not only is this the lodge, of a new season, the fill in the blanks, it's actually a sneak peek of the new season, the fill in the blanks, because I told you I was going to launch on May 25th and I'm sneaking up on you with this really special episode cuz. When I get a chance to sit down with Jordan and get him in front of a mic and a camera, I ain't passing it up and I ain't waiting for a week the launch of a new season at a snake peek at the season, so special large special guest special day. Here we go so going to feel invites. Thank you. So much listen. lot has happened in the last year. Think about it. We're here in may
Where were you may this time? Last year we were now yeah. Malady he s not married not leaving the house, you weren't even engage right. Now we were not. We were nothing. We were just date. While we were not nothing, we were not. Anything is right. We ve dating we were together, but we were. What are we doing this week last year through a man was everything you say showed. He looks like we're right over here makes me nervous everytime I like I know we were basically We are really doing absolutely nothing together, lotta prosperous it was yet. It was my birthday weak right this time last year, so we were just hanging up here for people that may not know both of you in the business. You have your both entertainers Morgan ear. The host of alive We pop a daily pop eventually hosted for shows a right one of the four. So why dying I've got I've done Daily Papa S, only three daily pop nightly pop, and then I do a digital show called necessary,
real, less right material is enough. that's enough so carried out for three not for. I must not forget. Why can't you red carpet, I will call for ash. Ok for almost four ok, inhuman, don't ever held three and a half years three and a half years and before that you were on a reality, reality show our knockabout that matter. That was right. Yes, I was I in Jordan, you are performed a musician and you been through a series of bans we'll talk about that. But now you perform just as Jordan Mcgraw I do You have a ban, but you know performers a ban you perform as an individual performer right yeah I get the best of both worlds. Kids, I get to do as I myself and then surround myself with the best musicians, who would problem ever agree to just be a ban with me. So why do I look out in the crowd on the days that you, let me come the nights at you? Let me come occasionally actor
have to high there, but I look out there and I see thousands of tee shirts, say Jordan, regrows, not a country singer. If what what is it all about? Well, you can't, you can't say it doesn't sound a little country. Does a country I asked, but I was just a job that I think the right when I first announced the tour opening for the Jonas brothers. I think you'd like Probably a hundred comments came in saying where they taken a country guy out, and so I made a teacher for myself just as a joke, and then people started asking for some time I made a few and then it will end up being the most part, they're sure to counter what year is you see terms album? Yandah crowd people have to wear em they're, just a simple teacher yoyo models like that, the dumbest idea in the world, which is why I guess it worked out. I guess so, but now want to go back to talking about you too, for some things that people may not know, because people are always interested about family and actually used,
Who dated what, eleven years ago, twelve now eleven twelve years ago, going on twelve now yeah, I always say ten causes it's been ten for so long, but he's ray, it's probably like eleven eleven years to others rights, so you dated like eleven years ago for how long do an answer that I don't have an ally in your mind, probably like a year a year a year and a half a year a year you were pretty thick, wrote, We were like where we were a couple like a real knuckle back then for a long time and then yeah and then we just were kids, I mean you're catch, any went, you're, Sapper ways, yeah yeah any both been into a lot of career thing, indifferent relationship and then I'm full circle totally and come back together again. How did it happen? It still.
so crazy. I will ask him and he will talk about yeah noise is my my answers. I mean sounds cheesy biologists, it's not like a cop out answered, cannot happened like it. Just is meant to be it just kind of Jews. Yeah I mean I think that there was a little bit of effort. I mean well yeah. I think we rode down foliage yeah. Well, we broke up. Obviously we, as you said, we went on two different relationships, different career things and then and we both became single around the same time, and I had kind of kept up with Erika and Jane throughout the years here and there, and I had run into you a few times randomly, which was weird, and then I don't know, I think what around was as two years ago may we sort of uniting the whole that there's a middle year deleted right, but wait it's out a visa. and the majority and we were it. He was on tour and I was in New York at the same time and we saw each other than he had come home around January. That time are we just kind of kept continuing to talk
There is no way. This is going to be a relationship again he's just single he's on tour he's doing whatever messing with me and I don't know just kind of worked out and then really one shot him to Paris, and then we will go. So that when this interesting that overall, that decade gap, because usually when there's relations, then break up. This, like the family, breaks up too, but during that ten years, you continue to have a relationship with as you say, Erika and Jay, and Robin Yet- and I saw you time or to associate CBS a couple of times and stuff, It was always very friendly. We always we're happy to see each other obsolete and which is. It was an odd vibe. It was always this warps yap with you and everybody in the family. I always felt that you, even if I didn't run, I always kind of had such bad memories. I always I carried the relationship with me over the decades,
I had certain items that he had got me from that time that I still have now that like there is no reason for me to have them it. Just it really did. But it was always sort of set up to be what it is now right. That's what I mean it's not it's the fancier way of saying it was just yeah. I extended the composition but it was interesting that all of that kind of war Berlin is carried on and then you two connected. Did you see each other first time in New York? I think Somalia was not the first time he I think, as you were doing now, But then you went to Europe the tour on its european leg, tat, yeah and you are in Europe and in the next thing I know you were meeting him in Paris Valentine's day just after Valentines Asia, where we finish the tour in Paris, so I kept trying to get her to come somewhere and then it had to be Paris, and I think we were in Paris for I'm not kidding, I begged work to take off. I flew therefore through
day. I was back at work on like Friday morning. There like you, can go. You have two days. I think today's was travel in today's was just in the Euro area eurozone. When we go back cause, there was issued at any time like none on their clock or anything now she landed. I had a show, and so was I not nor resting year yeah as hard will you always a pair of Alexandria, Vega, so early been around him for all those years and is kind of connecting a little bit what the first show you saw him perform in Paris There was a parish, oh yeah, see him in the or yeah, and I'm not I'm thinking is that the only time I've seen you performed That was the end of the European Tour and the pandemic. It right we need everything, shut their yeah. I think we have to think that teachers before that was MILAN and when we in Paris. It was like breaking news them. Milan was flat shouting
it was like chasing you out, a european area. We barely made it and so who perform where in Paris something I can pronounce but huge as a huge outline, the bigger venues, Yazzi, fifteen thousand people- something and so do you dated him. Ten or eleven years are for the first time you see performed receives a musician there. Yet the course but he was performing it like the Roxy, Yankee, whisky and server. You were doing You seem in Paris at this giant. I mean arena and is names up on the screen. Then, like twelve foot, letters and stuff up there, what was your reaction. I I was shocked and blown away. I mean I'm obviously side do stuff in front of the camera. There is no amount of money. You can pay me to get up and performing in front of those many people I mean, there's just no way I remember that I was backstage with you and you did kind of like a little stretch before you got up the steps not like what is he thought
casual about it. I don't even think you changed from the day. It was just like so casual jumped up the stairs and let us do the jurors Lord, no like in a very cool way and then just kind of went up there and I remember standing in front with his manager and J t. I guess both of them- and I was just a video of the crowd they work. Lights everywhere was pitch black and then he was performing an. I was like. I can't even believe this is happening with this. Is bananas so and then she made my my famous person voice, my own style. I love the unsafe. What's up guy, if it has such a specific town, society Tonia, don't talk. My issue famous voice comes out when you do things like that. What's up guys the tick Tock voice, that's like Ross? Anything you do. We are not doing it right now. This is because your comfort with your dad I'll do it yet cello purposeful, It was just it's. This very special you'll see it come out, it comes out should be social media sure you know what's up guys, Jordan Mcgraw,
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free pillows for our listeners at helix sleep, dot, com, Slash, Phil, that's helix! dot com, slash, feel for up to two hundred dollars off and to free pillows. So did you spend time in Paris, you come back and we go in the currently yeah, so we were in Paris we have anyway and then yeah there was like there was a week or two were before quarantine. Where was I kind of weird rat and I was living in a hotel right? Am I got up on the end and I think you'd texted me in were like this you should try it somewhere more comfortable than a hotel room knew what was coming. We were made with via common CBS. They were say, look guys we're get right. Shut down paramount law. I knew what was coming and I was talking to the CDC burn you living at the Beverly Hills, hotel, right, yeah, but
We are dismayed, so it might be a good idea. If you go somewhere little more comfortable and long term so at boy, you move to Malibu right yeah and you guys moved in together and Malibu yeah, almost immediately like that was I don't It was just like your gun yeah. I welcome- and I was like done working that week too, just do it all happened. It seemed like it happened like the next day, exactly because you had to find a place like right now. Yeah yeah, I was you, told your health right, yeah yeah, so you were homeless, yeah, yeah, so nothing says homeless, like the Beverly Hills, so you move in together affair. So how much did at play a role in relationship getting supercharged. I think
work or it could bust, my meaning that was kind of twenty four seven. I mean you, you I mean you called it. I mean I think it was really that was just. We were so blast because we were both sort of on the same timeline and wanted to being something serious, but we really and the second we got to Malibu. I think I had my own place and I went home like just a dip justify like paying the rent, and I remembered it was just like. I think one of the most impressive things to you was that can take the trash out or something Emory calling your mobile again. No it he can actually found. Yeah? I was because we had funding. We are I mean we I didn't know I mean we were completely isolated. Obviously we are mobile, so we were even more isolated. We didn't get to go to any sort of restaurant. We were like completely lockdown. We were doing of our own dishes. Oliver, on cooking, all of our own everything and that's a lie- till it in a new relationship, usually the beginning its like fine and your lady you're dating a honeymoon sage, and we cannot just like fell right until I must can you both and we both really we'd like each other, and it was your book
bad. Do everything do addition whereby lies YAP cleaning mere? cleaning, but I mean it was just fallen. Quarantine like everybody went through and I think that we really adapted to that view quickly under not such great circumstances. Deep into it. Did you start realizing? You know uh. This, this is feels right. Yeah. We talk about a particular, I think it was a media and I think as crazy as we were. I think immediately. We both I mean somebody who asked me will was rowing accident? How did that happen, and I think we were both very much like no? This is, we see each other with each other and we want to have ex phase, and we do not happen right. We didn't is gonna happen quickly. That was a little bit about not a shock happy surprise. Yet it was instantaneous, but I think immediately we were like this. Is this? Is it will grow Boulogne?
I mean it was, I mean quick. I will say it was like we as this is, and I think we took like sixty eight tests. It was why not having stood for a new approach so you find out right away inside right away. Look. This is for real, so you decided very maybe that's ok, we're good with that yeah. so as the main out like two days later yap, but I really do feel. Like I front for me, I felt like ok. This feels like totally. There were no, neither one of us had liquor, You know the ass like happy the happy the whole time. I think it was an underlining comfort there that, like even if, like God, forbid, something didn't work out like I was like this is the person that I can have a try with. He will be there, no matter what you know, I just felt comfortable in that way. show how about you you day after eleven years ago, in any reconnect and then all of a sudden. You can
turn on the tv and she's not on their machines. The host of the nightly show the daily show and she's on a red carpet. She Digital show she's everywhere. We obviously her star has taken off. was your reaction. I mean it just that's kind of the same. It just felt like there was no lapse in. You know that feeling of, I guess, just being comfortable around each other. There was no like there was no like restart. It was just kind of like oh hey there. You are okay cool and then I was like. I think the most telling part for me was the second leg of the american tour ended and he had seen me in New York sometime in the first lag, and so we are able to hang out in the like too weak break ahead before Europe
then I went to Europe and I remembered the like for the first time on tour feeling like I wanted to get back home and so earlier I was like ok. Well, that's that's new and I think also presently we both like that the other person has something to do in a passion and it's not just like ones waiting on the other person. We both have things to fulfil our yea. We both want to go in pursuit thanks and I think that that's important because we're both additive in our own way to the relationship. It's not like we're just I'm not on his schedule and he's not on my schedule, will now arose, will now run rose kettle right now not on either of us get when you go back tour. You know it still. I still have something to do and we can make that work so that this point You guys both have career and as you say, you're not sit, no waiting for the other one to get their value both busy, while the other ones busy
has that worked out for you of each day of intake of that euro with it with each other. As both of you have very busy careers, I think run the precipice. That now we ve been obviously very blessed with the quarantine, because we spent so much time together more time than any couple probably would have. If that had not happened, I was able to film during my whole pregnancy, at home, cause. Nobody was going into the into the building and I think now is things start to open up and he's going. talk about going back on tour again and I'm gonna be working. I think it's gonna be our first sort of test of like how we ebb and flow through that do well you're. He lives a breeze muse you're. So Robin and I win we're talking to him in Europe and he's gettin home you re to see. So for the first time ever on tour warning to get back home, we said yeah, there's
in real goin on here. Mrs Morgan. These want to go back home. So we knew this is the first time ever you been onto our time and time, and time is the first time. As I mean I I was in an I had never too Europe be there. So you know it was like. You would think that I would be I was having fun it wasn't like. I was joking around killing. Can we talk Vienna? But you know it's just like it was that this is cool, but yeah. It was always stay up all night until she was awake or done with work, to be able to talk to her and stresses getting like no sleep, which I'm sure didn't make being homesick any better right. Now is definitely. Gravitational pull, and then I think we spent in adding new years was the time we were both like okay. This is where are we none of our lives and we were like, while this doesn't like yeah yeah yeah, show boredom.
What are these about romantic, giving you I'm pretty good tat, yeah, ok he's, probably more romantic, but where they were both be equally thoughtful year to year. More thought out, I'm thoughtful. Is that fair, right, you are beautiful birthday, you do know about total. You did not know, but I do not look. So Romantic he's really more romantic, but I'm thoughtful soap how do you describe yourself? Morgan when you describe who you are? a career wise. How do you describe yourself and your host the arse, but the eddies grab yourself. I've never had you just in there. My inside my outside. I guess I'm a personality. You mean like magic lives like Are you a comedian? Are you I'm already I'm a very funny on comedian, so I'm not a comedian, I'm just morbid MIA.
How I dont even know. I guess I'm just you You mean I'm not understand, I'm not a committee in the sense that right, like I'm, not getting up undoing stand up, but I have a very quick wit that helps me engage with people in a way that is fascinating and interesting you're a banter observational committee. They got you banter with people on you have observational comedy. You the arab things in yeah. But you never mean spirited. Thank you anniversary. Without fail, you can, I see you are what you never mean spirited you might come in on somebody. You're certainly will never mean spirited got I'm glad that it comes across that way. Sometimes, unlike am I being mean, but I also think that I don't really know what comes off his means. My question that, but I am glad that it doesn't come off that way, because I know it reads: beer nails and people mean it will remain to be mean spirited largest, been chicken shit boilers. People there, just havin fun, yeah, I'm definitions having back here Why not to take anything that we talk about on the shows too seriously, because in the grand
with things like they're, not they're, not that important. So I just like to make light of it and have fun. Do you water? I don't watch every every issue. She is right to want yourselves ILO I'd. I rarely alternately part because she's sitting next to me, but I watch every. I watch pretty much every daily pop yet and I watch every necessary Romas. Do you give your feedback? No she's. Ok I like sometimes I feel like you to times the I'm, I'm not like afraid to give her feedback. I just think she's really good at it. So it's it's there's! Never anything! Really! The same you know, I only got pretty good at a lot of feedback yeah right I want him back, preserving she's, scatters driven imported, I really need usually asks me to. They and all the time before, like I just show me unnecessary realness before it goes up and ask my opinion, there isn't like not offering it up ever
I think you also know like if I'm not at my full potential that day or if things are a little bit shaky, because I d forgotten. But still every time. I do wish I'm so like a little nervous. they have both of you that, because you, both of you, ve, been doing this for a long time. You been doing multiple shows for three plus years and you don't have any life shows Jordan. Nine hundred thousand Do you get nervous way while stage now I very intentionally stop letting myself get nervous. I just decided I'm not gonna get nervous, so I dont get nervous. Soon dig it up. I get very like let's go to it and then I get excited it's very like I didn't? I think that's part of me not letting myself get nervous, because I get Like I get anxious at a party. You know the gun, like going to a party in like making small talkin, like figure, like don't leave me alone at a party. You know I mean
unless I know everybody there, but, but I with with live shows. I just kind of decided: I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna, his time being nervous because it's a fun thing to do, and then I think I just quickly realized that there's nothing really get nervous http there, but I guess under the category of like Father. Like Sir, my personal hill is a cocktail party. Yeah That is my personal someone tell me. I don't think I'm interesting to talk too small talk wise, I'm not interested in what they have to say. Small talk was so, I would rather get a route canal. I've been having allowed at a cocktail or any people think I'm an asshole sometimes too, because I'm so quiet, I usually am judging you, but not meaning to put it on my face. I just you guys, like you hire, I think I've its fascinating to me to watch people try to make small talk when it's not necessary. where that I'm amused at that idea.
Then? You try to run me into it. None like none anonymous on get before we on stage out. Do I have no problem, you can put me in front of you know a hundred thousand people and say kill five minutes and that as a bother me and offer and that are at the core. A party that you do that all day tone same way, you put me averted over a thousand people with something to do a fine. Now, rather do that and be incivilities living room avenue, chitchat, yeah August insecure about their, but I'd rather not do it area he rarely. If that and I am the worst that act like a second at four thirty minutes, Yeah. I don't gotta get myself out of it. Do you get nervous of you know the other ones watching you know now w now I'd rather her come much I think if I did like alive shown, you were there, we will get a little like. I guess we ve done that yeah. So
were you guys nervous when the baby was born when it was coming like when it was actually happening? now, just in time leading up to it. I think we were. I don't agree we're nervous. I think we were excited, but I think we were definitely anticipating like this is going to be a very big change and We will deal with that you, I guess we have been whom I could. Of course we were nervous. Yeah, it wasn't like. I wasn't nervous because I felt unprepared I say I get more nervous it like unknown things, and you know that's obviously pretty much. Every unknown thing that you could not know what I guess you know that's. I guess. Maybe that's why I don't get nervous to perform as because in Britain, nine are pretty much everything that possibly happen, but yeah baby was like. I think we all excited. I think we were excited. I think we were definitely like. How is this going to affect
our dynamic and our life right, that we want to make sure we still have our life and then we have a baby, and I feel it most people of new babies. They can separate the two, but we wanted a job. I think the most part, but studies would change you gotta had practice with a ding, I can't really where the dinner, because our fingers, their dog, so tell us about dinner, more energy than three babies so kind. You may be cuter, maybe he really my not our relevant, like every other baby right, but yeah dinner is the literally the best dog that you could dream up. He's like the weird science dog he's like it. If you could like put all the traits of a dog that you want into a computer, that printout Dinger where'd you get bigger at the S views He hawthorn and you almost didn't get thing right. Yeah some worker told you some crime. Yes, somebody said that he was temperamental.
bipolar, and so he had a red dot on his tag, and so I guess That's why alot of people were walking by and not paying attention during which ones are being good for me because he was sitting there and the lady that runs that the whole species was kind of giving giving us a tour and damn you now is like Sick of looking at the sounds mean, but I was like goodbye my cigar looking at mangy dogs because it was like made me feel bad there. That's these dogs were like so uncomfortable, and so I was gonna hanging back and she didn't realize that I was, You know falling back on our tour and I look down and dinner was just kind of like a man. hey. I totally interrupted her as a k or about him and she we went into the computer and saw,
what the red tag men. She was like. That's not right, and so she took me into a pen like one of the play pins and brought him out, and I just kind of sat there with him for private thirty minutes. He did a bunch of zoos and then eventually he just gonna put his hand on my lab. I mean, if you know dinner, that secures thing in the entire was summoned to beat meant to be your relationship with fingers at your relationship with me. Exactly you both pick me yet not so you got today, and you know how long I don't know he's he's an unholy is nobody, nobody could guess. How will they was because it is the energy still up like a six month or puppy here and there, but he's he's like a kind of funny in between size, so I think he's probably three years old knife programme two and a half years. Well, I guess not now three and a half years so is prescribed close it afore,
but he's a good good good did and how you see with the baby he's pretty indifferent. He goes up to her and kind of snuff, sir, and now, but he's not. We haven't gotten like full connection between the two of them, but he definite goes in notices, Hearns Benzene Windows, you nice pretty uninterested though after as he knows why she's there. Yet but once I yak as it could she carefully interact with him. We have obviously sniffs her at all. After a heel, he looked around the cheek yesterday. She smiled so they define their deathlike, communicating somehow, it was interesting when you actually gave to live because it was during quarantine, and so you couldn't have anybody there. We could they're your parents couldn't be. What could be there. I suggested
who have you yeah, then the delivery sweet we act, which is definitely not how I ever envision giving birth, and I always figured my mom- was gonna, be there in some capacity and it was almost sort of like indicative of our relationship. We always just been the two of us in everything that we have done and that when I mean it, but it went swimmingly now, but during during it was white along the mass along browser, strenuous experience for sure you're presentable winter, Robin Hood, she liked- get your mom, yes, and then they came and waved the windows personally at global level with blue, so that you just newly ruler variously that really- and that was the morning. We. Bertha. That no more knows that it was at the start of our journey. It was a long journey. What was it like for you uncle?
While I glad you want to complain, because obviously she was handling all the heavy lifting barrier, they give you a couch with no cushions basically to sleep on, and you know a thin napkin The blanket producer work by uniting Jacamar I'd complained, afterward actually be fair. We were there longer. We we had to state the hospital three days. I think, because she was for her gestation of age. She was a little bit small, but not was that what it was? as I said, we had said she had various think. Are we having an insane? Ok now have to do this. Now you do this. I have to do this at some point. We just kind of lost count so like for three too, and she was all she is healthy and everything was via just turned into more like they would come out and say something like a she fine, yeah, ok than what we needed so that we had to sleep on that very uncomfortable. Chair for three nights a lot longer than most at somewhere else. It changed your life is about, have career, so euros busy, thing, so how has it change your life to have a baby? I think it's change. Our lives in the best possible way means
we're still sort of writing like I'm. Obviously, a maternity leave right now, I'm going to go back to work in two weeks, so I think that's going to be the first time that I'm like, oh well, like balancing out like having to leave her and not being able to be all day and then in the general, though like it's, there has been no, not that any change would be negative necessarily, but there's been no like significant, like jarring of our normal life, because we get to hang out with her unity as she's so fond and so are some. She said Cute ivy. I think the past few weeks has been a little bit more fruitful, because she's had some gas as she says, I'm sure every mother has gone through their own baby, so she's been screaming and fussy and upsets. I think that's been probably the taking her out things like. That's been the hardest butchers shoes, It's been the best tissues, it's easier than I thought I would we have you been taken around some yeah we're trying to gratify cause she's gonna be three months on Sunday, so we are trying to sort of get her engaged in the room
well not have her she's a little bit. She loves being out so yeah. She loves me ass. I slept fresh air but she's a little bit resistant to other people's over China like get her to be engaging them below the more open door quarantine baby. Now we wondered I get answers, there's a whole world outside of cocktail parties. Either she light she might virtue. so you think you're going to be ok, leaving here and go to work and I think on the days that my schedule is pretty tight, where it's just kind of look the morning shift, and I don't have to stay and do interviews, I think I'll, be okay. I think once a day is long. I'll probably have a little bit of a harder time with that and then having someone else helping it just a lot but it'll be ok. Do you plan to keep going with your career, yes higher you, don't wanna be a stay at home. At this point I mean not at this point now. Deafening, not you know Your career has evolved in different things. Yes always got a bit on the air and its evolves, so little continue to evolve and you're good with the yes. I would let aiming at
I'm happy doing, and I want to continue doing it. I think I made the point life, where I just I only to have something to do. I couldn't you spend my whole day being. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just thing for me: it's not fulfilling enough you're the bureau no, not right. Now. Maybe we have another, maybe then I'll Bree evaluate, but for me now I like it. This episode is brought to you by the Jordan Harbinger Show, which is a pod care, you really should be listening to us. Our listening to years ago, check out, conversations with Rob. Roy about why the future is a good kind of scary or John Acre about the surprising solution to over thinking. Georgians always focused on pulling useful practical insights. Abbot is brilliant guest and we're not talking about pop psychology or wishy washy self help stuff. Here I should know the
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Your careers evolved mean let's talk about that for a minute, because you ve been through how many different significant bans significant bans, I mean I get. There are significant at the time. Writing I mean you. I think that that band is gonna, be the biggest ban in the world, but I would I would narrow down the probably five water learn for and now the first one was pretty terrible. But I bet you know it's like every every piece of it is a learning experience and then you filled in forbade right. Yeah play guitar in one called Zeke on the state which I was so excited about, because one of the guys from liquidity to started it and then he laughed which Canada switched up a lot of the line up and then I joined, and then that was the first man I ever went onto it with shoes. Awesome
member most at it, but it was awesome. You have to learn a lot from their yeah. I mean, I think, every I've learned something very valuable from every bent. So, like you say you ve, a different John was abusing. Can you ve done like a thousand lives shows always say. I think somebody his last. If just now My career, I can say that everything I've ever done has prepared me for what they are doing me- weathers it job that I had we'll be it in private practice. Do a litigation work whatever it's all purpose. me for what they are doing and I feel way about you, everybody. Your bidding on every life shall you ve ever done, retriever been on its all prepared you for what you are now doing totally. Nothing wrong now that I wouldn't be prepared for, because you ve had apes blow out Eve. Ed ears go out,
Yet at power go ahead, I'll stay, nobody shall live as many people show up. I have had the eyes had an app catch on fire. I've had a boss catch on fire. I've had dinner, literally anything people get sick people, everything can go. Rum has gone wrong You think that the new funds that will secure Charlie, you always think everything's the most important but the music, that you ve done since you became a solo artist really got interaction
Billy blown up. Why do you think this is the time that has really blown up so big on? The short answer is because it's it's more me, but the long answer is because I think just my personality is taking to take care of everybody that I'm responsible for and I've always kind of in charge of the bands. I've always been the front purse, are the lead singer, but
you know, I always felt a responsibility to make sure that everybody was happy and while that made it a more more of a fun experience for everybody, then it could have been. I think it also hindered did did the opportunity that I could have just taken to make things the way that I thought they should be, which is always right, but is always genuine, and I think the most important thing that I've come to learn is that fans of musical humanly detectors, and so, if it's not genuine, but it's good, they don't care if its genuine. In its this same line,
of good. It could be the biggest thing in the world, and so I think I think I just I think the day that I decided to go by my name. I kind of like took on all the pressure in a good way and I just like sat down and really decided what I wanted it sound like and what it, what would make me excited to perform it and what would feel genuine, and I think now, I'm finally to the point where what I'm doing really feels authentic in- and I have you know all this- sperience to kind of lifted up with it. You know that make sense. Yes, Morgan the second ago to describe herself like who she was professionally out.
describe yourself. Sorry question professionally. I think you one thing it's important to me is a part of music. That's important to me is that the aspect of it being an escape and being fun, and so I really try to make that a priority. When I write, songs and and put things together, side would say I I I don't know, I would just say I'm I'm, I'm I'm fine, I'm an escape. You know I like that's, that's the thing that makes me most happy about musics. That's the thing that I want to give people, and am I don't know I've it's a heart, fuckin question: did you see me drowning idiotic? I wouldn't let me why am I not shouting monomer who yeah not easy? Alas, one down tell somebody in an interview yesterday on nineties kid making eighties music in the two thousands which felt pretty
It's a hard winter voluntarily, accurate or Europe say it about authenticity, though, I was interview, allow it recently there's a big fan of years. By the way mother really interesting guy- and he said the way he knows whether songs gonna work for him or not. Is she said? If he's feels comfortable performing it in front of people S. What they think if he feels comfortable versus being embarrassed or awkward in front of people, he said if I feel trouble performing it. Then I Oh it's gonna work tunnel that make sense this not like. I really don't care what the audience thinks in the moment. If I feel comfortable doing it, then I know they're gonna like like it. If I'm not feel uncomfortable, gotta- come off horribly here than I thought,
at the time I didn't say that establishes about him, not you, but he said, but I know you ve said it's gotta feel real to me, yakking as the hardest. What I ve realized through all the bans that I've been in his that's the hardest thing to capture which you think would be. I think people think that it's the easiest thing as I go just go be yourself, but to put yourself in long form is really hard because you have to really know you have to know more than just what you want your song to be. You know you have to know how it's going to come across how you're going to convince people that it's authentic, how you're going to make a show out of it. Then you ve done some pretty dark music in the path. I tried everything, Romania, that's a pretty dark ass with torture and different things, and didn't feel to me like it was you
yeah, I mean at the time it was. You know. I call called dark music. It was active role, there was little dark, but I think what drew me to it was like the kind of IRAN is of no excitement the light, a media gratification of excitement that comes from like heavy guitars and banging on loud stuff. It's a kind of why you start playing music in the first place to still be loud and and whatever in, and then I think it just kept building in two more of itself, which wound up not being what I thought I was gonna get from. It is your blow it up stuff like buildings, yeah, individual fun? I love fire, but at some point I remember being on tour and yes, I just was kind of like decision it just randomly one day I was, I was at a festival.
and was playing the main stage and their thousands of people there, and I was just kite, not excited and he had every reason to be cited and then not long after that, I was on tour and we were having a party after the show, and I was running the music and somebody came up and said after seeing your show, I would never ever in a million years guessed it. This is what you listen to and I wasn't supposed to be an insult, but I was just like well, that's pretty telling them that was kind of it it for that. For me, I was like
I can't I can't keep doing this. I remember you tell me about a year after the fact that you want to make music that you want to listen to you tat night and also decided I was gonna sing right then There is no question of Morgan. I want you to help answer this, but you ve been doing this. They are for fifteen years, Nanny Timor, at least fifteen, and you ve. Never let me help yeah Morgan. I want you to help. Russia is by that. I mean you ve, never May I put you on the show you ve been there Let me promote your music, you ve! Never let me leverage
resources and assets to help you. Why is that? I don't know, I think some stubborn is part of it. I want to do it my way and do it on my own, but then I think you do a large part of it. Is that you being famous whether it's for something completely different like like is the case or not people- have always assumed that you're responsible for any success that I have so it's a stubborn part of me dig my heels in and won't let you help at all just to prove a point that nobody will ever realize that improving, but that's part of it, and also I just you know, I'm.
really proud of the work that I put in to get better, and so I e it's. It's also kind, just like a head down and keep jogging along kind of thing. You know, and I have always appreciated your support but did you let trolls get to you I'll trolls gets me in different ways, but it's not necessarily it's not necessarily letting trolls get me when it comes to you helping it's just. You know you. I created six ass yet how to do it, but you do create your own successes, but it doesn't matter if we were completely estranged in Heaven. broken for thirty years, and you had a big hit record. Some jerk would go on the internet, so Well stats, Doktor, Phil S. The only reason why I am not silly Finally, as regards it as doktor fail, if you hadn't
Get me in thirty years. If I'd call the cops on new forty times, They would still say it's only because his dad somebody's gonna say that yeah Yosemite sit in a basement, that's jealous of anybody that does anything, is going to say that I just wondered. Why yeah I mean I I I guess the idea electronic mail over. What do you think more good? What do you think he's that way I mean, I think we talked about it so much lately and I still can't quite figure it out. I'm at what is I mean you should probably get the help it you every hope that you possibly can get, but I also have other friends that have famous parents, and I think that I have also seen them go through their own struggles with just wanting to be disassociated because they want to be individuals on their own, and I think it's just constantly be a battle, but I think you become more open to the idea on here. Yeah. Well, yeah. I guess so you. Let me talk to you. Gotta baby, you're, married and yellow abilities were make us people want to know about my family yeah, I mean
is the one that they know the least about rightly know about J. They know about Erika that about a really know about London. They know about robber. They got up my motherly, nobody, but but he'll. Like people assume. Is you have a problem with Jordan or something I see as in every area of those are my rang out extensive? I thought it was more on you. I thought you were known. Tat sort of the doktor fell community, the people to realise that it was not those other those does. Those are the trolls that don't get me that make me laugh every time. As you know, if I say that word or the Autonoe anything- and they say I keep your parents must be so ashamed of. You does make me laugh because it's like you, where do you think I learn those words now the last time he was on the show. About a thing, London or something I was talking to J and Erika, and I came to Jordan. His comment was, I got nothing.
on tv. Those always said. I got method here. Ok, That's how it Barbier! Ok, it's interesting. I mean, I think, they're the stubborn as though that's the word that sort of the key element. I think that you just sort of want people to see you for you and not for any other reason, but I think the Volvo to your point someone's always been associate the two of you and us on a negative other groups. We have a great relationship and I think people seem and see like the tattoos and stuff like that, that I must, I'd. Be ashamed of members of the night or hide amount is like a duck. Fulfils his tattoos herself, I have your car and my chance here. There you go get nothing could be further from the truth, We are proud of everything he does have been proud of. Everything is ever done since the day was born. Just like you RO, yeah and you'll see that is each day goes by and she starts like sit up later.
He blows the best bit bubble. Those of you in that. Well now its world class, you every parent, always alike. It wait for my kids to have kids and I think they say that like hell, you also yeah, but actually say it, because I can't wait for you to have the joy yeah. That's you get from having your own children is there nothing but joy? They bring you so much joy trap when you have kids and so I don't say it like a way you get northwest run restaurant, they start screaming and you have to get up and, though, things? You don't even remember. Well, sparely, remember that when we vote I spent all my life in sports and I've never been nervous, on the Atlantic field, but I'm a nervous wreck when J, your Jordan or play in that area nervous lavish play it, but I get nervous when you and your brother or play in the area of dislike yours,
your tears was gonna. Have her long do well, they're gonna get hard together. I was always nervous for their, but not for myself. Right then you'll see, I think we already can tell me even just like watching movies and seeing like a baby being like neglected or heard or cry. Unlike it's. A different feeling for me now before would have never even been upset, of course, for a second acknowledges, it hits you deeper right. If you like, your world opens up into a different level of feeling and you get socially, but we were nobody. Recently, railways cried or sub. I heard you say to the people next, you were gonna, buy your dinner likely got outside she's always forever like twitter circle latterly every stressful? Would you worry about what everybody slogan she yeah and then return it. Are you less sensitive about it? Now that you had the success at you there have been. You read ten thousand comments here and I read up on your current song they're. All like. Oh, my god. I love this. Give me more. You reward you anymore, you guy line on why ass
always tells me it was me the roles of Olives Alex S over the one person. That has something negative say I, but I Everybody down, I run my day, but I M deftly less sensitive about it with you. I think the one thing that bothers me and would people will just do it now and they watch. This is me off, but is I just don't like You referred to his doctor fell son. You can say my name and then say who is also doctor for on that doesn't bother me at all. It's just one. People refer to me only as that, or primarily That has. Nothing to do with. Who you are you could be in the can I can. I would still be like what the fuck yeah. I realise that a burden
like saying you do about that now I mean at some point. I hope they ll say this. Doctor failed Jordan arouse dead right, but I'll probably die before the heavy them Gabriel. The debate is adjourned. Benevolently. They may lead to bad. Well, I had a really nation on the last tour. Do what do you mean greets and you know, like hundreds of people, would line up and take a picture, and you know I got Why would they would get a little nervous, shocked me and so a lot of people like levied at. and that doesn't bother me and you know One thing that I realized after a meeting a bunch of people who want meet me and also of you, and that is that I think a lot of people think that novelty of you being famous is novel to me. And so they don't mean it in a in
annoying way. They just think it s exciting to me that you are you as it is to them, and it's not that I do not support the view I just dont care because you're my dad first and so that's bothering me a little bit when people bring signs to the show that say your name on that pisses me off, but but that unites, put those in the category of being antagonizing. I think that that's people just trying to poke at me and I put back yeah, but you give em your power now, but deafening like our definitely go put that there are definite online and offline. When somebody says something cannot be like a really feel you're getting that that much right now do you know
I don't think that's never allow its never alive. It's just that's just. Why can it stayed not super far away? But yes, you know that this is one of those things totally, so you have a big announcement right. I do the announcement I'm going back out on tour with Jonas brothers. We start August twentieth in LAS Vegas at the park theater and it goes through October, and you know everybody buys much tickets. Maybe will add marshes, so you gotta be away from Lord of RO some loose, like you, gonna, be in Europe, but you gotta be lay some yeah he's gonna handle that we have already talked about it and I think we're just gonna be, very deliberate about me flying back I have a couple days and her flying out any time that it's a weekend or origin couple days off somewhere more fun for her.
RO to come, but we're just gonna make it a real ever liberate effort in to see each other more than his problem. Reasonable, think also going into this relationship even prior to relevant. We knew that was gonna be a reality. That was always something he always had what he was doing and I always had what I was doing. I was never going to be the person that was gonna, say we're gonna, be apart, can't go on tour. We have a baby like that. Just he knew to grow as a human being, as do I, so we can continue to grow together. It's more here that worry about cause. He was on the golf week with the girls were last weekend. We had before he sailed I am in your. Today's yeah, as your way, we could get me back I think, though, is that the amount of golf more and was marrying. You know she had a stomach ache, you're, just like those the first time and I was like
especially helpless, even though there is nothing I could do to make her stomach feel better. Even if I was home I was just like war. I don't wanna do not want to not help airspace time. Their space time and you're gonna be a United States. Right, yes, always announced that light everywhere from exactly exactly end. You know Joe and Kevin have kids. obviously so exactly backstage is very is financed from you. Gonna be padded it s, a very faintly oriented group, so you be there were the baby laughing regrets Kevin set the bar pretty I last time the last year. He would fly. You fly like sixteen hours a day, or even from the first day of school and and immediately gonna plain of lie back you know. So that's kind of what I plan on doing is just
I'm, not I'm not a. I mean we'll see how we are in the middle of the door, but I think I'm not too worried about. I think it's going to be fine, we'll get her some big giant. From young. Come well. You'll have to do their yeah, no doubt about it Ok, I know what I have some questions that some people just want to ask both the you live in. Whether it was yes has at work. We do I think we do a really good job. I think we balance it well, I think that's a blessed. I think it's nice. I mean that we were just you're with road. The other day my mom came to see her. We both like our own parents, yet so it makes it easier to the like each other's parents yeah. You know my parents like him, more at this point, but her moment I have an uproar spirits. Every time she comes over yeah, tucked shit about her yeah sure your parents get along with Jordan. I mean I think
I mean I mean that only the along they love you more than giving you too hard labor there always like making sure like everything's. Ok, I think they both really really really like him. I mean the moonlight whom I dont, like my doubts about this much in fifteen years, moved so you came along now. He's like wants this year, the songs he wants to watch the performance is I mean when he heard her for the first time he said. Ah there, as I had this. I had merciless be yeah, I mean so I think they're back. I think they re adore him. I think it's great and I think we see everybody law. The past few weeks have been hard because rose been a little bit. Her up each other utopian to that both sides Let's get along well with each other. We really enjoy your parent and vice versa, and I was I was quite nervous about that Nervous, like I didn't think it was gonna go well, but I just thought you know I guess
you are more different than you actually are. I mean I think, as most people that I know their parents are not together. You know, I think, I'm one of the only people in my group of friends of parents are together. You guys have been together forever and I just yet it went way better than I hope you can go and see. I know tat. I know it is his or her Mamma Mamma pretty much. This longer? Has an accident Yannick you and her dad near one of you, wanna be stuck in a cocktail party. Now shahrazad see you guys stand in the corner in Europe. And talk about the rest of the room together for hours you're. Here I click is instantly. I was so. I was so happy about really judgment with India was great We really was. We could not be more flexible, so that helps yes here that helped a lot too, when your parents found out that you were getting married, yeah you're having a baby s at all. What was your first reaction?
I think I called my mom. I always think about this. I called my mom when we first found out about row. I don't know why I didn't call them together. I think about that all the time, but she screamed and was I think they were both so happy and I think they had known throughout the years. As you said like there was always this lingering effective like, or that was such a nice relation to because it such good time you see, the family here and there I think they both. I think my dad we were so made the first when you run tool, that gives up and saw made about this year. I kept on. Then I remind you that he said that every day every day access it as is now happening, but yeah. ask you some questions and I would ask other couples because of Adele was they were? Why did you ask the last questions? It has to do. I guess we'll how well you know each other, what she's pet peeve My guide, I feel as though they were there's a lie. I guess I mean it is sort of being in an uncomfortable social environment, mainly
that's really like he does not want to be somewhere that lake and like please make the effort he doesn't want to do that. What's her peace, a lack of planning she hates because I'm like I don't plan alone, that's a big happy for me, I'm just like he's a good about right. Unlike what do you mean like we should do, we should ladders planning and if you get it, make anything in the house mess it like if the the furniture She would cover the all of the furniture and plastic ai Weiwei there that I really what yeah going back your question about the you both living in town, I want to make sure things are really balance and broke it to see both grandparents as much as possible. So I want there to be plans in place with your busy Robbins busy. My parents have not as much to do, but I wanna make sure everyone has their time said. The no planning kills me the appeal of the village and look in the mirror says goes around also eliminate will lapse as some it tomorrow. Maybe I don't know. I told you that NATO,
now? I know there's a tour at least I know that year, its Morgan, most proud of You know what I'm proud of. You can't be row. I think she's most proud of her own work ethic I think it's something to be proud up like she works harder than anybody and that I know you know did she gives you a run for your money. You work all the time, she's, really what she's? Never not thinking about her next move, complaining about it too, but definite working yeah sure was Jordan. Both proud of, I think, hopefully this latest bat that's right. I mean I feel like the music that you ve been creating lately. I feel like what you ve kind of with the tour and all of that year on giddy about my my new music yeah. I feel like this, where is now is what I think your most proud of you,
yeah, I think, is probably right yeah. I think that this is feels the most correct, he drew a shave, was plug people go Spotify, hit the little search, magnifying glass put in Jordan, Mcgraw Click follow and they'll find her, and the number one slot on your playlist penalty will have Instagram accounts without aim, so they can find you there what's more to do she gets stressed God. What am I not stress the exact? That's pretty much the answer. No, I think she she'd get busy like she'd. Show she just like won't still and then we'll start asking literally everybody. She knows what they think of the sitting such a clean and, I think, you're, the opposite right, like you, just want to be like in that's U Dio by yourself. If I, if something's wrong- or he stressed that something and unlike what's up at when you went about, let's talk but what's wrong, he just like I need a mat gimme and let me just work through it myself and, unlike back don't want by Heaven help setter you about it.
I will write to me what you're saying about the other. One is correct: yeah, you eventually right it all back yet another totally Shelly makes her angry. I, U yea lack of private photo. I e, I dont, think you get like angry. Someone crosses you or me, it you're, very protective. So I think some crosses Outline shield in Britain, Cambodia she's very protective, and I jumped their little quickly- maybe lights if steady, if I feel like somebody's not showing up in the right way than I'm instantly like. What's with that person- and I thank you, let me out in the sense that you're, like people workers Either not only thinking about ass, they have lives and then come up with like Examples limit attired in what it die watching when he gets angry, I'm trying to think what do you get angry about now.
What no, I don't I'm curious at the wording. He's throwing me, you don't get very angry. I think we just both get more stressed Superman, I'm trying to think it's you angry when I'm Leslie now fifty four cheese way messier. That's not true. We have different definitions of messy. Do so well to do the chill out. What's your favorite, they figured this do his favorite day. What would it be if I got in Basel a fortnight, a village animals sitting in that theatre by yourself, relaxing ding. Next, you Just not wanting to be bothered play games unwind! That's that you want to do- I mean every ten km like sneaks out in the back of a monopoly. My game, unlike ballplayer him historian, today the day I mean the thing is basically the fact that the things on here right now is such a mess. We should have brought him. I don't know why we didn't you hold a foregone yeah. think you're. Definitely somebody that just like quintessential, just like one,
two zone out chill out, do something which you referred every day. How was she to what you ve overdue sure Mitchell, chill She put a mask on and roll calls chokehold everybody in her phone book, like sit in the bed and just talk on the phone and then you know like put a show on that. She pays. attention yeah, we're very dear me up what is happening What more human interaction than you do? So you but a tv show on em call people our hundreds, I'm like this, that person that just constantly or if I'm on the phone, I'm looking at something yeah multitasking button. A very good one. I just do multiple things, but I don't really like it. I'm guy can't focus on multiple things at once: nobody's gonna, multi till she, cancer legal text message should show some like half of a text message do
something else and in five minutes later, you'll get the like that important part of the text message? You can increase your efficiency, forty percent this year. If you stop Multitask got cause, I'm going to accept a through harness the big research project. Just a little bit. Multitasking is a myth. You can increase your productivity. Forty percent, you stop. Multitasking gets that's your little known fact about nothing, agar, any one thing: it one phone CALL Europe, so Jordan Toby certain people, dont know about organ. Oh my god. I see, I think that most people don't realize how gentle she can be, how like sweet. She is because Following a cry. Are you crazy? What has gone because she's very like loud, and you know your face and not roundabout way, but lay clouding on tv personality is very like chat in busy in want. She is actually not
that way a lot more often than not she's gentleman, sweet and. pray even paste. I feel like for you Philip people. I mean I think you can set this up. A people. Dont know how funny you are and how much personality you have the funding of the two. That's that's inaccurate and I want to stand by that, but I just think that people Jordan as such different person, then, when people meet him for the first like seven times his extremely guarded, he's extremely closed off. He really observes people and as a good judge of character, whereas I am a terrible judge of character and I think everybody is the basin and three weeks later MIKE, I hate that person. So I think, well, don't know how exciting but first I, like he so quiet she's too loud. How does that really work out, but I think he way funnier more engaging. Then I think people realize because the show when you're on stage that comes out easily, but
just interacting with people you you take it. You take a second, your very particular way. The pep talk before we go meet. My It might be nice today try to ask them something talk about anything, engage yeah. It's so true, even closer. I have to agree with what you said about each other, yeah guess, true about you know it's true value. It is its ire. think I get sometimes a little frustrated with because, unlike but I want people to see this in the new EU, just kind of south accepted that you're just gonna take the shed at this. He had the scan your own pace, so, what's in the future for Morgan oh you're fails want to know what's in the future, for you hopefully I mean I love. This shows that I do now I've I've loved working at EU, but hopefully my own, show of some kind, just with no co house. My own thing that really showcases, I guess all of the different personalities rates that he's x. You know press about me that just sort of an all encompassing thing that it's me maybe a talk for
and that you should have shows at different levels of gaps that I have. That's really my ultimate goal. That's what I want to do Do you think they'll be something you do soon idea? I think Everything in my career has always been manifested by me. I've always set forth the intentions of the things that I ve nothing's ever happen by accident. So I think I've put that. Therefore, a long time I think it'll come come to version which works for you. Girls was a couple. who asked me in seven pounds at me. I think points that happens and I don't know do we go back and forth about another baby and I think that there is a, Speaking totally honestly for me, I feel, comply with row, and I feel like just focus on her being the best person, but then I think we both think ok, maybe there's time for we, but soon we can have another. Maybe, but that's your next every how every have another- maybe it will be soon,
I soon or not. At all I mean it will do project together. You got abroad I think we thrown around some ideas deftly in the television space, because I can't sing and do anything musical butts that is revolves around us. Is a couple maybe setting a reality. Reality format, but not about our lives, will do so, but you address to the two of you as a couple: yeah really is, who show much interested Julia was a couple that appeal as the television producer will, production company you could sell their anywhere in any place, because there is such a interested. You girls is a couple and we ve talked about it in a knot. In a way I saw you couldn't paying. Their reality is not enough. Money in the world to have camera in my privates bill. I got the known for years. That with it. That would never happen, but tell me there can be some where you could go
cannot totally suffer goes a couple. They are, we would get that's. Why have we do? Every house did show together that was in a personal space, but not liking to pursuing our dining room or what I would like. Your persons mindset, personal space, did that when that something that might I dont think that there is a cameraman that would make it out alive. they were following me around the last show for the outwards will reality show their varied last show ever was me reviewing liberty, briefing that vat war, the history of their reality, show like it was a tough road. Yeah bout: it was road, so you're going back June. Second yep back both your show south my shows and the digital shall so everything fall on. I got my schedule two days ago. We both looked at it. I yeah sure people that they Have it no new their fascinated by you now that you're on your disagreement, what yeah Morgan Stuart orders to nowhere else?
the twitter same thing. It's all. The other platforms are the exact same and then Jani. Basically at any point in the hay something old yet wall, the wall, YAP, necessarily illnesses method, yeah, our plug that link like that. That's my favour. One lady Matilda you'd, let's actual use day report rightly part yet necessary, roundness and that's on Youtube. This very real the sword. You two yet this will all those will be on our website in we'll put him up here and People find you were adorned Madeira everywhere. Jordan, withdraw that's on Graham Twitter Spotify yeah Attica, Tik Tok. They could vote you spot if I for your new music right and if they heard that music when we started, if that was your new saw, her young and they'll hear it as we bob out area of plant like three times and around just make sure to hear it yeah plates. Rosalie here that I can follow you under geographer so well,
Finally got you to sit down and talk to me by getting Morgan to agree to do this ashes about Logan uncouple I'll pay. You, as you know that every time you down the utterly absurd that you did brig dig but the wheel pictures of the dog in his own episode. will you this is a really articulate, we'll, show pictures, adding we'll put up some stills of dig That's it guys thanks hey Superfans, Dr Phil, here just a message and a proud dad. My son, Jordan, has a new song out her and you can find it by going to Spotify click on that little magnifying glass down there and put in Jordan Mcgraw where the name comes up. Just click follow Jordan and it's in the number one spot on his playlist. It's her so go to Spotify click on and show your support. It's a great song. I think you're going to love it
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